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UpCodes provides an accessible platform for construction codes.
We are working to consolidate building regulations into a single searchable database.

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Books, PDFs, and online resources consolidated into one database.

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UpCodes brings together a multidisciplinary team to create an innovative approach to building code management. Our team combines experience in the construction industry with machine learning and data science. We are based in San Francisco.

Two founders came together in 2015 to launch the platform. Scott’s background is in architecture having worked in New York City and Hong Kong - at firms including RMJM, Hassell, and KPF. Garrett, our CTO, brings experience from working on neural nets, image processing, and backend development in leading AEC technologies.

Every building is a joint effort between clients, architects, designers, consultants, engineers, and construction teams. Our mission is to create tools that help facilitate this collaboration and streamline the process of staying up to date with code.

The best projects are born from an iterative process during design followed by refinement throughout the lifecycle of a construction project. In much the same way, UpCodes continually iterates. We work closely with our customers to refine the service to best match their workflows.
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Accelerate innovation.

We are putting our heads together to reduce all friction in locating code. Construction codes are a large corpus of information. Increasing access and simplicity to the system provides the stimulus for innovation.

Share and collaborate.

Our built environment is a product of collaboration. Architects, designers, engineers, and construction professionals coming together to evolve our cities and communities. This exchange deserves a platform for sharing, reviewing, and discussing regulations.

Where we’re headed.

The network of regulations is built from a diverse range of sources. We are working to ingest and consolidate codes and resources, pulling together the points of information into a single platform.