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We make designing buildings easier
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UpCodes is changing the way construction happens by bringing modern technology to the historically inefficient, slow, and error-prone process of obtaining government approval. $1.3T is spent yearly on construction, including everything from your apartment to the airport you fly out of. Every cent of it flows through an analog process still largely relying on books, manual calculations, and paper submissions. Our SaaS platform enables industry professionals to find, understand, and apply building codes to avoid delays and costly mistakes.
Our work brings real world solutions that help the efficiency of building our cities and communities.

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Finding all constructions codes that an architect, inspector, and general contractors must follow for each municipality is difficult. Until UpCodes, there was no single place where one could go to find all codes related to, say, doors.

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UpCodes AI
We have started to automate the code compliance workflow by analyzing 3D digital models of buildings. UpCodes AI combs through the data to detect violations immediately before it causes significant damage downstream. Instead of taking weeks of review, we will be able to detect compliance within seconds.

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Why Join Us?

  • More than 400,000 architects, builders, code officials and home owners already use UpCodes. We already have major industry attention and a well-loved brand.
  • This is one of the construction industry's worst problems and we're one of the only ones solving it.
  • We're a YCombinator company, backed by Liquid 2 and Point 9. We've been approached for acquisition more than once, but think we're sitting on a huge opportunity.
  • The work is meaningful. Cheaper construction means more affordable housing, airports, hospitals, schools, etc. And we're fighting the good fight (try Googling "Can the Law be Copyrighted?")
  • We believe one of the best perks is working with talented colleagues - we keep a high bar.
Working at UpCodes
We value folks who are nice, scrappy, and ambitious. We work hard, but also have lives outside work (for example, we discourage checking email while not at the office.) In terms of engineering, we like keeping the code simple, even with the complex problems we're solving. We're fairly unstructured and believe people tend to gravitate towards what they're good at.


We believe the best perk is working with talented colleagues, so we have a high bar when it comes to hiring

Different strokes for different folks

We do retreats where we bring the team together for team building, hacking and fun activities

We currently cover medical and dental via reimbursement
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