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§27-754 Minimum Quantity of Outside Air for Mechanical Ventilation1910.252(c)(2)(ii) Minimum Rate26.21.1.2 Minimum Rate of Application2209. Minimum Rate of Discharge4.3.14.1 Minimum Rated Load2.16.2 Minimum Rated Load for Freight Elevators2.16.1 Minimum Rated Load for Passenger Elevators215.2 Minimum Rating and Size9.3.6 Minimum Receptor Pipe Size301.4.3 Minimum Rehabilitated Landscape Area Requirement301.4.1 Minimum Rehabilitated Landscape Area Requirement for Existing Sites1810. Minimum Reinforcement16.3.4 Minimum Reinforcement for Connections Between Cast-in-Place Members and Foundation16.4.6 Minimum Reinforcement for Horizontal Shear TransferR606.12.3.3 Minimum Reinforcement for Masonry ColumnsR606. Minimum Reinforcement Requirements for Masonry Shear WallsR606.12.3.2 Minimum Reinforcement Requirements for Masonry Walls(1) Minimum Required1005.1 Minimum Required Capacity Based on Occupant Load306.3.3 Minimum Required Depth23-70 Minimum Required Distance Between Two or More Buildings on a Single Zoning Lot13. Minimum Required Documentation7.2* Minimum Required Documentation. (SIG-FUN)1005.1 Minimum Required Egress Width23-45 Minimum Required Front Yards722.7.1 Minimum Required Protection23-47 Minimum Required Rear Yards[BS] A404.2 Minimum Required Retrofit23-46 Minimum Required Side Yards21.3.5.1 Minimum Requirement602.1.1 Minimum Requirements1011.0 Minimum Requirements for Auto Wash Racks1612.4.1 Minimum Requirements for Buildings and Structures1817.6 Minimum Requirements for Construction Documents10.15.3 Minimum Requirements for Hot Water Storage Tanks§9-03 Minimum Requirements for Individuals Working on Suspension Scaffolds. [Repealed]4.10.2 Minimum Requirements for Structural Integrity1817.2 Minimum Requirements for Undeveloped Adjacent Property10.14 Minimum Requirements for Water Distribution Systems1617.9 Minimum Response1607.11.2 Minimum Roof Live LoadsR804.3.2.1 Minimum Roof Rafter SizesSection R304 Minimum Room Areas1207.1 Minimum Room Dimensions§27-2074 Minimum Room SizesArticle 4 Minimum Room Sizes and Occupancy Regulations1208.1 Minimum Room Widths509.3 Minimum Safe Performance50.7 Minimum Safety Requirements for Cooking Equipment506.8.1 Minimum Screen Mesh Size1127A.12.1 Minimum Seating§27-693 Minimum Section317.5 Minimum Seismic Design Performance Levels for Structural and Nonstructural Components1910.107(c)(2) Minimum Separation69.3.5.3 Minimum Separation Distances for ASME Containers1114.1.3 Minimum Setbacks10.6.2 Minimum Shear Reinforcement2.24.2.4 Minimum Sheave and Drum Diameter7.6.4 Minimum Shrinkage and Temperature Reinforcement510.4.1.1 Minimum Signal Strength Into Building11.10.7* Minimum Signal Strength Into the Building510.4.1.1 Minimum Signal Strength Into Thebuilding510.4.1.2 Minimum Signal Strength Out of the Building510.4.1.2 Minimum Signal Strength Out of Thebuilding1031.3.1 Minimum Size230.42 Minimum Size and Ampacity1104.25.2 Minimum Size and Dimensions230.42 Minimum Size and RatingG2425.4 (501.4) Minimum Size of Chimney or Vent(A) Minimum Size of Conductors23-23 Minimum Size of Dwelling UnitsP-811.2 Minimum Size of Fixture Supply PipesC104.3 Minimum Size of LineP-904.5 Minimum Size of Soil and Waste Pipe11.5.5 Minimum Size of Underground Drain PipingK104.3 Minimum Size RequirementsG2412.8 (401.8) Minimum Sizes5. Minimum Skylight Fenestration AreaSection 1907 Minimum Slab Provisions7.3.1 Minimum Slab Thickness1926.251(c)(13) Minimum Sling Lengths1515.2.2 Minimum Slope515.1.1.3 Minimum Space490.24 Minimum Space Separation1810.2.9 Minimum Spacing of Deep Foundations1814.10 Minimum Spacing of Helical Piles1812.10 Minimum Spacing of Piles1907.6 Minimum Spacing of Reinforcement408.56 Minimum SpacingsSection D103 Minimum SpecificationsR305.2.2 Minimum Stairway Headroom, Existing Buildings(6) 101.6 Minimum Standard301.2 Minimum StandardsSection 2303 Minimum Standards and Quality(a) 121.1.1 Minimum Standards for Fire Prevention and Safety406.4.3 Minimum Standards for GaugesArticle 2 Minimum Standards for Juvenile FacilitiesArticle 1 Minimum Standards for Local Detention Facilities*4.1-1.1.3 Minimum Standards for New Assisted Living Facilities*1.1-1.2 Minimum Standards for New Facilities and Major Renovations*1.1-1.2 Minimum Standards for New Facilities and Renovations4.2-1.1.3 Minimum Standards for New Independent Living Settings*4.3-1.1.3 Minimum Standards for New Long-Term Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities3.1-1.1.3 Minimum Standards for New Nursing Homes406.4.1 Minimum Standards for Non-Mercury Gauges:406.4.1 Minimum Standards for Nonmercury Gauges*4.4-1.1.3 Minimum Standards for Settings for Individuals With Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities1305.3 Minimum Station Outlets and Inlets313.3 Minimum Structure-Borne Noise and Vibration Isolation RequirementsR603.3.2 Minimum Stud Sizes913.1.1 Minimum Suction Pressure to Be Maintained§27-741 Minimum Temperature Requirements§27-2029 Minimum Temperature to Be Maintained722. Minimum ThicknessC402.2.1.2 Minimum Thickness, Lowest Point18.12.6 Minimum Thickness of Diaphragms(C) Minimum Thickness of Enclosure MetalSection 2212 Minimum Thickness of Metal9.6.4 Minimum Torsional Reinforcement37-34 Minimum Transparency Requirements505.9 Minimum Velocities and CirculationR806.2 Minimum Vent Area802.6 Minimum Vent HeightsP-1105.2 Minimum Vent Size30. Minimum VentilationR303.4 Minimum Ventilation Performance917.5 Minimum Vertical Piping Size From Fixture[BS] A113.1.3 Minimum Wall Anchorage11.3.1 Minimum Wall ThicknessArticle 8 Minimum Water Closets in Places of Public AssemblyTable D Minimum Water Distribution Pipe Size808.11 Minimum Water EnvelopeK 104.3 Minimum Water Quality1506.9.2 Minimum Water Quality [BSC-CG, HCD 1]1501.7 Minimum Water Quality Requirements1501.7 Minimum Water Quality Requirements [BSC-CG, HCD 1, DWR]1505.14 Minimum Water Quality Requirements for Reclaimed (Recycled) WaterP-811.3 Minimum Water Supply Sizes to Flushometers402.8.1.1 Minimum Width1005.2 Minimum Width Based on Component1104.17.3.2 Minimum Width in Mechanical Areas402.5.2 Minimum Width Open Mall1609.1.3 Minimum Wind Loads(C) Minimum Wire-Bending Space(c) 122.1.3 Ministerial ActsR303.1.5 Minnesota Thermal Insulation Standards901.9.1.1 Minor Additions, Alterations, Renovations and RepairsA-902.2.3 Minor Alterations§28-105.4.2 Minor Alterations and Ordinary Repairs§44-01 Minor Alterations That Do Not Require the Filing of Applications and Plans for Building Alteration Permits With the Department of Buildings. [Repealed]§1-12.11 Minor Amendment of Previous Approvals106.6.5 Minor Errors in Payment(i) Minor Hazards (R.C. 3737.42 )15-30 Minor Modifications30.* Minor Repair Areas3. Minor Repair Garage(D) Minor Repair Garages[A] 105.2.2 Minor Repairs14A-1-105.11.5 Minor Revision Permits2.4- Mirror603.3 Mirrors1107.2.2.6 Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets31.10 Mirrors and Shelves11B-809.10.8.7 Mirrors and Towel Bars§51-b Mirrors in Connection With Self-Service Elevators§27-2042 Mirrors in Elevators8. Misalignment Test3.3.192 MiscellaSection 890.1240 Miscellaneous25.2.2 Miscellaneous and Low-Piled StorageSection 315 Miscellaneous Combustible Materials Storage1510.9 Miscellaneous Combustible Roof Structures105.5.31 Miscellaneous Combustible Storage409.5 Miscellaneous Equipment8-902.9 Miscellaneous Equipment RequirementsA-904.6 Miscellaneous Fees405.3 Miscellaneous Fixtures5706.4.7.18 Miscellaneous HazardsA-902.2.5 Miscellaneous Items3103F.9 Miscellaneous Loads1910.264(c)(4) Miscellaneous Machines and Equipment3.2.1 Miscellaneous Materials95-10 Miscellaneous Provisions1226.4.2 Miscellaneous RequirementsArticle 12 Miscellaneous Services and Facilities43.5 Miscellaneous Spray Operations3.3.123* Miscellaneous Storage13.1 Miscellaneous Storage Up to 12 ft (3.7 m) in Height710A.3.4 Miscellaneous Structures Located 3 Feet (914 mm) or More but Less Than 50 Feet (15 240 mm)R337.10.3.4 Miscellaneous Structures Located 3 Feet (914 mm) or More but Less Than 50 Feet (15 m)3.3.124* Miscellaneous Tire Storage1910.213(r) Miscellaneous Woodworking Machines1926.914(q) "Misfire"5603.5 Misfires1808.6.4 Mislocated Piles1810.3.1.3 Mislocation1.12.5 Misrepresentation115.9 Misrepresentation as Department Employees204.5.3.1 Misrepresentation of Application453.25.4.1 Missile Impact Criteria6.2.6.5 Missing Pallet Device6.1.6.5 Missing Step and Missing Dynamic Skirt Devices8. Missing Step or Pallet Device(4) 5615.4 Misuse of License2004.4.3 Mitigation37-362 Mitigation Elements22.9.3 Mitigation for Vehicle Fluid Leaks17.1.11 Mitigation Implementation and EnforcementO103.1.2.3 Mitigation of Liquefaction Hazards403.10.6.1 Mitigation Planning1905.6.3.1 Mix DesignA5.405. Mix Design Equation52.* Mixed Battery Systems20.4.14 Mixed Commodities20.4.14.4 Mixed Commodity Segregation3102.6 Mixed Construction§27-295 Mixed Districts1207.5.2.1 Mixed Electrochemical Energy Systems1910.426 Mixed-Gas Diving5704.4.2.1 Mixed Liquid Piles[F] 415.9.1.1 Mixed Occupancies406.1.8 Mixed Occupancies and Separation406.5.3 Mixed Occupancies and Uses504.2 Mixed Occupancy506.5 Mixed Occupancy Area Determination506.2.2 Mixed-Occupancy Buildings507.4.1 Mixed Occupancy Buildings With Groups A-1 and A-2506.2.4 Mixed-Occupancy, Multistory Buildings506.2.2 Mixed-Occupancy, One-Story Buildings406.4.6 Mixed Occupancy Separation705.8.4 Mixed OpeningsC101.4.1 Mixed Residential and Commercial Buildings406.2.7 Mixed Separation5104.8.1 Mixed Storage1201.3 Mixed System Installation602. Mixed Unprotected AreasSection 508 Mixed Use and Occupancy601.5.2 Mixed Use Buildings123-661 Mixed Use Buildings in Special Mixed Use Districts With R3, R4 or R5 District Designations406.8.1 Mixed Uses10.15.6 Mixed Water Temperature Control2906.2 Mixers§27-605 Mixes1905.8 Mixing3320.10 Mixing MachinesR602.10.4.1 Mixing Methods13.* Mixing of Dry Chemicals43.7.6* Mixing of Organic Peroxides With Promoters1206.12 Mixing of Radiation1212.9 Mixing or Temperature Control Valves1224.36.2.19 Mixing RoomA5.405. Mixing Water60.3.2 Mixtures[F] 907.6.6.2 MIY MonitoringPart II Mobile and Manufactured HomesPart IV Mobile and Portable Equipment50.8 Mobile and Temporary Cooking Operations2308.10 Mobile CNG Motor Fuel Compression, Storage and Dispensing50.7.2 Mobile Cooking[NY] 1206.17 Mobile Energy Storage System Equipment and Operations52.1.8 Mobile ESS Equipment and OperationsSection 319 Mobile Food Preparation VehiclesSection 319 Mobile Food Units105.5.32 Mobile Food Units and Food Cart Pods5707.4 Mobile Fueling Areas105.5.32 Mobile Fueling of Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles5707.1 Mobile Fueling Operations5707.2 Mobile Fueling Vehicle5707.2.1 Mobile Fueling Vehicle Classifications5707.2.2 Mobile Fueling Vehicle Requirements42.12.3 Mobile Fueling Vehicles and EquipmentSection 5809 Mobile Gaseous Fueling of Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles23.12.1* Mobile High Bay Records Storage(2) Mobile Home Feeder Disconnecting Means(A) Mobile Home Not Intended as a Dwelling(A) Mobile Home Not Intended as a Dwelling Unit(A) Mobile Home Service EquipmentR103.2 Mobile Homes(B) Mobile Homes and Manufactured HomesArticle 550 Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, and Mobile Home Parks5809.4 Mobile Hydrogen-Fueling Areas1910.23(e) Mobile Ladder Stands and Mobile Ladder Stand Platforms3.3.194* Mobile or Temporary Cooking1926.452(w) "Mobile Scaffolds"(D) Mobile Servicing Equipment With Electrical Components(F) Mobile Stanchions3.3.193* Mobile Supply Unit1910.95(g)(5)(ii) Mobile Test Van Exception449.3.3 Mobile Testing and Treatment Facilities5705.3.9 Mobile Trailers Using Fuel Oil for Heating and Power Generation2.13-1.1.3 Mobile/Transportable Medical Unit Certification*2.4-3.6 Mobile/Transportable Medical Units2.8-3.1 Mobile/Transportable Units1910.67(a)(6) Mobile Unit1. Mobilehome Parks Act*1.2-3.3.2 Mobility and Mobilization ConcernsC3.5.2 Model Geometry and Thermal Zones1.4- Model Number and DescriptionA509.2.1.3 Model of Infill65.6 Model RocketrySection 5611 Model Rockets1926.12(b)(42) Model Secondary School for the Deaf Act (80 Stat. 1028)Section 602 Modeled Performance Pathway Requirements3104F. ModelingA.6 Modeling and Analysis6.3 Modeling AssumptionsG3.1.1.4 Modeling Building Envelope Infiltration5.8.11* Modeling FeaturesA509.3.2 Modeling of Building Components6.6.2 Modeling of Members and Structural Systems3301.8.1.4 Moderate Fire—No Blast Hazards5601.8.1.4 Moderate Fire—No Blast Hazards (Division 1.4)R903.5.1 Moderate Hail Exposure306.2 Moderate-Hazard Factory Industrial, Group F-1311.2 Moderate-Hazard Storage, Group S-1[BG] 304.2.2 Moderate Impact3.3.199.21* Moderate-Risk Occupancy29.5.10.2* Moderately Severe to Profound Hearing Loss23.1.1.4 Modernizations or Renovations3.3.186* Modification3109.4.4.7 Modification and Interpretation of Division26-26 Modification and Waiver Provisions54-314 Modification by Authorization42-142 Modification by Authorization of the City Planning Commission of Use Regulations in M1-5B Districts42-141 Modification by Certification of the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission of Uses in M1-5B Districts15-215 Modification for Existing Dwelling Units78-43 Modification for Open Space Requirements in Large-Scale Developments3109.1.1 Modification, Maintenance or Repair of Existing Habitable Structures101-63 Modification of Accessory Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements109-521 Modification of Accessory Off-Street Parking Facilities73-625 Modification of Affordable Housing Fund Payment Options in the SoHo NoHo Mixed Use District115-16 Modification of Article V, Chapter 2123-50 Modification of Article V, Chapter 2 (Non-Conforming Uses)117-57 Modification of Article V, Chapter 4123-80 Modification of Article V, Chapter 4 (Non-Complying Buildings)125-043 Modification of Article VI, Chapter 2104-17 Modification of Article VII, Chapter 4 (Special Permits by the City Planning Commission)1612.4.1 Modification of ASCE 241612.4.2 Modification of ASCE 24 9.6 Pools105-425 Modification of Botanic Environment and Tree Preservation and Planting Requirements3418A.5.2 Modification of Buildings Removed From OSHPD Jurisdiction101-72 Modification of Bulk Regulations73-62 Modification of Bulk Regulations for Buildings Containing Residences101-82 Modification of Bulk Regulations for Certain Buildings on Irregular Sites24-04 Modification of Bulk Regulations in Certain Districts23-844 Modification of Court and Side Yard Regulations in the Area of the Former Bellevue South Urban Renewal Plan in the Borough of Manhattan78-44 Modification of Curb Cut Regulations37-952 Modification of Design Requirements by Authorization37-54 Modification of Design Standards of Pedestrian Circulation Spaces Within Existing Buildings107-21 Modification of Designated Open Space513.2.4 Modification of Existing Hood Systems34-22 Modification of Floor Area and Open Space Regulations35-51 Modification of Front Yard Requirements96-40 Modification of General Large-Scale Development Provisions105-433 Modification of Grading Controls107-68 Modification of Group Parking Facility and Access Regulations74-88 Modification of Height and Setback and Street Wall Regulations133-231 Modification of Height and Setback Controls35-60 Modification of Height and Setback Regulations91-664 Modification of Hours of Operation for Waterfront Public Access Areas37-951 Modification of Landscaping Requirements119-313 Modification of Landscaping, Tree Preservation and Tree Planting Requirements13-35 Modification of Loading Berth Requirements116-33 Modification of Location of Parking Spaces105-431 Modification of Lot Coverage Controls25-13 Modification of Maximum Size of Accessory Group Parking Facilities25-17 Modification of Maximum Spaces for Other Than Single-Family Detached Residences25-19 Modification of Maximum Spaces for Permitted Community Facility or Commercial Uses107-83 Modification of Minimum Required Lot Area for Residences13-31 Modification of Minimum Size of Loading Berth73-45 Modification of Off-Site Parking Provisions98-17 Modification of Parking and Loading Regulations86-43 Modification of Parking Requirement Waivers108-20 Modification of Parking Requirements in the Residential Buffer Subdistrict107-661 Modification of Permitted Obstructions35-532 Modification of Permitted Obstructions in Required Yards or Rear Yard Equivalents for Certain Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors107-74 Modification of Permitted Use Regulations126-41 Modification of Planting Requirements123-81 Modification of Planting Strips§28-216.8.3 Modification of Precept54-312 Modification of Provisions13-33 Modification of Provisions for a Zoning Lot With Uses Subject to Different Loading Requirements81-067 Modification of Provisions for Minimum Base Height and Street Wall Location in Historic Districts133-60 Modification of Public Access Areas74-91 Modification of Public Plazas115-22 Modification of Rear Yard Regulations35-53 Modification of Rear Yard Requirements901.1.1 Modification of Reference Standards116-31 Modification of Required Accessory Off-Street Parking Space Regulations for Certain Commercial Uses107-662 Modification of Required Yards of Building Setbacks37-43 Modification of Requirements for a Relocated or Renovated Subway Stair4.6.5* Modification of Requirements for Existing Buildings62-821 Modification of Requirements for Ferries and Sightseeing, Excursion or Sport Fishing Vessels25-25 Modification of Requirements for Income-Restricted Housing Units, Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors or Other Government-Assisted Dwelling Units36-35 Modification of Requirements for Income-Restricted Housing Units or Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors105-434 Modification of Requirements for Private Roads and Driveways25-24 Modification of Requirements for Small Zoning Lots25-231 Modification of Requirements to Facilitate Affordable Housing81-276 Modification of Score for Reflectivity35-52 Modification of Side Yard Requirements81-14 Modification of Sign and Frontage Regulations in the Fifth Avenue Subdistrict93-16 Modification of Sign Regulations98-151 Modification of Sign Regulations in Subarea K104-60 Modification of Special Bulk Requirements and Transfer of Floor Area by Special Permit123-23 Modification of Special Permit Requirements108-30 Modification of Street Tree Requirements118-31 Modification of Street Wall Requirements91-35 Modification of Street Wall, Setback, Lot Coverage and Maximum Horizontal Dimension Regulations97-221 Modification of Supplemental Use Location Regulations135-14 Modification of Supplemental Use Provisions87-121 Modification of Supplementary Commercial Use Regulations73-51 Modification of Supplementary Use Regulations109-51 Modification of the Provisions of the Special Little Italy District105-421 Modification of Topographic Features on Tier I Sites450.28 Modification of Transformers107-75 Modification of Underlying R1-1 District Regulations131-044 Modification of Use and Bulk Regulations87-05 Modification of Use and Bulk Regulations for Parcels Containing Newly Mapped Streets93-055 Modification of Use and Bulk Regulations for Zoning Lots Bounding Hudson Boulevard Park125-041 Modification of Use and Bulk Regulations for Zoning Lots Bounding Parks142-06 Modification of Use and Bulk Regulations for Zoning Lots Fronting on Former West 208th Street91-07 Modification of Use and Bulk Regulations for Zoning Lots Fronting Upon DeLury Square Park117-22 Modification of Use Group 6A123-22 Modification of Use Groups 16, 17 and 18123-21 Modification of Use Groups 2, 3 and 4105-441 Modification of Use Regulations62-823 Modification of Use Regulations in C3 Districts91-11 Modification of Use Regulations in C5 Districts115-15 Modification of Use Regulations in M1-4 Districts98-13 Modification of Use Regulations in M1 Districts86-12 Modification of Uses Along Austin Street116-32 Modification of Waiver of Requirements62-822 Modification of Waterfront Public Access Area and Visual Corridor Requirements105-432 Modification of Yard, Height and Setback Regulations, and Parking Location Regulations35-50 Modification of Yard Regulations§28-418.4.1 Modification Prohibited§27-3019 Modification, Suspension or Revocation, Electrical Sign-Off, Permit or Other Authorization2210.5.1 Modification to AISI-Lateral, Section C3.3.41301.2 Modification to International Energy Conservation Code905.2.1 Modification to StandardsG311.2.1 Modification to the Area of Special Flood Hazard or Shaded X-ZoneG312.2.1 Modification to the Flood Hazard Area901.3 Modifications3309.15 Modifications and Alternate Methods3308.8 Modifications and Alternative Systems§ 23-27.3-110.0 Modifications and Variances109-514 Modifications by Authorization74-781 Modifications by Special Permit of the City Planning Commission of Uses in M1-5B Districts901.7.1 Modifications During Impairment143-11 Modifications for Certain Uses73-64 Modifications for Community Facility Uses73-52 Modifications for Zoning Lots Divided by District Boundaries74-964 Modifications in Conjunction With a Floor Area Increase73-60 Modifications of Bulk Regulations119-318 Modifications of Certain Bulk Regulations24-66 Modifications of Court Regulations or Distance Requirements37-95 Modifications of Design Standards107-65 Modifications of Existing Topography24-57 Modifications of Height and Setback Regulations74-95 Modifications of Housing Quality Special Permits93-23 Modifications of Inclusionary Housing Program74-745 Modifications of Parking and Loading Regulations26-421 Modifications of Planting Strip Requirements23-56 Modifications of Rear Yard Regulations107-465 Modifications of Special Yard Regulations for Certain Zoning Lots73-40 Modifications of Use or Parking Regulations85-03 Modifications of Use Regulations99-032 Modifications of Use Regulations for a Community Facility81-11 Modifications of Use Regulations in Subdistricts107-467 Modifications of Yard and Court Regulations33-32 Modifications of Yard RegulationsSection 1905 Modifications to ACI 3182107.2 Modifications to ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 4022205A.3 Modifications to AISC 3412205A.5 Modifications to AISC 3583311.4 Modifications to ANSI A10.33311.4 Modifications to ANSI A10.3-1995602.1.2.1 Modifications to Appendix G of ASHRAE 90.1Section 3413A Modifications to ASCE 41Section 1617A Modifications to ASCE 71617.6.1 Modifications to ASCE 7, Section Modifications to ASHRAE 90.1Chapter K1 Modifications to ASME A17.1—2000, Safety Code for Elevators and EscalatorsChapter K1 Modifications to ASME A17.1-2000, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, With Supplements A17.1a — 2002 and A17.1b - 2003Chapter K1 Modifications to ASME A17.1-2013, Safety Code for Elevators and EscalatorsChapter K4 Modifications to ASME A17.1S-2005 Safety Code for Machine-Room-Less ("MRL") ElevatorsChapter K3 Modifications to ASME A17.3-2002, Safety Code for Existing Elevators and EscalatorsChapter K3 Modifications to ASME A17.3-2015, Safety Code for Existing Elevators and EscalatorsChapter K2 Modifications to ASME B20.1-2003, Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related EquipmentChapter K2 Modifications to ASME B20.1-2006, Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related EquipmentChapter K2 Modifications to ASME B20.1/2015, Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related EquipmentSection R102 Modifications to ASTM C 635 — Standard Specification for the Manufacture, Performance, and Testing of Metal Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile and Lay-in Panel CeilingsSection R103 Modifications to ASTM C 636 — Standard Practice for Installation of Metal Ceiling Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile and Lay-in PanelsR301. Modifications to ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996R301. Modifications to ASTM E 1996(E) Modifications to Classification50.4.4.7 Modifications to Existing Hood SystemsG2412.3 (401.3) Modifications to Existing Systems1101.4 Modifications to ICC A117.1Section 1112.0 Modifications to ICC/ANSI A117.1Section EM301 Modifications to IECC Chapter 4 Commercial Energy ProvisionsSection EM302 Modifications to IECC Chapter 5 Commercial Energy Provisions1605A.3 Modifications to Load Combinations in ICC 30062-824 Modifications to Passenger Queuing Shelters for Ferry or Water Taxi Docking Facilities3906.3 Modifications to Processing and Extraction EquipmentSection G501 Modifications to Referenced Standards903.3.1.6 Modifications to Sprinkler Standards1617.5.1 Modifications to Table 1607.11617.9.1 Modifications to Table 1613.2.3(1)1617.9.2 Modifications to Table 1613.2.3(2)507.3.2 Modifications to Table B105.164-331 Modifications to the Attic Allowance for Cottage Envelope Buildings2501.1.1 Modifications to the "Ohio Plumbing Code3310.11 Modifications to the Site Safety Monitoring Program933.4.1 Modifications to the Supporting Structure2115.9 Modifications to TMS 4022114.7 Modifications to TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5127-51 Modified Applicability for Visual Corridors and Waterfront Public Access Areas604.2 Modified Area1507.11 Modified Bitumen Roofing4908.1.2 Modified Boundary Lines2103.2.3.5 Modified Epoxy-Emulsion Mortar and Grout1926.1412(a) Modified Equipment23-664 Modified Height and Setback Regulations for Certain Inclusionary Housing Buildings or Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors603.2.1 Modified or Damaged1910.211(b)(5) Modified Types 6 and 11 Wheels (Terrazzo)Section 106 Modular BuildingsArticle 646 Modular Data Centers453.5.6.10 "Modular Facility"R311.6.4 Modular Ramps1224.29.1.4 Modular Toilet(J) Module Connection Arrangement690.51 Modules690.51 Modules and AC Modules19.2.2 Modulus of Elasticity2109.2.1.2 Modulus of Rupture2109. Modulus of Rupture Determination2510.6.2 Moist or Marine ClimatesR504.2.2 Moisture Barrier2303.2.8 Moisture Content4.505.3 Moisture Content of Building MaterialsAR103.5.1 Moisture Content of Light Straw-Clay Prior to Application of Finish2109.2.1.3 Moisture Content RequirementsR109.1.4.1 Moisture Content VerificationR408.1 Moisture Control507.1 Moisture Control Preventative Measures[BS] 902.3.4 Moisture During Construction300.42 Moisture or Mechanical Protection for Metal-Sheathed Cables(M) Moisture or Physical Damage8-806.2 Moisture ProtectionSection R318 Moisture Vapor Retarders2506.3 Mold Resistance1226. Mold Room(2) Molded Case Circuit Breaker(3) Molded Case Switch2104.1.2 Molded Cornices1926.57(i)(13)(ii) Molten Materials Handling Operations7.5.2 Moment12.5.2 Moment and Axial Force2205A.5.2 Moment Connection - Chapter 114.2.4 Moment Connections[BS] A111.6.4 Moment Frames6.6.4.5 Moment Magnification Method: Nonsway Frames6.6.4.6 Moment Magnification Method: Sway Frames8. Moment of Inertia[BS] A112.4.2 Moment-Resisting Frames§27-2111 Moneys Collected by Department Payable to Special Repair Fund104.22.3 Moneys Derived From the Sale3310.8.1 Monitor Compliance[F] 414.5.2 Monitor Control Equipment9.6.5* Monitor-It-Yourself (MIY) Systems[F] 904.4.3 Monitor Testing1010.2.10 Monitored or Recorded Egress[F] 907.6.6 Monitoring2404. Monitoring Air Velocity53. Monitoring and Annunciation2.24.9.3 Monitoring and Brake Location5303.16.10 Monitoring and Detection1910.1017(m)(2)(i) Monitoring and Measuring Records Shall:5607.19 Monitoring Blast Impacts5601.10 Monitoring by Department1910.1018(g)(2)(ii)(D) Monitoring Data1910.1050(n)(1) Monitoring Data for Exempted Employers2006.5.4.1 Monitoring During Fueling105.6.52 Monitoring Facilities23.16.4 Monitoring for Integrity1910.1027(d)(3) Monitoring Frequency (Periodic Monitoring)1910.1001(d)(3) Monitoring Frequency (Periodic Monitoring) and Patterns405.2 Monitoring Ground Water Levels§ 23-27.3- Monitoring Inspection Fee2.2.p Monitoring Instruments12.6* Monitoring Integrity and Circuit Performance of Installation Conductors and Other Signaling Channels10.6.10.6 Monitoring Integrity of Battery Charger10.6.10.6 Monitoring Integrity of Battery Charging Equipment10.19 Monitoring Integrity of In-Building Fire Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications Systems10.6.9 Monitoring Integrity of Power SuppliesAppendix G Monitoring Noise Levels Non-Mandatory Informational Appendix**§28-103.30.2 Monitoring Occupied Multiple Dwellings With Permits for Alteration or Addition3306.12 Monitoring of Adjoining Structures During Demolition2304.2.3 Monitoring of Dispensing1812A.7 Monitoring of Existing DSA-SS, DSA-SS/CC, and OSHPD 1 and 4 Structures1812.7 Monitoring of Existing OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 4 and 5 Structures1812A.7 Monitoring of Existing Structures1910.120(h)(4) Monitoring of High-Risk Employees907.3.5 Monitoring of Hold-Open Devices and Closers1814.3 Monitoring of Influenced Structures5007.9.1.2 Monitoring of Loading and Unloading5. Monitoring of the Car Door or Gate Switch Electric Contacts7-213 Monitoring of the Hospital Inspector of Record's Performance3309.16 Monitoring Plan*1.2- Monitoring Plan and Procedures5607.2.3 Monitoring Plan and Vibration LimitsH3.2.6 Monitoring Program2.2.q Monitoring Records3111F.9.3 Monitoring Systems (N/E) Monitoring the Hoistway Door Locking Device Contacts405.2.4 Monitoring Well Design1906.8.6 Monolithic Placement27.5 Monotonic Load Test Procedure1926.1412(e) Monthly3.3.121.2 Monthly Frequency42. Monthly Inspection14A-4-403 Monthly Permits§28-311.4 Monthly Statements3105F.2 Mooring Analyses3102F.3.6.2 Mooring and BerthingSection 3105F Mooring and Berthing Analysis and Design3107F.5.2 Mooring and Berthing Component Demand3107F.6 Mooring and Berthing Components5706.4.7.13 Mooring and Cargo Connections3105F.1.3 Mooring/Berthing Requirements3105F.8 Mooring Hardware (N/E)3103F.8.6 Mooring Line/Breasting Loads (M)3103F.5 Mooring Loads on VesselsN1108.2.4 (R408.2.4) More Efficient Duct Thermal Distribution System OptionI2 More Efficient HVAC EquipmentC406.2 More Efficient HVAC Equipment and Fan PerformanceC406.2 More Efficient HVAC Equipment PerformanceN1108.2.2 (R408.2.2) More Efficient HVAC Equipment Performance OptionR407.2 More Efficient HVAC Performance1.11.2.3 More Restrictive Fire and Panic Safety Building StandardsAJ102.8 More Restrictive Requirements[NY] C102.2.2 More Stringent Local Energy Codes(A) More Than 1 HorsepowerC406.2.5 More Than 10-Percent Cooling Efficiency Improvement1110.2 More Than 110 Pounds of Refrigerant11B-224.8.1 More Than 25-Bed Sleeping Rooms11B-224.8.2 More Than 50-Bed Facilities1110.1 More Than 6.6 Pounds of Refrigerant11B-224.2.2 More Than Fifty Guest Room Facilities(B) More Than Five Circuits(D) More Than Five Circuits Without a Listed Energy Management System1103.4.3 More Than Five Stories211.3 More Than Minimum Number(1) More Than One Driving Machine(B) More Than One Feeder Circuit1926.406(d)(1)(ii) More Than One Piece of Equipment1808.2.5 More Than One Pile Type, Pile Capacity or Method of Pile Installation(A) More Than One Power Supply(A) More Than One Process Power Supply506.5.2 More Than One Story Above Grade Plane1810.2.5 More Than One Type, Capacity or Method of Installation for Deep Foundations3314.5.4.2 More Than Ten Feet1110.5.2 More Than the Minimum Number675.5 More Than Three Conductors in a Raceway or Cable(1) More Than Three Current-Carrying Conductors3003.3.2.2 More Than Three Elevators1910.36(b)(2) More Than Two Exit Routes1228.24 Morgue1224.24 Morgue and Autopsy Facilities7.5.1 Morgue and Autopsy Rooms*2.1-5.7 Morgue Services808.3.2.1 Morning Illumination2103.2 Mortar2122.8 Mortar and Grout2105.3 Mortar and Grout Tests2105A.3 Mortar and Grout Tests. TMS 602, Article 1.4 B Compressive Strength Determination5609.11.2 Mortar Construction5608.6.1 Mortar Construction and Size2103.12 Mortar for AAC Masonry2103.2.4 Mortar for Adhered Masonry Veneer2103.11.2 Mortar for Leveling Courses of AAC MasonryR607.2.1.1 Mortar Joint Thickness Tolerance2109. Mortar Joints5608.6.3 Mortar Loading1523. Mortar or Adhesive Set Roof Tile SystemsR703.7.4.3 Mortar or Grout Fill5608.6.2 Mortar PlacementSection 21.803 — Mortar Preparation2109. Mortar Restrictions[BS] A106.3.3.1 Mortar Tests(a) 5608.10.1 Mortars2103.2.3 Mortars for Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile14X-12-1205 Mortgagee Obligations807. Motion Picture and Television Production Studio Sound Stages907.2.24 Motion Picture and Television Production Studio Sound Stages and Approved Production Facilities903.2.14 Motion Picture and Television Production Studio Sound Stages, Approved Production Facilities and Production Locations306.3 Motion Picture and Television Production Studio Soundstages and Approved Production Facilities22.19 Motion Picture and Television Production Studio Soundstages, Approved Production Facilities, and Production Locations(H) Motion Picture and Television StudiosArticle 530 Motion Picture and Television Studios and Similar Locations450.7.3 Motion Picture BoothsSection 306 Motion Picture Film and Screens26.7.2.3 Motion Picture Film Laboratories4811.1.1 Motion Picture Locations—Television Remotes(H) Motion Picture Projection Equipment540.31 Motion Picture Projection Room Not Required540.10 Motion Picture Projection Room RequiredSection 409 Motion Picture Projection RoomsSection 306 Motion Picture Projection Rooms and FilmSection 306 Motion Picture Projection Rooms and Motion Picture and Television Production Studio Soundstages and Approved Production Facilities and FilmSection 306 Motion Picture Projection Rooms, Motion Picture and Television Productionstudio Soundstages, Approved Production Facilities and Film520.3 Motion Picture Projectors§27-544 Motion Picture Screens507.12 Motion Picture Theaters(A) Motions With More Than One Motor5706.5.3.3 Motive Power(B) MotorPart III Motor and Branch-Circuit Overload ProtectionPart IV Motor Branch-Circuit Short-Circuit and Ground-Fault ProtectionPart II Motor Circuit Conductors430.225 Motor-Circuit Overcurrent Protection(1) Motor Circuit Switch(D) Motor-Circuit Switches(F) Motor Circuit Taps(D) Motor CircuitsPart VI Motor-Compressor and Branch-Circuit Overload Protection(A) Motor-Compressor Controller(1) Motor-Compressor Largest Load(2) Motor-Compressor Not Largest Load440.33 Motor-Compressor(s) With or Without Additional Motor Loads440.54 Motor-Compressors and Equipment on 15- or 20-Ampere Branch Circuits — Not Cord- And Attachment-Plug-Connected(C) Motor ContributionPart VIII Motor Control CentersPart VI Motor Control Circuits(B) Motor Control Units430.39 Motor Controller as Overload Protection620.15 Motor Controller RatingPart VII Motor Controllers(A) Motor Controllers for Dumbwaiters, Escalators, and Moving WalksPart V Motor Feeder Short-Circuit and Ground-Fault Protection2.26.2.4 Motor Field Sensing Means(C) Motor Frames406.7 Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities3.3.199.22 Motor Fuel Dispensing Facility3. Motor Fuel Dispensing Facility Located Inside a Building(B) Motor Fuel Dispensing Stations555.11 Motor Fuel Dispensing Stations — Hazardous (Classified) Locations(C) Motor Fuel Dispensing Stations in Boatyards and Marinas§27-467 Motor Fuel Pumps1926.406(c)(1) Motor-Generator, AC Transformer, and DC Rectifier Arc Welders(B) Motor-Generator Equipment2.26.2.19 Motor-Generator Overspeed Protection2.26.2.2 Motor-Generator Running Switch(A) Motor Generator Sets, Transformers, Rectifiers, Rheostats, and Similar Equipment6. Fan Motor SelectionC403.8.2 Motor Nameplate Horsepower (Mandatory)(A) Motor-Operated and Combination Loads(G) Motor-Operated Appliances(C) Motor-Operated Appliances Rated over 1/8 Horsepower(L) Motor-Operated Water Pumps(C) Motor Outlets1926.405(j)(4)(iii) Motor Overload, Short-Circuit, and Ground-Fault Protection430.126 Motor Overtemperature Protection313.8 Motor Performance(7) Motor Short-Circuit Protector430.12 Motor Terminal Housings1910.109(a)(7) Motor Vehicle3401.3 Motor Vehicle Dismantlers108.2.3.1 Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Annual Fire Inspection403.13 Motor Vehicle Dismantling Businesses3.3.195 Motor Vehicle Fluid22.9.2 Motor Vehicle Fluids22.9 Motor Vehicle Fluids and Hazardous Materials2006.1 Motor Vehicle Fuel-Dispensing Facilities502.14 Motor Vehicle OperationSection 1107 Motor-Vehicle-Related FacilitiesSection 406 Motor-Vehicle-Related Occupancies2311.8.4 Motor Vehicle Repair Booths311.2.2 Motor Vehicle Repair Garages2311.8.3 Motor Vehicle Repair Rooms[A] 105.6.16 Motor Vehicle Repair Rooms and Booths2311.8.5 Motor Vehicle Repair Spaces§60 Motor Vehicle Storage302.8 Motor VehiclesSection 3317 Motorized Construction Equipment63. Motorized Equipment506.8.2 Motorized Louvers3314.16.1 Motors1910.303(f)(1) Motors and Appliances(1) Motors and ControllersSection 503 Motors and Fans501.125 Motors and Generators503.125 Motors and Generators — Class III, Divisions 1 and 2503.125 Motors and Generators — Class III, Divisions 1 and Division 2503.0 Motors, Fans, and FiltersArticle 430 Motors, Motor Circuits, and Controllers430.42 Motors on General-Purpose Branch Circuits(B) Motors or Other Loads430.112 Motors Served by Single Disconnecting Means1910.263(g) Moulders903.5 Mound Dimensions903.1 Mound Dimensions and Design903.5.4 Mound Lengths[BS] 303.3 Mound Systems903.5.5 Mound Widths5706.4.5.9 Mounded-Over Tanks1910.241(b)(1) Mounted Wheels2610.2 Mounting110.13 Mounting and Cooling of Equipment1910.243(c)(5) Mounting and Inspection of Abrasive Wheels(B) Mounting and LocationSPECIMEN Mounting and Test Material Size1910.111(g)(3) Mounting Containers1140A.4 Mounting Height(C) Mounting in Finished Surfaces1025. Mounting Location41.2 Mounting Location and Height(D) Mounting of Conductor Supports1910.111(h)(3) Mounting of Containers2306.7.3 Mounting of Dispensers404.10 Mounting of General-Use Snap Switches, Dimmers, and Control Switches24.5.14* Mounting of LOC Controls404.10 Mounting of Snap Switches2613.3.1 Mounting of Test Specimen11.10.8 Mounting of the Donor Antenna(s)919.4 Mounting of Unlisted AppliancesG2450.2 (628.2) Mounting on Buildings918.3 Mounting on Combustible FloorsG2450.3 (628.3) Mounting on Posts1910.68(b)(10)(iii) Mounting Platform507.11.2 Mounting Position507.2.8.2 Mounting Position of Grease Filters230.51 Mounting Supports1910.104(b)(7)(i) Mounts and Couplings1.4-4.2 Movable and Portable EquipmentG2422.1.5 (411.1.4) Movable Appliances609.4.3 Movable Commercial Cooking Appliance Markings1.4-4.2 Movable EquipmentP2711.4 Movable Lavatory Systems1004.2 Movable Parts20.5.2 Movable RacksP2714.2 Movable Sink Systems1.11.3.2 Movable Walls and Partitions419.4 Moveable Lavatory Systems422.3 Moveable Sink Systems37-81 Moveable Tables and Chairs102.6 Moved Aquatic Vessels[A] 102.7 Moved Buildings117.2 Moved Buildings and Structures[A] 102.6 Moved Pools and SpasSection 3410 Moved StructuresSection 307 Moved Structures [B]308.5.2 Movement1305.9.7 Movement and Vibration306.7.3 Movement Control43.1.4.9 Movement of Powered Vehicles3308.6.2.10 MovingD103.3 Moving Buildings1910.269(t)(6) Moving Cables1910.255(c)(5) Moving Holder§27-562 Moving Loads§ 23-27.3-116.0 Moving, Raising, Shoring, or Demolition of Buildings1910.180(h)(3) Moving the Load§ 23-27.3-116.6 Moving to Be Continuous6.2.6.8 Moving Walk Braking-Distance Monitor6. Moving Walk Driving-Machine Brakes6. Moving Walk Driving-Machine Motor-Controlled Dynamic Braking6. Moving Walk Egress Restriction Device6.2.6.14 Moving Walk Manual Reset6.2.6.7 Moving Walk Smoke Detectors6. Moving Walk Speed-Monitoring DeviceSection 6.2 Moving Walks§27-379 Moving Walkways409.4 MP Regulator ValveG2420.4 (409.4) MP Regulator ValvesG2421.2 (410.2) MP Regulators2.2- MRI Control Room2.2- MRI Scanner Room2.8- MRI Suite Safety2.8-1.3.6 MRI Unit Site Requirements for Patient Safety109-20 Mulberry Street Regional Spine (Area A1)1504.5.1 Mulch Basin1504.6 Mulch Basin Design and ConstructionL 411.6 Mulched Planting Areas1910.262(b)(23) MuleR609.8 MullionsR613.8 Mullions Occurring Between Individual Window and Glass Door Assemblies505.4 Multi-Attribute Material Declaration and Certification505.4.2 Multi-Attribute Standard11B-224.7.2 Multi-Bedroom Housing Units With Adaptable Features11B-224.7.1 Multi-Bedroom Housing Units With Mobility Features233.5.2 Multi-Bedroom Units62-97 Multi-Borough Plans401.3.2.1 Multi-Building Campus Plans907.2.12.3 Multi-Channel Voice Evacuation3.3.90.12* Multi-Criteria Detector17.9.3 Multi-Criteria Detectors8.5 Multi-Cycle Systems1910.1200(e)(2) Multi-Employer Workplaces1926.1101(d) Multi-Employer Worksites505.4.1 Multi-Floor Dwelling UnitsC405. Multi-Level Lighting Controls503.2 Multi-Level Seating1926.452(v) "Multi-Level Suspended Scaffolds"A5.507.1.2 Multi-Occupant Spaces2406.3.1 Multi-Pane Assemblies5607.5 Multi-Party Coordination Meeting1926.452(q) "Multi-Point Adjustable Suspension Scaffolds, Stonesetters' Multi-Point Adjustable Suspension Scaffolds, and Masons' Multi-Point Adjustable Suspension Scaffolds"* Multi-Sensor Detector17.9.4 Multi-Sensor Detectors606.2.2.2 Multi-Stage Ground Source Heat Pumps206.2.3 Multi-Story Buildings and Facilities1107. Multi-Story Housing11B- Multi-Story Residential Dwelling Units in Buildings With No Elevator11B- Multi-Story Residential Dwelling Units in Buildings With One or More Elevators1817.7.1.7 Multi-Tier Pit-Pier Underpinning1107.8.5.1 Multi-Unit Buildings[NY] 403.1.3 Multi-User Toilet and Bathing Facilities722.3.3 Multi-Wythe Masonry Walls722.2.1.2 Multi-Wythe Walls722.4.1.3 Multi-Wythe Walls With Airspace11B-224.7.1 Multibedroom Housing Units With Mobility Features(C) Multibuilding Campus-Style Complexes3206.3.2.2 Multiclass High-Piled Storage Areas2.27.3.5 Multicompartment Elevators(B) Multiconductor Cable(C) Multiconductor Cable Assemblies(2) Multiconductor Cables(1) Multiconductor Cables (2001 Volts or Over)225.21 Multiconductor Cables on Exterior Surfaces of Buildings (or Other Structures)(A) Multiconductor Cables Operating at 1000 Volts or Less(A) Multiconductor Cables Operating at 600 Volts or Less(3) Multiconductor Jacketed Cables760.53 Multiconductor NPLFA Cables722.2.2.2 Multicourse Floors722.2.2.3 Multicourse Roofs3.3.206.7 Multicycle System*1.2-1.2 Multidisciplinary Project Team606.3 Multidwelling UnitsA4. Multifamily Development Projects and Hotels and Motels4. Multifamily Development Projects With 20 or More Dwelling Units, Hotels and Motels With 20 or More Sleeping Units or Guest Rooms4. Multifamily Development Projects With Less Than 20 Dwelling Units; And Hotels and Motels With Less Than 20 Sleeping Units or Guest Rooms220.84 Multifamily Dwelling(A) Multifamily DwellingsC407.5.2.3 Multifamily Residential BuildingsR403.5.8 Multifan Systems(2) Multigrounded Neutral Primary System(2) Multigrounded Neutral System Connection(C) Multigrounded Neutral Systems1108.2.4.1 Multilevel Assembly Seating AreasA5.209.1.8 Multilevel Astronomical Time-Switch Controls1104.4 Multilevel Buildings and FacilitiesA5.209.2.2 Multilevel Lighting ControlsA5.209.1.5 Multilevel Occupant Sensor3.3.282.6 Multilevel Play Structure503.2 Multilevel Seating2406.2.1 Multilight Assemblies(C) Multimotor430.25 Multimotor and Combination-Load Equipment(B) Multimotor Equipment(B) Multioutlet Assemblies Used as Pull BoxesArticle 380 Multioutlet Assembly(B) Multipair Communications Cables2406.3.1 Multipane Assemblies2.11.11.7 Multipanel Entrances1910.423(c)(3)(ii) Multiplace; And18.2.3.3* Multiple Access Roads1127A.2.1 Multiple-Accommodation Toilet Facilities403.6.2 Multiple Addresses20.13.1 Multiple Adjustments3109.3.2.2 Multiple Alarms510.2 Multiple Appliance Vent Table 510.2(1) Through Table 510.2(9)803.2 Multiple Appliance Vent Table 803.2(1) Through Table 803.2(9)M1801.11 Multiple-Appliance Venting SystemsG2427.10.3.3 (503.10.3.3) Multiple Appliances605.4 Multiple Arrangements605.3 Multiple Basement StoriesR602.12.3.1 Multiple Bracing Units210.7 Multiple Branch Circuits906.4 Multiple Branch Vents107.2.2 Multiple Building Developments26.2.6 Multiple Buildings510.9 Multiple Buildings Above a Horizontal Assembly509.9 Multiple Buildings Above Group S-2 Parking Garages601.5.1 Multiple Buildings on a Site601.5 Multiple Buildings on a Site and Mixed Use Buildings(3) Multiple Buildings or Structures Supplied by a Feeder(s) or Branch Circuit(s)1904.30 Multiple Business Establishments1910.269(t)(5) Multiple CablesAJ101.3 Multiple Categories of WorkC403.10.2 Multiple-Cell Heat Rejection Equipment[F] 907.2.13.3 Multiple-Channel Voice Evacuation5. Multiple Charging Space Requirements5. Multiple Charging Space Requirements [N]250.144 Multiple Circuit Connections914.1.1 Multiple Circuit-Vented Branches911.2.1 Multiple Circuit Vents(B) Multiple Circuits3206.3.2.1 Multiple Class High-Piled Storage Areas6203.4 Multiple Class StorageC101.10.1 Multiple Collection Reservoirs Required26.6.3.4 Multiple Communications Paths919.3 Multiple Connections510.2.23 Multiple Connector and Vent Sizes3804.4 Multiple Container Installation1926.153(i) Multiple Container Systems69.3.5.3 Multiple Containers Less Than 125 gal (0.5 m3) Individual Water Capacity(A) Multiple Control Points1926.1432 Multiple-Crane/Derrick Lifts--Supplemental Requirements(3) Multiple Cranes or Hoists on a Common Conductor System1926.961(b)(4) Multiple CrewsG2427.10.3.2 (503.10.3.2) Multiple Draft Hood503.10.3.2 Multiple Draft Hoods§309-a Multiple Dwelling; Apartment Prohibitions for Certain Employees§1-01.7 Multiple Dwelling Law3.3.169 Multiple Dwelling Unit52-56 Multiple Dwellings in M1-1D Through M1-5D Districts24.6.2.5 Multiple Emergency Communications Control Units1117A.4 Multiple Entrances4. Multiple EV Spaces Required908.2.3 Multiple-Family or Public UseSection D106 Multiple-Family Residential Developments625.47 Multiple Feeder or Branch Circuits(2) Multiple Feeders to Intermediate Stage Switchboard (Patch Panel)A-901.3 Multiple Fees903.2.1.7 Multiple Fire Areas606.7 Multiple FixturesG301.1.1 Multiple Flood Zones2113.14 Multiple Flues2006.11.7 Multiple Fuel Delivery VehiclesR1007.2 Multiple Fuel-Flue Installations1004.3 Multiple Function Occupant Load2.4-2.1.1 Multiple Functions412.4 Multiple (Gang) Showers2702.1.2.3 Multiple Generators415.8.1 Multiple Hazard6203.3 Multiple Hazard Sign[F] 307.8 Multiple Hazards1910.1052(j)(14) Multiple Health Care Professional Review Mechanism3206.3.2 Multiple High-Piled Storage Areas2.1.1.4 Multiple Hoistways507.1.1.1 Multiple Hoods Utilizing a Single Exhaust SystemG2428.2.6 (504.2.6) Multiple Input Rate Appliances510.1.5 Multiple Input Ratings713.9.1 Multiple Installations(D) Multiple InvertersC402. Multiple Layers and Staggered JointsC303.2.2 Multiple Layers of Continuous Insulation BoardSection N105 Multiple-Level Booths33.2.1.4 Multiple-Level Buildings306.7.16.2 Multiple-Level Buildings and Facilities1926.753(e) Multiple Lift Rigging Procedure6104.4 Multiple LP-Gas Container Installations3109.6.2.3 Multiple Main DrainsE 403.0 Multiple Manufactured Home Site Fuel Distribution and Supply Systems1926.1434(a)(5) Multiple Manufacturers of Equipment Designed for Use on Marine Work SitesP-104.2.2(R) Multiple Master Plumbers1224.18.1.2 Multiple-Modality Devices(B) Multiple Motion Controller(C) Multiple Motor Applications(1) Multiple Motors(2) Multiple Motors on Single Crane or Hoist1004.4 Multiple Occupancies3.3.196.11 Multiple Occupancy§27-242 Multiple Occupancy or Use1029.1.3.1 Multiple-Occupant Load Sign606.4 Multiple Openings2113.11.2.3 Multiple Passageway2.1-3.2.3 Multiple-Patient Examination Room2.3-3.4.3 Multiple-Patient Treatment Room105.1.3 Multiple Permits for the Same Location103.3.2 Multiple Personnel Certifications Held1910.1027(l)(13) Multiple Physician Review1910.1050(m)(6) Multiple Physician Review Mechanism3314.17 Multiple-Point Adjustable Suspended Scaffolds3314.17 Multiple-Point Adjustable Suspension Scaffolds63. Multiple Pressure Relief Devices30.7.3.12 Multiple Pumps1103.1.1 Multiple Purposes(D) Multiple PV Systems43.1.3 Multiple Rehabilitation Work CategoriesA-403.1 Multiple ResponsibilityC404.7.1.2 Multiple Riser Systems3.3.127 Multiple-Row Racks21. Multiple-Row Racks — Rack Depth Over 16 ft (4.9 m) or Aisles More Narrow Than 8 ft (2.4 m) Multiple-Row Racks — Rack Depth Up to and Including 16 ft (4.9 m) With Aisles 8 ft (2.4 m) or Wider21.4.1.3 Multiple-Row Racks — Storage Height Over 12 ft (3.7 m) Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m)4.5.1 Multiple Safeguards4.303.1.3.2 Multiple Showerheads Serving One Shower408.2.2 Multiple Showerheads Serving One Shower [BSC-CG]L 402.6.1 Multiple Showerheads Serving One Shower Compartment408.2.4 Multiple Showerheads Serving One Shower [DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC]1127A.5.3.11 Multiple Showers703.8.3.5 Multiple SignalsG2428.3.20 (504.3.24) Multiple Sizes Permitted801.11 Multiple Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances ProhibitedM1801.12 Multiple Solid Fuel Prohibited2103.2.1 Multiple Solvents(B) Multiple Sources525.11 Multiple Sources of Supply3.3.170 Multiple-Station Alarm3.3.63.2 Multiple-Station Alarm Device11. Multiple-Story Structures551.31 Multiple Supply Source(A) Multiple Supply Sources(B) Multiple Supply Sources Capacity706.6 Multiple Systems905.2.2 Multiple Systems Required30.7.2.5 Multiple Tanks§28-104.7.18 Multiple Tax Lots on a Zoning Lot409.3.1 Multiple-Tenant Buildings1016.2.1 Multiple Tenants3103.2.1 Multiple Tents1926.1435(b)(6) Multiple Tower Crane Jobsites3314.3.1.7 Multiple TradesSection 702 Multiple-Use Fire Assemblies1004.9.1 Multiple UsesAF103.6.2 Multiple Vent Pipes1315.13 Multiple Wall Outlets/Inlets1910.215(d)(6) Multiple Wheel MountingR606.13 Multiple-Wythe Masonry403. Multiple Zone Recirculating Systems404.0 Multiple-Zone Systems6.5.3.3 Multiple-Zone VAV System Ventilation Optimization Control3.3.172 Multiplexing11.1.3 Multiplug Adapters520.67 Multipole Branch-Circuit Cable Connectors(C) Multipole Snap Switches*2.2- Multipurpose Activity Room3. Multipurpose Assembly Occupancy1910.155(c)(32) Multipurpose Dry Chemical2.7-6.3.4 Multipurpose or Consultation Room(s)1225. Multipurpose Room1224. Multipurpose Room(s)(B) Multispeed Motor(1) Multispeed Motors1102A.3.1 Multistory Apartment or Condominium Dwellings in Buildings With No Elevator2212A.2.5 Multistory Assemblies17.4.5.4 Multistory Buildings1104.4 Multistory Buildings and Facilities504.3.16 Multistory Common Vent Offsets504.3.15 Multistory Common Vents504.3.16 Multistory Common Vents Offsets1102A.3.2 Multistory Dwelling Units in Buildings With One or More Elevators1102A.3 Multistory Dwellings504.3.13 Multistory Height Measurement510.2.13 Multistory Installations504.3.14 Multistory Lowest Portion Sizing801.19 Multistory Prohibited11B- Multistory Residential Dwelling Units in Buildings With No Elevator11B- Multistory Residential Dwelling Units in Buildings With One or More ElevatorsR609.5.2 Multistory Shearwalls1107.7.6 Multistory Type A Units1107.7.7 Multistory Type A Units With Provision for Future Elevator1107.7.2 Multistory Type B Units1107.8.3.1 Multistory Unit Standard1108.7.2 Multistory Units1107.7.2 Multistory Units in Occupancy Group R-31107.7.2 Multistory Units Where Type B Units Are Required509.6.3.2 Multistory Venting System507.2.4 Multitenant Applications1209.3.1.2 Multiuser Gender-Neutral Facilities1109.2.4 Multiuser Gender-Neutral Toilet Facility Fixtures210.4 Multiwire Branch Circuits(D) Multiwire Circuits, Not Permitted722.3.3 Multiwythe Masonry Walls[BS] A106.3.2.1 Multiwythe Solid Brick722.2.1.2 Multiwythe Walls722.4.2.1 Multiwythe Walls of Different Material722.4.1.3 Multiwythe Walls With Airspace§ 23-27.3-108.2.4 Municipal Advisory Council on Statewide Permitting14A-1-101.1.2 Municipal Code§ 23-27.3-112.2 Municipal Cooperation105.7.7.1 Municipal Entities3.3.174 Municipal Fire Alarm Box (Street Box)3.3.175 Municipal Fire Alarm System702.7 Municipal Reclaimed Water74-733 Municipal Sewage Disposal Plants74-734 Municipal Sewage Pumping Stations905.2.1.1 Municipal Water Supply103.2.1.2 Municipalities307.1.2.1 Munsell Color Value14-124 Music and Noise Amplification1104.4.3 Musical Risers(d) 603.4.4 Must Be Attended1904.31(b)(4) Must the Personnel Supply Service, Temporary Help Service, Employee Leasing Service, or Contractor Also Record the Injuries or Illnesses Occurring to Temporary, Leased or Contract Employees That I Supervise on a Day-to-Day Basis?41.2.6 Mutual ResponsibilityA5.106.5.3 [N] Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging5. [N] Future Charging Spaces5. [N] Identification1926.1116 N-Nitrosodimethylamine1706.4.2 Nail Plate AttachmentsR609.4.4 Nailer2304.9.3.2 Nailing2304.9.3.2 Nailing and Fastening to Supports2308.9.4.2 Nailing of Bracing17.2.4.5 Nails(1) Nails and Screws2303.6 Nails and Staples3.3.19.4 Naked Cotton Bale106.7.4 Name and Business Address of Licensed Sign Hanger105.7.4 Name and Business Address of Licensed Sign Hauger1910.1026(m)(4)(ii)(A) Name and Social Security Number422.60 Nameplate646.5 Nameplate Data(A) Nameplate Horsepower Markings(A) Nameplate Marking(1) Nameplate-Rated Circuit Current(A) Nameplate Rating(2) Nameplate Values18.3.2 Nameplates22-321 Nameplates or Identification Signs§28- Naming the Building as a Defendant1225. Narcotics18.4.7* Narrow Band Tone Signaling for Exceeding Masked ThresholdsL 411.8 Narrow or Irregularly Shaped Landscape Areas23-841 Narrow Outer CourtsR602.12.6 Narrow Panels5.6.5 Narrow Shear Walls502.9.1.2 Narrow Sidewalks1926.12(b)(40) National Capital Transportation Act of 1965 (40 U.S.C. 682(B)(4))1910.2(g) National Consensus StandardAppendix B National Consensus Standards26.30 National Electrical Code106.2.4 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code105.2.2 National Fire Alarm Code:§7000-01 National Fire Protection Association, Flammable Combustible Code Edition Amendment. [Repealed]Section B01 National Fire Protection Association Referenced StandardsB01.1 National Fire Protection Association Standards1926.12(b)(31) National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 954(K))1926.12(b)(3) National Housing Act (12 U.S.C. 1713, 1715A, 1715E, 1715K, 1715L(D)(3) and (4), 1715V, 1715W, 1715X, 1743, 1747, 1748, 1748H-2, 1750G, 1715L(H)(1), 1715Z(J)(1), 1715Z-1, 1715Y(D), Subchapter 1X-a and 1X-B, 1715Z-7)105.2.6 National Park Service, U.S. Department of the InteriorAppendix A National Research Council Recommendations Concerning Chemical Hygiene in Laboratories (Non-Mandatory)*1.1-4.4 National Standards for the Protection of Patient Health Information*1.1-4.4 National Standards for the Protection of Resident Health Information1926.12(b)(27) National Technical Institute for the Deaf Act (20 U.S.C. 684(B)(5))1926.12(b)(48) National Visitor Center Facilities Act of 1968 (40 U.S.C. 808) Nationally Recognized Good Practices405.3 Native Plant Landscaping453.8.8.1 Natural Access and Control of Schools and CampusesArticle 682 Natural and Artificially Made Bodies of Water1910.184(h) Natural and Synthetic Fiber-Rope Slings105-442 Natural Area Dedicated for Public Use3.3.20.2 Natural Barricade305.6 Natural Barriers1908.9.3 Natural Curing806.1 Natural Cut Trees804.5 Natural Decorative GreensSection 806 Natural Decorative Vegetation in New and Existing BuildingsSection 806 Natural Decorative Vegetationin New and Existing Buildings517.1.1 Natural DraftM1804.2.3 Natural Draft Appliances517.1.4 Natural Draft Ventilation SystemsQ104.3 Natural Drainage411.1.1 Natural Entry105-10 Natural FeaturesSection 110.5 Natural Gas Central Furnaces, Cooking Equipment, and Pool and Spa Heaters: Pilot Lights ProhibitedSection 110.5 Natural Gas Central Furnaces, Cooking Equipment, Pool and Spa Heaters, and Fireplaces: Pilot Lights Prohibited(i) 308.1.4.1 Natural Gas Fired Open-Flame Cooking Devices307.5.5 Natural Gas Piping1215.2.1 Natural Gas Piping Systems14A-3-310.4 Natural Gas Service509.3 Natural Gas Shutoff ToolsA.2.4 Natural Gas Specific Gravity105.6.25 Natural Gasoline Plant5706.3.18 Natural Gasoline Plants and Refineries[BG] 305.1.1 Natural Hazards1204.2 Natural Light453.13.8.1 Natural Light and Ventilation§27-732 Natural Light Requirements§27-733 Natural Light Sources and Location402.1 Natural or Artificial Light403.1 Natural or Mechanical Ventilation806.1.1 Natural or Resin-Bearing Trees1926.251(d) Natural Rope, and Synthetic Fiber406.6.4 Natural Soil305.7 Natural Topography804.1 Natural Trees and Cut Natural Trees804.2 Natural Vegetation1202.5 Natural Ventilation909.20.3 Natural Ventilation AlternativeSection 402 Natural Ventilation [B]§27-749 Natural Ventilation Sources112-132 Naturally or Lawfully Altered Shorelines and Development Rights on PiersR320.3 Naturally Resistant WoodCA105.2.1 Naturally Ventilated Crawlspaces1307.2 Nature of Hazards of Gas and Vacuum Systems[BG] 302.4.1 Nature of the Hazard1910.145(e)(2) Nature of Wording11B-246.8 Nature Trails2.3.16 NBBPVI Publications[NY] 5610.5.2 Near Buildings or Structures6111.2.1 Near Residential, Educational and Institutional Occupancies and Other High-Risk Areas1506.9.4 Near Underground Potable Water Pipe(A) Neat and Workmanlike Manner2.3 Necessity of NICET Certification for Fire Protection and Fire Alarm Systems1910.268(n)(2) Need for Testing Wood Poles430.84 Need Not Open All Conductors1926.452(u) "Needle Beam Scaffolds"[F] 602.2.2 Needs of Fire Fighters1926.1101(f)(2)(iii) Negative Exposure Assessment:1910.1025(d)(5) Negative Initial Determination1926.1101(g)(5)(iii) Negative Pressure Glove Bag Systems1926.1101(g)(5)(iv) Negative Pressure Glove Box Systems:1224. Negative-Pressure Isolation Room With Anteroom2.3.8 NEMA Publications600.31 Neon Secondary-Circuit Wiring, 1000 Volts or Less, Nominal600.32 Neon Secondary-Circuit Wiring, Over 1000 Volts, Nominal(1) Neon Signs600.41 Neon Tubing2.2-2.8 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit2.7-2.8 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)419.0 Neonatal Intensive Care Units3.3.196 Nesting3.3.176 Net-Centric Alerting System (NCAS)5605.4.1.4 Net Explosive Weight of Materials Stored in Combination Indoor and Outdoor Magazines3. Net Floor Area605.2 Net Free Area450.4.1.2 Net Square Footage3.3.128 Net Vertical Force18.5.10 Net Vertical Reaction Forces(5) Net Volt-Amperes3315.2.3 Netting Required3.3.177 Network24.7.4 Network Architecture23.6.3.6 Network Design Analysis(C) Network-Powered Broadband Communication Low-Power Cables830.179 Network-Powered Broadband Communications Equipment and Cables(B) Network-Powered Broadband Communications Medium-Power CablesArticle 830 Network-Powered Broadband Communications Systems1926.961(c)(4) Network Protectors23.6.3.8* Network Risk Analysis for Class N24.7.3 Network Security Compliance(A) Network Terminal840.100 Network Terminal and Cable Grounding(C) Network Terminal Grounding(E) Neutral Conductor1926.404(f)(3)(iii) Neutral Conductor Bonding(B) Neutral Conductor for Instrumentation, Voltage, Detection or Phase Detection(A) Neutral Conductor for Single Phase, 2-Wire Inverter Output(2) Neutral Conductor Used Solely for Instrumentation, Voltage, Detection, or Phase Detection200.4 Neutral Conductors(D) Neutral Point to Grounding Impedance Conductor Routing(B) Neutral Terminal52.2.2.5 Neutralization6.6 Neutralizing and Dilution Tanks803.1 Neutralizing Device Required for Corrosive Wastes5006.10 Neutralizing or Absorbing AgentsP103.2.1 New Additions, Alterations and Change of Occupancy[A] 112.3.1 New, Altered, Extended or Repaired Installations107.2.1 New, Altered, Extended or Repaired System[A] 108.4.1 New, Altered, Extended or Repaired Systems104.2.1 New, Altered, Extended, Renovated or Repaired Systems13.7.2.9 New Ambulatory Health Care Occupancies§ 23-27.3-111.0 New and Altered Building and Structure — Inspections218.2 New and Altered Fixed Guideway Stations§4601-01 New and Amended Fees401.3.6.1 New and Existing Buildings and Occupancies1.3.1* New and Existing Buildings and Structures3417A. New and Existing Conforming Hospital Buildings13.3.2.28 New and Existing Day Care13.2.2.4 New and Existing Detention and Correctional Facilities1910.181(b)(2) New and Existing Equipment13.7.2.27 New and Existing Industrial Occupancies13.7.2.14 New and Existing Lodging or Rooming Houses13.7.2.13 New and Existing One- And Two-Family Dwellings13.7.2.28 New and Existing Storage Occupancies3401.4.2 New and Replacement Materials3401A.4.2 New and Replacement Materials and Equipment1101.4.2 New and Replacement Materials, Assemblies, Configurations and Systems13.7.2.17 New Apartment Buildings114. New Application(a) 5619.4.1 New Applications13.3.2.6 New Assembly OccupanciesR314.2.3 New Attached Garages14A-4-404.2.3 New Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels[BS] A107.4 New BoltsG2417.1.3 (406.1.3) New BranchesA-905.3.1 New Building Construction and Additions3406.1.1 New Buildings1225.2.1.1 New Buildings, Additions, Alterations and RemodelsB104.1 New Buildings and Additions304.3.1.1 New Buildings and FacilitiesG105.3 New Buildings and Substantial ImprovementsG107.3 New Buildings, Horizontal Enlargements and Substantial Improvements5.303.1.1 New Buildings or Additions in Excess of 50,000 Square Feet§28-118.2 New Buildings or Open Lots1705.30.1.1 New Buildings Under Construction74-631 New Bus Stations With 10 or More Berths74-632 New Bus Stations With Fewer Than 10 Berths13.7.2.25 New Business Occupancies§28-117.1.2 New Certificate Required[BS] A304.2.4 New Concrete Foundations§36.401 New Construction1.11.3.3 New Construction High-Rise BuildingsSection 118 New Construction Plan Review and Inspection14A-1-105.2 New Construction (Title 14B)E 503.1.3.1 New Cooling Systems[BS] A111.3.4 New Crosswalls13. New Day-Care Homes13.7.2.5 New Day-Care Occupancies13.3.2.12 New Detention and Correctional Facilities13.7.2.11 New Detention and Correctional Occupancies13.3.2.8 New Educational Occupancies1910.120(p)(7)(i) New Employees453.25.1 New Facilities450.4.1.1 New Facility457. New Facility Construction3406.1.3 New Fire Escapes8-502.6 New Fire Escapes and Fire Escape Ladders42. New Fire Extinguishers1910.28(b)(9)(i)(B) New Fixed Ladders1705.25.4.1 New Foundations[NY] 502.7.1 New Fuel-Burning Appliance or Motor Vehicle Related Occupancy13.3.2.10 New Health Care OccupanciesSection 4705 New High-Rise13. New High-Rise Buildings[BS] A304.2.5 New Hollow-Unit Masonry Foundations2006.19.4 New Hose3416A. New Hospital Buildings, Additions, Alterations, and Remodels of Conforming (SPC-3, -4, -4D, or -5) Hospital Buildings13.3.2.14 New Hotels and Dormitories4.106.4.3 New Hotels and Motels13.3.2.29 New Industrial Occupancies(A) New Installations20. New Interior Finish20.6.3.3 New Interior Floor Finish20.3.3.2 New Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish13.7.2.20 New, Large (More Than 16 Residents) Residential Board and Care Occupancies14A-3-305.4 New Licenses Prohibited5506.1 New LNG Installations and Facilities1706.2 New Materials§ 23-27.3-108.1.3 New Materials and Methods of ConstructionSection P-302 New Materials, Fixtures and MethodsC503.4.1 New Mechanical Systems13.3.2.22 New Mercantile OccupanciesA-902.4.2 New Methods and/or Materials of Construction3104F.3 New MOTsA4.106.8.2 New Multifamily Development Projects and Hotels and Motels4.106.4.2 New Multifamily Dwellings4.106.4.2 New Multifamily Dwellings, Hotels and Motels and New Residential Parking Facilities4.106.4.1 New One- And Two-Family Dwellings and Town-Houses With Attached Private GaragesA4.106.8.1 New One- And Two-Family Dwellings and Townhouses With Attached Private Garages903.5.2 New OpeningsC503.6.3 New or Moved Lighting Panel1910.1029(f)(1)(ii) New or Rehabilitated Coke Oven Batteries[NY] 503.15.1 New or Relocated Fuel-Burning Appliance(1) New Outdoor Installation Clearances33.2.1 New Outside Tire Storage Sites and Piles[BS] A304.2.1 New Perimeter Foundations102.2.2 New Permits and Certificates903.2.19.1 New Public School Campus1102.2.2.1 New Refrigerants453.27 New Relocatable Buildings13.3.2.20 New Residential Board and Care Occupancies111.1.1 New Residential BuildingsR104.4 New Residents220.88 New Restaurants106.6.3.1 New Schedule[BS] A111.6.4 New Seismic Force-Resisting Elements1926.1419(d) New Signals[BS] A304.2.6 New Sill Plates13.7.2.19 New, Small (Not More Than 16 Residents) Residential Board and Care Occupancies26.35.1.3 New Solvent Extraction (SX) Facilities903.2.14.2 New Sound Stages13.3.2.26* New Storage Occupancies124-312 New Streets[BS] 807.2 New Structural ElementsJ404.3.1 New Structural Frame MembersJ605.4 New Structural Members[BS] 302.4.1 New Structural Members and Connections319.3.4 New Structures24.13.1 New Systems1.7 New Technology1910.120(p)(5) New Technology Program1910.120(o) New Technology Programs14A-4-404.11.1.2 New Types of Mechanical Amusement Riding Devices903.5.1 New Vent Terminals[BS] A107.4 New Wall AnchorsA102.2 New York City Amendments§28-1001.2.1 New York City Amendments to 19 NYCRR Part 1240§28-1001.2.2 New York City Amendments to Commercial and Residential Chapters of the New York State Energy Code§28-1001.2 New York City Amendments to the New York State Energy Code§28-1001.3.2 New York City Energy Advisory Committee§28-401.18 New York City Location Required1226.11.1.8 Newborn Care Area449.3.2 Newborn Intensive Care Units1224.29.2 Newborn Intensive Care Units (NICU)2.2- Newborn Nursery1224.32.5 Newborn/Well Baby Nurseries[NY] D104.1 Newly Constructed Buildings501.4.1 Newly-Constructed Buildings and StructuresAJ501.1 Newly Constructed Elements5.304.6.1 Newly Constructed LandscapesC503.6.4 Newly-Created Rooms801.1.1 Newly Installed Interior Finish803.5.2 Newly Introduced Textile Wall and Ceiling Coverings§1-05.8 Newspaper Notice73-27 Newspaper Publishing125-22 Newtown Creek Subdistrict125-46 Newtown Creek Waterfront Access Plan105.2.5 NFPA903. NFPA 13 Modifications[F] 903.3.1.1 NFPA 13 Sprinkler Systems2.28 NFPA 13D Multipurpose Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems[F] 903.3.1.3 NFPA 13D Sprinkler Systems[F] 903.3.1.2 NFPA 13R Sprinkler Systems9.11.4.2* NFPA 4 Testing26. NFPA 70, National Electrical Code60. NFPA 704 Placard3.2 NFPA Official Definitions2.2* NFPA PublicationsSection 6101 NFPA Standard No. 58 Incorporated[F] 907.10 NICET: National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies and ESA/NTS: Electronic Security Association/National Training School460.9.2 Niche Front460.9 Niches1206.2.12.2 Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Storage Batteries3.3.24.3 Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) Battery2.2-2.8.2 NICU Rooms and Areas403.2.2.1 Night Clubs903.2.1.8 Nightclub802.3 Nightclubs37-623 Nighttime Closings5707.6.5 Nighttime Deliveries3115B.2 Nighttime Use93-522 Ninth Avenue Rail Yard1910.262(h)(1)(v) Nip Guards1910.211(f)(7) Nip-Point Belt and Pulley Guard1910.261(k)(18) Nip Points26.7 Nitrate Film2908.1 Nitrocellulose Quantity[F] 418.5 Nitrocellulose Storage8.2.6.8 Nitrogen or Other Approved Gas1321.10 Nitrogen Purge8. Nitrogen Supply5007.6.2 Nitroglycerine1910.105 Nitrous Oxide(a) 5706.9.1 No. 1-K Kerosene(b) 5706.9.2 No. 2-K KeroseneA5.504.4.5.1 No-Added FormaldehydeA5.504.4.5.1 No Added Formaldehyde Tier 1719.2 No Additional Cleanouts1910.1053(h)(2)(ii) No Alternative Method Is Feasible133-70 No-Build Volume(E) No Connection on the Load Side3110B.5 No Diving Markers3120B.3 No Diving Sign409.3 No Diving Symbol705.2.1.1 No Diving Warning1926.1425(e)(1)(D) No Energized Parts§28-406.4 No Examination Required7.10.8.3* No Exit1025.2.9 "No Exit" Sign320.9.2.2 No Fire Control Room320.9.1.2 No Fire Control Room/Fire Command Center703.3 No GapsP-602.1.2 No-Hub308.5.1 No-Hub Type Cast Iron Soil Pipe, Fittings, and Couplings1926.962(b)(3) No Induced Voltage3120B.4 No Lifeguard Sign1926.905(s)A5.104.1.2 No Local Zoning Requirement in Place1926.1431(o)(3)(vii)506.5.1 No More Than One Story Above Grade Plane(D) No-Niche LuminairesA5.104.1.3 No Open Space Required in Zoning Ordinance(D) No Other Equipment(2) No Other Outlets1926.962(b)(2) No Possibility of Contact(A) No Reduction in Current RatingP3005.1.6 No Reduction in Size in the Direction of Flow4704.5.4 No Refusal§28-411.3 No Required Expiration, Renewal or Reissuance7.2.3.4 "No Riders" Signs4.3.5 No Shear Failures45.3 No Smoking63. No Smoking or Open Flame6306.6.1 No Smoking Sign60. No Smoking Signs1926.961(b)(2) No System Operator3202.1.1.3 No Usable Floor Area3120B.9 No Use After Dark27.4.5.5 Node Analysis*3114.9 Noise1.2-7.1.2 Noise and Vibration109-37 Noise Attenuation1224.4.19 Noise ControlSection 313 Noise Control and Vibration Isolation Requirements926.1.2 Noise Control CodeArticle 9 Noise Control in Multiple Dwellings§27-770 Noise Control of Mechanical EquipmentSection 928 Noise Control Requirements18.4.7.3 Noise DataAppendix A Noise Exposure Computation5.507.4.1.1 Noise Exposure Where Noise Contours Are Not Readily Available313.2 Noise From Exterior Mechanical Equipment1224.19.2 Pharmacy Areas2202.2 Nomenclature1.2-2.1.3 Nomenclature in the Functional ProgramPart IV Nominal 120-Volt or 120/240-Volt Systems2308.2.1 Nominal Design Wind Speed Greater Than 100 mph (3-Second Gust)16.4.4 Nominal Horizontal Shear Strength(B) Nominal Insulation Thickness22.9.4 Nominal Shear Strength2301.2 Nominal SizesR703.3 Nominal Thickness and Attachments1910.268(s)(30) Nominal Voltage430.18 Nominal Voltage of Rectifier Systems1806.2.1 Nominally Unsatisfactory Bearing Material24.* Non-Access Side Diagonal Grab Bars24.2.8.3 Non-Access Side Grab Bar or Horizontal Stanchion24. Non-Access Side Horizontal Grab Bars24. Non-Access Side Horizontal Stanchions89.101.6 Non-Building Standards, Orders and Regulations609.2.2 Non-Circular Cross Section505.7.2 Non-Circular Cross Sections807.1 Non-Classed Apparatus(e) 603.4.5 Non-Combustible Mat Required73-123 Non-Commercial Clubs§27-508.4 Non-Complaint Advertisements to Be Removed§28-215.8 Non-Compliance With Orders; Execution of Work by DepartmentChapter 4 Non-Complying Buildings52-83 Non-Conforming Advertising Signs14A-3-301.1.2 Non-Conforming Battery-Powered Smoke Alarms52-36 Non-Conforming Commercial Uses in Commercial Districts52-37 Non-Conforming Commercial Uses in Manufacturing Districts14A-3-301.1.1 Non-Conforming Materials, Equipment, and Appliances52-45 Non-Conforming Residential Uses in M1 Districts52-73 Non-Conforming Signs52-734 Non-Conforming Signs for Adult Establishments52-82 Non-Conforming Signs Other Than Advertising SignsChapter 2 Non-Conforming Uses93-17 Non-Conforming Uses in Large-Scale Plan Subdistrict A(C) Non—Current-Carrying Metal Parts(A) Non—Current-Carrying Metallic Members of Optical Fiber Cables909.20.5 Non-Dedicated Smoke Control Systems1206.7.2 Non-Dedicated-Use Buildings11B- Non-Elevator Buildings6.1.3.14 Non-Escalator-Related Equipment§28-204.6.10 Non-Exclusive Remedy1208.6.12.3 Non-Ferrous Flanges416.6.2 Non-Fire Emergencies401.7.7 Non-Fire Emergency Education(2) Non—Fire-Rated Assemblies716.6.3 Non-Fire-Resistance-Rated Assemblies4906.4.2.1 Non-Fire-Resistant Vegetation2.1.1.2 Non-Fire-Resistive Construction3419A.2 Non-GAC Buildings310A.4 Non-General Acute Care Building (Non-GAC Building) Access312.1.3 Non-General Acute Care Building (Non-GACH SPC Building) Access312.1.1 Non-General Acute Care Hospital (Non-GACH) SPC Buildings1103.2.10 Non-Grade Single-Occupant Structures(2) Non—Grounding-Type Receptacles32-642 Non-Illuminated Signs24.9.1 Non-Interference13.9 Non-Listed Fire Protection or Suppression Devices and EquipmentAppendix F Non-Mandatory Appendix F -- Rescue Team or Rescue Service Evaluation Criteria(ii) 3301.8.1.2 Non-Mass-Detonating Explosives (Excluding Division 1.4)5604.1.1.2 Non-Mass Explosion Hazard Explosives, Except Division 1.41208.6.13.3 Non-Metallic Flange Gaskets6.2.3.17 Non-Moving-Walk-Related Equipment3.12 Non-Occupiable Spaces2106.1.1 Non-Participating Masonry Walls3.3.192 Non-Patient-Care Suite (Health Care Occupancies) Non-Patient-Care Suite (Heath Care Occupancies) Non-Patient-Care Suites1926.1436(b)(3)(ii) Non-Permanent Installations406.7.5.2 Non-Porous SurfacesP-802.2 Non-Potable Water10.21 Non-Potable Water Piping*2.1- Non-Potable Water Supply Systems(B) Non—Power-Limited Control CircuitsPart II Non-Power-Limited Fire Alarm (NPLFA) CircuitsSection 419 Non-Production Chemical Laboratories§2706-01 Non-Production Laboratories§113-09 Non-Production Laboratory Certificates of Fitness74-70 Non-Profit Hospital Staff DwellingsA-401.2.1 Non-Public Spaces5601.5.4 Non-Pyrotechnic Special Effects5601.5.4.2 Non-Pyrotechnic Special Effects Personnel914.0 Non-Recirculating Direct Gas-Fired Industrial Air Heaters2.1-5.7.3 Non-Refrigerated Body-Holding Room102.9 Non-Required WorkP-801.2.1 Non-Residential103.3.1 Non-Residential Building Department Personnel Certification Classifications103.3.5.10 Non-Residential Industrialized Unit Inspector802.10.1.3 Non-Residential Low-Heat Appliances143-14 Non-Residential Retention for Qualifying BuildingsE 502.2.1 Non-Residential Type Systems and EquipmentSection 92.0139 Non-Responsibility of City802.7.4.2 Non-Round Metal Pipe406.2.2 Non-Sequential or Non-Standard Floor NumberingP104.1.2.1 Non-Specific5608.4.1 Non-Splitting, Non-Bursting Comets and Mines1926.1419(c)(2) Non-Standard Hand Signals1.1.3.1 Non-State-Regulated Buildings, Structures, and Applications1224. Non-Sterile Compounding Areas1604.8.4 Non-Structural Walls and PartitionsSection A-803 Non-Technical Appeals310.7 Non-Tobacco Hookah Establishments(1) Non-Type IC(B) Non-Utility-Owned Premises Transformers7.5.6 Non-Water Urinals435.3.4 Nonambulatory Elderly Clients5701.2 Nonapplicability69.3.2 Nonapplication6105.1 Nonapproved Equipment(A) Nonautomatically StartedSection AR103 Nonbearing Light Straw-Clay Construction3.3.14.8 Nonbearing WallR602.7.4 Nonbearing Walls2308.9.2.3 Nonbearing Walls and Partitions408.1.2.1 Nonbearing Walls and Partitions Interior1.1.6 Nonbuilding Standards, Orders and Regulations1622.1 Nonbuilding Structures3107F.5 Nonbuilding Structures and Building StructuresSection 1622 Nonbuilding Structures Seismic Design Requirements507.4.2 Noncanopy Size and Location508.5.2 Noncanopy-Type Hoods105.1.3 Noncertified Building Official104.4.3 Noncertified Code Official105.2.1 Noncertified Fire Official609.2.2 Noncircular Cross Section505.7.2 Noncircular Cross Sections2.20.4.3 Noncircular Elastomeric-Coated Steel Suspension Members[BF] 1505.5 Nonclassified Roofing220.60 Noncoincident Loads703.3 Noncombustibility Tests11.12.3.2* Noncombustible Base507.14 Noncombustible Carports[F] 414.6.1.3 Noncombustible Construction[BG] 1511.5.1 Noncombustible Construction Required102.4.2.4 Noncombustible Fill for Cooling Towers5004.12 Noncombustible Floor5004.12 Noncombustible Floors719.3 Noncombustible Furring4.6.13* Noncombustible Material703.3.1 Noncombustible Materials4.10 Noncombustible Materials and Limited-Combustible Materials3102.6.1 Noncombustible Membrane1910.109(g)(5)(i)(b)(1) Noncombustible or Fire Resistive714.6.1 Noncombustible Penetrating Items1405.0 Noncombustible Piping Installations607.8 Noncombustible Receptacle9.2.12 Noncombustible StairwaysE3906.6 Noncombustible Surfaces453.8.3.1 Noncombustible Type I, II or IV9.2.11 Noncombustible Vertical Shafts1910.252(a)(2)(x) Noncombustible Walls§23-01 Noncommercial Greenhouses Accessory to Residential Uses as a Permitted Obstruction in Required Rear Yards or Rear Yard Equivalents1104.4.1 Noncommunicating Spaces105.9.5 Noncompliance Charge104.12.1.1 Noncompliance FeeA5.504.2.1.3 Noncomplying Building Areas43.5.1.2 Noncomplying Undercoating Operations2210.1.1.1 Noncomposite Steel Floor Decks(I) Nonconcealed Spaces1207.2.2 Noncondensing Boilers(B) Nonconductive Cables in Raceway1926.964(c)(18) Nonconductive Measuring Device(2) Nonconductive Optical Fiber Cables With Electric Light or Power Conductors1910.306(h)(7)(ii)(B) Nonconductive Rope Operator4.2.5.1 Building Systems Verification and Testing Requirements105.1.1 Nonconformance Approval301A.3.2 Nonconforming Buildings2. Nonconforming Buildings With Construction Documents2. Nonconforming Buildings Without Construction Documents1.4-3.5 Nonconforming ConditionsJ102.3 Nonconforming Features401.3.1 Nonconforming Site ConditionsAJ501.2 Nonconformities1104.2.2 Nonconnecting Spaces1807.3.2.1 Nonconstrained320.7.3 Noncontaminated Area3.3.179 Noncontiguous Property3.3.133.2 Noncontinuous ObstructionG2413.5 (402.5) Noncorrugated Stainless Steel Tubing3.3.86.2 Noncritical Deficiency3.3.278.12 Nondedicated Smoke-Control System909.22.5 Nondedicated Smoke Control Systems1207.7.2 Nondedicated-Use Buildings1011.5 Nondestructive Examination927.2 Nonducted Heat Recovery Ventilators1926.914(s) "Nonelectric Delay Blasting Cap"5607.7 Nonelectric Detonator Precautions620.83 Nonelectric Elevators250.116 Nonelectrical Equipment405.2 Nonentry Areas1027.8 Nonexit Door Identification1032.5 Nonexit Identification403.11.3 Nonferrous(3) Nonferrous Wiring Methods722. Nonfire-Exposed Side714.6 Nonfire-Resistance-Rated Assemblies1406.11.3.2 Nonfire-Resistance-Rated Exterior Walls711.3 Nonfire-Resistance-Rated Floor and Roof Assemblies717.6.3 Nonfire-Resistance-Rated Floor Assemblies712.1.17 Nonfire-Resistance-Rated Joints508.2.5.2 Nonfire-Resistance-Rated Separation and Protection1108.2.6 Nonfixed Seating450.24 Nonflammable Fluid-Insulated Transformers3.3.146.10 Nonflammable Gas1202.1 Nonflammable Medical and Nonmedical Gases[F] 1202.1 Nonflammable Medical Gases[F] 414.2.5.1 Nonflammable Solids and Nonflammable and Noncombustible Liquids1107.9.1 Nongas Tight Enclosures703.2.10.1 Nonglare Finish1103.2.10 Nongrade Single-Occupant Structures(C) Nongrounding Receptacle Replacement or Branch Circuit Extensions406.1.3 Nongrounding-Type Receptacles1224.19.3.2 Nonhazardous Sterile Preparation Area(A) Nonheating Interconnections424.97 Nonheating LeadsSection 8-704 Nonhistorical Additions and Nonhistorical Alterations(F) Nonincendive Circuit(H) Nonincendive Component(G) Nonincendive Equipment(3) Nonincendive Field Wiring(1) Noninductive Loads46.2 Nonindustrial Additive Manufacturing902.1 Nonindustrial Appliance1104.3.2 Nonindustrial Occupancies406.8 Noninterchangeability(B) Noninterchangeable(B) Noninterchangeable — 0-6000-Ampere Cartridge Fuseholders(F) Noninterchangeable Types1910.97 Nonionizing Radiation3104F.2.3.4 Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis3104F.2.3.1 Nonlinear Static Capacity Procedure (Push-Over)3104F.2.3.1 Nonlinear Static Capacity Procedure (Pushover)3104F.2.3.2 Nonlinear Static Demand Procedure3. Nonliquefied Compressed GasesSection P2725 Nonliquid Saturated Treatment Systems510.3.5 Nonlisted Ductwork8-806.4 Nonload-Bearing Adobe722. Nonload-Bearing ProtectionR611.7.3.5 Nonload-Bearing Walls2308.5.4 Nonload-Bearing Walls and PartitionsAppendix B Nonmandatory Guidelines for Certification/Validation of Safety Systems for Presence Sensing Device Initiation of Mechanical Power PressesAppendix D Nonmandatory Medical Disease QuestionnaireAppendix F Nonmandatory Protocol for Biological MonitoringAppendix D Nonmandatory Supplementary Information5601.8.1.2 Nonmass-Detonating Explosives (Excluding Division 1.4)Section 1203 Nonmedical Oxygen Systems(B) Nonmetallic Auxiliary Gutters(J) Nonmetallic Box Without Cable Clamps314.3 Nonmetallic Boxes(C) Nonmetallic Boxes and Conduit Bodies(C) Nonmetallic Cabinets(B) Nonmetallic Cable Protection(F) Nonmetallic Cable Tray(6) Nonmetallic Conduit(B) Nonmetallic Conduit or Tubing and Insulating Bushings19.2.1.2 Nonmetallic Containers603.5 Nonmetallic Ducts(C) Nonmetallic EquipmentArticle 382 Nonmetallic Extensions16.8.2 Nonmetallic Fittings403.12.2 Nonmetallic Gaskets(A) Nonmetallic or Metal Covers and Plates6.3.7* Nonmetallic Pipe16.3.9 Nonmetallic Pipe and TubingP2904.3.1.1 Nonmetallic Pipe Protection66.27.4.6 Nonmetallic Piping66.* Nonmetallic Portable Tank(1) Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable(2) Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable and Electrical Nonmetallic TubingE3905.3.1 Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable and Nonmetallic BoxesE3905.3.1 Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable Entering BoxesE3908.9.3 Nonmetallic Sheathed Cable (Type NM)Article 334 Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable: Types NM and NMCArticle 334 Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable: Types NM, NMC, and NMS(B) Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cables and Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing Through Metal Framing Members607.3 Nonmetallic Storage Tanks319.8.2 Nonmetallic Tanks(B) Nonmetallic Underground ConduitArticle 354 Nonmetallic Underground Conduit With Conductors: Type NUCCArticle 378 Nonmetallic Wireways(B) Nonmetallic Wireways Used as Pull Boxes(C) Nonmetallic Wiring6.2.3.17 Nonmoving-Walk Related Equipment5706.3.16.1 Nonoperating Oil Wells514.1.5 Nonoperational3107F.2.8.2 Nonordinary Batter PilesR303.10.1 Nonowner Occupied Required Heating1910.181(c)(2) Nonpermanent Installations41.3.4* Nonpermissible Areas406.9.4.2 Nonporous Surfaces802.1.5 Nonpotable Clear-Water WasteP2901.1.1 Nonpotable Fixtures and Outlets1602.0 Nonpotable Rainwater Catchment SystemsSection 1303 Nonpotable Rainwater Collection and Conveyance SystemsSection P2912 Nonpotable Rainwater Collection and Distribution Systems[P] 1203.3.2 Nonpotable Water707.3 Nonpotable Water Connections603.5.11 Nonpotable Water PipingSection 706 Nonpotable Water Requirements[P] 505.5 Nonpotable Water Reuse SystemsP2910.9 Nonpotable Water Storage TanksP2910.6 Nonpotable Water System ConnectionsSection P2910 Nonpotable Water SystemsA5.303.2.3.4 Nonpotable Water Systems for Indoor Use20.2 Nonprestressed Bars and Wires20.5.2 Nonprestressed Coated Reinforcement24.2.4.1 Nonprestressed Members9.8 Nonprestressed One-Way Joist Systems24.4.3 Nonprestressed Reinforcement8.8 Nonprestressed Two-Way Joist SystemsSection 427 Nonproduction Chemical LaboratoriesPart III Nonprofessional Projectors105.7.7.2 Nonprofit1029.11.2 Nonpublic Areas1004.10.2.3 Nonpublic Meeting and Training Rooms510.6.3 Nonpublic Safety System(B) Nonrated Construction13. Nonrechargeable Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher13. Nonrechargeable Halon Agent Fire ExtinguisherSection 611 (IFGC) Nonrecirculating Direct-Fired Industrial Air Heaters52. Nonrecombinant Batteries608.5.1 Nonrecombinant Battery Neutralization(C) Nonremovable602.1.2.3 Nonrenewable Energy3.3.180* Nonrequired13.7.1.6* Nonrequired Coverage103.3 Nonrequired Equipment901.4.2 Nonrequired Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems901.4.2 Nonrequired Fire Protection Systems510.1.2 Nonrequired Systems24.3.4* Nonrequired (Voluntary) Emergency Communications Systems23.3.2* Nonrequired (Voluntary) Systems and ComponentsG304.1.2 Nonresidential301.3 Nonresidential Additions and Alterations301.3.1 Nonresidential Additions and Alterations That Cause Updates to Plumbing Fixtures OnlySection 120.8 Nonresidential Building Commissioning101.6 Nonresidential Farm Structures2308.9.2 Nonresidential Fueling Appliance Facilities413.5 Nonresidential Fueling Appliance Installation413.2.4 Nonresidential Fueling Appliances5.303.3.4.1 Nonresidential Lavatory FaucetsA5.209.7 Nonresidential Lighting Control Acceptance10-103.1 Nonresidential Lighting Controls Acceptance Test Training and Certification509.10.1.3 Nonresidential Low-Heat Appliances10-103.2 Nonresidential Mechanical Acceptance Test Training and CertificationE 502.2.1 Nonresidential Type Systems and Equipment6.1.7.2* Nonresidential UsesAppendix A5 Nonresidential Voluntary Measures103.4.2 Nonresponsibility of City13. Nonrestorable (General)3.3.181 Nonrestorable Initiating Device2304.3 Nonretail, Fleet, and Unattended Self-Service Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities1910.181(g)(4) Nonrotating Ropes5104.3.1 Nonsegregated Storage508.3 Nonseparated Occupancies102.14.2 Nonseparated Uses(B) Nonseparately Derived System1910.265(c)(3)(iv) Nonslip Floors5604.6.4 Nonsparking Materials5604.7.5.2 Nonsparking Tools5608.4.1 Nonsplitting, Nonbursting Comets, and Mines[F] 910.3.2.3 Nonsprinklered Buildings22.4.4 Nonsprinklered Existing Building Renovations18.4.4 Nonsprinklered Existing Smoke Compartment RehabilitationSection 3805 Nonsprinklered Laboratories507.2 Nonsprinklered, One Story507.3 Nonsprinklered, One-Story Buildings11. Nonsprinklered Towers63.4.2.2 Nonstandard Containers1323.14.1 Nonstandard Operating Pressures1315.14 Nonstandard Operation Pressures1.1.3.1 Nonstate-Regulated Buildings, Structures and Applications302.3 Nonstructural2003.8.3 Nonstructural Aluminum Decking and SidingSection 8-803 Nonstructural Archaic MaterialsC101.2.3 Nonstructural Cold-Formed Steel Wall Framing319.9 Nonstructural Component Requirements1705.14.2 Nonstructural Components3104F.5.4 Nonstructural Components and Nonbuilding Structures Permanently Attached to MOT Structures3104F.5.5 Nonstructural Components and Nonbuilding Structures Permanently Attached to the Ground3104F.5 Nonstructural Components, Nonbuilding Structures and Building Structures1904.2 Nonstructural ConcreteG308.7 Nonstructural Concrete Slabs in Coastal High-Hazard Areas and Coastal A-Zones3104F.6 Nonstructural Critical Systems Assessment11.01 Nonstructural Evaluation Procedure1.3.4 Nonstructural Evaluation Report8-706.5 Nonstructural Features[BS] A113.8 Nonstructural Masonry Walls2211.2 Nonstructural Members11.1 Nonstructural Performance Categories606.1.1 Nonstructural Repair2222.5 Nonstructural Sheets304.2.1.2 Nonstructural Systems10.1 Nonstructural Walls29.10.8.2 Nonsupervised Wireless Interconnected AlarmsC402.4.5.2 Nonswinging Doors722. Nonsymmetrical Assemblies716.3.1.2 Nonsymmetrical Glazing Systems703.2.1.1 Nonsymmetrical Wall Construction240.82 Nontamperable6. Nontransient Dwelling Units1011.5.4.1 Nonuniform Height RisersA5.303.4.1 Nonwater Supplied Urinals702.5 Nonwater Urinal Connection412.1.1 Nonwater UrinalsA4.303.4 Nonwater Urinals and Waterless Toilets412.1.2 Nonwater Urinals With Drain Cleansing Action715.5.5 Nonwired Glass1910.268(m)(2) Nonworking Open Wire5704. Normal and Emergency Venting8. Normal and Final Terminal Stopping Devices3.3.61.2 Normal Condition10.8.2.4 Normal Condition Detection14X-5-505.6.1 Normal Illumination13.4.2.4 Normal Lighting[BG] 402.3.1 Normal Maintenance1106.3 Normal Operation27.2.2.3 Normal Pressure Formula3.3.197* Normal Temperature and Pressure (NTP)2.25.2 Normal Terminal Stopping Devices1305.7 Normal Vent Piping66. Normal Venting1910.106(b)(2)(iv) Normal Venting for Aboveground Tanks66.21.4.3 Normal Venting for Storage Tank66.21.4.3 Normal Venting for Storage Tanks66.23.6 Normal Venting for Underground Storage Tanks607.5.1 Normal Vents3.17.3.4 Normally Retracted Position3.3.22.6* Normally Unoccupied Building Service Equipment Support Area7.14 Normally Unoccupied Building Service Equipment Support Areas4.1.7 Normative Appendices101.3.2.2 North Carolina Accessibility Provisions101.3.2.1 North Carolina Building CodeSection 203 North Carolina Department of Insurance104.1 North Carolina Department of Insurance, Engineering Division101.3.2.5 North Carolina Electrical Code101.3.2.8 North Carolina Energy Conservation Code101.3.2.9 North Carolina Existing Buildings Code101.3.2.6 North Carolina Fire Prevention Code101.3.2.7 North Carolina Fuel Gas Code101.3.2.4 North Carolina Mechanical Code101.3.2.3 North Carolina Plumbing Code101.3.2.10 North Carolina Rehabilitation Code101.3.2.10 North Carolina Residential Code1123A.4 Nosing1030.14.2.4 Nosing and Profile1011.5.5 Nosing and Riser Profile1011.5.5.1 Nosing Projection Size1011.5.5.2 Nosing Projection Uniformity504.5 Nosings(B) Not Accessible by Stairway or Permanent Ladder503.1.1 Not Adopted[A] 103.2 (Not Adopted.) Appointment5608.3 (Not Adopted.) Approved Fireworks Displays5608.4 (Not Adopted.) Clearance[A] 103.1 (Not Adopted.) Creation of Agency[A] 103.3 (Not Adopted.) Deputies5608.10 (Not Adopted.) Disposal5601.2.4 (Not Adopted.) Financial Responsibility5601.2.4.2 (Not Adopted.) Fireworks Display5608.8 (Not Adopted.) Fireworks Display Supervision5608.1 (Not Adopted.) General5608.7 (Not Adopted.) Handling5608.5.3 (Not Adopted.) Inspection5608.6 (Not Adopted.) Installation of Mortars5608.2.1 (Not Adopted.) Outdoor Fireworks Displays5608.2 (Not Adopted.) Permit Application5601.2.3 (Not Adopted.) Permit Restrictions5608.9 (Not Adopted.) Post-Fireworks Display Inspection[A] 112.3.3 (Not Adopted.) Prosecution of Violations5608.5.5 (Not Adopted.) Ready Boxes5601.2.1 (Not Adopted.) Residential Uses[A] 104.7 (Not Adopted. See ORS 30.265) Liability[A] 104.7.1 (Not Adopted. See ORS 30.285 and ORS 30.287.) Legal Defense103.4.1 (Not Adopted. See ORS 30.285 or ORS 30.287.) Legal Defense5608.5.4 (Not Adopted.) Sorting and Separation5608.5 (Not Adopted.) Storage of Fireworks at Display Site5608.5.1 (Not Adopted.) Supervision and Weather Protection5608.2.2 (Not Adopted.) Use of Pyrotechnics Before a Proximate Audience[A] 112.4 (Not Adopted.) Violation Penalties5608.5.2 (Not Adopted.) Weather Protection610.7.3 Not an Entry or Exit(2) Not Containing Liquid That Will Burn(B) Not Covered1209.4 Not Embedded Related Piping(C) Not Exposed to Physical Damage(2) Not Factory-Wired(1) Not Fastened in Place(C) Not Functioning(A) Not Grounded5604.12.7.6 Not in Constant Attendance*1.4-1.3.2 Not-in-Contract (NIC) Equipment427.15 Not in Direct Contact(B) Not in Grounded Conductor3323.3.1 Not in Use(D) Not in Vicinity of Easily Ignitible Material(1) Not Less Than 450 mm (18 In.) Above Floor918.3.1 Not Listed for Mounting on Combustible Floors(E) Not Located in Bathrooms(F) Not Located Over Steps(A) Not on Switchgear or Switchboards(A) Not Over 1 Horsepower(A) Not Over 1121/2 kVA(B) Not Over 1650 cm3 (100 in.3)(2) Not Permanently Installed(B) Not Permitted319.0 [Not Permitted for OSHPD 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5] Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems319.0 [Not Permitted for OSHPD 1, 2, 3 & 4] Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems(B) Not Permitted for Use as Grounding Electrodes4702.4.1 Not Regulated by Title 19, CCR1926.1423(b)(2)(ii)(A)(3) Not Required to Be Explosionproof or Flameproof(B) Not Smaller Than the Largest Conductor(A) Not Smaller Than the Neutral Conductor904.7.2 Not Supplied With the Furnace1926.1431(e)(8)(i) Not Swing Outward13.4.1 Not to Be Improperly Connected(H) Not to Supply Other Equipment9.3 (Not Used)2.2 NotationA.1 Notation and Terminology§28-314.3.3 Notation of Inspection or TestSection 1602 Notations303.5.3 Notations of Terms in Load Combination Equations2308.4.2.4 Notches and Holes(2) Notches in Wood2318.1.9 Notching2319.5 Notching and Boring[A] 116.3 Notice§28-401.19.1 Notice and Hearing§28-216.3 Notice and Order1101.3 Notice and Warning§27-2109.1 Notice by a Mortgagee Commencing an Action to Foreclose a Mortgage on Residential Real Property115.2.1 Notice Not to Be Issued Under Certain Circumstances104.15.1 Notice of a Violation5706. Notice of Abandonment(d) 109.3.4 Notice of AppealSection 111 Notice of Approval§27-2018.1 Notice of Bedbug Infestation History5607.4 Notice of Blasting Application§ 23-27.3-114.9 Notice of Building Start105.8 Notice of Commencement(a) Notice of DE Minimis ViolationA-801.5 Notice of Decision[NY] 107.2 Notice of Disconnection of Service Utilities§28-419.7.2 Notice of Forfeiture§28-212.3 Notice of Hearing[A] 109.3 Notice of Meeting§28-205.1.5 Notice of Pendency§27-2113 Notice of Pendency of Action§28-418.5.3 Notice of Pending Disciplinary Actions3307.5.3 Notice of Permit Issuance*§28-105.10.1 Notice of Proposed Revocation(N) Section 114 Notice of Public Hearing§28-214.1.6 Notice of Seal, Secure and Close Order to CommunityA-402.8.1 Notice of Start7-137 Notice of Start of Construction§28-216.3 Notice of Survey and Summons and Order7-139 Notice of Suspension of Construction105.11 Notice of Termite Protection5607.7 Notice of the Commencement of Blasting Operations5.5.3 Notice of the Installation of Backwater Valves511.3 Notice of the Time, Place and Purpose118.4 Notice of Unsafe Building or Structure§ 23-27.3-124.2 Notice of Unsafe Condition106.3 Notice of Unsafe Structure or Structure Unfit for Human Occupancy2113.11.1.5 Notice of Usage*§28-204.1.2 Notice of Violating Conditions Outside of Occupied Dwelling Units[A] 114.2 Notice of Violation1.16 Notice of Violations and Penalties80.23 Notice of Violations, Penalties§ 23-27.3-122.1.2 Notice or Orders — Service and Content608.10.3 Notice to Department106.6.1 Notice to Department of Commencement of Demolition Work4-331 Notice to DSA at Start of Construction14A-3-312.3 Notice to Last Taxpayer of Record§28-204.6.9 Notice to Mortgagees and Lienors**§28-120.1.3 Notice to Occupants*§28-204.1.3 Notice to Occupants of Violating Conditions in Occupied Dwelling UnitsR114.1 Notice to Owner§27-2131 Notice to Owner, Mortgagees and LienorsR114.1 Notice to Owner or the Owner's Authorized Agent107.1 Notice to Person Responsible15-023 Notice to Residential Tenants in Mixed Use Buildings106.5.1 Notice to the Department of Commencement of Foundation and Earthwork*§28-219.4 Notice to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development for Certain Elevator-Related Violations§28- Notice to the State Department of Education116.2 Notices[A] 104.3 Notices and Orders106.2 Notices of Correction or Violation105.2 Notices, Reports and Orders809.5.5.1 Notification[F] 2001.1.1 Notification, Access and Facilities for Emergency Responders3102F.4.1 Notification and Action Plan3304.3.5 Notification and Approval of the New York City Transit Authority, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey320.5 Notification and Maintenance of Information(C) Notification and Marking3304.3.6 Notification and Permit Requirements of the New York City Fire Department3304.3.5 Notification and Permit Requirements of the New York City Transit Authority, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey§28-309.7 Notification and Transmission of Information3.3.182 Notification Appliance3.3.183 Notification Appliance Circuit18.3.7 Notification Appliance Circuits10.17 Notification Appliance Circuits and Control Circuits10.17 Notification Appliance Circuits and Supervised Notification Appliance Control Circuits29.6.5 Notification Appliance (With Smoke or Heat Alarm)3008.9.1 Notification Appliances23.8.6.2* Notification Appliances in Exit Stair Enclosures, Exit Passageways, and Elevator Cars5706.4.7.35 Notification by Terminal Superintendent§28-308.6 Notification by the Department of Finance24.5.3 Notification Coverage806.3.2 Notification Devices[F] 2001.1.2 Notification for Life Safety and Property Protection1.7 Notification From OSHPD3320.4 Notification of Accidents Involving Material Handling Equipment3304.3.2 Notification of Adjacent Building Owners3304.3.2 Notification of Adjoining Property Owners3314.4.1.5 Notification of Adjustable Suspended Scaffold Installation and Removal105.1.2 Notification of Appointment**§28- Notification of Approval507.6 Notification of Change3310.8.2.1 Notification of Conditions to the Department1910.147(c)(9) Notification of Employees416.6 Notification of Fires and Non-Fire Emergencies and Coordination of Responses(2) 117.2 Notification of Fires at a Premises(1) 117.1 Notification of Fires in Buildings53.3.1.7 Notification of Fugitive Releases*§28-119.4 Notification of Gas Shut-Off or Non-Restoration After Inspection(iii) Notification of Hazardous Activities3316.3 Notification of Hoisting Accidents1910.1096(l) Notification of Incidents3316.3 Notification of Incidents Involving Hoisting Equipment or Material Handling EquipmentJ105.1.7 Notification of Noncompliance[F] 2001.3.13 Notification of Occupants608.15 Notification of Refrigerant Discharges*§28-104.2.8 Notification of Rejection3307.6.5.13 Notification of RemovalG107.4 Notification of Risks3314.1.2 Notification of Scaffolding Accidents16-303 Notification of Submission Dates13. Notification of System Shutdown or Testing(c) 901.8.3 Notification of Termination of Supervisory Services3304.3.1 Notification of the Department2006.11.5 Notification of the Fire Department60.* Notification of Unauthorized Releases3310.8.2 Notification of ViolationsA-202.1.4 Notification of Worker Safety Issues3314.1.1 Notification Prior to Commencement of Work§28-401.18.1 Notification Required[F] 2001.3.12 Notification Requirements611.4.1 Notification to Department5607.16.5.1 Notification to Department of Detonation Time§28-105.1.1 Notification to Fire Department*§28-211.1.3 Notification to Other Government Agencies§52-01 Notification to the Department of Commencement of Work Pursuant to an Earthwork Permit3304.3.3 Notification to the Department of Environmental Protection3310.5.1 Notification to the Department of the Primary Manager or Coordinator§28-104.10 Notification to the New York City Transit Authority, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey3.3.328.1 Notification Zone23.8.6.3 Notification Zones907.6.4.4 Notification Zoning324.3 Notifications3307.5 Notifications and Permit Survey Meeting4-242 Notifications by the Project InspectorP101.4.1 Notify Dispatch1224.14.2.10 Nourishment Area1224.4.4.5 Nourishment Area or Room1226.4.13.7 Nourishment Room1226.11.2.8 Nourishment Room or Area1224.36.2.13 Nourishment Station3. Nozzle2304.4.2 Nozzle Operation3.3.131 Nozzles612.4.3 Nozzles Within the Interactive Water Play Feature Splash Pad Zone304A.3.4.7 NPC-2 and NPC-3 Using ASCE 41:3412A.2.5.2 NPC-2, NPC-3 and NPC-3R Using ASCE 413412A.2.5.1 NPC-4 and NPC-5 Using ASCE 41304A.3.4.8 NPC-4 or NPC 4D and NPC-5 Using ASCE 41:(G) NPLFA Cable Markings760.49 NPLFA Circuit Conductors760.45 NPLFA Circuit Overcurrent Device Location760.43 NPLFA Circuit Overcurrent Protection760.41 NPLFA Circuit Power Source Requirements760.46 NPLFA Circuit Wiring(A) NPLFA Circuits and Class 1 Circuits(A) NPLFA Conductor Materials(A) NPLFA Wiring Method(A) NPLFA Wiring Methods and Materials1910.1096(p)(3) NRC-Agreement State Licensees or Registrants:2.3.17 NRFC Publications2.6-3.5 Nuclear Imaging*2.1-3.5.7 Nuclear Imaging Services1224.34 Nuclear Medicine1224.34.1.2 Nuclear Medicine Room14A-3-313 Nuisance AbatementArticle 503 Nuisance Abatement for Illegal Signs3.3.314.2* Nuisance Alarm802.8.3 Nuisance and Hazard14X-1-102.2.3 Nuisances[F] 414.2.3 Number221.2.1 Number and Location*1.2- Number and Location of Medication Safety Zones702.3.1 Number and Location of Openings(J) Number and Size of Cables and Conductors in Raceway300.17 Number and Size of Conductors in Raceway17.6.2.4 Number and Type of Means of Escape24.2.2 Number and Types of Means of Escape1104.24.1 Number Based on Capacity1004.1.3 Number by Combination1004.1.2 Number by Table 1004.1.214.2 Number of Accessible Seats1106.8.1 Number of Accessible Vehicle Charging Stations1107.2.1 Number of Accessible Vehicle SpacesCD601.2.1 Number of BlocksR602.12.4 Number of Bracing Units(A) Number of Branch Circuits1926.952(c) Number of Briefings9.4.4 Number of Cars(B) Number of Circuits in Enclosures405.4.1 Number of Compartments2.14.1.4 Number of Compartments in Passenger and Freight Elevator Cars11B-809.10.2 Number of Complying Bathing Rooms and Fixtures1134A.2 Number of Complying Bathrooms358.22 Number of Conductors376.22 Number of Conductors and Ampacity725.51 Number of Conductors in Cable Trays and Raceway, and Ampacity Adjustment760.51 Number of Conductors in Cable Trays and Raceways, and Ampacity Adjustment Factors402.7 Number of Conductors in Conduit or Tubing314.16 Number of Conductors in Outlet, Device, and Junction Boxes, and Conduit Bodies520.6 Number of Conductors in Raceway620.33 Number of Conductors in Raceways430.38 Number of Conductors Opened by Overload Device392.22 Number of Conductors or Cables63.2.2.2 Number of Control Areas403.11.3.1 Number of Crowd Managers(1) Number of Disconnecting Means3206.7.5 Number of Doors Required1007.4 Number of Electrical Outlets3002.2 Number of Elevator Cars in a Hoistway3003.3.2 Number of Elevators614.1.2 Number of Emergency Water Fixtures Required1504.5.5 Number of Emitters2.14.5.1 Number of Entrances Permitted405.7.1 Number of ExitsSection 1021 Number of Exits and ContinuitySection 1006 Number of Exits and Exit Access DoorwaysSection 1021 Number of Exits and Exit Configuration408.3.11 Number of Exits Required13.* Number of Extinguishers324.4.7.1 Number of FastenersSection C102 Number of Fire Hydrants609.2 Number of FixturesP3201.6 Number of Fixtures Per Trap402.8.3 Number of Means of Egress402.8.3.2 Number of Means of Egress From the Mall1104.24 Number of Means of Egress or Exits402.8.3.1 Number of Means of Egress Within Tenant Spaces24.2.2.1 Number of Means of EscapeA509.2.2.1 Number of Modes430.87 Number of Motors Served by Each Controller(A) Number of Multiconductor Cables, Rated 2000 Volts or Less, in Cable Trays3008.1.1 Number of Occupant Evacuation Elevators5.4.5.4* Number of Occupants403.3 Number of Occupants of Each Sex25.12.2 Number of Operating In-Rack Sprinklers60. Number of Outdoor Control AreasF 501.2 Number of Panels*2.1- Number of Patient Care Stations15-22 Number of Permitted Dwelling UnitsO103.3 Number of Personnel5607.16.4.2 Number of Persons Present102.4.2.1 Number of Plumbing Fixtures2105. Number of Prisms Per Test4. Number of Required EV Spaces7.2.6.5 Number of Ropes or Chains Required(c) 5622.1.3 Number of Sales Structures3116B.2 Number of Sanitary Facilities230.40 Number of Service-Entrance Conductor Sets230.2 Number of Services22-343 Number of Signs(B) Number of Single-Conductor Cables, Rated 2000 Volts or Less, in Cable Trays[F] 403.3.1 Number of Sprinkler Risers and System Design[F] 403.3.1 Number of Sprinkler System Risers and System Design903.3.8.1 Number of Sprinklers§27-935 Number of Standpipe Risers Required5704.3.2.3 Number of Storage Cabinets504.4 Number of Stories504.4 Number of Stories Above Grade Plane225.30 Number of Supplies(H) Number of Supply Interconnections8. Number of TestsG2414.8.2 (403.8.2) Number of Threads(C) Number of Type MV and Type MC Cables (2001 Volts or Over) in Cable Trays30.1.6.6 Number of Vehicles Simultaneously Served1910.252(c)(1)(i)(B) Number of Welders3314.15.5 Number of Workers1910.265(c)(24)(viii)(g) Number of Wraps on Drum242.20 Number Required101.3 Numbering System409.2.8 Numbers and LettersSection 1006 Numbers of Exits and Exit Access Doorways1109. Numeric Keypad707.6.2 Numeric Keys3105F.2.2 Numerical Procedure1224.31.1.12 Nurse Call1226.11.1.3 Nurse Call System1224.4.6.5 Nurse Call Systems2.5-3.8.2 Nurse Control and Workstation2.2- Nurse Office2.7-3.6.2 Nurse or Control Station2.2- Nurse or Control Station(s)1224.14.2.2 Nurse or Supervisor Office1224.16.5.1 Nurse Station3.1- Nurse Station for Centralized Staffing*3.1- Nurse Station for Decentralized Staffing1224.4.4.2 Nurse Station(s)407.2.2 Nurse Stations2.2- Nurse/Supervisor Office or Station2.2-2.10 Nursery Unit451.3.11 Nurses' Calling System1225.4.1.1 Nurses' Station1224. Nurses' Station(s)407.2.2 Nurses' Stations1224.29.1.9 Nurses' Work Area3.3.148.2 Nursing Home407.2.6 Nursing Home Cooking Facilities407.2.5 Nursing Home Housing Units18.* Nursing Homes5.1-4.2.1 Nursing Office1225.6.6.2 Nursing Service1224.14 Nursing Service SpaceP-407.3 O-Ring and Gasket-Type Joints250.6 Objectionable Current3102F.3.1 Objective1910.1024(n)(2) Objective Data1910.1050(n)(2) Objective Data for Exempted Employers1910.1001(m)(2) Objective Data for Exempted Operations1910.1051(m)(1) Objective Data for Exemption From Initial Monitoring1910.1027(n)(2) Objective Data for Exemption From Requirement for Initial MonitoringG101.2 Objectives610.8 Objects Permitted*3301.13.16 Obligation of Others*§28-309.4.1 Obligation to Report Energy Use for All Utility Accounts and Addresses Connected to the Building*§28-309.4.1 Obligation to Request and to Report Information§48-05 Obligations of Others. [Repealed]§27-2053 Obligations of OwnerArticle 1 Obligations of Owner and Tenant: Duty to Repair§27-2138 Obligations of Owner Not Affected§28- Obligations of Owners of Other Tax Lot3301.9.6 Obscured Lawful Signs5609.6.3 Obscuring Egress3.3.198 Observation4-211 Observation and Inspection of Construction1224.33.2.7 Observation Area2.3-3.5.4 Observation Beds7-147 Observation by the Office2.5-3.3 Observation Facilities1910.1001(n) Observation of Monitoring108.6.3 Observation of Unsafe Conditions or Serious Hazards108.6.2 Observation of Violations Not Shown on Plans605.7 Observation Pipes1910.1001(n)(2) Observation Procedures2.4-3.1.3 Observation Room*2.11-3.2.6 Observation Room(s)2.2-3.2 Observation Unit1224.33.5.1 Observation Units14.2.2.4 Observations403.1.5 Observed Ground Water1926.959(d)(2) Observer§ 23-27.3-506.0 [Obsolete.] Obsolete Fire Extinguishers13. Obstacle Fires13. Obstacle, Gravity/Three-Dimensional, and Pressure Fire Hazards1025.2.5 Obstacles1224.32 Obstetrical Facilities (Perinatal Unit Space)2.2-2.9 Obstetrical Unit10. Obstructed Construction308.3.2 Obstructed High Reach[F] 903.3.3 Obstructed Locations104.12.2 Obstructing Operations104.11.2 Obstructing Representatives of the Department1020.4 Obstruction18.2.4* Obstruction and Control of Fire Apparatus Access Road18.2.4* Obstruction and Control of Fire Department Access Road507.5.4.2 Obstruction by VehicleN107.3.3 Obstruction by Vehicles5706.4.10.3 Obstruction of Equipment2404.4.8 Obstruction of Exhaust Ventilation320.7.2 Obstruction of Exit4701.4.1 Obstruction of Exit Facilities4701.4.1.1 Obstruction of Exits4701.4.1.3 Obstruction of Exits by Persons503.4 Obstruction of Fire Apparatus Access Roads2310.6.2 Obstruction of Fire Protection Equipment310.5 Obstruction of Flow4701.4.1.2 Obstruction of Lobbies and Foyers806.2 Obstruction of Means of Egress1.8.3 Obstruction of Operations3303.3 Obstruction of Sidewalks and Streets3307.2.1 Obstruction of Streets, Including Bicycle Lanes and Sidewalks3307.2.1 Obstruction of Streets or Sidewalks§28-307.1 Obstruction of Workplace Exits Prohibited98-421 Obstruction Over the High Line7.7.1.4 Obstruction to Discharge2.4.3 Obstruction to Flow3114.3.4 Obstruction to Means of Egress3308.1.1 Obstructions323.3 Obstructions and Entrapment Avoidance3307.4.1 Obstructions and Openings14.2.11.1 Obstructions at or Near Ceiling(a) 320.2.1 Obstructions of Fire Lanes and Equipment507.5.4.1 Obstructions of Fire Protective Equipment503.4.3 Obstructions on Fire Roads and Firebreaks316.4 Obstructions on Roofs3111.4 Obstructions Prohibited10.2.7.3* Obstructions That Prevent Sprinkler Discharge From Reaching HazardP2904.2.4.2 Obstructions to Coverage1031.3.3 Obstructions to Fire Assemblies8.13.5 Obstructions to In-Rack Sprinkler Discharge612.3.6 Obstructions to Sprinkler Coverage9.5.5 Obstructions to Sprinkler Discharge13.2.8* Obstructions to Sprinkler Discharge (CMSA Sprinklers)14.2.11* Obstructions to Sprinkler Discharge (Early Suppression Fast-Response Sprinklers)11.3.6 Obstructions to Sprinkler Discharge (Extended Coverage Sidewall Spray Sprinklers)11.2.5 Obstructions to Sprinkler Discharge (Extended Coverage Upright and Pendent Spray Sprinklers)* Obstructions to Sprinkler Discharge Pattern Development12.1.11 Obstructions to Sprinkler Discharge (Residential Sidewall Spray Sprinklers)12.1.10 Obstructions to Sprinkler Discharge (Residential Upright and Pendent Spray Sprinklers)10.2.7 Obstructions to Sprinkler Discharge (Standard Pendent and Upright Spray Sprinklers)10.3.6 Obstructions to Sprinkler Discharge (Standard Sidewall Spray Sprinklers)18.1.3 Obstructions to Sprinklers2304.2.4 Obstructions to View§3-04 Obtaining Access to Keys of Premises Sealed Pursuant to § 26-127.2 of the Administrative Code§3-02 Obtaining Access to Keys of Sealed Premises1910.334(d) Occasional Use of Flammable or Ignitable Materials508.5.2 Occupancies[F] 307.3.1 Occupancies Containing Explosives Not Classified as H-1Article 3 Occupancies Involving Spray or Dip FinishingArticle 20 Occupancies Involving Storage of Nitric Acid1103.4.8 Occupancies Other Than Group I-2 and I-31019.3 Occupancies Other Than Groups H, I-2 and I-31019.3 Occupancies Other Than Groups I-2 and I-31019.3 Occupancies Other Than Groups I-2, I-2.1, I-3 and R-2.11019.3 Occupancies Other Than Groups I-2, R-2.1 , I-3, and R-2.1504.1.2 Occupancies With Separate Entrances[F] 415.8.4.1 Occupancy13.2.4 Occupancy and Hazard3106.3 Occupancy and Means of Egress302.5 Occupancy and Use806.3 Occupancy-Based Requirements1604.5 Occupancy Category302.1 Occupancy ClassificationSection 302 Occupancy Classification and Use DesignationSection 302 Occupancy Classificationand Use DesignationArticle 2 Occupancy Classifications§28-101.3.1 Occupancy Classifications in Prior Codes408.8.2 Occupancy Condition 5308.3.1 Occupancy Conditions408.8.1 Occupancy Conditions 3 and 4453.6.1 Occupancy During Construction38.5.5.6 Occupancy During FumigationSection AE507 Occupancy, Fire Safety and Energy Conservation Standards[F] 412.6.1 Occupancy GroupArticle 3 Occupancy Group A-High Hazard§27-246 Occupancy Group B-1§27-247 Occupancy Group B-2Article 4 Occupancy Group B-StorageArticle 5 Occupancy Group C-Mercantile§27-250 Occupancy Group D-1§27-251 Occupancy Group D-2Article 6 Occupancy Group D-IndustrialArticle 7 Occupancy Group E-Business§27-255 Occupancy Group F-1§27-256 Occupancy Group F-2§27-257 Occupancy Group F-3§27-258 Occupancy Group F-4Article 8 Occupancy Group F-AssemblyArticle 9 Occupancy Group G-Educational§27-261 Occupancy Group H-1§27-262 Occupancy Group H-2Article 10 Occupancy Group H-Institutional§27-264 Occupancy Group J-1§27-265 Occupancy Group J-2§27-266 Occupancy Group J-3Article 11 Occupancy Group J-ResidentialArticle 12 Occupancy Group K-Miscellaneous§27-237 Occupancy Groups2702.2.20 Occupancy Groups B, E and R-11011.12.1 Occupancy Groups I-1, R-1 and R-2903.3.8.2 Occupancy Hazard Classification19.3 Occupancy Hazard Fire Control Approach for Spray Sprinklers(A) Occupancy Limitation7.2.3 Occupancy Limitations(v) 5622.3.1.5 Occupancy Load3312.7 Occupancy of Building80.11 Occupancy of Building or StructureArticle 5 Occupancy of Cellars and Basements§27-2082 Occupancy of Cellars and Basements in Any Multiple Dwelling With "Adequate Adjacent Space"§27-2084 Occupancy of Cellars and Basements in Converted Dwellings§27-2083 Occupancy of Cellars and Basements in Multiple Dwellings Erected After April Eighteenth, Nineteen Hundred Twenty-Nine§27-2081 Occupancy of Cellars and Basements in Multiple Dwellings; General Requirements§27-2085 Occupancy of Cellars and Basements in New Law Tenements§27-2086 Occupancy of Cellars and Basements in Old Law Tenements§27-2087 Occupancy of Cellars and Basements in One- And Two-Family Dwellings2410.2 Occupancy of Premises During Operations14X-1-101.4 Occupancy of Unsafe Premises Prohibited1603.4 Occupancy Permits for Changed Loads§277 Occupancy Permitted[A] 105.3.3 Occupancy Prohibited Before Approval63.2.3 Occupancy Protection Levels5705.3.5.2 Occupancy Quantity Limits63. Occupancy Requirements3202. Occupancy RestrictionsCD601.4.2 Occupancy Schedule, Density, and Heat GainC405.2.2.2 Occupancy Sensors1204.4 Occupancy Separation507.8.3 Occupancy Separations401.6.5 Occupancy-Specific RequirementsL 404.0 Occupancy Specific Water Efficiency Requirements4003.2 Occupancy TypeCD602.4 Occupancy Type, Schedule, Density, and Heat Gain309.5 OccupantD.2 Occupant and Inspector Safety3.3.197 Occupant CharacteristicsC3.5.10 Occupant Density403.5.1.1 Occupant Diversity606.5 Occupant Evacuation Elevator Lobbies3008.6 Occupant Evacuation Elevator LobbySection 3008 Occupant Evacuation Elevators604.5.2 Occupant Evacuation Elevators and Lobbies21.6* Occupant Evacuation Elevators (OEE)2.27.11 Occupant Evacuation Operation21.6.2 Occupant Evacuation Operation (OEO) Occupant Evacuation Operation. Verify Conformance With Occupant Evacuation Shaft System402.8.2.1 Occupant Formula[BG] 304.2.1.3 Occupant Hazards408.8.6 Occupant Instruction and TrainingSection 1004 Occupant Load804.5.1.1 Occupant Load and Travel Distance403. Occupant Load Count7.3.1.2* Occupant Load Factor3107.11 Occupant Load Factors1004.10.1 Occupant Load for Egress From the Room or Area402.8.2.3 Occupant Load Formula7.3.1.3 Occupant Load Increases402.8.2.2 Occupant Load of Mall402.8.2.1 Occupant Load of Tenant Spaces204.11.2 Occupant Load Posted12.7.9.3 Occupant Load Posting1004.5.1.2 Occupant Load Responsibility1104.1.1 Occupant Loads1030.3.1 Occupant Loads 300 or Less1030.3.1 Occupant Loads Between 100 and 300[F] 907.5 Occupant Notification*§28-304.10.1 Occupant Notification for Alteration Work*§28-304.10 Occupant Notification for Elevator Work*§28-304.10.2 Occupant Notification for Other Elevator Service Outages[F] 907.5 Occupant Notification Systems505. Occupant Override405.2 Occupant Participation4.2.1 Occupant Protection5.2.2.8* Occupant Protection From Structural Failure5.2.2.6 Occupant Protection From Untenable Conditions[A] Occupant Requirements110.3 Occupant ResponsibilityC405.2.1.1 Occupant Sensor Control FunctionC405.2.1.4 Occupant Sensor Control Function for Egress IlluminationC405.2.1.4 Occupant Sensor Control Function in CorridorsC405.2.1.5 Occupant Sensor Control Function in Enclosed Fire-Rated StairwaysC405.2.1.3 Occupant Sensor Control Function in Open Plan Office AreasC405.2.1.3 Occupant Sensor Control Function in Open Plan Office Areas, Cafeteria Dining Areas, and Fast Food Dining AreasC405.2.1.4 Occupant Sensor Control Function in Parking GaragesC405.2.1.2 Occupant Sensor Control Function in Warehouse Storage AreasC405.2.1.2 Occupant Sensor Control Function in WarehousesC405.2.1.2 Occupant Sensor Control Function in Warehouses, Storage Areas and Service CorridorsC405.2.1 Occupant Sensor Controls611.3.3.1 Occupant SensorsA5.209.1.4 Occupant Sensors, Motion Sensors and Vacancy Sensors29.6.1* Occupants1910.1450 Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories1926.96 Occupational Foot Protection1926.1127 App D - Occupational Health History Interview With Reference to Cadmium Exposure1910.95 Occupational Noise Exposure1224.31.1.10 Occupational Therapy2.6-3.1.3 Occupational Therapy Areas3.1-3.3.3 Occupational Therapy Facilities1225.6.3 Occupational Therapy Service1224.35.3 Occupational Therapy Service Space3.3.186* Occupiable3.3.22.7 Occupiable Area602.5 Occupiable Public Spaces1607.14.2.2 Occupiable RoofsSection 1513 Occupiable Rooftops§27-745 Occupiable Rooms509.6.3.1 Occupiable Space[BG] 309.1 Occupiable Space Heating System1203.5.1.1 Occupiable Spaces3.3.279.1 Occupiable Story602.4 Occupiable Work Spaces608.4.2 Occupied Areas7. Occupied Building449.4.1.4 Occupied Patient Area(s)107.6.1 Occupied Property450.4.1.4 Occupied Resident Area(s)503.1.4 Occupied Roofs1031.4.1 Occupied Side1107.9.2 Occupied Spaces404.2 Occupied Spaces Accessory to Public Garages6.5.3.8 Occupied-Standby Zone Controls1207.4.10 Occupied Work Centers3.3.188* Octave Band38.5.2 Odor Control1910.110(b)(1) Odorizing Gases413.0 Odorous Rooms2.27.11.2 OEO Lobby SignageCONDITIONS Of AcceptanceTESTS Of Bearing Walls and PartitionsTESTS Of Ceiling ConstructionsTHICKNESS Of Coatings TestsTEST Of ColumnsDEPARTMENT Of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal InsulationLIST Of FiguresTESTS Of Floors and RoofsSELECTION Of Independent EntityRELEASE Of InformationTESTS Of Loaded Restrained Structural Frame MembersSUMMARY Of Method and Heat SourceTESTS Of Nonbearing Walls and PartitionsTESTS Of Protection for Combustible Framing, or for Combustible Facings on the Unexposed Side of Walls, Partitions and FloorsAPPROVAL Of Testing LaboratoriesCONDUCT Of TestsChapter 101 Of the 2011 Ohio Building Code Use as Reference for This Code Only (Provided as a Convenience for Code Users)1910.211(b)(11) Off-Hand Grinding3.3.189 Off-Hook6.4.3.3 Off-Hour ControlsC403.4.2 Off-Hour Controls (Mandatory)118.1.4 Off-Hour Fire/Life Safety Plan Review and/or InspectionSection 92.0131 Off Hours Inspections(B) Off Indication23.12 Off-Premises Signals(A) Off-Premises Source706A.2.1 Off Ridge and Ridge Vents101-532 Off-Site Accessory Parking Spaces in Public Garages62-232 Off-Site Accessory Residential Berths5.4.8 Off-Site Conditions1703.6 Off-Site Fabrication125-54 Off-Site Facilities in the East River Subdistrict16-21 Off-Site Parking139-313 Off-Site Parking Facilities62-452 Off-Site Parking in Public Parking Facilities44-32 Off-Site Spaces for All Permitted Uses36-43 Off-Site Spaces for Commercial or Community Facility Uses25-53 Off-Site Spaces for Permitted Non-Residential Uses25-52 Off-Site Spaces for Residences81-48 Off-Street Improvement of Access to Rail Mass Transit Facility84-143 Off-Street Loading36-60 Off-Street Loading Regulations13-30 Off-Street Loading Regulations in the Manhattan Core84-341 Off-Street Parking77-30 Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations81-30 Off-Street Parking and Off-Street Loading Regulations74-50 Off-Street Parking Establishments62-454 Off-Street Parking in Large-Scale General Developments in Community District 1 in Queens91-50 Off-Street Parking, Loading and Curb Cut Regulations[NY] 305.10 Off-Street Parking Lots96-111 Off-Street Parking Regulations74-55 Off-Street Parking Requirement for Youth-Oriented or Senior Citizen-Oriented Community Centers and Non-Profit Neighborhood Settlement Houses118-50 Off-Street Relocation of a Subway Stair Within the Special Union Square District142-09 Off-Street Relocation of Subway Station Entrances37-40 Off-Street Relocation or Renovation of a Subway Stair2.1- Off-Street Unloading Area457.1.4.19 Off Unit Storage Areas1224.19.6.2 Office1224.20.2.14 Office and Administrative Space2.2- Office and Clerical Space*5.1-4.11.1 Office and Conference Space103.3.1 Office and Duties of the Fire Marshal(K) Office Buildings4.3-4.11.1 Office, Conference, and Educational Space605.5 Office Furnishing InterconnectionsArticle 605 Office Furnishings1910.106(d)(5)(iii) Office Occupancies**§28-103.33 Office of Alternative EnergySection 1.10 Office of Statewide Health Planning and DevelopmentSection 1.11 Office of the State Fire Marshal1228.14.2.2 Office(s) for Staff1225. Office Space2.11-6.3.6 Office Supply StorageSection 469 Office Surgery Suite469.3 Office Surgery Suite Occupancy Classification202.3 Officers and Committees119.3 Officers and Qualifications of Members1227.15 Offices6303. Offices and Retail Sales Areas6004.1.1.3 Offices, Retail Sales and Classrooms2.3- Offices(s)§ 23-27.3-112.1 Official Identification Card[A] 104.6 Official Records10.7.4 Offset Bent Longitudinal Reinforcement706.6.3 Offset ConstructionSection 806 Offset LedgesR606.13.9.1 Offset Reinforcement402.1.5.2 Offset Siding Attachment2113.7 Offsets11.6.4 Offsets Above the Highest BranchR602.10.1.2 Offsets Along a Braced Wall LineSection 890.1550 Offsets at an Angle Less Than 45 Degrees From the Horizontal in Buildings of Five or More Stories711.3 Offsets Below Lowest Branch803.3.7 Offsets in Chemical Drainage and Vent Pipe SizingSection 890.1350 Offsets in Drainage PipingSection 711 Offsets in Drainage Piping in Buildings of Five Stories or MoreSection 711 Offsets in Drainage Piping Inbuildings of Five Stories or More510.2.16 Offsets in Multistory InstallationsG Offsets on Drainage Piping5608.4.2 Offshore Displays3105F.6 Offshore MooringsSection 1105 Ohio Home Builders Association (OHBA) Alternative Energy Code Option(8) 118.8 "Ohio Safe Stay Hotel" Designation1017.0 Oil and Flammable Liquid Interceptors1910.1028(a)(2)(vi) Oil and Gas Drilling, Production and Servicing Operations1926.350(i) Oil and Grease Hazards2.22.4 Oil Buffers910.1 Oil Burners505.0 Oil-Burning and Other Water Heaters301.5 Oil-Burning Appliances1002.2 Oil-Burning BoilersE 406.3 Oil-Burning Equipment and Installation§27-796 Oil Burning Equipment Installer License§28-412.1 Oil-Burning Equipment Installer License Required§28-412.5 Oil-Burning Equipment Installer Place of Business921.3 Oil-Burning Ranges1910.262(t)(3) Oil CupsG308.3 Oil Derricks(D) Oil-Filled Cutouts(A) Oil-Filled Equipment470.20 Oil-Filled Reactors801.2.1 Oil-Fired Appliances2113.11.1.4 Oil-Fired Appliances Approved for Use With L-VentR1003.11.5 Oil-Fired Appliances Approved for Use With Type L Vent2113.11.1.4 Oil-Fired Appliances Listed for Use With L-Vent904.12 Oil-Fired Central Furnaces906.13 Oil-Fired Floor Furnaces3304.2 Oil-Fired Heaters917.6 Oil-Fired Unit Heaters907.4 Oil-Fired Wall Furnaces505.3 Oil-Fired Water HeatersM2201.5 Oil GaugesSection 1306 Oil Gauging(I) Oil Immersion(E) Oil Immersion "o"1926.405(j)(5)(iv) Oil-Insulated Transformers450.26 Oil-Insulated Transformers Installed Indoors450.27 Oil-Insulated Transformers Installed OutdoorsSection P-509 Oil Interceptors8. Oil Leakage Tests3109F.2 Oil Piping and Pipeline SystemsSection M2202 Oil Piping, Fitting and ConnectionsSection M2204 Oil Pumps and Valves1003.4.2 Oil Separator Design1003.4 Oil Separators Required5706.4.13.4 Oil Spill Clean-Up Service Standards3101F.6 Oil Spill Exposure Classification5706.4.13 Oil Spills3110F.6 Oil Sumps and Ancillary EquipmentE 403.11 Oil SupplyE 403.13 Oil Supply ConnectionsE 406.2 Oil Supply SystemsD 115.2 Oil Supply Systems in M/H CommunitiesD115.2 Oil Supply Systems in Manufactured Home Communities(3) Oil SwitchSection M2201 Oil Tanks3110F.3 Oil Transfer Hoses (N/E)6.3 Oil/Water Separators105.6.26 Oil Well5706.3.9 Oil Well Cellars5706.3.17 Oil Well Venting3.3.135 Old-Style/Conventional Sprinkler15.4 Old-Style Sprinklers402.8.2.2 OLF Range1926.5 OMB Control Numbers Under the Paperwork Reduction Act§27-937 Omission of Standpipe Service711.2.1 Omission of Vents for Horizontal Stack Offsets711.1.1 Omission of Vents for Vertical Stack Offsets[BS] C104.2.3 Omitted Horizontal Brace[BS] C104.2.4 Omitted Horizontal Brace and Retrofit Stud1707.4.1 Omitted Lateral Brace1706.6 Omitted Retrofit Stud — Ladder Assembly933.4.3 On a Platform2005.4 On Aircraft Fuel-Servicing Tank Vehicles(B) On Buildings1224. On-Call Room1224.33.4.5 On-Call Room(s)11B-223.2.3 On-Call Rooms2.20.2.1 On Crosshead Data Plate42.12 On-Demand Mobile FuelingSection 5707 On-Demand Mobile Fueling Operations(2) On Elevators With Generator Field Control(1) On Elevators Without Generator Field Control(3) On Escalators and Moving Walks2512.1.1 On-Grade Floor SlabSection CA106 On-Grade Slab Floors3.3.192 On-Hook2005.5 On Hydrant Fuel-Servicing Vehicles1926.1423(e)(1)(ii)(C) On Live-Front Switchboards(C) On Masts(2) On or Within Buildings(4) On Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts1926.408(c)(3)(ii) On Poles(A) On Poles and In-Span(A) On Poles and In-Span, Above Roofs, on Masts, or Between Buildings(A) On Poles and In-Span or Above Roofs(B) On-Premises Source5608.8.1.2 On Scene Directions1910.120(q)(6)(v) On Scene Incident Commander3.3.136 On-Side Tire Storage449.4.1.6 On-Site1905. On-Site CuringG3. On-Site Distribution Pumps8. On-Site Documentation60.* On-Site Emergency Response Team[F] 2001.3.11 On-Site Equipment2.4- On-Site Facilities2.4-4.5.2 On-Site Food Service(7) On-Site Fuel Supply*2.7-5.2.2 On-Site Laundry Facility4.3-4.6.3 On-Site Laundry Service Facilities4.4-4.6.3 On-Site Laundry Service Facilities for Large Settings2.1-4.4.2 On-Site Linen Processing AreaLow-Risk OccupancyLow Roof Tile ProfileLow-Side PressureLow-Sloped RoofLow-Static Pressure TypeLow-Static Pressure Type Unit HeaterLow VOC CementLow VOC One-Step CementLow VOC PrimerLow VoltageLow Voltage Contact LimitLow-Voltage Dry-Type Distribution TransformerLow-Voltage LightingLow-Voltage Suspended Ceiling Power Distribution SystemLow Voltage Wire Installation Part V: InstallationLow Voltage Wiring Part IV: MaterialsLower Explosive Limit (LEL)Lower Flammability Limit (LFL)Lower Flammable LimitLower Flammable Limit (LFL)Lower Flammable Limit (Refrigerant)Lower Flammable Limit (Refrigerant) (LFL)Lower Landing, EscalatorLower Landing, Moving WalkLower Load BlockLowest FloorLowest Floor Design FloodLowest Horizontal Structural MemberLowest Horizontal Structure MemberLowside[LP-Gas] Container(LSL)Lubricated Plug-Type ValveLumberLuminaireLuminaire, Directly ControlledLuminaire-Level Lighting ControlLuminaire-Level Lighting Controls(LVL)[M] Combustion[M] Hood[M] Ventilation[M] Ventilation AirMACERA TING Toilet SystemsMacerating Toilet SystemMacerating Toilet SystemsMachine, DrivingMachine Room and Control Room, Remote, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, Material LiftMachine Room and Control Room, Remote, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, or Material LiftMachine Room, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, Material LiftMachine Room, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, or Material LiftMachine Room (For Elevator, Dumbwaiter)MachineryMachinery and Equipment for Electric ElevatorsMachinery RoomMachinery Space and Control Space, Remote, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, Material LiftMachinery Space and Control Space, Remote, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, or Material LiftMachinery Space, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, Material LiftMachinery Space, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, or Material LiftMachinery Space (For Elevator, Dumbwaiter)Machinery Space (For Elevator, Dumbwaiter, Platform Lift, and Stairway Chairlift)MagazineMagazine KeeperMagnesiumMagnetic BallastMail BoxesMailboxesMailboxes (For Chapter 11)MainMain AisleMain BurnerMain Burner ControlMain Burner Control ValveMain DrainMain EntranceMain FloorMain SewerMain Suction OutletMain Use or Dominant Occupancy (Of a Building)Main VentMain Wind Force-Resisting SystemMain Windforce-Resisting SystemMainlineMaintainedMaintained IlluminationMaintained PressureMaintenanceMaintenance Control Program (MCP)Maintenance IntervalMaintenance ProcedureMaintenance, Repair, Replacement, and TestingMaintenance (Scaffold)Maintenance TaskMajor BuildingMajor Repair GarageMajor Structural Alterations, Additions or RepairsMajor TenantMakeup Air (Dedicated Replacement Air)Malicious AlarmMallMall BuildingMall ConcourseMall Covered Mall BuildingMall StructureManaged Facilities-Based Voice Network (MFVN)Managed ProjectManagement SystemsMandatory SystemManholeManifoldManifold Medical GasManifold Water Distribution SystemsManmade Decorative Water FeatureManualManual DryManual Dry Standpipe, Types OfManual Emergency Shutoff ValveManual Fire Alarm BoxManual Main Gas-ControlManual Main Gas-Control ValveManual (Nonautomatic)Manual Pull StationManual ResetManual Reset, Escalator and Moving WalkManual Reset, Private Residence ElevatorManual Reset TypeManual Reset Type Relief Valve, TemperatureManual Reset ValveManual Stocking MethodsManual SystemManual WetManual Wet Standpipe, Types OfManually (Manual) Reset, ElevatorManufacture Date (Crane)Manufactured BuildingManufactured DeviceManufactured HomeManufactured Home InstallationManufactured Home Park or SubdivisionManufactured Home StandardsManufactured/Mobile HomeManufactured/Mobile Home Accessory Building or StructureManufactured/Mobile Home LotManufactured/Mobile Home ParkManufactured PhaseManufactured Pool or SpaManufactured SandsManufacturerManufacturer's DesignationManufacturer's Installation InstructionsManufacturer's Printed Installation Instructions (MPII)Manufacturer's Published InstructionsManufacturing of FireworksMaple SapMaple SugarMaple SyrupMARCS GrantMarijuana Extraction EquipmentMarijuana Extraction FacilityMarijuana ProcessingMarinaMarina Power OutletMarine DefinitionsMarine FacilitiesMarine Motor Fuel Dispensing FacilityMarine Oil TerminalMarine Power OutletMarine RampsMarine Service StationMarine SystemMarine TerminalMarine Thermal BarrierMarine VesselMarine Water Supplymark.mastic Fire-Resistant CoatingsMarked CrossingMarked Crossing (For Chapter 11)Market Value of StructureMarqueeMasonryMasonry-Bonded Hollow WallMasonry-Bonded Hollow Wall WallMasonry ChimneyMasonry Chimney ChimneyMasonry Chimney FireplaceMasonry FireplaceMasonry Fireplace FireplaceMasonry HeaterMasonry InfillMasonry, SolidMasonry TypeMasonry Type Chimney TypesMasonry UnitMass ConcreteMass-Detonating ExplosivesMass-Detonating Explosives ExplosiveMass FloorMass Notification Priority ModeMass Notification SystemMass TimberMass Transfer Deck Slab EdgeMass WallMast ClimberMast-Climbing Work PlatformsMaster Alarm BoxMaster BoxMaster Control Station (Two-Way Emergency Communications Systems for Rescue Assistance)Master Fire Alarm Control UnitMaster Fire Suppression Piping ContractorMaster PlumberMasticMastic Fire-Resistant CoatingsMaterialMaterial ChangeMaterial Code ViolationMaterial Handling EquipmentMaterial Hoist (Material Hoisting Equipment)Material LiftMaterial Lifts Without Automatic Transfer DevicesMaterial Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)Material ViolationMaterially AlterMaterialsMaterials and Methods RequirementsMaterials (RCVM)Materials (RCVM). Recycled Content Value (RCV)MausoleumMaximum Allowable Quantity (MAQ)Maximum Allowable Quantity Per Control AreaMaximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP)Maximum Considered EarthquakeMaximum Considered Earthquake Geometric Mean (MCEG) Peak Ground AccelerationMaximum Considered Earthquake Geometric Mean (MCEG) Peak Ground AccelerationsMaximum Considered Earthquake Ground MotionMaximum Considered Earthquake (MCE) Ground MotionMaximum Extent FeasibleMaximum Incremental Reactivity (MIR)Maximum Output PowerMaximum System VoltageMaximum Use Concentration (MUC)Maximum VoltageMaximum Water LevelMean Daily TemperatureMean Roof HeightMean TemperatureMeans, CompensationMeans of EgressMeans of Egress (For Chapter 11)Means of EscapeMeans, SuspensionMechanicalMechanical Acceptance Test EmployerMechanical Acceptance Test TechnicianMechanical Acceptance Test Technician Certification ProviderMechanical-Access Enclosed Parking GarageMechanical-Access Open Parking GarageMechanical-Access Open Parking GaragesMechanical ClosetMechanical CodeMechanical Code of New York StateMechanical CoolingMechanical Demolition EquipmentMechanical Draft SystemMechanical Draft Venting SystemMechanical Draft Venting System Venting SystemMechanical Dry Pipe ValveMechanical Energy Storage SystemMechanical EngineerMechanical Equipment/Appliance RoomMechanical Equipment ScreenMechanical Exhaust SystemMechanical HeatingMechanical JointMechanical Load Coefficient (MLC)Mechanical LockMechanical or Induced DraftMechanical or Induced Draft DraftMechanical Spring-Return Oil BufferMechanical Stocking MethodsMechanical SystemMechanical SystemsMechanical Systems (Structural)Mechanical VentilationMechanically Powered, Single-Station Heat AlarmMechanically Ventilated Smokeproof Enclosure Smoke Control SystemsMedical AirMedical CareMedical Care FacilitiesMedical GasMedical Gas ManifoldMedical Gas SystemMedical OfficeMedical Office (Dental Office)Medical PoolMedical Support GasMedical Support Gas Medical GasMedical-Surgical VacuumMedical-Surgical Vacuum SystemMedical Vacuum SystemMedical Vacuum SystemsMedically Frail Elderly PersonMedium DistilleryMedium-Duty Cooking ApplianceMedium Duty ScaffoldMedium-Heat ApplianceMedium-Heat Appliance Appliance TypeMedium-Heat Appliance TypeMedium-Heat Appliance Type Chimney TypesMedium Voltage Cable, Type MVMegawatt Hours (MWh)Member, CompensationMember, SuspensionMembraneMembrane-Covered Cable StructureMembrane-Covered Frame StructureMembrane EnclosureMembrane-Forming Curing CompoundMembrane PenetrationMembrane-Penetration FirestopMembrane-Penetration Firestop SystemMembrane StructureMercantile OccupancyMerchandise PadMERVMeshMesh Safety BarrierMessenger or Messenger WireMessenger-Supported WiringMetal Auxiliary GutterMetal BuildingMetal Building RoofMetal Building WallMetal Cased Concrete PilesMetal ChimneyMetal Chimney ChimneyMetal Coiling DoorMetal Composite Material (MCM)Metal Composite Material (MCM) SystemMetal DeckingMetal FramingMetal Framing, Entrance DoorMetal Framing, FixedMetal Framing, OperableMetal HydrideMetal Hydride Hydrogen Storage SystemMetal Hydride Storage SystemMetal ProfileMetal Roof PanelMetal Roof Panel, Metal Roof Shingle ManufacturerMetal Roof Panel, or Metal Roof Shingle, ManufacturerMetal Roof ShingleMetal Shield ConnectionsMetallic Auxiliary GutterMeterMeter BoxMeteringMetering FaucetMethod of Construction*Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide EquivalentMezzanineMezzanine, LoftMezzanine or Mezzanine FloorMicro-Piles/Mini-PilesMicrocellMicrogrid Interconnect Device (MID)Microgrid SystemMicroirrigationMicrophoneMicropileMicropilesMicroturbineMidrange Water ReducerMineral BoardMineral FiberMineral WoolMini-Storage BuildingMiniature BoilerMinimal Sedation (Anxiolysis)Minimum Characteristic Resistance ForceMinimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV)Minimum Hearing DistanceMinimum Secured RadiusMinimum Separation DistanceMinimum Separation Distance (D0)Minimum Separation Distance (D0)." "Quantity-Distance (Q-D)Minimum Separation Distance (Do)Minimum Separation Distance (Do). Quantity-Distance (Q-D)Minor AlterationsMinor Repair GarageMinor RepairsMinor Repairs, Repairs Exempt From LicensingMinor Structural Alterations, Additions or RepairsMinority, Women and Disabled Veteran Business EnterpriseMiscellaMiscellaneous StorageMiscellaneous Tire StorageMitigateMitigationMixed-Gas DivingMixed OccupancyMixed-Occupancy BuildingMixed Ventilation ZoneMixerMobileMobile CNG CascadeMobile CNG Motor Fuel SystemMobile CraneMobile EquipmentMobile Food Preparation VehiclesMobile Food Preperation [Preparation] VehicleMobile Food UnitMobile FuelingMobile HomeMobile Home Accessory Building or StructureMobile Home LotMobile Home ParkMobile Home Park SewerMobile Home Service EquipmentMobile or Temporary CookingMobile ScaffoldMobile Supply UnitMobile System Energy Storage System, StationaryMobile UnitMobile Unit ParkMobilehomeMode of OperationModel Water Efficient LandscapeModel Water Efficient Landscape OrdinanceModel Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO)Moderate-Risk OccupancyModerate SedationModerate Sedation/Analgesia (Conscious Sedation)ModernizationModificationModified Bitumen Roof CoveringModified Energy Factor (MEF)Modified EvapotranspirationModular BoilerModular Data Center (MDC)Modular HomeModulatingModulating AquastatModulating BoilerModuleModulus of ElasticityMoist (Soil)Moisture ContentMoisture Removal Efficiency (MRE)Molding, EscalatorMomentMoment FrameMoment Frame, IntermediateMoment Frame, OrdinaryMoment Frame, SpecialMoment-Resisting Frame SystemMomentary RatingMonitorMonitor Hazard CurrentMonolithicMonolithic CeilingMonopole CircuitMonopole SignMonopole SubarrayMonorailMonthly FrequencyMooringMortarMortar. Net Explosive Weight (Net Weight)Mortar, Surface-BondingMortgageMortgageeMortgagorMotelMotion Picture and Television Production Studio Sound Stages, Approved Production Facilities and Production LocationsMotion Picture Studio (Lot)Motion Picture TheaterMotor Control CenterMotor Field Sensing Means Operating Devices and Control EquipmentMotor Fuel-Dispensing FacilitiesMotor Fuel Dispensing FacilityMotor Fuel Dispensing Facility Located Inside a BuildingMotor Generator Over Speed Protection Operating Devices and Control EquipmentMotor HomeMotor Power, RatedMotor VehicleMotor Vehicle FluidMotor Vehicle Related OccupancyMotor Vehicle Repair GaragesMounting Height (MH)Movable EquipmentMovable Medical EquipmentMovable Nonmedical EquipmentMovable RacksMoved Building or StructureMoving WalkMoving Walk, Belt Pallet TypeMoving Walk, Belt TypeMoving Walk, Edge-Supported Belt TypeMoving Walk NewelMoving Walk Newel BaseMoving Walk, Pallet TypeMoving Walk, Roller-Bed TypeMoving Walk, Slider-Bed TypeMoving Walk WellwayMoving WalksMP Regulator(MSH-OH) Daylight AreaMuckingMulchMulch BasinMulch Basin [BSC-CG & HCD 1]Multi-Bedroom Housing UnitMulti-Criteria Detector