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Article 10 Pile Types--Specific Requirements3109.3.2.1 Piles and Columns1808.2 Piles—General Requirements1808.2.11 Piles in Subsiding Areas1808.3.2 Piles Installed by Jacking or Other Static Forces1808. Piles Installed by Use of Steam-Powered, Air-Powered, Diesel-Powered or Hydraulic Impact Hammers1808. Piles Installed by Use of Vibratory Hammer1810.2.10 Piles Located Near a Lot Line18.13.4 Piles, Piers, and Caissons1817.8.5 Piles Used as Excavation Support Elements§27-721 Piling1910.261(d)(3) Piling and Unpiling Pulp1910.106(f)(1)(iii) Piling Containers5604.8.4 Piling of Stocks34.9.3.1 Piling Procedures34.5.1* Piling Procedures and Precautions804.3.3.1 Pill Test(A) Pilot Light520.74 Pilot Lights Required3.3.154 Pilot Line Detector8.10 Pilot Line DetectorsC 106.0 Pilot Operation1910.262(k)(1) Pin Guard1910.211(d)(44) Pinch Point3.3.217 PinrailAS105.4.2 PinsP3010.4 Pipe602.2.1.8 Pipe and Duct Insulation Within Plenums27.2.3.1 Pipe and Fittings6.3.7.9 Pipe and Tube BendingA.5 Pipe and Tube Diameters7.3.4 Pipe and Tube Identification310.1 Pipe and TubingG2411.1 (310.1) Pipe and Tubing Other Than CSSTF 108.18.6 Pipe BendsG2415.18 (404.18) Pipe Cleaning3307.2.1 Pipe Cleaning and PurgingSection 890.420 Pipe CleanoutsG2417.1.6 (406.1.6) Pipe ClearingG2415.18 (404.18) Pipe Debris Removal404.18 Pipe Debris Romoval1109.7 Pipe Enclosure1107.3 Pipe EnclosuresH 501.7 Pipe ExtensionP3010.5 Pipe Fittings302.3 Pipe, Fittings and ComponentsG2427.7.10 (503.7.10) Pipe Geometry(D) Pipe Heating Cable Outlet(E) Pipe Heating Cable(s) Outlet1109.2.7 Pipe Identification505.14 Pipe Installation[E] 607.5 Pipe Insulation6.8.3 Pipe Insulation Tables609.12.2 Pipe Insulation Wall Thickness10.3.6 Pipe Joint Assembly66.27.5 Pipe JointsSection 505 Pipe, Joints and Connections1323.13.1 Pipe Labeling1308.0 Pipe Materials404.2 Pipe Movement13. Pipe NetworkH 501.6 Pipe Opening SizesArticle 650 Pipe Organs66.27.6.3 Pipe Penetrations1109.3.1 Pipe Protection3.3.206.8 Pipe Schedule System27.5 Pipe Schedules1505.11 Pipe Separation in Trenches1112.12.2 Pipe Size803.3 Pipe Size and Length403.1.1 Pipe Size and Pressure Limitations1305.9.12 Pipe Size; Direct Feed Without Fuel Storage Above the Lowest Floor1305.9.11 Pipe Size; Fuel Storage Above the Lowest Floor1305.9.11 Pipe Size; Fuel Storage Tank Above the Lowest Floor1305.9.12 Pipe Size; Without Fuel Storage Above the Lowest Floor27.5.2.2 Pipe SizesSection G2413 (402) Pipe Sizing1215.1 Pipe Sizing Methods17.5.4 Pipe Stand Base1302.3 Pipe Standards17.5* Pipe Stands18.8* Pipe Stands Subject to Earthquakes30.2.5 Pipe Support3.19.2.3 Pipe Supports7.2.2.2 Pipe Threads301.5 Pipe, Tube and Fitting Sizes604.1 Pipe, Tube, and Fittings1406.0 Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings3.19.2.4 Pipe, Tubing, or Fittings10.1.4* Pipe Type and Class18.5.7 Pipe With Change(s) in Direction3509.8 Piped Natural Gas PrecautionsSection 1103 Piped Services1910.102(b) Piped Systems3109F.3 Pipeline Stress Analysis (N/E)1910.252(a)(2)(xii) Pipes1926.405(j)(5)(vii) Pipes and Ducts1910.107(e)(6) Pipes and HosesP-305.5 Pipes and Joints Permitted5.3.1.5 Pipes and Other Equipment in Hoistways1809.14 Pipes and Trenches324.8.2.2 Pipes and Tubes in Interior Chemical Storage Spaces2.8.3 Pipes, Ducts, Tanks, and Sprinklers5.3.1.5 Pipes in Hoistways2308.5.8 Pipes in WallsP2607.2 Pipes Penetrating Exterior WallsP2607.1 Pipes Penetrating RoofsP2603.5 Pipes Through Footings or Foundation WallsP2603.4 Pipes Through Foundation Walls305.5 Pipes Through or Under Footings or Foundation Walls603.1.2 Piping5706.6.7.2 Piping Above Grade63.4.13.2 Piping and Appurtenances(c) 320.6.3 Piping and Connectors(v) 3704.2.2.5 Piping and Controls6004.2.2.5 Piping and Controls—Stationary Containers6004.2.2.5 Piping and Controls—Stationary Tanks311.4 Piping and FittingsSection 3109F Piping and Pipelines3109F.4 Piping and Pipelines Supports and Attachments (or Anchorage)[F] 415.11.7 Piping and Tubing1406.3.2 Piping and Tubing InstallationM2105.4 Piping and Tubing Materials Standards903.3.8.3 Piping Arrangement1312.5 Piping Arrangement and RedundanciesSection G2416 (405) Piping Bends and Changes in Direction3.19.5 Piping Buried in the Ground[F] 417.2 Piping Clearance1112.12.1 Piping Connection5003. Piping Connections5704. Piping, Connections and FittingsArticle 10 Piping Containing Steam, Hot Water or Other Fluids2306.6.3.1 Piping Design and ConstructionP2720.2 Piping Drainage42.4 Piping for Liquids607.2.2 Piping for Recirculation Systems Having Master Thermostatic Valves607.2.2 Piping for Recirculation Systems Having Temperature-Actuated Mixing Valves607.2.2 Piping for Recirculation Sytems Having Master Thermostatic Valves2306.6.2.7 Piping for Tanks in Underground Areas§27-960 Piping From Siamese Connection1305.3.7 Piping From Transfer Pump to Equipment or Storage Tanks Above the Lowest Floor5705.2.3 Piping, Hoses and ValvesG.5.3 Piping Identification(F) Piping in Battery RoomsG2415.5 (404.5) Piping in Concealed Locations1109.2.4 Piping in Concrete Floors1210.4.4 Piping in FloorsM1308.2.2 Piping in Other Locations1210.4.2 Piping in Partitions602.2.1.7 Piping in Plenums1107.2.1 Piping in Public CorridorsG2415.8 (404.8) Piping in Solid FloorsG2415.4 (404.4) Piping in Solid Partitions and Walls1210.5 Piping in Vertical Chases69.2.10 Piping (Including Hose), Fittings, and Valves1910.110(b)(8) Piping - Including Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings16.3 Piping Installation1213.1 Piping InstallationsG2415.7.2 (404.7.2) Piping Installed in Other LocationsM2301.2.5 Piping InsulationC403.11.3 Piping Insulation (Mandatory)6.8.3 Piping Insulation TablesM2103.3 Piping Joints1109.2 Piping LocationG3.1.3.6 Piping Losses (Systems 1, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13)G3.1.3.6 Piping Losses (Systems 1, 5, 7, 8, and 11)Section 3509 Piping Manifolds and Hose Systems for Fuel Gases and OxygenSection 1107 Piping Material2306.6.2.7 Piping Material Construction10.1* Piping Materials307.6 Piping Materials Exposed Within Plenums1319.0 Piping Materials for Field-Installed Medical-Surgical Vacuum Systems1318.0 Piping Materials for Field-Installed Positive Pressure Medical Gas SystemsG2412.10 (401.10) Piping Materials Standards2.21 Piping MeasurementsG2412.7 (401.7) Piping Meter IdentificationC 501.2.3 Piping Network1210.3.5.3 Piping on Roof Tops3001.5 Piping or Ductwork704. Piping Outdoors8.8.2.3 Piping Pitch1303.9 Piping Protection1910.253(e)(3) Piping Protective EquipmentG.5 Piping Requirements308.2 Piping Seismic Supports1312.6 Piping Serviceability311.4.3 Piping Subject to FreezingSection G2418 (407) Piping SupportSection G2424 (415) Piping Support Intervals8.4.11.13 Piping Supports1213.1.4 Piping System(E) Piping System AccessibilityG2417.6 (406.6) Piping System and Equipment Leakage Check406.6 Piping System, Appliance AndG2417.6 (406.6) Piping System, Appliance and Equipment Leakage Check(D) Piping System ConstructionSection G2415 (404) Piping System Installation1213.5 Piping System Leak Test1110.5 Piping System Pressure Test and Leak Test1202.2 Piping System Requirements66.27 Piping SystemsG2417.7.2 (406.7.2) Piping Systems Allowed to Be Purged Indoors or OutdoorsG2417.7.1 (406.7.1) Piping Systems Required to Be Purged OutdoorsG2415.7.1 (404.7.1) Piping Through Bored Holes or Notches704. Piping Through Foundation Wall404.7.1 Piping Through Holes or Notches454.2.6.4 Piping to Heater303.8.3 Piping to Roof16.3.12 Piping to Sprinklers Below Ceilings1210.1 Piping, Tubing, and Fittings60. Piping, Tubing, Valves, and Fittings1210.1 Piping UndergroundG2415.14 (404.14) Piping Underground Beneath BuildingsSection 704 (IFGC) Piping, Use and Handling6005.4 Piping, Valves and Fitting54.3 Piping, Valves, and Fittings5706.4.7.6 Piping, Valves, Fittings and Ancillary Equipment2306.6.2 Piping, Valves, Fittings and Ancillary Equipment for Above-Ground Tanks for Class I, II and III Liquids2306.6.2 Piping, Valves, Fittings and Ancillary Equipment for Aboveground Tanks2306.6.2 Piping, Valves, Fittings, and Ancillary Equipment for Aboveground Tanks for Classes I, II, and III Liquids2306.6.3 Piping, Valves, Fittings and Ancillary Equipment for Underground Tanks2306.6 Piping, Valves, Fittings and Ancillary Equipment for Use With Flammable or Combustible Liquids2306.6 Piping, Valves, Fittings and Ancillary Equipment for Use With Liquid Motor Fuel5706.5.3.1 Piping, Valves, Hoses and FittingsP3002.1 Piping Within Buildings8.6.5.2 Piston Rods2.2.4 Pit Access3002.11 Pit Access Door2.26.2.26 Pit Access Door Electric Contact§27-820 Pit Access Openings5.1.3.2 Pit and Work Space Water Removal(3) Pit Areas in Lubrication or Service Room454.2.14.3 Pit Drainage1817.7.1.3 Pit Excavation Below the Lowest Installed Lagging Board303.13 Pit LocationM1305.1.3.2 Pit Locations5. Pit Maintenance1817.7.1 Pit-Pier ExcavationH 401.1 Pit Sizes11. Pitch512.3 Pitched-Roofed Buildings and Structures 100 Feet or Less in Height316.3 Pitfalls1910.265(b)(31) Pitman Rod§27-449 Pits5.1.3 Pits and Work Spaces30.3.3.9 Pits, Belowgrade Work Areas, and Subfloor Work Areas30.3.2.4 Pits, Belowgrade Work Areas, and Subfloor Work Areas for LP-Gas Powered Vehicles311.5.3 Placard Date311.5.1 Placard Location108.4.1 Placard Removal311.5.2 Placard Size and Color311.5.4 Placard Symbols108.4 Placarding311.5 Placards2.2- Place for Meditation and Prayer3103.3 Place of Assembly1029.1.2 Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation§27-525.1 Place of Assembly Permit*§28-421.4 Place of Business§28-104.4 Place of Filing3314.7.2 Placement2104.1.2.5 Placement in Mortar1905.10.6 Placement in Vertical Lifts1705.2 Placement of Added Studs[BS] A304.3.2 Placement of Anchors1804.3 Placement of Backfill[NY] 105.2.6 Placement of Building Permit and Approved Construction DocumentsA304.3.2 Placement of Chemical Anchors and Expansion Bolts1808.8.3 Placement of Concrete406.6.1 Placement of Fill2.4- Placement of FixturesR502. Placement of Lag Screws or Bolts in Deck LedgersR507.2.1 Placement of Lag Screws or Bolts in Deck Ledgers and Band Joists[A] 105.7 Placement of Permit1810.3.9.3 Placement of Reinforcement1706.3 Placement of Retrofit StudsA5.205.3.5 Placement of Roof/Ceiling Insulation904.5.1 Placement of Sand Fill901.7.3 Placement of Tag904.7 Placement of the Aggregate14.4 Placement of Wheelchair SpacesG306.1 Placement Prohibited(c) 603.4.3 Placement Restrictions1905.10.2 Placement Timing1205.3.5 Places of Assembly1029.19 Places of Assembly With an Occupant Load of Less Than 12 Square Feet Per Person(c) Places of Lodging1909.4.5 PlacingG2417.6.4 (406.6.4) Placing Appliances and Equipment in Operation1812.6.5 Placing Concrete1926.350(b) Placing Cylinders705.5.4 Placing Equipment in OperationC106.2 Placing Hydrant Out of ServiceG2417.7.1.2 (406.7.1.2) Placing in OperationR607.2 Placing Mortar and Masonry Units2104.1.2 Placing Mortar and Units3304.4.5 Placing of Excavation Equipment and Excavated Material3304.4.5 Placing of Soil or Foundation Work Equipment and Excavated Material3305.2.4 Placing of Structural Members1705.3.6 Placing Record1907.5 Placing Reinforcement1901.2 Plain and Reinforced Concrete1910.4.3 Plain Concrete1906.1 Plain Concrete Footings2119.11 Plain Gypsum Concrete40.6.2 Plan908.2 Plan Approval458.4.1 Plan Approval ExpirationSection 107 Plan Approval ProcessSection 3105B Plan Compliance Inspections1926.1432(a) Plan Development104. Plan Examination by the Building Official*3319.8.1 Plan for the Erection, Jumping, and Dismantling of Tower Cranes*3319.8.1 Plan for the Erection, Jumping, Climbing, and Dismantling of Tower or Climber Cranes1926.1432(b) Plan Implementation7.1.1 Plan Irregularities1616.5.1.1 Plan Irregularity1620.4.1 Plan or Vertical Irregularities4.8.2 Plan Requirements405.4 Plan RetentionSection 3103B Plan Review7-300 Plan Review and Approval7-2104 Plan Review and Building Inspection by the Office for Hospital Outpatient Services Clinics11B-703.1.1 Plan Review and Inspection1.8.4.3 Plan Review and Time LimitationsArticle 21 Plan Review, Building Inspection and Certification of Surgical Clinics, Chronic Dialysis Clinics and Outpatient Services Clinics107.5 Plan Review, Compliance With Rules of the BoardAE304.3.3.3 Plan Review Fee104.3.2 Plan Review Fees(a) 104.2.1 Plan Review for Fire Protection Systems in Structures Regulated by the Building Code as Listed in Rule 1301:7-7-80 of the Administrative Code107.6 Plan Review, Items of NoncompliancePlan Review, Permits, Construction and Field Inspections107.1 Plan Review RequiredA-305.1.2 Plan Submission StandardsSection 104 Plan Submittal and Review5.1.4* Plan Submittal Documentation510.3.2.1 Plan Submittals403.6.1.2 Plan Updating1910.265(e)(6) Planers1910.213(n) Planing, Molding, Sticking, and Matching Machines2306.1.2 Plank and Beam Flooring1910.261(k)(7) Plank Walkways3315.2.1 Planking3.3.130.2* Planned Impairment901.7.3 Planned Removal From Service1910.421(d) Planning and AssessmentDivision 4.1 — Planning and Design1.2-6 Planning and Design Considerations and Requirements1.2-5 Planning Considerations and Requirements1.2-5.6 Planning Considerations for Persons of Size10.4 Planning for Infection Control During Remodeling of an Existing Facility1.2-5.5 Planning for Sustainability1.2-5.5.2 Planning for Sustainability Process10.2 Planning for the HVAC Services in a New Facility10.3 Planning for the HVAC Services in an Existing Facility*1.2-1.2 Planning Process3314.3.2 Plans3601.2 Plans and Approvals30.6 Plans and Calculations403.6.1.1 Plans and Diagrams26.1.6 Plans and Procedures2113. Plans and Required Documentation for Alteration Work503.6.5 Plans and Specification1.7.12 Plans and Specifications104.2.2 Plans Examiners10.5.4 Plans Examiners and Inspectors1403.0 Plans Required80.21 Plans ReviewE.2 Plans, Specifications, and Computations4-508 Plans, Specifications and Other Data4-317 Plans, Specifications, Calculations and Other Data4-210 Plans, Specifications, Computations and Other Data3.3.203 Plant1235.2 Plant Arrangement113.8.3 Plant Evaluation and Inspection Costs113.4.2 Plant Evaluations105.7.1.9 Plant Extraction System105.5.40 Plant Extraction Systems§ 23-27.3-111.3.1 Plant Inspection107-483 Planting and Screening for Open Parking Areas62-655 Planting and Trees28-23 Planting Areas107-481 Planting Provisions Along Residence District Boundaries23-451 Planting Requirement126-234 Planting Requirement in Front Yards66-252 Planting Requirements26-42 Planting Strips23-04 Planting Strips in Residence DistrictsR703.7.2 PlasterAS104.4.3.6 Plaster Additives719.5 Plaster Alternatives for ConcreteAS104.4.1 Plaster and MembranesAS106.8 Plaster and Membranes on Structural Walls721.1.4 Plaster Application719.2 Plaster EquivalentsAR103.5.2 Plaster Finish722.4.1.2 Plaster FinishesAS106.6 Plaster on Structural Walls5.6.7 Plaster or Gypsum Wallboard Shear Walls2109. Plaster Thickness and Coats1926.452(d) "Plasterers', Decorators', and Large Area Scaffolds"D 109.3 Plastic61.1.4.1 Plastic Aerosol 1 Products61.1.4.2 Plastic Aerosol 3 Products5103.2.3 Plastic Aerosol Products61.4.1 Plastic Aerosol X ProductsH107.1.4 Plastic AppurtenancesH107.1.3 Plastic Area Limitations for All Other SignsH107.1.2 Plastic Area Limitations for Internally Illuminated SignsH107.1.3.2 Plastic Area Limitations on Combustible Ground Signs and Wall SignsH107.1.3.4 Plastic Area Limitations on Combustible Roof SignsH107.1.3.1 Plastic Area Limitations on Noncombustible Ground Signs and Wall SignsH107.1.3.3 Plastic Area Limitations on Noncombustible Roof Signs, Projecting Signs, and Marquee SignsR507.2.2 Plastic Composite Deck Boards, Stair Treads, Guards or Handrails[BS] 2612.6 Plastic Composite Deck Boards, Stair Treads, Handrails and GuardsSection 1409 Plastic Composite Decking2612.6 Plastic Composite Decking, Handrails and GuardsR507.10.3 Plastic Composite GuardsSection 2612 Plastic Composites5104.1.1 Plastic Containers1407.1.1 Plastic CoreM1601.4.3 Plastic Duct Joints603.6 Plastic Ducts2203.3.2 Plastic Ducts and Conveying Systems603.8.3 Plastic Ducts and Fittings4.3.9 Plastic DWV Pipe to Other Materials3112.6.1 Plastic Film814.7 Plastic FittingsE 403.8.4 Plastic Gas Piping2406.1.2 Plastic GlazingM2105.1 Plastic Ground-Source Heat-Pump Loop Piping3107F.2.5.3 Plastic Hinge Length5104.1.1 Plastic Level 1 Aerosol Products604.10 Plastic Materials23.10 Plastic Motor Vehicle Components20.3.2.2 Plastic Pallet20.14.2 Plastic Pallets3208.2.1 Plastic Pallets and ShelvesG2415.17 (404.17) Plastic Pipe602.2.1.7 Plastic Pipe and TubeP2609.3 Plastic Pipe, Fittings and ComponentsSection 1210 Plastic Pipe Ground-Source Heat Pump Loop SystemsP2906.9 Plastic Pipe Joints403.10 Plastic Pipe, Joints and FittingsP3003.13.4 Plastic Pipe or Tubing to Other Piping Material301.2.3 Plastic Pipe, Plastic Pipe Fittings, and Components705.10.3 Plastic Pipe to Other MaterialsG2414.5 (403.6) Plastic Pipe, Tubing and Fittings454.1.6.4 Plastic PipesG2427.4.1 (503.4.1) Plastic PipingG2414.10 (403.10) Plastic Piping, Joints and FittingsSection AG101 Plastic Piping Standards602.2.1.7 Plastic Plumbing Pipe and Tube602.2.1.7 Plastic Plumbing Piping and Tubing3107F.2.5.4 Plastic Rotation3208.2.1 Plastic Shelves2605.3 Plastic Siding402.6.4 Plastic SignsM2101.17.2 Plastic-to-MetalM2105.10.2 Plastic-to-Metal ConnectionsP2702.3 Plastic Tubular FittingsSection 2605 Plastic VeneerG2427.4.1.1 (503.4.1.1) Plastic Vent JointsSection 21.1307 — Plasticity2512.2 Plasticity Agents1403.8 Plastics3115.2.4 Plastics for Outdoor Exposure HVHZ402.6.4.4 Plastics Other Than Foam Plastics§28-408.4.3 Plate and/or Seal Required(5) Plate Electrode(7) Plate Electrodes1910.215(d)(5)(iii) Plate Mounted Wheels1910.261(l)(8) Platers1305.14.5.1 Plates2308.5.3 Plates and Sills5. Plates or Signs Required and Locations2308.9.2.4 Plates or Sills2.16.3.1 Plates Required and Locations3.3.218* Platform18.4 Platform Access810.5.3 Platform and Vehicle Floor CoordinationFigure 11A-8J Platform at Secondary Exterior Door410.3 Platform Construction3314.5.6 Platform Deflection705.2 Platform Edges1709.1.2 Platform Framed Gable End Wall1910.265(c)(30)(v) Platform Guard5. Platform Guards2.15.9 Platform Guards (Aprons)808.12 Platform Height Above Waterline410 Platform Lifts(C) Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlift Raceways3005.3 Platform Lifts and Stairway Lifts§28-304.3 Platform Lifts, Stairway Chair Lifts and Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs)410.5.2 Platform Lifts With Doors on Adjacent Sides1926.1431(k)(2)508.2.3 Platform or Walkway2.15.15 Platform Side Braces3314.5.1 Platform Spacing5. Platform Stringers3314.5.5 Platform Tiedown407.4.3 Platform to Hoistway Clearance410.4 Platform to Runway Clearance1124A.11 Platform (Wheelchair) Lifts3315.2 Platforms410.10.2 Platforms or Runways in Seating Areas1910.68(c)(3) Platforms or Steps1926.1431(k)(7) Platforms With Controls1926.1431(k)(6) Platforms Without Controls406.11 Play and Water Activity Equipment1224.30.3.1 Play Area1008 Play Areas106.5.44 Play Component1008.4 Play Components2.8- Play FacilitiesSection 424 Play Structures808.5 Play Structures Added to Existing Buildings1008.4.3 Play Tables19.7 Playgrounds468.2.2 Playgrounds and Equipment1224.30.3.1 Playroom94-081 Plaza Bonus91-832 Plaza Improvements74-76 Plazas3.3.219 Plenum(A) Plenum Cable Routing Assemblies and Plenum Communications Raceways(A) Plenum CablesG2409.3.3 (308.3.3) Plenum Clearances(A) Plenum Communications Raceways and Plenum Cable Routing Assemblies(C) Plenum Grade Cable Ties800.179 Plenum, Riser, General-Purpose, and Limited Use Cables2604.1.1 Plenums627.7 Plenums and Air Ducts(B) PLFA Wiring Methods and Materials1910.1026(k)(5) PLHCP's Written Medical Opinion1910.1053(i)(6) PLHCP's Written Medical Opinion for the Employer1910.1053(i)(5) PLHCP's Written Medical Report for the Employee§ 23-27.3-113.6 Plot Plan1503.5 Plot Plan Submission904.4 Plowing707.1 Plug5706. Plug and Cap(3) Plug Connections to Vehicles406.1.2 Plug FusesPart V Plug Fuses, Fuseholders, and Adapters608.6 Plug Load ControlsC409.3.5 Plug Load System Energy Use603.2.3 Plug LoadsH 1101.1 Plugged and Capped530.14 Plugging Boxes530.21 Plugs and Receptacles3314.9.3 Plumb1926.1435(b)(5) Plumb Tolerance7.24 Plumbed Emergency Eyewash and Shower EquipmentP-1502.2 Plumber's ResponsibilitySection 9-1003 Plumbers[A] 101.4.3 Plumbing§77 Plumbing and Drainage§28-417.1 Plumbing and Fire Suppression Piping Contractor License Board112. Plumbing and Fuel Gas Piping, Fittings, Fixtures, and EquipmentP104.5 Plumbing and Gas Service3002.9 Plumbing and Mechanical Systems2.1-8.4.2 Plumbing and Other Piping SystemsE306.4 Plumbing and Wiring Chases3.3.56.4 Plumbing CodeSection A-905 Plumbing Code FeesM1307.6 Plumbing ConnectionsDivision 6: Plumbing Elements and Facilities323.0 Plumbing Equipment Schedules. [OSHPD 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5]508.5.11 Plumbing Facilities603.5.19 Plumbing Fixture FittingsP2702.1 Plumbing Fixtures213.3 Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories2.2-2.3.3 Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings405.5 Plumbing Fixtures With a Pumped Waste3002.9 Plumbing, Gas and Mechanical Systems2.31 Plumbing in Flood Hazard Areas1002.10 Plumbing in Mental Health Centers14A-4-411.3.29 Plumbing Information14A-5-502.6 Plumbing Inspections104.2.3.2 Plumbing Inspector101.5 Plumbing Licensing ProvisionAJ301.1.2 Plumbing Materials and SuppliesK 101.4.1 Plumbing Materials and Systems1705.13.6 Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Components1705.12.3 Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, and Electrical ComponentsR109.1.2 Plumbing, Mechanical, Gas and Electrical Systems InspectionA-905.3 Plumbing Permit FeesA-301.1.4 Plumbing Permits1602.2 Plumbing Plan Submission107.15 Plumbing Plans104. Plumbing Plans Examiner1133A.7.1 Plumbing ProtectionSection P-106 Plumbing RegulationsR105.2.3 Plumbing Rough-in Inspection449.4.2.7 Plumbing Standards3.3.6 Plumbing Supply FittingsC105.2.3 Plumbing System[P] 504.3 Plumbing System Hazards3005.6 Plumbing SystemsSection 504 Plumbing Systems and FixturesSection 504 Plumbing Systems and Fixtures [P]1926.754(d) Plumbing-Up2.8-8.4.3 Plumbing Vents909.8.5 Plume Contact With Walls454. Plunge Pool Decks454. Plunge Pool Dimension454. Plunge Pool Floor Slope454. Plunge Pool Main Drains454. Plunge Pool Volume454. Plunge Pool Water Depth3.18.2.3 Plunger Connection3.18.2.2 Plunger Design3.18.2.7 Plunger-Follower Guide3.17.3 Plunger Gripper8.2.8.6 Plunger Gripper Application Pressure3.18.2.6 Plunger Heads Subject to Fluid Pressure3.18.2.4 Plunger Joints2. Plunger Lateral Movement Requirements2.22.4.5 Plunger Requirements2. Plunger Return Requirements8. Plunger-Return Test3.18.4 Plunger Stops3.18.2 Plungers8. Plungers Not Subject to Eccentric Loading8. Plungers Subject to Eccentric Loading3.18.2.5 Plungers Subject to External Pressure8. Plungers Subjected to External PressureA406.3.2.2 Plywood Panel Construction[BS] A112.3 Plywood-Sheathed Shear WallsSection 2805 Plywood, Veneer and Composite Board MillsSection 2805 Plywood, Veneer Andcomposite Board MillsSection 890.1530 Pneumatic Ejectors705.3.2 Pneumatic Leak Tests1926.302(b) Pneumatic Power Tools1910.243(b) Pneumatic Powered Tools and Hose3.3.90.15 Pneumatic Rate-of-Rise Tubing Heat DetectorP3113.4.2 Pneumatic Sewage Ejectors916.5.2 Pneumatic Sewage Ejectors Vent1910.217(h)(3) Pneumatic Systems602.2.1.3 Pneumatic Tubing§27-611 Pneumatically Placed ConcreteB 101.4 Pneumatics1224.4.8.2 Pocket Doors1126A.3.4.3 Pocket/ Hinge Side Approach808.6 Point A230.26 Point of Attachment694.68 Point of Connection250.164 Point of Connection for Direct-Current Systems814.5 Point of Discharge(F) Point of Entrance63.9.14.2 Point-of-Fill Connections1910.211(d)(45) Point of Operation1910.217(c)(3) Point of Operation Devices1926.300(b)(4) "Point of Operation Guarding"1910.264(c) Point-of-Operation Guards1910.211(a)(1) Point of Operations3.3.220 Point of Safety1109.12.3 Point of Sale and Service Counters11B-220.2 Point-of-Sale Devices1109.11.3 Point of Sales and Service Counters(A) Point of Supply690.42 Point of System Grounding Connection63. Point of UseL 410.3 Point-of-Use Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment SystemsC402.6.2 Point Thermal Bridges[BS] A107.1 Pointing21-8 Pointing of Unreinforced Masonry Walls(A) Points of Transition*2.5-3.8.3 Poison Control Center1224.33.3.9 Poison Control Center and EMS Communications Center422.40 Polarity in Cord-and-Plug-Connected Appliances200.11 Polarity of Connections(A) Polarization(B) Polarization of Connections410.50 Polarization of Luminaires1926.1101 App K - Polarized Light Microscopy of Asbestos - Non-Mandatory1910.268(s)(31) Pole Balcony or Seat9.2.5 Pole Buildings1910.268(g)(2) Pole Climbers1910.268(s)(32) Pole Platform1926.452(a) "Pole Scaffolds"[BS] A403.4.1 Pole Structures3314.12.4 Poles(F) Poles or Towers Supporting Wind Turbines Used as a Raceway1224.33.4.6 Police and Press RoomA-505.6 Police AssistanceA-202.6 Policies and Procedures1910.94(b)(1)(xiii) Polishing and Buffing WheelsSection R340 Pollutant Control506.5.2 Pollution-Control Units1209.3.3 Polybutylene Joints1203.9 Polybutylene Plastic Pipe and Tubing1211.9 Polyethylene/Aluminum/Polyethylene (PE-AL-PE)605.20 Polyethylene/Aluminum/Polyethylene (PE-AL-PE) and Cross-Linked Polyethylene/Aluminum/Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX-AL-PEX)M2104.4 Polyethylene/Aluminum/Polyethylene (PE-AL-PE) Pressure Pipe1203.17 Polyethylene/Aluminum/Polyethylene (PE-ALPE) Pressure Pipe1211.10 Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT)1209.3.4 Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT) JointsP2906.20 Polyethylene of Raised Temperature PlasticF 104.4.1 Polyethylene (PE)1211.8 Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe/Tubing705.5 Polyethylene (PE) Sewer Pipe605.19 Polyethylene PlasticP3003.12 Polyethylene Plastic PipeM2101.18 Polyethylene Plastic Pipe and TubingM2104.2.1 Polyethylene Plastic Pipe and Tubing for Ground Source Heat Pump Loop SystemsP2906.3 Polyethylene Plastic Piping Installation6603.4.2 Polymerization803.3.4.4 PolyolefinP3003.11 Polyolefin Plastic705.15 Polypropylene Plastic10.2.4.7 Polypropylene (PP) and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)1211.11 Polypropylene (PP) Pipe605.11 Polypropylene (PP) Piping and JointsM2101.19 Polypropylene (PP) Plastic[BS] 1404.18 Polypropylene SidingR703.14.1 Polypropylene Siding and Accessories1211.12 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe705.14 Polyvinylidene Fluoride Plastic1910.265(d)(2)(iv) Pond Boats and Rafts2205.5 Ponding1608.3 Ponding Instability321.2.1 Pool and Deck IlluminationR403.10 Pool and Permanent Spa Energy ConsumptionSection G2441 (617) Pool and Spa Heaters454.1.3 Pool AppurtenancesE4206.13 Pool Area Heating407.4 Pool CirculationG106.5 Pool Cleaner FittingsSection 3108B Pool ConstructionN1103.8.3 Pool CoversSection 3114B Pool Decks454. Pool DepthsSection 3119B Pool EnclosureSection 3122B Pool Equipment Enclosure(5) Pool Equipment RoomSection 3137B Pool Fittings454. Pool Floor Slope and Slope TransitionSection 807 Pool FloorsSection 3109B Pool GeometrySection M2006 Pool Heaters465.13.2.1 Pool Integrity465.15 Pool Irradiators Shall Meet the Following Construction Requirements465.13.2 Pool Irradiators Shall Meet the Following Design Requirements411.4 Pool Ladder Design and Construction1009.2.1 Pool Lift Location1009.2 Pool LiftsSection 3115B Pool LightingE4205.5 Pool Motors324.2 Pool or Spa Location406.2 Pool Perimeter Access(D) Pool Pump Motor Replacement3109.3 Pool Safety and Accessibility3108B.1 Pool ShellSection 3136B Pool Skimming SystemsE3608.7 Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Structures and Structural Reinforcing Steel1009.6 Pool Stairs610.5 Pool Steps*5.3- Pool StoragePool Structure305.5 Pool Structure as a Barrier3109.4.1.9 Pool Structure as Barrier3120B.2 Pool User Capacity Sign454. Pool Waste Water Disposal(C) Pool WaterE4207.9 Pool Water Heaters1808.7.3 PoolsC502.2.5 Pools and Inground Permanently InstalledC502.3.5 Pools and Inground Permanently Installed SpasN1103.9 (R403.9) Pools and Inground Permanently Installed Spas (Mandatory)N1103.10 (R403.10) Pools and Permanent Spa Energy Consumption (Mandatory)C502.2.5 Pools and Permanent Spas[BS] 304.3 Pools and Spas in Coastal High-Hazard Areas[BS] 304.2.1 Pools and Spas Located in Designated Floodways[BS] 304.2.2 Pools and Spas Located Where Floodways Have Not Been DesignatedPart VI Pools and Tubs for Therapeutic Use411.1.4 Pools Greater Than 30 Feet Wide607.3 Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas607.3.1 Pools in Conditioned SpaceR322.2.5 Pools in Flood Hazard AreasR322.2.5.1 Pools Located in Designated FloodwaysR322.2.5.2 Pools Located Where Floodways Have Not Been Designated403.9 Pools (Mandatory)(B) Pools, Spas, Fountains, and Similar Locations305.2.10 Poolside Barrier SetbacksL 411.10.3 Pop-Up Type Sprinkler Heads8102.1.3.1 PopulationR406.3.3 Porous Fill69.2.6.3 Porta-PACS1910.266(i)(5) Portability of Training(2) Portable1910.243(c) Portable Abrasive Wheels1910.253(f)(5) Portable Acetylene Generators660.21 Portable and Mobile Equipment1910.305(g)(1)(ii)(D) Portable and Mobile Signs307.6 Portable and Permanent Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits and Decorative Appliances1910.106(e)(5)(i) Portable and Special EquipmentPart III Portable and Temporary Audio System Installations250.34 Portable and Vehicle-Mounted Generators454.1.8.11 Portable and Wooden Spa Pools530.17 Portable Arc Lamps1910.243(a)(3) Portable Belt Sanding MachinesPart III Portable Cables Over 600 Volts, Nominal(A) Portable Carbon Arc Lamps1910.243(a)(1) Portable Circular Saws608.17.8 Portable Cleaning Equipment609.3.3 Portable Commercial Cooking Equipment Markings69.2.1.2 Portable Container Appurtenance Physical Damage Protection5705.2.7 Portable Container Dispensing[F] 502.9.10.1 Portable Container Use63. Portable Containers5303.4.2 Portable Containers, Cylinders and Tanks63. Portable Containers or Systems63. Portable Containers With Volume Less Than 2.0 scf (0.057 Nm3) Portable Cryogenic Containers1910.306(k)(4) Portable Distribution and Termination Boxes525.22 Portable Distribution or Termination Boxes1910.334(a) Portable Electric Equipment11.5.3 Portable Electric HeaterR111.4 Portable Electric Heaters2404.6.2.4 Portable Electric Lamps43.1.4.8 Portable Electric Lights43.1.4.8 Portable Electric Luminaires603.9 Portable, Electric Space Heaters668.20 Portable Electrical Equipment(A) Portable Electrical Equipment Not to Be Grounded1910.110(e)(12) Portable Engines in Buildings(A) Portable Equipment520.10 Portable Equipment Used Outdoors1028.8.2.3 Portable Escape Ladder1910.106(h)(6)(i) Portable Extinguishers(B) Portable Feeders(J) Portable Fire Alarm System5706.6.4 Portable Fire Extinguisher4705.5 Portable Fire Extinguisher Required901.6.3.2 Portable Fire Extinguisher Sales38.7.3 Portable Fire Extinguisher TrainingSection 906 Portable Fire Extinguishers1904.2 Portable Fire Extinguishers and Hose5703.2.1 Portable Fire Extinguishers and Hose Lines446.9 Portable Fire Extinguishers and Other Fire Appliances906.1.1 Portable Fire Extinguishers for Assembly Occupancies904.12.5 Portable Fire Extinguishers for Commercial Cooking Equipment904.13.2 Portable Fire Extinguishers for Domestic Cooking Equipment in Group I-2[F] 904.13.2 Portable Fire Extinguishers for Domestic Cooking Equipment in Group I-2 Condition 13317.3 Portable Fire Extinguishers for Roofing Operations906.4.1 Portable Fire Extinguishers for Solid Fuel Cooking Appliances2804.3 Portable Fire Extinguishers or Standpipes and Hose1926.150(c) Portable Firefighting Equipment2010.3.1 Portable Fuel TanksSection 313 Portable Fueled Equipment308.1.6.2 Portable Fueled Open-Flame DevicesSection 3303 Portable Fueled Space Heaters3303.3 Portable Gas-Fueled Heaters3.3.220 Portable Generator702.11 Portable Generator Grounding[NY] 4003.4.5 Portable Generator Separation(A) Portable Generators(B) Portable Generators 15 kW or Less(A) Portable Generators Greater Than 15 kW and Permanently Installed Generators1910.94(b)(1)(xiv) Portable Grinder1910.241(b)(4) Portable Grinding605.11 Portable Halogen Floor Lamps1910.304(g)(6)(vi)(C)(8) Portable Hand Lamps(B) Portable HandlampsArticle 414 Portable High-Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer License§28-414.1 Portable High-Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer License Required2.5-2.3.6 Portable Hydrotherapy Whirlpools2404. Portable Infrared Apparatus1910.23(c) Portable Ladders1926.955 Portable Ladders and Platforms1926.405(j)(1)(iii) Portable Lamps(1) Portable Lighting Equipment1910.268(i)(7) Portable Lights, Tools, and Appliances3306.2.1 Portable Liquid Oxygen Containers[NY] 4003.4.4.1 Portable LP-Gas Containers in Buildings410.82 Portable Luminaires(C) Portable Luminaires or Other Utilization Equipment5604.12.7 Portable Magazines(B) Portable, Mobile, and Transportable Equipment(B) Portable Motor of 1/3 Horsepower or Less430.243 Portable Motors313.6 Portable Natural Gas Heaters(B) Portable Noncarbon Arc Electric-Discharge Lamps3303.2 Portable Oil-Fueled Heaters(A) Portable or Mobile Equipment600.10 Portable or Mobile Signs307.5 Portable Outdoor Barbecues307.4.3 Portable Outdoor Fireplaces605.5.2 Portable Outdoor Gas-Fired Heating Appliances1910.253(c)(4) Portable Outlet Headers1224. Portable Oxygen Storage(2) Portable Power Cables520.62 Portable Power Distribution Units1910.268(i)(5) Portable Power Equipment1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(h) Portable Power Tools1910.243(a) Portable Powered Tool3.3.157 Portable Racks[NY] 4004.1.1 Portable RestroomsSection H115 Portable Signs[NY] 907.9.1 Portable Smoke Alarms in Group R-1 Occupancies and Group R-3 Lodging Houses313.5 Portable Space Heaters19.7.8* Portable Space-Heating DevicesN1103.11 (R403.11) Portable SpasG104.2 Portable Spas and Hot TubsN1103.11 (R403.11) Portable Spas (Mandatory)Part V Portable Stage Equipment Other Than Switchboards69.2.1.3 Portable Storage Containers520.64 Portable Strips530.62 Portable SubstationsPart IV Portable Switchboards on Stage3.3.279.4* Portable Tank3.3.255.4* Portable Tank (Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids)1910.111(f)(10) Portable Tank Containers (Skid Tanks)2306.2.5 Portable Tanks4005.1.4 Portable Tanks and Containers6004. Portable Tanks and CylindersP-718.1 Portable ToiletsE105.1 Portable Toilets and Bathing Rooms605.5 Portable Unvented Heaters(2) Portable Utilization Equipment40.* Portable Vacuum Cleaners250.34 Portable, Vehicle-Mounted, and Trailer-Mounted Generators1910.255(c) Portable Welding Machines530.12 Portable Wiring(A) Portable Wiring and Equipment(B) Portable Wiring Inside Tents and Concessions1926.800(o)(1) Portal Areas2308.6.5.2 Portal Frame With Hold-Downs (PFH)(B) Portable Wiring Inside Tents and Concessions§27-336 Porticos, Porches, Etc1113.1.2 Portion of a Building14X-2-201.2 Portions2308.1.1 Portions Exceeding Limitations of Conventional Construction2308.1.1 Portions Exceeding Limitations of Conventional Light-Frame Construction705.12 Portions of a Building Cantilevered Over Existing Buildings2103.2.3.7 Portland Cement Grouts5706.4.7.17 Ports and Doors to Quarters305.5 Position404.6 Position and Connection of Switches312.3 Position in Wall9.5 Position, Location, Spacing, and Use of Sprinklers2006.17.1 Position of Aircraft609.4.2 Position of Children's Grab Bars609.4 Position of Grab Bars(D) Position of Receptacle Faces2. Position of Socket Preparatory to Pouring Embedment Medium409.2.5 Position on Deck409.2.4 Position on Pool WallG2427.12.6 (503.12.6) Positioning1926.964(c)(15) Positioning Bucket Near Energized Bushing or Insulator String1926.502(e) "Positioning Device Systems"1106.5.1 Positioning of Aircraft Fuel-Servicing Vehicles42.10.5.12 Positioning of Aircraft Fuel Servicing Vehicles and Carts42. Positioning of Aircraft Fuel Servicing Vehicles and Carts During Fueling2006.5.1 Positioning of Aircraft-Fueling Vehicles5809.6.3 Positioning of Fueling Vehicle1926.954(b)(2)(vii)1910.140(e) Positioning SystemsC Positions of Application for Compression Type Joints24.4.3 Positive Alarm SequenceC403.3.2.3 Positive Displacement (Air- And Water-Cooled) Chilling Package6. Positive Displacement (Air- And Water-Cooled) Chilling PackagesC403.3.2.2 Positive Displacement (Air- And Water-Cooled) Chilling Packages (Mandatory)C403.2.3.2 Positive Displacement (Air- And Watercooled) Chilling Packages1112.2 Positive Displacement Compressor13.4.9.1 Positive Displacement Pumps1926.1437(e)(2)801.4 Positive Flow1910.1025(d)(4) Positive Initial Determination and Initial MonitoringG2425.6 (501.6) Positive Pressure1910.155(c)(34) Positive-Pressure Breathing Apparatus14.12.2 Positive Pressure Drainage From Air/Waste Separators in Dental Vacuum Systems1324.5.9.3 Positive Pressure Gases1224. Positron Emission Tomography (PET)*2.1- Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Facilities(4) 5618.4 Possession(f) 5614.1.6 Possession, Transportation and Storage of Fireworks*3.1- Post-Acute Care FacilitiesAS106.15 Post-and-Beam With Strawbale Infill1224.39.3.4 Post-Anesthesia Recovery Area1926.1412(c) Post-Assembly1926.1436(g) Post-Assembly Approval and Testing--New or Reinstalled Derricks1926.1441(b)(2)(ii) Post-Assembly Inspection5607.14 Post-Blast Procedures5607.17 Post-Blasting Procedures5607.22 Post-Blasting Survey1007.3 Post Certificate of Occupancy zEPI, Energy Demand, and CO2e Emissions Reporting611.3.4 Post-Commissioning Documentation5.4.7* Post-Construction ConditionsE 802.6 Post Construction Documentation and Training804.2 Post-Construction, Pre-Occupancy Baseline IAQ Testing**107.11.3 Post-Construction Stormwater Management Facilities1114.9 Post-Construction Stormwater Management Facilities Required by Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan5609.12.1 Post-Discharge Inspection5608.9.1 Post-Display Inspection Affidavit5608.9 Post-Display Site Safety Measures1910.423 Post-Dive Procedures3106F.5.3 Post-Earthquake Static Slope Stability1616A.1.39 Post-Earthquake Structural Verification1910.120(q)(11) Post-Emergency Response Operations1926.1435(f)(3) Post-Erection Inspection3102F.4 Post-Event Inspection3102F.4 Post-Event Notification and Inspection3102F.4.4 Post-Event RatingsSection 916 Post-Fire Smoke Exhaust System403.4.7 Post-Fire Smoke Purge909.2.1 Post-Fire Smoke Purge System MaintenanceSection 917 Post-Fire Smoke Purge Systems917.3 Post-Fire Smoke Purge Systems in Occupancy Group R-2917.2 Post-Fire Smoke Purge Systems in Occupancy Groups Other Than R-25608.9 Post-Fireworks Display InspectionSection G304 post-FIRM Construction and Substantial ImprovementsSection G304 post-FIRM Construction, Horizontal Enlargements and Substantial ImprovementsSection 324 Post Frame Accessory Structures16.9.9* Post-Indicator Valves1315.15 Post InstallationP3010.7 Post-Installation InspectionP3011.8 Post-Installation Recorded Video Camera Survey1901.3.3 Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors1705.37 Post-Installed Anchors307.3 Post-Mounted Objects611.3.5 Post-Occupancy Recommissioning903.1.2 Post-Occupancy Report Requirement469.4.4 Post-Operative Area(s)3903.4 Post-Process Purification and Winterization112. Post-Rebuilding Clearance Testing25.8 Post-Tensioning Anchorages and Couplers3.7.5 Post-Tensioning Anchors25.6.2 Post-Tensioning Ducts1926.701(c) Post-Tensioning Operations2. Post-Yield Analyses1926.12(b)(53) Postal Reorganization Act (39 U.S.C. 410(D)(2))A5.204.4.5 Postconstruction Documentation and TrainingN1103.2.2.1 Postconstruction Test:§27-527 Posted Capacity1029.1.3 Posted Capacity Sign14A-3-301.4.2 Posted Notice§ 23-27.3-121.2 Posted Occupancy Load14X-5-505.4.1 Posted Occupant Capacity5003.10.6 Posted Sequence of Operation§ 23-27.3-121.1 Posted Use and Occupancy1926.1433(d)(5) Posted WarningsSection 515 Postfire Smoke Purge Systems1607.8.5 Posting*§28-504.1.4 Posting and Availability of Bicycle Access Plan or Letter of Exception120.5.3 Posting and KeepingA-303.2 Posting and Notice§ 23-27.3-121.0 Posting Buildings4704.4.1 Posting in Guest Rooms in Hotels and Motels5605.6.9 Posting Limits465.4.4 Posting of Air-Borne Radioactivity Areas465.4.4 Posting of Airborne Radioactivity Areas403.2.6 Posting of an Emergency Exit Plan465.4.5 Posting of Areas or Rooms in Which Licensed Material Is Used or Stored*§28-118.19 Posting of Certificates of Occupancy(c) 109.3.3 Posting of Citation by Responsible Party§28-418.6 Posting of Disciplinary Actions1926.1407(g) Posting of Electrocution Warnings*§28-504.1.4.2 Posting of Exception Letter1032.11.1.3 Posting of Fire Escape Conditions465.4.2 Posting of High Radiation Areas**§28-103.33.4 Posting of Information3009.2 Posting of Inspection Certificate514.1.3 Posting of Instructions1004.9 Posting of Maximum Capacity Signs118.5 Posting of Notice1004.9 Posting of Occupant Load§28-503.4 Posting of Order§28-212.8 Posting of Order of Closure110.3.1.2 Posting of Orders[A] 106.5.7 Posting of Permit3316.4.2 Posting of PermitsA-302.8 Posting of Permits and Licenses110.5 Posting of Permits; Limitation of Approval118.6 Posting of Placard*§28-504.1.4.1 Posting of Plan3301.9.1.2 Posting of Project Information Panels465.4.1 Posting of Radiation Areas§27-2104 Posting of Serial Number3301.9.2.2 Posting of Sidewalk Shed Parapet Information Panels3301.9.2.2 Posting of Sidewalk Shed Parapet Panels611.1 Posting of Signs4908.2 Posting of Signs Prohibiting Smoking and Burning3009.3.1 Posting of Temporary Use Certificate465.4.3 Posting of Very High Radiation Areas4704.4 Posting or Distribution of Fire Safety Information§28-216.6.2 Posting Report of Survey§4-01 Posting Requirements[A] 105.3.5 Posting the Permit1224. Postpartum Bed Ratio2.2- Postpartum Room[A] 109.5 Postponed Hearing112.7.1 Postponement312.2 Posts2304.12.2.2 Posts or Columns2.1- Pot- And Pan-Washing Facilities1224.20.2.11 Pot Washing Facilities802.1.3 Potable Clear-Water Waste9.1.8 Potable Clear-Water WastesK 103.0 Potable Rainfall Catchment System MaterialsP-804.1 Potable to Non-Potable[P] 1203.3.1 Potable Water707.15 Potable Water ApplicationsP2910.5 Potable Water ConnectionsA4.304.2 Potable Water Elimination608.4 Potable Water Handling and Treatment Equipment606.5.6 Potable Water Inlet Control and Location603.5.17 Potable Water Outlets and Valves3.4 Potable Water Piping428.1.1 Potable Water Prohibited for Once Through CoolingSection 890.1160 Potable Water Pumping and Storage Equipment609.8.2 Potable Water Pumps*1.2- Potable Water Quality and Conservation9.1.12 Potable Water Relief Valve Discharge PipingP2901.1 Potable Water RequiredP3201.2.1.1 Potable Water-Supplied Trap Seal Primer Valve1005.2 Potable Water SupplyP2910.5 Potable Water Supply System Connections2.1- Potable Water Supply Systems607.0 Potable Water Supply TanksSection 890.1170 Potable Water Supply Tanks and Auxiliary Pressure Tanks608.12 Potable Water TanksE 506.1 Potable Watering StationsN 104.0 Potential Exposure3309.6.2 Potential Hazard2603.5.3 Potential Heat1910.146(c)(5)(ii)(C)(3) Potential Toxic Air Contaminants1926.800(h)(1) Potentially Gassy Operations403.1.3 Potty Parity1220.2.2 Poured Concrete Slab Systems (Thermal Mass)1217.5 Poured Floor Structural Concrete Slab Systems (Thermal Mass)1217.6 Poured Floor Systems (Thermal Mass)1220.4.2 Poured Structural Concrete Slab Systems2306.9.7 Pouring Concrete and BackfillingSection 3318 Powder-Actuated Tool Loads5606.8 Powder-Actuated Tool Loads at Construction Sites1926.302(e) Powder-Actuated Tools(C) Powder Coating2201.3.1 Powder Coating Operations43. Powder Coating Systems17.2.2.9 Powder-Driven Studs320.3.4 Powder Evaluation(H) Powder Filling "q"1134A.3 Powder Rooms(A) Power1901.3.1 Power Actuated Fasteners(1) Power and Control EquipmentArticle 336 Power and Control Tray Cable: Type TC7.2.13.7* Power and Control WiringSection 7.1 Power and Hand Dumbwaiters Without Automatic Transfer Devices1013.4 Power and Miniature Boilers53. Power and Supervision106.2.6 Power Assist and Low Energy Power Operated Doors3.3.222.2* Power-Assisted Door8-603.4 Power-Assisted Doors4.3.20 Power Attachments1010.2 Power Boilers3320.7 Power Buggies490.55 Power Cable Connections to Mobile Machines(A) Power Circuits2.13.3 Power Closing2.13.3.2 Power Closing of Horizontally Sliding Hoistway Doors and Horizontally Sliding Car Doors or Gates by Continuous-Pressure Means2.13.3.4 Power Closing of Vertically Sliding Hoistway Doors and Vertically Sliding Car Doors or Gates2.13.3.1 Power Closing or Automatic Self-Closing of Car Doors or Gates Where Used With Manually Operated or Self-Closing Hoistway Doors1926.702(c) Power Concrete Trowels1910.268(m)(1) Power Conductors[F] 916.4 Power Connections1910.261(e)(16) Power Control705.13 Power Control Systems10.4.3.5 Power Conversion System605.2 Power Distribution and Receptacles(E) Power Distribution Blocks645.17 Power Distribution Units(K) Power Distribution Wiring and Wiring Protection3.3.222 Power Doors1910.218(d) Power-Driven Hammers7.2.10.1 Power DumbwaitersSection 7.8 Power Dumbwaiters With Automatic Transfer DevicesSection 7.1 Power Dumbwaiters Without Automatic Transfer Devices(5) Power Electronic Devices(2) Power Equipment[F] 805.3.3 Power Failure1926.1436(j) Power Failure Procedures(B) Power Feed Bus Rail Conductor Size(2) Power for Fuel Transfer Pumps620.52 Power From More Than One Source(B) Power Fuses and Fuseholders4.3-6.4.2 Power-Generating and Power-Storing Equipment2.1-8.3.3 Power-Generating and -Storing Equipment1910.269(v) Power Generation40.2.6.2* Power-Generation Buildings(C) Power Inlet(C) Power Inlets Rated at 100 Amperes or Greater, for Portable Generators455.22 Power Interruption1910.243(e) Power Lawnmowers830.15 Power Limitations(A) Power-Limited Control Circuits(B) Power-Limited Fire Alarm (PLFA) Circuits1910.269(s)(2) Power-Line Carrier1926.1410 Power Line Safety (All Voltages)--Equipment Operations Closer Than the Table A Zone1926.1409 Power Line Safety (Over 350 kV)1926.1407 Power Line Safety (Up to 350 kV)--Assembly and Disassembly1926.1408 Power Line Safety (Up to 350 kV)--Equipment Operations1926.1411 Power Line Safety-While Traveling Under or Near Power Lines With No Load3404.4 Power Lines5607.16.4.7 Power Lines and Portable Electric Cables1926.1407(f) Power Lines Presumed Energized(A) Power Loss Hazard408.23 Power Monitoring and Energy Management Equipment(B) Power Monitoring Equipment(B) Power Monitoring or Energy Management Equipment2.13.2 Power Opening2.13.2.1 Power Opening of Car Doors or Gates8. Power Opening of Doors2.13.2.2 Power Opening of Hoistway Doors2.14.4.10 Power-Operated and Power-Opened or Power-Closed Doors or Gates1910.179(a)(9) Power-Operated Crane3.3.222.3 Power-Operated Door1010.3.2 Power-Operated Doors[F] 408.4.2 Power-Operated Doors and Locks1926.302 Power-Operated Hand Tools106.2.7 Power Operated Pedestrian Doors408.3.2.1 Power Operation8. Power Operation of Door System8.7.2.12 Power Operation of Hoistway DoorsSection 2.13 Power Operation of Hoistway Doors and Car Doors7.4.15 Power Operation of Hoistway Doors and Car Doors and Gates7.1.13 Power Operation of Hoistway Doors and Car Doors or Gates5. Power Operation of Hoistway Doors and Gates5.11.13 Power Operation of Landing Platform Doors and Car Doors or Gates8. Power Operation of the Door SystemSection 3.13 Power Operation, Power Opening, and Power Closing of Hoistway Doors and Car Doors or Gates1910.212(a)(3)(iv)(d) Power Presses1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(f) Power SawsSection 5.5 Power Sidewalk Elevators1013.6.3 Power SourceAF103.10 Power Source and Access for Future Radon Fan(A) Power Source Considerations695.3 Power Source(s) for Electric Motor-Driven Fire Pumps(G) Power Source SelectionPart II Power SourcesPart III Power Sources and Connection[F] 909.11.2 Power Sources and Power Surges725.121 Power Sources for Class 2 and Class 3 CircuitsE4302.1 Power Sources for Class 2 Circuits522.10 Power Sources for Control Circuits760.121 Power Sources for PLFA Circuits§27-980 Power Sources of Smoke Detecting Devices[BG] 1401.3.9 Power Supplier(B) Power Supplies[F] 907.6.2 Power Supply551.44 Power-Supply Assembly(D) Power-Supply Assembly Not Less Than 30 Amperes1910.306(h)(4) Power Supply Circuits and Receptacles for Portable Electric Equipment668.21 Power-Supply Circuits and Receptacles for Portable Electrical Equipment(B) Power-Supply Conductors and Class 1 Circuit Conductors(B) Power-Supply Conductors and NPLFA Circuit Conductors(A) Power-Supply Cord(B) Power-Supply Cords10.6.8 Power Supply for Remotely Located Control Equipment(A) Power-Supply Grounding5906.5.4 Power Supply Interlock427.18 Power Supply Leads(B) Power Supply Leads Protection10.6.3 Power Supply Sources[F] 909.11 Power Systems694.52 Power Systems Employing Energy Storage604.4.1 Power Tap Design1032.10.2 Power Test604.6.2.1 Power Test Record105. Power to Authorize Acts§27-2125 Power to Cause or Order Corrections of Violations120.5.1.2 Power to Deny§27-2092 Power to Hold Hearings; Subpoena Power; Production of Documents§27-2091 Power to Issue Orders§27-2090 Power to Make Regulations§27-2139 Power to Order Dwelling Vacated105.8.1 Power to Revoke105.5.1 Power to Revoke, Suspend or DenySection 92.0107 Power to Seal Equipment Out of Service and Stop Work104.17.1 Power to Waive(C) Power Transformers1926.307(c)(5) "Power-Transmission Apparatus Located in Basements"(A) Power Unit695.6 Power Wiring7.2.1.9* Powered Door Leaf Operation616.1 Powered Equipment915.2 Powered Equipment and Appliances1926.602(d) Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training10.18 Powered Industrial TrucksSection 309 Powered Industrial Trucks and Equipment4004.8 Powered Industrial Trucks and Other Mechanical Handling EquipmentSection 309 Powered Industrial Trucks, Equipment and Mobility Devices309.2.2 Powered Industrial Trucks Using Flammable Gas Fuel1910.66(e) Powered Platform Installations-Affected Parts of Buildings1910.66(f) Powered Platform Installations-Equipment1910.66 Powered Platforms for Building Maintenance1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(d) Powered Presses840.160 Powering CircuitsSection G103 Powers and Duties106.1 Powers and Duties, Generally§27-2135 Powers and Duties of ReceiverSection 106 Powers and Duties of the Building Official[A] 104.1 Powers and Duties of the Code OfficialArticle 1 Powers and Functions of the Department104.3.1 Powers, Local Boards of Building AppealsSection 92.0135 Powers of Department and Board72-00 Powers of the Board of Standards and Appeals§27-2088 Powers of the Board of Standards and Appeals; Cellar and Basement Occupancies74-00 Powers of the City Planning Commission[A] 105.1 Practical Difficulties(A) Practical SafeguardingR602.12 Practical Wall Bracing1251.4 Practice Management238.3 Practice Putting Greens, Practice Teeing Grounds, and Teeing Stations at Driving Ranges10.9.2 Pre-Alarm3.* Pre-Alarm Condition10.8.2.1 Pre-Alarm Condition Detection3.3.250.2* Pre-Alarm Response3.3.263.7* Pre-Alarm Signal2.1-3.4 Pre- And Post-Procedure Patient Care2.2- Pre- And Post-Procedure Patient Care Area2.9-3.3 Pre- And Post-Procedure Patient Care Areas2.2- Pre- And Post-Procedure/Recovery Accommodations2.5-3.4.3 Pre- And Post-Treatment Patient Care Areas2.2-3.3.5 Pre- And Postoperative Patient Care14A-4-409 Pre-Application Services5607.13 Pre-Blast Procedures5607.2.1 Pre-Blasting Survey3307.16 Pre-Blasting Survey, Post-Blasting Survey and Blasting PlanA1.1 Pre-Calculated Assembly U-Factors, C-Factors, F-Factors, or Heat CapacitiesP-407.1 Pre-Cast Bituminous Joints612.7.1 Pre-Concealment InspectionA4.404.4 Pre-Cut Materials and Details1910.155(c)(35) Pre-Discharge Employee Alarm1910.421 Pre-Dive Procedures(A) Pre-Energization and Operating Tests1910.120(b)(4)(iii) Pre-Entry Briefing1926.1435(f)(2) Pre-Erection Inspection§4802-01 Pre-Existing Definitions§4804-01 Pre-Existing Emergency Planning and Preparedness§102-01 Pre-Existing Facilities and Conditions§4822-01 Pre-Existing Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities and Repair GaragesA-402.10.6.4 Pre-Final Inspection3308.2 Pre-Fire Plans§13-13 Pre-Hearing Procedures. [Repealed]3504.3.1 Pre-Hot-Work Check716.3 Pre-Installation InspectionP3012.3.1 Pre-Installation Recorded Video Camera SurveyP3012.3 Pre-Installation Requirements*3319.8.3 Pre-Jump Safety Meeting1926.1431(m) Pre-Lift Meeting4.2.10 Pre-Northridge Earthquake Welded Moment Frame Joints469.4.2 Pre-Operative Area(s)1226.5.11.3 Pre-Operative Patient Holding1910.1001(l)(2) Pre-Placement Examinations1926.752(d) Pre-Planning of Overhead Hoisting Operations1224.28.4.2 Pre-Procedure and Recovery1224.28.6.3 Pre-Procedure and Recovery Area1224.34.2.6 Pre-Procedure/Holding Area2.2-3.13.4 Pre-Procedure Patient Care Area2.1-3.4.3 Pre-Procedure Patient Care Room or Area1224.39.5.3 Pre-Procedure Patient Holding Area(s)1224.34.6.3 Pre-Procedure/Recovery Accommodations1926.1427(f) Evaluation112. Pre-Rebuilding Clearance TestingA-901.2 Pre-RequisiteP-1302.1 Pre-Requisite Approval420.3 Pre-Rinse Spray Valve4.303.1.4.5 Pre-Rinse Spray Valves420.3.1 Pre-Rinse Spray Valves1224.33.4.3 Pre-Screening Stations3314. Pre-Shift Inspection Checklist Contents3314.4.3.5 Pre-Shift Inspection for a Supported Scaffold3314.4.3.4 Pre-Shift Inspection for a Suspended Scaffold*3301.12.2 Pre-Shift Safety Meeting Content*3301.12.1 Pre-Shift Safety Meeting to Be Conducted by a Competent Person*3301.12 Pre-Shift Safety Meetings1926.753(c)(1) Pre-Shift Visual Inspection of Cranes5001.3.3.12 Pre-Startup Safety Review106.7.6 Pre-Stressing ForcesP2912.5 Pre-Tank FiltrationP-1506.3.1 Pre-Test Option2.5- Pre-Treatment Patient Care Area16.11.3.3 Preaction and Deluge Systems3.3.159 Preaction Sprinkler System8.3.2 Preaction Systems8.3 Preaction Systems and Deluge Systems25. Preaction Systems for CMSA SprinklersA1.1 Precalculated Assembly U-Factors, C-Factors, F-Factors, or Heat Capacities1810.3.5.1 Precast§27-613.1 Precast and Prestressed Concrete18.14.4 Precast Beams and ColumnsR609.3.4 Precast Bond BeamsR402.3 Precast Concrete504.2 Precast Concrete and Site-Constructed Tanks3305.4 Precast Concrete Construction18.12.11 Precast Concrete Diaphragms1926.501(b)(12) "Precast Concrete Erection"R405.1.1 Precast Concrete FoundationR404.5.2 Precast Concrete Foundation Design DrawingsR402.3.1 Precast Concrete Foundation MaterialsR406.4 Precast Concrete Foundation System DampproofingR404.5 Precast Concrete Foundation Walls1912.3 Precast Concrete General1907.7.3 Precast Concrete (Manufactured Under Plant Control Conditions)4.4 Precast Concrete Moment Frames1810.3.8 Precast Concrete Piles§27-708 Precast Concrete Piles (Including Prestressed Sections)5.2 Precast Concrete Shear Walls4.12.1 Precast Concrete Systems1901.7.2 Precast Concrete Tolerances3.7.8 Precast Concrete Walls4.4.2 Precast Connections722.2.4.5 Precast Cover Units for Steel Columns460.7.1.2 Precast Crypt4.4.1 Precast Frames4.4.1 Precast Frames. The Lateral Loads Are Not Resisted by Precast Concrete Frame Elements1909.5 Precast Members1811.6.2 Precast Nonprestressed Concrete Piles1810.3.8.2 Precast Nonprestressed Piles1811.6.3 Precast Prestressed Concrete Piles1810.3.8.3 Precast Prestressed PilesR609.2.6 Precast Units Reinforcement1905.6.5.1 Precaution5306.5.2 Precaution Against Electronic Devices1910.1096(d) Precautionary Procedures and Personal Monitoring§27-848.12 Precautionary Requirements1910.1200(f)(1)(v) Precautionary Statement(s); And3308.9.2 PrecautionsSection 3305 Precautions Against Fire2109.7.4.3 Precautions During Erection3504.1.7 Precautions in Hot Work3314.4.4.12 Precautions While Working Around Powerlines§28-216.7.1 Precedence of Proceeding§28-216.7.2 Precept to Abate6.1.8.2 Precipitation21.406.1 Precision UnitsAS106.12.1 Precompression of Load-Bearing Strawbale WallsP2904.8.1 Preconcealment Inspection611.4.1 Preconstruction Documentation, Building Thermal Envelope611.3.1 Preconstruction Documentation, LightingSection 1709 Preconstruction Load Tests319.10.2 Preconstruction MeetingA-1001.7 Preconstruction Meetings3309.4.3 Preconstruction Survey1908.5 Preconstruction Tests107.12 Predemolition Photographs401.2 Predesign Site Inventory and Assessment§28-1001.3.4 Predicted Energy Use TargetsR609.6.1 Preengineered Assemblies for Masonry Walls904.1.1.3 Preengineered Industrial Fire-Extinguishing Systems904.1.1.1 Preengineered Kitchen Fire-Extinguishing Systems1810.4.4 PreexcavationH 501.14 Prefabricated Septic TanksG308.5 Prefabricated Swimming Pools in Floodways2303.1.2 Prefabricated Wood I-Joists2319.17.2 Prefabricated Wood TrussesPreface407.4 Preferred Vehicle ParkingA4.405.1 Prefinished Building Materials16.4.2.3* Prefire Plans6.5.2.5 Preheat CoilsG3.1.3.19 Preheat Coils (Systems 5 Through 8)2406.6.3 Preheated Parts2406.4.4 Preheating Parts4703.7.1 PreinspectionP3010.3 Preinstallation InspectionP3011.3.1 Preinstallation Recorded Video Camera SurveyP3011.3 Preinstallation RequirementsE102.1 PreliminaryC408.2.4 Preliminary Commissioning Report1926.65(c)(2) Preliminary Evaluation4903.2.1.1 Preliminary Fire Protection PlanG102.2.1 Preliminary Flood Insurance Study and Rate MapsA 102.0 Preliminary Information§27-2122 Preliminary Injunctions[A] 110.2 Preliminary Inspection*§28- Preliminary Inspection Reporting[A] 104.2.2 Preliminary Meeting7-123 Preliminary Plans and Outline Specifications7-123 Preliminary Plans and Specifications115.5 Preliminary Review4.2.0.1 Preliminary Screening1803.1.1.1 Preliminary Soil Report840.102 Premises Circuits Leaving the Building840.101 Premises Circuits Not Leaving the Building(A) Premises Communications Circuits(E) Premises Communications Wires and Cables(F) Premises Community Antenna Television (CATV) CircuitsP-1001.3 Premises Drains26.* Premises Equipment501.2 Premises IdentificationArticle 840 Premises-Powered Broadband Communications SystemsPart VI Premises Powering of Communications Equipment Over Communications Cables6306.6.2 Premises Signage1910.331(a)(1) Premises Wiring3.3.160 Premixed Antifreeze Solution903.1.1 Preoccupancy Report Requirement1226.5.11.3 Preoperative Patient Holding1224.16.2 Preoperative Patient Holding Area(s)* Prepackaged and Pre-Engineered Systems1206.2.10.2 Prepackaged and Preengineered Systems2104.2.1 Preparation1202.2 Preparation for Inspection1910.147(d)(1) Preparation for ShutdownA510.3 Preparation for the Test310.7.3.3 Preparation, Handling and Disposal of Charcoal and Other Materials2304.12.9 Preparation of Building Site and Removal of Debris1.2-8.2.3 Preparation of Commissioning Plan, Commissioning Specifications, and Construction Checklists14A-4-405.3.1 Preparation of Construction Documents7-115 Preparation of Construction Documents and Reports2. Preparation of Embedment Medium1905.7 Preparation of Equipment and Place of Deposit2510.7 Preparation of Masonry and ConcreteM2101.14 Preparation of Pipe EndsSection 21.602 — Preparation of Sample2310.5.6 Preparation of Tanks for Fueling1.2-8.2.2 Preparation of the Basis of Design (BOD)1.2-8.2.5 Preparation of the Commissioning Report1.4.1 Preparation of the Compliance Plan2311.8.1 Preparation of Vehicles for Repair43.5.2 Preparation Workstations1926.850 Preparatory Operations*1.2- Prepare RSRA Reporting and Comply With the Recommendations Provided§28-104.7.10 Preparer1910.261(e) Preparing Pulpwood13.* Preplanned Impairment Programs[BS] A107.5.3 Prequalification Test for Bolts and Other Types of Anchors1108. Prerecorded Text MessagesA4.601.4.2 Prerequisite and Elective Measures for Tier 1A4.601.5.2 Prerequisite and Elective Measures for Tier 2A4.601.2 Prerequisite MeasuresA4.203.1.2 Prerequisite OptionsA5.601.2.1 Prerequisites108.4 Prerequisites to Obtaining Permit412.11 Prerinse Spray ValveSection 170.2 Prescriptive Approach601.3.2 Prescriptive-Based Compliance4.4.2 Prescriptive-Based Option5.5 Prescriptive Building Envelope Compliance Path5.5 Prescriptive Building Envelope Compliance PathN1110.3 (R502.3) Prescriptive Compliance301.3.1 Prescriptive Compliance Method301.1.1 Prescriptive Compliance MethodsN1101.13.1 (R401.2.1) Prescriptive Compliance Option6.5 Prescriptive Compliance Path501A.3 Prescriptive Compliance Provisions501A.3.3 Prescriptive Compliance Provisions for NPC 2, NPC 3, NPC 4 or NPC 4D and NPC 53412A.2.3.1 Prescriptive Compliance Provisions for SPC-4D Using the California Building Code, 1980 (CBC 1980)3412A.2.3.3 Prescriptive Compliance Provisions for SPC-4D Using the New Building Design Requirements of This Code1807.1.6 Prescriptive Design of Concrete and Masonry Foundation Walls*§28-321.2.2 Prescriptive Energy Conservation Measures*§28-321.3.2 Prescriptive Energy Conservation Measures Reports101.4.3.1 Prescriptive Envelope Compliance for AdditionsSection 721 Prescriptive Fire Resistance1809.7 Prescriptive Footings for Light-Frame Construction2211.1.2 Prescriptive FramingSection A405 Prescriptive Measures for a Weak StorySection A404 Prescriptive Measures for Weak Story808.2.2 Prescriptive MethodR908.8.1.4 Prescriptive Method for Gable Roofs on a Masonry WallR908.8.1.3 Prescriptive Method for Gable Roofs on a Wood Frame WallR908.8.1.6 Prescriptive Method for Hip Roofs on a Masonry WallR908.8.1.5 Prescriptive Method for Hip Roofs on a Wood Frame Wall8.5 Prescriptive PathE 503.5 Prescriptive Path, Economizers8.5 Prescriptive Path (Not Used)P2904.6.2 Prescriptive Pipe Sizing MethodChapter A3 Prescriptive Provisions for Seismic Strengthening of Cripple Walls and Sill Plate Anchorage of Light, Wood-Frame Residential Buildings5.8.10 Prescriptive RequirementsSection 140.3 Prescriptive Requirements for Building EnvelopesSection 140.9 Prescriptive Requirements for Covered ProcessesSection 140.6 Prescriptive Requirements for Indoor LightingSection 140.7 Prescriptive Requirements for Outdoor LightingSection 140.10 Prescriptive Requirements for Photovoltaic and Battery Storage SystemsSection 140.5 Prescriptive Requirements for Service Water-Heating SystemsSection 140.8 Prescriptive Requirements for SignsSection 140.4 Prescriptive Requirements for Space-Conditioning Systems319.7 Prescriptive Selection of the Design Method3310.5.2 Presence at the Site8.6.11.15 Presence of Elevator Personnel When Motor Controllers Are Located in Public Spaces1910.211(d)(12) Presence Sensing Device1910.211(d)(61) Presence Sensing Device Initiation1910.217(h) Presence Sensing Device Initiation (PSDI)101.8.6 Presentation of Badge as a Memorial to Regular Fire Department Member Killed in the Line of Duty96-10 Preservation Area109-10 Preservation Area (Area A)74-844 Preservation of Community Facility Uses Within Certain Developments Containing Public Open Areas*§28-309.4.2 Preservation of Documents, Inspection, and Audit74-843 Preservation of Existing Buildings Within Certain Developments Containing Open Areas105-30 Preservation of Natural FeaturesSection 402 Preservation of Natural Resources1910.1020(d) Preservation of RecordsR502.1.1.1 Preservative-Treated Lumber2303.1.9 Preservative-Treated Wood1810. Preservative Treatment103.3 Presiding Officer907.5.1.1 Presignal Feature907.7 Presignal System1910.211(d)(46) Press206.2.7 Press Boxes605.1.3.2 Press-Connect FittingsP2906.18 Press-Connect JointsP2906.19 Press-Connected JointsP2905.18 Press Joints605.1.3.2 Pressed Fittings1910.218(c) Presses3.8.1.9 Pressure2.1- Pressure Alarm3110F.2.2.1 Pressure and Control Systems (N)1214.0 Pressure and Flow Controls63.9.6 Pressure and Level Indicators1206.0 Pressure and Safety Devices1402.3 Pressure and Temperature490.73 Pressure and Temperature Limit Control10.15.5 Pressure and Temperature Marking of Hot Water Storage TanksM2301.2.3 Pressure and Temperature ReliefM2301.2.3 Pressure and Temperature Relief Valves and System Components1316.0 Pressure and Vacuum Indicator Locations1325.9 Pressure and Vacuum IndicatorsE 502.5 Pressure and Volume603.1.1 Pressure Classification[F] 421.3.1 Pressure ControlB.2.6 Pressure Data Relative to Source of Supply5.508. Pressure Detection909.20.6.2 Pressure Difference909.20.2.4 Pressure DifferencesE402.1 Pressure Distribution Media or Manifolds805.0 Pressure Drainage Connections707.11 Pressure Drainage SystemsA.3.4 Pressure Drop Per 100 Feet Method501.4 Pressure Equalization454. Pressure Filter Systems42. Pressure Fuel Servicing System Controls1910.110(h)(3)(iv)(c) Pressure Gages1324.5.9.2 Pressure Gases3.19.2.5 Pressure Gauge Fittings8.1.1 Pressure Gauges1812.8.6 Pressure Grouted Bond Zone713.11.4 Pressure Instrument Washer Sterilizer Sizes5809.5.4 Pressure Limit416.2 Pressure Limitation Requirements5704.2.7.2 Pressure Limitations for Tanks504.4 Pressure-Limiting Devices10.2.4 Pressure Limits610.2 Pressure Loss501.7 Pressure Marking of Storage TanksF 801.5 Pressure Monitoring Switch311.6 Pressure or Vacuum Gauge416.2.2 Pressure Over 14 Inches W.C1910.218(d)(4) Pressure Pipes3.19.2 Pressure PipingSection R504 Pressure Preservative-Treated Wood Floors (On Ground)Section R504 Pressure Preservatively Treated-Wood Floors (On Ground)Section R504 Pressure Preservativelytreated-Wood Floors (On Ground)2303.2.1 Pressure Process318.5 Pressure RangeC104.4 Pressure Rating905.2.4 Pressure Reducing Devices1910.253(e)(6) Pressure-Reducing Regulators3.3.221.1 Pressure-Reducing Valve§27-944 Pressure Reducing Valves1910.262(w)(1) Pressure Reducing Valves and Pressure Gages1210.5.1 Pressure Reduction3.3.161 Pressure Regulating Device1308.0 Pressure-Regulating Equipment§27-822 Pressure Regulator13. Pressure RegulatorsP-812.1 Pressure Relief1117.1.1 Pressure-Relief Device63. Pressure Relief Device Marking5807.3.3.3 Pressure Relief Device Markings1112.10 Pressure-Relief Device Settings63. Pressure Relief Device Testing63.9.3 Pressure Relief Devices(A) Pressure Relief Devices Integral to Container Valves1006.3 Pressure Relief for Pressure Vessels606.5.10 Pressure Relief for TanksM1412.4 Pressure-Relief Protection460.9.3 Pressure Relief SystemsM2002.4 Pressure Relief Valve5504. Pressure Relief Valve Discharge1308.3 Pressure-Relief Valve RequirementsP2804.3 Pressure Relief Valves515.3 Pressure Relief Vent63.4.3 Pressure Relief Vent Piping904. Pressure Relief Venting66.22.7.2 Pressure-Relieving Devices3.3.221.2 Pressure-Restricting Device1910.262(x)(2) Pressure Rolls3.26.8 Pressure-Sensing MeansA5. Pressure Sensor Location and Set-Point713.11.3 Pressure Sterilizers17.17.2 Pressure Supervisory Signal-Initiating Device7.3.11.9 Pressure Switch602.2 Pressure System30.7.2 Pressure Tank30.7.2.2 Pressure Tank Alternative614.3.3 Pressure Tank Pipe Sizing5.2.4 Pressure Tanks1910.261(g)(16) Pressure Tanks-Accumulators (Acid)3.3.8 Pressure Tanks and Vessels606.5.9 Pressure Tanks, Vacuum Relief810.2 Pressure Test1221.3 Pressure TestedP3010.8 Pressure Testing1313.0 Pressure Testing and Inspection1213.0 Pressure Testing, Inspection, and Purging705.3 Pressure Tests318.2 Pressure Tests (10 psi or Less)318.4 Pressure Tests (Exceeding 100 psi)318.3 Pressure Tests (Greater Than 10 psi to 100 psi)P2902.3.4 Pressure-Type Vacuum BreakersSection 890.760 Pressure Type Water Treatment Units416.2.1 Pressure Under 14 Inches W.CP2902.3.4 Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assemblies603.3.5 Pressure Vacuum Breaker Backflow Prevention Assembly (PVB)3.3.222* Pressure Vessel63. Pressure Vessel Markings8. Pressure Vessels1117.3 Pressure Vessels for 15 psig or Less1910.261(g)(17) Pressure Vessels (Safety Devices)5705.2.2 Pressured Systems27.2.4.10* Pressures5003.2.4.3 Pressures Above Ambient3005.3 Pressurization[F] 909.12.3.1 Pressurization, Airflow or Exhaust Method38.5.3.3 Pressurization and Ventilation909.20.7 Pressurization Equipment11.10.5.2 Pressurization (Inflation) System[F] 909.6 Pressurization Method(B) Pressurization "p"909.21.1 Pressurization Requirements§27-516 Pressurization System909.20.7.1 Pressurization Systems(B) Pressurized(B) Pressurized Enclosure "p"(2) Pressurized EnclosuresM2003.1.1 Pressurized Expansion Tanks909.20.6 Pressurized Stair and Vestibule Alternative[F] 909.6.3 Pressurized Stairways and Elevator Hoistways(b) 5705.2.2 Pressurized Systems1011.4 Pressurized Systems Containing Hazardous Materials1206.2 Pressurized Vessels1209.2 Pressurizing During Installation5001.3.3.12 Prestartup Safety Review20.3.2.6 Prestress Losses722.2.3.3 Prestressed Beam Cover22.3.2 Prestressed Concrete Members4.12.2 Prestressed Concrete Systems3305.3.6.7 Prestressed Construction4.3.3 Prestressed Frame Elements2101.2.3 Prestressed Masonry3305.3.5.3 Prestressed Members24.4.4 Prestressed Reinforcement1705.8.1 Prestressed Rock and Soil Anchors1705.8 Prestressed Rock and Soil Anchors Installation and Testing and Grout InspectionSection 1811A Prestressed Rock and Soil Foundation AnchorsSection 1811 Prestressed Rock and Soil Foundation Anchors [OSHPD 1R, 2B & 5]3107F.2.4.3 Prestressed Steel107.7.6 Prestressing Forces1907.4.3 Prestressing Reinforcement1810.3.2.2 Prestressing Steel20.3 Prestressing Strands, Wires, and Bars2103.11.6 Prestressing Tendons7-121 Presubmittal Meeting§28-117.4.1 Presumption14A-3-313.3.1 Presumption in Favor of Forfeiture§28- Presumption Not Applicable to Owner§28- Presumption of Commissioner Certificate§28- Presumption of Electronic Signature and Electronic Submission§28- Presumption of Employment or Agency§28- Presumption of Ownership§28-205.1.2 Presumptive Evidence1806.2 Presumptive Load-Bearing ValuesSection 1806 Presumptive Load-Bearing Values of Soils811.1 Pretreatment1926.966(e)(2) Prevent Access by Unqualified Persons1926.1404(h)(3)(ii)(B) Prevent Physical Damage1910.265(c)(24)(viii)(j) Preventing Abrasion3306.2.1 Preventing Access1926.1426(b) Preventing Boom Free Fall1926.1407(b) Preventing Encroachment/Electrocution1910.265(c)(26)(xi) Preventing Entry to Hazardous Area3316.7.3 Preventing Unauthorized Operation1926.1426(c) Preventing Uncontrolled Retraction3510.2 Prevention42.* Prevention and Control of Spills[P] 1204.3.1 Prevention of Blockage and Leakage5706.3.4 Prevention of Blowouts43.7.3 Prevention of Contamination12. Prevention of Door BlockageArticle 4 Prevention of Exterior Fire SpreadSection 803 Prevention of Falls506.3.7 Prevention of Grease Accumulation in Grease Ducts4.* Prevention of IgnitionArticle 5 Prevention of Interior Fire Spread66.* Prevention of Overfilling of Cooking Oil Storage Tanks66.21.7.1 Prevention of Overfilling of Storage Tanks5001.3.3.3 Prevention of Unintentional Reaction or Release1910.272(m) Preventive Maintenance[A] 106.3.2 Previous Approval[A] 107.3.2 Previous Approvals1101.6 Previous Codes§28-428.3 Previous Registrants95-13 Previous Transit Easement Agreements3.3.221 Previously Approved1007.2.3.1 Previously Approved Documents1007.2.3.2 Previously Approved Documents Not Available4.6.2 Previously Approved Features16-06 Previously Approved Special Permits or AuthorizationsA5.304.7 Previously Developed Sites1910.1027(l)(1)(i)(B) Previously Exposed13-06 Previously Filed or Approved Special Permits or Authorizations74-747 Previously Granted Special Permits§28-113.2.6 Previously Issued Approvals604.8 Previously Used Piping and Tubing(Q) Prewiring for Air-Conditioning Installation(R) Prewiring for Generator Installation(S) Prewiring for Other CircuitsB 102.0 Primary Air Adjustment1.5.2 Primary and Equivalent Values1107.2 Primary and Secondary Storm Systems3.3.207 Primary Battery (Dry Cell)1926.914(t) "Primary Blasting"1226.6 Primary Care Clinics134-41 Primary Connections3.3.223 Primary Containment3.3.41.1 Primary (Dry) Cell830.90 Primary Electrical Protection1237.5 Primary Enclosure1104.2 Primary Entrance1104.5.1 Primary Entrance Door1117A.2 Primary Entrances and Exterior Exit Doors1132A.1 Primary Entry Doors and Required Exit Doors(b) Primary Function1203.3 Primary Heating Source(4) Primary Less Than 2 Amperes24.2.2.2 Primary Means of Escape403. Primary Outdoor Air Fraction(C) Primary Pad24. Primary Power Source705.60 Primary Power Source Connection29.6.6 Primary Power Source (Nonrechargeable Battery)29.9.2 Primary Power Source Nonreplaceable Primary Battery29.9.8 Primary Power Source (Rechargeable Battery)10.6.5 Primary Power Supply800.106 Primary Protector Grounding and Bonding at Mobile Homes(A) Primary Protectors29.9.7 Primary Replaceable Battery, Sole Power Source (Nonrechargeable)1101.12.1 Primary Roof Drainage(D) Primary Side of TransformerK 105.9 Primary Tank Outlets3.3.208 Primary Trunk Facility1.5.2 Primary Values3.3.209 Prime Contractor(1) Prime Mover-Driven1910.219(b) Prime-Mover Guards1910.211(f)(9) Prime MoversE 608.1.2 Primer[BF] 1705.15.6.3 Primer, Paint and Encapsulant Bond Tests704.13.3.2 Primers, Paints and Encapsulants103.3.1.2 Principal Design ProfessionalD101.2 Principal Design Professional Characteristics302.2.1 Principal Purpose or FunctionPrinted Wiring Boards803.4.1 Printer, Copier and Janitorial RoomsPart V Printing, Dipping, and Coating Processes1910.262(b)(28) Printing Machine (Roller Type)1910.1025(j)(3)(iv)(A)(5) Prior Blood Lead Determinations; And1109.7.1.1 Prior Code Buildings§28-102.4.1 Prior Code Buildings Must Comply With the Applicable Retroactive Requirements of the 1968 Building Code1926.1413(a)(2)(iii)(B)515.1.1.2 Prior Location107.1 Prior Notification1910.120(f)(3)(i)(A) Prior to AssignmentF 108.1 Prior to Construction101.8.6.1 Prior to the PresentationR908.8.1.7 Priorities for Mandated Roof-to-Wall Retrofit Expenditures24.4.7 Priority1112.7.1 Priority for Application81-682 Priority Improvement List for Qualifying Sites1910.1029(f)(1) Priority of Compliance Methods2105.3.1 Prism Sampling and Removal2105.2.2.2 Prism Test Method707.4 Privacy*1.2-5.4.5 Privacy and Confidentiality2.1- Privacy Curtains*2.1- Privacy Curtains in Patient Rooms and Other Patient Care Areas11B-813.2.11 Privacy Latch1225. Private Bathing106.5.46 Private Building or Facility217.4.2.2 Private Buildings3.3.162 Private Fire Hydrant507.5 Private Fire Hydrant Systems105.5.41 Private Fire Hydrants3.3.163* Private Fire Service Main507.2.1 Private Fire Service Mains507.5.3 Private Fire Service Mains and Water Tanks6.4.3 Private Fire Service Mains Under Buildings408.5.3 Private First Responders2308.4 Private Fueling of Motor Vehicles[F] 915.1.5 Private Garages11B-208.3.3 Private Garages Accessory to Residential Dwelling Units406.3 Private Garages and Carports18.9.2.1 Private Mode18.4.5 Private Mode Audible Requirements2902.1.1.1 Private Offices1705.27 Private On-Site Storm Water Disposal Systems and Detention FacilitiesSection 1114 Private On-Site Stormwater Disposal Systems3.3.210 Private Operating Mode3.3.289.1 Private Party Tent3.2- Private Phone AreaK 104.3.1 Private Potable Water System3.3.204 Private Radio Signaling5.3.1 Private Residence Electric Elevators409 Private Residence Elevators5.3.2 Private Residence Hydraulic ElevatorsSection 5.4 Private Residence Inclined Elevators92.0303.1 Private Residence Inclined Platform Lifts92.0303.2 Private Residence Inclined Stairway ChairliftsSection 92.0303 Private Residence Vertical Platform Lifts14X-9-908.2 Private Residential Swimming Pools1224.29.1.3 Private Rooms907.2.3.8 Private Schools74-731 Private Sewage Disposal Plants106.9 Private Sewage Disposal System[NY] 4004.1.4 Private Sewage Disposal Systems74-732 Private Sewage Pumping Stations and Sewage Disposal Plants107.8 Private Sewage Treatment Plant107.7 Private Sewers2.2- Private Space107.9 Private Stormwater or Sewage Disposal System125-44 Private Street Requirements in Newtown Creek Subdistrict136-323 Private Streets136-06 Private Streets and Publicly Accessible Open Spaces10.4.4 Private Supplies3109.5 Private Swimming Pools3109.4.4 Private Swimming Pools (Statewide)2.19.2 Private SystemsP-720.8 Private Use Fixtures608.7.1 Private Water Supplies§27-907 Private Water Supply3.8 Private Water Supply Piping Definitions1615.2.1 Probabilistic Maximum Considered Earthquake6-A2 Probability of Collapse§28- Probation14A-3-304.4.1 Probationary Period103.2.7.3 Probationary Status§27-666 Probings and Geophysical Explorations14A-6-608 Problem Buildings2113.1.5.6 Procedure[F] 1801.3.2 Procedure Development and Training for Fire or Other Emergency[F] 1801.3.4 Procedure Development and Training for Mitigation71-10 Procedure for Amendments4-228 Procedure for Approval of Application and Voidance of Application1503.8 Procedure for Estimating Gray Water Discharge2.4.8 Procedure for Evaluating Unreinforced Masonry Bearing Wall Buildings106.6.3.2 Procedure for Fee CalculationSection 92.0140 Procedure for Revocation or Suspension20.7.2 Procedure in Case of Fire(Q) Section 117 Procedure in the Event of Fire315.3 Procedure Qualification Records1224. Procedure Room1224.39.3.1 Procedure Room(s)315.2 Procedure Specification8. Procedure When Buffers Fail the Tests§27-705 Procedures1910.422 Procedures During Dive104.12.1.3 Procedures for Appeal to the Board of Fire CommissionersAppendix B Procedures for Atmospheric TestingArticle 6 Procedures for Braced FramesArticle 3 Procedures for Building SystemsArticle 8 Procedures for Connections10-110 Procedures for Consideration of Applications Under Sections 10-104, 10-106, 10-108 and 10-109Article 7 Procedures for DiaphragmsArticle 9 Procedures for Foundations and Geologic Site Hazards1910.120(l)(3) Procedures for Handling Emergency Incidents1910.120(q)(3) Procedures for Handling Emergency Response1910.134(g)(3) Procedures for IDLH Atmospheres1910.134(g)(4) Procedures for Interior Structural FirefightingArticle 4 Procedures for Moment-Resisting SystemsArticle 5 Procedures for Shear WallsArticle 2 Procedures for Structural Evaluation of Buildings50.6 Procedures for the Use, Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Equipment§ 23-27.3-127.1.4 Procedures — Record of Variances§27-2134 Proceedings on Return of Order to Show Cause*§28-505.5 Process507.11 Process Air40.4.6 Process and Comfort Heating Systems[F] 502.9.8.6 Process Equipment66.17.14* Process Equipment and Vessels114.4 Process for Board-Recognition of "Accreditation Bodies," "Conformity Assessment Bodies," and "Industry Trade Association Certification Programs."64-624 Process for Establishing Non-Compliances64-614 Process for Establishing Non-Conforming Uses5001.3.3.11 Process Hazard Analyses1910.119(e) Process Hazard AnalysisC403. Process Heat Recovery41.5.5.4 Process HoseC409.3.6 Process Load System Energy Use603.2.4 Process Loads2905.1 Process Location[F] 418.3 Process MillsSection 2906 Process Mills and Kettles3.3.224* Process or ProcessingSection 2907 Process Piping1910.119 Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals501.17 Process Sealing(C) Process ShutdownSection 2905 Process Structures40.5.3.3 Process Systems5706.5.3 Process Transfer3.3.225 Process Unit (Vessel)5706.3.18.2 Process Units403.4 Process Ventilation16.2 Processes and Hazards1302.1.1 Processes and OperationsSection 3903 Processing and Extraction403.14 Processing and Extraction Facilities(C) Section 3903 Processing and Extraction of Marijuana112.3 Processing Applications for Changes1910.106(h)(3) Processing Building66.17 Processing Facilities5-201 Processing Independent Entity Evaluation Approvals (IEEA)38.6* Processing or ExtractionSection 3903 Processing or Extraction of Marijuana1910.106(h) Processing Plants1224.39.3.2 Processing Room5605.10.2.2 Processing SafeguardsSection 9.2 Procurement InformationK 101.4 Product and Material ApprovalC403. Product Application11B-705.3 Product Approval3115.3 Product Approval and Manufacturer's Installation InstructionsProduct Approval for Detectable Warning Products and Directional Surfaces2307.6.1 Product Control Valves506.0 Product-Conveying Ducts505.8 Product-Conveying Ducts Classification505.0 Product-Conveying Systems5604.12.8.3 Product Display1506.3 Product Identification1910.1200(f)(1)(i) Product Identifier5609.7 Product Information5.8 Product Information and Installation Requirements8.8 Product Information (Not Used)[A] Product Installation42. Product Recovery Tanks4.1 Product Requirements5-301.1 Product Submittal3309.5 Production Company Special Effects Permit325.6 Production Location Fire Safety Manager32.10 Production Locations907.2.24.2 Production Locations—Solid-Ceiling Sets and Platforms320.1.3 Production Materials26.13 Production, Storage, and Handling of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)Section 114 Products and Materials5-301.4 Products Evaluated by a Recognized Evaluation Agency5-301.3 Products Evaluated by Recognized State and City AgenciesSection 1703 Products, Materials and Assemblies§104-02 Professional Certification of Fire Alarm System Installations3.3.224 Professional Engineer106.5.47 Professional Office of a Health Care Provider11B-223.4 Professional Offices of Health Care Providers14.3.2 Professional Qualifications of InstallersR606.1.1 Professional RegistrationR606.1.1 Professional Registration Not Required101.5.2.1 Professional Statement106.1.1 Professionally Prepared Construction Documents1009.4.5 Profile1910.213(o) Profile and Swing-Head Lathes and Wood Heel Turning Machine3.3.211 Profound Hearing Loss1910.1051(k)(2) Program Administration1230.1.27 Program and Activity Areas1910.120(b)(1)(v) Program Availability3303.1 Program Development and Maintenance1227.23.1 Program/Dining Space1910.134(l) Program Evaluation16.4.2.4 Program Manager Responsibilities*§28- Program Requirements3308.2 Program SuperintendentR403.1.1 Programmable or Connected ThermostatN1103.1.1 (R403.1.1) Programmable ThermostatR403.1.2 Programmable Thermostat (Prescriptive) Programming10.5.3.5* Programming PersonnelSection G105 Progress and Special Inspection Requirements14A-5-503.1 Progress Inspections3303.7.7.3 Progressive Installation of Enclosures and Fire Protection Elements10.14.12.3 Prohibited2306.2.2 Prohibited Aboveground Storage1910.1024(i)(5) Prohibited Activities5604.13.6 Prohibited Acts3109.3.2.4 Prohibited AlarmsP3011.5 Prohibited Applications310.2 Prohibited Areas1321.12.3 Prohibited Brazed Joints1926.960(g)(3) Prohibited Clothing5007.10.1 Prohibited Compressed Gases[F] 909.7.1 Prohibited Conditions5609.2 Prohibited Conduct3141B.5 Prohibited ConnectionE 502.3 Prohibited Connections1109.1.4 Prohibited Contact1323.3.3 Prohibited Contact With Oil801.5 Prohibited Decorative Vegetation, Decorations and Scenery5607.10.1 Prohibited Detonators3001.8 Prohibited Devices509.1.2 Prohibited DischargeK 104.2 Prohibited Discharges3002.6 Prohibited Doors1101.3 Prohibited Drainage2104.1 Prohibited Dry Cleaning Systems707.10.1 Prohibited Ducts and Air Transfer Openings304.4 Prohibited Equipment and Appliance Location5601.3 Prohibited Explosives2310.1.1 Prohibited Facility5505.4.4 Prohibited Filling of Flammable Cryogenic Fluid2109. Prohibited Finish Coat904.1.4 Prohibited Fire Extinguishing Systems2.4.1 Prohibited Fittings310.0 Prohibited Fittings and Practices405.0 Prohibited Fixtures401.2 Prohibited Fixtures and Connections708.12.1.1 Prohibited Gray Water SourcesM2301.4 Prohibited Heat Transfer Fluids3002.6.1 Prohibited Hoistway Access Doors and Panels6004.1.1 Prohibited Indoor Storage, Handling and Use by Occupancy708.6 Prohibited InstallationP3114.8 Prohibited Installations6.2.8 Prohibited InterceptorsP3003.2 Prohibited JointsSection 707 Prohibited Joints and ConnectionsSection 890.370 Prohibited Joints and Connections in Drainage Systems403.10.1.1 Prohibited Joints and Fittings1110.2.1.5 Prohibited Location606.5.8 Prohibited Location of Potable Supply Tanks3007.2.1 Prohibited LocationsG2422.1.2.3 (411.1.3.3) Prohibited Locations and Penetrations14.6 Prohibited Locations for Ice Storage917.8 Prohibited Lower Connections6201.4 Prohibited Manufacture, Storage, Handling and Use12.7.5.5 Prohibited Materials5601.3 Prohibited Materials, Operations and FacilitiesE3904.3.1 Prohibited Means of Support611.2 Prohibited Mounting1406.11.3.1 Prohibited Occupancies108.5 Prohibited Occupancy307.1.1 Prohibited Open Burning713.7.1 Prohibited Openings3505.7 Prohibited Operation3317.4 Prohibited Operations2901.5 Prohibited Organic Coatings713.8.1 Prohibited Penetrations428.1 Prohibited Potable Water Uses5705.4.3 Prohibited Processing202.3.1 Prohibited Reduction in Access306.3.1 Prohibited Reduction in Accessibility(C) Prohibited Reductions60. Prohibited Releases801.2.2.2 Prohibited Sale, Rental, Lease or Giveaway of Wearing Apparel714.3 Prohibited Sewer Connection3307.4.6 Prohibited Signs311.3 Prohibited SourceP2911.2.1 Prohibited Sources53.2.3.2* Prohibited Sources of Ignition2106.5 Prohibited Spotting and Pretreating Operation1910.1003(e)(3) Prohibited Statements5604.4 Prohibited StorageSection 6105 Prohibited Storage, Handling and Use of LPGM1307.7 Prohibited Support1323.7 Prohibited System InterconnectionsM2101.7 Prohibited Tee Applications§27-891 Prohibited Termination[P] 2902.3.2 Prohibited Toilet Room LocationP3201.5 Prohibited Trap Designs1002.3 Prohibited Traps323.4 Prohibited Types405.2 Prohibited Urinals422.7 Prohibited Usage of Clinical Sinks and Service Sinks809.5.4 Prohibited Use801.2.1 Prohibited Use of Decorative MaterialSection 6105 Prohibited Use of LP-Gas2105.1.4 Prohibited Use of Solvent920.4 Prohibited Uses12.15.2 Prohibited Vent ConnectionsP2706.2 Prohibited Waste Receptors609.5 Prohibited Water Closet and Clinical Sink Supply405.1 Prohibited Water Closets714.2 Prohibited Water DischargeSection 428 Prohibited Water Uses2301.1.4 Prohibition1904.36 Prohibition Against Discrimination1910.1044(l)(5) Prohibition of Activities in Regulated Areas1910.1029(i)(5) Prohibition of Activities in the Regulated Area901.4.4 Prohibition of Deceptive Equipment1910.68(c)(4)(iv) Prohibition of Handhold Without Steps404.4 Prohibition of Heated Commercial Parking GaragesC401.4 Prohibition of Once-Through Water Use Permits1926.1124(f)(3) Prohibition of Rotation1910.68(c)(3)(vii) Prohibition of Steps Without Handholds14A-4-401.3.1 Prohibition on Issuance(f) 5601.2.6 Prohibition on Permits and Background Check Requirements3314.4.4.10 Prohibition on Shore or Lean-to Scaffolds13.6.4.10 Prohibition on Uses of Extinguishers and Conversion of Fire Extinguisher Types37-752 Prohibition Signs406.5.11 Prohibitions(6) 5624.6 Prohibitions Against Public Access81-311 Prohibitions of Off-Street Parking or Off-Street Loading Facilities16-401 Project Administration Fee4. Project Commissioning Documents1.2-2.2.5 Project Components and Scope4-322 Project Cost[A] 102.3.8 Project Documentation4903.2.1 Project Information3301.9.1.1 Project Information Panel Content3301.9.1.3 Project Information Panel MaterialA-1001.7.2 Project Information Panel Sign for Major Buildings3301.9.1.4 Project Information Panel SpecificationsA-1001.7.3 Project Information Sign for All Other Buildings4-333.1 Project Inspector Certification4-241 Project Inspector's Semimonthly Reports3102F.3.4.1 Project Manager1.2-4.7.1 Project Security Plan3301.9.3.3 Project Sign Specifications1.2-2.2.3 Project Type and Size13. Projected Beam Type3.3.90.16 Projected Beam-Type Detector13.* Projected Beam-Type Smoke Detectors1.2-6.4.1 Projected Need for Accommodations for Care of Patients of Size5609.11.1 Projectile Restrictions3311.2 Projectile Tools453.13.8.2 Projecting and Awning Windows705.2.5 Projecting Floors2104.1.3 Projecting Masonry and CornicesH106.4 Projecting Reflectors1910.219(c)(4) Projecting Shaft Ends1926.307(c)(4) "Projecting Shafts Ends"Section H112 Projecting Signs3202. Projection1910.29(f)(6) Projection Hazards409.3.3 Projection Machines73-212 Projection of Accessory Signs2.11.5 Projection of Entrances and Other Equipment Beyond the Landing Sills7.1.11.6 Projection of Equipment Beyond Landing Sills5. Projection of Hoistway Doors or Gates Into the Hoistway3308.6.2.6 Projection of Nets705.2.3 Projection Protection409.3.1 Projection Room409.3 Projection Room and Equipment Ventilation409.1.1 Projection Room Required12.4.7 Projection Rooms705.2 Projections3108B.4 Projections and Recessed Areas407.3.3 Projections in Corridors407.4.3 Projections in Nursing Home Corridors1010.1.1.1 Projections Into Clear Opening1010.1.1.1 Projections Into Clear Width5.7.8.2 Projections of Hoistway Doors or Gates Into Hoistway5.7.8.2 Projections of Hoistway Doors or Gates Into the Hoistway2.1.6 Projections, Recesses, and Setbacks in Hoistway Enclosure2.1.6 Projections, Recesses, and Setbacks in Hoistway Enclosures502.11.1 Projectors With an Exhaust Discharge502.11.2 Projectors Without Exhaust Connection7-127 Projects Exempt From Plan Review Process§28-105.1.2 Projects for Which a Stormwater Construction Permit Is RequiredD106.1 Projects Having More Than 100 Dwelling UnitsD106.2 Projects Having More Than 200 Dwelling Units1101.2.2 Projects Owned or Financed by a Governmental UnitE 503.2.1 Projects Using Energy Cost Budget Method33. Prompt and Slow3.3.81.2 Prompt Evacuation Capability5609.3.6 Prompt Use1910.263(i)(1) Proof Boxes609.5.3.7 Proof of Compliance2101.4.1 Proof of Qualification(e) 5619.10.5 Proof of Registration§28-212.4.7 Proof of Service§1-10.7 Proof of Service for Application Referral and Hearing Notice1324.5.4.7 Proof of Testing1910.184(e)(4) Proof Testing§28-103.6 Proofs, Affidavits and Oaths1315.2.2 Propane Piping System1215.2.2 Propane Piping Systems1910.109(a)(8) Propellant-Actuated Power Devices[F] 1801.3.5 Proper Handling and Use of Hazardous Materials1926.1404(h)(3) Proper Location of Blocking2006.4.1 Proper Maintenance1926.1415(b) Proper Operation Required1910.68(d)(1) Proper Use of Manlifts(A) Properly Secured304.2.1 Properly Stored or Disposed1926.1208(b)[BS] A503.2 Properties of Cast-in-Place Materials5001.3.3.1 Properties of Hazardous MaterialsA505.2 Properties of In-Place Materials65-42 Properties With Disaster-Damaged Buildings3.3.213 Property[BS] 501.2.2 Property and Amenity ProtectionSection A-906 Property License Fees315.3.1 Property Line507.5.1 Property Lines[A] 101.4.4 Property Maintenance4.1.4 Property Protection4.1.4.1 Property Protection Goal4.1.4.2 Property Protection ObjectivesR608.5.1.4 Proportioning and Slump of Concrete26.4.3 Proportioning of Concrete Mixtures1905.3 Proportioning on the Basis of Field Experience and/or Trial Mixtures1905.4 Proportioning Without Field Experience or Trial Mixtures5.4.3 Proportions1908.2 Proportions and Materials202.5 Proposed AmendmentsCD601.11.2 Proposed Building HVAC System Simulation§ 23-27.3-101.2.1 Proposed BuildingsN1106.7.2.1 (R406.7.2.1) Proposed Compliance Report for Permit Application3.3.226* Proposed Design§ 23-27.3-109.3 Proposing Amendments to Rules and Regulations3.3.226 Proprietary Information105.6.53 Proprietary /Self-Monitoring105.7.27 Proprietary(self) Monitoring Facilities3.3.290.2 Proprietary Supervising Station3.3.215 Proprietary Supervising Station Alarm System26.4 Proprietary Supervising Station Alarm Systems3.3.292.2 Proprietary Supervising Station Service704.1.6 Prorating of Indoor and Outdoor Air704.1.6 Prorating of Inside and Outdoor Air410.2.5 Proscenium Curtain12.4.6.7 Proscenium Opening Protection410.2.4 Proscenium Wall12.4.6.6 Proscenium WallsSection A-503 Prosecution109.3 Prosecution and Penalties[A] 114.3 Prosecution of Violation[A] 112.3.3 Prosecution of Violations2.6- Prosthetic and Orthotic Work Areas2.12-3.3.1 Prosthetics and Orthotics Area1926.1404(h)(3)(i)(G) Protected66.22.2.3 Protected Aboveground Tank(A) Protected Against Physical Damage(2) Protected Applications602. Protected AreaB101.2 Protected Areas5608.4.3 Protected Exposure Distance Separation(1) Protected From Corrosion Solely by Enamel(C) Protected Individually or in Groups705.8.2 Protected Openings(M) Protected Optical Radiation "op pr"3.3.217 Protected Premises23.8.3 Protected Premises Alarm and Signaling Systems Interconnected With Dwelling Unit Fire and Carbon Monoxide Warning Equipment23.15 Protected Premises Emergency Control Functions23.8.3 Protected Premises Fire Alarm Systems Interconnected With Dwelling Unit Fire Warning Equipment3.3.218 Protected Premises (Local) Control Unit3.3.111.4* Protected Premises (Local) Fire Alarm System66.9.9.1 Protected Storage42.3.3.5 Protected Tanks903.1.3 Protected Vent Terminal1926.1404(e) Protecting Assembly/Disassembly Crew Members Out of Operator View6107.4 Protecting Containers From Vehicles1926.1424(a)(3) Protecting Employees in the Hazard Area2.17 Protecting FootingsE3605.4 Protectio509.4.2 Protection922.3 Protection Above Domestic Units810.56 Protection Against Accidental Contact305.1 Protection Against ContactG2415.11 (404.11) Protection Against Corrosion300.6 Protection Against Corrosion and Deterioration(H) Protection Against Corrosion and Mechanical Damage230.32 Protection Against DamageSection R319 Protection Against Decay2304.12 Protection Against Decay and Termites1910.269(w)(5) Protection Against Drowning2.26.9.3 Protection Against Failures1910.269(t)(7) Protection Against Faults603.9 Protection Against Flood Damage9.3.9.2 Protection Against Freezing300.35 Protection Against Induction Heating[F] 913.2 Protection Against Interruption of Service430.11 Protection Against Liquids300.4 Protection Against Physical Damage(E) Protection Against Pump Water1926.102(c) Protection Against Radiant EnergySection R332 Protection Against RadonSection R318 Protection Against Subterranean Termites2603.8 Protection Against Termites1926.956(d)(5) Protection Against the Accumulation of Moisture2.20.8.1 Protection Against Traction Loss1926.956(d)(4) Protection Against Vacuum Formation5704. Protection Against Vapor ReleaseSection R318 Protection Againstsubterranean Termites3107.13.3 Protection and Security9.5.2 Protection Areas Per Sprinkler13.2.5* Protection Areas Per Sprinkler (CMSA Sprinklers)14.2.8 Protection Areas Per Sprinkler (Early Suppression Fast-Response Sprinklers)11.3.3 Protection Areas Per Sprinkler (Extended Coverage Sidewall Spray Sprinklers)11.2.2 Protection Areas Per Sprinkler (Extended Coverage Upright and Pendent Spray Sprinklers)10.2.4 Protection Areas Per Sprinkler (Standard Pendent and Upright Spray Sprinklers)10.3.3 Protection Areas Per Sprinkler (Standard Sidewall Spray Sprinklers)1009.16.2 Protection at Roof Hatch Openings608.16.3 Protection by a Backflow Preventer With Intermediate Atmospheric Vent608.15.2 Protection by a Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer608.16.4 Protection by a Vacuum Breaker608.16.1 Protection by Air Gap402.1 Protection by Area(J) Protection by Electrical Resistance Trace Heating "60079-30-1"(E) Protection by Encapsulation "m"(G) Protection by Enclosure "t"(I) Protection by Intrinsic Safety "i"(I) Protection by Intrinsic Safety "iD"1910.216(d) Protection by Location(H) Protection by Pressurization "pD"(H) Protection by Pressurized Enclosure "p"(1) Protection by Primary Overcurrent Device608.16.2 Protection by Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly(O) Protection by Skin Effect Trace Heating "IEEE 844.1"E 403.6 Protection Coatings for Metal Gas Piping4.3.1.7 Protection Criteria for Miscellaneous and Low-Piled Storage21.2.2 Protection Criteria for Palletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, Shelf, or Back-to-Back Shelf Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Over 12 ft (3.7 m) in Height20.14.2.2 Protection Criteria for Plastic Pallets Stored Indoors21.4.1 Protection Criteria for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Over 12 ft (3.7 m) Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height17.3 Protection Criteria for Rack Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height17.2 Protection Criteria for Rack Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height17.3 Protection Criteria for Rack Storage of Plastics Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height17.2 Protection Criteria for Rack Storage of Plastics Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height20.5.5.1* Protection Criteria for Roll Paper Storage440.65 Protection Devices1010.1.4.6 Protection Devices for Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings13. Protection During Construction43.1.7.9* Protection for Automated Liquid Electrostatic Spray Application Equipment43.1.7.7* Protection for Automated Powder Application Equipment43.1.7.10 Protection for Dry Particulate Scrubber43.1.7.11 Protection for Electrostatic Precipitator Scrubber1910.261(g)(2) Protection for Employees (Acid Plants)3.3.227 Protection for Exposures26.21.2.8 Protection for Fan Drive Motor(D) Protection for Floor Receptacles43.1.7.12 Protection for High-Capacity Dry Paint Arrestor1910.262(n)(2) Protection for Loom FixerR606.3.4 Protection for Reinforcement(B) Protection for Smaller Conductors650.9 Protection From Accidental Contact(H) Protection From Accidental Damage1910.252(b)(2)(iii) Protection From Arc Welding RaysC 302.1 Protection From Contamination6.4.1 Protection From Corrosion3403.6.5 Protection From Corrosion and Galvanic Action(D) Protection From Damage[M] 1101.3.1 Protection From Equipment10.5.8 Protection From Equipment in Food Establishments[BG] 1401.3.3 Protection From Excessive Current5703.6.5 Protection From External Corrosion and Galvanic Action1910.28(b) Protection From Fall Hazards1910.29(k) Protection From Falling Objects1926.759(b) Protection From Falling Objects Other Than Materials Being Hoisted[F] 904.14.1 Protection From Fire603.5.14 Protection From Fire Systems1910.269(l)(8) Protection From Flames and Electric Arcs6.4.2.1 Protection From FreezingG2407.12 (304.12) Protection From Fumes and GasesAppendix C Protection From Hazardous Differences in Electric Potential12.3.2 Protection From Hazards1926.651(h) Protection From Hazards Associated With Water Accumulation1305.14.1.9 Protection From Heat and Flame2.1- Protection From Heat-Producing Equipment4.1- Protection From Heated Surfaces10.5.12 Protection From Hose ConnectionsR328.8 Protection From Impact603.5.6 Protection From Lawn Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems60.5.1.11 Protection From Light[BG] 1401.3.1 Protection From Live Parts6.4.2.2 Protection From Mechanical Damage3104.16.3 Protection From Movement[BG] 804.3.2 Protection From Natural Hazards(C) Protection From Physical Damage1104.3.4 Protection From Refrigerant Decomposition14.12.4 Protection From Sewage Backup in Dental Vacuum Systems10.5.13 Protection From Special Equipment5807.4.2 Protection From Temperature Extremes and Falling Objects[BE] 1901.3.4 Protection From Untenable Conditions303.4 Protection From Vehicle Impact Damage60.5.1.9 Protection From Vehicles*2.2- Protection From Vibration and Other Environmental Disruptions1609.1.2 Protection From Wind Borne Debris(2) Protection, General60.4.3.3 Protection Level Protection Level Protection Level 360.4.3.6 Protection Level 463. Protection Level 560.4.3 Protection Levels509.4.2.1 Protection LimitationG2415.11.2 (404.11.2) Protection Methods513.4.2 Protection Not Required1808.2.14.1 Protection of Adjacent Property3309.13 Protection of Adjoining Equipment and SpacesSection 1202 Protection of Adjoining PropertiesSection 3307 Protection of Adjoining PropertySection 1402 Protection of Adjoining Property [B]E3605.5 Protection of All Other Service Cables814.2.1 Protection of Appurtenances903.2.11.7 Protection of Available Storage HeightP2902.6.2 Protection of Backflow Preventers20.4 Protection of Baled Cotton StorageR322.3.6.1 Protection of Building Envelope404.11.3 Protection of Buried Pipe3309.12 Protection of Chimneys422.17 Protection of Combustible Material3504.1 Protection of Combustibles305.7 Protection of Components of Plumbing System1808.8.4 Protection of Concrete240.4 Protection of Conductors545.8 Protection of Conductors and Equipment410.56 Protection of Conductors and Insulation430.73 Protection of Conductors From Physical Damage319.8.2 Protection of Container1910.110(d)(8) Protection of Container Accessories1910.111(d)(5) Protection of Container Appurtenances1910.110(h)(7) Protection of Container Fittings6109.13 Protection of Containers30.4.14 Protection of Copper Tubing50.3 Protection of Coverings and Enclosure Materials69.5.4.2 Protection of Cylinders903. Protection of Decks and Balconies1810.5.1 Protection of Deep Foundations During Installation2303.1.1 Protection of Dispensing Devices2113.1.5.2 Protection of Draft603.7 Protection of Ducts504.3 Protection of Eaves1910.306(k)(1) Protection of Electric Equipment525.6 Protection of Electrical Equipment[F] 412.2.5 Protection of Elevator Wiring and Cables1926.416(a) Protection of Employees1926.62(d)(2) Protection of Employees During Assessment of Exposure1926.651(j) Protection of Employees From Loose Rock or Soil1926.652(a) Protection of Employees in Excavations1910.68(b)(8) Protection of Entrances and ExitsE3404.5 Protection of Equipment1103.9 Protection of Existing Cooking Equipment23.7* Protection of Exposed Expanded Group A PlasticsN1101.11.1 (R303.2.1) Protection of Exposed Foundation Insulation404.11.2 Protection of Exposed Pipe1114.10 Protection of Exterior Openings[F] 907.4.1 Protection of Fire Alarm Control Unit1910.164(d) Protection of Fire Detectors913.2.1 Protection of Fire Pump Rooms913.2.1 Protection of Fire Pump Rooms and Access2702.1.4 Protection of Fire Pumps240.5 Protection of Flexible Cords, Flexible Cables, and Fixture Wires3306.9.10.3 Protection of Floor Openings2306.7.3.1 Protection of Floor Openings in Indoor Facilities2301.4.1 Protection of Floor Openings in Indoor Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities2405.12 Protection of FloorsP2604.4 Protection of Footings3303.14.2 Protection of Foundations507.10 Protection of Gas Appliances From Fumes or Gases Other Than Products of Combustion2403.6 Protection of Glass Panels250.10 Protection of Ground Clamps and Fittings5001.3.3.6 Protection of Hazardous Materials3303.5.1 Protection of Heating Element23.12 Protection of High Bay Records StorageSection 3.11 Protection of Hoistway Landing OpeningsSection 2.11 Protection of Hoistway OpeningsR403.3.2 Protection of Horizontal Insulation Below Ground2006.7 Protection of Hoses803.1.2.2 Protection of HVAC System Openings20.14* Protection of Idle Pallets608.18 Protection of Individual Water Supplies26.14 Protection of Information Technology Equipment408.52 Protection of Instrument CircuitsE4206.9.3 Protection of Junction Boxes and Enclosures5.11.11 Protection of Landing Platform Openings1101.16.1 Protection of Leaders(D) Protection of Leads2.14.7.4 Protection of Light Bulbs and Tubes445.14 Protection of Live PartsPart XII Protection of Live Parts — All Voltages1810.3.2.5 Protection of MaterialsR322.1.6 Protection of Mechanical and Electrical SystemsG305.4 Protection of Mechanical Equipment and Outside AppliancesG310.6 Protection of Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Systems(D) Protection of Metal(A) Protection of Motor-Compressor(B) Protection of Motor-Compressor Control Apparatus and Branch-Circuit Conductors105-20 Protection of Natural Features1609.2 Protection of OpeningsSection 2403 Protection of Operations603.9.1 Protection of Outdoor Aboveground Installations507.25 Protection of Outdoor Appliances551.78 Protection of Outdoor Equipment(D) Protection of Output Cable19.7.2.1* Protection of PatientsSection 3306 Protection of Pedestrians3306.2 Protection of Pedestrians and Adjoining Property[BG] 804.3.3 Protection of Personnel1808.2.17 Protection of Pile Materials1808.5.1 Protection of Piles During Installation4.3 Protection of Pipe1305.2 Protection of Pipe, Equipment and Appliances2.9 Protection of PipesSection 305 Protection of Pipes and Plumbing System ComponentsSection 305 Protection of Pipes Andplumbing System Components16.4 Protection of Piping10.4.2* Protection of Piping. [24:10.4.2]16.4.2* Protection of Piping Against Corrosion18.1* Protection of Piping Against Damage Where Subject to Earthquakes16.4.1 Protection of Piping Against Freezing5704.2.10.3 Protection of Piping From Exposure Fires16.4.3* Protection of Piping in Hazardous AreasN1103.4.1 (R403.4.1) Protection of Piping InsulationC403.11.3.1 Protection of Piping Insulation (Mandatory)312.0 Protection of Piping, Materials, and Structures316.0 Protection of Piping, Tubing, Materials, and Structures2.15.8 Protection of Platforms Against FireP2803.1 Protection of Potable WaterP2902.5 Protection of Potable Water ConnectionsP2902.4 Protection of Potable Water OutletsSection P2902 Protection of Potable Water Supply6.4 Protection of Private Fire Service Mains10.4 Protection of Private Fire Service Mains. [24:10.4]34.8 Protection of Rack Storage25.6 Protection of Racks With Solid Shelves13.4.2 Protection of Rainwater Leaders1107.1.1 Protection of Refrigerant Piping Located Inside BuildingsG2415.11.4 (404.11.4) Protection of Risers16.5 Protection of Risers Subject to Mechanical Damage34.10 Protection of Roll Paper19.1* Protection of Roll Paper Storage3309.10 Protection of Roofs3309.10 Protection of Roofs, Skylights, Chimneys, Etc5.1.16.1 Protection of Ropes34.9 Protection of Rubber Tires704.4 Protection of Secondary Members704.4 Protection of Secondary Structural Members(F) Protection of Service Equipment, Switchgear, and Industrial Control Assemblies3304.4 Protection of Sides of Excavations3307.3 Protection of Sidewalks, Walkways and Temporary Walkways315.7.3 Protection of Solid Fuel5.8.1.3 Protection of Space Below HoistwaySection 2.6 Protection of Space Below Hoistways5.8.1.3 Protection of Space Below the HoistwaySection 3.6 Protection of Spaces Below Hoistway5.10.1.6 Protection of Spaces Below Hoistways7.1.6 Protection of Spaces Below the Hoistway5.11.6 Protection of Spaces Below the Travel Path5.1.6 Protection of Spaces in Line With the Direction of Travel230.93 Protection of Specific Circuits§27-966 Protection of Sprinkler System2404.5.2 Protection of Sprinklers§27-949 Protection of Standpipe System1910.158(b) Protection of Standpipes2207.1.1 Protection of Steel CablesSection 2203 Protection of Steel for Structural Purposes20.2 Protection of Storage31.3 Protection of Storage of Forest Products714.2 Protection of Structural Members2203.2.1 Protection of Structural SteelSection 302 Protection of Structure(G) Protection of Supply Conductors and Connectors6.2.2 Protection of Supports and Machine Spaces Against Fire6.2.2 Protection of Supports and Machinery Spaces Against Fire§27-642 Protection of Suspenders319.8.4 Protection of System Piping(D) Protection of the Output Cable704.3 Protection of the Primary Structural Frame Other Than Columns12.2 Protection of Trap Seals5.1.7.1 Protection of Traveling Cables3309.11 Protection of Trees6.1.2 Protection of Trusses and Machine Spaces Against Fire6.1.2 Protection of Trusses and Machinery Spaces Against FireE3605.4 Protection of Underground Service Entrance ConductorsSection 3308 Protection of Unenclosed Perimeters6109.8 Protection of Valves on Containers in Storage69.5.2.2 Protection of Valves on Cylinders in Storage6109.8 Protection of Valves on LP-Gas Containers in Storage50. Protection of Valves on LP-Gas Cylinders in Storage408.5 Protection of Vertical Openings22.4.4.6 Protection of Vertical Openings (Nonsprinklered Buildings)2705.2.3.2 Protection of Vessels3306.9.12.2 Protection of Wall OpeningsP2717.1 Protection of Water SupplyR322.1.7 Protection of Water Supply and Sanitary Sewage Systems505.2 Protection of Water Supply Systems3309.14 Protection of Windows640.45 Protection of Wiring3007.8.1 Protection of Wiring or CablesSection R317 Protection of Wood and Wood-Based Products Against Decay506.10.1 Protection Provided[BS] 3307.1 Protection Required230.208 Protection Requirements2104.3.3.4 Protection Requirements for Temperatures Below 20°F (—7°C)2104.3.3.3 Protection Requirements for Temperatures Between 25°F (—4°C) and 20°F (—7°C)2104.3.3.2 Protection Requirements for Temperatures Between 40°F (4°C) and 25°F (—4°C)(3) Protection, Spa or Hot Tub Supply Receptacle500.7 Protection Techniques(B) Protection Through Metal602. Protection Time308.3 Protective Assembly Construction and Installation404.11.4 Protective Bonded Coatings9.4.1.5 Protective Caps and Straps1910.156(e) Protective Clothing5605.8.1 Protective Clothing and Equipment1910.1044(j) Protective Clothing and Equipments1910.252(b)(3) Protective Clothing - General RequirementsG2414.7 (403.7) Protective Coating404.11.5 Protective CoatingsG2415.11.2 (404.11.2) Protective Coatings and Wrapping11B-703.8.12 Protective Covering16.2.4 Protective Coverings[F] 907.4.2.5 Protective Covers(B) Protective Device(C) Protective Device Rating Not to Exceed the Manufacturer's Values840.90 Protective DevicesArticle 11 Protective Devices and Fire Protection(D) Protective Devices Rated or Adjusted320.12.1 Protective Entry Suits*2.2- Protective Environment (PE) Room8.2.2 Protective Environment (PE) Rooms2.2- Protective Environment (PE) Rooms and AII/PE Rooms1224.14.4 Protective Environment Room(s)1227.12.4 Protective Environment Rooms1910.261(k)(3) Protective Equipment1910.1048(h) Protective Equipment and Clothing1910.253(e) Protective Equipment, Hose, and Regulators1926.1002 Protective Frames (Roll-Over Protective Structures, Known as ROPS) for Wheel-Type Agricultural and Industrial Tractors Used in Construction1926.962(d) Protective Grounding EquipmentE Protective Guard1510.8 Protective Guards1910.147(c)(5) Protective Materials and Hardware1910.268(p)(3) Protective Measures1105. Protective Plates(2) Protective Relays1910.241(a)(8) Protective Shield or Guard1910.266(f)(3) Protective Structures1814.2.2 Protective Treatment1810.2.12 Protective Treatment of Deep Foundation Materials1808.2.12 Protective Treatment of Pile Materials1910.1027(i) Protective Work Clothing and Equipment404.11.6 Protective Wrappings312.5 Protectively Coated Pipe(3) Protectors112. Protocol*2.1- Proton Therapy Room(s)2.2-3.5.4 Proton Therapy Suite*2.2- Proton Therapy Treatment Room(s)307 Protruding Objects307.2 Protrusion Limits[F] 2001.3.2 Protrusions and Appurtenances From Structures14.4 Protrusions From Walls[BE] 410.3 Provide High and Low Drinking Fountains1004.9.4 Provided By(A) Provided to Detect and Interrupt Fault Current(2) Provided With Mogul-Base, Screw Shell Lampholders1904.40 Providing Records to Government Representatives1910.1030(d)(3)(i) Provision1910.1027(i)(1) Provision and Use16.6 Provision for Flushing Systems11.5.4 Provision for Future Fixtures1208.2 Provision for Location of Point of Delivery27.5.1 Provision for Lower Load Rating12.8.2 Provision for Venting Future Fixtures1107. Provision for Vertical Access*1.2- Provision of Clearances**§28-120.1.2 Provision of Copy of Tenant Protection Plan to Occupants Upon Request1926.1213 Provision of Documents to Secretary*§28-309.4.1.3 Provision of Information Prior to Vacating a Unit or Other Space1910.1025(k)(2)(i) Provision of Medical Removal Protection BenefitsB.2.9 Provision of Necessary Information on Plans1910.1024(e)(4) Provision of Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment, Including Respirators78-10 Provision of Public Facilities in Connection With Large-Scale Residential Development1910.1001(e)(4) Provision of Respirators501.4.3.1 Provision of Sprinkler Protection in Altered Buildings on Substandard Width Public Streets and Fire Apparatus Access RoadsC 101.2 ProvisionsC403.2 Provisions Applicable to All Mechanical Systems (Mandatory)11-21 Provisions Are Minimum RequirementsPart III Provisions at Luminaire Outlet Boxes, Canopies, and Pans*3.1- Provisions for Additional Therapies23-675 Provisions for Certain R10 Districts Within Community District 6 in the Borough of Manhattan9.2.4 Provisions for Cleaning*1.2-3.8.1 Provisions for Disaster Preparedness610.3 Provisions for Diving14.11.4 Provisions for Drainage2.2- Provisions for Drinking Water2.4- Provisions for Drying Hands20.5 Provisions for Durability of Steel Reinforcement42-133 Provisions for Dwelling Units in Certain M1-5 or M1-6 Districts*1.4-1.3.1 Provisions for EquipmentSection R314 Provisions for Fire Detection Systems10.13.3* Provisions for Fire Retardance for Artificial VegetationP3005.1.5 Provisions for Future Fixtures404.9 Provisions for General-Use Snap Switches1910.106(b)(1)(vi) Provisions for Internal Corrosion514.13 Provisions for Maintenance and Service of Dispensing Equipment504.4.1 Provisions for Makeup Air12.6.9.6 Provisions for Natural Cut Trees81-413 Provisions for Persons With DisabilitiesPart VII Provisions for Room Air Conditioners2.7- Provisions for Soiled Linen and Waste Holding2.1-6.2.5 Provisions for Telephone Access77-322 Provisions Governing Off-Street Parking for Non-Residential Uses77-321 Provisions Governing Off-Street Parking for Residences4.6.8 Provisions in Excess of Code Requirements[A] 102.4.2 Provisions in Referenced Codes and Standards1910.1050(m)(9)(v)(A) Provisions of Medical Removal Protection Benefits123-31 Provisions Regulating Location of Uses in Mixed Use Buildings119-10 Provisions Regulating Tier I Sites119-20 Provisions Regulating Tier II Sites11B-411. Proximity of Required ElementsD105.3 Proximity to Building605. Proximity to Exits5804.2.2 Proximity to Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage5806.3.3 Proximity to Hazard6109.12.1 Proximity to Hazards3.3.164* Prying FactorA509.2 Pseudo-Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis Procedure3106F.5.2 Pseudo-Static Seismic Slope Stability312.3.3.2 Psychiatric Nursing Service1228.14 Psychiatric Nursing Service Space1224.31 Psychiatric Nursing Unit7.6 Psychiatric Patient Areas2.2-2.12 Psychiatric Patient Care Unit2.1-8.1.1 Psychiatric Patient Locations2.2-2.12.2 Psychiatric Patient Room1303.2 Psychiatric Patient Rooms1228.13 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Activities Service Space322.0 Psychiatric Services320.5 Psychiatric Services. [OSHPD 1, 2, & 4]407.2.3 Psychiatric Treatment Areas1224.31.1 Psychiatric Unit Space1224.4.9.3 Psychiatric Unit Windows1226.12 Psychology Clinics1226.4.16.1 Public(d) 5622.1.4 Public Access4006.10 Public Access and Tours91-80 Public Access Areas93-72 Public Access Areas at 450 West 33RD Street93-74 Public Access Areas in Pennsylvania Station Subarea B493-71 Public Access Areas in the Eastern Rail Yard Subarea A193-73 Public Access Areas on the Ninth Avenue Rail Yard62-65 Public Access Design Reference Standards93-70 Public Access Requirements for Special Sites§28-502.4.4 Public Access to List11B-245 Public Accommodations Located in Private Residences405.7 Public Address24.5.25 Public Address (PA) System Interface With Facility Fire Alarm System24.5.24 Public Address (PA) Systems Used for Emergency Communications907.2.1.3 Public Address System810.7 Public Address Systems1226.10.3 Public and Administrative1226.12.1 Public and Administrative Area1226.5.3 Public and Administrative Areas[F] 907. Public and Common Areas215.2 Public and Common Use Areas504.1.1 Public and Employee Facilities1226.6.5.1 Public Area2.1-6.2 Public Areas1029.11.1 Public Areas in Groups B and MSection 403 Public Assemblages and Events**§28-120.1.1 Public Availability of Tenant Protection Plan454.1.11 Public Bathing Places—Artificial Lagoons456.3.2 Public Bathrooms106.5.48 Public Building or Facility217.4.2.1 Public Buildings27.7 Public Cable Plant1-411 Public Comment Rulemaking File Submitted by a State Proposing Agency1-413 Public Comments and Related Actions1020.1.2 Public Corridors121.9 Public Disclosure13. Public Disclosure Signage313.5.2.5 Public Emergencies3.3.221 Public Emergency Alarm Reporting System10.5.6 Public Emergency Alarm Reporting System Personnel Qualification. (SIG-PRS)14.4.9 Public Emergency Alarm Reporting Systems14.4.9 Public Emergency Alarm Reporting Systems. (SIG-PRS)106.5.49 Public Entrance206.4.1 Public Entrances505.3.2 Public Entry and Corridor Signage41.5 Public Exhibitions and Demonstrations403.6 Public Facilities78-111 Public Facilities Report1.7.18 Public Fire EducationSection 456 Public Food Service EstablishmentsSection 317 Public Food Service Establishments and Food Establishments2307.7 Public Fueling of Motor Vehicles406.2.9.2 Public Garages305.4 Public Garages, Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities and Repair Garages(3) Public Gas System, Municipal Water SupplySection 403 Public Gatherings§107 Public Halls1926.12(b)(51) Public Health Service Act Amendment (Alcoholic and Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Amendments of 1968) (42 U.S.C. 2681, ET Seq.)A-801.4 Public Hearing322.2.1.4 Public Hearing Request§1-11.1 Public Hearings*3314.20 Public Housing Construction Projects11B-233 Public Housing Facilities11B- Public Housing Facility Site Impracticality3.3.165 Public Hydrant413.4 Public Laundries and Central Washing Facilities[P] 2903.1.2 Public Lavatories407.2.1 Public Lavatory Faucets1926.12(b)(55)(i) Public Law 91-230Section 449 Public Libraries [SL and SFM]Section 455 Public Lodging Establishments457.1 Public Mental Health Crisis Stabilization Units and Short-Term Residential Treatment Programs18.9.2.2 Public Mode18.4.4* Public Mode Audible Requirements14A-3-301.3.1 Public Notice2.3- Public Notice Area§28-207.3 Public Nuisance(5) 805.5 Public Occupancies3.3.222 Public Operating Mode1106.6.1 Public or Common-Use Interface97-57 Public Parking Facilities62-836 Public Parking Facilities on Waterfront Blocks406.4 Public Parking Garages16-352 Public Parking Garages and Public Parking Lots74-51 Public Parking Garages or Public Parking Lots Outside High Density Central Areas16-342 Public Parking Lots11-13 Public Parks1-403 Public Participation107-222 Public Pedestrian Ways37-70 Public Plazas311.3.1 Public Pools and SpasP2602.1.3 Public Portions of Building Sewers and Water Service Pipes§28-208.1.2 Public RecordOrganic Peroxide FormulationOrganic Peroxide Storage AreaOrganic WasteOrganized CampsOrientationOriented Strand Board (OSB)Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Wood Structural PanelOriented Strand Lumber (OSL)Oriented Strand Lumber (OSL) Structural Composite LumberOrificeOrnamental/Decorative SprinklerOrthogonalorthogonal.risk-targeted Maximum Considered Earthquake (MCER) Ground Motion Response Accelerations(OSB)OSHAOSHA 10OSHA 10-Hour ClassOSHA 30OSHA 30-Hour Class[OSHPD 1OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 4 & 5(OSL)Other Alterations to pre-FIRM ConstructionOther EquipmentOther Fire DetectorsOther GasOther Means During ManufactureOther Means During Manufacture Fire-Retardant-Treated WoodOther StructuresOther Structures (For Chapters 16-23)Out-of-Service SystemOutdoorOutdoor Advertising BusinessOutdoor Advertising CompanyOutdoor AirOutdoor Air (Outside Air)Outdoor AreaOutdoor Assembly EventOutdoor Constructed FeaturesOutdoor Control AreaOutdoor FireplaceOutdoor OpeningOutdoor Ornamental FountainOutdoor (Outside) AirOutdoor Spray AreaOutdoor Storage ReferenceOutdoor System Energy Storage System, StationaryOuter CourtOutletOutlet Box HoodOutlet FittingOutlet, GasOutline LightingOutpatient ClinicOutpatient ServiceOutput Cable to the Electric VehicleOutput Cable to the Primary PadOutput CircuitOutrigger Beam (Thrustout)Outrigger (Crane)Outrigger ScaffoldOutsideOutside AirOutside StairOven, ConvectionOvercrowdedOvercrowdingOvercurrentOvercurrent Protective Device, Branch-CircuitOvercurrent Protective Device, SupplementaryOverflow GutterOverflow SystemOverhead GantryOverhead StructureOverlapOverloadOwnerOwner-OccupantOwner-OccupiedOwner of BusinessOwner's Project RequirementsOwnershipOxidizerOxidizing Cryogenic FluidOxidizing GasOxygen Deficient AtmosphereOxygen Depletion Safety Shutoff System (ODS)Ozone DepletionOZONE-GAS GeneratorOzone GeneratorP-Delta EffectPA SDPWSPA SDPWS Shear WallPackage BoilerPackaged BoilerPackaged Spa or Hot Tub Equipment AssemblyPackaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP)Packaged Therapeutic Tub or Hydrotherapeutic Tank Equipment AssemblyPackagingPACMPad Certification ReportPad Recertification ReportPaging SystemPalletPallet BandPallet, Moving WalkPalletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, and Shelf StoragePalletized StoragePalletized Tire StoragePan FlashingPanelPanel, Exterior EscalatorPanel HeatingPanel, Interior EscalatorPanel (Part of a Structure)Panel, Shotcrete MockupPanel, Shotcrete TestPanel ThicknessPanelboardPanic HardwarePaperPaper (General Term)Parallel Strand Lumber (PSL)Parallel Strand Lumber (PSL) Structural Composite LumberParallel Telephone SystemParapet WallParapet Wall WallParapet Wall Wall (For Chapter 21)Park Electrical Wiring SystemsPark TrailerParking Device, ElevatorParking Devices Required Access Doors and OpeningsParking FacilityParking GarageParking StructureParking Structure, Assisted Mechanical TypeParking Structure, Automated TypeParking Structure, EnclosedParking Structure, OpenParking Structure, Ramp TypePart 1 GeneralPart 1202Part 1203Part 1203—Compliant Code Enforcement ProgramPart 1204Part 1205Part 2 Electric ElevatorsPart 2ELECTRIC ElevatorsPart 3Part 3 Hydraulic ElevatorsPart 4Part 4ELEVATORS With Other Types Ofdriving MachinesPart 5Part 5SPECIAL Application ElevatorsPart 6Part 6ESCALATORS and Moving WalksPart 7Part 7DUMBWAITERS and Material LiftsPart 8Part 8 General RequirementsPart II — Design CriteriaPart Iihoistways and Related Construction Forelectric ElevatorsPart IIIPart III — StandardsPart IintroductionPart IVPart IV: MaterialsPart IXPart VPart V: InstallationPart VIPart VI ReservedPart VI: Testing & InspectionsPart VIIPart VIIIPart-Winding MotorsPart XPartial DemolitionPartially Vacant BuildingParticipant SpaceParticipating Agency or PAParticleboardparticleboard.performance CategoryParty PopperParty Popper Sparkling DevicesParty WallPass-Over HoodPass-Over Hood Commercial Kitchen Exhaust HoodsPass-Over Hood Commercial Kitchen HoodsPass-ThroughPassage DoorPassenger ElevatorPassenger ElevatorsPassengersPassive Radon Protection SystemPassive RF Emitting DevicePassive Solar Energy CollectorPatch KettlePath of TravelPath (Pathways)Pathway SurvivabilityPatient Bed LocationPatient Care Area (For Flood Zone Purposes)Patient Care LocationsPatient Care Non-Sleeping Suite (Health Care Occupancies)Patient Care Nonsleeping Suite (Health Care Occupancies)Patient Care RoomPatient Care Sleeping Suite (Health Care Occupancies)Patient Care SpacePatient Care StationPatient Care Suite (Health Care Occupancies)Patient Care VicinityPatient ElevatorPatient Equipment Grounding PointPatient Medical GasPatient Origin RegionPatient RoomPatio CoverPatio CoversPE-AL-PEPE PipePE-RTPeak Particle Velocity (PPV)PedestalPedestrianPedestrian Deck Panels or PaversPedestrian WayPeer ReviewPeiclPeivl(PEL)PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit)Pellet Fuel-Burning AppliancePellet VentPellet Vent VentPendent SprinklerPenetrate a FloorPenetrationPenetration FirestopPenetration Firestop SystemPenthousePerclPercolation TestPerforated Shear WallPerforated Shear Wall SegmentPerformance AreaPerformance-Based DesignPerformance CategoryPerformance CriteriaPerformance Rating MethodPerformance StandardPerimeter Fire Containment SystemPerimeter FoundationPerimeter Overflow SystemPeriod of SignificancePeriodic Inspections and Witnessing of TestsPeriodic Special InspectionPeriodic Special Inspection Special InspectionPeriodic Tests, CategoryPerioperativePeripheral AreaPerlitePerlite ConcretePermPermanentPermanent Amusement AttractionPermanent ConstructionPermanent FloorPermanent Individual Truss Member Diagonal Bracing (PITMDB)Permanent Individual Truss Member Restraint (PITMR)Permanent Portable BuildingPermanent Prestressed Rock and Soil AnchorsPermanent Residential SpaPermanent StructurePermanent StructuresPermanent Visual Record (Recording)Permanently InstalledPermanently Installed Decorative Fountains and Reflection PoolsPermanently Installed Swimming, Wading, Immersion, and Therapeutic PoolsPermeabilityPermeable PavingPermissible AreasPermissible Exposure LimitPermissible Exposure Limit (PEL)Permissible FireworksPermitPermit HolderPermit-Related FeePermit-Required AreaPermitsPermits RequiredPermittedPermitted Construction DocumentsPeroxide-Forming ChemicalPersonPerson/Responsible PersonPersonal CarePersonal Care ServicePersonal Fall Arrest SystemPersonal ServicesPersonal SupervisionPersonal Wireless Service FacilityPersonnelPersonnel HoistPersonnel hoist.pile DriverPersonnel Protection SystemPersons With DisabilitiesPersons With Intellectual Disabilities, Profoundly or SeverelyPerstdPervious ConcretePervlPest ControlPest Control BusinessPest EliminationPesticidepesticide.pressure VesselPetitionPEX-AL-PEXPhase ConverterPhase I Emergency Recall OperationPhase II Emergency In-Car OperationPhased Plan ReviewPhotoelectric Light Obscuration Smoke DetectionPhotoelectric Light-Scattering Smoke DetectionPhotoluminescentPhotosensorPhotovoltaic CircuitsPhotovoltaic ModulePhotovoltaic Modules/ShinglesPhotovoltaic Output CircuitPhotovoltaic PanelPhotovoltaic Panel SystemPhotovoltaic Power SourcePhotovoltaic (PV) Panel System, Ground-MountedPhotovoltaic (PV) Powered SignPhotovoltaic (PV) Support Structure, ElevatedPhotovoltaic (PV) SystemPhotovoltaic ShinglesPhotovoltaic Source CircuitPhotovoltaic System DC CircuitPhotovoltaic System VoltagePhysical DisabilityPhysical HazardPhysical Hazard MaterialPhysician or Other Licensed Health Care ProfessionalPhysician or Other Licensed Health Care Professional (PLHCP)Physiological Warning ThresholdPhysiological Warning Threshold LevelPicnic FacilityPicnic UnitPicocurie (PCI)Picocurie Per Liter (pCi/L)Picocuries Per Gram, pCi/gPicocuries Per Liter (pCi/L)PictogramPierPier, FixedPier, FloatingPier FoundationPier FoundationsPile DriverPile FoundationsPile Stability, Stable PilesPile Stability, Unstable PilesPilotPilot Light, Continuously BurningPilot Light, IntermittentPilot Light, InterruptedPilot Light, On-DemandPilot Line DetectorPilot Program BuildingPinrailPipePipe OrganPipe Organ Sounding ApparatusPipe PipingPipe Schedule SystemPiped Natural GasPipelinePipelines Part II — Design CriteriaPipingPiping SystemPistonPiston, RodPit, Dumbwaiter, Material LiftPit, Dumbwaiter or Material LiftPit, ElevatorPitchPitchedPlace of Assemblage (Also See "Assembly Occupancy")Place of AssemblyPlace of Public AccommodationPlace of Public AssemblagePlain ConcretePlain MasonryPlain Masonry MasonryPlain ReinforcementPlan ReviewPlanned DevelopmentPlanned ImpairmentPlansPlans or DrawingsPlantPlantsPlasterPlastic, ApprovedPlastic CompositePlastic GlazingPlastic glazing.plastic LumberPlastic HingePlastic Hinge RegionPlastic LumberPlastic PalletPlastic (Soil)Plastic (Soil, Chapter 33)Plastic, ThermoplasticPlastic, ThermosettingPlatePlatformPlatform ConstructionPlatform FramingPlatform, LandingPlatform (Wheelchair) LiftPlay AreaPlay ComponentPlay Structure(PLC)Plcocurie Per Liter (pCi/L)PlenumPlosophoric MaterialPlug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)Plugging BoxPlumberPlumbingPlumbing Advisory BoardPlumbing AppliancePlumbing AppurtenancePlumbing CodePlumbing Code of New York StatePlumbing ContractorPlumbing FixturePlumbing InspectorPlumbing OfficialPlumbing SystemPlumbing SystemsPlumbing VentPlumbing Vent SystemPlumbing WorkPlunger GripperPlunger (Ram)PlywoodPlywood and Veneer MillsPlywood Wood Structural PanelPneumatic Rate-of-Rise Tubing Heat DetectorPneumatic Sewage Ejector VentPoint of Common CouplingPoint of DeliveryPoint of EntrancePoint-of-Entry, Water Treatment UnitPoint of SafetyPoint-of-Sale DevicePoint-of-Use, Water Treatment UnitPoint Thermal BridgePointingPole SignPolice StationPollutionPollution-Control Unit (PCU)PolyethylenePolyethylene Pipe Part IV: MaterialsPolypropylene SidingPolysulfide RubberPolyurethane SealantPolyvinyl ChloridePoolPool Cover, Electrically OperatedPool DepthsPool Operator or OperatorPool or Public PoolPool PerimeterPool PlumbingPool UserPool VolumePorcelain TilePorchPortablePortable (As Applied to Equipment)Portable (As Applied to EVSE)Portable ContainerPortable Cooking EquipmentPortable Cooling UnitPortable Display SurfacePortable EquipmentPortable Equipment (As Applied to Article 513)Portable Evaporative CoolerPortable Fire Extinguisher Sales Company CertificatePortable Fire Extinguisher Servicing Company CertificatePortable-Fuel-Cell AppliancePortable Fueled EquipmentPortable GeneratorPortable Heating AppliancePortable MagazinePortable Outdoor FireplacePortable PoolPortable Power Distribution UnitPortable RacksPortable Residential SpaPortable School ClassroomPortable Space HeaterPortable StructuresPortable TankPortable Tank (Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids)