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3.3.223 Public Safety Agency3106.4 Public Safety for Events403.2 Public Safety Plan403.11.2 Public Safety Plan for Gatherings3.3.224 Public Safety Radio Enhancement System3.3.225 Public Safety Radio System317.1.2 Public School Buildings903.2.20 Public School Campuses903.2.19 Public School State Funded Construction Projects for Kindergarten Through 12TH Grade - Automatic Sprinkler System Requirements1.11.3.1 Public Schools319.12.2 Public Schools and Community Colleges453.2 Public Schools and Florida Colleges General Requirements319.1.5 Public Schools. [DSA-SS , DSA-SS/CC ][A] 105.2.2 Public Service Agencies100.9 Public Service Companies§27-3008 Public Service Corporations73-14 Public Service Establishments74-60 Public Service or Transportation Facilities713.3 Public Sewer713.4 Public Sewer Availability[A] 101.3 Public Sewer ConnectionP-1203.2.3 Public Sewer System453.16.2 Public Shelter453.25 Public Shelter Design Criteria408.8 Public Shower Floors37-747 Public Space Signage37-751 Public Space Signage Systems§148 Public Stairs503.3 Public Streets105.1.4 Public Swimming Pool3109.3 Public Swimming Pool Enclosures3109.3 Public Swimming Pools454.1 Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Places26.* Public Switched Network3.3.297.2 Public Switched Telephone Network1226. Public Telephone1226. Public Telephone Access§27-292.14 Public Telephones[P] 502.5 Public Toilet Facilities2.1-6.2.4 Public Toilet Room§27-292.12 Public Toilet Rooms1226. Public Toilet(s)11.4 Public Toilets446.8.1 Public Tours73-16 Public Transit, Railroad or Electric Utility SubstationsP-706.1.2 Public Use13.2 Public Use and Common Use Areas13-21 Public Use and Off-Site Parking[F] 907. Public Use Areas and Common Use AreasP-720.2 Public Use FixturesK 104.3.2 Public Use Occupancies142-53 Public Use of Accessory Parking11B- Public Use or Common Use EVCSSection 3114 Public Use Restroom Buildings in Flood Hazard Areas§ 23-27.3-116.5 Public Utilities, Wires, Poles, Trees, and Shrubs§28-105.4.3 Public Utility Company or Public Utility Corporation14X-5-504.3.1 Public Utility Structures1224.33.3.5 Public Waiting Area2.3-6.2.3 Public Waiting Area(s)2.1-6.2.3 Public Waiting Rooms or Areas2.8-6.2.1 Public Waiting Space(s)§27-906 Public Water Supply[NY] 608.1.1 Public Water Supply Protection3104.6 Public Way4.1.5 Public Welfare4.1.5.1* Public Welfare Goal4.1.5.2* Public Welfare Objective1926.12(b)(32) Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. 3222)3303.12.1 Publically Accessible Floors(f) 118.8.6 Publication§ 23-27.3-300.0 Publication of Code93-824 Publication of Data*§28-309.12.4 Publication of Energy Efficiency Grades and Energy Efficiency Scores202.6 Publications3.3.227 Publicly Accessible Alarm Box27.6.2* Publicly Accessible Alarm Boxes127-43 Publicly Accessible Area3.3.217 Publicly Accessible Fire Alarm Box3303.12.1 Publicly Accessible Floors125-45 Publicly Accessible Open Area in Newtown Creek Subdistrict125-42 Publicly Accessible Open Area Requirements On37-60 Publicly Accessible Open Areas Existing Prior to October 17, 2007124-40 Publicly Accessible Open Space Requirements93-75 Publicly Accessible Open Spaces in Subdistrict F127-42 Publicly Accessible Private Streets93-76 Publicly Accessible Private Streets and Pedestrian Ways in Subdistrict F(A) Pull and Junction Boxes314.28 Pull and Junction Boxes and Conduit BodiesPart IV Pull and Junction Boxes, Conduit Bodies, and Handhole Enclosures for Use on Systems Over 1000 Volts, Nominal1910.305(b)(3) Pull and Junction Boxes for Systems Over 600 Volts, Nominal400.14 Pull at Joints and Terminals426.41 Pull Boxes1910.211(d)(15) Pull-Out Device2.11.12.8 Pull Straps244.4 Pull-Up Spaces for Recreational Vehicles at Dump Stations1910.68(b)(11)(ii) Pulley Clearance1910.219(d)(4) Pulley Speeds1910.219(d) Pulleys(F) Pulling Lubricants17.6.3.3 Pullout cracking factor, ψc,P17.6.3 Pullout strength of a single cast-in anchor or a single post-installed expansion, screw, or undercut anchor in tension, Npn17.4.3 Pullout Strength of Cast-In, Post-Installed Expansion and Undercut Anchors in TensionAppendix D Pulmonary Function Standards for Cotton Dust Standard1910.261(j)(2) Pulp Conveyors1910.261(i)(1) Pulp Grinders1910.261 Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard Mills1910.261(j)(1) Pulp Shredders1910.261(j)(5) PulpersL 404.7.1 Pulpers and Mechanical Strainers1910.179(a)(10) Pulpit-Operated Crane705.2 Pump and Alarm Controls[F] 902.1 Pump and Riser Room SizeP3303.1.1 Pump Capacity and Head712.3.5 Pump Connection to the Drainage System607.2.1.1 Pump Controls for Hot Water Storage Systems316.5.2 Pump Delay614.3.2 Pump Discharge Pipe Sizing602.3.5.1 Pump Enclosure6.4.2.2 Pump Head614.1.1 Pump InstallationC403.4.5 Pump Isolation1926.452(j) "Pump Jack Scaffolds" Pump Operation1910.107(e)(8) Pump Relief3.19.4.2 Pump Relief Valve454. Pump Reservoir Main Drains454. Pump Reservoir Maintenance Accessibility454. Pump Reservoir Security454. Pump Reservoir Slide Pump Intakes454. Pump Reservoir Volume454. Pump Reservoirs13.4.6.3 Pump Room Electrical Wiring913.5.4 Pump Room Environmental Conditions901.4.6 Pump Room Size704.7.3 Pump Shutoff Valves614.1.2 Pump Sizing2306.7.2.2 Pump Sumps13. Pump Tank13. Pump Tank ExtinguishersP104.12.3.2 Pump Test(D) Pump Wiring2403.3.3 Pumped Liquid Supplies404.3.2 Pumper Access Points3.3.166 Pumper OutletP-905.6 PumpingP2911.9 Pumping and Control SystemP3303.1 Pumping SystemF 303.1 Pumping Test680.31 Pumps1910.110(h)(10) Pumps and Accessories5706. Pumps and FittingsSection 313 Pumps and Motors608.13 Pumps and Other Appliances706.44 Pumps and Other Fluid Handling Equipment42. Pumps and Piping System42. Pumps and Piping SystemsP2903.3.1 Pumps Handling Drinking Water3110F.9 Pumps (N/E)Section P-807 Pumps, Wells, and Other Appliances4.5.2 Puncture1910.1030(d)(2)(viii)(A) Puncture ResistantE302.8 Punctures, Cuts and TearsG3.1.1.2 Purchased Chilled WaterG3. Purchased Chilled Water and Purchased HeatG3. Purchased Chilled Water OnlyC3.3 Purchased Energy RatesG3.1.1.1 Purchased HeatG3. Purchased Heat Only(1) 3325.1 Purchaser Form(2) 3325.2 Purchaser Responsibilities63.1.4.1* Pure Gases603.5.18 Pure Water Process Systems4106.4.4.1 Purge Gases4106.4.4 Purge Panels1319.9 Purge Tests(D) Purged and Pressurized3111F.4 Purged or Pressurized Enclosures for Equipment in Hazardous Locations (N/E)3.3.229 PurgingG2417.7.3 (406.7.3) Purging Appliances and Equipment705.5 Purging of Gaseous Hydrogen Piping Systems1322.1.3 Purging of Joints4106.4.4.3 Purging OperationsG2417.7.2.1 (406.7.2.1) Purging Procedure1213.6 Purging Requirements1102.2.2 Purity2308.7.7 Purlins101 PurposeAA101 Purpose and Adoption3112F.1 Purpose and Applicability§1-01 Purpose and AuthoritySection 1.2 Purpose and Exceptions450.2 Purpose and IntentSection G101 Purpose and ObjectivesSection 8-301 Purpose and ScopeAS104.2 Purpose, and Where RequiredSection 8-501 Purpose, Intent and Scope81-251 Purpose of Height and Setback Regulations51-00 Purpose of Regulations Governing Non-Conforming Uses and Non-Complying Buildings25-41 Purpose of Spaces and Rental to Non-Residents1.2-2.2.2 Purpose of the Project§13-11 Purpose. [Repealed]* Purposes31-10 Purposes of Specific Commercial Districts41-10 Purposes of Specific Manufacturing Districts21-10 Purposes of Specific Residence Districts1910.262(h)(2)(ii) Push-Button ControlP2906.21 Push-Fit Fitting Joints1203.10.3 Push-Fit FittingsP3003.9.4 Push-Fit Joints605.4.2 Push-on Joints1910.211(a)(2) Push Stick1910.262(h)(1)(iv) Pushbutton Control(D) Pushbutton Station Multiconductor Cable1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(j) Pusher Machine Operator1910.1029(f)(3)(iii) Pushing3314.12.8 Putlogs for Single Pole Scaffolds238.2.2 Putting Greens411.5 Puzzle Room Exiting(2) PV Output and Inverter Circuits3111.3.5.2 PV Panels Installed Over a Roof Assembly3111.3.5.1 PV Panels Installed Over Open Grid Framing or Noncombustible Deck(1) PV Source Circuits(1) PV System Circuits(A) PV System Grounding Configurations(3) PV Systems Using Utility-Interactive Inverters705.6 PVC and PVC Co-Extruded Plastic Pipe and Joining MethodsP3003.9 PVC PlasticM2101.21 PVC Plastic Pipe605.12 PVC Plastic Pipe and JointsP2709.2.1 PVC Sheets3.3.167 Pyramid Tire Storage3405.9 Pyrolytic Oil Runoff3.3.230 Pyrophoric3.3.146.13 Pyrophoric Gas63.3.8 Pyrophoric Gases1805.2.3.4 Pyrophoric Liquids and Class 3 Water-Reactive Liquids427.7.6 Pyrophoric Material[F] 2702.2.13 Pyrophoric Materials6406.1 Pyrophoric Materials Classified as a Class IV Material6404.1.2 Pyrophoric Solids and Liquids2705.2.3.4 Pyrophoric Solids, Liquids and Class 3 Water-Reactive Liquids5605.6.8 Pyrotechnic and Explosive Composition Quantity Limits5601.3.3 Pyrotechnic Material5609.9 Pyrotechnic Material Separation Distances5609.8 Pyrotechnic Material Storage5601.5.2.2 Pyrotechnic Operator5609.11 Pyrotechnic Safety Precautions5601.5.3 Pyrotechnic Special Effects32.6 Pyrotechnic Special Effects and Open Flames5601.5.3.1 Pyrotechnic Special Effects Contractor105.5.42 Pyrotechnic Special Effects Material5601.5.3.3 Pyrotechnic Special Effects Personnel3301.5.3.4 Pyrotechnic Supplier Certificate32.5.4.1 Pyrotechnics65.3 Pyrotechnics Before a Proximate Audience[F] 806.6 Pyroxylin Plastic[F] 903.2.5.3 Pyroxylin Plastics6504.1 Pyroxylin Plastics in Group F Buildings2.5.2.1 Q Versus C10.5.6.4 Qualification§27-3010 Qualification and Examination of Applicants for Master Electrician's and Special Electrician's Licenses1926.1436(q) Qualification and Training703A.2 Qualification by TestingArticle *423 Qualification for Gas Work1323.11 Qualification of Brazing Procedures and Brazing107-72 Qualification of Designated Open Space as Lot Area107-224 Qualification of Designated Open Space as Lot Area for Bulk Computations26.2.9 Qualification of Supervising Station Operators8.8.1 Qualification of Welders*§28-423.1 Qualification Required(6) 5619.6 Qualification Requirements[A] 113.3 Qualifications§ 23-27.3-107.4 Qualifications and Duties of the State Building Commissioner608.7.3 Qualifications and Responsibilities3414A.3 Qualifications and Terms of Employment404.21 Qualifications for Gas Work(c) 118.8.3 Qualifications for "Ohio Safe Stay Hotel" Designation1910.120(e)(5) Qualifications for Trainers§28-401.6 Qualifications of Applicant§28-303.3 Qualifications of Boiler Inspectors105.1.1 Qualifications of Building Official104.4.1 Qualifications of Code Official and Technical Assistants1910.410 Qualifications of Dive Team1323.10 Qualifications of Installers1926.1429 Qualifications of Maintenance & Repair Employees112.3 Qualifications of Members112.3 Qualifications of Members LBFPCA3503.4 Qualifications of Operators105.2.1 Qualifications of Technical Assistants3.3.228* Qualified107.1.2 Qualified Agency1910.268(s)(33) Qualified Employee1926.950(b)(2) Qualified Employees1926.960(b)(1) Qualified Employees Only106.5.52 Qualified Historic Building or FacilityB101.2 Qualified Historic Buildings and FacilitiesB101.4 Qualified Historic Buildings and Facilities Not Subject to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation ActB101.3 Qualified Historic Buildings and Facilities Subject to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation ActSection B101 Qualified Historical Buildings and Facilities1910.268(s)(34) Qualified Line-Clearance Tree Trimmer1910.268(s)(35) Qualified Line-Clearance Tree-Trimmer Trainee5604.10.3 Qualified Person706.3 Qualified Personnel1910.333(c)(3)(ii) Qualified Persons1803.4 Qualified Representative1905.6.1 Qualified Technicians3418A.4.1 Qualifying Nonacute Care ServicesAppendix C Qualitative and Quantitative Fit Testing Procedures - MandatoryAppendix E Qualitative and Quantitive Fit Testing ProceduresAppendix D Qualitative Fit Test Protocols2.5.2.3 Qualitative IssuesE 502.1 QualitySection 2105 Quality Assurance12.3.2* Quality Assurance for Penetrations and Joints3.3.232 Quality Assurance Program2003.2 Quality Control23-011 Quality Housing Program28-03 Quality Housing Program ElementsA4. Quality Insulation Installation (QII)R317.2 Quality MarkP2701.1 Quality of Fixtures1310.1 Quality of Medical Air10.3 Quality of Water RequiredSection 890.1110 Quality of Water SupplyQuality Standards§28-104.7.4 Quantities5704.3.7.2 Quantities and Arrangement of Storage5704.3.8.1 Quantities and Storage Arrangement5705.3.5.3 Quantities Exceeding Limits for Control Areas60.1.3.2 Quantities Exceeding the Maximum Allowable Quantities Per Control Area5003.1.4 Quantities Exceeding the Maximum Allowable Quantity Per Control Area63. Quantities Greater Than the MAQ63.2.2.4 Quantities Less Than or Equal to the MAQ60.1.3.1 Quantities Not Exceeding the Maximum Allowable Quantities Per Control Area5003.1.3 Quantities Not Exceeding the Maximum Allowable Quantity Per Control Area5706.4.13.1 Quantities of Clean-Up Materials and Equipment6109.10.1 Quantities on Equipment and Vehicles6109.5 QuantityH 101.3 Quantity and Quality1105.6.3.2 Quantity—Emergency Conditions3107.15.2.1 Quantity Limit427.7 Quantity Limitations3604.5.4 Quantity Limitations When Stored for Sale63.2.17.4 Quantity Limits60. Quantity Limits for Occupancies Other Mercantile, Storage, or Industrial Occupancies5704.3.4 Quantity Limits for Storage5705.3.5 Quantity Limits for Use1105.6.3.1 Quantity—Normal Ventilation*1.2- Quantity of Each Type of Resident Mobility and Transfer Equipment5601.8.1 Quantity of Explosives309.2 Quantity of Hazardous Materials610.3 Quantity of Water5606.2.2 Quantity Restrictions63.2.3.1 Quantity Thresholds for Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids Requiring Special Provisions1523. Quarry Roof Slate1518.6 Quarry SlateR Quarter Bend (Repealed) Quarterly Frequency42. Quarterly Inspection707. Quarterly Tests Required117-50 Queens Plaza Subdistrict117-502 Queens Plaza Subdistrict PlanAppendix C Queens Plaza Subdistrict Plan Maps117-52 Queens Plaza Subdistrict Special Bulk Regulations117-51 Queens Plaza Subdistrict Special Use Regulations1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(i) Quenching Car Operator§27-597 Questionable Construction1803.5.2 Questionable Soil1803.5.2 Questionable Soil or FillAppendix C Questions and Answers - Methylene Chloride Control in Furniture Stripping1110.13.4 Queue and Waiting Lines227.5 Queues and Waiting Lines2.4.7 Quick Checks of Strength and Stiffness1212.7 Quick-Disconnect Devices1910.155(c)(36) Quick Disconnect Valve8.2.4 Quick-Opening Devices3105F.8.1 Quick Release Hooks[F] 903.3.2 Quick-Response and Residential Sprinklers3.3.168 Quick-Response Early Suppression (QRES) Sprinkler3.3.169 Quick-Response Extended Coverage Sprinkler3.* Quick-Response (QR) Sprinkler19. Quick-Response Sprinklers1228.14.6 Quiet Room3.2-2.3.7 Quiet Room and/or Meditation Area5.1-2.3.7 Quiet Room in a Participant Community Area3.2- Quiet Room in a Resident Area2.3- Quiet Room in a Resident Care/Living Area (Unit)3.1-2.3.7 Quiet Room in a Resident Community Area*2.3-2.3.7 Quiet Room in a Resident or Participant Community Area3.2- Quiet Room in a Resident Unit*5.1-4.2.9 Quiet Room or Observation Area(E) Quorum§1-11.5 Quorum and Voting[BG] A103. R-1.1, Hotel/Motel[BG] A103. R-1.2, Boarding HousesD102.2.5 R-1 and R-2 Occupancies[BG] A103.1.8.1 R-1, Transient[BG] A103.1.8.2 R-2, Multitenant ResidentialC102.3 R-3 Occupancies and Single-Family Dwellings Built Under the IRC[BG] A103.1.8.3 R-3, One- And Two-Family Residential[BG] A103.1.8.4 R-4, Residential CareN1106.7.1 R(406.7.1) Minimum Capabilities1901A.2 Reinforced ConcreteAA103.1 R-Use BuildingsAS108.1 R-ValueN1102.1.3 (R402.1.3) R-Value AlternativeN1102.1.4 (R402.1.4) R -Value Computation21-11 R1 and R2 — Single-Family Detached Residence Districts23-932 R10 Districts21-12 R2X — Single-Family Detached Residence District21-14 R3-1 and R4-1 — Detached and Semi-Detached Residence Districts21-15 R3-2, R4, R4B, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9 and R10 — General Residence Districts21-13 R3A, R3X and R4A — Detached Residence DistrictsN1102.2.4 (R402.2.4)74-43 Racetracks(5) Raceway(F) Raceway and Cable Continuity(A) Raceway, Cable Trays, Cable Armor, Cablebus, or Cable Sheaths430.223 Raceway Connection to Motors(B) Raceway Fill(B) Raceway Fill for Coaxial Cables(B) Raceway Fill for Communications Wires and Cables(B) Raceway Fill for Network-Powered Broadband Communications Cables(B) Raceway Fill for Optical Fiber Cables(E) Raceway Fittings300.18 Raceway Installations610.12 Raceway or Cable Terminal Fittings300.16 Raceway or Cable to Open or Concealed Wiring230.8 Raceway Seal(G) Raceway Seals(2) Raceway Spacing(E) Raceway-Supported Enclosure, Without Devices, Luminaires, or Lampholders(F) Raceway-Supported Enclosures, With Devices, Luminaires, or LampholdersE3906.8.5 Raceway Supported Enclosures, With Devices or LuminaireE3906.8.4 Raceway Supported Enclosures Without Devices or Fixtures(J) Raceway Terminations(F) Raceways840.110 Raceways and Cable Routing Assemblies820.110 Raceways and Cable Routing Assemblies for Coaxial Cables800.110 Raceways and Cable Routing Assemblies for Communications Wires and Cables830.110 Raceways and Cable Routing Assemblies for Network-Powered Broadband Communications Cables770.110 Raceways and Cable Routing Assemblies for Optical Fiber Cables(C) Raceways and Couplings(E) Raceways and Enclosures for Grounding Electrode ConductorsE3904.4 Raceways as Means of Support800.110 Raceways, Cable Routing Assemblies, and Cable Trays770.110 Raceways, Cable Routing Assemblies, and Cable Trays for Optical Fiber Cables(G) Raceways, Cables, Boxes, and Conduit Bodies Supported From Cable Tray Systems300.7 Raceways Exposed to Different Temperatures840.110 Raceways for Premises-Powered Broadband Communications Optical Fiber Cables300.38 Raceways in Wet Locations Above Grade300.9 Raceways in Wet Locations Abovegrade(A) Raceways Not Over 100 mm (4 In.) Wide225.22 Raceways on Exterior Surfaces of Buildings or Other Structures(H) Raceways or Sleeves Exposed to Different Temperatures(B) Raceways Over 100 mm (4 In.) Wide but Not Over 200 mm (8 In.) Wide(1) Raceways Recognized in Chapter 3230.53 Raceways to Drain(C) Raceways Used as Means of Support(C) Raceways Within Enclosures3.3.171* Rack4.1.24 Rack-and-Pinion Drive Machine4.1.13 Rack-and-Pinion Driving Machine5.11.24.1 Rack-and-Pinion Driving Machines8. Rack-and-Pinion Elevator Periodic TestSection 4.1 Rack-and-Pinion Elevators5. Rack-and-Pinion Machines5.11.17.2 Rack-and-Pinion Safety5.8.3 Rack-and-Pinion Shipboard Elevators4.1.18.1 Rack-and-Pinion Speed Governors34.8.3.2* Rack Loading3.3.172 Rack Shelf Area20.5.3* Rack Storage5104.4.3 Rack Storage Aisles25.10.1* Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV and Group A Plastic Commodities25.2.4.2 Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities25.2.3.3 Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height25.2.3.2 Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Over 12 ft (3.7 m) and Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height25.9.1 Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height25.2.4.3 Rack Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities25.9.4 Rack Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height25.2.3.5* Rack Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height25.2.3.4 Rack Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities Stored Over 5 ft (1.5 m) and Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height25.9.3 Rack Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height25.2.3.6 Rack Storage of Rubber Tires Stored Over 12 ft (3.7 m) in Height25.9.6 Rack Storage of Rubber Tires Up to and Including 20 ft (6.1 m) in Height34.8.3.1* Rack Structure3205.2 Rack Structures(A) Racks5003.11.3.4 Racks and Shelves480.8 Racks and Trays3208.2.2 Racks With Solid Shelving2408.2 Racquetball and Squash Courts2006.21 Radar Equipment1926.304(g) "Radial Saws"Section 1510 Radiant Barriers Installed Above Deck6.5.2 Radiant Cooling Systems1926.107(e) Radiant Energy-Sensing Fire Detector17.8 Radiant Energy-Sensing Fire Detectors6. Radiant Floor Heating1213.2 Radiant Floor Heating Panels1217.0 Radiant Heating and Cooling1217.6 Radiant Heating and Cooling Panels(3) Radiant Heating Cables Not PermittedE4206.13.3 Radiant Heating Cables ProhibitedSection M1406 Radiant Heating Systems1217.2 Radiant Under-Floor Heating1217.6.2 Radiant Wall and Ceiling Panels1910.261(k)(32) Radiation1910.1096(e)(2) Radiation Area428.4 Radiation Machines465.7 Radiation Monitoring Devices1224.18.1.1 Radiation Protection1910.97(a)(2) Radiation Protection GuideSection 3102C Radiation Shielding Barriers465.3.1.1 Radiation Symbol*2.1-3.6 Radiation Therapy2.1- Radiation Therapy Room1224.34.3.1 Radiation Therapy Space1910.306(h)(7)(ii)(D) Radio3.3.230 Radio Alarm Repeater Station Receiver (RARSR)3.3.231 Radio Alarm Supervising Station Receiver (RASSR)3.3.232 Radio Alarm System (RAS)3.3.233 Radio Alarm Transmitter (RAT)Article 810 Radio and Television EquipmentArticle 16 Radio and Television Towers3.3.234 Radio Channel11.10.9 Radio Communication Antenna Density3.3.243 Radio Communications24.5.2.2 Radio Coverage3.3.235* Radio Frequency810.5 Radio Noise Suppressors73-30 Radio or Television Towers510.4.1 Radio Signal Strength26.6.5 Radio SystemsSection 3108 Radio, Television, and Telecommunications Towers and Antennas302.2.1 Radioactive Material1224.17.2.6 Radioactive Material Handling1910.120(j)(4) Radioactive Wastes(A) Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Types2.2-3.4.4 Radiography Facilities2.2- Radiography Room1224.18 Radiological/Diagnostic Imaging Service Space1226.5.5 Radiological/Imaging Service Space1228.43 Radiological Service Space*2.2- Radiopharmaceutical Production Pharmacy1226.5.12.3 Radiopharmacy2.2- Radiosurgery Rooms1224.34.6 Radiosurgery Suite1224.34.6.2 Radiosurgery Treatment Rooms1226.5.12.5 Radiotherapy Service Space2.29 Radon Gas Systems1202.7.3 Radon Prescriptive Requirements310.4.1 Radon-Resistant Construction310.7 Radon-Resistant Construction in Groups R-3 and R-4 Structures1202.7 Radon-Resistive Construction Standards1202. Radon VentE403.4.1 Radon Vent ConnectionE403.5 Radon Vent Pipe InstallationE402.3 Radon VentsR804.3.4 Rafter Bottom Flange BracingR804.3.3.1 Rafter FramingR802.4.1 Rafter Size2308.7.2 Rafter SpansR802.4.4 Rafter SupportsR802.5.2.2 Rafter TiesR802.11.2 Rafter Uplift ResistanceR802.4 Rafters1910.261(f) Rag and Old Paper Preparation1910.261(f)(6) Rag Cookers1926.606(e) "Rail" -1910.180(a)(32) Rail Clamp1910.180(i)(1) Rail Clamps5604.13.1.1 Rail Common Carriers8. Rail Forces2.23.7 Rail Joints and Fishplates7.2.4.8 Rail Lubricants2.17.16 Rail Lubricants and Lubrication Plate81-521 Rail Mass Transit and Subway Entrance Informational Signs1926.12(b)(58) Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970 (Pub. L. 91-518, Section 405(D))810.5 Rail Platforms2.23.3 Rail Section810.6 Rail Station Signs1910.179(e)(4) Rail SweepsE109.2.4 Rail-to-Platform Height1926.1435(d)(2)(vii)(D)1926.1435(e)(5)(vii) Rail Travel Limiting Device1618.4.6 Railing2.14.1.7 Railing and Equipment on Car Enclosure Top1005.2 RailingsSection 8-504 Railings and Guardrails1607.10.5 Railroad Equipment74-62 Railroad Passenger Stations1030.16.4 Rails3113B.2 Rails and Steps1910.109(f)(1) Railway Cars1910.331(c)(4) Railway Installations503.6.4.2 Rain and Debris2113.9.3 Rain CapsAS104.4.3.4 Rain-Exposed1101.13.1 Rain Leaders and ConductorsSection 1611 Rain Loads1608.3.4 Rain-on-Snow Surcharge LoadE3605.9.1 Rain-Tight Service Head1106.2.1 Rainfall Rate Conversion MethodE.10.2 Rainfall Rates3304.5.1 RainstormsE3605.9.1 Raintight Service Head707.11 Rainwater Catchment and Collection Systems1603.4 Rainwater Catchment Collection Surfaces1602.8 Rainwater Catchment System Color and Marking Information1602.7.2 Rainwater Catchment System Drainage Materials1602.7 Rainwater Catchment System Materials1602.9.3 Rainwater Catchment System Surfaces1603.1 Rainwater Catchment Systems707.5 Rainwater Collected for Landscape IrrigationSection 707 Rainwater Collection and Distribution SystemsP-1001.4 Rainwater ConductorsE 604.1 Rainwater Control1503.2.4 Rainwater Diversion ValvesSection P2912 Rainwater Nonpotable Water SystemsSection C103 Rainwater Recycling SystemsK 105.0 Rainwater Storage Tanks1101.14 Rainwater Sumps41.5 Raised and Brailled Characters and Pictorial Symbol Signs1103.2.8 Raised and Lowered Areas in Places of Religious Worship203.3 Raised Areas203.13 Raised Boxing or Wrestling Rings1013.4 Raised Character and Braille Exit SignsE109.2.2.1 Raised Character and Braille Signs703.2 Raised Characters1143A.6 Raised Characters and Pictorial Symbol Signs1110.4.13.1 Raised Diving Boards and Diving Platforms203.14 Raised Diving Boards and Diving Platforms1011.5.3 Raised Edges or Walls403.11.5 Raised Face17.7.3.5 Raised Floors and Suspended Ceilings1108.2.9.2 Raised PlatformE103.1 Raised Platforms203.10 Raised Refereeing, Judging, and Scoring Areas707.6.1 Raised SymbolsM2101.20 Raised Temperature Polyethylene (PE-RT) Plastic Tubing1705.25.6 Raising and Moving of a BuildingAA202.5 Rake and Eave OverhangsR609.4.1 Rake BeamR804. Rake Overhangs3.3.229* Ramp42. Ramp and Apron DrainageFigure 11A-8K Ramp at Secondary Exterior Door1012.7 Ramp Construction7.2.5.4 Ramp DetailsFigure 11A-6C Ramp Dimensions1114A.6 Ramp Handrails1114A.5 Ramp HeightFigure 11A-6D Ramp Landing and Doorway1012.7.1 Ramp Surface3. Ramp Type Parking Structure303.4 Ramped1030.14.1 Ramped Aisles405 Ramps3315.1 Ramps and RunwaysFigure 11A-5A Ramps and Sidewalks1926.451(e)(5) Ramps and Walkways§ 23-27.3-118.2 Ramps for Disabled Persons1926.501(b)(6) "Ramps, Runways, and Other Walkways"3305.3.1.4 Ramps, Runways and Platforms(4) Range Hoods(4) Range Hoods and Microwave Oven/Range Hood CombinationsG2447.4 (623.4) Range Installation(C) Range Loads1910.262(b)(30) Range (Mercerizing)11B-224.1.3 Range of Accommodations[F] 2201.3.19.3 Range of Event Sizes[F] 1701.3.15.2 Range of Fire Sizes804.6.4 Range or Cooktop(4) Range Receptacle RatingA Ranges All the Same RatingSection M1901 Ranges and Ovens1910.262(b)(29) Ranges (Bleaching Continuous)B Ranges of Unequal Rating42. Rapid Refueling42.10.5.21 Rapid Refueling of HelicoptersSection 3129B Rapid Sand Pressure Filters11.* Rapid Shutdown Marking690.12 Rapid Shutdown of PV Systems on Buildings(2) Rapid Shutdown Switch(1) Rapid Shutdown TypeA5.405.2.2 Rapidly Renewable Materials3.3.90.18* Rate Compensation Detector706.1 Rate of Air Supplied11B-703.8.14 Rate of Change3134B.2 Rate of Flow Adjustment1003.3.5.2 Rate of Flow Controls454. Rate of Flow Indicators10.3.3.2* Rate of Heat Release and Mass Loss Testing of Mattresses10.3.2.2* Rate of Heat Release Testing of Upholstered Furniture10.3.3* Rate of Heat Release Testing of Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses63. Rate of Release3.3.90.19* Rate-of-Rise Detector(A) Rated at Not over 300 Volt-Amperes or 1/8 Horsepower3.3.173 Rated Capacity1926.1433(d)(1) Rated Capacity and Related Information3006.2.1 Rated Corridors1302.2 Rated for System6.1.3.9 Rated Load5.4.6.1 Rated Load and Platform Area5.10.1.12 Rated Load and Speed1910.179(b)(5) Rated Load Marking1910.180(e)(2) Rated Load TestR317.3 Rated Penetrations7.1.2 Rated PressureA2.3.2 Rated R-Value of InsulationA5.2.2 Rated R-Value of Insulation for Mass FloorsA3.2.2 Rated R-Value of Insulation for Metal Building WallsA6.2 Rated R-Value of Insulation for Slab-on-Grade FloorsA3.3.2 Rated R-Value of Insulation for Steel-Framed WallsA5.3.2 Rated R-Value of Insulation for Steel-Joist FloorsA5.4.2 Rated R-Value of Insulation for Wood-Framed and Other FloorsA3.4.2 Rated R-Value of Insulation for Wood-Framed and Other Walls6.1.4 Rated Speed210.18 RatingE4001.1 Rating and Application of Snap Switches1910.106(d)(4)(ii) Rating and Capacity517.7.3 Rating and Design440.12 Rating and Interrupting Capacity10-113 Rating and Labeling of Roofing Product Reflectance and Emittance1910.253(f)(2) Rating and Pressure Limitations610.14 Rating and Size of ConductorsE4002.1 Rating and Type404.14 Rating and Use of Snap Switches404.14 Rating and Use of Switches430.58 Rating of Circuit Breaker225.39 Rating of Disconnect610.33 Rating of Disconnecting Means1910.334(c)(3) Rating of Equipment5.8.2.1 Rating of Fenestration Products430.226 Rating of Motor Control Apparatus(D) Rating of Overcurrent Protection — Branch Circuits(A) Rating of Overcurrent Protection — Feeders1112.13 Rating of Pressure-Relief Device1112.14 Rating of Rupture Members and Fusible PlugsE3602.3 Rating of Service Disconnect230.79 Rating of Service Disconnecting Means517.73 Rating of Supply Conductors and Overcurrent Protection(C) Rating or Setting(B) Rating or Setting for Equipment430.52 Rating or Setting for Individual Motor Circuit(A) Rating or Setting for Individual Motor-Compressor430.62 Rating or Setting — Motor Load430.63 Rating or Setting — Motor Load and Other Load(s)460.9 Rating or Setting of Motor Overload Device(A) Rating or Setting of Overcurrent Protective Devices(A) Rating(s)430.83 Ratings704.1.2 Ratio of Direct Openings704.1.3 Ratio of Horizontal Openings704.1.5 Ratio of Interior Spaces704.1.4 Ratio of Vertical Openings315.3.7.2 Ratio to the Width909.21.2 Rational AnalysisAE501.3 Rationality6504.1 Raw MaterialSection 2909 Raw Materials and Finished ProductsSection 2908 Raw Materials in Process Areas6505.1 Raw Pyroxylin Plastics3.3.174* Raw Water SourceSection 111 RDP Services909.18.10 Re-acceptance Testing§28-114.4 Re-authorization of Approved Agencies515.1.1.1 Re-evaluationF 303.7 Re-injected WaterR316.5.8 Re-sidingR703.18 Re-siding Exterior Walls115.2.3 Re-stamping4909.4 Re-surveyP-1502.3 Re-testing and Re-inspectionP-809.12 RE-use909.18.10 Reacceptance Testing308 Reach RangesP-809.11 Reactive Materials430.107 Readily Accessible(1) Readily Accessible Location1311.6.1 Readily Operable1705.30.1.5 Readiness1224.28.4.7 Reading RoomE3705.8 Ready Access for Occupants5608.5.5 Ready Boxes1905.8.2 Ready-Mixed ConcreteE 605.1.7.3 Real-Time Control**§28-103.30 Real Time Enforcement Unit1108. Real-Time Messages(A) Reaming342.28 Reaming and Threading1910.263(f)(3) Rear of Divider604.5.2 Rear Wall1107. Rear Wall Grab Bars1206.2.1 Rear Yard Access for Multiple Dwellings128-23 Rear Yard Equivalents73-69 Rear Yard Modifications88-41 Rear Yard Regulations for Shallow Through Lots139-222 Rear Yards and Rear Yard Equivalents62-332 Rear Yards and Waterfront Yards§1-12.4 ReargumentA-201.1.1 Reasonable Accommodations101.4 Reasonable Application5604. Reasonable Care107.6.3 Reasonable Cause2.5 Reasonable Modifications3310.8.6 Reasonable Prudence1910.1024(d)(4) Reassessment of Exposure1910.1053(d)(4) Reassessment of ExposuresE3611.5 Rebar-Type Concrete-Encased Electrode§28- Rebate for Bicycle Storage Facilities§28- Rebate for Energy Use Reduction§28- Rebate for LEED or Other Environmental Design Certification§28- Rebate for Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste§28- Rebate for Redevelopment, Remediation and Reuse of Contaminated Properties Known as Brownfields§28- Rebate for Water Conservation Systems1908.6 Rebound604.3.1 Rebound Avoidance112. Rebuilding Standards§28-211.1.1 Rebuttable Presumption405.10 Recall and ReentryP104. Recall Function901.10 Recall of Fire Protection Components901.9 Recall of Fire Protection System ComponentsP106. Recall Smoke Detectors1-309 Receipt and Processing Appeals707.5.2 Receipts1910.111(d)(14) Receiver and Liquid Drain706.3 Receiver Hearing-Aid Compatibility706.2 Receiver Jacks219.3 ReceiversArticle 6 Receivership1224. Receiving1926.1425(d) Receiving a Load*2.1- Receiving Area2.3-4.7.2 Receiving Areas1224.20.2.2 Receiving/Control StationsPart II Receiving Equipment — Antenna Systems2.1-5.1.2 Receiving Facilities1910.1027(l)(2)(iii) Recent Examination1910.1001(l)(5) Recent Examinations(B) Receptacle625.56 Receptacle Enclosures(D) Receptacle Faceplate (Cover Plates) With Integral Night Light and/or USB Charger(L) Receptacle Faceplates406.6 Receptacle Faceplates (Cover Plates)1136A.1 Receptacle Heights(E) Receptacle Identification220.44 Receptacle Loads — Other Than Dwelling Units680.34 Receptacle Locations(C) Receptacle, MaximumE4002.6 Receptacle Mounted in Boxes406.5 Receptacle Mounting545.10 Receptacle or Switch With Integral Enclosure(G) Receptacle Orientation(E) Receptacle [OSHPD 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5] and Switch Identification(C) Receptacle Outlet(3) Receptacle Outlet Location210.50 Receptacle Outlets(2) Receptacle Outlets Existing or Installed as Permanent Wiring(1) Receptacle Outlets in Fixed Walls(C) Receptacle Outlets, Maximum(1) Receptacle Outlets Not Part of Permanent Wiring(F) Receptacle Outlets Not Permitted(G) Receptacle Outlets Not Required(B) Receptacle Outlets Required(1) Receptacle Outlets Served1910.304(b)(4)(ii) Receptacle Outlets Shall Comply With the Following Provisions:(B) Receptacle PlacementE4002.16 Receptacle Position720.6 Receptacle Rating406.3 Receptacle Rating and Type(3) Receptacle Ratings(2) Receptacle Requirements(B) Receptacle Supplying Power(F) Receptacle With USB Charger1228.4.21.2 Receptacles502.145 Receptacles and Attachment Plugs501.145 Receptacles and Attachment Plugs, Class I, Divisions 1 and 2503.145 Receptacles and Attachment Plugs — Class III, Divisions 1 and 2503.145 Receptacles and Attachment Plugs — Class III, Divisions 1 and Division 2(C) Receptacles and Connectors1910.304(b)(2) Receptacles and Cord Connectors(A) Receptacles and Fixed Equipment(B) Receptacles and Housings(B) Receptacles and Overcurrent Protection(F) Receptacles and Plug Caps(B) Receptacles, Connectors, and Attachment Plugs469.4.14.6 Receptacles (Convenience Outlets)Article 406 Receptacles, Cord Connectors, and Attachment Plugs (Caps)(C) Receptacles for Aluminum Conductors§27-2021 Receptacles for Waste Matter2.1- Receptacles in Corridors(E) Receptacles in Countertops(E) Receptacles in Countertops and Similar Work Surfaces406.9 Receptacles in Damp or Wet Locations2.5- Receptacles in Patient Bedrooms*2.1- Receptacles in Patient Care Areas4.2- Receptacles in Resident Dwelling Units*4.1- Receptacles in Resident Rooms2.5-4.3.3 Receptacles in Resident Rooms and Dwelling Units(H) Receptacles in Seating Areas and Other Similar Surfaces(2) Receptacles in Wet Locations(F) Receptacles in Work SurfacesE4002.6 Receptacles Mounted in Boxes(C) Receptacles Mounted on Covers(1) Receptacles of 15 and 20 Amperes in a Wet Location(3) Receptacles on 15-kW or Less Portable Generators(F) Receptacles or Attachment Plugs(B) Receptacles, Plugs, and Connectors(1) Receptacles Providing Shore Power720.7 Receptacles Required(D) Receptacles Supplied by Portable Cords1926.404(b)(2)(iii) Receptacles Used for the Connection of Motors1226. Reception1231.2.1 Reception and Booking2.2- Reception and Control Station2.6- Reception and Control Station(s)2.3-3.2 Reception and Triage Area*2.2- Reception and Triage Areas2.4-6.2.2 Reception Area2.1-6.2.2 Reception Area or Lobby2.1- Reception Area With Control Desk1224. Reception/Control Desk1230.1.1 Reception/Intake Admission703.8.3.4 Reception Range2.2- Reception, Triage, and Control Station1224.33.3.3 Reception, Triage and Control Station(s)2.3-6.2.2 Reception/Triage Area1406.2.1.3 ReceptorP2709.4 Receptor DrainsSection 890.1050 Receptors(C) Recertification§ 23-27.3-107.7 Recertification and Continuing Education1910.215(c)(5) Recess and Undercut1002.8 Recess for Trap Connection(1) Recessed454. Recessed Automatic Surface Skimmers1110A.3.1 Recessed Doormats404.2.3.5 Recessed Doors404.2.4.3 Recessed Doors and Gates1126A.3.4.5 Recessed Doors or Gates5.8.1.6 Recessed Equipment§27-815 Recessed Heaters(B) Recessed Incandescent Luminaires9.2 Recessed Light FixturesN1102.4.5 (R402.4.5) Recessed LightingN1102.4.4 (R402.4.4) Recessed Lighting (Mandatory)E4004.8 Recessed Luminaire ClearanceE4004.9 Recessed Luminaire Installation13. Recessed Mounting(4) Recessed Remote Ballasts3. Recessed Sprinkler322.4 Recessed Treads99-052 Recesses, Balconies and Dormers82-38 Recesses in the Street Wall13.* Recharge Agents13. Recharge Record Keeping3.3.31.5 Rechargeable Battery13. Rechargeable Fire Extinguishers13. Recharging Expellant Gas for Stored-Pressure Fire Extinguishers514.4 Recirculated Air902.1.1 Recirculating Air or Exhaust SystemsSection 612 (IFGC) Recirculating Direct-Fired Industrial Air HeatersSection 612 (IFGC) Recirculating Direct-Firedindustrial Air Heaters915.0 Recirculating Direct Gas-Fired Industrial Air Heaters66.19.4 Recirculating Heat Transfer Systems607.2.2 Recirculating Pump407.4.1.7 Recirculating Room UnitsL 402.7 Recirculating Shower Systems516.0 Recirculating Systems2404.7.2 Recirculation454.1.6.5 Recirculation and Treatment SystemsM1505.2 Recirculation of Air43.1.5.5* Recirculation of Exhaust2.5- Recirculation of Hot WaterSection 3125B Recirculation Piping System and ComponentsSection 3126B Recirculation Pump CapacityL 501.4 Recirculation Pump Controls454. Recirculation RateE 201.12 Recirculation SystemL 501.3 Recirculation Systems1913.2 Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Content in Asphaltic ConcreteP3201.2.1.2 Reclaimed or Graywater-Supplied Trap Seal Primer ValveP3201.2.1.2 Reclaimed or Graywater-Supplied Trap Seal Primer Valve1505.7 Reclaimed (Recycled) Water System Color and Marking Information1505.6 Reclaimed (Recycled) Water System Materials1505.0 Reclaimed (Recycled) Water Systems1102.2.2.3 Reclaimed Refrigerants602.4 Reclaimed Water709.5.1 Reclaimed Water for Landscape Irrigation1002.4.1.2 Reclaimed Water or Graywater-Supplied Trap Seal Primer ValveSection P2913 Reclaimed Water SystemsSection P2913 Reclaimed Water Systems Section Deleted(C) Reclassification Permitted(2) Reclosing1910.334(b)(2) Reclosing Circuits After Protective Device Operation52. Recombinant Batteries608.5.2 Recombinant Battery NeutralizationAppendix A Recommended Color Coding3.2.7 Recommended Practice1910.423(c) Recompression Capability101.2.3 Reconciliation With New York State Energy Code101.2.3 Reconciliation With New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code16.1.3 Reconditioned Components210.15 Reconditioned Equipment490.49 Reconditioned Switchgear408.8 Reconditioning of Equipment807.1 Reconfigured or Converted SpacesJ606.2 Reconfigured Spaces705.65 Reconnection to Primary Power Source1-327 Reconsideration by the Commission1-325 Reconsideration of Denied Petition8-805.3 Reconstructed Walls3.3.232* Reconstruction103.6 Reconstruction, Alteration, and Repair in Other Occupancies102.2.2 Reconstruction, Alteration, or Repair in Group R-5 Occupancies65-41 Reconstruction and Alteration of Disaster-Damaged Buildings1910.217(a)(4) Reconstruction and Modification4-309 Reconstruction or Alteration Projects in Excess of $100,000 in Cost4-308 Reconstruction or Alteration Projects Not in Excess of $100,000 in Cost65-21 Reconstruction Provisions[A] 116.2 Record§28-216.2 Record and Notice of Unsafe Building, Structure or Premises5.7.3.1 Record Documents3.3.238 Record Drawings1.2-9 Record Drawings and Manuals13. Record Drawings (As-Builts)7.5.5 Record Drawings (As-Builts). (SIG-FUN)13.4.7* Record Drawings, Test Reports, Manuals, Special Tools, and Spare Parts405.5 Record Keeping26.3.9 Record Keeping and Reporting13. Record Keeping for Conductivity Testing of Carbon Dioxide Hose Assemblies§27-2056.17 Record Keeping Requirements1703.3 Record of Approval§28-118.18 Record of Certificates[F] 907.7.2 Record of Completion7.5.6 Record of Completion. (SIG-FUN)1910.423(d) Record of Dive13. Record of Inspection and Testing3310.8.3.4 Record of Inspections8.6.5.7 Record of Oil Usage17.13 Record of Proceedings§28-204.6.1 Record of Unpaid Judgments1910.95(m)(3) Record Retention20.15.6 Record Storage1910.1029(n)(2)(ii)(c) Record the Results Obtained91-67 Recordation36-595 Recordation and Notice Requirements1224. Recording26.6.3.10 Recording and Display Rate of Subsequent Alarms10.4.6.2 Recording and Reporting1926.22 Recording and Reporting of Injuries3310.8.4.2 Recording Change in Site Safety Manager or Coordinator1904.4 Recording Criteria1904.9 Recording Criteria for Cases Involving Medical Removal Under OSHA Standards1904.10 Recording Criteria for Cases Involving Occupational Hearing Loss1904.8 Recording Criteria for Needlestick and Sharps Injuries1904.11 Recording Criteria for Work-Related Tuberculosis Cases3310.8.4.1 Recording Inspections in the Site Safety Log98-63 Recording of High Line Access Easement Volume405.6 Recordkeeping1910.440 Recordkeeping Requirements3102F.1.4 Records[A] 111.6.1 Records and Copies80.17 Records and Reports7-157 Records. (Deleted)901.6.3.1 Records Information1705.8.1.1 Records of Anchor Element Installation5603.2.2 Records of Blasting Contractors1704.8.1 Records of Deep Foundation Element Installation2308.1.10 Records of Incidents2301.10 Records of Inspections and Testing53.3.1.5 Records of Refrigerant Quantities1926.1101(n)(6) Records of Required Notifications53.3.2.3 Records of Required Testing1705.25.10 Records of Special Inspections1704.19.4 Records of Structural Safety Inspections in Construction Operations1705.8.1.2 Records of Testing of Anchor Elements1704.8.2 Records of Testing of Deep Foundations Elements60. Records of Unauthorized Releases5603.2.1 Records of Vendors13. Records, Record Retention, and Record Maintenance7.7.1 Records. (SIG-FUN)C406.7.2 Recovered or Renewable Water Heating1102.2.2.2 Recovered Refrigerants1510.3 Recovering Versus Replacement1224.16.3 Recovery and Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)1224.16.3 Recovery and Post-Anesthetia Care Unit (PACU)2.8-3.2.2 Recovery Area§28-215.7 Recovery of Bodies From Wrecked Structures121.6 Recovery of Costs for Special InspectionsArticle 8 Recovery of Expenses§27-2137 Recovery of Expenses of Receivership; Lien of Receiver§352 Recovery of Premises109.6.1 Recovery of Related Costs5809.1 Recovery Operations1224.32.3.7 Recovery Room(s) (LDR or LDRP Rooms May Be Substituted)2.2- Recovery Space for Cesarean Delivery Suite1224.31.1.11 RecreationDivision 10: Recreation Facilities5.2- Recreation, Lounge, and Activity Areas4.4- Recreation, Lounge, and Activity Areas for Medium and Large Setting Models28-20 Recreation Space and Planting Areas1109.15 Recreational and Sports Facilities1109.15.4 Recreational and Sports Facilities Exceptions1003 Recreational Boating Facilities206.7.10 Recreational Boating Facilities and Fishing Piers and PlatformsSection 1111 Recreational Facilities12.6 Recreational Facilities at Educational Facilities3.3.235 Recreational Fire307.4.2 Recreational Fires126-11 Recreational UsesE 504.0 Recreational Vehicle Park Drainage SystemE 401.4 Recreational Vehicle Park Fuel Gas Equipment and InstallationsE 502.0 Recreational Vehicle Park Potable Water Supply and DistributionE 505.0 Recreational Vehicle Park Sanitary Disposal StationsE 503.0 Recreational Vehicle Park Water Connections for Individual Recreational VehiclesE 506.0 Recreational Vehicle Park Water Supply StationsPart VI Recreational Vehicle ParksPart VI Recreational Vehicle Parks27.3 Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campgrounds551.77 Recreational Vehicle Site Supply EquipmentSection G306 Recreational VehiclesArticle 551 Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Vehicle Parks603.3.1 Rectangular Ducts610.3.1 Rectangular Seats5706. Rectangular Tanks Over 50,000 Gallons (189 250 L) Storing a Combustible Liquid5706. Rectangular Tanks Over 50,000 Gallons (189 250 L) Storing a Flammable Liquid27.5.2.6 Rectifiers, Converters, Inverters, and Motor GeneratorsA5.406.1.3 Recyclability505.2.3 Recyclable Building Materials and Building ComponentsWAC 51-50-009 Recyclable Materials, Compost, and Solid Waste Storage*2.2- RecyclablesA5.405. Recycled AggregatesA5.405.4 Recycled Content505.2.2 Recycled Content Building Materials1104.7.2 Recycled RefrigerantsA4.305.3 Recycled Water for Landscape IrrigationA4.305.2 Recycled Water PipingC101.10.1.1 Recycled Water Receiver Reservoirs1505.7 Recycled Water Supply System Color and Marking Information1505.6 Recycled Water Supply System Materials4.305.1 Recycled Water Supply Systems1505.0 Recycled Water Supply Systems in Buildings504.1 Recycling Areas for Waste Generated Post Certificate of Occupancy5.410.1 Recycling by OccupantsA5.410.6 Recycling by Occupants. [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4]808.1.2 Recycling Clean Waste Containers3.26.7 Recycling Operation for Multiple or Telescopic Plungers(2) Red Brass RMC[NY] 5610.4.2 Red Flag Condition Areas1507.10.3 Red Rosin Paper1910.1018(n)(2)(ii)(D) [Redesignated as (N)(2)(II)(C)]R602.10.10.3 Redesignation of Cripple Walls1910.1029(e)(2) Redetermination26.4.4.3* Redisplay of Status6.6.5 Redistribution of Moments in Continuous Flexural Members506.11.6 Reduce Clearance With Air GapsA5.104.1 Reduce Development Footprint and Optimize Open SpaceA5.106.6.1 Reduce Parking CapacityC406.9 Reduced Air Infiltration604.2.2 Reduced Circulation Rate506.7.7 Reduced Clearance506.10.3 Reduced Clearance Permitted506.11.6 Reduced Clearance With Air Gaps[BS] C104.3.7 Reduced Depth of Retrofit Studs20.9.2.5 Reduced-Discharge DensityC406.7 Reduced Energy Use in Service Water HeatingN1108.2.3 (R408.2.3) Reduced Energy Use in Service Water-Heating Option15-212 Reduced Floor Area Preservation3.3.295.2 Reduced Flow Valve506.1.1.3 Reduced Level Seismic ForcesC406.3 Reduced Lighting PowerC406.3.1 Reduced Lighting Power by More Than 10 PercentC406.3.2 Reduced Lighting Power by More Than 15 PercentC406.3 Reduced Lighting Power DensityC406.3.1 Reduced Lighting Power Option 1C406.3.2 Reduced Lighting Power Option 227.5 Reduced Load RatingA5.406.1.2 Reduced Maintenance[NY] 4003.5.4.2 Reduced Occupant Load507.2.1 Reduced Open SpaceM2101.23 Reduced Pressure603.3.9 Reduced Pressure Detector Fire Protection Backflow Prevention AssemblyP2902.3.5 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preven- Ters608.13.2 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow PreventersP2902.3.5 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assemblies603.3.7 Reduced-Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly (RP)608.13.2 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflowprevention Assemblies25-241 Reduced Requirements322.4.2.6 Reduced Requirements for Storage of Partially Charged Batteries36-341 Reduced Requirements in C1 or C2 Districts Governed by Surrounding Residence District Bulk Regulations36-342 Reduced Requirements in Other C1 or C2 Districts or in C4, C5 or C6 Districts315.3.5 Reduced Separation Distance3004.3.1 Reduced Vent Area405.2.1 Reduced Ventilation Air Rate307.4 Reduced Vertical Clearance1706.5 Reduced Width of Retrofit Studs806.2 Reduced Width Required16.8.5 Reducers and Bushings1910.262(q)(1) Reducing Valves, Safety Valves, and Pressure Gages(B) Reduction in Ampacity Size of BuswayA4.403.2 Reduction in Cement Use*§28-112.12 Reduction in Fees or Penalties for Sponsoring Site Safety Training403.2.1 Reduction in Fire-Resistance Rating§27-869.03 Reduction in Flue Size103.3.1 Reduction in Function or Discontinuance of Nonrequired Fire Protection Systems1607.9 Reduction in Live Loads704.2 Reduction in Pipe Size in the Direction of Flow1607.11.2 Reduction in Roof Live Loads13-443 Reduction in the Number of Required Existing Parking Spaces1607.12 Reduction in Uniform Live Loads1607.14.2 Reduction in Uniform Roof Live Loads§27-806 Reduction of Clearances25.4.10 Reduction of Development Length for Excess Reinforcement73-434 Reduction of Existing Parking Spaces for Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors73-433 Reduction of Existing Parking Spaces for Income-Restricted Housing UnitsSection 808 Reduction of Flue Size*2.2- Reduction of Greenhouse GasA4.106.7 Reduction of Heat Island Effect for Nonroof Areas5. Reduction of Inside Net Platform Area1609.6.1.1 Reduction of Loads13-431 Reduction of Minimum Facility Size139-311 Reduction of Parking Requirements for Residences73-43 Reduction of Parking Spaces73-44 Reduction of Parking Spaces for Ambulatory Diagnostic or Treatment Facilities Listed in Use Group 4 and Uses in Parking Requirement Category B173-431 Reduction of Parking Spaces for Houses of Worship73-435 Reduction of Parking Spaces for Other Government-Assisted Dwelling Units73-432 Reduction of Parking Spaces for Places of Assembly74-533 Reduction of Parking Spaces to Facilitate Affordable Housing§2-02 Reduction of Penalties for Late Filing of Annual Low Pressure Boiler Inspection Reports. [Repealed]5704. Reduction of Separation Distances to Adjacent PropertyJ404.2 Reduction of Strength73-624 Reduction or Modification of Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Requirements74-532 Reduction or Waiver of Parking Requirements for Accessory Group Parking FacilitiesG2409.2 (308.2) Reduction Table§28-101.4.4 Reductions of Fire Safety or Structural Safety of Prior Code Buildings Prohibited1617.2 Redundancy[BS] A110.4 Redundancy and Overstrength Factors1617.2.2 Redundancy (For Use in the Simplified Analysis Procedure of Section 1617.5)408.4.3 Redundant Operation913.1.1 Redundant Pumps in High-Rise Structures913.1.2 Redundant Pumps in Multiple Structures1910.158(c)(1) Reels and Cabinets1910.333(b)(2)(v) Reenergizing Equipment1926.961(c)(13) Reenergizing Lines and Equipment722. Reentrant Space Filled14X-5-505.9.7.2 Reentry Information§ 23-27.3-105.4 Reestablishment of a Prior Use1910.180(a)(33) Reeving7-209 Reexamination8.6.4.10 Refastening or Resocketing of Car-Hoisting Ropes on Winding-Drum Machines2003.2.1 Reference1.9.1.7 Reference Cited53.1.3 Reference Codes and StandardsSection 9.1 Reference Documents102.4.4 Reference in Standards102.4.4 Reference in Standards. [OSHPD 1, 2, 3 & 4, DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC]2 Reference Publications4.1.9 Reference Standard Reproduction Annexes[NY] 5610.10.1 Reference Standard Requirements§27-131.1 Reference Standards2301.1.3 Reference to Other Chapters1910.68(b)(4) Reference to Other Codes and Subparts[A] 101.4 Referenced Codes[A] 102.4 Referenced Codes and Standards15-60 Referenced Commercial and Manufacturing Uses12-7A-4A.3 Referenced DocumentSection 106 Referenced Documents202 Referenced Publications105.6 Referenced SectionsSection C105 Referenced Standard4401.3 Referenced Standard List§4701-01 Referenced Standard Modifications and Amendments Thereto105 Referenced Standards3104F.7 References2.4 References for Extracts in Mandatory SectionsAppendix C References for Further Information§28-102.7 References in Other LawsAppendix B References (Non-Mandatory)102.7.3 References to ICC Codes102.2.2 References to the New York City Building Code14A-10-1003.6 Referral63. Refilling of Containers5706.7 Refineries1910.106(i) Refineries, Chemical Plants, and Distilleries3.3.236 Refinery*1504.9 Reflectance11B- Reflecting Pools3.3.158.2 Reflective Insulation10.2.4.11 Reflective Insulation MaterialsSection 2614 Reflective Plastic Core Insulation401. Refresher Training1910.178(l)(4) Refresher Training and Evaluation[M] 608.4 Refrigerant Classification1104.2 Refrigerant Concentration Limit1117.0 Refrigerant-Containing Pressure Vessels608.9 Refrigerant Detection605.17.1 Refrigerant Detection System[F] 908.6 Refrigerant Detector908.6 Refrigerant Detectors[F] 1101.8 Refrigerant DischargeP104.8 Refrigerant Discharge SystemsM1411.6.1 Refrigerant Line Insulation Protection1106.9 Refrigerant Parts in Air Duct1107.2.2 Refrigerant Penetrations1109.2.2 Refrigerant Pipe EnclosureSection 1109 Refrigerant Pipe Installation1109.5 Refrigerant Pipe Penetrations1109.2.5 Refrigerant Pipe ShaftsSection 1107 Refrigerant Piping1107.2.3 Refrigerant Piping Penetrations1105.11 Refrigerant Port Protection5.508.2.4 Refrigerant Receivers1104.3 Refrigerant Restrictions1107.9.4 Refrigerant Safety Alarms1107.9.3 Refrigerant Shutoff Valves1104.7 Refrigerant Type and Purity1106.4 Refrigerant-Vapor Alarms53.2.3.1 Refrigerant Vapor Detection, Monitoring, Alarm, and Electrical Systems[M] 608.3 Refrigerants908.7 Refrigerants and Hazardous Fluids608.9.1 Refrigerants Other Than Ammonia6.4.6 Refrigerated Display CaseC403.2.17 Refrigerated Display CasesC403.10.3 Refrigerated Display Cases (Mandatory)2.1- Refrigerated Facilities for Body Holding1006.2.2.3 Refrigerated Rooms or Spaces5.508.2.3 Refrigerated Service Cases8.8* Refrigerated Spaces1224. Refrigerated Storage1224. Refrigerated Storage and Warming Facilities for Infant Formula1224.17.2.3 Refrigerated Storage Facilities1910.111(d) Refrigerated Storage Systems§113-07 Refrigerating System Operating Engineer Training Courses§27-781 Refrigerating Systems1109.8.2 Refrigerating Systems Containing More Than 100 Pounds (45 kg) of Refrigerant1109.8.1 Refrigerating Systems Containing More Than 6.6 Pounds (3.0 kg) of Refrigerant§27-786 Refrigeration934.0 Refrigeration Appliances627.8 Refrigeration CoilsM1411.2 Refrigeration Coils in Warm-Air FurnacesC403.9.2.3 Refrigeration Condenser Heat RecoverySection M1404 Refrigeration Cooling Equipment1107.1.7.2 Refrigeration Detectors105.5.44 Refrigeration EquipmentC403.11 Refrigeration Equipment Performance14A-5-502.7 Refrigeration Inspections1910.111(d)(8) Refrigeration Load and Equipment1010.2.9.1 Refrigeration Machinery Room1108.0 Refrigeration Machinery Room Equipment and Controls1106.2 Refrigeration Machinery Room, General Requirements1107.0 Refrigeration Machinery Room Ventilation1006.2.2.2 Refrigeration Machinery Rooms1109.0 Refrigeration Piping, Containers, and ValvesSection 1110 Refrigeration Piping System Test1106.5.1 Refrigeration SystemSection 1103 Refrigeration System ClassificationC408.7 Refrigeration System Commissioning608.10.1 Refrigeration System Emergency ShutoffSection C410 Refrigeration System Requirements34.7.7 Refrigeration Systems1224. Refrigerator608.6.6 Refrigerator and Freezer Cases804.6.6 Refrigerator/Freezer1107.2.3.3 Refrigerator/FreezersSection 625 (IFGC) Refrigerators6204.1.14 Refrigerators and Freezers3316.7.6 Refueling42.7.6 Refueling From Tank Vehicles1026.4 Refuge Area1105.7.1.1 Refuge Areas5. Refuge Space on Top-of-Car EnclosureA-901.5 Refund of Permit Fees[A] 109.6 Refunds§28-112.6 Refunds and Rebates5706.4.7.12 Refusal2113.1.5.5 Refusal of Consent[A] 106.6.1 Refusal to Issue a Permit[A] 105.2.1 Refusal to Issue Permit708.13.3 Refuse and Laundry Chute Access Rooms708.13.1 Refuse and Laundry Chute Enclosures713.13 Refuse and Laundry ChutesSection 1213 Refuse and Recyclable Storage313.3.2 Refuse Charging Chutes1213.3 Refuse Chute1213.3.1 Refuse Chute Access Room Floor and Wall Base Finish Materials1213.3 Refuse Chute and Chute Access Rooms1207.3.1 Refuse Chutes903.2.11.12 Refuse Collection and Disposal Areas§27-836 Refuse Collection RoomsSection 3112 Refuse Containers1910.142(h) Refuse Disposal1109.17 Refuse Disposal, Refuse Recyclable and Refuse Storage RoomsArticle 18 Refuse Disposal Systems713.13.3 Refuse, Recycling and Laundry Chute Access Rooms713.13.1 Refuse, Recycling and Laundry Chute Enclosures1240.2 Refuse Rooms37-94 Refuse Storage28-12 Refuse Storage and Disposal116-53 Refuse Storage Areas115-32 Refuse Storage, Recreation Space and Planting Areas1910.179(a)(32) RegenerativeC405.8.2.1 Regenerative Drive(A) Regenerative PowerA5.405.1 Regional Materials3.3.234 Registered Architect[A] E103.1 Registered Design Professional[A] D101.3 Registered Design Professional Characteristics[A] Registered Design Professional in Responsible Charge[A] D101.2 Registered Design Professional in Responsible Charge Characteristics602.1.3 Registered Design Professional in Responsible Charge of Building Energy Simulation[A] 102.3.2 Registered Design Professional Qualifications3.3.235 Registered Design Professional (RDP)Section 111 Registered Design Professional Services[A] 102.3.3 Registered Design Professionals' and Special Experts' Responsibilities603.18 Registers, Grilles and Diffusers2702.1.6 Registration*3301.13.17 Registration and Qualifications of Construction Superintendents§28-409.4 Registration Card(f) 5619.10.6 Registration Expiration(i) 5619.10.1.1 Registration Fee§28-409.3 Registration Need Not Be Renewed§48-03 Registration of Construction Superintendents. [Repealed]§27-2126 Registration of Lead Paint Violations; Enforcement. [Repealed]§28-502.2 Registration of Outdoor Advertising Companies*§28-424.2 Registration Required(a) 5619.10.1 Registration Requirements14X-12-1204.6 Registration Statement§27-2100 Registration Statement; Change of Address§27-2099 Registration Statement; Change of Ownership or Title§27-2098 Registration Statement; Contents§27-2102 Registration Statement; Lease of an Entire Multiple Dwelling§27-2106 Registration Statement; Proof of Contents§27-2097 Registration; Time to File§325 Registry of Owner, Agent and Lessee1905.11.1 Regular8-602.1 Regular Code1910.180(d)(2) Regular Inspection14A-5-502 Regular Inspections3.3.274.2 Regular Stage1910.1018(f) Regulated Area1926.1101(e) Regulated Areas1.1.3.2 Regulated Buildings, Structures and Applications14A-4-412.3.1 Regulated Equipment1910.1030(d)(4)(iii) Regulated Waste2.1- Regulated Waste Holding Spaces4701.8.3 Regulating Devices42-281 Regulation Applying to M1 Districts42-282 Regulation Applying to M2 Districts42-283 Regulation Applying to M3 DistrictsR101.2.1 Regulation by Other State of New York Departments or Agencies117.2.1.2 Regulation No. 4124-12 Regulation of Commercial Uses in Area B§28-102.5 Regulation of Lots124-11 Regulation of Residential Uses42-252 Regulation of Toxic or Noxious Matter2.1- Regulations96-50 Regulations Applicable to All Areas42-273 Regulations Applying to Class I Materials or Products42-274 Regulations Applying to Class II Materials or Products42-275 Regulations Applying to Class III Materials or Products42-276 Regulations Applying to Class IV Materials or Products52-80 Regulations Applying to Non-Conforming Signs42-277 Regulations Applying to Oxygen Manufacture, Storage, or Utilization11-27 Regulations Concerning Effective Date of Amendment and Alteration Permits11-28 Regulations Concerning Effective Date of Permits Issued Pursuant to BSA Variances91-41 Regulations for Designated Retail Streets81-063 Regulations for Developments or Enlargements on Lots Divided by District Boundaries, Within or Partially Within the Theater Subdistrict*1.1-4.2 Regulations for Earthquake-Resistant Design for New Buildings142-111 Regulations for Manufacturing Uses in Subareas B2 and B344-586 Regulations for Permitted or Required Loading Berths for Zoning Lots Containing Self-Service Storage Facilities in Designated Areas105-50 Regulations for Protection of Natural Features109-15 Regulations for Rehabilitation or Conversion of Existing Buildings91-60 Regulations for the South Street Seaport Subdistrict37-717 Regulations for Through Block Public Plazas15-20 Regulations Governing Residential Conversions Within Existing Buildings in C6-2m, C6-4m, M1-5m and M1-6m Districts15-10 Regulations Governing Residential Conversions Within Existing Buildings in Residence and Commercial Districts, Except C6-2m and C6-4m Districts2001.2 Regulations Not Covered81-242 Regulations on Minimum Spacing Between Buildings1208.8.3 Regulator ProtectionG2414.5.3 (403.5.3) Regulator Vent Piping1926.350(h) Regulators and GaugesG2417.1.5 (406.1.5) Regulators and Valve Assemblies1213.1.5 Regulators and Valves5.304.6.2 Rehabilitated Landscapes19. Rehabilitation1224.35.1 Rehabilitation Center Space1226.10 Rehabilitation Clinics208.2.2 Rehabilitation Facilities and Outpatient Physical Therapy Facilities323.2 Rehabilitation Involving Only Portions of Structures4-307 Rehabilitation of an Existing Nonconforming Building for Use as a School BuildingSection 718 Rehabilitation of Building Sewers and Building Drains601.5 Rehabilitation of Piping Systems*2.6-2.2 Rehabilitation Patient Care Unit*2.6-3.1 Rehabilitation Therapy5.2-3.4 Rehabilitation Therapy Areas1224.35 Rehabilitation Therapy Department2.3-3.4 Rehabilitation Therapy FacilitiesRehabilitation Therapy Service Spaces.14A-4-411.3.34 Rehabilitation Work3.3.22.8 Rehabilitation Work Area§1-12.5 Rehearing722.2.2.1 Reinforced and Prestressed Floors and Roofs722.2.3.2 Reinforced Beam Cover722.4.4 Reinforced Clay Masonry Columns722.4.3 Reinforced Clay Masonry Lintels1604.3.2 Reinforced Concrete[BS] A206.1 Reinforced Concrete and Reinforced Masonry Wall Anchorage1913.1 Reinforced Concrete Components460.10.1.1 Reinforced Concrete FloorE305.1.1 Reinforced Concrete Floor SystemsC403.1 Reinforced Concrete Floors2104.2 Reinforced Grouted Masonry2104A.1.3.10 Reinforced Grouted Multi-Wythe MasonryR609.3 Reinforced Grouted Multiple-Wythe MasonrySection 2514 Reinforced Gypsum Concrete2104A.1.3.11 Reinforced Hollow-Unit Masonry2122.6 Reinforced Masonry Bearing Walls1807.2.4 Reinforced Masonry Retaining Walls5.3 Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls3.3.147.3* Reinforced Plastic Pallet3203.10.2 Reinforced Plastic PalletsArticle 355 Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Conduit: Type RTRC1910.241(b)(7) Reinforced Wheels1810.3.10.3 ReinforcementR608.8.1 Reinforcement Around Openings23.5 Reinforcement Crossing Bottle-Shaped Struts9.7 Reinforcement Detailing16.4.7 Reinforcement Detailing for Horizontal Shear Transfer721.1.3 Reinforcement for Cast-in-Place Concrete Column ProtectionR404.1.3.2 Reinforcement for Foundation Walls11B-809.10.7.3 Reinforcement for Grab Bars1812.1.2.3 Reinforcement in Seismic Design Categories C & D1810.1.2.1 Reinforcement in Seismic Design Category C1810.3.5 Reinforcement in Seismic Design Category C, D, E or F1812.3.5 Reinforcement in Seismic Design Category C or D1810.1.2.2 Reinforcement in Seismic Design Category D1810.1.2.2 Reinforcement in Seismic Design Category D, E or FR608.7.2.2 Reinforcement in Solid Wall Segments18.2.6 Reinforcement in Special Moment Frames and Special Structural WallsR608.5.4 Reinforcement Installation Details8.6 Reinforcement Limits26.6 Reinforcement Materials and Construction RequirementsAR103.2.4 Reinforcement of Light Straw-Clay1809.5.7.3 Reinforcement PlacementR606. Reinforcement Requirements for Masonry Elements10.7.2 Reinforcement Spacing3107F.2.4.2 Reinforcement Steel and Structural Steel9.3.3 Reinforcement Strain Limit in Nonprestressed Beams7.3.3 Reinforcement Strain Limit in Nonprestressed SlabsR506.2.4 Reinforcement Support1903.6.1 Reinforcement Type704.7 Reinforcing1708.3 Reinforcing and Prestressing Steel5.1.8 Reinforcing at Openings1812.7.2.1 Reinforcing Bars2113.1.4 Reinforcing Rings1705. Reinforcing SteelC105.3 Reinspection[NY] C106.6 Reinspection and Retesting[A] 108.4.3 Reinspection and Testing115.7 Reinspection Fee[A] 110.1.3 Reinspections1910.110(c)(8) Reinstallation of Containers1512.4 Reinstallation of Materials1910.111(d)(6) Reinstallation of Refrigerated Storage Containers5704. Reinstallation of Underground Tanks1511.5 Reinstallation/Reuse of MaterialsG104.6 Reinstatement§28-401.19.3 Reinstatement Fees14A-3-305.1.2.2 Reinstatement Prohibited116.3.1 Reissuance of Reinstatement of Certificate of Occupancy116.3.1 Reissuance or Reinstatement of Certificate of OccupancySection 21.409 — Rejection315.3.10 Related Activities1910.15(b)(4) Related Employment[A] 109.5 Related Fees502.3 Related Work(C) Relation to Other International Standards[F] 1701. Relationship of Design Fire to Tolerable Damage1138A.1.4.2 Relationship of Maneuvering Clearances to Wheelchair Spaces502.7 Relationship to Accessible Routes106-53 Relationship to Public Improvement107-05 Relationship to Public Improvement Projects1926.15 Relationship to the Service Contract Act; Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act102.6 Relationship to USBC8001.3 Relationship With Code and Rules102.6 Relationship With Other Applicable Codes, Standards and Rules5001.1.1 Relationship With Other Chapters[BG] 302.4.7 Relationships408.39 Relative Arrangement of Switches and Fuses(1) Relative Location230.94 Relative Location of Overcurrent Device and Other Service Equipment50.8.2.1* Relative to Buildings50.8.2.2* Relative to Other Mobile or Temporary Cooking(7) Relays and Metering Utilizing Phase DifferencesRelays for Protective Signaling Service2.17.9.3 Release2.26.8 Release and Application of Driving-Machine Brakes5003.3 Release and Disposal of Hazardous Materials2306.2.1.2 Release Detection for State Water Control Board Regulated Underground Tanks§28-419.5.2 Release Following Finding of No Violaiton§28-419.5.2 Release Following Finding of No Violation§28-419.5.3 Release Following Finding of Violation1910.147(e) Release From Lockout or Tagout1910.269(d)(7) Release From Lockout/Tagout1113.6.1.7 Release Mechanism Test2203.4.9.1 Release of Airborne Combustible Dust60.5.1.3 Release of Hazardous MaterialsRelease of Information3301.13.18 Release of the Construction Superintendent6105.2 Release to the Atmosphere1926.961(c)(10) Releasing Clearances3.3.240 Releasing Fire Alarm System3. Releasing Service Fire Alarm Control Unit14.2.6 Releasing Systems1926.758(f)(1)1032.2 Reliability5001.3.3.2 Reliability of Equipment and Operations5001.3.3.9 Reliable Power Source1.7.6 Reliance on Other Enforcement OfficialsP-907.1 Relief6.3.1.2 Relief Air1402.3.1 Relief Device1910.104(b)(7)(ii) Relief DevicesP-907.2 Relief Discharge§ 23-27.3-107.9 Relief From Personal Responsibility6. Relief of Excess Outdoor Air611.7 Relief Opening914.7 Relief OpeningsSection P-815 Relief Outlet Connections504.6 Relief Outlet WasteP2902.6.3 Relief Port Piping8.2.6.5 Relief Valve504.5 Relief Valve Approval1307.5 Relief Valve Operation10.16.6 Relief Valve Piping8.6.5.9 Relief-Valve Setting8. Relief-Valve Verification of Setting and System Pressure Test30.3.1* Relief ValvesP2804.1 Relief Valves Required909.20.2.5 Relief Vent12.15.1 Relief Venting5303.16.12 Relief Vents12.3.2 Relief Vents for Drain Stacks Having Ten or More Branch IntervalsSection 908 Relief Vents—Stacks of More Than 10 Branch IntervalsSection 914 Relief Vents—Stacks of More THAN10 Branch IntervalsSection 908 Relief Vents—Stacks of Morethan 10 Branch Intervals66.16.2.3* Relieving-Style Container308.1.7 Religious Ceremonies11B-244 Religious FacilitiesSection 717 Relining Building Sewers and Building DrainsP3011.6 Relining MaterialsSection P3011 Relining of Building Sewers and Building DrainsSection 3113 Relocatable Buildings903.2.11.7 Relocatable Buildings Within Buildings453.5.6.9 "Relocatable/Portable Facility"3.3.238 Relocatable Power Tap11.1.4 Relocatable Power Taps603.5 Relocatable Power Taps and Current TapsPart II Relocatable Structures453.27.1 RelocatablesSection 1206 Relocated Buildings429.6 Relocated Industrialized Buildings; Alterations and Additions429.2.1 Relocated Manufactured Homes301.4 Relocated or Moved Buildings14A-4-404.15 Relocating Buildings3.3.238 Relocation96-24 Relocation and Demolition of Buildings in the Perimeter Area24.4.8* Relocation and Partial Evacuation4.7.5 Relocation Area8. Relocation of a Moving Walk8. Relocation of an Escalator1910.252(a)(2)(vii) Relocation of Combustibles105-423 Relocation of Erratic Boulders8. Relocation of Escalator8. Relocation of Hydraulic Machine (Power Unit)102.7 Relocation of Manufactured Buildings8. Relocation of Moving Walk413.4.2 Relocation of Patients8. Relocation of the Hydraulic Machine (Power Unit)408.4.4 Relock Capability52.2 Remediation Measures14A-3-312.4 Remediation Order112.5.1.1 Remediation Standards204.13 Remedies104.2 Remedies for Non-Functioning Storm Water Disposal Systems(d) Remedies for Noncompliance104.2 Remedies for Nonfunctioning Storm Water Disposal SystemsA-506.2 Remittance Amount16-312 Remodeling[A] 102.3.11 Remodeling, Addition or Change/Approval of Use3302.1 Remodeling and Additions3.3.252* Remote Access1312.1.3.1 Remote Activated(B) Remote Actuation29.4 Remote Annunciation3.3.253 Remote Call Station (Two-Way Emergency Communications Systems for Rescue Assistance)27.5.3* Remote Communications Center717.2.1.1 Remote Control(A) Remote-Control Circuits22. Remote-Control Release-Operated Doors1006.8.1 Remote Control (Shut Down)1006.8.1 Remote Control (Shutdown)(I) Remote-Control, Signaling, and Fire Alarm Circuits(D) Remote-Control Stations6112.4 Remote Control Switch608.10 Remote Controls2.3.3 Remote Counterweight Hoistways(C) Remote Device(s)(A) Remote Disconnect Controls(C) Remote Emergency Shutdown66.22.11.1 Remote Impounding13. Remote Indication703.7.3 Remote Infrared Audible Sign Receivers703.8 Remote Infrared Audible Sign (RIAS) Systems§27-363 Remote Location3505.5 Remote Locations6. Remote Machine Room2.7.8 Remote Machine Rooms and Control Rooms5. Remote Machine Rooms and Control Rooms or Remote Machinery Spaces2.7.8 Remote Machine Rooms, Control Rooms, and Control Spaces4106.4.2 Remote Manual Shutdown608.11.1 Remote Monitoring of Energy Storage Management System and Reporting1910.179(a)(11) Remote-Operated Crane3110F.2.2.3 Remote Operation5. Remote Operation Indicator1010. Remote Operation of Locks1207.8.1 Remote Outdoor Installations26.6.2.3 Remote Programming of Transmitting Technologies2306.7.7 Remote Pumping Systems408.4.1 Remote Release1204.2.3 Remote Rooms69.3.9.4 Remote Shutdown Station3.3.290.3 Remote Supervising Station3.3.291.3 Remote Supervising Station Alarm System26.5 Remote Supervising Station Alarm Systems3.3.292.3 Remote Supervising Station Service(C) Remote Temperature Controller(B) Remotely Controlled11. Remoteness1007.1.3 Remoteness of Exit Access Stairways or Ramps403.5.1 Remoteness of Exit Stairway Enclosures403.5.1 Remoteness of Interior Exit Stairways1926.1000(d) Remounting1133A.3 Removable Base Cabinets702.5.3 Removable Handrails(B) Removable Links or Conductors3111.5 Removable Platforms(C) Removable Sides(D) Removal[A] 110.4.3 Removal and Destruction of Signs and Tags66. Removal and Disposal5704.2.14 Removal and Disposal of Tanks1926.60(j)(2) Removal and Storage[A] A101.3.8 Removal From Board63. Removal From Service66.27.12 Removal From Service of Piping Systems66.21.7.4 Removal From Service of Storage Tanks66. Removal From Service of Underground Storage Tanks6110.2 Removal From Site101.8.7 Removal From the Plaque or Frame*§28-213.5.3 Removal From Watch List3303.5.1 Removal of Combustible Debris311.3 Removal of Combustible Waste3303.5.1 Removal of Combustible Waste Material311.3 Removal of Combustibles603.2 Removal of Combustion Products514.4.1 Removal of Contaminants3303.7.4.3 Removal of Damaged SprinklersR408.5 Removal of Debris§ 23-27.3-124.6.2 Removal of Debris and Rubbish12.4.2.7 Removal of Door or Window5607.10 Removal of Excess Explosive Materials5607.13 Removal of Excess ExplosivesA-906.4 Removal of Exemption307.6 Removal of Existing Fire Escapes901.8.2 Removal of Existing Occupant-Use Hose Lines101-616 Removal of Existing Signs With Change of Use1808.6.3 Removal of Expansive Soil1808.6.3 Removal of Expansive Soil or Fill3306.9.11.3 Removal of Floor Slabs for Storage1910.262(d)(4) Removal of Foreign Ferrous Material3305.3.5 Removal of Forms and Shoring1906.2 Removal of Forms, Shores and Reshores26.11.2 Removal of Formwork3306.10 Removal of Foundations and Slabs2. Removal of Grease or Oil1910.269(n)(8) Removal of Grounds for Test311.4 Removal of Hazardous MaterialsSection 3418A Removal of Hospital Buildings From General Acute Care ServicesSection 312A Removal of Hospital SPC and Freestanding Buildings From General Acute Care Service§606-01 Removal of Lubricating Oil From Ammonia Refrigerating Systems3306.9.12 Removal of Material3303.5 Removal of Material and Debris1926.853 Removal of Materials Through Floor Openings13.* Removal of Moisture14A-3-306.5 Removal of Notice14A-3-301.5 Removal of Official Notices901.8.1 Removal of or Tampering With Appurtenances901.8 Removal of or Tampering With Equipment1910.1050(m)(9)(iii) Removal of Other Employee Special Protective Measure or Limitations2306. Removal of Piping107.6.1 Removal of Placard1910.261(c)(14) Removal of Pulpwood3309.7.2 Removal of Retaining Structures1926.963(c)(4) Removal of Safeguards310.4 Removal of Signs ProhibitedR608.9.1.2 Removal of Stay-in-Place Form Material at Bolts1926.858 Removal of Steel Construction1705.30.1.3 Removal of Stories, Including Full Demolitions§ 23-27.3-117.0 Removal of Structures[BS] 901.3.1 Removal of Surface Water1926.961(c)(12) Removal of Tags107-64 Removal of Trees317.7.3 Removal of Undeployed Waste Air Bags§302-b Removal of Violations by Mortgagees1926.856 Removal of Walls, Floors, and Material With Equipment1926.854 Removal of Walls, Masonry Sections, and Chimneys3303.5 Removal of Waste Material3304.2.1 Removal of Wood§28-303.9 Removal or Discontinuance Notice3305.3.5.1 Removal Schedule(d) 118.7.4 Removal, Transfer and Licensing of a Portion of a Facility1910.1052(j)(11)(i)(A)(2) Remove the Employee From MC Exposure1910.94(d) [Removed]5604.12.6.8 Removed First1224.2.1 Removed From Acute Care Service [OSHPD 1R]6110.1 Removed From Service1910.269(e)(5) Removing Covers3308.9.4 Removing From Service3307.9 Removing Protection at Conclusion of Work3303.2.5 Removing, Relocating, or Interrupting Services1031.3.4 Removing Wedges2.7-3.10 Renal Dialysis1224.36 Renal Dialysis Service Space (Acute and Chronic)2.2-3.10 Renal Dialysis Services (Acute and Chronic)801.2.2.1 Rendered Flame Retardant109.5 Rendering Equipment Inoperable2.13.5.2 Rendering Inoperative603.3.7 Renewable and Waste EnergySection A5.211 Renewable EnergyN1106.7.3 (R406.7.3) Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Documentation§28- Renewable Energy Rebates610.5 Renewable Energy System Performance Monitoring and Metering610.1 Renewable Energy Systems Requirements(D) Renewable Fuses11.4.3 Renewable, Recovered, and Purchased EnergyC406.10 Renewable Space Heating112.6.3 Renewal117.3.2.2 Renewal After One Year(b) 5619.4.2 Renewal ApplicationsSection 92.0123 Renewal Certificate Fees119.7.1 Renewal Fee*§28-427.4 Renewal Fees[A] Renewal Frequency7-211 Renewal of a Hospital Inspector Certificate11-43 Renewal of Authorization or Special Permit§28-401.12 Renewal of License or Certificate of Competence§27-3015 Renewal of Master Electrician's and Special Electrician's Licenses(ii) Renewal, Reactivation and Re-application Fees117.3.2.1 Renewal Within One Year11-411 Renewals1225. Renovation1225. Renovations21. Renovations, Alterations, and Modernizations103.4 Rental InspectionsA-906.2 Rental License62-231 Rental of Accessory Berths to Non-Residents73-47 Rental of Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces to Non-Residents§27-2078 Rental of Rooms to Boarders§27-2142 Reoccupancy After Vacate Order407.3.3 Reopening Device2.13.5 Reopening Device for Power-Operated Horizontally Sliding Car Doors or Gates2.13.5 Reopening Device(s) for Power-Operated Horizontally Sliding Doors and Gates4.4 Reopening Hearing, Motion for Reconsideration1926.12 Reorganization Plan No. 14 of 19505606.3.1 Repackaging3308.9.5 Repair430.4 Repair, Alteration and Reconstruction of ALFSTs5704.2.7.6 Repair, Alteration or Reconstruction of Tanks and Piping3303.10 Repair and Alteration Operations in Occupied Buildings1001.2.1 Repair and Alteration With No Change of Occupancy Classification604.8.2 Repair and Removal1910.1030(d)(3)(v) Repair and Replacement101.6.1 Repair and Replacement of Accessory Structures101.6.2 Repair and Replacement of Porches, Decks and Balconies1926.452(x) "Repair Bracket Scaffolds"555.12 Repair Facilities — Hazardous (Classified) Locations406.8 Repair Garages105.5.45 Repair Garages and Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities[F] 502.16.1 Repair Garages for Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles[F] 502.16 Repair Garages for Natural Gas- And Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles[F] 502.16 Repair Garages for Natural Gas- And Hydrogenfueled Vehicles2311.8 Repair Garages for Vehicles Fueled by Lighter-Than-Air Fuels2311.8 Repair Garages for Vehicles Fueled by Lighter-Than-Air Motor Fuels(7) 2311.7 Repair Garages for Vehicles Fueled by Lighterthan-Air Fuels30.3 Repair Garages for Vehicles Powered by Alternate Fuels30.2 Repair Garages for Vehicles Powered by Flammable and Combustible Liquids(D) Repair Garages, Major(C) Repair Garages, Major and Minor2311.8.2 Repair Garages Used for the Repair of Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles(B) Repair Garages, With Dispensing[BS] 3306.8 Repair, Maintenance and Removal3305.2.3 Repair of DamageArticle 20 Repair of Damage After an Emergency§28-303.5 Repair of Defects§28-302.5 Repair of Exterior Walls, Unsafe Condition2309.6.2 Repair of Hydrogen Piping704.2 Repair of Joints and VoidsP-903.8 Repair of Main Drain§28-323.8 Repair of Parking Structure, Unsafe Condition703.2 Repair of Penetrations8.6.2.4 Repair of Releasing Carrier8.6.2.3 Repair of Speed Governors8.6.2.5 Repair of Suspension and Compensating Means and Governor Ropes5003.2.10 Repair of Underground Tanks§28-305.4.7 Repair of Unsafe Condition5704.2.7.6 Repair or Alteration of Tanks and Piping8-806.6 Repair or Reconstruction118.2 Repair or Removal of Unsafe Buildings or Structures1213.4.2 Repair or Replace8.6.2.1 Repair Parts1910.28(b)(8) Repair Pits, Service Pits, and Assembly Pits Less Than 10 Feet in Depth43.10.4 Repair, Renovation, Modification, or ReconstructionA-905.3.4 Repair/Replacement1926.755(b) Repair, Replacement or Field Modification of Anchor Rods (Anchor Bolts)1224.36.2.15 Repair Room1926.1412(b) Repaired/Adjusted Equipment1926.1436(e)(2)(iii) Repaired or Modified Hoists3314.11.2 Repaired Rope1910.184(e)(7) Repairing and Reconditioning Alloy Steel Chain Slings2006.19.3 Repairing Hose312.4 Repairing Noncombustible Surfaces[A] 105.2.2 Repairs[NY] 4001.6.2 Repairs, Alterations, and AdditionsG2417.1.2 (406.1.2) Repairs and Additions52-21 Repairs and Incidental Alterations1910.215(c)(9) Repairs and Maintenance8.7.1.7 Repairs and Replacements2305.2.2 Repairs and ServiceArticle 5 Repairs by Department14A-4-402.2 Repairs Exempt From Permit[BS] 405.2.1 Repairs for Less Than Substantial Structural Damage506.2.2 Repairs for Substantial Structural Damage to Vertical Elements of the Lateral-Force-Resisting System1116.1 Repairs General8.6.2.6 Repairs Involving SIL Rated Device(s)52-20 Repairs or Alterations454.1.10.1 Repairs or Alterations of Pool Structure and Equipment2309.6 Repairs, Purging, Defueling and Discharge[BS] 405.2 Repairs to Damaged Buildings1910.106(e)(8) Repairs to Equipment5706. Repairs to Vessel or Wharf§309 Repairs, Vacation and Demolition of Buildings(8) 119.8 RepaymentSection XI Repeal80.33 Repeal of Conflicting Acts§ 23-27.3-128.2 Repealed1910.211(d)(47) Repeat1324.5.2.5 Repeat Test3.3.246 Repeater Station[NY] 915.6.2.1 Replaced Alarms(D) Replacement517.6.1 Replacement Air63. Replacement and Repair113.6 Replacement and Repairs to Systems, Components and Materials3109.6.2 Replacement by a Permanent Barrier608.11.6 Replacement ComponentsJ502.3 Replacement Door and Window Dimensions3109.6.2.1 Replacement ExtensionN1111.1.1.1 (R503.1.1.1) Replacement Fenestration505.1 Replacement GlassC101.4.7.1 Replacement HVAC Equipment7-152 Replacement of an Architect, Engineer, Inspector of Record, Approved Agency, Special Inspector or Contractor7-152 Replacement of an Architect, Engineer, Inspector of Record, Special Inspector or Contractor8.6.3.15 Replacement of Car Doors and Gates8.6.3.13 Replacement of Demarcation Lights8.6.3.8 Replacement of Door Reopening DeviceJ505.2.1 Replacement of Equipment50.6.3.3 Replacement of Fusible Links8.6.3.4 Replacement of Governor or Safety Rope8.6.3.10 Replacement of Hydraulic Jack, Plunger, Cylinder, Tanks, and Anticreep Leveling Device4.1.1.4 Replacement of Portions of Existing Buildings*§28-118.19.1 Replacement of Posted Certificates of Occupancy and Signs1910.304(b)(2)(iv) Replacement of Receptacles Shall Comply With the Following Requirements: Replacement of Releasing Carrier10.16.8 Replacement of Relief Valves5601.4.6.1 Replacement of Revoked Certificate1103.8.1 Replacement of Smoke Alarms14.4.7 Replacement of Smoke Alarms in One- And Two-Family Dwellings8.6.3.6 Replacement of Speed Governor8.6.3.3 Replacement of Suspension-Means Fastenings and Hitch Plates1305.16.1 Replacement of Tanks in Prior Code BuildingsSection P3010 Replacement of Underground Building Sewers and Building Drains by Pipe Bursting MethodsSection P3010 Replacement of Underground Sewers by Pipe Bursting MethodsSection 3011 Replacement of Underground Sewers by PVC Fold and Form MethodsSection P3010 Replacement of Undergroundbuilding Sewers and Building Drains by Pipe Bursting Methods8.6.3.11 Replacement of Valves and Piping707.4 Replacement of Windows and Doors(B) Replacement OnlySection 507 Replacement or Repair of Roof Coverings8.6.3.1 Replacement Parts(C) Replacement Receptacles404.1.1 Replacement, Retention and Extension of Original Materials14X-5-505.9.4 Replacement Stairways8.6.3.2 Replacement Suspension Means401.3 Replacement System Area13. Replacement While Servicing505.3 Replacement Window Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings702.5 Replacement Window for Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings505.2 Replacement Window Opening Control Devices304.2 Replacement Window Opening DevicesR310.2.5 Replacement WindowsR310.5 Replacement Windows for Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings(D) Replacements8.6.3.14 Replacements Involving SIL Rated Device(s) (See 1.3) Replacements Involving SIL Rated Device(s) (See Section 1.3)9.13.4 Report**§28-318.3.3 Report and Certificate of Inspection3904.2.2.2 Report Content[F] 909. Report Filing§28-112.7.2 Report Filing Fees1306.3 Report ItemsG312.2.2 Report of Compliance§28-323.5 Report of Condition Assessment§28-302.4 Report of Critical Examination§28-303.7 Report of Inspection322.2.1.3 Report of Nuisance Abatement§27-2129.1 Report on Certain Elevators Referred to the Department*§28-103.31 Report on Site Safety Manager and Coordinator Certifications514.4.13 Report Provided1704.2.4 Report Requirement1926.966(g)(1) Report Upon Entering1803.6 Reporting§28-303.6 Reporting an Unsafe or Hazardous Condition*§28-318.3.4 Reporting and Correction of Unsafe or Hazardous Condition1910.142(l) Reporting Communicable Disease405.2.6 Reporting Data1904.41(c) Reporting Dates403.2.2 Reporting Exceptions1904.39 Reporting Fatalities, Hospitalizations, Amputations, and Losses of an Eye as a Result of Work-Related Incidents to OSHA*3301.13.11 Reporting of Accidents and Damage to Adjoining Property5003.3.1 Reporting of Discharges(3) 117.3 Reporting of Fires10.6 Reporting of Fires and Other Emergencies*3301.13.11 Reporting of Incidents and Damage to Adjoining Property5601.11 Reporting of Personal Injury or Property Damage*§28-320.3.7.2 Reporting on Compliance by the Department*§28-210.3.1 Reporting on Illegal Conversions of Dwelling Units From Permanent Residences*§28-320.5.1 Reporting on Outreach and Education**§28-103.29 Reporting Regarding Implementation of Section 3321 of the New York City Building Code§28-502.4 Reporting Requirement1905.6.3.9 Reporting RequirementsR103. Reporting Schedule401.2.1 Reporting to DepartmentR103. Reporting to Entity Representing the Florida Building Commission*§28-103.26 Reporting to the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration2005.8 Reporting Use[F] 909.18.8.3 Reports[A] Reports and ManualsSection 92.0105 Reports of Elevator Safety Engineers1910.217(g) Reports of Injuries to Employees Operating Mechanical Power Presses§ 23-27.3- Reports of Manufactured Home Manufacturers, Distributors, and Dealers1910.1096(m) Reports of Overexposure and Excessive Levels and Concentrations**§28-320.3.7 Reports Required to Be Filed by Owner§ 23-27.3-114.1.1 Reports to Assessors**§28-320.3.7 Reports to Be Filed by Owner1133A.4.1 Repositionable Countertops5001.5.3 Repository Container(4) 5622.4 Representative Sample Showroom1910.1052(d)(1)(ii) Representative Samples1224.36.2.12 Reprocessing Room104.18.3 Request301.3.1.2 Request by Authority Having Jurisdiction302.2.1.2 Request by the Authority Having Jurisdiction3309.15.1 Request Content1.11.2.4 Request for Alternate Means of Protection435.9 Request for Alternate Means of Protection for Facilities Housing Bedridden ClientsK109.1 Request for Approval of Alternate Means of Protection*§28-504.1.1 Request for Bicycle Access4-345 Request for ExaminationSection 92.0115 Request for Inspection1-509 Request for Refund of Fees*§28-505.8 Request for Stop-Work or Rescission7-2102 Request for the Office to Provide Plan Review for Surgical Clinics and Chronic Dialysis Clinics1926.961(c)(1) Request to Deenergize62-73 Request to Transfer Title to Certain Waterfront Public Access Areas107.7 Requested Inspections1109A.6 Requests for Accessible Parking Spaces1904.42 Requests From the Bureau of Labor Statistics for Data1.11.4.6 Requests of the Office of the State Fire Marshal1106.2 Required18.2.3.1 Required Access1109A.3 Required Accessible Parking Spaces97-512 Required Accessory Off-Street Commercial Parking44-52 Required Accessory Off-Street Loading Berths144-52 Required Accessory Off-Street Parking36-20 Required Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces for Commercial or Community Facility Uses44-20 Required Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces for Manufacturing, Commercial or Community Facility Uses25-30 Required Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces for Permitted Non-Residential Uses25-20 Required Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces for Residences36-30 Required Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces for Residences When Permitted in Commercial Districts63-24 Required Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces in Certain Districts97-52 Required Accessory Off-Street Parking Within the Park Avenue Hub Subdistrict97-511 Required Accessory Off-Street Residential Parking142-52 Required Accessory Parking Spaces for Commercial or Community Facility Uses in Certain Districts142-51 Required Accessory Parking Spaces for Residences233.6.4 Required Adaptable Dwelling Units407.1 Required Aisle Accessways11.10.1.2 Required ApprovalC104.2 Required Approvals1505.10 Required Appurtenances1504.2 Required Area of Subsurface Irrigation Fields, Subsoil Irrigation Fields, and Mulch Basins1225.4.5.1 Required Areas81-743 Required Assurances for Continuance of Legitimate Theater Use*§28-211.3.1 Required Audits[BG] 803.3.1 Required Barriers36-71 Required Bicycle Parking Spaces(A) Required Bonding(A) Required Branch CircuitSection E3703 Required Branch CircuitsP2904.5.2 Required Capacity1005.3 Required Capacity Based on Occupant Load§28-02 Required Carbon Monoxide Detecting Devices and Systems. [Repealed]307.5 Required Clear WidthH109.2 Required Clearance314.5 Required Clearance From Fire Safety Systems2009.3 Required Clearances1114.4 Required ComponentsA304.2.4 Required Compressive Strength1103.1 Required Construction107.2 Required Construction Documents[A] 105.6 Required Construction Permits§28-304.7 Required ContractSection 120.2 Required Controls for Space-Conditioning Systems401.4.1 Required Dampers in Intake Openings911.2 Required Deflagration Venting[BS] A403.9.3.2 Required Depth of Embedment5.5.3* Required Design Fire Scenarios5.4.3 Required Design Scenarios — Explosion5.4.2 Required Design Scenarios — Fire5.4.4* Required Design Scenarios — Hazardous Materials5.4.5 Required Design Scenarios — Safety During Building Use408.5 Required Designated Personnel408.6 Required Designated Personnel On-Site Presence5003.8.2 Required Detached Buildings(b) 2703.8.2 Required Detached Storage29.7.1 Required Detection24. Required Documentation907.4.3 Required Documentation and Other Items for Firefighting Operations3306.5.1 Required Documents453.19.3 Required Doors410.3 Required Drinking Fountains7.12.2 Required Drinking Water Facilities1908.3 Required Edge Distance and Spacing17.7 Required Edge Distances, Spacings, and Thicknesses to Preclude Splitting Failure429.2 Required Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure[F] 415.11.11.1 Required Electrical SystemsSection 92.0109 Required Elevators24.3.3* Required Emergency Communications Systems403.3 Required Employee and Public Toilet Facilities101.3 Required Energy Code Provisions*§28-321.2 Required Energy Conservation Measures for Certain Buildings14X-12-1202.6.3 Required Entrance454.2.6.2 Required Equipment14X-12-1202.6.4 Required Exits903.2.21 Required Exterior Entrance CoversSection 502 Required FacilitiesSection 502 Required Facilities [P][F] 911.1.6 Required Features4-240 Required Filing of Verified Reports1603.19 Required Filters18.4.5.4* Required Fire Flow and Automatic Sprinkler System Demand(k) 2304.3.11 Required Fire Protection901.4.1 Required Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems901.4.1 Required Fire Protection Systems8.6.5* Required Fire Resistance Rating[P] 1210.1 Required Fixtures23-21 Required Floor Area Per Dwelling Unit5704. Required Foam Fire Protection SystemsP-1201.1 Required for Discharge43-304 Required Front Yards Along District Boundary Located in a Street1215.0 Required Gas Piping Size1214.0 Required Gas Supply503.5 Required Gates or BarricadesR303.9 Required Glazed Openings408.1 Required Guards409.1 Required HandrailsR303.10 Required Heating2801.1.1 Required Heating in Dwelling Units2801.1.2 Required Heating in Nonresidential StructuresSection P-1201 Required Indirect Waste(A) Required Information1406.0 Required Inspection[BS] 1402.7 Required Inspection and Repairs[A] 110.3 Required Inspections[A] 108.2 Required Inspections and Testing1926.1101(o)(2) Required Inspections by the Competent Person105.1 Required Installation and Construction Inspection[F] 905.3 Required Installations§28-316.1 Required Insulation of Certain Concealed Piping Exposed During Alteration or Repair3303.6.1 Required Ladders and Metal Shields3303.6.1 Required Ladders and ShieldsR602.10.3 Required Length of Bracing2702.4 Required Loads for Optional Standby Power Systems453.10.1.1 Required Locations7.16.4 Required Locations for Floor Drains915. Required Locations Within Dwelling Units1025.2 Required Markings1910.106(c)(2)(i) Required MaterialsE 605.1.3.3 Required Mechanical Ventilation Rate (Qfan) Required Moment of Inertia of Guide RailsSection 120.5 Required Nonresidential Mechanical System Acceptance1704.1.1.1 Required Notification to Special Inspectors1814.4.1.1 Required Number of Axial Compression Load Tests1814.4.2.1 Required Number of Axial Tension Load Tests1814.4.3.1 Required Number of Lateral Load Tests1810.4.1.1 Required Number of Load Tests423.5.1 Required Occupant Capacity29.8.2 Required Occupant NotificationAppendix B Required Off-Street Accessory Parking Exceptions128-51 Required Off-Street Parking and Loading98-53 Required Open Areas on the East Side of the High Line107-45 Required Open Space for Residences1305.1 Required Operating Pressures105.5 Required Operational PermitsPart III Required OutletsP2801.6 Required Pan1926.1436(b)(2)(iii)Section 4803 Required Permits1323.1 Required Pipe Sizing401.4 Required Plan Implementation517.41 Required Power SourcesA403.11.4.3 Required Preload of Bolted Hold-Down ConnectorsA9.2 Required Procedures110.3 Required Progress Inspections63.11.4 Required Protection144-31 Required Public Access Areas204.7.2 Required Public School InspectionsP104.2.3 Required Public Telephone[P] 2902.3 Required Public Toilet Facilities24-552 Required Rear Setbacks for Tall Buildings23-532 Required Rear Yard Equivalents23-533 Required Rear Yard Equivalents for Quality Housing Buildings(1) Required Receptacle, Location28-21 Required Recreation Space1810.3.9.2 Required Reinforcement504.4.6 Required Rooftop Clearances606.9.3 Required Separation15.4.1 Required Shear Strength23-632 Required Side and Rear Setbacks24-551 Required Side Setbacks for Tall Buildings in Low Bulk DistrictsSection 3120B Required Signs14.11.3 Required Size and Arrangement912.1.1 Required Sizes§28-01 Required Smoke Detecting Devices and Systems. [Repealed]29.8.1* Required Smoke DetectionSection 1705 Required Special Inspections and Tests105.7 Required Specific Action or Project PermitsP2904.1.1 Required Sprinkler Locations§27-954 Required Sprinklers§28-411.4 Required Statement125-33 Required Street Walls1905.3.1 Required Strength16-540 Required Submission to the State Librarian Before Putting a Project to Bid16-302 Required Submissions to the State Librarian Before Putting a Project to Bid§28-107.4 Required Submittal Documents219.2 Required Systems3903.2.5 Required Technical Report1324.5.1.1 Required Test Pressure[A] 105.3 Required Testing312.1 Required Tests312.1 Required Tests and Inspections8.3.3.4 Required Tests and Procedure8.3.14.3 Required Tests and Testing Procedures1204.2 Required ThicknessArticle 310 Required Upgrade of Lighting Systems81-721 Required Use Allocations on Street FrontagesP3009.9.1 Required Valve1315.2 Required ValvesP3102.1 Required Vent Extension§27-779 Required Ventilating SystemsE305.7.1 Required Ventilation910.1.1 Required Venting MethodSection 1705 Required Verification and InspectionM1702.1 Required Volume2507.1 Required Warning Sign7.19.6 Required Water Pressure507.1 Required Water Supply404.5 Required Width116-622 Required Yards139-223 Required Yards Along District Boundaries43-302 Required Yards Along District Boundary Coincident With Rear Lot Lines of Two Adjoining Zoning Lots43-301 Required Yards Along District Boundary Coincident With Side Lot Line of Zoning Lot in an R1, R2, R3, R4 or R5 District2410.1 Requirement7.9.1.1 Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement Requirement§47-01 Requirement for a Seal for Use by Licensed Oil-Burning Equipment Installers3310.5 Requirement for a Site Safety Manager or Coordinator102-021 Requirement for Application10.7 Requirement for Laying Pipe§28-408.4.5 Requirement for Obtaining a License and Seal§28-408.4.5 Requirement for Obtaining a License, Plate and/or Seal2113.22 Requirement of a Smoke Test§28-420.1 Requirement of Application for Safety Registration Number§28-401.4 Requirement of License§28-418.1 Requirement of RegistrationArticle 420 Requirement of Safety Registration Number121.3.2 Requirement to Submit a Hazardous Materials Inventory704.1 Requirements7.9.1.2 Requirements and Requirements Applicable Only to Installations Made After April 16, 19811910.302(b)(4) Requirements Applicable Only to Installations Made After August 13, 20071910.302(b)(1) Requirements Applicable to All Installations1910.302(b)(2) Requirements Applicable to Installations Made After March 15, 19721101.3.1 Requirements Based on Change of Occupancy or How a Space Is Used33.2.1.2 Requirements Based on Evacuation Capability1101.3.2 Requirements Based on Value of AlterationsAJ102.2 Requirements by Category of Work302.1 Requirements Determined by the Jurisdiction1705.1 Requirements for Added StudsSection 120.4 Requirements for Air Distribution System Ducts and Plenums10.5.2 Requirements for Air Gaps5.2.1 Requirements for All Compliance Paths2.2-2.10.2 Requirements for All Nursery Types1003.2 Requirements for Alterations(S) Section 5619 Requirements for an Exhibitor's License1926.153(f) Requirements for Appliances74-791 Requirements for Application74-20 Requirements for Applications1910.1003(c) Requirements for Areas Containing a Carcinogen Addressed by This Section2.2.g Requirements for Assembly Occupancy(5) 119.5 Requirements for Buildings Constructed or Equipment Purchased2.2.l Requirements for Business Occupancies121.3 Requirements for Business Plans and Inventories1926.703 Requirements for Cast-in-Place Concrete63-31 Requirements for Certificate of Occupancy107-03 Requirements for Certification, Authorization or Special Permit Application1926.1101(j)(3) Requirements for Class IV WorkC403.4.4 Requirements for Complex Mechanical Systems Serving Multiple Zones19.3.2 Requirements for Concrete Mixtures134-40 Requirements for Connections and Open AreasR608.9 Requirements for Connections—General1910.110(b)(3) Requirements for Construction and Original Test of Containers1910.111(b)(2) Requirements for Construction, Original Test and Requalification of Nonrefrigerated ContainersSection 141.1 Requirements for Covered Processes in Additions, Alterations to Existing Nonresidential and Hotel/Motel Buildings26-22 Requirements for Curbs and Curb Cuts26.* Requirements for DACTs2.2.i Requirements for Detention and Correctional OccupanciesP2804.6.1 Requirements for Discharge Pipe504.6 Requirements for Discharge Piping(C) Requirements for Disconnecting Means42.5.3 Requirements for Dispensing Devices42.5.5 Requirements for Dispensing Hose2.2.f Requirements for Educational and Day Care OccupanciesArticle 110 Requirements for Electrical Installations3.25.2.4 Requirements for Electrical Means2.26 Requirements for Elevators81-724 Requirements for Entertainment-Related Uses1926.702 Requirements for Equipment and Tools78-043 Requirements for Findings§101 Requirements for Fireproof Construction42.5.6 Requirements for Fuel Delivery Nozzles91-822 Requirements for Furnishings2.2.h Requirements for Health Care and Ambulatory Care Occupancies319.1 Requirements for Hospitals and Optional Services Provided in Correctional Treatment Centers32.4.1.2 Requirements for Individual Apartments2.2.m Requirements for Industrial Occupancies§27-2073 Requirements for Kitchens and Kitchenettes in One- And Two-Family Dwellings1707.1 Requirements for Lateral Braces1926.705 Requirements for Lift-Slab OperationsR608.8 Requirements for Lintels and Reinforcement Around Openings1910.243(d)(3) Requirements for Loads and Fasteners111-40 Requirements for Loft Dwellings Constructed Prior to October 13, 201037-715 Requirements for Major Portions of Public Plazas(P) Section 5616 Requirements for Manufacturers and Wholesalers1926.706 Requirements for Masonry Construction3.25.2.3 Requirements for Mechanical or Hydraulic MeansC403.6 Requirements for Mechanical Systems Serving Multiple Zones2.2.k Requirements for Mercantile Occupancies27.7.1 Requirements for Metallic and Fiber-Optic Systems — Metallic and Fiber-Optic Interconnections2.15.6.3 Requirements for Metals Other Than Steel37-716 Requirements for Minor Portions of Public Plazas98-55 Requirements for Non-Transparent Surfaces on the East Side of the High Line26.36.1.1 Requirements for Occupancies Storing Quantities of Hazardous Materials Exceeding the Maximum Allowable Quantities Per Control Area for High Hazard Contents26-25 Requirements for Open Areas Between Required Sidewalks and Buildings(R) Section 5618 Requirements for Out-of-State Shipping PermitSection 140.7 Requirements for Outdoor LightingSection 1106 Requirements for Outdoor Operations320.3 Requirements for Outpatient Facilities and Licensed Clinics320.3 Requirements for Outpatient Facilities and Licensed Clinics. [For OSHPD 3]Part II Requirements for Over 1000 Volts, NominalIV Requirements for Over 600 Volts, Nominal37-50 Requirements for Pedestrian Circulation Space105.1.4 Requirements for Periodic Maintenance and Continuing Education104.4.4 Requirements for Periodic Maintenance Training and EducationSection 120.3 Requirements for Pipe Insulation406.6.4.1 Requirements for Placing Appliances in Operation406.6.4.1 Requirements for Placing Equipment in Operation[BS] A105.3 Requirements for Plans26-23 Requirements for Planting Strips and Trees1926.704 Requirements for Precast Concrete26-21 Requirements for Private Roads1926.652 Requirements for Protective Systems62-55 Requirements for Public Access on Floating Structures62-54 Requirements for Public Access on Piers127-421 Requirements for Publicly Accessible Private Streets62-74 Requirements for Recordation1104.0 Requirements for Refrigerant and Refrigeration System Use42.5.4 Requirements for Remote/Submersible Pumps§27-2089 Requirements for Reoccupancy of Vacant Multiple Dwellings2.2.j Requirements for Residential Occupancies1706.1 Requirements for Retrofit StudsSection 1507 Requirements for Roof Coverings5.1.14.1 Requirements for SafetiesR404.1.3.4 Requirements for Seismic Design Category C17.2.3.5 Requirements for Shear Loading62-53 Requirements for Shore Public Walkways26-24 Requirements for Sidewalks3307.2.6 Requirements for Sidewalks, Temporary Walkways, Foot Bridges, and PathwaysSection 140.8 Requirements for Signs319.2 Requirements for Skilled Nursing, Intermediate Care Facilities and Basic Services Provided in Correctional Treatment Centers13.7.4.2 Requirements for Smoke and Heat DetectorsE.11.7 Requirements for Special Design Plumbing Systems2.2-2.10.3 Requirements for Specific Nursery Types66.9.7.2* Requirements for Specific Occupancies4.12 Requirements for Specific Types of Construction1224.28.5.5 Requirements for Specific Types of Hybrid Operating Rooms604.6.2.1 Requirements for Standardized Fire Service Elevator Keys2.15.6.2 Requirements for Steel2.23.2.1 Requirements for Steel, Where Used3.25.1.4 Requirements for Stopping Devices in a Machine Room, Control Room, or Overhead Space3.25.1.3 Requirements for Stopping Devices on the Car or in the Hoistway2.2.n Requirements for Storage Occupancies1907.13 Requirements for Structural Integrity§27-323 Requirements for Structural Members and Assemblies62-57 Requirements for Supplemental Public Access Areas17.2.3.4 Requirements for Tensile LoadingSection 3310 Requirements for the Construction or Demolition of Major Buildings517.31 Requirements for the Essential Electrical System§50-01 Requirements for the Installation of High-Pressure Natural Gas-Fired Microturbine Systems709A.4 Requirements for Type of Ignition-Resistant Material in Section 709A.3, Item 1709A.5 Requirements for Type of Ignition-Resistant Material in Section 709A.3, Item 6R337.9.4 Requirements for Type of Ignition-Resistant Material in Section R337.9.3, Item 1R337.9.5 Requirements for Type of Ignition-Resistant Material in Section R337.9.3, Item 6709A.4 Requirements for Type of Material in Section 709A.3, Item 1709A.5 Requirements for Type of Material in Section 709A.3, Item 7R337.9.4 Requirements for Type of Material in Section R337.9.3, Item 1R337.9.5 Requirements for Type of Material in Section R337.9.3, Item 762-56 Requirements for Upland ConnectionsSection 120.1 Requirements for VentilationSection 120.1 Requirements for Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality116-63 Requirements for Visual Corridors and Waterfront Public Access Areas2.20 Requirements for Washrooms, Toilet Rooms & Bathrooms10.2 Requirements for Water62-58 Requirements for Water-Dependent Uses and Other Developments2.15.6.4 Requirements for Wood Used for Platform Floors and Stringers3314.4.8 Requirements for Workers Who Erect or Use Suspension Scaffolds3314.4.5 Requirements for Workers Who Erect, Repair, Maintain, Modify or Remove Supported Scaffolds3314.4.6 Requirements for Workers Who Use a Supported Scaffold1926.960(d)(2) Requirements for Working Without Electrical Protective Equipment[A] 102.9 Requirements Not Covered by Code[A] 102.9 Requirements Not Covered by This Code101.3.1 Requirements of Other State Agencies, Occupational Licensing Boards or CommissionsR407.1 Requirements (Prescriptive)1910.268(o)(2) Requirements Prior to Entering Manholes and Unvented Vaults103.5 Requirements Relating to MaintenanceR405.7 Requirements Specific to Credit OptionsSection 3112F Requirements Specific to Marine Terminals That Transfer LNG(9) 5611.9 Requirements to Exhibit Flame Effects25-23 Requirements Where Group Parking Facilities Are Provided25-22 Requirements Where Individual Parking Facilities Are ProvidedA-305.2.2.4 Requisite ApprovalsSection 1512 ReroofingJ505.3 Reroofing Structural and Construction Loads1910.265(b)(32) Resaw1910.265(e)(3) Resaws§28-207.2.3 Rescission§28-207.5.1 Rescission of Cease Use Order§28-503.6 Rescission of Order§28-212.10 Rescission of Order of Closure§28-214.1.4 Rescission of Seal, Secure and Close Order453.27.9.1 Rescue1926.1211 Rescue and Emergency Services1910.269(e)(3) Rescue Equipment1926.800(g)(5) Rescue TeamsP104.1.1 Research6103.2.1.4 Research and Experimentation1703.4.1 Research and Investigation1910.1030(e)(2) Research Laboratories and Production Facilities Shall Meet the Following Criteria:1703.4.2 Research Reports114.2.1 Research Reports and Listings(O) Section 115 Research Reports and Testing Laboratories1406.4 Reserve Oxygen and Acetylene Containers3306.4 Reserve Oxygen and Flammable Gas Containers1910.1044(d) [Reserverd]C101.4 Reservoir112-113 Reservoir Space Requirements for Eating and Drinking Establishments13-25 Reservoir Spaces502.1 Reservoirs and Shells3.3.247 Reset1906.6.1.2 Reshores in Proximity to Facades3305. Reshores in Proximity to Unenclosed Perimeters3305.3.6.1 Reshores Limitations3305.3.6 Reshoring3305.3.6.4 Reshoring Beam and Girder Construction3305.3.6.5 Reshoring Flat Slabs3305.3.6.8 Reshoring Schedule52-44 Residence Districts Except R1 and R2 Districts§27-2054 Residence of Person Performing Janitorial Services; Limitation on Number of Dwelling Units ServedN1105.4.2 (R405.4.2) Residence SpecificationsArticle 11 Residence-Type Warm Air Heating Systems74-94 Residences for People With Disabilities2.3-2.3.4 Resident and Participant Kitchen*2.3-4.2.8 Resident and Participant Telephone Access4.1- Resident Apartment or Dwelling Unit Call Stations3.1-2 Resident Areas1225. Resident Bathing Facilities*4.1- Resident Bathroom*2.3-2.2 Resident Care/Living Area (Unit)3.1-2.3 Resident Community Areas*1.2-3.5 Resident Dementia and Mental Health Risks*1.2-3.4 Resident Fall Risk and Prevention Assessment*1.2-3.4.2 Resident Fall Risk Prevention Measures4.1-2.3.4 Resident Kitchen1225. Resident Laundry Facilities1225.5.2.5 Resident Living Area*2.2-4.3.3 Resident Living Areas450.3.4 Resident Living, Social, and Treatment Areas*1.2-3.3 Resident Mobility and Transfer Risk Assessment4704.3.1 Resident on the Premises2.3-2 Resident, Participant, and Outpatient Areas*2.3-2.3 Resident, Participant, and Outpatient Community Areas*2.3-3.2.3 Resident, Participant, and Outpatient Privacy2.5-3.3.1 Resident, Participant, Outpatient, and Related Support Areas408.10.5 Resident Participation403.10.3.6 Resident Participation in Drills3.1- Resident Privacy1.2-5.8 Resident Quality of Life1225.5.2.3 Resident Room3.1- Resident Room Call Stations3.1-2.2.3 Resident Room for Persons of Size4.1-2.2.2 Resident Room or Apartment450.3.2 Resident Rooms450.4.1.7 Resident(s) Served4.1-1.3 Resident Safety Risk Assessment2.4- Resident Safety Risk Assessment Issues*1.2-3 Resident Safety Risk Assessment (RSRA)3.1- Resident Storage*2.2-4.2.3 Resident Stress1225.5.2.4 Resident Support Area450.4.1.5 Resident Support Area(s)450.3.3 Resident Support Areas and Services3.1-3.3.7 Resident Support Areas for Rehabilitation Therapy3.1-4.2.8 Resident Telephone Access1225. Resident Toilet or Bath Room3.1- Resident Toilet Room33.7.2 Resident Training*3.1-2.2 Resident Unit4.1-2.2 Resident Unit or Private Living Area*3.1- Resident Unit SizeG304.1.1 ResidentialR101.5.1.1 Residential ≤ 3 Stories914.8.5 Residential Aircraft Hangar Smoke Alarms412.4 Residential Aircraft Hangars123-72 Residential and Community Facility Uses803.1.11 Residential and Low-Heat AppliancesG2425.12 (501.12) Residential and Low-Heat Appliances Flue Lining Systems801.16.1 Residential and Low-Heat Appliances (General)2308.9 Residential and Other Vehicle Fueling Appliance Facilities1607.22 Residential Attics1202.5.1.3 Residential Basements6.1.9 Residential Board and Care20.5 Residential Board and Care Occupancies3.3.196.12* Residential Board and Care Occupancy3.3.242 Residential Board and Care Resident111.1.2 Residential Building Alterations or Additions103.2.3 Residential Building Department Certification Application103.2.4.1 Residential Building Department Certification, Approval or Denial103.2.5 Residential Building Department Certification, Board to Maintain List103.2.4 Residential Building Department Certification, Certification Hearing103.2.7.1 Residential Building Department Certification, Hearings and Appeals103.2.6 Residential Building Department Certification, Reports, and Assessment103.2.7 Residential Building Department Certification, Revocation or Suspension103.3 Residential Building Department Personnel Certification103.3.1 Residential Building Department Personnel Certification Classifications104.2 Residential Building Department Personnel Duties and Responsibilities1027.4 Residential Building Hallway Corridor and Elevator Lobby Furnishings, Decorations and Storage103.3.5.4 Residential Building Inspector104.2.1 Residential Building Official107.5.1 Residential Building Official Approval108.7 Residential Building Official Determination of Noncompliance605. Residential Building Smoke Ventilation101.5.1.1 Residential Buildings[NY] 915.3.1 Residential Buildings and Commercial Buildings That Contain a Fuel-Burning Appliance[NY] 915.3.3 Residential Buildings and Commercial Buildings With an Attached Motor Vehicle Related Occupancy14X-5-502.4.1.1 Residential Buildings Exceeding Four StoriesR101.5.1.1 Residential Buildings Three Stories or Less605. Residential Buildings With a Single Ridge605. Residential Buildings With Hip Roof Layouts605. Residential Buildings With Roof Hips and Valleys35-22 Residential Bulk Regulations in C1 or C2 Districts Whose Bulk Is Governed by Surrounding Residence District116-21 Residential Bulk Regulations in C4-2A Districts34-111 Residential Bulk Regulations in CL or C2 Districts Whose Bulk Is Governed by Surrounding Residence District35-23 Residential Bulk Regulations in Other C1 or C2 Districts or in C3, C4, C5 or C6 DistrictsChapter 3 Residential Bulk Regulations in Residence Districts(i) Residential Care Facilities105.6.29 Residential Care Facility[F] 903.3.5.2 Residential Combination Services4.3-4.5.5 Residential Communal Kitchen805.2 Residential Compliance101.3.1 Residential Construction123-67 Residential Conversion74-782 Residential Conversion in C6-1G, C6-2G, C6-2m, C6-4m, M1-5B, M1-5m and M1-6m Districts15-51 Residential Conversion in C6-1G, C6-2G, C6-2m, C6-4m, M1-5m and M1-6m DistrictsChapter 5 Residential Conversion Within Existing Buildings115-40 Residential Conversions118-22 Residential Density Regulations104.2.1.4 Residential Department Records11-333 Residential Developments With Building Permits Issued on or Before June 30, 1989409.4 Residential Dishwasher Waste Connection106.5.54 Residential Dwelling Unit708.4 Residential Dwelling Unit Communication Systems708.4.2 Residential Dwelling Unit Interface206.4.6 Residential Dwelling Unit Primary Entrance809.5.2 Residential Dwelling Unit Smoke Detection System11B-809.5.2 Residential Dwelling Unit Smoke Detection System and Carbon Monoxide Detection System809 Residential Dwelling Units233.6 Residential Dwelling Units Designed and Constructed or Altered by Public Entities That Will Be Offered for Sale to Individuals233.3.2 Residential Dwelling Units for Sale233.3 Residential Dwelling Units Owned or Financed by Governmental Entities Not Subject to HUD Section 504 Regulations233.3 Residential Dwelling Units Provided by Entities Not Subject to HUD Section 504 Regulations233.2 Residential Dwelling Units Provided by Entities Subject to HUD Section 504 Regulations11B-809.6 Residential Dwelling Units With Adaptable Features809.5 Residential Dwelling Units With Communication Features233.3.1.1 Residential Dwelling Units With Mobility Features124-112 Residential Entrances on Residential Streets453.15.3 Residential Equipment233 Residential Facilities208.2.3 Residential Facilities Owned or Financed by Governmental Entities(i) Residential Facility307.7 Residential Fire Pits106.1.2 Residential Fire Protection System Construction Documents612.0 Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems2308.9.1 Residential Fueling Appliance Facilities[F] 413.4 Residential Fueling Appliance Installation2308.2.3 Residential Fueling Appliance (RFA)[F] 413.2.3 Residential Fueling AppliancesSection 310 Residential Group R310.2 Residential Group R-1310.3 Residential Group R-2310.3.1 Residential Group R-2.1310.3.2 Residential Group R-2.2 (CDCR Only)310.4 Residential Group R-3310.4.1 Residential Group R-3.1310.5 Residential Group R-4310.6 Residential Group R-5408.9.3 Residential High-Rise Buildings903.2.8.3 Residential Hospice Facilities907.2.24 Residential Hospices(6) 118.6 Residential Hotel102.3.2 Residential HVAC Systems605.8.1 Residential Incinerators103.3.5.8 Residential Industrialized Unit Inspector104.2.3 Residential InspectorsL 402.4 Residential Kitchen Faucets4.303.1.4.1 Residential Lavatory Faucets407.2.1.1 Residential Lavatory Faucets [HCD 1]601.4.6.2 Residential Lighting105-33 Residential Lot Coverage Regulations on Tier II Sites or on Sites Granted an Authorization Pursuant to Section 105-422103.3.5.5 Residential Mechanical InspectorDivision A4.7– Residential Model Ordinance60. Residential OccupanciesSection A4.602 Residential Occupancies Application Checklist3.3.196.13* Residential Occupancy(C) Residential or Offices135-42 Residential Parking WaiversA-402.10.5 Residential Permits103.3.10 Residential Personnel Certification, Revocation or Suspension1107.8 Residential Planned Developments103.3.5.2 Residential Plans Examiner104. Residential Plans Examiner Trainee104.2.2 Residential Plans Examiners103.3.5.6 Residential Plumbing Inspector321.4 Residential Pool and Deck IlluminationR403.10.4 Residential Pool PumpsN1103.12 (R403.12) Residential Pools and Permanent Residential Spas311.3.2 Residential Pools and Spas35-531 Residential Rear Yard Equivalents in Certain DistrictsSection 1212 Residential Security Devices7.15.2 Residential Sink and Dishwasher7.15.3 Residential Sink, Dishwasher, and Food Waste DisposerSection 603 Residential Sizing3.3.177 Residential Sprinkler7.2.3.1 Residential Sprinklers6103.2.1.8 Residential Storage302.2 Residential Structures With More Than Two Dwelling Units454.2.17 Residential Swimming Barrier Requirement3109.4 Residential Swimming Pool Enclosures3109.4 Residential Swimming Pools3113.1.2 Residential Systems for Dwelling Units605.11.3.2 Residential Systems for One- And Two-Family DwellingsG2427.10.2.3 (503.10.2.3) Residential-Type Appliance Connectors509.10.1.2 Residential-Type Appliances2113.11.1 Residential-Type Appliances and Low Heat Appliances (General)2113.11.1 Residential-Type Appliances (General)467.3 Residential Units1206.5 Residential Use74-49 Residential Use in C4-1 Districts in Staten Island111-11 Residential Use Modification104-11 Residential Use Modifications5601.2.1 Residential Uses107-69 Residential Uses in Area M42-47 Residential Uses in M1-1D Through M1-5D Districts62-322 Residential Uses in R1, R2, R6, R7, R8, R9 and R10 Districts62-321 Residential Uses in R3, R4 and R5 Districts1101.2 Residential Waste-Water Treatment Systems450.4.1.7 Residents ServedP2910.2.1 Residual Disinfectants3.3.101.5 Residual Hydrant3.3.179 Residual Pressure2403.4.2 Residue2408.4.3 Residue Control1910.107(g)(3) Residue DisposalSection 21.1306 — Residue, Popping and Pitting506.3.7.1 Residue Trap11B-705.1.1.4 Resiliency1227.9.1.2 Resilient Flooring5.504.4.6 Resilient Flooring SystemsA5.504.4.7 Resilient Flooring Systems, Tier 1A5.504.4.7.1 Resilient Flooring Systems, Tier 22403. Resin Application Areas43.8.2 Resin Application Equipment43.8.4 Resin Storage(B) Resistance ElementsPart III Resistance Heating Elements(B) Resistance- or Reactor-Type Dimmers29.7.3 Resistance to Nuisance Source2505.2 Resistance to Shear (Steel Framing)2505.1 Resistance to Shear (Wood Framing)R403.1.2 Resistance to UpliftAE604.3 Resistance to Weather DeteriorationAS106.14 Resistance to Wind Uplift ForcesPart VII Resistance-Type BoilersPart III Resistance Welders1910.255 Resistance Welding(5) Resistively Grounded DC Systems(2) Resistivity(C) Resistor Separate From Controller(3) ResistorsArticle 470 Resistors and Reactors(2) Resistors and Similar Equipment2.3.10 RESNA Publications[A] 109.6.1 Resolution322.7 Resolution of Conflicts§28-401.19.2 Resolution of Proceedings1.2-3.5.2 Resources1910.430(b)(3) Respirable Air Supplied to a Diver Shall Not Contain:1926.1153 Respirable Crystalline Silica1910.94(a)(1)(x) Respirable DustAppendix B-2 Respirator Cleaning Procedures (Mandatory)1910.1048(o)(4) Respirator Fit TestingAppendix E Respirator Fit Testing Procedures (Mandatory)1910.1051(h)(2) Respirator Program1926.1127(g) Respirator Protection1910.1018(h)(3) Respirator Selection1926.1101(e)(4) Respirators1910.134(d)(3) Respirators for Atmospheres That Are Not IDLH1910.134(d)(2) Respirators for IDLH Atmospheres1910.1003(d)(1) Respiratory Program1910.134 Respiratory Protection1910.1047(g) Respiratory Protection and Personal Protective Equipment1910.134(c) Respiratory Protection ProgramAppendix B-I Respiratory QuestionnaireAppendix B-II Respiratory Questionnaire for Non-Textile Workers for the Cotton Industry5003.7.4 Respiratory Therapy1224.37 Respiratory Therapy Service Space1109.7.2.5 Responding Car3.3.250* Response322.6 Response and Resolutions5.4.5.2* Response Characteristics512.1 Response DistancesSection 512 Response Distances That, if Exceeded, Require the Installation of an Automatic Fire Sprinkler SystemA509.3.4 Response Limits27.5.2 Response Measurements2. Response Spectrum Analysis1910.164(e) Response Time3.3.251 Response Time Index (RTI)1926.1417(f)(2) Response to "Do Not Operate"/Tag-Out Signs60.* Response to Incipient Events109.2 Response to Orders8. Response to Smoke Detectors8. Response to Smoke Detectors ( or (Items 8.15 and 10.15)10.9 Responses3414A.6 Responses and Corrective Actions1704.1.1 ResponsibilitiesSection 1704 Responsibilities for Special Inspections and Tests3320.7.1 Responsibilities of Employers and Workers14X-1-103.3 Responsibilities of Occupants14X-1-103.2 Responsibilities of Owners1704.1.1.3 Responsibilities of the Permit Holder1704.1.1.1 Responsibilities of the Registered Design Professional of Record1704.1.1.2 Responsibilities of the Special Inspection Agency1618.8 Responsibility3308.4 Responsibility and Supervision63.1.4.4 Responsibility for Classification5003.3.1.4 Responsibility for Cleanup60. Responsibility for Cleanup of Unauthorized Releases408.10.1 Responsibility for Fees408.5.1.1 Responsibility for Fire Safety Director5706.4.7.26 Responsibility for Handling Valves41.2 Responsibility for Hot Work13.* Responsibility for Inspection, Testing, Maintenance, and Impairment918.3 Responsibility for Instruction3307.6.5.3 Responsibility for Maintenance and Use§28-306.1 Responsibility for Party Walls408.5.1.4 Responsibility for Payment of the Fees3314. Responsibility for Performing the Inspection and Signing the Checklist5706.4.7.27 Responsibility for Personnel3301.1.1 Responsibility for Safety1817.3.6 Responsibility for the Report§28-117.4.2 Responsibility for Violations406.3 Responsibility of Cooperative or Condominium Apartment Owners3107.11.1 Responsibility of Owner Manager2113.1.5.1 Responsibility of Owner of Taller BuildingSection 92.0134 Responsibility of Owners, Lessees, Managers, EtcP2503.3 Responsibility of Permittee§27-2114 Responsibility of Stockholders of Corporations Owning Multiple Dwellings Declared Nuisances(B) Responsibility of the Applicant(C) Responsibility of the Authority Having Jurisdiction7-143 Responsibility of the Contractor13. Responsibility of the Property Owner or Designated Representative604.6.2.4 Responsibility to Provide Keys603.2.1 Responsible PartyE 803.2.1.2 Responsible Person3503.2.2 Responsible Person Supervision4704.3 Responsible Resident Requirements320.16 Respray of Fire Protective CoatingsSection 404 Rest LedgesE106.4.5 Rest Stops, Emergency Road Stops and Service Plazas217.4.5 Rest Stops, Emergency Roadside Stops, and Service Plazas206.2.5 Restaurants and Cafeterias206.2.5 Restaurants, Cafeterias, and Banquet Rooms11B-206.2.5 Restaurants, Cafeterias, Banquet Facilities and Bars1016.8 Resting Intervals3.3.252 Restorable Initiating Device13. Restorable Line Type, Pneumatic Tube Only26.2.5 Restoral Signals[A] 116.5 RestorationA5.304.6 Restoration of Areas Disturbed by Construction§ 23-27.3-124.4 Restoration of Unsafe Buildings[A] 116.5 Restoration or Abatement3.3.263.8 Restoration Signal608.11.5 Restoration to Service After Serious Failure103.3.11.1 Restoring Certification3308.7.7.1 Restoring Guardrails3308.5.6.1 Restoring Nets13.* Restoring Systems to Service3308.10.1 Restoring Unenclosed Perimeter Protection703.2.1.3 Restrained Classification6.6.2* Restrained Joint Systems2204A.1.1 Restrained Welded Connections6306.3.4 Restraining Containers1212.1.2 Restraining Device1211.4 Restraining Devices6.6* Restraint18.6 Restraint of Branch Lines806.1.1.4 Restricted717.4.1.2 Restricted Access(C) Restricted Access Adjustable-Trip Circuit Breakers101-631 Restricted Access and Prohibition on Curb Cuts3501.3 Restricted Areas*§28-425.2 Restricted Elevator Agency Technician License106.5.55 Restricted Entrance206.4.7 Restricted Entrances17.3.3 Restricted Entry4908.8 Restricted Entry in the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone5607.4 Restricted Hours94-112 Restricted Location1207.10.7.2 Restricted Locations3805.3 Restricted Materials Automatic Fire Detection5001.7.10 Restricted Materials in Storage306.1.4 Restricted Materials in Storage and Use5001.7.11 Restricted Materials in Use3805.2.1 Restricted Materials Storage3805.2.2 Restricted Materials Use806.1.1 Restricted Occupancies2.14.5.7 Restricted Opening of Car Doors8. Restricted Opening of Hoistway Doors or Car Doors of Passenger Elevators1910.265(c)(31)(ii) Restricted Overhead Clearance(3) Restricted Use605.4.2.3 Restricted Use and Connection250.121 Restricted Use of Equipment Grounding Conductors915.2.2 Restricted Waste1904.7(b)(1)(iii) Restricted Work or Transfer to Another JobPortable Ventilating EquipmentPosition IndicatorPositioning DevicePositive Alarm SequencePositive Indoor PressurePositive Pressure RespiratorPositive Roof DrainagePositive Roof drainage.radiant BarrierPostPost-1961 Special PermitPost-1961 VariancePost-Consumer Recycled ContentPost-Fire Smoke Purge Systempost-FIRM Constructionpost-FIRM DevelopmentPost-Installed AnchorsPost-TensioningPostconsumer ContentPosttensioningPotable WaterPotential Hazardous MaterialPowder Filling "QPowder RoomPowerPower and Hand Dumbwaiters Without Automatic TransferPower-Assisted DoorPower BoilerPower Boiler PlantPower BuggiesPower BurnerPower Conversion SystemPower DoorsPower Hot Water Boiler (High Temperature Water Boiler)Power-Limited Fire Alarm Circuit (PLFA)Power-Limited Tray Cable (PLTC)Power-Operated DoorPower Operation of Hoistway Doors and Car DoorsPower Outletpower-over-Ethernet Lighting (POE)Power PipingPower Production EquipmentPower ROOF/WALL Ventilators (PRV)Power Safety CoverPower Sidewalk ElevatorsPower Source Output CircuitPower SupplyPower-Supply AssemblyPower-Supply CordPower TapPower Unit, HydraulicPower Usage Effectiveness—Category 0Power Usage Effectiveness—Category 0 (PUE0)Power Usage Effectiveness—Category 1 (PUE1)Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)Power Vent AppliancePower Venting SystemPower Venting System Mechanical Draft SystemPowered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR)Powered Industrial EquipmentPowered Industrial TruckPowered Makeup AirPowered Mobility DevicesPowered ROOF/WALL VentilatorsPre-1961 Bulk GrantPre-1961 Use GrantPre-Alarm ConditionPre-Alarm ResponsePre-Alarm SignalPre-Engineered Stationary Storage Battery SystemPre-Existing (Facility or Condition)Pre-Fabricated Shower Enclosurepre-FIRM DevelopmentPre-Rinse Spray ValvePreaction Sprinkler SystemPrecast ConcretePrecast Concrete Foundation WallsPrecast Concrete PilesPrecipitation RatePrecoatPrecompressed Tension ZonePrecompressionPreconstruction SubmittalsPreconsumer (or Postindustrial)Preconsumer (or Postindustrial) [BSC-CGPreconsumer (or Postindustrial) ContentPreconsumer (Post-Industrial) Recycled ContentPreengineered Capacitor Energy Storage SystemPreengineered Fuel Cell Power SystemPreengineered Stationary Storage Battery SystemPrefabricated Buildings and Manufactured HomesPrefabricated Wood I-JoistPreformed SealantPremisesPremises Communications CircuitPremises Community Antenna Television (CATV) CircuitPremises-PoweredPremises Wiring (System)Premixed Antifreeze SolutionPremixingPrepackaged Capacitor Energy Storage SystemPrepackaged Fuel Cell Power SystemPrepackaged Stationary Storage Battery SystemPrepared Roof CoveringPrescriptive CodesPreservationPreservative-Treated WoodPreservative-Treated Wood Treated WoodPresignal SystemPress BoxPress-Connect JointPress JointPressed FittingPressurePressure (Autoclave)Pressure (Autoclave) SterilizerPressure-Balancing ValvePressure Demand RespiratorPressure, DesignPressure Distribution SystemPressure DropPressure EnvelopePressure, Field TestPressure-Imposing ElementPressure Instrument Washer SterilizerPressure Instrument Washer Sterilizer SterilizerPressure-Limiting DevicePressure-Lock-Type ConnectionPressure PipingPressure ProcessPressure Process Fire-Retardant-Treated WoodPressure Reducing DevicesPressure-Reducing ValvePressure Regulating DevicePressure Relief DevicePressure-Relief ValvePressure Relief Valve Relief ValvePressure-Restricting DevicePressure RestrictorsPressure SensitivePressure-Sensitive TapePressure TestPressure Vacuum BreakerPressure VesselPressure Vessel, RefrigerantPressure Vessel (Unfired)Pressure VesselsPressure Vessels—RefrigerantPressurizationPressurization "PPressurizedPrestressed ConcretePrestressed MasonryPrestressed Masonry Shear WallPrestressing SteelPretensioningPrevention AssemblyPreviously ApprovedPrimary Battery (Dry Cell)Primary ContainmentPrimary DC SourcePrimary (Dry) CellPrimary EnclosurePrimary Energy UsePrimary EntryPrimary Entry LevelPrimary FunctionPrimary Function AreaPrimary Function Area (For Section 305)Primary Function AreasPrimary Gravity Load Resisting System (PGLRS)Primary MemberPrimary PadPrimary Sidelighted AreaPrimary SourcePrimary Structural FramePrimary StructurePrimary StudPrimary Trunk FacilityPrime ContractorPrime FarmlandPrime Farmland FarmlandPrime MoverPrimerPrincipal Design ProfessionalPrincipal Horizontal DirectionsPrior Code BuildingPrismPrivacyPrivatePrivate Building or FacilityPrivate ClubPrivate Elevator Inspection AgencyPrivate EntityPrivate Fire HydrantPrivate Fire Service MainPrivate First ResponderPrivate GaragePrivate Garages and CarportsPrivate Operating ModePrivate or Private UsePrivate Party TentPrivate PoolPrivate Radio SignalingPrivate ResidencePrivate Residence ElevatorPrivate Residence ElevatorsPrivate Residence Inclined ElevatorsPrivate RoadPrivate SchoolPrivate Sewage Disposal SystemPrivate SewerPrivate StreetPrivate UsePrivately Owned BuildingPrivately Owned (Nonrental) LotPrivyProbability of CollapseProcedure RoomProcenium WallProcessProcess AlcoholProcess ApplicationProcess EnergyProcess LoadProcess LoadsProcess or ProcessingProcess PipingProcess SealProcess SpaceProcess TransferProcess Unit (Vessel)Processing of FireworksProcessing VesselProductProduct-Conveying DuctProduct-Weighted MIR (PWMIR)Production EquipmentProduction LocationProduction StudioProfessional CertificationProfessional EngineerProfessional Office of a Health Care ProviderProfessional ProjectorProfessional-Type ProjectorProffessional Office of a Health Care ProviderProfound Hearing LossProgram FlexibilityProgram OperatorProgress InspectionProjectProject InspectorProject Structural Engineer of RecordProjected AreaProjected Beam-Type DetectorProjected Influence AreaProjecting SignProjection FactorProjection Factor (PF)Projections, Recesses, and Setbacks in Hoistway EnclosuresPrompt Evacuation CapabilityProof of CompliancePropellantPropertyProperty LineProperty Maintenance Code of New York StateProperty OwnerProportional Recycled Content (PRCM)Proportioning System for Medical Air USPProposed Building PerformanceProposed Building Source EnergyProposed DesignProposed Envelope Performance FactorProposing Agency (or State Proposing Agency)Proprietary Central StationProprietary InformationProprietary Signaling SystemProprietary Supervising StationProprietary Supervising Station Alarm SystemProprietary Supervising Station ServiceProprietorProsceniumProscenium WallProtected Aboveground TankProtected AreasProtected ExposureProtected PremisesProtected Premises (Local) Control UnitProtected Premises (Local) Fire Alarm SystemProtection by Encapsulation "MProtection by Enclosure "TProtection by Intrinsic Safety "IProtection by Intrinsic Safety "IDProtection by Pressurization "PProtection by Pressurization "PDProtection for ExposuresProtective Assembly (Reduced Clearance)Protective EnvironmentProtective Social Care FacilityProviderProvisions to Test Nos. 1 and 2Proximate AudiencePrying FactorPryout Strength, ConcretePsi(G)Psig(PSL)Psychiatric HospitalPublicPublic AccommodationPublic Address SystemPublic Address System Communication SystemsPublic AdviserPublic BuildingPublic Building or FacilityPublic Emergency Alarm Reporting SystemPublic EntityPublic EntrancePublic FacilityPublic Facility (For Chapter 11)Public Facility RestroomPublic (For Chapter 11)Public HousingPublic HydrantPublic Lavatory FaucetPublic NuisancePublic Operating ModePublic or Public UsePublic or Public UtilizationPublic Parking GaragesPublic PoolPublic Pools Are Either a Diving or Nondiving TypePublic Right-of-WayPublic Right-of-Way (For Chapter 11)Public Safety AgencyPublic Safety Radio Enhancement SystemPublic Safety Radio SystemPublic SchoolPublic School BuildingsPublic SewerPublic Sewer SewerPublic SpaPublic StreetPublic Swimming PoolPublic Swimming Pool (Public Pool)Public Switched Telephone NetworkPublic Traffic Route (PTR)Public UsePUBLIC-USE AreasPublic UtilityPublic Water MainPublic Water SystemPublic WayPublicly Accessible Alarm BoxPublicly Accessible Fire Alarm BoxPublicly Owned BuildingPublicly-Owned Building (For Chapter 11)PumpPump Installation Part V: InstallationPump, Oil or Fuel TransferPump System PowerPumper OutletPumping StationPumps and Wells Part IV: MaterialsPumps Part II — Design CriteriaPupilsPurchased EnergyPurchased Energy RatesPurgePurged and PressurizedPurgingPurlin (In Systems-Engineered Metal Buildings)PurposePurpose Part VI: Testing & InspectionsPush-Fit FittingPush-Fit JointsPuzzle RoomPV Output CircuitPV Source CircuitPV System DC CircuitPVC PipePVC Pipe and Fittings Part IV: MaterialsPVDFPyramid Tire StoragePyrophoricPyrophoric GasPyrophoric MaterialPyrotechnicPyrotechnic ArticlePyrotechnic Article or DevicePyrotechnic CompositionPyrotechnic Effect SimulationPyrotechnic Effect Simulation EquipmentPyrotechnic MaterialPyrotechnic Special EffectPyrotechnic Special-Effect MaterialPyrotechnic Special Effects Contractor CertificatePyrotechnic Supplier CertificatePyrotechnician, AerialPyrotechnician (Firework Operator)Pyrotechnician (Fireworks Operator)Pyrotechnician, ProximatePyrotechnicsPyroxylin PlasticQC,1QualifiedQualified Historic Building (Historic Building)Qualified Historic Building or FacilityQualified Historical Building or PropertyQualified PersonQualified PersonnelQualifying Small GovernmentQualitative Fit Test (QLFT)Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance ProgramQuality Assurance (QA)Quality ControlQuality Control (QC)Quantitative Fit Test (QNFT)Quantity-Distance (Q-D)Quantity-Distance (Q-D). Inhabited Building Distance (IBD)Quantity of Hazardous MaterialsQuarantine FacilityQuarterly FrequencyQuick-Closing ValveQuick-Disconnect DeviceQuick-Disconnect Device (Fuel Gas)Quick-Opening ValveQuick-Response Early Suppression (QRES) SprinklerQuick-Response Extended Coverage SprinklerQuick-Response (QR) SprinklerR-1R-1 Occupancy ClassificationR-2R-2.1R-2.2R-2 Occupancy ClassificationR-3R-3.1R-3 Occupancy ClassificationR-4R-4 Occupancy ClassificationR-5R-ValueR-Value (Thermal Resistance)RacewayRaceway, CommunicationsRackRack Shelf AreaRack StorageRadially Split, Multistage, Vertical, Inline Diffuser Casing (RSV) PumpRadiant BarrierRadiant Energy-Sensing Fire DetectorRadiant HeaterRadiant Heating SystemRadiant Room HeaterRadio Alarm Repeater Station Receiver (RARSR)Radio Alarm Supervising Station Receiver (RASSR)Radio Alarm System (RAS)Radio Alarm Transmitter (RAT)Radio ChannelRadio CommunicationsRadio FrequencyRadio Frequency (RF)RADIUM (RA)Radius of CurvatureRadonRadon GasRadon PotentialRadon (Rn)Rafter TailRaftertailRailRailroadRailwayRain Shut-Off DeviceRainproofRaintightRainwaterRainwater [BSC-CG & HCD 1]Rainwater Catchment SystemRainwater Catchment System [BSC-CG & HCD 1]Rainwater Collection and Conveyance SystemRainwater ConductorRainwater Storage TankRampRamp-Access Open Parking GarageRamp-Access Open Parking GaragesRamp Type Parking StructureRandom AshlarRandom Ashlar MasonryRandom RubbleRandom Rubble Rubble MasonryRapid RailRapid Sand FilterRate Compensation DetectorRate-of-Rise DetectorRated CapacityRated DesignRated-Load CurrentRated Load, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, Material Lift, or EscalatorRated Load, Moving WalkRated Load PerformanceRated Motor PowerRated Output PowerRated PowerRated R-Value of InsulationRated SpeedRatingRating AuthorityRaw AlcoholRaw ProductRaw Pyroxylin PlasticRaw Water Source