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37-41 Standards for Location, Design and Hours of Public Accessibility§36.406 Standards for New Construction and Alterations4.303.3 Standards for Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings28-22 Standards for Recreation Space453.8.4 Standards for Remodeling and/or Renovation Projects1701.17 Standards for Replacement Glass(3) 408.3 Standards for Shelter Designation124-31 Standards for Streets and Blocks1305.12 Standards for Tank DesignG107.3 Standards for Variance1910.261(a)(2) Standards Incorporated by Reference37-728 Standards of Accessibility for Persons With DisabilitiesArticle 4 Standards of Artificial LightArticle 5 Standards of HeatingArticle 7 Standards of Mechanical VentilationArticle 3 Standards of Natural LightArticle 6 Standards of Natural VentilationP-106.1.1 Standards of Plumbing RegulationsSection 703A Standards of Quality1006.4 Standards of Safety and Safety Relief Valves18.2 Standards Organizations1701.2 Standards, Publications, Practices, and GuidesSection 1502 Standards (See Tables on the Following Pages)(A) Standby[F] 403.4.8 Standby and Emergency Power1.7.17 Standby and Fire Watch Personnel1910.179(a)(56) Standby Crane1910.181(a)(32) Standby Derrick26.27.1.7 Standby Emergency Diesel Generators and Combustion Turbines1224.33.2 Standby Emergency Medical Service10.14.4 Standby Fire Personnel10.4.3.3 Standby Mode[F] 428.3.6 Standby or Emergency Power8. Standby or Emergency Power Operation446.8.2 Standby Personnel1009.4.1 Standby Power412.3.9 Standby Power and Emergency Power4705.6 Standby Power for Window Washing Equipment[F] 403.4.8.3 Standby Power Loads403. Standby Power Loads in Group R-2 Occupancies403. Standby Power Loads in Occupancies Other Than Group R-23002.4.1 Standby Power Required for Elevators403. Standby Power Source Enclosure513.5.4 Standby Power Supply11.10.5.3 Standby Power System403.4.8.3 Standby Power Systems1028.16 Standee Areas407.5.1 Standing Areas to Be Indicated202.8.1 Standing Committees4701.9 Standing Concert Attendance Inside Structures4701.10 Standing Concert Attendance Not in Structures1910.180(a)(37) Standing (Guy) Rope407.5.2 Standing in Aisles407.5.4 Standing in Balconies407.5.3 Standing in Passageways1318.11 Standing Pressure Tests — For Category 3 Gas Powered Device Distribution Piping1327.7 Standing Pressure Tests for Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide Piping1324.5.4 Standing Pressure Tests — For Positive Pressure Medical Gas Piping Systems1319.7 Standing Pressure Tests - Medical Gas Piping Systems1324.5.5 Standing Pressure Tests — Medical Vacuum Piping Systems1029.18 Standing Spaces§28-112.9.8 Standing to Challenge3412.6.18.1 Standpipe427.6.2 Standpipe and Hose System21.2.10 Standpipe and Hose Systems901.6.2.1 Standpipe and Sprinkler Systems1301.6.18.1 Standpipe Catagories1301.6.18.1 Standpipe Categories905.4 Standpipe Elevation Chart905.3 Standpipe Elevation Markings§27-974 Standpipe Fireline Telephone and Signaling Systems3007.9 Standpipe Hose Connection905.2.1 Standpipe Hose Outlets2310.6.1 Standpipe Hose Stations905.12.1 Standpipe Hydrostatic Pressure and Flow Tests16. Standpipe Installations in Buildings Under Construction5706.4.10.5 Standpipe Locations804.1 Standpipe Receptors2310.6.1.1 Standpipe Required IntervalsArticle 3 Standpipe Requirements§27-952 Standpipe Signal Systems[F] 3313.5 Standpipe Supply[F] 402.7.1 Standpipe System905.1.1 Standpipe System Operator1705.30 Standpipe System Special InspectionSection 905 Standpipe Systems3303.8 Standpipe Systems During Construction, Alteration or DemolitionSection 1406 Standpipe Systems [F]§27-934 Standpipe Systems in Structures Being Erected or Demolished5706.4.10.6 Standpipe Water Supply1023.13 Standpipes422.45 Stands for Cord-and-Plug-Connected AppliancesR703.5.3.1 Staple AttachmentAppendix A Stapleton Waterfront District Plan1910.264(c)(2) Starching and Drying Machines1007.3.1 Start of Play3316.7.8.1 Start of Work455.21 Start-Up1910.1027(p)(2) Start-Up DatesC103.12.2 Start-Up Testing(A) Starting6.1.6.2 Starting and Inspection Control Switches(A) Starting and Stopping406.9 Starting Blocks(6) Starting Equipment5706.4.7.14 Starting to Transfer1910.1043(m)(2) Startup Dates3.3.41.2 Starved Electrolyte Cell2.4-4.1.2 Stat Laboratory16-547 State Access to Construction and Records1-405 State Adopting Agency Hearing Date1-420 State Adopting Agency SubmittalsArticle 9 State Advisory Board to the Division of the State Architect for the Field Act8-104.2.1 State Agencies1-404 State Agency Participation for Green Building Standards§ 23-27.3-127.0 State and Local Boards of Appeals*1.1-4.5.2 State and Local Environmental Regulations(C) Section 103 State and Political Subdivision (Local) Fire Codes107.12 State Annual Compliance Inspection Fees104.3.2 State Board of Building Appeals1.2.1.1 State Building§ 23-27.3-108.2 State Building Commissioner's DutiesArticle 2 State Buildings103.7 State Buildings and Structures§ 23-27.3- State Energy Conservation Code8-103.2 State EnforcementState Fire MarshalState Fire Marshal Description of Test Apparatus, Method and Classification Requirements for Air Filters(L) Section 112 State Fire Marshal Permits and Inspection Fees107.14.1 State Fire Marshal's Office Certification and Permit Fees Not Refundable107.11 State Fire Marshal's Office Permit Fees for Explosives, Blasting Agents, Theatrical Flame Effects, and Fireworks17.2 State Fire Marshal's Order and Decisions Appealed17.1 State Fire Marshal's Order and Decisions Are Final and ConclusiveState Fire Marshal ScopeState Fire Marshal Smoke or Heat Ventilators8-104.1 State Historical Building Safety Board (SHBSB) State Housing Law104.2 State Inspection When Required14X-1-102.2.5 State LawSection 1.12 State Librarian16-546 State Librarian Acceptance of Addenda and Change Orders903.2.8.2 State Licensed Facilities§28-117.4.4 State Liquor Authority Reporting3. State of Charge (SOC)1613.1.2 State-Owned Buildings102.5 State-Owned Buildings and Structures1904.37 State Recordkeeping Regulations1.1.3.2 State-Regulated Buildings, Structures and Applications401.1.1 State Regulated Care FacilitiesSection 313 State Regulated Care Facilities (SRCF)§ 23-27.3- State Rehabilitation Building and Fire Code for Existing Buildings and StructuresSection 453 State Requirements for Educational Facilities104.3 State StructuresINTRODUCTORY Statement§28-104.9.2 Statement and Submission by Applicant§27-2129 Statement of Account901.2.1 Statement of Compliance§27-2056.1 Statement of Findings and PurposesChapter 1 Statement of Legislative Intent1704.2.3 Statement of Special Inspections5604. Statement Signed by the Shipper2214.5 Statements of the Structural Responsibilities of Architects and Professional Engineers on the Design of Structural Steel Systems1202.7.2 Statewide Radon Requirements60. Static Accumulation1910.183(j) Static Charge5605.6.2 Static Controls3103F.5.3.3 Static Current Loads717.2.3 Static Dampers1617.8.1 Static Elastic Analysis516.40 Static Electric Discharges61.5.7* Static Electricity31.3.7.3 Static Pile Protection3.3.210 Static PressureC403.6.9 Static Pressure Sensor LocationF 1201.1 Static Pressure Testing63. Static Producing Equipment5706.5.1.7 Static Protection3106F.5.1 Static Slope Stability717. Static Systems8. Static Test3103F.5.2.4 Static Wind Loads on VesselsE109.2.1 Station Entrances443.2.2 Station Guideway Deluge System810.6.3 Station Names1224.4.6.1 Station Outlets1315.0 Station Outlets and Inlets1910.253(d)(4)(iii) Station Outlets Shall Be Marked to Indicate the Name of the Gas1206.2.8.3 Stationary Battery Arrays11.7.2 Stationary Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines Installation5303.2.1 Stationary Compressed Gas Containers63. Stationary Compressed Gas Containers, Cylinders, and Tanks63. Stationary Compressed Gas Cylinders, Containers, and Tanks63. Stationary Containers63.4.6.2* Stationary Cryogenic Containers402.7 Stationary Diving Platforms and Diving RocksSection 608 Stationary Energy Storage SystemsSection R329 Stationary Engine Generators1910.110(e)(11) Stationary Engines in Buildings(B) Stationary EquipmentSection M1903 Stationary Fuel Cell Power PlantsSection R330 Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems1602.0 Stationary Gas Engines and Generators[F] 2702.1.1 Stationary Generators11.7 Stationary Generators and Standby Power Systems69.1.1.3 Stationary Installations502.4 Stationary Lead-Acid Battery Systems(A) Stationary Motor of 1/8 Horsepower or Less430.242 Stationary Motors(B) Stationary Motors of 1/8 Horsepower or Less(C) Stationary Motors of 2 Horsepower or Less502.4 Stationary Storage Battery52.3.2* Stationary Storage Battery Systems3.3.279.6* Stationary TankSection 3812 Stationary Tank Inspection63. Stationary Tanks1910.265(c)(19) Stationary Tramways and Trestles14X-5-506.3 Status403. Status Indicators and Controls101.4.6 Statutory Exemptions and Limitations101.6 Statutory LimitationsR608.4 Stay-in-Place Forms§27-2117 Stay of Accumulation of Per Diem Penalties During Pendency of ActionA-805.1 Stay of Action104.8.1.3 Stay of Enforcement§ 23-27.3-127.1.1 Stay of Proceedings[A] 111.8 Stays of Enforcement513.4.1 Steam3306.9.8.4 Steam and Fuel810.0 Steam and Hot Water Drainage Condensers and Sumps1910.261(k)(11) Steam and Hot-Water Pipes319.0 Steam and Hot-Water SystemsSection 1008 Steam Blowoff ValveM2002.3 Steam Boiler Gauges422.9.3 Steam Condensate ReturnC403.9.2.2 Steam Condensate Systems702.6.3 Steam CookersP-906.1 Steam Discharge1216.6 Steam-Distribution Piping1910.211(e)(3) Steam Hammers1013.5 Steam-Heating and Water-Heating Boilers1010.3 Steam-Heating Boilers, Hot Water Boilers, and Power Boilers6.6.2 Steam Humidifier Requirements1910.263(i)(24) Steam Kettles1910.265(f)(5) Steam Mains603.5.10 Steam or Hot Water Boilers1910.264(c)(4)(iii) Steam Pipes1206.8 Steam Piping Pitch17. Steam Pressure904.6 Steam Safety and Pressure-Relief ValvesL 404.9 Steam Sterilizers422.9.2 Steam Supply1216.0 Steam Systems1216.1 Steam Traps1604.3.3 SteelSection 8-809 Steel and Iron1303.7 Steel and Stainless Steel Pipe1303.8 Steel and Stainless Steel Tubing1308.5.2.1 Steel and Wrought-Iron1208.6.3.1 Steel and Wrought-Iron Pipe1208.6.3.1 Steel and Wrought-Lron Pipe722.5 Steel AssembliesSection 2208 Steel Cable Structures2209.2 Steel Cantilevered Storage Racks1812.5 Steel-Cased PilesR407.2 Steel Column Protection34.9.2.1 Steel Columns2109.7.2.2 Steel Connectors1705.2 Steel Construction1705.2.2 Steel Construction Other Than Structural Steel2210.1.1 Steel Decks1905.6.6 Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete1903.7 Steel Fiber Reinforcement -2111.6.1 Steel Fireplace Units1208.6.12.2 Steel FlangesC101.2.4 Steel Floor and Roof DeckingSection R505 Steel Floor Framing2109.7.3.2 Steel Floor JoistsN1102.2.6 (R402.2.6) Steel-Frame Ceilings, Walls, and FloorsA3.3 Steel-Framed WallsA5.213.1 Steel Framing1809.11 Steel Grillage Footings§27-711 Steel H Sections1705.2.3.1 Steel Joist and Joist Girder Inspection2207.4 Steel Joist DrawingsA5.3 Steel-Joist FloorsSection 2207 Steel JoistsAS106.9.3 Steel Mesh4.2 Steel Moment Frames312.9 Steel Nail Plates(B) Steel or Aluminum Cable Tray Systems3107F.2.6 Steel Piles10.1.2 Steel Pipe1211.13 Steel Pipe and Tubing1107.4.1 Steel Pipe Groups A2, A3, B2, and B31209.3.1 Steel Pipe Joints16.3.3 Steel Pipe — Threaded10.1.3 Steel Pipe Used With Fire Department Connections16.3.2* Steel Pipe — Welded or Roll-Grooved1810. Steel Pipes and Tubes1613.6.6 Steel Plate Shear Wall Height Limits2308.12.8 Steel Plate Washers903.2.11.11 Steel-Plated and Vault-Like Occupancies1903.6 Steel ReinforcementR608.5.2 Steel Reinforcement and Anchor BoltsA403.10 Steel Retrofit Systems1210.1.3.9 Steel Risers2210.1.1.2 Steel Roof DeckSection R804 Steel Roof Framing1809.5.7.5 Steel Shell1308.5.2.1 Steel, Stainless Steel, and Wrought-Iron1208.6.3.1 Steel, Stainless Steel, and Wrought-Iron Pipe1308.5.2.1 Steel, Stainless Steel, and Wrought-LronSection 2209 Steel Storage Racks17.5.1 Steel Strength of Anchor in Shear17.4.1 Steel Strength of Anchor in Tension17.7.1 Steel strength of anchors in shear, Vsa17.6.1 Steel Strength of Anchors in Tension, NSA504.3 Steel Tanks1108.9 Steel TubeG2414.4.1 (403.4.1) Steel TubingSection R603 Steel Wall Framing2.20.4.1 Steel Wire Ropes2. Steels of Other Strength6.7 Steep Grades1926.501(b)(11) "Steep Roofs"Section D (Steep Sloped Roof System)1510.5.2 Steeples, Minarets and Spires1510.5 Steeples, Minarets, Spires, Domes and CupolasR602.12.8 Stem Walls1926.914(x) "Stemming"5607.16.4.14 Stemming to the Collar6. Step8.3.11 Step and Pallet Fatigue Engineering Test1910.24(a) Step Bolts1910.24 Step Bolts and Manhole StepsB.7.4 Step-by-Step Procedure of Simplified Sizing Method6. Step Demarcation469.4.5 Step-Down Recovery Area(s) Step Fatigue Tests6. Step Lateral Displacement Device8. Step Lateral Displacement Device ( Step Level Device1028.11.4 Step Lighting8. Step or Pallet Level Device1910.68(a)(8) Step (Platform)1926.452(n) "Step, Platform, and Trestle Ladder Scaffolds"610.6.2 Step Required306.3 Step Risers and Treads1109. Step Scanner6. Step/Skirt Performance Index8. Step System8.6.8.2 Step-to-Skirt Clearance6. Step Upthrust Device6.1.3.8 Step Wheel Tracks6. Step Wheels1030.11.2 Stepped Aisle Transitions at the Top of Vomitories1030.14.2 Stepped Aisles1030.11 Stepped Aisles at Vomitories1030.11.1 Stepped Aisles That Change Direction at Vomitories706.6.1 Stepped Buildings1809.3 Stepped Footings2308.6.8.3 Stepped Footings in Seismic Design Categories B and C2308.6.8.3 Stepped Footings in Seismic Design Categories B, C and D2308.6.8.3 Stepped Footings in Seismic Design Categories B, C, D and ER602.11.3 Stepped FoundationsR602.11.2 Stepped Foundations in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D21025.2.1 Steps454.1.8.4 Steps and Handrails809.7 Steps and Sloping Entries1613.5.5.1 Steps for Classifying a Site1926.1423(c) Steps, Handholds, Ladders, Grabrails, Guardrails and Railings8. Steps, Pallet, Step or Pallet Chain, and TrussesSection 3111B Steps, Recessed Steps, Ladders and Stairs1226.4.13.5 Sterile and Pharmaceutical Supply Storage1224.19.3 Sterile Compounding Areas806.0 Sterile Equipment2.1-4.3 Sterile Processing1225.4.4 Sterile Supplies2.1-4.2.3 Sterile Work Areas1226.4.13.6 Sterilization Facilities8.4.2 Sterilization Rooms5308.5.2 Sterilization System Room and Local Area Ventilation5806.3.1 Sterilizer Design422.9 Sterilizer Equipment Requirements422.9.1 Sterilizer Piping418.3.4 Sterilizer Relief Valve713.11 Sterilizer Vent Stack Sizes713.10 Sterilizer Vents and Stacks1226. Sterilizers1227.17.2 Sterilizers and Autoclaves1303.4 Sterilizers and Bedpan Steamers469.4.7 Sterilizing Facilities2.3.16 STI Publications1910.265(b)(40) Sticker1910.265(c)(27)(v) Sticker Alignment1910.265(c)(27)(iv) Stickers5007.6.3.3 Sticks or Cartridges1910.265(b)(41) Stiff Boom1910.181(a)(33) Stiffleg1910.181(a)(9) Stiffleg Derrick1926.1436(c)(3) Stiffleg Derricks6.1.2 Stiffness of Diagonals4004.5 Stills1926.452(y) "Stilts"4.3.7 Stirrup and Tie Hooks4.3.12 Stirrup Spacing25.7.1 Stirrups1910.261(j)(6) Stock Chests16.2.7 Stock of Spare Sprinklers1910.261(j) Stock Preparation5604.7.9 Stock Rotation2119.5 StoneR301.2.2.3 Stone and Masonry VeneerR703.7 Stone and Masonry Veneer, General8-805.2 Stone Masonry2103.4 Stone Masonry Units[BS] 1404.7 Stone Veneer1910.144(a)(1)(iii) Stop608.7 Stop-and-Waste Valves Prohibited1910.255(b)(7) Stop Buttons1910.211(d)(52) Stop Control1126A.3.4.4 Stop/Latch Side Approach106.4 Stop Orders8. Stop Switch2.26.2.24 Stop Switch for Machinery Spaces and Control Spaces2.7.3.5 Stop Switch for Machinery Spaces or Control Spaces6. Stop Switch in Inspection Controls6. Stop Switch in Machinery Spaces5. Stop Switch in Overhead Machinery Space in the Hoistway2.26.2.7 Stop Switch in Pit2.2.6 Stop Switch in Pits2.26.2.27 Stop Switch in Remote Counterweight Hoistways2.26.2.23 Stop Switch in Remote Machine and Control Rooms5. Stop Switch in Remote Machine Rooms and Control Rooms5. Stop Switch in the Pit5. Stop Switch on the Top of the Car2.26.2.8 Stop Switch on Top of Car1109.8.3 Stop Valve Support1109.8 Stop Valves1112.7 Stop Valves ProhibitedSection 115 Stop Work Order[A] 108.5 Stop Work Orders118.4.3 Stoppage of BuildLA Surcharge8.6.4.16 Stopping Accuracy1910.262(s)(1) Stopping Devices5. Stopping Devices Required4.1.17.1 Stopping Distances8.2.6 Stopping Distances for Car and Counterweight Safeties8.2.11 Stopping Distances for Car and Counterweight Safeties for Inclined Elevators1910.216(f) Stopping Limits1910.216(f)(3) Stopping Limits for Calenders1910.216(f)(2) Stopping Limits for Mills§28-215.2 Stopping Work and Securing Structures1910.261(e)(10) Stops1910.179(e) Stops, Bumpers, Rail Sweeps, and Guards-(C) Storable and Portable Heaters680.35 Storable and Portable Immersion Pools(B) Storable and Portable PumpsPart III Storable Pools, Storable Spas, and Storable Hot TubsPart III Storable Pools, Storable Spas, Storable Hot Tubs, and Storable Immersion PoolsSection E4207 Storable Swimming PoolsSection E4207 Storable Swimming Pools, Storable Spas and Storable Hot Tubs811 Storage15.2.1 Storage 5 ft (1.5 m) or Less in Height1306.6 Storage Above Lowest Floors5704.4.2.4 Storage Adjacent to Buildings3.3.211 Storage Aids1225. Storage AlcoveSection 304 Storage and Accumulation of Rubbish and Other Combustible Waste*2.2-2.5.1 Storage and Collection of Recyclables and Discarded Goods[F] 412.2 Storage and Dispensing5706.2 Storage and Dispensing of Flammable and Combustible Liquids at Construction Sites5706.2 Storage and Dispensing of Flammable and Combustible Liquids on Farms and Construction Sites5003.11.3 Storage and Display5003.11.3.2 Storage and Display Height5606.5 Storage and Display in Group M Occupancies§28-503.9 Storage and Disposal1011.7.4 Storage and Enclosures and Storage Under Exterior Stairways1011.7.3 Storage and Enclosures Under Interior Stairways38.6.3.3 Storage and Handling1910.111 Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia16.2.4.3 Storage and Handling of Combustible and Flammable Gases3301.5.2.2 Storage and Handling of Fireworks1910.110 Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases3308.1 Storage and Handling of Materials5601.5.4.3 Storage and Handling of Non-Pyrotechnic Materials, Articles or Devices3301.5.3.3 Storage and Handling of Nonpyrotechnic Materials, Articles and Devices Used for Special Effects5601.5.3.4 Storage and Handling of Pyrotechnic Materials, Articles or Devices1301.2 Storage and Piping Systems3301.2 Storage and Placement31.3.7* Storage and Processing of Wood Chips, Hogged Material, Fines, Compost, and Raw Products at Yard Waste Recycling FacilitiesSection 2808 Storage and Processing of Wood Chips, Hogged Material, Fines, Compost, Solid Biomass Feedstock and Raw Product Associated With Yard Waste, Agro- Industrial and Recycling FacilitiesSection 2808 Storage and Processing of Wood Chips, Hogged Materials, Fines, Compost, Solid Biomass Feedstock and Raw Product Associated With Yard Waste, Agro-Industrial and Recycling FacilitiesSection 2808 Storage and Processing of Woodchips, Hogged Material, Fines, Compost and Raw Product Associated With Yard Waste and Recycling Facilities1204.9 Storage and Repair3303.4.5 Storage and Safeguarding of Materials and Equipment During Construction or Demolition2704.2.2.1 Storage and Use in Fabrication Areas6306.3.2 Storage and Use Locations2311.2 Storage and Use of Flammable and Combustible Liquids2409.4.3 Storage and Use of Hazardous Materials5.2 Storage and UV Exposure12.6* Storage Applications1224.34.2.12 Storage Area for Clean Linen315.3.12 Storage Area Prohibitions322.4.3.2 Storage Area Size Limits and Separation63.3.1.17 Storage Area Temperature2808.2 Storage Areas20.5 Storage Arrangement36.4.5.3 Storage, Arrangement, Protection, and Quantities of Hazardous Commodities3604.5.3 Storage Arrangements1910.109(e)(2) Storage at Use SitesArticle 480 Storage Batteries1206.2.10 Storage Batteries and Equipment(C) Storage Battery503.160 Storage Battery Charging Equipment — Class III, Divisions 1 and 2315.4.1 Storage Beneath Overhead Projections From Buildings1910.263(d)(6) Storage Bins1910.179(a)(13) Storage Bridge Crane3306.4.2 Storage Cabinet2.1- Storage Cabinet(s) or Closet(s)5104.2.1.1 Storage Cabinets23.4.1* Storage Conditions63.3.10.3 Storage Configuration6304.2.2 Storage Configuration for Liquid and Solid Oxidizers4004.2.4 Storage Configuration for Oxidizer Gases6304.2.3 Storage Configuration for Oxidizing Gases5803.1.2 Storage Containers3.9 Storage Definitions5704.3.5.3 Storage Distance From Ceilings and Roofs1224.17.2.4 Storage Facilities5604.2 Storage Facility Locations*2.2- Storage for Blood, Organs, Tissue, and Pathological Specimens2.7-3.8.16 Storage for Blood, Tissue, and Pathological Specimens2.1- Storage for Building Maintenance Supplies2.9- Storage for Clean Endoscopes1226.4.17.2 Storage for Employees*2.3- Storage for Equipment and Supplies for Care and Services2.2- Storage for Infant Supplies*2.7- Storage for Large Clinical Equipment*1.2- Storage for Mobility Devices*2.3- Storage for Mobility Devices and Support Equipment607.2 Storage for Off-Site Use2.10-3.10.3 Storage for Patient Belongings2.2- Storage for Patient Transport Devices and Walking Aids2.13-3.10.3 Storage for Patients' Belongings4.1- Storage for Resident Needs3309.19 Storage for Sale of Pyrotechnic Materials2.1-6.4.2 Storage for Staff2.6- Storage for Staff Belongings2.12- Storage for Therapeutic Equipment and Safety DevicesSection 311 Storage Group SSection 311 Storage Groups43.1.6 Storage, Handling, and Distribution of Flammable and Combustible Liquids1201.2 Storage, Handling, and Use63.10 Storage, Handling, and Use of Ethylene Oxide for Sterilization and Fumigation3305.1 Storage, Handling and Use of Flammable and Combustible Liquids2011.1.1 Storage, Handling and Use of Flammable Gas6306.3 Storage, Handling and Use Requirements20.6.3 Storage Height5104.4 Storage in Aerosol Product Warehouses5104.4 Storage in Aerosol Warehouses6109.7 Storage in Basement, Pit or Other Area Below Grade6109.7 Storage in Basement, Pit or Similar Location315.3 Storage in Buildings5104.2 Storage in Buildings With Group A, B, E, F, I and R Occupancies5906.2.3 Storage in Combustible Containers or Within 30 Feet of Other Combustibles5704.3.5 Storage in Control Areas807.5.2.1 Storage in Corridors and Lobbies[F] 502.8.1 Storage in Excess of the Maximum Allowable Quantities5609.3.2 Storage in Explosives Rooms5906.2.4 Storage in Foundries and Processing Plants5104.3 Storage in General Purpose Warehouses5104.7 Storage in Group M Occupancies5606.4 Storage in Group R-3 Occupancies5606.4 Storage in Group R Occupancies5104.2 Storage in Groups A, B, E, F, I and R5104.5 Storage in Indoor Flammable Liquid Storage Rooms5104.5 Storage in Inside Flammable Liquid Storage Rooms1910.106(d)(4)(v) Storage in Inside Storage Rooms5104.6 Storage in Liquid Warehouses53.3.1.3 Storage in Machinery Rooms315.6 Storage in Plenums5609.3.1 Storage in Portable Magazines43.1.6.2 Storage in Process Areas5606.4 Storage in Residences450.48 Storage in Vaults61.3 Storage in Warehouses and Storage Areas1910.253(g)(2) Storage Indoors1910.106(d)(5) Storage Inside Building3205.1 Storage Layout Plan Maintenance(2) Storage Location(X) Section 5624 Storage Locations5306.2 Storage Locations Within Buildings3303.4.7 Storage Near Sidewalks, Walkways, and Pathways3303.4.5.2 Storage Near Unenclosed Perimeters20.15 Storage Occupancies3.3.196.15* Storage Occupancy3704.2 Storage of 100 Cubic Feet or Less5906.4.2 Storage of 50 to 1,000 Cubic Feet6504.1.3 Storage of Additional Material61.3.3 Storage of Aerosol Cooking Spray Products§4828-01 Storage of Aerosols in Pre-Existing Facilities5705.5.3 Storage of Alcohol-Based Hand Rub DispensersSection 4005 Storage of Alcohol in Distilleries1910.109(i) Storage of Ammonium Nitrate1910.109(i)(3) Storage of Ammonium Nitrate in Bags, Drums, or Other Containers5604.12.5 Storage of Black Blasting Powder1910.109(g)(5) Storage of Blasting Agents and Supplies1910.109(i)(4) Storage of Bulk Ammonium Nitrate310.7.3.2 Storage of Charcoal§4829-01 Storage of Combustible Fibers in Pre-Existing FacilitiesSection 3706 Storage of Combustible Fibers on Waterfront Structures2306.2.2.2 Storage of Combustible Liquid Motor Fuel3303.4.6 Storage of Combustible Material and Equipment10.19* Storage of Combustible MaterialsSection 5304 Storage of Compressed Gases§4830-01 Storage of Compressed Gases in Pre-Existing Facilities1910.110(f) Storage of Containers Awaiting Use or Resale§4831-01 Storage of Corrosive Materials in Pre-Existing Facilities§4832-01 Storage of Cryogenic Fluids in Pre-Existing Facilities69.5 Storage of Cylinders Awaiting Use, Resale, or Exchange1910.253(b)(2) Storage of Cylinders-General4005.2.3 Storage of Distilled Spirits Ready for Bottling5604.5.3.2 Storage of Explosives1926.904 Storage of Explosives and Blasting Agents§4833-01 Storage of Explosives and Special Effects in Pre-Existing Facilities5906.4 Storage of Fine Magnesium ScrapSection 607 Storage of Firewood and Combustible Materials5608.5 Storage of Fireworks at Display Site(J) Section 5610 Storage of Fireworks at Exhibition Site50.8.1.6 Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids5704.3.5.1 Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids Below Grade§4834-01 Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Pre-Existing Facilities§4835-01 Storage of Flammable Gases in Pre-Existing Facilities2306.2.2.1 Storage of Flammable Liquid Motor Fuel308.6.5 Storage of Fuel5906.2.2 Storage of Greater Than 1,000 Cubic Feet5906.2.1 Storage of Greater Than 50 Cubic Feet45.7 Storage of Hay, Straw, and Other Similar Agricultural Products§4827-01 Storage of Hazardous Materials in Pre-Existing Facilities[F] 415.11.5 Storage of Hazardous Production Materials5706.7.3 Storage of Heated Petroleum Products3301.5.1.2 Storage of High Explosives34.11 Storage of Idle Pallets66.9 Storage of Ignitible (Flammable or Combustible) Liquids in Containers — General Requirements66.22 Storage of Ignitible (Flammable or Combustible) Liquids in Tanks — Aboveground Storage Tanks66.21 Storage of Ignitible (Flammable or Combustible) Liquids in Tanks — Requirements for All Storage Tanks66.23 Storage of Ignitible (Flammable or Combustible) Liquids in Tanks — Underground Tanks6504.1.1 Storage of Incoming Material504.2 Storage of Lamps, Batteries and Electronics61.3.2 Storage of Level 1 Aerosol Products61.3.4 Storage of Level 2 and Level 3 Aerosol Products§4838-01 Storage of Liquefied Petroleum Gases in Pre-Existing Facilities42.3.3 Storage of Liquids66.9 Storage of Liquids in Containers — General Requirements66.22 Storage of Liquids in Tanks — Aboveground Storage Tanks66.21 Storage of Liquids in Tanks — Requirements for All Storage Tanks66.23 Storage of Liquids in Tanks — Underground Tanks42.3.3.8 Storage of Liquids Inside BuildingsSection 322 Storage of Lithium-Ion and Lithium Metal Batteries1926.153(j) Storage of LPG Containers3303.7.7.12 Storage of Lumber5906.2 Storage of Magnesium Articles3306.9.11 Storage of Material3314.4.4 Storage of Material and Debris1903.8 Storage of Materials3303.4.5 Storage of Materials and Equipment During Construction or Demolition3303.4.5.2 Storage of Materials at Top Working Floors3303.4.5 Storage of Materials During Construction or Demolition§26-03 Storage of Materials During Construction. [Repealed]126-235 Storage of Materials Within Yards414.5.4 Storage of Medical Gases5604.10.4 Storage of Misfires3704.5 Storage of More Than 1,000 Cubic Feet3704.5 Storage of More Than 1,000 Cubic Feet to 2,500 Cubic Feet3704.3 Storage of More Than 100 Cubic Feet to 500 Cubic Feet3704.6 Storage of More Than 2,500 Cubic Feet; Detached Storage Structure3704.4 Storage of More Than 500 Cubic Feet to 1,000 Cubic Feet73-33 Storage of Non-Flammable Liquids5604.7.5.1 Storage of Opened Packages43.7.4 Storage of Organic Peroxides6206.1.2 Storage of Organic Peroxides Classified as a Class IV Material§4839-01 Storage of Organic Peroxides in Pre-Existing Facilities5609.14 Storage of Other Special Effects Materials6307.1.2 Storage of Oxidizers Classified as a Class IV Material5906.3 Storage of Pigs, Ingots and BilletsSection 6109 Storage of Portable LP-Gas Containers Awaiting Use or ResaleSection 6109 Storage of Portable LPG Containers4005.2.2 Storage of Process Alcohol6406.1.2 Storage of Pyrophoric Materials Classified as a Class IV Material1910.1096(j) Storage of Radioactive Materials4005.2.1 Storage of Raw Alcohol5705.4.8 Storage of Residues105.5.48 Storage of Scrap Tires and Tire Byproducts5606.6.2 Storage of Small Arms Ammunition315.7 Storage of Solid Fuel315.7.4 Storage of Solid Fuel in Group R-2 Occupancies[NY] 5610.7 Storage of Sparkling Devices3309.18 Storage of Special Effects Materials in Television Studios5609.15 Storage of Special Effects Materials in Television Studios and Other Production Facilities63. Storage of Toxic or Highly Toxic Gases317.7.2 Storage of Undeployed Waste Air Bags6606.1.2 Storage of Unstable (Reactive) Materials Classified as a Class IV Material52.8 Storage of Used or Off-Specification Batteries6706.1.2 Storage of Water-Reactive Solids and Liquids Classified as a Class IV MaterialSection 2807 Storage of Wood Chips and Hogged Material Associated With Timber and Lumber Production FacilitiesSection 2807 Storage of Wood Chips and Hogged Material Associated With Timber and Lumber Production Facilities6109.6 Storage on Roofs(3) Storage or Equipment Spaces3307.6.5.4 Storage or Placement of Items63. Storage or Use1910.253(g)(3) Storage Outdoors1926.152(c) "Storage Outside Buildings"69.5.4 Storage Outside of Buildings15.2.2* Storage Over 5 ft (1.5 m) in Height3309.6 Storage Permit5704.3.5.2 Storage Pile Heights5704.3.6.5 Storage Plan34.7.6.3 Storage Plan Maintenance26. Storage Protection for Class 2 Oxidizers With In-Rack Sprinklers26. Storage Protection for Class 3 Oxidizers In-Rack Sprinkler Criteria1705.13.7 Storage Racks1707.5 Storage Racks and Access Floors66.14.6 Storage Requirements427.8 Storage Room Classification2.1- Storage Room(s)1226. Storage Room(s) for Equipment and Supplies Used in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Service Space1231.2.21 Storage Rooms[F] 502.9.5.2 Storage Rooms and Warehouses5104.5.2 Storage Rooms Greater Than 500 Square Feet5104.5.1 Storage Rooms of 500 Square Feet or Less453.14.4 Storage Shelving2808.2 Storage Site2.1- Storage Space for Gurneys, Stretchers, and Wheelchairs511.7 Storage Space for Pre-Positioned Department Equipment2.10- Storage Space for Wheelchairs and Motorized Chairs(C) Storage System Maintenance Disconnecting Means(D) Storage Systems of More Than 100 Volts3.3.279.7 Storage Tank1305.6.4 Storage Tank Above the Fill Terminal66.25.3.2 Storage Tank Appurtenances66. Storage Tank Building66.24 Storage Tank Buildings66.25.3.1* Storage Tank Selection and ArrangementM2301.2.7 Storage Tank SensorsP2911.12.2 Storage Tank TestP2910.11 Storage Tank Tests66.25 Storage Tank Vaults66. Storage Tank Venting406.7.3 Storage Tanks5706.3.1.1 Storage Tanks and Sources of Ignition66.21.7.3 Storage Tanks in Areas Subject to Flooding422.13 Storage-Type Water Heaters315.5 Storage Underneath High-Voltage Transmission Lines63.3.6.1 Storage, Use, and Handling2403.3 Storage, Use and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids5104.1.3.1 Storage, Use or Handling45.5.5 Storage Vaults for Quantities of Loose Combustible Fibers Exceeding 1000 ft3 (28.3 m3)45.5.4 Storage Vaults for Quantities of Loose Combustible Fibers Ranging Between 500 ft3 (14.2 m3) and 1000 ft3 (28.3 m3)1114.3.1.1 Storage VolumeR403.5.6.1 Storage Water Heater Temperature Controls5604.12.3 Storage While Not Being Transported69.5.3 Storage Within Buildings6109.9 Storage Within Buildings Accessible to the Public69.5.3.2 Storage Within Buildings Frequented by the Public6109.10 Storage Within Buildings Not Accessible to the Public69.5.3.3 Storage Within Buildings Not Frequented by the Public1910.110(f)(4) Storage Within Buildings Not Frequented by the Public (Such as Industrial Buildings)6109.10 Storage Within Buildings Not Open to the Public6109.9 Storage Within Buildings Open to the Public604.5.3 Storage Within Elevator Lobbies1910.109(c)(5) Storage Within Magazines69.5.3.5 Storage Within Residential Buildings6109.11 Storage Within Rooms Used for Gas Manufacturing69.5.3.4 Storage Within Special Buildings or Rooms3202.2.3.1 Store Front Awnings11.7.4 Stored Electrical Energy Emergency and Legally Required Standby Power System Installation9.1.4 Stored Electrical Energy Systems692.56 Stored Energy3.3.296 Stored-Energy Emergency Power Supply Systems (SEPSS)490.43 Stored Energy for Opening315.3.8.1 Stored Materials and Lighting Fixtures109-23 Storefronts in New Buildings and Alterations of Existing Storefronts2308.2.1 Stories903.2.10.1 Stories and Basements Without Openings4.6.3 Stories in Height[F] 903.2.11.1 Stories Without Openings304.2.3 Storing and Disposing Prohibitions1105.12 Storing RefrigerantR311.3.3 Storm and Screen Doors3109.8 Storm Debris3.7 Storm Drain PipingG303.5 Storm Drainage1102.2 Storm Drainage Conductors and LeadersSection 507 Storm Drainage [P]312.8 Storm Drainage System TestP-1006.2 Storm Drains3202.4.2 Storm Enclosures§28-112.10.2 Storm Related Damage to Electrical and Plumbing Systems2322.3 Storm SheathingSection 423 Storm Shelters305.3 Storm Shelters in Group E Occupancies423.3.2 Storm Shelters Within Host Buildings1926.1417(h) Storm WarningA5.106.2 Storm Water DesignR300.1 Storm Water Drainage and Retention During Construction1101.3 Storm Water Drainage to Sanitary Sewer ProhibitedSection 890.1380 Storm Water Drainage Within a Building1910.268(q)(3) Storm Work and Emergency Conditions107.11.2 StormwaterSection 403 Stormwater Management5.106.1 Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Projects That Disturb Less Than One Acre of Land5.106.2 Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Projects That Disturb One or More Acres of Land3.3.279* Story1807.1.1 Story Above Grade1805.1.1 Story Above Grade Plane2.4.7.1 Story Drift for Moment Frames1609A.1.2 Story Drift for Wind LoadsA403.6 Story Drift Limitation[BS] A403.4 Story Drift LimitationsR301.3 Story Height506.2 Straight Fluorescent Lamps(1) Straight PullsAS106.7 Straightness of Plaster8.5 Strain and Stress in Pipe(B) Strain Relief418.2 StrainerL 404.7.5 Strainer Baskets13.7.3 Strainer or Sediment Bucket304.2 Strainer Plates810.2 Strainer Required8.7.6 StrainersSection 890.670 Strainers and Fixture Outlets9.3.2 Strainers or BasketsM2101.29 Strains and Stresses(C) Stranded Conductors(E) StrandingCA103.3.2 Strap Wall3.3.287 StratificationAR103.3.1 StrawAS101.2 Strawbale Wall SystemsSection AS105 Strawbale Walls—GeneralSection AS106 Strawbale Walls—Structural5706.5.1.8 Stray Current Protection1910.106(f)(3)(v) Stray Currents105.17 Streamlined Low-Voltage Alarm System Installation Permitting3.3.280 Street6101.5.6 Street Fairs and Similar Outdoor Gatherings3.3.281* Street Floor72-12 Street Layout Varying From Maps14-45 Street Malls Where Certain Sidewalk Cafes Are Permitted§27-2049 Street Numbers505.2 Street or Road Signs303.8.2 Street ProtectionP-1203.2.1 Street Sewer26-41 Street Tree Planting26-40 Street Tree Planting and Planting Strip Requirements33-03 Street Tree Planting in Commercial Districts43-02 Street Tree Planting in Manufacturing Districts23-03 Street Tree Planting in Residence Districts139-42 Street Tree Requirements131-48 Street Trees104-44 Street Trees on Narrow Streets and Broadway26-142 Street Wall Articulation81-43 Street Wall Continuity Along Designated Streets115-233 Street Wall Height118-30 Street Wall, Height and Setback Regulations23-661 Street Wall Location64-324 Street Wall Location for Flood-Resistant Buildings117-23 Street Wall Location in Certain Designated Districts98-423 Street Wall Location, Minimum and Maximum Base Heights and Maximum Building Heights127-232 Street Wall Location Regulations104-34 Street Wall Recesses91-31 Street Wall Regulations93-562 Street Wall Regulations for Certain Streets118-43 Street Wall Transparency104-41 Street Wall Transparency Requirements82-37 Street Walls Along Certain Street Lines136-32 Streets and Public Open Spaces5706.3.1.2 Streets and RailwaysG303.6 Streets and Sidewalks3307.2 Streets, Including Bicycle Lanes and Sidewalks, as Well as Walkways and Pathways3307.2 Streets, Including Sidewalks, Walkways, and Pathways26-17 Streetscape Modifications42-485 Streetscape Provisions64-50 Streetscape Regulations138-30 Streetscape Requirements87-41 Streetscape Requirements in the Core and South Subdistricts87-42 Streetscape Requirements in the North Subdistrict1604.2 Strength2303.2.5 Strength Adjustments2.14.1.3 Strength and Deflection of Enclosure Walls(A) Strength and Rigidity1910.29(f)(7) Strength Criteria2101.2.2 Strength DesignSection 2108 Strength Design of Masonry1905.6.5.5 Strength Evaluation27.4 Strength Evaluation by Load Test4.14 Strength Evaluation of Existing StructuresA406.3.5 Strength of Concrete2.14.4.6 Strength of Doors, Gates, and Their Guides, Guide Shoes, Tracks, and Hangers2.1.1.5 Strength of Enclosure2.1.3.2 Strength of Floor23.9 Strength of Nodal Zones23.11.5 Strength of Nodes3. Strength of Overspeed Valve Pressure Piping and Fittings Between the Overspeed Valve and the Jacks2.1.2.3 Strength of Pit Floor4.3.18.2 Strength of Rails and Fastenings2.10.2.4 Strength of Standard Railing1910.68(c)(3)(vi) Strength of Step Supports23.4 Strength of Struts23.7 Strength of Ties1617.10 Strength Reduction Factors21.2 Strength Reduction Factors for Structural Concrete Members and Connections319.8 Strength Requirements15.4 Strength Requirements for Beam-Column Joints1905.6.2.4 Strength Test1905.6.3 Strength Test Specimens1908.10 Strength Tests[BS] A108.1 Strength ValuesSection A304 Strengthening Requirements305.2 Stress and Strain6.1.1 Stress Check8. Stress Due to Bending and Tension20.3.2.3 Stress in Bonded Prestressed Reinforcement at Nominal Flexural Strength, FPS20.3.2.4 Stress in unbonded prestressed reinforcement at nominal flexural strength, fps1607.7.1.3 Stress Increase1605.3.1.1 Stress Increases9.3.4 Stress Limits in Prestressed Beams7.3.4 Stress Limits in Prestressed SlabsRA103.3.5 Stress-Skin Panel3107F.2.4 Stress-Strain Models3305. Stresses2.23.5 Stresses and Deflections§28-1001.3.3 Stretch Energy Code3303.12.6 Stretcher Accommodation469.4.6.11 Stretcher/Wheelchair Storage Area1205.1 Strict Compliance14X-1-102.1.1 Stricter Requirements1114A.4.5 Strike Edge Extension1132A.5.2 Strike Edge Maneuvering Space at Doors1926.1424(a)(1)(i)1115A.5 Striping for the Visually Impaired1910.211(d)(53) Stripper3305. Stripping3305.3.6.6 Stripping Operation1910.262(e)(3) Stripping Rolls2.22.4.1 Stroke703.2.6 Stroke Thickness11B-703.8.6 Stroke Width1910.211(d)(54) Stroking Selector4.2.8 Strong Column/Weak Beam1926.1404(h)(9) Struck by Counterweights[BS] 1402.3 StructuralSection AE504 Structural Additions§27-848.05 Structural Adequacy807.4 Structural Alterations2003.8.2 Structural Aluminum Decking and Siding3412.4.1 Structural AnalysisSection 3107F Structural Analysis and Design of Components3102F.3.4.4 Structural Analyst[BS] 3301.2.1 Structural and Construction LoadsSection P2603 Structural and Piping Protection1704.5.3 Structural and Veneer Masonry in Facilities Three Stories or More in Height and Engineered Masonry in Essential Facilities1815.4.5 Structural Aspects308.4 Structural AttachmentSection AK103 Structural-Borne Sound1627.6.2 Structural Calculations507.3.1 Structural Capacity7.8.4 Structural Capacity LoadC404.1 Structural Chases2119.8 Structural Clay Tile1910.180(a)(38) Structural Competence1620.1 Structural Component Design and Detailing1620.2 Structural Component Design and Detailing (For Use in the Simplified Analysis Procedure of Section 1617.5)2303.1.10 Structural Composite Lumber1904.1 Structural Concrete1810.7.4 Structural Core1812.7.4 Structural Core and Steel Reinforcing304.2.1.1 Structural Damage1406.4 Structural Design1603A.3 Structural Design Basis and Calculations3412A.1.4 Structural Design CriteriaArticle 2 Structural Design-General RequirementsSection 304 Structural Design Loads and Evaluation and Design ProceduresSection 303 Structural Design Loads Andevaluation and Design Procedures453.4.2 Structural Design Occupancy Category1627.3 Structural Design Review3.3.274 Structural Element2308.8.2 Structural Elements or Systems Not Described Herein1618.8.1 Structural Engineer of Record1402.2 Structural Evaluation2.0.1 Structural Evaluation Procedure1.3.3 Structural Evaluation ReportD102.2.4 Structural Fire Rating[BG] 1511.8 Structural Fire Resistance2304.8.1 Structural Floor SheathingSection 501 Structural Forces3.3.13 Structural Frame2211.1 Structural Framing1705.14.4.5 Structural Framing Members2407.1.2 Structural Glass Baluster Panels708A.2.3 Structural Glass Veneer2303.1.4 Structural Glued Cross-Laminated Timber1705.5.5 Structural Glued Laminated and Cross-Laminated Timber1705A.5.5 Structural Glued Laminated and Crosslaminated Timber2303.1.3 Structural Glued-Laminated TimberR502.1.3 Structural Glued Laminated Timbers10.1.4 Structural Hazards203.15 Structural ImpracticabilityR302.2.6 Structural Independence[A] 107.2.7 Structural Information3102F.3.4.3 Structural Inspection Team3102F.3.5.1 Structural InspectionsAE305.5.2 Structural Inspections for Accessory Building and StructuresAE305.5.1 Structural Inspections for the Manufactured Home Installation§28-217.1.1 Structural Inspections of Potentially Compromised Buildings or StructuresSection R610 Structural Insulated Panel Wall ConstructionR602.1.11 Structural Insulated PanelsSection R610 Structural Insulatedpanel Wall ConstructionSection 1616 Structural IntegritySection 1615 Structural Integrity DefinitionsSection 1617 Structural Integrity—Key Element Analysis1605.4 Structural Integrity Load Combinations—Alternate Load Path Method1605.6 Structural Integrity Load Combinations—Specific Local Resistance Method1605.5 Structural Integrity Load Combinations—Vehicular Impact and Gas Explosions1705.10 Structural Integrity of Deep Foundation Elements403.2.3 Structural Integrity of Exit Enclosures and Elevator Hoistway Enclosures3007.5.1 Structural Integrity of Hoistway Enclosures[BS] 403.2.2 Structural Integrity of Interior Exit Stairways and Elevator Hoistway EnclosuresSection 1616 Structural Integrity—Prescriptive Requirements9.7.7 Structural Integrity Reinforcement in Cast-in-Place Beams7.7.7 Structural Integrity Reinforcement in Cast-in-Place One-Way SlabsSection 2213 Structural Integrity Requirements3115.9.2 Structural Integrity Verification(H) Structural JointsSection 3103F Structural Loading Criteria32.4.7 Structural Loads2303.1.11 Structural Log Members2. Structural Materials[BF] 1705.15.2 Structural Member Surface Conditions[BF] 1705.15.4.5 Structural Members[F] 1701.3.11 Structural Members and Assemblies(C) Structural Metal1504.4.2 Structural Metal Panel Roof Systems(B) Structural Mounting[BS] A407.1 Structural Observation[BS] A105.4 Structural Observation, Testing and Inspection1704.6 Structural Observations1704.6.2 Structural Observations for Seismic Resistance1704.6.2 Structural Observations for Seismic Resistance —Risk Category IV1704.6.1 Structural Observations for Structures1704.6.2 Structural Observations for Wind Requirements1704.6.3 Structural Observations for Wind Resistance1604.5 Structural Occupancy Category1604.5 Structural Occupancy Category and Importance FactorsA5.404.1.1 Structural or Fire-Resistance IntegritySection 1618 Structural Peer Review1618.7 Structural Peer Review Report1618.5 Structural Peer ReviewerSection 1906 Structural Plain Concrete4.12.4 Structural Plain Concrete Systems107.7 Structural PlansSection I105 Structural Provisions1926.651(c)(1) Structural RampsSection 3315 Structural Ramps, Runways, and PlatformsSection 8-705 Structural Regulations[BS] 2606.5 Structural Requirements14-121 Structural Requirements for Enclosed Sidewalk Cafes3115.4 Structural Requirements for Exterior Elevated Flooring Systems2304.8.2 Structural Roof SheathingSection G2405 (302) Structural Safety302.2.5 Structural Safety Due to System Installations1704.19 Structural Safety During Construction OperationsR609.8.3 Structural Safety Factor1705A.13.5.2 Structural Sealant Glazing1705A.14.2.1 Structural Sealant Glazing TestingChapter C4 Structural Sealing and HVAC System BalancingChapter E4 Structural Sealing and HVAC Systembalancing1613.4 Structural SeparationsR603.9 Structural SheathingR603.9.3 Structural Sheathing FasteningR603.9.5 Structural Sheathing for Stone and Masonry Veneer2222.4 Structural Sheets3109.3.5 Structural Slabs Below the 100-Year Storm Elevation706.2 Structural Stability3103.9 Structural Stability and Anchorage Required1704.20.1 Structural Stability of Existing Buildings1926.754(a)453.25.4 Structural Standard for Wind Loads449.4.2.3 Structural StandardsSection 2205 Structural Steel3305.2 Structural Steel Assembly722.5.2 Structural Steel Beams and Girders722.5.1 Structural Steel Columns2205.2.2 Structural Steel Elements2205.3.3 Structural Steel ErectionC101.2.1 Structural Steel Framing1810. Structural Steel H-Piles1616.2.2 Structural Steel, Open Web Steel Joist or Joist Girder, or Composite Steel and Concrete Frame Structures1811.7 Structural Steel Piles20.4 Structural Steel, Pipe, and Tubing for Composite Columns1811.7.1.1 Structural Steel Pipe Piles to Be Welded3306.8.1 Structural Steel, Reinforced Concrete, and Heavy Timber Buildings2205A.2.1 Structural Steel Seismic Force-Resisting System2205.2.1 Structural Steel Seismic Force-Resisting Systems1810. Structural Steel Sheet Piling722.5.2.3 Structural Steel Trusses609.8 Structural Strength2223.4 Structural Submittals3202.1.1 Structural SupportSection 8-703 Structural Survey4.4 Structural System and Load PathsR322.1.2 Structural SystemsSection 1708 Structural Testing for Seismic ResistanceSection 1708 Structural Testing Forseismic Resistance4-335 Structural Tests and Special Inspections18.12.12 Structural Trusses2.5- Structural Vibration2211.4 Structural Wall Stud Design1604.8.2 Structural WallsSection A303 Structural Weaknesses1705.12.1 Structural Wood110.3.3 Structural Wood Frame Inspection1305.14.3.5 Structural WorkPOOL StructureSection 503 Structure and Design(C) Structure as Equipment Grounding Conductor17.1.4* Structure Assessment Elements and Conditions1206.3 Structure-Borne Sound807.4 Structure-Borne Sounds(7) Structure Mounted Outdoors69.3.6.4* Structure Requirements401.4 Structure Seaward of a Coastal Construction Line108.1.3 Structure Unfit for Human Occupancy305.4 Structure Wall as a Barrier(B) Structures1505.1.2 Structures Allowed for Toilet and Urinal Flushing710A.3.1 Structures and Accessory Buildings Within 3 Feet (914 mm)316.6 Structures and Outdoor Storage Underneath High-Voltage Transmission Lines316.6 Structures and Outdoor Storage Underneath Highvoltage Transmission Lines, Bridges, and Elevated Roadways[BS] 304A.3.1 Structures Designed in Accordance With Pre-1973 Building Code§28-305.1.2 Structures Located Entirely on One Property§28-305.1.1 Structures Located on the Lot Line of Adjacent Properties and Partially on Both PropertiesR301.1.3.3 Structures Other Than Woodframe1513.4 Structures Providing Weather ProtectionSection 3109 Structures Seaward of a Coastal Construction Control LineR322.1.11 Structures Seaward of a Coastal Construction LineR322.1.11 Structures Seaward of a Coastal Control Construction Line103.2.8.3 Structures With Shared Jurisdictional Authority1108.7.1 Structures Without Elevator Service1107.7.1 Structures Without Elevator Service Where Type B Units Are Required23.11.3 Strut Detailing23.6 Strut Reinforcement Detailing23.11.2 Strut StrengthArticle 384 Strut-Type Channel Raceway5.6.6 Stucco (Exterior Plaster) Shear WallsR603.3.3 Stud Bracing602.3 Stud Cavity and Joist Space Plenums1709.1.2.1 Stud ConnectionsC101.1.3 Stud Cutting and NotchingR404.2.2 Stud Size2308.5.1 Stud Size, Height and Spacing[BS] A304.4.3 Stud Space Ventilation§310-01 Student Apartments5. Student Bicycle Parking907.2.9.1 Student Housing453.5.18 Student-Occupied Space2504.1.2 Studless Partitions2318.1 Studs in Bearing and Exterior Walls2318.1.12 Studs Joining Masonry or Reinforced Concrete Walls1910.269(r)(4) Stump Cutters703.2.3 Style§27-2110 Style of Legal Actions by Department; Disposition of Moneys Collected43.8 Styrene Cross-Linked Composites Manufacturing (Glass Fiber-Reinforced Plastics)2703.16 Sub-Atmospheric Pressure Gas Systems§142 Sub-Curb Uses804.4.1 Sub-Floor Construction*§28-311.3 Sub-Meters Required for Covered Tenant SpacesB302 Sub-Slab and Soil MembranesAF103.4.1 Sub-Slab Preparation904.6 Sub-Stack Connections1224.15.3.3 Sub-Sterile Areas1225.1.2 Subacute Care116-04 Subareas93-512 Subareas A3, A4 and A5 of the Large-Scale Plan Subdistrict A98-04 Subareas and High Line Transfer Corridor2703.16 Subatmospheric Pressure Gas Systems17. Subclassification of Day-Care Homes36.1.2.2 Subclassification of Occupancy§28-418.5.1 Subcontractor InformationSection P-104 Subcontractors138-03 Subdistrict117-04 Subdistricts91-04 Subdistricts and Core Area81-04 Subdistricts and Subareas3114.2.5.1 Subdivision4909.1 Subdivision Identification4908.2 Subdivision Map Findings23-72 Subdivision of a Zoning Lot After Development408.8 Subdivision of Areas20.3.7 Subdivision of Building Space18.4.4.8 Subdivision of Building Space (Nonsprinklered Smoke Compartment Rehabilitation)18.3.7* Subdivision of Building Spaces22.4.4.10 Subdivision of Building Spaces (Nonsprinklered Buildings)31.3.7 Subdivision of Building Spaces — Smoke Partitions78-50 Subdivision of Large-Scale Residential Developments408.8 Subdivision of Resident Housing Areas22.4.4.11* Subdivision of Resident Housing Spaces (Nonsprinklered Buildings)8.4.4 Subdivision of System Using Check Valves(C) Subdivision of the Critical BranchG302.2 Subdivision RequirementsSection 4909 Subdivision Review SurveySection G302 Subdivisions30.3.7 Subdivisions of Building Spaces12.14.2 Subdrain Sump Pits for Atmospheric PumpsR503.2.1.1 Subfloor and Combined Subfloor Underlayment805.1.1 Subfloor ConstructionAF103.2 Subfloor Preparation§27-723 Subgrade for Footings, Foundation Piers, and Foundation Walls1704.7.1 Subgrade InspectionG304.4.1.4 Subgrade Spaces to Remain§1-08.1 Subject Matter1208.7.1.1 Subject to Damage60.1.2 Subjects Not Regulated[A] 102.8 Subjects Not Regulated by This Code1910.269(c)(2) Subjects to Be Covered5607.9.5 Submarine (Underwater) BlastingC603.2 Submembrane Depressurization Systems1009.2.8 Submerged Depth505.2.4 Submerged Vacuum Fittings682.14 Submersible or Floating Equipment Power Connection(s)601.2.2.2 Submeter Testing601.2.2 Submeters4.303.2 Submeters for Multifamily Buildings and Dwelling Units in Mixed-Use Residential/Commercial Buildings104.8.1.1 Submission401.4.4 Submission and Acceptance§28-305.4.4.1 Submission Deadlines§28-420.5 Submission of a Report to the City Council121.3.4 Submission of Business Plan4-352 Submission of Documents(3) 5613.3 Submission of Live Samples§28-420.4 Submission of Plan to Reduce Rate of Immediately Hazardous Violations104.7.1 Submission of Plans401.5.4.1 Submission of Plans Not Required315.5 Submission of Welding and Brazing Forms to the Division of Industrial Compliance (DIC)4910.2 Submission to the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection and Local Fire Agencies5603.2.3 Submission to the Department105.4.1 Submissions(1) Submit Functional Performance Tests (FPTs)3412.4.2 Submittal5.7.2 Submittal Document Labeling of Space-Conditioning Categories5.7.5 Submittal Documentation of Air Barrier Commissioning5.7.4 Submittal Documentation of Daylight AreasSection 107 Submittal Documents3306.5 Submittal Documents for Demolition3306.5.1.1 Submittal Documents for Full or Partial Demolition Using Mechanical Equipment Other Than Handheld§28-105.2.1 Submittal Documents Required for Foundations and Earthwork§28-105.2.2 Submittal Documents Required for Partial and Full Demolition§28-105.2.2 Submittal Documents Required for Partial Demolition§28-104.7 Submittal of Construction Documents109.1 Submittal of Documents1704.8.4 Submittal of Records of Installation and Testing1705.7.5 Submittal of Records of Special InspectionsJ104.1 Submittal Requirements16-542 Submittal Requirements for Architectural and Engineering Plans and Specifications Review and Acceptance2105.2 Submittals1704.5 Submittals to the Building Official17.11 Subpoenas and Subpoenas Duces Tecum§13-17 Subpoenas. [Repealed]3.3.288 Subscriber10.12.5 Subsequent Activation of Initiating Devices10.12.5 Subsequent Actuation of Initiating Devices3501.2 Subsequent Additions, Modifications, or Deletions3102F.3.3.2 Subsequent Audits11B-809.4.1 Subsequent Bathrooms§28-323.3.2 Subsequent Condition Assessments91-837 Subsequent Design Changes104.15.2 Subsequent to Emergency1926.800(o)(2) Subsidence Areas3.3.289 Subsidiary Station1810.3.4 Subsiding Soils1810.3.4 Subsiding Soils or StrataF302 Subslab and Soil Cover MembranesC603.1 Subslab Depressurization SystemsSection 512 Subslab Soil Exhaust Systems1102.5 Subsoil Drain Pipe1805.4 Subsoil Drainage SystemSection P3302 Subsoil Drains1504.7 Subsoil Irrigation Field1504.7.3 Subsoil Irrigation Field Construction1503.9.3 Subsoil Irrigation Field MaterialsAppendix A Substance Data Sheet, for 4,4'-MethylenedianilineAppendix A Substance Data Sheet for Occupational Exposure to LeadAppendix A Substance Safety Data Sheet and Technical Guidelines for Methylene ChlorideAppendix A Substance Safety Data Sheet, Benzene1926.1127 App A - Substance Safety Data Sheet - CadmiumAppendix A Substance Safety Data Sheet for 1,3-Butadiene (Non-Mandatory)Appendix A Substance Safety Data Sheet for AcrylonitrileAppendix A Substance Safety Data Sheet for DBCPAppendix A Substance Safety Data Sheet for Ethylene Oxide (Non-Mandatory)Appendix B Substance Technical GuidelinesAppendix B Substance Technical Guidelines, BenzeneAppendix B Substance Technical Guidelines for 1,3-Butadiene (Non-Mandatory)Appendix B Substance Technical Guidelines for Acrylonitrile1926.1127 App B - Substance Technical Guidelines for CadmiumAppendix B Substance Technical Guidelines for DBCPAppendix B Substance Technical Guidelines for Ethylene Oxide (Non-Mandatory)Appendix A Substance Technical Guidelines for FormalinAppendix B Substance Technical Guidelines, MDA1926.1101 App H - Substance Technical Information for Asbestos - Non-MandatoryAppendix B Substances Technical Guidelines for Cadmium1910.1000(a)(1) Substances With Limits Preceded by "C"—Ceiling Values§3-04 Substandard Factory Exits503.3.2 Substandard Width503.2.10 Substandard Width Roads1910.147(c)(5)(ii)(C) Substantial[BCD] 903.2.8.6 Substantial Alteration or Damage(B) Substantial Construction5.8.1.5 Substantial Contact§ 23-27.3-106.2 Substantial Damages Exceeding Fifty Percent§ 23-27.3-106.1 Substantial Improvements[BS] 503.11 Substantial Structural AlterationJ404.3.2 Substantial Structural Damage3405.3 Substantial Structural Damage to Gravity Load-Carrying Components[BS] 404.3 Substantial Structural Damage to Gravity Loadcarrying Components[BS] 405.2.5 Substantial Structural Damage to Snow Load-Carrying Components3405.2 Substantial Structural Damage to Vertical Elements of the Lateral Force-Resisting System506.2.3 Substantial Structural Damage to Vertical Load-Carrying ComponentsA-302.1.2 Substantially Improved or Substantially Damaged Existing Buildings in Flood Hazard AreasR105.3.1.1 Substantially Improved or Substantially Damaged Existing Buildings or Structures1810. Substantiation of Higher Allowable Loads106.3.1 Substantiation of Modification490.48 Substation Design, Documentation, and Required Diagram1926.966(g) Substation Entry1910.269(u)(3) Substation Fences530.61 Substations1226.8.2.3 Substerile Areas11B- Substitute Cells3104F. Substitute Structure Method2104.10 Substitution7.21.5 Substitution and Omission of FixturesA403.11.3 Substitution for 3-Inch (76 mm) Nominal Width Framing MembersA5.409.4 Substitution for Prescriptive Standards424.2 Substitution for Water Closets1-329 Substitution of or Supplementation by Agency Procedures107-323 Substitution of Other Plant Materials2121.2.9 Substitutions820.154 Substitutions of Listed CATV Cables805.154 Substitutions of Listed Communications Wires, Cables, and Raceways, and Listed Cable Routing Assemblies830.154 Substitutions of Network-Powered Broadband Communications System Cables704.13.3 Substrate Condition3115.5 Substrate Requirements for Exterior Elevated Flooring Systems3706.6.2 Substructure1504.5 Subsurface and Subsoil Irrigation Field Design and Construction1705.6 Subsurface Conditions708.14 Subsurface Gray Water Irrigation Systems1402.3 Subsurface Graywater Soil Absorption Site LocationP3009.9 Subsurface Graywater Soil Absorption System Site LocationF 108.5 Subsurface Investigation1705.27.1 Subsurface Investigation Special Inspection1504.5.1 Subsurface Irrigation Field1503.9.4 Subsurface Irrigation Field and Mulch Basin Supply Line Materials1504.0 Subsurface Irrigation System ZonesP3009.9 Subsurface Landscape Irrigation Site LocationSection P3009 Subsurface Landscape Irrigation Systems3309.6 Subsurface Operations Affecting Adjacent Properties303.8 Subterranean Spaces for Winery Facilities in Natural or Manmade CavesR318.1 Subterranean Termite Control Methods3.3.276* Suburb or Suburban37-724 Subway Entrances3109.3.1.1 Suction Entrapment AvoidanceE403.6 Suction Fans1001.6 Suction Fitting Covers426.4 Suction Fittings311.4.4 Suction Outlet Fitting Assemblies(B) Suddenly Moving Parts12.15 Suds Pressure Venting11.11 Suds Pressure Zones704.6 Suds Pressure Zones Vents711.0 Suds Relief7.3.1.1 Sufficient Capacity1134A.4 Sufficient Maneuvering Space[BG] 1002.3.5 Sufficient Supply Air(C) Suffixes to Designate Number of Conductors1910.263(k)(2) Sugar and Spice Pulverizers11B-308.4 Suggested Reach Ranges for Children(A) Suitability32.4* Suitability of an Apartment Building to House a Board and Care Occupancy1926.32(s)(E) Suitable Covers1309.10 Suitable Filter(D) Suitable for Backfeed(D) Suitable for Branch-Circuit Protection(F) Suitable for Expected Handling(C) Suitable for Use1817.4 Suitable Methods of Support1910.268(m)(4) Suitable Protective Grounding(C) Suitably Identified3.3.283 Suite18. Suite Hazardous Contents Areas19. Suite Permission19.* Suite Separation18. Suite Subdivision18.2.5.7 Suites1014.2.4 Suites in Areas Other Than Patient Sleeping Areas1014.2.3 Suites in Patient Sleeping Areas320.12.1.1 Suits Requirement1904.3 Sulfate Exposures1910.261(g)(1) Sulfur Burners3.3.277 Summarily Abate[A] 114.7 Summary Abatement1904.43 Summary and Posting of 2001 DataAppendix A Summary of Application Referral, Hearing Notice, and Proof of Service RequirementsAppendix C Summary of Filing Period and Calendar for Extension of Term ApplicationsAppendix D Summary of Filing Period and Calendar for Extension of Time ApplicationsSummary of Method and Heat Source12-7A-1.5 Summary of Test Method27.4.2* Summary Sheet2305.3.8 Summing Shear Capacities111.5 SummonsP3007.3.2 Sump710.8 Sump and Receiving Tank Construction710.10 Sump and Receiving Tank Covers and VentsP3007.3 Sump DesignP3303.1.2 Sump Pit11.7.7 Sump Pits, Basins, and ReceptorsP3007.3.1 Sump PumpP3113.4 Sump Vents5706.3.3 SumpsSection P3007 Sumps and EjectorsSection P3303 Sumps and Pumping SystemsSection P-905 Sumps and Receiving Tanks810.2 Sumps, Condensers, and Intercepting Tanks3202.2.1.9 Sun Control Devices454. Sun Shelf Dimensional Requirements454. Sun Shelf Turnover Rate454.1.2.8 Sun ShelvesR303.9.1 Sunroom AdditionsN1102.3.5 (R402.3.5) Sunroom and Heated Garage FenestrationN1102.2.12 (R402.2.12) Sunroom and Heated Garage Insulation2003.9.2 Sunroom Categories2002.6 Sunroom DesignN1102.3.5 (R402.3.5) Sunroom FenestrationN1102.2.13 (R402.2.13) Sunroom InsulationN1102.3.5 (R402.3.5) Sunroom U-factorR301. Sunrooms1.5 Sunset Provision*2.1- Superconducting MRI Cryogen Venting1603.1.10 Superimposed Dead Loads202.9.3 Superior Court5.508.2 Supermarket Refrigerant Leak Reduction3706.6.1 Superstructure5706.4.7.3 Superstructure and Decking Material1910.68(b)(13) Superstructure Bracing13.4.2.2 Supervised ClosedPart VIII Supervised Industrial Installations(2) Supervised InstallationsSection 8104 Supervised Living Facilities3.3.300 Supervised Notification Appliance Control Circuit13.4.2.1 Supervised Open3.3.290 Supervising Station3.3.291 Supervising Station Alarm Systems10.5.5 Supervising Station Operators. (SIG-SSS)14.6.3 Supervising Station Records3.3.292 Supervising Station Service26.2.8 Supervising Station Signal Processing Equipment29.10.9 Supervising Stations903.3.8.4 Supervision1926.950(b)(3) Supervision and Annual Inspection5608.8 Supervision and Department MonitoringA4.104.1 Supervision and Education[F] 414.7.3 Supervision and Monitoring5608.5.1 Supervision and Weather Protection4-334 Supervision by the Division of the State Architect1926.1404(a) Supervision--Competent-Qualified Person3.3.212 Supervision (Marine System)P104.7.4 Supervision of Audible Fire Alarm Device Circuits4-212 Supervision of Construction by the Enforcement Agency2301.8 Supervision of Defueling Operations2304.1 Supervision of Dispensing2301.7 Supervision of Dispensing OperationsP104.7.3 Supervision of Initiating Device Circuits3307.6.5.2 Supervision of Installation, Adjustment, Repair, and Removal1203.6 Supervision of Maintenance and Testing603.1.8 Supervision of Operation2311.1.2 Supervision of Repair Garages for Vehicles Fueled by Lighter-Than-Air Motor Fuels3706.4 Supervision of Standpipe and Sprinkler Systems3314.4.1.2 Supervision of Supported Scaffold Installation and Removal3314.4.2.2 Supervision of Supported Scaffold Use3314.4.1.1 Supervision of Suspended Scaffold Installation and Removal3314.4.2.1 Supervision of Suspended Scaffold Use113.1 Supervision Required3316.9.1.1 Supervisor1224.15.3.2 Supervisor's Office or Station3314.4.1.3 Supervisor to Be Present at the Site10.9.3 Supervisory26. Supervisory and Control Functions13. Supervisory and Trouble Annunciation3.* Supervisory Condition10.8.2.2 Supervisory Condition Detection3.3.213 Supervisory Device10.14.7 Supervisory Notification Appliance Deactivation10.14.5 Supervisory Notification Appliance Location3.3.250.3* Supervisory Response§9-01 Supervisory Responsibilities of a Licensed Master or Special Rigger§9-02 Supervisory Responsibilities of a Licensed Master or Special Sign Hanger901.6 Supervisory Service3.3.251.3* Supervisory Signal3.3.141.5 Supervisory Signal Initialing Device3.3.295 Supervisory Signal Initiating Device17.17 Supervisory Signal-Initiating Devices23.8.5.8* Supervisory Signal Initiation — Fire Suppression Systems Other Than Sprinklers23.8.5.6* Supervisory Signal Initiation — Sprinkler Systems10.14.6 Supervisory Signal Reactivation9.7.2.1* Supervisory Signals[A] Supplemental Administrative ProvisionsSection 414 (IFGC) Supplemental and Standby Gas Supply127-235 Supplemental Articulation Requirements803.2.1.1 Supplemental Automatic Sprinkler System Requirements(3) Supplemental Electrode(E) Supplemental Electrode Bonding Connection Size(2) Supplemental Electrode Required[A] 102.2.9 Supplemental Enforcement703.2.1.4 Supplemental Features803.4.2 Supplemental Fire Alarm System RequirementsSection 513 Supplemental Fire Protection513.2 Supplemental Fire Protection Equipment or Systems3108F.6.6 Supplemental Fire Suppression Systems (E)3113.2 Supplemental Information1910.134(e)(5) Supplemental Information for the PLHCP802.4.1 Supplemental Interior Finish RequirementsAppendix A Supplemental Medical Information24.5.21 Supplemental Notification127-542 Supplemental Provisions77-40 Supplemental Regulations3308.5.6.1 Supplemental Requirement for Removal of Toeboard or Zero Cable804.6.4 Supplemental Requirements for Corridor Openings804.5.3.1 Supplemental Requirements for Door Closing804.5.2.1 Supplemental Requirements for Door Swing804.9.2 Supplemental Requirements for Exit Signs804.8.2 Supplemental Requirements for Means-of-Egress Lighting805.7.2 Supplemental Requirements for Means-Ofegress Lighting804.6.3.1 Supplemental Requirements for Other Corridor Opening804.5.4.1 Supplemental Requirements for Panic Hardware1305.9 Supplemental Requirements for Piping From Transfer Pumps to Appliances or Storage Tanks Above Lowest Floor1305.9 Supplemental Requirements for Piping From Transfer Pumps to Equipment or Storage Tanks Above Lowest FloorSupplemental Services802.2.2 Supplemental Shaft and Floor Opening Enclosure Requirements802.2.3 Supplemental Stairway Enclosure Requirements1224.28 Supplemental Surgery and Special Procedure Services97-21 Supplemental Use and Streetscape Regulations Along 125th Street97-22 Supplemental Use and Streetscape Regulations Within the Park Avenue Hub Subdistrict88-10 Supplemental Use Regulations42-48 Supplemental Use Regulations in M1-6D Districts§27-374 Supplemental Vertical ExitsM2005.4 Supplemental Water-Heating Devices3.3.296 SupplementaryAppendix E Supplementary Accessibility RequirementsA5.405.5.2.1 Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM)B.8.3 Supplementary Check of Friction Loss in Main Lines and Risers240.10 Supplementary Overcurrent Protection(C) Supplementary Overcurrent Protective Devices(2) Supplementary Protection of Aluminum EMT(2) Supplementary Protection of Aluminum RMC43-60 Supplementary Regulations62-45 Supplementary Regulations for All Parking Facilities62-46 Supplementary Regulations for Loading Facilities82-24 Supplementary Sign Regulations32-40 Supplementary Use Regulations42-40 Supplementary Use Regulations and Special Provisions Applying Along District Boundaries18.7 Supplementary Visible Signaling Method18.7 Supplementary Visual Signaling Method904.7.1 Supplied as a Part of Furnace(1) Supplied by a Feeder or Branch Circuit(B) Supplied by a Flexible Cord(2) Supplied by a Separately Derived System(2) Supplied by Separately Derived System(B) Supplied Through a Transformer6306.2 Supplier Requirements1224. SuppliesSupplimental Services1224.23.2.2 Supply409.3.1 Supply Air904.2.7 Supply Air Ducts to Listed Furnaces904.2.8 Supply Air Ducts to Unlisted Furnaces1309.6 Supply Air Quality17. Supply Air System717.2.3 Supply Air Systems6. Supply Air Temperature Reheat Limit6.5.3.5 Supply Air Temperature Reset ControlsG3.1.3.12 Supply Air Temperature Reset (Systems 5 Through 8)G3.1.3.12 Supply Air Temperature Reset (Systems 5 Through 8 and 11) Supply Analysis3.1- Supply and Copy Room1104.2.3.3 Supply and Return DuctsSection C104 Supply and Underground Mains(C) Supply Capacity(4) Supply Circuits645.5 Supply Circuits and Interconnecting Cables(A) Supply Conductors670.4 Supply Conductors and Overcurrent Protection(3) Supply Conductors Not Over 3.0 m (10 ft) Long(D) Supply Conductors Not Over 3 m (10 ft) Long(4) Supply Conductors Not Over 6.0 m (20 ft) Long(E) Supply Conductors Not Over 6 m (20 ft) Long(F) Supply Conductors Not Reduced in Size1910.254(c)(3) Supply Connections and Conductors(1) Supply Cord of Listed Appliance or Luminaire(1) Supply Cord or Permanent Feeder440.64 Supply CordsA 103.1 Supply Demand6. Supply Fan Airflow ControlE 805.7 Supply Fan Variable Flow Controls (Form MECH-7A)M1505.4.1.3 Supply Fans(D) Supply Feed-Through402.7 Supply Fittings315.7.1 Supply for Immediate Use(J) Supply Neutral ConductorR403.5.5 Supply of Heated Water§27-2031 Supply of Hot Water; When Required(A) Supply OutputM2203.2 Supply Piping[F] 415.8.6.2 Supply Piping and TubingC104.1 Supply Points707.12.9 Supply Pressure Test(A) Supply Side(2) Supply-Side Bonding Jumper(A) Supply-Side Equipment705.11 Supply-Side Source Connections1304.3 Supply Source2.1- Supply StorageK 108.0 Supply System Inspection and Test(A) Supply TerminalsE 805.9 Supply Water Temperature Reset Controls (Form MECH-9A)(B) Supplying Circuits With Grounded and Equipment Grounding Conductors in Class I Locations(B) Supplying Circuits With Grounded and Grounding Conductors in Class I Locations§27-3020 Supplying or Discontinuing Electrical Energy(D) Supplying Supplementary Overcurrent Protective Devices2606.7.1 Support908.4 Support and Anchorage(A) Support and Arrangement408.3 Support and Arrangement of Busbars and ConductorsR608.5.4.1 Support and Cover2407.1.2 Support and FramingP2903.8.3 Support and Protection3305. Support and Removal2.5-3.4.8 Support Area for ECT Treatment and Patient Care Areas1226.10.1 Support Area for Patients2.2- Support Area for the External Beam Radiation Therapy Suite1224.14.2 Support Areas2.7-3.7 Support Areas Directly Accessible to the Semi-Restricted Area2.5-2.4.8 Support Areas for Alzheimer's and Other Dementia Patient Care Units1226.11.2 Support Areas for Birthing Services2.4-3.1.8 Support Areas for Diagnostic and Treatment Areas2.3- Support Areas for Dining, Recreation, Lounge, and Activity Locations5.1- Support Areas for Dining, Recreation, Lounge, and Actvity Locations2.11- Support Areas for ECT Treatment and Patient Care Areas2.2-3.1.9 Support Areas for Emergency Department Staff1226.4.13 Support Areas for Examination and Treatment Rooms1226.6.2 Support Areas for Examination Rooms3.1-4.6.4 Support Areas for Facilities Using Off-Site Linen Processing2.7-4.3.3 Support Areas for Facilities Using Off-Site Sterile Processing2.2-2.6.10 Support Areas for Families and Visitors2.1-2.10 Support Areas for Families, Patients, and/or Visitors2.2-2.8.10 Support Areas for Families, Patients, and Visitors2.2- Support Areas for Families, Patients, and Visitors-Cesarean Delivery Suite*2.2-3.1.10 Support Areas for Families, Patients, and Visitors in the Emergency Department*2.4-2.2.10 Support Areas for Families, Visitors, and Patients5.1-4.4 Support Areas for Family and Visitors2.1-4.3.8 Support Areas for Food and Nutrition Facilities2.1-4.3.9 Support Areas for Food and Nutrition Services Staff2.2-3.8 Support Areas for General and Specialty Medical Services Facilities2.1-5.1.3 Support Areas for Hospitals Using Off-Site Sterile Processing2.1-3.5.10 Support Areas for Imaging Patients2.2-3.4.8 Support Areas for Imaging Services2.2-3.4.9 Support Areas for Imaging Services Staff2.2-2.13.8 Support Areas for In-Hospital Skilled Nursing Patient Care Units2.2-4.1.8 Support Areas for Laboratory Services3.1-4.6.3 Support Areas for Linen Services2.2-2.2.8 Support Areas for Medical/Surgical Patient Care Units2.8-3.8 Support Areas for Mobile/Transportable Medical Units1226.11.3 Support Areas for Mother and Newborn1224.34.2 Support Areas for Nuclear Medicine Services2.2-2.10.8 Support Areas for Nurseries2.6- Support Areas for Occupational Therapy2.1-5.2.8 Support Areas for Off-Site Linen Processing2.1-4.4.3 Support Areas for Outpatient Facilities Using Off-Site Laundry Services2.1-4.3.3 Support Areas for Outpatient Facilities Using Off-Site Sterile Processing1226.5.11.6 Support Areas for Outpatient Gastrointestinal Endoscopy1226.8.2 Support Areas for Outpatient Surgery1224.4.4 Support Areas for Patient Care2.1-3.8 Support Areas for Patient Care and Diagnostic Areas*2.14-3.8 Support Areas for Patient Care Spaces2.1-2.8 Support Areas for Patient Care Units and Other Patient Care Areas1226.5.1 Support Areas for Patients2.5-2.2.10 Support Areas for Patients and Visitors1224.16.7 Support Areas for Patients, Families and Visitors2.2- Support Areas for Patients in the Radiosurgery Suite2.2-2.11.8 Support Areas for Pediatric and Adolescent Units2.7-2.2.8 Support Areas for Pediatric Medical/Surgical Patient Care Units2.6- Support Areas for Physical Therapy2.1-3.4.6 Support Areas for Pre- And Post-Procedure Patient Care Areas2.4- Support Areas for Pre- And Postoperative Patient Care2.7-3.5.8 Support Areas for Pre- And Postoperative Patient Care Area(s)2.2- Support Areas for Pre- And Postoperative Patient Care Areas2.2- Support Areas for Proton Accelerators2.2-3.5.8 Support Areas for Radiation Therapy2.1- Support Areas for Radiosurgery Rooms1224.34.6.4 Support Areas for Radiosurgery Treatment Rooms2.2- Support Areas for Recovery Rooms-Cesarean Delivery Suite3.1-3.3.5 Support Areas for Rehabilitation Therapy2.7-3.10.8 Support Areas for Renal Dialysis Facilities2.2-3.9.8 Support Areas for Respiratory Therapy Services2.1-5.1.1 Support Areas for Shared/Purchased Services1224.16.6 Support Areas for Staff2.1-6.4 Support Areas for Staff and Volunteers2.2- Support Areas for Staff-Cesarean Delivery Suite4.4-4.3 Support Areas for Staff in Medium and Large Settings2.2-3.3.9 Support Areas for Surgery Department Staff*2.1-3.4.3 Support Areas for Telemedicine Bays, Cubicles, or Rooms2.4-2.8 Support Areas for the Birth Center2.2- Support Areas for the Cesarean Delivery Suite2.2-3.12.8 Support Areas for the Chemotherapy and Infusion Center2.5-2.3.8 Support Areas for the Child Psychiatric Patient Care Unit2.2-2.6.8 Support Areas for the Critical Care Unit2.2-3.1.8 Support Areas for the Emergency Department2.9-3.8 Support Areas for the Endoscopy Procedure Area and Other Patient Care Areas2.2-3.11.8 Support Areas for the Endoscopy Procedure Suite and Other Patient Care Areas2.1- Support Areas for the External Beam Radiation Therapy Suite2.3-3.8 Support Areas for the Freestanding Emergency Care Facility1224.39.5.5 Support Areas for the Hyperbaric Suite2.6-3.8 Support Areas for the Infusion Center2.2-2.5.8 Support Areas for the Intermediate Care Unit2.1-4.1.8 Support Areas for the Laboratory2.2-2.8.8 Support Areas for the NICU2.2-3.2.8 Support Areas for the Observation Unit2.2-2.9.8 Support Areas for the Obstetrical Unit2.2-2.3.8 Support Areas for the Oncology Unit2.1- Support Areas for the Operating Room2.11-3.8 Support Areas for the Outpatient Psychiatric Center2.4-2.2.8 Support Areas for the Patient Care Unit1228.30.4 Support Areas for the Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit2.2-2.7.8 Support Areas for the Pediatric Critical Care Unit1224.19.6 Support Areas for the Pharmacy2.1- Support Areas for the Procedure Room2.5-2.2.8 Support Areas for the Psychiatric Patient Care Unit2.6-2.2.8 Support Areas for the Rehabilitation Patient Care Unit2.6-3.1.8 Support Areas for the Rehabilitation Therapy Department2.10-3.8 Support Areas for the Renal Dialysis Center2.2-3.10.8 Support Areas for the Renal Dialysis Unit2.4-3.3.8 Support Areas for the Surgery Department2.12-3.8 Support Areas for Therapy and Other Patient Care AreasSupport Areas for Therapy Services2.2-3.3.6 Support Areas in the Semi-Restricted AreaR606.6.2 Support at FoundationR703.8.2.2 Support by Roof ConstructionR703.8.2.1 Support by Steel Angle2109. Support Conditions3314.10.12 Support Devices2109.4.3 Support Elements3.1-4.4 Support Facilities for Family and Visitors(3) Support Fittings Fill§27-644 Support for Glass Panels*1.2-4.5.9 Support for Person-Centered Care(C) Support Methods63.* Support of Ancillary Equipment63.* Support of Ancilliary Equipment507.3 Support of Appliances(D) Support of Cables422.18 Support of Ceiling-Suspended (Paddle) FansG2427.5.7 (503.5.8) Support of Chimneys(B) Support of Coaxial Cables(B) Support of Communications Wires and Cables760.143 Support of Conductors(H) Support of Conduit Bodies603.8 Support of Ducts3304.4.1 Support of Excavation3304.4.1 Support of Excavation Construction Documents3304.2 Support of Excavation Drawings43.1.5.8* Support of Exhaust Ducts§27-890 Support of Gas Vents(4) Support of GoodsR507.10.1 Support of Guards2510.5.1 Support of Lath(B) Support of LuminairesD 104.1 Support of Meters(B) Support of Network-Powered Broadband Communications Cables17.1.3 Support of Non-System Components4.9* Support of Nonsprinkler System Components(5) Support of Objects(D) Support of Optical Fiber Cables3309.4.2 Support of Party Walls306.1 Support of PipingAS106.10 Support of Plaster Skins8.7 Support of Plastic PipeM1411.8 Support of Refrigerant Piping17.4.5 Support of RisersG2427.7.12 (503.7.12) Support of Single-Wall Metal Pipe8.4.11.14 Support of TanksG2426.6 (502.6) Support of Vents2104.1.1 Support on Wood2110.4.2.1 Support on Wood Construction3102.8.3 Support Provisions11B-407.4.10 Support RailSupport Services1224.18.7 Support Spaces1226.5.5.1 Support Spaces for Radiological/Imaging Services1910.268(b)(6) Support Structures(2) Support Wires904.3.1.1 Supported by Ground1910.66(f)(6) Supported Equipment904.3.1.2 Supported From AboveCD601.11.1 Supported HVAC Systems3314.9 Supported Scaffold3308. Supported Scaffold Alternative3314.3.1.1 Supported Scaffolds3314.3.1 Supported Scaffolds and Outrigger Scaffolds (Thrust Out)3314.9.4 Supported Scaffolds at the Edge(C) Supporting2308.8.4 Supporting Bearing Partitions300.19 Supporting Conductors in Vertical Raceways8.5.3 Supporting Connections Between the Truss and the Building707.5.1 Supporting Construction106.5.1 Supporting Data5607.5.1 Supporting Documentation§28-103.10 Supporting Documentation for Materials103.2 Supporting Documentation on Construction Documents14A-4-411 Supporting Documents2304.12.2.3 Supporting Member for Permanent Appurtenances2304.12.2.4 Supporting Members for Permeable Floors and Roofs1809.2 Supporting Soils6.2.3.9 Supporting Structure7.3.5 Supporting Wall-Hung Fixtures*3.2-1.4.3 Supportive Environment3303.5.5.4 Supports(C) Supports Along Runways1105.2 Supports and Anchorage3107F.7 Supports and Attachments (or Anchorage)1926.404(f)(7)(i) Supports and Enclosures for Conductors4.1.9 Supports and Foundations803.10.1 Supports and Joints1910.304(g)(6) Supports, Enclosures, and Equipment to Be Grounded406.8.4 Supports for Diving EquipmentR602.7.5 Supports for Headers(E) Supports for Rigid Conductors5704.2.9.3 Supports, Foundations and Anchorage1910.106(b)(5) Supports, Foundations, and Anchorage for All Tank Locations(B) Supports(D) Supports on Bridges230.29 Supports Over Buildings2.9.1 Supports Required23.14 Suppressed (Exception Reporting) Signal System[F] 415.6.2.4 Suppression52.3.2.7 Suppression and Detection608.5 Suppression and Detection Systems510.7 Suppression Required23.11 Suppression System Actuation1808.3.2 Surcharge118.4 Surcharge for Development Services Center1009.4.4 Surface1910.421(d)(2) Surface and Underwater Conditions and Hazards2409.4.2 Surface Area32-64 Surface Area and Illumination Provisions2109.2 Surface-Bonded Walls2103.2.2 Surface-Bonding Mortar2614.3 Surface-Burning Characteristics803.6.1 Surface Burning Characteristic Test2603.3 Surface-Burning Characteristics1906.8.1 Surface Cleaning1926.57(i)(13)(iii) Surface Coating Operations1008. Surface Condition704.13.3.1 Surface Conditions1907.4 Surface Conditions of Reinforcement(5) Surface Coverings1113A.1.2 Surface Cross Slopes610.7.2 Surface Dimensions1926.651(a) Surface EncumbrancesP104.1.2 Surface EvaluationC3.2.1 Surface Exposure314.22 Surface Extensions9.3.3 Surface Fault Rupture1910.211(b)(8) Surface Feet Per Minute1910.215(b)(5) Surface Grinders and Cutting-Off Machines609.5 Surface HazardsE3802.3.1 Surface Installation11B-812.9 Surface Marking518.5 Surface MaterialsArticle 386 Surface Metal Raceways(A) Surface Mount(A) Surface-Mounted Box(A) Surface-Mounted Switch or Circuit Breaker(A) Surface MountingArticle 388 Surface Nonmetallic Raceways5303.13 Surface of Unprotected Storage or Use Areas5.106.12.1 Surface Parking AreasJ107.2 Surface Preparation1805.2.2.1 Surface Preparation of Walls1609.4.2 Surface Roughness Categories704.9 Surface Skimmer Systems3136B.1 Surface Skimmers604.3 Surface Skimming Systems1910.425 Surface-Supplied Air Diving604.2 Surface Temperature547.4 Surface Temperatures20.8 Surface Textures1926.902 Surface Transportation of Explosives703A.5.3 Surface Treatment Protection(A) Surface TypeSection 901 Surface Water[BS] 901.2.1 Surface Water Hazards402.3 Surface Water Protection[BS] 901.3.3 Surface Water Runoff505.8 Surfaces[BS] 903.3.5 Surfaces and Building Elements2.2- Surfaces and Furnishings63. Surfaces Beneath Containers5504. Surfaces Beneath Cryogenic Containers(4) Surfaces Covering Heating Panels[F] 2001.3.3 Surfaces for Fire Department Apparatus1138A.1.3.2 Surfaces of Turning Spaces1138A.1.4.3 Surfaces of Wheelchair Spaces(C) Surfaces to Be Applied406.9.4 Surfacing1504.8 Surfacing and Ballast Materials1504.8 Surfacing and Ballast Materials in Hurricane-Prone Regions242.52 Surge-Arrester Conductors242.42 Surge Arrester Selection230.209 Surge Arresters230.209 Surge Arresters (Lightning Arresters)Part III Surge Arresters, Over 1000 Volts315.4.1 Surge Capacity230.67 Surge Protection502.35 Surge Protection — Class II, Divisions 1 and 2(D) Surge Protection Devices645.18 Surge Protection for Critical Operations Data Systems(A) Surge-Protective Device3.3.308 Surge Protective Device (SPD)(D) Surge Protective Devices (SPD)(I) Surge-Protective Devices (SPDs)Part II Surge-Protective Devices (SPDs), 1000 Volts or Less1503.9.1 Surge Tanks1224.15.2 Surgery7.4 Surgery Rooms105.6.33 Surgical Center7-2101 Surgical Clinic and Chronic Dialysis Clinic Project Submittal to the Local Building Jurisdiction1226.8 Surgical Clinics1224.15.2.2 Surgical Cystoscopic and Other Endo-Uro-Logic Procedures1224. Surgical Cystoscopic and Other Endourologic Procedures1224.32.3.4 Surgical Lights469.4.6 Surgical Service Areas1224.15 Surgical Service Space2.2-3.3 Surgical Services3309.7.1 Surplus Retaining Structures§28-410.6 Surrender of License and Seal§28-408.5 Surrender of License or Seal§28-410.7 Surrender of License, Plate and/or Seal§28-408.5 Surrender of License, Plate or Seal§28-401.19.2 Surrender of Plate or Seal103.2.8.2 Surrender of Residential Department CertificationE103.1.5 Surrounding Conditions[BG] 419.3 Surrounding MaterialSection 1210 Surrounding Materials7.5.3 Surrounding Surfaces305.12 Surveillance Substitute§28-216.6 SurveyAppendix C — Survey Criteria for a Historic Structure And3.3.214 Survival Angle3103F. Survival Condition(1) 5613.1 Suspect Fireworks808.1.1.1 Suspended Acoustical Ceilings(D) Suspended Ceilings3314.10.1 Suspended Elements to Be Kept Vertical and Parallel1910.66(f)(5) Suspended EquipmentM2103.2.2 Suspended Floor InstallationG2422.2 (411.3) Suspended Low-Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters11. Suspended or Floor-Mounted Vertical Obstructions313.3 Suspended Piping3314.10 Suspended Scaffold3314.11.6 Suspended Scaffold Welding Precautions for Arcing Prevention3314.3.2 Suspended ScaffoldsArticle 11 Suspended Structures§27-636 Suspenders§28-309.6 Suspension8.6.4.1 Suspension and Compensating Means5.9.20.1 Suspension and Compensating Means and Governor Ropes104.8.1 Suspension and/or Revocation14A-1-104.2.2 Suspension and Revocation8. Suspension, Compensating, and Governor Ropes2.20.1 Suspension MeansSection 2.20 Suspension Means and Their Connections2.20.2 Suspension Means Data5.11.20.1 Suspension Means for Counterweighted Traction Elevators5.11.20.2 Suspension Means for Uncounterweighted Traction Elevators2.20.8 Suspension Means Monitoring and Protection5. Suspension Means Passing Through Floors or Stairs4.3.16.5 Suspension Member Data2.20.5 Suspension Member Equalizers2.20.9 Suspension Member Fastening2.20.8.3 Suspension Member Residual Strength2.20.11 Suspension Member Test8.3.12 Suspension Member Tests1910.66(f)(3) Suspension Methods(B) Suspension Mount21.6.2.8* Suspension of OEO for an Individual Elevator or Group of Elevators107.9 Suspension of Permit14A-3-304 Suspension of Permit Privileges620.41 Suspension of Traveling Cables[A] 105.6 Suspension or Revocation[NY] 105.2.5 Suspension or Revocation of a Building Permit[NY] 105.2.5 Suspension or Revocation of Building Permit116.3 Suspension or Revocation of Certificate7-214 Suspension or Revocation of Certification§28-401.19 Suspension or Revocation of License or Certificate of Competence[A] 106.5.5 Suspension or Revocation of Permit14A-3-305 Suspension or Revocation of Trade License5. Suspension or Support Means Having an Opening Facing Away From the Stair§27-3016 Suspension, Revocation or Deactivation of Master Electrician's and Special Electrician's Licenses and Suspension or Revocation of Approval of Master Electrician Business§31-01 Suspension, Revocation or Limitation of Registration of Persons Who Present, Submit, Furnish or Seek Approval of Applications for Approval of Plans or Remove Any Documents From the Possession of the Department of Buildings. [Repealed]3314.11 Suspension Rope7.2.6.6 Suspension-Rope Equalizers5. Suspension Rope Fastenings2.21.2.5 Suspension Rope Hitch or Shapes2.15.13 Suspension-Rope Hitch Plates or Shapes3314. Suspension Rope on Adjustable Suspended Scaffolds3314. Suspension Rope on Nonadjustable Suspended Scaffolds5.7.14 Suspension Ropes4.1.20 Suspension Ropes and Their Connections3314.3.1.3 Suspension Scaffolds1910.66(g)(5) Suspension Wire Rope Maintenance, Inspection and Replacement1910.66(f)(7) Suspension Wire Ropes and Rope Connections109.1 Suspensions or Revocation4.9 SustainabilityGroup 3 Sustainable Construction of Public Schools and Community Colleges: Outdoor Water Use*1.2-6.2 Sustainable Design2.2-2 Sustainable Design Criteria**1512.2 Sustainable Roofing Zone2.2-2.1 Sustainable Site Design102-61 SV-1 Brooklyn Heights Scenic View District3314.11.8 Swaged Attachments or Spliced Eyes3.3.217 Sway Brace18.5.11* Sway Brace Installation18.5* Sway Bracing18.5.4 Sway Bracing Design18.5.8 Sway Bracing of Risers2.26.2.39 Sway Control Guide Slack Suspension Detection MeansSection 2.30 Sway Control Guides1616.2.2 Sway Forces in Stadiums303.4.1 Sway Parallel to Seating303.4.2 Sway Perpendicular to Seating1910.211(d)(16) Sweep Device1910.265(e)(1)(vii) Sweeping Devices40.7.2.3* Sweeping, Shoveling, Scoop, and Brush Cleaning Method1910.265(b)(42) Swifter3109.3.2 Swimming Pool and Spa Alarms74-45 Swimming Pool Clubs or Certain Non-Commercial Clubs454.1.2 Swimming Pool Construction Standards1141A.2 Swimming Pool Deck AreasSection 3109 Swimming Pool Enclosures and Safety Devices406.10 Swimming Pool Slides242.2 Swimming PoolsSection 454 Swimming Pools and Bathing Places (Public and Private)1003.2.5 Swimming Pools and SpasArticle 680 Swimming Pools, Fountains, and Similar Installations(I) Swimming Pools, Fountains, and Similar LocationsR403.9 Swimming Pools, Inground Spas and Portable Spas (Mandatory)A-102.13.2 Swimming Pools Not Accessory to DwellingsSection 3109 Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot TubsSection 3109 Swimming Pools, Swimming Pool Enclosures, and Aquatic Recreational FacilitiesSection 3109 Swimming Pools, Swimming Pool Enclosures, and Safety Devices1009 Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, and Spas1111.4.14 Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Cold Baths, Hot Tubs and Spas1110.4.14 Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas1109.6 Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Hot Tubs, Spas, Saunas, and Steam Rooms2.30 Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs411.5.1 Swimouts1910.180(a)(40) Swing7.2.1.4 Swing and Force to Open2.4-2.18.1 Swing Bed Room2.4-2.18 Swing Beds1926.1435(d)(2)(vii)(B)1910.213(g) Swing Cutoff Saws1910.94(b)(1)(xvi) Swing-Frame Grinder1910.215(b)(6) Swing Frame Grinders1910.180(a)(41) Swing Mechanism407.3.1.2 Swing of Corridor Doors1926.1424(a) Swing Radius Hazards1910.265(d)(3)(v) Swing Saws8. Swing-Type Entrances1110.2.2.4 Swing-Up Grab Bars705. Swing Up or Slide Up Secured Ladders1926.1436(e) Swingers and Hoists7. Swinging Door Assemblies408.3.2 Swinging Doors404.2.4.1 Swinging Doors and Gates12. Swinging Doors With Builders Hardware or Fire Door HardwareP104.6.1 Swinging Fire Door716.2.7 Swinging Fire Shutters1910.180(i)(6) Swinging Locomotive Cranes7.2.8.7* Swinging Stairs7.* Swinging-Type Door Assembly Requirement1910.179(a)(58) Switch422.35 Switch and Circuit Breaker to Be Indicating1136A.2 Switch and Control Heights312.8 Switch and Overcurrent Device Enclosures312.8 Switch and Overcurrent Device Enclosures With Splices, Taps, and Feed-Through Conductors(B) Switch Clearance404.2 Switch Connections1910.255(c)(4) Switch Guards2.27.8 Switch Keys66.28.11.3* Switch Loading700.21 Switch Location1203.4.4 Switch Maintenance(A) Switch or Circuit Breaker430.111 Switch or Circuit Breaker as Both Controller and Disconnecting Means700.20 Switch Requirements(F) Switchboard, Switchgear, or Panelboard Identification1910.305(d) Switchboards and PanelboardsPart II Switchboards and Switchgear408.16 Switchboards and Switchgear in Damp or Wet Locations2.1- Switchboards, Switchgear, and Automatic Transfer SwitchesArticle 408 Switchboards, Switchgear, and Panelboards1910.305(d)(1) Switchboards With Exposed Live Parts3.3.297 Switched Telephone Network3135B.6 Switches(C) Switches and Circuit Breakers1910.243(a)(2) Switches and Controls(3) Switches, Circuit Breakers, and Fuses1910.305(e)(2) Switches, Circuit Breakers, and Switchboards501.115 Switches, Circuit Breakers, Motor Controllers, and Fuses503.115 Switches, Circuit Breakers, Motor Controllers, and Fuses — Class III, Divisions 1 and 2(C) Switches Controlling Lighting Loads627.10 Switches in Electrical Supply Line(C) Switches in Tub or Shower SpacesTime Switches or Other Control Methods That Can Automatically Turn Off and on According to a Preset Schedule Shall Be Installed for Heaters and Pump Motors. Heaters and Pump Motors That Have Built-in Time Switches Shall Be in Compliance With This Section(B) Switches, Overcurrent Devices, or Other Equipment(B) Switches, Overcurrent Devices, or Other Equipment547.6 Switches, Receptacles, Circuit Breakers, Controllers, and Fuses520.73 Switches Required230.211 Switchgear(A) Switchgear and Switchboard Frames and Structures490.47 Switchgear Used as Service Equipment460.24 Switching(3) Switching Circuits(C) Switching Devices680.84 Switching Devices and Receptacles(C) Switching Mechanism(1) Switching Mechanisms(4) Switching of Conductors1212.5.1 Swivel Joints or Couplings1910.262(i)(1) Swiveled Double-Bar Gates1910.307(g)(5)(ii)(B)(3) Symbol "AEx"3002.4.6a Symbol Location3002.4.5a Symbol Size703.7.2 Symbols1609.6.2 Symbols and Notations703.7 Symbols of Accessibility[BS] A206.5 Symmetry705.143 Synchronous Generators1910.184(i) Synthetic Web Slings1926.251(e) Synthetic Webbing (Nylon, Polyester, and Polypropylene)G3.1.3.17 System 11 Supply Air Temperature and Fan ControlP2910.12 System Abandonment[F] 909.19 System AcceptanceF 1201.0 System Acceptance and Certification[F] 916.8 System ActivationC403.7.5.1 System Activation Devices for Enclosed Loading DocksC403.7.5.2 System Activation Devices for Enclosed Parking Garages8.2.6.7 System Air Pressure904. System Alarm and Activation406.6 System and Equipment Leakage Test907. System AnnunciationSection 1104 System Application Requirements42. System Approval8.7.4.3 System Arrangement27.5.5.1 System Arrangement and OperationF 1101.0 System Assembly Requirements16.11 System Attachments6.7.3.3 System BalancingC408.2.5.1 System Balancing Report(1) System Bonding Jumper(B) System Capacity26. System Categories1306.0 System Certification1505.3 System Changes706.4 System Classification6.7.2.4 System Commissioning52.1.5 System Commissioning and Decommissioning14.4.10.2 System Commissioning Testing517.1.2 System Compliance3.5* System Component Definitions*2.2- System Component Room907.2.26.2 System Components30.2 System Components, Hardware, and Use8.3.2.6 System Configuration907.2.3.1 System Connection16.14 System Connections29.7.6 System Control EquipmentM1505.4.2 System Controls609.5.3.5 System Deactivation13.4.6.5 System Demand3123B.1 System Description[F] 406.8.5.1 System Design42. System Design and ApprovalSection 1402 System Design and Sizing1501.2 System Design [BSC-CG, HCD 1, DWR]910.4.3 System Design CriteriaP2904.4.2 System Design Flow Rate26.29.1.3 System Design for Museums, Libraries, and Their Collections in Compact Storage4.5.7 System Design/InstallationC403.2 System Design (Mandatory) System Design Pressure13. System Designer14.2.5 System DocumentationM2101.2 System Drain Down1221.4 System Drainage311.5 System Draining1210.1.3.5 System Failing Tests2311.8.4.3 System FailureG3.1.2.9 System Fan Power23.3 System Features612.5.1.2 System Flow Rate690.41 System Grounding(C) System Grounding Connection(A) System Grounding Connections(G) System Height904.10.3 System Hoses903.3.13 System Identification Signs[F] 907. System Initiation907.2.1.1 System Initiation in Group A Occupancies[F] 907.2.1.1 System Initiation in Group A Occupancies With an Occupant Load of 1,000 or More907.2.1.3 System Initiation in Group A Occupancies With Occupant Load of 1,000 or More(i) 907.2.1.1 System Initiation of Group A Occupancies With an Occupant Load of 1,000 or More5503.7.2 System Inspection705.8 System Installation801.3 System Installations13. System Installer30.9 System Instructions and Maintenance30.2.6.4 System Integrity[F] 904.13.2 System Interconnection52.1.9 System Interconnections[F] 904.3.3 System Interlocking(7) System Isolation Equipment1617.6.2.4 System Limitations for Seismic Design Category D406.7.2 System Location16.10.4 System, Main Drain, or Sectional Drain Connections63. System Marking5807.3.3.1 System Markings24.5.2.6 System MonitoringC502.3 System Monitoring Device449.2 System Monitoring Requirement(C) System Neutral Conductor Connection705.50 System Operation28.2.3 System Operational Tests3.3.298 System Operator1910.268(s)(36) System Operator/Owner403. System Outdoor Airflow510.4.1.3 System PerformancePart V System Performance and Analysis23.4 System Performance and IntegrityL 411.7 System Performance Requirements30.2.4 System Pipe and Fittings30.3.3 System Piping Supervision1305.5 System Pressure918.4.1 System Priority4.5 System Protection Area LimitationsP104.8.2 System Provided With a Fire Department Diffuser Consisting of a 21/2 Inch Hose Connection to a Sewer2309.6.3.1 System Purge Required24.5.2.4* System Radio Frequencies513.2.4.3 System Re-evaluation40.5.2.8 System Releasing Devices(B) System Reliability1009.8.1 System Requirements[F] 907.2.12.2 System Response24.5.7* System Response Priorities[F] 909.17 System Response Time3.3.215 System Riser26.3.1 System Scope1104.1 System SelectionE3607.1 System Service Ground8.13.1 System Size907. System Smoke Detection With Sounder BasesG3.1.3 System-Specific Baseline HVAC System RequirementsF 109.0 System Start-Up1207.5.4.1 System Status8.15.22* System Subdivision50.4.9 System Supervision3805.3.1 System Supervision and Monitoring904.10.1 System Test8.4.6 System Test Connection406.1.4 System Testing905.2.1.2 System Testing and Pipe Size1324.5.2.3 System to Be Charged2.26.5 System to Monitor and Prevent Automatic Operation of the Elevator With Faulty Door CircuitsE 605.1.4 System Type3.3.299 System Unit1910.140(d)(2) System Use Criteria1910.140(e)(2) System Use Criteria for Window Cleaners' Positioning Systems1910.66(e)(2)(iii)(C) System Utilizing Angulated Roping and Building Face Rollers2.5-3.2.3 System Valves403. System Ventilation Efficiency9.13.1 System Verification712.30 System Voltage3.3.216 System Working Pressure(B) SystemsC408.2.2 Systems Adjusting and Balancing1603.1.9 Systems and Components Requiring Special Inspections for Seismic Resistance104.12.3 Systems and DevicesSection 3904 Systems and EquipmentSection 110.0 Systems and Equipment—General101.2.4 Systems and Equipment Outside the Scope5.3.1* Systems and Features[A] 101.2.4 Systems, Appliances and Equipment Outside the Scope309.2.3 Systems Balancing Reports1210.12 Systems Containing Flammable Gas-Air Mixtures1210.11 Systems Containing Gas-Air Mixtures Outside the Flammable RangeSection 405 Systems Control506.10.2 Systems Conveying Combustible Materials*1.2-4.3 Systems Design320.10.3.2 Systems Disconnected4.2.5 Systems Effectiveness1926.758 Systems-Engineered Metal BuildingsPart III — Systems, Equipment, and Components38.6.1.6 Systems, Equipment, and Processes(B) Systems Exceeding 50 Volts Direct Current(B) Systems Exceeding 60 Volts Direct CurrentSection C102 Systems for Flushing WaterSection 1302 Systems for Flushing Water Closets and UrinalsP104. Systems Installed After December 17, 1970P104. Systems Installed From 1948 to 1959,P104. Systems Installed From 1960 to December 17, 197063. Systems Installed in One RoomP104. Systems Installed Prior to 1948C408.5 Systems Installed to Meet Section C406 or C4071114.18 Systems InterconnectionSection 403 Systems (Mandatory)E 802.6.1 Systems Manual[NY] 1206.9.2.1 Systems Monitoring1910.111(h) Systems Mounted on Farm Vehicles for the Application of Ammonia1910.111(g) Systems Mounted on Farm Vehicles Other Than for the Application of Ammonia(B) Systems Not Electrically Connected(A) Systems Not Exceeding 50 Volts Direct Current(A) Systems Not Exceeding 60 Volts Direct CurrentC103.6.3 Systems Operation ControlC103.6.4 Systems Operation TrainingE 802.6.2 Systems Operations Training901.7 Systems Out of ServicePart VII Systems Over 1000 Volts1910.308(a) Systems Over 600 Volts, NominalP104.8.1 Systems Providing for Manual Discharge of Refrigerant to the Atmosphere(1) Systems Ready to Operate§27-972 Systems Required for Specific Occupancies1302.3.2 Systems Serving Appliances Above Ground Above the Lowest FloorN1103.8 (R403.8) Systems Serving Multiple Dwelling UnitsN1103.8 (R403.8) Systems Serving Multiple Dwelling Units (Mandatory)1926.404(f)(1) Systems to Be Grounded1926.153(m) "Systems Utilizing Containers Other Than DOT Containers"1910.111(e) Systems Utilizing Portable DOT Containers1910.111(c) Systems Utilizing Stationary, Nonrefrigerated Storage Containers(A) Systems With a Grounded Conductor at the Service Point(C) Systems With Alternating-Current and Direct-Current Grounding Requirements603.5.6.2 Systems With Backflow Devices603.5.6.3 Systems With Chemical Injectors1209.2 Systems With Closed Expansion Tanks53.2.4.2 Systems With More Than 110 LB (50 kg) of Refrigerant(C) Systems With Multiple Direct-Current Voltages19.2.6.1 Systems With Multiple Hazard Classifications1209.3 Systems With Open Expansion Tanks603.5.6.1 Systems With Pumps(B) Systems Without a Grounded Conductor at the Service Point9.2.4 T-Beam Construction6.3.2 T-Beam GeometryAF103.3.2 "T" Fitting and Vent Pipe8. T Ratings304.3.2 T-Shaped Space1138A.1.3.1 T-Shaped Turning Space1017.4.2 Table and Seating Accessway Width1017.4.3 Table and Seating Aisle Accessway LengthB.5 Table B.2(6) and Table B.2(7)B.5 Table B.310.15(B)(2)(6) and Table B.310.15(B)(2)(7)G2428.2.14 (504.2.14) Table Interpolation1910.33 Table of Contents1231.3.11 Table/SeatC303.1.5.2 Table Value Assumptions(1) Table Values1910.1000(a) Table Z-11 Table Z-1 Limits for Air Contaminants1910.1000(b) Table Z-21910.1000(c) Table Z-33 Table Z-3 Mineral DustsPart XIV Tables1315.2 Tables for Sizing Gas Piping Systems61-40 Tables or Diagrams(1) Tables or Engineering Supervision17.7 Tableware and Condiment Areas2204.1.1 Tack Welds1910.180(a)(42) Tackle106.5.67 Tactile18.10 Tactile Appliances703.3 Tactile Characters1109. Tactile Discernibility1011.3 Tactile Exit Signs1022.8.3 Tactile Floor Level Identification Signs1023.11 Tactile Floor-Level Signs3.3.300 Tactile Notification Appliance24.5.19 Tactile Notification Appliances504.11 Tactile Signage at Exits504.10 Tactile Signage Within the Stairway EnclosureE109.2.2.1 Tactile Signs707.6.3.2 Tactile Symbols§27-292.17 Tactile Warnings11B-707.9.1.1 Tactilely Discernible Numerical Keypad13. Tag Impairment System3305.2.5 Tag Lines(3) Tag Marking1926.1417(f) Tag-Out901.7.2 Tag Required1926.1417(f)(1) Tagging Out of Service Equipment/Functions1910.147(c)(5)(ii)(C)(2) Tagout Devices8. Tags13. Tags or LabelsSection P2703 Tail Pieces1910.219(b)(3) Tail Rods or Extension Piston Rods3.3.301 Talk Mode2.11-7.2.2 Tamper Resistance and Suicide Prevention1224.31.1.14 Tamper Resistant406.12 Tamper-Resistant Receptacles406.12 Tamper-Resistant Receptacles§28-207.2.5 Tampering503.5.3 Tampering With Established Locks or Barriers4908.9 Tampering With Established Locks, Signs, Barriers or Water Tanks10.7 Tampering With Fire Safety Equipment107.4 Tampering With or Rendering Equipment Inoperable14A-3-314.1.4 Tampering With Smoke Detector or Alarm5607.16.4.13 Tamping Shall Be by Pressure or Light Blows6.1.6.6 Tandem OperationC405.3 Tandem Wiring (Mandatory)3.3.279 Tank4005.1.2 Tank and Container Construction4005.1.3 Tank and Container Installation21.3.3.2 Tank and Equipment Locations5706.4.17 Tank and Piping Test1910.120(j)(9) Tank and Vault Procedures42. Tank Appurtenances2306.2.3.3 Tank Base Support2306.2.3.2 Tank Capacity2305.1.2 Tank Capacity Calculation5704.1.2 Tank Capacity Limitations2306.2.4.1 Tank Capacity Limits1910.111(b)(13) Tank Car Unloading Points and Operations5706. Tank Cars2305.1.3 Tank Connections5704. Tank Construction[BG] 1511.3.3 Tank Cover2306.2.1.3 Tank Design and Construction606.5.7 Tank Drain Pipes2305.1.3 Tank Fill Connections66.21.4.4* Tank Fill Pipes42.7.2.2 Tank Filling and Bulk Delivery2305.1 Tank Filling Operations for Class I, II or III Liquids2205.1 Tank Filling Operations for Class I, II or IIIA Liquids2305.1 Tank Filling Operations for Liquid Motor Fuel5703.1.4 Tank Grounding66. Tank HeatingG307.3 Tank Inlets and Vents66.19.7.3 Tank Installation and Testing8.6.5.4 Tank Levels5704.2.7.11 Tank Lining66. Tank Loading2311.2.2.1 Tank Location2903.9 Tank Maintenance1910.111(f) Tank Motor Vehicles for the Transportation of Ammonia2306.6.2.1 Tank Openings[F] 415.9.1.9 Tank Openings Other Than Vents1910.106(b)(2)(viii) Tank Openings Other Than Vents for Aboveground Tanks66.24.10 Tank Openings Other Than Vents for Tanks Inside Storage Tank Buildings2306.2.1.6 Tank Overfill Alarm2305.4.1 Tank Overfill Warning SignP-906.2.2 Tank Overflow1305.7.4 Tank Pressure[F] 415.9.1.2 Tank Protection3404. Tank Removal42. Tank Selection and ArrangementP-906.2 Tank Size[F] 418.4 Tank Storage1509.3 Tank Supports1505.12.2 Tank-Type Toilet Signs2909.3 Tank Vehicle5706.5.1.15 Tank Vehicle and Tank Car Certification1910.106(e)(4) Tank Vehicle and Tank Car Loading and Unloading5706.5.1.16 Tank Vehicle and Tank Car StabilityS103.6 Tank Vehicle Separation5706. Tank Vehicles5706.6 Tank Vehicles and Vehicle Operation[F] 415.9.1.6 Tank Vent607.5 Tank Venting5704. Tank Venting for Tanks and Pressure Vessels Storing Class IB and IC Liquids5704.2.7.3 Tank Vents for Normal Venting3105F.4.3 Tanker Contact Length1203.3 Tankless Water Heater1203.3 Tankless Water Heaters[BG] 1511.3 Tanks5704. Tanks Abandoned in PlaceM2201.7 Tanks Abandoned or Removed1305.7.9 Tanks Above the Lowest Floor1301.9.7.1 Tanks Accessed From Within Buildings1910.261(g)(4) Tanks (Acid)5706.4.7.4 Tanks Allowed4004.6 Tanks and Containers1926.152(k)(2) "Tanks and Pumps"14A-6-603.4 Tanks and Supporting Structures10.5.7 Tanks and Vats - Below Rim Supply42.9.2.5 Tanks at Elevation5706.4.6.2 Tanks Filled From Pipelines14A-4-404.19 Tanks for Flammable Liquids42. Tanks for Flammable Liquids Other Than Fuel5706.2.5.2 Tanks for Gravity Discharge605.4.2.8 Tanks in Basements5003.2.6.1 Tanks Out of Service for 30 Days5003.2.6.1 Tanks Out of Service for 90 Days1305.7.9 Tanks Served by Pumps5704. Tanks Storing Class I Liquids2311.2.2.1 Tanks Storing Waste Oil5706.2.5.1 Tanks With Top Openings OnlyM2201.2.1 Tanks Within Buildings(C) Tap ConductorsB302.2 TapeC402.2.1.1 Tapered, Above-Deck Insulation Based on Thickness722. Tapered Cross Sections2.20.9.4 Tapered Rope Sockets104.22.1 Tapes Produced as a Part of the Public Fire Safety Education Program(2) Taps(2) Taps and Feeders(1) Taps Not Over 3 m (10 ft) Long(2) Taps Not Over 7.5 m (25 ft) Long(4) Taps Over 7.5 m (25 ft) Long(3) Taps Supplying a Transformer [Primary Plus Secondary Not Over 7.5 m (25 ft) Long](A) Taps to Control Transformers1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(b) Tar Chaser16.8.2 Tar Kettle16.8.2.2 Tar Kettle Location16.7.2 Tar KettlesSection 303 Tar Kettles and Asphalt Melters16.8 Tar Kettles and Rubberized Asphalt MeltersA509.4.2 Target Displacement (δt)24.7.2* Targeted Recipients454. Targets(A) Task Illumination and Selected Receptacles(A) Task Illumination, Fixed Equipment, and Selected Receptacles3308.5.4 Taut Systems§28-216.11 Tax Lien§28-204.6.11 Tax Lien ReportingTCNA Handbook-2018 for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation468.3.5.2 Teacher Toilets*2.6- Teaching Area221.2.1.4 Team or Player SeatingSection A-801 Technical Appeals4.6.1.4 Technical Assistance105.3 Technical Assistant105.2 Technical AssistantsSection A-802 Technical Boards101.3.2 Technical Codes24.5.2.7 Technical Criteria316.1.3 Technical Data1.4.1 Technical Documentation1926.1427(j)(1)(i)(E)[A] Technical Opinion322.4.2.1 Technical Opinion and Report410.5.3 Technical Production Areas410.2.2 Technical Production Areas: Galleries, Gridirons and Catwalks410.3.2 Technical Production Areas: Galleries, Gridirons, Catwalks and Pinrails5.8.2* Technical References and Resources453.1.1 Technical Report§28-418.5.2 Technical Reports510.4 Technical Requirements11B- Technically Infeasible14A-4-407.2.2 Techniques and Processes[BG] 305.1.2 Technological Hazards453.27.17 Technology1224.5.3 Technology Distribution Room*2.1- Technology Distribution Room (TDR)2.5-5.3 Technology Equipment and Teledata Room(s)5.2-6.5.3 Technology Equipment and Teledata Rooms(s)407.12 Technology Equipment Center*2.1- Technology Equipment Center (TEC)2.5-5.3.4 Technology Equipment Room FacilitiesG2428.3.9.1 (504.3.9.1) Tee and Wye Fittings106.5.69 Teeing Ground238.2.1 Teeing Grounds2.3.6 Telcordia PublicationsSection 3108 Telecommunication and Broadcast TowersSection 3108 Telecommunication and Broadcast Towers14X-5-504.3.2 Telecommunication Equipment Areas1910.268(s)(39) Telecommunication Line Truck1910.268(s)(40) Telecommunication Service1910.268 Telecommunications*2.1-8.5.2 Telecommunications and Information Systems1910.268(s)(37) Telecommunications Center1910.268(s)(38) Telecommunications Derricks903.2.11.7 Telecommunications Equipment Areas2.5-5.4.2 Telecommunications Grounding Bus Bar1224.5.1 Telecommunications Service Entrance Room2.1- Telecommunications Service Entrance Room (TSER)2.1-8.5.2 Telecommunications Systems2.4-3.5.2 Telemedicine Areas*2.1-3.4.2 Telemedicine Bay, Cubicle, or Room2.4-3.5 Telemedicine Services1224.4.17 Telephone310.13 Telephone and Data Equipment Rooms320.4 Telephone and Data Equipment Rooms. [OSHPD 1 & 4]1926.803(c) Telephone and Signal Communication320.4 Telephone and Technology Equipment Centers18.8.2 Telephone Appliances2.11.1.3 Telephone as Alternative to Emergency Doors1140A.10 Telephone Books27.6.5.1 Telephone Boxes2.8-8.5.2 Telephone Connection704.2.3 Telephone Directories708.4 Telephone Entry Systems903.2.2.2 Telephone Exchanges3404.6 Telephone Number901.10 Telephone Numbers for Department Notification320.11.1 Telephone Required27.5.4.4 Telephone (Series) Reporting Systems704 Telephones37.9 Telephones With Shelf and Outlet1926.1400(c)(6)510.5.5 Telescoping and Bell-Type Connections8. Telescoping PlungersP104.6.5 Telescoping Vertically Sliding Doors17.11 Televisions1910.265(b)(43) Telltale704.13.4 Temperature412.7 Temperature-Actuated, Flow-Reduction Devices for Individual Fixture FittingsP2724.2 Temperature-Actuated, Flow-Reduction Devices for Individual Fixtures424.7 Temperature-Actuated, Flow Reduction Valves for Individual Fixture FittingsP2724.1 Temperature-Actuated Mixing Valves2.7.9.2 Temperature and Humidity[F] 3003.1.4 Temperature and Humidity Control5. Temperature and Humidity in Machinery Spaces, Machine Rooms, Control Spaces, and Control RoomsSection P-812 Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves7.2.4* Temperature Characteristics605.7 Temperature Classification of Operating Elements1910.307(g)(5)(ii)(A)(3) Temperature Classification; or(D) Temperature ClassificationsSection 1203 Temperature ControlSection 309 Temperature Control [B]Section 613 Temperature Control Devices and Valves(A) Temperature Control With "Off" Position(B) Temperature Control Without "Off" Position(A) Temperature Controller With "Off" Position(B) Temperature Controller Without "Off" Position501.8 Temperature ControlsA5. Temperature Controls for Public LavatoriesA5. Temperature Controls for Service Water-Heating SystemsC403. Temperature Dead BandC403. Temperature Deadband[F] 909.4.2 Temperature Effect of Fire63. Temperature Effects63. Temperature Extremes607.7 Temperature Limit906.2 Temperature Limit Controls410.21 Temperature Limit of Conductors in Outlet Boxes(4) Temperature Limitation(O) Temperature Limitation of Class 2 and Class 3 Cables(3) Temperature Limitation of Conductors800.27 Temperature Limitation of Wires and Cables(C) Temperature Limitations110.40 Temperature Limitations at Terminations(N) Temperature Limitations of Power-Limited and Non—Power-Limited Fire Alarm Cables408.3.2 Temperature LimitingM2006.3 Temperature-Limiting Devices607.1.1 Temperature Limiting Means63. Temperature Limits13.4.4.5* Temperature Maintenance7.4.4.2 Temperature Maintenance Controls1321.10.6 Temperature of Joint[F] 913.3 Temperature of Pump Room904.4 Temperature- or Pressure-Limiting Devices504.6 Temperature, Pressure, and Vacuum Relief Devices(A) Temperature RatingP2904.2.1 Temperature Rating and Separation From Heat Sources9.4.2 Temperature Ratings1213.5 Temperature ReadingP-812.2 Temperature ReliefP2804.4 Temperature Relief Valves(E) Temperature Rise From Induced Circulating Currents514.2.4 Temperature-Sensing Elements6203.5 Temperature-Sensitive MaterialC403.7.6.1 Temperature Setpoint Controls30.4.1 Temperature Zones3003.4 Temperatures506.10.4.1 Temperatures Over 900°FN 102.5 Tempered Hot Water10.15.2.6 Tempered Water419.5 Tempered Water for Public Hand-Washing Facilities607.1.2 Tempered Water Temperature Control435.10 Temporarily Bedridden Clients5704. Temporarily Out of Service5001.6.1 Temporarily Out-of-Service Facilities311.2 Temporarily Unoccupied Buildings319.11 Temporary Actions3103.10 Temporary Air-Supported and Air-Inflated Membrane Structures1926.1416(d)(3)(ii)(D) Temporary Alternative Measures3503.2 Temporary and Fixed Hot Work AreasSection 117 Temporary and Moved Buildings and Structures; DemolitionSection 117 Temporary and Moved Buildingsand Structures; Demolition201.3 Temporary and Permanent StructuresSection 3104 Temporary and Permanent Tents and Membrane StructuresSection 2404 Temporary and Permanent Tents, Canopies and Membrane StructuresSection 3104 Temporary and Permanent Tentsand Membrane Structures§27-2133 Temporary Appointment of Receiver3109.6 Temporary Barriers3305.5.2 Temporary Bracing1926.151(b) Temporary Buildings117.1 Temporary Buildings and Structures[A] Temporary Certificate of Occupancy104.12.4 Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) Fire Protection Report3319.7 Temporary Certificates*§28-118.15 Temporary Certificates of Occupancy§34-03 Temporary Certification to Perform Low Voltage Electrical Work. [Repealed] Temporary Closure[A] 112.2 Temporary Connection2701.1.2 Temporary Connection to Dwelling Units3305.5.3 Temporary Connections105.8 Temporary Construction Equipment Permits106.8 Temporary Construction Installation Permits1619.3 Temporary Construction Installations50.7.3 Temporary Cooking3303.10 Temporary Covering of Fire Protection Devices(C) Temporary Currents Not Classified as Objectionable Currents918.4.2.2 Temporary Deactivation1008.1.9.11 Temporary Door Locking Device in School Buildings14A-4-405.4 Temporary Electrical Service3303.12 Temporary Elevator or Hoist3306.9.5 Temporary Elevators and Standpipe Systems3202.4 Temporary EncroachmentsSection 107 Temporary Equipment, Systems and Uses73-642 Temporary Failure to ComplyG308.9 Temporary Flood Shields3202.4.3 Temporary Flood Shields, Stairs and Ramps in Areas of Special Flood Hazard and Shaded X-Zones3202.3.3 Temporary Flood Shields, Stairs and Ramps in Flood Hazard Areas and Shaded X-Zones[NY] 4003.2.10 Temporary Greenhouse§ 23-27.3- Temporary Greenhouse Defined1910.268(m)(6) Temporary Grounding of Suspension Strand69.3.12.7 Temporary Heating and Food Service Appliances in Buildings in Emergencies1926.154 Temporary Heating Devices16.2.1 Temporary Heating Equipment408.1.2.5 Temporary Holding Area1231.2.2 Temporary Holding Cell or Room408.1.2.6 Temporary Holding Facilities5305.11 Temporary Indoor Carbon Dioxide Fog Effects3102.1.2 Temporary Installations1910.142 Temporary Labor Camps3303.2.3.1 Temporary Lighting for Construction Sites1910.1025(k)(1) Temporary Medical Removal and Return of an Employee -1910.1050(m)(9)(i) Temporary Medical Removal of an Employee11.10 Temporary Membrane Structures[A] 105.6.24 Temporary Membrane Structures and Tents(e) Temporary Membrane Structures, Tents and Canopies[A] 111.3 Temporary Occupancy1001.3.1 Temporary Occupant Load Determination204.8.3 Temporary/Partial Occupancy§28-117.2 Temporary Place of Assembly Certificate of OperationG601.2 Temporary PlacementG306.2 Temporary Placement in A-Zones3.3.218.1 Temporary Platform410.3.1 Temporary Platforms221.8 Temporary Platforms or Other Movable Structures[A] 108.3 Temporary Power16.4.7* Temporary Protection During Construction, Alteration, or Demolition3303.7.7.4 Temporary Protection of Structural Connections3307.2.2 Temporary Public Walkway in the Street3307.2.3 Temporary Public Walkway Within the Site3308.5.6 Temporary Removal1910.1050(m)(9)(i)(B) Temporary Removal Due to a Final Medical Determination1926.62(k)(1)(i) Temporary Removal Due to Elevated Blood Lead Level1910.1025(k)(1)(i) Temporary Removal Due to Elevated Blood Lead Levels -1926.966(f)(3) Temporary Removal of Guards3306. Temporary Removal of Protection3308.10 Temporary Removal of Unenclosed Perimeter Protection1910.1050(m)(9)(i)(A) Temporary Removal Resulting From Occupational Exposure1102A.4 Temporary Restrictions1807.3 Temporary Retaining Structures[A] 116.2 Temporary SafeguardsSection P-718 Temporary Sanitary Facilities16.5.2 Temporary Separation Walls1926.1052(b) Temporary Service106.4.1 Temporary Signage106.4.2 Temporary Signage LocationSection H116 Temporary Signs1910.120(n)(5) Temporary Sleeping Quarters(F) Temporary Source of Power for Maintenance or Repair of the Alternate Source of PowerSection 3105 Temporary Special Event StructuresSection 3105 Temporary Stage Canopies1231.2.3 Temporary Staging Cell or RoomG308.10 Temporary Stairs and Ramps3303.11.1 Temporary Stairways in Unoccupied Buildings1224. Temporary StorageSection 5609 Temporary Storage of Consumer Fireworks42.3.3.9 Temporary Storage of Liquid Fuels66. Temporary Storage of Removed TanksSection 5609 Temporary Storage Ofconsumer Fireworks5007.7.1 Temporary Storage on Marine Vessel3202.3.2 Temporary Storm Enclosures3202.3.2.1 Temporary Storm Enclosures for Eating and Drinking Establishments3202.3.2.2 Temporary Storm Enclosures for Other Establishments3.3.282.10 Temporary Structure115.4 Temporary Structure FeeSection 3103 Temporary StructuresSection 1619 Temporary Structures and Temporary Construction InstallationsSection G309 Temporary Structures and Temporary StorageSection 108 Temporary Structures and Uses111.1.6 Temporary Structures Occupancy3103.3 Temporary Structures Other Than Tents and Membrane Structures5706.2.4 Temporary TanksSection 3103 Temporary Tents and Membrane StructuresSection 2403 Temporary Tents, Canopies and Membrane StructuresSection 3103 Temporary Tentsand Membrane Structures1926.963(c)(3) Temporary Test AreasP-718.3.1 Temporary Toilets3009.3 Temporary Use Certificates1207.0 Temporary Use of GasSection 3308 Temporary Use of Streets, Alleys and Public PropertySection 1403 Temporary Use of Streets, Alleys and Public Property [B]95-06 Temporary Use of the Easement Area§27-1002 Temporary Use PermitsC102.8.3 Temporary Use Testing65-31 Temporary Uses117.1.1 Temporary Uses Within Existing Buildings and Structures[A] 107.3 Temporary Utilities5.504.1 Temporary VentilationE 603.1.1 Temporary Ventilation During Construction3202.4 Temporary Vestibules1.1-3.1.4 Temporary Waivers3307.2.1 Temporary Walkways12.4.8.3 Temporary Water Supply3306.9.16 Temporary Weather Protection(B) Temporary Wiring3314.5.4.1 Ten Feet or LessC406.2.4 Ten-Percent Cooling Efficiency ImprovementC406.2.3 Ten-Percent Heating Efficiency Improvement3412.6.4 Tenant and Dwelling Unit Separations403.10.1.5 Tenant Identification104.12.2 Tenant Improvement and Remodel Fire Protection Reports903.4.4 Tenant Isolation Control Valves§286 Tenant Protection*3303.10.1 Tenant Protection Plan1705.26 Tenant Protection Plan Compliance**110.3.7 Tenant Protection Plan Compliance Inspections*§28-105.12.10 Tenant Protection Plan Required*§28-309.4.1.2 Tenant Reporting of InformationR402.4.6 Tenant Separation Walls (Mandatory)402.4.2.1 Tenant Separations206.4.5 Tenant Spaces1105.1.6 Tenant Spaces, Dwelling Units and Sleeping Units402.8.4.2 Tenant Spaces Requiring More Than One Means of Egress1105.1.6 Tenant Spacess§27-2009 Tenant Violations as Grounds for Eviction1910.213(k) Tenoning Machines§27-231 Tense, Gender, and Number14X-2-201.1 Tenses and Usage17.10.5 Tensile Loading Design Requirements3102.1.1 Tensile Membrane Structures3102.2 Tensile Membrane Structures and Air-Supported Structures3308.3.5 Tensile Strength3308.6.3 Tensile Strength Test(F) Tension17.8 Tension and Shear Interaction6.1.3 Tension-Only Braces1926.964(b)(1) Tension Stringing Method11.3.3 Tension Testing Procedure3.3.288 Tensioned-Membrane Structure11.9.2 Tensioned-Membrane StructuresH114.3.4 TensioningH114.4.1 Tensioning Devices3308.7.5 Tensioning System3.3.289* Tent1910.268(i)(3) Tent Heaters105.7.1.4 Tent or Membrane StructureSection 1013 Tent Pads and Tent Platforms(D) Tent Sites1910.262(b)(36) Tenter Frame1910.262(t) Tenter Frames11.11 TentsArticle 19 Tents and Air-Supported StructuresSection P106 Tents and Membrane Structures3103.9.1 Tents and Membrane Structures Exceeding One Story3103.9.2 Tents and Membrane Structures Greater Than 7,500 Square Feet3103.9.1 Tents and Membrane Structures Greater Than One Story3103.9.3 Tents and Membrane Structures With an Occupant Load Greater Than 1,000Section 3104 Tents and Other Membrane Structures450.1.2 Tents and Tent StructuresN 102.2 Tepid Cold WaterN 102.3 Tepid Water103.4.3.2 Term112.6.1 Term of Certificate§28-401.11 Term of License106.8.2 Term of Permit(C) Terminal Block Identification804.2.1 Terminal Clearances(D) Terminal Connection Torque455.10 Terminal HousingsE110.3 Terminal Information Systems1305.6.5 Terminal Opening3102F.3.6.1 Terminal Operating Limits(B) Terminal Seals3.25.2 Terminal Speed-Reducing Devices1224.17.2.5 Terminal Sterilization7.6.7 Terminal Stopping DeviceSection 2.25 Terminal Stopping Devices5706.4.7.9 Terminal Superintendent Certified1201.4 Terminal Units450.12 Terminal Wiring Space(A) Terminals(B) Terminating on the Outside of Buildings(B) Terminating Outside of the Building1023.3 Termination506.3.13.1 Termination Above the Roof1023.12.1 Termination and Extension802.6.1.5 Termination CapG2427.7.11 (503.7.11) Termination Capacity1305.7.3 Termination Caps2113.11.2.4 Termination Height506.3.13.3 Termination Location66-42 Termination of a Transit Volume52-77 Termination of Adult Establishments[A] 108.4 Termination of ApprovalSolar-Ready ZoneSolar ReflectanceSolar Reflectance Index (SRI)Solar Thermal CollectorSolar Thermal EquipmentSolar Thermal SystemSolar ZoneSole ProprietorSolidSolid BiofuelSolid Biomass FeedstockSolid Cooking FuelSolid Fuel ApplianceSolid Fuel CookingSolid Fuel (Cooking Applications)Solid-Fuel Cooking EquipmentSolid Joist ConstructionSolid MasonrySolid Masonry MasonrySolid Masonry UnitSolid MaterialSolid-Piled StorageSolid Reinforced MasonrySolid Shelf RackSolid ShelvingSolid-State DeviceSolid-State Phase-Control DimmerSolid-State Sine Wave DimmerSolid Unit Load of Nonexpanded Plastic (Either Cartoned or Exposed)Solid Unit Load of Unexpanded Plastic (Either Cartoned or Exposed)Solid WasteSolventSolvent Distillation UnitSolvent or Liquid ClassificationsSound Engineering PracticeSound StageSound Transmission Class (STC) RatingSounding ApparatusSource Capture SystemSource EnergySource PointSpa or Hot TubSpa Pool or SpaSpa, PortableSpaceSpace ConditioningSpace Conditioning CategorySpace (For Chapter 11)Space FrameSpacingSpacing, ClearSpan LengthSpandrel PanelSparkSpark ArresterSpark/Ember DetectorSpark/Ember Detector SensitivitySparkling DevicesSPC 1, SPC 2, SPC 3, SPC 4, SPC 4D and SPC 5SPC BuildingSPC Seismic SeparationSpecial Amusement AreaSpecial Amusement AreasSpecial Amusement BuildingSpecial Application ElevatorsSpecial Code Advisory CommitteeSpecial Concentrically Braced Frame (SCBF)Special EffectSpecial Event StructureSpecial ExpertSpecial Extinguishing SystemSpecial Flood Hazard AreaSpecial Flood Hazard Area Design FloodSpecial Gas VentSpecial Gas Vent VentSpecial Geotechnical Consideration AreaSpecial Industrial Explosive DeviceSpecial InspectionSpecial Inspection AgencySpecial Inspection, ContinuousSpecial Inspection, PeriodicSpecial InspectorSpecial Inspector Periodic Special InspectionSpecial Landscape Area (SLA)Special Landscape Area (SLA). [DSA-SS]Special PermissionSpecial PermitSpecial Pre-Stressed Masonry Shear WallSpecial Prestressed Masonry Shear WallSpecial Prestressed Masonry Shear Wall Shear WallSpecial ProvisionsSpecial-Purpose Industrial OccupancySpecial Purpose PoolSpecial Reinforced Masonry Shear WallSpecial Reinforced Masonry Shear Wall Shear WallSpecial SchoolSpecial Seismic SystemsSpecial Service ConditionsSpecial SprinklerSpecial Transverse ReinforcementSpecial UseSpecial VesselSpecial WastesSpecialty EngineerSpecialty InsertSpecific GravitySpecific Local LoadSpecific Local Resistance MethodSpecificationSpecificationsSpecified Compressive Strength of Masonry, ƑSpecified Compressive Strength of Masonry, FSpecified Compressive Strength of Masonry, F'CSpecified Compressive Strength of Masonry, F´MSpecified Compressive Strength of Masonry, Ƒ'MSpecified DimensionsSpecified Dimensions (For Chapter 21)Specified Public TransportationSpecified State-Occupied BuildingsSpecimen Native ShrubSpeed BumpSpeed GovernorSpeed Governor, Escalator and Moving WalkSpeed Governor, Escalator or Moving WalkSpider (Cable Splicing Block)SpillageSpillproof Vacuum BreakerSpiral ReinforcementSplash PadSplash ZoneSpliceSplineSplitting Tensile Strength (FCT)SponsorSpot-Type DetectorSpray-Applied Foam PlasticSpray AreaSpray BoothSpray GroundSpray IrrigationSpray PoolSpray RoomSpray SprinklerSprayed Fire-Resistant MaterialsSprayed Fire-Resistant Materials Periodic Special InspectionSpraying SpaceSprigSpring BufferSpring Buffer Load RatingSpring Buffer StrokeSpring Tide RangeSpring Type, Limited Adjustment AdjustableSpring Type, Nonadjustable NonadjustableSpring Type, Standard Adjustment AdjustableSpringlineSprinklerSprinkler DefinitionsSprinkler/Emitter Spacing and Selection Part II — Design CriteriaSprinkler HeadSprinkler Installation Part V: InstallationSprinkler SystemSprinkler System, AutomaticSprinkler TypesSprinklers, Spray Heads, and Emitters Part IV: MaterialsSR Group (Special Residence)SRO FacilitySS [BS] Disproportionate Earthquake DamageSS Disproportionate Earthquake DamageStabilizedStable LiquidStable (Rock)StackStack BondStack EffectStack VentStack VentingStaff (Residential Board and Care)StageStage Effect (Special Effect)Stage EquipmentStage Lighting HoistStage PropertyStage SetStage SwitchboardStage Switchboard, PortableStaged EvacuationStaging AreaStairStair Shaft Ventilation System Smoke Control SystemsStair Tower (Scaffold Stairway/Tower)StairsStairwayStairway, ExteriorStairway, InteriorStairway, Interior ExitStairway, SpiralStakeholderStand-Alone SystemStand Lamp (Work Light)STAND-OFF Bracket (Suspended Scaffold)StandardStandard Array (Paper)Standard Array (Rolled Paper)Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute (SCFM)Standard Cubic Feet (scf)Standard Cubic Foot (scf) of GasStandard Design BuildingStandard DishwasherStandard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire ProtectionStandard FramingStandard Guardrail System (Scaffold)Standard Guardrail System (Scaffold).stand-Off Bracket (Suspended Scaffold)Standard Reference DesignStandard Spray SprinklerStandard Temperature and Pressure (STP)Standard TrussStandards and Specifications for Turf and Landscape Irrigation Systems Florida Irrigation Society (FIS) Standards Part III — StandardsStandby DiverStandby Mode (Elevator)Standby Power Mode Consumption (pw,SB)Standby Power SystemStandby Systems Emergency Power SystemsStanding Concert AttendanceStandpipe, CombinedStandpipe, Multi-ZoneStandpipe SystemStandpipe System, Classes OfStandpipe System, Types OfStandpipe SystemsStandpipe, Types OfStandpipes, Types OfSTART-DOWNSTART-DOWN EscalatorsStart" EscalatorsStart of ConstructionStart of Construction Design FloodStart-UpStart-Up EscalatorsStarters Control Panel, ElevatorStarting Button" Skirt PanelsStarting Button START-DOWNStarting Switch Operating and Safety DevicesStarved Electrolyte CellStateState Agency Representative(s)State Enforcement AgencyState Fire MarshalState LibrarianState LibraryState Library Plans Review FormState of Charge (SOC)State of EmergencyState-Owned BuildingSTATE-OWNED/LEASED BuildingState Regulated Care Facility (SRCF)State Responsibility AreaState Responsibility Area (SRA)State Responsibility Areas (SRA)State Review BoardStatic-Phase ConverterStatic PilesStatic PressureStatic SwitchingStation InletStation OutletStationary (As Applied to Equipment)Stationary Battery ArrayStationary Fuel Cell Power PlantStationary Storage BatteryStationary Storage Battery Battery TypesStationary TankStatutory Vested Rights ApplicationSteam CookerSteam-Heating BoilerSteam Heating Boiler Boiler, Low-PressureSteelSteel-Cased PilesSteel Construction, Cold-FormedSteel Element, BrittleSteel Element, DuctileSteel Element, StructuralSteel Element, structural.steel JoistSteel ErectionSteel-Framed WallSteel JoistSteel-Joist FloorSteel Joist GirderSteel Member, StructuralSteel Pipe and Fittings Part IV: MaterialsSteel TrussSteep Slope(STEL)StepStep BandSteps, Recessed Steps, Ladders and Recessed TreadsSterilizerSterilizer VentStillStirrupStone MasonryStop Switch in Pit Operating Devices and Control EquipmentStop ValveStorable Swimming or Wading PoolStorable Swimming, Wading, or Immersion Pools; or Storable/Portable Spas and Hot TubsStorageStorage AidsStorage BatteryStorage Battery (Battery)Storage Battery UnitStorage CabinetStorage, Dry StackStorage FacilitiesStorage, Hazardous MaterialsStorage LocationStorage OccupancyStorage of Class 1.4G (Class C, Common) FireworksStorage PileStorage RacksStorage Racks, SteelStorage Racks, Steel CantileveredStorage RoomStorage TankStorage Tank BuildingStorage Tank (Gray Water or Rainwater)Stored-Energy Emergency Power Supply Systems (SEPSS)StorefrontStories in HeightStormStorm Building DrainStorm DrainStorm SewerStorm Sewer, DrainStorm Sewer SewerStorm ShelterStorm WaterStorm Water or StormwaterStormwaterStormwater Catchment SystemStoryStory Above GradeStory Above Grade PlaneStory Drift RatioStory StrengthStrainStratificationStrawStraw BaleStraw-ClayStrawbaleStreetStreet FloorStreet LineStrengthStrength DesignStrength Design Strength (For Chapter 16)Strength (For Chapter 16)Strength (For Chapter 21)Strength, NominalStrength, RequiredStrength, UltimateStretch LengthStrict Liability OffenseStrip LightStripping OperationsStructural ChangeStructural Change (For Section 305)Structural Composite LumberStructural ConcreteStructural DeterminationStructural DiaphragmStructural ElementStructural ElementsStructural Elements (For Section 305)Structural EngineerStructural FrameStructural/Geotechnical ObservationStructural Glued-Laminated TimberStructural Insulated Panel (SIP)Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)Structural IntegrityStructural MembersStructural Metal PanelStructural Net or NettingStructural Net (Structural Netting)Structural ObservationStructural Observation Periodic Special InspectionStructural Occupancy CategoryStructural Performance Category (SPC)Structural Performance Category SPC-4DStructural RepairsStructural SeparationStructural SteelStructural StrengthStructural SystemStructural TrussStructural WallStructural Wall, Ductile CoupledStructural Wall, Intermediate PrecastStructural Wall, Ordinary Plain ConcreteStructural Wall, Ordinary Reinforced ConcreteStructural Wall, SpecialStructurally ImpracticableStructure Unfit for Human OccupancyStrutStrut-and-Tie ModelStrut, Bottle-ShapedStrut, BoundaryStrut, InteriorStud-to-Plate ConnectorSUB-ACUTE CareSub-ComponentSub-MeterSubarraySubassemblySubdiaphragmSubdivisionSubdivisionsSubgradeSubject PropertySubmembrane Depressurization SystemSubmerged SoilSubmerged Vacuum FittingSubmersible Turbine (ST) PumpSubmeterSubmittal DocumentsSubordinate (Fire Protection and Life Safety System)SubscriberSubsidence-Induced MovementSubsidiary StationSubslab Depressurization System (Active)Subslab Depressurization System (Passive)Subsoil DrainSubsoil Irrigation FieldSubstandard BuildingSubstantial AlterationSubstantial ComplianceSubstantial ContactSubstantial DamageSubstantial ImprovementSubstantial Improvement of pre-FIRM ConstructionSubstantial ModificationSubstantial Structural AlterationSubstantial Structural Damage[Substantial Structural Damage. [OSHPD 1 & 1R]Substantial Structural Damage. [OSHPD 1 & 4]Substantially RemodeledSubstationSubstructure MembraneSubsurface Irrigation FieldSubsystem MeterSubterranean Spaces for Winery Facilities in Natural or Manmade CavesSubterranean Spaces for Winery Facilities in Natural or Manmade Caves A-5Suburb or SuburbanSuction OutletSuction PipingSugarhouseSuiteSummarily AbateSummer Camp CabinSumpSump PumpSump VentSun Control DeviceSunroomSunroom AdditionSuperintendent of ConstructionSuperintendent of Construction (Construction Superintendent)SupermarketSuperstructureSupervised Industrial InstallationSupervised Living FacilitySupervised Notification Appliance Control CircuitSupervising StationSupervising Station Alarm SystemsSupervising Station, CentralSupervising Station, ProprietarySupervising Station, RemoteSupervising Station ServiceSupervisionSupervision (Marine System)Supervisory ConditionSupervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)Supervisory DeviceSupervisory ResponseSupervisory ServiceSupervisory SignalSupervisory Signal Initialing DeviceSupervisory Signal-Initiating DeviceSupplemental Fire ProtectionSupplemental ServiceSupplementarySuppliedSupplied-Air Respirator (SAR) or Airline RespiratorSupply AirSupply Air SystemSupply FittingSupply Fitting Fixture FittingSupply (Water Source)Support (Category 4) SpaceSupported ScaffoldSupportsSurface Mounted ComponentSurface RuptureSurface SkimmerSurface Skimming SystemSurface-Supplied Air DivingSurge ArresterSurge BasinSurge CapacitySurge-Protective Device (SPD)Surge TankSurgical Service SpaceSurvival Angle