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101-618 Termination of Certain Non-Conforming Signs52-70 Termination of Certain Non-Conforming Uses After Amortization9.7.4.4 Termination of Deformed Reinforcement in Beams With Unbonded Tendons7.7.4.4 Termination of Deformed Reinforcement in Slabs With Unbonded Tendons1910.422(i) Termination of Dive1910.1027(l)(8) Termination of Employment Examination:1910.1001(l)(4) Termination of Employment Examinations1910.1052(j)(4)(iii) Termination of Employment or Reassignment502.2 Termination of Exhaust Ducts98-64 Termination of High Line Access Easement Volume1910.1028(e)(4) Termination of Monitoring[F] 907.6.6.3 Termination of Monitoring Service7.7.4.3 Termination of Prestressed ReinforcementR608.6.4 Termination of Reinforcement606.12 Termination of Relief Devices95-12 Termination of Transit Easement Volume510.9 Termination of Type I Hood Exhaust System519.5 Termination of Type II Hood Exhaust System2404.7.6 Termination Point801.21 Termination Requirements713.13.4 Termination Room(I) Termination(s) at Devices506.3.13.2 Termination Through an Exterior Wall(1) Terminations368.238 Terminations and Connections2.3 Terminology[BS] 2612.4 Termite and Decay ResistanceR316.7 Termite DamageR404.4.7.2 Termite HazardsSection 2114 Termite Inspection2304.12.2.7 Termite ProtectionR507.2.2.4 Termite Resistance110.3.12 Termites95-05 Terms and Conditions for Permitted Uses and Construction Within Transit Easement Volume410.2.1 Terms Defined Elsewhere in the Code1002.1.1 Terms Defined Elsewhere in This Code(3) 916.3 Terms Defined for This Paragraph6502.1 Terms Defined in Chapter2502.1 Terms Defined in Chapter 22502.1 Terms Defined in FC Chapter 2201.3 Terms Defined in Other Codes201.3 Terms Defined in Other Documents107.2 Terms Defined in Referenced Documents106.2 Terms Defined in Referenced Standards(1) 2502.1 Terms Defined in Rule 1301:7-7-02 of the Administrative Code201.3.1 Terms Defined in the General Administrative Provisions201.4 Terms Not Defined[BG] 201.3 Terms Not Defined in Other Codes105.4.4.1 Terms of ApprovalSection VII Terms of Certification and Renewals(2) 802.2 Terms Used for Paragraph(b) 118.8.2 Terms Used for Paragraph (118.8) of This Rule(2) 3302.2 Terms Used for Paragraph (3316.10) of This Rule(2) 5602.2 Terms Used for Paragraph (5616.10) of This Rule(2) 802.2 Terms Used for Paragraph (805.5) of This Rule(2) 402.2 Terms Used for This Rule[BS] 1404.9 Terra Cotta8-811.1 Terra Cotta and StoneJ109.2 Terraces1901.3.4.5 Test Acceptance Criteria1703.6.2 Test and Inspection Records1110.4 Test Apparatus5605.10.2.3 Test AreasTest Assemblies12-7A-2.6 Test Assembly28.2.1.11* Test Blanks8.9.11 Test Connection30.4.13 Test Connections1322.1.5 Test CouponsG2417.4.2 (406.4.2) Test Duration408.3 Test Fittings12-3-5.2 Test FixtureD.5.2 Test for Combustion Air and Vent Drafting for Natural Draft and Category I Appliances1926.961(c)(6) Test for Energized Condition406.6.3 Test for Leakage1909.2.7.3 Test Frequency1324.3 Test GasG2417.6.1 (406.6.1) Test GasesP2503.9 Test Gauges8. Test in Moist Atmosphere8. Test Instruments1910.334(c) Test Instruments and Equipment705.3.3 Test Limits27.5.1 Test Load Application27.4.6 Test Load Arrangement and Load Factors1901.3.4.4 Test Loads312.1.4 Test MediaG2417.2 (406.2) Test Medium8.3.8 Test Method for Evaluating Room Fire Growth Contribution of Textile Wall Covering14.4.3* Test MethodsTest No 1 —Individual Building TestTest No 2 —Site Analysis TestTest No 3 —Unusual Characteristics Test11B- Test Number One, Individual Building Test11B- Test Number Three, Unusual Characteristics Test11B- Test Number Two, Site Analysis Test1926.963(e)(4) Test ObserverTest of ColumnsSection P-1505 Test of Defective or Unsanitary Plumbing1910.159(c)(3)(v) Test of Drainage Facilities8.3.4.1 Test of Entrance Assemblies, Horizontally Sliding and Swinging Types and Vertically Sliding TypesSection 92.0110 Test of New EquipmentALTERNATE Test of Protection for Structural Steel Columns8.3.10.2 Test of Safety Nut8.3.10.3 Test of Speed-Limiting DeviceSection P-1507 Test of Water Supply Systems1926.1433(c)(2) Test Option B913.4.1 Test Outlet Control Valve Supervision[F] 913.4.1 Test Outlet Valve Supervision§27-664 Test Pits14.2.10* Test PlanG2417.3 (406.3) Test PreparationG2417.4.1 (406.4.1) Test PressureG2417.4 (406.4) Test Pressure Measurement1709.3.1 Test Procedure1926.1002(e) Definitions Applicable to This SectionP3009.8.1.3 Test Procedure, Other SoilsP3009.8.1.2 Test Procedure, Sandy Soils1711.1.2 Test Procedure Using ASTM D 17611711.1.1 Test Procedure Using ASTM D 714714.4.10.3* Test ProceduresSection P105 Test Procedures for Buildings Over 75 Feet in Height (Existing)Section P106 Test Procedures for Buildings Over 75 Feet in Height (New)1926.1002(d) Overhead Protection RequirementsA5.504.2.1.2 Test Protocols707.15.1.2 Test Records1905.3.3 Test Records and Trial Mixtures(B) Test Report[A] 105.3.3 Test ReportsP-1505.1 Test Required804.4.1 Test RequirementP-1503.1 Test Requirements1910.268(n)(5) Test Requirements for Cable Suspension Strand1905.6.5.4 Test Results2113.21 Test RunSection 810 Test Run and Smoke TestSection 1708 Test Safe Load8.3.2.2 Test Sample8.3.9.2 Test SamplesTest Setup and PerformanceSection 12-3-5 Test Setup and Sample Preparation26. Test SignalsTest Specimen12-7A-5.7 Test Specimen Preparation1709.7 Test Specimens2603.5.5 Test Standard2303.5 Test Standard for Joist Hangers2303.5 Test Standard for Joist Hangers and Connectors1708.2 Test Standards1716.1.1 Test Standards for Joist Hangers1716.1 Test Standards for Joist Hangers and Connectors12-7A-4.7.2 Test System Preparation12-7A-3.7 Test System Preparation (Figure 1) Test Under Emergency-Stop Conditions108.3.4 Test Validity30.7.3.11 Test Valves1306.2 Test Wells8. Test Without Lubricant703.2.1 Tested Assemblies(B) Tested Combinations(B) Tested Periodically(C) Tested Series Combination Systems§1-11.8 Testimony1504.3.1 Testing5.8.3.1 Testing, Acceptable Materials, and Assemblies112. Testing Agencies and Personnel[A] 105.3.2 Testing Agency6.10 Testing and Acceptance5.410.4 Testing and Adjusting. New Buildings Less Than 10,000 Square FeetP-513.4 Testing and Approval401.7 Testing and Balancing417.0 Testing and Balancing Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms and Protective Environment Rooms505.2.1 Testing and Certification1926.651(g)(1) Testing and Controls715.3 Testing and Demonstrations2.1- Testing and DocumentationSection 2213A Testing and Field VerificationSection 2213 Testing and Field Verification [OSHPD 1R, 2 & 5]1220.2.6 Testing and Flushing804.3 Testing and IdentificationSection 2003 Testing and Inspection5 Testing and Inspection RequirementsR609.3 Testing and Labeling608.4 Testing and Listing Standards[F] 903.5 Testing and Maintenance10.5.6 Testing and Maintenance of Backflow Prevention Assemblies26.6.7 Testing and Maintenance Requirements for All Transmission Technologies[A] 109.2 Testing and Operation510.6.1 Testing and Proof of Compliance1705.12 Testing and Qualification for Seismic ResistanceSection 614 Testing and RepairF 302.5 Testing and Sampling909.21.7 Testing and Special Inspections1926.963 Testing and Test FacilitiesF 303.0 Testing and Verification907.8.4.1 Testing Device605.1.5 Testing, Diagrams and InstructionsSection P-1506 Testing Drainage and Vent Systems66.27.7.3 Testing During Maintenance8.3.2.3 Testing Equipment807.5.2 Testing for Building System Background Noise1910.269(e)(10) Testing for Flammable Gases and Vapors1910.1053(i)(2)(v) Testing for Latent Tuberculosis Infection; And807.5.1 Testing for Mechanical and Electrical Generator Equipment Outside of Buildings807.6.1 Testing for Mechanical and Emergency Generator Equipment Outside of Buildings1910.269(e)(9) Testing for Oxygen Deficiency1705.14 Testing for Seismic Resistance1705.2.5 Testing for Seismic Resistance of Structural Steel[F] 1705.19 Testing for Smoke Control60. Testing FrequencyFIRE Testing Furnaces and Control804.1.2 Testing in Accordance With ASTM E84 or UL 723804.1.1 Testing in Accordance With NFPA 286Part IV — Testing, Inspection, and Certification8.3.1.5 Testing InstrumentsP103.1 Testing Intervals114.3.1.1 Testing Laboratories907.10.3 Testing/Maintenance1206.2.7 Testing, Maintenance and Repair52.3.2.12 Testing, Maintenance, and Repairs1625.2 Testing Method5704.2.12.3 Testing of Aboveground Tanks8. Testing of Alternative Arrangements and ASME A17.7/CSA B44.7-Conforming Equipment2321.7 Testing of Anchoring1203.7 Testing of Battery Powered Emergency Lights and Exit Signs8. Testing of Bridging MeansC304.2 Testing of Building Materials Thermal Properties108.8 Testing of Building Service Equipment14.4.3.5 Testing of Carbon Monoxide System Detectors14.4.3.5 Testing of CO System Detectors66. Testing of Cooking Oil Transfer Lines8. Testing of Electrical Contact Bridging Means or SIL Rated Device Detection Means53.3.2 Testing of Equipment(M) Section 5613 Testing of Fireworks for Classification1705.24.3 Testing of High-Pressure-Gas Piping1704.17.3 Testing of High Pressure Steam Piping1705.23.3 Testing of High-Pressure-Steam Systems and High Temperature Hot Water Piping Systems14.4.8.1 Testing of Household Carbon Monoxide Detection SystemsSection 705 (IFGC) Testing of Hydrogen Piping Systems[F] 909.5.2 Testing of Leakage Area[BS] A106.2.3 Testing of Masonry301.8 Testing of Materials301.5 Testing of Materials and EquipmentG2415.20 (404.20) Testing of Piping66.27.7 Testing of Piping Systems§27-921 Testing of Plumbing and Gas Piping Systems15.3 Testing of Plumbing Systems1116.0 Testing of Refrigeration Equipment108.8 Testing of Residential Building Service Equipment8-805.2.3 Testing of Stone Masonry105.3 Testing of Systems1812.4.3 Testing of Tie-Back Anchors :5704.2.12.2 Testing of Underground Tanks904.11.3 Testing, Operation and MaintenanceN1102.4.2.1 Testing Option1910.147(f)(1) Testing or Positioning of Machines, Equipment or Components ThereofTesting Oven3.3.302 Testing Personnel53.3.2.4 Testing Personnel QualificationsG2417.3.5 (406.3.5) Testing PrecautionsN1102.4.1.2 (R402.4.1.2) Testing (Prescriptive)2105.3 Testing Prisms From Constructed Masonry2109. Testing ProcedureA9.3 Testing Procedures1308.1 Testing Required605.1.2.2 Testing Requirement716.2.1 Testing Requirements11.3 Testing Requirements for Evaluating the Performance of Existing Mechanical Fasteners66.21.5 Testing Requirements for Tanks[F] 1705.19.1 Testing Scope1609.1.3 Testing to Allowable or Nominal LoadsA205.3.2 Testing to Establish Adequacy of Existing Wall Anchors(E) Testing Under Load716.3.1.1 Testing Under Positive Pressure[A] 104.11.2 TestsE.5.2 Tests and Demonstrations1908.2 Tests and Inspections700.3 Tests and Maintenance1909.2 Tests and MaterialsArticle 3 Tests and Test IntervalP103.1.3 Tests at Shorter Intervals8. Tests for Lateral Movement1705.21.1 Tests for Mechanical Systems1705.38.1 Tests for Nonpotable Water Systems1910A.5 Tests for Post-Installed Anchors in Concrete1910A.3 Tests for Prestressing Steel and Anchorage408.7.5 Tests for Shower Receptors[BS] A107.5 Tests of Anchors in Unreinforced Masonry WallsTests of Bearing Walls and PartitionsTests of Ceiling Constructions2213A.2 Tests of End-Welded StudsTests of Floors and Roofs2213.1 Tests of High-Strength Bolts, Nuts and Washers8. Tests of Hoistway Door (Runway Door) Combination Mechanical Locks and Electric ContactsTests of Loaded Restrained Structural Frame Members§27-637 Tests of Materials for Bridge Wire Suspenders§27-638 Tests of Materials for Other Types of SuspendersTests of Nonbearing Walls and PartitionsTests of Protection for Combustible Framing, or for Combustible Facings on the Unexposed Side of Walls, Partitions and Floors1910A.2 Tests of Reinforcing Bars8. Tests of Retiring Cams or Equivalent DevicesTests on Thermoplastic Materials105.2 Tests or Analysis1327.7.1 Tests Required703.6.3 Text Descriptors611.4 Text Font and Size37.8 Text Telephone (TTY)1140A.7 Text Telephones (TTY)803.6 Textile Ceiling Coverings803.6.2 Textile Ceiling Finish(a) 803.5.1 Textile Wall and Ceiling Coverings10.2.4.1* Textile Wall and Textile Ceiling Materials803.5 Textile Wall Coverings803.5.1 Textile Wall or Ceiling Coverings803.6 Textiles18.9* Textual and Graphical Visible Appliances18.9* Textual and Graphical Visual Appliances18.8 Textual Audible Appliances3.3.303 Textual Audible Notification Appliance24.6.10 Textual Visible Appliances3.* Textual Visible Notification Appliance24.6.10 Textual Visual Appliances3.* Textual Visual Notification Appliance1926.1206(j)1926.1436(c)(2)(iii)(A)1926.1436(c)(2)(iii)(B)1926.1437(n)(7)453.22.4 The Bed Area Shall Be Designed to Maintain Constant Visual Supervision From the Office1910.1029(d)(2)(ii) The Beehive Oven and Its Machinery1910.422(c)(1)(ii) The Bell and the Dive Location1926.1124(n)(2)(ii)(B)§1-01.2 The Board1926.900(s)(4)§1-04 The Calendar1910.36(f) The Capacity of an Exit Route Must Be Adequate§1-01.3 The Charter1926.12(b)(22) The Commercial Fisheries Research and Development Act of 1964 (16 U.S.C. 779E(B))1926.1431(h)(3)1926.803(c)(1)(v)1926.950(d)(7) The Conditions of the Bond1910.1020(f)(5) The Confidentiality Agreement Authorized by Paragraph (F)(4)(IV) of This Section:1910.1200(i)(4) The Confidentiality Agreement Authorized by Paragraph (I)(3)(IV) of This Section:1910.1025(l)(1)(v)(A) The Content of This Standard and Its Appendices1910.1025(l)(1)(v)(F) The Contents of Any Compliance Plan in Effect; And1910.1024(m)(4)(ii)(H) The Contents of the Standard; And1926.1153(i)(2)(i)(D)1910.1026(l)(2)(i)(A) The Contents of This Section; And1910.1043(i)(1)(i)(F) The Contents of This Standard and Its Appendices1910.147 The Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)1926.1402(c)1926.859(c)1910.1000(d)(1)(i) The Cumulative Exposure for an 8-Hour Work Shift Shall Be Computed as Follows:1910.37(a) The Danger to Employees Must Be Minimized1910.1024(n)(2)(ii)(A) The Data Relied Upon1926.1206(c)1910.1048(o)(1)(i) The Date of Measurement1926.1153(j)(1)(ii)(A)1910.1024(k)(6)(i)(A) The Date of the Examination1910.1020(c)(12)(i)(B) The Date of the Written Authorization1910.1030(h)(2)(i)(A) The Dates of the Training Sessions1926.1437(h)(2)(iii)1910.423(c)(3) The Decompression Chamber Shall Be:1910.423(c)(4) The Decompression Chamber Shall Be Equipped With:Section 103 The Department§32-01 The Design and Installation of Curtain Wall and Panel Wall (Non-Loadbearing Exterior Wall) Systems. [Repealed]1910.1024(l)(1)(i) The Employee Provides the Employer With:1910.1045(n)(5)(iii) The Employee's Representative Exposure Level1926.1437(c)(2)1926.1411(b)1910.1025(l)(1)(v) The Employer Shall Assure That Each Employee Is Informed of the Following:1910.1029(d)(2) The Employer Shall Establish the Following as Regulated Areas:1910.1025(j)(3)(v)(B) The Employer Shall Instruct Each Examining and Consulting Physician To:1910.1050(m)(7)(i) The Employer Shall Provide the Following Information to the Examining Physician:1910.1025(k)(1)(iii)(A) The Employer Shall Return an Employee to His or Her Former Job Status:[NY] C101.1 The Energy Code1926.1410(d)(11)120.6.4 The Fees Charged to Recover City Costs2.6 The Final Report1910.37(c) The Fire Retardant Properties of Paints or Solutions Must Be Maintained408.7.1.1 The Fire Safety Director or Assistant Fire Safety Director1926.803(c)(1)(vi)1910.218(f)(1)(ii) The Flywheel Shall Be at Rest1910.304(f)(2)(iv) The Following Additional Requirements Apply to Feeders Only:1926.754(b)1910.306(h)(5)(i) The Following Need Not Be Grounded:1926.1438(b)(2)(ii)1910.305(a)(2)(v) The Following Requirements Apply to Branch Circuits:1910.305(a)(2)(iv) The Following Requirements Apply to Feeders:104-426 The Grove1926.1404(d)(1)(ii)1926.1206(h)1926.1052(c)(3) The Height of Stairrails Shall Be as Follows:1910.1018(o)(1)(ii)(A) The Information Contained in Appendix A1910.1045(o)(1)(ii)(A) The Information Contained in Appendixes a and B1926.1203(h)(2)(ii)(A)1926.1127(l)(2)(ii)1910.1027(l)(2)(ii) The Initial (Preplacement) Medical Examination Shall Include:1910.1018(q)(2)(iii)(C) The Initial X-Ray1926.803(c)(1)(iii)(A) The Intersystem Bonding Termination Device1926.1412(f)(7)(i)1926.1426(d)(4)1926.1203(h)(1)(i)1910.147(e)(1) The Machine or Equipment1926.1436(d)(3)(i)1926.1436(c)(3)(iii)1926.1436(d)(2)(i)1926.1436(c)(2)(v)1910.1045(q)(1)(ii)(A) The Material Qualifying for Exemption1926.1425(c)(3)1926.950(d)(2)1910.110(b)(19)(v)(c) The Maximum Volume of LP1910.110(b)(19)(v)(d) The Maximum Weight of LP1910.1052(m)(1)(ii)(A) The MC-Containing Material in Question802.3.4 The Means of Egress From Nightclubs Shall Be in Conformance With Section 1029 of The1926.803(b)(10)1910.110(f)(6)(i)(a) The Nearest Important Building or Group of Buildings§27-3025 The New York City Amendments to the 2008 National Electrical CodeChapter 10 The New York City Energy Conservation Code1926.950(d)(1)1910.36(b) The Number of Exit Routes Must Be Adequate1926.1436(c)(2)(ii)(A)1926.12(b)(23) The Nurse Training Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 296A(B)(5))1910.1048(o)(1)(ii) The Operation Being Monitored1910.1029(f)(3)(i)(b)(3) The Oven Charged in Accordance With the Following Sequence of Requirements:1910.1027(l)(4)(ii) The Periodic Medical Examination Shall Include:1926.1206(a)1926.1429(a)(2)1910.1047(j)(3)(iii)(B) The Physical and Health Hazards of ETO1910.1027(l)(10)(i)(A) The Physician's Diagnosis for the Employee1910.1048(o)(3)(ii) The Physician's Written Opinion1926.12(b) The Plan1910.218(f)(1)(i) The Power to the Press Shall Be Locked Out1926.950(d)(3)1910.1047(k)(1)(ii)(A) The Product Qualifying for Exemption1910.1017(j)(1) The Program Shall Include1910.1020(f)(4)(iii)(A) The Properties and Effects of the Chemical1926.1206(b)Chapter 8 The Quality Housing Program1910.1024(n)(3)(ii) The Record Must Include the Following Information About Each Employee:1910.1029(m)(2)(i) The Record Shall Include:1910.1001(m)(2)(ii) The Record Shall Include at Least the Following:1910.1001(m)(3)(ii) The Record Shall Include at Least the Following Information:1910.1027(n)(3)(ii) The Record Shall Include at Least the Following Information About the Employee:1910.1026(m)(2)(ii) The Record Shall Include Information That Reflects the Following Conditions:1910.1026(m)(4)(ii) The Record Shall Include the Following Information About the Employee:1910.1020(f)(4)(i) The Request Is in Writing1910.1200(h)(2)(i) The Requirements of This Section1910.1025(j)(3)(v)(A)(4) The Results of the Blood Lead Determinations1910.1029(j)(5)(i)(a) The Results of the Medical Examinations1910.1044(m)(5)(i)(a) The Results of the Medical Tests Performed1926.1404(r)(1)§28-218.7 The SCO Shall Document With Photographs or Other Means Any Violation of the Code104-425 The Small Square1910.1024(n)(2)(ii)(C) The Source of the Objective Data1926.1436(c)(2)(ii)(B)1617.6 The Specific Local Resistance Method104-424 The Square(2) 103.2 The State Fire Code Is a Minimum Statewide Standard113-50 The Subdistrict1910.1053(k)(1)(ii)(B) The Task Monitored1926.1124(n)(1)(ii)(B)1910.421(f)(1)(i) The Tasks to Be Undertaken105. The Term of Each Such Bond1926.1436(g)(3)(ii)1926.1153(j)(2)(ii)(C)1926.753(e)(3)1910.1030(g)(2)(vii) The Training Program Shall Contain at a Minimum the Following Elements:1910.1029(k)(1)(iv) The Training Program Shall Include Informing Each Employee Of:1926.900(p)1926.957(b)(3)(v)1926.1423(b)(2)(i)1910.422(g)(2) The Welding Machine Frame Shall Be Grounded1926.1413(a)(4)(i)(A)1926.1408(d)(2)(i)1926.803(c)(1)(i)1926.803(c)(1)(ii)1926.1427(c)(1) Licensing1910.1051(k)(7) The Written Medical Opinion1910.1029(f)(6)(ii) The Written Program Shall Include at Least the Following:105.6.34 Theater105.6.35 Theater, Little105.6.36 Theater, Motion Picture12.2.3.2* Theater-Type Seating81-451 Theater Waiting Space14A-7-703 Theaters and Public Amusements(E) Theaters and Similar Locations(F) Theaters, Audience Areas of Motion Picture and Television Studios, and Similar LocationsArticle 520 Theaters, Audience Areas of Motion Picture and Television Studios, Performance Areas, and Similar Locations73-201 Theaters in C1 Districts73-202 Theaters in M1-5B Districts(C) Theatrical Areas308.3.2 Theatrical Performances1926.1404(d)(1)(i)611.9 Theming or Artwork2.5-1.5.1 Therapeutic Environment(B) Therapeutic Equipment*2.12-3.2.4 Therapeutic Pool3.1- Therapeutic Pool and Hydrotherapy Whirlpool680.62 Therapeutic Tubs (Hydrotherapeutic Tanks)2.12-3.2.2 Therapy Areas454.1.8.6 Therapy or Jet Systems2.4-2.18.3 Therapy Services1225. Therapy Unit69.3.9.3 Thermal Activation2.5-3.4 Thermal and Acoustic Insulation1403.7 Thermal and Condensation ResistanceSection 720 Thermal- And Sound-Insulating Materials2603.4 Thermal Barrier803.11.2 Thermal Barrier for Foam PlasticsM2103.2.2 Thermal Barrier Material Marking2603.4.1 Thermal Barrier Not RequiredM2103.2 Thermal Barrier Required1406.10.2 Thermal BarriersC407.4.2 Thermal BlocksM2103.2.1 Thermal Break Required5.4.4 Thermal BridgesC402.6 Thermal Bridges (Mandatory)A5.507.1.1.2 Thermal ComfortE 607.1 Thermal Comfort Controls1.2-5.3 Thermal Conditions604.9 Thermal Continuity[BG] 1401.3.5 Thermal Damage240.9 Thermal DevicesA4.106.5.2 Thermal Emittance3.3.99.4 Thermal Energy Storage SystemE 805.15 Thermal Energy Storage (TES) System (Form MECH-15A)C105.2.2 Thermal EnvelopeC401.3 Thermal Envelope CertificateN1101.5.1 (R103.2.1) Thermal Envelope Depiction803.2 Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy6.0 Thermal Expansion and ContractionP2903.4 Thermal Expansion Control308.10 Thermal Expansion Tanks1608.3.2 Thermal Factor1608.10 Thermal Forces1703.4 Thermal Insecticidal Fogging Liquids(A) Thermal InsulationA5.504.4.8 Thermal Insulation, Tier 1A5.504.4.8.1 Thermal Insulation, Tier 22805.3 Thermal Oil-Heating Systems426.12 Thermal Protection(E) Thermal Protection — Fluorescent Luminaires(2) Thermal Protector(2) Thermal Protector or Electronically ProtectedC402.2.3 Thermal Resistance of Above-Grade WallsC402.2.4 Thermal Resistance of Below-Grade WallsC402.1.4.1 Thermal Resistance of Cold-Formed Steel Stud WallsC402.1.4.2 Thermal Resistance of Cold-Formed Steel WallsC402.1.4.3 Thermal Resistance of Mechanical Equipment PenetrationsC402.1.4.2 Thermal Resistance of Spandrel Panels52.3.2.10 Thermal Runaway801.23.3 Thermal Safety (Spill) Switches9.4.3 Thermal Sensitivity506.11.5 Thermal Shield and Combustible Surface506.11.6.3 Thermal ShieldingSection M2301 Thermal Solar Energy SystemsM2301.2.13 Thermal Storage Unit Seismic BracingM2301.3.2 Thermal Storage UnitsCD601.3 Thermal ZoningN1102.2.11 Thermally Isolated Sunroom Insulation402.2.11 Thermally Isolated Sunroom Insulation (Prescriptive)N1102.3.5 Thermally Isolated Sunroom U-factor402.3.4 Thermally Isolated Sunroom U-factor (Prescriptive)(B) Thermocouple Circuits1507.13 Thermoplastic Single-Ply RoofingM2101.15.2 Thermoplastic-Welded Joints1507.12 Thermoset Single-Ply Roofing2. Thermosetting Resin Composition1212.10 ThermosiphoningR403.1.1 Thermostat Provision (Mandatory)C403.4.1 Thermostatic ControlsA5.207.5.1 Thermostatic Controls for Each ZoneC403.4.1 Thermostatic Controls (Mandatory)C403.4.2.1 Thermostatic SetbackC403. Thermostatic Setback CapabilitiesC403.4.2.1 Thermostatic Setback (Mandatory)424.20 Thermostatically Controlled Switching DevicesA5.207.1.3 ThermostatsR501.1.2 Thermostats for Accessory Dwelling Units(B) Thermostats That Do Not Directly Interrupt All Ungrounded Conductors3106.2 ThicknessAS104.4.3.3 Thickness and Coats1805.5.1.1 Thickness at Top of Foundation Wall1805.5.1.2 Thickness Based on Soil Loads, Unbalanced Backfill Height and Wall Height1809. Thickness Based on Walls Supported803.2 Thickness ExemptionThickness of Coatings Tests(3) Thickness of Compounds§27-646 Thickness of Glass(B) Thickness of Insulation and Jacket for Nonshielded Insulated Conductors(C) Thickness of Insulation for Shielded Insulated Conductors2109.4 Thickness of Masonry(B) Thickness of Metal(A) Thickness of Metal Faceplates719.1 Thickness of Plaster721.1.1 Thickness of Protective Coverings2109.4.1 Thickness of Walls§27-894 Thimbles2104.1.2.6 Thin-Bed Mortar and AAC Masonry Units2103.11.1 Thin-Bed Mortar for AAC Masonry§27-634 Thin Concrete Shells1405.12 Thin Exterior Structural Glass Veneer§27-613.2 Thin-Section Precast Concrete ConstructionArticle 10 Thin Shell and Folded-Plate Construction10.1.5.1 Thin Stone Veneer Panels2110.2.2 Thin UnitsP2609.4 Third-Party Certification204.4.2.1 Third-Party Certification Agencies113.7.1 Third-Party InspectorsM1301.5 Third-Party Testing and Certification5.508.2.6.3 Third VacuumE3702.4 Thirty-Ampere Branch Circuits(C) Thirty-Ampere Main Power-Supply Assembly(2) Thirty-Ampere Power-Supply Cable Assembly1926.1400(c)(17)(iii)1910.1024(n)(1)(ii) This Record Must Include at Least the Following Information:1910.1018(q)(1)(ii) This Record Shall Include1910.1001(m)(1)(ii) This Record Shall Include at Least the Following Information:1910.1200(b)(3) This Section Applies to Laboratories Only as Follows:1910.1200(b)(6) This Section Does Not Apply To:1926.800(a)(2)1910.1200(b)(5) This Section Does Not Require Labeling of the Following Chemicals:1910.1053(l)(1) This Section Is Effective June 23, 20161910.1450(a)(3) This Section Shall Not Apply To:1910.1003(a)(2) This Section Shall Not Apply to the Following:G2414.9.3 (403.9.3) Thread CompoundsG2414.9.3 (403.9.3) Thread Joint Compounds1308.5.6.3 Thread Joint Compunds9.4.5 Thread Size Limitations4.2.2 ThreadedE3609.4.2 Threaded Connections1322.5 Threaded FittingsG2414.8.3 (403.8.3) Threaded Joint SealingP3003.7.1 Threaded JointsP3003.1.1 Threaded Joints, General4.2.14.6 Threaded Joints in Plastic Piping1315.5 Threaded Outlets/Fittings5.508.2.1.1 Threaded Pipe16.8.7 Threaded Pipe and FittingsP2906.14 Threaded Pipe Joints4.3.4 Threaded Pipe to Cast-Iron17.2.1.6 Threaded Sections of Rods(E) Threading(A) ThreadlessE3609.4.3 Threadless Couplings and Connectors901.4 Threads2304.8.5 Three- And 4-Inch Sawn Tongue-and-Groove Decking2304. Three- And Four-Inch Mechanically Laminated Decking2304.9.5 Three- And Four-Inch Sawn Tongue-and-Groove Decking13. Three-Dimensional Fires1104.24.2 Three Egress Doors or Exits Required3003.3.2.1 Three or Fewer Elevators11B-220.1.3 Three or More Automatic Teller Machines or Fare Machines1103. Three or More Dwelling Units[BCD] 915.2.4 Three or More Dwellings1007.1.3.1 Three or More Exit Access Stairways or Ramps1021.2.4 Three or More Exits1007.1.2 Three or More Exits or Exit Access Doorways(B) Three Phase(A) Three-Phase, 4-Wire System(D) Three-Phase Supply647.5 Three-Phase Systems6. Three-Pipe System1103.4.2 Three to Five Stories(A) Three-Way and Four-Way Switches1113.6 Three-Way Valve1926.404(f)(1)(i) Three-Wire DC Systems(E) Three-Wire, Direct-Current Generators(B) Three-Wire, Direct-Current Systems110.8 Threshold Building110.8.1 Threshold Buildings (Scope) Threshold Exceedances63. Threshold Exceedences22.7.4 Threshold Torsion404.2.5 Thresholds1126A.2.1 Thresholds and Changes in Elevation2.4-2.2.5 Thresholds and Expansion Joint Covers404.2.4 Thresholds at Doorways16.1.1 Through 16.1.616.2 Through 16.1217.2 Through 17.153306.3 Through 3306.9506.3.3 Through 506.3.13.3506.5 Through 506.5.5507.8 Through 507. Through 7.23.4Section 1003 Through and Including74-82 Through Block Arcades(A) Through Bushed Conduit or Tubing(5) Through Conductors(B) Through Dry Floors and Platforms(C) Through Floors and Platforms in Wet Locations334.17 Through or Parallel to Framing Members(D) Through Partitions and Walls3.3.11.2* Through-Penetration714.5.1.2 Through-Penetration Firestop System1704.25 Through-Penetration Firestop Systems, Concealed Draftstop and Fireblock Systems714.4.1 Through Penetrations(B) Through Spark Gap or DeviceM1804.2.1 Through the Roof509.8 Through-the-Wall Vent Termination(E) Through-Wall Lighting Assembly(C) Through Walls and Floors(B) Through-Wiring308.7.2 Throwing Flammable Material308.1.2 Throwing or Placing Sources of Ignition409.4.2 Throwing Rope17.5.6 Thrust5.2.2 Thrust Block Bearing Area4.1 Thrust Blocking for Rubber Gasket JointsThrust Blocking for Rubber Gasketed and Solvent Cement Joints5 Thrust Blocking Sizing and Calculations6.6.1* Thrust Blocks2.3.7 TIA Publications1109.2.7.2 Ticket Windows722.2.4.3 Tie and Spiral Reinforcement2109.2.4.7 Tie Beams(5) Tie Circuit Control(3) Tie Circuit Protection(A) Tie Circuits2121.2.2 Tie Columns1910.66(e)(7) Tie-Down Anchors2.21.4.2 Tie-Down Compensation Means1910.66(e)(2) Tie-in Guides23.8 Tie Reinforcement Detailing(E) Tie Wires31.3.5.3* Tie Yard Protection3314.10.9 Tieback Location3314.10.10 Tiebacks6.4* Tied Fire Walls5.4* Tied HC Fire WallsA5. Tier 1A5.303.2.3.1 Tier 1 — 12-Percent SavingsSection A505 Tier 1 Analysis ProcedureA4.203.1.2 Tier 1 and Tier 2 Prerequisite OptionsA5.203.1.1 Tier 1 and Tier 2 Prerequisites5707.3.4.1 Tier 1 SitesA4.203.1.1 Tier 1, Tier 2, and Zero Net Energy Design PrerequisitesA5. Tier 2A5.303.2.3.2 Tier 2 — 20-Percent SavingsSection A506 Tier 2 Analysis Procedure5707.3.4.2 Tier 2 SitesSection A507 Tier 3 Analysis ProcedureDivision A4.6 — Tier I and Tier 2119-113 Tier I Controls During Construction18.12 Tier I Marine Facilities119-11 Tier I Requirements119-12 Tier I Submission Requirements119-112 Tier I Tree Planting Requirements119-111 Tier I Tree Preservation Requirements119-217 Tier II Controls During Construction119-21 Tier II Requirements119-214 Tier II Requirements for Driveways and Private Roads105-35 Tier II Site Requirements for Driveways and Private Roads119-22 Tier II Submission Requirements119-216 Tier II Tree Planting Requirements1104.4.4 Tiered Areas5707.3.4 Tiered Sites3.9.6.2* Tiered Storage3.3.219* Tiered Storage (Baled Cotton)304.1.1 TiersAS103.3 Ties[BS] A403.6 Ties and Continuity9.2.2 Ties Between Foundation Elements2109.7.2.5 Ties, Joint Reinforcement or AnchorsSection AE605 Ties, Materials and Installation603.3.2.1 Tight-Fitting Around the Perimeter(4) Tight Metal HousingsP3003.1 Tightness66.27.5.1 Tightness of Pipe Joints66.27.3.2 Tightness of Piping66.21.5.2 Tightness Testing308.1.9.5 Tiki TorchesR905.3.4 TileSection E (Tile Calculations)8.2.5 Tilt-Up Walls1810.3.2.4 Timber1705.5.7 Timber Connectors1809.12 Timber Footings3104F. Timber Pile Supported Structures3107F.3.3 Timber Piles3107F.3 Timber Piles and Deck Components405.5 Time4.6.6 Time Allowed for Compliance722.6.2.2 Time Assigned to Membranes590.3 Time Constraints(D) Time Delay(i) Time for Compliance[F] 1701.2.3 Time for Evacuation112.6.2 Time for Submission of Renewal Applications1324.5.4.1 Time Frame for Testing5706.6.5 Time Limit8.4.5 Time Limitation[A] 105.3.2 Time Limitation of Application§28-105.7 Time Limitation of Applications105.2.3 Time Limitation on Application7-129 Time Limitations1-305 Time Limitations for Appeals111.1.5 Time-Limited Occupancy7-135 Time of Beginning Construction4-235 Time of Beginning Construction and Partial Construction4-246 Time of Beginning of Construction and Partial Construction605.8.4 Time of Burning403.4.2 Time of Day(A) Time of DischargeL 404.7.3 Time Out and Shut Off453.26 Time-Out Rooms14A-4-407.6.1 Time Period§28-107.6 Time Period for Acceptance or Rejection*§28-505.6 Time Period for Approval or Rejection of Construction Documents§28-104.2.7 Time Period for Review16-304 Time Period for Review of Submissions Prior to Bid17.5 Time Requirement and Manner of Filing Appeal Petition3319.8.4.2 Time Schedule3803.1.5 Time-Sensitive Materials611.3.3.3 Time Switch and Programmable Schedule ControlsC405.2.2.1 Time-Switch Control FunctionC405.2.2 Time-Switch ControlsN1103.10.2 (R403.10.2) Time SwitchesE4001.4 Time Switches and Similar Devices404.5 Time Switches, Flashers, and Similar DevicesTime-Temperature Curve1910.1001(c)(1) Time-Weighted Average Limit (TWA)1910.1051(c)(1) Time-Weighted Average (TWA) Limit1926.1124(c)(1) Time-Weighted Average (TWA) PEL§28-118.4.3 Timeframe for Application1321.8.9 Timeframe for Brazing1324.5.5.1 Timeframe for TestingP-1501.2 Timeliness504.2 TimerG2440.6.1 (615.6.1) Timers16-541 Timetable for Architectural and Engineering Plans and Specifications Review and Acceptance401.7.3 Timing§28-308.2.2 Timing of Energy Audit3414A.2 Timing of Independent Review501.4 Timing of Installation§28-308.3.2 Timing of Retro-Commissioning(E) Tinned ConductorsSection R333 Tiny Houses142-62 Tip of Manhattan, Subdistrict B605. Tip-Over Switch3.3.283 Tire422.23 Tire Inflation and Automotive Vacuum Machines1926.1433(d)(1)(vii)[F] 426.1.7 Tire Rebuilding502.17 Tire Rebuilding or Recapping105.5.50 Tire-Rebuilding Plants1910.177(d) Tire Servicing Equipment22.7 Tire Storage1106.1 Tire Storage Yards1926.1412(f)(2)(ix)1926.753(c)(1)(i)(I) TissueSection 5907 Titanium and ZirconiumSection 100 Title and ApplicabilityChapter 1 Title, Establishment of Controls and Interpretation of Regulations§355 Title of Action or Proceeding and PartiesSection 101 Title, Scope and Purpose2107.6 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section 1.15 Pilasters2107.2 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section 2.1.2, Load Combinations2108.4 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Development of Bars in Tension and Compression2107.2 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Lap Splices2107.2 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Lap Splices. I2107.3 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Splices of Reinforcement2107.2 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Lap Splices2107.3 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Splices of Reinforcement2107.3 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Lap Splices2107.4 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Splices of Reinforcement2107.5 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section 2.3.6, Maximum Bar Size2107.4 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section 2.3.7, Maximum Bar Size2108.2 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section Development2108.3 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Splices2107.5 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section 5.4 Pilasters2107.6 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section Development of Bar Reinforcement in Tension or Compression2107.2 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Lap Splices2107.3 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Splices of Reinforcement2107A.3 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section 8.1.6 , Splices of Reinforcement2107.4 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section 8.3.6, Maximum Bar Size2108.2 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Development2108.3 TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section, Splices2106A.1.2 TMS 402, Chapter 52104A. TMS 402, Section Masonry Headers2107.5 TMS 402, Section 5.4 Pilasters2108.2 TMS 402, Section, Development2108.4 TMS 402, Section Development of Bar Reinforcement in Tension or Compression2107.2 TMS 402, Section, Lap Splices2108.3 TMS 402, Section, Splices2107.3 TMS 402, Section, Splices of Reinforcement2107A.4 TMS 402, Section Walls2107.4 TMS 402, Section 8.3.6, Maximum Bar Size2109.1.1.1 TMS 402, Section A.1.2.3, Wind2106A.1.1 TMS 402, Sections and TMS 402, Sections and TMS 602, Article 2.3A & 2.3 B Masonry Unit Materials2104A.1.3.1 TMS 602, Article 3.2 F Cleanouts2104A. TMS 602, Article 3.3 B.5 Placing Masonry Units — Solid Units2104.2.1 TMS 602, Article 3.3 B Placing Mortar and Units2104A.1.3.3 TMS 602, Article 3.4 B Reinforcement2104A. TMS 602, Article 3.4 C.2 Wall Ties2104.2.3 TMS 602, Article 3.4 D Anchor Bolts2104A. TMS 602, Article 3.5 B Confinement2104.2.4 TMS 602, Article 3.5 C Grout Pour Height2104A.1.3.6 TMS 602, Article 3.5 D Grout Lift Height2115.5.6 TMS 602, Article 3.5 E Consolidation2104.2.5 TMS 602, Article 3.5 F.1 Grout Key2115.6 TMS 602, Article 3.5 Grout Placement2115.5.4 TMS 602, Article 3.5A Placing TimeSections 506.3.1 To 506.3.2.41926.954(b)(3)(vi)(D)(B) To Be Grounded430.104 To Be Indicating(B) To Be Visible1910.241(a)(5) To ChamberAppendix H To Chapter 6 HAZUS AEBM Regulations1926.954(b)(3)(vi)(B)(A) To Fit Edison-Base Fuseholders(B) To Fit Type S Fuses Only(A) To Follow Surface(B) To Interrupt Currents1910.1045(r)(2)(ii)(C) To Record the Results Obtained(c) To the Maximum Extent Feasible1910.1200(b)(6)(iii) Tobacco or Tobacco Products§27-508.3 Tobacco Product Advertisement Restriction2.10.2.3 Toe-Board604.8.1.4 Toe Clearance604.9.5.1 Toe Clearance at Compartments604.9.5.2 Toe Clearance at Compartments for Children's Use604.9.5.1 Toe Clearance at Wheelchair Accessible Toilet Compartments604.9.5.2 Toe Clearance at Wheelchair Accessible Toilet Compartments for Children's Use1029.16.5 Toe Guard at Balconies1138A.2.2 Toe Space2.10.2.3 Toeboard3314.8.10.1 Toeboard Design3314.8.10.2 Toeboard Height3314.8.10 Toeboards1910.179(d)(3) Toeboards and Handrails for Footwalks2.4- Toilet1227.12.10 Toilet and Bath Facilities1104.11.3 Toilet and Bathing Areas806.2.4 Toilet and Bathing Facilities11B-703.7.2.6 Toilet and Bathing Facilities Geometric Symbols1102.11.2 Toilet and Bathing Facility603 Toilet and Bathing RoomsSection 1210 Toilet and Bathroom RequirementsSection R307 Toilet, Bath and Shower Spaces604.8 Toilet Compartments1127A.2 Toilet Facilities213 Toilet Facilities and Bathing Facilities2.24 Toilet Facilities for Construction Workers11B-213.1.1 Toilet Facilities for Designated User GroupsSection 311 Toilet Facilities for WorkersSection 311 Toilet Facilities for Workers(section Deleted)422.4 Toilet Facilities Serving Employees and Customers422.4 Toilet Facilities Serving Employees and Customers [Not Adopted for OSHPD 1, 2, 3 & 4]1224.14.1.7 Toilet Room468.3.5.3 Toilet Room Access1225.4.1.6 Toilet Room and Bath Facilities1224.4.8.1 Toilet Room Doors1127A.8 Toilet Room Fixtures and Accessories1210.4 Toilet Room Location2903.4 Toilet Room Openings1105.6 Toilet Room or Bathroom2.2- Toilet Room or Human Waste Disposal RoomSection 2903 Toilet Room Requirements1224.33.2.5 Toilet Room(s)1224.20.2.15 Toilet Room(s) and Locker Spaces1224.14.2.3 Toilet Room(s) Conveniently Located for Staff Use1224.14.2.3 Toilet Room(s) for Staff Use468.3.6.7 Toilet Room Ventilation3411.8.11 Toilet Rooms213.2 Toilet Rooms and Bathing RoomsSection 609 Toilet Rooms and BathroomsSection 503 Toilet Rooms [P]453.27.10.3 Toilet Rooms, Showers and Bathing Facilities30.6 Toilet Stalls1127A.8.2 Toilet Tissue Dispensers609.5 Toilet Tissue Holder1230.2.1 Toilet/Urinals3116B.2.2 Toilets1014.3.2.1 Toilets and Urinals1926.51(c) Toilets at Construction Jobsites1231.3.1 Toilets/Urinals3110B.4.3 Tolerance§27-691 Tolerance and Modification of Design Due to Field Conditions1808.2.21.1 Tolerance in Alignment of the Pile Axis1810.6.1 Tolerance in the Location of the Head of the Deep Foundation1808.6.1 Tolerance in the Location of the Head of the Pile[BS] 1404.6.1 Tolerances1901.7 Tolerances for Structural Concrete24.4.4 Tones1910.218(h)(4) Tongs1910.217(d)(6) Tonnage, Stroke, and Weight Designation1910.241(a)(7) Tool1910.243(b)(1) Tool Retainer2403.4.1 Tools5604.7.6 Tools and Equipment1910.268(e) Tools and Personal Protective Equipment—Generally505.10.1 Top and Bottom Extension at Ramps(A) Top and Bottom Wire-Bending Space1910.68(b)(11) Top ArrangementsR611.8.1 Top BearingR611.8.1.1 Top Bearing Requirements for Seismic Design Categories C, D0, D1 and D28. Top Car and Counterweight Clearances5.3.1.3 Top Car Clearance5.1.5.2 Top Car Clearance for Uncounterweighted Inclined Elevators5. Top Car Clearance Requirements3.4.6.1 Top Clearance3.4.6 Top Clearance and Bottom Runby of Counterweight4.3.3 Top Clearances4.3.3.2 Top Counterweight Clearance5.7.4.3 Top Counterweight Clearances3314.8.2 Top Edge Height2.14.1.5 Top Emergency Exits505.10.2 Top Extension at StairsS105.6 Top Filling1910.68(c)(7)(ii) Top Floor Warning Sign and Light1910.215(b)(8) Top Grinding42. Top Loading8. Top of Car4.2.2.4 Top-of-Car Clearance2.4.7 Top-of-Car Clearances2. Top-of-Car Inspection Operation5. Top-of-Car Operating Device and Stop Switch7.3.11.2 Top-of-Car Operating Devices5. Top-of-Car Operating Devices and Stop Switch5.1.20.3 Top-of-Car Stop Switch2.4.8 Top of Counterweight Clearances1810.3.7 Top of Element Detailing at CutoffsJ108.2 Top of SlopeR602.3.2 Top Plate2308.6.7.2 Top Plate Connection2308.5.3.2 Top Plates2308.9.2.2 Top Plates for Studs Spaced at 24 Inches (610 mm) Top Rail3314.8.8 Top Rail Deflection3314.8.7 Top Rail Design1910.263(h)(1) Top-Roll Protection1910.265(b)(44) Top Saw(1) Top Shield702.3.5 Top Step(D) Top Terminal Batteries411.2.3 Top TreadC405.2.3.3 Toplight Daylight Zone808.3.1.2 ToplightingC405.2.4.3 Toplit Daylight ZoneC405.2.3.3 Toplit Zone107-30 Topographic and Tree Regulations107-31 Topographic RegulationsR301.2.1.5 Topographic Wind Effects13. Topping Off7.4.1 Topping Slab8.3.3 Topping Slab to Walls and FramesA4.106.2.3 Topsoil Protection16.7 Torch-Applied Roofing Systems3306.3.1 Torch Operation Container Floor Storage317.5.2 Torch Operations3503.1.2 Torch Operations Using CNG3503.1.1 Torch Operations Using LPG2603.4.1 Torch Operations Using Oxygen and Flammable Gases1910.252(a)(4)(ii) Torch Valve313.7 Torches308.1.3 Torches for Removing Paint(H) Section 408 Tornado Shelters in Schools(C) Torque Motors(C) Torque Requirements[BS] A107.5.2 Torque Testing of New Anchors[BS] A107.5.2 Torque Testing of New Bolts10.5.4 Torsion8.11.5 Torsional Members1711.1.3 Torsional Moment Capacity for Joist Hangers22.7 Torsional Strength1910.1017(k)(1)(iii)(A) Total Bilirubin408.9.2.3 Total Building Evacuation408.10.2.3 Total Building Evacuation PaymentSection N1105 (R405) Total Building PerformanceN1101.13.2 (R401.2.2) Total Building Performance Option17.5.3.1* Total (Complete) Coverage18.1.1.3 Total ConceptC405.5.1 Total Connected Exterior Building Exterior Lighting PowerC405.5.2 Total Connected Exterior Building Lighting PowerC405.3.1 Total Connected Interior Lighting Power(2) Total Cord-and-Plug-Connected LoadB.5.5 Total Demand Including Continuous FlowB.9.7 Total Equivalent Length of Piping21.6.2.7 Total Evacuation8.10.3 Total Factored Static Moment for a Span1910.155(c)(40) Total Flooding System[F] 909.5.1 Total Leakage Area(B) Total Load for Determining Power SupplyA5.405.4.1 Total Material Cost32-641 Total Surface Area of Signs21.6.2.10* Total Termination of OEON1102.1.5 (R402.1.5) Total UA AlternativeE 605.1.3.1 Total Ventilation Rate(4) Total Volt-Amperes120. Total Volume1926.65(g)(4) Totally-Encapsulating Chemical Protective Suits11B-411. Touch Screen11B-411. Touch Screen Call Console Arrangement1225. Towel BarsL 413.4 Towel Ringers1127A.8.1 Towel, Sanitary Napkins, Waste Receptacles3.3.291 Tower(3) Tower Connections§28-404.3.3 Tower Crane Rigger License Qualifications1926.1435 Tower Cranes§239 Tower Fire-Escapes and Supplemental Stairs6.5.5.4 Tower Flow Turndown(B) Tower Grounding and Bonding93-511 Tower Lot Coverage23-651 Tower-on-a-Base87-323 Tower Provisions23-65 Tower Regulations23-663 Tower Regulations in R9D and R10X Districts33-457 Tower Setbacks on Narrow Blocks93-569 Tower Top Articulation11.3 Towers[BG] 1511.5.2 Towers and Spires1910.269(q)(4) Towers and Structures33-454 Towers on Small Lots[BG] 1511.5 Towers, Spires, Domes and Cupolas1510.5 Towers, Spires, Minarets, Domes and Cupolas2005.2 Towing VehiclesR313.1 Townhouse Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems706.4.1 Townhouse Fire SeparationR302.2 Townhouses103. Township Certification When a County Is or Becomes Certified[M] 1102.3.4 Toxic and Flammable Refrigerants1910.16(a)(2)(ix) Toxic and Hazardous Substances63. Toxic and Highly Toxic Compressed GasesR328.12 Toxic and Highly Toxic Gas63.3.9 Toxic and Highly Toxic Gases53. Toxic and Highly Toxic Refrigerants3.3.146.16 Toxic Gas427.7.8 Toxic Material10.4.5 Toxic Materials803.5 Toxicity2303.4.6 TPI 1 SpecificationsG2415.17.3 (404.17.3) Tracer17.3.4.2 Tracer Bullets, Tracer Charges, Rockets, and Model Aircraft(B) Tracer in BraidF 108.18.8 Tracer Markings604.10.1 Tracer Wire609.2.1 Tracer Wire for Nonmetallic Piping(F) Track as Circuit Conductor810.10 Track Crossings(B) Track Lighting8. Track System**§28-103.30.1 Tracking Complaints Related to Work Without a Permit2.24.2.3 Traction5.8.1.7 Traction Driving Machines5.11.24.2 Traction Driving Machines, Sheave and Brakes8. Traction-Loss Detection Means5. Traction Machines42. Tractor Trailer WiringA-904.4 Trade License14A-1-104.3 Trade LicensingR406.4.1 Trade-Off for On-Site Renewable Energy SystemsG1.3 Trade-Off Limits5.6.1.2 Trade-Offs Limited to Building Permit1.7.11.4 Trade Secret1910.1200(i) Trade Secrets407.7 Trade Shows(1) Trade Sizes3.3.285* Traffic Calming Device503.2.5.1 Traffic Calming Device Signage18. Traffic Calming Devices1910.265(c)(31) Traffic Control and Flow1926.967(g)(1) Traffic Control Devices18.2.3.4 Traffic Signal Pre-Emption1926.200(g) Traffic Control Signs and Devices1910.261(c)(9) Traffic Warning Signs or Signals247.4 Trail Facilities5604.13.6.2 Trailers(3) 5621.3 Trailers and Magazines for the Storage of Fireworks1017.10 Trailhead Signs247.3 Trailheads(F) Trailing Cable and CouplersSection 1017 Trails11B-246.7 Trails and Paths43.7.8 Trained Personnel103.3.12.1 Trainee Applicants103.3.12.4 Trainee Certification103.3.12.5 Trainee Course and Work Requirements103.3.12 Trainee Program Requirements103.3.12.3 Trainee Sponsor Requirements103.3.12.2 Trainee Supervisors1926.1427(f)(3)1910.120(q)(7) Trainers3314.4.5 Training1926.1430(g) Training Administration1910.147(c)(7) Training and Communication1910.156(c) Training and Education[F] 1801.2.2 Training and Education for Mitigation of Fires and Other Emergencies[F] 1801.2.1 Training and Education for Prevention of Fires and Other Emergencies40.11 Training and Hazard Awareness1910.1003(e)(4) Training and Indoctrination1910.134(k) Training and Information40.6 Training and Procedures1910.120(e)(6) Training CertificationAppendix E Training Curriculum Guidelines - (Non-Mandatory)1910.119(g)(3) Training Documentation1926.1101(k)(9)(iv) Training for Other Class II Work1910.119(j)(3) Training for Process Maintenance Activities3314.4.5.1 Training for Supported Scaffold Installers, Adjusters, Repairers, Maintainers, Inspectors, or Removers3314.4.5.1 Training for Supported Scaffold Installers, Adjusters, Repairers, Maintainers, or Removers3314.4.5.2 Training for Supported Scaffold Users3314.4.5.4 Training for Suspended Scaffold Installers, Adjusters, Repairers, Maintainers, Users, or Removers3314.4.5.3 Training for Suspended Scaffold Supervisors1926.1101(o)(4) Training for the Competent Person24.10.15* Training for Two-Way Communications Systems404.2.3.2 Training Frequency1926.950(b)(6) Training Goals(ii) Training Grants1910.1029(f)(7) Training in Compliance Procedures60. Training Mandated by Other Agencies401. Training Methods1910.30(d) Training Must Be Understandable1910.217(e)(3) Training of Maintenance Personnel1926.761(a) Training Personnel14A-1-105.11.1 Training Phase1910.95(k) Training Program1910.178(l)(3) Training Program Content1910.178(l)(2) Training Program Implementation3319.10.1.1 Training Providers5707.3.2 Training Records1910.1030(h)(2)(i) Training Records Shall Include the Following Information:3319.10.1 Training RequirementsA02.1 Training School Accreditation FeesSection A02 Training Schools1910.1030(g)(2)(ii) Training Shall Be Provided as Follows:Appendix A Trajectory1910.265(b)(45) Tramway11.6 Transaction Areas5603.2 Transaction Record63. Transfer1014.2.1 Transfer Access5706.4.7.15 Transfer Across Deck403.2.2 Transfer AirC403.4.2.5 Transfer and Destratification Fan System Off-Hour Controls(v) Transfer and Information Changes2.4-1.2.2 Transfer and Service Affiliations2006.3.1 Transfer Apparatus91-63 Transfer Areas Map2305.8 Transfer Between Tanks106.5.70 Transfer Device1002.6 Transfer Devices for Use With Amusement Rides717.1.1 Transfer Ducts1002.5.3 Transfer Entry702.5 Transfer Equipment1109. Transfer Floors, Sky Lobbies and Floors Containing Building EntrancesSection 1207 Transfer Fluid18.3.6.4 Transfer Grilles1002.5.2 Transfer Height5003.15.2 Transfer Hoses74-793 Transfer Instruments and Notice of Restrictions66.19.7.5 Transfer Lines1613.5.1 Transfer of Anchorage Forces Into Diaphragm15.5 Transfer of Column Axial Force Through the Floor System91-64 Transfer of Development Rights From Granting Lots74-79 Transfer of Development Rights From Landmark Sites81-747 Transfer of Development Rights From Landmark Theaters81-642 Transfer of Development Rights From Landmarks to Qualifying Sites81-744 Transfer of Development Rights From Listed Theaters98-33 Transfer of Development Rights From the High Line Transfer Corridor104-53 Transfer of Floor Area by Authorization104-52 Transfer of Floor Area by Notice89-21 Transfer of Floor Area From Hudson River Park(iv) Transfer of License69.3.7.1 Transfer of LiquidsAS106.11 Transfer of Loads to and From Plaster Skins107.6 Transfer of Ownership120.5.4 Transfer of Permit(F) Transfer of Power1910.1020(h) Transfer of RecordsA-105.4 Transfer of Responsibility69.4.2.1 Transfer Personnel1009.5.1 Transfer Platform1008.3.1 Transfer Platforms*2.8- Transfer Side Clearance1008.3.1.3 Transfer Space1009.5.4 Transfer Steps1.3-3.7 Transfer Support Features1008.4.5 Transfer Supports692.59 Transfer Switch1203.5.2 Transfer Switch Test(B) Transfer Switches1009.5 Transfer Systems8.3.1 Transfer to Shear Walls8.3.2 Transfer to Steel Frames608.2.1 Transfer Type Shower Compartments608.3.1 Transfer-Type Showers324.5 Transfer Under Permit412.8 Transfer Valves1009.4 Transfer Walls14A-1-104.10 Transferred Powers5706.4.7.1 Transferring Approvals5003.14 Transferring by Pumps1926.961(c)(9) Transferring Clearances5706.4.7.5 Transferring Equipment2004.1 Transferring Flammable and Combustible Liquids1910.107(e)(4) Transferring Liquids5706.4.7.2 Transferring Location5706.5.4.6 Transferring of Flammable and Combustible Liquids6106.5 Transferring on Public Thoroughfare38.7* Transfilling608.8.1.1 Transformer Efficiency(3) Transformer Fault Sensing(B) Transformer Field-Connected as an Autotransformer410.144 Transformer Locations(C) Transformer Secondary Conductors(2) Transformer Secondary Conductors Not Over 3 m (10 ft) Long(C) Transformer Secondary Conductors of Separately Derived SystemsP-901.1.1 Transformer VaultPart III Transformer Vaults410.143 Transformers(B) Transformers 1000 Volts, Nominal, or Less501.100 Transformers and Capacitors503.100 Transformers and Capacitors — Class III, Divisions 1 and 2600.23 Transformers and Electronic Power Supplies(2) Transformers and Power Supplies(B) Transformers and Secondary Panelboards(2) Transformers and Similar EquipmentArticle 450 Transformers and Transformer Vaults (Including Secondary Ties)(C) Transformers of the Oil-Filled Type(A) Transformers Over 1000 Volts, Nominal1926.405(j)(5)(iii) Transformers Over 35 kV(4) Transformers, Solenoids, Impedance Coils, and Resistors110.55 Transformers, Switches, and Electrical Equipment74-80 Transient Hotels121-11 Transient Hotels and Offices74-802 Transient Hotels Within Commercial Districts74-803 Transient Hotels Within M1 Districts215.4 Transient LodgingE104.2.1 Transient Lodging and Assisted Living Facilities206.5.3 Transient Lodging Facilities224 Transient Lodging Facilities and Guest Rooms806 Transient Lodging Guest Rooms11B-224 Transient Lodging Guest Rooms, Housing at a Place of Education and Social Service Center Establishments407.4 Transient Public LavatoriesSection 461 Transient Public Lodging Establishments1910.180(a)(43) Transit95-03 Transit Easement93-65 Transit Facilities1025.2.4.3 Transition115-235 Transition Area(B) Transition AssembliesM1502.4.3 Transition DuctG2439.7.3 (614.9.3) Transition Ducts603.4.3 Transition Fittings705.9.4 Transition Joint1030.10.3 Transition Marking106.5.72 Transition Plate1926.1430(c)(2)[NY] D104.4 Transitional Provision14A-1-105 Transitional Provisions1030.10 Transitions1029.10.1 Transitions and Stairways That Maintain Stepped Aisle Riser and Tread Dimensions1030.10.2 Transitions to Stairways That Do Not Maintain Stepped Aisle Riser and Tread Dimensions1030.10.1 Transitions to Stairways That Maintain Stepped Aisle Riser and Tread Dimensions24.11.5 Transmission3.3.47.3 Transmission Channel26. Transmission Channels468.2.4 Transmission Line Right-of-Way[F] 907.6.6.1 Transmission of Alarm Signals725.144 Transmission of Power and Data8.3.5.4 Transmission of Vibrations1910.252(d)(1) Transmission Pipeline28.1.2.7 Transmittal of Fire Emergency§27-2056.13 Transmittal of Violations to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene3.3.306 Transmitter703.8.2 Transmitters(A) Transmitting Current for Power Purposes43.10.4.5 Transoms2.11.17 Transoms and Fixed Side Panels30.3.6.4 Transoms, Louvers, or Transfer Grilles131-15 Transparency136-14 Transparency and Parking Wrap Requirements117-513 Transparency Requirement115-14 Transparency Requirement in C4-5X and C6 Districts125-12 Transparency Requirements97-214 Transparency Requirements Along 125th Street87-412 Transparency Requirements in the Core and South Subdistricts87-422 Transparency Requirements in the North Subdistrict98-54 Transparency Requirements on the East Side of the High Line98-141 Transparency Requirements Within Subareas H and I3.3.307 Transponder1910.266(h)(7) Transport60. Transport (Handling)2705.3.2 Transport in Corridors and Enclosures for Stairways and Ramps1805.3.2 Transport in Existing Corridors1805.3.2 Transport in Existing Exit Access Corridors626.30 Transport Refrigerated UnitsPart IV Transport Refrigerated Units (TRUs)1910.110(h)(8) Transport Truck Unloading Point308. Transport While Lit1910.66(f)(3)(ii) Transportable Outriggers3301.9 Transportation2705.3 Transportation and HandlingSection 703 Transportation Equipment810 Transportation FacilitiesSection E109 Transportation Facilities and StationsSection 407 Transportation Impact69.6.1 Transportation in Portable Containers144-56 Transportation Management Planning5007.10 Transportation of Compressed Gases by Cargo Tank50.8.7.8 Transportation of Cylinders5604.13 Transportation of Explosive Materials1910.109(d) Transportation of Explosives5007.7 Transportation of Explosives by Marine Vessel§2707-01 Transportation of Explosives by Motor Vehicles5007.6 Transportation of Explosives by Vehicle109.2.1 Transportation of Extremely Hazardous Materials5007.8 Transportation of Fireworks by Vehicle5007.9 Transportation of Flammable and Combustible Liquids by VehicleSection 5007 Transportation of Hazardous Materials453.7.5 Transportation of Hazardous Materials Above the 10th Story5007.5 Transportation of Hazardous Materials by Vehicle5003.10.2.2 Transportation of Hazardous Materials on the 11th Story and Above5003.10.2.2 Transportation of Hazardous Materials on the 11THSTORY and Above1910.109(g)(6) Transportation of Packaged Blasting Agents5601.9 Transportation of Regulated Materials5606.6 Transportation of Small Arms Ammunition, Small Arms Primers, Smokeless Powder and Black Sporting Powder705.6 Transportation Platform Edges5601.9.1 Transportation to Storage and Use Locations1910.109(d)(2) Transportation Vehicles303.1 Transporting5703.7 Transporting Class I or II Liquids Within Buildings41.5.5.3 Transporting Cylinders2006.11.2 Transporting Fuel Nozzles[F] 415.11.1.7 Transporting Hazardous Production Materials to Fabrication Areas1926.350(a) Transporting, Moving, and Storing Compressed Gas Cylinders3.3.220 Transverse Flue Space25.7 Transverse Reinforcement1907.10 Transverse Reinforcement for Compression Members1907.11 Transverse Reinforcement for Flexural Members1616.3.2.2 Transverse Ties(A) Transversely Routed1503.9.6 TrapF Trap and Strainer908.2.3 Trap Arm707.14 Trap ArmsD Trap CleanoutsP-507.2 Trap ConnectionP-501.5 Trap Levels and ProtectionP-1204.3 Trap Primers14.9.5 Trap Priming702.9 Trap Priming Water713.9.2 Trap RequiredSection 1002 Trap RequirementsP-501.3 Trap Seal713.9.3 Trap Seal Maintenance1007.2 Trap Seal PrimersP3101.2 Trap Seal ProtectionP3201.2 Trap SealsP3201.2 Trap Seals and Trap Seal ProtectionP3201.3 Trap Setting and Protection702.1 Trap SizeB 101.5 Trap SizesM Trap VentN Trap Weir/Hydraulic GradientP3108.5 Trap Weir to Wet-Vent Distances316.1 Trapdoors to Be Closed17.3* Trapeze Hangers1014.1.1 Trapped and VentedP2911.3 Traps715.2.4 Traps and Cleanouts8-903.6 Traps and Interceptors1003.0 Traps — DescribedP-501.6 Traps for Floor Drains13.3 Traps in Storm Drainage Systems1101.15 Traps on Storm Drains and Leaders1002.0 Traps Protected by Vent Pipes14.10.5 Traps Required for Bedpan Steamers1104.12.2.6 Trash Compactor62-658 Trash Receptacles*2.1- Trash Storage1224.33.3.7 Trauma/Cardiac Rooms*2.8-3.4.4 Trauma/Resuscitation RoomSection 402 Travel1030.7 Travel Distance1016.1 Travel Distance Limitations18.4.4.4 Travel Distance (Nonsprinklered Smoke Compartment Rehabilitation)12.2.6 Travel Distance to Exits22.4.4.5 Travel Distance to Exits (Nonsprinklered Buildings)320.2.3 Travel Distance Within Booths1910.180(a)(45) Travel Mechanism1926.1435(d)(2)(iv)3009.1.3 Travel Speed907.2.3.2 Travel Through Adjoining Rooms1910.178(n) Traveling(A) Traveling Cables1926.1431(k)(13) Traveling--Derricks1926.1431(k)(12) Traveling--Equipment Other Than Derricks8. Traveling Sheave Position Restraints Location1926.1417(u) Traveling With a Load904.5.2 Tray Slides(B) Trays7.* Tread and Landing Slope7. Tread and Landing Surfaces14X-5-505.9.1 Tread and Riser Dimensions406.6.1 Tread and Riser Nonuniformity Permitted406.3 Tread Construction1030.14.2.3 Tread Contrasting Marking StripeR311.7.4.2 Tread Depth809.5.1 Tread Dimension and Area411.2.1 Tread Dimensions and Area610.5.5 Tread Horizontal Depth406.6.2 Tread Marking Stripe1017.5 Tread Obstacles504.4 Tread Surface610.5.6 Tread Surface Area702.6.6 Tread Width and Depth1030.14.2.1 Treads504.2 Treads and Risers1011.14.2 Treads of Alternating Tread Devices1011.15.2 Treads of Ship's Ladders1011.15.2 Treads of Ships Ladders8. Treadway System1926.960(b)(2) Treat as Energized2306.1.3 Treated Wood Stress Adjustments1603.5.1 Treatment309.2 Treatment and Circulation System Equipment1227.12.9 Treatment and Exam Rooms1224.39.4.2 Treatment Area1224. Treatment Area/Room53.2.2 Treatment, Flaring, and Diffusion Systems for Refrigerant Discharge9.4.1 Treatment of Corrosive Wastes1926.350(c) Treatment of Cylinders94-113 Treatment of Parking Areas109-132 Treatment of the Ground Level Wall1225.4.1.5 Treatment or Exam Room1224.33.2.2 Treatment Room2.8-3.4.6 Treatment Room for Patients of Size2.2- Emergency Department Treatment Room or Area1226.6.1.2 Treatment Room(s)1224.4.3 Treatment Spaces3.3.278.14 Treatment System63. Treatment System Design and Performance63. Treatment System Discharge6003.1.3 Treatment System—Highly Toxic Liquids63. Treatment System Sizing63.3.9.3 Treatment Systems454.1.11.9 Treatment Systems for Artificial Lagoons1910.266(h) Tree Harvesting113-31 Tree Planting Requirements107-321 Tree Preservation405.2.1.1 Tree Protection Zones (TPZ)107-32 Tree Regulations107-322 Tree Requirements107-07 Tree Selection (Appendix B)Appendix B Tree Selection Tables1926.1400(c)(13)1910.268(q) Tree Trimming—Electrical Hazards(G) Trees322.1.1.2 Trees Within 100 Feet of Buildings1926.702(g) Tremies13.1.9 Trench Drains307.5 Trench Location(C) Trench-Type Raceways Flush With ConcreteG2415.13 (404.13) TrenchesF 108.18 Trenches, Excavation, and BackfillF 108.9 Trenches, Tunneling, and DrivingSection P2604 Trenching and BackfillingP2604.1 Trenching and Bedding2.6 Trenching, Bedding, Tunneling and BackfillingSection 306 Trenching, Excavation and Backfill707.10 Trenching Requirements1301.11 Trenching Requirements for Nonpotable Water PipingP2910.11 Trenching Requirements for Nonpotable Water System Piping4.5 Trenchless Installation of Sewers2.6.10 Trenchless Pipe Replacement Systems4908.8.2 Trespass1910.265(b)(46) Trestle*2.5-3.2.3 Triage Area1224.33.4.1 Triage Stations1926.1431(h) Trial Lift and Inspection3. Trickle ChargeG107.5.2 Triennial Full Scale Deployment Inspection805.3 Trim805.1.2 Trim and Decorative Materials10.2.5 Trim and Incidental Finish1910.265(e)(4) Trimmer Saws352.28 Trimming17. Trimming Clearance1910.218(g) Trimming Presses1910.216(e) Trip and Emergency Switches1910.1096(f)(3)(v)(c) Trip Levels and Stability1910.211(d)(55) Trip or (Tripping)3320.5.2 Trippers1926.754(c)(1) Tripping Hazards2.18.2 Tripping Speeds for Speed Governors1910.179(a)(63) Trolley1926.1435(d)(2)(vii)(C)1910.179(e)(3) Trolley Bumpers-1910.179(e)(1) Trolley Stops1910.179(a)(64) Trolley Travel1926.1435(e)(6)(ii) Trolley Travel Deceleration Device1926.1435(e)(5)(i) Trolley Travel Limiting DeviceN1101.8 (R301.4) Tropical Climate RegionSection N1107 (R407) Tropical Climate Region Compliance PathN1101.13.4 (R401.2.4) Tropical Climate Region OptionN1101.8 (R301.4) Tropical Climate ZoneN1101.13.1 (R401.2.1) Tropical Zone10.9.4 Trouble3.* Trouble Condition10.8.2.3 Trouble Condition Detection1910.1096(f)(3)(v)(f) Trouble Indicator Circuits and Signals, Where Used10.15.10 Trouble Notification Appliance Deactivation3.3.250.4* Trouble Response3.3.251.4* Trouble Signal23.8.5.11 Trouble Signal Initiation10.15 Trouble SignalsP-714.1.1 Trough Drains1910.263(i)(13) Trough Hoists, EtcP-707.2 Trough Urinals1910.263(i)(3) Troughs1910.179(a)(65) Truck1607.6.1 Truck and Bus Garage Live Load Application1607.6 Truck and Bus Garages1910.180(a)(3) Truck Crane1910.178(m) Truck Operations74-64 Trucking Terminals or Motor Freight Stations3320.6 Trucks1910.178(k) Trucks and Railroad Cars705.5 Truncated Domes[BS] A113.9 Truss and Beam Supports8.5.2.3 Truss Calculations2211.1.3 Truss DesignR106.1.4 Truss Design Data2211.1.3.1 Truss Design Drawings2303.4.1.4 Truss Designer2319.17.2.4 Truss Erection107.7.5 Truss Forces1709.1.1 Truss Gable End Wall6. Truss InteriorR802.10.6 Truss Live Loads for Attics With Limited StorageR802.10.7 Truss Live Loads for Attics Without Storage2303.4.1.5 Truss Member Permanent Bracing8.5.2 Truss Members2303.4.2 Truss Placement Diagram704.5 Truss Protection2303.4.7 Truss Quality Assurance2303.4.3 Truss Submittal PackageR802.10.5 Truss to Wall ConnectionR802.11.1 Truss Uplift Resistance2319.17.1 Trussed Rafters2303.4 Trusses8. Trusses and Girders2303. Trusses Installed Without a Diaphragm6.1.3.7 Trusses or Girders2211.1.3.2 Trusses Spanning 60 Feet or Greater2211.3.3 Trussses Spanning 60 Feet or Greater3105F.3.4 TsunamiSection 1615 Tsunami Loads3103F.5.7 Tsunamis704.5 TTY Shelf704.4 TTYs13.8 Tub and Shower Rooms312.12.3 Tub Waste Openings1926.452(b) "Tube and Coupler Scaffolds"1321.7 Tube Ends1321.2 Tube Joints1217.4 Tube Placement3.3.287* Tube Trailer5303.7.11 Tube Trailers1318.4 Tubes for Medical Gas Systems1319.1 Tubes for Medical Vacuum SystemsF 801.2 Tubing1217.6.1 Tubing Fasteners1210.4.3 Tubing in PartitionsG2414.10.2 (403.10.2) Tubing JointsF 901.3 Tubing Markings4.5 Tubing Protection610.12.2 Tubing Systems Using Copper Fittings1910.241(b)(2) Tuck Pointing1910.241(b)(3) Tuck Pointing Wheels5607.12.1.2 Tunnel Blasting1910.308(a)(7) Tunnel InstallationsPart IV Tunnel Installations Over 1000 Volts, NominalIV Tunnel Installations Over 600 Volts, Nominal5604.5.2.3 Tunnel or Under-Decking3104.10 Tunneled Walkway306.4 Tunneling314.2 Tunneling and Driving3202.1.4 Tunnels Between Buildings22.27.2.3 Turbine Building26.27.1.6* Turbine Generator Bearings1910.269(v)(10) Turbine Generators(1) Turbine Output Circuit Currents694.23 Turbine Shutdown1138A.1.5 Turn Around Obstruction3120B.16 Turn on Before Entering[NY] 511.2.2 Turnaround403.2.4 TurnaroundsG2417.6.2 (406.6.2) Turning Gas On2. Turning in of Rope Strands18. Turning Radius304 Turning Space403.2.5 Turnouts407.2 Turnover1910.211(d)(56) Turnover Bar311.2.1 Turnover RateSection 3124B Turnover Time20.4 Turns1010.3 Turnstiles1010.5 Turnstiles and Similar Devices7.5 Turnstiles, Security Control Devices and Shopping Cart Barriers1910.261(g)(23) Turpentine Systems and Storage Tanks(B) Twenty-Ampere Main Power-Supply Assembly(B) Twenty-Ampere Main Power-Supply Assembly(1) Twenty-Ampere Power-Supply Cable Assembly1910.1096(l)(2) Twenty-Four Hour Notification11B-812.8.3 Twenty-Six or More1910.265(e)(2)(iv) Twin Circular Head Saws(C) Twisted or Cabled[BS] C103.4 Twists in Straps1910.66(f)(5)(ii) Two and Four-Point Suspended Working Platforms11B-220.1.2 Two Automatic Teller Machines or Fare Machines(B) Two-Circuit Installations404.2.5 Two Doors in Series404.2.5 Two Doors or Gates in Series220.85 Two Dwelling Units804.5.1 Two Egress Doorways Required11B-705. Two Entrance/Exit Points(a) [BE] 1007.1.1 Two Exit or Exit Access Doorways1910.36(b)(1) Two Exit Routes1007.1.1 Two Exits or Exit Access Doorways3.3.68.3 Two-Family Dwelling Unit(B) Two-Family Dwellings610.3.2 Two-Family Dwellings, Multiple Single-Family Dwellings (Townhouses), and Buildings Owned as Condominiums or Cooperatives and Containing Dwelling UnitsP-411.3.1 Two Fittings1910.211(d)(17) Two Hand Control Device1910.211(d)(57) Two-Hand Trip6.6.2 Two-Hour Fire Resistance-Rated Noncombustible or Limited-Combustible Roof AssembliesAS107.1.2 Two-Hour-Rated Cement-Plastered Wall2304. Two-Inch Mechanically Laminated Decking2304.9.4 Two-Inch Sawn Tongue-and-Groove Decking(A) Two Independent Power Sources(A) Two Independent Sources of Power407.4.3.4 Two Intervening Rooms410.5.3.3 Two Means of EgressM1307.4.1.1 Two OpeningsM1703.2 Two Openings or Ducts5706.3.9.2 Two or More309.1.2 Two or More Additional Units503.10.4 Two or More Appliances Connected to a Single VentG2427.10.4 (503.10.4) Two or More Appliances Connected to a Single Vent or Chimney§28 Two or More Buildings on Same Lot(A) Two or More Class 1 Circuits(A) Two or More Class 2 Circuits(B) Two or More Class 3 Circuits(A) Two or More Control Circuits(C) Two or More Electrified Truck Parking Spaces[F] 3003.1.3 Two or More Elevators(3) Two or More Explosionproof Enclosures105.7.8.6 Two or More Items of the Same ClassificationG2427.10.4.1 (503.10.4.1) Two or More Openings(A) Two or More PLFA CircuitsE4002.1.2 Two or More Receptacles(2) Two or More Series-Connected DC-to-DC Converters722. Two or More WythesG2407.6.1 (304.6.1) Two-Permanent-Openings Method6. Two-Pipe Changeover System3314.15 Two-Point Adjustable Suspended Scaffolds3314.15 Two-Point Adjustable Suspension Scaffolds1926.452(p) "Two-Point Adjustable Suspension Scaffolds (Swing Stages)"(C) Two-Pole Circuit BreakersC403. Two-Position Valve24.2.2.4 Two Primary Means of Escape2.1- Two-Room Sterile Processing Facility2304.9.2.2 Two-Span Continuous PatternR403.10.4.1 Two-Speed CapabilitySection RB103 Two Steps507.4 Two Story507.5 Two-Story Buildings712.1.9 Two-Story Openings8.6.8 Two-Story Openings With Partial Enclosure(C) Two to Five 15- or 20-Ampere Circuits(A) Two to Five 15- or 20-Ampere Circuits(B) Two to Six Service Disconnecting Means13.3.4 Two-Way Combined Footings and Mat Foundations1009.6.5 Two-Way Communication23.9.4 Two-Way Communication Service3008.6.6 Two-Way Communication System708 Two-Way Communication Systems8.6.11.2 Two-Way Communications Means905.4 Two-Way Communications Systems3.3.90.2 Two-Way Emergency Communications System24.10* Two-Way Emergency Communications Systems for Rescue Assistance24.5 Two-Way, In-Building Emergency Communications Systems24.8* Two-Way, In-Building Wired Emergency Services Communications Systems13.3.3 Two-Way Isolated Footings9.15* Two-Way Radio Communication Enhancement Systems3.3.64.2 Two-Way Radio Communications24.9 Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement Systems26.6.5.1 Two-Way Radio Frequency (RF) Multiplex Systems22.6 Two-Way Shear Strength22.6.5 Two-Way Shear Strength Provided by Concrete22.6.6 Two-Way Shear Strength Provided by Concrete in Members With Shear Reinforcement22.6.5 Two-Way Shear Strength Provided by Concrete in Members Without Shear Reinforcement22.6.8 Two-Way Shear Strength Provided by Headed Shear Stud Reinforcement22.6.7 Two-Way Shear Strength Provided by Single- or Multiple-Leg Stirrups18.4.5 Two-Way Slabs Without Beams10.19.2 Two-Way Telephone Communications Circuits2308.1.11.4 Two-Way Voice Communication14X-5-504.7.2 Two-Way Voice Communication System1926.404(f)(1)(ii) Two-Wire DC Systems(A) Two-Wire, Direct-Current Systems(B) Two-Wire GeneratorsTwo-Year Approval407.3.1 Type517.29 Type 1 Essential Electrical Systems242.12 Type 1 SPDs3.3.221 Type 1 Stair1910.211(b)(1) Type 1 Straight Wheels104-331 Type 1 Street Wall Location1910.211(b)(4) Type 11 Flaring Cup Wheels1910.211(b)(2) Type 2 Cylinder Wheels517.40 Type 2 Essential Electrical Systems517.40 Type 2 Essential Electrical Systems for Nursing Homes and Limited Care Facilities242.14 Type 2 SPDs104-332 Type 2 Street Wall Location1910.211(b)(7) Type 27A Depressed Center, Cutting-Off Wheels242.16 Type 3 SPDs104-333 Type 3 Street Wall Location242.18 Type 4 and Other Component Type SPDs104-334 Type 4 Street Wall Location1910.215(d)(5)(viii) Type 4 Tapered Wheels104-335 Type 5 Street Wall Location1910.211(b)(3) Type 6 Straight Cup Wheels104-336 Type 6 Street Wall Location705.2.1.3 Type A, A-Frame Ladders702.2 Type A and Type B Ladders27.5.2.1 Type A and Type B Systems3411.8.8 Type A Dwelling or Sleeping Units113.7.2 Type A Family Day Care Homes2.17.8.1 Type A (Instantaneous) Safeties3.3.310 Type A Public Emergency Alarm Reporting System2.17.5.1 Type A Safeties1108. Type A Units(B) Type and Location(A) Type and Marking2.14.4.3 Type and Material for DoorsG3.1.3.2 Type and Number of Boilers (Systems 1, 5, 7, 11, and 12)G3.1.3.2 Type and Number of Boilers (Systems 1, 5, and 7)G3.1.3.7 Type and Number of Chillers (Systems 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13)G3.1.3.7 Type and Number of Chillers (Systems 7, 8, and 11) Type and Number Required8.4.8.5 Type and Strength of Rail Joints1926.66(e)(2) "Type Approval"705.2.1.4 Type B, A-Frame Ladders802.6.1.1 Type B and L Vents1107.6.2.1 Type B and Type B+NYC Units509.10.7.2 Type B Double Wall Connector3411.8.9 Type B Dwelling or Sleeping Units(2) 121.2 Type B Family Daycares1107.2.5 Type B Multi-Story Units in R-2 Occupancy1107.2.5 Type B+NYC Multistory Units1107.2.1 Type B+NYC Unit Doors and Doorways1107.2.3 Type B+NYC Unit Kitchen and Kitchenette1107.2.8 Type B+NYC Unit Laundry Equipment1107.2.4 Type B+NYC Unit Operable Windows1107.2.6 Type B+NYC Unit Raised or Sunken Floor Area1107.2.7 Type B+NYC Unit Storage Facilities1107.2.2 Type B+NYC Unit Toilet and Bathing Rooms1107.6.2.1 Type B+NYC Units3.3.311 Type B Public Emergency Alarm Reporting System2.17.5.2 Type B Safeties1107.2.1 Type B Unit Doors1107.2.1 Type B Unit Doors and Doorways in R-2 Occupancy1107.2.3 Type B Unit Kitchen and Kitchenette in R-2 Occupancy1107.2.8 Type B Unit Laundry Equipment in R-2 Occupancy1107.2.4 Type B Unit Operable Windows in R-2 Occupancy1107.2.6 Type B Unit Raised or Sunken Floor Area in R-2 Occupancy1107.2.7 Type B Unit Storage Facilities in R-2 Occupancy1107.2.2 Type B Unit Toilet and Bathing Facilities1107.2.2 Type B Unit Toilet and Bathing Facilities in R-2 Occupancy1108.5.3.2 Type B Units501.17.1 Type B VentsG2427.6.3 (503.6.3) Type B-W Vent Capacity802.6.1.2 Type B-W Vents802.6.2.1 Type Band L Vents(3) Type BL(1) Type BLP(2) Type BLR(5) Type BLU(4) Type BLX(2) Type BM(1) Type BMR(3) Type BMU2.17.8.2 Type C (Combination Instantaneous and Oil-Buffer) Safeties2.17.8.2 Type C (Combination Instantaneous and Oil-Buffer Safety) Type C Safeties2.17.5.3 Type C Safeties (Type A With Oil Buffers)705.2.2 Type C Staircase Ladders702.3 Type C Staircase Ladders (Ground to Deck)Section 1105 Type C (Visitable) Units(C) Type CATV(A) Type CATVP(B) Type CATVR(D) Type CATVXE4303.2.2 Type CL2 CablesE4303.2.1 Type CL2P CablesE4303.2.4 Type CL2R CablesE4303.2.3 Type CL2X Cables(D) Type cm(C) Type CMG(A) Type CMP(B) Type CMR(B) Type CMUC Undercarpet Wires and Cables(E) Type CMX705.2.3 Type D In-Pool Ladder702.4 Type D In-Pool Ladders702.5 Type E Protruding In-Pool Stairs702.6 Type F Recessed In-Pool Stairs(A) Type FCC Cable(F) Type FPL(D) Type FPLP(E) Type FPLR1014.3.1 Type I18.4.4.2 Type I (443), Type I (332), and Type II (222) Construction705.2.1 Type I and II Construction2303.2.9 Type I and II Construction ApplicationsBB104.3 Type I and Type IB Construction503.1.3 Type I Construction510.1.7 Type I Exhaust Duct Systems507.2.1 Type I Exhaust Flow Rate Label507.2.2 Type I Extra-Heavy-Duty507.2.8 Type I Grease Filters507.1 Type I Hood Exhaust System507.2.5 Type I Hood Joints, Seams and Penetrations507.2 Type I Hoods507.2.7 Type I Hoods Penetrating a Ceiling1406.10 Types I, II, III and IV Construction[BG] 1511.6.2 Type I, II, III or IV Construction507.2.3 Type I Materials21.402.1.1 Type I, Moisture-Controlled Units6.6.3 Type I or Type II Construction1926.1414(e)(1)(i) Type I Rotation Resistant Wire Rope ("Type I")2211.2 Type I Shear Walls1206.2 Type I Solvents507.2.4 Type I SupportsB104.3 Type IA and Type IB Construction(2) Type IC1014.3.2 Type II1206.3 Type II and III Solvents502.6.1 Type II and III Systems502.6.1 Type II and Type III Systems2108.2.1 Type II Dry Cleaning Facilities519.4 Type II Exhaust Duct Systems506.4.1 Type II Exhaust Outlets507.2.2.1 Type II Hood Exhaust Flow Rates519.0 Type II Hood Exhaust System Requirements507.3.3 Type II Hood Joints, Seams and Penetrations507.3.1 Type II Hood Materials507.2.2.2 Type II Hood Overhang507.3 Type II Hoods507.3.3 Type II Hoods Joint, Seams and Penetrations2105.1.1.1 Type II, III-A, III-B and IV Systems21.402.1.2 Type II, Nonmoisture-Controlled Units1926.1414(e)(1)(ii) Type II Rotation Resistant Wire Rope ("Type II")2211.3.2 Type II Shear Wall Resistance2211.3 Type II Shear Walls507.3.2 Type II Supports2105.2 Type II Systems506.4.2 Type II Terminations602.3 Type III2105.3 Type III, IV and V Systems705.2.2 Type III, IV or V Construction1926.1414(e)(1)(iii) Type III Rotation Resistant Wire Rope ("Type III")602.4 Type IV602.4.1 Type IV-A110.3.5 Type IV-A, IV-B, and IV-C Connection Protection Inspection2105.3 Type IV and V Systems602.4.2 Type IV-B509.4.1.1 Type IV-B and IV-C Construction602.4.3 Type IV-C1705.5.6 Type IV Construction903.2.13 Type IV Construction With Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) or Structural Composite Lumber (SCL)602.4.4 Type IV-HT2106.4 Type IV SystemsM1804.2.4 Type L Vent802.5 Type L Vent Terminations(A) Type MC Cable Installed in Cable Tray1910.308(a)(7)(i)(B) Type MC Cable; or(D) Type MI Cable(A) Type MI Cable Installed in Cable Tray(A) Type NM(B) Type NMC(C) Type NMS(E) Type NPLF(C) Type NPLFP(D) Type NPLFR7.4.3 Type of Bowls and Seats2.22.1.1 Type of Buffers3102.3 Type of Construction[F] 426.1.1 Type of Construction and Height Exceptions435.4 Type of Construction Provisions(E) Type of Disconnect(D) Type of Disconnecting Means(A) Type of Door2.24.1 Type of Driving Machines(B) Type of Equipment Grounding Conductor8.4.8.8 Type of Fastenings(A) Type of FeederAM103.1.3.1 Type of Fence and HardwareP3111.1 Type of FixturesSection M1304 Type of Fuel902.4 Type of Gas(es) Type of Gates1926.966(f)(1) Type of Guarding8.13.2 Type of In-Rack Sprinklers1203.3 Type of Inspections1910.269(l)(4) Type of Insulation1126A.5 Type of Latch and LockAM103.3 Type of Lock and Latches for Exits1132A.7 Type of Lock or Latch[F] 806.3.1 Type of Notification5.4.14.1 Type of Operation(1) Type of Overload Device(1) Type of Protection(1) Type of Protection "d", "db", "e", or "eb" Enclosures(1) Type of Protection "D" or "E" Enclosures(D) Type of Protection "n"107-41 Type of Residence7.2.6.1 Type of Suspension Means520.26 Type of Switchboard5706.2.5 Type of Tank1910.332(c) Type of TrainingM1804.1 Type of Vent RequiredG2427.4 (503.4) Type of Venting System to Be Used507.2 Type of Water SupplyArticle 337 Type P CableP-514.1 Type Permitted(E) Type PLTC551.71 Type Receptacles Provided(1) Type Required240.53 Type S Fuses240.54 Type S Fuses, Adapters, and Fuseholders2.12.4.1 Type Tests2.22.5.5 Type Tests and Certification for Elastomeric Buffers2.22.4.7 Type Tests and Certification for Oil Buffers3.19.4.6 Type Tests, Certification, and Marking Plates for Control Valves8.3.5 Type Tests for Hydraulic Control Valves8.3.2 Type Tests of Car and Counterweight Oil Buffers8.3.13 Type Tests of Elastomeric Buffers8.3.3 Type Tests of Interlocks, Combination Mechanical Locks and Electric Contacts, and Door or Gate Electric Contacts602.5 Type V2603.4.1.13 Type V Construction2106.5 Type V Systems400.4 Types1910.211(b)(6) Types 27 and 28 Depressed Center Wheels1910.215(c)(1)(i)(f) Types 27 and 28 Wheels1910.109(h)(2) Types and Classifications124-42 Types and Standards of Publicly Accessible Open Space(C) Types CL2 and CL3(A) Types CL2P and CL3P(B) Types CL2R and CL3R(D) Types CL2X and CL3X(D) Types CMP-LP, CMR-LP, CMG-LP, and CM-LP Limited Power (LP) Cables602.2 Types I and II705.2.1 Types I and II Construction2303.2.9 Types I and II Construction Applications506.8 Types I and II Hoods1405.1.1 Types I, II, III and IV ConstructionK102.3.1 Types IIB, IIIB and VB Construction6.6.4 Types III, IV, or V Construction[A] 110.3.5 Types IV-A, IV-B and IV-C Connection Protection Inspection2105.3 Types IV and V Systems(A) Types NM and NMC(B) Types NM and NMS(A) Types NM, NMC, and NMSR1007.2 Types of Appliances1404.1.1 Types of Collectors610.13 Types of Conductors402.6 Types of ConstructionD102.1 Types of Construction Permitted5.7.15.3 Types of Counterweight Construction2.13.1 Types of Doors and Gates Permitted5.7.18.1 Types of Driving Machines401.3.2 Types of Emergency Preparedness Plans2.11.2 Types of Entrances50.4.4 Types of Equipment(B) Types of Equipment Bonding Conductors250.118 Types of Equipment Grounding ConductorsR1007.1 Types of FireplacesSection 890.1480 Types of Fixture Trap Vents915.1 Types of Fixtures§27-884 Types of Gas Vents507.7 Types of Gases1910.212(a)(1) Types of GuardingR109.1 Types of InspectionsSection 890.320 Types of Joints4.3 Types of Joints Between Different Piping Materials4.2 Types of Joints for Piping Materials420.11.2 Types of Locking Devices and Door Activation2.26.1.1 Types of Operating Devices5.7.20.1 Types of Operation37-52 Types of Pedestrian Circulation Space105.1.2 Types of Permits(B) Types of Power Sources(A) Types of Raceways*1.2- Types of Resident Mobility and Transfer Equipment1926.1419(b) Types of SignalsAS103.7 Types of Straw2.20.9.1 Types of Suspension Member Fastenings26.21.1.1 Types of Systems904.3.8.1 Types of Systems Approved for Commercial Cooking OperationsC Types of Traps1220.2 Types of Tube Fasteners62-561 Types of Upland ConnectionsP-706.1 Types of Water Closets(D) Types OFN and OFC(C) Types OFNG and OFCG(A) Types OFNP and OFCP(B) Types OFNR and OFCR5.4.8.1 Types PermittedB.2 Typical Applications Covered by TablesM Typical Electric Water HeaterL Typical Gas Water HeaterB Typical Grease Interceptor/Catch BasinAppendix A Typical Minimal Lockout ProceduresF 201.6.2 U-Bends and Headers1708.1.2 U-Bent Strap Method3314.11.7.4 U-Bolt ClipsN1102.3.1 (R402.3.1) U-factorN1102.1.4 (R402.1.4) U-factor AlternativeC6.10.1 U-factor for Below-Grade WallsR402.1.5 U -Factor Reference and CalculationsC501.4.1 U-factor Requirements for Additions and AlterationsA2.4.3 U-Factors for Attic Roofs With Wood JoistsA5.2.3 U-Factors for Mass FloorsA2.3.3 U-Factors for Metal Building RoofsA3.2.3 U-Factors for Metal Building WallsA3.3.3 U-Factors for Steel-Framed WallsA5.3.3 U-Factors for Steel-Joist FloorsA5.4.3 U-Factors for Wood-Framed FloorsA3.4.3 U-Factors for Wood-Framed Walls17.2.1.4 U-Hooks5604.13.1.6 U.S. Department of Defense or by Police or Fire Departments2.3.10 U.S. Government Publications804.2.2 U-Shaped804.2.2 U-Shaped Areas804.2.2 U-Shaped KitchensH114.2.3.1 UL Classification Decal2.3.9 UL Publications2.3.20 ULC Publications1815.4.1 Ultimate Bond Strength3107F.2.5.5 Ultimate Concrete and Steel Flexural Strains1609.3 Ultimate Design Wind Speed2308.2.1 Ultimate Design Wind Speed Greater Than 115 mph (3-Second Gust)R603.9.4.1 Ultimate Design Wind Speeds Greater Than 126 mphR603.9.4.1 Ultimate Design Wind Speeds Greater Than 130 mph3107F.2.6.4 Ultimate Flexural Strain Capacity(B) Ultimate Insulation Temperature2308.2.4 Ultimate Wind Speed1224.18.5 Ultrasound2.2-3.4.6 Ultrasound Facilities2.2- Ultrasound Room7.22.2 Ultraviolet Lights1910.430(c)(3) Umbilicals Shall:2.3.21 UN Publications1905.10.3 Unacceptable Concrete1903.8.2 Unacceptable Material*1.1-3.2.2 Unaffected Areas§28-307.2 Unannounced Inspections of Workplaces by Fire Department604.6 Unapproved Conditions6105.1 Unapproved Equipment1109A.5 Unassigned and Visitor Parking Spaces42.5.7.10 Unattended Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities6111.2 Unattended Parking(C) Unattended Self-Service Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities5604.13.6.5 Unattended Vehicle3.3.288 Unauthorized Discharge5003.3.1 Unauthorized Discharges1910.120(k)(6) Unauthorized Employees[BG] 804.3.4 Unauthorized EntryP-301.2 Unauthorized Material605.7 Unauthorized Operation4908.8.4 Unauthorized Parking[A] 112.3.4 Unauthorized Tampering63.4.9 Unauthorized Use1001.4 Unauthorized Use of Emergency Supplemental Hardware1926.1434(a)(3) Unavailable Manufacturer1926.1417(b) Unavailable Operation Procedures1807.1.2 Unbalanced Backfill Height705.45 Unbalanced Interconnections1608.6 Unbalanced Snow LoadsR504.1.1 Unbalanced Soil Loads7.2.3 Unblocked Diaphragms(A) Unbonded (Floating Neutral) Generators1810.7.2 Unbraced Deep Foundations3305. Unbraced Length of Shores1808.7.2 Unbraced Piles1810. Uncased18.13.5.7 Uncased Cast-in-Place Drilled or Augered Concrete Piles or Piers3.3.17.2 Uncertainty Analysis5.6.3.3* Uncertainty and Conservatism of Data(B) Unclassified(C) Unclassified Anesthetizing Locations(B) Unclassified Location(A) Unclassified Locations514.4.14 Unclean Area509.10.1.1 Unconditioned AreaN1113.1.1 (R505.1.1) Unconditioned Space3107F. Unconfined Concrete Piles:1817. Unconfirmed Load Path101.4 Unconstitutional[F] 601.3.1 Uncontrolled Combustion and Explosion1806.2.3 Uncontrolled Fills403. Uncorrected Outdoor Air Intake2.4.6.2 Uncounterweighted Elevators1607A.14.5 Uncovered Open-Frame Roof Structures105.2.1 Uncovering106.3 Undefined TermsE3803.11 Under Buildings(H) Under-Chassis Wiring (Exposed to Weather)609.3 Under Concrete SlabP2904.5.1 Under Concrete Slabs12-7A-4A.7 Under-Deck Flame TestAE502.6 Under-Floor Clearances-Ventilation and AccessM1703.4 Under-Floor Combustion Air904.3.1 Under-Floor Installation603.2 Under Floor or Crawl SpaceM1601.5 Under-Floor Plenums1805.1.2 Under-Floor SpaceR408.8 Under-Floor Vapor Retarder1202.4 Under-Floor Ventilation2304.12.4 Under-Floor Ventilation (Crawl Space)(E) Under Raised Floors(2) Under Sinks107.1.2 Under-Slab InspectionR302.7 Under-Stair Protection504.11.1 Underfloor Areas504.6 Underfloor Enclosure707A.9 Underfloor ProtectionArticle 390 Underfloor Raceways905.3.11.1 Undergraound Stations(B) Underground11.7 Underground and Limited Access Structures69.3.6.2 Underground and Mounded ASME Containers506.3.10 Underground and Raised Floor Cavity Grease Duct Installation1926.800(o)(3) Underground Areas(B) Underground Block Distribution702.2 Underground Building Sanitary Drainage and Vent Pipe3.5.2 Underground Building Sanitary Drains909.21 Underground Building Smoke Exhaust System1102.3 Underground Building Storm Drain Pipe1101.4.4 Underground Building Storm DrainsSection 405 Underground BuildingsSection 405 Underground Buildings and Spaces907.2.18 Underground Buildings With Compartment Smoke Control System[F] 907.2.18 Underground Buildings With Smoke Control Systems907.2.18 Underground Buildings With Smoke Exhaust System907.2.18 Underground Buildings With Smoke Exhaust Systems27.7.1.3 Underground Cables(C) Underground Cables and Conductors Under Buildings§27-873 Underground Chimney Connectors820.47 Underground Coaxial Cables Entering Buildings5704.1.2.2 Underground Combustible Liquid Tanks805.47 Underground Communications Wires and Cables Entering Buildings1926.800 Underground Construction3304.3.3 Underground Construction Operations26.34.1.3 Underground Conveyors2.6.7 Underground Copper PipingF Underground DrainageP3005.2.3 Underground Drainage CleanoutsE 301.2 Underground Drainage System Location, Size, and SlopeM1601.1.2 Underground Duct Systems603.8 Underground Ducts1926.965 Underground Electrical InstallationsArticle 340 Underground Feeder and Branch-Circuit Cable: Type UFF 201.4 Underground Fittings5704.1.2.1 Underground Flammable Liquid Tanks506.3.10 Underground Grease Duct Installation313.5 Underground InstallationSection E3803 Underground Installation Requirements300.5 Underground InstallationsP2904.15 Underground Joints1910.268(o) Underground Lines5806.4.6 Underground Liquid Hydrogen PipingE 403.8.3 Underground Metallic Systems26.34.1.1 Underground Mining Operations830.47 Underground Network-Powered Broadband Communications Cables Entering Buildings770.47 Underground Optical Fiber Cables Entering Buildings69.3.5.2 Underground or Mounded ASME ContainersG2415.6 (404.6) Underground PenetrationsG2415.6 (404.6) Underground Penetrations Prohibited63.3.1.18 Underground PipingF 104.4 Underground Piping and Submerged Materials2.6.6 Underground Plastic Pipe903.3.5.3 Underground Portions of Fire Protection System Water Supply PipingP-902.2 Underground Sanitary Drains(A) Underground Service Cable250.84 Underground Service Cable or RacewayPart III Underground Service Conductors(B) Underground Service-Entrance Cable(A) Underground Service-Entrance Conductors551.80 Underground Service, Feeder, Branch-Circuit, and Recreational Vehicle Site Feeder-Circuit Conductors(B) Underground Service Raceway Containing Cable42.7.5 Underground Spaces905.3.11.1 Underground Stations605.4.3 Underground Storage of Fuel Oil120.1.3 Underground Storage Tank Program120.6.4.2 Underground Storage Tanks66.23.1 Underground Storage Tanks Located in Areas Subject to Flooding(11) 102.11 Underground Storage Tanks Regulated by Chapter 1301:7-9 of the Administrative CodeP-1005.3 Underground Storm Drains3.3.282.12* Underground Structure3106F.11.2 Underground Structures11.7 Underground Structures and Limited Access Structures5.1.4 Underground Supply Pipe105.7.26 Underground Supply Piping for Automatic Sprinkler System(A) Underground Systems With Electric Light and Power, Class 1, or Non—Power-Limited Fire Alarm Circuit Conductors(A) Underground Systems With Electric Light and Power Conductors(A) Underground Systems With Electric Light, Power, Class 1, or Non-Power-Limited Fire Alarm Circuit Conductors1502.5.2 Underground Tank5706.4.5.8 Underground Tank Location2306.6.3.2 Underground Tank PipingG307.1 Underground Tanks5806.4 Underground Tanks for Liquid Hydrogen1926.903 Underground Transportation of Explosives12.16.7 Underground Vent PipingP-1102.2 Underground Venting605.4.1 Underground Water Distribution PipeSection P-805 Underground Water PipeE Underground Water Piping #1F Underground Water Piping #2G Underground Water Piping #3840.47 Underground Wires and Cables Entering Buildings514.8 Underground Wiring511.8 Underground Wiring Below Class I Locations680.11 Underground Wiring Location14A-4-401.3.2 Underground Work1507.1.1 Underlayment1507.4.5 Underlayment and High WindR905.2.7.2 Underlayment and High Winds1507.17.4 Underlayment Application1507.1.1.1 Underlayment for Asphalt, Metal, Mineral Surfaced, Slate and Slate-Type Roof Coverings1507.1.1.2 Underlayment for Concrete and Clay Tile1507.1.1.3 Underlayment for Wood Shakes and Shingles1518.2 Underlayments1804.2 UnderpinningSection 1817 Underpinning and Alternate Methods of Support of Buildings and Adjacent Property1814.1.1 Underpinning and BracingSection 1814 Underpinning and Support of Adjacent Property1704.9.1 Underpinning Operations3309.5 Underpinning or Alternate Methods of Support of Buildings and Adjacent Property3304.11 Underpinning Requirements1804.2.1 Underpinning Sequencing707A.10 Underside of Appendages1910.262(f)(3) Underside of Machine2.15.4 Underslung or Sub-Post Frames(2) Underwater Applications(A) Underwater Audio Equipment610.7 Underwater Benches1926.912 Underwater Blasting1910.306(j)(4) Underwater Equipment(B) Underwater Junction Boxes and Other Underwater Enclosures(4) Underwater Lighting680.23 Underwater Luminaires3106F.12 Underwater Seafloor Pipelines610.7 Underwater Seats and Benches411.5 Underwater Seats, Benches, and Swimouts3102F. Underwater Structural InspectionA-902.2.8 Undetermined Items807.2 Undiluted Condensate Waste1208.6.7.3 Undiluted Liquefied Petroleum Gas PipingA.2.3 Undiluted Liquefied Petroleum Tables1.1-3.3 Undiminished Safety401.3.2 Undisturbed Site25-812 Unenclosed Bicycle Parking Spaces1029.19.3.1 Unenclosed Exit Access Stairways and RampsSection 3308 Unenclosed Perimeter Protection3308.9 Unenclosed Perimeter Protection Inspection, Use, Adjustment, Maintenance, and Repair14-20 Unenclosed Sidewalk Cafes(1) Unenclosed Spray Processes712.1.12 Unenclosed Stairs and Ramps504.6 Unenclosed Underfloor Protection1028.17.3.1 Unenclosed Vertical Exits2.26.2.34 Unexpected Car Movement Device8. Unexposed Portions of Pistons705.7 Unexposed Surface TemperatureUnexposed Surface Temperatures718.2.1.2 Unfaced FiberglassE3902.5 Unfinished Basement ReceptaclesArticle 15 Unfired Pressure Vessels[E] 505.1 Unfired Vessel Insulation803.5.1.2 Unframed Rigid Combustible Decorative Material(2) Ungrounded AC Systems(A) Ungrounded Conductor(A) Ungrounded Conductor (Center Layer)240.15 Ungrounded Conductors210.10 Ungrounded Conductors Tapped From Grounded Systems522.25 Ungrounded Control Circuits(4) Ungrounded DC Systems250.169 Ungrounded Direct-Current Separately Derived SystemsE3603.1.2 Ungrounded Feeder Conductors(1) Ungrounded or Unigrounded Primary System690.35 Ungrounded Photovoltaic Power SystemsE3603.1.1 Ungrounded Service ConductorsE3603.2 Ungrounded Service Conductors for Accessory Buildings and Structures(E) Ungrounded System Grounding Connections(B) Ungrounded Systems722.3.1.2 Ungrouted or Partially Grouted ConstructionSection 120 Unified Program Facility Permit120.6 Unified Program Facility Permit Schedule of FeesD108.1 Uniform Alternate Construction Standard for One- And Two-Family DwellingsSection D108 Uniform Alternate Construction Standard (UACS) for One- And Two-Family Dwellings409.2.7 Uniform Distribution610.5.1 Uniform Height of 9 Inches1607.3 Uniform Live Loads1607.20.1 Uniform LoadsB.9.6 Uniform Pipe Friction LossUniform Plumbing Code ReferencesUniform Plumbing Code References for Ductile Iron and PVC Pressure Building Supply and Exterior Cold-Water Piping(E) Uniform Position702.5.7 Uniform Riser Height457.1.4.3 Uniform Specifications1028.9.4 Uniform Width1030.9.4 Uniform Width and Capacity104.18.1 Uniformed Fire Safety Officer1025.3 Uniformity1910.215(c)(4) Uniformity of Diameter1607.22.2 Uninhabitable Attics With Storage1607.22.1 Uninhabitable Attics Without Storage(B) Uninsulated Conductor505.19 Uninsulated Exposed Parts501.25 Uninsulated Exposed Parts, Class I, Divisions 1 and 2502.25 Uninsulated Exposed Parts, Class II, Divisions 1 and 2503.25 Uninsulated Exposed Parts, Class III, Divisions 1 and Unintended Car Movement Device2.19.2 Unintended Car Movement Protection3.3.314.3 Unintentional Alarm(B) Unintentional Disconnection[F] 2702.1.6 Uninterruptable Power Source(B) Uninterrupted Raceways, Embedded, Under Slab, or Underground(E) Uninterruptible Power Supplies10.6.4 Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)645.11 Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs)645.11 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)Appendix A Union Square District PlanG2422.1.4 (411.1.6) UnionsP-409.3 Unions and Compression Fittings26.6.3.14 Unique Flaws Not Covered by This Code26.6.3.9 Unique Identifier8.10.1.5 Unique or Product-Specific Procedures or Methods[BG] 303.2 Unique Performance Group Allocation1109.2.1.3 Unisex Bathing Rooms11B-213.2.3 Unisex (Patient) Bathing Rooms in Medical Care and Long-Term Care Facilities11B-213.2.2 Unisex (Patient) Toilet Rooms in Medical Care and Long-Term Care Facilities1127A.7.2.3 Unisex Sanitary Facilities213.2.1 Unisex (Single-Use or Family) Toilet and Unisex Bathing Rooms11B-213.2.1 Unisex ( Single-User or Family) Toilet and Unisex (Single-User or Family) Bathing Rooms403.1.1 Unisex Toilet and Bath Fixtures11B-703. Unisex Toilet and Bathing Facilities1109.2.1 Unisex Toilet and Bathing Rooms1109.2.1.2 Unisex Toilet Rooms2.8-1.3.3 Unit Access From Site934.2 Unit Coolers14X-4-403.3 Unit Doors1105.2 Unit Entrance(I) Unit Equipment114. Unit FeeArticle 12 Unit Heaters1106.6.2 Unit Interface457.1.4.15 Unit Laundry Facilities3.3.222 Unit Load2.8-1.3.1 Unit LocationSection R607 Unit Masonry721.1.2 Unit Masonry Protection3.3.41.3 Unit (Multi-Cell)3.3.289 Unit Operation or Unit Process2.8-1.3.5 Unit Pad1910.106(e)(3) Unit Physical Operations1106.5 Unit Primary Entrance3.3.290 Unit Process2610.1.1 Unit Skylights2405.5 Unit Skylights and Tubular Daylighting Devices2405.5.2 Unit Skylights Rated for Separate Performance Grades for Positive and Negative Design Pressure2405.5.1 Unit Skylights Rated for the Same Performance Grade for Both Positive and Negative Design Pressure1106.2 Unit Smoke Detection2.8-7.2.2 Unit Stairs2105.2.2.1 Unit Strength Method422.34 Unit Switch(es) as Disconnecting Means3.3.291 Unit (Vessel), Operating or Process3103F.2.2 Unit Weights14X-4-403.4 Unit Windows5705.4.1 Unit With a Capacity of 60 Gallons or Less5705.4.1 Unit With a Capacity of Not More Than 60 Gallons1926.12(b)(9) United States Housing Act of 1937 (42 U.S.C. 1416) United States Locations808.4.1 United States Sky Types1910.211(d)(58) Unitized Tooling2110.2 Units1.5 Units and Formulas1.6 Units and Symbols1107. Units Located in the Cellar, Basement, or First Floor90.9 Units of Measurement8.4 Units, Sleeping Rooms, and Suites: Minimum Number8.5 Units, Sleeping Rooms and Suites: Minimum Requirements(4) Units With 50-Ampere Power-Supply Assembly5705.4.2 Units With a Capacity Exceeding 60 Gallons1006 Units With Accessible Communication FeaturesSection 1106 Units With Communication Features722. Units With Filled Cores(1) Units With One 15-Ampere Branch Circuit(2) Units With One 20-Ampere Branch Circuit(3) Units With Two to Five 15- or 20-Ampere Branch Circuits1107.8.6 Units With Visible Alarm Notification AppliancesR320.2 Universal Design Features for Accessibility in Dwellings5.408.2 Universal Waste5.408.2 Universal Waste. [A]3.3.314.4 Unknown AlarmA7.1 Unlabeled Opaque DoorsA8.1 Unlabeled SkylightsA8.2 Unlabeled Vertical Fenestration1010.2.1 Unlatching1204.3 Unlawful[A] 114.1 Unlawful Acts*§28-210.4 Unlawful Advertisement for Certain Occupancies602.0 Unlawful Connections[A] 115.3 Unlawful Continuance§28-502.6.2 Unlawful for Outdoor Advertising Company to Sell Space on Illegal Sign§302 Unlawful Occupation609.2 Unlawful Operation714.1 Unlawful Practices108.1.4 Unlawful Structure§28-502.6.3 Unlawful to Transfer Sign to Unregistered Outdoor Advertising Company§28-418.2 Unlawful Use of General Contractor Title§28-420.7 Unlawful Use of Safety Registration Number9.3.2 Unless the Requirements of Are Met, SprinklersSection P-105 Unlicensed PersonSection 507 Unlimited Area Buildings507.9 Unlimited Mixed Occupancy Buildings With Group H-5303.3 Unlisted Appliances770.48 Unlisted Cables and Raceways Entering Buildings770.48 Unlisted Cables Entering Buildings911.2.3 Unlisted Decorative Appliance1004.1.3.2 Unlisted Functions1004.1.5 Unlisted Occupancies923.2 Unlisted Units907.1.1 Unlisted Wall Furnaces504.3.2 Unlisted Water Heaters840.48 Unlisted Wires and Cables Entering Buildings5007.7.4 Unloading1910.261(m)(5) Unloading Cars1910.265(d)(1)(ii) Unloading Equipment and Facilities1910.265(d)(1)(i) Unloading Methods2006.8.1 Unloading of Aircraft-Fueling Vehicles5706.6.6 Unloading Procedure8. Unlocking Devices5706.4.7.32 Unmanned BargesG3.1.2.3 Unmet Loads308.2.1 Unobstructed1027.3 Unobstructed and Unimpeded Egress Required[F] 906.6 Unobstructed and Unobscured3.3.41.2* Unobstructed Construction(A) Unobstructed Egress[NY] 4003.5.9 Unobstructed Means of Egress[BE] 1901.3.3 Unobstructed Path320.8.3 Unoccupied Buildings107.6.2 Unoccupied PropertySection 1510 Unoccupied Rooftop Structures453.7.7 Unoccupied Rooms and Concealed Spaces403.10.1.6 Unoccupied Tenant Spaces311.6 Unoccupied Tenant Spaces in Mall Buildings5604.7.5 Unpacking and Repacking Explosive Materials5604.7.5 Unpacking and Repacking ExplosivesA-603.4 Unpaid Fees3114B.5 Unpaved Areas401.7 Unplanned Evacuation901.7.4 Unplanned Out-of-Service Condition66.16.2.2* Unprotected2108.3.3 Unprotected Facilities705.8.3 Unprotected Openings1910.28(b)(1) Unprotected Sides and Edges1910.333(c)(3)(i) Unqualified PersonsA505.2.4 Unreinforced Masonry[BS] A106.2.3.9 Unreinforced Masonry Classes5.5 Unreinforced Masonry Infill Walls in Frames5.4 Unreinforced Masonry Shear Walls20.* Unreinforced Plastic Pallets1926.958(b)(1) Unrestricted Areas453.19.2 Unrestricted Exiting204.2.8 Unsafe Building or SystemsSection 111 Unsafe BuildingsSection 115 Unsafe Buildings and Equipment8-102.1.5 Unsafe Buildings or PropertiesSection 1.8.9 Unsafe Buildings or Structures1.11.10 Unsafe Buildings, Structures and EquipmentG2427.5.5.3 (503.5.6.3) Unsafe Chimneys1116.2 Unsafe Condition[A] 116.1 Unsafe Conditions5607.9.8 Unsafe Conditions and Complaints3301.5 Unsafe Conditions and Equipment105.3 Unsafe Conditions Not Related to Maintenance5604. Unsafe Containers108.1.2 Unsafe Equipment1032.11.1.2 Unsafe/Imminent Hazard Condition[A] 115.6 Unsafe Installations[A] 115.6 Unsafe Mechanical Systems[A] 115.6 Unsafe Plumbing1910.268(n)(4) Unsafe Poles or Structures503.4.2.2 Unsafe Special Gas Vents304.2 Unsafe Storage of Combustible Waste Prohibited1106.2 Unsafe Structural Elements108.1.1 Unsafe StructuresSection 116 Unsafe Structures and Equipment§ 23-27.3-124.0 Unsafe Structures — General ProvisionsSection 114 Unsafe Structures or EquipmentSection 106 Unsafe Structures or Structures Unfit for Human OccupancySection 105 Unsafe Structures or Structuresunfit for Human Occupancy[A] 107.7 Unsafe Systems1704.10.2 Unsafe Wall ConditionsP-716.1 Unsanitary Installations66.16.2.4* Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR) Unsecured Seating203.5.1.2 Unseparated Mixed Occupancies1405.5 Unshielded Couplings903.7.1.2 Unsprinklered Addition903.7.2.2 Unsprinklered Alterations903.7.3.2 Unsprinklered Change of Occupancy20.7 Unsprinklered Combustible Concealed Spaces2109.2.1 Unstabilized Adobe1910.265(c)(27)(iii) Unstable Piles427.7.4 Unstable (Reactive)* Unstable Reactive Gas63.3.10.5 Unstable Reactive Gases (Detonable)63.3.10 Unstable Reactive Gases (Nondetonable)3.3.292 Unstable (Reactive) Material6606.1 Unstable (Reactive) Material Classified as a Class IV MaterialE102.1.10 Unstable (Reactive) MaterialsP-902.3.3 Unstable Soil3314.5.7 Unsuitable Platforms17.4.3.5* Unsupported Armover Length17.* Unsupported Armover Length With Maximum Pressure Exceeding 100 psi (6.9 Bar) and Branch Line Above Ceiling Supplying Sprinklers in Pendent Position Below Ceiling(B) Unsupported Cable(D) Unsupported Cables17.* Unsupported Length With Maximum Pressure Exceeding 100 psi (6.9 Bar) and Branch Line Above Ceiling Supplying Sprinklers in Pendent Position Below Ceiling17.4.3.4* Unsupported Lengths14A-10-1005.4.2 Untimely Petitions14A-4-412.3.2 Untimely Submission of Permit Application for Temporary Structure7.3.2 Untopped Diaphragms711.2.6 Unusable Space5604.10.5 Unused High Explosives(A) Unused Openings17.3.6 Unusual CircumstancesM1702.3 Unusually Tight Construction621.7 UnventedSection 929 Unvented Alcohol Fuel-Burning Decorative Appliances1202.3 Unvented Attic and Unvented Enclosed Rafter AssembliesR806.4 Unvented Attic AssembliesR408.3 Unvented Crawl SpaceG2445.7 (621.7) Unvented Decorative Room HeatersC402.5.9.2 Unvented Dropped Ceiling Cavities610.5 Unvented Duct Furnaces20.2.4.5 Unvented Fuel-Fired Heating EquipmentR1004.4 Unvented Gas Log HeatersR109.3 Unvented Heaters901.5 Unvented Heaters and Appliances4701.7 Unvented Portable HeatersSection G2445 (621) Unvented Room Heaters1910.268(s)(41) Unvented Vault3.3.314* Unwanted Alarm10.22* Unwanted Alarms305.5 Unwanted Fire Ignitions1910.68(c)(5) Up Limit Stops511.1.1 Upblast Fans3301.9.1.5 Updating Content401.3.6.2 Updating of Existing Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans5607.2.1.2 Updating of Pre-Blasting Survey*§28-310.3 Upgrade of Lighting Systems of Covered Buildings Required5. Uphill End Emergency Exit10.3.2.1* Upholstered Furniture38.7.5 Upholstered Furniture and MattressesSection 805 Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses in BuildingsSection 805 Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses in New and Existing BuildingsSection 805 Upholstered Furniture Andmattresses in New and Existing Buildings904.1.3 Upholstered Furniture or Mattresses116-41 Upland Connections116-40 Upland Connections and Visual Corridors2.4.3.4 Uplift2305. Uplift Anchorage at Perforated Shear Wall Ends2211.3.3.2 Uplift Anchorage at Type II Shear Wall Ends2305. Uplift Anchorage Between Perforated Shear Wall Ends2211.3.3.3 Uplift Anchorage Between Type II Shear Wall EndsR504.1.3 Uplift and Buckling1808.2.8.5 Uplift Capacity1810. Uplift Capacity of a Single Deep Foundation Element1810. Uplift Capacity of Grouped Deep Foundation ElementsR603.9.4 Uplift Connection Requirements§27-672 Uplift Forces1810.4.2 Uplift Load Test1810.4.2.2 Uplift Load Test Apparatus and Inspection Requirements1810.4.2.1 Uplift Load Test Procedures1610.2 Uplift Loads on Floor and Foundations324.4.1 Uplift Protection:R802.11.1 Uplift Resistance409.2 Uplight3.3.315 Uplink1109. Upon Activation120.6.2.2 Upon Adoption of the Schedule§28- Upon Application(5) Upper and Lower Half Enclosures(5) Upper and Lower Half Enclosures3314.15.3.2 Upper BlockG2437.6 (609.6) Upper-Floor Installations907.2 Upper Section703.4.2 Uppercase Letters3. Upright Sprinkler5304.1 Upright Storage63. Upright Storage Flammable Gas in Solution and Liquefied Flammable Gas63. Upright Use1910.218(h) Upsetters510.1.12 Upsizing26.* Upward Projecting Sprinklers1926.12(b)(19) Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1954 (49 U.S.C. 1609)Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation Safety Notice2.5-3.2.1 Urgent Care Examination Room2.5-3.2.2 Urgent Care Treatment Room412.1.3.1 Urinal, Hybrid412.1.3.1 Urinal, Hybrid [BSC-CG][P] 2903.1.5 Urinal Partitions1209.3.2 Urinal Separation and Partitions605 Urinals2902.1.1.2 Urinals in Men's Facilities1910.1050(m)(2)(i)(C)(2) Urinalysis2.3.12 US Government Publications§27-292.9 Usable Dwelling Units7.* Usable Space§27-292.10 Usable Spaces1926.1416(d)(1)(i)(A)721.2.1 Use and Application721.2.1 Use and Application [HCD 1 & HCD 2 ]74-90 Use and Bulk Modifications for Certain Community Facility Uses89-10 Use and Bulk Regulations89-11 Use and Bulk Regulations on Receiving SitesR110.1 Use and Change of Occupancy[A] E102.1 Use and Documentation43.8.7 Use and HandlingSection 5305 Use and Handling of Compressed Gases1910.304(a) Use and Identification of Grounded and Grounding ConductorsArticle 200 Use and Identification of Grounded Conductors124-51 Use and Location of Parking Facilities605. Use and Maintenance3307.6.5 Use and Maintenance of Sidewalk Sheds[A] 111.1 Use and OccupancySection 302 Use and Occupancy ClassificationSection 408 Use and Occupancy-Related RequirementsSection 408 Use and Occupancy-Related Requirements(section Deleted)605.5.2.2 Use and Operation3301.8.2 Use and Tampering Prohibited101.8.1 Use and Wearing of the Badge23. Use Condition I — Free Egress23. Use Condition II — Zoned Egress22. Use Condition III — Zoned Impeded Egress23. Use Condition IV — Impeded Egress23. Use Condition V — Contained[F] 415.11.3.1 Use Conditions302.2 Use DesignationSection 5005 Use, Dispensing and Handling5705.3.8 Use, Dispensing and Handling Outside of Buildings[F] 502.9.5.4 Use, Dispensing and Mixing5705.3 Use, Dispensing and Mixing Inside of Buildings3316.7.2 Use During Installation, Jumping, Dismantling or Alteration3314.4.4.7 Use During Installation, Repairs, Maintenance, Adjustments, or Removal3604.5.2 Use for Cleaning6103.2.1.7 Use for Food Preparation22-11 Use Group 132-19 Use Group 1032-20 Use Group 11115-12 Use Group 11B in C6-4 Districts32-21 Use Group 1232-22 Use Group 1332-23 Use Group 1432-24 Use Group 1532-25 Use Group 1642-121 Use Group 16D Self-Service Storage Facilities42-14 Use Group 1742-15 Use Group 1822-12 Use Group 222-13 Use Group 322-14 Use Group 432-14 Use Group 532-15 Use Group 6104-131 Use Group 6A22-15 Use Group 6C32-16 Use Group 732-17 Use Group 832-18 Use Group 9131-121 Use Group A: Amusements131-122 Use Group B: Amusement and Entertainment-Enhancing Uses131-123 Use Group C: Retail and Service Uses83-03 Use Group "LC"109-211 Use Group LI106-311 Use Group M104-16 Use Group MMU99-031 Use Group MP94-062 Use Group SB81-722 Use Group T32-11 Use Groups 1 and 2136-12 Use Groups 10A and 12 in C2 Districts116-101 Use Groups 12 and 14104-132 Use Groups 16, 17 and 1842-12 Use Groups 3A, 6A, 6B, 6D, 6F, 7B, 7C, 7D, 7E, 8, 9B, 9C, 10A, 10B, 10C, 11, 12A, 12C, 12D, 12E, 13, 14 and 1674-921 Use Groups 3A and 4A Community Facilities74-92 Use Groups 3A and 4A Community Facilities and Certain Large Retail Establishments in Manufacturing Districts42-11 Use Groups 4A, 4B, 4C, 5, 6C, 6E, 7A, 9A and 12B42-13 Use Groups 6C, 9A and 12B131-12 Use Groups A, B and CP102.1 Use Groups A, E, H, I and RP103.1 Use Groups B, F, M, S1027.2 Use in a Means of Egress6103.2.1.1 Use in Basement, Pit or Other Area Below Grade6103.2.1.1 Use in Basement, Pit or Similar Location69.3.12.8 Use in Buildings for Demonstrations or Training, and Use of Small Cylinders for Self-Contained Torch Assemblies and Food Service Appliances309.2 Use in Hazardous (Classified) Locations406.8.2 Use Instructions[BG] 1511.2.2 Use Limitations(1) Use Location108-13 Use Modifications in the Food Industry Subdistrict108-12 Use Modifications in the Residential Buffer Subdistrict108-11 Use Modifications in the Special Hunts Point District77-332 Use Not Permitted in Both Districts113.7.1 Use of a Residential Building for Other Purposes1926.303(c) Use of Abrasive Wheels11.3.1.3 Use of Accessory Levels3508.1 Use of Acetylene Generators§27-755 Use of Adsorption Devices414.1 Use of Air or Oxygen Under Pressure2405.9.5 Use of Air Pressure2305.3 Use of Alcohol-Blended Motor Fuel in Existing Liquid Motor Fuel Storage and Dispensing SystemsL 406.1 Use of Alternate Water Source for Special Water FeaturesL 411.3 Use of Alternate Water Sources for Landscape Irrigation54-42 Use of Alternative Formula103.6 Use of Appendix A103.7 Use of Appendix BR329.1 Use of Appendix H for Patio CoversE 404.2 Use of Approved Pipe and Fittings of ExtensionSection 462 Use of Asbestos in New Public Buildings or Buildings Newly Constructed for Lease to Government Entities— Prohibition(D) Use of Audio Transformers and Autotransformers1210.12.6 Use of Automatic Firechecks, Safety Blowouts, or Backfire Preventers5. Use of Automatic Load Management Systems (ALMS)1910.109(g)(7) Use of Blasting AgentsA4.405.4 Use of Building Materials From Rapidly Renewable SourcesA.3 Use of Capacity Tables§3004-01 Use of Carbon Dioxide in Beverage Dispensing Systems5.4.5.3 Use of Cast Iron5.7.18.6 Use of Cast Iron in Gears306.2.1 Use of Cellulose Nitrate Film103.4 Use of Certain Provisions of Referenced Codes310.7.3 Use of Charcoal or Other Material for Smoking Paraphernalia1220.1 Use of Chemical Additives and Corrosive Fluids(B) Use of Class 2-LP or Class 3-LP Cables to Transmit Power and Data(A) Use of Class 2 or Class 3 Cables to Transmit Power and Data5706.4.13.3 Use of Clean-Up Service§27-507 Use of Combustible Materials3703.1 Use of Combustible ReceptaclesH107.1 Use of Combustibles1-105 Use of Commission Indicia7.5.9.1 Use of Common Guide Rails2405.5.2 Use of Compressed Air5305.8 Use of Compressed Gas for Inflation63. Use of Compressed Gases for Inflation903.2 Use of Copper or Copper Alloy Tubing1926.908 Use of Detonating Cord§120 Use of Dwelling Units in a Class A Multiple Dwelling for Other Than Permanent Residence PurposesSection 6103 Use of Equipment250.121 Use of Equipment Grounding Conductors42.10.5.6 Use of Equipment Powered by Internal Combustion Engines Around Aircraft1810.1.2 Use of Existing Deep Foundation Elements1810.2.7 Use of Existing Deep Foundations1808.2.18 Use of Existing Piers or Piles1808.2.7 Use of Existing Piles§27-690 Use of Existing Piles at Demolished Structures3305. Use of Existing Structures to Support Vertical or Lateral Loads2104.8.1 Use of Existing Walls3306.9.7 Use of Explosives1910.109(e) Use of Explosives and Blasting Agents1104.16.7.1 Use of Fire Escape3301.5.2.3 Use of Fireworks3903.5 Use of Flammable and Combustible Liquids17.3.4 Use of Flammable Materials and Procedures640.21 Use of Flexible Cords and Cables1231.6.1 Use of Floors1926.350(d) Use of Fuel Gas1312.3 Use of Gas Hose Connectors5. Use of Glass4.3.10 Use of Glass in Cars6. Use of Glass or Plastic5.4.4.3 Use of Glass or Plastics[NY] 5610.5 Use of Ground-Based or Hand-Held Devices in or Near Buildings or Structures250.142 Use of Grounded Circuit Conductor for Grounding Equipment1926.404(a)(3) Use of Grounding Terminals and Devices606.16 Use of Group A3 and B3 Refrigerants2510.5.2 Use of Gypsum Backing Board2510.5.2.1 Use of Gypsum Board as a Backing Board2510.5.2.2 Use of Gypsum Sheathing Backing3301.5.1.4 Use of High Explosives1808.2.10 Use of Higher Allowable Pier or Pile Stresses200.7 Use of Insulation of a White or Gray Color or With Three Continuous White or Gray Stripes10.2.2* Use of Interior Finishes517.16 Use of Isolated Ground ReceptaclesSection 890.340 Use of Joints1910.218(a)(1) Use of Lead6103.2 Use of LP-Gas Containers in Buildings5906.5 Use of Magnesium§28-113.2 Use of Materials1910.176(a) Use of Mechanical Equipment11.9.1.2 Use of Membrane Roofs5609.3.1 Use of Minimum Amount Necessary§27-619 Use of Non-Stress Grade Wood1808.8.7 Use of Non-Structural Slabs on Ground to Resist Bearing Loads§27-902 Use of Nonconforming Material or Equipment1312.3 Use of Nonmetalic Gas Hose Connectors1212.3 Use of Nonmetallic Gas Hose Connectors3319.9.1 Use of Nylon Slings in Conjunction With Climber or Tower Crane Erection, Jumping, Climbing, and Dismantling308.2 Use of Open Flames308.5 Use of Open Flames in Assembly Occupancies and Places of Public Gathering2408.2 Use of Organic Peroxide Coatings(B) Use of Other Outlets§2605-01 Use of Oxygen and a Flammable Gas in Citywide Hot Work OperationsSusceptible BaySuspended Ceiling GridSuspended ScaffoldSuspended Scaffold ForemanSuspension Means and Their ConnectionsSuspension Means Passing Through Floors or StairsSuspension Member, Noncircular Elastomeric-Coated Steel (Hoisting)Suspension ScaffoldSustainable Roofing ZoneSustained WindSway BraceSway Control GuideSway Control Guide Suspension MeansSweepSwimming PoolSwimming Pool, IndoorSwimming Pool, OutdoorSwimming Pool, PrivateSwimming Pool, PublicSwimming PoolsSwimoutSwingSwing JointSwingingSwinging DoorSwitch, Bypass IsolationSwitch, General-UseSwitch, General-Use SnapSwitch, IsolatingSwitch, Motor-CircuitSwitch, TransferSwitchboardSwitched Telephone NetworkSwitchgearSystemSystem ComponentsSystem DesignerSystem, ExistingSystem InstallerSystem Isolation EquipmentSystem OperatorSystem or SubsystemSystem Outdoor AirflowSystem RiserSystem(s)System ShutoffSystem UnitSystem Working PressureSystem Zoning Part II — Design CriteriaSystems-Engineered Metal BuildingT RatingTactileTactile Notification ApplianceTactile SignTactile WarningTail LineTailpieceTakeoff and Landing AreaTalk ModeTandem Operation EscalatorsTankTank, AtmosphericTank, AuxiliaryTank CarTank, Engine-MountedTank, GravityTank in an Underground AreaTank, IntegralTank, Motor Vehicle FuelTank, PortableTank, PrimaryTank, Protected Above GroundTank, Protected AbovegroundTank, StationaryTank StorageTank SupplyTank, Vacuum or BarometricTank VehicleTanksTap ConductorTap ConductorsTar KettleTask IlluminationTask LightingTeachersTeaching and Research LaboratoryTechnical AssistantTechnical Power SystemTechnical Production AreaTechnical ReviewTechnically InfeasibleTechnically Infeasible, AccessibilityTechnically Infeasible, Stair ConstructionTechnology WorkstationsTeeing GroundTelecommunications Equipment AreaTelehandlerTelephone ExchangeTelevision Studio or Motion Picture Stage (Sound Stage)Temperature- And Pressure-Relief (T and P) ValveTemperature and Pressure Relief (T&P) ValveTemperature and Pressure Relief (T&P) Valve Relief ValveTemperature Control Throttling RangeTemperature-Relief ValveTemperature Relief Valve Relief ValveTempered WaterTemporaryTemporary Accessible ParkingTemporary ConstructionTemporary Construction InstallationsTemporary Curb RampTemporary Door Locking DeviceTemporary EquipmentTemporary (For Chapter 11)Temporary Geological Exploratory Core HoleTemporary GreenhouseTemporary Growing StructureTemporary Holding Cell, Room or AreaTemporary Holding FacilityTemporary Holding Facility [SFM]Temporary ModificationsTemporary Overnight ShelterTemporary PlatformTemporary ResidenceTemporary SignTemporary Site Safety Training (SST) CardTemporary Special Event StructureTemporary Stage CanopyTemporary StructureTemporary StructuresTemporary-Use Building Community CollegeTemporary-Use Building K-12Temporary WiringTenable EnvironmentTenable EnvironmentalTenantTenant-OccupantsTenant SpaceTendonTendon, BondedTendon, ExternalTendon, UnbondedTensile Membrane StructureTension-Controlled SectionTensioned-Membrane StructureTentTepid WaterTerminalTerminal LandingTerminal Speed-Limiting Device, EmergencyTerminal Speed-Reducing Device, HydraulicTerminal Stopping Device, EmergencyTerminal Stopping Device, FinalTerminal Stopping Device, Machine Final (Stop-Motion Switch)Terminal Stopping Device, NormalTerminal Stopping DevicesTerminally IllTerminated StopsTermination, DuctTermite ResistantTermite-Resistant MaterialTermite Resistant Naturally Durable WoodTerraceTestTest No. 1 —Individual Building TestTest No. 2 —Site Analysis TestTest No. 3 —Unusual Characteristics TestTesting AgencyTesting Agency. (HCD 1 & HCD 2)Testing PersonnelTesting Unit Enclosure AreaText TelephoneText Telephone (TTY)Textual Audible Notification ApplianceTextual Visible Notification ApplianceTextual Visual Notification ApplianceThe ActTheaterTheft ResistantTheme Park or Entertainment ComplexTheoretical AirThermal BarrierThermal BlockThermal BridgeThermal ConductanceThermal Conductance (C-Factor)Thermal Distribution Efficiency (TDE)Thermal EmittanceThermal Energy Storage SystemThermal EnvelopeThermal Insecticidal FoggingThermal IsolationThermal Protector (As Applied to Motors)Thermal Recovery UnitThermal Resistance (R)Thermal Resistance, R-ValueThermal ResistivityThermal TransmittanceThermal Transmittance, U-factorThermally Effective Panel SurfaceThermally Ineffective Panel SurfaceThermally Isolated Sunroom AdditionThermally Protected (As Applied to Motors)Thermoplastic MaterialThermosetting MaterialThermostatThermostatic ControlThermostatic (Temperature Control) ValveThin-Bed MortarThird-Party Certification AgencyThird-Party Certification Agency, for Factory-Built StructuresThird-Party CertifiedThird-Party ReviewThird-Party TestedThis Part Applies to Hand-Operated ElevatorsThis Part Applies to Sidewalk ElevatorsThis SectionThreatened ReleaseThreshold BuildingThreshold Comb, Moving WalkThreshold Limit Value-Time Weighted Average (TLV-TWA)Threshold Plate, Moving WalkThreshold Violation RatioThrough PenetrationThrough-Penetration Firestop SystemThrough-Wall Lighting AssemblyTidal WetlandsTie-Down (Hold-Down)Tie, LateralTie, WallTier ITiered StorageTiered Storage (Baled Cotton)Tight-Fitting FacepieceTileTile, Structural ClayTimber and Lumber Production FacilitiesTimber PilesTime Dependent Valuation (TDV)Time Dependent Valuation (TDV) EnergyTime Switch ControlTintedTiny HouseTireTires, Bulk Storage OfTitle 24TLV-TWA (Threshold Limit Value-Time-Weighted Average)TLV-TWA (Threshold Limit Value-Timeweighted Average)TNT EquivalentToddlerToiletToilet FacilitiesToilet FacilityToilet, Gas-FiredToilet RoomToilet Room, CommunityToilet Room, PrivateToilet Room, SharedToolTop Dip (Of the Trap)Top Dip (Of Trap)Top ShieldToplightingTopsoilTorch-Applied Roof SystemTorque-Controlled Post-Installed AnchorTorsional Force DistributionTotal BoomTotal Building EvacuationTotal Design DisplacementTotal Hazard CurrentTotal Maximum DisplacementTouchdown PadToughnessTow Conveyors (Shopping Car Conveyors)TowerTower (As Applied to Wind Electric Systems)Tower CraneTownhouseTownhouse, or Townhouse UnitTownhouse UnitToxicToxic GasToxic MaterialToxicityToxicity ClassificationToxicity Classification (Refrigerant)Toxicity Refrigerant Safety ClassificationsToxicity. See "Toxicity ClassificationTraction Driving Machines Terminal Stopping DevicesTraction ElevatorTraction MachineTrade LicenseTrade License HolderTrade SecretTraffic Calming DeviceTraffic Calming DevicesTrailTrailheadTrainedTransferTransfer AirTransfer DeviceTransfer LengthTransfillingTransformerTransientTransient 270 Day Stay Hotel RoomTransient AircraftTransient HotelTransient LodgingTransient Parking WaiverTransitTransit Boarding PlatformTransit FacilityTransit PlatformTransit ServiceTransition AreaTransition AssemblyTransition DuctsTransition Fittings, Plastic to SteelTransition Gas RiserTransition PlateTransitions DuctsTransmission ChannelTransmitterTransomTransparentTransparent DoorTransparent Safety Glazing MaterialsTransponderTransport Refrigerated Unit (TRU)TransportableTransverse Flue SpaceTransverse Flue Space Flue SpacesTrapTrap ArmTrap PrimerTrap SealTravelTravel PathTravel TrailerTraveling CableTreadTreadway, Moving WalkTreated Gray WaterTreated WoodTreatmentTreatment of WaterTreatment SystemTreatment TableTree CrownTrenchTrick MatchTrickle ChargeTrimTrouble ConditionTrouble ResponseTrouble SignalTruckTruck CamperTruck CouplerTruck Flanged Surface InletTruck Zone, ElevatorTruck Zoning Device, ElevatorTruss Design DrawingTruth WindowTsunami Design GeodatabaseTsunami Design ZoneTsunami Design Zone MapTsunami Hazard ZoneTsunami Hazard Zone MapTube RideTube TrailerTubingTubing PipingTubular Daylighting Device (TDD)Turnover RateTurnover Time(TWA)Two-FamilyTwo-Family DwellingTwo-Family Dwelling UnitTwo-FERTwo-Point Suspended Scaffold (Swing Stage)Two-Point Suspension Scaffold (Swing Stage)Two-Way ConstructionTwo-Way Emergency Communications SystemTwo-Way Radio CommunicationsType 1Type 1 Clothes DryerType 1 MagazineType 1 StairType 2Type 2 Clothes DryerType 2 MagazineType 3Type 3 MagazineType 4Type 4 MagazineType 5Type 5 MagazineType A Double Access LadderType A Public Emergency Alarm Reporting SystemType A SoilType A UnitType B Gas VentType B Limited Access LadderType B+NYC UnitType B Public Emergency Alarm Reporting SystemType B SoilType B UnitType B VentType B Vent VentType B-W Gas VentType BW Gas VentType BW VentType BW Vent VentType C LadderType C SoilType C UnitType D In-Pool LadderType E or F In-Pool Staircase LadderType FCC CableType IType I Dry Cleaning SystemsType I FacilityType I HoodType I Shear WallType IIType II Dry Cleaning SystemsType II FacilityType II HoodType II Shear WallType II Shear Wall SegmentType IIIType III Dry Cleaning SystemsType III Environmental Product DeclarationType III FacilityType IV FacilityType L Gas VentType L VentType L Vent VentType NMType NMCType NMSType OType O Public Swimming Pool (Public Pool)Type of Protection "NType SEType TestType UseTypes I—VTypes I —V Residential Swimming Pool (Residential Pool)Types IV and VTypes IV and V Dry Cleaning SystemsTypes of Bedpan WashersTypes of Storage Batteries Include Storage BatteryTypes VI—IXTypes VI-IX Public Swimming Pool (Public Pool)U-factorU-factor (Thermal Transmittance)(UC) Specified State-Occupied Buildings(UFL)Ultimate DeformationUltra-Low Emitting Formaldehyde (ULEF) ResinsUmbilicalUmbrella StructureUN/DOTn Class 1 ExplosivesUN/DOTn Class 1 Explosives ExplosiveUnadjusted Shear ResistanceUnassisted AccessUnauthorized DischargeUncased Cast-in-Place Concrete Drilled or Augered PilesUncertainty AnalysisUnclassified DetonableUnclassified Detonable Organic PeroxideUnclassified LocationsUnconditioned SpaceUnconfined Compressive Strength (Soil)Unconfined SpaceUnder Rooftop Monitors Daylight AreaUnder SkylightsUnder Skylights Daylight AreaUnder Skylights Daylight ZoneUnder Skylights Daylight ZonesUnder the Control of an Outdoor Advertising CompanyUnderground Storage Tank (UST) ProgramUnderground StructureUnderlaymentUnderpinningUnderwater BenchUnderwater LedgeUnderwater SeatUnenclosed Accessory StructureUnenclosed PerimeterUnenclosed SpaceUnenclosed Spray AreaUnfriendly FireUngroundedUngrounded DC SystemUnheated Slab-on-Grade FloorUnified Program FacilityUnified Program Facility PermitUniform Fire Code Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP)Uniform IlluminationUniformity CoefficientUnintended Car MovementUnintentional AlarmUninterruptible Power SupplyUnique FarmlandUnique Farmland FarmlandUnique Software Identifier (USI)