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925.5 Appliance Pressure RegulationsG2450.4 (628.4) Appliance Pressure Regulators(C) Appliance Receptacle Outlets503.6.11.1 Appliance Separation1307.2 Appliance ShutoffG2420.5 (409.5) Appliance Shutoff Valve1210.8.2 Appliance Shutoff Valves1212.6 Appliance Shutoff Valves and ConnectionsD.6 Appliance-Specific Inspections507.3 Appliance Support(J) Appliance Terminal Connections509.3.2 Appliance Venting Requirements804.6 Appliances306.6 Appliances Above Ceilings1213.2.3 Appliances and EquipmentG2417.3.2 (406.3.2) Appliances and Equipment IsolationA5.303.3 Appliances and Fixtures for Commercial ApplicationG2409.3.1 (308.3.1) Appliances Clearances422.62 Appliances Consisting of Motors and Other LoadsM1411.3.4 Appliances, Equipment and Insulation in Pans930.0 Appliances for Installation in Manufactured Housing801.3 Appliances Fueled by Other FuelsM1305.1.2 Appliances in Attics508.4 Appliances in Attics and Under-Floor Spaces1107.2.3.2 Appliances in Kitchen and KitchenetteM1305.1.1 Appliances in RoomsG2409.4.1 (308.4.1) Appliances Installed in Rooms That Are Large in Comparison With the Size of the AppliancesG2409.4.2 (308.4.2) Appliances Installed in Rooms That Are Not Large in Comparison With the Size of the AppliancesG2425.8 (501.8) Appliances Not Required to Be Vented508.0 Appliances on Roofs306.5 Appliances on Roofs or Elevated Structures(B) Appliances Rated Over 300 Volt-AmperesA5.210.1 Appliances Regulated by the Appliance Efficiency RegulationsG2427.12.1 (503.12.1) Appliances Requiring Draft HoodsM1305.1.3 Appliances Under FloorsG2427.2.2 (503.2.4) Appliances With Integral VentsSection 102 Applicability81-612 Applicability Along District Boundaries35-00 Applicability and Definitions43-00 Applicability and General Provisions23-00 Applicability and General PurposesSection 102 Applicability and Jurisdictional Authority1501.1 Applicability [BSC-CG, DWR & HCD 1]33-00 Applicability, Definitions and General Provisions101.3 Applicability, General24-00 Applicability, General Purposes and Definitions801.5 Applicability in Flood Hazard Areas(a) 5622.1.1 Applicability LimitationsR802.10.2.1 Applicability Limits8.7.1.1 Applicability of Alteration Requirements98-051 Applicability of Article I, Chapter 1128-051 Applicability of Article I, Chapter 293-052 Applicability of Article I, Chapter 3143-08 Applicability of Article I, Chapter 5125-042 Applicability of Article II, Chapter 537-10 Applicability of Article II, Chapter 6, to Lots With Private Roads133-04 Applicability of Article III, Chapter 6138-041 Applicability of Article IX, Chapter 552-02 Applicability of Article V, Chapter 2108-15 Applicability of Article V, Chapter 2 (Non-Conforming Uses)54-02 Applicability of Article V, Chapter 4107-09 Applicability of Article VI127-053 Applicability of Article VI, Chapter 1134-05 Applicability of Article VI, Chapter 2107-092 Applicability of Article VI, Chapter 465-01 Applicability of Article VI, Chapter 5135-025 Applicability of Article VI, Chapter 6143-05 Applicability of Article VI, Chapters 4 and 681-061 Applicability of Article VII124-042 Applicability of Article VII, Chapter 3128-055 Applicability of Article VII, Chapter 4134-06 Applicability of Article VII, Chapter 662-134 Applicability of Article VII, Chapter 762-132 Applicability of Article VII, Chapters 4, 8 and 991-06 Applicability of Article VII Provisions143-06 Applicability of Article XII, Chapter 362-135 Applicability of Bulk Regulations to Long-Term Care Facilities81-05 Applicability of Certain Amendments35-40 Applicability of Density Regulations24-20 Applicability of Density Regulations to Zoning Lots Containing Both Residential and Community Facility Uses88-052 Applicability of District Bulk Regulations to Certain Enlargements64-13 Applicability of District Regulations13-22 Applicability of Enclosure and Screening Requirements35-30 Applicability of Floor Area and Open Space Regulations101-021 Applicability of Inclusionary Housing Program8.10.1.3 Applicability of Inspection and Test Requirements8.11.1.2 Applicability of Inspection Requirements105-701 Applicability of Large-Scale Residential Development Regulations107-82 Applicability of Large-Scale Residential Development Regulations to Parcels Containing Designated Open Space13-043 Applicability of Loading Regulations Within the Manhattan Core105-702 Applicability of Lower Density Growth Management Area Regulations605.4.2.4 Applicability of Maximum Allowable Quantity and Control Area Requirements3310.1.1 Applicability of Other Laws119-05 Applicability of Parking Location Regulations132-41 Applicability of Parking Regulations16-052 Applicability of Parking Regulations for Large-Scale Residential Developments Within the Long Island City Area16-051 Applicability of Parking Regulations Within the Long Island City Area13-041 Applicability of Parking Regulations Within the Manhattan Core134-12 Applicability of Performance Standards143-07 Applicability of Quality Housing Regulations36-021 Applicability of Regulation to Non-Profit Hospital Staff Dwellings81-611 Applicability of Regulations44-025 Applicability of Regulations in an M1-1 District in Community District 12 in the Borough of Queens36-023 Applicability of Regulations in C4-1 Districts25-027 Applicability of Regulations in Community District 14, Queens25-029 Applicability of Regulations in Flood Zones44-023 Applicability of Regulations in M1-1D Through M1-5D Districts44-024 Applicability of Regulations in M1-6D Districts25-023 Applicability of Regulations in the Manhattan Core and Long Island City Area36-024 Applicability of Regulations in the Manhattan Core and the Long Island City Area25-026 Applicability of Regulations in the Waterfront Area36-022 Applicability of Regulations of C6-1A Districts25-028 Applicability of Regulations to Certain Community Facility Uses in Lower Density Growth Management Areas44-021 Applicability of Regulations to Non-Profit Hospital Staff25-021 Applicability of Regulations to Non-Profit Hospital Staff Dwellings25-025 Applicability of Regulations to Quality Housing139-021 Applicability of Regulations to the Gowanus Canal25-022 Applicability of Regulations to Zoning Lots in Predominantly Built-Up Areas1910.302(c) Applicability of Requirements for Disconnecting Means35-20 Applicability of Residence District Bulk Regulations60.1.3 Applicability of Sections81-023 Applicability of Special Clinton District Regulations91-061 Applicability of Special Permits by the Board of Standards and Appeals91-062 Applicability of Special Permits by the City Planning Commission13-042 Applicability of Special Permits Within the Manhattan Core16-053 Applicability of Special Purpose Districts Within the Long Island City Area137-12 Applicability of Special Regulations133-05 Applicability of Special Regulations Applying in the Waterfront Area81-022 Applicability of Special Transit Land Use District Regulations132-13 Applicability of Special Use, Transparency, Street Wall and Parking Regulations1910.5 Applicability of Standards141-04 Applicability of the Inclusionary Housing Program136-052 Applicability of the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program62-133 Applicability of the Quality Housing Program26-00 Applicability of This Chapter135-046 Applicability of This Chapter to Certain Zoning Lots in Subdistrict D(c) 121.1.3 Applicability of This Code11-111 Applicability of This Resolution132-31 Applicability of Transparency Regulations81-021 Applicability of Underlying District Regulations141-31 Applicability of Underlying Ground Floor Use Regulations132-21 Applicability of Use Regulations62-51 Applicability of Visual Corridor Requirements62-52 Applicability of Waterfront Public Access Area Requirements87-72 Applicability of Waterfront Regulations24-31 Applicability of Yard Regulations62-12 Applicability to Developments in the Waterfront Area401.3.6 Applicability to Existing Buildings and Occupancies101.4 Applicability to Federally Financed Facilities15-012 Applicability Within C6-1G, C6-2G, M1-5B or M1-6D Districts15-011 Applicability Within Special Purpose Districts1.10.2.1 Applicable Administrative Standards1.10.3.2 Applicable Building Standards105.3.7 Applicable Code for Manufactured Buildings1910.1024(m)(4)(ii)(D) Applicable Emergency ProceduresC406.1.1.1 Applicable Envelope and On-Site Renewable Energy CreditsC406.1.1.2 Applicable HVAC and Service Water Heating Credits2.8-1.1.1 Applicable Medical Units1926.950(a)(3) Applicable Part 1910 RequirementsQ101.2 Applicable Regulations646.4 Applicable Requirements1926.30(b) Applicable Safety and Health Standards903.1 Applicable Standards1815.4.2 Applicable Strata§28-104.6 ApplicantA1.2 Applicant-Determined Assembly U-Factors, C-Factors, F-Factors, or Heat Capacities§28-105.5.1 Applicant for Permit108.3 Applicant Information, Processing by Mail705. Applicant of Record§28- Applicant Requirement[A] 106.2.3 Applicant Responsibility*§28-104.8.1 Applicant Statements201 ApplicationDivision 1: Application and Administration§28-401.5 Application and Conditions26.5.1 Application and General10.6.11.1 Application and Installation1101.2.1 Application and Maintenance2.17.9 Application and Release of Safeties8-303.3 Application and Scope440.22 Application and Selection603.5.2 Application and Use201.2 Application Based on Building or Facility Use701A.3.1 Application Date and Where RequiredG1.3.2 Application Documentation4-320 Application FeesQ103.3 Application for a Fence, Wall or Retaining Wall Permit§27-3011 Application for a License. [Repealed]104.17.2 Application for a Variance or Waiver[A] 109.1 Application for Appeal114.4.1 Application for Approval*§28-104.2 Application for Approval of Construction Documents4-315 Application for Approval of Drawings and Specifications4-238 Application for Approval of Project Inspectors, Assistant Inspectors and Special Inspectors8-401 Application for Architectural Plan Review§28- Application for Certificate of Occupancy8.3.1.2 Application for Certification103.4.1 Application for Certification, Local Board of Building Appeals1-211 Application for Code Advisory Committee Appointment4-224 Application for DSA Approval of Drawings and Specifications5-401 Application for IEEAArticle 4 Application for Independent Entity Evaluation Approval (IEEA)Section 92.0120 Application for Journey-Level Elevator Mechanic104.8.1 Application for Modification105.3.9.1 Application for Operational Permits[A] 105.3 Application for Permit*§28-105.5.2 Application for Permit Where a Building Is Occupied120.4 Application for Permits107.2 Application for Plan Approval7-113 Application for Plan, Report or Seismic Compliance Extension Review8-501 Application for Plan Review§ 23-27.3-126.1 Application for Review4-509 Application for Self-Certified Drawings and Specifications107.3 Application for Variance or AppealArticle 3 Application for Verification of Self-Certification of Drawings and Specifications§1-09.1 Application Form108.6 Application Form, Description of WorkDivision I — Application, General Provisions and Definitions1910.401(b) Application in Emergencies7.2.4.3 Application of 2.17.61910.254(b) Application of Arc Welding Equipment66.8 Application of Area Classification§140 Application of Article Five§161 Application of Article five-A§100 Application of Article Four§210 Application of Article Seven and Other Provisions to Tenements§170 Application of Article Six and Other Provisions to Converted Dwellings§25 Application of Article Three1609.1.2.2 Application of ASTM E 19961609.2.2 Application of ASTM E19961910.179(f)(6) Application of Bridge Brakes[A] 102.4 Application of Building Code3-104 Application of Building Standards5.4.7.8 Application of Car Safety§13 Application of Chapter to Existing Dwellings§14 Application of Chapter to Uncompleted Dwellings301.1.1 Application of Chapters 4 Through 10Section 103 Application of Code1910.147(d) Application of Control101.2.1 Application of Fire Code801.7.1 Application of Flame-Retardant Chemical2004.2 Application of Flammable and Combustible Liquid FinishesSection 416 Application of Flammable Finishes2306.4.5.1 Application of Gypsum Board or Lath and Plaster to Wood Framing803.15 Application of Interior Finish Materials to Fire-Resistance-Rated or Noncombustible Building Elements803.11 Application of Interior Finish Materials to Fire-Resistance-Rated Structural ElementsSection 21.603 — Application of Load and Determination of Results1926.1427(j)(2)(iii)1910.333(b)(2)(iii) Application of Locks and Tags2428.3 Application of Multiple Appliance Vent Tables 2428.3(1) Through 2428.3(4)504.3 Application of Multiple Appliance Vent Tables 504504.3 Application of Multiple Appliance Vent Tables 504.3(1) Through 504.3(7)504.3 Application of Multiple Appliance Vent Tables 504.3(1) Through 504.3(7B)G2428.3 (504.3) Application of Multiple Appliance Vent Tables G2428.3(1) Through G2428.3(4)250.3 Application of Other Articles[A] 102.3 Application of Other Codes§278 Application of Other Provisions11-22 Application of Overlapping Regulations2.1-1.1.1 Application of Part 11.1.3 Application of Parts[A] 102.3 Application of References7-109 Application of Regulations25-211 Application of Requirements to Conversions and Certain Enlargements36-311 Application of Requirements to Conversions in C1 or C2 Districts36-312 Application of Requirements to Conversions in C3, C4, C5 and C6 Districts[A] 102.5 Application of Residential Code(5) 102.5 Application of Residential Code of Ohio7.2.4.6 Application of Safeties5.11.17.5 Application of Safety2428.2 Application of Single Appliance Vent Tables 2428.2(1) and 2428.2(2)504.2 Application of Single-Appliance Vent Tables 504.2(1) Through 504.2(5)504.2 Application of Single-Appliance Vent Tables 504.2(1) Through 504.2(6)G2428.2 (504.2) Application of Single-Appliance Vent Tables G2428.2(1) and G2428.2(2)5704.1.1 Application of Sprinkler Protection Tables8.4* Application of Sprinkler Types§27-229 Application of Terms[NY] 102.5 Application of the Building Code of New York State[A] 102.7.1 Application of the International Codes[NY] 102.6 Application of the Residential Code of New York State§27-2056.18 Application of This Article Based on Age of Child1910.179(f)(5) Application of Trolley Brakes77-12 Application of Use Regulations Under All Other Conditions1609.6.4.4 Application of Wind Pressures(4) 5619.4 Application Period§1-10 Application Pre-Hearing Review1101.3.5.1 Application Process§28-111.4 Application Processing545.20 Application Provisions105.1.1 Application—Public Elementary and Secondary Schools and Community Colleges1.9.1.3 Application—Public Housing§1-05.4 Application Referral§1-10.6 Application Referral and Hearing Notice§28-418.3 Application Requirements103.3.9.2 Application Review7.1 Application. (SIG-FUN)701A.3.2 Application to Accessory Buildings and Miscellaneous Structures§3 Application to Cities, Towns and Villages105.7.2.3 Application to Conduct a Fireworks DisplayC401.2.1 Application to Existing BuildingC401.2.1 Application to Existing BuildingsSection AE102 Application to Existing Manufactured Homes and Building Service Equipment3109.4.4.6 Application to Facilities Regulated by Department of Social ServicesC401.2.1 Application to Group R-3 Buildings102.3 Application to Post-1973 Buildings and Structures102.2 Application to Pre-1973 Buildings and StructuresC503.2.2.1 Application to Replacement Fenestration Products2512.7 Application to Solid BackingsB.8.4 Application to Systems in High Buildings1609.1 Applications104.2 Applications and Approvals(H) Applications and Extensions[A] 104.2 Applications and Permits104.2.1.1 Applications and Plan Approvals§40-11 Applications and Plans. [Repealed](4) 119.4 Applications-Content(3) 119.3 Applications Filing103.3.9.1 Applications for Approval[NY] 105.2.2 Applications for Building Permits§28-118.4 Applications for Certificates of Occupancy§28-101.4.2 Applications for Construction Document Approval Submitted Prior to and Within Twelve Months After July 1, 2008*§28-423.2 Applications for Gas Work Qualification*§28-423.2.1 Applications for Gas Work Qualification Submitted Before January 1, 2019*§28-423.2.2 Applications for Gas Work Qualification Submitted on or After January 1, 20191104.6 Applications for Human Comfort and for Nonindustrial Occupancies*§28-423.3 Applications for Limited Gas Work Qualification*§28-423.3.1 Applications for Limited Gas Work Qualification Submitted Before January 1, 2019*§28-423.3.2 Applications for Limited Gas Work Qualification Submitted on or After January 1, 2019105.9.2.1 Applications for Permit103.3.8.2 Applications for Renewal109-523 Applications for Special Permit§ 23-27.3-113.3.1 Applications for Work Requiring Licensed Workers§ 23-27.3-113.3.2 Applications for Work Requiring Registered Workers820.154 Applications of Listed CATV Cables725.154 Applications of Listed Class 2, Class 3, and PLTC Cables800.154 Applications of Listed Communications Wires, Cables, and Raceways, and Listed Cable Routing Assemblies(B) Applications of Listed NPLFA Cables770.154 Applications of Listed Optical Fiber Cables840.154 Applications of Listed Optical Fiber Cables and Raceways760.154 Applications of Listed PLFA Cables830.154 Applications of Network-Powered Broadband Communications System CablesC108.2 Applications of References1926.959(c) Applied Loads1116.1.2 Applied Pressure(A) Applied Provisions7-203 Applying for the Certification Examination1910.181(a)(10) Appointed14A-10-1004.2.2 Appointed Members[A] 103.2 Appointment§ 23-27.3-100.1.4 Appointment and Qualifications of the Committee§28-218.3 Appointment of a Safety Compliance Officer105.1 Appointment of Building Official§ 23-27.3-107.3 Appointment of Personnel by State Building Commissioner§27-2148 Appointment of Receiver(B) Appointments305.6 Approach*2.1- Approach 12.1- Approach 21910.183(o) Approach Distance1910.268(b)(7) Approach Distances to Exposed Energized Overhead Power Lines and PartsPRINCIPAL Approaches for Radon Mitigation in Existing Buildings2.1-1.1.2 Approaches to Application of Parts 2 and 31910.183(p) Approaching Helicopter1926.964(c)(14) Approaching, Leaving, and Bonding to Energized Part(a) 109.4.1 Appropriateness of Penalty4.5.2 Appropriateness of Safeguards1406.5 Approval13. Approval and Acceptance454.2.5.1 Approval and Authorization110.1 Approval and Issuance of Permits1910.253(b)(1) Approval and Marking24.9.1.2 Approval and Permit1803.1.1.3 Approval, Building Permit Conditions, Appeal602.4 Approval by AuthoritySection P-1302 Approval by Department of Public HealthA-902.4 Approval Fee Schedule(B) Approval for Class and PropertiesPRODUCT Approval for Detectable Warning Products and Directional Surfaces38. Approval for Systems and Equipment With No Listing2606.2 Approval for Use§ 23-27.3-114.7 Approval in Part1. Approval of Alternates§ 23-27.3-113.6.1 Approval of an Individual Sewage Disposal System112.1 Approval of Articles, Equipment and Devices§5-04 Approval of Concrete Production Facilities[A] 107.3.1 Approval of Construction Documents3-105 Approval of Construction, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Alteration of or Addition to Any State-Owned, Specified State-Occupied, and State Institutions105.1.4 Approval of Design and Installation Documents10.5.4 Approval of Devices603.2 Approval of Devices or AssembliesArticle 3 Approval of Drawings and Specifications680.3 Approval of Equipment1910.110(b)(2) Approval of Equipment and Systems§105-01 Approval of Fire Alarm System Installations901.2.1 Approval of Fire Protection Systems7-212 Approval of Hospital Inspector of Record for Construction Projects12.2.5.9 Approval of Layouts202.7 Approval of Local Ordinances4-206 Approval of New Essential Services Buildings4-306 Approval of New School Buildings, Rehabilitation of School Buildings and Additions to School Buildings5.5.1 Approval of Parameters1704.1.2.2 Approval of Partially Completed WorkSection 92.0111 Approval of Plans and Equipment§5-03 Approval of Prequalified Concrete Mixes112. Approval of Remediation Occurring Prior to These StandardsA-902.4.3 Approval of Revised Drawings1006.4 Approval of Safety and Safety Relief Valves1.10 Approval of Special Systems of Design, Construction, or Alternative Construction Materials28.1 Approval of Sprinkler Systems and Private Fire Service MainsApproval of Testing Laboratories119.4.2 Approval of the Application3306.2.2.1 Approval of the Commissioner4-248 Approval of the Project Inspector, Assistant Inspector and Special Inspectors by the Enforcement Agency6.10.1 Approval of Underground Piping14A-4-413.3 Approval of Working Drawings§28-104.2.2 Approval or Acceptance to Be Indicated on Construction Documents113.6 Approval or Notice of Defective Work3109.1.2 Approval Prior to Construction510.5.2 Approval Prior to InstallationA-701.2.1 Approval Prior to Occupancy§28-113.3 Approval Procedure114.2.2.4 Approval Process[A] 110.6 Approval Required3103.1.2 Approval Required for Tents and Membrane Structures111.1 Approval Required to Occupy1926.752(a) Approval to Begin Steel ErectionSection 1703 Approvals42.12.2 Approvals and Mobile Fueling Locations1.12.4 Approvals by Other AHJs105.1 Approvals Required3311.1 Approved[A] 108.2.4 Approved Agencies1703.1 Approved Agency303.4 Approved Agency Testing and Certification703.2.3 Approved Alternate MethodR406.1.1 Approved Alternative Energy Performance Methods(2) 2202.2 "Approved" as Used in Rule 1301:7-7-22 of the Administrative Code(2) 2302.2 "Approved" as Used in Rule 1301:7-7-23 of the Administrative Code(2) 2702.2 "Approved" as Used in Rule 1301:7-7-27 of the Administrative Code(2) 3402.2 "Approved" as Used in Rule 1301:7-7-34 of the Administrative Code(2) 5002.2 "Approved" as Used in Rule 1301:7-7-50 of the Administrative Code(2) 5702.2 "Approved" as Used in Rule 1301:7-7-57 of the Administrative CodeC402.6 Approved Calculation Software ToolsC403. Approved Closure SystemsP2910.6 Approved Components and Materials107.7 Approved Construction Document Sets[A] 106.5.1 Approved Construction Documents5704.3.1.1 Approved Containers2304.4.1 Approved Containers Required103.3.9.4 Approved Course Sponsor Requirements103.3.9.1 Approved Courses5607.10.2 Approved Detonators§27-958 Approved Devices104.7 Approved Devices and Equipment[A] 106.2.4 Approved Documents105.4.3 Approved Documents Required3001.9 Approved Equipment3.3.84.1 Approved Existing3701.4 Approved Facility or LocationSection C103 Approved Fire Hydrants5608.3 Approved Fireworks5608.3 Approved Fireworks Displays706.1 Approved Fittings1910.307(c)(2) Approved for the Hazardous (Classified) Location110.7 Approved Inspection Agencies104.5.3.2 Approved Inspection Agencies and Individuals1207.10.5 Approved Locations(ii) 5705.3.6.2 Approved Machines§28-113.2.1 Approved MaterialP-703.1 Approved Materials[A] 104.9 Approved Materials and EquipmentTable A Approved Materials and Standards114.1 Approved Materials, Products, Assemblies and Methods of Construction503.1 Approved Materials Required(2) Approved MeansC403. Approved Mechanical Attachments[A] 103.2.1 Approved Methodologies5007.9.2.2 Approved Parking1029.1.5 Approved Plans104.4.1 Approved Plans or Construction Documents2615.2 Approved PlasticH107.1.1 Approved Plastic MaterialsM1416.2 Approved Portable Kerosene Heater105.6 Approved Programs5.1.3* Approved Qualifications1703.3 Approved RecordM1411.1 Approved Refrigerants107.7 Approved Residential Construction Document SetsB303.6 Approved Sealant MaterialC405 Approved Sealant Materials§27-528 Approved Seating PlansC401.2.3 Approved Software for Source Energy Calculation With Combined Heat and PowerR402.1.5.1 Approved Software for Total UA Alternative1926.914(b) "Approved Storage Facility"34.1.3* Approved Storage Floor Plan3201.3.2 Approved Storage Layout304.2.2 Approved Storage of Hazardous Refuse and Recycling Materials601.2.2.1 Approved Submeters601.2.1.1 Approved Submeters. [HCD 1]1324.5.7.2 Approved Tester454.2.21.1 Approved Type454. Approved Types4704.6.3 Approved Uses5007.6.1 Approved Vehicles3.3.6 Appurtenance3109F.5 Appurtenances3109.8 Appurtenant StructuresF101.6.1.1 Apron304.3 Aquatic Vessels in Flood Hazard Areas Subject to High-Velocity Wave Action304.2.1 Aquatic Vessels Located in Designated Floodways304.2.2 Aquatic Vessels Located Where Floodways Have Not Been Designated1910.155(c)(2) Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Aramid Fiber Ropes16-309 Arbitration if Fail to Agree on Comments1910.215(d)(2) Arbor Size240.87 Arc Energy Reduction210.12 Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter ProtectionE3902.21 Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection for Branch Circuit Extensions or Modifications690.11 Arc-Fault Circuit Protection (Direct Current)691.10 Arc-Fault Mitigation712.57 Arc Fault ProtectionE3902.12 Arc-Fault Protection of Bedroom Outlets110.16 Arc-Flash Hazard Warning520.61 Arc Lamps5.7.14.4 Arc of Contact of Suspension Means on Sheaves5. Arc of Contact of Suspension Means on Sheaves and Sprockets1926.960(g)(5) Arc RatingG2411.3 (310.3) Arc-Resistant CSST1211.3 Arc-Resistant Jacketed CSSTPart II Arc Welders1926.351 Arc Welding and Cutting41.6 Arc Welding Equipment37-80 ArcadesH 701.7 Arch and Dome1607.13.1.1 Arches and Gabled Frames202.6 Architectural Barrier Removal2103.5 Architectural Cast Stone1705.13.5 Architectural Components3202.2.1.2 Architectural Details2.1- Architectural Details and Furnishings2.4-7.2 Architectural Details and Surfaces2.13-7.2 Architectural Details and Surfaces for Unit Construction*1.2-5.4.7 Architectural Details, Surfaces, and Built-in Furnishings2.1-7.2 Architectural Details, Surfaces, and Furnishings3202.2.2 Architectural FeaturesSection 1621 Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical Component Seismic Design Requirements806.3 Architectural Paints and Coatings107.6 Architectural Plans717.2.6 Architectural Trim1406.3 Architectural Trim and Embellishments§1-13.4 Archival Files1910.303(b)(1)(vi) Arcing Effects(C) Arcing Equipment240.41 Arcing or Suddenly Moving Parts110.18 Arcing Parts3314.11.5 Arcing Prevention1904.7(b)(5)(iii) Are Any Other Procedures Included in First Aid?1904.10(b)(5) Are There Any Special Rules for Determining Whether a Hearing Loss Case Is Work-Related?1904.5(b)(2) Are There Situations Where an Injury or Illness Occurs in the Work Environment and Is Not Considered Work-Related?1904.29(b)(6) Are There Situations Where I Do Not Put the Employee's Name on the Forms for Privacy Reasons?1904.7(b)(4)(x) Are Transfers to Another Job Recorded in the Same Way as Restricted Work Cases?407. Area11B- Area Alterations406.5.4 Area and Height406.5.5 Area and Height Increases1406.11.4.3 Area and Size Limitations402.4.1 Area and Types of Construction1910.265(d)(4)(iii) Area Around Barkers516.4 Area Classification516.18 Area Classification for Temporary Membrane Enclosures511.3 Area Classification, GeneralA5.209.2.1 Area Controls(A) Area Covered506.4.1 Area Determination37-712 Area Dimensions315.3.5 Area DivisionsSection P-715 Area Drains13.7 Area Drains and Trench Drains14-40 Area Eligibility for Sidewalk Cafes76-12 Area Enclosed by District Boundary Line2.2- Area for Preparation and Examination of Frozen Sections404.4.1 Area for Sleeping Purposes3412.6.2.2 Area Formula450.6.1 Area, Height and Type of Construction406.3.2 Area Increase505.2.1 Area Limitation2607.4 Area Limitation and Separation509.3 Area Limitations§27-301 Area Limitations of Buildings§27-302 Area Limitations of Spaces424.5 Area LimitsSection 506 Area Modifications(B) Area Not Covered18.5.2 Area of CoverageH 301.0 Area of Disposal Fields and Seepage Pits101-713 Area of Illuminated Signs§27-734 Area of Natural Light Sources101-712 Area of Non-Illuminated Signs101-611 Area of Permitted Signs1009.3.3 Area of Refuge24.10* Area of Refuge (Area of Rescue Assistance) Emergency Communications Systems24.10* Area of Refuge (Area of Rescue Assistance) Emergency Communications Systems, Stairway Communications Systems, Elevator Landing Communications Systems, and Occupant Evacuation Elevator Lobby Communications Systems1111.4.1 Area of Sport Activity§27-750 Area of Ventilating Openings3004.3 Area of Vents424.38 Area Restrictions3504.3 Area ReviewsB104.2 Area Separation315.3.6 Area Separations304.12 Area Served[F] 907. Area Smoke DetectionP106. Area Smoke Detectors17. Area Smoke Detectors Within Smoke Compartments2.1.3.4 Area to Be Covered by Floor3307.6.3 Area to Be ProtectedC402.3.4 Area-WeightedC402.4.3.4 Area-Weighted U -Factor1031.5 Area Wells139-51 Area-Wide Modifications16-04 Areas A, B and C516.35 Areas Adjacent to Enclosed Dipping and Coating Processes(6) Areas Adjacent to Open Dipping and Coating Processes2403.2.1.3 Areas Adjacent to Spray Booths3304.1.1 Areas Affected1910.265(c)(3)(ii) Areas Beneath Floor Openings13. Areas Containing Oxidizers11. Areas Excluded From Occupant Load1226.4.15.1 Areas for Off-Site Laundry Services2.11-3.2 Areas for Patient Services1103.2.8 Areas in Places of Religious Worship1.1.9 Areas Not Addressed(B) Areas Not Cut Off or Ventilated(B) Areas Not Requiring Equipotential Planes(C) Areas Not Subject to Tidal Fluctuations107-312 Areas Not Within Designated Open Space5.303.5 Areas of Addition or Alteration216.4.2 Areas of Refuge11B-216.4.2 Areas of Refuge and Exterior Areas for Assisted Rescue1009.6 Areas of Rescue Assistance§27-3003.1 Areas of Special Flood Hazard and Shaded X-Zones1110.4.1 Areas of Sports Activity3307.4.4 Areas Open to Persons Other Than Workers63-021 Areas Permitting FRESH Food StoresR104.10.1 Areas Prone to Flooding(A) Areas Requiring Equipotential Planes§27-752 Areas Requiring Mechanical Ventilation2403.2.1.2 Areas Subject to Deposits of Residues63.* Areas Subject to Flooding*2.4- Areas Subject to Frequent Wet-Cleaning Methods2403.2.1.4 Areas Subject to Overspray Deposits(B) Areas Subject to Tidal Fluctuations(D) Areas Suitably Cut Off and Ventilated3307.6.2 Areas to Be Protected13-141 Areas Where Public Parking Lots Are Not Permitted107-311 Areas Within Designated Open Space1004.5 Areas Without Fixed SeatingB103.3 Areas Without Water Supply Systems1101.8 Areaway Drains3202.1.3 Areaways74-41 Arenas, Auditoriums, Stadiums or Trade Expositions3.3.7 Arm-Over§28-408.3.2 Armed Services337.116 ArmorArticle 320 Armored Cable: Type AC802.4.1 Armrests(B) Around Switchboards and Switchgear101.3.1 ARRA(G) Arranged That Water Will Not Enter Service Raceway or Equipment407. Arrangement3103.12.5.1 Arrangement and Maintenance7.7.3 Arrangement and Marking of Exit Discharge14X-4-402 Arrangement and Minimum Dimensions69.4.2.3 Arrangement and Operation of Transfer Systems101.4 Arrangement of Code Provisions321.4 Arrangement of Combustibles490.31 Arrangement of Devices in Assemblies6.4 Arrangement of Live Load7.5 Arrangement of Means of Egress24.2.3 Arrangement of Means of Escape1109A.8.2 Arrangement of Parking SpacesE.6.5 Arrangement of Piping8.6.3 Arrangement of Supply Piping and Valves12.18.2 Arrangement of Vent Piping5.7.14.5 Arrangement of Wire Ropes on Winding Drums(A) Arrangement to Prevent Objectionable Current402.8.4 Arrangements of Means of Egress3.3.8 Array690.46 Array Equipment Grounding Conductors3.9.5.1 Array (Paper)3207.4 Arrays3308.6.2.4 Arresting a Fall§28-501.1.2 Arterial HighwayArticle 3. Standards for Insulating Material(C) Article 422(A) Article 430(B) Articles 422, 424, or 4301910.67(a)(3) Articulating Boom Platform1926.453(a)(1)(iii) Articulating Boom PlatformsSection 1004 Artificial and Natural Light3.3.20.1 Artificial BarricadeSection 321 Artificial Combustible Vegetation321.1 Artificial Combustible Vegetation on Roofs and Near BuildingsSection 419 Artificial Decorative Vegetation405.2.2 Artificial Drainage§37 Artificial Hall Lighting1204.3 Artificial Light§27-735 Artificial Light RequirementsArticle 10 Artificial Lighting804.8.1 Artificial Lighting Required4.1-6.7.3 Artificial Lighting Systems3120B.5 Artificial Respiration and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Sign806.2 Artificial Vegetation1806.2.4 Artificially Treated Soils308.7.3 Artisan Use of Flame-Producing Devices74-77 Artists' Centers97-12 Arts and Entertainment Use Requirement807.4.3.2 Artwork807.5.2.3 Artwork in Classrooms807.5.2.2 Artwork in Corridors510.3.2.3 As-Built DocumentsR324.1.9 As-Built Elevation CertificationsR322.1.10 As-Built Elevation DocumentationCLASSIFICATION As Determined by Test81-22 As-of-Right Floor Area Bonuses1910.1096(d)(3) As Used in This Section:110.9.2 As Used in This Section, the Terms:2.3.1 ASA Publications3306.9.8.2 AsbestosSection 320 Asbestos Abatement104.1.1 Asbestos Abatement ActivityP3003.4 Asbestos-Cement505.4 Asbestos-Cement Pipe§28-106.1 Asbestos Certification Required110.3 Asbestos Inspection in Buildings to Be Renovated or Demolished; ExceptionsA-302.10.5 Asbestos Inspection Report453.8.6 Asbestos Prohibited16.9 Asbestos Removal1910.19(a) Asbestos, Tremolite, Anthophyllite, and Actinolite Dust3413A.1.14 ASCE 41 Chapter 15304A.3.5.16 ASCE 41 Chapter 15 and 163412A.1.1 ASCE 41 Section 1.4 — Performance Objectives3413A.1.2 ASCE 41 Section 2.4 Seismic Hazard304A.3.5.9 ASCE 41 Section Modify ASCE 41 Sections and as Follows:1613.8 ASCE 7-10, Table 12.2-11617A.1.7 ASCE 7, Section [DSA-SS]1617A.1.8 ASCE 7, Section [DSA-SS]1617A.1.9 ASCE 7, Section [DSA-SS]1617A.1.23 ASCE 7, Section and ASCE 7, Tables 13.5-1 and 13.6-11615.2.10 ASCE 7 Section, Item 41617.11.4 ASCE 7, Sections 12.2.3, and ASCE 7, Table 12.2-11615.2.11 ASCE 7 Table 6.7-21617.6.1.1 ASCE 7, Table ASCE 7 Tables 13.5-1 and 13.6-12.3.3 ASCE PublicationsSection 2.19 Ascending Car Overspeed and Unintended Car Movement Protection2.19.1 Ascending Car Overspeed Protection8. Ascending Car Overspeed Protection and Unintended Car Movement Devices8. Ascending Car Overspeed Protection and Unintended Car Movement Devices, and Emergency Brake2.26.2.29 Ascending Car Overspeed Protection DeviceE403 ASD System Design Requirements2111.2.1 Ash Dump Clean-Out2111.3.1 Ash Dump Cleanout319. Ash Removal§27-422 Ash Storage Pits and Bins310.6 Ash Trays2109.6.4.1 Ashlar MasonryC401.2.2 ASHRAE ASHRAE Publications450.25 Askarel-Insulated Transformers Installed Indoors105.2.2 ASME3.3.72.1 ASME Container3.3.16 ASME Container (or Tank)1910.104(b)(6)(iii) ASME Containers69.3.6.1 ASME Multi-Container Requirements2.3.4 ASME Publications3.3.279.3 ASME Tank3318.2 Asphalt and Tar KettlesSection 303 Asphalt KettlesSection 1913 Asphalt Paving1523.6.5.1 Asphalt Shingle Systems1507.2 Asphalt Shingles5706.6.7 Asphalt Tank Vehicles1523.6.5.1 Asphaltic Shingle Systems1518.7 Asphaltic Shingles5006.6.10.2 Asphyxiant Gases1303.5 Aspirators2.3.5 ASSE PublicationsSection 4701 Assemblage Occupancies2.5.2 Assemble and Review the Results of the Procedures(A) AssembliesR609.6 Assemblies and Beams Spanning Openings907.2.3.2 Assemblies Located Within a Group E Occupancy1321.11 Assembling and Heating Brazed JointsSection 1030 Assembly1030.9.6.1 Assembly Aisle Obstructions1028.9.5 Assembly Aisle Termination1030.14 Assembly Aisle Walking Surfaces1030.9 Assembly Aisles Are Required1224.20.2.6 Assembly and Distribution*2.1-4.3.3 Assembly and Distribution Facilities14.1.3.3 Assembly and Educational903.2.4 Assembly and Installation12.1.3.4 Assembly and Mercantile Occupancies in Mall Buildings12.1.3.4 Assembly and Mercantile Occupancies in Mall Structures106.5.10 Assembly Area1109.2 Assembly Area Seating221 Assembly Areas1108.5 Assembly Areas Without Seating3316.7.8.4 Assembly/Disassembly1926.1407(c) Assembly/Disassembly Below Power Lines Prohibited1926.1406 Assembly/Disassembly--Employer Procedures--General Requirements1926.1404 Assembly/Disassembly--General Requirements (Applies to All Assembly and Disassembly Operations)1926.1407(d) Assembly/Disassembly Inside Table a Clearance Prohibited1926.1403 Assembly/Disassembly--Selection of Manufacturer or Employer ProceduresSection 303 Assembly Group A303.2 Assembly Group A-1303.3 Assembly Group A-2303.4 Assembly Group A-3303.5 Assembly Group A-4303.6 Assembly Group A-51030.17 Assembly Guards1030.2 Assembly Main ExitArticle 518 Assembly Occupancies453.18 Assembly Occupancies in Public Educational Facilities[F] 903.2.1.6 Assembly Occupancies on Roofs3.3.196.2* Assembly Occupancy508.2.3 Assembly of Listed Exhaust Hoods(B) Assembly of Listed Parts1030.3 Assembly Other Exits1104.5.2.2 Assembly Performances403.4.3 Assembly Points403.5.4 Assembly Points and Fire Operations8.1 Assembly Procedure3111.7 Assembly Seating202.5.4.13 Assembly Seating Dispersion§27-292.11 Assembly Spaces407.3.3 Assembly Spaces Without Staff1607.10.6 Assembly StructuresC304.3.2 Assembly U -Factor, C -Factor and F -Factor CalculationC402.1.4 Assembly U-factor, C-Factor or F-Factor-Based MethodA9.3.2 Assembly U-Factors1029.2 Assembly With Occupant Load Greater Than 3003306.5.5 Assessment of Adjoining Structures2.4.12 Assessment of Element Deficiencies5607.2.1.1 Assessment of Existing Conditions3306.5.4 Assessment of Structure to Be Demolished1817.3.1 Assessment of the Building and the Subsurface Conditions: Assessment Report1109A.4 Assigned Accessible Parking Spaces1910.134(d)(3)(i)(A) Assigned Protection Factors (APFs)11B-411. Assignment by Keypad Hall Call Console11B-411. Assignment by Security Credential11B-411. Assignment by Touch Screen Hall Call Console41.4.1* Assignment of PAI and Fire Watch1910.410(b) Assignments3316.7.8.6 Assist Equipment*§28-320.4 Assistance104.11.1 Assistance From Other Agencies1910.155(c)(4) Assistant Secretary1910.2(b) Assistant Secretary of Labor(f) 5608.10.6 AssistantsSection 464 Assisted Living FacilitiesSection 408 Assisted Living Facilities and Similar Occupancies1101.5 Assisted Living Facilities (Formerly Known as Adult Care Residences or Homes for Adults)2701.1.3 Assisted Living Facility Generator Requirements420.7 Assisted Living Housing Units3. Assisted Mechanical Type Parking StructureA-904.3 Assisted Operation Permit106.5.11 Assistive Listening System (ALS)219 Assistive Listening Systems103. Associate Degree Programs103. Associate Degrees(B) Associated Apparatus and Cable Shields(D) Associated Systems Within Enclosures303.1.3 Associated With Group E Occupancies2.3.5 ASSP Publications1613.6.1 Assumption of Flexible Diaphragm4.3* Assumptions5.4.2 Assumptions and Design Specifications Data1910.66(c) Assurance(2) Assured Equipment Grounding Conductor ProgramR102.1 ASTM C 635, Figure 1R103.3 ASTM C 636, Figure 1R102.1 ASTM C635, Figure 1R103.3 ASTM C636, Figure 13.2.4 ASTM International2.3.6 ASTM Publications1910.1043(n)(4)(iii) At a Temperature of No Less Than 60°C(B) At Boundary12. At Cross Aisles1910.424(b)(1) At Depths Deeper Than 130 FSW(A) At Dispenser12. At Foot of Aisles2005.6 At Fuel-Dispensing Stations18.10 At Grade Crossings1910.1030(g)(2)(ii)(B) At Least Annually Thereafter1926.952(c)(1) At Least One Before Each Day or Shift1910.269(l)(2) At Least Two Employees(1) At Point of Entry to a Sign(1) At Point of Entry to a Sign Enclosure12. At Side and Back of Seating Areas(1) At TerminationsC1.1 At the Building LevelC1.2 At the Exterior and Semi-Exterior Surface LevelC1.2 At the Exterior and Semiexterior Surface LevelC1.2 At the Exterior Surface Level511.1.3.1 At the Rooftop104.19.1 At the Scene of Emergency(B) At the Service101-70 Atlantic Avenue SubdistrictAppendix A Atlantic Avenue Subdistrict: Buildings Conforming to the Specified Building TypeAppendix D Atlantic Avenue Subdistrict: Permitted Trim Finishes (For Storefronts, Cornices, Window Sash, Shutters or Trim)Appendix C Atlantic Avenue Subdistrict: Permitted Wall Finishes for Street WallsAppendix B Atlantic Avenue Subdistrict: Storefronts Conforming to the Specified Storefront Type3.3.27 Atmosphere3.24.3 Atmosphere Storage and Discharge Tanks105.6.6 Atmospheric Above-Ground Tank5706.8.2 Atmospheric Condensation and Refrigeration Vapor Recovery and Processing Systems(A) Atmospheric Conditions and OccupanciesSection 1614 Atmospheric Ice Loads1324.5.2.1 Atmospheric Pressure1910.106(b)(1)(iii) Atmospheric TanksP2902.3.2 Atmospheric-Type Vacuum Breakers603.5.1 Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker603.3.2 Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (AVB)G106.3 Atmospheric Vacuum Relief System Required2308.8.1.2 Atmospheric Venting2309.6.1.2 Atmospheric Venting of Hydrogen From Fuel Storage Containers2311.8.1.2 Atmospheric Venting of Hydrogen From Motor Vehicle Fuel Storage Containers611.6 Atmospheric Vents and Gas Reliefs or Bleeds915.6 Atmospheric Vents, Gas Relief's, or Bleeds612.6 Atmospheric Vents, Gas Reliefs or Bleeds1910.1096(p)(3)(i) Atomic Energy Act Sources3.3.28* Atrium14.1.3.2 Atrium Walls Used in an Occupancy SeparationSection 404 Atriums1103.4.4 Atriums and Covered Malls[F] 907.2.14 Atriums Connecting More Than Two Stories3.3.29.3 Attached Building[F] 415.6.3.4 Attached Buildings1609.7 Attached Canopies on Buildings3115.1.1 Attached Exterior Elevated Flooring Systems402.7.1 Attached Garage§27-475 Attached Garages505.2.1 Attached Hoses710A.3.2 Attached Miscellaneous Structure Requirements1107.8.3 Attached Multistory Units With Separate Means of Egress406.3.4.2 Attached Private Garages1107.6.3 Attached Residential Buildings(A) Attached to Building Structure406.4.8 Attached to Rooms3305.2.4.1 Attached to Support Structure1910.268(m)(5) Attaching and Removing Temporary Bonds1910.179(n)(2) Attaching the Load17.5.5 Attaching to System Piping1507.2.6 Attachment1926.1431(g) Attachment and Rigging324.7 Attachment DetailsR905.7.6 Attachment for Vasd, as Determined in Accordance With Section R301.2.1.3, Greater Than 100 mph1705.3 Attachment of Added Studs1926.251(e)(5) Attachment of End Fittings to Webbing and Formation of Eyes722.3.2.5 Attachment of Finishes1707.3 Attachment of Lateral Braces1707.3.1 Attachment of Lateral Braces to Attic Framing or Ridge TiesSection 1708 Attachment of Lateral Braces to Retrofit Studs1519.13 Attachment of Metal Termination(B) Attachment of Power Grid Rails1706.4 Attachment of Retrofit Studs to Primary Studs2308.6.9 Attachment of Sheathing1926.757(b) Attachment of Steel Joists and Steel Joist GirdersH112.2 Attachment of Supports(B) Attachment Plug(B) Attachment Plug and Receptacle or Cord Connector Rating(C) Attachment Plug Cap(C) Attachment Plug Ejector Mechanisms(C) Attachment Plug(s) and Cord Connector(s)(B) Attachment Plugs406.7 Attachment Plugs, Cord Connectors, and Flanged Surface Devices1926.405(g)(1)(ii) Attachment Plugs for Cords225.16 Attachment to Buildings(2) Attachment to Cross-ArmsH114.3 Attachment to Exterior WallsR403.3.1.2 Attachment to Heated Structure803.3.3 Attachment to Heavy Timber Construction2330.2 Attachment to Masonry Block and ConcreteH114.4 Attachment to Sign Structures603.8.1 Attachment to StructuresR403.3.1.1 Attachment to Unheated Slab-on-Ground StructureR703.4 Attachments16.11.7* Attachments — Electrically Operated16.11.1 Attachments — General16.11.8* Attachments — Mechanically Operated1910.184(g)(3) Attachments of Handles to Fabric1403.14 Attachments Through Insulation704.6 Attachments to Structural Members17.11 Attachments With Shear Lugs307.5 Attendance6106.6 Attendance During Transfer Operations303.4 Attendant1301.6.21.3 Attendant-to-Care Recipients Ratio1301.6.21.3 Attendant-to-Patient Ratio(i) 2304.2.9 Attendant Training2307.3 Attendants23.7.1 Attendants, Evacuation Plan, and Fire Drills20.7.2.1 Attendants, Evacuation Plan, Fire Drills1910.269(t)(3) Attendants for Manholes and Vaults63. Attended Delivery63. Attended Operations — Alternative Method of System Sizing1106.7.3.2 Attended Parking(B) Attended Self-Service Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities3.3.29* AtticSection R807 Attic AccessR311.7.10.3 Attic and Other Pull-Down Types of Stairs1503.4 Attic and Rafter Ventilation(E) Attic and Soffit LocationsM1703.3 Attic Combustion AirB307.3.2 Attic FansK108.3 Attic Flooring720.3.1 Attic FloorsK108.4 Attic Live Loads509.7.3.2 Attic or Concealed SpaceA2.5 Attic Roofs With Steel JoistsA2.4 Attic Roofs With Wood Joists701.4.2 Attic Space1209.2 Attic Spaces413.2 Attic, Under-Floor and Concealed Spaces2304.12.3 Attic Ventilation[F] 903. Attics2603.4.1.6 Attics and Crawl Spaces[F] 903. Attics Not Used for Living Purposes, Storage or Fuel-Fired Equipment1607.22.3 Attics Served by StairsSection K108 Attics That Are Evacuation Locations[F] 903. Attics Used for Living Purposes, Storage or Fuel-Fired EquipmentR802.4.2 Attics With StorageR802.4.1 Attics Without Storage1231.2.26 Attorney Interview Space(D) Attractions Utilizing Pools, Fountains, and Similar Installations With Contained Volumes of Water53. Audibility907. Audible Alarm Signal[F] 907.5.2.1 Audible Alarms2308.1.8 Audible and Visible Alarms[F] 904.4.2.1 Audible and Visible Signals708.2 Audible and Visual Indicators903.4.2 Audible and Visual Notification Appliances403. Audible Announcements18.4 Audible Characteristics407.4.8.2 Audible Indicators[NY] 915.5.1 Audible Notification3.3.182.1 Audible Notification Appliance§28-312.3 Audible Notification of Expiration of Useful Life of Carbon Monoxide Alarms§28-312.7 Audible Notification of Expiration of Useful Life of Natural Gas Alarms§28-312.5 Audible Notification of Expiration of Useful Life of Smoke Alarms[F] 907. Audible Signal Frequency in Group R-1 and R-2 Sleeping Rooms407.2.2.3 Audible Signals32.10.4.4* Audience Life Safety10.19.1* Audio Amplifier and Tone-Generating Equipment608.6.4 Audio and Visual Systems(D) Audio Equipment1230.1.22 Audio Monitoring System11B-411. Audio OutputArticle 640 Audio Signal Processing, Amplification, and Reproduction Equipment(D) Audio System Circuits and PLFA Circuits640.10 Audio Systems Near Bodies of Water1910.95(h)(5) Audiometer CalibrationAppendix C Audiometric Measuring Instruments1910.95(h) Audiometric Test RequirementsAppendix D Audiometric Test Rooms1910.95(g) Audiometric Testing Program1910.95(m)(2) Audiometric Tests§28- AuditSection 3102F Audit and Inspection§27-2056.7 Audit and Inspection by Department Following Commissioner's Order to Abate3102F.1.2 Audit and Inspections Types3102F.3.4 Audit Team3102F.3.4.2 Audit Team Leader40.7.7 Auditing and Documentation12.2.5.3 Auditorium and Arena Floors3102F.3 Audits**§28-103.29.1 Audits of Training Provided in Connection With Section 3321 of the New York City Building CodeP105.6 Authentication[A] 115.1 AuthoritySection 1.8.2 Authority and Abbreviations104.11.4 Authority at Emergency104.12 Authority at Fires and Other Emergencies1.9.1.6 Authority Cited7-105 Authority. (Deleted)107.1 Authority for Charging Fees3-103 Authority for Enforcement of Regulations105.3 Authority Granted by Permit or Other Approval4.6.1 Authority Having Jurisdiction3.2.2* Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)4908.4 Authority in State and Federal Forests(d) 122.6.4 Authority of Hearing Examiners Appointed by the Department14A-5-501.3 Authority of Inspectors104.16 Authority of Peace Officers1.10.3 Authority of the Board of Appeals918.2.1 Authority of the Chief to Assign Department MembersSection 104 Authority of the Code Official104.9.3 Authority to Approve Alternative Materials or Methods of Compliance104.20 Authority to Assign Apparatus, Supplies and Personnel104.12.1 Authority to Collect a Noncompliance Fee106.6 Authority to Condemn[A] 107.7.1 Authority to Condemn a System[A] 115.6.1 Authority to Condemn Equipment[A] 115.6.1 Authority to Condemn Installations[A] 115.6.1 Authority to Condemn Mechanical Systems4908.3 Authority to Construct, Maintain and Close Fire Roads, Fire Trails and Firebreaks1206.0 Authority to Disconnect[A] 112.3 Authority to Disconnect Service Utilities106.5 Authority to Disconnect Utilities in Emergencies104.11.4 Authority to Disconnect Utility Service1.8.9.1 Authority to EnforceSection 92.0113 Authority to Enter Building or Premise104.17 Authority to Grant Variances and Waivers[A] 110.1.2 Authority to Inspect108.7 Authority to Install, Test and Require Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment104.10.2 Authority to Investigate Fires or Other Emergencies104.22 Authority to Issue Copies of Educational Films and Tapes104.13 Authority to Issue Parking Notices104.19 Authority to Issue Passes and Credentials105.8 Authority to Issue, Suspend or Revoke Special Permits107.5 Authority to Make Inspections104.1.1 Authority to Make Rules1.7.8 Authority to Order Corrections and Abate[A] 115.6.2 Authority to Order Disconnection of Energy Sources110.5.1 Authority to Prohibit104.14 Authority to Recover Costs for Abatement of Nuisances104.12 Authority to Recover Investigative Costs1205.0 Authority to Render Gas Service104.21 Authority to Request Police Assistance105.7.6 Authority to Require Exposure of Work104.18 Authority to Require Fire Safety Officers918.2 Authority to Require Fire Watch107.5.2 Authority to Require Plans104.9.2.1 Authority to Require Tests105.9.3 Authority to Revoke or Suspend4908.3.1 Authority to Secure14A-6-606.3.2 Authority to Shut Down System1926.1418 Authority to Stop Operation104.15 Authority to Take Photographs14A-7-702.6 Authority to Vacate(A) Authorization78-041 Authorization by Commission93-831 Authorization for Above-Grade Parking97-56 Authorization for Access to Permitted Parking Facilities or Loading Berths93-85 Authorization for Additional Curb Cuts63-50 Authorization for Bulk and Parking Modifications134-29 Authorization for Bulk Modifications in the Southern Subdistrict134-15 Authorization for Certain Commercial Uses115-53 Authorization for Curb Cut137-52 Authorization for Development of Multiple Buildings137-51 Authorization for Development of Single Buildings and Enlargements124-16 Authorization for Electrical Utility Substations113-42 Authorization for Enlargements of Community Facility Buildings131-49 Authorization for Exterior Ramps125-35 Authorization for Height and Setback Modifications139-48 Authorization for Large Mixed-Use Sites91-662 Authorization for Modification of Bulk Provisions and Public Space in C6-9 Districts112-106 Authorization for Modification of Height and Setback Regulations42-486 Authorization for Modification of Streetscape Provisions91-511 Authorization for Off-Site Parking Facilities for Converted Buildings93-132 Authorization for Office Use81-684 Authorization for Qualifying Sites126-42 Authorization for Reduction of Required Parking25-82 Authorization for Reduction of Spaces91-841 Authorization for Retail Uses Within Existing Arcades139-47 Authorization for Sites Containing Schools91-71 Authorization for the Modification of Required Public Amenities93-543 Authorization for the Provision of Public Open Areas66-521 Authorization for Transit-Adjacent Sites or Qualifying Transit Improvement Sites131-16 Authorization for Use Modifications119-311 Authorization of a Development, Enlargement or Site Alteration on a Steep Slope or Steep Slope Buffer105-422 Authorization of a Development, Enlargement or Site Alteration on a Tier II Site or Portion of a Zoning Lot Having a Steep Slope or Steep Slope Buffer119-312 Authorization of Certain Uses Within the Special Hillsides Preservation District94-094 Authorization Provisions for Transfer of Development Rights to Receiving Lots119-319 Authorization to Allow Site Alterations, the Construction of New Park-Related Facilities and Improvements to Existing Park-Related Facilities Within Public Parks[A] 110.2.1 Authorization to Issue Corrective Orders and Notices136-52 Authorization to Modify Bulk Regulations for Income-Restricted Housing Units98-424 Authorization to Modify Certain Bulk Regulations91-842 Authorization to Modify Design Requirements63-22 Authorization to Modify Maximum Building Height132-52 Authorization to Modify Maximum Street Wall Widths of Establishments136-51 Authorization to Modify Provisions for Publicly Accessible Open Spaces and Private Streets91-843 Authorization to Modify Requirements for Alternative Improvements87-324 Authorization to Modify the Special Street Line Provision for Parcels 2, 3 or 4105.4.4.4 Authorization to Perform Work99-07 Authorization to Waive Midblock Transition Portion Height Limitation136-50 Authorizations16-30 Authorizations and Special Permits78-311 Authorizations by the City Planning Commission36-597 Authorizations for Waivers or Modifications of Cross Access Connections13-44 Authorizations in the Manhattan Core11-45 Authorizations or Permits in Lower Density Growth Management Areas65-12 Authorizations or Special Permits Granted by the City Planning Commission105-42 Authorizations to Alter Natural Features105-43 Authorizations to Modify Bulk, Parking, Grading and Private Roads Regulations3501.3.1 Authorized Areas1926.32(d)3.3.24 Authorized Personnel17.8 Authorized Representative313.5.2 Authorized Uses[NY] 105.5.1 Authorized Uses and Occupancies453.10.3.1 Auto, Bus, and Service Drives and Loading Areas1613.6.4 Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Masonry Shear Wall Design Coefficients and System Limitations702.18 Autoclaves and Sterilizers1321.10.10 Autogenous Orbital Welding Process6109.15.1 Automated Container Exchange Systems1122.2 Automated Control of Cycles of Concentration454.1.8.12 Automated Controllers69.5.6 Automated Cylinder Exchange StationsSection 604 Automated Demand-Response (Auto-DR) Infrastructure43.2 Automated Electrostatic Spray Equipment468.3.3 Automated External Defibrillator3108F.4 Automated Fire Detection System3.3.9 Automated Inspection and Testing28.3 Automated Inspection and Testing Devices and Equipment101-535 Automated Parking Facilities611.4.2 Automated Parking Garage Information CardSection 611 Automated Parking Garages3209.4 Automated Rack Storage43.1.7.5 Automated Spray Application Operations2404.3.3.1 Automated Spraying OperationsSection 3209 Automated Storage14.2.8 Automated Testing3.3.30 Automated Type Parking Structure16.9.4 Automated Valves702.13 Automated Vehicle Wash Facilities3.3.31 Automatic8.2.6.6 Automatic Air Maintenance1216.4 Automatic Air VentsC403. Automatic and Optimum Start Capabilities (Mandatory)404.3 Automatic and Power-Assisted Doors and Gates1003.2.1 Automatic Boilers43.1.7.7* Automatic Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical, and Clean Agent Systems324.7.2.1 Automatic Closer and Lock407.6 Automatic-Closing Doors716.2.6.4 Automatic-Closing Fire Door Assemblies42.5.6.3 Automatic Closing ValveSection 406 Automatic Clothes Washers517.43 Automatic Connection to Life Safety and Equipment Branch517.43 Automatic Connection to Life Safety Branch5705.2.6 Automatic Container-Filling Operations for Class I Liquids5705.2.6 Automatic Container-Filling Operations for Flammable Liquids[F] 909.12.4 Automatic Control306.0 Automatic Control Devices1910.111(d)(11) Automatic Control Equipment6. Automatic Control of HVAC in Hotel/Motel Guest RoomsC403.2.4.8 Automatic Control of HVAC Systems Serving Guest RoomsC403.7.6 Automatic Control of HVAC Systems Serving GuestroomsC403.7.6 Automatic Control of HVAC Systems Serving Guestrooms (Mandatory)508.1 Automatic Controllers(5) Automatic Controls1910.179(a)(2) Automatic Crane608.11.1 Automatic Crossover Valves[F] 909.10.4 Automatic Dampers608.5 Automatic Daylight ControlsA5.209.1.6 Automatic Daylighting Control DevicesC405. Automatic Daylighting Controls9.4.1.4 Automatic Daylighting Controls for Primary Sidelighted Areas9.4.1.5 Automatic Daylighting Controls for Toplighting625.19 Automatic De-Energization of CableE 805.11 Automatic Demand Shed Control (Form MECH-11 A)E 805.11 Automatic Demand Shed Control (Form MECH-11A)A5.207.5.5 Automatic Demand Shed Controls§4-02 Automatic Door Operators1105.1.1 Automatic DoorsK 106.2.4 Automatic DrainP104.3 Automatic Elevators63.1.3.3 Automatic Emergency Shutoff Valve53. Automatic Emergency Stop505.7.1 Automatic Extinguishing System3.3.24 Automatic Extinguishing System Supervisory Device36.4.4.13 Automatic Extinguishing SystemsE 805.13 Automatic Fault Detection Diagnostics (FDD) for Air Handling Units (AHU) and Zone Terminal Units (Form MECH-13A)1910.211(d)(27) Automatic Feeding306.1.2 Automatic Fire Alarm and Detection Systems450.6.6 Automatic Fire Alarm System[F] 407.9 Automatic Fire Detection13.7.3.5 Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Service1910.155(c)(5) Automatic Fire Detection Device907.2.8.2 Automatic Fire Detection System6004.2.2.9 Automatic Fire Detection System—Highly Toxic Compressed Gases[F] 415.3 Automatic Fire Detection Systems3.3.90.2 Automatic Fire Detector13.7.4 Automatic Fire Detectors(c) 121.4.3 Automatic Fire Extinguishing and Fire Alarm Systems3.3.90.3 Automatic Fire Extinguishing or Suppression System Operation Detector[F] 904.14.1.1 Automatic Fire-Extinguishing System[F] 428.3.9 Automatic Fire-Extinguishing Systems2.1.a.1.C Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems & Standpipe Systems66.16 Automatic Fire Protection for Inside Liquid Storage Areas708.13.6 Automatic Fire Sprinkler SystemSection R313 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems512.2 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems Required1115.7 Automatic Fire Sprinklers406.3.6 Automatic Garage Door Openers406.2.1 Automatic Garage Door Openers and Vehicular GatesR309.4 Automatic Garage Door Opening Systems1003.3.6 Automatic Grease Removal DevicesB 104.0 Automatic Ignition14. Automatic Initiation704.6.1 Automatic Internal Air Relief505.2.2.2 Automatic Lighting Shutoff700.26 Automatic Load Control Relay1214.4 Automatic Makeup Fluid1214.4 Automatic Makeup Water6. Automatic OperationE 403.4.2 Automatic Pump Shut-Off703.9.2 Automatic Pump Shutoff8.4.2 Automatic Receptacle ControlC405.11.1 Automatic Receptacle Control Function(4) Automatic Reset24.4.1 Automatic Response430.43 Automatic Restarting(C) Automatic Restarting and Orderly ShutdownC403.4.2.2 Automatic Setback and ShutdownC403. Automatic Setback and Shutdown CapabilitiesC403.4.2.2 Automatic Setback and Shutdown (Mandatory)453.7.6 Automatic Shut Off54.4 Automatic Shutdown804.3.2 Automatic Shutoff608.0 Automatic Shutoffs712.1.3.2 Automatic Shutters[F] 907.2.13.1 Automatic Smoke Detection[F] 907.2.8.2 Automatic Smoke Detection System[F] 412.2.3.1 Automatic Smoke Detection Systems1910.215(b)(7) Automatic Snagging Machines3.3.205.1 Automatic Sprinkler449.4 Automatic Sprinkler and Extinguishing Systems66.16.4 Automatic Sprinkler and Foam-Water Sprinkler Fire Protection Systems607.3.6 Automatic Sprinkler Location[F] 415.11.12.3 Automatic Sprinkler Locations[F] 404.3 Automatic Sprinkler ProtectionArticle 4 Automatic Sprinkler Requirements[F] 403.3 Automatic Sprinkler System5104.4.1 Automatic Sprinkler System Capability905.2.1.5 Automatic Sprinkler System Demand903.2.15 Automatic Sprinkler System—Existing High-Rise BuildingsSection 1407 Automatic Sprinkler System [F]914.8.2 Automatic Sprinkler System for New Airport Traffic Control Towers504.2 Automatic Sprinkler System Increase1406.11.3.5 Automatic Sprinkler System Increases407.4.5.3 Automatic Sprinkler System Protection[F] 415.11.12 Automatic Sprinkler System Protection in Exhaust Ducts for HPM902.2 Automatic Sprinkler System Riser RoomsSection 903 Automatic Sprinkler Systems14A-4-404.9.1 Automatic Sprinkler Systems and Alternative Automatic Fire-Extinguishing Systems435.7.1 Automatic Sprinkler Systems in Group R-2.1, R-3.1 and R-4 OccupanciesR335.5.1 Automatic Sprinkler Systems in Group R-3.1 Occupancies7.7 Automatic Sprinkler Systems With Non-Fire Protection Connections1030.6.2.3 Automatic Sprinklers26.15.2.3 Automatic Sprinklers. [82:7.4]903.7 Automatic Sprinklers in Existing Buildings910.4.1 Automatic Sprinklers RequiredC403.4.2.3 Automatic Start and StopC403. Automatic Start CapabilitiesC403.4.2.3 Automatic Start (Mandatory)1013.6 Automatic Steam-Heating Boilers[F] 907.6.6.1 Automatic Telephone-Dialing Devices1109.16 Automatic Teller and Fare Vending Machines707 Automatic Teller Machines and Fare MachinesSection 707 Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and Fare Machines11B-220 Automatic Teller Machines, Fare Machines and Point-of-Sale DevicesC405.2.2.1 Automatic Time Switch Control Devices2702. Automatic Transfer Device RoomSection 7.7 Automatic Transfer Devices2702.1.7 Automatic Transfer Devices and Power System Feeders(2) Automatic Transfer Equipment(C) Automatic Transfer Switches603.2 Automatic ValvesSection 3110 Automatic Vehicular Gates[F] 904.11 Automatic Water Mist Systems1926.961(c)(3) Automatically and Remotely Controlled SwitchesM1802.2.2 Automatically Operated802.3.4.1 Automatically Operated Appliance509.3.4.1 Automatically Operated AppliancesG2427.14 (503.14) Automatically Operated Vent Dampers(B) Automatically Started712.1.10.1 Automobile Ramps404.3 Automobile Repair Facilities1910.107(k) Automobile Undercoating in Garages3.3.11 Automotive Components on Portable Racks3703.8 Automotive Equipment42.2 Automotive Fuel Servicing3001.2.2 Automotive LiftsArticle 9 Automotive Repair ShopsSection 317 Automotive Salvage and Wrecking FacilitiesArticle 8 Automotive Service Stations24.5.11 Autonomous Control Unit (ACU)2.1-5.7.2 Autopsy Facilities(B) Autotransformer(D) Autotransformer-Type Controlled Motors(B) Autotransformer-Type Dimmers410.138 Autotransformers450.4 Autotransformers 1000 Volts, Nominal, or Less3.3.12.1 Auxiliary Alarm Box3.3.221.1* Auxiliary Alarm System27.6.3.2 Auxiliary Alarm Systems40.4 Auxiliary AlarmsM1411.3.1 Auxiliary and Secondary Drain Systems26.27.1.9 Auxiliary Boilers3.3.29 Auxiliary Box902.2.6 Auxiliary Control ValvesM1411.5 Auxiliary Drain Pan16.10.5 Auxiliary Drains16.10.5.3 Auxiliary Drains for Dry Pipe Systems and Preaction Systems16.10.5.2 Auxiliary Drains for Wet Pipe Systems and Preaction Systems in Areas Not Subject to Freezing904.8.5 Auxiliary Equipment453.5.6.3 "Auxiliary Facility"517.7.7 Auxiliary Fuel(4) Auxiliary Grounding Electrode250.54 Auxiliary Grounding ElectrodesArticle 366 Auxiliary Gutters(B) Auxiliary Gutters Used as Pull Boxes§27-842 Auxiliary Heat3102.8.1.1 Auxiliary Inflation System3103.10.4 Auxiliary Inflation Systems668.31 Auxiliary Nonelectrical Connections3103.10.4 Auxiliary Power3.26.10 Auxiliary Power Lowering Operation(4) Auxiliary Power Supply(B) Auxiliary Power Supply Wiring2.20.10 Auxiliary Rope Fastening Devices8.1.3 Auxiliary Systems13.10 Auxiliary Visual Alarms(B) Availability1910.1050(j)(3)(i) Availability and ConstructionPart I Availability and Reliability for Critical Operations Power Systems1.1.10 Availability of CodesAppendix B Availability of NIOSH Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS)(non-Mandatory)701.2.2 Availability of Public Sanitary or Combined Sewer*701.2.3 Availability of Public Sewer to One- or Two-Family Dwellings701.2.2 Availability of Public Sewer to Other Than One- or Two-Family Dwellings1101.2.2 Availability of Public Storm or Combined Sewer2.19.1 Availability of Public Water and Sewer601.6.3 Availability of Public Water Main to One- or Two-Family Dwellings601.6.2 Availability of Public Water Main to Other Than One- or Two-Family Dwellings1910.440(b) Availability of RecordsAppendix H Availability of Referenced Documents*1.3-2.1 Availability of Transportation1.3-2.3 Availability of Utilities712.65 Available DC Fault Current712.65 Available DC Short-Circuit Current110.24 Available Fault Current(2) Available Fault Current Field Marking(F) Available Fault Current for Type of Protection "e"* Available Height for Storage.1910.421(b)(4) Available Means of Transportation; And1910.421(b)(3) Available PhysiciansA 104.3 Available PressureP2904.6.2.1 Available Pressure Equation(A) Available Short-Circuit Current(2) Available Short-Circuit Current Field Marking(F) Available Short-Circuit Current for Type of Protection "e"3.3.30* Average Ambient Sound Level404.2 Average Outdoor Air Fraction[F] 907. Average Sound PressureC103.2 Average Spacing1905.5 Average Strength Reduction105.5.4 Aviation Facilities42.10.3 Aviation Fueling Facilities3307.6.4.9 Avoid InterferenceG2408.6 (305.12) Avoid Strain on Gas Piping810.13 Avoidance of Contacts With Conductors of Other Systems1910.178(l)(5) Avoidance of Duplicative Training1910.1018(m)(6) Avoidance of Skin Irritation1910.268(n)(10) Avoiding Contact With Energized Power Conductors or Equipment507.19 Avoiding Strain on Gas Piping(6) 120.6 Award of Grant Funds(7) 119.7 Award of Loans60. Awareness4.5.3.3 Awareness of Egress System3202.2.3 AwningsSection 3105 Awnings and Canopies3105.1.1 Awnings and Canopies Over the Public Way3105.3 Awnings and Canopy Materials(i) 5622.2.1.1 Awnings and TentsSection 3105 Awnings, Canopies and Sun Control Devices3202.3.1 Awnings, Canopies, Marquees and Signs3202.2.3.2 Awnings Over Windows or Doors2606.10 Awnings, Patio Covers and Similar Structures415.7.5.4 Awnings, Tents, and Canopies2.3.5 AWS Publications2.3.6 AWWA Publications14.5.3 Axial Compression10.5.2 Axial Force and Moment11.5.2 Axial Load and In-Plane or Out-of-Plane Flexure11.5.3 Axial Load and Out-of-Plane Flexure — Simplified Design Method1810. Axial Load Limit in Seismic Design Categories C and D1810. Axial Load Limit in Seismic Design Categories C Through F3106F.8.1 Axial Pile Capacity3106F.8.2 Axial Springs for Piles22.4 Axial Strength or Combined Flexural and Axial Strength1814.4.2 Axial Tension Load Test Procedures1322.4 Axially Swaged Fittings1910.180(a)(9) Axis of Rotation909.8.2 Axisymmetric Plumes1910.180(a)(10) Axle1910.180(a)(11) Axle [Bogie]3.3.17 B-Class Boundary2. Babbitt Metal1210.5 Baby Changing Stations11B-226.4 Baby Changing Tables11B-226.4 Baby Diaper Changing Station(F) Back-Fed Circuit Breakers(D) Back-Fed DevicesP104.11.2.1 Back Flush3.3.14.1 Back Stock Area61.4.4 Back Stock Storage Areas903.4 Back Support2.3.3 Back-to-Back Back-Outlet Fixtures3.3.12* Back-to-Back Shelf Storage607.4.1.1 Back Wall24.* Back Wall Diagonal Grab Bars1110. Back-Wall Grab Bar24. Back Wall Horizontal Grab Bars(C) Back Wire-Bending Space3.3.32* Backbone504.1.1 Backdraft Protection802.11.5 BackdropR702.4.2 Backer Boards490.25 Backfeed1807.3.3 BackfillR404.1.7 Backfill Placement6.9 Backfilling1323.5.1 Backfilling and Trenching614.1 Backflow Assembly Testing and Repair Programs16.14.5* Backflow DevicesE 302.4 Backflow PreventerA-305.2.5.2 Backflow Preventer AssemblyP2902.3.3 Backflow Preventer With Intermediate Atmospheric Vent10.5.3 Backflow Preventers3127B.2 Backflow Prevention6.10.2.5 Backflow Prevention AssembliesP2903.4.2 Backflow Prevention Device or Check Valve603.3 Backflow Prevention Devices, Assemblies, and Methods603.4.1 Backflow Prevention Valve16.14.5.1* Backflow Prevention Valves[P] 912.6 Backflow Protection5703.6.6.1 Backflow Protections§28-114.1.4 Background(ii) 5619.10.1.2 Background Check5601. Background Clearance Card (BCC)2510.5 Backing2510.5.3 Backing Not Required6112.2 Backing Vehicles Prohibited1910.269(r)(6) Backpack Power Units for Use in Pruning and Clearing1817.7.1.4 Backpacking1208.12 Backpressure Protection520.47 Backstage Lamps (Bare Bulbs)1404.11.3 Backup24.7.6* Backup Distributed Recipient Mass Notification Systems3125B.5 Backwash Piping320.1 Backwash Water or Draining WaterP2911.8.2 Backwater ValveF Backwater Valve Location (Repealed)Section P3008 Backwater Valves1101.9.1 Backwater Valves in Flood Hazard Areas1101.9.1 Backwater Valves in Special Flood Hazard AreasSection 890.550 Backwater Valves — Sanitary System and Storm System (Repealed)101.8 Badge Adoption513.2.5 Baffle Hoods With Water Wash42. Baffles1910.263(d)(2) Bag Chutes and Bag Lifts (Bag-Arm Elevators)11B-810.1.2 Baggage Systems1910.261(h)(4) Bagged or Drummed Chemicals§59 Bakeries and Fat Boiling1910.263 Bakery EquipmentR403.5.5 Balanced and HRV/ERV Systems7.2.1.13 Balanced Door Assemblies1010.2.9.4 Balanced DoorsM1602.3 Balanced Return AirR403.6.2 Balanced Ventilation and HRV/ERV Systems (Mandatory)M1505.4.1.4 Balanced Whole-House Ventilation System(D) Balancer SetsSection 608 BalancingG2427.13.1 (503.13.1) Balancing BafflesE 502.3.1 Balancing Dampers3202.2.1.3 Balconies[F] 903. Balconies and Decks705.2.3.1 Balconies and Similar Projections1027.7.3 Balconies and Vestibules(3) Balconies, Decks, and Porches23-131 Balconies in R1 Through R5 Districts23-132 Balconies in R6 Through R10 Districts909.20.3.1 Balcony Doors909.8.3 Balcony Spill Plumes3705.1 Bale Size and SeparationAS106.13.1 Bale Wall Thickness3.3.13* Baled Cotton3.9.6 Baled Cotton Definitions45.6 Baled StorageSection AS103 BalesP2910.9.4.1 Ballast1910.180(i)(2) Ballast or Counterweight1504.4 Ballasted Low-Slope Roof Systems1507.12.3 Ballasted Low-Slope Roofs1504.5 Ballasted Low-Slope Single-Ply Roof Systems1504.4 Ballasted Low-Sloped Roof Systems1613.3 Ballasted Photovoltaic Panel Systems1507.13.3 Ballasted Thermoplastic Low-Slope Roofs1507.13.3 Ballasted Thermoplastic Low-Sloped Roofs1507.12.3 Ballasted Thermoset Low-Slope Roofs1507.12.3 Ballasted Thermoset Low-Sloped Roofs600.22 Ballasts600.21 Ballasts, Transformers, Electronic Power Supplies, and Class 2 Power Sources603.5.2 Ballcock1709.1.3 Balloon Framed Gable End Wall2407.1.4.1 Ballusters and In-Fill Panels2407.1.4.1 Balusters and In-Fill Panels8.5.1 Balustrade Construction6.1.3.3 Balustrades(b) 307.1.2 Ban on Open Burning, Recreational Fires, and Portable Outdoor Fireplaces1910.265(e)(2)(i) Band Head SawsR507.9.1.2 Band Joist Details1910.262(l)(1) Band Pulley Covers1910.265(e)(3)(i) Band Resaws3.3.182.1 Banded Roll Paper Storage3.3.269.1 Banded Tire Storage3.3.15 Banded Tires1910.265(e)(2)(ii) Bandsaw Wheels1910.213(i) Bandsaws and Band Resaws217.4.1 Bank Requirement(K) Banks and Office Buildings91-132 Banner Regulations801.4 Bar and Fountain Sink Traps§27-826.01 Barbecue Grilles3114.5 Barbed Wire and Razor Wire623.2.1 Barbeque Grills1225. Barber/Beauty Room1252.1 Barber College Floors1252.5 Barber College Premises1252.2 Barber Shop Floors1252.3 Barber Shop Washbasin(s) and Lavatory(ies)6.7.4 Barber Shops and Beauty Parlors(C) Bare Conductors(D) Bare or Covered Conductors144-232 Barge Basin Subdistrict2.2-2.14 Bariatric Patient Care Unit1910.261(e)(8) Barker Feed1910.261(c)(12) Barking Devices608.14.4 Barometric Loop66.3.3.3 Barrel4006.5 Barrel Filling and Emptying4005.3 Barrel Storage5704.3.1.2 Barrel Storage of Distilled Spirits4004.7 Barrels3.3.20 Barricade (Explosives or Fireworks)911.5 Barricades3.3.32 Barrier1023.8 Barrier at Level of Exit Discharge[BG] 803.3.3 Barrier Construction[BS] 3306.6 Barrier Design*4.1-1.4.4 Barrier-Free Environment3109.4.1 Barrier Height and Clearances702.2.1 Barrier RequiredSection 305 Barrier Requirements305.11 Barrier TimelinessP3201.2.1.4 Barrier-Type Trap Seal Protection Device2209.3.1.1 Barrier Wall Construction—Gaseous Hydrogen2209. Barrier Wall Construction—Liquefied Hydrogen1006.3.2 Barriers305.3.4 Barriers Adjacent to Latch Release Mechanisms368.234 Barriers and Seals1910.265(c)(6)(v) Barriers and Warning Signs202.3.3 Barriers at Common or Emergency Entrances and Exists202.3.3 Barriers at Common or Emergency Entrances and Exits[BE] 1023.8 Barriers at Level of Exit Discharge1031.6 Bars, Grilles, Covers and Screens505.4 Bars, Grilles, Covers or Screens902.2 Bars, Soda Fountains, and Counter903.6 Basal Area903.6.1 Basal Area Available in Bed System903.6.2 Basal Area Available in Trench System1507.2.8.1 Base and Cap Flashing1507.2.9.1 Base and Counter Flashing602.1.2 Base Annual Energy Use Index3105F.8.3 Base Bolts43.6 Base CabinetsC3 Base Envelope Design and Proposed Design Specification2509.2 Base for Tile127-233 Base Heights and Setback Regulations87-322 Base Heights and Transition Heights2212A.2.1 Base Materials1926.553 Base-Mounted Drum Hoists708.3.4 Base of StackP3005.2.6 Base of StacksAppendix B Base Plane and Building Height Table2.4.3.1 Base Shear1507.11.2.1 Base Sheet1519.5.1 Base Sheet Attachment on Wood DecksSection M1405 Baseboard ConvectorsG3. Baseline All System Types Except System Types 9 and 103102F.1.5 Baseline Assessment1910.95(g)(5) Baseline AudiogramG3.1.1.3 Baseline HVAC System Requirements for Systems Utilizing Purchased Chilled Water and/or Purchased HeatG3.1.1 Baseline HVAC System Type and DescriptionG3. Baseline System Types 1 Through 8G3. Baseline System Types 9 and 10(C) Baseline Test Results3.3.33 Basement1103.5.3 Basement Access or Sprinkler Protection506.1.3 Basement and Cellar3. Basement and Underground Parking Structures605.2 Basement Columns and Bearing WallsSection 605 Basement Construction407.4.1.2 Basement Exits1016.2.2 Basement Exits in Group I-2 Occupancies304.16 Basement HatchwaysE3902.5 Basement Receptacles5904.1.3 Basement StorageN1102.2.8.1 (R402.2.8.1) Basement Wall Insulation Installation1909.6.1 Basement Walls506.1.3 Basements1205.2.3 Basements and Cellars5705.3.7.2 Basements and Other Areas Below Grade5706.4.4.1 Basements and PitsE3901.9 Basements, Garages(G) Basements, Garages, and Accessory BuildingsR305.1.1 Basements, New BuildingsAF103.4 Basements or Enclosed Crawl Spaces With Concrete Floors or Other Floor Systems and Slab-on-Grade DwellingsAF103.3 Basements or Enclosed Crawl Spaces With Soil Floors2513.5 Bases410.103 Bases, Incandescent Lamps450.3 Basic Building and Structures(A) Basic CalculationB.9.1 Basic CriterionB.9.3 Basic Design Circuit37-71 Basic Design Criteria1609.3 Basic Design Wind Speed2.2-3.1.2 Basic Emergency Care1224.33.3 Basic Emergency Medical Service2.7-3.1.2 Basic Emergency ServicesA-601.1 Basic Fines42.7.2.6 Basic Fire Control94-091 Basic Floor Area Ratio139-211 Basic Floor Area Regulations[BS] 1403.3.1 Basic Hardboard35-63 Basic Height and Setback Modifications23-64 Basic Height and Setback Requirements1605.3.1 Basic Load Combinations1910.252(a)(1) Basic Precautions1114.5 Basic Provisions23-152 Basic Regulations for R10 Districts23-151 Basic Regulations for R6 Through R9 DistrictsC406.5.1 Basic Renewable Credit1904.7(a) Basic Requirement3311.2.1 Basic Requirements1910.110(b) Basic Rules2106.1.1 Basic Seismic-Force-Resisting SystemBasic Services17.6.5.2 Basic single anchor bond strength, Nba17.6.2.2 Basic single anchor breakout strength, Nb17.7.2.2 Basic single anchor breakout strength, Vb17.6.3.2 Basic single anchor pullout strength, Np9.11.4.1 Basic Testing1607.12.1 Basic Uniform Live Load Reduction2308.2.4 Basic Wind SpeedR703.11.2.2 Basic Wind Speed Exceeding 115 Miles Per Hour or Exposure Categories C and DR703.11.2.2 Basic Wind Speed Exceeding 90 Miles Per Hour or Exposure Categories C and D2308.2.1 Basic Wind Speed Greater Than 100 mph (3-Second Gust)R703.11.2.1 Basic Wind Speed Not Exceeding 115 Miles Per Hour and Exposure Category BR703.11.2.1 Basic Wind Speed Not Exceeding 90 Miles Per Hour and Exposure Category B2.5- Basin DesignA-801.3 Basis for Appeal3104F.2.2 Basis for Evaluation319.1 Basis for Evaluation and Design§28-207.4.1 Basis for Vacate(A) Basis of CalculationsE 802.3 Basis of Design (BOD)1905.1.3 Basis of F'c1910.1025(d)(3) Basis of Initial Determination1926.1101(f)(2)(ii) Basis of Initial Exposure Assessment:1803.3 Basis of Investigation1905.2.3 Basis of Proportions1910.181(a)(3) Basket Derrick3125B.4 Basket Strainer1705A.3.3 Batch Plant Inspection1705A.3.3.2 Batch Plant Inspection Not Required. [DSA-SS, DSA-SS/CC]1905.8.2.3 Batch TicketsL 402.6.2 Bath and Shower DivertersE 502.8 Bath Ceiling Units30.4.6 Bath Modules(C) Bath StationsSection P-505 Bath TrapsSection 403 Bather LoadSection 1134A Bathing and Toilet Facilities213.3.6 Bathing Facilities1103.11.2.5 Bathing Fixtures306.7.12 Bathing Rooms3.3.16* Bathroom2606.9 Bathroom Accessories§1101-01 Bathroom and Powder Room Design PrototypesSection P-708 Bathroom and Toilet Room Requirements(3) Bathroom Branch Circuits16. Bathroom Doors405.3 Bathroom ExhaustR303.3.1 Bathroom Exhaust Fans1227.12.10.1 Bathroom FacilitiesB307.3.1 Bathroom FansT Bathroom Group Back to Back12.10.3 Bathroom GroupsV Bathroom Groups — ElevationU Bathroom Groups — PlanR305.2.1.1 Bathroom Plumbing Fixture ClearanceE3902.1 Bathroom Receptacles[F] 903. Bathrooms§27-759 Bathrooms and Toilet Rooms1203.5.1.3 Bathrooms and Toilet Rooms in Group R and I-1 Occupancies1203.4.1.3 Bathrooms and Toilet Rooms in R and I-1 OccupanciesJ608.5.3 Bathrooms, Hallways, Stairways, Attached and Detached GaragesP102.9.1 Bathtub(D) Bathtub and Shower Areas(D) Bathtub and Shower Luminaires(C) Bathtub and Shower SpaceR307.2 Bathtub and Shower SpacesP2713.3 Bathtub and Whirlpool Bathtub Valves407.4 Bathtub Enclosure607.7 Bathtub Enclosures24.* Bathtub End Wall Vertical Grab BarsE3902.8 Bathtub or Shower Stall Receptacles610.2 Bathtub Seats407.2 Bathtub Waste OutletsP2713.1 Bathtub Waste Outlets and Overflows607 Bathtubs409.0 Bathtubs and Whirlpool Bathtubs607.4.1 Bathtubs With Permanent Seats607.4.2 Bathtubs With Removable Seats607.4.2 Bathtubs Without Permanent SeatsBatt or Blanket-Type Insulating and Other Flexible Materials3104F.4.7 Batter Piles1810.9.2.4 Battered Deep Foundations720.9 Batteries1926.441 Batteries and Battery Charging3604.2.3 Batteries and FuelN107.3.1 Batteries in Vehicles3.3.31* Battery480.4 Battery and Cell Terminations10.6.11.7 Battery and Charger52.3.2.3* Battery Arrays3.3.31.1 Battery Capacity3.3.31.2 Battery Charger52. Battery Chargers10.6.10.3 Battery Charging309.3.3 Battery Charging Areas[F] 502.3 Battery-Charging Areas for Powered Industrial Trucks and Equipment502.3 Battery-Charging Areas for Powered Vehicles and Equipment(A) Battery Charging Equipment(A) Battery Circuits(F) Battery Compartments(H) Battery Conductors1910.268(b)(2) Battery HandlingN107.3.4.2 Battery Hot Lead309.3.2 Battery Inspection(D) Battery Installations480.12 Battery Interconnections3.3.31.3 Battery Load Test480.10 Battery Locations13.4.4.3 Battery Maintenance(F) Battery Maintenance Disconnecting Means52. Battery Management System(D) Battery Nonconductive Cases and Conductive RacksC Battery of Fixtures(4) Battery Power(3) Battery Power and Dampers(E) Battery-Powered Appliances30.3.4 Battery-Powered Electric Vehicles406.11 Battery-Powered Industrial Trucks, Equipment and Mobility Devices309.3 Battery-Powered Industrial Trucks, Industrial Equipment and Mobility Devices(A) Battery-Powered Lighting Units14X-5-504.8.4 Battery-Powered Smoke Alarms Installed on or After January 1, 2022[F] 907.2.22 Battery Rooms52.3.2.11 Battery-Specific Protection28.* Battery StorageA4. Battery Storage System Controls480.9 Battery Support Systems3.3.23 Battery System(3) Battery Systems(C) Battery Systems Maintenance(G) Battery Systems of More Than 48 Volts(C) Battery Terminals3.3.24 Battery Types, Stationary3.3.31.4 Battery Unit12.13.1 Battery VentingR302.11.1.1 Batts or Blankets of Mineral or Glass Fiber718.2.1.1 Batts or Blankets of Mineral Wool or Mineral Fiber705.2.4 Bay and Oriel Windows1406.4 Bay and Oriel Windows, Decks, Porches, Porticos, Entranceways, and Storm Enclosures1406.4 Bay Windows and Oriel Windows1926.757(a)(2)(i)(B)1910.1020(f)(8)(ii) Be in Writing1926.757(a)(2)(i)(D)1910.430(c)(2)(i) Be Made of Corrosion-Resistant Materials1926.803(b)(10)(v)1926.803(b)(10)(iv)1910.430(c)(2)(iii) Be Resistant to Accidental Disengagement1910.430(e)(3) Be Secured From Falling; And1926.757(a)(2)(i)(C)Section 1018 Beach Access Routes809.6 Beach and Sloping Entries610.4 Beach Entry, Zero-Depth Entry, and Sloping Entries248.1.2 Beach Nourishment307.2.1.1 Beach Pools11B-246.3 Beaches722. Beam and Girder Substitutions4.3.11 Beam-Bar Splices4.3.10 Beam Bars15.3.1 Beam-Column Joint Transverse Reinforcement3.3.40.1 Beam Construction4.2.3 Beam PenetrationsR606.6.3 Beam Supports2212A.2.2 Beam-to-Column Strength Ratio4.3.13 Beam Truss Bars1616.2.2.2 Beams1926.756 Beams and Columns[BF] 1705.15.4.6 Beams and Girders18.6 Beams of Special Moment Frames2.9.3.2 Beams or Foundations Supporting Machinery and Sheaves Not Located Directly Over the Hoistway324.4.7 Beams Supporting Trusses or Rafters and Ceiling Joists Attachment to Column8.4.11.2 Beams, Supports, and Floors2.11.11.9 Beams, Walls, Floors, and Supports3314.12.9 Bearers for Independent Pole Scaffolds2308.4.2.2 Bearing1808. Bearing Capacity§27-679 Bearing Capacity of Nominally Unsatisfactory Bearing Materials2104.7.1 Bearing Details17.11.2.2 Bearing factor, ψbrg,slR606.6.1 Bearing on Support3306.9.10.1 Bearing Partitions and HeadersH110.4 Bearing PlatesR804.3.8 Bearing StiffenerR505.3.4 Bearing Stiffeners1810.3.1.3 Bearing Stratum17.11.2 Bearing strength in shear of attachments with shear lugs, Vbrg,slR602.3.3 Bearing Studs3.3.14.2 Bearing Wall1616.3 Bearing Wall Structures3.3.14.3 Bearing Wall System14.3.1 Bearing Walls1620.2.7 Bearing Walls and Shear Walls40.4.1.5* Bearings1910.219(j) Bearings and Facilities for Oiling1910.262(d)(1) Beater Guards1910.261(j)(4) Beaters1028.8 Bed and Breakfast Dwellings610.3.3 Bed and Breakfast Dwellings and Buildings and Structures Which (1) Contain One or More Sleeping Areas, (2) Are Classified in One or More of the Following Occupancy Groups: E, I-2 (Except Hospitals), I-4, R-1, R-2, R-3 or R-4, and (3) Are Not Covered by Section 610.3.1 or Section 610.3.22104.1.2.1 Bed and Head JointsSection 704 Bed and Trench Construction1225. Bed Clearance1102.15.2 Bed Frames1102.15.3 Bed Height903.5.2 Bed or Trench Depth2513.3 Bedding Coat Proportions2.1- Bedpan-Rinsing Devices713.11.1 Bedpan Steamers713.2 Bedpan Washers and Clinical Sinks403.3 Bedrock1803.5.1 Bedrock SupportR332.4 Bedroom404.4 Bedroom and Living Room Requirements404.4 Bedroom Requirements464.4.4 Bedrooms46.1 Bedrooms in Group 1 Units47.1 Bedrooms in Group 2 Units224.3 Beds11B-805.4.1 Beds, Exam Tables, Procedure Tables, Gurneys and Lounge Chairs1910.1029(f)(1)(iii) Beehive Ovens(1) Before Application of Adjustment and Correction Factors1926.952(a) Before Each Job1926.963(f)(1) Before Each Test1926.1203(h)(3)1926.1207(b)(3)G2417.6.2 (406.6.2) Before Turning Gas On1.2-4.6.1 Behavioral and Mental Health Elements of the Safety Risk Assessment1.2-4.6.2 Behavioral and Mental Health Response*1.2-4.6 Behavioral and Mental Health Risk (Psychiatric Patient Injury and Suicide Prevention) Assessment(B) Behind Access PanelsP-602.1.1 Bell-and-Spigot1812.6 Belled Bottoms1810.3.9.5 Belled Drilled Shafts§57 Bells; Mail ReceptaclesP-507.6.1 Below Floor(A) Below Floor Level501.3.2.2 Below Grade2311.4 Below-Grade Areas608. Below-Grade LocationsR406.3.2 Below-Grade Moisture Barrier5703.6.2.2 Below-Grade or Underground Piping Systems Connected to a Tank in an Underground Area414.2.5.1 Below-Grade Storage of Flammable or Combustible Mixtures Accessory to Group M Establishments903. Below-Grade Stories1618.2 Below Grade Structures5.5.3.3 Below-Grade Wall InsulationA4 Below-Grade WallsSection CA104 Below-Grade Walls and Slabs1305.13.1 Below GroundJ Below Lowest Branch(1) Below Permanent Moisture Level12. Below SeatingJ404.3.3 Below Substantial Structural Damage1910.68(c)(1)(ii) Belt2.24.9.1 Belt and Chain Drives1910.261(c)(15) Belt Conveyors7.2.10.4 Belt-Drive Machines40.4.1.4* Belt Drives1910.219(l)(4) Belt Fasteners3005.4 Belt Manlifts1910.219(l)(3) Belt Perches1910.211(f)(3) Belt Pole1910.219(e) Belt, Rope, and Chain Drives1910.211(f)(2) Belt Shifter1910.262(b)(2) Belt Shifter Lock1910.219(l)(1) Belt Shifters1910.219(l) Belt Shifters, Clutches, Shippers, Poles, Perches, and Fasteners1910.219(l)(2) Belt Shippers and Shipper Poles1910.219(e)(6) Belt Tighteners6.2.3.6 Belt-Type Treadway1910.211(f)(1) Belts8.6.3.5 Belts and Chains612.2 Bench1926.300(b)(8) Bench and Floor Stands1028.15 Bench Seating903 Benches411.3.1 Benches and Steps5.1.13.1 Benches or Seats1910.262(l)(2) Benches or Working PlatformsJ107.3 Benching1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(f) Benchman, Coke Side1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(g) Benchman, Pusher Side*§28-309.11 Benchmarking AssistanceArticle 309 *Benchmarking Energy and Water Use* Article 309 Benchmarking Energy and Water Use and Disclosure of Energy Efficiency Scores and Grades§28-309.3 Benchmarking Required for City Buildings*§28-309.4 Benchmarking Required for Covered Buildings*§28-309.4 Benchmarking Required for Covered Buildings Other Than City Buildings1907.3 Bending1302.6 Bending of Pipe330.24 Bending Radius382.26 Bends1907.5.2.2 Bends and Ends354.24 Bends — How Made(D) Bends in Conductors352.26 Bends — Number in One Run26.27.1.5* Beneath Turbine Generator Operating Floor1810. Bent Deep Foundation Elements1808.2.8.7 Bent Piers or Piles1808.6.3 Bent Piles1910.1028 Benzene1926.1110 Benzidine3105F.4 Berthing Analysis and Design28.1.3 Berthing and Storage3105F.4.2 Berthing Energy Capacity3105F.4.1 Berthing Energy Demand3103F.8.7 Berthing Load (Be)3103F.6 Berthing Loads3102F.1.3 Berthing Systems3103F.6.7 Berthing Velocity and Angle1910.1024 Beryllium1910.1024(e) Beryllium Work Areas and Regulated Areas—3301.9.2.7 Best Construction Site Management Program5.106.1.2 Best Management Practices (BMP's)1910.1009 beta-Naphthylamine1926.1113 beta-Propiolactone(D) Between Buildings5.11.5.2 Between Car and Any Stationary Object2.5.1.2 Between Car and Counterweight and Counterweight Guard8.4.1.1 Between Car and Counterweight and Counterweight Screen2.5.1.1 Between Car and Hoistway Enclosures5. Between Car and Hoistway Enclosures or Counterweight5.11.5.1 Between Car and Landing Platforms5. Between Car and Landing Sill2.5.1.4 Between Car and Landing Sills2.5.1.3 Between Cars in Multiple Hoistways(C) Between Equipment(A) Between Equipment and Branch-Circuit Power(C) Between Equipment and/or Between Equipment Racks(D) Between Equipment and Power Supplies Other Than Branch-Circuit Power(D) Between Equipment, Equipment Racks, and Power Supplies Other Than Branch-Circuit Power(E) Between Equipment Racks and Branch-Circuit Power(E) Between Equipment Racks and Premises Wiring System(B) Between Loudspeakers and Amplifiers or Between Loudspeakers(H) Between Neon Tubing and Midpoint Return5. Between the Car and Hoistway Enclosures or Counterweight5. Between the Car and the Landing Sill303.3 Beveled7.4.7.4 Beveling and Clearance Requirements for Type B Material Lifts608.17.1 Beverage Dispensers23-471 Beyond One Hundred Feet of a Street Line*§28-504.1.2 Bicycle Access PlanArticle 504 *Bicycle Access to Buildings*§28-504.1 Bicycle Access to Certain Office BuildingsArticle 504 *Bicycle Access to Office Buildings*§28-504.5 Bicycle Access to Residential Buildings5.106.4 Bicycle Parking407.3 Bicycle Parking and Storage62-657 Bicycle Racks7.4.10 Bidet Attachments for Water ClosetsSection P2721 Bidet Installations7.4.9 Bidet Seats for Water ClosetsP2721.2 Bidet Water TemperatureSection 408 Bidets1926.957(b)(3) Biennial Inspection and TestingA509.3.3.3 Bilinear Representation of the Capacity Spectrum(3) 5618.3 Bill of Lading1910.218(j)(1) Billet Shears4-234 Billing for Further Fees104.12.1.2 Billing of Noncompliance Fee21.2.4.1 Bin Box and Shelf Storage3.3.18 Bin Box Storage1910.265(b)(3) Binder§27-571 Bins and Bunkers1910.265(c)(23) Bins, Bunkers, Hoppers, and Fuel Houses428.5.3 Bins, Shelving, Partitions and PalletsA5.405.2 Bio-Based Materials2307.2 Biofuel Content1910.145(e)(4) Biological Hazard Signs1910.145(f)(8) Biological Hazard Tags1910.1200(b)(6)(xii) Biological Hazards1910.1025(j)(2) Biological Monitoring -1910.1027(l)(2)(ii)(B) Biological Monitoring That Includes the Following Tests:804.1.3 Biomass Appliances(E) Bipolar Photovoltaic Systems(C) Bipolar Source and Output CircuitsR324.5.3 BIPV Roof Panels*§28-103.36 Bird Friendly Design and Construction Requirements*1403.8 Bird Friendly Materials*1403.8.2 Bird Hazard Installations3.3.34* Birth Center*2.4-2 Birth Center FacilitiesSection 452 Birthing Centers1226.11.1.1 Birthing Room2.4- Birthing Rooms1226.11.1 Birthing Service Space1910.1008 BIS-Chloromethyl Ether1910.263(k) Biscuit and Cracker Equipment1910.211(c)(1) Bite5606.4.1 Black Powder3306.4.1 Black Powder and Smokeless Propellants5007.6.5 Black Powder, Blasting Powder or Smokeless Propellants5604.12.8 Black Sporting Powder37-361 Blank Wall Thresholds5606.6 Blanks for Salute Cannon1926.914(c) "Blast Area"1910.94(a)(1)(iii) Blast Cleaning Barrel1926.57(f)(3) Blast-Cleaning Enclosure1910.94(a)(3) Blast-Cleaning Enclosures1910.94(a)(1)(iv) Blast Cleaning Room2.2.s Blast Logs5601.5.1.5 Blast Monitoring Specialist5607.16 Blast Records5607.16.1 Blast Warning Signal System5601.5.1.2 Blaster1926.901 Blaster QualificationsSection 5607 Blasting5607.3.1 Blasting Activities2.2.r Blasting Activity Registration1910.109(a)(1) Blasting Agent1910.109(g) Blasting Agents5604.1.1 Blasting Agents General5607.8 Blasting Area Security1910.94(a)(1)(v) Blasting Cabinet1926.914(f) "Blasting Caps"5604.13.6.4 Blasting Caps or Detonators5601.5.1.1 Blasting Contractor3301.5.1.1 Blasting Contractor Certificate1926.912(f)5607.16.3 Blasting General Precautions5607.3 Blasting in Congested Areas1926.913 Blasting in Excavation Work Under Compressed Air5607.16.3.8 Blasting in Proximity of Loaded Hole5607.16.5 Blasting Inspection105.7.8.5 Blasting OperationSection 5607 Blasting Operations5607.9.3 Blasting Operations Near or Adjacent to Natural Gas Utility Infrastructure5607.16.3.7 Blasting Operator Notification of Blasting105.7.10 Blasting Permits Insurance Required5601.5.1.3 Blasting Personnel5607.2.2 Blasting Plan3307.16.2 Blasting Plan for Demolition Blasting5607.1.2 Blasting Related-Construction5607.9 Blasting Safety5607.20.1 Blasting Seismograph Data1910.261(h)(2) Bleach Mixing Rooms1030.1.1 Bleachers13.2.3.5 Bleachers Aisles1401.1.1 Bleachers, Grandstands and Folding and Telescopic Seating1910.261(h) Bleaching1910.261(h)(1) Bleaching Engines511.4.6 Bleed Air Duct507.22 Bleed Lines for Diaphragm-Type Valves11B- Blended Transitions2.26.2.25 Blind Hoistway Emergency Door Electric Contact3.3.25 BlockAppendix B Block Flow Diagram and Simplified Process Flow Diagram (Nonmandatory)CD601.2 Block Geometry1926.914(g) "Block Holing"1226. Block RoomE 605. Block Scheduling[BS] 901.3.4 BlockageM1802.4 Blocked Vent Switch2308.7.8 BlockingR502.2.2 Blocking and SubflooringR505.3.3.4 Blocking at CantileversR505.3.3.3 Blocking at Interior Bearing Supports1707.3.3 Blocking Attachment to Lateral Braces1910.265(c)(26)(iii) Blocking Hoisting Platform1926.1404(h)(2) Blocking Material2508.6.3 Blocking of Perimeter Edges3320.11.5 Blocking RequiredCD602.2 Blocks45.6.1 Blocks or Piles1224. Blood Collection Facilities2.7-4.1.2 Blood Draw Facilities1926.62(j)(2)(i) Blood Lead and ZPP Level Sampling and Analysis1910.1025(j)(3)(ii)(D)(1) Blood Lead Level1910.1025(j)(3)(ii)(D)(4) Blood Urea Nitrogen; And1224.36.2.6 Bloodborne Infection Isolation Room1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens1910.215(c)(6) Blotters1910.261(g)(19) Blow Lines1910.261(g)(13) Blow Pits and Blow Tanks1910.265(c)(20) Blower, Collecting, and Exhaust SystemsR101.4.9 Blower Door Testing3102.8.1.2 Blower Equipment3103.10.3 Blowers1910.261(g)(14) Blowing DigesterN1101.10.1.1 (R303.1.1.1) Blown-in or Sprayed Roof and Ceiling InsulationC303.1.1.1 Blown-in or Sprayed Roof/Ceiling InsulationN1101.12.1.1 (R303.1.1.1) Blown or Sprayed Roof/Ceiling Insulation1910.261(g)(12) Blowoff Valves and Piping453.5.2 Board103. Board Action111.1.6 Board Actions3.3.36 Board and Care114.2.2 Board Approval103.2.6.1 Board AssessmentSection 116 Board Committees116.4 Board Committees and Duties[A] 109.6 Board Decision1910.218(e)(2) Board Drophammers§13-19 Board Initiated Investigatory Hearings. [Repealed]Section 113 Board of Appeals[A] 111.1 Board of Appeals EstablishedA-802.2.1 Board of Building StandardsSection A-804 Board of License and Inspection ReviewA-802.2.3 Board of Safety and Fire Prevention104.8.2 Board of Standards and Appeals VariancesSection 1.3 Board of State and Community CorrectionsSection 116 Board Organization§1-10.5 Board Publication of Hearing NoticeA-802.2.1.1 Board Recommendation§1-12.9 Board Resolution§1-12.6 Board Review of Decision14A-3-309 Board Up§ 23-27.3-124.6 Boarding705.7.7 Boarding and Alighting Areas1107.5.1.3 Boarding Care1107.6.1.4 Boarding Houses, Dormitories, Fraternity Houses and Sorority Houses1107.6.1.4 Boarding Houses, Dormitories, Fraternity Houses and Sorority Houses in Group R-1106.5.12 Boarding Pier1003.3.2 Boarding Pier Clearances235.3 Boarding Piers at Boat Launch Ramps705.7.6 Boarding PlatformsArticle 417 Boards555.9 Boat Hoists106.5.13 Boat Launch Ramp106.5.14 Boat Slip1003.3.1 Boat Slip Clearance1003.2.1 Boat SlipsE3902.12 Boathouse Receptacles1910.140(d)(3) Body Belts1926.964(c)(11) Body of Aerial Lift Truck1910.156(e)(3) Body Protection3.3.28* Boil-Over453.5.3 Boiler902.2 Boiler and Furnace Equipment RoomsArticle 5 Boiler and Furnace Rooms205.1.3 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Division14A-5-502.2 Boiler and Pressure Vessel InspectionsSection 1008 Boiler Blowoff/Blowdown Valves313.3.1.2 Boiler Breeching and PipingSection 1005 Boiler Connections6. Boiler Efficiency(B) Boiler Employing Resistance-Type Heating Elements Rated More Than 48 Amperes and Not Contained in an ASME-Rated and Stamped Vessel(A) Boiler Employing Resistance-Type Immersion Heating Elements in an ASME-Rated and Stamped Vessel1014.3 Boiler, Furnace and Incinerator Rooms1006.2.2.1 Boiler, Incinerator and Furnace RoomsE 503. Boiler IsolationM2002.5 Boiler Low-Water Cutoff412.0 Boiler, Mechanical, and Electrical Rooms1240.5 Boiler Room313.3.1 Boiler Rooms1004.6 Boiler Rooms and Enclosures1006.7 Boiler Safety Devices1006.9 Boiler Shutdown Switch6.5.4.1 Boiler TurndownArticle 14 Boilers14A-6-606.4 Boilers and Pressure Vessels14A-4-404.2 Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels1011.0 Boilers, Stokers, and Steam Generators66.3.3.5 Boiling Point3.3.27* Boiling Point (BP)713.11.2 Boiling-Type Sterilizers1910.211(d)(3) Bolster Plate1910.211(e)(10) Bolt-Headers2.23.10.3 Bolt Holes for Fastenings1010.2.5 Bolt Locks9.1.5.3 Bolt or Lag Screw2205A.5.3 Bolted Moment Connection - Chapter 11, Supplement No. 11910.218(i)(1) Boltheading2204.2 Bolting2109.2.3.1 Bolts2.9.3.5 Bolts Made of Steel2.15.7.3 Bolts, Nuts, and Welding17.2.4.3 Bolts, Rods, or Lag Screws5.7.18.4 Bolts Transmitting Torque, and Set Screws2109.6 Bond8-806.5 Bond BeamR609.2.2 Bond Beam ReinforcementR609.2.1 Bond Beam TypesR609.2 Bond BeamsR609.6.3 Bond Beams Combined With Lintels17.6.5.3 Bond eccentricity factor, ψec,Na17.6.5.4 Bond edge effect factor, ψed,Na17.6.5.5 Bond splitting factor, ψcp,Na[BF] 1705.15.6 Bond Strength1410.2.1 Bond Strength and Tests17.4.5 Bond Strength of Adhesive Anchor in Tension17.6.5 Bond strength of adhesive anchors in tension, Na or Nag(B) Bonded Neutral Generators(B) Bonded Parts721.1.5 Bonded Prestressed Concrete Tendons1815.4.3 Bonded Zone(A) Bonding680.6 Bonding and Equipment Grounding110.54 Bonding and Equipment Grounding Conductors680.7 Bonding and Equipment Grounding Terminals545.11 Bonding and Grounding66.28.3.1 Bonding and Grounding and Stray CurrentsE4207.8 Bonding and Grounding of Equipment5809.6.2 Bonding Cable2006.3.7.2 Bonding Cable Protection2006.3.7.1 Bonding Cables(B) Bonding ChassisG2411.2.2 Bonding Clamp(B) Bonding Conductor(A) Bonding Conductor or Grounding Electrode Conductor(C) Bonding Conductor Requirements(7) Bonding Conductors810.58 Bonding Conductors and Grounding Electrode Conductors — Amateur and Citizen Band Transmitting and Receiving Stations810.21 Bonding Conductors and Grounding Electrode Conductors — Receiving Stations250.102 Bonding Conductors and Jumpers2006.5.2.2 Bonding Conductors on Transfer Nozzles(2) Bonding Connections250.94 Bonding for Communication SystemsE3609.3 Bonding for Communications Systems250.94 Bonding for Other Systems250.97 Bonding for Over 250 Volts42. Bonding for Overwing Fueling250.100 Bonding in Hazardous (Classified) Locations(C) Bonding Jumper1211.2.1 Bonding Jumper ConnectionG2411.2.3 (310.2.3) Bonding Jumper Length1211.2.2 Bonding Jumper Size(6) Bonding Jumpers2415.5.4.2 Bonding Limits250.98 Bonding Loosely Jointed Metal RacewaysE3609.2 Bonding OfR606.3.6.1 Bonding of Backup Wythe1211.2 Bonding of CSST Gas Piping(3) Bonding of Electrical Equipment5803.1.5.1 Bonding of Electrically Conductive Components5803.1.5.1 Bonding of Electrically Conductive Materials and Equipment(4) Bonding of Electrically Conductive Materials and Other Equipment(D) Bonding of Electrodes(A) Bonding of Equipment for Services545.26 Bonding of Exposed Non—Current-Carrying Metal PartsE4204.5 Bonding of Indoor Hot Tubs and Spas(1) Bonding of Metal Parts551.56 Bonding of Non—Current-Carrying Metal PartsE4204.4 Bonding of Outdoor Hot Tubs and Spas250.104 Bonding of Piping Systems and Exposed Structural Metal5705.3.2 Bonding of Vessels250.96 Bonding Other EnclosuresE3609.7 Bonding Other Metal Piping(3) Bonding Path and Conductor2109.7.2.1 Bonding Pattern(4) Bonding Provisions1926.964(c)(7) Bonding the Employee to the Energized Part1926.956(c)(3) Bonding the Frame1926.956(c)(4) Bonding the Neutral Conductor5706.6.1.8 Bonding to Underground Tanks(C) Bonding Voltage Converter Enclosures2109. Bonding With Adjustable Wall Ties2109.6.2 Bonding With Masonry Headers2109.6.4 Bonding With Natural or Cast Stone2109.6.3.2 Bonding With Prefabricated Joint Reinforcement2109.6.3.1 Bonding With Wall Ties2109.6.3 Bonding With Wall Ties or Joint Reinforcement105. Bonds105.7.11 Bonds and In-Lieu Deposits for Oil Wells§ 23-27.3-116.8 Bonds and Liability Insurance2.7- Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant Unit307.4.1 Bonfires78-33 Bonus for Common Open Space78-352 Bonus for Community Facility Space78-353 Bonus for Enclosed Parking78-32 Bonus for Good Site Plan107-821 Bonus Provisions449.3 Book Return Slots16-310 Bookstacks1910.265(b)(4) Boom1926.1404(h)(5) Boom and Jib Pick Points1910.180(a)(14) Boom Angle1926.1436(f)(2) Boom Angle Aid1926.1435(e)(6)(i) Boom Angle or Hook Radius Indicator1926.1416(e)(1) Boom Angle or Radius Indicator1910.180(a)(13) Boom [Crane]1926.964(c)(12) Boom-Current Test1926.1426(a) Boom Free Fall Prohibitions1910.181(a)(13) Boom Harness1910.180(a)(15) Boom Hoist1926.1404(h)(10) Boom Hoist Brake Failure1926.1435(e)(6)(iii) Boom Hoist Deceleration Device1926.1435(e)(5)(viii) Boom Hoist Drum Positive Locking Device and Control1926.1416(d)(1) Boom Hoist Limiting Device1926.1414(d) Boom Hoist Reeving1910.181(a)(14) Boom Point1910.180(a)(16) Boom Stop1926.1415(a)(2)1926.1423(b)(2) Boom Walkway Criteria1926.1423(b) Boom Walkways1110.6 Booster CompressorM1502.4.5 Booster Fans ProhibitedSection 459 Boot Camps for Children13.* Boots, Foot Rings, and Attachments1112A.8 Border520.44 Borders, Proscenium Sidelights, Drop Boxes, and Connector Strips2308.5.10 Bored HolesC101.1.4 Bored Holes in StudsF 201.3 Borehole Piping and Tubing1910.213(l) Boring and Mortising Machines1704.7.4.1 Boring and/or Test Pit Report§27-720 Boring and Test Pit Operations§27-665 Boring Methods§27-663 Borings705.7 Borosilicate Glass Joints705.16.6 Borosilicate Glass to Other Materials74-832 Borough-Based Jail System62-93 Borough of Brooklyn62-94 Borough of Manhattan62-95 Borough of Queens62-96 Borough of Staten Island62-92 Borough of the Bronx105-32 Botanic Environment and Tree Planting Requirements105-31 Botanic Environment and Tree Preservation Requirements507.4.6 Both Field-Applied and Factory Built411.1.4 Both Sides of Deep Area1109.5.3 Bottle Fillers1110.6 Bottle-Filling Stations713.5 Bottle System1003.7 Bottling Establishments5704. Bottom5.2.2.1 Bottom and Top Clearances and RunbysSection 3.4 Bottom and Top Clearances and Runbys for Cars and Counterweights1910.68(b)(10) Bottom ArrangementSection 1008 Bottom Blowoff Valve3.4.1 Bottom Car Clearance2.4.1 Bottom Car Clearances3.4.2.1 Bottom Car Runby14. Bottom Chords of Bar Joists or Open TrussesR703.6.4 Bottom Courses2405.3.2 Bottom Drains505.10.3 Bottom Extension at Stairs704.11 Bottom Flange Protection2.11.11.6 Bottom Guides804.6.5.2 Bottom-Hinged Door Ovens1910.68(b)(10)(i) Bottom Landing42. Bottom Loading1912.2.1.1 Bottom Mat Reinforcement(6) Bottom-Mounted Luminaires2308.6.7.1 Bottom Plate Connection2308.5.3.1 Bottom Plate or Sill2304.3.1 Bottom Plates1912.2.3.1 Bottom Reinforcing809.5.2 Bottom Riser5.7.4.1 Bottom Runby(2) Bottom Shield2304.10.8 Bottom (Sill) Plate Anchorage3109B.3 Bottom Slope Break3109.5.4.2 Bottom SlopesR602.3.4 Bottom (Sole) PlateR610.5.2 Bottom (Sole) Plate Connection411.2.4 Bottom Tread(a) 5616.5.1 Boundaries of a Licensed Premises107-76 Boundary Adjustments in Designated Open Space18.10.6 Boundary Elements of Special Structural Walls76-144 Boundary Line Adjoining a Railroad76-145 Boundary Line Coinciding With Parks, Cemeteries or Navigable Waters76-143 Boundary Line Oblique to Streets76-132 Boundary Line Parallel to the Long Dimension of Block Between Parallel Streets76-133 Boundary Line Parallel to the Long Dimension of Block Between Streets Which Are Not Parallel76-131 Boundary Line Parallel to the Short Dimension of Block76-142 Boundary Line Within Street5. Bow Irons and Stanchions109-40 Bowery, Canal, Kenmare Street Corridor (Area C)7.4.4 Bowl HeightP-706.1.1 Bowl Type19.3 Bowling Alleys206.2.11 Bowling Lanes1910.263(k)(7) Box- And Roll-Type Dough Sheeters(A) Box, Conduit Body, or FittingE3905.1 Box, Conduit Body or Fitting—Where Required(B) Box Fill Calculations(B) Box Mounted14.7 Box Office Ticket Counters and Concession Stands(A) Box Volume Calculations(E) Boxes(B) Boxes and Conduit Bodies(1) Boxes and Enclosures334.40 Boxes and Fittings(C) Boxes at Ceiling-Suspended (Paddle) Fan OutletsE3905.8 Boxes at Fan Outlets(A) Boxes at Luminaire or Lampholder OutletsE3905.6 Boxes at Luminaire OutletsSection E3905 Boxes, Conduit Bodies and Fittings314.29 Boxes, Conduit Bodies, and Handhole Enclosures to Be Accessible300.15 Boxes, Conduit Bodies, or Fittings — Where Required314.19 Boxes Enclosing Flush Devices314.19 Boxes Enclosing Flush Devices or Flush EquipmentE3905.5 Boxes Enclosing Flush-Mounted DevicesE3905.5 Boxes Enclosing Flush-Mounted Devices or Flush Equipment(I) Boxes, Fittings, and Cabinets(A) Boxes of Insulating Material(B) Boxes That Are Flush(A) Boxes That Are Set BackR403.1.6.1 Braced Panel AnchorageAS106.13 Braced Panels2308.6.8 Braced Wall Line and Diaphragm Support2308.3.2 Braced Wall Line Connections2308.12.4 Braced Wall Line Sheathing2308.3.2 Braced Wall Line Sill Plate Anchorage in Seismic Design Categories D and E2308.3.1.1 Braced Wall Line Sill Plate Anchorage in Seismic Design Category D2308.3.1.2 Braced Wall Line Sill Plate Anchorage in Seismic Design Category E2308.12.3 Braced Wall Line SpacingR602.10.1.5 Braced Wall Line Spacing for Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D22308.3.4 Braced Wall Line Support2308.6.1 Braced Wall LinesR602.12.4.1 Braced Wall Panel Assignment to Rectangle SidesR602.12.7 Braced Wall Panel Connection2308.3.2 Braced Wall Panel ConnectionsR602.10.6.1 Braced Wall Panel Connections for Seismic Design Categories DR602.10.8.1 Braced Wall Panel Connections for Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D22308.6.4 Braced Wall Panel ConstructionR602.10.3 Braced Wall Panel Construction MethodsR602.10.4.3 Braced Wall Panel Interior Finish MaterialR602.10.5.2 Braced Wall Panel LengthR602.10.1.4 Braced Wall Panel LocationR602.10.5.3 Braced Wall Panel Location and Corner ConstructionR602. Braced Wall Panel Location in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D22308.6.3 Braced Wall Panel MethodsR602.10.9 Braced Wall Panel SupportR602.10.9.1 Braced Wall Panel Support for Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D2R602.10.7.1 Braced Wall Panel Support for Seismic Design Category DR602.10.9.1 Braced Wall Panel Support for Seismic Design Category D2R602.3.5 Braced Wall Panel Uplift Load Path2308.6.2 Braced Wall Panels3314.12.7.1 Braces18.5.13 Braces to Buildings With Differential Movement2308.9.3 Bracing510.1.6 Bracing and Supports1810.7.3 Bracing at Tops of Deep Foundations1808.7.3 Bracing at Tops of Piles14A-4-406.3 Bracing for Adjacent Structures14A-4-406.4 Bracing for Public Way[BS] 706.3.1 Bracing for Unreinforced Masonry Bearing Wall Parapets[BS] 906.6 Bracing for Unreinforced Masonry Parapets[BS] 503.9 Bracing for Unreinforced Masonry Parapets in Major Alterations[BS] 503.6 Bracing for Unreinforced Masonry Parapets on Reroofing[BS] 403.5 Bracing for Unreinforced Masonry Parapets Upon ReroofingR602.10.11 Bracing in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D21810.7.4 Bracing of Short Deep Foundations1808.7.4 Bracing of Short PilesR602.12.3 Bracing Unit2.23.9.2 Bracket Fastenings520.63 Bracket Fixture Wiring(A) Bracket Wiring16.5 Brackets and Corbels8.4.8.4 Brackets, Fastenings, and Supports300.39 Braid-Covered Insulated Conductors — Exposed Installation1910.308(a)(2) Braid-Covered Insulated Conductors -- Open Installations703.3 Braille707.8 Braille Instructions6. Brake1910.217(h)(2) Brake and Clutch Requirements(3) Brake Coils2.24.8.5 Brake Information Plates1910.211(d)(60) Brake Monitor1910.217(h)(5) Brake Monitoring1910.217(b)(14) Brake System Monitoring3320.7.2.1 Brakes*3114.5 Brakes and Locks1910.179(f)(1) Brakes for Hoists1910.179(f)(4) Brakes for Trolleys and Bridges8. Braking System2.24.8 Braking System and Driving-Machine Brakes (See Nonmandatory Appendix F, Table F-1) Braking System and Rack-and-Pinion Driving-Machine Brakes5.11.24.9 Braking System of Driving Machines8. Braking System, Traction, and Traction LimitsD BranchP3005.4.1 Branch and Stack Sizing(B) Branch CircuitE3702.2 Branch-Circuit Ampere RatingE3701.2 Branch-Circuit and Feeder Ampacity708.11 Branch Circuit and Feeder Distribution Equipment(A) Branch-Circuit Conductors(A) Branch-Circuit Devices(A) Branch Circuit Distribution Equipment700.25 Branch Circuit Emergency Lighting Transfer Switch(D) Branch-Circuit Equipment Grounding Conductor(B) Branch Circuit Extensions or Modifications — Dwelling Units(D) Branch Circuit Extensions or Modifications — Dwelling Units and Dormitory Units(D) Branch Circuit Extensions or Modifications — Dwelling Units, Dormitory Units, and Guest Rooms and Guest SuitesArticle 220 Branch-Circuit, Feeder, and Service CalculationsArticle 220 Branch-Circuit, Feeder, and Service Load Calculations620.24 Branch Circuit for Hoistway Pit Lighting and Receptacle(s)620.24 Branch Circuit for Hoistway Pit Lighting and ReceptaclesE3702.8 Branch-Circuit InductiveE3702.8 Branch-Circuit Inductive and LED Lighting LoadsPart II Branch-Circuit Load CalculationsE3702.9 Branch-Circuit Load for Ranges and Cooking AppliancesE3703.7 Branch-Circuit Load Proportioning(B) Branch-Circuit Overcurrent Device(2) Branch-Circuit Overcurrent Devices(A) Branch-Circuit Overcurrent Protection(2) Branch-Circuit Overcurrent Protective Device551.43 Branch-Circuit Protection430.56 Branch-Circuit Protective Devices — In Which Conductor(B) Branch-Circuit Protective Equipment(B) Branch-Circuit Protective Equipment and Panelboards422.10 Branch-Circuit RatingPart II Branch-Circuit RatingsE3702.14 Branch-Circuit Requirement—Summary(A) Branch-Circuit Requirements210.24 Branch-Circuit Requirements — Summary(C) Branch-Circuit Selection Current610.42 Branch-Circuit Short-Circuit and Ground-Fault Protection430.130 Branch-Circuit Short-Circuit and Ground-Fault Protection for Single Motor Circuits Containing Power Conversion Equipment(B) Branch-Circuit Sizing(C) Branch-Circuit Taps210.6 Branch-Circuit Voltage Limitations(F) Branch-Circuit WiringArticle 210 Branch Circuits520.9 Branch CircuitsE3702.11 Branch Circuits for Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment620.22 Branch Circuits for Car Lighting, Receptacle(s), Ventilation, Heating, and Air-ConditioningE3703.1 Branch Circuits for Central Heating700.17 Branch Circuits for Emergency LightingE3703.1 Branch Circuits for Heating620.23 Branch Circuits for Machine Room or Control Room/Machinery Space or Control Space Lighting and Receptacle(s)620.25 Branch Circuits for Other Utilization Equipment210.25 Branch Circuits in Buildings With More Than One Occupancy(D) Branch Circuits Larger Than 50 Amperes(A) Branch Circuits Not More Than 600 Volts(B) Branch Circuits or Feeders(B) Branch Circuits Over 600 Volts210.11 Branch Circuits RequiredE3702.6 Branch Circuits Serving a Single MotorE3702.10 Branch Circuits Serving Heating LoadsE3702.7 Branch Circuits Serving Motor-Operated and Combination LoadsE3702.5 Branch Circuits Serving Multiple Loads or OutletsE3702.12 Branch Circuits Serving Room Air Conditioners708.30 Branch Circuits Supplied by COPS(2) Branch Circuits Supplied From Direct-Current Systems(1) Branch Circuits Supplied From More Than One Nominal Voltage System(B) Branch Circuits Supplying Two or More Loads(2) Branch Circuits With More Than One Receptacle803.4 Branch Connections11.9 Branch Connections Near the Base of Drain Stacks11.10 Branch Connections to Offsets in Drain Stacks2404.7.9.5 Branch Ducts(A) Branch/Feeder Circuit ConductorsG2413.4.2 (402.4.2) Branch Length Method3.3.19 Branch Lines1910.94(b)(1)(iii) Branch Pipe1310.10 Branch Pipe Connection1314.9.1 Branch PipingE.8.3 Branch Relief Vents for Positive Pressure409.9 Branch Shutoff Valves917.3 Branch Size404.7 Branch Take-OffE Branch VentP3113.3 Branch Vents916.4.1 Branch Vents Exceeding 40 Feet in Developed LengthA 106.2 Branches368.56 Branches From Busways(C) Branches From Trolley-Type Busways517.32 Branches Requiring Automatic ConnectionP3003.5 Brass1108.5 Brass (Copper Alloy) Pipe16.3.6 Brass Pipe1203.6 Brass Tubing4.2.8 Brazed10.3.4 Brazed and Pressure Fitting Methods7.5.4* Brazed and Soldered JointsP3003.6.1 Brazed Joints1321.1 Brazed Joints and Fittings1323.10.1 Brazing1321.9 Brazing Dissimilar Metals1323.11.2 Brazing Procedure Specification1307.0 Brazing Procedures1324.2 Breached Systems1323.12 Breaching or Penetrating Medical Gas Piping1910.263(i)(20) Bread Coolers, Rack Type5707.5.2 Break-Away Device404.3.6 Break Out Opening305.2 BreakageP2603.3 Breakage and Corrosion5707.5.2 Breakaway Device2306.7.5.1 Breakaway Devices912.4.1 Breakaway Fire Department Connection Caps[F] 412.8.4 Breakaway Protection1926.956(d)(6) Breaking Connections17.6.2.5 Breakout cracking factor, ψc,N17.7.2.5 Breakout cracking factor, ψc,V17.6.2.3 Breakout eccentricity factor, ψec,N17.7.2.3 Breakout eccentricity factor, ψec,V17.6.2.4 Breakout edge effect factor, ψed,N17.7.2.4 Breakout edge effect factor, ψed,V17.6.2.6 Breakout splitting factor, ψcp,N17.7.2.6 Breakout thickness factor, ψh,V(6) Breakouts1910.181(a)(4) Breast Derrick1910.134(i) Breathing Air Quality and Use2603.3.2 Breathing Apparatus1910.430(c)(2) Breathing Gas Supply Hose Connectors Shall:1910.430(c) Breathing Gas Supply Hoses1910.430(c)(1) Breathing Gas Supply Hoses Shall:1910.421(d)(3) Breathing Gas Supply (Including Reserves)403. Breathing Zone Outdoor Airflow135-13 Breweries2119.4 BrickH 701.5 Brick and Block2121.2.8 Brick and Stone Walls1926.452(e) "Bricklayers' Square Scaffolds (Squares)"1910.179(a)(21) Bridge1910.179(e)(2) Bridge Bumpers-139-44 Bridge Connection Requirements18.14 Bridge Plates1910.179(a)(22) Bridge Travel18. Bridges503.2.6 Bridges and Elevated Surfaces454.1.3.2 Bridges and Overhead Obstructions or River Rides3202.2.2.2 Bridges Between Buildings7.2.4.4 Bridges Serving Horizontal Exits Between Buildings2308.5.7 BridgingAR103.5.4 Bridging Across Dissimilar Substrates1926.965(d)(2) Brief Entries Allowed1910.183(b) Briefing1926.952(a)(2) Briefing by the Employee in Charge11B-703.8.13 Brightness468.3.7.3 Brightness Ratio in Classrooms/Instructional Spaces1116.5 Brine Systems1910.261(k)(13) Broke Hole8. Broken Drive-Chain Device1926.307(d)(3) "Broken Pulleys" Broken Rope, Tape, or Chain Switch2.26.2.6 Broken Rope, Tape, or Chain Switches6. Broken Step-Chain Device8. Broken Step-Chain or Treadway Device2.20.8.2 Broken Suspension Member8. Broken-Suspension-Member and Residual-Strength Detection Means6. Broken Treadway Device8.5.2 Bronchoscopy1910.265(b)(5) Brow LogA5.103.2 Brownfield or Greyfield Site Redevelopment or Infill Area DevelopmentA5.103.2.1 Brownfield Redevelopment403.1.3 Brownfields5604.7.3 Brush1910.269(r)(2) Brush Chippers1.2.2 BSC-CG625.1.1 [BSC-CG, HCD 1] Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging for New ConstructionSection 1231 [BSCC] Local DetentionSection 1230 [BSCC] Minimum Standards for Juvenile Facilities(C) Buck/Boost Direct-Current Converters1926.964(c)(6) Bucket Liners and Electrostatic Shielding1814.7 Buckling1810.7.1 Buckling of Deep Foundations1808.7.1 Buckling of Piles1910.155(c)(6) Buddy-Breathing Device2.22.4.11 Buffer Data Plate2.22.5.6 Buffer Marking Plate2.22.4.9 Buffer Oil Requirements8.2.3.1 Buffer Reaction and Impact for Oil Buffer and Elastomeric Buffer Supports8.2.3.1 Buffer Reaction and Impact for Oil Buffer Supports8.2.3.2 Buffer Reaction and Impact for Spring Buffer Supports1224. Buffer Room3.6.4 Buffer Supports2.26.2.22 Buffer Switches for Gas Spring-Return Oil Buffers2.26.2.13 Buffer Switches for Oil Buffers Used With Type C Car Safeties8.3.2.5 Buffer Tests3.6.3 Buffer Types8.6.4.4 Buffers5.3.1.15 Buffers and Buffer SupportsSection 2.22 Buffers and Bumpers502.17.1 Buffing Machines3.3.37* Building501.3.2 Building Access64-51 Building Access Mitigation OptionsSection 1102A Building AccessibilitySection 502 Building AddressR405.2.2 Building Air Leakage Testing13.7.1.2* Building Alarm and Signaling Systems111.1.2 Building Alterations or Additions3903.2.6 Building Analysis[F] 602.2.1 Building and Adjacent BuildingsSection 504 Building and Rooftop Access20.6.2* Building and Storage Height507.4.7 Building and Structural Contact450.6 Building and Structures for Sleeping11-341 Building Applications Filed Before July 8, 2017Section 506 Building Area9.2.2.1 Building Area Method9.5 Building Area Method Compliance Path9.5.1 Building Area Method of Calculating Interior Lighting Power AllowanceSection 506 Building Area Modifications34.9.2 Building Arrangement134-28 Building Articulation306.2 Building Automation SystemsDivision 3: Building Blocks14A-10-1005 Building Board of Appeals6-A4 Building CapacityN1103.3.7 (R403.3.7) Building CavitiesN1103.3.5 (R403.3.5) Building Cavities (Mandatory)5.4.3 Building Characteristics450.3.1 Building Classification107.4 Building Classification StatementP-903.5 Building Clearance1808.7.1 Building Clearance From Ascending SlopesR403.1.7.1 Building Clearances From Ascending Slopes3.3.38* Building Code§ 23-27.3-100.1.5 Building Code — Adoption and Promulgation by CommitteeSection 202 Building Code Council3501.3 Building Code Referenced StandardsFlorida Building Code, Seventh Edition (2020)—Energy Conservation2.4-7.1 Building Codes1.1-5 Building Codes and Standards6-A-7 Building Collapse4.2.5.2 Building Commissioning RequirementsA5.409.2.1 Building Components1616.5 Building Configuration1616.5.1 Building Configuration (For Use in the Simplifiedanalysis Procedure of Section 1617.5)34.4 Building Construction20.6 Building Construction and Storage: Heights and ClearanceSection 802 Building Construction Features, Operations and Maintenance Facilitation42.6 Building Construction Requirements(E) Building Control Circuits103.2 Building Department Certification103.2.3 Building Department Certification Application103.2.4.1 Building Department Certification, Approval or Denial103.2.5 Building Department Certification, Board to Maintain List103.2.4 Building Department Certification, Certification Hearing103.2.7.1 Building Department Certification, Hearings and Appeals103.2.6 Building Department Certification, Reports, and Assessment103.2.2 Building Department Certification Requirements103.2.7 Building Department Certification, Revocation or Suspension102.11 Building Department Jurisdictional Limitations103.3 Building Department Personnel Certification104.2 Building Department Personnel Duties and ResponsibilitiesAF103.11 Building Depressurization2903.1 Building Design5.8.3 Building Design Specifications(B) Building Directory11.1.7 Building DisconnectC103.6 Building Documentation and Close Out Submittal RequirementsC103.6 Building Documentation and Closeout Submittal RequirementsSection 703 Building DrainP3005.2.3 Building Drain and Building Sewer Junction5.4.6 Building Drain and Building Sewer Junctions and the Property LineP3005.4.2 Building Drain and Sewer Size and Slope702.3 Building Drain Pipe703.1 Building Drain Pipe Near the Water ServiceTable G Building DrainsP3007.2 Building Drains Below Sewer (Building Subdrains)Section 608 Building Electrical Power and Lighting SystemsSection 702 Building Elements and Materials[BS] 902.3.2 Building Elements in Contact With the GroundP104.9.1 Building Emergency Smoke Control*§28-320.3 Building Emissions Limits**§28-320.3.2 Building Emissions Limits for Calendar Years 2030 Through 2034*§28-320.3.4 Building Emissions Limits for Calendar Years 2035 Through 2050*§28-320.3.5 Building Emissions Limits on and After Calendar Year 2050Article *320 Building Energy and Emissions Limits7-118 Building Energy Efficiency Program14X-4-403.2 Building Entrances2.2- Building Entry MatsN1110.3.1 (R502.3.1) Building EnvelopeSection 507 Building Envelope Moisture Control5.9.1.1 Building Envelope Performance Verification*2.1-8.7.3 Building Envelope ProtectionSection C402 Building Envelope RequirementsSection 605 Building Envelope Systems611.4 Building Envelope Systems Commissioning and Completion Requirements5.6 Building Envelope Trade-Off Compliance Path5.6 Building Envelope Trade-Off Option34.7 Building Equipment, Maintenance, and Operations10.4 Building Evacuation[A] Building Evaluation517.4.2 Building Exceeding Four Stories453.10.3.6 Building ExteriorsC405.2.7.2 Building Facade and Landscape Lighting109-131 Building Facades1910.66(h)(6) Building Face Guiding Members1910.265(c) Building Facilities, and Isolated Equipment[F] 418.1 Building Features809.5.1 Building Fire Alarm System13.7.1.2* Building Fire Alarm Systems104.12.1 Building Fire Protection Reports3.3.33 Building Fire Safety PlanH3.2.3 Building Floor Plan107.1.5 Building Framing InspectionSection A-902 Building, Fuel Gas and Mechanical Code Fees506.1 Building Heating AppliancesSection 504 Building Height435.3 Building Height and Area ProvisionsSection 504 Building Height and Number of StoriesSection 504 Building Height Modifications722.1 Building (House) Sewer703.7 Building House Traps511.3 Building Information CardAmusement RideAmusement Ride SeatAnalog Initiating Device (Sensor)AnalysisAnchorAnchor, AdhesiveAnchor BlockAnchor BuildingAnchor, Cast-InAnchor, ExpansionAnchor GroupAnchor, Horizontal or Upwardly InclinedAnchor, Post-InstalledAnchor Pullout StrengthAnchor, ScrewAnchor SheetAnchor, UndercutAnchorage DeviceAnchorage Device, Basic MonostrandAnchorage Device, Basic MultistrandAnchorage Device, SpecialAnchorage ZoneAnchoredAnchored BridgingAnchored Masonry VeneerAnchored Stone or Masonry VeneerAnchorsAncillary FacilityAncillary FunctionsAnd/orAnesthetizing LocationAngiographyAngle WallAnimal Housing Facility*Animal Service FacilityAnnex A Explanatory MaterialAnnex B Engineering Guide for Automatic Fire Detector SpacingAnnex B Possible Causes of Pump TroublesAnnex C Fire Pump Controller ConnectivityAnnex C System Performance and Design GuideAnnex D Speech IntelligibilityAnnex E Sample Ordinance Adopting NFPA 7Annex F Wiring Diagrams and Guide for Testing Fire Alarm CircuitsAnnex G Guidelines for Emergency Communication Strategies for Buildings and CampusesAnnex H Informational ReferencesAnnexesAnnual FrequencyAnnual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)Annual Observation ChecklistAnnular SpaceAnnunciatorAnnunciator, CarAnodeless RiserANSIANSI/APSP Performance StandardANSI/ASMEAnti-Flooding DeviceAnti-Siphon DeviceAntifreeze Sprinkler SystemAntisiphonApartmentApartment BuildingApartment HouseApartment, StudentAppealAppellantAppendices as a Mandatory Reference StandardAppendix Table A1.2-AAppendix Table A1.2-BAppendix Table A2.1-AApplianceAppliance, Automatically ControlledAppliance Categorized Vent Diameter/AreaAppliance Efficiency RegulationsAppliance (Equipment)Appliance, ExistingAppliance, Fan-Assisted CombustionAppliance, FixedAppliance Flue OutletAppliance Fuel ConnectorAppliance, Fuel-FiredAppliance, Gas (Equipment)Appliance, Low-HeatAppliance, Medium-HeatAppliance, PortableAppliance ShutoffAppliance Shutoff ValveAppliance TypeAppliance, UnventedAppliance, VentedApplicable BuildingApplicable Governing BodyApplicantApplicationApplication RateApplication to Existing Irrigation InstallationsApplication Uniformity Part II — Design CriteriaApplicatorApplied Frame EntranceApprenticeApprentice BlasterApproachApproach-Departure PathAppropriate AuthorityApproval or ApprovedApprovedApproved AgencyApproved Calculation MethodApproved Central Station CompanyApproved Construction DocumentsApproved DocumentsApproved ExistingApproved FabricatorApproved Fire WatchApproved. (HCD 1)Approved Inspection AgencyApproved Listing AgencyApproved Plans and SpecificationsApproved PlasticApproved Production FacilityApproved Safety CoverApproved Safety Pool CoverApproved SourceApproved Testing AgencyApproved Testing LaboratoryAppurtenanceAquatic Recreation FacilityAquatic VesselARB (CARB)Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)ArchitectArchitect/EngineerArchitectural Metal PanelArchitectural Terra CottaArea, BuildingArea DrainArea (For Masonry)Area (Masonry)Area of RefugeArea of Rescue AssistanceArea of Special Flood HazardArea of Sport ActivityArea, Total Building FloorArea, Total FloorArea WayArea Weighted AverageAreas Protected by the Facilities of the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan Where Flood Levels Are Anticipated to Exceed Three Feet for the 200-Year Flood EventAreawayArm-OverArmoringArrayArray, ClosedArray (Paper)Arterial HighwayArterial HighwaysArticulating Boom CraneArtificial BarricadeArtificial Barricade BarricadeArtificially Made Bodies of WaterAs FollowsAs Used in This RuleASAE EP405 Part III — StandardsASAE EP409 Part III — StandardsASAE S339 Part III — StandardsASAE S394 Part III — StandardsASAE S435 Part III — StandardsAsbestos AbatementAsbestos-Containing Material (ACM)Asbestos-Containing MaterialsAsbestos-Containing ProductsAshlar MasonryAshlar Masonry MasonryAshlar Stone MasonryAshlar Stone Masonry Stone MasonryASHRAE 90.1-2010ASHRAE 90.1—2016ASHRAE 90.1—2016 (As Amended)AskarelASMEASME A17.1ASME Code or EquivalentASME ContainerASME Container (or Tank)ASME TankAspect RatioAsphaltAsphalt Concrete or Asphalt PavingAsphalt MelterAsphaltic Concrete or Asphalt PavingAspiratorASSE 1001 Part III — StandardsASSE 1013 Part III — StandardsASSE 1015 Part III — StandardsASSE 1020 Part III — StandardsASSE 1024 Part III — StandardsAssemblyAssembly AreaAssembly (Assembly Product)Assembly BuildingAssembly Group "A-3Assembly Group "A-4Assembly Group "A-5Assembly OccupancyAssembly Occupancy (Also See "Place of Assemblage")Assembly Products (RCVA)Assembly Products (RCVA). Recycled Content Value (RCV)Assembly SpaceAssignable Square FootageAssigned Protection Factor (APF)AssignmentAssistant BlasterAssistant Fire Safety DirectorAssistant SecretaryAssistant State Fire MarshalAssisted Living FacilityAssisted Mechanical Type Parking StructureAssisted Rescue PathAssistive DeviceAssistive Listening SystemAssistive Listening System (ALS)Associated ApparatusAssociated Nonincendive Field Wiring ApparatusAssociated Structural AlterationsASTMASTM (ASTM International)ASTM D 2239 Part III — StandardsASTM D 2241 Part III — StandardsASTM D 2466 Part III — StandardsASTM D 2855 Part III — StandardsASTM D 3139 Part III — StandardsASTM F 477 Part III — StandardsASTM International Standards Part III — StandardsAstronomical Time SwitchAtmosphereAtmosphere-Supplying RespiratorAtmospheric PressureAtmospheric TankAtmospheric Vacuum BreakerAtriumAttached BuildingAttached SystemsAttachmentAttachment FittingAttachment Plug (Plug Cap) (Plug)Attachments, SeismicAtticAttic and Other RoofsAttic-Framing MembersAttic, HabitableAttic, Uninhabitable With Limited StorageAttic, Uninhabitable Without StorageAudible Alarm Notification ApplianceAudible Notification ApplianceAudio Amplifier or Pre-AmplifierAudio AutotransformerAudio Signal Processing EquipmentAudio SystemAudio TransformerAugered-Cast-in-Place PilesAugered Uncased PilesAuthoritative DocumentAuthorityAuthority Having JurisdictionAuthority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)AuthorizationAuthorized PersonnelAutoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)Automated Container Exchange SystemAutomated Container Exchange system.liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)Automated Inspection and TestingAutomated Rack StorageAutomated Type Parking StructureAutomaticAutomatic BoilerAutomatic Control DeviceAutomatic Control ValveAutomatic DoorAutomatic DryAutomatic Dry Standpipe, Types OfAutomatic Emergency Shutoff ValveAutomatic Extinguishing System Supervisory DeviceAutomatic Fire DetectorAutomatic Fire Extinguishing or Suppression System Operation DetectorAutomatic Fire-Extinguishing SystemAutomatic Gas ShutoffAutomatic Gas Shutoff ValveAutomatic IgnitionAutomatic Irrigation Controller Part II — Design CriteriaAutomatic Load Management System (ALMS)Automatic or AutomaticallyAutomatic Smoke Detection SystemAutomatic SprinklerAutomatic Sprinkler SystemAutomatic SystemAutomatic Teller Machine (ATM)Automatic Time Switch ControlAutomatic Transfer DeviceAutomatic ValveAutomatic Water Mist SystemAutomatic WetAutomatic Wet Standpipe, Types OfAutomotive Components on Portable RacksAutomotive Motor Fuel-Dispensing FacilityAutomotive Salvage and Wrecking FacilityAutonomous Control Unit (ACU)Auxiliary Alarm BoxAuxiliary Alarm SystemAuxiliary AreaAuxiliary BoxAuxiliary Power Lowering DeviceAvailable Height for StorageAverage Ambient Sound LevelAverage Roof HeightAviation FacilityAWC NDSAWC SDPWSAwningAWWA C-900 Part III — StandardsAxis of RotationAxleAYESAzeotropeB-1B-2B. Certified Fire Safety OfficerB) Change of OccupancyB-Class Boundary[B] Dwelling Unit[B] Fire Door Assembly[B] Fire Partition(B) High Demand or Continuous ModeB-Region[B] Registered Design Professional[B] Religious Worship, Place Of[B] Sleeping Unit(B) Source MarkingBaby Changing TableBack Stock AreaBack-to-Back Shelf StorageBackboneBackflowBackflow ConnectionBackflow, DrainageBackflow PreventerBackflow Preventer, Reduced-Pressure-Zone TypeBackflow Preventer, Reduced-Pressurezone TypeBackflow Prevention DeviceBackflow Prevention Methods Part II — Design CriteriaBackflow, Water DistributionBackground Clearance Card (BCC)Background Clearance Card or BCCBackingBackpressureBackpressure BackflowBackpressure, Low HeadBackpressure, Low Head BackflowBackshelf HoodBackshelf Hood Commercial Kitchen Exhaust HoodsBackshelf Hood Commercial Kitchen HoodsBacksiphonageBacksiphonage BackflowBackupBackup Roller(s)BackwashBackwash CycleBackwater ValveBackwater Valve BackflowBaffleBaffle PlateBalanceBalanced DoorBalanced SystemBalanced VentilationBalanced Ventilation SystemBalanced Whole-House VentilationBalancing, Air SystemBalancing, Hydronic SystemBalcony, ExteriorBaleBaled CottonBaled Cotton CottonBaled Cotton DefinitionsBaled Cotton, Densely PackedBaled Cotton, Densely Packed CottonBall CockBallastBallast, ElectronicBallast, HybridBallast, MagneticBallasted Solar Photovoltaic SystemBalloon FramingBanded Roll Paper StorageBanded Tire StorageBanded TiresBarometric Draft RegulatorBarrelbarrel.intermediate Bulk container.alcohol Storage TankBarricadeBarricade (Explosive)Barricade (Explosives or Fireworks)BarricadedBarrierBarrier PermanentBarrier, TemporaryBaseBase, BuildingBase Building SystemsBase Envelope Performance FactorBase FloodBase Flood ElevationBase (Mounting)Base of StructureBase SheetBaseline Building DesignBaseline Building PerformanceBaseline Building Source EnergyBasementBasement and Underground Parking StructuresBasement (For Flood Loads)Basement (For Flood Zone Purposes)Basement WallBasement Wall, BuildingBasic Care (Category 3) SpaceBasic Care RoomBasic Seismic-Force-Resisting SystemsBasic ServicesBasic Wind SpeedBasis of DesignBatherBather LoadBathing and Shower FacilitiesBathroomBathroom, CommunityBathroom GroupBathroom, HalfBathroom, PrivateBathroom, SharedBatteryBattery CapacityBattery ChargerBattery CircuitsBattery Load TestBattery of FixturesBattery-Powered Lighting UnitsBattery SystemBattery System, Stationary Lead AcidBattery System, Stationary StorageBattery TypesBattery Types, StationaryBattery UnitBay (Patient){BCD][Be] Smoke-Protected Assembly SeatingBeach EntryBeamBeam ConstructionBearer (Putlog)Bearing WallBearing Wall StructureBearing Wall SystemBed and Breakfast DwellingBed-and-Breakfast EstablishmentBed JointBeddedBedpan SteamerBedpan Steamer or BoilerBedpan Washer and SterilizerBedpan Washer HoseBedridden PersonBedrockBedroomBeer and Intoxicating LiquorBellBelled PiersBelled (Pipe)Below-Grade WallBelow-Grade WallsBelt Driving MachineBenchBenchmarkBenchmarking ToolBendBerthBest Efficiency Point (BEP)Beverage Alcohol[BF] Exterior Wall Envelope[BF] Noncombustible Material[BF] Smokeproof EnclosureBicycle Parking, Long TermBicycle Parking, Short TermBin BoxBin Box StorageBinary ExplosiveBio-Based MaterialBiodieselBiogasBiomassBioretentionBioterrorismBipolar CircuitBipolar Photovoltaic Array*Bird Friendly MaterialBird Hazard InstallationsBirth CenterBlack MatchBlack WaterBlast AreaBlast Monitoring CertificateBlast Monitoring SpecialistBlast SiteBlasterBlaster, ApprenticeBlaster, RestrictedBlaster, Unrestricted