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128-53 Use of Parking Facilities139-315 Use of Parking Facilities for Car Sharing Vehicles139-316 Use of Parking Facilities for Public Parking2.16.1.2 Use of Partitions for Reducing Inside Net Platform Area5.8.14 Use of Performance-Based Design Option103.1.1 Use of Performance Code14A-4-413.6 Use of Permit Issued to Another1926.1431(b) Use of Personnel Platform3503.4.2 Use of Portable Fire Extinguishers1910.335(a) Use of Protective Equipment5608.2.2 Use of Pyrotechnics Before a Proximate Audience(g) 118.8.7 Use of Qualifying "Ohio Safe Stay Hotel" Designation42-462 Use of Railroad or Transit Air SpaceE 403.5 Use of Reclaimed (Recycled) and On-Site Treated Nonpotable Water for CoolingE 403.5 Use of Reclaimed (Recycled) and Onsite Treated Nonpotable Water for Cooling§26-04 Use of Reshores During Construction Operations. [Repealed]103.8 Use of Resource A1910.134(g) Use of Respirators1817.4.3 Use of Rock Support1814.2 Use of Rock Support in Lieu of Underpinning906.3 Use of Roof1910.27(b)(2) Use of Rope Descent Systems1926.907 Use of Safety Fuse3314.4.2 Use of Scaffolds425.2 Use of School Buildings by Lower Grades§28-412.6.1 Use of SealSection A6 Use of Sizing Charts.A.4 Use of Sizing Equations4.9.3 Use of Sleeves for Penetration25-42 Use of Spaces Accessory to Permitted Non-Residential Uses903.5.2 Use of Sprinkler System to Hang9.4 Use of Sprinklers3303.8.3 Use of Standpipes for Purposes Other Than Supplying Water for Firefighting250.60 Use of Strike Termination Devices14A-4-404.22.2 Use of Subsidewalk Space for Natural Light or Ventilation3319.9.1 Use of Synthetic Slings in Conjunction With Tower Crane Erection, Jumping, and Dismantling5704.2.2 Use of Tank Vehicles and Tank Cars as Storage Tanks1817.7.1.8 Use of Tension Anchors101.5 Use of Terminology and NotesG101.2.1 Use of the Table1601.2.1 Use of This Code63. Use of Toxic Gases5704.2.2 Use of Transport Containers as Stationary Storage Tanks§27-697 Use of Uncased Concrete Pile Shafts607.0 Use of Under-Floor Space as Supply Plenum for Dwelling Units(2) Use of Uninsulated Conductor§27-588 Use of Used and Unidentified Materials310.4 Use of Vent and Waste Pipes909.21.1.1 Use of Ventilation Systems1107.5 Use of Ventilation Systems for Other Purposes1811.4.3 Use of Vibratory Drivers1910.265(c)(23)(ii) Use of Wheeled Equipment to Load Bins1910.181(i)(5) Use of Winch Heads4.8.5 Use of Wired Glass5704. Use of Wood§28-401.17 Use on Behalf of a Business§28-401.17.1 Use on Behalf of a City Agency63. Use on Mobile Equipment3320.7.2.4 Use on Ramps, Runways and Platforms3103.5 Use Period74-40 Use Permits77-331 Use Permitted in Both Districts904.1.3 Use Prior to Final InspectionChapter 2 Use Regulations84-03 Use Regulations (For Zone A and Zone C)87-12 Use Regulations in the North Subdistrict81-72 Use Regulations Modified15-21 Use Regulations — Transfer of Preservation Obligations and Conversion Rights87-11 Use Regulations Within the Core Subdistrict503.2.8.2 Use to Restrict Access918.6 Use With Casters6103.2.1.6 Use With Self-Contained Torch Assemblies106.5.74 Use Zone1008.2.6.2 Use Zones2215.3 Used and Damaged Material(B) Used as a Raceway(C) Used as Service Equipment(D) Used as Switches4005.3.2 Used Barrels14A-4-404.2.4 Used Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels1910.252(a)(3)(i) Used Containers319.3.6 Used Cooking Oil1202.2 Used Existing Materials507.2.6 Used in Other Applications[A] 105.4 Used Material and Equipment[A] 105.4 Used Material, Appliances and Equipment2.14 Used Material or Equipment1701.3 Used Materials505.2.1 Used Materials and Components[A] 104.9.1 Used Materials and Equipment114.3.3 Used Materials and Products105.2.1 Used Materials, Products and Equipment1007.3 Used or Antique Stoves and Room HeatersSection 890.160 Used Plumbing Material, Equipment, FixturesR602.1.1.1 Used Sawn Lumber707.5.1 User Control*1.2-5.4.4 User Control of Environment1104.5.2 User Passage DoorwaysAppendix B-1 User Seal Check Procedures (Mandatory)3314.4.2.5 Users406.5.3 Uses84-121 Uses Along Esplanade107-67 Uses and Bulk Permitted in Certain AreasSection 428 Uses and Occupancies Involving Radioactive Materials and Radiation-Producing Equipment2.3.1 Uses for Drainage Fittings362.12 Uses Not Permitted97-212 Uses Not Permitted on the Ground Floor of Buildings52-74 Uses Objectionable in Residence Districts1310.2 Uses of Medical Air1301.1.1 Uses of Nonpotable Water91-12 Uses on Designated Retail Streets62-241 Uses on Existing Piers and Platforms62-834 Uses on Floating Structures62-242 Uses on New Piers and Platforms62-24 Uses on Piers and Platforms[F] 307.1.1 Uses Other Than Group H356.10 Uses Permitted32-10 Uses Permitted As-of-Right22-20 Uses Permitted by Special Permit112-071 Uses Permitted in C1 Districts112-072 Uses Permitted in C2 Districts112-073 Uses Permitted in C3 Districts112-075 Uses Permitted in M1 Districts123-222 Uses Permitted With Restrictions84-122 Uses Permitted Within Public Open Space Areas(B) Uses Prohibited1904.7(b)(5)(ii)(L) Using Finger Guards2.2.2 Using the General Procedure(A) Usual Motor Applications3303.2 Utilities3306.9.1 Utilities and Service Lines3109F.6 Utility and Auxiliary Piping and Pipeline Systems[BG] A103.1.11 Utility and MiscellaneousSection 312 Utility and Miscellaneous Group UG310.1 Utility and Miscellaneous Group U Buildings and Other Similar Structures1103.2.4 Utility Buildings3303.6 Utility Connections5607.5.2 Utility Coordination and NotificationK107.6 Utility/Equipment Buffer Zone3308.2 Utility Fixtures3303.16.2 Utility Hookups509.1.1 Utility Identification(D) Utility-Interactive Inverters705.70 Utility-Interactive Inverters Mounted in Not-Readily-Accessible Locations692.65 Utility-Interactive Point of Connection705.80 Utility-Interactive Power Systems Employing Energy Storage1207.3.3 Utility Interactive Systems26.12 Utility LP-Gas Plants5607.5 Utility Notification305.3.1 Utility or Service Doors and Gates305.3.1 Utility or Service Gates(A) Utility-Owned TransformersB304.3.2 Utility PenetrationsE402.4 Utility Penetrations in Crawl Space WallsC402.4 Utility Penetrations in Crawlspace WallsC402.3 Utility Penetrations, Work Spaces and Large Slab OpeningsG2412.1.1 (401.1.1) Utility Piping Systems Located Within BuildingsCD601.1 Utility Rates1227.12.8 Utility Rooms806.4.6 Utility Rooms and BasementsSection AE307 Utility Service§27-680 Utility Services511.1.3 Utility Set Exhaust Fans1224. Utility Sink14A-3-310 Utility Termination501.135 Utilization Equipment503.135 Utilization Equipment — Class III, Divisions 1 and 2620.55 Utilization Equipment Disconnecting Means(2) Utilization Equipment Fastened in Place73-28 Utilization of Explosives in Manufacturing Processes422.22 Utilizing Separable Attachment Fittings4.2.14.4 UV Detectable Clear Primers6.2.3.14 V-Belt DrivesG304.2 V-Zone Construction StandardsG104.5.2 V-Zones and Coastal A-Zones1926.12(c) VA and FHA Housing[A] A101.3.3 Vacancies106.7 Vacant and Open StructuresSection 311 Vacant and Temporarily Unoccupied Premises311.1 Vacant Buildings3303.4 Vacant LotA-503.2.1 Vacant LotsArticle 6 Vacant Multiple DwellingsSection 311 Vacant PremisesA-906.3 Vacant Property License3418A.6 Vacant Space[NY] 107.2 Vacant Structures301.3 Vacant Structures and Land14X-3-301.3 Vacant Structures and Open Land*§28-207.4 Vacate OrderArticle 7 Vacate Orders312A.6 Vacated Space§ 23-27.3-125.1 Vacating Buildings§28-215.3 Vacating Structures118.4.1 Vacating Unsafe Building or Structure106.3.1 Vacating Unsafe Structure1402.3.2 Vacuum702.18.1 Vacuum Autoclaves and Sterilizers609.4 Vacuum Breaker Installation1305.9.9 Vacuum Breaking Devices3308.9.6 Vacuum Cleaning40.7.2.2 Vacuum Cleaning Method1910.262(w)(2) Vacuum Collapse2.25.6 Vacuum Condensate Drainage SystemsSection G101 Vacuum Drainage SystemSection 715 Vacuum Drainage Systems454. Vacuum Filter Systems1312.4 Vacuum Filtration314.5 Vacuum FittingsC 501.2.1 Vacuum Generating SystemC 501.2.4 Vacuum Interface Valve5806.4.8 Vacuum Jacket Construction1324.5.9.1 Vacuum Joints63. Vacuum Level Monitoring1314.3 Vacuum Pumps1312.3 Vacuum ReceiversM2301.2.4 Vacuum ReliefP2804.7 Vacuum Relief Valve608.7 Vacuum Relief Valves10.16.7 Vacuum Relief Valves for Water Heaters1313.1 Vacuum Source Exhausts713.4 Vacuum System Station2.1- Vacuum Systems40.7.5 Vacuum Trucks454.1.7.6 Vacuuming1910.1018(m)(5) Vacuuming Clothes1106.7.3 Valet and Attended Parking209.4 Valet Parking3.3.294 Valet Trash Collection105.7.3.1 Valid for the Period1910.211(d)(65) Validation[F] 1801.3.8 Validation of Policies, Procedures and Training1.1.12 Validity§28-112.9.7 Validity Not Subject to Challenge in Enforcement Proceeding111.4 Validity of a Certificate of Occupancy105.2 Validity of Approval[NY] 105.2.4 Validity of Building Permit§28-204.6.7 Validity of Lien§27-2146 Validity of Lien; Grounds for Challenge101.5.1 Validity of Other Laws[A] 105.4 Validity of PermitR905.7.6 Valley Flashing1507.2.8.2 Valleys[BS] A108.1 Values709.3 Values for Continuous and Semicontinuous FlowSection 1110 Values for Continuous Flow709.1 Values for FixturesP-904.2 Values for Fixtures Not Listed709.4 Values for Indirect Waste Receptor1509.3.1 Valve1910.107(f)(2) Valve Access10.12.9 Valve Accessibility(D) Valve Actuator Motor Assemblies3109F.5.2 Valve Actuators (N/E)1505.8.2 Valve and Appurtenance Access Door Signs[BG] 1511.3.1 Valve and DrainG2420.1.1 (409.1.1) Valve Approval8. Valve Body Strength Test1910.111(e)(5) Valve Cap41.5.5.6 Valve Caps[F] 908.3.3 Valve Closure7.6.1 Valve Closure Time604.8.1 Valve Design1926.1412(f)(2)(xii)(C)606.4 Valve IdentificationG2417.3.4 (406.3.4) Valve Isolation609.8 Valve Leakage DiverterE 805.8 Valve Leakage (Form MECH-8A) Valve Location63. Valve Marking5807.3.3.2 Valve Markings3.3.295.3 Valve Outlet Cap or Plug63. Valve Outlet Caps or Plugs63. Valve Outlets Protected16.9.10.2* Valve Pit Construction16.9.10.3 Valve Pit Marking3004.3 Valve Position16.9.1.2 Valve Pressure Requirements63.3.1.10 Valve Protection3.3.295.4 Valve Protection Cap3.3.295.5 Valve Protection Device63. Valve-Protective Caps502.5 Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries[F] 502.5 Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries in Cabinets3.3.41.4* Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Cell3.3.24.4* Valve-Regulated (VRLA)P2903.9.4 Valve Requirements8.2.5.2 Valve Rooms1505.8.1 Valve Seals903.4.4 Valve Security[F] 913.4 Valve Supervision1314.5 Valve Types1309.9 Valved Sample Port3125B.6 Valves1910.110(e)(5) Valves and Accessories63.4.13.4 Valves and Accessory Equipment3109F.5.1 Valves and FittingsP2903.9.5 Valves and Outlets Prohibited Below Grade5505.1.2.3 Valves and Piping Components[F] 703.3.1 Valves Between Pressure Relief Devices and Containers1210.9.1 Valves Controlling Multiple Systems1314.12 Valves for Future Connections10.12.4 Valves in Dwelling Units16.9.10 Valves in Pits1910.253(b)(5)(ii)(H) Valves of Empty Cylinders Shall Be ClosedSection 3.19 Valves, Pressure Piping, and Fittings7.6.4 Valves, Pressure Pipings, and FittingsP3007.2 Valves Required306.9 Valves Under DecksP2903.8.4 Valving11B-812.6.1 Van Accessible1109A.8.6 Van Accessible Parking Space208.2.4 Van Parking Spaces1109.16.3.1 Van Space1106.6 Van Spaces806.2.4.1 Vanity Counter Top Space1102.11.2.1 Vanity Countertop Space42. Vapor and Liquid Detection Systems2306.7.9.1 Vapor-Balance Systems2.5- Vapor Barrier66.19.5.4 Vapor Collection Systems5706.8.3 Vapor Collection Systems and Overfill Protection3110F.7 Vapor Control Systems1926.57(i)(12) Vapor Degreasing Tanks2109. Vapor Permeance3.3.296 Vapor Pressure66.3.3.36 Vapor Processing Equipment3.3.297 Vapor Processing System2306.7.9.2 Vapor-Processing Systems5706.5.10.4 Vapor Recovery and Processing Equipment5706.8 Vapor Recovery and Processing Systems for Use in Bulk Plants and Terminals66.19.5 Vapor Recovery and Vapor Processing Systems3.3.298 Vapor Recovery System42.5.8 Vapor Recovery Systems66. Vapor Release1403.3 Vapor Retarder402.5.2 Vapor Retarder Class1404.3 Vapor Retarders402.5 Vapor Retarders (Mandatory)2306. Vapor-Return Line Closeoff(A) Vapor Seals5706. Vapor-Tight Connection6.3.3 Vapor Venting1303.4.2 Vapor Vents and Stacks14.11 Vapor Vents and Stacks for Sterilizers1910.110(b)(11) Vaporizer and Housing2906.4.1 Vaporizer Location1910.110(e)(8) Vaporizers1910.110(d)(17) Vaporizers for Internal Combustion Engines407.5 Variable Air VolumeC403.6.1 Variable Air Volume and Multiple-Zone SystemsA5.207.2.6 Variable Air Volume Control for Single Zone Systems403.3.1.4 Variable Air Volume System ControlE 805.1 Variable Air Volume Systems (Form Mech- 2A)407.5.1 Variable Air Volume Systems (VAV)C403.6.1 Variable Air Volume (VAV) and Multiple Zone SystemsC403.4.2 Variable Air Volume (VAV) Fan Control1817.7.1.6 Variable Depth PitsC403.2.3 Variable Flow CapacityA5. Variable Flow Controls8. Variable-Frequency Drive Motor Control1215.6 Variable Gas Pressure1315.6 Variable Gas Pressures(1) Variable LoadsE 605.1.7 Variable Mechanical Ventilation1112.5 Variable Message SignsF 303.3 Variable Rate Pump TestA5. Variable Speed DrivesE 503.5.8.2 Variable-Speed Fan Drives604.6 Variable Street Pressures2113.1.5.8 VarianceA-802.2.2.1 Variance RequestsSection G105 VariancesR322.4 Variances and Appeals1926.2 Variances From Safety and Health Standards1904.38 Variances From the Recordkeeping RuleSection 117 Variances in Flood Hazard Areas(8) 104.8 Variances (Modifications) by State Fire Marshal§27-107 VariationsSection 106 Variations or Exemptions1224. Vascular Imaging1910.265(c)(8) Vats and TanksG307.4.1.1 Vault66.25.3.3 Vault ArrangementCA102.2.2 Vaulted Ceilings3202.1.2 Vaults3202.1.2 Vaults and Other Enclosed Spaces42.3.3.2 Vaults for Aboveground Tanks26.7.1.3* Vaults Other Than Extended Term Storage Vaults6.5.3.2 VAV Fan Control (Including Systems Using Series Fan Power Boxes)G3.1.3.15 VAV Fan Part-Load Performance (Systems 5 Through 8 and 11)G3.1.3.13 VAV Minimum Flow Set Points (Systems 5 and 7)G3.1.3.13 VAV Minimum Flow Setpoints (Systems 5 and 7) VAV Set-Point Reset6. VAV Setpoint Reset6. VAV Static Pressure Sensor Location22.5.5 Vc for nonprestressed members22.5.6 Vc for nonprestressed members with axial compression22.5.7 Vc for nonprestressed members with significant axial tension22.5.5 Vc for nonprestressed members without axial force22.5.6 Vc for prestressed members22.5.7 Vc for pretensioned members in regions of reduced prestress forceA4.106.6 Vegetated Roof304.1.2 Vegetation5604.7.3 Vegetation and Combustible Waste405.2 Vegetation and Soil Protection405.2.1 Vegetation and Soil Protection Plan14X-12-1202.3.3 Vegetation and Weeds225.26 Vegetation as Support1205.5.1 Vegetation ControlSection 4906 Vegetation Management701A.5 Vegetation Management Compliance11.12.4.2* Vegetation Management Plan[A] 107.4 Vegetation Management Plans3104.21 Vegetation Removal322.1.1.1 Vegetation Within 100 Feet of Buildings1606.5 Vegetative and Landscaped Roofs408.3.2 Vegetative Roofs1507.15 Vegetative Roofs and Landscaped RoofsSection 1514 Vegetative Roofs, Roof Garden and Landscaped Roofs1507.16 Vegetative Roofs, Roof Gardens and Landscaped Roofs1910.67(a)(8) VehicleSection S105 Vehicle and Equipment Requirements2006.13 Vehicle and Equipment Restrictions1607.7.3 Vehicle Barrier Systems1607.10 Vehicle Barriers11B-810.1.1 Vehicle BoardingA5. Vehicle DesignationsN107.3.2 Vehicle Fuel69.3.13 Vehicle Fuel Dispenser and Dispensing Stations69.3.15 Vehicle Fuel Dispenser and Dispensing SystemsN107.3.2.3 Vehicle Fuel SystemsN107.3.2.4 Vehicle Fuel Tank OpeningsN107.3.2.2 Vehicle Fuel Tanks2308.2.4 Vehicle Fueling Appliance (VFA)2308.2.3 Vehicle Fueling Hose406.7.1 Vehicle Fueling Pad52.3.3.7 Vehicle Impact Protection2006.4.2 Vehicle Integrity5707.6.4 Vehicle Lights63. Vehicle Loading and Unloading Areas5505.4.2.1 Vehicle Loading and Unloading Operations5706.6.1.1 Vehicle Maintenance5706.5.2.1 Vehicle Motor5706.6.1.3 Vehicle Motor Shutdown(B) Vehicle-Mounted and Trailer-Mounted Generators1910.67 Vehicle-Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms3.3.299 Vehicle-Mounted Generator(B) Vehicle-Mounted Generators1910.268(j) Vehicle-Mounted Material Handling Devices and Other Mechanical Equipment1910.268(i)(6) Vehicle-Mounted Utility Generators2004.4.2 Vehicle Movement42.10.2.2 Vehicle or Cart Lighting and Electrical Equipment17. Vehicle Parking AreasF 501.5 Vehicle Protection503.2 Vehicle Pull-Up Space503.2 Vehicle Pull-Up Space Size7.2.5.2 Vehicle Ramps42.* Vehicle Regeneration Area(A) Vehicle Repair and Storage Facilities1618.5 Vehicle Safeguard Barriers5007.9.1.3 Vehicle Shutdown502.3 Vehicle Space Marking1107.2.2 Vehicle Space Size502.2 Vehicle Spaces1910.243(e)(4)(v) Vehicle Stopping Means Shall Be Provided87-111 Vehicle Storage Establishments43.5.1 Vehicle Undercoating and Body LiningL 413.0 Vehicle Wash Facilities702.15 Vehicle Washing Facilities1926.1002(e)(1)(A) Vehicles45.4 Vehicles and Material Handling Equipment11.6* Vehicles and Vessels314.4 Vehicles and Watercraft5604.13.3 Vehicles for Transporting Explosives319.2.11.3 Vehicles in Transit19.1.8 Vehicles or Conveyances Used to Transport Combustible Waste or Refuse244. Vehicles Other Than Recreational Vehicles2311.6 Vehicles Powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)2311.5 Vehicles Powered by Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP-Gas)5007.12.1 Vehicles Transporting Explosives5007.12.2 Vehicles Transporting Fireworks5604.13.3.1 Vehicles Used for the TransportationR612.7 Vehicular Access Doors1910.333(c)(3)(iii) Vehicular and Mechanical Equipment*2.1-6.2.1 Vehicular Drop-Off and Pedestrian Entrance3110.3 Vehicular Gate Openers3110.4 Vehicular Gate Operators3110.2 Vehicular Gates Intended for Automation1616.4 Vehicular Impact1006.2.2.5 Vehicular RampsL 411.12.2 Vehicular Surfaces3307.4.3 Vehicular Traffic69.6 Vehicular Transportation of LP-Gas106.5.75 Vehicular WayM2105.24 Velocities[F] 909.7.1 Velocity1910.94(c)(6) Velocity and Air Flow RequirementsSection P-1104 Velocity Breaks in Buildings Over 30 Stories27.2.2.2 Velocity Pressure Formula1910.94(b)(1)(xvii) Velocity Pressure (VP)*2.1-4.3.6 Vending Machine Areas422.51 Vending Machines17.9 Vending Machines and Other Equipment1224.20.2.9 Vending Services5604.6.5.2 Vendor Facilities[BS] A113.7 Veneer1910.213(q) Veneer Cutters and WringersR602. Veneer Exceeding First-Story HeightR602. Veneer on First Story OnlyR703. Veneer Ties Around Wall Openings2121.6 Veneered Walls1617.2.1.2 Veneers66.3.3.39 VentR806.3 Vent and Insulation ClearanceG2426.3 (502.3) Vent ApplicationB305.3.1 Vent AreaG2428.2.8 (504.2.8) Vent Area and DiameterSection M1802 Vent ComponentsP3110.2 Vent Connection904.4 Vent Connection at Base12.6.3 Vent Connection Height Above FixturesP3104.3 Vent Connection to Drainage SystemP3108.2 Vent ConnectionsSection P3104 Vent Connections and Grades713.8 Vent Connections Prohibited803.8 Vent Connector Construction510.2.2 Vent Connector Exceeding Maximum LengthG2428.3.4 (504.3.4) Vent Connector Manifold510.2.3 Vent Connector Manifolds510.2.1 Vent Connector Maximum LengthG2428.2.11 (504.2.11) Vent Connector Size Limitation510.2.21 Vent Connector Sizing509.3.3.3 Vent Connectors503.10 Vent Connectors for Category I ApplianceG2427.10 (503.10) Vent Connectors for Category I Appliances503.10 Vent Connectors for Category I Equipment509.11 Vent Connectors for Category II, Category III, and Category IV Appliances509.11 Vent Connectors for Category II, Category Ill, and Category IV AppliancesG2427.11 (503.11) Vent Connectors for Category II, III and IV AppliancesG2427.10.2.2 (503.10.2.2) Vent Connectors Located in Unconditioned AreasM1802.2 Vent Dampers[F] 910.3.3 Vent Dimensions510.1.1 Vent Downsizing§251 Vent FluesP3104.6 Vent for Future Fixtures907.1 Vent for Horizontal Offset of Drainage StackF Vent Grade and Vertical RiseSection 890.1450 Vent Grades and ConnectionsP-1108.1 Vent Header Permitted904.5 Vent Headers510.2.12 Vent HeightG2428.3.12 (504.3.12) Vent Height Measurement2206.4.4.1 Vent HolesP3112.3 Vent Installation Below the Fixture Flood Level Rim5704. Vent-Line Flame Arresters and Pressure-Vacuum Vents5704. Vent-Line Flame Arresters and Venting Device3404. Vent-Line Flame Arresters and Venting Devices5704. Vent Lines66.19.5.3 Vent Location[F] 910.3.4 Vent LocationsG2428.2.1 (504.2.1) Vent Obstructions803.2.4 Vent OffsetG2428.2.3 (504.2.3) Vent Offsets[F] 910.3.4 Vent Operation2209.5.4.3 Vent PipeAF103.8 Vent Pipe AccessibilityAF103.7 Vent Pipe Drainage905.0 Vent Pipe Grades and ConnectionsAF103.9 Vent Pipe Identification2309. Vent Pipe Maximum Diameter1002.4 Vent Pipe Opening5704. Vent Pipe Outlets705.5.3.1 Vent Pipe Outlets for Purging905.3 Vent Pipe RiseSection P3113 Vent Pipe Sizing63.9.5 Vent Pipe Systems63.2.15 Vent Pipe Termination1002.1 Vent PipesP3103.1 Vent Pipes Terminating Outdoors66.27.7 Vent Piping66.27.7.1 Vent Piping for Aboveground Storage Tanks66.22.6 Vent Piping for Aboveground Tanks66.27.7.2 Vent Piping for Underground TanksP3114.7 Vent RequiredP3111.2.3 Vent Size911.2 Vent Size and Connection12.6.1 Vent Slope12.6 Vent Slopes and ConnectionsC 401.2 Vent StackX Vent Stack (Repealed)904.2 Vent Stack RequiredEE Vent Stacks907.0 Vent Stacks and Relief VentsSection P3102 Vent Stacks and Stack VentsC 401.0 Vent System SizingSection P3101 Vent SystemsB Vent Terminal12.4.8 Vent Terminal Covers903.1 Vent Terminal RequiredSection 890.1440 Vent Terminal Size (Repealed)Section P3103 Vent TerminalsM2203.5 Vent Termination802.4 Vent Termination Caps802.4 Vent Termination Caps RequiredP-1204.2 Vent Through RoofE.8.5 Vent to Outdoors Required2308. Vent Tube803.2.15 Vent Type Multistory Installation510.2.15 Vent Type Multistory Installations1309.8 Vent Valve(B) Vented Alkaline-Type Batteries(A) Vented Cells1404.3.4 Vented CladdingG2420.5.2 (409.5.2) Vented Decorative Appliances and Room HeatersC402.5.9.1 Vented Dropped Ceiling Cavities3.3.24.5* Vented (Flooded)Section M1408 Vented Floor FurnacesSection G2435 (605) Vented Gas Fireplace HeatersSection G2434 (604) Vented Gas Fireplaces (Decorative Appliances)Section G2434 (604) Vented Gas Fireplaces (Decorative Fireplaces)(A) Vented Lead-Acid BatteriesSection G2446 (622) Vented Room Heaters1910.268(s)(43) Vented VaultSection G2436 (608) Vented Wall Furnaces6004.2.2.2 Ventilated Areas1202.2.1 Ventilated Attics and Rafter Spaces368.237 Ventilated Bus Enclosures(2) Ventilated Channel Cable Trays(5) Ventilated Channel Cable Trays Containing Multiconductor Cables of Any Type1104.2.3 Ventilated Spaces606.0 Ventilating Ceilings909.20.7 Ventilating Equipment503.2.1 Ventilating Hoods503.3.4 Ventilating Hoods and Exhaust Systems9.2.2 Ventilating or Heat-Producing Equipment502.128 Ventilating Piping503.128 Ventilating Piping — Class III, Divisions 1 and 28-902.8 Ventilating Systems9.2.4 Ventilating Systems in Laboratories Using ChemicalsSection 1202 Ventilation1106.2.5.1 Ventilation - A1, A2, A3, B1, B2L, B2 and B3 Refrigerants402.0 Ventilation Air701.3.2 Ventilation Air for Fuel-Burning Devices6.5.2.6 Ventilation Air Heating ControlC403.7.3 Ventilation Air Heating Control (Mandatory)453.15.5 Ventilation Air Make-Up for HVAC Systems405.2 Ventilation Air Rate[F] 421.4.1.1 Ventilation AlternativeP104.6.8 Ventilation and Air Duct Dampers1926.803(i) Ventilation and Air Quality63.3.9.2 Ventilation and Arrangement2603.5 Ventilation and CleanupE 502.6 Ventilation and Combustion Air1206.11 Ventilation and ExhaustC403.7 Ventilation and Exhaust SystemsC403.7 Ventilation and Exhaust Systems (Mandatory)1910.255(d)(1) Ventilation and Flash Guard§27-491 Ventilation and Heating(A) Ventilation and Maintenance1910.269(e)(11) Ventilation, and Monitoring for Flammable Gases or Vapors904. Ventilation and Other Safety Equipment1926.353 Ventilation and Protection in Welding, Cutting, and Heating*2.5-3.1.2 Ventilation and Space Conditioning1202.4.1.2 Ventilation Area for Crawl Spaces With Covered Floors1202.4.1.1 Ventilation Area for Crawl Spaces With Open Earth Floors1202.5.1 Ventilation Area Required1207.6.1.2 Ventilation Based on Exhaust Rate1207.6.1.1 Ventilation Based on LFL1206.6.1.2 Ventilation Based Upon Exhaust Rate1206.6.1.1 Ventilation Based Upon LFL2304.12.2.5 Ventilation Beneath Balcony or Elevated Walking SurfacesE 502.10.2 Ventilation ControlC403.7.6.2 Ventilation Controls6.4.3.8 Ventilation Controls for High-Occupancy Areas6.5.3.7 Ventilation Design63.2.16.10 Ventilation Discharge6. Ventilation Fan Controls66.18.6 Ventilation for Dispensing Areas1910.252(c)(2) Ventilation for General Welding and CuttingC403.3.6 Ventilation for Group R-2 Occupancy38.5.1 Ventilation for Light Fixtures§27-765 Ventilation for Schools§27-767 Ventilation for Special Uses and Occupancies66.24.6 Ventilation for Storage Tank Buildings1106.2.5.2 Ventilation - Group A2L Refrigerants1202.4.2 Ventilation in Cold Climates1910.252(c)(4) Ventilation in Confined Spaces§27-777.2 Ventilation in Existing J-1 Buildings402.1.3 Ventilation in Health Care Facilities14A-5-502.8 Ventilation Inspections1106.7 Ventilation Intake2407.9 Ventilation Interlock2404.8.2 Ventilation Interlock ProhibitedC403.2.2 Ventilation (Mandatory)E403.2 Ventilation Mat Systems(A) Ventilation Not Required2404.7.4 Ventilation ObstructionB305.3.2 Ventilation Obstructions[F] 502.5 Ventilation of Battery Systems in Cabinets§27-764 Ventilation of Boiler RoomsSection P-1105 Ventilation of Branch or Horizontal Pipes2405.7 Ventilation of Flammable Vapor Areas§38-01 Ventilation of Garage Spaces Below Grade. [Repealed](D) Ventilation of Generator CompartmentsSection 407 Ventilation of Non-Production Chemical LaboratoriesSection 408 Ventilation of Nonproduction Chemical Laboratories§27-763 Ventilation of Refrigeration Plants1105.5 Ventilation of Rooms Containing Condensing Units§27-766 Ventilation of Rooms or Spaces With Excessive Temperatures, Strong Odors, Toxic Substances, or Airborne IrritantsArticle 8 Ventilation of Special Spaces418.3.5 Ventilation of Sterilizer Door Area§27-405 Ventilation of Storage OccupanciesSection 406 Ventilation of Uninhabited Spaces1202.4.1 Ventilation Openings706A.3 Ventilation Openings on the Underside of Eaves and Cornices11. Ventilation Options10.4.3.2 Ventilation Power LimitationM1505.4.3.1 Ventilation Quality Adjustment63.2.16.5 Ventilation Rate[F] 502.5.2 Ventilation Rate in Cabinets[F] 502.4.2 Ventilation Rate in Rooms453.4.7.5 Ventilation Rates1203.2 Ventilation Required2304.12.2.6 Ventilation Required Beneath Balcony or Elevated Walking Surfaces63.2.17.2 Ventilation Requirements506.1 Ventilation Requirements for Commercial Kitchens[F] 904.13.3.1 Ventilation System608.18.1 Ventilation System Activation110.57 Ventilation System Controls407.0 Ventilation System Details608.6.3 Ventilation System Monitoring909.20.7.1 Ventilation Systems42. Ventilation Systems for Storage Tank Vaults66.18.6.1 Ventilation Type6.1.1 Ventilation Upon Loss of Electrical Power*3.2- Ventilator-Dependent Resident Units13.4.6.5 Ventilators3005.2 Venting38.5.5.9 Venting and Cleanup804.1.1 Venting and Combustion Air1910.252(a)(3)(ii) Venting and Purging517.1 Venting Application802.7.4.3 Venting CapacityC 401.4 Venting Horizontal OffsetsC 401.4.2 Venting Lower Section69.4.3 Venting LP-Gas to the AtmosphereP-1107.2 Venting Not RequiredSection G2427 (503) Venting of Appliances12.14 Venting of Building Subdrain Systems12.3 Venting of Drain StacksSection 503 Venting of Equipment2006.3.5 Venting of Equipment Compartments909.2 Venting of Fixture Drains507.16 Venting of Flue Gases507.21 Venting of Gas Appliance Pressure Regulators801.2 Venting of Gas Appliances§41-01 Venting of Gas Water Heaters and Other Gas Appliances in Multiple Dwellings2209.5.4 Venting of Hydrogen SystemsSection P-1204 Venting of Indirect Waste1003.9 Venting of Interceptors and Separators1208.8.4 Venting of Line Pressure RegulatorsSection P-1107 Venting of OffsetsG2421.3 (410.3) Venting of Regulators1309.8.1 Venting of Relief Valves5806.4.5 Venting of Underground Tanks928.2 Venting or Ventilating Kits Approved for Use With a RefrigeratorM1801.1 Venting Required1519.15 Venting Roofing AssembliesG2427.8 (503.8) Venting System Terminal ClearancesG2427.8 (503.8) Venting System Termination LocationG2427.2 (503.2) Venting Systems RequiredC 401.4.1 Venting Upper SectionG2445.7.1 (621.7.1) Ventless Firebox EnclosuresSection 706A VentsSection 907 Vents for Stack Offsets66.24.9 Vents for Tanks Inside Storage Tank Buildings66.25.13 Vents for Tanks Inside Storage Tank Vaults3004.5.1 Vents in the Hoistway EnclosuresR806.1.1 Vents in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)902.0 Vents Not Required906.2 Vents Other Than Stack Vents or Vent Stacks3004.1 Vents Required§28-502.6.7 Venue11B-411.2.2.2 Verbal Identification120.6.2.1 Verifiable Costs909.12.1 Verification4.2.5 Verificationn, Testing and Commissioning5.9.1 Verification and TestingN1106.6 (R406.6) Verification by Approved Agency3.3.296 Verification Method27.3.1 Verification of As-Built Condition[A] Verification of Compliance13.* Verification of Compliant Installation7.5.8* Verification of Compliant Installation. (SIG-FUN)1910.333(b)(2)(iv) Verification of Deenergized Condition6.4.1.5 Verification of Equipment Efficiencies1910.147(d)(6) Verification of Isolation608.10 Verification of Lamps and Ballasts608.11 Verification of Lighting Controls§28-104.6.1 Verification of Professional Qualification Required13. Verification-of-Service Collar (Maintenance or Recharging)901.6.4 Verification of System Functionality5.9.1.2 Verification of the Design and Installation of the Continuous Air BarrierE3608.1.2.1 Verification of the Installation of the Concrete Encased Electrode Specified for in Section E3608.1.2[A] Verification Reports6.9 Verification, Testing, and Commissioning5.9 Verification, Testing, Commissioning, and InspectionSection 703 Verifications7-151 Verified Compliance Reports4-214 Verified Reports1327.8 Verifier Operational Pressure Test1926.1404(h)(4) Verifying Assist Crane Loads14X-12-1205.5.8 Vermin and Rodents455.3.3 Vermin Control303.2 Vertical201.1.1 Vertical Accessibility[BS] 1103.3.1 Vertical AdditionSection 2504 Vertical and Horizontal Assemblies[F] 2001.3.1 Vertical and Horizontal Clearance for Fire Department Apparatus5.1.17.3 Vertical and Horizontal Components of VelocityC405.9 Vertical and Horizontal Transportation Systems and Equipment1910.219(e)(3) Vertical and Inclined Belts2603.5.5 Vertical and Lateral Fire Propagation1402.5 Vertical and Lateral Flame Propagation3305.3.1.2 Vertical and Lateral LoadsR507.8 Vertical and Lateral SupportsR507.9 Vertical and Lateral Supports at Band Joist69.2.6.1 Vertical ASME Containers904.3.1 Vertical Barriers1910.219(e)(4) Vertical BeltsF 201.6 Vertical Bores[BS] A113.5.2 Vertical Bracing Members8.3.7 Vertical Burn Engineering Test8.7.3.4 Vertical Car and Counterweight Clearances and Runbys5.10.1.4 Vertical Car Clearances and Runby7.1.4 Vertical Car Clearances and Runbys for Cars and Counterweights307.4 Vertical ClearanceG2447.5 (623.7) Vertical Clearance Above Cooking Top4.2.2 Vertical Clearance and Runby for Cars208.2.4 Vertical Clearance at Parking Spaces(B) Vertical Clearance for Overhead Service ConductorsE3604.2.2 Vertical Clearance From Grade1109A.8.1 Vertical Clearances5.7.4 Vertical Clearances and Runby5.10.2.4 Vertical Clearances and Runby for Cars and Counterweights5.5.2.2 Vertical Clearances and RunbysSection 2.4 Vertical Clearances and Runbys for Cars and Counterweights5.11.4 Vertical Clearances for Cars and Counterweights8.4 Vertical Components to Foundations1106.2 Vertical Conductors and Leaders3312.4 Vertical Construction, Combustible Construction Types III, IV, and V3312.5 Vertical Construction, Non-Combustible Construction Types I and II[F] 3313.3 Vertical Construction of Types III, IV and V Construction3313.4 Vertical Construction, Type I and II Construction[F] 3313.4 Vertical Construction, Types I and II Construction706.6 Vertical Continuity5706. Vertical Cylindrical Tanks Over 50,000 Gallons (189 250 L) Storing a Combustible Liquid5706. Vertical Cylindrical Tanks Over 50,000 Gallons (189 250 L) Storing a Flammable Liquid3.3.5 Vertical Discontinuities221.2.3.2 Vertical Dispersion509.2.1 Vertical Distance97-33 Vertical Distance Above Sidewalk of Marquees and Marquee Signs1617.5.2 Vertical DistributionA403.4 Vertical Distribution of Forces411.3.2 Vertical Drops510.3.4 Vertical DuctsR311.4 Vertical EgressAppendix E Vertical Elutriator Equivalency Protocol1019.1.4 Vertical Enclosure Exterior Walls4705.3 Vertical Exit EnclosureSection 1019 Vertical Exit Enclosures§27-538 Vertical Exits705.8.6 Vertical ExposureC503.2.2 Vertical Fenestration5. Vertical Fenestration AreaC402.4.1.1 Vertical Fenestration Maximum Area With High Performance Alternates604.5.1.2 Vertical Fixed Side Wall Grab Bars2404.1 Vertical Glass604.5.1.2 Vertical Grab Bar24.2.8.2* Vertical Grab Bar or Pole24.2.8.2* Vertical Grab Bar or StanchionR330.8.4.1 Vertical Grab Bars6. Vertical HeightR Vertical/Horizontal Wet Vent1607.15.2 Vertical Impact Force1616.5.1.2 Vertical Irregularity3314.13.2 Vertical JoiningE305.4 Vertical JointsB303.3.3 Vertical Joints Through SlabsR606.6.4.2 Vertical Lateral Support1106.3 Vertical Leader SizingP-1006.1 Vertical LeadersP3105.4 Vertical Leg for Waste Fixture Drains5. Vertical Lifting Rooftop Covers5. Vertical Lifting Sidewalk Covers1807.3.2.3 Vertical Load1711.1.2 Vertical Load Capacity for Joist Hangers1711.1.2.1 Vertical Load Capacity for Joist Hangers and Similar Connectors3305.3.2.2 Vertical Loads1808.9 Vertical Masonry Foundation Elements3307.6.4.4 Vertical Members and Beams1910.263(e)(2) Vertical Mixers3308.1.1 Vertical NettingP3006.1 Vertical Offsets2308.4.4.2 Vertical Offsets in Floor Diaphragms in Seismic Design Categories D and E2308.4.4.2 Vertical Offsets in Floor Diaphragms in Seismic Design Category D3.3.297* Vertical Opening3412.6.6.1 Vertical Opening FormulaSection 712 Vertical Openings42. Vertical Openings in Enclosed Parking Structures2404.3.3 Vertical Patterned Glass8.2 Vertical Piping917.4.3 Vertical Piping in Branch453.14.5 Vertical Platform Lifts and Inclined Wheelchair Lifts24.* Vertical Poles1910.243(c)(3) Vertical Portable Grinders240.33 Vertical Position1910.268(m)(3) Vertical Power Conduit, Power Ground Wires and Street Light Fixtures2113.3.1 Vertical Reinforcement2111.4.1 Vertical Reinforcing1011.8 Vertical RiseP3104.4 Vertical Rise of Vent603.1.4 Vertical Risers3.3.225 Vertical Roll Paper Storage3308.3 Vertical Safety Netting Requirements3308.5 Vertical Safety Netting Systems2404.3.5 Vertical Sandblasted Glass1620.4.2 Vertical Seismic Forces705.8.5 Vertical Separation of Openings1406.11.4.4 Vertical Separations2211.3 Vertical Shaft Enclosures in Buildings Greater Than 55 Feet in Height9.3.3 Vertical Shafts1011.7.4 Vertical Shafts for Change to an Equal or Lesser-Hazard CategoryR608. Vertical Shear Reinforcement3305.3.4.2 Vertical Shores7.1.11.12 Vertical Slide-Type EntrancesP104.6.6 Vertical Sliding Doors1926.703(c) Vertical Slip Forms322.4.1 Vertical Spacing25.4 Vertical Spacing and Location of In-Rack Sprinklers25.6.3 Vertical Spacing and Location of In-Rack Sprinklers in Racks With Solid Shelves1910.94(b)(1)(xviii) Vertical Spindle Disc Grinder710.1.2 Vertical Stack Offsets24.* Vertical StanchionsR611.7.1.2 Vertical Steel1906.8.5 Vertical Support(I) Vertical Support for Fire-Rated Cables and Conductors(G) Vertical Supports(1) Vertical Surface Outlets811.3 Vertical Termination Requirements804.3.5 Vertical Terminations406.4.6 Vertical Tiers1616.3.2.4 Vertical Ties2114.2.3.1 Vertical Ties Reinforcing706.4 Vertical to HorizontalD Vertical to Horizontal Change of Direction1910.67(a)(9) Vertical Tower7.1 Vertical Tubing6.2 Vertical Tubing RunsG2428.3.13 (504.3.17) Vertical Vent Maximum Size510.2.17 Vertical Vent Size Limitation510.1.8 Vertical Vent Upsizing Using 7 × Rule510.1.8 Vertical Vent Upsizing Using 7 X Rule1106.4 Vertical Walls910.5 Vertical Waste PipeP3108.2.2 Vertical Wet VentP3108.4 Vertical Wet Vent Permitted908.1 Vertical Wet Venting2404.3.1 Vertical Wired GlassR703.5.1 Vertical Wood Siding2319.14 Vertically Laminated Beams11B-707.7.1.1 Vertically Mounted Display Screen2.14.5.3 Vertically Sliding Doors2.14.4.7 Vertically Sliding Doors and Gates4908.1 Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone Established4908.1.1 Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone Ordinance and MapSection 4908 Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone Requirements Specific to Los AngelesN 102.7 Very Hot Water4001.8 Very Low Flammability1910.15(b)(5) Vessel11.6.2 Vessels5503.2.2 Vessels or Equipment Other Than Containers[F] 703.3.4 Vessels Other Than ContainersFigure 11A-8G Vestibule909.20.3.2 Vestibule Doors5. Vestibule Envelope4705.1.2 Vestibule OpeningsFigure 11A-8H Vestibule (Serving Other Than a Required Exit Stairway) Vestibule Size909.20.3.3 Vestibule Ventilation404.3.2 Vestibules5.4.3.3 Vestibules and Revolving Doors5. Vestibules for Large Spaces[BS] A100.1 Vesting Authority65-11 Vesting Provisions1926.12(b)(39) Veterans Nursing Home Care Act (38 U.S.C. 5035(a)(8))506.8.3 Vibration and Stress1.2- Vibration Control and IsolationG2404.4 (301.8) Vibration Isolation603.19 Vibration Isolation Connectors8.3.4.5 Vibration Isolation Equipment or SystemsM1601.2 Vibration Isolators102.4.2.3 Vibration Isolators for Cooling Towers3307.17 Vibrations and Airblast1810.4.5 Vibratory Driving1808.4 Vibratory Loads1705A.6.3 Vibro Stone ColumnsSection 1813A Vibro Stone Columns for Ground ImprovementSection 1813 Vibro Stone Columns for Ground Improvement [OSHPD 1R, 2 & 5](C) Vicinity of Aircraft[A] 107.7 Vicinity Plan24.5.20* Video Alerting17.8.5 Video Image Flame Detection3.3.316* Video Image Flame Detection (VIFD)17.7.7 Video Image Smoke Detection3.3.276.5* Video Image Smoke Detection (VISD)102-613 View Framing Line1010. View Panel102-614 View Plane102-612 View Reference Line1224.29.2.4 View WindowsSection 1015 Viewing AreasPart IV Viewing, Cutting, and Patching Tables14X-4-403.3.1.4 Viewing Device3307.7.3 Viewing Panels320.13.1 Viewing Port Size320.13 Viewing Ports1011.8 Viewing Scopes1015.3 Viewing Space465.8 Viewing Systems1227.12.6.2 Viewing WindowsA5.507.3 Views*1.2-5.4.2 Views of and Access to Nature1910.1017 Vinyl Chloride1403.9 Vinyl SidingR704.2.1 Vinyl Soffit Panels2002.3.3 Vinyl, Tempered Glass, and Acrylic Panels[A] Violation115.1 Violation a Misdemeanor; Civil Penalty(e) 109.3.5 Violation Civil Penalties§27-2056.6 Violation in a Dwelling Unit§27-2056.8 Violation in a Dwelling Unit Upon Turnover§28-212.11 Violation of Closure Order204.5.3.2 Violation of Code Provisions104.4 Violation of Duties§305 Violation of Local Laws and Regulations[A] 114.4 Violation PenaltiesSection 114 Violations106.0 Violations and Penalties§28-215.4 Violations of Protective Measures During Construction or Demolition*§28-204.1.1 Violations of Section 3321 of the New York City Building Code103.1.1 Virginia Existing Building Code1910.106(a)(38) Viscous66.16.2.5 Viscous Liquid707.7.1 Visibility28. Visibility and Identification14A-5-501.2 Visibility for Inspection[NY] 915.5.2 Visible Alarm Notification[F] 907.5.2.3 Visible Alarms407.2.2.1 Visible and Audible SignalsC6.5.2 Visible Aperture of Skylights24.5.17 Visible Appliances1926.1413(a)(2)(ii)(A)18.6* Visible Characteristics — Private Mode18.5* Visible Characteristics — Public Mode1009.8.1.1 Visible Communication Method1109. Visible Display Screen11B-411.2.2.1 Visible Identification407. Visible Indicators[F] 912.2.1 Visible Location24.5.16 Visible Notification3.3.172.3 Visible Notification Appliance1106.4 Visible Notification Appliances18.5.1* Visible Signaling407.2.2.2 Visible Signals5.8.2.5 Visible Transmittance5.5.4.6 Visible Transmittance/SHGC Ratio43.1.3.5 Vision and Observation Panels716. Vision Light Kits, Louvers and Components404.2.11 Vision Lights404.2.10 Vision Lites3008.6.3.1 Vision Panel2.11.7.1 Vision Panels2409.3 Visions Panels in Elevator Hoistway Doors231.4 Visiting Areas1230.1.17 Visiting Space1228.14.7 Visitor/Consultation Room(s)2.5- Visitor Room2.7- Visitor Seating in Phase II Recovery Area*2.5- Visitor Storage Facilities1910.68(c)(7)(iii) Visitor Warning453. Visitors1224.29.1.5 Visitors and Visual Privacy420.11 Visual Access40.3 Visual Alarms312.4.1 Visual and Operational Final Test*3114.6 Visual Appearance24.5.17 Visual Appliances18.6* Visual Characteristics — Private Mode18.5* Visual Characteristics — Public Mode703.5 Visual Characters504.6 Visual Contrast116-42 Visual Corridors128-43 Visual Corridors in the North Waterfront Subdistrict1926.60(j)(4) Visual Examination1705A.3.9.1 Visual Examination for Structural Soundness of In-Place Shotcrete1911.5.4 Visual Grading of Cores3141B.4 Visual Indicator1705.39.1 Visual InspectionN1102.4.2.2 Visual Inspection Option490.40 Visual Inspection Windows1910.1050(e)(8) Visual Monitoring24.5.16 Visual Notification3.3.182.3 Visual Notification Appliance29.9.6 Visual Notification Appliance (With Single- or Multiple-Station Alarm) Visual Obstructions1225.4.1.4 Visual Privacy7.* Visual Protection27.5.2.2 Visual Recording Devices704.7 Visual Relay Service Booth18.5.1* Visual Signaling1605.3.1 Visual System Inspection21.3.14.3* Visual Warning1321.12.2 Visually InspectedP3003.10 Vitrified Clay505.12 Vitrified Clay Pipe705.8 Vitrified Clay Pipe and Joints4.3.1 Vitrified Clay to Other Material1926.12(b)(52) Vocational Education Amendments of 1968 (20 U.S.C. 1246)1926.12(b)(17) Vocational Educational Act of 1963 (20 U.S.C. 35F) Vocational Educational Programs1926.12(b)(36) Vocational Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1965 (29 U.S.C. 41A(B)(4))1926.12(b)(47) Vocational Rehabilitation Amendments of 1967 (29 U.S.C. 42A(C)(3))453. Vocational Schools410.9 Voice/Alarm Communication System907.2.12.2 Voice Communication Systems24.4.2 Voice Evacuation Messages18.4.11* Voice Intelligibility24.5.13 Voice Message Priority24.6.1 Voice Messages4-245 Voidance of Application105.5.3 Voidance of Permits and Special Permits705.9.1 VoidsAS105.8 Voids and Stuffing707.9 Voids at Intersections§27-445 Volatile Flammables804.5 Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions in Carpet and Carpet Cushion(1) Voltage(G) Voltage and Frequency Control(C) Voltage and Temperature Ratings(B) Voltage Between Adjacent Devices(B) Voltage Converters (120-Volt Alternating Current to Low-Voltage Direct Current)(D) Voltage Drop608.8.1.3 Voltage Drop in Branch Circuits608.8.1.2 Voltage Drop in FeedersC405.9 Voltage Drop in Feeders and Branch Circuits1926.1408(c) Voltage Information(4) Voltage Limitation426.32 Voltage Limitations(E) Voltage Marking1910.268(s)(45) Voltage of a Circuit Not Effectively Grounded1910.268(s)(44) Voltage of an Effectively Grounded Circuit(C) Voltage (Potential) Transformers(E) Voltage Rating(D) Voltage Ratios490.23 Voltage Regulators(D) Voltage Warning1910.137(b)(1) Voltage Withstand110.4 Voltages1214.2 Volume1115.2 Volume and Type1104.4 Volume Calculations1616.4 Volume Change24.5.15 Volume Control704.3 Volume Control Telephones703.6.3.4 Volume-Controlled Telephones217.3 Volume ControlsM1701.3 Volume Dampers Prohibited702.9.2 Volume Limitation3405.6 Volume More Than 150,000 Cubic Feet3312.2 Volume Required5704.2.10.1 Volumetric Capacity[BS] 1103.3.3 Voluntary Addition of Structural Elements to Improve the Lateral Force-Resisting System1025.7 Voluntary Installation[BS] 503.13 Voluntary Lateral Force-Resisting System Alterations317.11 Voluntary Lateral-Force-Resisting System ModificationsA5.601.2.4 Voluntary Measures for Tier 1A5.601.3.4 Voluntary Measures for Tier 2319.12 Voluntary Modifications to the Lateral-Force Resisting System§27-2109 Voluntary Registration of Mortgagees and Lienors1910.1052(j)(13) Voluntary Removal or Restriction of an Employee3404.5 Voluntary Seismic ImprovementsSection 304 Voluntary Tiers§27-780 Voluntary Ventilating Systems or Other Voluntary Air Duct Systems3.2-4.4.4 Volunteer and Clergy Accommodations3.3.298 Vomitory[BG] 302.4.6 Vulnerability17.3 W. Va. Code § 15A-10-3(g) and (I) Inquiry and Investigation454.1.7.7 Wading Pool Decks242.3 Wading Pools16.9.2 Wafer-Type ValvesR611.4 Waffle-Grid Insulating Concrete Form Wall SystemsR608.3.2 Waffle-Grid Wall Systems§55 Wainscoting1227.22.1 Waiting407.2.1 Waiting and Similar Areas1224.16.7.1 Waiting Area*2.1-6.2.3 Waiting Area or Room1224.39.1 Waiting Area(s)2.1-2.9 Waiting Areas1224.36.3.3 Waiting Room11B-805.3 Waiting Rooms12.1.7.2 Waiting Spaces5001.1.1 Waiver*§28-313.3.2 Waiver Application Process36-27 Waiver for Certain Small Zoning Lots36-25 Waiver for Locally Oriented Houses of Worship86-22 Waiver for Rear Yards98-172 Waiver of Accessory Off-Street Loading Berths in Subarea K§28-112.10 Waiver of Application, Permit and Inspection Fees for Certain Work Arising Out of the Storm That Occurred on October 29 and 30, 2012§28-112.11 Waiver of Application, Permit and Inspection Fees for Work Funded Under the "Build It Back" Program§27-2056.15 Waiver of Benefit Void26-27 Waiver of Bulk Regulations Within Unimproved Streets§101-02 Waiver of Certain Construction Documents Required to Be Submitted by Registered Design Professionals for Certain Work§28-104.7.12 Waiver of Certain Documents1705.3.3.1 Waiver of Continuous Batch Plant Inspection§ 23-27.3-128.5.2 Waiver of Detailed Field Inspection§28-410.6 Waiver of Examinations101-632 Waiver of Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements§ 23-27.3-128.5.1 Waiver of Plan Examination1101.3.5 Waiver of Requirements91-53 Waiver of Requirements for Accessory Off-Street Loading Berths25-27 Waiver of Requirements for All Zoning Lots Where Access Would Be Forbidden73-46 Waiver of Requirements for Conversions25-243 Waiver of Requirements for Narrow Zoning Lots in Certain Districts25-26 Waiver of Requirements for Small Number of Spaces36-345 Waiver of Requirements for Small Zoning Lots in Certain Districts in the Borough of Staten Island25-242 Waiver of Requirements for Small Zoning Lots in High Bulk Districts36-23 Waiver of Requirements for Spaces Below Minimum Number36-343 Waiver of Requirements in C1 or C2 Districts Governed by Surrounding Residence District Bulk Regulations36-344 Waiver of Requirements in Other C1 or C2 Districts or in C4, C5 or C6 Districts*§28-313.3.1 Waiver of Requirements Related to Portable Ramps at Inaccessible Building Entrances Where Such Ramps Are Permissible§1-14.2 Waiver of the Rules of Practice and Procedures25-86 Waiver or Reduction of Spaces for Subsidized Housing101.11 Waiver Prohibited1101.3.5.2 Waiver Recommendation§27-922.4 Waivers[NY] 104.2 Waivers, Variances, and Modifications106.5.76 Walk703.6 Walk-Around Decks1910.243(e)(2) Walk-Behind and Riding Rotary Mowers1910.243(e)(3) Walk-Behind Rotary Mowers2603.4.1.3 Walk-in Coolers1103.2.14 Walk-in Coolers and Freezers6.4.5 Walk-in Coolers and Walk-in FreezersC403.10.2 Walk-in Coolers and Walk-in Freezers (Mandatory)C403.2.14.2 Walk-in Coolers, Walk-in Freezers (Mandatory)C403.10.1 Walk-in Coolers, Walk-in Freezers, Refrigerated Warehouse Coolers and Refrigerated Warehouse Freezers (Mandatory)1207.4.12 Walk-in Units1030.12.1 Walking Surface403 Walking Surfaces7.1.6 Walking Surfaces in the Means of Egress1910.28(b)(15) Walking-Working Surfaces Not Otherwise Addressed1926.754(c) Walking/Working Surfaces -- Shear Connectors and Other Similar Devices1011.4 WalklineSection 1113A Walks and Sidewalks on Accessible Routes453.10.2 Walks, Roads, Drives, and Parking Areas1113A.2 Walks With Continuous Gradients[BS] 3306.2 Walkways407.1 Walkways and Bicycle Paths1910.265(c)(4) Walkways, Docks, and Platforms3.3.299 Wall2121.2.10 Wall AdditionsR602.11 Wall AnchorageR602.11.1 Wall Anchorage for All Buildings in Seismic Design Categories DR602.11.1 Wall Anchorage for All Buildings in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D2 and Townhouses in Seismic Design Category C[BS] 403.6 Wall Anchorage for Unreinforced Masonry Walls in Major Alterations[BS] 907.4.5 Wall Anchors for Concrete and Masonry BuildingsR315.1 Wall and CeilingAJ601.2 Wall and Ceiling FinishSection 803 Wall and Ceiling Finishes1217.5.4 Wall and Ceiling Panels[F] 415.6.5.1 Wall and Opening Protection1709.4 Wall and Partition Assemblies417.4.1 Wall Area510.6.3 Wall Assemblies[BS] 403.2.3.1 Wall Assembly[BS] 403.2.3.2 Wall Assembly Materials[BS] 403.2.2.2 Wall Assembly Materials—Hard Body Impact[BS] 403.2.2.1 Wall Assembly Materials—Soft Body Impact10.2.5.2 Wall Base1224.4.11.2 Wall BasesA-402.10.1.5 Wall Board Inspection2308.6 Wall BracingR602.12 Wall Bracing and Stone and Masonry VeneerR602.10.6.5 Wall Bracing for Dwellings With Stone and Masonry Veneer in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D232.3 Wall Cabinets322.3.1 Wall Clearance13.3.6 Wall Components of Cantilever Retaining Walls5.1.5 Wall Connections2308.5 Wall Construction(1) Wall Countertop and Work SurfaceE3901.4.1 Wall Countertop Space(1) Wall Countertop SpacesWall Covering MaterialR703.3 Wall Covering Nominal Thickness and Attachments1910.179(a)(14) Wall Crane1009.4.3 Wall Depth and Length1224.4.11.3 Wall Finishes1224.18.4.2 Wall, Floor and Ceiling AssembliesE 502.7.1 Wall, Floor, or Ceiling Electric-Resistance Heating[F] 1701.3.10 Wall, Floor, Roof and Ceiling Assemblies2304.3 Wall Framing907.0 Wall Furnaces324.4.4 Wall Girts402.4 Wall-Hung Fixtures454. Wall-Inlet Fitting407.4.4 Wall Inlets2303.1.6.3 Wall InsulationR104.2.2.1 Wall Insulation Inspection8.2.2.5* Wall Marking and Identification1025.2.4.2 Wall-Mounted Demarcation Lines5705.5.2 Wall-Mounted Dispenser Installation(3) Wall-Mounted Ovens and Counter-Mounted Cooking Units5.303.3.2.1 Wall-Mounted Urinals412.1.1 Wall Mounted Urinals [BSC-CG, DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC]* Wall MountingH112.3 Wall Mounting DetailsR404. Wall Openings3.3.300* Wall or Ceiling CoveringE3905.6.1 Wall Outlets8.4.6 Wall Panels1705.20 Wall Panels, Curtain Walls and VeneersC404.2 Wall Penetrations18.10.8 Wall Piers2.4- Wall Protection506.7.7.1 Wall Protector506.7.7.3 Wall Protectors That Cover Two Walls607.11 Wall RegisterR608.6.2 Wall Reinforcement for Wind8.4.4 Wall Reinforcing5.6.3 Wall Requirements1021.2 Wall Separation2304.6 Wall SheathingSection H111 Wall Signs1031.5 Wall Signs, Stair Side1323.5.9 Wall Sleeve(2) Wall Space(1) Wall Spaces[BS] A111.6.1 Wall Story Force[BS] A111.6.2 Wall Story Shear2306.2.1 Wall Stud Bending Stress Increase2211.4 Wall Stud DesignP-705.2.1 Wall Supported[BS] 903.3.4 Wall Surfaces[BS] A108.5 Wall Tension Anchors510.9.2 Wall Terminations2109.2.4.4 Wall Thickness8.2.8.4 Wall Thickness of Pressure PipingR603.3.1 Wall to Foundation or Floor ConnectionR603.3.1 Wall to Foundation or Floor Connections916.2.4 Wall-Type Room Heaters1805.3.2 Walls2109.4.2.1 Walls Above Roof Level2104.8 Walls Adjoining Structural Framing1235.4 Walls and Ceilings454. Walls and Corners3109.3.4 Walls and Enclosures Below the Flood Elevation[P] 1210.2.2 Walls and Partitions30.3.3.8 Walls and Partitions — Major and Minor Repair Areas(1) Walls and RoofC6.8 Walls and Vertical Fenestration in the Exterior Building Envelope*2.1- Walls and Wall Protection13.3.5 Walls as Grade BeamsR322.3.5 Walls Below Design Flood ElevationR322.3.5 Walls Below Required Elevation3109.4.2 Walls Below the 100-Year Storm Elevation(A) Walls, Floors, and Ceilings722.6.2 Walls, Floors and RoofsE304 Walls in Contact With Soil Gas5.6 Walls in Wood Frame Buildings2104.8.2 Walls of Insufficient ThicknessSection A114 Walls of Unburned Clay, Adobe or Stone Masonry24-672 Walls Opposite Legally Required Windows1240.10 Walls, Posts, Partitions and Doors450.42 Walls, Roofs, and Floors706.1.2 Walls Separating Attached One- And Two-Family Dwellings[BS] A111.7.2 Walls With Diaphragms in Different Regions722.2.1.4 Walls With Gypsum Wallboard or Plaster FinishesN1102.2.7 (R402.2.7) Walls With Partial Structural Sheathing1225. Wardrobe Closet1224.20.2.10 Ware-Washing Facilities3.3.300 WarehouseA5. Warehouse Dock Seal Doors5704.3.8.5 Warehouse Hose LinesSection 415 Warehouses and Other Storage Occupancies2.1-4.3.4 Warewashing Facilities2.3- Warewashing Space14A-4-404.21 Warm Air Heating FurnacesN1101.7.1 (R301.2) Warm Humid CountiesN 102.4 Warm Water5.2-4.5.2 Warming/Catering Kitchen3.1-4.5.3 Warming Kitchen1323.5.8 Warning2603.3.6 Warning Agent904. Warning and Instruction Signs11B-303.5 Warning Curbs805.5 Warning Device465.9 Warning Devices5704.3.6.4 Warning for Containers5706.4.7.30 Warning for Small Craft5703.5.3 Warning Labels665.23 Warning Labels or Signs1926.967(g)(5) Warning Lights1926.502(f) "Warning Line Systems"5003.8.7.2 Warning Markings914.5.1 Warning Notice5604.13.4.2 Warning Placards5403.3 Warning Placards and SignsDETECTABLE Warning ProductsDETECTABLE Warning Products and Directional Surfaces1910.109(e)(5) Warning RequiredE3803.2 Warning Ribbon1910.252(b)(4)(vii) Warning Sign3120B.7 Warning Sign for a Spa Pool(B) Warning Sign for Multiple Disconnecting Means3803.1.3 Warning Signage1910.421(h) Warning Signal5607.13.1 Warning Signals1910.265(c)(30)(ii) Warning Signals and Spark Arrestors(C) Warning Signs1910.1028(j)(2) Warning Signs and Labels3307.4 Warning Signs and Lights3307.4 Warning Signs, Personnel, and BarriersFigure 11A-6A Warning Striping and Handrail Extensions1910.97(a)(3) Warning Symbol1926.651(f) Warning System for Mobile Equipment1317.0 Warning Systems1325.10 Warning Systems (Category 2)1327.3 Warning Systems (Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide)1910.145(f)(7) Warning Tags1910.262(b)(37) Warper1910.262(i) Warpers[A] 104.3.1 Warrant4.5.5 Warrant of Fitness§28-418.4 Warranties1230.2.2 Wash Basins5.303.3.4.3 Wash Fountains7.6.5 Wash Fountains and Wash Sinks417.1.1 Wash Fountains [BSC-CG, DSA-SS & DSASS/CC]703.8.1 Washdown Systems1910.1043(n) Washed Cotton6. Washers1926.51(f) Washing Facilities1910.264(c)(1)(ii) Washing Machine214.2 Washing Machines611 Washing Machines and Clothes DryersSection 310 Washroom and Toilet Room Requirements1910.264(c)(1) Washroom Machines304.1 Waste Accumulation Prohibited713.13.1 Waste and Linen713.13.3 Waste and Linen Chute Access Rooms1103.4.9 Waste and Linen Chutes713.13 Waste and Linen Chutes and Incinerator Rooms26.15.2.2* Waste and Linen Chutes and Transport Systems713.13 Waste and Linen Chutes, Including Discharge Rooms, and Incinerator Rooms7.8.2 Waste and Overflow1910.106(e)(9)(iii) Waste and Residue1910.106(h)(8)(iii) Waste and Residues811.2 Waste and Vent Pipes2403.4.3 Waste Cans9.5 Waste Chutes, Incinerators, and Laundry Chutes2.1-5.2.1 Waste Collection and Storage FacilitiesC 501.2.2 Waste Collection Center or Storage TanksA-301.9 Waste Collection Plan22.15.2.4 Waste Compactors22.15.2.4 Waste Compactors. [82:8] Waste Compactors. [82:chapter 8]P2718.1 Waste Connection704.1.3 Waste Connections43.1.8.5* Waste Containers808.2 Waste Containers With a Capacity of 20 Gallons or More in Group R-2 College and University Dormitories5706.3.2 Waste ControlH 901.6 Waste Discharge1014.3.2 Waste Discharge Requirements16.2.3 Waste Disposal5605.5.1.2 Waste Disposal and Maintenance1910.141(g)(3) Waste Disposal Containers*2.3-4.8.2 Waste Disposal Facilities301.3.2 Waste Diversion3303.4.2 Waste Dumpsters, Debris Boxes and Skip BoxesP2709.4.1 Waste Fittings404.0 Waste Fittings and Overflows42.7.2.7 Waste Handling22.15.2.3 Waste Handling Systems603.3.7.3 Waste Heat1226.4.9.3 Waste Holding Room*2.1-5.2 Waste ManagementSection 504 Waste Management and Recycling4.408.3 Waste Management Company2.3-4.8 Waste Management Facilities304.1.1 Waste Material*1.2- Waste Minimization2311.2.2 Waste Oil, Motor Oil and Other Class IIIB LiquidsSection 515 Waste or Linen Chute Venting32.10.4.1 Waste or Refuse418.2 Waste OutletP-712.1 Waste Outlets320.3 Waste Post Treatment469.4.10 Waste Processing Services712.3.5 Waste Pump and Waste Ejector Connection to the Drainage System11B-813.2.4 Waste ReceptacleSection P2706 Waste Receptors713.13.1 Waste, Recycling and Linen Chute Enclosures713.13 Waste, Recycling and Linen Chutes and Incinerator Rooms2803.3 Waste RemovalP3109.4 Waste Stack Size12.19.5 Waste Stack SizesSection P3109 Waste Stack VentP3109.1 Waste Stack Vent Permitted12.19 Waste Stack Venting12.19.6 Waste Stack Vents12.19.3 Waste Stacks1224.20.2.12 Waste Storage Room5.408.1.3 Waste Stream Reduction Alternative4.408.4 Waste Stream Reduction Alternative [LR]2.1-5.4.2 Waste Treatment and Disposal FacilitiesP3009.7 Waste Water Connections302.6 Waste-Water DischargeSection 320 Waste Water Disposal607.5 Waste Water Heat Recovery SystemP3201.2.1.3 Waste-Water-Supplied Trap Primer Device803.1 Waste Water Temperature808.1 Wastebaskets and Linen Containers in Group I-1, I-2, and I-3 Occupancies808.1 Wastebaskets and Linen Containers in Group I-1, I-2 and I-3 Occupancies and Group B Ambulatory Care Facilities808.1 Wastebaskets and Linen Containers in Group I-2 and I-3 Occupancies808.1 Wastebaskets and Linen Containers in Group I-2 and I-3 Occupancies and Group B Ambulatory Care Facilities808.1 Wastebaskets and Linen Containers in Groups I-1, I-2, and I-3 Occupancies and Group B Ambulatory Care Facilities304.3.4 Wastebaskets in Group I-2 and I-3 Occupancies808.1 Wastebaskets in Group I-3, Detention and Correction FacilitiesP-710.1 WastesSection 1204 WastewaterC101.9 Wastewater Connections302.6 Wastewater DischargeSection 3141B Wastewater DisposalSection C102 Wastewater Recycling Systems[P] 1201.3.4 Wastewater RemovalP3201.2.1.3 Wastewater-Supplied Trap Primer Device803.1 Wastewater TemperatureP-1205.3 Wastewater to SewerSection 323 Wastewater Treatment and Collection Facilities*§28-213.5 Watch List of Contractors Performing Work Without Required Permit38.5.5.5 Watch Personnel14X-12-1207 Watchman3303.3 Watchperson3307.5 Watchperson and Flagperson§ 23-27.3-116.7 Watchperson and Lights During Moving1903.5 Water3303.5 Water Accumulation454.1.9.3 Water Activity Pools7.7.1.6 Water Additives406.1 Water and Waste Connections609.2.2 Water Area 7500 Sq. Ft. or More609.2.2 Water Area 7500 Square Feet or More609.2.1 Water Area Less Than 7500 Sq. Ft609.2.1 Water Area Less Than 7500 Square Feet10.4.9 Water as a Heat-Transfer Fluid1113.1.5 Water Assisted Backup Sump PumpP3007.3 Water Assisted Backup Sump Pumps50.4.4.9 Water-Based Fire-Extinguishing System26.21.1.5* Water Basin Covers3.3.301 Water Capacity1904.1 Water-Cementitious Materials Ratio503.2 Water Circulation3109.3.3 Water Circulation, Water Treatment and Drainage11B-813.2.2 Water Closet14X-4-402.5 Water Closet Access404.4.3 Water Closet Accessibility§76 Water-Closet and Bath AccommodationsSection 890.360 Water Closet and Pedestal Urinal604.3.2.2 Water Closet Clearance1110.2.4 Water Closet CompartmentP-708.4 Water Closet Compartments917.4.1 Water Closet ConnectionP3005.1.4 Water Closet Connection Between Flange and Pipe425.4 Water Closet Connections425.1.2 Water Closet Flushing Without External Electrical PowerP-720.2.2 Water Closet FlushometersP2722.5 Water Closet Personal Hygiene Devices408.2 Water Closet ReplacementP2712.7 Water Closet Seats425.1.2 Water Closet Tanks213.3.2 Water ClosetsP-706.1.3 Water Closets (1.6-Gallon Flush)604 Water Closets and Toilet Compartments604.9 Water Closets and Toilet Compartments for Children's Use411.2.4 Water Closets [BSC-CG, DSA-SS & DSASS/CC]1110.2.2 Water Closets Designed for Assisted Toileting420.5 Water Closets for Children's Use425.2 Water Closets for Public or Employee Toilet Facilities§116 Water-Closets in Certain Class B Multiple Dwellings[P] 2903.1.1 Water Closets, Urinals, Lavatories and Bidets7.4.8 Water Closets With Pumps612.5.1 Water Collection and Treatment TankE 302.7 Water-Conditioning Equipment3303.14 Water Conditions409.2 Water Connection423.1 Water Connections401.3 Water ConservationL 401.0 Water Conservation and EfficiencyM 102.1 Water-Conserving Fixtures401.3 Water-Conserving Fixtures and FittingsL 402.0 Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings411.2 Water Consumption408.2 Water Consumption [HCD 1]A5. Water-Cooled Air Conditioner and Hydronic Heat Pump SystemsC403.3.2.2 Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chilling Package6. Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chilling PackagesC403.3.2.1 Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chilling Packages (Mandatory)603.5.8 Water-Cooled EquipmentE105.1 Water Coolers26.21 Water Cooling TowersG104.4 Water Course Alteration702.9.3 Water Criteria19.4.3 Water Curtains19.2.4 Water DemandM 102.2 Water Demand Calculator19.3.3 Water Demand Requirements — Hydraulic Calculation Methods19.3.2 Water Demand Requirements — Pipe Schedule Method62-211 Water-Dependent (WD) Uses503.1 Water Depth3110B.4 Water Depth Markers454.1.8.3 Water Depths608.6.5 Water Dispensers8-903.8 Water DistributionP2906.5 Water Distribution Pipe3.4.3 Water Distribution Piping604.3 Water Distribution System Design Criteria606.5.1.2 Water Economizer Systems for HVAC Equipment6.5.1.2 Water EconomizersDivision 4.3 — Water Efficiency and Conservation1910.422(b) Water Entry and Exit402.12 Water EnvelopesG303.4 Water Facilities323.5 Water Features3103.9.4 Water-Filled Vessels602.6 Water FlowC404.11 Water Flow Rate Controls404.1.1 Water for Outdoor Landscape Irrigation419.5 Water for Public Hand-Washing Facilities1010.2.1 Water-Gauge Glass1910.109(h) Water Gel (Slurry) Explosives and Blasting Agents1910.109(a)(18) Water Gels or Slurry ExplosivesP2903.5 Water Hammer465.13.2.2 Water-Handling SystemC 302.0 Water Heat ExchangersM2005.2.1 Water Heater Access609.3.3 Water Heater and Mixing Valve501.2 Water Heater as Space Heater604.13 Water Heater Connectors422.47 Water Heater Controls607.2.2 Water Heater Controls for Dwelling UnitsR403.5.6 Water Heater Efficiencies (Mandatory)C404.5 Water Heater Installation501.5 Water Heater Labeling504.0 Water Heater RequirementsP2801.8 Water Heater Seismic BracingP2903.9.2 Water Heater ValveSection M2005 Water Heaters1402.8.5 Water Heaters and Hot Water Storage Tanks(3) Water Heaters and Steam BoilersL 502.2 Water Heaters and Storage Tanks502.3 Water Heaters Installed in AtticsP2801.7 Water Heaters Installed in GaragesSection M2004 Water Heaters Used for Space HeatingG2448.2 (624.2) Water Heaters Utilized for Space HeatingL 501.0 Water Heating Design, Equipment, and Installation608.6 Water-Heating DevicesR405.6.3.1 Water-Heating EF Adjustment FactorsR405.6.3.1 Water Heating Energy Factor (EF) Adjustment Factors454.2.14 Water Heating Equipment10.12.7 Water Heating Equipment Valve[P] 505.4 Water Heating Facilities8.6.5.3 Water-Hydraulic Plungers453.10.8 Water Irrigation Systems5.2.4.3* Water Level and Air Pressure1213.2.1 Water-Level ControlsF 303.5 Water Level MonitoringM1411.3.1.1 Water-Level Monitoring Devices17.17.3 Water Level Supervisory Signal-Initiating Device66. Water Loading1910.265(d)(2)(ii) Water Log Dumps454. Water Makeup Control*2.2-2.3.2 Water Measurement DevicesA 102.2 Water Meter601.6 Water Meters66.16.2.6 Water-Miscible Liquid[F] 904.11.2 Water Mist System Supervision and Alarms904.12 Water-Mist Systems13.1.13 Water-Operated Sump Pumps1910.269(v)(6) Water or Steam Spaces[BS] 902.3.1 Water PenetrationA4.106.4 Water Permeable Surfaces450.47 Water Pipes and AccessoriesSection P-810 Water Piping and Shut-Off Valves606.5.4.1 Water Piping Control and Location[P] 1203.3.9 Water Piping Isolation and Protection From Contamination1008.2.3 Water Play Components456.3.1 Water, Plumbing, and Waste702.10 Water-Powered PumpsL 409.0 Water-Powered Sump Pumps606.5 Water Pressure Booster and Gravity House Tank Systems606.5.1 Water Pressure Booster or Gravity House Tank Systems Required606.5 Water Pressure Booster Systems606.5.1 Water Pressure Booster Systems Required612.5.2.1 Water Pressure From Individual Sources608.0 Water Pressure, Pressure Regulators, Pressure Relief Valves, and Vacuum Relief ValvesP2911.10 Water Pressure-Reducing Valve or Regulator3008.3 Water Protection604.5.4 Water Protection of Hoistway Enclosures10.7 Water Pumping and Storage EquipmentP2910.2 Water Quality1603.16 Water Quality Devices and EquipmentP2911.12.6 Water Quality Test707.15.1 Water Quality Testing1112.11.4.1 Water (R-718)427.7.5 Water Reactive MaterialE102.1.11 Water-Reactive Materials6706.1 Water-Reactive Solids and Liquids Classified as a Class IV Material1207.5.5.1 Water-Reactive Systems[F] 415.8.3 Water Reactives[F] 415.8.3 Water Reactives. Group H-2 and H-3 Occupancies Containing Water-Reactive Materials Shall Be Resistant to Water Penetration*2.2-2.3.4 Water Recovery Options454.1.9 Water Recreation Attractions and Specialized PoolsSection C101 Water Recycling SystemsSection 602 Water RequiredR703.1.1 Water ResistanceSection 5.407 Water Resistance and Moisture ManagementAS105.6.1 Water-Resistant Barriers and Vapor Permeance RatingsR702.3.7 Water-Resistant Gypsum Backing Board1403.2 Water-Resistive Barrier1705.17.1 Water-Resistive Barrier Coating1402.5 Water-Resistive BarriersSection 21.1308 — Water RetentionSection A5.305 Water ReuseSection 5.305 Water Reuse SystemsE 503.2 Water Riser Pipe320.2 Water Salvage612.5 Water Sanitation6.4.3 Water SealSection 603 Water ServiceP2604.2 Water Service and Building Sewer in Same Trench302.2 Water Service and Drainage609.2 Water Service for Group I-2, Condition 2 FacilitiesP2905.4.2 Water Service Installation603.2.1 Water Service Near Sources of PollutionE 302.2 Water Service OutletP2906.4 Water Service PipeSection 890.1150 Water Service Pipe Installation10.6.4 Water Service Pipe Sleeves608.5 Water Service PipingP-805.1 Water Service Protection10.6.5 Water Service Sizing5403.4 Water ShieldsC403.5.4 Water-Side Economizers454. Water Slide Plunge Pool454. Water Slide Recirculation—Filtration Equipment203.11 Water Slides302.6 Water Softener and Iron Filter Backwash7.22.1 Water Softener and Treatment UnitsL 410.2 Water Softener LimitationsL 410.1 Water SoftenersL 410.0 Water Softeners and Treatment Devices13. Water-Soluble Flammable Liquid Fires (Polar Solvents)1514.5.2 Water Source404.2 Water Sources[BS] 903.3.6 Water Splash1011.6 Water Spouts1926.1101(g)(5)(v) Water Spray Process System1704.38.1.1 Water Storage Tanks606.8 Water Sub-Meters RequiredL 412.1 Water Supplied Trap Primers[F] 903.3.5 Water Supplies3311.4 Water Supply312.5.2 Water Supply Air Test8.7.2 Water Supply and ControlK 103.4 Water Supply and Distribution Materials601.2 Water Supply and Flushing450.3.13 Water Supply and Sewage Disposal4.6.1 Water Supply Capacity Information30.7.4 Water Supply Configurations2.8- Water Supply Connection[P] 1203.3.5 Water Supply ContaminationH Water Supply Control10.12 Water Supply Control ValvesSection 890.1190 Water Supply Control Valves and MeterC 303.2 Water Supply Fixture Unit Values715.2.3 Water Supply Fixture UnitsB.5.3 Water Supply Fixture Units for Groups of FixturesE.5.1.4 Water Supply Fixture Units (WSFU)B.5.2 Water Supply Fixture Units (WSFU) Assigned to FixturesTable N Water Supply Fixture Units (WSFU) for a Supply System With Flush Tanks Water ClosetsTable O Water Supply Fixture Units (WSFU) for a Supply System With Flushometer Water ClosetsSection P-811 Water Supply FixturesB105.3 Water Supply for Buildings Equipped With an Automatic Sprinkler SystemSection 3313 Water Supply for Fire Protection413.4 Water Supply for Flush TanksP2712.3 Water Supply for Flushing Devices1303.8 Water Supply for Hospitals§27-945 Water Supply for Standpipe SystemsP2904.5.1 Water Supply From Individual Sources4.6 Water Supply InformationSection 3127B Water Supply Inlets[F] 904.11.1.3 Water Supply ProtectionP2716.2 Water Supply RequiredP2708.3 Water Supply RiserR306.5 Water Supply Sources and Sewage Disposal SystemsSection P2903 Water Supply SystemP2903.1 Water Supply System Design Criteria10.10 Water Supply System MaterialsP2911.12.3 Water Supply System TestP2503.7 Water-Supply System TestingArticle 2 Water Supply Systems10.12.3 Water Supply Tank ValveSection P-808 Water Supply Tanks507.4 Water Supply Test§27-2024 Water Supply to BuildingsR306.4 Water Supply to Fixtures§27-2025 Water Supply to Individual Units and Fixtures[F] 403.3.2 Water Supply to Required Fire Pumps5.1.5* Water Supply Treatment4.6.2 Water Supply Treatment Information312.5.1 Water Supply Working Pressure Test3.3.282.13 Water-Surrounded Structure11.4 Water-Surrounded StructuresSection 505 Water SystemSection P-801 Water Systems507.2.2 Water Tanks1110.2.3.9 Water TemperatureP2802.1 Water Temperature Control501.6 Water Temperature Control in Piping From Tankless Heaters506.2 Water Temperature Controls506.2.2 Water Temperature Limiting Controls506.2.1 Water Temperature Regulating Controls17.17.4 Water Temperature Supervisory Signal-Initiating Device1107.2.1 Water Test608.18.4 Water-Tight Casings6704.1.4 Water-Tight Containers405.6 Water-Tight JointsC403. Water-to-Water Heat RecoveryC403. Water-to-Water Heat Recovery SizingSection 704 Water Treatment Devices and Equipment1224.36.2.20 Water Treatment Room7.22 Water Treatment SystemsSection 611 Water Treatment Units13.* Water Types701.2 Water Usage Metering Required50.4.4.10 Water Valve Supervision311.3 Water VelocityP-720.5.2 Water VolumeC404.5.2.1 Water Volume Determination513.2.5.4 Water-Wash System40.7.2.4* Water Washdown Cleaning MethodF 302.4 Water Wells and Injection WellsG103.6 Watercourse Alteration3.3.226 Waterflow Alarm Device7.7 Waterflow Alarm Devices7.7.1.7 Waterflow Detection16.11.3 Waterflow Detection Devices28.2.3.1 Waterflow Devices62-931 Waterfront Access Plan BK-1: GreenPoint-Williamsburg62-951 Waterfront Access Plan Q-1: Northern Hunters Point62-90 Waterfront Access Plans78-241 Waterfront and Related Commercial Uses62-212 Waterfront-Enhancing (WE) Uses107-23 Waterfront Esplanade62-811 Waterfront Public Access and Visual Corridors116-632 Waterfront Public Access Area139-45 Waterfront Public Access Area Requirements139-224 Waterfront Yards419.4 Waterless Urinals308.4 Waterline454. Waterline TileP2604.2 Waterpipe Separation From Building Sewer Pipe12.4.2 Waterproof Flashings[P] 1210.2.4 Waterproof Joints[F] 415.8.5 Waterproof Room1805.3 WaterproofingSection P2607 Waterproofing of Openings1805.3 Waterproofing Required604.4.1 WaterSense Program Label RequiredC403.5.4 Waterside Economizers707.3 Watertight and Gastight608.18.4 Watertight Casings6704.1.4 Watertight Containers405.6 Watertight Joints1910.107(a)(4) Waterwash Spray Booth2404.7.8.7 Waterwash Spray Booths3.3.320 WATS (Wide Area Telephone Service)(A) Watt Density(A) Watts Per Linear Meter (Foot)3103F.5.4 Wave Loads3105F.3 Wave, Passing Vessel, Seiche and Tsunami3120B.12 Wave Pools3.3.321* Wavelength*1.2-6.3 Wayfinding66.22.7.2 Weak Roof-to-Shell Seam Construction3.3.1 Weak StoryA403.5 Weak Story Limitation1231.3.12 Weapons Locker1230.2.9 Weapons Lockers2011.5 Weather Conditions109.3.6.1 Weather-Exposed Balcony and Walking Surface (Exterior Elevated Element) Inspections for Multifamily Buildings With Three or More Dwelling Units. [HCD 1 & HCD 2][A] 110.3.7 Weather-Exposed Balcony and Walking Surface Waterproofing110.3.8.1 Weather Exposed Balcony and Walking Surface Waterproofing. [BSC, DSA-SS, DSA-SS/CC, HCD 1, HCD 2]2109. Weather-Exposed LocationsR703.6.2 Weather Exposure3106.4.2 Weather Monitoring PersonSection 1503 Weather Protection5706.5.1.2 Weather Protection Canopies6003.2.5 Weather Protection for Highly Toxic Liquids and Solids—Outdoor Storage or Use6003.2.5 Weather Protection—Outdoor Storage or Use60.4.1.2 Weather Protection Structures402.4.1 Weather Protections1407.4 Weather Resistance1910.109(g)(5)(i)(b)(3) Weather Resistant2510.6 Weather-Resistant Barriers(6) Weather-Resistant Receptacles1006.4 Weather Shelters708A.4 Weather Stripping3.3.177.8 Weathered-Membrane Material703A.5.2 Weathering703A.5 Weathering and Surface Treatment ProtectionD.1.2 Weatherization Programs604.12 Weatherproof Barriers3309.9 Weatherproof Integrity of Adjoining Buildings5. Weatherproof Material6.1.8.1 WeatherproofingR603.2.6.2 Web Hole ReinforcingR603.2.6.1 Web HolesR505.2.6 Web Holes, Web Hole Reinforcing and Web Hole Patching1910.184(i)(2) WebbingR608.5.4.6 Webs of Waffle-Grid Walls2.20.9.9 Wedge Noncircular Elastomeric-Coated Steel Suspension Member Sockets2.20.9.5 Wedge Rope Sockets3305. Wedges302.4 Weeds14X-3-302.5 Weeds and Vegetation3310. Weekly Checks3.3.121.1 Weekly Frequency13.4.4.1 Weekly Run1308.3 Weekly Testing2104.1.8 Weep Holes2512.1.2 Weep ScreedsR703.8.6 Weepholes1910.1029(j)(2)(iv) Weight*1.2- Weight-Carrying Capacities1926.551(k) Weight Limitation1926.1404(k) Weight of Components1606.3 Weight of Fixed Service EquipmentAR103.2.3 Weight of Light Straw-Clay13.6.4.12* Weight Scales722. Weight-to-Heated Perimeter722. Weight-to-Perimeter Ratio1910.430(j) Weights and Harnesses5. Weights for Closing and/or Balancing Temporary Hoistway Doors or Gates2.11.8 Weights for Closing or Balancing Doors2.14.4.8 Weights for Closing or Balancing Doors or Gates1606.2 Weights of Fixed Service EquipmentR301.2.2.2 Weights of Materials1606.1 Weights of Materials and Construction1606.2 Weights of Materials of Construction510.5.3.2 Welded Duct ConnectionP2906.13.2 Welded Joints1322.1 Welded Joints Procedure7.5.2 Welded Pipe and Fittings18.2.8 Welded Splices in Special Moment Frames and Special Structural Walls1907.5.3 Welded Wire Fabric1907.5.3 Welded Wire Reinforcement1910.251(a) Welder and Welding OperatorArticle 407 Welder License§28-407.1 Welder License Required1322.1.1 Welder Qualification Procedure2003.8.1.4 Welder Qualifications312.11.1 Welder's Qualifications2204.1 Welding901.8 Welding and Brazing115.14 Welding and Brazing Performance Qualification Review115.13 Welding and Brazing Procedure Qualification Record Review115.12 Welding and Brazing Procedure Specification Review1910.422(g) Welding and Burning22.4 Welding and Cutting2003.1.1 Welding and Cutting Operations8.6.2.2 Welding and Design2005.3 Welding ApparatusPart IV Welding Cable1926.351(b) Welding Cables and Connectors1926.353(b) Welding, Cutting, and Heating in Confined Spaces1926.354 Welding, Cutting, and Heating in Way of Preservative Coatings1926.353(c) Welding, Cutting, or Heating of Metals of Toxic Significance7.2.14 Welding for Dumbwaiters1322.2 Welding for Stainless Tube406.1.1.1 Welding Inspections and Testing8.8.3 Welding Metals Other Than Steel1910.110(b)(4) Welding of Containers1705.3.1 Welding of Reinforcing Bars1926.153(b) Welding on LP-Gas Containers1705.33.1 Welding Operations1910.252(a)(3) Welding or Cutting Containers1322.1.2 Welding Procedure Specification404.21.3 Welding Records7.5.2.4 Welding Requirements3314.11.6.6 Welding Rod or Lead1910.67(c)(5) Welding Standards8.8.2 Welding Steel2403.2.7 Welding Warning Signs3115.8.2 Welds1926.1412(f)(2)(i)(C)73-124 Welfare Centers5706.3 Well Drilling and Operating5706.3.15.3 Well Head608.18.1 Well LocationsSection 614 Well Pumps and Tanks Used for Private Potable Water SystemsSection 614 Well Pumps and Tanks Usedfor Private Potable Water Systems1910.109(g)(5)(i)(b)(4) Well Ventilated; And503.2.2 Well-Ventilated Spaces2.3-3.3 Wellness Center3.1-3.4 Wellness Centers(A) Wet and Damp Locations2509.1 Wet Areas3.3.101.6 Wet Barrel Hydrant13. Wet Chemical and Water Mist Agent RE-use[F] 904.5 Wet-Chemical Systems1224. Wet Cleaning5605.5.1.1 Wet Collector405.10 Wet Conditions26. Wet, Dry, and Preaction Systems703.8 Wet-Hood Exhaust Scrubber SystemsA5.205.3.8 Wet Insulation Systems(D) Wet Location903.7 Wet Locations1910.1001(f)(1)(vi) Wet Methods(B) Wet-Niche Luminaires(C) Wet or Damp LocationE4003.9 Wet or Damp Locations3.3.206.10 Wet Pipe Sprinkler System8.1 Wet Pipe Systems517.20 Wet Procedure Locations28.1.3.1 Wet Storage and BerthingC102.8.1 Wet TestingY Wet Vent909.1 Wet Vent PermittedSection P3108 Wet Venting402.4 Wetland Protection13. Wetting Agent13. Wetting Agent Extinguishers2104.4 Wetting of Brick3.3.302* Wharf5706.4.7.4 Wharf Tanks Prohibited1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(l) Wharfman66.29 Wharves1904.7(b)(4)(viii) What Do I Do if a Physician or Other Licensed Health Care Professional Recommends a Job Restriction Meeting OSHA's Definition, but the Employee Does All of His or Her Routine Job Functions Anyway?1904.43(b)(1) What Do I Have to Include in the Summary?1904.29(b)(1) What Do I Need to Do to Complete the OSHA 300 Log?1904.29(b)(2) What Do I Need to Do to Complete the OSHA 301 Incident Report?1904.38(b)(1) What Do I Need to Include in My Variance Petition?1904.8(b)(1) What Does "Other Potentially Infectious Material" Mean?1904.40(b)(1) What Government Representatives Have the Right to Get Copies of My Part 1904 Records?1904.7(b)(5)(v) What if a Physician or Other Licensed Health Care Professional Recommends Medical Treatment but the Employee Does Not Follow the Recommendation?1904.39(b)(7) What if I Don'T Learn About a Reportable Fatality, In-Patient Hospitalization, Amputation, or Loss of an Eye Right Away?1904.39(b)(8) What if I Don'T Learn Right Away That the Reportable Fatality, In-Patient Hospitalization, Amputation, or Loss of an Eye Was the Result of a Work-Related Incident?1904.8(b)(4) What if One of My Employees Is Splashed or Exposed to Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Material Without Being Cut or Scratched? Do I Need to Record This Incident?1904.39(b)(6) What if the Fatality, In-Patient Hospitalization, Amputation, or Loss of an Eye Does Not Occur During or Right After the Work-Related Incident?1904.39(b)(2) What Information Do I Need to Give to OSHA About the In-Patient Hospitalization, Amputation, or Loss of an Eye?1904.7(b)(7) What Is a "Significant" Diagnosed Injury or Illness That Is Recordable Under the General Criteria Even if It Does Not Result in Death, Days Away From Work, Restricted Work or Job Transfer, Medical Treatment Beyond First Aid, or Loss of Consciousness?1904.10(b)(1) What Is a Standard Threshold Shift?1904.29(b)(4) What Is an Equivalent Form?1904.7(b)(5)(ii) What Is "First Aid"?1904.7(b)(4)(ii) What Is Meant by "Routine Functions"?1904.7(b)(5)(i) What Is the Definition of Medical Treatment?1904.5(b)(1) What Is the "Work Environment"?1904.35(b)(1) What Must I Do to Make Sure That Employees Report Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses to Me?1904.29(b)(10) What Must I Do to Protect Employee Privacy if I Wish to Provide Access to the OSHA Forms 300 and 301 to Persons Other Than Government Representatives, Employees, Former Employees or Authorized Representatives?1904.4(b)(1) What Sections of This Rule Describe Recording Criteria for Recording Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses?319.1.1 Wheel Chocks1910.180(a)(4) Wheel Mounted Crane11B-502.7.2 Wheel Stops1910.180(a)(46) Wheelbase604.8.1 Wheelchair Accessible Compartments704.2 Wheelchair Accessible Telephones604.9 Wheelchair Accessible Toilet Compartments1224.33.3.4 Wheelchair and Gurney Storage*2.5- Wheelchair and Stretcher Storage1102.15.4 Wheelchair Charging Area28.12 Wheelchair Lifts/ Limited Use Elevators:Figure 11A-1E Wheelchair Passage Width1112.8.4.1 Wheelchair Seating106.5.77 Wheelchair Space802.10 Wheelchair Space Dispersion802.1 Wheelchair Spaces802 Wheelchair Spaces, Companion Seats, and Designated Aisle Seats11B-802 Wheelchair Spaces, Companion Seats and Designated Aisle Seats and Semi-Ambulant Seats1002.4 Wheelchair Spaces in Amusement Rides206.2.9.2 Wheelchair Spaces, Ride Seats Designed for Transfer, and Transfer Devices2.5- Wheelchair Storage2.1-6.2.7 Wheelchair Storage and Parking Space1002.5.4 Wheelchair Storage Space1138A.1.3 Wheelchair Turning Space1224.23.2.3 Wheelchairs13. Wheeled Unit Hoses[F] 906.10 Wheeled Units§28-304.6.4.2 When a Witnessing Agency Is Required1910.1017(g)(3)(ii) When Air-Purifying Respirators Are Used:1904.43(b)(2) When AM I Required to Summarize and Post the 2001 Information?908.3 When an Emergency Alarm System Is Interfaced With a Building's Fire Alarm System1904.6(b)(1) When an Employee Experiences the Signs or Symptoms of a Chronic Work-Related Illness, Do I Need to Consider Each Recurrence of Signs or Symptoms to Be a New Case?1904.6(b)(2) When an Employee Experiences the Signs or Symptoms of an Injury or Illness as a Result of an Event or Exposure in the Workplace, Such as an Episode of Occupational Asthma, Must I Treat the Episode as a New Case?103.2 When Applicable to Construction103.2 When Applicable to New ConstructionSection 108.1 When Applications Are Required430.1.1 When Change of Occupancy Rules Apply76-141 When Distance From Street Line Shown1904.32(b)(6) When Do I Have to Post the Annual Summary?1910.426(c)(6) When Heavy Gear Is Worn:1926.1423(e)(1)116.4 When No Certificate Exists§28-304.6.4.1 When No Witnessing Agency Is Required§ 23-27.3-113.1 When Permit Is Required1114.1.1 When Permitted1905.6.4.1 When Required5604.12.6.1 When Stored1926.966(e)(1) When to Guard Rooms and Other SpacesSection P103 When to Perform the Investigation716. Where 1/3-Hour-Fire-Protection Window Assemblies Permitted716. Where 3/4-Hour-Fire-Protection Window Assemblies Permitted(A) Where Additional Air-Conditioning Equipment or Electric Space-Heating Equipment Is Not to Be Installed806.1.1.3 Where Allowed802.3.2 Where an Automatic Sprinkler System Is Required to Be Installed by Section 903 of The1910.305(g)(1)(iv)(D) Where Attached to Building Surfaces2.26.2 Where Elevator Pit Drainage Is Provided1321.12.1 Where Flux Is Used63. Where Gas Detection Is Not Required(C) Where GFCI Protection Is Not Permitted(B) Where GFCI Protection Is Not Required(A) Where GFCI Protection Is Required9.1.4 Where Indirect Wastes Are Required(C) Where Lighting Units or Other Appliances Are Also Supplied3206.7.2 Where LocatedN107.5.2 Where More Than One LP-Gas Container Is Present in the Same Area§27-698 Where More Than One Pile Type, Pile Capacity, or Method of Pile Installation Is Used(B) Where No Other Loads Are Supplied1301.2 Where Not ApplicableE.8.2.2 Where Not Permitted1101.15.1 Where Not Required[F] 904.2 Where Permitted308.1.1 Where Prohibited701.2.4 Where Public Sewers Are Made Available to Premises With Private Sewage Disposal System206.2 Where Required6.3.1 Where Required and Approved Point of Discharge2.19.2.2 Where Required and Function7.2.4.1 Where Required and Located2.17.1 Where Required and Location13.7.2 Where Required and Occupancy Requirements907.3.1 Where Required by the Existing Building Code of New York State907.3 Where Required—Existing Buildings and Structures1103.9.2.4 Where Required in Existing Affected Occupancies907.9 Where Required in Existing Buildings and StructuresR315.3 Where Required in Existing Dwellings[BCD] 915.1.1 Where Required in Groups I and E Occupancies907.2 Where Required in New Buildings and Occupancies[F] 907.2 Where Required—New Buildings and Structures(A) Where Reused2.6.2 Where the Space Is Underneath the Car and/or Its Guides2.6.1 Where the Space Is Underneath the Counterweight and/or Its Guides1926.1417(u)(2)1904.5(b)(5) Which Injuries and Illnesses Are Considered Pre-Existing Conditions?1910.180(a)(47) Whipline7.9 Whirlpool BathsSection P2720 Whirlpool Bathtubs426.6 Whirlpool Enclosure1904.35(b)(2)(ii) Who Is a "Personal Representative" of an Employee or Former Employee?1904.35(b)(2)(i) Who Is an Authorized Employee Representative?1904.32(b)(4) Who Is Considered a Company Executive?1910.97(a)(1)(v) Whole Body IrradiationSection 180.4 Whole Building5. Whole-Building Air LeakageC405.12 Whole Building Electrical Monitoring10.4.6 Whole-Building Energy MonitoringA5.409.2 Whole Building Life Cycle AssessmentN1103.6.2 (R403.6.2) Whole-Dwelling Mechanical Ventilation System Fan Efficacy403.4.7.1 Whole-House Exhaust ControlsE 502.11 Whole House FansAQ106.1.1 Whole-House Mechanical VentilationR403.6.2.1 Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation (Balanced Ventilation Option) System Design403.4.2 Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation RatesM1505.4 Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation SystemN1103.6.1 (R403.6.1) Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation System Fan EfficacyM1505.4.1.1 Whole-House System Component Requirements403.4.4.2 Whole-House Ventilation for Other Than Group R-2 Occupancies403.4.4.1 Whole-House Ventilation in Group R-2 Occupancies403.4.4 Whole-House Ventilation Residential Occupancies403.4.6 Whole-House Ventilation System Component Requirements403.4.5 Whole-House Ventilation System Controls1910.265(c)(21)(i) Whole-Log Chippers1910.265(e)(2)(v) Whole-Log Sash Gang Saws (Swedish Gangs)5704.3.6 Wholesale and Retail Sales5704.3.6 Wholesale and Retail Sales Uses44-54 Wholesale, Manufacturing or Storage Uses Combined With Other Uses(e) 5622.5.5 Wholesale Sales323.3.1 Wholesale Storage(b) 5612.3.2 Wholesaler3. Wide-Area Mass Notification System24.4.4.4 Wide-Area Mass Notification System Components24.6* Wide-Area Mass Notification Systems3.3.323 Wide-Area Signaling1104.17.4.1 Wide Corridors and Dead-End Provisions[BF] 1705.15.4.8 Wide-Flanged Columns23-842 Wide Outer Courts502.9.1 Wide Sidewalks3109.4.1.4 Widely Spaced Horizontal Members405.7.2 Width1011.2 Width and Capacity1113A.1 Width and Continuous SurfaceAM103.2 Width and Height of an Exit1126A.1 Width and Height of Doors and Gates1132A.3 Width and Height of Interior Doors and Secondary Exterior Doors1002.4.4.1 Width and Length3314.15.1 Width and Support1017.2 Width Determination1138A.1.2 Width for Two Wheelchairs Passing6.2 Width for Wheelchair Passing506.2.1 Width Limits12.2.3.3 Width ModificationsFigure 11A-1C Width of Accessible Route at Turns36-53 Width of Curb Cuts and Location of Access to the Street1112A.3 Width of Curb Ramps1028.6 Width of Means of Egress for Assembly1028.6.4 Width of Means of Egress for Bleacher Facilities1028.6.3 Width of Means of Egress for Outdoor Smoke-Protected Assembly1028.6.3 Width of Means of Egress for Outdoor Smoke-Protected Assembly Seating1028.6.3 Width of Means of Egress for Outdoor Smokeprotected Assembly202.5.4.6 Width of Pairs of Doors508.4.2 Width of Passageway1104.15 Width of Ramps(A) Width of Wiring Gutters(2) Width of Working Space1029.2 Width or Capacity1119A.3 WidthsSection 4905 Wildfire Protection Building Construction17.3 Wildland Fire-Prone Areas[F] 1701.2.5 Wildland Fires3.3.303* Wildland/Urban InterfaceSection 302 Wildland-Urban Interface Area DesignationsA-603.3 Willful Violation1910.180(a)(48) Winch Head3110F.4.1 Winches3323.3.2 Wind3103F.7 Wind and Current Loads on Structures3307. Wind and Other Loads1604.9 Wind and Seismic Detailing8-705.2 Wind and Seismic Loads3316.7.8 Wind and WeatherR612.6 Wind-Borne Debris Protection2318.1.13 Wind Bracing506.1.2 Wind DesignR301.2.1 Wind Design Criteria1603.1.4 Wind Design DataR301.2.1.1 Wind Design Required1609.4.1 Wind Directions and Sectors401.6.1 Wind-Driven Rain401.6.1 Wind-Driven Rain Rating[F] 909.4.3 Wind EffectArticle 694 Wind Electric Systems610.3 Wind Energy Systems1910.179(b)(4) Wind Indicators and Rail ClampsR703.3.2 Wind LimitationsR301.2.1.1 Wind Limitations and Wind Design Required3103F.5.2.2 Wind Limits for Moored VesselsH105.3 Wind Load1609.8 Wind Load on Structures During Construction429.3 Wind Load Requirements for Manufactured HomesSection 1609 Wind LoadsArticle 5 Wind Loads and Earthquake LoadsR908.7 Wind Mitigation1609.8 Wind on Temporary Structures603.3.7.4 Wind Power Systems906.10 Wind Protection2306.2 Wind Provisions for Walls1704.3.3 Wind Requirements in the Statement of Special Inspections[BS] 2603.10 Wind Resistance1504.9 Wind Resistance of Aggregate-Surfaced Roofs1504.2 Wind Resistance of Asphalt Shingles1504.3 Wind Resistance of Clay and Concrete TileR905.4.4.1 Wind Resistance of Metal Roof Shingles1504.4 Wind Resistance of Nonballasted Roofs1504.1 Wind Resistance of RoofsR704.1 Wind Resistance of Soffits1705.12.3 Wind-Resisting Components323.4 Wind SensorsSection 2404 Wind, Snow, Seismic and Dead Loads on Glass*3114.4 Wind Speed1926.1437(e)(3) Wind Speed and Direction Indicator1926.1404(h)(12) Wind Speed and Weather1609.3.1 Wind Speed Conversion3103F.5.2.3 Wind Speed Corrections1609.3.2 Wind Speed for Serviceability Design1926.1435(e)(6)(v) Wind Speed IndicatorR603.9.4.1 Wind Speeds Greater Than 100 mph1609.1.1.2 Wind Tunnel Test Limitations1504.3.1.2 Wind Tunnel Testing(A) Wind Turbine Output Circuits8.6.7.11 Wind Turbine Tower ElevatorSection 5.11 Wind Turbine Tower Elevators2308.7.5 Wind Uplift3103F.8.4 Wind (W) and Current (C) on the Structure3105F.3.1 Wind WavesAA203.4.1 Wind Zone1709.5.3 Windborne Debris Protection1622.2 Windbreakers1910.261(k)(31) Winder Area1910.261(k)(29) Winder Shaft1011.5.3 Winder Treads1009.8 Winders5.1.19.1 Winding-Drum Machines1226.11.1.6 Window502.4.1 Window and Door Assemblies1101.9 Window Areaway Drains1910.140(e)(1)(ii) Window Cleaners' Positioning SystemsSection 3112 Window Cleaning AnchorsAJ102.4.4 Window Control DevicesR612.3 Window Fall Prevention DevicesR312.2 Window Fall Protection§27-2014 Window Frames and Fire Escapes1027.7.2 Window Gates§27-2043.1 Window Guards1926.452(l) "Window Jack Scaffolds"716.3.3.1 Window Mullions1015.8.1 Window Opening Control Devices505.2 Window Opening Control Devices on Replacement WindowsR312.2.1 Window Opening HeightR612.4 Window Opening Limiting Devices1015.8 Window Openings909.8.4 Window Plumes30.4.3 Window Protection*2.2- Window(s)1226.4.5.1 Window ScreensR310.2.2 Window Sill Height1013.8 Window Sills1015.8 Window Sills in Group R-3 Occupancies1405.13.2 Window Sills in R-3 Occupancy304.13 Window, Skylight and Door Frames2.12- Window Treatments2.4-2.4.4 Window Treatments and Privacy Curtains*2.5- Window Treatments in Patient Bedrooms and Other Patient Care Areas2.1- Window Treatments in Patient Care Areas*2.1- Window Treatments in Patient Rooms and Other Patient Care AreasC303.1.5.1 Window Wall Application1203.2.2.1 Window Washing Equipment13.1.7 Window Well Drains1030.4 Window Wells408.9 Windowless Buildings904.1.6 Windowless Stories[F] 903.2.10 Windowless Stories in All Occupancies229 Windows14X-12-1202.4.3 Windows and DoorsSection 505 Windows and Emergency Escape Openings1015.9 Windows and Openings in Group R-2 OccupanciesF102.4 Windows and Other Openings1228.4.9 Windows and Screens2.1.5 Windows and Skylights§36 Windows and Skylights for Public Halls and Stairs3202.3.2 Windows, Balconies, Architectural Features and Mechanical Equipment14.2.11.1* Windows for Rescue1405.13.2 Windows in Group R-2 and R-3 Occupancies2.1- Windows in Patient Rooms1405.13.3 Windows in R-2 Occupancy§173 Windows in RoomsK105.1.1 Windows, Minimum Size and Dimensions1910.106(h)(3)(iv)(d) Windows of Explosion Venting Type14X-3-303.13 Windows, Skylights and Door Frames3314.4.4.6 Winds907.2.27 Winery CavesSection 446 Winery Caves [SFM]Figure 11A-9M Wing Wall or Cabinet at Water Closet605.8 Winter Installation14X-12-1205.5.7 WinterizationP3003.8.2 Wiped1513.2 Wire1910.303(b)(1)(iii) Wire-Bending and Connection Space(3) Wire Bending Space(B) Wire-Bending Space at Terminals(B) Wire-Bending Space in Enclosures408.55 Wire-Bending Space Within an Enclosure Containing a Panelboard2103.11.4 Wire Fabric(6) Wire Harness and Exposed Cable Arc-Fault Protection(6) Wire-Pulling Compounds18.6.2 Wire Restraint1926.251(c) Wire Rope1926.1413(a)(3)(iv)3314.11.7 Wire Rope Clips1926.1414(b) Wire Rope Design Criteria: Wire Rope Gripping Safeties5.11.17.1 Wire Rope Gripping Safety5.11.23.1 Wire Rope Guidance System for Uncounterweighted Traction Drive Machines1926.1413 Wire Rope--Inspection1926.1413(c)(2)(ii)(D)1926.1414 Wire Rope--Selection and Installation Criteria1910.184(f) Wire-Rope Slings1926.1413(c)(2)(ii)(C)3314.7.2 Wire Rope Suspenders(6) Wire Screens or Perforated Metal[F] 907. Wired Equipment715.5.4 Wired GlassR308.2.1 Wired Glass Prohibited(C) Wired Luminaire Sections3.3.168.2 Wired Network.27.6.5 Wired Network Boxes3.3.177.1 Wired Network (Public Emergency Alarm Reporting Systems)27.4.2 Wired Network(s)27.5.4 Wired Network Systems2404.3 Wired, Patterned and Sandblasted Glass3.3.63.4 Wireless Control Unit29.10.8 Wireless Devices3.3.325* Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) (As Used in Chapter 26) Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN)27.5.5 Wireless Network27.6.6 Wireless Network Boxes3.3.177.2 Wireless Network (Public Emergency Alarm Reporting Systems)27.4.3 Wireless Network(s) Wireless Operating DevicesPart IV Wireless Power Transfer Equipment3.3.326 Wireless Protection System3.3.327 Wireless Repeater29.10.8.1 Wireless SystemsPart II Wires and Cables Outside and Entering Buildings605.4 Wireways640.24 Wireways, Gutters, and Auxiliary Gutters[F] 907.6.1 Wiring368.240 Wiring 1000 Volts or Less, Nominal368.240 Wiring 600 Volts or Less, Nominal(B) Wiring and Cabling in Other Spaces Used for Environmental Air (Plenums)[F] 910.4.4 Wiring and Control517.61 Wiring and Equipment515.7 Wiring and Equipment Above Class I Locations(A) Wiring and Equipment Embedded, Under Slab, or Underground511.4 Wiring and Equipment in Class I Locations511.7 Wiring and Equipment Installed Above Class I Locations514.4 Wiring and Equipment Installed in Class I Locations515.4 Wiring and Equipment Located in Class I Locations513.7 Wiring and Equipment Not Installed in Class I Locations516.7 Wiring and Equipment Not Within Classified Locations480.5 Wiring and Equipment Supplied From Batteries(A) Wiring and Equipment — Vapors(B) Wiring and Equipment — Vapors and Residues321.5 Wiring and Lighting915.6.4 Wiring and Power SupplyPart II Wiring and Protection(4) Wiring and SealingPRINTED Wiring Boards1910.107(c)(4) Wiring Conformance(C) Wiring Design and Location1910.304 Wiring Design and Protection(C) Wiring Device Without a Separate Outlet Box700.10 Wiring, Emergency System(B) Wiring Entries(2) Wiring Extending Directly to the Forming Shell1910.331(a)(2) Wiring for Connection to Supply1926.405(a)(1)(ii) Wiring in Ducts(B) Wiring in Ducts for Dust, Loose Stock, or Vapor Removal300.22 Wiring in Ducts Not Used for Air Handling, Fabricated Ducts for Environmental Air, and Other Spaces for Environmental Air (Plenums)620.37 Wiring in Hoistways, Machine Rooms, Control Rooms, Machinery Spaces, and Control Spaces(A) Wiring in Spaces Above Class I Locations27.7.1.6 Wiring Inside Buildings110.7 Wiring Integrity(D) Wiring Is Accessible701.10 Wiring Legally Required Standby Systems(A) Wiring Located in Class I Locations(A) Wiring MethodE3801.4 Wiring Method Applications110.8 Wiring Methods555.34 Wiring Methods and Installation550.15 Wiring Methods and Materials725.130 Wiring Methods and Materials on Load Side of the Class 2 or Class 3 Power SourceE4303.2 Wiring Methods and Materials on Load Side of the Class 2 Power Source760.130 Wiring Methods and Materials on Load Side of the PLFA Power Source(F) Wiring Methods and Mounting Systems1910.305 Wiring Methods, Components, and Equipment for General Use230.43 Wiring Methods for 1000 Volts, Nominal, or Less1926.408(a)(1) Wiring Methods for Fixed InstallationsSection E4202 Wiring Methods for Pools, Spas, Hot TubsSection E4202 Wiring Methods for Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Hydromassage BathtubsE3605.2 Wiring Methods for Services680.14 Wiring Methods in Corrosive EnvironmentE4303.1 Wiring Methods on Supply Side of Class 2 Power Source725.127 Wiring Methods on Supply Side of the Class 2 or Class 3 Power Source760.127 Wiring Methods on Supply Side of the PLFA Power Source(C) Wiring Methods on the Supply Side of the Class 2 Power Supply(A) Wiring Methods With Interior Access1910.305(g)(1)(ii)(F) Wiring of Cranes and Hoists640.43 Wiring of Equipment Racks640.22 Wiring of Equipment Racks and Enclosures1910.305(g)(1)(ii)(B) Wiring of Fixtures708.14 Wiring of HVAC, Fire Alarm, Security, Emergency Communications, and Signaling SystemsPart VI Wiring of Luminaires225.10 Wiring on Buildings (or Other Structures)E4206.3 Wiring on Load Side of Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters and Transformers702.10 Wiring Optional Standby Systems(3) Wiring Over and Under Navigable Water5609.10.8 Wiring Placement90.8 Wiring Planning(C) Wiring Requirements(C) Wiring Space(D) Wiring Space — Enclosure430.10 Wiring Space in Enclosures(A) Wiring Systems(B) Wiring Systems Installed Above Suspended Ceilings660.7 Wiring Terminals(A) Wiring to and Between Audio Equipment1910.107(c)(6) Wiring Type Approved(B) Wiring Under Pools(2) With Adjustment and Correction Factors903. With Automatic Sprinkler System Protection(C) With Circuit Conductors(B) With Communications Cables(A) With Conductors for Electric Light, Power, Class 1, Non-Power-Limited Fire Alarm, or Medium Power Network-Powered Broadband Communications Circuits(A) With Conductors for Electric Light, Power, Class 1, Non-Power-Limited Fire Alarm, or Medium Power Network-Powered Broadband Communications Circuits(A) With Electric Light or Power Conductors(C) With Other Circuits1910.1450(h)(1) With Respect to Labels and Safety Data Sheets: With Single Car or Counterweight Safety(2) With Splices, Taps, or Devices2.23.4.2 With Two (Duplex) Car or Counterweight Safeties1910.1043(n)(4)(i)(A) With Water§1-12.2 Withdrawal4-319 Withdrawal of Application§28-112.6.2 Withdrawal of Cranes and Derricks Applications§28-408.6.3 Withdrawal of License§28-410.8.3 Withdrawal of Licensee(e) 122.6.5 Withdrawal of Proposed Adjudication OrdersArticle 9 Withdrawal of Single Room Occupancy Dwelling Units From the Rental Market Prohibited§28-112.6.1 Withdrawal of Work Permit Applications43-311 Within 100 Feet of Corners1910.1024(k)(2)(i) Within 30 Days After Determining That:5604.13.1.2 Within a Building308.5.2 Within a Place of Religious Worship206.2.2 Within a Site510.3.6.1 Within an Enclosure604.1.1 Within Ducts or Plenums604.1.1 Within Duels or Plenums(2) Within Enclosures(A) Within Gutters(A) Within Hazardous (Classified) Anesthetizing Locations(3) Within Machine Rooms, Control Rooms, and Machinery Spaces and Control Spaces23-541 Within One Hundred Feet of Corners305.2.1 Within Places of Religious Worship(3) Within Sight of the Controller(2) Within Sight of the Sign(B) Within Sight or Locked Type2403.3.5.2 Within Spray Booths and Spray Rooms511.1.3.2 Within the Building(A) Within the Low Voltage Contact Limit(1) Without Adjustment and Correction Factors903. Without Automatic Sprinkler System Protection(1) Without Electric Light or Power Conductors1910.1025(o)(2)(ii) Without Interfering With the Monitoring, Observers Shall Be Entitled To:(4) Without Make-or-Break Contacts(1) Without Motor or with Motor Not over 1/8 Horsepower1030.6.1 Without Smoke Protection312.1.2 Witnessing Tests406.4.5 Witnessing Tests of Gas-Piping Systems1127A.7.2.2 Women's Sanitary Facilities11B-703. Women's Toilet and Bathing Facilities[BS] 1403.3 Wood10.1.5.2 Wood/Aggregate PanelsH109.3 Wood Anchors and Supports105.6.57 Wood and Plastic Pallets722.6 Wood Assemblies1227.9.2.2 Wood Bases§27-848.08 Wood Burning Appliances: InstallationR407.1 Wood Column ProtectionR317.1.4 Wood Columns1705.5 Wood Construction2306.2 Wood Diaphragms2319.7 Wood Entering Masonry or Reinforced Concrete1616.2.1.1 Wood Fences805.1.2 Wood Finish Flooring453.11 Wood: Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood (FRTW)804.1.2 Wood-Fired AppliancesSection R502 Wood Floor Framing2109.7.3.1 Wood Floor JoistsR404.2 Wood Foundation Walls1809.5.6 Wood FoundationsSection 2309 Wood Frame Construction Manual2306.2 Wood-Frame DiaphragmsR614.3 Wood Frame Gable Endwalls Above Concrete, Masonry, or ICF Walls2306.3 Wood-Frame Shear Walls1709.1.1.1 Wood Frame Wall BelowA5.4 Wood-Framed and Other FloorsE305.1.2 Wood-Framed Floor SystemsC403.2 Wood-Framed Floors[BS] A403.9 Wood-Framed Shear WallsA3.4 Wood-Framed Walls2504.1.1 Wood Framing2504.2.1 Wood Furring Strips1910.219(o)(2) Wood GuardsR703.5 Wood, Hardboard and Wood Structural Panel Siding2304.12.2.6 Wood in Contact With the Ground or Fresh WaterSection 8-404 Wood Lath and Plaster8.2.1 Wood Ledgers10.3.7.2 Wood LockersR507.2.1 Wood Materials2305.1.5 Wood Members Resisting Horizontal Seismic Forces Contributed by Masonry and Concrete2305.1.6 Wood Members Resisting Seismic Forces From Nonstructural Concrete or MasonryR609.7.2.2 Wood or Other Approved Framing Material1710.4 Wood or Other Approved Framing Materials3.3.147.5 Wood Pallet20.14.1 Wood Pallets315.3.7.3 Wood Pallets and/or Nonexpanded Polyethylene Solid Deck Pallets3.3.304 Wood PanelR507.3 Wood/Plastic Composites3314.12 Wood Pole Scaffolds8.4.3 Wood PostsR507.10.2 Wood Posts at Deck Guards31.3.9 Wood Processing and Woodworking Facilities105.5.52 Wood ProductsSection R802 Wood Roof Framing17.2.4.4 Wood Screws1507.9 Wood ShakesR702.6 Wood Shakes and Shingles1910.213(m) Wood Shapers and Similar Equipment1507.8 Wood Shingles1518.10 Wood Shingles and Shakes1523. Wood Shingles or Shakes2304.12.1.5 Wood SidingR404.3 Wood Sill Plates8.4.7 Wood SillsA403.11.2.3 Wood Species of Framing Members1705A.5.4 Wood Structural Elements and Assemblies2304.11.4.2 Wood Structural MembersR602.7.3 Wood Structural Panel Box Headers2306.2.1 Wood Structural Panel Diaphragms[BS] C202.1.2 Wood Structural Panel Roofs2306.3 Wood Structural Panel Shear Walls2304.6.1 Wood Structural Panel SheathingR704.2.4 Wood Structural Panel SoffitR704.2.4 Wood Structural Panel Soffit Prescriptive Alternative2303.2.5.1 Wood Structural Panels2304.12.1.2 Wood Supported by Exterior Foundation Walls2304.12 Wood Supporting Masonry or Concrete708. Wood Tanks2109. Wood Tie Beams[BS] C103.5.3.2 Wood-to-Wood Connections of Two Members Each 2 Inches or Less in ThicknessR402.1.2 Wood Treatment2308.7.13 Wood Trusses807.4.2.3 Wood Use in Group A-3 Places of Religious Worship807.5.1.3 Wood Use in Places of Religious Worship2304.11.2 Wood Used Above Ground2304.12.2.8 Wood Used in Retaining Walls and Cribs1404.5 Wood VeneersSection R602 Wood Wall Framing5607.16.4.12 Wooden Rods Used for Tamping707. Wooden TanksR301.1.3.2 Woodframe Structures Greater Than Two-Stories5.503.1.1 Woodstoves2201.3.2 Woodworking Facilities1910.213 Woodworking Machinery Requirements[F] 903.2.4.1 Woodworking Operations1926.304 Woodworking Tools506.11.2 Wool Batts Insulation201.3 Words Defined in Other Codes201.4 Words Not Defined1211.3.2 Work Approval601.2 Work Area301.3.2 Work Area Compliance Method3316.7.7 Work Area Control106.5.78 Work Area Equipment804.9.1 Work Areas2.6- Work Areas and Counters646.21 Work Areas and Working Space About Batteries646.21 Work Areas and Working Space Around Batteries*2.1- Work Areas for Preparing, Dispensing, and Administering Medications1910.265(c)(24)(iii) Work by Qualified Persons14A-4-412.6 Work by the City§28-216.8.1 Work by the Department[A] 109.4 Work Commencing Before Permit Issuance102.10 Work Exempt From Approval[NY] 105.2.1 Work Exempt From Building Permit Requirement[A] 105.2 Work Exempt From Permit1910.252(b)(4) Work in Confined Spaces14A-4-413.8.1 Work in Violation of the Chicago Construction Codes113.1.1 Work Location1926.956(d)(3) Work Near Energized Parts14A-4-404.22 Work On, Above, or Below the Public Way1910.333(c)(2) Work on Energized Equipment103.5 Work on Individual Components or Portions1910.28(b)(13) Work on Low-Slope Roofs3307.4.7 Work or Storage Zones1303.9 Work Performed in Occupied Healthcare Facilities3.5 Work Performed Over Time7-128 Work Performed Without a Permit508.4.3 Work Platform1926.954(b)(2) Work-Positioning EquipmentAppendix F Work-Positioning Equipment Inspection Guidelines1910.1029(f)(3) Work Practice Controls1910.1043(e)(3)(ii)(F) Work Practice Program; And§27-2056.11 Work PracticesAppendix F Work Practices and Engineering Controls for Automotive Brake and Clutch Inspection, Disassembly, Repair and Assembly -- Mandatory1926.1101 App F - Work Practices and Engineering Controls for Class I Asbestos Operations - Non-Mandatory1926.1101(g)(9) Work Practices and Engineering Controls for Class III Asbestos Work1926.965(h)(2) Work-Related Faults1910.215(a)(4) Work RestsA-1001.7 Work Site Signage540.12 Work Space110.32 Work Space About Equipment5.1.10.2 Work Space Access110.34 Work Space and Guarding5.1.3.1 Work Space DimensionsB303.3.4.2 Work Spaces105.12 Work Starting Before Permit Issuance5605.5.3 Work Stations804.3 Work Surface11B-809.9.4 Work Surfaces§28-101.4.5 Work That Increases Existing Floor Surface Area of a Prior Code Building by More Than 110 Percent701.2 Work Undertaken in Connection With a Change of OccupancyA-901.13 Work Without or in Excess of a Permit or License3303.16 Worker Sheds, Contractor Sheds, Contractor Offices, and Similar Structures3319.10 Worker TrainingA-1001.4 Worker Training Requirements1910.1025(k)(2)(iv) Workers' Compensation Claims1910.269(c)(5) Working Alone2.7.5.1 Working Areas in the Car or on the Car Top2.7.5.2 Working Areas in the Pit2.7.5 Working Areas Inside the Hoistway and in the Pit1926.964(d)(1) Working Beneath Towers and Structures1926.804(q) "Working Chamber"1004.3 Working Clearance620.5 Working ClearancesE3405.2 Working Clearances for Energized Equipment and Panelboards1926.960(d)(1) Working From Below1910.268(q)(2) Working in Proximity to Electrical HazardsAppendix B Working on Exposed Energized Parts1910.333(b) Working on or Near Exposed Deenergized Parts1926.960 Working on or Near Exposed Energized Parts1926.106 Working Over or Near Water27.1* Working Plans27.1.5* Working Plans for Automatic Sprinkler Systems With Non-Fire Protection Connections(E) Working Platform2.26.2.36 Working Platform Electrical Device2.7.5.3 Working Platforms2.7.5.4 Working Platforms in the Line of Movement of the Car or Counterweight1910.269(l)(5) Working Position1910.268(n)(12) Working Position on Poles10.1.5* Working Pressure3.19.1.2 Working Pressures5. Working Requirements in the Hoistway(A) Working Space1926.403(i)(1) Working Space About Electric Equipment604.3 Working Space and ClearanceE3405.1 Working Space and Clearances1910.303(h)(5) Working Space and Guarding646.20 Working Space for ITE1910.268(b)(1)(iii) Working SpacesSection 2107 Working Stress DesignH105.5 Working Stresses5405.3 Working Supply1910.268(b)(1)(ii) Working Surfaces1926.605(c) Working Surfaces of Barges1926.753(d) Working Under Loads1926.964(b)(11) Working Under Overhead Operations1926.1404(f) Working Under the Boom, Jib or Other Components1926.1437(j) Working With a Diver(4) Working Zone(3) WorkmanshipG2414.6 (403.6) Workmanship and Defects1910.137(a)(3) Workmanship and FinishSection 112 Workmanship, Materials and Equipment1512.2.5 Workmanship Standards401.11 Workplace Exit Inspections1001.3.1 Workplace Exits40.9.1 Workplace Hazard Assessment1910.1200(f)(6) Workplace Labeling1224. Workroom1224. Workroom(s)Part IV Workspace1926.403(j)(3) Workspace About Equipment5.1.10.2 Workspace Access646.22 Workspace for Routine Service and Maintenance1224. Workstation[F] 415. Workstations2703.10.1 Workstations and Tools63. Worst-Case Release of GasT301.1 Worst-Case Testing of Atmospheric Venting Systems8.3.1 Wound Intensive Care Units (Burn Units)(2) Wound-Rotor Alternating-Current Motors(E) Wound-Rotor Secondaries430.23 Wound-Rotor Secondary3102F. Wrapped Components3.3.182.5* Wrapped Roll Paper Storage1910.263(j)(2) Wrappers2603.4 Wrapping of Buildings3314.11.1 Wraps of Rope1910.38(b) Written and Oral Emergency Action Plans1910.39(b) Written and Oral Fire Prevention Plans1703.2 Written Approval1910.1027(f)(2)(ii) Written Compliance Programs Shall Include at Least the Following:§28-419.3.2 Written Demand§28-114.2 Written Evaluation by Approved Agency1910.1024(f)(1) Written Exposure Control Plan1910.1200(e) Written Hazard Communication Program41.4.2 Written Hot Work Permit715.4 Written Instructions1910.1052(j)(9) Written Medical Opinions1910.1052(m)(3)(ii)(B) Written Medical Opinions; And3.3.305 Written Notice(a) 122.3.1 Written Notice of Intended Action2113.1.6.3 Written Notification2113.1.5.3 Written Notification, Plans and Required Documents322. Written Objections1910.1050(d)(1) Written Plan1910.1044(i)(1) Written Plans1910.1018(g)(2)(ii) Written Plans for These Compliance Programs Shall Include at Least the Following:1910.119(j)(2) Written Procedures[F] 2201.3.14 Written Procedures and Enforcement for Management of Change[F] 2201.3.13 Written Procedures and Enforcement for Operation and Emergency Shutdown[F] 2201.3.12 Written Procedures and Enforcement for Prestartup Safety Review[F] 2201.3.15 Written Procedures for Action in the Event of Emergency[F] 2201.3.16 Written Procedures for Investigation and Documentation of Accidents(D) Written Record[A] 108.3.2 Written ReportN1101.4.3 Written Statement305.2.2 Wrought Iron305.2.2.1 Wrought Iron With Masonry(C) Wye-Start, Delta-Run MotorArticle 660 X-Ray Equipment1226.5.6 X-Ray Examination Services465.5.2 X-Ray Film Processing FacilitiesL 404.10 X-Ray Film Processing Units1910.252(d)(1)(vii) X-Ray InspectionPart V X-Ray Installations12. Xenon Projection Equipment134-43 Yankee Pier Plaza3.3.303 Yard107-46 Yard and Court Regulations144-22 Yard and Shoreline Setback107-62 Yard, Court and Parking Regulations3605.2.2 Yard Hydrant SystemSection 914 Yard Hydrant Systems§27-933 Yard Hydrant Systems Required26.27.1.2 Yard Mains26.27.2.1 Yard Mains, Hydrants, and Building Standpipes23-40 Yard Regulations43-625 Yard Regulations in M1-6D Districts3.3.269.12 Yard Storage1910.266(h)(5) Yarding1205.2 YardsSection 1206 Yards and CourtsSection 1205 Yards or Courts105.2 Yearly Inspection Required1910.144(a)(3) Yellow907.2 Yoke VentP-1107.1.1 Yoke Venting OffsetsArticle 17A Youth Protection Against Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act602.1.1 zEPI302.1.1 zEPI of 46 or Less3308.5.3.1 Zero Cable507.4.2.3 Zero Clearance454.1.9.6 Zero Depth Entry PoolsG2428.2.4 (504.2.4) Zero LateralA4. Zero Net Energy Design1910.252(c)(6) Zinc406.4 Zinc Alloy Components1210.1.3.1 Zinc Coating1910.1025(j)(3)(ii)(D)(3) Zinc Protoporphyrin(3) Zone 2(1) Zone 0Article 505 Zone 0, 1, and 2 Locations(B) Zone 1(4) Zone 1 Boundary(C) Zone 2(A) Zone 20Article 506 Zone 20, 21, and 22 Locations for Combustible Dusts or Ignitible Fibers/Flyings(B) Zone 20, Zone 21, and Zone 22 Locations(B) Zone 21(C) Zone 2284-10 Zone A General District Regulations403. Zone Air Distribution Effectiveness84-20 Zone B84-30 Zone C403.2 Zone Calculations(A) Zone Classification of Locations6.5.2.1 Zone Controls501.5 Zone Equipment(E) Zone for Fire Ladders6. Zone IsolationC403.2.1 Zone Isolation RequiredC403.2.1 Zone Isolation Required (Mandatory)403.5.1.4 Zone Minimum Primary Airflow403. Zone Outdoor Airflow6.4.3.1 Zone Thermostatic Controls1323.14.6 Zone Valve Box1314.10 Zone Valves404.3 Zone Ventilation Efficiency[F] 907.6.4 Zones(D) Zones 0, 1, and 214X-1-102.2.1 ZoningC4 Zoning and Building GeometryA-301.1.5 Zoning and Use Registration Permits112-13 Zoning Applicability at the ShorelineA-802.2.4 Zoning Board of AdjustmentA-907.1.2 Zoning Board of Adjustment Fees§1-05 Zoning Calendar (bz)101.6 Zoning ComplianceSection A-907 Zoning Fees[F] 907.6.4.1 Zoning Indicator Panel§28- Zoning Lot Change§28-118.3.3 Zoning Lot Change Not Inconsistent With Existing Certificate of Occupancy62-812 Zoning Lot Subdivision107-226 Zoning Lots Entirely or Substantially Within Designated Open Space77-03 Zoning Lots Existing Prior to Effective Date or Amendment of Resolution109-04 Zoning Lots Located in More Than One Area77-02 Zoning Lots Not Existing Prior to Effective Date or Amendment of Resolution§1-01.4 Zoning Resolution§ 23-27.3-101.3 Zoning RestrictionsUnit HeaterUnit LoadUnit (Multi-Cell)Unit Operation or Unit ProcessUnit ProcessUnit SkylightUnit (Vessel), Operating or ProcessUnitary Air ConditionersUnitary Cooling EquipmentUnitary Heat PumpUnited States Department of Transportation Class 1 ExplosivesUniversal WasteUnknown AlarmUnlisted BoilerUnlocking Device, Hoistway DoorUnlocking ZoneUnmet Load HourUnnecessary AlarmUnobstructed ConstructionUnprotected AreasUnprotected Sides and EdgesUnreasonable HardshipUnregulated Energy UseUnreinforced ConcreteUnreinforced MasonryUnreinforced Masonry Bearing WallUnreinforced Masonry (URM)Unreinforced Masonry (URM) WallUnreinforced Masonry WallUnreinforced (Plain) MasonryUnreinforced (Plain) Masonry MasonryUnrestricted AreaUnrestricted Explosives ManufacturingUnsafeUnsafe Building or StructureUnsafe Buildings or EquipmentUnsafe EquipmentUnsafe StructureUnsanitaryUnstabilizedUnstable GroundUnstable Reactive GasUnstable (Reactive) MaterialUnusually Tight ConstructionUnvented Alcohol Fuel-Burning Decorative ApplianceUnvented Portable Space HeaterUnvented Room HeaterUnwanted AlarmUnwanted FireUnwarranted AlarmUp Flow-Type FurnaceUPCUpflow FurnaceUpflow Furnace Furnace, CentralUpflow-Type FurnaceUpgradeUplinkUpper Landing, EscalatorUpper Landing, Moving WalkUpright SprinklerUrethaneUrinal, HybridUSBCUse Condition I — Free EgressUse Condition II — Zoned EgressUse Condition III — Zoned Impeded EgressUse Condition IV — Impeded EgressUse Condition V — ContainedUse (Material)Use (Used)USE/USING (Scaffold)Use ZoneUser OutletUser Seal CheckUSP Medical Air(USP-NF)UtensilUtensil SterilizerUtilitiesUtility Company or Public Utility CompanyUtility Corporation or Public Utility CorporationUtility-Interactive InverterUtility-Interactive Inverter Output CircuitUtilization EquipmentV (DC)V-ZoneVacantVacant and OpenVacuumVacuum BreakerVacuum BreakersVacuum FittingVacuum PipingVacuum Relief ValveVacuum System-Level 1VADRValet Trash CollectionValley BreakValuation ThresholdValueValue (Of Alterations, to Determine Required Accessibility)Value (Of Alterations, to Determine Required Accessibility).value (Of Existing Building or SpaceValue (Of Alterations, to Determine Required Accessiblity)Value (Of Alterations, to Determine Required Fire Protection)Value (Of Existing Building or Space)-Value (Thermal Resistance)ValveValve Actuator Motor (VAM) AssembliesValve Boxes Part IV: MaterialsValve, IsolationValve, Manual Oil, Gas, or Fuel ShutoffValve, Manually (Manual) OperatedValve, Oil, Gas, or Fuel ControlValve Outlet Cap or PlugValve, OverspeedValve, Pressure-ReliefValve Protection CapValve Protection DeviceValve-Regulated Lead-Acid BatteryValve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) BatteryValve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Battery Battery TypesValve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Battery Storage BatteryValve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) CellValve-Regulated (VRLA)Valve, RiserValve, ServiceValve, SourceValve, StopValve, Three-Way-Type StopValve, ZoneValves, Companion or BlockValves Part IV: MaterialsVanishing EdgeVanpool VehicleVapor BarrierVapor Diffusion PortVapor PermeableVapor Permeable MembraneVapor PressureVapor Processing SystemVapor Recovery SystemVapor RetarderVapor Retarder ClassVariable-Air-Volume (VAV) SystemVariable Message Sign (VMS) CharactersVariable Message Signs (VMS)Variable Refrigerant Flow Multi-Split Air ConditionerVariable Refrigerant Flow SystemVariable-Refrigerant-Flow (VRF) SystemVarianceVasdVaultVegetated SpaceVegetative RoofVegetative Roof SystemVehicle BarrierVehicle Barrier SystemVehicle-Mounted GeneratorVehicular Access DoorVehicular GateVehicular or Pedestrian Arrival PointsVehicular WayVehicular Way (For Chapter 11)VendorVeneerVentVent CapVent CollarVent ConnectorVent Connector, GasVent DamperVent Damper Device, AutomaticVent, GasVent GasesVent OffsetVent PipeVent PipingVent StackVent SystemVent System (Methane and Radon)Vented Appliance CategoriesVented Closed SystemVented Closed System Indirect Refrigeration SystemVented Decorative ApplianceVented (Flooded)Vented (Flooded) Lead-Acid BatteryVented (Flooded) Lead-Acid Battery Battery TypesVented (Flooded) Lead-Acid Battery Storage BatteryVented (Flooded) Lead-Acid (VRLA) BatteryVented Flow Control DeviceVented Gas Appliance CategoriesVented Room HeaterVented Wall FurnaceVentilatedVentilating CeilingVentilationVentilation AirVentilation SystemVentilation System Motor Nameplate Horsepower (hp)Ventilation System Motor Nameplate hpVentilation ZoneVentingVenting CollarVenting SystemVenting System, Gravity-TypeVenting System, Power-TypeVerification and Testing Provider (V&T Provider)Verification MethodVermiculiteVermiculite ConcreteVertical Elevation Reference PointVertical FenestrationVertical OpeningVertical PipeVertical Reciprocating ConveyorsVertical Roll Paper StorageVertical Safety NettingVertically Sliding GateVery High Fire Hazard Severity ZoneVery High Radiation AreaVesselVessel LengthVested Rights ApplicationVideo Image Flame Detection (VIFD)Video Image Smoke Detection (VISD)Viewing AreaVinyl SidingViolationViolation RatioVisible Alarm Notification ApplianceVisible Notification ApplianceVisible TransmittanceVisible Transmittance — AnnualVisible Transmittance, Annual (VTannual)Visible Transmittance (VT)Vision PanelVisual Notification ApplianceVoice Communication CapabilityVoice Message PriorityVoidVolatile Flammable LiquidVolatile MemoryVolatile Organic Compound (VOC)Voltage DropVoltage, NominalVoltage (Of a Circuit)Voltage to GroundVolume DamperVolume Damper DamperVolume, Internal GrossVolume TankVoluntary Structural AlterationVoluntary Structural Improvements (VSIs)Voluntary SystemVolunteer Fire DepartmentVolunteer Fire FighterVolunteer FirefighterVomitoryVultℓw/BWWading PoolWaferboardWaiting-Passenger IndicatorWaiting RoomWaiting Room. [SFM]Waiver of DurabilityWalkWalk-in CoolerWalk-in Energy Storage System UnitWalk-in FreezerWalk (Walkway)Walkable Floor (Concrete Construction)Walkable Floor (Precast Concrete Construction)Walkable Floor (Steel Construction)Walkway, PedestrianWallWall, Above-GradeWall Anchorage SystemWall Area, GrossWall, Below-GradeWall Canopy HoodWall Canopy Hood Commercial Kitchen Exhaust HoodsWall Canopy Hood Commercial Kitchen HoodsWall (For Chapter 21)Wall HeaterWall Heater, Unvented-TypeWall-Hung Water ClosetWall LineWall, Load-BearingWall, Metal BuildingWall, Nonload-BearingWall or Ceiling CoveringWall PierWall, RetainingWall SegmentWall Segment, HorizontalWall Segment, VerticalWall SignWall, Wood-Framed and OtherWallsWarehouseWarm Air FurnaceWarm-UpWasteWaste Anesthetic Gas Disposal (WAGD)Waste FittingWaste Fitting Fixture FittingWaste PipeWaste Pipe or StackWaste ReceptorWastewaterWaterWater CapacityWater-Cementitious Materials RatioWater ClosetWater Closet CompartmentWater ClosetsWater-Conditioning or Treating DeviceWater Control ValveWater CoolerWater DispenserWater Distribution PipeWater Distribution Pipe Water PipeWater Distribution SystemWater EconomizerWater Factor (WF)Water Factor (WF), Clothes WasherWater FeatureWater Hammer ArresterWater-Hammer ArrestorWater HeaterWater Heater or Hot Water Heating BoilerWater MainWater Main (Street Main)Water MeterWater Mist SystemWater OutletWater PipeWater-Reactive MaterialWater-Reducing AdmixtureWater-Resistive BarrierWater Service PipeWater Service Pipe Water PipeWater SterilizerWater Sub-MeterWater Supply Part II — Design CriteriaWater-Supply PipesWater Supply SystemWater Supply System BackflowWater-Surrounded StructureWater/Wastewater UtilityWater WellWatercourseWaterflow Alarm DeviceWaterlineWaterproofingWaterproofing MembraneWaterSenseWaterSense ProgramWaterstopWatertightWATS (Wide Area Telephone Service)WattlesWave Pool CaissonWavelengthWeak Wall LineWeather-Exposed SurfacesWeather-ResistiveWeathered-Membrane MaterialWeatherproofWeedsWeekly FrequencyWeight Type NonadjustableWelded Headed StudWelder, PipeWeldingWelding Procedure Specification (WPS)WellWells Part II — Design CriteriaWet BarWet Barrel HydrantWet-Chemical Extinguishing AgentWet-Chemical Extinguishing SystemWet-Niche LuminaireWet Pipe Sprinkler SystemWet Procedure LocationWet Procedure LocationsWet VentWetlandWharfWheel Mounted Crane (Multiple Control Stations)Wheel Mounted Crane (Single Control Station)WheelchairWheelchair Charging AreaWheelchair SpaceWheelchair Space LocationsWhereWhereasWhirlpool BathtubWhole-House Mechanical Ventilation SystemWhole House Ventilation SystemWholesale Sale or Sell at WholesaleWide-Area Mass Notification SystemWide-Area SignalingWidth and/or LengthWidth, Moving WalkWildfireWildfire ExposureWildfire Risk AreaWildlandWildland/Urban InterfaceWildland-Urban Interface AreaWildland-Urban Interface Area (WUI)Wildland-Urban Interface Fire AreaWildland-Urban Interface Fire Area (WUI)Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI)Wind-Borne Debris RegionWind-Borne Debris Region Hurricane-Prone RegionsWind-Restraint Seismic SystemWind SpeedWind Speed, VWind Speed, V (Basic)Wind Speed, VasdWind Speed, Vasd. (Allowable Stress Design)Wind Speed, VultWind TurbineWind Turbine Output CircuitWindborne Debris RegionWinderWinding Drum Driving Machines Terminal Stopping DevicesWinding-Drum MachineWindowWindow/Egress GateWineryWinery CavesWireWire BackingWire SparklerWired NetworkWired Network (Public Emergency Alarm Reporting Systems)Wireless Control UnitWireless Mesh Network (WMN) (As Used in Chapter 26)Wireless NetworkWireless Network (Public Emergency Alarm Reporting Systems)Wireless Power Transfer Equipment (WPTE)Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)Wireless Protection SystemWireless RepeaterWithin a Place of Religious WorshipWithin a Place of Religious Worship Group EWithin a Place of Religious Worship Occupancy ClassificationWithin Places of Religious WorshipWithin Places of WorshipWithin Places of Worship Group EWithin Places of Worship Occupancy ClassificationWithin ViewWood-Framed and Other FloorsWood-Framed and Other WallsWood PalletWood PanelWood/Plastic CompositeWood ShakesWood Shear PanelWood ShinglesWood Structural PanelWooden Sparkler / Dipped Stick Sparkling DevicesWorkWork AreaWork Area EquipmentWork Not Constituting Minor Alterations or Ordinary RepairsWork PermitWork That Does Not Increase the Degree of NoncomplianceWork That Increases the Degree of NoncomplianceWorking DayWorking Deck (Concrete Construction)Working Deck (Demolition)Working Deck (Precast Concrete Construction)Working Deck (Steel Construction)Working Level (WL)Working PressureWorkmanlikeWorkmanshipWorkstationWorm-Geared MachineWrapped Roll Paper StorageWriting (Written)Written NoticeWSEL200WytheX-Ray Installations, Long-Time RatingX-Ray Installations, MobileX-Ray Installations, Momentary RatingX-Ray Installations, PortableX-Ray Installations, TransportableYardYard StorageYield Story DriftYield StrengthYoke VentYoung ChildZeotropicZero Clearance VestibuleZero-Emitting and High Efficient VehiclesZero Energy Performance Index (zEPI)ZoneZone 20 Hazardous (Classified) LocationZone 21 Hazardous (Classified) LocationZone 22 Hazardous (Classified) LocationZone, HVACZone, NotificationZone of ReachZoned Smoke ControlZoning Lot