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401.3.4 Building Information Card and Floor Plans106.2.3.1 Building Information Modeling—Integrated Project Delivery Process*1.2-5.3 Building Infrastructure and Systems Design104.2.3.1 Building Inspector[BF] 1505.8 Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) ProductsR905.17 Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Roof Panels Applied Directly to the Roof Deck3111.3.3 Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) SystemsR902.3 Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Product[BF] 1505.8 Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Products1507.17 Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Roof Panels1518.11 Building Integrated Photovoltaic Roofing Modules/Shingles3111.3.3 Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems28-10 Building Interior408.4 Building Inventory FormAS105.2 Building Limitations and Requirements for Use of Strawbale Nonstructural WallsAS106.2 Building Limitations and Requirements for Use of Strawbale Structural Walls312.10.1 Building Loads1910.66(e)(10) Building MaintenanceSection 5.410 Building Maintenance and Operation909.12.4.1 Building Management SystemA9.4.5 Building Material Heat CapacitiesA9.3.1 Building Material Thermal PropertiesC304.1 Building Material Thermal Properties, General3401.4 Building Materials3401.4 Building Materials and Systems3401A.4 Building Materials, Equipment and Systems[F] 1701.3.2 Building Materials, Processes and Contents§27-109 Building Matters CoveredSection C403 Building Mechanical Systems11.12.2 Building-Mounted Photovoltaic (PV) and Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Installations11.12.2 Building-Mounted Photovoltaic Installations1204.3 Building-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems204.8.1 Building Occupancy1.6 Building Official107.5.1 Building Official Approval114.3 Building Official Approval Process108.7 Building Official Determination of Noncompliance§ 23-27.3-128.5 Building Official's Responsibilities§ 23-27.3-114.4 Building Official to Sign Permit(C) Building Openings1001.2 Building Operation and Maintenance§113-12 Building Operation, Maintenance and Recordkeeping Training CoursesSection 904 Building Operations and Maintenance904.3 Building Operations and Maintenance DocumentsC408.1.1 Building Operations and Maintenance Information40.5.3.4 Building or Building Compartments1109.16.5.1 Building or Facility690.13 Building or Other Structure Supplied by a Photovoltaic System(D) Building or Structure With Multiple Disconnecting Means in Separate Enclosures2.1-4 Building OrientationA5.204.6 Building Orientation and Shading[A] 102.3.1 Building Owner's, or the Owner's Authorized Agent's, Responsibility103.3.1 Building Owner's Responsibility610.1.1 Building Performance-Based ComplianceG3.1 Building Performance CalculationsSection C407 Building Performance Certification Methods453.10.3.3 Building PerimeterH 101.9 Building PermitSection 105 Building Permit Approval§ 23-27.3-128.5.4 Building Permit Issuance or Requirements1704.1.1 Building Permit Requirement[A] 109.3 Building Permit Valuations133-40 Building Permits15-013 Building Permits and Variances Issued Before the Effective Date of Amendment[NY] Section 105 Building Permits, Construction Inspections, Stop Work Orders, and Certificates of Occupancy[NY] Section 105 Building Permits, Construction Inspections, Stop Work Orders, Certificates of Occupancy, and Operating Permits11-33 Building Permits for Minor or Major Development or Other Construction Issued Before Effective Date of Amendment11-335 Building Permits for Other Construction in R1-2A and R2A Districts11-337 Building Permits Issued and Applications Filed Before April 22, 200911-336 Building Permits Issued Before April 30, 200811-30 Building Permits Issued Before Effective Date of Amendment11-338 Building Permits Issued Before February 2, 201111-339 Building Permits Issued in the Flood Zone107.6.1 Building Permits Issued on the Basis of an Affidavit11-334 Building Permits Issued Prior to June 29, 19948-201 Building Plan Approval610.1.2 Building Prescriptive Compliance4.6.7 Building Rehabilitation14A-1-105.11 Building Rehabilitation (Title 14R)63.2 Building-Related ControlsSection 610 Building Renewable Energy Systems217.4.3 Building Requirement(3) 5620.3 Building RequirementsAS105.2 Building Requirements for Use of Strawbale Nonstructural Walls6-A5 Building ResponseSection D102 Building Restrictions316.4.1 Building Roofs3.5.3 Building Sanitary Sewer3412.7 Building Score304.18 Building Security315.7.6.1 Building Separation1620.4.5 Building Separations34.7.2 Building Service EquipmentAE305.5.3 Building Service Equipment InspectionsSection 607 Building Service Water Heating Systems12.5 Building Services2104.2 Building Services and Systems108.2.9 Building Services Equipment Inspections453.10.4 Building Setbacks107-253 Building Setbacks Along Railroad Rights-of-WayP3002.2 Building Sewer305.4.1 Building Sewer and Building Drain Depth11.2.3 Building Sewer and Building Drain Size312.3 Building Sewer and Drainage Piping719.3 Building Sewer Cleanouts715.0 Building Sewer Materials702.3 Building Sewer PipeP3002.2.1 Building Sewer Pipe Near the Water Service723.0 Building Sewer TestP2503.4 Building Sewer TestingP3005.2.2 Building Sewers11.2 Building Sewers and Building Drains102.4.1 Building Sewers and Drains8-903.9 Building Sewers and Private Sewage Disposal Systems1307.1 Building Shutoff1104.2 Building Site Improvements1101.4 Building Site Materials, Systems and LandscapingSection 406 Building Site Waste Management406.1 Building Site Waste Management Plan6-A3 Building-Specific PropertiesC407.4.1 Building SpecificationsSection 1.2 Building Standards Commission25.1.4 Building Steel Protection1106.3 Building Storm Drains and Sewers3.7.4 Building Storm Sewer1102.4 Building Storm Sewer Pipe1101.4.5 Building Storm Sewers902.8 Building Structural Members17.4.1.3* Building Structure503.1.4 Building Structure More Than 150 Feet From the Edge of the RoadwaySection E3402 Building Structure Protection3104F.5.6 Building StructuresG Building Sub-DrainP3007.1 Building Subdrains2.1-5 Building Support Facilities1302.1 Building System Categories2.5-1.2 Building System Design24.3.11 Building System Information Unit3.3.34 Building System Information Unit (BSIU)1.1- Building System Projects1302.1 Building System Risk Categories1228.4.21 Building SystemsC501.7 Building Systems and Components13.4.1.3* Building Systems and Facility Management Assessments12. Building Systems Reference Guide4.2.5.1 Building Systems Verification and Testing RequirementsC402. Building TestC402. Building Test for Mixed-Use BuildingsSection N1102 (R402) Building Thermal EnvelopeR101. Building Thermal Envelope AlternativeN1101.5.1 (R103.2.1) Building Thermal Envelope DepictionN1101.10.1 (R303.1.1) Building Thermal Envelope InsulationR303.1.1.2 Building Thermal Envelope Insulation MarkersC402.5.3 Building Thermal Envelope TestingP3201.4 Building TrapsC406.7.1 Building TypeBuilding Units5.4.5.1* Building Use Design Scenario Building Use Design Scenario 210.12.2 Building Valve315.3.3 Building Walls, Openings and Overhead Projections23-82 Building Walls Regulated by Minimum Spacing Requirements23-83 Building Walls Regulated by Other Than Minimum Spacing Requirements§8000-01 Building Water Conservation Reports, Plans and Waterless UrinalsN 103.0 Building Water System Design Documentation1008.3.2 Buildings[F] 903.2.10.3 Buildings 30 Feet or More in Height903.2.11.7 Buildings 55 Feet (16 764 mm) or More in Height[F] 903.2.11.3 Buildings 55 Feet or More in Height5605.5 Buildings and Equipment503.1.1 Buildings and Facilities101.2 Buildings and Facilities Covered303.1.2 Buildings and Nonaccessory Tenant SpacesSection 3103D Buildings and Structures610.3.4 Buildings and Structures Classified in Occupancy Group I-1:610.3.4.1 Buildings and Structures Constructed on or After January 1, 2008610.3.3.2 Buildings and Structures Constructed Prior to January 1, 2008§ 23-27.3-101.2.2 Buildings and Structures, Existing and Under ConstructionArticle 217 Buildings and Structures That Are Potentially Compromised§28-217.1 Buildings and Structures That Are Potentially Structurally Compromised[F] 3311.2 Buildings Being Demolished610.3.1.1 Buildings Constructed on or After January 1, 2008610.3.1.2 Buildings Constructed Prior to January 1, 200852-62 Buildings Containing Residences in M1-1D Through M1-5D Districts54-311 Buildings Containing Rooming Units1910.268(b)(1) Buildings Containing Telecommunications Centers§9 Buildings Converted or AlteredC101.4.2.4 Buildings Designed for Purposes Other Than General Space Comfort Conditioning52-331 Buildings Designed for Residential Use52-54 Buildings Designed for Residential Use in Residence Districts28.* Buildings Exceeding 5000 ft2 (465 m2)D104.2 Buildings Exceeding 62,000 Square Feet in Area§28-118.16.1 Buildings Exceeding Three Stories in Height and Change Does Not Exceed 20 Percent of Total Floor AreaD104.1 Buildings Exceeding Three Stories or 30 Feet in Height1513.3.2 Buildings Greater Than 55 Feet in Height§ 23-27.3-120.2 Buildings Hereafter Altered69.3.12.6 Buildings Housing Educational and Institutional Occupancies69.3.12.5 Buildings Housing Industrial Occupancies62-325 Buildings in Commercial Districts62-326 Buildings in Manufacturing Districts2308.2.2 Buildings in Seismic Design Category B, C, D or E2308.2.2 Buildings in Seismic Design Category B, C, or D450.4.1 Buildings Intended for Sleeping3418A.4 Buildings Intended to Remain Under OSHPD Jurisdiction603.4.1 Buildings Less Than 25,000 Square Feet6.6.1 Buildings Located Above Parking GaragesSection D104 Buildings Located Partially in the Fire District903.2.11.3 Buildings More Than 30 Feet (9144 mm) in Height903.2.11.3 Buildings More Than 70 Feet in Height453.6.4 Buildings of Four Stories or More3418A.5.3 Buildings Not Eligible for Change in Jurisdiction1513.3.1 Buildings Not Exceeding 55 Feet in Building Height1116.4 Buildings Not in Compliance With CodeP103.1.2.2 Buildings Not Over 75 Feet in Height[A] 102.6.1 Buildings Not Previously Occupied(2) Buildings of Multiple Occupancy2608.2 Buildings of Other Types of ConstructionAppendix B Buildings of Special Significance2608.1 Buildings of Type VB Construction903.3.1.4 Buildings of Undetermined UseM1701.1.1 Buildings of Unusually Tight Construction28. Buildings on Piers28. Buildings on Piers and Covered Piers503.1.2 Buildings on Same Lot503.1.2 Buildings on Same Tax Lot705.3 Buildings on the Same Lot705.3 Buildings on the Same Tax Lot52-53 Buildings or Other Structures in All DistrictsPart II Buildings or Other Structures Supplied by a Feeder(s) or Branch Circuit(s)250.32 Buildings or Structures Supplied by a Feeder(s) or Branch Circuit(s)E3607.3 Buildings or Structures Supplied by Feeder(s) or Branch Circuit(s)(A) Buildings or Structures Supporting a PV Array(A) Buildings or Structures Supporting a PV System1107.7.4.1 Buildings or Structures Without Elevator Service Where Type B+NYC Units Are Required18.5.3 Buildings Other Than Detached One- And Two-Family Dwellings18.4.5.3 Buildings Other Than One- And Two-Family Dwellings11.12.3.3 Buildings Other Than One- And Two-Family Dwellings and TownhousesB105.2 Buildings Other Than One- And Two-Family Dwellings, Group R-3 and R-4 Buildings and Townhouses903.2.11.7 Buildings Over 55 Feet in HeightP103.1.1.2 Buildings Over 75 Feet in Height (Highrise Buildings)[A] 102.6.2 Buildings Previously Occupied312A.4 Buildings Remaining Under OSHPD Jurisdiction3416A. Buildings Removed From Acute-Care Hospital Service3417A. Buildings Removed From Hospital Service614.1 Buildings Required to Provide Alternative Potable Water Access503.2.4 Buildings Set Back From Street224.6.3 Buildings, Structures, or Facilities Licensed as a Hotel, Motel, or Condominium Pursuant to Chapter 509, F.S915.1.2 Buildings That Are Equipped With a Fire Alarm System and That Contain Group A-1, A-2, A-3, Group B or Group M Occupancies408.9.4 Buildings That Have Stair Shaft Doors Locked1008.3.2 Buildings That Require Two or More Means of Egress[F] 903.2.11.3 Buildings Three Stories or More in Height§ 23-27.3-116.2 Buildings to Be Rodent-Eradicated Prior to Demolition312.3 Buildings to Remain Under OSHPD Jurisdiction905.11.4 Buildings Under Construction905.11.4 Buildings Under Construction on March 2, 2010903.6.4 Buildings Under Construction on the Effective Date of This Section69.3.12.3 Buildings Under Construction or Undergoing Major Renovation69.3.12.4 Buildings Undergoing Minor Renovation When Frequented by the Public403.10.4 Buildings Using Occupant Evacuation Elevators505.3 Buildings Utilizing Truss-Type Construction1109. Buildings With an ElevatorB306 Buildings With Combination Floor SystemsB305 Buildings With Crawl Spaces1609.7.1 Buildings With h≤60 ft1609.7.2 Buildings With h>60 ft7.5.3 Large Service Water-Heating Systems6.5.4.8 Buildings With High-Capacity Space-Heating Gas Boiler SystemsC403.3.5 Buildings With High Efficiency Space Heating Gas Boiler Systems403.10.5 Buildings With High-Piled Storage(1) Buildings With More Than One Rapid Shutdown TypeR402. Buildings With More Than Seven Dwelling Units1018.2 Buildings With One Exit(C) Buildings With Rapid Shutdown706.6.2 Buildings With Sloped Roofs603.1.1 Buildings With Tenants203.1.1.3 Buildings Within Primary Fire Limits*§28-318.3.5 Buildings Without Active Gas Service1109. Buildings Without an Elevator3418A.1.1 Buildings Without Approved Extensions1107.7.1 Buildings Without Elevator Service4811.15 Buildings Without Fire Protection Systems3416A. Buildings Without SPC/NPC Ratings118.4.2 BuildLA Surcharge11B-805.7 Built-in Cabinets and Work Surfaces(2) Built-in Dishwashers and Trash CompactorsDivision 9: Built-in Elements1228.4.20 Built-in Furnishings920.4 Built-in Units21.9 Built-Up Curb Cuts1507.10 Built-Up Roofs1811.7.5 Built-Up Structural Steel Piles Fabricated From Plates605.11.4 Bulb Replacement and Disposal62-837 Bulk and Parking Modifications on Waterfront Blocks4004.4 Bulk Beverage Storage Areas1926.702(a) Bulk Cement Storage62-31 Bulk Computations on Waterfront Zoning Lots1910.109(g)(3) Bulk Delivery and Mixing Vehicles105.6.7 Bulk Distributing Station82-34 Bulk DistributionSection 6112 Bulk Distribution Stations63.6 Bulk Gaseous Hydrogen Systems63.1.3.4 Bulk Hydrogen Compressed Gas System3.3.31 Bulk Inert Gas System3.3.32 Bulk Liquefied Hydrogen Gas System3.3.278.3 Bulk Liquefied Hydrogen System63.7 Bulk Liquefied Hydrogen Systems66.28 Bulk Loading and Unloading Facilities for Tank Cars and Tank Vehicles3.3.37.4 Bulk Merchandising Retail Building36.4.5 Bulk Merchandising Retail Buildings74-72 Bulk Modification73-623 Bulk Modifications for Certain Quality Housing Buildings on Irregular Sites96-52 Bulk Modifications for Public Parking Garages74-89 Bulk Modifications for Telephone Exchanges or Other Communication Equipment Structures91-661 Bulk Modifications in C6-2A Districts6301.3.4 Bulk Nitrous Oxide Systems3.3.33 Bulk Oxygen System63.5 Bulk Oxygen Systems3.3.34 Bulk Plant or Terminal1910.106(f) Bulk Plants5706.4 Bulk Plants and Terminals5706.4 Bulk Plants or TerminalsChapter 3 Bulk RegulationsChapter 3 Bulk Regulations for Commercial or Community Facility Buildings in Commercial DistrictsChapter 4 Bulk Regulations for Community Facilities in Residence DistrictsChapter 5 Bulk Regulations for Mixed Buildings in Commercial DistrictsChapter 4 Bulk Regulations for Residential Buildings in Commercial Districts43-61 Bulk Regulations for Residential Uses in M1-1D Through M1-5D Districts43-62 Bulk Regulations in M1-6D Districts1224. Bulk Storage1910.109(g)(4) Bulk Storage Bins20.15.5 Bulk Storage Elevators[F] 903.2.9.2 Bulk Storage of TiresArticle 515 Bulk Storage Plants5706.5.2 Bulk Transfer5706.5 Bulk Transfer and Process Transfer Operations3.3.20 Bulkhead24.2.7.2 Bulkhead Enclosure Stairways24.2.7.1 Bulkhead Enclosures[BG] 1511.7.2 Bulkheads1510.2 Bulkheads and Penthouses1926.803(m) Bulkheads and Safety Screens§188 Bulkheads and Scuttles1926.700(b)(1)1926.702(h) Bull Floats§1-13.1 Bulletin10.2.5.3 Bulletin Boards, Posters, and Paper1926.606(b) "Bulwark" -1910.179(a)(23) Bumper5. Bumpers5.4.10 Bumpers and Buffers1907.7.4 Bundled BarsR608.8.2.2 Bundled Bars in Lintels25.6 Bundled ReinforcementR606.13.1 Bundling1910.265(b)(6) Bunk1910.430(d) Buoyancy Control3103F.8.3 Buoyancy Load (B)103.3.2 Bureau of Fire Prevention and Public Safety14X-12-1202.6.5.2 Burglar Alarm460.10.3.2 Burial Chamber Mausoleum(2) Burial Depth(2) Burial Depth of Underground CircuitsE3905.1.5 Buried Conductors5003. Buried Containers1910.268(r) Buried Facilities—Communications Lines and Power Lines in the Same Trench10.2.1* Buried Fittings10.3.1 Buried Joints607.6.1 Buried PipingBB Buried Piping Parallel to FootingF 108.18.2 Buried Systems3.3.35 Burn-It8.3.7.5 Burn LengthP3003.8.1 Burned4.2.10 Burned Lead (Welded)910.0 Burner Assemblies1004.8 Burner ControlsC 107.0 Burner Operation1910.265(c)(29) BurnersBurners and Fuel310.7 Burning Objects3305.3 Burning of Combustible Debris, Rubbish and Waste22.8 Burning Operations309.3 Burred Ends1910.67(c)(4) Bursting Safety Factor3.3.36 Bury-It(E) Bus Arrangement1106.7.5 Bus Boarding and Alighting810.2 Bus Boarding and Alighting Areas453.10.2.6 Bus Drives209.2.2 Bus Loading Zones(B) Bus or Conductor Ampere Rating810.3 Bus Shelters810.4 Bus Signs74-63 Bus StationsE108.5 Bus Stop Siting11B-705.1.2.4 Bus Stops1926.914(l)(1) Bus Wire(3) Busbars409.102 Busbars and Conductors(C) Busbars and Terminals392.46 Bushed Conduit and Tubing(B) Bushing(B) Bushing in Lieu of a Box342.46 Bushings(D) Bushings or Approved Fittings(E) Bushings or Fittings Required6.1.11 Business1014.3.4.2 Business Establishment§27-3013 Business Establishments and Master Electricians§27-3013.1 Business Establishments and Special ElectriciansSection 304 Business Grop BSection 304 Business Group B14A-3-308 Business License Revocation14X-1-102.2.2 Business Licenses20.13 Business Occupancies3.3.196.3* Business Occupancy2.2- Business Office and/or Reception/Control Area2410.3 Business Operation4006.3 Business Operations Area121.3.1 Business Plans Shall Include§61 Business Uses(E) Busway(E) Busway TapsArticle 368 Busways1910.110(f)(6)(i)(c) Busy Thoroughfares4.2.18 Butt Fusion605.6.1.1 Butt-Fusion Joints4.4.1 Butt-Fusion Joints [2021 UPC 705.5.1.1]510.5.4 Butt Welded Connections1910.261(i)(2) Butting Saws1910.66(e)(2)(iii)(B) Button Guide Stabilization System1910.66(f)(5)(vi) Button-Guide Stabilized Platforms11B-411.2.1.5 Button Requirements11B-411.4.7.4 Button Spacing407.4.6.2 Buttons11B- Buyer Identified Residential Dwelling Units for Sale(B) By Means of a Separate Flexible Wire or Strap(A) By Means of an Equipment Grounding Conductor(C) By Special Permission22-21 By the Board of Standards and Appeals105. By the Chief42-32 By the City Planning Commission105. By the Office of Finance[A] 106.4 By Whom Application Is Made(B) Bypass Circuit/Device(B) Bypass Circuits(C) Bypass Device(3) Bypass Isolation(D) Bypass Isolation Automatic Transfer Switches(B) Bypass Isolation Switches1208.8.6 Bypass PipingP2911.8.1 Bypass ValveM2006.3 Bypass Valves§1-05.2 bz Form27.2.3.2 C FactorsA4.2 C-Factors for Below-Grade Walls38.6.4.4* C02 Discharges31-11 C1 Local Retail Districts52-43 C1 or C4 Districts31-12 C2 Local Service Districts31-13 C3 Waterfront Recreation District31-14 C4 General Commercial Districts31-15 C5 Restricted Central Commercial Districts96-82 C6-3X Districts121-12 C6-4m Districts in Subdistrict A-252-42 C6, C8 or Manufacturing Districts31-16 C6 General Central Commercial Districts31-17 C7 Commercial Amusement District31-18 C8 General Service DistrictsSection 1254 [CA] Acupuncture OfficesSection 1252 [CA] Barber Colleges and Shops422.6 [CA] Cosmetology422.7 [CA] Cosmetology EstablishmentsSection 1250 [CA] Pharmacies601.4 [CA] Schools of Cosmetology and Cosmetological EstablishmentsSection 1253 [CA] Schools of Cosmetology, Cosmetological Establishments and Satellite ClassroomsSection 1251 [CA] Veterinary Facilities1910.179(c)(1) Cab Location1910.179(a)(3) Cab-Operated Crane1910.181(j)(6) Cab or Operating EnclosureSection 3114 CabanasF 601.5 Cabinet Components[F] 905.7.1 Cabinet Equipment Identification45.9 Cabinet HardwareF 601.4 Cabinet Marking26.7.2.2 Cabinet Protection22.7.2.2 Cabinet Protection. [40:6.2.5]F 601.1 Cabinet RequirementsSection 890.1770 Cabinet Showers1206. Cabinet Signage4703.4.2.1 Cabinet-Type Appliances1206. Cabinet Ventilation[F] 906.8 Cabinets§27-847 Cabinets and Control WiringSection E3907 Cabinets and Panelboards1910.305(b) Cabinets, Boxes, and Fittings2703.3.9 Cabinets Containing Pyrophoric Liquids or Water-Reactive Class 3 LiquidsArticle 312 Cabinets, Cutout Boxes, and Meter Socket Enclosures1910.305(e)(1) Cabinets, Cutout Boxes, Fittings, Boxes, and Panelboard Enclosures1926.405(e)(1) Cabinets, Fittings, and Boxes(C) Cable Protection392.20 Cable and Conductor Installation694.85 Cable and Equipment Ratings800.100 Cable and Primary Protector Bonding and Grounding1510.11 Cable- And Raceway-Type Wiring Methods(E) Cable Arrangement820.100 Cable Bonding and Grounding22.29.1.2 Cable Concentrations(A) Cable Connections and Insulating Ends(D) Cable Covering1910.268(l) Cable Fault Locating and Testing(B) Cable Installed Parallel to Framing MembersE3802.2.2 Cable Installed Through or Parallel to Framing Members(A) Cable Management(A) Cable Marking830.100 Cable, Network Interface Unit, and Primary Protector Bonding and Grounding3009.1.4 Cable-Operated Elevators(A) Cable or Conduit Types(C) Cable Protection1910.268(k)(2) Cable Reels(L) Cable Routing Assemblies800.182 Cable Routing Assemblies and Communications Raceways(F) Cable Routing Assemblies and Communications Wires, Cables, Raceways, and Equipment(F) Cable Routing Assemblies, Communications Wires, Cables, Raceways, and Equipment(2) Cable Seals(D) Cable Seals, Class I, Division 1(E) Cable Seals, Class I, Division 2E3802.6 Cable-Securing Means(F) Cable Sheath392.56 Cable Splices26.27.1.3 Cable Spreading Room1910.66(e)(8) Cable Stabilization(A) Cable Support(I) Cable Supports(1) Cable Tray392.18 Cable Tray Installation(2) Cable Tray SystemsArticle 392 Cable Trays26.27.1.4 Cable Tunnels(A) Cable TypesArticle 370 Cablebus370.18 Cablebus Installation(A) Cablebus Supports3308.5.3 Cables(B) Cables and Conductors12-3-4.6 Cables and Connectors(F) Cables and Raceways Installed in Shallow Grooves(D) Cables and Raceways Parallel to Framing Members and Furring Strips(A) Cables and Raceways Through Wood Members(2) Cables Capable of Transmitting Gases or Vapors(7) Cables Entering EnclosuresE3802.2 Cables in Accessible Attics(B) Cables in Ducts for Dust, Loose Stock, or Vapor Removal(6) Cables Incapable of Transmitting Gases or Vapors(I) Cables Not in Information Technology Equipment Room(D) Cables Not Used as Means of Support(B) Cables Operating at Over 1000 Volts(B) Cables Operating at Over 600 VoltsPart II Cables Outside and Entering Buildings(E) Cables, Raceways, or Boxes Installed in or Under Roof Decking(A) Cables Run Across the Top of Floor Joists(2) Cables That Do Not Transmit Gases or Vapors(C) Cables Through Spaces Behind Panels Designed to Allow Access1926.965(h)(1) Cables With Abnormalities(4) Cables Without Gas/Vaportight Sheath3320.12 Cableways*2.1- Cabling Pathways and Raceway Requirements110.72 Cabling Work Space1910.179(c) Cabs1926.1127 CadmiumAppendix E Cadmium in Workplace Atmospheres1910.29(g) Cages, Wells, and Platforms Used With Fixed Ladders1926.804(b) "Caisson"1812.7 Caisson Piles1810.7.9 Caisson Piles in Soil605.3 Caisson Wall Rope and Float Line1926.801 Caissons3507.1 Calcium Carbide StorageSection 3507 Calcium Carbide Systems1904.3.2 Calcium Chloride2109.3.2.1 Calculated Compressive Stresses7.3.2 Calculated Deflection Limits910.5 Calculated Engineering Design of Mechanical Smoke ExhaustSection 722 Calculated Fire Resistance551.73 Calculated Load(C) Calculated Loads722. Calculating Concrete Cover13-101 Calculating Parking Spaces in Automated Parking Facilities14A-4-412.2.2.1 Calculation5.2 Calculation Examples14A-4-412.2.2.2 Calculation for Exterior Wall Rehabilitation Work14A-4-412.2.2.4 Calculation for Revision18.4.7.2* Calculation MethodA5.209.4.3 Calculation of Actual Lighting PowerA5.209.4.4 Calculation of Allowed Lighting PowerC3.6 Calculation of Base Envelope Performance FactorA-903.2.1 Calculation of Construction Costs for Solar Electric (Also Known as Photovoltaic) SystemsC6.10.3 Calculation of COOL and HEAT24.2.5 Calculation of Deflections of Composite Concrete Construction11.5 Calculation of Design Energy Cost and Energy Cost BudgetRC-1 Calculation of End Use Energy Loads for Code Compliance Determination5607. Calculation of Global Tensile Wall StrainC403.1.1 Calculation of Heating and Cooling LoadsC403.1.1 Calculation of Heating and Cooling Loads (Mandatory)24.2.3 Calculation of Immediate Deflections225.8 Calculation of Loads 1000 Volts, Nominal, or Less(A) Calculation of Maximum Circuit CurrentC501.4.2 Calculation of Mechanical Heating and Cooling Loads for Alterations(E) Calculation of Motor Load104.2 Calculation of PercentagesC3.5 Calculation of Proposed Envelope Performance Factor5604.1.1 Calculation of Quantity of ExplosivesF Calculation of Static Pressure (Other Fluids)F Calculation of Static Pressure (Water)2.15.14 Calculation of Stresses in Car-Frame and Platform-Frame MembersCD302 Calculation of the HVAC TSPR for the Standard Reference DesignA509.3.3.5 Calculation of the Performance PointG3 Calculation of the Proposed and Baseline Building PerformanceG3 Calculation of the Proposed Design and Baseline Building Performance24.2.4 Calculation of Time-Dependent DeflectionsSection 100.2 Calculation of Time Dependent Valuation (TDV) EnergyL 701.2 Calculation of Water Savings27.2.4* Calculation ProcedureA9.4 Calculation Procedures and AssumptionsR405.5.3 Calculation Requirements for GlazingN1105.5 (R405.5) Calculation Software Tools903.3.8.5 CalculationsAppendix F Calculations and Application of Age Corrections to AudiogramsC6.10 Calculations for Other Exterior and Semi-Exterior Surfaces3.15.3 Calculations of Stresses and Deflections in Car Frame and Platform Members§1-10.1 Calendar Number1910.211(c)(2) Calender1910.216(c) Calender Safety Controls1910.262(ee) Calenders305.1.1 CALGreen Tier 1Section A5.601 CALGreen Tier 1 and Tier 2A5.601.3 CALGreen Tier 2A5.602 CALGreen Verification Guidelines Mandatory Measures ChecklistA5.602.1 CALGreen Verification Guidelines Tier 1 ChecklistA5.602.2 CALGreen Verification Guidelines Tier 2 ChecklistE 805.14.1.3 Calibrating Controls1910.1096(f)(3)(v)(b) Calibration and Calibration StabilityCalibration and Documentation of Ignition Source and Test Equipment1910.269(e)(8) Calibration of Test Instruments8. Calibration of Test Weight120.1.5 California Accidental Release Prevention ProgramDivision I California AdministrationArticle 8 California Building StandardsSection 1.7 California Department of Public Health1202.3.1 California Energy Code and International Energy Conservation Code Climate Zones1217.5.2.1 California Energy Code Insulation Requirements for Heated Slab Floors1217.7.1 California Energy Code Pipe Insulation Requirements609.12.3 California Energy Code Pipe Insulation Requirements [CEC]422.3(B) California Energy Code Requirements for Electric Cooktops, Electric Clothes Dryers and Their Readiness in Multifamily Buildings [CEC]706.10 California Energy Code Requirements for Energy Storage Systems and Their Readiness in Single-Family Buildings [CEC].440.3(E) California Energy Code Requirements for Heat Pump Space Heaters and Their Readiness in Single-Family Buildings [CEC]422.3(A) California Energy Code Requirements for Heat Pump Water Heaters, Electric Cooktops, Electric Clothes Dryers and Their Readiness in Single-Family Buildings [CEC] California Energy Code Requirements for Locally Adopted Energy Standards 408.2(B) California Energy Code Requirements for Panelboards in Multifamily Buildings [CEC]408.2(A) California Energy Code Requirements for Panelboards in Single-Family Buildings [CEC]311.5 California Energy Code Requirements for Residential Air Filtration601.2.1 California Energy Code Residential Return Duct Sizing Requirements501.2 California Energy Code Water Heating System Requirements [CEC]Section 1.5 California Energy CommissionR301.1.3.1 California Licensed Architect or EngineerArticle 5 California Reading and Literacy Improvement and Public Library Construction and Renovation Bond Act of 2000Section 1.14 California State Lands Commission3109.2 California Swimming Pool Safety Act (Statewide)5604.13.1.8 California Vehicle Code and the California Health and Safety Code3003.2.1.2 Call and Car Operation Buttons8. Call Backs (Trouble Calls)3304.3.7 Call Before You Dig Notification408.2.1 Call Buttons407.2.1 Call Controls5.3-6.5.2 Call System2.1-8.5.1 Call Systems8. Callbacks (Trouble Calls) Called Inspection450.8 Camp Fire AlarmSection 1014 Camp Shelters11B-246.2 Camping Facilities244.2 Camping Units With Mobility Features73-17 Camps, Overnight or Outdoor Day19.5 Campsites1204.7 Campus Lighting for Parking Facilities and Primary Walkways at California State Universities, Colleges and Community Colleges1904.46(2) Can an Establishment Include More Than One Physical Location?1904.46(1) Can One Business Location Include Two or More Establishments?§360 Cancellation of Notice of Pendency of ActionCancer Treatment/Infusion Therapy1224.39.4 Cancer Treatment/Infusion Therapy Service Space308.1.9.2 Candles, Oil Lamps and Tea Lights3.3.37 Cannabis Extraction Equipment3.3.38 Cannabis Extraction Facility406.7.2 CanopiesP-1006.3 Canopies and Marquees406.7.2.1 Canopies Used to Support Gaseous Hydrogen Systems3105.4 Canopy Materials507.4.1 Canopy Size and Location2309.1.5.4 Canopy Top Hydrogen Storage2309.3.1.5 Canopy Tops1910.262(b)(5) Cans (Drying)1910.265(b)(7) Cant1910.179(a)(4) Cantilever Gantry Crane703.2 Cantilevered1926.1404(j) Cantilevered Boom Sections6.3* Cantilevered Fire Walls5.3* Cantilevered HC Fire Walls2304.9.2.4 Cantilevered Pieces Intermixed PatternR802.7.1.1 Cantilevered Portions of Rafters2209.2 Cantilevered Steel Storage Racks903.5.3 Cap and Topsoil Depth1210.8.1 Cap Outlets[F] 1701.2.8 Capability of Building or Facility Users1910.303(f)(4) Capable of Accepting a Lock52.3.3.4 Capacitor Arrays1206.3.4.4 Capacitor Chargers[F] 907.2.23 Capacitor Energy Storage Systems1910.255(b)(2) Capacitor WeldingArticle 460 Capacitors1206.3.4 Capacitors and Equipment430.27 Capacitors With Motors1026.4.1 Capacity2.16.3 Capacity and Data Plates5.10.1.23 Capacity and Data Plates or SignsSection 2.16 Capacity and Loading700.4 Capacity and Rating802.7 Capacity and Sizing1811.3.1 Capacity as Indicated by Resistance to Penetration808.1.1 Capacity Density304.3.3 Capacity Exceeding 1.5 Cubic Yards304.3.3 Capacity Exceeding 200 Gallons304.3.2 Capacity Exceeding 40 Gallons304.3.2 Capacity Exceeding 5.33 Cubic Feet304.3.2 Capacity Exceeding 5.88 Cubic Feet7.3.1.5 Capacity From a Point of Convergence1926.1431(d)(3) Capacity: Hoisting Personnel Without a Personnel Platform3314.4.4.9 Capacity Identification for Suspended Scaffolds6504.1.2 Capacity Limitations6004.1.2.1 Capacity Limits8.7.2.16 Capacity, Loading, and Classification5.3.1.11 Capacity, Loading, Speed, and Rise304.3.4 Capacity of 1.0 Cubic Yard or More304.3.4 Capacity of 1 Cubic Yard or More1030.6 Capacity of Aisle for Assembly1021.4 Capacity of Area of Refuge(C) Capacity of Branch Circuit, Feeder, or Service§27-743 Capacity of Central Heat Sources1910.110(d)(6) Capacity of Containers§27-359 Capacity of Exits9.2 Capacity of Foundations1203.0 Capacity of Heat Source507.5 Capacity of Hoods1910.110(h)(5) Capacity of Liquid Containers7.3 Capacity of Means of Egress18.4.4.3 Capacity of Means of Egress (Nonsprinklered Smoke Compartment Rehabilitation)3107F.5.3 Capacity of Mooring and Berthing Components708.22 Capacity of Power SourcesD 104.0 Capacity of Rectangular Scuppers1025.4 Capacity of Refuge AreaH 201.0 Capacity of Septic Tanks(C) Capacity of System(D) Capacity of Systems4.3.14.2 Capacity Plate(C) Capacity Requirements1031.7 Capacity Sign802.11.1 Capacity SizingA509.3 Capacity Spectrum Analysis Procedure1926.1431(d)(2) Capacity: Use of Boom-Attached Personnel Platforms1926.1431(d)(1) Capacity: Use of Suspended Personnel PlatformsR506.2.3.1 Capillary BreakN102.2 Capital Projects1206.3 Capped Outlets§27-694 Capping and Bracing of Piles5604.7.2.1 Capping and Primers5303.6.2 Caps and Plugs30. Captive Vent Systems507.6.1 Capture and Containment Test418.3.2 Capture Box2.26.2.31 Car Access Panel Locking Device5.4.5 Car and Chassis Construction5.2.1.17 Car and Counterweight5.1.17 Car and Counterweight Buffers8.7.2.23 Car and Counterweight Buffers and Bumpers5.11.23 Car and Counterweight Guidance Systems, Supports, and Fastenings5.4.11 Car and Counterweight Guide and Track Supports and Fastenings8.4.8 Car and Counterweight Guide-Rail Systems5.3.1.16 Car and Counterweight Guide Rails and Guide FasteningsSection 2.23 Car and Counterweight Guide Rails, Guide-Rail Supports, and FasteningsSection 2.17 Car and Counterweight Safeties5.4.5.1 Car and Platform4.2.13 Car Buffers8.7.3.27 Car Buffers and Bumpers3.22.1 Car Buffers or Bumpers4.3.12 Car Compartments5.7.11 Car Construction1124A.3.3.2 Car Control Buttons1124A.3.3.1 Car Control Location408.4.6 Car Controls5.7.15.2 Car Counterweights11B-411.2.3.2 Car Designation Signs407.2.3.2 Car Designations407.4.1 Car Dimensions408.4.1 Car Dimensions and Doors2.26.2.15 Car Door and Gate Closed Detection Means2.14.4.2 Car Door and Gate Closed Detection Means and Car Door Interlocks5. Car Door and Gate Electric Contacts2.26.2.28 Car Door Interlock3.12.2 Car Door or Gate Closed Detection Means and Car Door Interlocks3.12.2 Car Door or Gate Electric Contacts and Car Door Interlocks5. Car Doors and Gates5.7.10.5 Car Doors or Gates5.1.11.1 Car Emergency Exits5. Car Emergency Signal2.27.1 Car Emergency Signaling Devices8.6.4.15 Car Emergency System5. Car Enclosure5.10.1.10 Car Enclosure, Car Doors and Gates, and Car Illumination2.14.1.6 Car Enclosure Tops4.3.9 Car Enclosures8.7.3.13 Car Enclosures and Door Reopening Devices5.2.1.14 Car Enclosures, Car Doors, and Car Illumination5.4.4 Car Enclosures, Car Doors, and GatesSection 2.14 Car Enclosures, Car Doors and Gates, and Car Illumination5. Car Enclosures Required5. Car Frame8. Car Frame and Platform2.15.7 Car Frame and Platform Connections2. Car-Frame and Platform-Frame Members8.2.2.2 Car Frame Crosshead8. Car Frame Plank8.2.2.4 Car Frame Plank (Buffer Engagement) Car Frame Plank (Normal) Car Frame Uprights (Stiles)Section 2.15 Car Frames and Platforms5. Car Frames and Platforms of Elevators Traveling Above the Level of the Sidewalk2.15.1 Car Frames Required2.15.12 Car Frames With Sheaves5.7.17 Car Guide Rails and Guide-Rail Fastenings407.2.3.2 Car Identification7.5.1.3 Car Illumination and Lighting Fixtures1124A.3.2 Car Inside8. Car-Leveling or Truck-Zoning Devices620.53 Car Light, Receptacle(s), and Ventilation Disconnecting Means(A) Car Light Receptacles, Auxiliary Lighting, and Ventilation(A) Car Light Source2.14.7.3 Car Lighting DevicesA5. Car Lights and Fan2.26.11 Car Platform to Hoistway Door Sills Vertical Distance4.1.26.11 Car Platform to Hoistway Door Sills Vertical Distances2.15.5 Car Platforms407.4.8 Car Position Indicators3.17.1 Car Safeties5.7.13 Car Safeties and Governors5.7.13.2 Car Safeties and Governors for Rack-and-Pinion-Type Elevators5.7.13.1 Car Safeties and Governors for Traction and Winding-Drum-Type Elevators4.2.11 Car Safeties and Speed GovernorSection 3.17 Car Safeties, Counterweight Safeties, Plunger Gripper, and Governors5.2.2.5 Car Safeties, Counterweight Safeties, Plunger Grippers, and Governors5.4.7.1 Car Safeties Required2.26.2.9 Car Safety Mechanism Switch2.18.2.1 Car Speed Governors3001.7 Car Switch Operation5.9.14.1 Car Top Access Panel3.4.3 Car Top and Bottom Maximum Runby2.26.2.18 Car Top Emergency Exit Electrical Device3.4.2.2 Car Top Minimum Runby5.9.14.3 Car Top Protection13.* Carbon DioxideSection 5307 Carbon Dioxide Beverage Dispensing Systems63.11 Carbon Dioxide Beverage Systems5.506.2 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitoring5.506.3 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitoring in Classrooms[F] 908.7 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) SystemsSection 5307 CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) SYSTEMS USED IN BEVERAGE DISPENSING APPLICATIONS5307.5 Carbon Dioxide Detection and Alarm Systems38.5.3 Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Equipment3903.4 Carbon Dioxide Enrichment or Extraction3.3.39 Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Process5307.4 Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Systems38.6.4 Carbon Dioxide Extraction13.6.4.4* Carbon Dioxide Hose Assembly Conductivity Test[F] 904.8 Carbon Dioxide Systems(d) 105.6.4 Carbon Dioxide Systems Used for Beverage Dispensing Applications105.6.4 Carbon Dioxide Systems Used in Beverage Dispensing Applications513.10.2 Carbon Dioxide-TypeR406.2 Carbon Emission Equalization23.15.6 Carbon Monoxide10.14.7 Carbon Monoxide Alarm29.14.2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Detector Markings29.7.2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Interconnection[NY] 915.4.1.2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Listing3.3.263.2 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Signal26.2.4.1 Carbon Monoxide Alarm Signal Disposition[F] 915.4 Carbon Monoxide Alarms30.3.4.6 Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detection SystemsSection 705 Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detection[NY] 915.4 Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detection Systems915.1 Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detectors102.8.2 Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detectors in Existing Buildings502.7 Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Existing Portions of a Building308.2 Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Existing Portions of a Building. [HCD 1 & HCD 2]Section 1105 Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Groups E, I-1, I-2, I-4 and RSection 1105 Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Groups I-1, I-2, I-4 and RSection 1105 Carbon Monoxide Alarms Ingroups I-1, I-2, I-4 and R13. Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Monoxide Detection SystemsArticle 312 Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms9.12 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection and Warning Equipment10.13 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Notification Appliance DeactivationSection 516 Carbon Monoxide Control SystemsArticle 7 Carbon Monoxide Detecting Devices§27-981.2 Carbon Monoxide Detecting Devices; Where RequiredSection 915 Carbon Monoxide Detection[NY] 503.15 Carbon Monoxide Detection and Notification501.5.1 Carbon Monoxide Detection in Alterations to an Existing Group E Building1103.9.1 Carbon Monoxide Detection in Existing Group E Buildings308.2.1 Carbon Monoxide Detection in Existing Group E Occupancy Buildings402.6 Carbon Monoxide Detection in Existing Portions of a Building3.3.35 Carbon Monoxide Detection System[F] 915.5 Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems3.3.77.4 Carbon Monoxide Detector[NY] 915.4.2.1 Carbon Monoxide Detector Listing512.3.6 Carbon Monoxide Detector Required23.8.4.9* Carbon Monoxide Detector Signals13.7.2.30 Carbon Monoxide Detectors13. Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Control of Carbon Monoxide Spread29.14.5 Carbon Monoxide Instructions10.13 Carbon Monoxide Notification Appliance DeactivationSection 915 Carbon Monoxide Protection26.2.4 Carbon Monoxide Signal Disposition1004.2.1 Carbon Monoxide Testing26.2.4.2 Carbon Monoxide Trouble Signal Disposition*§28-320.11 Carbon Trading Study608.17.1.1 Carbonated Beverage Dispensers1910.262(b)(6) Carbonizing1910.262(b)(7) Card1910.262(b)(8) Card Clothing1224.28.2 Cardiac Catheterization1224.28.1 Cardiovascular and Other Special Procedures12.4.2 Care and Maintenance of Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives1926.954(b)(3) Care and Use of Personal Fall Protection Equipment2.3-3.5 Care Consultation Area[F] 903.2.8.4 Care Facilities310.4.1 Care Facilities Within a Dwelling66.23.3.4* Care in Handling of Tank503.2 Care in Installation1910.1001(k)(7) Care of Asbestos-Containing Flooring Material1910.219(p)(6) Care of Belts1926.307(p) "Care of Equipment"407.2.2 Care Providers' Stations1301.6.21 Care Recipient Ability, Concentration, Smoke Compartment Location and Ratio to Attendant1301.6.21.1 Care Recipient Ability for Self-Preservation1301.6.21.2 Care Recipient Concentration407.4.4.5 Care Suites Containing Sleeping Room Areas407.4.4.6 Care Suites Not Containing Sleeping Rooms1910.183(d) Cargo Hooks3108F.2.3 Cargo Liquid Volatility Ratings and Fire Hazard Classifications (N/E)5707.5 Cargo Tank and Dispensing Equipment5706.5.15 Cargo Tank and Tank Car42.9.9 Cargo Tank Fueling Facilities5706.9 Cargo Tank Loading Rack Systems5706. Cargo Tank Loading Racks5007.9.1.8 Cargo Temperature2.16.1.3 Cariying of Freight on Passenger Elevators2.16.4 Cariying of Passengers on Freight Elevators1910.302(a)(1)(ii) Carnivals105.5.5 Carnivals and FairsArticle 525 Carnivals, Circuses, Fairs, and Similar Events3209.3 Carousel Storage302.2 Carpet4.504.3.2 Carpet Adhesive4.504.3.1 Carpet Cushion4.504.3 Carpet Systems805.1.4 Carpet-Type Floor Coverings2.2.c Carpet Used as Floor Covering1027.4.4 Carpeting406.3.3.1 Carport Separation406.3.3 Carports1910.265(e)(1)(iv) Carriage Control1910.265(b)(8) Carriage (Log Carriage)1910.66(f)(3)(i) Carriages3.3.36 Carrier3.3.37 Carrier System1910.265(c)(30)(xi) Carriers1910.261(e)(19) Carriers for KnivesP2702.4 Carriers for Wall-Hung Water Closets(B) Carrying Load2.16.1.3 Carrying of Freight on Passenger Elevators2.16.7 Carrying of One-Piece Loads Exceeding the Rated Load3.16.4 Carrying of Passengers on Freight Elevators(2) Cars2.21.3 Cars Counterbalancing One Another408.3.3.2 Cars With Doors on Adjacent Sides408.3.3.1 Cars With Single Door or Doors on Opposite Ends2.1- Cart Storage Area*2.3- Cart Wash20.4.13 Carton Records Storage3.3.22 Cartoned5106.5.2 Cartoned Aerosol Products25. Cartoned Group A Plastic Commodities5106.5.2 Cartoned Products3.3.269.2 Cartoned Storage1910.261(m)(3) Cartons40.4.4 Cartridge-Actuated ToolsSection 3132B Cartridge FiltersPart VI Cartridge Fuses and Fuseholders13. Cartridge- or Cylinder-Operated Extinguishers2705.3.4 Carts and Hand Trucks5003.10.2 Carts and Hand Trucks Required63. Carts and Trucks5003.10.2 Carts and Trucks Required1926.1412(f)(2)(xiii)(D)(B) Case or Enclosure1810. Cased250.176 Cases of Instruments, Meters, and Relays — Operating at 1000 Volts and Over250.174 Cases of Instruments, Meters, and Relays Operating at 1000 Volts or Less250.176 Cases of Instruments, Meters, and Relays — Operating at Over 1000 Volts704.2 Casework2.4-2.4.2 Casework, Millwork, and Built-Ins17.10 Cash Register1810.4.1.2 Casing1810.3.1.6 Casings460.8 Casket Placement605.3 Cassion Wall Rope and Float Line1519.6 Cast-in-Place and Precast Structural Concrete Decks18.14.3 Cast-in-Place Beams, Columns, and Joints18.12.4 Cast-in-Place Composite Topping Slab Diaphragms1907.7.1 Cast-in-Place Concrete (Nonprestressed)Section 1810 Cast-in-Place Concrete Pile FoundationsSection 1812 Cast-in-Place Concrete Piles1907.7.2 Cast-in-Place Concrete (Prestressed)1901.7.1 Cast-in-Place Concrete Tolerances460.7.1.1 Cast in Place Crypt1705.7.3 Cast-in-Place Deep Foundation Elements1705.8 Cast-in-Place Deep Foundations18.12.5 Cast-in-Place Noncomposite Topping Slab Diaphragms1810.3.5.2 Cast-in-Place or Grouted-in-Place722.2.1.1 Cast-in-Place or Precast WallsG2414.3.1 (403.3.1) Cast Iron604.6 Cast-Iron Fittings1208.6.12.1 Cast Iron Flanges4.1.24.5 Cast Iron Gears505.6 Cast-Iron Pipe705.2 Cast-Iron Pipe and Joints705.16.3 Cast-Iron Pipe to Galvanized SteelP3003.18.3 Cast-Iron Pipe to Galvanized Steel or Brass PipeP3003.13.3 Cast-Iron Pipe to Galvanized Steel or Copper-Alloy Pipe705.16.3 Cast-Iron Pipe to Galvanized Steel Pipe4.2.1.1 Cast-Iron Soil Pipe301.2.4 Cast-Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings303.5 Cast-Iron Soil Pipe, Fittings and Components301.2.4 Cast-Iron Soil Pipe, Fittings, and Hubless Couplings2.2 Cast Iron Soil Pipe MarkingA Cast Iron Soil Pipe Support #1B Cast Iron Soil Pipe Support #2D Cast Iron Soil Support Stack (Repealed)4.3.6 Cast-Iron to Copper Tube4.2.1.2 Cast-Iron Water Pipe2.24.6 Cast Iron Worms and Worm Gears2.9.3.6 Cast Metals in Tension or Bending2119.6 Cast Stone2. Catalyst Container1243.5 Catch Basins106.5.16 Catch Pool3412.6.16.1 Categories(1) 5619.1 Categories of Exhibitor Licenses43.2.2.1 Categories of Rehabilitation Work1317.1 Category 11314.1.2.1 Category 1 and 2 Systems(C) Category 1 (Critical Care) Patient Care Spaces517.19 Category 1 (Critical Care) Spaces(B) Category 1 (Critical Care) Spaces, Inpatient Hospital Care Facilities1310.0 Category 1 Medical Air Central Supply Systems1310.3.1 Category 1 Medical Air Compressor1910.106(f)(1)(i) Category 1 or 2 Flammable Liquids, or Category 3 Flammable Liquids With a Flashpoint Below 100 °F (37.8 °C)Part II — Category 1 Piped Gas and Vacuum Systems1325.11 Category 2 Distribution(D) Category 2 (General Care) Patient Care Spaces517.18 Category 2 (General Care) Spaces1325.4 Category 2 Medical Air Supply Systems1325.6 Category 2 Medical-Surgical Vacuum1325.0 Category 2 Piped Gas and Vacuum Systems1304.3 Category 2 Piped Medical Gas and Medical Vacuum1317.2 Category 2 Systems1313.7.1 Category 3 Dental Air1318.13 Category 3 Dental Air and Nitrogen Supply Systems Purge Tests1315.2.1 Category 3 Dental Air Pressure Relief Valve Discharge1910.106(f)(1)(ii) Category 3 Flammable Liquids With a Flashpoint at or Above 100 °F (37.8 °C) and Category 4 Flammable Liquids1314.2.2 Category 3 Medical-Surgical Vacuum1326.0 Category 3 Piped Gas and Vacuum Systems1304.4 Category 3 Piped Medical Gas and Medical Vacuum1308.6 Category 3 Systems8.6.11.10 Category 5 Tests Without Load via Alternative Test Methodologies1926.1413(a)(2)(i) Category IG2425.13 (501.13) Category I Appliance Flue Lining SystemsG2427.6.9.1 (503.6.10.1) Category I Appliances1926.1416(d) Category I Operational Aids and Alternative Measures509.8.3 Category I Through Category IV and Non-Categorized Appliances509.8.3 Category I Through Category IV and Noncategorized Appliances1926.1413(a)(2)(ii) Category II509.6.2.3 Category II, Category III, and Category IV Appliances509.6.2.3 Category II, Category Ill, and Category IV AppliancesG2425.14 (501.14) Category II, III and IV Appliance Venting SystemsG2427.6.9.3 (503.6.10.3) Category II, III and IV Appliances1926.1416(e) Category II Operational Aids and Alternative Measures1926.1413(a)(2)(iii) Category III1910.106(f)(3)(ii) Category Restriction§28-304.6.6.1 Category Test Repair§28-304.6.5.2 Category Test Reports§28-304.6.4.2 Category Testing When a Witnessing Agency Is Required§28-304.6.4.3 Category Testing When No Witnessing Agency Is Required1926.452(r) "Catenary Scaffolds"2304.3.4.2 Cathedral Endwalls3.3.40* Cathodic ProtectionD 105.0 Cathodic Protection Requirements3111F.10 Cathodic Protection Systems (CPS) (N/E)3.3.41 Cathodic Protection Tester3.3.23 Catwalk12. Catwalk, Gallery, and Gridiron Stairs12.4.6.9 Catwalks4.2.1 CaulkedP3003.4.1 Caulked Joints705.18 Caulking FerrulesB 101.3 Caution709.3 Caution Sign6. Caution Signs1910.1096(e) Caution Signs, Labels, and Signals1910.145(f)(6) Caution TagsC403.2.9.4 Cavities of the Building Structure2121.2.7 Cavity Walls1910.1024(k)(7) CBD Diagnostic CenterA-602.2 Cease OperationSection A-505 Cease Operations Order§28-207.5 Cease Use Orders for Service Equipment(9) 5608.9 Ceasing Operations3.3.38 Ceiling718.2.5 Ceiling and Floor OpeningsR804.3.7 Ceiling and Roof Diaphragms(2) Ceiling Areas10.19.3 Ceiling ClearanceP2904.4.1.1 Ceiling ConfigurationsP2904.4.1.2 Ceiling Configurations With Special Sprinkler Listings§27-350 Ceiling ConstructionR804.3.8.1 Ceiling DiaphragmR804.3.7.1 Ceiling Diaphragms6.4.1.3 Ceiling Fans1224. Ceiling Finishes17.2.4.2 Ceiling Flanges and U-Hooks With Screws1003.2 Ceiling HeightE 501.2.4 Ceiling Height and Doors1224.4.10 Ceiling HeightsR805.1 Ceiling Installation424.41 Ceiling Installation of Heating Cables on Dry Board, in Plaster, and on ConcreteR405.2.1 Ceiling Insulation2308.7.3.1 Ceiling Joist and Rafter Connections2308.7.3 Ceiling Joist and Rafter FramingR804.3.1.2 Ceiling Joist Bearing StiffenersR804.3.1.2 Ceiling Joist Bottom Flange BracingR804.3.2 Ceiling Joist BracingR802.5.1 Ceiling Joist Size2308.7.1 Ceiling Joist SpansR804.3.1.4 Ceiling Joist SplicingR802.7.1.2 Ceiling Joist Taper CutR804.3.1.3 Ceiling Joist Top Flange BracingR802.5 Ceiling JoistsR802.5.2.1 Ceiling Joists Lapped25. Ceiling-Level Protection, Used in Combination With In-Rack Sprinklers, Criteria Figures25.2 Ceiling-Level Sprinkler Design Criteria in Combination With In-Rack Sprinklers25.8.1.10 Ceiling-Level Sprinkler System Design3.3.176.1* Ceiling Limit1210.3.3.1 Ceiling Locations(2) Ceiling Outlets711.2.5 Ceiling Panels3.3.25* Ceiling Pocket12.1.12 Ceiling Pockets11.2.8 Ceiling Pockets (Extended Coverage Upright and Pendent Spay Sprinklers)8.8.7 Ceiling Pockets (Extended Coverage Upright and Pendent Spray Sprinklers)10.2.9 Ceiling Pockets (Standard Pendent and Upright Spray Sprinklers)717.3.3.4 Ceiling Radiation Damper Actuation717.6.2.1 Ceiling Radiation Dampers717.6.2.1 Ceiling Radiation Dampers Testing and Installation17.4.1.1 Ceiling Sheathing20.6.1 Ceiling Slope17. Ceiling Slope Less Than 30 Degrees17. Ceiling Slopes of 30 Degrees or Greater21.4.1.4 Ceiling Sprinkler Density Adjustments16. Ceiling Sprinkler System17.2.1.2 Ceiling Sprinkler Water Demand(E) Ceiling Surface3.3.40 Ceiling Surfaces313.3.10 Ceiling Suspended Packaged HVAC Units With Compressors21.6.1 Ceiling Systems13.3.3.3 Ceiling Tiles and Ceiling Assemblies3.3.26 Ceiling Types1224.4.11.4 Ceilings601.4.3 Ceilings and Vented AtticsCA102.2.1 Ceilings Below a Vented AtticN1102.2.1 (R402.2.1) Ceilings With Attic SpacesN1102.2.1 (R402.2.1) Ceilings With AtticsN1102.2.2 (R402.2.2) Ceilings Without Attic SpacesN1102.2.2 (R402.2.2) Ceilings Without Attics3.3.41 Cell668.12 Cell Line Conductors668.10 Cell Line Working Zone1231.3.8 Cell Padding1010. Cell Tier Exit Balconies[BCD] 1010.2.15.2 Cell Tier Exits1010. Cell Tiers Above the First Level1010. Cell Tiers Above the Second Floor§150 Cellar and Basement Stairs§243 Cellar and Basement Stairs in Fireproof Tenements§242 Cellar and Basement Stairs in Non-Fireproof Tenements§185 Cellar Ceilings§54 Cellar Entrance3306.9.11.4 Cellar or Basement Storage§190 Cellar Stairs3306.9.11.3 Cellar Storage1253.3 Celling Height807.3 Cells With Communication Features807.2 Cells With Mobility Features1917.1.3 Cellular/Aggregate (Hybrid) Lightweight Insulating Concrete721.2 Cellular ConcreteArticle 372 Cellular Concrete Floor Raceways372.18 Cellular Concrete Floor Raceways Installation721.2 Cellular Concrete. [HCD 1 & HCD 2 ][BF] 1705.15.4.3 Cellular Decks1917.1.2 Cellular Lightweight Insulating ConcreteArticle 374 Cellular Metal Floor Raceways374.18 Cellular Metal Floor Raceways Installations3.3.42* Cellular or Foamed Plastic1520.3 Cellulose Fiberboard720.6 Cellulose Loose-Fill Insulation105.5.6 Cellulose Nitrate Film306.2 Cellulose Nitrate Film Storage306.2 Cellulose Nitrate Film Storage, Handling and UsePart V Cellulose Nitrate Film Storage Vaults20.15.7 Cellulose Nitrate Motion Picture Film Storage305.1.3 Cellulose Nitrate Plastic StorageR302.10.3 Cellulosic Fiber Loose-Fill Insulation720.6 Cellulosic Fiber Loose-Fill Insulation and Self-Supported Spray-Applied Cellulosic Insulation[BF] 1508.1.1 Cellulosic Fiberboard1903.2 CementA5.405.5 Cement and ConcreteR702.4.2 Cement, Fiber-Cement and Glass Mat Gypsum Backers2109. Cement-Lime Plaster4.2.9 Cement Mortar2512.4 Cement Plaster1909.2.3 Cementitious Material21.403.1 Cementitious MaterialsR608.5.1.1 Cements1903.2 Cemetitious Materials1926.1404(h)(6) Center of GravityPart II Center Pivot Irrigation Machines3202.1.1.2 Centerline of Public Way4.1-4.2.3 Central Bathing or Spa Room or Area2.3-4.2.3 Central Bathing Rooms or Areas3.1- Central Clean Linen Storage3.1-4.5.2 Central Commercial Kitchen713.6 Central Disposal System EquipmentSection M1402 Central Furnaces§27-2028 Central Heat or Electric or Gas Heating System; When RequiredG2409.4 (308.4) Central-Heating Boilers and Furnaces422.12 Central Heating Equipment904.2.9 Central Heating Furnaces231.3.1 Central Holding Cells2.5- Central Location26-16 Central Refuse Storage Area3.3.27 Central Safety Station3.3.42 Central Station3.3.43 Central Station Alarm System901.6.3.5 Central Station Fire Alarm Monitoring908.4 Central Station Monitoring§901-01 Central Station Monitoring of Fire Alarm Systems608.11.2 Central Station Monitoring of Fire Protection Systems3.3.292.1 Central Station Service3.3.278.5 Central Station Service Alarm System26.3 Central Station Service Alarm Systems105.7.1.6 Central Station Signaling System105.6.9 Central Station Signaling System Supervising StationP104.1 Central Station Signaling Systems1224.22 Central Sterile Supply1226. Central Sterile Supply and Sterilizing Area2.1-5.3.3 Central Storage Facilities3.3.290.1 Central Supervising Station1307.0 Central Supply SystemsM2101.22.2 Central Systems713.7 Central Vacuum or Disposal Systems422.15 Central Vacuum Outlet Assemblies§328 Central Violations BureauL 502.4 Central Water Heating Equipment1224.14.2.14 Centralized Bathing Facilities4.1-4.5.2 Centralized Commercial Kitchen1109.10.1.1 Centralized Mail Receptacles1910.262(y)(1) Centrifugal Extractor1110.7 Centrifugal/Nonpositive Displacement Compressors722. Ceramic Fiber Joint ProtectionSection 923 Ceramic Kilns2103.6 Ceramic TileTitle 3 Certain Class A Multiple Dwellings Erected Prior to December 15, 196173-126 Certain Community Facility Uses in Lower Density Growth Management Areas74-902 Certain Community Facility Uses in R1 and R2 Districts and Certain Commercial Districts74-903 Certain Community Facility Uses in R3 to R9 Districts and Certain Commercial Districts1910.215(d)(5)(vii) Certain Internal Wheels74-922 Certain Large Retail Establishments1104.3.4 Certain Occupancies Exempt1910.120(p) Certain Operations Conducted Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA)§28-103.17 Certain Outside Work, Employment and Financial Interests of Department Employees Prohibited14A-4-402.2.2 Certain Residential Buildings and Accessory Structures§27-2007 Certain Specific Duties of Tenants and Others52-75 Certain Types of Uses Involving Open Storage or Salvage(A) CertificateP-1504.1 Certificate Authorized3314.4.5.8 Certificate CardA-902.6 Certificate Fee ScheduleA01.1 Certificate Fees105.1.7.1 Certificate Information Required[A] 111.2 Certificate IssuedN1101.14 (R401.3) Certificate (Mandatory)E 803.2.1.3 Certificate of AcceptanceE 806.0 Certificate of Acceptance Forms3319.4 Certificate of Approval§28-408.4.1 Certificate of Competence§28-410.5 Certificate of Competence, and License and Seal§28-408.4 Certificate of Competence and License, Plate and/or Seal§28-408.4 Certificate of Competence, License and SealSection 111 Certificate of Completion[A] Certificate of Compliance§301 Certificate of Compliance or Occupancy3.3.42 Certificate of Fitness2303.1.1.1 Certificate of InspectionSection 92.0114 Certificate of Inspection (Operating Permit)§329 Certificate of Inspection Visits105.1.7 Certificate of Insurance1704.2.2.1 Certificate of Intent to Fabricate2301.9 Certificate of LicenseSection 111 Certificate of OccupancySection 109 Certificate of Occupancy Approval1001.3 Certificate of Occupancy Required3319.6 Certificate of On-Site Inspection303.7 Certificate of Operation105.5 Certificate of Plan Approval105.10 Certificate of Protective Treatment for Prevention of Termites1105.7.2 Certificate of QualificationSection 92.0118 Certificate of Registration14A-4-404.2.2 Certificate of Use§ 23-27.3-120.0 Certificate of Use and Occupancy§28-402.1 Certificate Required117.1.1 Certificate Required to Conduct Any Blasting Operation117.1.2 Certificate Required to Conduct Testing117.1.6 Certificate Required to Conduct Testing of Gas Detection System117.1.3 Certificate Required to Perform as a Fire Safety Officer117.1.4 Certificate Required to Perform as a Health Care Facility Instructor117.1.5 Certificate Required to Perform as a High-Rise Life/Safety Service112.8 Certificate Revocation and Suspension§27-797 Certificates§112-01 Certificates of Approval§28-118.11 Certificates of Compliance1.13 Certificates of Fitness§113-01 Certificates of Fitness and Certificates of QualificationSection 113 Certificates of Fitness and Qualification117.2 Certificates of Fitness—Applications117.6 Certificates of Fitness—Change of Address117.8 Certificates of Fitness—Duty to Display117.9 Certificates of Fitness—Failure of the Examination117.7 Certificates of Fitness Form117.4 Certificates of Fitness—Investigation and Examination117.3.2 Certificates of Fitness—Renewal117.1 Certificates of Fitness Required117.5 Certificates of Fitness—Revocation or Suspension117.3.1 Certificates of Fitness—Valid117.3 Certificates of Fitness—ValiditySection 114 Certificates of LicenseSection G106 Certificates of Occupancy§28-118.13 Certificates of Occupancy for Air-Inflated Structures, Air-Supported Structures, and Tents144-36 Certificates of Occupancy for Developments or Enlargements in Public Access AreasA-701.2.2 Certificates of Occupancy for Uncertified Buildings3319.3 Certificates Required2209.3 CertificationArticle 19 Certification and Approval of Hospital Inspectors10-111 Certification and Labeling of Fenestration Product and Exterior Door U -Factors, Solar Heat Gain Coefficients, Visible Transmittance and Air Leakage10-111 Certification and Labeling of Fenestration Product U-Factors, Solar Heat Gain Coefficients, Visible Transmittance and Air Leakage10-113 Certification and Labeling of Roofing Product Reflectance and Emittance15-214 Certification and Other Requirements of Preservation and Conversion8.3.1.3 Certification and Test Records103. Certification, Approval or Denial103.2.1.1 Certification as a Building Department103.2.1.1 Certification as a Residential Building Department103.2.1.3 Certification as a Residential Sub-Building Department103.2.1.2 Certification as a Sub-Building Department§27-3016.1 Certification as Low Voltage Installer; Qualifications; Issuance; FeesA5.205.3.1 Certification by Manufacturers1926.1427(j) Certification Criteria63-30 Certification for a FRESH Food Store97-55 Certification for Access to Required Uses134-51 Certification for Additional Access to Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces and Loading Berths63-40 Certification for Change of Use of a FRESH Food Store113-41 Certification for Community Facility Uses on Certain Corner Lots97-423 Certification for Floor Area Bonus for Visual or Performing Arts Uses127-61 Certification for Interim Grading Conditions134-14 Certification for Large Commercial Establishments124-05 Certification for Large Developments25-84 Certification for Off-Site Bicycle Parking Spaces93-131 Certification for Office Use91-821 Certification for Outdoor Cafes Within Arcades93-722 Certification for Public Access Areas at 450 West 33RD Street93-732 Certification for Public Access Areas on the Ninth Avenue Rail Yard127-422 Certification for Publicly Accessible Private Streets93-122 Certification for Residential Use in Subdistricts A, B and E75-01 Certification for Rooftop Greenhouses139-46 Certification for Transit Improvements127-424 Certification for Zoning Lot Subdivision5601.4.2 Certification Issuance1.13.5 Certification of Applicant5601.4.1 Certification of Blasters and Pyrotechnicians105.1.2 Certification of Building Official104.4.2 Certification of Code Official and Technical Assistants316.6.2 Certification of Collectors§27-2055 Certification of Competency903.6.5 Certification of Completion of System Painting801.7.2 Certification of ComplianceArticle 5 Certification of Construction§104-04 Certification of Corrected Defects in Fire Alarm System Installations7-156 Certification of Correctional Treatment Centers36-592 Certification of Cross Access Connections1-408 Certification of Delegation of AuthorityA5.205.1.1 Certification of Fenestration Products and Exterior Doors Other Than Field-Fabricated5607.16.2 Certification of Fitness Required5806.3.7 Certification of Installation§28-502.4.3 Certification of List§ 23-27.3-107.6 Certification of Local Building Officials — Educational ProgramsArticle 505 *Certification of No Harassment Pilot Program§27-2093 Certification of No Harassment With Respect to Single Room Occupancy Multiple Dwellings§28-406.3.2 Certification of Reports by Director105-45 Certification of Restoration Plans514.4.12 Certification of Service904.1.1 Certification of Service Personnel for Fire-Extinguishing Equipment906.2.1 Certification of Service Personnel for Portable Fire Extinguishers103.7.1 Certification of State Enforcement Personnel1304.2 Certification of Systems105.2.2 Certification of Technical Assistants1926.503(b) "Certification of Training"95-04 Certification of Transit Easement Volume103.3.6 Certification, "Ohio Building Code Academy," and Examination Requirements3316.9.2 Certification or Training103.3.7.1 Certification Process§28-405.6 Certification Required104-14 Certification Requirements14A-4-401.3.4 Certification Statement1306.2 Certification Tests36-596 Certification That No Connection Is Required, Relocation of Previously Certified Connections and Voluntary Connections132-51 Certification to Allow a Limited Increase in Street Wall Width93-733 Certification to Modify General Requirements of Public Access Areas for Ventilation Demands93-141 Certification to Modify Ground Floor Level Requirements in Subdistrict F127-236 Certification to Modify Maximum Height of Building or Other Structure93-734 Certification to Temporarily Modify Public Access Areas for Construction Staging103.2.1 Certification Types1910.211(d)(66) Certification/ValidationG104.2.3 Certifications132-50 Certifications and Authorizations113-40 Certifications and Authorizations for Community Facilities13-40 Certifications, Authorizations and Special Permits in the Manhattan Core62-81 Certifications by the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission13-43 Certifications in the Manhattan Core3.3.49 Certified2304.1.7.5 Certified Attendant104.3 Certified Boards of Building Appeals Duties and Responsibilities115.1 Certified Building Department FeesSection 103 Certified Building Departments, Personnel, and Appeals Boards(4) 103.4 Certified Fire Safety Inspectors104.18.2 Certified Fire Safety OfficerB101.4.2 Certified Local Government Historic Preservation ProgramsSection R407 Certified Passive House13.4.3.2* Certified Pump CurveSection 103 Certified Residential Building Departments, Personnel, and Appeals BoardsA5.405.2.1 Certified Wood1224.32.3 Cesarean Delivery and Delivery Service Space2.2- Cesarean Delivery Room1224.32.3.1 Cesarean Delivery Suite1224. Cesarean Operating Room(s)4006.7.2 Cessation of Distillery Operations2004.4.1 Cessation of WorkH 801.0 Cesspools302.2 Cesspools and Privies722.2 Cesspools, Septic Tanks, and Seepage Pits2.3.8 CGA Publications5.11.24.3 Chain Climbing Machines7.2.6.3 Chain Data3109.4.1.5 Chain Link Dimensions5104.3.2.1 Chain-Link Fence Enclosures3307.7.4 Chain Link Fences or Gates1910.266(e)(2) Chain Saws1910.263(i)(12) Chain Tackle5.508. Chain Tethers6.1.3.11 Chains5.11.20.3 Chains Used for Suspension14A-10-1004.2.3 Chair§1-11.4 Chair and Commissioners§28-304.3 Chair Lifts and Stairway Chair Lifts§28-304.3 Chair Lifts, Stairway Chair Lifts and Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs)[A] 109.2.3 Chairman[A] A101.3.4 Chairperson144-35 Chairperson Certification of Waterfront Compliance and Phasing§28-204.6.8 Challenge1926.62(i)(2) Change Areas23.6.3.4 Change Control Plan[A] Change in Activity or Contents§28-118.16.2 Change in Address of the Structure, Block and Lot Numbers or Metes and Bounds of a Zoning Lot Subsequent to the Issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy1904.34 Change in Business Ownership8. Change in Car Enclosure, Car Doors, and Gates8.7.3.18 Change in Class of Loading[A] Change in Design Objectives and Bounding Conditions405.7.4 Change in Direction§ 23-27.3-105.0 Change in Existing Use(4) 5616.4 Change in Fireworks List3408A.1.1 Change in Function3309.6.1 Change in Ground Water LevelR609.2.5 Change in Height3418A.5 Change in Jurisdiction for Buildings Removed From General Acute Care ServiceFigure 11A-1F Change in Level8. Change in Location of Driving Machine8. Change in Location of Hydraulic Jack8. Change in Location of the Driving Machine8. Change in Location of the Hydraulic Jack3412.2.1 Change in Occupancy§27-112 Change in Occupancy or Use1001.2 Change in Occupancy With No Change of Occupancy Classification113.7.2 Change in Personnel§ 23-27.3-115.4 Change in Plot Plan8. Change in Power Supply[M] 608.5 Change in Refrigerant Type8.7.2.17 Change in Rise or Rated Speed8. Change in Ropes1.4.5.1 Change in Seismic Performance CategoryP3005.1.7 Change in Size240.23 Change in Size of Grounded ConductorN1110.2 (R502.2) Change in Space Conditioning8. Change in Suspension Members1327.7.5 Change in Test Pressure506.1.1 Change in the Character of Use8. Change in the Type of Motion Control2109.5.4 Change in Thickness8. Change in Type of Motion Control8. Change in Type of Operating Devices and/or Control Equipment8. Change in Type of Operation Control8. Change in Type of Service3001.5 Change in Use§ 23-27.3-105.2 Change in Use and Occupancy§28-102.4.2 Change in Use or Occupancy3418A.4.5 Change of Building Occupancy or Division§28-401.17.2 Change of Business*3301.13.4 Change of Designation1122A.3.6 Change of Direction38. Change of Extraction Medium8. Change of Hydraulic Pump Motor Starter40.1.2.2 Change of Industrial Occupancy Subclassification(iii) Change of License Information3418A.4.3 Change of Licensed Services Under Existing License120.5.4.1 Change of Location§27-2101 Change of Managing Agent52-30 Change of Non-Conforming Use[A] 111.1 Change of Occupancy3.3.43 Change of Occupancy Classification1011.1.3 Change of Occupancy Classification Based on Hazard Category1001.2.2 Change of Occupancy Classification or Group1011.1.1.2 Change of Occupancy Classification With Separation1011.1.1.1 Change of Occupancy Classification Without Separation306.1 Change of Occupancy in Existing Higher Education Laboratories1002.3 Change of Occupancy in Health Care429.7 Change of Occupancy of Industrialized BuildingsSection 3408A Change of Occupancy or FunctionSection N1113 (R505) Change of Occupancy or Use1011.1.3 Change of Occupancy Requirements Based on Hazard Category102.2.1 Change of Occupancy to Group I-2 or I-3305.4.3 Change of Occupancy to Residential Occupancy1011.1.1.2 Change of Occupancy With Separation1011.1.1.1 Change of Occupancy Without Separation26.2.7* Change of Service66.21.8 Change of Stored Liquid2306.8.3 Change of System Contents5704.2.1 Change of Tank Contents3.3.44 Change of Use[A] 102.3 Change of Use or Occupancy43.7 Change of Use or Occupancy Classification102.4 Change of Use or Ocupancy16-305 Change Orders701.3.4 Change Point1910.141(e) Change Rooms1618.9 Change to Peer Reviewer1-421 Change Without Regulatory Effect60. Changes112.2 Changes, Application to the Board112.3 Changes, Application to the Residential Construction Advisory Committee112.2 Changes, Applications For112.1 Changes, Board of Building Standards103.4 Changes During Construction1111A.2 Changes Greater Than 1/2 Inch§27-869.02 Changes in Appliance Fuels102.6 Changes in Building Occupancy*§28-320.3.10 Changes in Building Status2113.6 Changes in DimensionSection P2907 Changes in Direction706.0 Changes in Direction of Drainage Flow2.3 Changes in Direction of Drainage Piping8. Changes in Electrical Wiring or Electrical Equipment1119A.5 Changes in Elevation1910.18 Changes in Established Federal Standards33.1.7 Changes in Facility Size33.1.8* Changes in Group Evacuation Capability103.2.8.1 Changes in Jurisdictional Authority303 Changes in Level7.1.7 Changes in Level in Means of Egress1111A.1 Changes in Level Not Exceeding 1/2 InchSection 1111A Changes in Level on Accessible Routes20.10 Changes in Levels1910.1001(d)(4) Changes in Monitoring Frequency113.7 Changes in Occupancy13.* Changes in Occupancy, Use, Process, or Materials§28- Changes in Scope of Work4.1.1.5 Changes in Space Conditioning1323.9 Changes in System Use§28- Changes in the Address, Block, Lot, or Zoning Lot4-215 Changes in the Approved Drawings and Specifications§2-01 Changes in Underground Storage Tank Number, Capacity or Location§ 23-27.3-120.4 Changes in Use and Occupancy1116.3 Changes in Use or Occupancy204.3.3 Changes in Work§28-118.3.2 Changes Inconsistent With Existing Certificate of OccupancyP3005.2.4 Changes of Direction106-33 Changes of Manufacturing or Commercial Use20. Changes of OccupancySection 111 Changes of Occupancy or Use19. Changes of Use or Occupancy Classification1905.3.5.1 Changes That Do Not Require Prior Approval of the Registered Design Professional of Record for the Structure1905.3.5.2 Changes That Require Prior Approval of the Registered Design Professional of Record for the StructureSection D103 Changes to BuildingsSection D103 Changes to Buildings and Structures37-62 Changes to Existing Publicly Accessible Open Areas§28-118.3.4 Changes to Exits1103.2 Changes to Hardscapes and Surface Vehicle ParkingH2.2 Changes to HMIS1112.5 Changes to ICC A117.1, Chapter 111112.2 Changes to ICC A117.1, Chapter 31112.3 Changes to ICC A117.1, Chapter 41112.4 Changes to ICC A117.1, Chapter Changes to Listed/Certified Components or Equipment2701.1.1 Changes to NFPA 707-153 Changes to the Approved WorkSection 112 Changes to the Code1301.1.1.1 Changes to the IECC2801.1.4 Changes to the IFGC2801.1.3 Changes to the IMC1301.1.1.1 Changes to the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)2901.1.1 Changes to the IPC3109.1.1 Changes to the ISPSC408.2.2 Changes to the Lists of Private First Responders1910.178(g) Changing and Charging Storage Batteries407.2 Changing and Shower Facilities3.1- Changing Areas1910.269(v)(2) Changing Brushes106.7.2 Changing Copy or Structural Change of Sign or Sign Structure1910.218(h)(5) Changing Dies53.3.1.4 Changing of Refrigerant Type1104.8 Changing RefrigerantsA5.106.4.3 Changing Rooms3.3.47 ChannelR607.5.2.2 Channel-Type Restraints14A-12-1210 Chapter 10(6) 122.6 Chapter 119. Hearings: Appointment and Powers of a Hearing Examiner and Rules of Practice(3) 122.3 Chapter 119. Hearings: Notice(4) 122.4 Chapter 119. Hearings: Request for a Hearing(7) 122.7 Chapter 119. Hearings: Subpoena Issuance and Enforcement14A-12-1203 Chapter 3401.3 Chapter 3 Compliance Required33.1.1.4* Chapter 32 Compliance14A-12-1204 Chapter 414A-12-1205 Chapter 51102.4 Chapter 5 Compliance14A-12-1206 Chapter 614A-12-1207 Chapter 714A-12-1208 Chapter 8Chapter G1 General ProvisionsChapter G2 DefinitionsChapter G3 Construction StandardsChapter G4 Referenced StandardsChapter G5 Modifications to Referenced Standards32.1.1.5 Chapter Sections§ 23-27.3-100.1.1 Chapter Title — Applicability18.9.4* Character and Symbol Requirements and Viewing Distance703.5.3.2 Character Contrast703.2.5 Character Height41.3 Character Proportion703.2.4 Character Proportions703.2.7 Character Spacing11B-703.8.5 Character Width(1) Characteristics*2.4-2.1.2 Characteristics and Criteria for Selecting Materials and Products*1.2-4.5.7 Characteristics and Criteria for Selection of Materials and Products for Architectural Details, Surfaces, and FurnishingsB.2.3 Characteristics of the Water Supply1910.1052(d)(1) Characterization of Employee Exposure707.7.2 Characters50.7.1.11 Charcoal and Wood Burning609. Charcoal Grease Filters706.33 Charge Control(C) Charge Controllers and DC-to-DC Converters106.6.8 Charge for Duplicate Permits52.3.3.6 Chargers119.8.3 Charges for Additional Hours406.9.1 Charging1207.10.1 Charging and Storage§27-840 Charging Chutes and Exhaust Flues§27-875 Charging Chutes for Refuse Reduction690.91 Charging Equipment§27-841 Charging Gates1910.111(b)(11) Charging of ContainersSection 906 Charging Stations1224. Charting Space1210.5.2 Chase ConstructionR606.8 Chases2104.1.4 Chases and Recesses2121.2.11 Chases, Recesses and Openings5.4.5.2 Chassis Construction1926.964(c)(10) Check Controls406.6.1 Check Gases1926.800(c) Check-in/Check-Out904.3 Check-Out Aisles904 Check-Out Aisles and Sales and Service Counters1324.5.2.4 Check Outlets and Inlets3.3.28 Check Valve606.8 Check Valve Required16.9.5* Check Valves904.3.3 Check Writing Surfaces1926.964(a)(2) Checking Structure Before ClimbingB 106.0 Checking the Draft904.4 Checkout Aisles1910.263(k)(3) Cheese, Fruit, and Food Cutters1910.1025(j)(4) Chelation453.20.4 Chemical and Hazardous Materials StorageH3.2.5 Chemical Capability and Separation1910.269(v)(7) Chemical Cleaning of Boilers and Pressure VesselsM2101.30 Chemical Compatibility608.14.8 Chemical Dispenser Backflow Devices608.17.7 Chemical Dispensers803.3.1 Chemical Drainage and Vent Pipe803.3.5 Chemical Drainage and Vent Pipe Cleanouts803.3.2 Chemical Drainage and Vent Pipe Fittings803.3.3 Chemical Drainage and Vent Pipe Installation803.3.4 Chemical Drainage and Vent Pipe Joints803.3.6 Chemical Drainage and Vent Pipe Sizing3.3.99.1 Chemical Energy Storage System(2) Chemical ExposureSection 3133B Chemical Feeders3.3.45 Chemical Fume Hood3803.1.2 Chemical Handling3.3.43 Chemical Heat of Combustion (Hc)1910.1450(e) Chemical Hygiene Plan -- General1202.2 Chemical Injection3.3.46 Chemical Name3.3.47 Chemical Plant1910.106(e)(3)(iii) Chemical Processes1910.261(g) Chemical Processes of Making PulpE103.1.1 Chemical Properties of the Material1910.120(q)(10) Chemical Protective Clothing454. Chemical QualitySection 21.1305 — Chemical Requirements CompositionSection 804 Chemical Restoration3803.1.1 Chemical Safety Reviews468.3.6.5 Chemical Storage324.8 Chemical Storage Space324.8.1 Chemical Storage Space DoorsR318.2 Chemical Termiticide Treatment1122.0 Chemical Treatment Systems811.6 Chemical Vent3.11 Chemical Waste Piping Systems702.6 Chemical Waste System803.3 Chemical Waste System Design901.3 Chemical Waste Vent System901.3 Chemical Waste Vent Systems1009.4 Chemical Wastes603.5.14.2 Chemicals608.6 Chemicals and Other Substances5604.13.1.5 Chemicals in the Form of Medicine6.2.9 Chemicals - Where Prohibited468.3.6.4 Chemistry Laboratories and Science Classrooms6.1.4 Chevron Bracing1910.181(a)(5) Chicago Boom Derrick1926.1436(c)(5) Chicago Boom Derricks14A-1-101.1.1 Chicago Construction Codes702.6.1 Chicago Fuel Gas Code14A-4-404.7.1 Chicago Landmarks1004. Chief's Approval Required453.21 Child Care/Day Care/Prekindergarten Facilities453.27.14 Child Care/Day Care Units(C) Child Care Facilities[BCD] 903.2.3.1 Child Care Facilities Within Dwellings308.5.2 Child Care Facility903.2.8.3 Child Care Organizations907.2.24 Child-Care Smoke Detectors(1) 121.1 Child Day-Care Centers and Type A Family Day-Care Homes308.5.2 Child Daycare Facility2.5-2.3 Child Psychiatric Patient Care Unit2.4-2.15 Child Psychiatric Unit73-25 Children's Amusement Parks30.20 Children's Controls and Receptacles30.19 Children's Dispensers30.15 Children's Grab Bars(b) 405. Children's Home or Orphanage30.18 Children's MirrorSection 424 Children's Play Structures402.12 Children's Playground Structures30.16 Children's Sink30.17 Children's Urinals106.5.18 Children's Use604. Children's Use Vertical Fixed Side Wall Grab Bars30.14 Children's Water Closets6.5.4.4 Chilled- And Hot-Water Temperature Reset Controls6.5.4.7 Chilled-Water Coil SelectionG3.1.3.8 Chilled-Water Design Supply Temperature (Systems 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13)G3.1.3.8 Chilled-Water Design Supply Temperature (Systems 7, 8, and 11) Chilled-Water Plant MonitoringG3.1.3.10 Chilled-Water Pumps (Systems 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13)G3.1.3.10 Chilled-Water Pumps (Systems 7, 8, and 11)G3.1.3.9 Chilled-Water Supply Temperature Reset (Systems 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13)G3.1.3.9 Chilled-Water Supply Temperature Reset (Systems 7, 8, and 11)1217.3 Chilled Water Systems6.5.4.3 Chiller and Boiler IsolationA5. Chiller IsolationC403.3.2.1 Chillers2113.1.1 Chimney Adequacy for Temperature and Gas ActionSection M1803 Chimney and Vent ConnectorsG2428.3.16 (504.3.20) Chimney and Vent LocationG2428.2.9 (504.2.9) Chimney and Vent Locations107.18.1 Chimney and Vent Plan2113.9.1 Chimney Caps604.4.1 Chimney Clearance2113.19 Chimney Clearances§27-871 Chimney Connection§27-872 Chimney Connector Clearances§27-870 Chimney Connector Construction308.4.2.3 Chimney Connector Pass-ThroughsArticle 3 Chimney Connectors§27-863 Chimney Construction for Low, Medium, and High Temperature EquipmentR1003.20 Chimney CricketsSection G2453 (634) Chimney Damper Opening AreaG2425.9 (501.9) Chimney Entrance2113.1.3 Chimney Expansion and Contraction2113.20 Chimney Fireblocking509.5.4.2 Chimney Height§27-859 Chimney Heights and Locations603.6 Chimney Installation§27-863.01 Chimney Limitations and TestsG2427.5.5.1 (503.5.6.1) Chimney Lining2113.1.2 Chimney Linings509.5.7 Chimney Serving Appliances Burning Other Fuels809.1 Chimney SupportSection 809 Chimney Supported From Equipment§27-864 Chimney SupportsG2427.5.3 (503.5.4) Chimney Termination3306.9.14 Chimneys605.2.1 Chimneys and Appliances§230 Chimneys and Fireplaces17. Chimneys and Flues304.11 Chimneys and Towers1705.32 Chimneys and Vents§27-876 Chimneys for Building Service Incinerators§27-877 Chimneys for Industrial or Municipal Incinerator Plants§27-882 Chimneys for Venting Gas-Fired Equipment1001.6 Chimneys or VentsG2427.5.6 (503.5.7) Chimneys Serving Appliances Burning Other Fuels503.5.7 Chimneys Serving Equipment Burning Other Fuels3.3.48* Chip1910.261(g)(8) Chip and Sawdust Bins1910.265(b)(10) Chipper1910.261(e)(18) Chipper Spout1910.265(c)(21) Chippers1910.266(h)(4) Chipping (In-Woods Locations)P2709.2.2 Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) Sheets605.15 Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride/Aluminum/Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC/AL/CPVC) Pipe and Tubing1211.2 Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) Pipe43.1.8.10* Chlorinated Solvents3134B.3.3 Chlorine Feeding Device1910.269(v)(8) Chlorine Systems5.508.1.1 Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)5706. Chock Blocks1910.265(b)(11) Chock (Bunk Block) (Cheese Block)1910.265(f)(7) Chocks1910.263(k)(13) Chocolate Melting, Refining, and Mixing KettlesA5.406.1 Choice of Materials7.2.6 Chord Continuity[BS] A111.4.3 Chords806.1.5 Christmas Tree Sales806.1.4.1 Christmas Trees806.1.4 Christmas Trees and Decorations1910.1026 Chromium (VI)1226.9 Chronic Dialysis Clinics105.6.10 Church713.13.3 Chute Access Rooms26. Chute Automatic Sprinklers3303.5.5.2 Chute Construction3303.5.5.3 Chute Construction Where the Chute Is Over 75 Feet in Height, or Utilized in Group I Occupancy1103.4.9.5 Chute Discharge Protection713.13.4 Chute Discharge Room1103.4.9.4 Chute Discharge Rooms1103. Chute Intake Direct From Corridor716.2.6.3 Chute Intake Door Latching1103. Chute Intake via a Chute-Intake Room1103.4.9.2 Chute Intakes26. Chute Room Automatic Sprinklers26. Chute Sprinkler Protection713.13.7 Chute Venting and Roof Termination3303.5.5 Chutes(C) Cinder Fill(C) Cinders3.3.48 Circuit(A) Circuit and Equipment12.13 Circuit and Loop Venting(2) Circuit Breaker(B) Circuit Breaker as Overcurrent Device(B) Circuit Breaker Frames10.6.5.4 Circuit Breaker Lock490.46 Circuit Breaker Locking(A) Circuit Breakers404.11 Circuit Breakers as Switches490.45 Circuit Breakers — Interlocks555.32 Circuit Breakers, Switches, Panelboards, and Marina Power Outlets555.11 Circuit Breakers, Switches, Panelboards, and Marine Power Outlets(2) Circuit Characteristics110.36 Circuit Conductors27.7.1.1 Circuit Conductors and Fiber-Optic Strands27.7.1.1 Circuit Conductors and Optical Fibers(B) Circuit Connections23.4.2 Circuit Designations(A) Circuit Directory or Circuit Identification11. Circuit Disconnecting Means Marking514.11 Circuit Disconnects10.6.5.2 Circuit Identification and Accessibility1910.303(b)(5) Circuit Impedance and Other Characteristics110.10 Circuit Impedance, Short-Circuit Current Ratings, and Other Characteristics(B) Circuit Integrity (CI) Cable(F) Circuit Integrity (CI) Cable or Electrical Circuit Protective System(1) Circuit Integrity (CI) Cables3.3.49 Circuit Interface490.21 Circuit-Interrupting Devices520.41 Circuit Loads760.124 Circuit Marking(D) Circuit ProtectionPart II Circuit Requirements690.8 Circuit Sizing and Current(B) Circuit TransferH Circuit VentP3110.1 Circuit Vent Permitted911.2 Circuit Vent Size and ConnectionDD Circuit Vented FixturesSection P3110 Circuit VentingPart II Circuit WiringPart II Circuit Wiring and Equipment(A) Circuits and EquipmentArticle 720 Circuits and Equipment Operating at Less Than 50 Volts(2) Circuits Connected to the Input of Electronic Power Converters(A) Circuits Containing Power Conversion Equipment210.9 Circuits Derived From Autotransformers1926.408(c)(2)(i) Circuits Exposed to Power Conductors725.52 Circuits Extending Beyond One Building23.8.6.4 Circuits for Addressable Notification Appliances700.18 Circuits for Emergency Power14.4.7 Circuits From Central Station14.4.7 Circuits From Central Station. (SIG-SSs)(F) Circuits in Anesthetizing Locations250.22 Circuits Not to Be Grounded(A) Circuits of 120 Volts or 120/240 Volts(C) Circuits of 50 Volts or More(B) Circuits of Less Than 50 Volts(C) Circuits Over 150 Volts to Ground(A) Circuits Rated 20 Amperes or Less(B) Circuits Rated Greater Than 20 Amperes805.50 Circuits Requiring Primary Protectors[F] 913.2.2 Circuits Supplying Fire Pumps(1) Circuits Supplying Portable Equipment or Pendants(B) Circuits Supplying Two or More Loads(2) Circuits Where Overcurrent Protection Is Required on One End(1) Circuits Where Overcurrent Protection Not Required(2) Circuits With Direct-Current Diversion Charge Controller and Diversion Load(2) Circuits With Diversion Charge Controller and Diversion Load609.2.1 Circular Cross Section1910.265(d)(3)(vii) Circular Cutoff Saws1910.265(e)(3)(ii) Circular Gang Resaws24.10 Circular Ramps1910.213(e) Circular Resaws304.3.1 Circular Space1009.7 Circular StairwaysB Circular Wash Sinks911.4 Circulating Air509.3.5 Circulating Air Ducts, Above-Ceiling Air-Handling Spaces, and Furnace Plenums503.3.5 Circulating Air Ducts and Furnace PlenumsG2442.4 (618.4) Circulating Air Ducts for Forced-Air Warm- Air Furnaces3.4.2 Circulating Closed-Loop Sprinkler System30.3.4 Circulating Closed Loop SystemsN1103.4 Circulating Hot Water SystemsN1103.4.1 (R403.4.1) Circulating Hot Water Systems (Mandatory) Circulating Pump ControlsF 105.2 Circulating Pumps1225.6.1.2 Circulation(2) Circulation and Sanitation System, Location701.3 Circulation of Air1105.5 Circulation Path11B-250 Circulation Paths1104.3.1 Circulation Paths Within Employee Work AreasSection 704 Circulation SystemN1103.5.1.1 (R403.5.1.1) Circulation Systems607.2.1 Circulation Systems and Heat Trace Systems for Maintaining Heated Water Temperature in Distribution Systems1208.0 Circulators1208.0 Circulators and PumpsR602.12.1 Circumscribed Rectangle(b) 109.3.2 Citation Requirements[A] 110.4.4 Citations(3) 109.3 Citations and Notices of Hearing§28-104.7.5 Citations to Code Sections Required322.2.1.2 City Abatement of NuisanceSection 204 City and County GovernmentArticle 5 City, County, and City and County Building Permit Fees1.1.8 City, County, or City and County Amendments, Additions or Deletions§28-104.7.6 City Datum14A-4-409.2 City Debt§27-3007 City Departments14A-4-412.6.1 City Digital Signs§1-08 City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR)Section 919 City Fire Alarm Box101.1.2 City of New York428.2 City, State and Federal RegulationsP-804.2 City to non-City506.2 Citywide-Standard Keys§28-205.1 Civil Judicial EnforcementArticle 205 Civil Judicial Proceedings§28-202.1 Civil Penalties(4) 109.4 Civil Penalties for Violations of the Ohio Fire Code§28-502.6.4 Civil Penalty*§28-320.6.2 Civil Penalty for Failure to File Report109.2.4 Civil Penalty for Use of Fireworks Without a Permit10.1.2 Cladding and Veneer[BS] 2603.12 Cladding Attachment Over Foam Sheathing to Cold-Formed Steel Framing[BS] 2603.11 Cladding Attachment Over Foam Sheathing to Masonry or Concrete Wall Construction[BS] 2603.13 Cladding Attachment Over Foam Sheathing to Wood Framing10.1.2.4 Cladding Panel Condition10.1.2.3 Cladding Panel Connections10.1.2.2 Cladding Panels in Moment Frame Buildings§28-419.3.3 Claimant6. Clamp Bolts(2) Clamp Fill6. Clamps(1) Class3.3.208.1 Class 16303.1.4 Class 1, 2 and 3 Oxidizer Storage Configuration403.9.1 Class 1 Air2.8- Class 1 and 2 Units6704.2.4.1 Class 1 and Class 2 Piles725.41 Class 1 Circuit Classifications and Power Source Requirements725.49 Class 1 Circuit Conductors(C) Class 1 Circuit Conductors in Cable Trays725.45 Class 1 Circuit Overcurrent Device Location725.43 Class 1 Circuit Overcurrent Protection725.46 Class 1 Circuit Wiring MethodsPart II Class 1 Circuits(B) Class 1 Circuits With Power-Supply Circuits725.30 Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Circuit Identification725.35 Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Circuit Requirements(D) Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 CircuitsArticle 725 Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Remote-Control, Signaling, and Power-Limited CircuitsSection 504 Class 1 Ignition-Resistant Construction2.8- Class 1 Medical Units(1) Class 1 or Non—Power-Limited Fire Alarm Circuits6303.1.4 Class 1 Oxidizer Storage Configuration(A) Class 1 Power-Limited Circuits(B) Class 1 Remote-Control and Signaling Circuits(1) Class 1 Transformers2.8- Class 1 Units(A) Class 1 Wiring Methods and Materials(A) Class 1 With NPLFA Circuits4704.6.1 Class 1A Liquids(C) Class 2403.9.2 Class 2 Air(A) Class 2 and Class 3 Cable Substitutions(G) Class 2 and Class 3 Cable Voltage and Temperature Ratings(G) Class 2 and Class 3 Cable Voltage RatingsPart III Class 2 and Class 3 CircuitsPart III Class 2 and Class 3 Circuits(D) Class 2 and Class 3 Circuits With Communications Circuits(B) Class 2 and Class 3 Wiring MethodsE4304.4 Class 2 Cables With Other Circuit Cables(2) Class 2 Circuit Cables(C) Class 2 Circuits With Class 3 CircuitsE4304.3 Class 2 Circuits With Communications Circuits(B) Class 2 Circuits With PLFA Circuits(B) Class 2, Class 3, PLTC Circuit Integrity (CI) Cable or Electrical Circuit Protective System6704.2.3 Class 2 Distance to ExposuresSection 505 Class 2 Ignition-Resistant Construction2.8- Class 2 Medical Units(E) Class 2 or Class 3 Cables With Other Circuit Cables(F) Class 2 or Class 3 Conductors or Cables and Audio System Circuits6304.1.7.2 Class 2 Oxidizers600.24 Class 2 Power Sources600.33 Class 2 Sign Illumination Systems, Secondary Wiring6704.1.5.1 Class 2 Storage in Basements or Other Areas Below Grade2.8- Class 2 Units3.3.208.3 Class 3403.9.3 Class 3 Air6304.1.7.3 Class 3 and 4 Oxidizers6704.2.2 Class 3 Distance to ExposuresSection 506 Class 3 Ignition-Resistant Construction6303.1.5 Class 3 Liquid and Solid Oxidizers2.8- Class 3 Medical Units22. Class 3 Oxidizers Greater Than or Equal to 2300 LB (1043 kg) Class 3 Oxidizers Greater Than or Equal to 2700 LB (1225 kg) Class 3 Oxidizers Less Than 2300 LB (1043 kg) Class 3 Oxidizers Less Than 2700 LB (1225 kg)(H) Class 3 Single Conductors6704.1.5.2 Class 3 Storage in Basements or Other Areas Below Grade2.8- Class 3 Units3.3.208.4 Class 4403.9.4 Class 4 Air6303.1.1.1 Class 4 Liquid and Solid Oxidizers12.3.1* Class A8104.1.1 Class A-1 Supervised Living Facilities8104.1.2 Class A-2 Supervised Living Facilities12.3.8* Class A and Class X Pathway Separation1224. Class A Chamber (Multi-Place Facilities)12.3.8* Class A, Class N, and Class X Pathway Separation1910.109(a)(3)(i) Class A Explosives1910.155(c)(8) Class A Fire[F] 906.3.1 Class A Fire Hazards3.3.122.1 Class A Fires2. Class A: General Freight Loading10. Class A Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish§28-405.3.1 Class A License453.12.1 Class A Materials3. Class A Mercantile Occupancy401.4.1 Class A Pool Tolerances[BF] 1505.2 Class A Roof Assemblies12.3.2 Class B8104.1.3 Class B-1 Supervised Living Facilities8104.1.4 Class B-2 Supervised Living Facilities8104.1.5 Class B-3 Supervised Living Facilities1224. Class B Chamber (Mono-Place Facilities)1910.109(a)(3)(ii) Class B Explosives1910.155(c)(9) Class B Fire[F] 906.3.2 Class B Fire Hazards3.3.122.2 Class B Fires10. Class B Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish*§28-405.3.2 Class B License3. Class B Mercantile Occupancy2. Class B: Motor Vehicle Loading[BF] 1505.3 Class B Roof Assemblies12.3.3* Class C1910.109(a)(3)(iii) Class C Explosives1910.155(c)(10) Class C Fire[F] 906.3.3 Class C Fire Hazards3.3.122.3 Class C Fires10. Class C Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish§28-405.3.3 Class C License3. Class C Mercantile Occupancy[BF] 1505.4 Class C Roof Assemblies12.3.4* Class D603.2 Class D-2 Pools604.3.1 Class D-5 Pool Skimmers606.1 Class D-6 Depth13. Class D Combustible Metal Fires1910.155(c)(11) Class D Fire[F] 906.3.4 Class D Fire Hazards3.3.122.4 Class D Fires12.3.5* Class E20.4.1* Class I3306.2 Class I and Class II Liquids1926.1101(f)(3)(i) Class I and II Operations1404.3.1 Class I and II Vapor Retarders1926.1101(h)(1)(i)3203.2 Class I Commodities(B) Class I, Division 2(A) Class I, Division 1(4) Class I, Division 1 Boundary(C) Class I, Division 1; Class I, Zone 1; Class II, Division 1; or Zone 21 Locations43.* Class I, Division 1 Locations(B) Class I, Division 1 or Class I, Zone 0 Locations(B) Class I, Division 2(2) Class I, Division 2 Boundary(D) Class I, Division 2; Class I, Zone 2; Class II, Division 2; or Zone 22 Locations[F] 412.5.8.2 Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations43.* Class I, Division 2 Locations[F] 412.5.8.1 Class I, Division I Hazardous Locations(C) Class I, Divisions 1 and 2P104.12.1 Class I (Dry) Standpipes(A) Class I Group Classifications5705.2.4 Class I, II and III Liquids42. Class I, II, and IIIA Liquids in Tanks Exceeding 120 Gal (454 L) Capacity42. Class I, II, and IIIA Liquids in Tanks Not Exceeding 120 Gal (454 L) Capacity and in Containers5106.5.7 Class I, II, III, IV and Plastic Commodities452.1.6 Class I, II or III-A Flammable Liquids2310.2.1 Class I, II or IIIA Liquid Storage10. Class I Interior Floor Finish2310.4.1 Class I Liquid Fuels66.4.1.1 Class I Liquids2403.3.5 Class I Liquids as SolventsArticle 501 Class I Locations5705.6 Class I or II Liquids at Point of Use3. Class I Organic Peroxide(2) 6303.2 Class I Oxidizer Storage Configuration1926.1101(g)(4) Class I Requirements2106.2 Class I Solvents1910.155(c)(39)(i) Class I Standpipe System(D) Class I Temperature(1) Class I, Zone 0(B) Class I, Zone 0, 1, and 2 Locations43.* Class I, Zone 0 Locations(B) Class I, Zone 1(4) Class I, Zone 1 Boundary43.* Class I, Zone 1 Locations(C) Class I, Zone Class I, Zone 2 Locations(D) Class I, Zones 0, 1, and 24704.7.1 Class IA in Dwellings4704.6.2 Class IB, IC or II Liquids20.4.2* Class II2403.3.6 Class II and Class III Liquids66.23.3.1 Class II and Class III Liquids at Elevated Temperatures2403.3.6 Class II and III Liquids2106.3 Class II and III Solvents(B) Class II Combustible Dust Group Classifications3203.3 Class II Commodities(A) Class II, Division* Class II, Division 1 Locations(B) Class II, Division* Class II, Division 2 Locations(B) Class II Group Classifications10. Class II Interior Floor Finish66.4.1.2 Class II LiquidsArticle 502 Class II Locations4704.6.5.1 Class II or Class III Liquids2310.4.2 Class II or III Liquid Fuels2106.3 Class II or III Solvents2310.2.2 Class II or IIIA Liquid Storage and Dispensing3. Class II Organic Peroxide1910.155(c)(39)(ii) Class II Standpipe System905.5.3 Class II System[F] 905.5.3 Class II System 1-Inch Hose(2) Class II TemperatureP104.12.2 Class II (Wet) Standpipes3. Class IIA Organic Peroxide3. Class IIB Organic Peroxide20.4.3* Class IIIP104.12.3 Class III (Combination) Standpipes(C) Class III Combustible Fibers/Flyings3203.4 Class III Commodities(1) Class III, Division 1(B) Class III, Division 2(D) Class III Ignitible Fibers/Flyings66.4.1.3 Class III LiquidsArticle 503 Class III Locations3. Class III Organic Peroxide1910.155(c)(39)(iii) Class III Standpipe System(3) Class III Temperature1404.3.2 Class III Vapor Retarders42. Class IIIB Liquids20.4.4* Class IV1926.1101(g)(10) Class IV Asbestos Work3203.5 Class IV Commodities3. Class IV Organic Peroxide13.* Class K Cooking Media Fires3.3.122.5 Class K Fires(a) 320.3.1 Class K Portable Fire Extinguishers906.4.2 Class K Portable Fire Extinguishers for Deep Fat Fryers12.3.6 Class N23.6.2* Class N Devices23.6.3 Class N Shared Pathways60. Class V3. Class V Organic Peroxide12.3.7 Class X3304.3.1.2 Classes of High Explosives Magazines2.16.2.2 Classes of Loading and Design Requirements804.2 Classification§27-971 Classification and General Requirements of Fire Alarm SystemsClassification as Determined by Test308.5.1 Classification as Group E308.5.1 Classification as Group E-2803.1.1 Classification in Accordance With ASTM E 84(a) 803.1.1 Classification in Accordance With ASTM E 84 as Listed in Rule 1301:7-7-47 of the Administrative Code803.1.1 Classification in Accordance With ASTM E84(a) 803.1.1 Classification in Accordance With ASTM E84 as Listed in Rule 1301:7-7-80 of the Administrative Code803.1.2 Classification in Accordance With NFPA 286(b) 803.1.2 Classification in Accordance With NFPA 286 as Listed in Rule 1301:7-7-47 of the Administrative Code(b) 803.1.2 Classification in Accordance With NFPA 286 as Listed in Rule 1301:7-7-80 of the Administrative Code5103.1 Classification Levels8102.1 Classification of Adult Day Care CentersSection 5103 Classification of Aerosol Products61.1.3 Classification of Aerosol Products in Metal Containers of Not More Than 33.8 fl oz (1000 ml) and in Plastic or Glass Containers of Not More Than 4 fl oz (118 ml)61.1.4 Classification of Aerosol Products in Plastic Containers Greater Than 4 fl oz (118 ml) and Less Than 33.8 OZ (1000 ml)61.1.4 Classification of Aerosol Products in Plastic Containers Larger Than 4 fl oz (118 ml) and Smaller Than 33.8 OZ (1000 ml)R905.2.6.1 Classification of Asphalt Shingles§27-239 Classification of Buildings§27-270 Classification of Buildings and Spaces§27-857 Classification of Chimneys(2) Classification of Class I, Division 1 and 2 Areas20.3* Classification of Commodities2103.2 Classification of Dry Cleaning Plants and Systems2103.2 Classification of Dry Cleaning Systems and Facilities[BG] 305.2.1 Classification of Event Magnitude1029.19.1 Classification of Exit Access Doorways and Exits1028.17.1 Classification of Exit Openings13.6.2.2 Classification of Fires803.1.1.1 Classification of Flame Spread Indices4.3* Classification of Hazard6.2.2 Classification of Hazard of Contents13.6.2.4 Classification of Hazards60.3.1 Classification of High-Hazard Contents66.4 Classification of Liquids514.3 Classification of Locations1804.2.1 Classification of Materials60.3 Classification of Materials, Wastes, and Hazard of Contents5.1* Classification of Occupancies66.9.8 Classification of Occupancies That Exceed the MAQs of Liquids Per Control Area66.9.7 Classification of Occupancies That Exceed the Maximum Allowable Quantities of Ignitible (Flammable or Combustible) Liquids Per Control Area6.1 Classification of Occupancy1926.57(i)(2) Classification of Open-Surface Tank OperationsE102.1.8.1 Classification of Organic Peroxides According to Hazard3203.7 Classification of Plastics20.4.5* Classification of Plastics, Elastomers, and Rubber24.5.2 Classification of Prestressed Flexural Members63.2.3.2 Classification of Protection Levels1103.1 Classification of Refrigerants1103.2 Classification of Refrigeration Systems43.1.1 Classification of Rehabilitation Work Categories8103.1 Classification of Residential Hospice Facilities20.4.10* Classification of Rolled Paper Storage1910.2 Classification of Shear Walls1910.145(c) Classification of Signs According to Use1114.2.1 Classification of Soil Based on Borings and Test Pits§27-675 Classification of Soil Materials§27-238 Classification of Spaces§51-01 Classification of Student Dormitory8104.1 Classification of Supervised Living Facilities62-21 Classification of Uses in the Waterfront Area§28-201.2 Classification of ViolationsC402.2.2 Classification of Walls60.3.4 Classification of Waste§27-961 Classification of Water Supplies63. Classification of Weather Protection as an Indoor Versus an Outdoor AreaAJ101.2 Classification of Work*§28-105.2 Classification of Work Permits66.4.1 Classification Scheme(2) Classification Systems§27-271 Classification Table§27-241 Classification Tables17.7.5.1* Classifications500.5 Classifications of Locations5303.16.14 Classified Area(1) Classified as Communications Circuits2203.4.1 Classified Electrical2311.8.10 Classified Electrical Area515.3 Classified Locations5703.1.2 Classified Locations for Combustible Liquids5703.1.1 Classified Locations for Flammable Liquids3203.9.1 Classifying Mixed Commodities With Limited Group A Plastics13. Classifying Occupancy Hazard4702.4 Classroom Aisles and Seats2.6- Classroom/Dining Room Requirements15.* Classroom Door Locking to Prevent Unwanted Entry453.27.8.1 Classroom Locksets6203.1.1.4 Classrooms453.18.1.3 Classrooms and Labs1523.6.5.2 Clay and Cement Roof Tiles1518.8 Clay and Concrete Roof TileSection P-407 Clay and Concrete Sewer Pipe Joints1507.3 Clay and Concrete Tile722.4 Clay Brick and Tile Masonry803.1.11.1 Clay Flue Lining2113.12 Clay Flue Lining (Installation)AS104.4.7 Clay-Lime Plaster2105. Clay Masonry1513.4 Clay or Concrete Tiles2103.2 Clay or Shale Masonry Units4.2.11.4 Clay Pipe2109. Clay PlasterAR103.3.3 Clay SlipAR103.3.2 Clay Soil2109. Clay Subsoil Requirements1507.3.4 Clay Tile[F] 904.10 Clean-Agent Systems1910.94(a)(1)(vi) Clean Air1926.12(b)(37) Clean Air and Solid Waste Disposal Acts (42 U.S.C. 3256)2.12- Clean and Soiled Linen Storage1224.30.3.6 Clean and Soiled Workrooms469. Clean/Assembly Workroom1926.1101(j)(1)(i)(C) Clean Change Room2.2- Clean Equipment and Supply Storage457.1.4.16 Clean Laundry Room1225. Clean Linen Room1224.14.2.9 Clean Linen Storage2.4- Clean Linen Storage Area2.1- Clean Linen Storage Room469. Clean/Sterile Supplies2.4- Clean Storage1224. Clean Supply Room2.2- Clean Supply Room(s)250.12 Clean Surfaces1226.11.2.6 Clean-Up Room1225. Clean Utility1224.15.3.8 Clean Utility Room1228.4.4.6 Clean Utility/Work Room1224.14.2.6 Clean Utility/Workroom1226. Clean Work Area2.1- Clean Workroom2.1-3.8.11 Clean Workroom or Clean Supply Room2.4-2.8.11 Clean Workroom or Clean Work Area2.2- Clean Workroom or Supply Room*2.2-3.8.11 Clean Workroom or Work Area or Clean Supply Room or Area3.3.50 Clean Zone704.7.1 Cleanable Strainer3307.6.5.5 Cleaning[M] 614.3 Cleaning Access1910.134(h)(1) Cleaning and Disinfecting507.8 Cleaning and Grease Gutters609.5.3 Cleaning and Other Maintenance3306.1.1 Cleaning and Purging of Flammable Gas Piping Systems63.10.2 Cleaning and Purging of Gas Piping SystemsG.7 Cleaning and Purging Procedures1910.1001(h)(3) Cleaning and Replacement514.4.6 Cleaning Chemicals1910.252(c)(11) Cleaning Compounds1224. Cleaning Equipment and Supplies Storage1910.1018(k)(2) Cleaning Floors1311.0 Cleaning for Medical Gas Piping Systems40.3.2.1 Cleaning Frequency1910.1030(d)(3)(iv) Cleaning, Laundering, and DisposalP-808.3 Cleaning, Lining, Painting or Repairing Potable Water Supply Tanks[F] 502.9.5.3 Cleaning Machines1910.1026(j)(2) Cleaning Maethods3.3.49* Cleaning Media514.4.1.3 Cleaning Method40.3.2.2 Cleaning Methods3303.4.4.2 Cleaning Near Unenclosed Perimeters8.6.11.4 Cleaning of a Car and Hoistway Transparent Enclosure609.3.1 Cleaning of Commercial Cooking Exhaust System50.6.6 Cleaning of Exhaust Systems609.5.3.2 Cleaning of Grease Filters and Other Grease Removal Devices1910.107(f)(3) Cleaning of Heads8.6.4.7 Cleaning of Hoistways and Pits§27-2012 Cleaning of Interior of Dwelling Units§27-2011 Cleaning of Interior Shared Space2311.2.1 Cleaning of Parts§27-2010 Cleaning of Roofs, Yards, Courts and Other Open Spaces5706.7.2 Cleaning of Tanks8.6.4.9 Cleaning of the Tops of Cars8.6.4.9 Cleaning of Top of Cars43.1.8.7 Cleaning Operations606.5.4.3 Cleaning or Painting2004.3 Cleaning Parts1910.265(c)(26)(x) Cleaning Pits1321.8 Cleaning Procedures1910.1027(i)(3) Cleaning, Replacement, and Disposal1910.261(l)(1) Cleaning Rolls516.6.2 Cleaning Schedule2403.3.5.3 Cleaning Solvents1224.20.2.4 Cleaning Supplies Storage454. Cleaning SystemSection 3140B Cleaning Systems5705.3.6 Cleaning With Flammable and Combustible Liquids3307.2 Cleaning With Flammable Gas[P] 1201.3.3 CleanlinessG2425.15.3 (501.15.3) CleanoutP3005.2.10 Cleanout AccessH Cleanout Clearance5.4.11 Cleanout ClearancesP3005.2.10.1 Cleanout Equivalent1910.262(d)(2) Cleanout HolesR606.13.7 Cleanout OpeningsP3005.2.10.2 Cleanout Plug Trim CoversP3005.2.6 Cleanout Plugs3.3.2 Cleanout Plugs and CapsP3005.2.5 Cleanout Size5.4.1 Cleanout Spacing§27-845 Cleanouts§27-858 Cleanouts and Maintenance5.4.4 Cleanouts for Concealed Piping5.4 Cleanouts for Drain Piping5.4.14 Cleanouts for Floor Drains703.5 Cleanouts on Building Drains703.5 Cleanouts on Building SewersP3005.2 Cleanouts Required506.3.8.2 Cleanouts Serving In-Line Fans5.4.12 Cleanouts to Be Kept Uncovered3.3.51 Cleanroom2.4- Cleansing Agent1224.34.2.2 Cleanup1226.8.2.13 Cleanup Room1009.2.3 Clear Deck Space702.2.5 Clear Distance1817.7.1.2 Clear Distance Between Open PitsC402.6.1 Clear Field Thermal Bridges3.* Clear Floor Area305 Clear Floor or Ground Space1138A.1.4 Clear Floor or Ground Space for Wheelchairs606.2 Clear Floor SpaceFigure 11A-9E Clear Floor Space at Bathtubs1011.2 Clear Ground Space406.2.2 Clear Height1910.68(b)(6)(ii) Clear Landing Space5704.3.3.3 Clear Means of Egress404.3.1 Clear Opening Width3.3.52 Clear Space[F] 912.4.2 Clear Space Around Connections18.5.7 Clear Space Around Hydrants11B-406.5.9 Clear Space at Diagonal Curb Ramps(B) Clear Spaces5.4.1* Clear Statement1926.965(c)(2) Clear the Area of Employees1017.3 Clear Tread Width1926.959(b)(2) Clear View302.5 Clear Water1104.4 Clear Water Drains709.4.1 Clear-Water Waste Receptors812.0 Clear Water Wastes404.2.3 Clear Width403.5.2 Clear Width at 180-Degree Turn403.5.2 Clear Width at Turn1028.10 Clear Width of Aisle Accessways Serving Seating1030.13.2 Clear Width of Aisle Accessways Serving Seating in Rows305.2.9 Clear Zone604.3 ClearanceF 601.2 Clearance and Access410.116 Clearance and Installation1926.154(b) Clearance and Mounting3.18.3.3 Clearance at Bottom of Cylinder3.18.3.3 Clearance at the Bottom of the Cylinder2.5.1.6 Clearance Between Car Platform Apron and Pit Enclosure507.4.8 Clearance Between Duct and Interior Surfaces5. Clearance Between Hoistway Doors and Car Doors or Gates5. Clearance Between Hoistway Doors and Landing Sills5. Clearance Between Hoistway Doors or Gates and Landing Sills and Car Doors and Gates5.4.2.4 Clearance Between Landing Doors or Gates and Landing Sills and Car Doors or Gates2.5.1.5 Clearance Between Loading Side of Car Platforms and Hoistway Enclosures1910.179(b)(7) Clearance Between Parallel Cranes8. Clearance Between Step and Skirt (Loaded Gap) Clearance Between Steps1110. Clearance Depth307.5.3 Clearance Distances1010.0 Clearance for Access490.34 Clearance for Cable Conductors Entering Enclosure408.5 Clearance for Conductor Entering Bus Enclosures806.4.7 Clearance for Equipment918.1 Clearance for Listed Appliances551.79 Clearance for Overhead Conductors225.18 Clearance for Overhead Conductors and CablesG2409.4.5 (308.4.3) Clearance for Servicing Appliances308.4.4 Clearance for Servicing Equipment918.2 Clearance for Unlisted Appliances(C) Clearance From Building OpeningsP-1005.6 Clearance From Buildings321.4.5 Clearance From Buildings, Building Exits, and Building Exit Discharges to the Public Way920.3.1 Clearance From Combustible Material611.3 Clearance From Combustible MaterialsM2101.27 Clearance From Combustibles63.* Clearance From Combustibles and Vegetation(E) Clearance From Communication Wires and Cables20.6.6 Clearance From Deflector to Storage315.3.8 Clearance From Exposures321.4.2 Clearance From Fire Apparatus Access Roads1910.68(b)(11)(i) Clearance From Floor321.4.4 Clearance From Fuel Dispensers(B) Clearance From Ground38. Clearance From Ignition SourcesR606.13.4 Clearance From Masonry1910.179(b)(6) Clearance From Obstruction810.70 Clearance From Other Conductors424.39 Clearance From Other Objects and Openings(C) Clearance From Piping, Exposed Conductors, and So Forth321.4.3 Clearance From Property Lines Upon Which Buildings May Be BuiltG2409.3.4 (308.3.4) Clearance From Supply Ducts(D) Clearance From Swimming Pools(1) Clearance From Windows506.10.4 Clearance Increases507.4.3 Clearance Integrity1910.176(e) Clearance Limits(E) Clearance of Bare Live Parts17.3.5 Clearance of Brush and Vegetative Growth404.10.2 Clearance of FuelSection 319 Clearance of Vegetation From Structures4908.7 Clearance of Vegetative Growth From Electrical Transmission Lines810.54 Clearance on Building507.4.6.3 Clearance Options1926.404(c)(1)(iv) Clearance Over Roofs1110. Clearance Overlap306.3.4 Clearance Reduction506.11 Clearance Reduction Methods5608.4 Clearance RequirementsSection 3013 Clearance Requirements Between Elevator Doors for Elevators Inside a Private Residence605. Clearance to Buildings3.3.29 Clearance to CeilingG2452.3 (631.3) Clearance to Combustible Material605. Clearance to Combustible Materials6107.3 Clearance to Combustibles1207.9.3 Clearance to ExposuresAS107.3 Clearance to Fireplaces and Chimneys17.4.3.3 Clearance to Hangers2810.7 Clearance to Important Buildings(B) Clearance to Portable Structures2810.6 Clearance to Property Line13.2.9 Clearance to Storage (CMSA Sprinklers)14.2.12 Clearance to Storage (Early Suppression Fast-Response Sprinklers)11.3.7 Clearance to Storage (Extended Coverage Sidewall Spray Sprinklers)11.2.6* Clearance to Storage (Extended Coverage Upright and Pendent Spray Sprinklers)10.2.8 Clearance to Storage (Standard Pendent and Upright Spray Sprinklers)10.3.7* Clearance to Storage (Standard Sidewall Spray Sprinklers)1110. Clearance Width506.7.5 Clearance With Wall Protector/Surface603.2 Clearances3.4.8 Clearances Above Hydraulic Jack Projecting Above the Car38.3 Clearances and Reach Range2.5.1 Clearances Between Cars, Counterweights, and Hoistway Enclosures902.2.5 Clearances for a Fire Alarm Control Unit5.1.5 Clearances for Cars and CounterweightsG2409.3 (308.3) Clearances for Indoor Air-Conditioning Appliances308.3 Clearances for Indoor Air-Conditioning Equipment627.4 Clearances for Indoor Installation924.1 Clearances for Listed Appliances502.5 Clearances for Maintenance and Replacement507.2.6 Clearances for Type I Hood924.2 Clearances for Unlisted Appliances225.19 Clearances From Buildings for Conductors of Not Over 1000 Volts, NominalSection M1306 Clearances From Combustible ConstructionG2408.4 (305.7) Clearances From Grade§27-867 Clearances From Masonry and Concrete ChimneysSection M1306 Clearances Fromcombustible Construction424.36 Clearances of Wiring in Ceilings230.9 Clearances on Buildings225.61 Clearances Over Buildings and Other Structures225.60 Clearances Over Roadways, Walkways, Rail, Water, and Open Land810.18 Clearances — Receiving StationsG2408.5 (305.8) Clearances to Combustible Construction6. Cleated Step Risers1910.255(c)(3) Clevis[F] 909.4.5 ClimateSection 1001 Climate and Building Functionality503.7.2 Climate Protection503. Climate Zone 4N1101.7.2 (R301.3) Climate Zone DefinitionsE 503.3.2 Climate Zone DeterminationN1101.7 (R301.1) Climate ZonesC403. Climate Zones 3 and 4503. Climate Zones 5 and 6C403. Climate Zones 5 Through 8R301.2 Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria11.4.2 Climatic DataR403.5.17 Climatic Design Conditions§28-404.3.3 Climber or Tower Crane Rigger Qualifications1926.1435(b)(7) Climbing Procedures(3) Climbing Space2.10- Clinical Equipment and Supply Storage609.6 Clinical, Hydrotherapeutic and Radiological Equipment1224.17 Clinical Laboratory Service Space2.1-3.2 Clinical Service Rooms1224.16.5.2 Clinical Sink1303.7 Clinical Sinks14.8 Clinical Sinks and Bedpan Washers453.22 Clinics1506.7 Clips1224.15.3.6 Clock810.8 Clocks3303.14.4 Clogging1910.1030(d)(4)(iii)(A)(1)(i) Closable457. Close Observation Area1926.1431(g)(1)(i)(B) Closed Array3.3.30 Closed Array (Palletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, and Shelf Storage) Closed Array (Paper) Closed Array (Rolled Paper)F 108.18.7 Closed Cell Insulation1106.7 Closed-Circuit Communication Systems106.5.20 Closed-Circuit Telephone453.18.1.5 Closed Circuit Television Production, Distribution, and Control(D) Closed Construction3. Closed Container63. Closed Containers2405.3.4.3 Closed Covers5505.5.2 Closed Cryogenic Containers3.18.3.6 Closed Cylinder and Plunger Heads3. Closed Cylinder Heads2906.4 Closed KettlesPart II — Closed-Loop Systems5604. Closed or Sealed1910.262(i)(2) Closed Position2.14.4.11 Closed Position of Car Doors or Gates2.12.2.2 Closed Position of Hoistway Doors1910.1003(c)(2) Closed System Operation3.3.293.1* Closed System Use5005.2.2 Closed Systems3.3.54 Closed-Top Diking(2) Closed-Top, Open-Face, and Open-Front Spray Booths and Spray Rooms2308.8.1.1 Closed Transfer System1910.68(a)(3) Closed Type1009.2 Closed-Type Expansion Tanks1004.3 Closed-Type Systems1209.4 Closed-Type Tanks3109.4.1.3 Closely Spaced Horizontal Members1132A.6 Closer-Effort to Operate Doors1126A.4 Closer-Effort to Operate Doors or Gates1010. Closet and Bathroom Doors in Certain Group R Occupancies(a) 1008. Closet and Bathroom Doors in Group R-41010. Closet and Bathroom Doors in Group R-4 Occupancies1008. Closet and Bathroom Doors in Groups I-1 and R-4 Occupancies1010.2.6 Closet DoorsG2439.5.1 (614.7.1) Closet Installation303.2 Closet or Alcove Installations402.6.1 Closet Rings (Closet Flanges)* Closets9.2.4.2* Closets and PantriesB305.5 Closing and Sealing Other Paths12. Closing Devices2.13.4 Closing Limitations for Power-Operated Horizontally Sliding Hoistway Doors and Horizontally Sliding Car Doors or Gates2.13.4.2 Closing Mechanism2.11.3 Closing of Hoistway Doors5. Closing of Hoistway Doors and Gates118.8 Closing of Streets108.2 Closing of Vacant Structures404.2.8 Closing Speed[A] 116.3 Closing Streets§28-215.6 Closing Streets Temporarily716.3.6.1 ClosureG2425.7.1 (501.7.1) Closure and AccessM1803.4.1 Closure and Accessibility§28-212.7 Closure Not an Act of Possession66.* Closure of Aboveground Storage Tanks18.2.4.2 Closure of Accessways5705.3.1 Closure of Mixing or Blending Vessels14A-3-307 Closure Order60.1.4.4 Closure Plan603.9.1 Closure Systems1104.2.3.1 Closures3.3.55 Clothes DryerG2439.5 (614.6) Clothes Dryer DuctsSection M1502 Clothes Dryer Exhaust607.2 Clothes Dryer Exhaust Duct610.1 Clothes Dryer Exhaust Duct SystemsSection 610 Clothes Dryer Exhaust Systems214.3 Clothes Dryers1910.141(f) Clothes Drying Facilities1003.6 Clothes Washer Discharge InterceptorL 403.2 Clothes WashersSection P2718 Clothes Washing Machine12.7.12 Clothing1910.107(g)(4) Clothing Storage3.3.32 Cloud Ceiling9.2.7 Cloud Ceilings3.3.50 Cloud Chamber Smoke Detection1225.5.2.2 Cluster/Household Unit and Resident Unit1910.211(d)(4) Clutch25.2.3 CMDA Ceiling-Level Sprinkler Design Criteria in Combination With In-Rack Sprinklers25.5.2.2 CMDA Sprinklers Installed at Ceiling Level7.2.2.5 CMSA and ESFR K-Factors25.2.4 CMSA Ceiling-Level Sprinkler Design Criteria in Combination With In-Rack Sprinklers27.2.4.3 CMSA Sprinkler Method13.2 CMSA Sprinklers14.3 CMSA Sprinklers for Palletized or Solid-Piled Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities15.3 CMSA Sprinklers for Palletized or Solid-Piled Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities15.3 CMSA Sprinklers for Palletized or Solid-Piled Storage of Plastic and Rubber Commodities19.1.2.2 CMSA Sprinklers for Protection of Roll Paper Storage16.2.2 CMSA Sprinklers for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height17.2.2 CMSA Sprinklers for Rack Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height17.3.2 CMSA Sprinklers for Rack Storage of Plastic Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height17.3.2 CMSA Sprinklers for Rack Storage of Plastics Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height17.2.2 CMSA Sprinklers for Rack Storage of Plastics Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height25.5.2.3 CMSA Sprinklers Installed at Ceiling Level30.3.3.14 CNG and LNG Defueling Equipment319.9.1.3 CNG Container Construction319.9.1 CNG Containers Supplying Only Cooking Fuel319.9.2 CNG Containers Supplying Transportation and Cooking Fuel2308.1.5.2 CNG Dispensing Warning Sign30.3.3 CNG Fueled Vehicles and LNG Fueled VehiclesSection G2423 (413) CNG Gas-Dispensing Systems30. CNG Repair Area Classification319.9 CNG SystemsE4002.3 CO/ALR Receptacles(C) CO/ALR Snap Switches38.6.4.4* CO2 Discharges38.6.4.3 CO2 Gas Detection17.2.4.7 Coach Screw Rods1910.269(v)(11) Coal and Ash Handling26.34 Coal Mines[F] 426.1.6 Coal Pockets26.34.1.2 Coal Preparation Plants and Crusher Buildings1910.1002 Coal Tar Pitch Volatiles; Interpretation of Term403.2 Coal Tar Sealants1926.606(c) "Coaming" -G304.3 Coastal A-Zone Construction StandardsG304.2 Coastal High-Hazard Area Construction Standards301.4.1 Coastal High Hazard AreasG303.2 Coastal High-Hazard Areas and Coastal A-ZonesR322.3 Coastal High-Hazard Areas (Including V Zones)R322.3 Coastal High-Hazard Areas (Including V Zones and Coastal A Zones, Where Designated)§28-104.9 Coastal Zones and Water-Sensitive Inland Zones11B-813.2.5 Coat Hook1109.8.3 Coat Hooks and Folding Shelves603.4 Coat Hooks and Shelves11B-603.4 Coat Hooks, Shelves and Medicine Cabinets1109.12.1.1 Coat Hooks, Shelves and Mirrors3102F. Coated Components514.4.7 Coating404.11.6 Coating Application43.1.7.3* Coating Material Delivery Systems1907.4.1 CoatingsCoatings or Spray Applied Materials(A) Coaxial Cable Shield Grounding820.179 Coaxial CablesPart II Coaxial Cables Outside and Entering Buildings3.2.3* Code107.2 Code Academy Fee Levy1.7 Code Adoption Requirements1-409 Code Advisory Committee Review1-209 Code Advisory CommitteesA-305.2.1.2 Code Analysis InformationSection P-1601.1 Code Application90.3 Code Arrangement(E) Code Call Stations (Code Blue)113.5.2 Code Changes9.4.2 Code ComplianceSection 103 Code Compliance AgencyC103.1.1.2 Code Compliance CertificationC103.1.1.1 Code Compliance Demonstration102.1 Code Conflicts10.6.2 Code ConformanceSection 8.9 Code Data Plate453.3 Code Enforcement204.14 Code Enforcement Official Not Fulfilling ResponsibilitiesSection 110 Code Enforcement Official Notification204.2.4 Code Enforcement Official's Qualifications26.29 Code for the Protection of Cultural Resource Properties — Museums, Libraries, and Places of Worship. [NFPA 909]A-202.1.3 Code Official QualificationsA-802.2.2.2 Code Official's DecisionsA-202.1.2 Code Official Training102.4.3 Code References102.4.3 Code References. [OSHPD 1, 2, 3 & 4, DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC]Article 5 Code Requirements of Other City Departments14A-1-104.6 Code RevisionSection A-506 Code Violation Notices (CVN)A-901.12.2 Code Violation Reinspection Fee3.3.51* Coded408.6.2 Coded Alarm Signal26.* Coded Retransmission10.14.3 Coded Supervisory Signal§28-101.3 Codes453.8.1 Codes and Standards464.3 Codes and Standards for the Design and Construction of Assisted Living Facilities1.1-8 Codes, Standards, and Other Documents Referenced in the Guidelines3104F. Coefficient MethodP3003.8 Coextruded Composite ABS Pipe505.5 Coextruded Composite ABS Pipe and Joints705.7 Coextruded Composite ABS Pipe, JointsP3003.9 Coextruded Composite PVC Pipe608.16.10 Coffee Machines and Noncarbonated Beverage Dispensers608.17.1.2 Coffee Machines and Noncarbonated Drink Dispensers1926.802 Cofferdams5.508.2.3.1 Coil Coating(2) Coils and Windings14A-4-404.11.5 Coin-Operated Devices§27-429 Coin-Operated Units307.6 Coke-Fueled Salamanders1910.1028(a)(2)(vii) Coke Oven Batteries1910.1029 Coke Oven EmissionsAppendix A Coke Oven Emissions Substance Information Sheet1910.1029(f)(3)(ii) Coking1907.3.1 Cold BendingG2427.7.2 (503.7.2) Cold Climate3.3.57 Cold Deck2806.2 Cold Decks4.2.1 Cold-Expansion FittingsSection 2210 Cold-Formed Steel1705.2.6 Cold-Formed Steel Construction1705.2.2 Cold-Formed Steel DeckSection R505 Cold-Formed Steel Floor FramingR702.3.3 Cold-Formed Steel FramingR301. Cold-Formed Steel Framing in Seismic Design Categories DR301.2.2.8 Cold-Formed Steel Framing in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D2Section 2211 Cold-Formed Steel Light-Frame ConstructionSection 2210 Cold-Formed Steel Light-Framed ConstructionSection 2211 Cold-Formed Steel Light-Framed Shear WallsSection R804 Cold-Formed Steel Roof Framing1705.13.9 Cold-Formed Steel Special Bolted Moment Frames1705.2.4 Cold-Formed Steel Trusses Spanning 60 Feet or GreaterSection R603 Cold-Formed Steel Wall Framing[BS] 1403.5.2 Cold-Rolled Copper2.3- Cold Storage Equipment1910.218(g)(2) Cold Trimming Presses611.11 Cold Water503.1 Cold Water Line Valve[BS] 1404.10.1.6 Cold Weather Construction1905.12 Cold Weather Requirements[F] 2101.3.3 Collapse1.8 Collapse Probability Assessment5.1.11.5 Collapsible Gates2.14.6.3 Collapsible-Type Gates[BS] A106.2.3.8 Collar JointsR802.4.6 Collar Ties1910.219(i)(1) Collars1910.219(i) Collars and Couplings1303.15.9 Collected Raw Rainwater Quality1910.265(c)(20)(ii) Collecting Systems106.6.2 Collection3303.15.1 Collection and Containment[BG] 1002.3.2 Collection and Removal1910.1030(f)(3)(iii) Collection and Testing of Blood for HBV and HIV Serological Status5906.5.8 Collection of Chips, Turnings and Fines320.4.3 Collection of Fee106.7.2 Collection of Fees3.18.3.7 Collection of Oil Leakage15-26 Collection of Residential and Commercial Refuse§27-2023 Collection of Waste Matter From Dwelling Units in One and Two-Family DwellingsArticle 5 Collection of WastesP2911.4 Collection PipeP2911.12.1 Collection Pipe and Vent Test704.7 Collection Pipe Labeling and Marking707.11.4 Collection Pipe Materials1302.8.1 Collection Piping Bypass ValveP3009.8 Collection ReservoirP2912.2 Collection SurfaceP2912.4 Collection Surface DiversionP2912.10.2 Collection Surface Diversion TestK 104.1 Collection SurfacesK 103.1 Collections Surfaces1620.2.6 Collector Elements675.11 Collector RingsM2301.2.2.2 Collector Sensors610.22 CollectorsM2301.2.2 Collectors and Panels511.1.1 Collectors and Separators1402.8.1.3 Collectors as Roof Covering1910.179(a)(26) Collectors CurrentBlastingBlasting AgentBlasting Contractor CertificateBlasting CrewBlasting OperationBlasting SeismographBleachersBlended TransitionBlockBlock (Of Sprinklers)Block SystemBlocking DiodeBoardBoard and CareBoard of AppealsBoard of State & Community CorrectionsBoarder (ROOMER, LODGER)Boarding HouseBoarding, Lodging, Rooming HouseBoarding PierBoardsBoat Launch RampBoat SlipBoatyardBody FeedBoil-OverBoilerBoiler. ABoiler BlowoffBoiler, High-PressureBoiler, Hot Water SupplyBoiler, Low-PressureBoiler, ModulatingBoiler, PackagedBoiler RoomBoiler SystemBoiling PointBoiling Point (BP)Boiling TypeBoiling Type SterilizerBolted Diagonal BridgingBona Fide AddressBond ActBond BeamBond ReinforcingBonded (Bonding)Bonding Conductor or JumperBonding JumperBonding Jumper, EquipmentBonding Jumper, MainBonding Jumper, Supply-SideBonding Jumper, SystemBonding of Chairs and Spacing of TablesBonfireBooby TrapBoomBoom (Crane or Derrick)Boom PointBorder LightBoredBored WellBottle-Filling StationBottlingBottom ShieldBottom TimeBoundary ElementBoundary ElementsBoundary MembersBounding ConditionsBraced FrameBraced Wall LineBraced Wall Line, Continuously SheathedBraced Wall PanelBraced Wall Panel, StrawbaleBrailleBrakeBrake, Driving Machine, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, or Material LiftBrake, Driving Machine, Escalator or Moving WalkBrake, EmergencyBrake, Main Drive Shaft, Escalator and Moving WalkBrake, Main Driveshaft, Escalator and Moving WalkBraking, Electrically AssistedBraking SystemBraking System Part 8GENERAL RequirementsBranchBranch CircuitBranch Circuit, ApplianceBranch-Circuit Emergency Lighting Transfer SwitchBranch Circuit, General-PurposeBranch Circuit, IndividualBranch Circuit, MultiwireBranch-Circuit Selection CurrentBranch, FixtureBranch, HorizontalBranch IntervalBranch LinesBranch, MainBranch Relief VentBranch, VentBrazed JointBrazingBreakBreakaway WallBreakoutBreakout AssemblyBreakout Strength, ConcreteBreatherBreather Vent PipingBreathing ZoneBreathing Zone Outdoor AirflowBreechingBrickBridge PlateBridging ClipBridging TerminusBritish Thermal Unit (BTU)BrittleBroadbandBroilerBroken Rope, Tape, or Chain Switches Used in Connection With Machine Room Normal Terminal Stopping Switches Operating Devices and Control EquipmentBrownfieldBrownfield Site[BS] [BS] Risk-Targeted Maximum Considered Earthquake (MCER) Ground Motion Response Accelerations[BS] Disproportionate Earthquake Damage[BS] Flood Hazard Area[BS] Guard [DSA-AC, HCD 1, HCD 2 & HCD 1-AC] or Guardrail[BS] Reroofing[BS] Risk Category[BS] Risk-Targeted Maximum Considered Earthquake (MCER) Ground Motion Response Accelerations[BS] Roof Coating[BS] Roof Recover[BS] Roof Repair[BS] Roof Replacement[BS] Seismic Forces[BS] Specified Compressive Strength of Masonry, F´M[BS] Substantial Damage[BS] Substantial Improvement[BS] Substantial Structural Alteration[BS] Substantial Structural Damage[BS] Wind Speed, V[BS] Wind Speed, Vasd[BS] Wind Speed, Vult[BSC]BSC-CGBSC, DSA-SS, DSA-SS/CC[BSC & HCD]Btu (British Thermal Unit)Btu/hBubble PointBubbler IrrigationBucket HoistBudget Building DesignBufferBuffer Switches for Gas Spring Return Oil Buffers Operating Devices and Control EquipmentBuffer Switches for Oil Buffers Used With Type C Car Safeties Operating Devices and Control EquipmentBuildingBuilding AreaBuilding CodeBuilding Code, ApplicableBuilding Code of New York StateBuilding CommissioningBuilding Commissioning (See "Commissioning")Building ComponentBuilding Control StationBuilding DepartmentBuilding DrainBuilding Drain (Sanitary)Building Drain (Storm)Building ElementBuilding Emergency Smoke Control Smoke Control Systems*Building Emissions*Building Emissions IntensityBuilding, EnclosedBuilding Energy Efficiency StandardsBuilding EntranceBuilding Entrance on an Accessible RouteBuilding EnvelopeBuilding Envelope, ExteriorBuilding Envelope, Semi-ExteriorBuilding Envelope Trade-Off Schedules and LoadsBuilding, ExistingBuilding ExitBuilding Fire Alarm SystemBuilding Fire Safety PlanBuilding Frame SystemBuilding GravityBuilding Gravity Drainage SystemBuilding Grounds LightingBuilding HeightBuilding InspectorBuilding-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) ProductBuilding-Integrated Photovoltaic ProductBuilding-Integrated Photovoltaic Roof PanelBuilding-Integrated Photovoltaic Roof Panel (BIPV Roof Panel)Building Integrated Photovoltaic RoofingBuilding Integrated PhotovoltaicsBuilding Inventory FormBuilding LineBuilding, Low-RiseBuilding Management SystemBuilding MaterialBuilding OccupantsBuilding OfficialBuilding Official. [HCD 1, HCD 2] [OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 4 & 5]Building, OpenBuilding PadBuilding, Partially EnclosedBuilding PermitBuilding PipingBuilding RegulationsBuilding ServiceBuilding Service EquipmentBuilding Services PipingBuilding SewerBuilding Sewer (Combined)Building Sewer (Sanitary)Building Sewer (Storm)Building, Simple DiaphragmBuilding SiteBuilding StandardBuilding Standards Administration Special Revolving Fund (The Fund)Building SubdrainBuilding SupplyBuilding SystemBuilding System Information Unit (BSIU)Building Thermal EnvelopeBuilding TrapBuildings and Other Structures, FlexibleBuilt EnvironmentBuilt Environment (For Chapter 11)Built-Up Roof CoveringBulk Distributing StationBulk Hydrogen Compressed Gas SystemBulk Inert Gas SystemBulk Liquefied Hydrogen Gas SystemBulk Liquefied Hydrogen SystemBulk Medical Gas SystemBulk Merchandising Retail BuildingBulk Nitrous Oxide SystemBulk Oxygen SystemBulk Plant or TerminalBulk TransferBulkheadBull SwitchBullet ResistantBumperBundledBureau of Fire PreventionBurial Chamber MausoleumBurn-ItBurnerBurner, Automatic BoilerBurner, Automatically IgnitedBurner, Manually IgnitedBurner, Mechanical Draft TypeBurner, Natural Draft TypeBursting PressureBury-ItBusbarBusbar SupportBusinessBusiness OccupancyBusiness PlanButt JointButtressC-FactorC-Factor (Thermal Conductance)C) Passenger Elevators(C) Proof-TestCabanaCabana GroupCabaretCabinetCableCable BundleCable, CoaxialCable ConnectorCable Management SystemCable Management System (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)Cable Management System (Electrified Truck Parking Spaces)Cable, Optical FiberCable, Optical Fiber, CompositeCable, Optical Fiber, ConductiveCable, Optical Fiber, NonconductiveCable-Restrained, Air-Supported StructureCable Routing AssemblyCable SheathCable, TravelingCablewaycableway.cemented Soil (Chapter 33)CaissonCaisson PilesCalcium Silicate (Sand Lime Brick)Calcium Silicate (Sand Lime Brick) BrickCALGreenCalifornia Accidental Release Prevention Program (CalARP)California Energy CommissionCamp ShelterCamping FacilityCamping TrailerCamping UnitCandidateCanister or CartridgeCannabis Extraction EquipmentCannabis Extraction FacilityCanopyCantilevered Column SystemCantilevered DeckingCap PlateCapacitorCapacitor ArrayCapacitor Energy Storage SystemCapacityCapacity and Loading**Capacity ResourceCaptive Key ControlCaptive Key DeviceCaptive Key OverrideCar-Direction IndicatorCar Door InterlockCar Door or Gate Electric ContactCar Door or Gate Electric Contacts Operating Devices and Control EquipmentCar Door or Gate, Power-ClosedCar Door or Gate Power CloserCar, Dumbwaiter, Material LiftCar, ElevatorCar EnclosureCar EnclosuresCar FrameCar Frame, OverslungCar Frame, Sub-PostCar Frame, UnderslungCar Frames and PlatformsCar LanternCar PlatformCar Platform FrameCar Platform, LaminatedCar-Safety Mechanism Switch Operating Devices and Control EquipmentCar Side Emergency Exit Electric Contact Operating Devices and Control EquipmentCar Top Access PanelCarbon Dioxide Enrichment ProcessCarbon Dioxide Enrichment System*Carbon Dioxide EquivalentCarbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) EmissionsCarbon Dioxide Extinguishing SystemCarbon Dioxide Extinguishing SystemsCarbon Monoxide AlarmCarbon Monoxide Alarm SignalCarbon Monoxide Detection SystemCarbon Monoxide DetectorCarbon Monoxide-Producing EquipmentCarbon Monoxide SourceCarbonate AggregateCarbonate Aggregate ConcreteCare and SupervisionCare Facilities Within a DwellingCare FacilityCare SuiteCargo TankCarportCarriage UnitCarrierCarrier SystemCartonCarton Records StorageCartonedCartoned StorageCartridge FilterCAS NumberCaseCast StoneCatastrophically InjuredCatch Can TestCatch PoolCategories of Rehabilitation WorkCategories of WorkCategory 1Category 1 SpaceCategory 2Category 2 SpaceCategory 3Category 3 Medical Vacuum SystemCategory 3 SpaceCategory 3 Vacuum SystemCategory 4Category 4 SpaceCategory ICategory I Vented Appliance CategoriesCategory IICategory II Vented Appliance CategoriesCategory IIICategory III Vented Appliance CategoriesCategory IVCategory IV Vented Appliance CategoriesCathodic ProtectionCathodic Protection TesterCatwalkCaulks and SealantsCavity InsulationCavity WallCavity Wall WallCavity Wall Wall (For Chapter 21)CDCRCDF DirectorCeilingCeiling FanCeiling Fan, Large DiameterCeiling HeightCeiling LimitCeiling PocketCeiling Radiation DamperCeiling SurfacesCeiling TypesCellCell ComplexCell (Detention or Correctional Facility)Cell LineCell Line Attachments and Auxiliary EquipmentCell (Masonry)Cell TierCell tier.housing UnitCell TiersCellarCellularCellular ConcreteCellular Metal Floor RacewayCellular or Foamed PlasticCellulose Nitrate FilmCement BoardCement PlasterCemented SoilCementitious MaterialsCenterCenter-OpeningCenter-Opening, Multiple-SpeedCenter Pivot Irrigation MachineCentral Air-Handling SystemsCentral Control BuildingCentral Heating Plant or Heating PlantCentral Heating SystemCentral Safety StationCentral StationCentral Station Alarm SystemCentral Station CompanyCentral Station ServiceCentral Station Service Alarm SystemCentral Station Signaling SystemCentral Supervising StationCentral ValleyCeramic Fiber BlanketCeramic Permanent MagnetCertificate of ApprovalCertificate of CompetenceCertificate of CompletionCertificate of ComplianceCertificate of FitnessCertificate of LicenseCertificate of OccupancyCertificate of On-Site InspectionCertificate of OperationCertificate of QualificationCertification StatementCertifiedCertified AttendantCertified Backflow Assembly TesterCertified BuildingCertified Commissioning ProfessionalCertified PersonCertified Training ProgramCertified Unified Program Agency or CUPACertifyCertifying OrganizationCesspoolChain Driving MachineChain-Hydraulic Drive MachineChain, Suspension (Hoisting)Change in FunctionChange of OccupancyChange of Occupancy ClassificationChange of UseChange OrderChannelChapel MausoleumChapter 1 - AdministrationChapter 10 Electric-Drive Controllers and AccessoriesChapter 11 ReservedChapter 12 Circuits and PathwaysChapter 13 ReservedChapter 13 Steam Turbine DriveChapter 14 Acceptance Testing, Performance, and MaintenanceChapter 15 ReservedChapter 16 ReservedChapter 17 Initiating DevicesChapter 18 Notification Appliances No ChangesChapter 19 ReservedChapter 2 - Referenced PublicationsChapter 2 Referenced PUBLICATIONS2.1Chapter 20 ReservedChapter 22 ReservedChapter 24 Emergency Communication Systems (ECS)Chapter 25 ReservedChapter 27 Public Emergency Alarm Reporting Systems No ChangesChapter 28 ReservedChapter 3 DefinitionsChapter 4 ReservedChapter 5 Fire Pumps for High-Rise BuildingsChapter 5 ReservedChapter 6 ReservedChapter 7 DocumentationChapter 7 Vertical Shaft Turbine-Type PumpsChapter 8 Positive Displacement PumpsChapter 8 ReservedChapter 9 ReservedCharacter-Defining Feature