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1402.4.1 Collectors Mounted Above the Roof403.9.2.1 College and University Buildings408.3 College and University Buildings and Group E Occupancies[F] 917.1 College and University Campuses404.5 College and University Pre-Fire Planning1926.12(b)(29) College Housing Act of 1950, as Amended (12 U.S.C. 1749A(F))73-122 College or School Student Dormitories or Fraternity or Sorority Student Houses73-121 Colleges or Universities5706.3.14 Collision Barriers66.22.15 Collision Protection for Aboveground Storage Tanks[F] 907.4.2.3 Color11B-705.1.1.3 Color and Contrast601.3.2 Color and InformationSection 890.1120 Color Code453.14.6 Color Code Machinery(C) Color Coding5706.4.10.8 Color Coding and Labeling1910.144(a) Color Identification610.6.4 Color Marking1910.262(kk) Color-Mixing Room3307.7.2 Color of Fences454.1.8.2 Color, Pattern, Finish403.2 Color Patterns Not Indicative of Soil Saturation610.5.3 Color to Mark Leading Edge(A) Colored Braid(C) Colored Insulation(B) Colored Insulation or Covering(D) Colored SeparatorP3009.6 Coloring307.1.2 Colors and Finishes3.9.5.3 Column1926.755 Column Anchorage324.4 Column and Wall Construction4.3.9 Column-Bar Splices2204A.4 Column Base Plate2304.11.1.1 Column Connections3.3.58 Column (Paper)704.2 Column Protection714.2.2 Column Protection Above Ceilings20.15 Column Protection: Rack Storage and Rubber Tire Storage3.3.33 Column (Rolled Paper)107.7.4 Column Schedules324.4.2 Column Spacing4.2.5 Column Splices4.3.8 Column-Tie Spacing(4) Column-Width Panelboard Enclosures2304.11.1.1 Columns2318.3 Columns and Posts722.2.4.4 Columns Built Into Walls1607.9.1 Columns in Parking Areas18.7 Columns of Special Moment Frames20.15.2 Columns Within Rubber Tire Storage6. Comb-Pallet Impact Devices6. Comb-Step Impact Devices8. Comb-Step or Comb-Pallet Impact Device1910.262(b)(9) Comber3314.15.4 Combination*2.2- Combination Airborne Infection Isolation/Protective Environment (AII/PE) Room7.2.3 Combination Airborne Infectious Isolation/Protective Environment (AII/PE) Rooms[NY] 915. Combination Alarm Listing[F] 915.4.4 Combination Alarms1617.6.2.2 Combination Along the Same Axis7.8.3 Combination Bath/Showers3.3.35.1 Combination Carbon Monoxide Detection System3.3.90.4* Combination Detector[NY] 915.4.2.2 Combination Detector Listing[F] 915.5.3 Combination Detectors3.4.2.1 Combination Domestic/Fire Water Service15.6.1 Combination Domestic/Fire Water Service SystemsSection 912 Combination Drain and Vent SystemPart II Combination Electrical Systems24.5.23 Combination Emergency Communications Systems3.3.54 Combination Fire Alarm and Guard's Tour Box3.3.2.1 Combination Fire and Smoke Damper 717.3.3.3 Combination Fire/Smoke Damper Actuation717.3.2.3 Combination Fire/Smoke Damper RatingsAF103.10 Combination Foundations1617. Combination Framing Detailing Requirements1617. Combination Framing Factor430.90 Combination Fuseholder and Switch as Controller509.5.7.3 Combination Gas- And Oil-Burning AppliancesG2427.5.6.4 (503.5.7.4) Combination Gas- And Oil Fuel-Burning AppliancesG2427.5.6.3 (503.5.7.3) Combination Gas- And Solid Fuel-Burning AppliancesG2407.7 (304.7) Combination Indoor and Outdoor Combustion AirSection 890.1740 Combination Lavatory/Toilet440.34 Combination Load(B) Combination Loads17.9 Combination, Multi-Criteria, and Multi-Sensor Detectors704.1 Combination of Air From Indoors and Outdoors704.1 Combination of Air From Inside and Outdoors[BS] A206.5 Combination of Anchor Types507.23 Combination of Appliances and Equipment§27-594 Combination of Loads5604.1.1.3 Combination of Mass Explosion Hazard and Non-Mass Explosion Hazard Explosives, Except Division 1.43104F.4.2 Combination of Orthogonal Seismic Effects510.2.22 Combination of Pipe Types and Sizes6.3.4 Combination Oil Separator and Sand InterceptorL 404.4 Combination OvensP2804.5 Combination Pressure-and-Temperature Relief ValvesP2803.5 Combination Pressure-/Temperature-Relief Valves(3) Combination Protection386.70 Combination Raceways3107.14 Combination Signs2304.9.2.3 Combination Simple and Two-Span Continuous PatternR313.3 Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms915. Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm/Detector Requirements1103. Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm/Detectors Requirements915. Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms/Detectors454.1.8.10 Combination Spas/Pools905.11.5 Combination Standpipe and Sprinkler Systems3.3.111.1* Combination System(J) Combination Systems702.2 Combination Tub and Shower Valves454.2.8.4 Combination ValvesFF Combination Waste and VentSection 890.1590 Combination Waste and Vent (Floor and Hub Drains Only)Section P3111 Combination Waste and Vent System910.0 Combination Waste and Vent Systems10.15.11 Combination Water Heaters Used for Space Heating601.2 Combinations1617.6.2.3 Combinations of Framing Systems2607.6 Combinations of Glazing and Wall Panels5601.8.1.3 Combinations of Mass-Detonating and Non-Mass-Detonating Explosives (Excluding Division 1.4)5601.8.1.3 Combinations of Mass-Detonating and Nonmass-Detonating Explosives (Excluding Division 1.4)(3) Combinations of Multiconductor and Single-Conductor Cables2610.8 Combinations of Roof Panels and Skylights2.4.3.6 Combinations of Structural Systems[BS] A112.4 Combinations of Vertical Elements§28-308.4.2 Combined Audit and Retro-Commissioning38.1.3.2 Combined Business Occupancies and Parking Structures10.14.4 Combined Coded Alarm and Supervisory Signal CircuitsG2407.9.3 (304.9.3) Combined Combustion Air and Ventilation Air SystemSection R614 Combined Concrete, Masonry, or ICF and Wood Exterior Wall ConstructionC404 Combined Construction Types(3) Combined Direct-Current Grounding Electrode Conductor and Alternating-Current Equipment Grounding Conductor10.17.5 Combined Distribution SystemsP-1006.4 Combined Drainage Piping401.7.2 Combined Drills and Education8.4 Combined Dry Pipe and Preaction Systems for Piers, Terminals, and Wharves3.3.34 Combined Dry Pipe-Reaction Sprinkler System4003.4.2 Combined Fire Areas§28-419.5.1 Combined Hearing and Determination§28-419.5 Combined Hearings603.3.6 Combined Heat and Power36.1.3.2 Combined Mercantile Occupancies and Parking Structures430.55 Combined Overcurrent Protection11B-407.1.1 Combined Passenger and Freight Elevators230.80 Combined Rating of Disconnects1806.3.1 Combined ResistanceSection 1109 Combined Sanitary and Storm Public SewerSection 1109 Combined Sanitary and Storm SystemSection 1109 Combined Sanitary Andstorm Public Sewer404.5.2 Combined SpacesP104.12.4 Combined Standpipe Systems(D) Combined Switching Devices1101. Combined System514.5 Combined System AllowedP-812.4 Combined Temperature and Pressure ReliefR606.9.1 Combined UnitsSection 704 Combined Use of Indoor and Outdoor Air (Condition 1)Section 705 Combined Use of Indoor and Outdoor Air (Condition 2)Section 704 Combined Use of Inside and Outdoor Air (Condition 1)Section 705 Combined Use of Inside and Outdoor Air (Condition 2)1910.262(b)(10) Combing MachineryA509.2.2.2 Combining Modes1224.5.6 Combining SpacesG2407.5.3.2 (304.5.3.2) Combining Spaces in Different StoriesG2407.5.3.1 (304.5.3.1) Combining Spaces on the Same Story13.4.3 Combining Storm Water With Sanitary Drainage1104.2 Combining Storm With Sanitary Drainage8.6.8.4 Combplates2204.1 Combustibility and Explosivity Tests302.1 Combustibility and Flame Spread803.8.1 Combustibility Characteristics1406.14.1.2 Combustibility Classification10.5 Combustible Artificial Decorative Vegetation on Roofs and Near Buildings[F] 3313.2 Combustible Building Materials5106.2.4 Combustible Cartons5104.4.4 Combustible Commodities703.2.1.2 Combustible Components720.1.2 Combustible Construction514.4.1.1 Combustible Contaminants3306.9.8.1 Combustible Content1910.252(a)(2)(xi) Combustible Cover3603.1 Combustible Debris3305.2 Combustible Debris, Rubbish and Waste807.5 Combustible Decorations in Group I-2 Occupancies[F] 806.2 Combustible Decorative Materials10.3.9 Combustible Decorative Vegetation43.1.8.2* Combustible Deposits3.3.60* Combustible Dust105.5.7 Combustible Dust-Producing Operations320.3.3 Combustible Dusts and MetalsE102.1.5 Combustible Dusts and Powders[F] Section 426 Combustible Dusts, Grain Processing and Storage602.2.1.4 Combustible Electrical Equipment509.7.3.5 Combustible Exterior Wall1405.1 Combustible Exterior Wall Coverings26.21.1.4 Combustible Fan Decks3114.2.3 Combustible Fences3.3.61* Combustible Fiber105.5.8 Combustible FibersSection 805 Combustible Flooring Materials in Types I and II Construction706.7 Combustible Framing in Fire Walls(I) Combustible Gas Detection SystemG2417.7.2.2 (406.7.2.2) Combustible Gas DetectorG2417.7.1.4 (406.7.1.4) Combustible Gas IndicatorR302.13 Combustible InsulationR302.14 Combustible Insulation Clearance3.3.178.1 Combustible Liquid1910.104(b)(3)(vii) Combustible Liquid Storage Above-Ground1910.104(b)(3)(viii) Combustible Liquid Storage Below Ground3312.6 Combustible Loading (Stocking)[F] 806.9 Combustible Lockers(B) Combustible Low-Density Cellulose Fiberboard(A) Combustible Material918.5 Combustible Material Adjacent to Cooking Top5904.3 Combustible Material and Combustible WasteE4004.2 Combustible Material at Outlet BoxesSection 603 Combustible Material in Type I and II ConstructionSection 603 Combustible Material in Types I and II ConstructionSection 604 Combustible Material in Types III and IV Construction3312.3 Combustible Material Protection2003.6 Combustible Material Storage(C) Combustible Materials718.5 Combustible Materials in Concealed Spaces in Type I or II Construction5704.2.10.4 Combustible Materials in Diked AreasSection 805 Combustible Materials in Type I and II ConstructionSection 805 Combustible Materials in Types I and II ConstructionSection 1405 Combustible Materials on the Exterior Side of Exterior WallsSection 1405 Combustible Materials on the Exterior Side of Exterior Walls5704.3.3.8 Combustible Materials StorageSection 315 Combustible Materials Storage and Other Storage Hazards320.3.6 Combustible Metals320.3.5 Combustible (Nonmetallic) Dusts[F] 415.11.12.2 Combustible Nonmetallic Exhaust Ducts3.3.63 Combustible Particulate Solid23.7.2* Combustible Personal Property28. Combustible Piers and Substructures1404.0 Combustible Piping Installations705.2.3 Combustible Projections3.3.64 Combustible Refuse1910.107(c)(5) Combustible Residues, Areas410.70 Combustible Shades and EnclosuresSection 413 Combustible Storage1910.104(b)(3)(ii) Combustible Structures9.3.6.7 Combustible Suspension in Elevators2703.10.1.2 Combustible ToolsSection 3319 Combustible Trash Chutes10.13 Combustible Vegetation1910.252(a)(2)(ix) Combustible Walls3.3.65* Combustible Waste3604.2.2 Combustible Waste and Cargo19.2 Combustible Waste and Refuse3104.22 Combustible Waste and Storage of Combustible Material5303.5.2 Combustible Waste and VegetationSection 304 Combustible Waste Material3305.2.1 Combustible Waste Material Accumulation3305.2.2 Combustible Waste Material Removal5303.7.2 Combustible Waste, Vegetation and Similar Materials2703.10.1.1 Combustible Workstations3504.1.1 Combustibles5706.2.1 Combustibles and Open Flames Near Tanks717.5 Combustibles in Concealed Spaces in Type I or II Construction602.2 Combustibles Within Ducts or Plenums3.3.46 CombustionArticle 9 Combustion AirR1002.2.1 Combustion Air and DoorsG2407.11 (304.11) Combustion Air Ducts902.2 Combustion Air From Bedroom or BathroomE 602.1.1.2 Combustion Air IntakeR402.4.4 Combustion Air Openings903.6 Combustion Air Supply906.3 Combustion and Circulating AirG2440.4 (615.4) Combustion and Dilution Air Intakes701.2 Combustion and Dilution Air RequiredG2440.5 (615.5) Combustion and Ventilation AirC403.4.7.1 Combustion Decorative Vented Appliance, Combustion Fireplace and Fire Pit ControlsSection 442 Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines [SFM]324.8.2.3 Combustion Equipment in Interior Chemical StorageC403.4.7 Combustion Heating Equipment Controls1009.0 Combustion Regulators — Safety ValvesSection G2407 (304) Combustion, Ventilation and Dilution Air701.2 Combustion, Ventilation, and Dilution Air RequiredC103.2.2 COMcheck Submittal16.4.4.1 Command Post§8-01 Commencement of Demolition. [Repealed]§13-14 Commencement of Disciplinary Proceedings. [Repealed]§28-419.7.1 Commencement of Forfeiture1-406 Commencement of Rulemaking1926.752(b) Commencement of Steel Erection5707.1.2.3 Commencing Permit Issuance7-161 Comment and Process Review (CPR)1910.2(e) Commerce33-471 Commercial and Community Facility UsesSection D104 Commercial and Industrial Developments1012.0 Commercial and Industrial Laundries104-13 Commercial and Manufacturing Use ModificationsC103. Commercial and Multiple-Family ResidentialR101.5.1.2 Commercial and Residential Buildings Greater Than 3 StoriesR101.5.1.2 Commercial and Residential > 3 StoriesC304.1.1 Commercial and Residential High RiseC102.5 Commercial and Residential Occupancies Other Than R-3 and Single-Family Dwelling Built Under the IRC307.4.4 Commercial Barbecue73-22 Commercial Beaches101.5.1.2 Commercial Buildings33-122 Commercial Buildings in All Other Commercial Districts[NY] 915.3.2 Commercial Buildings Served by a Fuelburning Forced-Air Furnace504.10 Commercial Clothes Dryers1503.8.2.3 Commercial Clothes Washers805.3 Commercial Compliance11.3 Commercial CondominiumsSection A-306 Commercial Construction Records609.6.1 Commercial Cooking917.6 Commercial Cooking Appliance Venting609.4 Commercial Cooking Appliances505.1.1 Commercial Cooking Appliances Vented by Exhaust Hoods609.3.1.1 Commercial Cooking Cleaning CompanySection 606 Commercial Cooking Equipment and Systems609.5 Commercial Cooking Exhaust System609.2.2 Commercial Cooking Exhaust Systems§113-08 Commercial Cooking Exhaust Systems Certificates of Fitness609.10.3 Commercial Cooking Fire Extinguishing System609.6 Commercial Cooking Fire Extinguishing Systems904.6.5.1 Commercial Cooking InstallationsSection 607 Commercial Cooking Oil Storage[F] 903.2.11.5 Commercial Cooking Operations[F] 904.13 Commercial Cooking Systems6.2.6 Commercial Dishwashers7.15.4 Commercial Dishwashing Machine802.1.6 Commercial Dishwashing Machines7.25 Commercial Dishwashing Pre-Rinse Spray Valves35-62 Commercial Districts With an R1 Through R5 Residential Equivalent1910.16(a)(2)(ii) Commercial Diving Operations62-22 Commercial Docking Facilities921.1 Commercial Electric Ranges201.2.1 Commercial Facilities and Places of Public Accommodation Located in Private Residences201.2.1 Commercial Facilities Andplaces of Public Accommodation Located in Private Residences(b) Commercial Facilities Located in Private Residences2.5-3.3.4 Commercial Food Preparation AreasL 404.1 Commercial Food Service609.2.3 Commercial Food Service Equipment714.4 Commercial Food Waste Disposer413.3 Commercial Food Waste Disposer Units416.3 Commercial Food Waste Disposer Waste Outlets413.3 Commercial Food Waste Grinder Waste OutletsArticle 511 Commercial Garages, Repair and Storage408.9.2 Commercial High-Rise Buildings 35 or More Stories in Height408.9.1 Commercial High-Rise Buildings Less Than 35 Stories in Height[F] 904.2.2 Commercial Hood and Duct Systems904.3 Commercial Hood and Duct Systems in Mobile Food Preparation VehiclesPart II — Commercial Hoods and Kitchen Ventilation102.3.1 Commercial HVAC Systems1503.8.2 Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Occupancies1501.9 Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Restroom Signs5706.5.4.5 Commercial, Industrial, Governmental or ManufacturingSection 607 (IFGC) Commercial-Industrial IncineratorsSection 607 Commercial-Industrial Incinerators and Crematories1604.2 Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential Restroom Signs1224. Commercial Infant Formula5.2-4.5.1 Commercial Kitchen(2) Commercial Kitchen and Cooking AppliancesSection 608 Commercial Kitchen Cooking Oil StorageSection 610 Commercial Kitchen Cooking Oil Storage Systems50.7.2 Commercial Kitchen Cooking Oil Storage Tank Systems502.2.3 Commercial Kitchen DuctsC405.10 Commercial Kitchen EquipmentSection 506 Commercial Kitchen Hood Ventilation System Ducts and Exhaust EquipmentSection 506 Commercial Kitchen Hood Ventilationsystem Ducts and Exhaust EquipmentSection 607 Commercial Kitchen HoodsSection 508 Commercial Kitchen Makeup AirSection 608 Commercial Kitchencooking Oil Storage1910.120(k)(7) Commercial Laundries or Cleaning Establishments601.4.6.1 Commercial Lighting904.13 Commercial or Industrial Gas HeatersH 901.0 Commercial or Industrial Special Liquid-Waste Disposal[F] 903.2.10.1 Commercial Parking Garages135-41 Commercial Parking RequirementsL 402.8 Commercial Pre-Rinse Spray ValvesC403.2.14.1 Commercial Refrigerators, Freezers, Refrigerator-Freezers and Refrigeration (Mandatory)C403.11.1 Commercial Refrigerators, Refrigerator-Freezers and Refrigeration5606.6 Commercial Reloading19.2.1.5 Commercial Rubbish-Handling Operations704.3 Commercial Sinks73-23 Commercial Swimming Pools8.9 Commercial-Type Cooking Equipment and VentilationD Commercial-Type GrinderC Commercial Type Grinder #1 (Repealed)922.4 Commercial Units88-13 Commercial Use42-483 Commercial Uses52-34 Commercial Uses in Residence Districts903.2.10.1 Commercial-Vehicle Parking Garages921.2 Commercial Wood-Fired Baking Ovens1231.2.16 Commissary203.1.1 Commissioner of Insurance205.1.1 Commissioner of LaborArticle 209 Commissioner's Order to Correct Unlawful Use or ConditionArticle 208 Commissioner's Request for Corrective Action708.8 CommissioningE 803.0 Commissioning Acceptance1.2-8.2 Commissioning Activities4. Commissioning Activities Prior to Building Permit Issuance*1.2-8.3 Commissioning Agent608.10 Commissioning and DecommissioningC408.1.4.1 Commissioning Compliance1207.2 Commissioning, Decommissioning, Operation and MaintenanceC408.1.1 Commissioning in Construction Documents5.410.2 Commissioning. [N] New Buildings 10,000 Square Feet and Over(A) Commissioning PlanC408.1.4 Commissioning Process Completion Requirements1207.2.1.2 Commissioning Report1.2-8.1 Commissioning Requirements1.2- Commissioning Specifications510.2.2.1 Commissioning TestE 804.0 Commissioning Tests§ 23-27.3-109.0 Committee§ 23-27.3-100.1.6 Committee as Board of Standards and Appeals — Powers and Duties — Appeals§ 23-27.3-109.1.1 Committee — Licensing of Laboratories and Test Personnel14A-10-1004 Committee on Standards and Tests§ 23-27.3-109.1.2 Committee — Regulation of Manufactured Buildings§ 23-27.3-109.1 Committee's Rule Making Authority — Legislative Report — Legislative Committee§ 23-27.3-127.1 Committee to Serve as a Board of Standards and Appeals§1-03.2 Committees3.3.35 Commodity20.4* Commodity Classes5.6* Commodity Classification34.5.2 Commodity Clearance1127A.10 Common Accessible Laundry Rooms907. Common and Utility Spaces(B) Common Area Branch Circuits464.4.3 Common Areas3.3.27.1 Common Atmosphere2.2.3 Common Building Types5604.13.1.7 Common CarriersG2427.10.3.4 (503.10.3.4) Common Connector/Manifold[F] 415. Common Construction14X-6-602.3 Common Corridors and Stairways(2) Common Direct-Current and Alternating-Current Grounding Electrode511.4 Common Duct (Manifold) Systems513.3.1.1 Common Ductwork1225.4 Common Elements3002.7 Common Enclosure With Stairway504.4.4 Common Exhaust504.10 Common Exhaust Systems for Clothes Dryers Located in Multistory Structure504.11 Common Exhaust Systems for Clothes Dryers Located in Multistory Structures505.5 Common Exhaust Systems for Domestic Kitchens Located in Multistory Structures453.7.4 Common Fire Alarm(I) Common Ground250.58 Common Grounding Electrode(3) Common Grounding Electrode Conductor(1) Common Grounding Electrode Conductor and Taps402.2 Common Halls and Stairways457.2.4.16 Common Living Areas66.27.6.7 Common Loading and Unloading Piping(3) Common Location504.10 Common Multistory Exhaust Systems for Clothes Dryers(B) Common Neutral78-52 Common Open Space78-351 Common Open Space and Good Site Plan78-53 Common Parking Areas1315.7 Common Parts1030.8 Common Path of Egress Travel1028.8 Common Path of Travel22.4.4.4 Common Path of Travel (Nonsprinklered Buildings)1228.14.2.15 Common Patient Toilet Room(s)11B-406.5 Common Requirements610.15 Common ReturnR602.12.4.3 Common Sides With Skewed Rectangles(B) Common Signal Grounding Wire606.2.2 Common Supply and Return Air Systems(B) Common Supply Equipment606.2.2 Common Supply Systems2.19.3 Common Systems3.3.56 Common Talk ModeP2604.2 Common Trench(B) Common-Trip Fault-Interrupting Device106.5.21 Common Use233.6.1 Common Use and Public Use Spaces11B-248.1 Common Use Areas11B-248 Common Use Areas and Employee Work AreasSection 1127A Common Use Facilities708.4.1 Common Use or Public Use System InterfaceSection P3107 Common VentG2428.3.9 (504.3.9) Common Vent FittingsG2428.3.8 (504.3.8) Common Vent Minimum Size403.3.2 Common Ventilation System12.9 Common Vents905.6 Common Vertical PipeG2428.3.5 (504.3.5) Common Vertical Vent OffsetR302.2.2 Common WallsR402.2.14 Common Walls/Ceilings/Floors8.6.6 Communicating Space1104.4.2 Communicating Spaces1224.33.2.6 Communication1926.60(d) Communication Among Employers§15-01 Communication and Alarm Systems ("Mini-Class 'E' Systems") for Certain Buildings Under 100 Feet in HeightDivision 7: Communication Elements and Features1910.269(s) Communication FacilitiesE104.2 Communication Features1910.268(s)(11) Communication Lines1910.1051(l) Communication of BD Hazards to Employees1910.1027(m) Communication of Cadmium Hazards to Employees1910.1026(l) Communication of Chromium (VI) Hazards to Employees1926.1101(k) Communication of Hazards1910.1030(g) Communication of Hazards to Employees1910.1001(j) Communication of Hazards to Employees -- Introduction1926.1153(i) Communication of Respirable Crystalline Silica Hazards to Employees-107.6.1 Communication Process for Items of Non-Compliance108.6.1 Communication Process for Work Contrary to Approved Construction Documents1224.39.3.5 Communication System§27-975 Communication System and Fire Command Station4.4- Communication System Equipment Requirements[F] 2101.3.4 Communication Systems4.2-6.5.2 Communication Systems Equipment Requirements3111F.9.1 Communication Systems (N/E)1207.1.2.1 Communication Utilities1926.1419(m) Communication With Multiple Cranes/Derricks7.2.13.8* Communications26. Communications and Transmission Channels(1) Communications Cables3.3.57* Communications Center3.3.58 Communications Channel3.3.59 Communications Circuit(B) Communications Circuit GroundingArticle 805 Communications Circuits3.3.60 Communications Cloud3111F.9 Communications, Control and Monitoring Systems(C) Communications Equipment1910.331(c)(2) Communications Installations26.6.3.2 Communications Integrity24.6.13 Communications Links27.4 Communications Methods26.6 Communications Methods for Supervising Station Alarm Systems(2) Communications Raceways800.182 Communications Raceways and Cable Routing Assemblies3.3.64 Communications, Radio (As Applied to Chapter 27)Part VI Communications, Signaling Systems, Data Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, and Systems Less Than 120 Volts, Nominal2.5-5.1.2 Communications System Equipment Requirements1224.5 Communications Systems26.6.2.4 Communications Technologies1207.6.2.3 Communications Utilities(E) Communications Wires805.179 Communications Wires and Cables2.2- Communications With EMS2.3-3.1.2 Community AccessArticle 820 Community Antenna Television and Radio Distribution Systems(G) Community Antenna Television and Radio Distribution Systems Cables and Equipment(G) Community Antenna Television and Radio Distribution Systems Equipment§1-05.5 Community Board ReviewE 406.0 Community Building Fuel Supply Systems in Manufactured Home Communities105.6.11 Community Care Facility (Serving More Than Six Persons)73-643 Community Centers453. Community Clinics Where Provided317.1.3 Community College BuildingsA4.103.2 Community Connectivity62-324 Community Facility and Commercial Uses in Residence Districts33-452 Community Facility Buildings in C1 or C2 Districts When Mapped Within R7-2, R8, R9 or R10 Districts33-453 Community Facility Buildings in Certain Specified Commercial Districts33-123 Community Facility Buildings or Buildings Used for Both Community Facility and Commercial Uses in All Other Commercial Districts107-77 Community Facility Buildings or Treatment Plants Permitted in Designated Open Space137-22 Community Facility Use104-12 Community Facility Use Modifications33-472 Community Facility Uses73-12 Community Facility Uses in R1, R2, R3-1, R3A, R3X, R4-1, R4A or R4B Districts1926.12(b)(15) Community Mental Health Centers Act (42 U.S.C. 2685(a)(5))457.2 Community Mental Health Regulation308.3.2 Community Residences or Intermediate-Care Facilities10-115 — Community Shared Solar Electric Generation System or Community Shared Battery Storage System Compliance Option for Onsite Solar Electric Generation or Battery Storage Requirements10-115 Community Shared Solar Electric Generation System or Community Shared Battery Storage System Compliance Option for Onsite Solar Electric Generation or Battery Storage Requirements810.4 Community Television Antenna18.5 Commuter, Light Rail and Rapid Rail Transit Terminals506.3 Compact Fluorescent LampsA4. Compact Hot Water Distribution System4.2.2 Compact Members3.3.36 Compact Storage3.3.37 Compact Storage Module20.6 Compact Storage of Commodities Consisting of Paper Files, Magazines, Books, and Similar Documents in Folders and Miscellaneous Supplies With No More Than 5 Percent Plastics Up to 8 ft (2.4 m) High§27-710 Compacted Concrete Piles1804.6 Compacted Controlled Fill Material1803.5.8 Compacted Fill MaterialJ107.5 Compaction1213.2 Compactor1226.4.10 Compactors802.7 Companion Seat802.7.2 Companion Seat Alignment802.7.1 Companion Seat Type1108.2.5 Companion Seating802.3 Companion Seats117.2.3 Company Certificate Fee ExemptionSection 115 Company Certificates15-213 Comparability4.1.2* Comparable EmergenciesAppendix C Comparable ISO Standards (Non-Mandatory)R609.3.1 Comparative AnalysisR308.6.9.1 Comparative Analysis for Glass-Glazed Unit Skylights409.4.7.3 CompartmentCompartment Dimensions and ConstructionFIRE Compartment Environment604.9.2.2 Compartment for Children's Use405.4.2 Compartment Separation405.5.2 Compartment Smoke Control System5007.9.6 Compartmental Markings405.4 Compartmentation3.3.39* Compartmented66.21.2.1 Compartmented TankH 501.4 Compartments453.4.7.1 CompatibilityF 1201.3 Compatibility Check1506.2 Compatibility of Materials3.3.187.2 Compatible Material1309.4 Compatible Materials23-95 Compensated Zoning Lots508.2 Compensating Hoods8. Compensating Means8.4.6 Compensating-Rope Sheave Assembly2.26.2.3 Compensating-Rope Sheave Switch(D) Compensation§4604-01 Compensation for Operation of Auxiliary Fire Alarm Systems (Effective July 1, 2009)2.21.4 Compensation Means§ 23-27.3-108.2.2 Compensation of Committee Members[A] 109.2.6 Compensation of Members§28-216.6.3 Compensation of Surveyors8.6.4.18 Compensation Sheaves and Switches§4604-01 Compensation to Be Paid by Entities Engaged in the Operation of Auxiliary Fire Alarm Systems (Effective Until July 1, 2009)5706.4.7.11 Competence of Persons5706.4.7.10 Competent Assistant*3301.13.12 Competent Person1926.1101(e)(6) Competent Persons1926.1430(d) Competent Persons and Qualified Persons[A] D101.5 Competent Reviewer's Characteristics3107.15.5 Competitions and DemonstrationsN107.3.5 Competitions or Demonstrations103.3.10.1 Complaint Process§28-103.18.1 Complaint Records4.2 Complaints3411.4.2 Complete Change of Occupancy(C) Complete Enclosure4.5.1 Complete Frames(A) Complete Runs6-A-6 Complete Structural Damage(A) Complete System(B) Completed Before Installation§28-118.3 Completed Buildings or Open Lots60. Completion[F] 3312.1 Completion Before Occupancy13. Completion Documentation3306.11 Completion of Demolition Operations320.5.2 Completion of Permitted Work1101.4.2 Completion of WorkJ105.1.1 Completion of Work and Final Reports105.7.5 Completion of Work, Final Inspection Tag of Approval6.1.6.13 Completion or Maintenance of a Circuit6.1.6.13 Completion or Maintenance of Circuit5.7.3 Completion Requirements14A-4-407.2.1.2 Complex DemolitionC403.4 Complex HVAC Systems and Equipment. (Prescriptive)1503.1.3 Complex SystemSection 1102 ComplianceA-805.2 Compliance Action2101.1.1 Compliance Alternate for Dry Cleaning Plants803.6.2 Compliance AlternativeSection 3412 Compliance AlternativesSection 3412A Compliance Alternatives for Additions, Alterations, Repairs and Seismic Retrofit to Existing StructuresSection 3417A Compliance Alternatives for Means of EgressSection 3416A Compliance Alternatives for Services/Systems and Utilities13.5.1 Compliance and Materials1910.119(o) Compliance AuditsC3.4 Compliance CalculationsC103.1.1 Compliance Certification1114.2 Compliance Data1910.1024(o)(2) Compliance Dates1.5.1 Compliance Deadlines4.2.2 Compliance Documentation4.3 Compliance Documents1910.9 Compliance Duties Owed to Each Employee*1.2-3.8.2 Compliance ElementsAppendix C Compliance GuidelinesAppendix C Compliance Guidelines and Recommendations for Process Safety Management (Nonmandatory)1910.1027(f)(1) Compliance Hierarchy§28-116.2.2 Compliance InspectionsN1101.3 (R101.5.1) Compliance MaterialsSection 301 Compliance Methods§28-218.5 Compliance Monitoring1101.5 Compliance Option4.3 Compliance OptionsL 503.2 Compliance Path(s)5.2 Compliance Paths1910.1051(f)(2) Compliance Plan1.4.4.2 Compliance Plan Description1.4.4 Compliance Plan Requirements1.4.4.4 Compliance Plan Schedule1.4.2 Compliance Plan Submittal1.4.3 Compliance Plan Submittal Extension1.4.5 Compliance Plan Update/Change Notification1.4 Compliance Plans14A-1-104.1.1 Compliance ProcedureArticle 1 Compliance Procedures1910.1001(f)(2) Compliance Program74-967 Compliance, Recordation and Reporting RequirementsN1105.3.2 (R405.3.2) Compliance ReportN1105.3.2.2 (R405.3.2.2) Compliance Report for Certificate of OccupancyN1105.3.2.1 (R405.3.2.1) Compliance Report for Permit ApplicationSection A-604 Compliance Required4.1 Compliance Requirements1.4.4.3 Compliance Site Plan101.5.1 Compliance Software10-109 Compliance Software, Alternative Component Packages, Exceptional Methods, Data Registries and Related External Digital Data Sources, Alternative Residential Field Verification Protocols, Electronic Document Repositories, Photovoltaic and Battery Storage System Requirement DeterminationsN1105.3.1 (R405.3.1) Compliance Software Tools[A] Compliance Verification301.5 Compliance With Accessibility1910.35 Compliance With Alternate Exit-Route Codes(2) Compliance With Article 450(1) Compliance With Article 725§28-315.4.1 Compliance With ASME A17.3 of 2002§28-315.4.1 Compliance With ASME A17.3 of 2015[A] Compliance With Bounding Conditions1011.1.1 Compliance With Building Code Chapter 9912.1.1 Compliance With Chapter 81011.1.1 Compliance With Chapter 9[A] 105.3.6 Compliance With Code§28-105.12.2 Compliance With Construction and Submittal Documents§28-105.12.2 Compliance With Construction Documents2105.2.1 Compliance With f'm2105.2.1 Compliance with f 'm and f 'AAC[B] 301.1.4.1 Compliance With FBC Level Seismic Forces5609.8.1 Compliance With Federal Regulations[BS] 1301.3.3 Compliance With Flood Hazard Provisions[BS] 301.1.4.1 Compliance With Florida Building Code, Building-Level Seismic ForcesA4.504.1 Compliance With Formaldehyde Limits[BS] 304.3.1 Compliance With Full Seismic Forces[B] 301.1.4.1 Compliance With IBC Level Seismic Forces[BS] 301.1.4.1 Compliance With International Building Code-Level Seismic Forces§28-308.2.1.1 Compliance With Landmarks Laws5.8.1.2 Compliance With Manufacturers' Requirements2702.4.2 Compliance With NFPA 110 and UL 2200310.5 Compliance With "No Smoking" Signs§28-105.12.5 Compliance With Noise Control Code Required1004.9.3 Compliance With Occupant Load[A] 112.3.2 Compliance With Orders and Notices601.1.1 Compliance With Other Alternatives3412.3.2 Compliance With Other Codes5308.5.1 Compliance With Other Codes and Standards1301.1.1 Compliance With Other Methods2601.5 Compliance With Other Provisions of Law§ 23-27.3-115.2 Compliance With Permit§ 23-27.3-115.3 Compliance With Plot Plan1926.1417(o) Compliance With Rated Capacity[B] 301.1.4.2 Compliance With Reduced FBC Level Seismic Forces[BS] 301.1.4.2 Compliance With Reduced Florida Building Code, Building-Level Seismic Forces[B] 301.1.4.2 Compliance With Reduced IBC Level Seismic Forces[BS] 301.1.4.2 Compliance With Reduced International Building Code-Level Seismic Forces[BS] 304.3.2 Compliance With Reduced Seismic Forces305.2.2 Compliance With Reduced VCC-Level Seismic Forces501.4.3.2 Compliance With Rooftop Access Requirements on Altered Rooftops§28-105.12.4 Compliance With Safety RequirementsAS108.2 Compliance With Section R302.10.13401.5.1 Compliance With Seismic ForcesA-302.10.4 Compliance With Site Plan§28-104.9.4 Compliance With Special Flood Hazard Area Requirements Mandated Within Special Flood Hazard Areas10.18.1 Compliance With Standards1.4.1.1* Compliance With Subsequent Editions of Referenced Publications2.1.1* Compliance With Subsequent Editions of the Referenced Publications[A] 110.4.2 Compliance With Tags1003.1 Compliance With The1002.1 Compliance With the Building Code[BS] 1103.1 Compliance With the Florida Building Code, Building[B] 1007.3.1 Compliance With the Florida Building Code, Building Level Seismic Forces[BS] 1103.1 Compliance With the International Building Code[B] 1007.3.1 Compliance With the International Building Code Level Seismic Forces903.2.11.5 Compliance With the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law105.3.6 Compliance With the Requirements of the Code105.3.9 Compliance With the Requirements of the Construction Codes and Electrical Code803.1 Compliance With the VCC(i) Compliance With This CodeSection 890.140 Compliance With This Part711.3.1 Compliance With VCC-Level Seismic Forces1926.1435(b)(7)(i)3107F.2.5.6 Component Acceptance/Damage Criteria(B) Component and System Tests24. Component ApprovalG2428.2.12 (504.2.12) Component ComminglingA509.3.2.3 Component DeformabilityCA103.3 Component Description1621.1 Component Design24. Component Enclosures8.4.13 Component Force Levels Based on Ground Motion Parameters1501.4 Component Identification1613.4 Component Importance FactorsA509.3.2.1 Component Initial Stiffness665.19 Component Interconnection690.32 Component Interconnections3.19.1.4 Component Markings17.1.7 Component Material8.4.15 Component Operating Weight, Wp408.53 Component PartsC402.1.5 Component Performance Alternative3.19.1.3 Component Proof-Test13.4.5 Component Replacement8.4.14.1 Component Seismic Force Level (Strength Design)Section 306 Component ServiceabilitySection 306 Component Serviceability(section Deleted in Its Entirety)3107F.2.2 Component Stiffness3107F.2.1 Component StrengthC402.1.5.1 Component U-Factors402.2 Components1609. Components and Cladding1926.1404(m) Components and Configuration1301.6 Components and Materials8. Components and Vertical Load-Bearing Guide Rails909.22.6 Components Bypassing Weekly Test607.4.2 Components in Contact With Heated Oil1015.2 Components, Materials, and Equipment1315.9 Components Not Specific to a Vacuum7.7.4 Components of Exit Discharge3303.1.1 Components of Site Safety Plans(1) Components of Unit Equipment13.2.2.1 Components Permitted911.2.2 Components Required402.2.2 Components Within a Site(2) Composite Cables10.2.2 Composite Columns4.12.3 Composite Concrete Flexural Members22.3.3 Composite Concrete Members2213.3 Composite Construction1705A.3.7 Composite Construction Cores1810.3.1.2 Composite Elements703.5.2 Composite Materials2205.4 Composite MembersSection 1813 Composite Piles107.2.1 Composite Plans2210.1.1.3 Composite Slabs on Steel Decks4.12.4 Composite Steel and Concrete ConstructionSection 2206 Composite Structural Steel and Concrete Structures5.504.4.5 Composite Wood Products202.2 Composition103.4.3 Composition and Terms, Local Boards of Building Appeals1323.5.6 Composition of Backfill103.3.2.1 Composition of the Bureau of Fire Prevention and Public Safety(2) Compound1250.4 Compounding Area for Parenteral Solutions1224.33.4 Comprehensive Emergency Medical Service401.4 Comprehensive Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plan (Level 1)Chapter 3 Comprehensive Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations in the Manhattan CoreChapter 6 Comprehensive Off-Street Parking Regulations in the Long Island City Area1910.120(b)(3) Comprehensive Workplan Part of the Site Program63.2.16.1 Compressed Air40.7.2.6 Compressed Air Blowdown Method1910.242(b) Compressed Air Used for Cleaning3134B.3 Compressed Chlorine Gas Disinfectant Equipment3.3.146.1* Compressed Gas3.3.72.2 Compressed Gas Container5303.6.1 Compressed Gas Container, Cylinder or Tank Protective Caps or Collars5303.4.1 Compressed Gas Container Protective Caps or Collars3134B.3.1 Compressed Gas Containers1910.430(e) Compressed Gas Cylinders3. Compressed Gas Mixtures3.3.278.6 Compressed Gas System63.3.1.1 Compressed Gas Systems63.3 Compressed Gases26.11 Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids Code4701.8 Compressed Gases and Liquefied Flammable Gases1910.101 Compressed Gases (General Requirements) Compressed Gases in Solution[F] 502.9.1 Compressed Gases—Medical Gas SystemsSection 5307 Compressed Gases Not Otherwise RegulatedR303.2.1.1 Compressed InsulationSection 5811 Compressed Natural Gas2311.6.2 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)319.10 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Systems42.11.1 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicular Fuel Systems(i) 2304.3.11.1 Compressed Natural Gas Facilities(2) Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas AreasSection 2308 Compressed Natural Gas Motor Fuel-Dispensing FacilitiesSection G2423 (413) Compressed Natural Gas Motor Vehicle Fuel-Dispensing FacilitiesSection 413 Compressed Natural Gas Motor Vehicle Fuel-Dispensing StationsSection 413 (IFGC) Compressed Natural Gas Motorvehicle Fuel-Dispensing FacilitiesR601.2.1 Compressible Floor-Covering MaterialsR401.4.2 Compressible or Shifting Soil1803.4.4 Compressible Soils5301.4.3 Compressing1926.803(e) Compression2211.3.3.4 Compression Chords4.2.3 Compression FittingsP3003.4.2 Compression Gasket Joints605.10.1.1 Compression Joints1814.4.1 Compression Load Test Procedures2.22.4.8 Compression of Buffers When Car Is Level With Terminal LandingsCA101.4 Compression of InsulationM2101.17.1 Compression-Type Fittings1208.6.11.3 Compression-Type Mechanical Joints1810.4.1.3 Compressive Load Test Procedures1810.4.1 Compressive Load TestsA509.1.2.1 Compressive Strain Determination2109.2.1.1 Compressive Strength2105.3.2 Compressive Strength Calculations2105A.2 Compressive Strength, F'M1810.4.1.1 Compressive Strength of Precast Concrete Piles1911.5.2 Compressive Strength Testing2109.3 Compressive Stress Requirements2308.3.2.2 Compressor and Discharge Piping1910.111(d)(10) Compressor Drives1311.0 Compressor Intake1926.803(h) Compressor Plant and Air Supply1224. Compressor Room2308.7.1 Compressor Shutdown Devices6.5.11.2 Compressor Systems313.3.6 Compressors§28-216.1.1 Compromised Structures1910.1000(d) Computation Formulae408.10.3 Computation Manner of Determining Cost§14-02 Computation of Fees for New Buildings and Open Air Stadia. [Repealed](5) 122.5 Computation of Time Deadlines*2.2-3.4.3 Computed Tomography (CT) Facilities23.3.5 Computer-Generated Hydraulic Reports608.6.3 Computer Office Equipment2.2- Computer RoomG3. Computer Room EconomizersG3.1.3.16 Computer Room Equipment SchedulesE 503.8.2 Computer Room (PUE0)E 503.8.1 Computer Room (PUE1)8.6.1 Computer Room Systems6.6.1 Computer Rooms SystemsSection 713 Computerized Drainage Design1224.18.3 Computerized Tomography (CT) ScanningSection 920 Computerized Vent Design(B) Concealable Nonmetallic Extensions(A) Concealed425.45 Concealed Fixed Industrial Heating Equipment — Inspection425.45 Concealed Fixed Industrial Heating Equipment — Inspection and Tests720.2 Concealed Installation8.2 Concealed JointsArticle 394 Concealed Knob-and-Tube Wiring708.4 Concealed Piping1210.4 Concealed Piping in Buildings302.4 Concealed Piping Inspection718.2.7 Concealed Sleeper Spaces9.* Concealed Space Design RequirementsSection 718 Concealed Spaces[BS] 902.3.3 Concealed Spaces and Cavities8.6.11 Concealed Spaces and Draftstops9.2.1* Concealed Spaces Not Requiring Sprinkler Protection9.3.17.1 Concealed Spaces Requiring Sprinkler Protection3. Concealed Sprinkler903.3.9 Concealed Sprinkler Heads718.2.2 Concealed Wall Spaces[A] 108.3 Concealed Work309.2 Concealing ImperfectionsP2503.2 Concealment1004.8 Concentrated Business Use Areas1607.4 Concentrated Live Loads1607.9.1.1 Concentrated Load2.4- Concentrated Load Requirements1607.20.2 Concentrated Loads6.1.5 Concentric Joints6.1 Concentrically Braced Frames[A] Concept Report1324.5.4.5 Conclusion of Test[BS] 1403.6 Concrete18.5.12.7 Concrete Anchors1711.2 Concrete and Clay Roof Tiles1812.2.5 Concrete and Grout Cover2113.11.3 Concrete and Masonry Chimneys for High-Heat Appliances2113.11.3 Concrete and Masonry Chimneys for High-Heat Appliances2113.11.2 Concrete and Masonry Chimneys for Medium-Heat AppliancesR406.1 Concrete and Masonry Foundation Dampproofing1807.1.5 Concrete and Masonry Foundation WallsR406.2 Concrete and Masonry Foundation Waterproofing[BS] 403.2.2.3 Concrete and Masonry WallsR608.5.1 Concrete and Materials for Concrete722.2 Concrete Assemblies2114.2 Concrete Bearing Ledge1202. Concrete Block Walls2119.7 Concrete Blocks6.1.8 Concrete Braced Frames17.5.2 Concrete Breakout Strength of Anchor in Shear17.4.2 Concrete Breakout Strength of Anchor in Tension17.7.2 Concrete breakout strength of anchors in shear, Vcb17.6.2 Concrete Breakout Strength of Anchors in Tension, NCB17.11.3 Concrete breakout strength of shear lug, Vcb,sl1926.702(f) Concrete Buckets1926.702(d) Concrete Buggies722.2.4 Concrete Columns1705.3 Concrete Construction5503.1.2 Concrete Containers1911.1 Concrete Core Sampling1808.8.2 Concrete Cover722.2.3 Concrete Cover Over ReinforcementR404.1.3.1 Concrete Cross Section3107F.2 Concrete Deck With Concrete or Steel Piles1809.5.7.2 Concrete Design19.2 Concrete Design Properties3107F.2.10 Concrete Detailing19.3 Concrete Durability Requirements2205.4.2 Concrete Encased Beams(3) Concrete-Encased Electrode26.12 Concrete Evaluation and Acceptance301.3.4 Concrete Evaluation and Design ProceduresSection 1912 Concrete-Filled Pipe Columns§27-712 Concrete-Filled Pipe Piles2206.4 Concrete-Filled Steel Columns1812.6 Concrete-Filled Steel Pipe and Tube Piles722. Concrete Finishes722.2.2 Concrete Floor and Roof SlabsA4.405.2 Concrete FloorsE303 Concrete Floors in Contact With Soil GasSection R506 Concrete Floors (On Ground)1805.4.2 Concrete FootingsB303.4 Concrete for Slabs3305.3 Concrete FormworkR404. Concrete Foundation Stem Walls Supporting Above-Grade Concrete WallsR404. Concrete Foundation Stem Walls Supporting Light-Frame Above-Grade Walls1807.1.6.2 Concrete Foundation Walls1808.8 Concrete Foundations1616.2.1 Concrete Frame Structures18.2.5 Concrete in Special Moment Frames and Special Structural WallsP3003.5 Concrete Joints722.3 Concrete Masonry722.3.5 Concrete Masonry Columns722.3.4 Concrete Masonry LintelsR614.2 Concrete, Masonry, or ICF First Story; Wood Frame Second and Third Story2122.3 Concrete Masonry Strength722.3.1.1 Concrete Masonry Unit Plus Finishes2103.1 Concrete Masonry Units[BS] A106.2.3.1 Concrete Masonry Units and Structural Clay Load-Bearing Tile722.3.2 Concrete Masonry WallsR404.4.5 Concrete Material26.4.1 Concrete Materials26.4 Concrete Materials and Mixture RequirementsR404.1.3.3 Concrete, Materials for Concrete, and FormsR608.5.1.2 Concrete Mixing and Delivery26.4.2 Concrete Mixture Requirements4.3 Concrete Moment Frames1812.1.3 Concrete or Grout Placement1808.8.1 Concrete or Grout Strength and Mix Proportioning2308.12.2 Concrete or MasonryR405.1 Concrete or Masonry Foundations1709.1.1.2 Concrete or Masonry Wall Below3107F.2.9 Concrete Pile Caps With Concrete Deck3107F.2.5 Concrete Piles505.7 Concrete Pipe1809.5.7.4 Concrete Placement26.5.2 Concrete Placement and Consolidation1905.8.2.1 Concrete Plants1705.3.5 Concrete Pre-Placement Inspection1705A.3.5 Concrete Preplacement Inspection26.5.1 Concrete Production26.5 Concrete Production and Construction1904.2 Concrete Properties722. Concrete Properties Unknown722.5.1.4 Concrete-Protected Columns1907.7 Concrete Protection for Reinforcement17.5.3 Concrete Pryout Strength of Anchor in Shear17.7.3 Concrete pryout strength of anchors in shear, Vcp or Vcpg1926.702(e) Concrete Pumping Systems1904.3.1 Concrete QualitySection 1905 Concrete Quality, Mixing and Placing1705.12.1 Concrete ReinforcementSection 1910A Concrete, Reinforcement and Anchor Testing3310.9.1 Concrete Safety Manager1812.1.1.1 Concrete Sampling and Testing1809.5.2 Concrete Shallow Foundations5.1 Concrete Shear Walls17.4.4 Concrete Side-Face Blowout Strength of a Headed Anchor in Tension17.6.4 Concrete side-face blowout strength of headed anchors in tension, Nsb[A] 110.3.2 Concrete Slab and Under-Floor Inspection4.505.2 Concrete Slab Foundations[A] 109.3.2 Concrete Slab or Under-Floor Inspection1220.2.4 Concrete Slab PreparationR322.3.4 Concrete SlabsR403.1.3.1 Concrete Stem Walls With Concrete Footings1809.5.2.1 Concrete Strength722. Concrete Strength Greater Than 12,000 psi722. Concrete Strength Less Than or Equal to 12,000 psi1911A.3 Concrete Strengthening by Externally Bonded Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)Article 406 Concrete Testing Laboratory License§28-406.1 Concrete Testing Laboratory License Required2109. Concrete Tie Beams1507.3.5 Concrete Tile§27-613 Concrete Utilizing Preplaced Aggregate3.7.6 Concrete Wall Cracks1616.3.1 Concrete Wall StructuresR608.3 Concrete Wall SystemsR404.1.5.2 Concrete Wall Thickness722.2.1 Concrete Walls3303.15 Concrete Washout Water26.5.4 Concreting in Cold Weather26.5.5 Concreting in Hot Weather1910.211(d)(8) Concurrent*§28-423.2.1 Concurrent Applications5609.9.2 Concussion Mortar Separation4-311 Condemnation2.15 Condemned Equipment13.6.5.1 Condemning Extinguishers1105.7 CondensateSection P-906 Condensate and Blowoff Connections1109.7 Condensate Control703.3 Condensate Coolers and Tempering1105.10 Condensate, Defrost, and Overflow Disposal[M] 314.2.1.1 Condensate DischargeM1411.3 Condensate Disposal609.7 Condensate Drain Trap Seal1221.5 Condensate DrainageL 408.1.1 Condensate Drainage Recovery2.1- Condensate Drains3.10 Condensate Drains From Combustion ProcessesB307.1.2 Condensate Drains, Piping and Wiring Chases1216.5 Condensate FlowG2404.11 (307.6) Condensate PumpsL 408.0 Condensate Recovery814.0 Condensate Waste and Control814.6 Condensate Waste From Air-Conditioning Coils814.3 Condensate Waste Pipe Material and Sizing310.0 Condensate Wastes and Control424.62 CondensationC403. Condensation Control509.9 Condensation DrainG2427.9 (503.9) Condensation Drainage1403.7 Condensation ProtectionE 503. Condenser Heat Recovery Systems422.9.4 Condensers6.5.11.1 Condensers Serving Refrigeration Systems1207.2.1 Condensing BoilersC403.5.3 Condensing Coils Installed in Cool Air Stream of Another Air-Conditioning Unit3.3.61* Condition308.2.1 Condition 1308.2.2 Condition 2308.4.3 Condition 3308.4.4 Condition 4308.4.5 Condition 5308.4.6 Condition 6308.4.7 Condition 7308.4.8 Condition 8308.4.9 Condition 9§28-323.3 Condition Assessment§28-305.4.3 Condition Assessment Requirements3.3.70 Condition, Existing1905.6.5.3 Condition of Cores[BS] A106.1 Condition of Existing Materials[BS] A304.1.2 Condition of Existing Wood Materials3307.7.7 Condition of Fences9.1 Condition of Foundations8. Condition of the Buffer After Tests1926.300(a) Condition of Tools14X-1-104 Condition Report105.1.2 Conditional Approval(d) 105.3.4 Conditional Approvals and Permits[A] Conditional Certificate of Occupancy[A] 105.3.4 Conditional Permits14A-8-802.1.1 Conditional Requirement1202.4.3.2 Conditioned SpaceE 503. Conditioned Supply Air8.3.7.1 Conditioning[A] 116.1 Conditions74-792 Conditions and Limitations73-04 Conditions and Safeguards§28-216.1 Conditions Constituting an Unsafe Building or Structure62-913 Conditions for Adoption of a Waterfront Access Plan77-211 Conditions for Application of Bulk Regulations to Entire Zoning Lot77-11 Conditions for Application of Use Regulations to Entire Zoning LotSection 1019 Conditions for ExceptionsG105.7 Conditions for Issuance4.6.9 Conditions for Occupancy7.15.3.3 Conditions for Safe Continued Operation(a) 5601.2.1 Conditions for the Issuance of a Permit to Manufacture, Process or Store Explosives or Explosive Materials610.7 Conditions for Using Table 610.4G107.2 Conditions for VarianceAMBIENT Conditions in Test Building and Fire Compartment§32-02 Conditions of a Building's Exterior Walls and Appurtenances That Constitute Conditions Dangerous to Human Life and Safety. [Repealed][A] 105.3 Conditions of a Permit1323.11.5 Conditions of Acceptance709A.4.1 Conditions of Acceptance for ASTM E2632709A.4.2 Conditions of Acceptance for ASTM E2726704A.3 Conditions of Acceptance for Ignition-Resistant Material Tested in Accordance With ASTM E84 or UL 723704A.3 Conditions of Acceptance for Ignition-Resistant Materials707A.4.1 Conditions of Acceptance When Tested in Accordance With ASTM E2707707A.11 Conditions of Acceptance When Tested in Accordance With ASTM E29571.12.3 Conditions of Approval112.3.1 Conditions of Listings§28-105.12 Conditions of Permit105.4 Conditions of the Permit3317.1 Conditions of Use28.1.4.1* Conditions on Individual Boats73-312 Conditions on Operation72-22 Conditions or RestrictionsA-701.3.2 Conditions Related to Prerequisite Approvals1802.6.1 Conditions Requiring Geotechnical Reports5706.4.7.22 Conditions Requiring Summary Action1205.3 Conditions Specific to Compliance Options 2 and 312.4.1.2 Conditions to Be Assessed1926.963(f)(2) Conditions to Be Checked2109. Conditions Where Lathing Is Not Required§1-03.5 Conduct of Commissioners§3-05 Conduct of Fire Drills§28-212.5 Conduct of Hearing by Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings§13-18 Conduct of Hearings. [Repealed]119.4 Conduct of Members12-7A-4.8.3 Conduct of Tests(A) Conduct or Witness Test7-208 Conduct Relative to the Examination(A) Conducting Risk Assessment406.4.6 Conducting Tests of Gas-Piping Systems(A) Conductive and Nonconductive Cables1910.333(c)(8) Conductive Apparel1926.960(f) Conductive Articles40.4.3.2* Conductive Components2006.5.2.1 Conductive Hose1910.269(h)(3) Conductive Ladders1910.333(c)(6) Conductive Materials and Equipment(1) Conductive Pool Shells(A) Conductive Surfaces to Be Insulated From Ground908.8.1 Conductivity or Flow-Based Control of Cycles of Concentration1910.268(s)(12) Conductor(B) Conductor Ampacity(B) Conductor Ampacity and Overcurrent Device Ratings(2) Conductor and Installation CharacteristicsSection E3407 Conductor and Terminal Identification(A) Conductor Application and InsulationE3605.9.6 Conductor Arrangement300.34 Conductor Bending Radius310.4 Conductor Constructions and Applications225.4 Conductor Covering(1) Conductor Fill1926.964(b)(8) Conductor Grips310.6 Conductor Identification110.74 Conductor Installation(1) Conductor Installations in Raceways, Auxiliary Gutters, or Cable Trays408.19 Conductor Insulation(B) Conductor Insulation and Ampacity501.20 Conductor Insulation, Class I, Divisions 1 and 21910.308(e)(2) Conductor Location(B) Conductor Material(A) Conductor Materials409.20 Conductor — Minimum Size and Ampacity(6) Conductor or Optical Fiber Fill(B) Conductor Protection(D) Conductor Rating(D) Conductor Routing(A) Conductor Size225.6 Conductor Size and Support370.20 Conductor Size and Termination110.6 Conductor Sizes(B) Conductor Sizes 8 AWG and Larger(A) Conductor Sizes Smaller Than 8 AWG522.21 Conductor SizingSection E3705 Conductor Sizing and Overcurrent Protection396.56 Conductor Splices and Taps(B) Conductor Supports354.50 Conductor Terminations1910.304(g)(2) Conductor to Be Grounded250.26 Conductor to Be Grounded — Alternating-Current Systems(A) Conductor Type(2) Conductor Types300.3 Conductors(4) Conductors 12 or 10 AWG(5) Conductors 14 AWG and Smaller(A) Conductors 4 AWG and Larger(C) Conductors 4 AWG or Larger(3) Conductors 8, 6, or 4 AWG551.48 Conductors and Boxes(A) Conductors and Busbars on a Switchboard, Switchgear, or Panelboard(C) Conductors and Cables505.18 Conductors and Conductor InsulationSection 1104 Conductors and Connections1910.179(a)(27) Conductors, Bridge522.20 Conductors, Busbars, and Slip Rings1926.964(b)(2) Conductors, Cables, and Pulling and Tensioning Equipment366.20 Conductors Connected in Parallel230.6 Conductors Considered Outside the Building1910.305(b)(1) Conductors Entering Boxes, Cabinets, or Fittings314.17 Conductors Entering Boxes, Conduit Bodies, or Fittings(2) Conductors Entering BuildingsE3907.6 Conductors Entering Cabinets(2) Conductors Entering or Leaving Opposite Wall(2) Conductors Entering Through Cable Clamps(1) Conductors Entering Through Individual Holes or Through Flexible Tubing(3) Conductors Entering Through Raceways(3) Conductors Entering Through RacewaysArticle 310 Conductors for General Wiring520.68 Conductors for Portables(G) Conductors for Small Motors(E) Conductors for Subdivided Loads(G) Conductors From Generator Terminals(A) Conductors Grouped Together(G) Conductors in Parallel(B) Conductors in Pull or Junction Boxes(G) Conductors in Raceways(2) Conductors Larger Than 4 AWG210.19 Conductors — Minimum Ampacity and Size430.122 Conductors — Minimum Size and Ampacity(1) Conductors Not Entering or Leaving Opposite Wall760.48 Conductors of Different Circuits in Same Cable, Enclosure, or Raceway725.48 Conductors of Different Circuits in the Same Cable, Cable Tray, Enclosure, or Raceway300.32 Conductors of Different Systems(3) Conductors of Multiple Systems(B) Conductors of the Same CircuitE3705.4.4 Conductors of Type NM CableE3705.4.5 Conductors of Type SE Cable540.14 Conductors on Lamps and Hot Equipment540.14 Conductors on Lamps and Hot Equipment(D) Conductors on Poles13.4 Conductors or Leaders and Connections(C) Conductors Outside of an Enclosure or Operator Station310.60 Conductors Rated 2001 to 35,000 VoltsE3705.4.1 Conductors Rated 60E3705.4.1 Conductors Rated 60°CE3705.4.2 Conductors Rated 75E3705.4.2 Conductors Rated 75°C1910.179(a)(28) Conductors, Runway(B) Conductors Supplying a Single Motor Controller(C) Conductors Supplying a Single Power Transformer(D) Conductors Supplying More Than One Motor, Motor Controller, or Power Transformer(A) Conductors Supplying Single Motor(D) Conductors Supplying Supplementary Overcurrent Protective Devices(C) Conductors to Be Cabled1926.404(f)(4) Conductors to Be Grounded(A) Conductors Within a Listed Component or Assembly(B) Conductors Within an Enclosure or Operator Station326.116 Conduit(B) Conduit and TubingE3904.6 Conduit and Tubing Fill(C) Conduit BodiesE3905.10 Conduit Bodies and Junction, Pull and Outlet Boxes to Be Accessible1323.5.2 Conduit, Cover, or Enclosure640.23 Conduit or Tubing11.* Conduit, Raceway, Enclosure, Cable Assembly, and Junction Box Markings(1) Conduit Seals(A) Conduit Seals, Class I, Division 1(B) Conduit Seals, Class I, Division 2G2415.14.2 (404.14.2) Conduit With Both Ends Terminating Indoors404.14.3 Conduit With Both Ends Terminating Indoors Within Different BuildingsG2415.14.1 (404.14.1) Conduit With One End Terminating Outdoors(2) Conduits1906.3 Conduits and Pipes Embedded in Concrete2104.7 Conduits, Pipes, and Sleeves in Masonry1910.219(e)(5) Cone-Pulley Belts131-31 Coney East Subdistrict131-422 Coney East Subdistrict, North Side of Surf Avenue131-421 Coney East Subdistrict, South Side of Surf AvenueAppendix A Coney Island District Plan131-132 Coney North and Coney West Subdistricts131-44 Coney North Subdistrict131-441 Coney North Subdistrict, Surf Avenue131-444 Coney North Subdistrict Towers131-32 Coney West, Coney North and Mermaid Avenue Subdistricts131-431 Coney West District, Surf Avenue131-43 Coney West Subdistrict131-434 Coney West Subdistrict Towers*4.1- Conference and Educational Space1227.15.2 Conference/Group Activities1228.14.8 Conference Room*3.2- Conference Space1230.1.24 Confidential Interview Room1231.2.25 Confidential Interview Rooms1910.1030(h)(1)(iii) Confidentiality2212A.1.1 Configuration3104F.1.3 Configuration Classification3104F.1.3 Configuration Classification of MOT Structure3103F.6.5 Configuration Coefficient (CC)AS106.4 Configuration of Bales2.2- Configuration of the MRI Suite319.5 Configuration Requirements3107F. Confined Concrete Piles:1910.333(c)(5) Confined or Enclosed Work SpacesM1702.2 Confined SpaceAppendix D Confined Space Pre-Entry Check List1910.252(a)(4) Confined Spaces2122.8.5 Confinement5.1.6 Confinement ReinforcingN1106.7.2.2 (R406.7.2.2) Confirmed Compliance Report for a Certificate of Occupancy313.4 Confiscation and Removal[A] A101.3.6 Conflict of Interest1301.3 Conflict of Requirements(ii) Conflicting Interpretations of Fire Safety Statutes or Rules[A] 102.10 Conflicting ProvisionsC106.2 Conflicting Requirements§28-113.3.6 Conflicting Test Results[A] 102.4.1 Conflicts102.1 Conflicts Between Codes[A] 108.2 Conformance691.7 Conformance of Construction to Engineered Design454.2.6.1 Conformance Standard1706.1 Conformance to Standards52-46 Conforming and Non-Conforming Residential Uses in M1-1D Through M1-5D Districts2.5.3.1 Conforming BuildingsChapter 3 Conforming Uses in Violation of Supplementary Use Regulations1910.104(b)(3)(xiii) Congested Areas14X-5-502.4.1.2 Congregate Living Facilities14X-9-902.2 Congregate Living Facilities and Dormitories1107.6.3.2 Congregate Living Facilities, Boarding Houses, and Care Facilities(E) Connected Devices604. Connected Facilities(C) Connected in Parallel(B) Connected Load1104.3 Connected Spaces(D) Connected to a Concrete-Encased Electrode(E) Connected to a Ground Ring(C) Connected to Rod, Pipe, or Plate Electrodes102.3 Connecticut Amendment Conventions1926.960(e)(1) Connecting(D) Connecting and Disconnecting6101.5.1 Connecting and Disconnecting of LPG Containers1926.962(f) Connecting and Removing GroundsG2422.1 (411.1) Connecting Appliances1212.1 Connecting Appliances and Equipment1910.334(a)(5) Connecting Attachment Plugs3103.8.5 Connecting Corridors1313.1 Connecting Gas Appliances250.146 Connecting Receptacle Grounding Terminal to an Equipment Grounding Conductor406.11 Connecting Receptacle Grounding Terminal to BoxPart III Connecting SPDsPart III Connecting Surge Arresters1926.914(l)(2) Connecting Wire810.2.3 Connection[A] 115.6.3 Connection After Order to Disconnect(G) Connection Ahead of Service Disconnecting Means914.4.1 Connection and InstallationP3107.3 Connection at Different Levels(B) Connection at the Rear Base of a RangeP3107.2 Connection at the Same Level2.15.7.2 Connection Between Car Frame and Platform242.30 Connection Between Conductors6.1.5.1 Connection Between Driving Machine and Main Drive Shaft6.1.5.1 Connection Between Driving Machine and Main Driveshaft[BS] C104.4 Connection Between Horizontal Braces and Retrofit Studs5.1.6.1 Connection Between Underground and Aboveground Piping§27-476 Connection by Breezeway8.1 Connection Concerns2212A.2.4 Connection DesignG2411.2.5 (310.2.5) Connection Devices107.11.1.1 Connection Feasible and Available2304.10.1 Connection Fire-Resistance Rating1912.3.1.3 Connection Forces5.1.8* Connection From Waterworks System912.2.3 Connection Height4.2.0.3 Connection Inspections454.2.10.1 Connection Limitations107.11.1.2 Connection Not Feasible or Not Available(B) Connection of Attachment Plugs410.24 Connection of Electric-Discharge and LED Luminaires[BS] C104.5 Connection of Gable End Wall to Wall BelowG2449.3 (627.3) Connection of Gas-Engine-Powered Air Conditioners250.8 Connection of Grounding and Bonding Equipment12.17.9 Connection of Individual Fixtures802.4.3.1 Connection of Laundry Tray to StandpipeAS105.5 Connection of Light-Frame Walls to Strawbale WallsAS105.5 Connection of Light-Framed Walls to Strawbale Walls1910.305(g)(1)(ii)(K) Connection of Moving Parts; And405.8.1 Connection of Overflows6.3 Connection of Pipe, Fittings, and Appurtenances1312.5 Connection of Portable and Mobile Industrial Appliances1212.5 Connection of Portable and Mobile Industrial Gas Appliances1910.305(g)(1)(ii)(C) Connection of Portable Lamps or Appliances[A] 112.1 Connection of Service Utilities455.9 Connection of Single-Phase Loads(C) Connection of Switches551.50 Connection of Terminals and Splices5.1.6.2* Connection Passing Through or Under Foundation Walls6.1.6 Connection Strength(B) Connection Through Disconnecting Means and Overcurrent Device3305.2.4.2 Connection to Bays424.96 Connection to Branch-Circuit Conductors(1) Connection to Branch-Circuit Wiring(A) Connection to Cabinets and Extensions From Cells(B) Connection to Cabinets and Other Enclosures510.1.7 Connection to Chimney Liners(2) Connection to Conductors517.43 Connection to Critical Branch903.1.1 Connection to Drainage System80.25 Connection to Electricity Supply706.16 Connection to Energy Sources517.44 Connection to Equipment BranchG2425.7.2 (501.7.2) Connection to Factory-Built Fireplace FlueG2425.7 (501.7) Connection to FireplaceM1803.4 Connection to Fireplace Flue[BS] A404.2.2 Connection to Floor AboveR403.5.9 Connection to Forced Air Circulation Systems(D) Connection to Ground200.3 Connection to Grounded System(C) Connection to Grounding Electrodes1224.28.3.2 Connection to HospitalP-905.5 Connection to House DrainG2425.7.3 (501.7.3) Connection to Masonry Fireplace FluePart VII Connection to Other Circuits706.8 Connection to Other Energy Sources10.2.2 Connection to Other Members690.59 Connection to Other Sources(D) Connection to Other Systems1810.9.1.1 Connection to Pile Cap(F) Connection to Recreational Vehicle Site Equipment105.4 Connection to Service Utilities701.2 Connection to Sewer Required660.4 Connection to Supply Circuit1613.4.4 Connection to Supports230.81 Connection to Terminals[BS] 1402.2.1 Connection to the Foundation1602.2 Connection to the Gas Supply Piping932.1.3 Connection to the Piping SystemP-1109.2 Connection to Vent Stack509.2 Connection to Venting Systems2.19 Connection to Water and Sewer Systems901.4.6 Connection to Water Supply(B) Connection to Wiring SystemP2909.3 Connection TubingSection 2204 Connections706.1 Connections and Changes in Direction2308.1.2 Connections and Fasteners3.19.3 Connections and Fittings(A) Connections and Splices5704. Connections Below Liquid LevelR608.9.3 Connections Between Concrete Walls and Light-Frame Ceiling and Roof SystemsR608.9.1 Connections Between Concrete Walls and Light-Frame Floor, Ceiling and Roof SystemsR608.9.2 Connections Between Concrete Walls and Light-Frame Floor SystemsR608.9.3 Connections Between Concrete Walls and Light-Framed Ceiling and Roof SystemsR608.9.1 Connections Between Concrete Walls and Light-Framed Floor, Ceiling and Roof SystemsR608.9.2 Connections Between Concrete Walls and Light-Framed Floor Systems611.9.3 Connections Between Concrete Walls and Lightframed Ceiling and Roof Systems611.9.1 Connections Between Concrete Walls and Lightframed Floor, Ceiling and Roof Systems611.9.2 Connections Between Concrete Walls and Lightframed Floor Systems4.4 Connections Between Drain Piping and Certain FixturesSection 706 Connections Between Drainage Piping and FittingsSection 706 Connections Between Drainagepiping and Fittings718.2.3 Connections Between Horizontal and Vertical Spaces1210.1.7.1 Connections Between Metallic and Plastic PipingSection 706 Connections Betweendrainage Piping and Fittings8. Connections for and Test of Electrical PartsG312.3 Connections for Temporary External Boilers and ChillersG312.2 Connections for Temporary External Generators801.5 Connections From Water Distribution System2308.6.7 Connections of Braced Wall Panels3104.5 Connections of Pedestrian Walkways to Buildings16.2 Connections of Precast Members(2) Connections of Ranges and Clothes Dryers608.17.6 Connections Subject to Backpressure(A) Connections to 125-Volt, Single-Phase, 15- And 20-Ampere Receptacle Outlets(A) Connections to a Rod, Pipe, or Plate Electrode(s)P2902.5.4 Connections to Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems608.17.4 Connections to Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems and Standpipe Systems608.17.4 Connections to Automatic Sprinkler Systems and Standpipe SystemsP2902.5.1 Connections to Boilers390.76 Connections to Cabinets and Wall Outlets603.5 Connections to City Water MainsP3005.2.11 Connections to Cleanouts Prohibited(B) Connections to Concrete-Encased Electrodes12.17.8 Connections to Conventional Drainage SystemsP2601.2 Connections to Drainage SystemG2425.10 (501.10) Connections to Exhauster16.3 Connections to Foundations(C) Connections to Ground Rings1305.9.8 Connections to Header608.17.5 Connections to Lawn Irrigation SystemsR606. Connections to Masonry ColumnsR606. Connections to Masonry Shear WallsP3005.5 Connections to Offsets and Bases of Stacks8.2.7 Connections to Other Members(B) Connections to Other Receptacle Outlets907.6.7 Connections to Other Systems304.0 Connections to Plumbing System Required1503.3 Connections to Potable and Reclaimed (Recycled) Water Systems1505.4 Connections to Potable or Reclaimed (Recycled) Water Systems1506.4 Connections to Potable or Recycled Water Supply Systems1204.7 Connections to Premise WiringK 102.2 Connections to Public or Private Potable Water SystemsR602.10.8.2 Connections to Roof Framing1305.3.2 Connections to Tank608.17 Connections to the Potable Water System301.3 Connections to the Sanitary Drainage System2.18 Connections to the Sanitary Drainage System Required12.19.4 Connections to the StackSection 1709 Connections to Wall Below301.4 Connections to Water Supply5.2.2* Connections to Waterworks SystemsG2422.1.2 (411.1.3) Connector InstallationG2427.10.7 (503.10.7) Connector Junctions603.6.2.1 Connector LengthG2428.3.2 (504.3.2) Connector Length Limit(2) Connector LocationG2428.3.17 (504.3.21) Connector Maximum and Minimum Size803.10.4 Connector Pass-Through603.6.2.2 Connector Penetration Limitations1926.761(c)(2) Connector Procedures510.2.11 Connector RiseG2428.3.11 (504.3.11) Connector Rise Measurement(B) Connector Strips and Drop Boxes520.46 Connector Strips, Drop Boxes, Floor Pockets, and Other Outlet Enclosures520.46 Connector Strips, Drop Boxes, Floor Pockets, and Other Outlet Enclosures(B) Connectors393.40 Connectors and Enclosures2304.10 Connectors and FastenersM1803.2 Connectors for Oil and Solid Fuel AppliancesM1803.2 Connectors for Oil and Solid Fuel-Burning AppliancesG2426.2 (502.2) Connectors Required803.7 Connectors Serving Two or More AppliancesG2428.3.3 (504.3.3) Connectors With Longer Lengths5001.3.3.17 Consequence AnalysisP-712.2 Conservation402.5 Conservation Area1926.961(c)(8) Consider Lines and Equipment DeenergizedSection C104 Consideration of Existing Fire HydrantsB.6.1 Consideration of Velocity in DesignG105.6 Considerations§18-01 Considerations and Evaluation. [Repealed]1.1.8* Considerations Not Related to Fire(B) Considered as Energized5.4.9* Consistency of Assumptions1905.10.8 Consolidation§109-02 Consolidation of Administrative Code Provisions for Enforcement PurposesR404. Consolidation of Concrete[F] 906.5 Conspicuous Location5604.13.7.4 Constant Attendance27.5.4.2 Constant-Current (100 Milliampere) Systems27.5.4.2 Constant-Current Systems(D) Constant PowerF 303.4 Constant Rate Pump Test430.29 Constant Voltage Direct-Current Motors — Power Resistors(A) Constant-Voltage GeneratorsE 805.3 Constant Volume, Single-Zone, Unitary Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps Systems Acceptance (Form MECH-3A)E 805.2 Constant Volume Systems (Form MECH-2A)3.3.66 Constantly Attended1807.3.2.2 ConstrainedA-902.2.1 Constructed Area1020.2 Construction12.1.1.4 Construction, Alteration, or Demolition Operations§163 Construction and Arrangement511.4.3 Construction and Clearance8.2 Construction and CompartmentationSection 804 Construction and Demolition Hazards43.1.3 Construction and Design of Spray Areas, Spray Rooms, and Spray Booths[A] 102.1 Construction and Design Provisions520.53 Construction and Feeders4.13 Construction and Inspection(A) Construction and Installation66.25.5 Construction and Installation of Storage Tank Vaults314.72 Construction and Installation Requirements5604.12.6.3 Construction and Isolation§28-106.2 Construction and Maintenance of Asbestos Containment Structures and Other Temporary Structures or Work Required for Asbestos Abatement Activities§24-01 Construction and Maintenance of Refuse Chutes and Refuse Rooms(2) 5622.2 Construction and Maintenance Requirements104.1.1 Construction and Manufacturing Tolerances319.6.1 Construction and Modifications1029.3 Construction and Openings1910.142(i) Construction and Operation of Kitchens, Dining Hall, and Feeding Facilities2.2-2.7 Construction and Plans for Commissioning304.8 Construction and Protection5.4.10.2 Construction and Requirements for Solid Bumpers5.4.10.4 Construction and Requirements for Spring Buffers1016.3 Construction and Size6103.2.1.2 Construction and Temporary Heating1626.4 Construction Assemblies Deemed to Comply With Section 16262.1.2.2 Construction at Bottom of Hoistway2.1.2.2 Construction at Bottom of the Hoistway8. Construction at the Bottom of the Hoistway8. Construction at the Top of the Hoistway2.1.2 Construction at Top and Bottom of the Hoistway8. Construction at Top of Hoistway2.1.2.1 Construction at Top of the Hoistway3302.4 Construction Barriers*1.2- Construction Checklists§27-275 Construction Class I-A§27-276 Construction Class I-B§27-277 Construction Class I-C§27-278 Construction Class I-D§27-279 Construction Class I-E§27-281 Construction Class II-A§27-282 Construction Class II-B§27-283 Construction Class II-C§27-284 Construction Class II-D§27-285 Construction Class II-E§27-269 Construction ClassesSection 602 Construction ClassificationArticle 14 Construction Classifications102.6.1.1 Construction Codes and Electrical Code References26.5.6 Construction, Contraction, and Isolation Joints§ 23-27.3-128.3 Construction Contractor Responsibilities465.14 Construction Control28.3 Construction, Conversion, Repair, and Lay-Up of Vessels3.3.41 Construction DefinitionsCA105.3 Construction Description4.2.2.1 Construction Details§5000-01 Construction Document Approval Requirements for Compliance With the New York City Energy Conservation Code[A] 102.2.2 Construction Document PreparationRA103.2 Construction Document Requirements for Solar-Ready ZoneRA103.8 Construction Documentation CertificateSection 107 Construction Documents1.8 Construction Documents and Design RecordsSection 102 Construction Documents and Installation Verification3107.1.1 Construction Documents and Written ConsentSection 115 Construction Documents Examination and Inspection Fees§28-104.13 Construction Documents for Extension, Alteration or Relocation of an Existing Chimney or Vent107.18 Construction Documents for Extension or Relocation of an Existing Chimney or Vent302A.7 Construction Documents for Retrofit or Rehabilitation§28-104.10 Construction Documents for Sites Near Subways or Tunnels**§28-104.11 Construction Documents for Sites That Are Covered Development Projects as Defined in Section 24-541 of the Administrative Code§28- Construction Documents Maintained on Site§28-104.1.1 Construction Documents Subject to the New York City Fire CodeSection 115 Construction Documentsexamination and Inspection Fees1.2- Construction Elements14A-4-404.3 Construction Equipment305.1.1 Construction Fencing RequiredA4.506.2 Construction Filter1910.104(b)(4)(iii) Construction - Gaseous§27-521.12 Construction; GeneralArticle 15 Construction Group I-NoncombustibleArticle 16 Construction Group II-CombustibleC106.1 Construction Hydrants410.10 Construction in Seating AreasE 804.3.2 Construction Inspection(2) 112.2 Construction Inspection Fees[NY] 105.3 Construction InspectionsR404. Construction Joint Reinforcement1906.4 Construction JointsR608.5.5 Construction Joints in Walls1910.104(b)(4)(ii) Construction - Liquid3305.3.5.2 Construction Loads5705.3.7.1 Construction, Location and Fire Protection66-40 Construction, Maintenance, and Additional Provisions66-41 Construction, Maintenance and Other Obligations503.1 Construction Material and Waste Management PlanSection 502 Construction Material Management[BG] 802.3.1 Construction Materials§27-553 Construction Materials and Assembled Elements of Construction§27-624 Construction MethodsSection 8-105 Construction Methods and Materials4905.2 Construction Methods and Requirements Within Established LimitsR602.10.4 Construction Methods for Braced Wall Panels608.2.2 Construction of Air Inlets608.1.2 Construction of Air Outlets2006.3 Construction of Aircraft-Fueling Vehicles and Accessories(A) Construction of Attachment Plugs and Cord Connectors§27-844 Construction of Chimneys and Charging Chutes1910.109(c)(3) Construction of Class I Magazines1910.109(c)(4) Construction of Class II Magazines26.5.7 Construction of Concrete Members18.3.6.2* Construction of Corridor Walls2405.3 Construction of Dip Tanks2407.3 Construction of EquipmentAM103.1.3.2 Construction of Fence§143 Construction of First Floor2.1.3.3 Construction of FloorsPart XI Construction of Flush and Recessed Luminaires§27-687 Construction of Footings, Foundation Piers, and Foundation Walls1910.179(d)(2) Construction of Footwalks5.3.1.1 Construction of Hoistway and Hoistway Enclosures5.11.1 Construction of HoistwaysSection 2.1 Construction of Hoistways and Hoistway EnclosuresC403.12 Construction of HVAC System ElementsC403.11 Construction of HVAC System Elements (Mandatory)§27-843 Construction of Incinerators5504.2.1.2 Construction of Indoor Areas5.4.2.3 Construction of Landing Enclosures and GatesChapter 2 Construction of Language and Definitions508.2.2 Construction of Listed Exhaust HoodsPart VII Construction of Luminaires1910.109(c)(2) Construction of Magazines - GeneralR602.10.6 Construction of Methods ABW, PFH, PFG, CS-PF and BV-WSP2406.3.2 Construction of Powder Coating Booths2406.3.1 Construction of Powder Coating Rooms2406.3 Construction of Powder Coating Rooms and Booths409.2 Construction of Projection Rooms3307.6.4 Construction of Sidewalk Sheds1505.5 Construction of Sloping Roofs2404.3.2 Construction of Spray Booths2404.3.1 Construction of Spray Rooms66.24.5 Construction of Storage Tank Buildings63. Construction of the Inner Vessel63. Construction of the Vacuum Jacket (Outer Vessel)1910.141(c)(2) Construction of Toilet Rooms508.3 Construction of Type I Hoods519.2 Construction of Type II HoodsSection C106 Construction Operations1705.25.2 Construction Operations Influencing Adjacent Structures3109.4.4.2 Construction Permit; Safety Features Required(7) 105.7 Construction Permits803.1.3 Construction Phase Ductless System or Filter502.1.2 Construction Phase Moisture Control803.1 Construction Phase Requirements1603A.1.10 Construction Procedures1.2- Construction Process ElementsE102.3.2 Construction Provisions[BS] 3306.4 Construction Railings4.6.10 Construction, Repair, and Improvement Operations§27-724 Construction Required for or Affecting the Support of Adjacent Properties or Buildings[F] 414.2.1 Construction Requirements3109.4.4.8 Construction Requirements for Building a Pool or Spa60.4.2.2 Construction Requirements for Control AreasSection 1105 Construction Requirements for Existing Group I-2Chapter E301 Construction Requirements for Passive ControlsChapter B301 Construction Requirements for Passive Radon Control2104.3.2.4 Construction Requirements for Temperatures Below 20°F (—7°C)2104.3.2.3 Construction Requirements for Temperatures Between 25°F (—4°C) and 20°F (—7°C)2104.3.2.2 Construction Requirements for Temperatures Between 32°F (0°C) and 25°F (-4°C)2104.3.2.1 Construction Requirements for Temperatures Between 40°F (4°C) and 32°F (0°C)Chapter E301 Construction Requirements Forpassive Controls30.3.3.6 Construction Requirements of CNG and LNG Repair AreasSection 3302 Construction Safeguards1910.12(c) Construction Safety Act DistinguishedDivision 1 Construction ScopeSection 3324 Construction Site Cleanliness321.4 Construction Site Fire SafetySection 3308 Construction Site Fire Safety Manager§113-11 Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Certificates of Fitness§113-10 Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Training Courses6103.2.1.2 Construction Site HeatingSection *3321 Construction Site Safety Training§3301-01 Construction Site Signs203.2 Construction Sites3504.2.7.1 Construction Sites and Torch-Applied Roofing SystemsPart II Construction SpecificationsPart III Construction Specifications (Concealable Nonmetallic Extensions Only)Part III Construction Specifications (Concealable Nonmetallic Extensions Only)Section G301 Construction Standards454.1.11.3 Construction Standards for Artificial LagoonsG304.4 Construction Standards for Shaded X-Zones§84 Construction Standards for the Control of Noise3412A.1.6 Construction, Structural Observation, Testing, and InspectionsArticle 428 Construction Superintendent License11B-201.4 Construction Support FacilitiesR301.1.2 Construction SystemsSection 904 Construction Techniques1030. Construction TolerancesD102.2.2 Construction Type1.2-2.2.4 Construction Type/Occupancy and Building SystemsA-902.3 Construction Value406.2 Construction WasteA5.408.5 Construction Waste DiversionA5.408.5 Construction Waste Diversion. [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4]R334.1 Construction Waste Management4.408.2 Construction Waste Management PlanSection R334 Construction Waste Reduction, Disposal and RecyclingA5.408.6 Construction Waste Reduction of at Least 50 PercentA5.408.6 Construction Waste Reduction of at Least 50 Percent. [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4]5706.4.7.8 Construction Work311.10 Constructions and Applications1224.34.2.3 Consultation110.1.1 Consultation and Notification2.2- Consultation Area2.2- Consultation/Demonstration Room1227.15.1 Consultation/Interviews1226.6.2.5 Consultation Room1224.31.1.5 Consultation Room(s)2.2- Consultation/Treatment Room(s)B101.4.1 Consultation With Interested PersonsA4.203.1.3 Consultation With Local Electric Service ProviderSection 1031 Consumer Fireworks903.2.5.4 Consumer Fireworks (1.4G)427.1 Consumer Fireworks (1.4G) Facilities907.2.5.1 Consumer Fireworks (1.4G) Facilities Fire Alarms1031.1 Consumer Fireworks (1.4G) Facilities Means of Egress910.2.3 Consumer Fireworks (1.4G) Facilities Smoke and Heat Vents509.4.2.2 Consumer Fireworks (1.4G) Facilities Storage Rooms415.7.5 Consumer Fireworks FacilitiesL 407.3 Consumption Data1910.141(g) Consumption of Food and Beverages on the Premises407.3.3.2 Contact(A) Contact Conductor(D) Contact Conductors(B) Contact Devices or Yokes(B) Contact WiresM2101.28 Contact With Building MaterialAR103.4.5 Contact With Nonwood Structural Members7-201 Contact With OfficeAR103.4.4 Contact With Wood Members2.26.3 Contactors and Relays for Use in Critical Operating Circuits(2) Contacts5-205 Contacts for Questions3.3.72 Container5704.3 Container and Portable Tank Storage69.2.9 Container Appurtenances69.2.2 Container Appurtenances and Regulators5704.3.6.2 Container Capacity1910.110(d)(13) Container-Charging Plants5609.10.5 Container Condition6704.3 Container Covers60. Container Failure1109.5.3 Container Faucets1910.106(f)(3)(vi) Container Filling Facilities3.3.72.3* Container (Flammable or Combustible Liquid)6306.3.5 Container Handling69.3.14.3 Container Installation Requirements6104.3 Container Location69.2.1.4 Container Marking5807.3.3.4 Container Markings69.3.7.2 Container Point of Transfer Location Requirements5303.3 Container Protection38.5.3.5 Container Refilling605. Container Replacement3134B.3.2 Container Scale69.3.5 Container Separation Distances3.3.42* Container (Shipping, Master, or Outer Container)3505.6 Container Shutoff3803.2.1 Container Size63.4.4.3 Container Specification2308. Container Stability5704.3 Container Storage3505.2 Container Storage, Handling and Use5704.3.6.1 Container Type1910.110(c)(6) Container Valves and Accessories1910.110(d)(3) Container Valves and Accessories, Filler Pipes, and Discharge Pipes1910.111(c)(2) Container Valves and Accessories, Filling and Discharge Connections1926.153(c) Container Valves and Container Accessories5704.3.6.4 Container Warning Labels3303.4.2 Containers3104.16.2.1 Containers 500 Gallons or Less63. Containers and Cylinders of 1.3 Gal (5 L) or Less1926.153(h) Containers and Equipment Used Inside of Buildings or Structures42.9.8 Containers and Movable Tanks1926.153(g) Containers and Regulating Equipment Installed Outside of Buildings or Structures3505.2.1 Containers Connected for Use5303.1 Containers, Cylinders and Tanks63. Containers, Cylinders, and Tanks Designed for Horizontal Use63.3.1.14 Containers, Cylinders, and Tanks Exposed to Fire63. Containers, Design, and Construction63.4.2* Containers — Design, Construction, and Maintenance5706.2.3 Containers for Storage and Use10.3.8 Containers for Waste, or Linen5704.3.3.10 Containers in Piles1926.153(h)(2)3104.16.2.2 Containers More Than 500 GallonsSection 3810 Containers Not in Service308.1.8.2 Containers Not in Use1910.1017(l)(5) Containers of Vinyl Chloride Shall Be Legibly Labeled Either: Containers Open to the Atmosphere69.2.6 Containers With Attached Supports(2) Containing Askarel(1) Containing Liquid That Will Burn(A) Containing More Than 11 L (3 Gal) of Flammable Liquid5104.6.1 Containment5004.2.2.1 Containment and Drainage Methods1211.4 Containment Devices63. Containment Devices Provided66.16.8 Containment, Drainage, and Spill Control66.25.9 Containment, Drainage, and Spill Control for Storage Tank Vaults66.24.5 Containment, Drainage, and Spill Control From Storage Tank Buildings1910.1030(e)(2)(iii) Containment Equipment5004.2.3 Containment Pallets5004.2.1.1 Containment System Construction63. Containment Vessels or Systems1926.107(a)510.5.4 Contaminant Capture and Dilution401.6 Contaminant SourcesF 109.8 Contaminants1202.5.2 Contaminants Exhausted[BG] 1002.3.4 Contaminated Air1926.1101(i)(3) Contaminated Clothing1321.8.8 Contaminated Materials1910.1030(d)(4)(iii)(A) Contaminated Sharps Discarding and Containment[BS] 901.3.2 Contaminated Water6204.1.9 Contamination1910.1003(d)(4) Contamination Control2408.4.1 Contamination Prevention1109. Content§27-2140 Content and Effect of Vacate Order[NY] 4001.5 Content and Posting of a Permit101.9.2 Content and Signature1910.1052(j)(6) Content of Emergency Medical Surveillance§28-308.5 Content of Energy Efficiency Report1910.120(f)(4) Content of Medical Examinations and Consultations1910.1051(k)(4) Content of Medical Screening1910.1052(j)(5) Content of Medical Surveillance1704.3.1 Content of Statement of Special Inspections3304.4.1.1 Content of Support of Excavation Construction Documents3903.2.5.1 Content of Technical Report and Engineering Analysis1910.332(b) Content of Training3104.4 Contents§28-208.1.1 Contents and Delivery10.3 Contents and Furnishings§28-207.1 Contents and Service§28-209.2 Contents and Service of Order3404. Contents Disposal120.4.2 Contents of Application§28-308.2.1 Contents of Audit Report116.2 Contents of Certificate1910.1024(k)(3) Contents of Examination*§28-504.1.2.2 Contents of Plan§28-308.3.1 Contents of Retro-Commissioning Report§28-117.1.1 Contents of the Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation322. Contested Assessment Review by City Council87-62 Contiguity of Fire Apparatus Access Road With Adjacent Zoning Lots on Parcels 2, 3 and 4O101.4 Contiguous Area(2) Contiguous Facilities1226.4.3.5 Contiguous Functions19.1.3.5 Contiguous Non-Health Care Occupancies3.3.213.1 Contiguous Property17.9 Continuances53-10 ContinuationArticle 3 Continuation and Change in Use72-41 Continuation of Certain Adult Establishments1116.6 Continuation of Existing Use§27-111 Continuation of Lawful Existing Use52-10 Continuation of Non-Conforming Use§27-113 Continuation of Unlawful Existing Use§28-102.4.4 Continuation of Unlawful Use or Occupancy54-10 Continuation of Use§1-11.9 Continued and Closed Hearings103.3 Continued Approval[A] Continued Compliance§28-219.2.1 Continued Noncompliance[A] Continued Occupancy119.6.1 Continued Operation or Use1114.3 Continued Use*2.2- Continuing Care Nursery§28-401.14 Continuing Education*§28-309.4.1.4 Continuing Obligation to Benchmark101.9 Continuing Offenses*§28-320.3.8 Continuing Requirements1910.134(g)(2) Continuing Respirator Effectiveness§28-202.2 Continuing Violations505.3 Continuity250.148 Continuity and Attachment of Equipment Grounding Conductors to Boxes1009.2 Continuity and Components(B) Continuity and Operational Tests and Polarity Checks1616.2 Continuity and Ties8.6.3 Continuity ExemptionsR606.13.9 Continuity Multistory Construction250.148 Continuity of Equipment Grounding Conductors and Attachment in BoxesE3908.14 Continuity of Equipment Grounding Conductors and Attachment to Boxes690.48 Continuity of Equipment Grounding Systems706.4 Continuity of Fire Barrier Walls690.49 Continuity of Photovoltaic Source and Output Circuit Grounded Conductors695.4 Continuity of Power1910.304(g)(1)(v)(E)(2) Continuity of Power Is Required10.6.6* Continuity of Power Supplies7.4.2 Continuity of Topping Slab101.6.1 Continuity of ViolationR608.6.3 Continuity of Wall Reinforcement Between Stories(C) Continuous5.4.3.1 Continuous Air Barrier5. Whole Building Air Leakage5. Continuous Air Barrier Design and Installation5. Continuous Air Barrier Design and Installation(A) Continuous and Noncontinuous Loads1910.261(e)(12) Continuous Barking Drums1910.262(p) Continuous Bleach Range (Cotton and Rayon)R609.6.2 Continuous Bond Beams Spanning Openings(1) Continuous Current(A) Continuous-Current Rating(A) Continuous Duty430.32 Continuous-Duty Motors3105F.4.3.1 Continuous Fender System702.3 Continuous Flow1910.272(p) Continuous-Flow Bulk Raw Grain DryersR403.1.2 Continuous Footing in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D23.3.278.7 Continuous Gas Detection System[F] 415.11.7 Continuous Gas Detection Systems11B-403.7 Continuous GradientE403.4 Continuous Gravel Layer Systems7.10.5.2* Continuous Illumination1705.2.3.3 Continuous Inspection7-145 Continuous Inspection of the WorkA2.3.2.3 Continuous Insulation426.4 Continuous Load1106.9.1 Continuous Loading Zones1202.4.3.1 Continuous Mechanical Ventilation1704.3.3.3 Continuous Monitoring3.3.133.1 Continuous Obstruction14.2.11.3 Continuous Obstructions Below Sprinklers1905.10.5 Continuous Operation702.9.1 Continuous Operation Prohibited1302.9.2.3 Continuous Pipe RunR602. Continuous Portal Frame1523.6.2 Continuous Roofing SystemsR602.10.4 Continuous SheathingR602.10.4.1 Continuous Sheathing Braced Wall PanelsR602.10.4.2 Continuous Sheathing Methods43.1.7.2 Continuous Spray Application OperationsA 103.2 Continuous Supply Demand717.5.3.1 Continuous Upward Airflow[BF] 607.5.5.1 Continuous Upward FlowJ Continuous Vent2404.4.7 Continuous VentilationR403.5.3 Continuous Ventilation Rate701.4 Continuous Wastes407.3 Continuous Water RemovalR602.10.5 Continuous Wood Structural Panel Sheathing608.7.1 Continuously Burning Pilot Lights2702.2.21 Continuously Operating HVAC SystemsR602.10.5.1 Continuously Sheathed Braced Wall Line RequirementsR602.10.5 Continuously-Sheathed Braced Wall Line Using Method CS-SFB (Structural Fiberboard Sheathing)R602.10.5.4 Continuously Sheathed Braced Wall LinesR602.10.4.4 Continuously Sheathed Braced Wall Panel Location and Corner ConstructionR602.12.1.6 Continuously Sheathed Wall Bracing[A] Contract and Peer Review1910.119(h)(3) Contract Employer Responsibilities7-191 Contract Qualification Criteria26.3.3 Contract RequirementsA-901.14 Contract Submission14.3.4 Contraction and Isolation JointsB303.3.1 Contraction Joints1405.18.3.7 Contractor204.3.6 Contractor License Required1110.8 Contractor or Engineer Declaration1926.20(a) Contractor Requirements107.1.7 Contractor Responsibilities1704.4 Contractor Responsibility[A] 107.3 Contractor's Responsibilities3310.7 Contractor's Responsibility3301.14 Contractor Shall Inform Personnel*§28-120.3 Contractor Statement453.6.2 Contractor Toxic Substance Safety Precautions40.12.3* Contractor Training3301.2 Contractors1926.65(b)(1)(iv) Contractors and Sub-Contractors40.6.5 Contractors and Subcontractors3303.1.3 Contractors Sheds3303.16 Contractors Sheds and OfficesArticle 6 Contracts78-044 Contractual Agreements705.1.3 Contrast2.2- Contrast Media Preparation Area11B-504.4.1 Contrasting StripeR602.10.5.1 Contributing Length81-686 Contribution In-Kind for Certain Public Realm Improvements3104F.5.1 Contribution to Global Response3104F.5.3 Contribution to Global Response of MOT Structures§27-567 Contributory Floor AreasPart VI Control[F] 909.16.3 Control Action and Priorities[F] 909.13 Control Air Tubing402.2.3 Control and Accessibility1907.2 Control and Contraction Joints(A) Control and Instrument Transfer Switch Handles or Push Buttons1910.269(o)(5) Control and Measuring Circuits60. Control and Mitigation of Unauthorized Releases5. Control and Operating Circuit Requirements2.26.9 Control and Operating CircuitsE 605.1.6 Control and OperationPart VI Control and ProtectionPart III Control and Protection of Fixed Electric Space-Heating EquipmentPart III Control and Protection of Fixed Industrial Process Heating Equipment(4) Control and Signal Circuits(B) Control and Signal Purposes5608.1.2.1 Control and Supervision3.3.14.2 Control Area[F] 414.2 Control Areas60.4.1.1 Control Areas or Special Protection Required1910.179(a)(29) Control Braking1910.179(f)(3) Control Braking Means517.74 Control Circuit Conductors(A) Control Circuit Failures(C) Control Circuit TransformerPart III Control Circuit Wiring MethodsPart II Control Circuits522.28 Control Circuits in Wet Locations1910.66(f)(8) Control Circuits, Power Circuits and Their Components(B) Control Circuits With Power CircuitsC 501.2.5 Control Components1226. Control Desk and Reception2306.7.6.2 Control Device1110.2 Control Devices[F] 909.15 Control Diagrams(A) Control DrawingPart V Control — Emergency Lighting Circuits607.4.2.2 Control End Wall(1) Control Equipment24.6.12 Control Hierarchy6. Control InterlockR703.6.1.1 Control Joints and Expansion Joints1926.57(i)(6) Control Means Other Than Ventilation3.* Control Mode Density/Area (CMDA) Sprinkler21.10* Control Mode Density/Area Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Baled Cotton Storage21.11 Control Mode Density/Area Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Carton Records Storage With Catwalk Access21.12 Control Mode Density/Area Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Compact Storage of Commodities Consisting of Paper Files, Magazines, Books, and Similar Documents in Folders and Miscellaneous Supplies With No More Than 5 Percent Plastics Up to 8 ft (2.4 m) High21.2* Control Mode Density/Area Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Palletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, Shelf, or Back-to-Back Shelf Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities21.4 Control Mode Density/Area Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities21.5.4 Control Mode Density/Area Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Rack Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height for Single-, Double-, and Multiple-Row Racks17.3.1 Control Mode Density/Area Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Rack Storage of Plastics Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height for Single-, Double-, and Multiple-Row Racks21.6* Control Mode Density/Area Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Rack Storage Rubber Tires21.7 Control Mode Density/Area Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Roll Paper Storage21.5 Control Mode Density/Area Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Single-, Double-, and Multiple-Row Racks for Group A Plastic Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height3.* Control Mode Specific Application (CMSA) Sprinkler8.4.7 Control Mode Specific Application (CMSA) Sprinklers1224. Control/Nurse Station465.2 Control of Access to High Radiation Areas2.2.o.6 Control of Adverse Effects2305.7 Control of Brush and Debris105.4 Control of Conflict of Interest3303.4.4 Control of Debris42. Control of Fuel FlowC403.3.4 Control of HVAC in Group R-1 Sleeping Rooms61.5.3 Control of Ignition Sources1910.68(b)(14)(ii) Control of Illumination103.3.1.2 Control of Matters7.6.6 Control of Mixed Water Temperature1910.178(i) Control of Noxious Gases and Fumes2409.4.2 Control of OverchopSection 465 Control of Radiation Hazards3303.7.7.11 Control of Saw Dust and Combustible Debris[F] 1701.3.7 Control of Smoke3004.5 Control of Smoke and Hot Gases66.22.11* Control of Spills From Aboveground Storage Tanks909.21.10 Control Panel5608.6.4 Control Panel for Firework Displays665.21 Control Panels1926.406(d)(2) Control-Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Types1910.217(b)(13) Control Reliability1926.57(i)(4) Control Requirements1224.28.5.2 Control Room2.2- Control Room or Alcove1224.28.4.4 Control Room or Area4.1.7.2 Control Rooms6. Control Signal4.1.7.6 Control Spaces Exterior to the Hoistway1224.15.3.1 Control Station(B) Control Switch Rating404.3.5 Control Switches405.5.1 Control SystemArticle 522 Control Systems for Permanent Amusement Attractions3305.3.5.6 Control Tests1906.5.6 Control Tests and Alternate Methods(B) Control Transformer in Controller Enclosure(1) Control Transformers502.120 Control Transformers and Resistors503.120 Control Transformers and Resistors — Class III, Divisions 1 and 23.3.63 Control Unit24.3.10* Control Unit Listing for Mass Notification Systems907.6.6.3 Control Units3.3.46* Control Valve16.9.3.4* Control Valve AccessibilityP2910.2.3 Control Valve Alarm16.9.3.5 Control Valve Identification[F] 2001.3.5 Control Valve Locations17.17.1 Control Valve Supervisory Signal-Initiating Device16.9.3* Control Valves16.9.6.5* Control Valves for Gravity Tanks16.9.6* Control Valves With Check Valves63. Control Velocity at Access Openings2.1- Control Vestibule[F] 910.4.6 Control Wiring2902.6 Controlled Access to Required Facilities1926.502(g) "Controlled Access Zones"(A) Controlled Conductors1926.760(c) Controlled Decking Zone (CDZ)1926.761(c)(3) Controlled Decking Zone Procedures1611.3 Controlled Drainage907.3.2.5 Controlled Egress Doors for Group I-2 Occupancies1010.2.14 Controlled Egress Doors in Group I-21010.2.14 Controlled Egress Doors in Groups I-1 and I-2[BCD] 1010.2.14 Controlled Egress Doors in Groups I-1, I-2, R-3 and R-4 Facilities Providing Care1806.2.2 Controlled FillsSection 1110 Controlled Flow Roof Drain Systems1105.0 Controlled-Flow Roof Drainage§16-01 Controlled Inspection of the Stability and Integrity of Existing Structures During Construction Operations. [Repealed](B) Controlled Limits1926.1431(d)(5)(vi) Controlled Load Lowering1803.5.9 Controlled Low-Strength Material (CLSM)2304.9.3.3 Controlled Random PatternC408.4 Controlled Receptacle and Lighting Control System Commissioning(E) Controlled Receptacle Marking(7) Controlled Receptacles(A) Controller8. Controller and Wiring13.4.5.3 Controller Contacts for Remote Indication430.82 Controller Design2.25.3.4 Controller Devices Controlled by Final Terminal Stopping Device(2) Controller Disconnect(B) Controller Serving More Than One Load1910.179(a)(34) Controller, Spring Return430.244 Controllers703.7.4 Controllers and Alarms(A) Controllers and Transfer Switches8. Controllers and WiringPart V Controllers for Motor-Compressors1402.7.1 Controlling Condensation14A-3-304.1.3 Controlling Persons1.8.2 Controlling Scene1926.967(g)(2) Controlling Traffic608.5 Controls6.4.3 Controls and Diagnostics31.11 Controls and Dispensers1110.2.3.5 Controls and Hand Showers1138A.4 Controls and Operating Mechanisms30.13 Controls and Receptacles105-36 Controls During ConstructionC503.4.4 Controls for Cooling Equipment ReplacementA5.207.1.2 Controls for Heat Pumps With Supplementary Electric Resistance HeatersC404.6.3 Controls for Hot Water StorageA5.209.3.3 Controls for Outdoor LightingA5.207.5 Controls for Space-Conditioning SystemsN1103.1 (R403.1) Controls (Mandatory)1110.15 Controls, Operating Mechanisms and Hardware[F] 606.4 Controls Operation606.1 Controls Required8.6.9 Convenience Openings124-191 Convention CenterSection 2308 Conventional Light-Frame Construction2301.2.3 Conventional Light-Frame Wood Construction3.3.47 Conventional Pallet3.3.147.1* Conventional PalletsSection R612 Conventionally Formed Concrete Wall Construction[BS] C104.5.2 Conventionally Framed Gable End Wall104 Conventions1030.9.3 Converging Aisles33.1.1.6 ConversionSection G2443 (619) Conversion BurnersC409.1.2 Conversion Factor11.4.2 Conversion of Flow in GPM to DFU709.3 Conversion of GPM Flow Into DFU Values709.3 Conversion of GPM Flow to DFU ValuesG304.4.1.3 Conversion of Space Below the Design Flood ElevationA509.3.3.2 Conversion of the Capacity Curve to the Capacity Spectrum1.1- Conversion Projects16.1.2.3* Conversions74-78 Conversions of Non-Residential Floor Area96-53 Conversions to Residential Use§27-2077 Conversions to Rooming Units Prohibited1910.178(d) Converted Industrial Trucks3303.12.4 Converting Elevators601.4.4.1 Converting Fenestration Unit to Opaque Wall1926.914(h) "Conveyance"§5-01 Conveyance by Pumping Methods [Repealed]14A-5-502.4 Conveyance Device Inspections14A-4-404.4 Conveyance Devices14A-1-105.4 Conveyance Devices (Title 14C)[FG] 1301.3.3 Conveyance of Products of Combustion1302.11 Conveyance Pipe1301.6.3 Conveyance Piping1303.11.3 Conveyance Piping Bypass Valve14A-6-605.2 Conveyances Devices Other Than Mechanical Amusement Riding Devices1905.9 Conveying§27-611.1 Conveying Concrete by Pumping Methods1905.9.2 Conveying Equipment511.1.3 Conveying System Exhaust DischargeSection 3004 Conveying SystemsSection 3005 Conveying Systems and Lifts511.1.3 Conveying Systems Exhaust Discharge2405.8 Conveyor Interlock43.1.3.4 Conveyor Openings3004.3.2 Conveyor Safeties3504.1.4 Conveyor Systems3004.3 Conveyors1910.107(h)(7) Conveyors Required1302.8.3 Conyeance Piping Bypass Valve10.14.9 CookingN107.6 Cooking and Open-Flame Devices50.8.4 Cooking Appliance Installation on Vehicles420.11.1 Cooking Appliances420.11.2 Cooking Appliances in Sleeping Rooms921.0 Cooking Appliances Listing3106.5 Cooking Appliances or Devices12.3.2.2 Cooking Equipment[NY] 4003.4.2 Cooking Equipment and Appliances[F] 906.4 Cooking Equipment Fires50.6.7 Cooking Equipment Maintenance19.3.2.5 Cooking Facilities420.8.1 Cooking Facilities Open to the Corridor3.3.75 Cooking Fire[F] 906.4 Cooking Grease Fires66.19.2.1* Cooking Oil319.2.12 Cooking Oil Storage319.6 Cooking Oil Storage Containers607.4 Cooking Oil Storage System Components66.19.7 Cooking Oil Storage Tank Systems in Commercial Kitchens319.7 Cooking Oil Storage Tanks609.5.1 Cooking Operations506.4.2.1 Cooking Spaces1011.5.2 Cooking Surfaces3107.12.5 Cooking Tents32.8 Cooking Units1103.12.5.4 Cooktop45.5 Cooktops1107.2.3.4 Cooktops and Ovens(g) 603.4.7 Cool-Down RequiredA4.106.5 Cool Roof for Reduction of Heat Island Effect2603.4.1.2 Cooler and Freezer WallsE 403.4.3 Cooler Reservoir Discharge1240.4 Coolers and Freezers(B) Cooling6.5.1 Cooling Coils and Drain Pans14X-8-803 Cooling Equipment1203.2 Cooling Equipment and SystemsR403.7.1.1 Cooling Equipment CapacityC503.4.5 Cooling Equipment RelocationC6.8.2 Cooling Factor14.10.4 Cooling Required602.4 Cooling Supply3.1- Cooling SystemsE 403.3 Cooling Tower Makeup Water[BG] 1511.4 Cooling Towers§39-01 Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers. [Repealed]E 403.2 Cooling Towers and Evaporative Coolers313.3.7 Cooling Towers and Fluid CoolersSection 908 Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers and Fluid CoolersSection 908 Cooling Towers, Evaporativecondensers and Fluid Coolers627.9 Cooling Units Used With Heating Boilers808.0 Cooling Water401.3.8 Cooperation104.12 Cooperation of Other Departments*3301.13.15 Cooperation Required104.13 Cooperation With Other Agencies1926.12(b)(12) Cooperative Research Act (20 U.S.C. 332A(C))109.2 Coordinated Inspections(G) Coordination1.2- Coordination Between Mobility and Transfer Equipment and Other Aspects of the Physical Environment[A] Coordination of Construction Document[A] Coordination of Design103.3.5.2 Coordination of Design Documents416.4 Coordination of Drills§ 23-27.3-111.7 Coordination of Inspections107.3 Coordination of Inspectors5707.1.2 Coordination of Permits416.3 Coordination of PlansSection 1902 Coordination of Terminology408.9.5 Coordination of Total Building Evacuation§28-104.9.3 Coordination With Department of Environmental Conservation and Other Agencies14X-5-506.2.1 Copies1905. Copies of Batch Tickets1503.3 Coping403.4.3 Copper and Brass1107.5.2 Copper and Brass Pipe403.5.2 Copper and Brass Tubing403.3.3 Copper and Copper Alloy1107.5.2 Copper and Copper-Alloy PipeP3003.6 Copper and Copper-Alloy Pipe and TubingA 105.2 Copper and Copper Alloy Piping403.4.3 Copper and Copper Alloy Tubing803.2 Copper and Copper Alloys1107.5.2 Copper, Brass and Copper-Alloy Pipe1107.5.1 Copper Brazed Field SwagedG2414.5.2 (403.5.2) Copper Copper Alloy Tubing1102.3.2 Copper Flashing1109.1.2 Copper Linesets1203.5 Copper or Copper-Alloy Pipe1211.4 Copper or Copper Alloy Pipe and Tubing705.3 Copper or Copper Alloy Pipe (DWV) and Joints705.16.2 Copper or Copper-Alloy Pipe or Tubing to Galvanized Steel Pipe605.16.1 Copper or Copper Alloy Pipe or Tubing to Threaded Pipe Joints705.10.1 Copper or Copper Alloy Pipe to Cast-Iron Pipe705.10.2 Copper or Copper Alloy Pipe to Threaded Pipe Joints605.1 Copper or Copper Alloy Pipe, Tubing, and Joints604.3 Copper or Copper Alloy TubeG2414.4.3 (403.4.3) Copper or Copper-Alloy Tubing505.8 Copper or Copper-Alloy Tubing or PipeP3003.18.1 Copper or Copper-Alloy Tubing to Cast-Iron Hub PipeP2906.18.1 Copper or Copper-Alloy Tubing to Galvanized Steel Pipe705.16.1 Copper or Tubing to Cast-Iron Hub PipeP3003.10 Copper PipeP3003.13.1 Copper Pipe or Tubing to Cast-Iron Hub PipeP3003.13.2 Copper Pipe or Tubing to Galvanized Steel Pipe505.13.1 Copper to Cast-Iron Hub Pipe1321.4 Copper-to-Copper Joints16.3.5 Copper Tube610.12.1 Copper Tube Systems4.3.7 Copper Tube to Threaded Pipe JointsG2414.5.2 (403.5.2) Copper TubingG2414.9.2 (403.9.2) Copper Tubing Joints(D) COPS Branch Circuit Wiring(C) COPS Feeder Wiring Requirements611.1.4.2 Copy17.6 Copy of Appeal Petition to Office of Administrative HearingsC408.2.4.2 Copy of Report8.5.2 Corbel Bearing8.5.3 Corbel ConnectionsR606.5.2 Corbel Projection2104.2 Corbeled MasonryR606.5.3 Corbeled Masonry Supporting Floor or Roof-Framing MembersR606.5.3 Corbeled Masonry Supporting Floor or Roofframing Members2113.5 Corbeling§27-866 Corbelling of Chimneys409.4.7.4 Cord440.55 Cord- And Attachment-Plug-Connected Motor-Compressors and Equipment on 15- or 20-Ampere Branch Circuits(B) Cord and Cable Assemblies(C) Cord-and Plug-Connected(D) Cord-and-Plug-Connected Appliances422.41 Cord-and-Plug-Connected Appliances Subject to Immersion426.54 Cord-and-Plug-Connected Deicing and Snow-Melting Equipment250.138 Cord-and-Plug-Connected Equipment(1) Cord-and-Plug-Connected Equipment Not Fastened in Place422.44 Cord-and-Plug-Connected Immersion Heaters(F) Cord- And Plug-Connected Loads(5) Cord-and-Plug-Connected Luminaires(F) Cord-and-Plug-Connected Motors422.50 Cord-and-Plug-Connected Pipe Heating Assemblies(A) Cord-and-Plug Connections(B) Cord Assemblies410.84 Cord Bushings(F) Cord-Connected Appliances440.13 Cord-Connected Equipment(C) Cord-Connected Fixed Appliance(1) Cord-Connected Installation410.62 Cord-Connected Lampholders and Luminaires410.59 Cord-Connected Showcases(A) Cord Connection for Self-Contained Storable and Portable Immersion Pools(B) Cord Connections(5) Cord Connector(E) Cord Connectors704.2.4 Cord Length(3) Cord Overall Length(A) Cord Pendants(A) Cord Requirements(B) Cord Type(1) Cords625.17 Cords and Cables(C) Cords and Cables for Border Lights, Drop Boxes, and Connector Strips(2) Cords and Cables Not in Contact With Heat-Producing Equipment(2) Cords and Connectors1204.6 Cords and Wiring1926.405(g)(2)(v) Cords Passing Through Holes3.3.76 Cordwood3.9.5.4 Core1910.261(k)(27) Core Collars3.3.48 Core (Rolled Paper)1910.261(k)(30) Core Shaft722. Core Spaces Filled1905.6.5.2 Core Tests§27-598 Core Tests of Concrete Construction3314.16 Corner and Angle ScaffoldsR609.2.4 Corner ContinuityR603.4 Corner Framing402.2.1.3 Corner Openings8.7.3 Corner Restraint in Slabs1305.14.3.2 Corners3202.3.2 Cornices, Belt Courses and Similar Projections§28-205.1.1 Corporation Counsel[A] 105.4.5 Corrected Documents*3301.13.9 Correcting Unsafe Conditions1905.6.3.5 CorrectionE3705.2 Correction Factor for Ambient Temperatures105.3 Correction Notice325.1 Correction of Hazardous Conditions901.5.2 Correction of Non-Compliant Conditions601.2.1 Correction of Unsafe Conditions[A] 101.7 Correction of Violations of Other Code[A] 101.7 Correction of Violations of Other CodesSection 409 Correctional Facilities and Other Secured Facilities408.2.1 Correctional Medical and Mental Health Uses1227.12.7.4 Correctional Officer1231.2.11 Correctional Program/Multipurpose SpaceG2417.5.2 (406.5.2) Corrections13.* Corrections and Repairs13. Corrective Action§27-2127 Corrective Action Pursuant to Court OrderCorrelation§1-03.4 Correspondence18.2.5.6 Corridor AccessK104.2 Corridor and Aisle Width1020.6.1 Corridor Ceiling1104.17 Corridor Construction1020.7 Corridor Continuity717.3.3.5 Corridor Damper Actuation717.3.2.4 Corridor Damper Ratings407.3.1 Corridor Doors705.3.1 Corridor Fire-Resistance Ratings1017.2.3 Corridor Increases5705.5.1 Corridor Installations1018.3 Corridor Obstruction1231.6.4 Corridor Openings803.1.1 Corridor Ratings19.3.6.1 Corridor Separation1027.3.6 Corridor Storage917.3.2 Corridor Ventilation407.3 Corridor Wall Construction1105.5.3 Corridor Wall Continuity3412.6.5 Corridor Walls1018.2 Corridor WidthSection 1020 Corridors[F] 903. Corridors and Balconies in the Means of Egress2703.8 Corridors and Enclosures for Stairways and Ramps1805.3.1 Corridors and Exit Enclosures[F] 415.11.4.2 Corridors and Interior Exit Stairways and Ramps32.3.3.6* Corridors and Separation of Sleeping Rooms407.2 Corridors Continuity and Separation12.3.3.2 Corridors, Lobbies, and Enclosed Stairways18.4.4.7 Corridors (Nonsprinklered Smoke Compartment Rehabilitation)606.2.5 Corridors Serving Group R Occupancies in High-Rise Buildings606.2.4 Corridors Serving Group R Occupancies in Other Than High-Rise Buildings[BF] 607.5.4 Corridors/Smoke Barriers305.1 Corrosion3102F.3.6.5 Corrosion Assessment (N/E)(B) Corrosion Environments312.4 Corrosion, Erosion, and Mechanical Damage3102F.3.5.4 Corrosion Inspection(A) Corrosion Prevention2103.11.7 Corrosion Protection20.5.6 Corrosion Protection for External Post-Tensioning20.5.4 Corrosion Protection for Grouted Tendons20.5.5 Corrosion Protection for Post-Tensioning Anchorages, Couplers, and End Fittings20.5.3 Corrosion Protection for Unbonded Prestressing Reinforcement8. Corrosion Protection Loss8. Corrosion Protection Monitoring1904.4 Corrosion Protection of Reinforcement2510.4 Corrosion Resistance(A) Corrosion Resistant3.17.3.7 Corrosion-Resistant Bearings in Plunger Gripper and Gripper Operating Mechanisms5.4.7.10 Corrosion-Resistant Bearings in Safeties2.17.13 Corrosion-Resistant Bearings in Safeties and Safety-Operating Mechanisms503.4 Corrosion-Resistant Fans3.3.49 Corrosion-Resistant Piping3. Corrosion-Resistant Sprinkler3.8.1.3 Corrosion-Retardant Material.3.3.51 Corrosion-Retarding Material3102F.3.4.7 Corrosion Specialist1814.2.1 Corrosion Testing Requirements(3) Corrosive Atmosphere2703. Corrosive Atmospheres(F) Corrosive Conditions(D) Corrosive, Damp, or Wet Locations680.14 Corrosive Environment1907.7.6 Corrosive Environments3.3.146.2 Corrosive Gas63.3.5 Corrosive Gases(B) Corrosive Influences(B) Corrosive Locations427.7.9 Corrosive MaterialP-809.7 Corrosive Soils3314.11.5 Corrosive Substances[F] 502.9.2 Corrosives510.1.6 Corrugated Chimney Liner Reduction9. Corrugated Metal Deck Roofs510.2.19 Corrugated Metallic Chimney Liner Reduction1308.5.3.4 Corrugated Stainless SteelG2414.4.4 (403.4.5) Corrugated Stainless Steel TubingE3609.7.1 Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST)G2428.2.10 (504.2.10) Corrugated Vent Connector Size405.3 Cost§28-218.6 Cost of a Safety Compliance Officer4-346 Cost of Examinations Done by DSA§28-216.6.4 Cost of Survey[A] Costs[A] 116.5 Costs of Emergency Repairs1910.262(e) Cotton Cards1910.1043 Cotton Dust202.6.2 Council Webpage1910.1030(f)(3)(v) Counseling; And3.2-4.11.2 Counseling Room904.3.2 Counter406.2 Counter Slope32.2 Counter Tops1604.9 Counteracting Structural Actions1910.255(c)(1) Counterbalance26.21.2.1* Counterflow Towers227.3 Counters17.4 Counters and Bars With Service707.12 Countersunk Cleanout Plugs(4) Countertop and Similar Work Surface Receptacle OutletsE3901.2.4 Countertop and Similar Work Surface Receptacles OutletsE3901.4 Countertop and Work Surface Receptacles(1) Countertop and Work Surfaces(4) Countertop Receptacles1133A.4 Countertops2.9- Countertops and Casework in Instrument Processing Rooms(C) Countertops and Work Surfaces1910.179(a)(30) Countertorque(4) Counterweight1926.1417(aa) Counterweight/Ballast3.22.2 Counterweight Buffers5.7.3.1 Counterweight Coming Down to Floors or Passing Floors or Stairs4.3.17.1 Counterweight Construction2.3.2 Counterweight Guards5.11.21.1 Counterweight Guides5.4.9 Counterweight Guiding and Construction3314.10.6 Counterweight Material3314.10.7 Counterweight Materials5.1.15.3 Counterweight-Mounted Governor5.1.4 Counterweight Pit Guards3314.10.9 Counterweight Removal7.6.5 Counterweight Ropes, Rope Connections, and Sheaves2.4.5 Counterweight Runby Data Plate2.3.4 Counterweight Runway Enclosures2.17.4 Counterweight Safeties3.6.2 Counterweight Safety Actuation3314.10.8 Counterweight Securement3.21.2 Counterweight Sheaves2.18.2.2 Counterweight Speed Governors2.23.4.3 Counterweight With No Safety2.4.6.1 Counterweighted Elevators2.11.12.6 Counterweighting or CounterbalancingSection 2.21 Counterweights103. Counties and Townships13-101 County Correctional Facility Capital Expenditure Fund18.10.7 Coupling Beams9.3.2* Couplings356.42 Couplings and Connectors16.8.4* Couplings and Unions103. Course Approval103.3.9.3 Course Credit3314.4.5.6 Course Curriculums3314.4.5.5 Course Providers3.3.51 Court1205.3.1 Court Access14A-3-311.1 Court Authorized Demolition1205.3.3 Court Drainage231.3.2 Court-Floor Holding Cells1230.1.26 Court Holding Room for Minors1230.1.26 Court Holding Room for Youth74-831 Court HousesA-301.8.1 Court Order§27-2123 Court Order of Access to Inspect Premises§28-216.7 Court Proceeding111.2 Court Proceedings107-466 Court Regulations24-60 Court Regulations and Minimum Distance Between Windows and Walls or Lot Lines23-80 Court Regulations, Minimum Distance Between Windows and Walls or Lot Lines and Open Area Requirements[A] 109.7 Court Review§1-12.7 Court Review of Decision206.2.12 Court Sports117-40 Court Square Subdistrict117-41 Court Square Subdistrict PlanAppendix B Court Square Subdistrict Plan Map and Description of Improvements1206.3.4 Court Walls for Multiple Dwellings408.1.2.3 Courthouse Holding Facilities807.4 Courtroom Stations808 Courtrooms1205.3 Courts§27-2015 Courts and Shafts43-626 Courts in M1-6D Districts453.5.5 Courtyard1224. Coved Base(C) CoverR606.13.5 Cover for Reinforcing Steel1210.1.1 Cover Requirements24.4.3.3 Coverage1910.34 Coverage and DefinitionsP2904.2.4.1 Coverage Area Limit3108F.6.1 Coverage (N/E)1202.0 Coverage of Piping System1926.11(a) Coverage Under Section 1031926.11 Coverage Under Section 103 of the Act Distinguished1926.11(b) Coverage Under Section 107704.9.1 Coverage Where Used as a Sole Outlet704.9.2 Coverage Where Used in Combination With Other Outlets1910.1001(h)(1)(i) Coveralls or Similar Full-Body Work Clothing(A) Covered453.10.3.4 Covered and Connector Walks Between Buildings and Between Buildings and Parking402.4.1.1 Covered and Open Mall Buildings507.13 Covered and Open Mall Buildings and Anchor BuildingsSection N106 Covered Booths§28-109.2 Covered Buildings§28-324.1.1 Covered Buildings and Structures§28-107.3 Covered Categories of Work§28-324.1.2 Covered Dry Floodproofing SystemsSection 1128A Covered Dwelling Units1904.31 Covered Employees406.1.1 Covered Loading Spaces and DrivewaysSection 402 Covered Mall and Open Mall Buildings905.3.3.1 Covered-Mall Building Height[F] 2702.2.13 Covered Mall Buildings507.12 Covered Mall Buildings and Anchor Stores505.5 Covered Mall Exterior Door Signage403.6.1 Covered MallsSection 1104A Covered Multifamily Dwellings1910.269(l)(10) Covered (Noninsulated) Conductors74-87 Covered Pedestrian Space21.2.7.6 Covered Plane-Loading Positions453.10.2.1 Covered Walks453.27.5.2 Covered Walks and Technology[BS] 3306.7 Covered Walkways1910.331(a) Covered Work by Both Qualified and Unqualified Persons2603.7.3 CoveringWALL Covering Material410.23 Covering of Combustible Material at Outlet BoxesE 603.1.3 Covering of Duct Openings and Protection of Mechanical Equipment During Construction3306.9.10.3 Covering of Floor Openings1202.3 Covering of Work105.2.1.2 Covering or Using1926.754(e)(3) Covering Roof and Floor Openings(4) Coverings604.3 Coverings and Linings1613.4.2 Covers314.25 Covers and CanopiesE3906.10 Covers and Plates3.24.3.1 Covers and Venting300.31 Covers Required1613.4.3 Covers Wider Than 5 Inches (127 mm)2406.1.1 CPSC 16 CFR 1201P2906.9.1.3 CPVC/AL/CPVC Pipe1203.8 CPVC/AL/CPVC Plastic Pipe605.3 CPVC/AL/CPVC Plastic Pipe and Joints605.14 CPVC PlasticM2101.16 CPVC Plastic Pipe605.2 CPVC Plastic Pipe and Joints306.7.2 Crack Control1911.2 Crack Repair by Epoxy Injection1910.243(a)(4) Cracked Saws3305.4.1 Cracking or Deflections22.7.5 Cracking TorsionB303.3.5 Cracks3.7.7 Cracks in Boundary Columns3.7.11 Cracks in Infill Walls1910.94(b)(1)(iv) Cradle1910.179(a)(1) Crane1926.201(b) Crane and Hoist Signals**3319.12 Crane Event Recorder1926.1415(a)(1) Crane Level Indicator1607.15 Crane Loads*3319.11 Crane Location Device1910.261(c)(8) CranesSection 3319 Cranes and DerricksArticle 610 Cranes and Hoists1926.858(b) Cranes, Derricks, and Other Hoisting Equipment1926.856(c) Cranes, Derricks, and Other Mechanical Equipment3110F.4.2 Cranes (N/E)1910.179(j)(4) Cranes Not in Regular Use1910.219(b)(2) Cranks and Connecting Rods469.4.6.15 Crash/Anesthesia Cart(s)1226.11.2.5 Crash Cart Space701.4.1 Crawl SpaceAF103.4.10 Crawl Space Access701.4 Crawl Space and Attic SpaceAF103.4.9 Crawl Space Floors(C) Crawl Space Lighting OutletsE3902.4 Crawl Space ReceptaclesE3902.4 Crawl Space Receptacles and Lighting OutletsB305.3 Crawl Space VentilationN1102.2.10.1 (R402.2.10.1) Crawl Space Wall Insulation InstallationR402.2.10.1 Crawl Space Wall Insulation InstallationsN1102.2.10 (R402.2.10) Crawl Space Walls1209.1 Crawl Spaces1910.180(a)(1) Crawler Crane1910.180 Crawler Locomotive and Truck Cranes1926.452(m) "Crawling Boards (Chicken Ladders)"CA105.2 Crawlspace Description1202.7.2.3 Crawlspace Plenum SystemsC604 Crawlspace Ventilation1202.7.2.1 Crawlspaces14A-1-103.1 Creation408.2 Creation and Filing of Emergency Plan[A] 103.1 Creation of Agency[A] 103.1 Creation of Enforcement AgencySection 1002 Creation of Incidental Uses and Special Uses and Occupancies(A) Creation of the Electrical Board§ 23-27.3-100.1.3 Creation of the State Building Code Standards Committee1101.2 Creation or Extension of Nonconformity109.1.2 Credentials1926.1404(d) Crew Instructions1926.800(r)(18)(ii)1503.5 Crickets and Saddles§28-502.6 Criminal and Civil Penalties§28-203.1 Criminal Fines and Imprisonment§28-206.1 Criminal Judicial EnforcementArticle 206 Criminal Judicial Proceedings109.2.3 Criminal LiabilityArticle 203 Criminal Penalties§28-502.6.5 Criminal Penalty4.2.2 Crimp or Press Insert Fittings2308.6.6 Cripple Wall Bracing602.10.11.1 Cripple Wall Bracing for Seismic Design Categories DR602.10.10.1 Cripple Wall Bracing for Seismic Design Categories D0 and D1 and Townhouses in Seismic Design Category C602.10.11.2 Cripple Wall Bracing for Seismic Design Category DR602.10.10.2 Cripple Wall Bracing for Seismic Design Category D22308.6.6.1 Cripple Wall Bracing in Seismic Design Categories A, B and CR602.10.9.1 Cripple Wall Bracing in Seismic Design Categories D2308.6.6.2 Cripple Wall Bracing in Seismic Design Categories D and E2308.6.6.2 Cripple Wall Bracing in Seismic Design Category D2308.5.6 Cripple WallsR602.12.5 Cripple Walls and Framed Walls of Walk-Out Basements[E] 1301.1.1 Criteria10-112 Criteria for Default Tables1-323 Criteria for Denying a Petition1926.66 Criteria for Design and Construction of Spray Booths1926.760(d) Criteria for Fall Protection Equipment1926.100(b) Criteria for Head Protection81-683 Criteria for Improvements in the Public Realm Improvement Concept PlanR112.2.2 Criteria for Issuance of a Variance for Areas Prone to FloodingR112.2.2 Criteria for Issuance of a Variance for Flood Hazard Areas1926.95 Criteria for Personal Protective Equipment1-315 Criteria for Petition1910.133(b) Criteria for Protective Eye and Face Protection1910.136(b) Criteria for Protective Footwear1926.451(c) "Criteria for Supported Scaffolds"1926.451(d) "Criteria for Suspension Scaffolds"A5.207.5.2 Criteria for Zonal Thermostatic ControlsB.3 Criteria Modifications4.6 Criteria Ranges1926.1101(k)(5) Criteria to Rebut the Designation of Installed Material as PACM2.4-2.2 Critical Access Patient Care Unit24. Critical Areas517.34 Critical Branch517.19 Critical Care Areas(C) Critical Care (Category 1) Patient Care Spaces517.19 Critical Care (Category 1) Spaces2.2-2.6.2 Critical Care Patient Care Areas2.4- Critical Care Rooms*2.2-2.6 Critical Care Unit7.3 Critical Care Units[F] 2702.3 Critical Circuits3.3.86.1 Critical Deficiency2203.1 Critical Depth Layer423.4 Critical Emergency Operations14A-6-603.2.1 Critical Examination(B) Critical Operations Data SystemsArticle 708 Critical Operations Power Systems (COPS)3.3.52* Critical Radiant Flux1926.1413(a)(3) Critical Review Items8.4.4.1 Critical Section13.2.7 Critical Sections for Shallow Foundations and Pile Caps22.6.4 Critical Sections for Two-Way Members3108F.7 Critical Systems Seismic Assessment (N/E)10.14.12 Crop Maze44-49 Cross Access Connections in Manufacturing Districts in the Borough of Staten Island36-59 Cross Access Connections in the Borough of Staten Island1030.17.2 Cross Aisles(I) Cross-Connect Arrays501.2.1 Cross ConnectionA Cross-Connection #1B Cross-Connection #2C Cross-Connection #3608.7 Cross Connection Control14.7 Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention1502.3 Cross-Connection Inspection and Testing§27-908 Cross-Connection of Supplies and IdentificationM2203.6 Cross Connection of Tanks454.1.6.3 Cross-Connection Prevention1502.3.2 Cross-Connection Test1318.8.8 Cross-Connection Test - Category 3 Plastic Vacuum Piping Systems1319.6 Cross-Connection Tests - Medical Gas and Medical Vacuum Systems1318.8 Cross-Connection Tests — Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems§27-941 Cross Connections903.3.5.3 Cross Connections and Backflow, Minimum Types of Protection602.2 Cross-Contamination2304.11.1.4 Cross-Laminated Timber2304.11.3.1 Cross-Laminated Timber Floors602.4.4.2 Cross-Laminated Timber in Exterior Walls2304.11.4.1 Cross-Laminated Timber Roofs605.23 Cross-Linked Polyethelene/Aluminium/Polyethelyne (PEX-AL-PEX)P2906.12 Cross-Linked Polyethylene/Aluminum/Cross-Linked Polyethylene1211.6 Cross-Linked Polyethylene/Aluminum/Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX-AL-PEX) Pipe1203.17 Cross-Linked Polyethylene/Aluminum/Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX-AL-PEX) Pressure PipeP2906.12 Cross-Linked Polyethylene/Aluminum/Cross-Linked Polyethylene1203.18 Cross-Linked Polyethylene/Aluminum/Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX-AL-PEX) Pressure PipeF 104.4.2 Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX)1209.3.5 Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) Joints1211.5 Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) PipeM2101.17 Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) Plastic Tubing605.17 Cross-Linked Polyethylene PlasticP2906.10 Cross-Linked Polyethylene Plastic (PEX)3.3.53 Cross Mains1612.1.1 Cross References1910.263(k)(6) Cross-Roll Brakes505.7 Cross SectionCharactersCharge ControllerCharger Power ConverterCharterCharter SchoolChassisCHCNCheck ValveChemicalChemical AnchorChemical Energy Storage SystemChemical FeederChemical Fume HoodChemical Heat of Combustion (Hc)Chemical Injection Equipment Part IV: MaterialsChemical Injection Part II — Design CriteriaChemical NameChemical PipingChemical PlantChemical Storage BuildingChemical Storage SpaceChemical WasteChemical Water TreatmentChemigationChicago Construction CodesChicago Construction Codes Administrative ProvisionsChicago LandmarkChicago Minimum Requirements for Existing BuildingsChicago Zoning OrdinanceChiefChief Electrical InspectorChild-CareChild-Care CenterChild Care FacilitiesChild Care FacilityChild Care Facility (Within Dwellings)Child Care, Family HomeChild Day CareChild Day Care in a Dwelling UnitChild or ChildrenChildren's Overnight CampChildren's Play StructureChildren's UseChimneyChimney ClassificationsChimney ConnectorChimney, Factory-BuiltChimney, High-Heat Appliance-TypeChimney, Low-Heat Appliance-TypeChimney, MasonryChimney, Medium-Heat Appliance-TypeChimney, MetalChimney, Residential Appliance-TypeChimney TypesChipChlorofluorocarbon (CFC)ChokerChristmas Tree AreaChromium (VI)Chronically IllChurchCigarette LoadCircuitCircuit BreakerCircuit Integrity (CI) CableCircuit InterfaceCircuit VentCirculating Closed-Loop Sprinkler SystemCirculating Hot Water SystemCirculation EquipmentCirculation PathCirculation Path (For Chapter 11)Circulation Piping SystemCirculation SystemCirculators (Circulating Pump)CisternCityCity Agency**City BuildingCity DatumCity Fire Alarm BoxCity of ___________________Citywide Standard KeyCivil EngineerCladdingClamshellClarifierClass 1Class 1.class 2.class 3.class 4Class 1." "OxidizerClass 2Class 2." "OxidizerClass 3Class 3." "OxidizerClass 4Class 4." "OxidizerClass A FiresClass A Mercantile OccupancyClass A" Roofing AssemblyClass B FiresClass B Mercantile OccupancyClass B" Roofing AssemblyClass C FiresClass C Mercantile OccupancyClass C" Roofing AssemblyClass D FiresClass IClass I Organic PeroxideClass I SolventsClass I SystemClass I System Standpipe System, Classes OfClass IAClass IA." "Flammable LiquidClass IBClass IB." "Flammable LiquidClass ICClass IC." "Flammable LiquidClass IIClass II." "Combustible LiquidClass II Organic PeroxideClass II SolventsClass II SystemClass II System Standpipe System, Classes OfClass IIA Organic PeroxideClass IIB Organic PeroxideClass IIIClass III Organic PeroxideClass III SystemClass III System Standpipe System, Classes OfClass IIIAClass IIIA." "Combustible LiquidClass IIIA SolventsClass IIIBClass IIIB." "Combustible LiquidClass IIIB SolventsClass IVClass IV Organic PeroxideClass IV SolventsClass K FiresClass VClass V Organic PeroxideClassifiedClayClay Masonry UnitClay or ShaleClay or Shale BrickClay SlipClay SoilClay SubsoilClean AgentClean Biomass Heating Systems**Clean Distributed Energy ResourceClean(ing)Clean Pool WaterClean RoomClean-Water PumpClean ZoneCleaning MediaCleanoutCleanroomClearClear DimensionClear Field Thermal BridgeClear Floor AreaClear Floor SpaceClear Pool WaterClear SpaceClear Water WasteClear-Water WastesClearanceClearance, Bottom CarClearance to CeilingClearance, Top Car, Inclined ElevatorsClearance, Top CounterweightClearly IdentifiedClerestoryClimate ZoneClimate ZonesClimber CraneClimbing/JumpingClinic, OutpatientClinical SinkClosed Alcohol Process TankClosed Alcohol Process tank.open Alcohol Process TankClosed ArrayClosed Array (Palletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, and Shelf Storage)Closed Array (Paper)Closed Array (Rolled Paper)Closed-Circuit TelephoneClosed-Circuit Telephone (For Chapter 11)Closed Combustible ConstructionClosed Combustion Solid-Fuel-Burning ApplianceClosed ConstructionClosed ContainerClosed SystemClosed System Indirect Refrigeration SystemClosed System UseClosed-Top DikingClosetClothes ClosetClothes DryerClothes Dryer, Type 1Clothes Dryer, Type 2Clothes Washer SystemCloud CeilingCloud Chamber Smoke DetectionClusterCNG Motor Fuel SystemCO2eCoastal A ZoneCoastal Areas of Special Flood HazardCoastal Construction Control LineCoastal Erosion Hazard AreasCoastal High-Hazard AreaCoastal High Hazard AreasCoastal Special Flood Hazard AreasCoastal Zones and Water-Sensitive Inland ZonesCoaxial CableCob ConstructionCode Advisory CommitteeCode, Building, Mechical and PlumbingCode ChangeCode Change (Proposed Provision)Code Change SubmittalCode Change Submittal (Rulemaking File)Code Enforcement OfficialCode Enforcement ProgramCode OfficialCode Official (or Building Official)Code ("This Code", or "The Code")CodedCoefficent of Performance (COP) — CoolingCoefficient of Performance (COP)—CoolingCoefficient of Performance (COP), Heat Pump—HeatingCoefficient of Performance (COP) — HeatingCoefficient of Performance (Copc)Coefficient of Performance (Copc)—CoolingCoefficient of Performance (COPH), Heat PumpCoefficient of Performance (COPH), Heat Pump—HeatingCohesive SoilCokeCoke-Fueled SalamanderCold DeckCold FormingCollapseCollapse (Structural)Collapsible Gates Car EnclosuresCollapsible SoilsCollar JointCollecting Safe AreaCollection PipeCollection PipingCollectorCollector ElementsCollector RingsColluviumColorColumbariumColumnColumn CapitalColumn, MasonryColumn (Paper)Column (Rolled Paper)Comb, Escalator and Moving WalkCombination Carbon Monoxide Detection SystemCombination DetectorCombination Emergency Communications SystemsCombination Fire Alarm and Guard's Tour BoxCombination Fire and Smoke DamperCombination Fire/Smoke DamperCombination FixtureCombination Oven/SteamerCombination OvensCombination SignCombination SystemCombination Temperature and Pressure-Relief ValveCombination Thermostatic/Pressure Balancing ValveCombination ValveCombination Waste and Vent SystemCombinedCombined Building DrainCombined Building SewerCombined Dry Pipe Preaction Sprinkler SystemCombined Dry Pipe-Reaction Sprinkler SystemCombined Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER)Combined Heat and Power SystemsCombined House DrainCombined Pile RaftCombined SewerCombined Standpipe SystemCombined System Standpipe SystemsCombined Total Storm Tide Elevation (Value)Combplate, Escalator and Moving WalkCombustible AssemblyCombustible DustCombustible dust.deflagrable Wood DustCombustible FiberCombustible FibersCombustible Gas Detection SystemCombustible Gas DetectorCombustible LiquidCombustible LiquidsCombustible (Material)Combustible MaterialsCombustible MetalCombustible Particulate SolidCombustible RefuseCombustible StorageCombustible WasteCombustionCombustion AirCombustion Appliance Zone (CAZ)Combustion ChamberCombustion ProductsCommerceCommercial BuildingCommercial Cooking AppliancesCommercial Cooking Exhaust System Servicing Company CertificateCommercial Cooking Recirculating SystemCommercial Cooking SystemCommercial FacilitiesCommercial Food Heat-Processing EquipmentCommercial, Industrial, Municipal and Multiple-FamilyCommercial KitchenCommercial Kitchen Exhaust HoodsCommercial Kitchen HoodsCommercial Modular SystemCommercial Motor VehicleCommercial Place of Public AmusementCommercial Truck-Mounted Crane (Boom Truck)Commissaries Serving Mobile Food Preparation UnitsCommissionCommissionerCommissioningCommissioning ProviderCommodityCommonCommon AreaCommon AtmosphereCommon Law Vested Rights ApplicationCommon NameCommon Path of Egress TravelCommon Path of TravelCommon Talk ModeCommon UseCommon Use AreasCommon Use Areas or Common AreasCommon Use Areas or Common Areas (For Chapter 11)Common VentCommunicating OpeningCommunication SystemsCommunicationsCommunications CenterCommunications ChannelCommunications CircuitCommunications Circuit Integrity (CI) CableCommunications CloudCommunications EquipmentCommunications RacewayCommunications, Radio (As Applied to Chapter 27)Communications Service ProviderCommunications SystemCommunity Care FacilityCommunity College BuildingsCommunity Correctional Reentry Centers—California Department of Corrections and RehabilitationCommunity FacilitiesCommunity Facilities Diverse Use CategoriesCommunity Noise Equivalent Level (CNEL)Community Noise Equivalent Level (CNEL) HighwayCommunity ResidenceCommunity Storm ShelterCommunity Storm Shelter Storm ShelterCommuter RailCompact DishwasherCompact Fluorescent LampCompact StorageCompact Storage ModuleCompacted Concrete PilesCompactionCompanion CryptCompartmentCompartmentedCompatible MaterialCompensating HoodCompensating HoodsCompensating-Rope Sheave SwitchCompensating Rope Sheave Switch Operating Devices and Control EquipmentCompensation MeansCompetent PersonCompetent person.completed Steel Floor (Chapter 33)Complete Structural DamageCompleted Steel FloorComplexComplex DemolitionComplex Mechanical SystemComplex SystemCompliance ApproachCompliance Data Exchange FileCompliance DocumentCompliance Registration PackageCompliance RequirementsCompliance SoftwareCompliance With the Residential Code as Listed in Rule 1301:7-7-80 of the Administrative CodeComplying BuildingComponentComponent, EquipmentComponent, FlexibleComponent Rated PressureComponent, RigidComponents and CladdingComposite ActionComposite Concrete Flexural MembersComposite MasonryComposite Optical Fiber CableComposite PanelComposite PanelsComposite Panels Wood Structural PanelComposite PilesComposite WallComposite Wall WallComposite Wood ProductsCompressed GasCompressed Gas ContainerCompressed Gas MixturesCompressed Gas SystemCompressed Gases in SolutionCompressible SoilsCompression BlockCompression-Controlled SectionCompression-Controlled Strain LimitCompressive Strength of MasonryCompressorCompressor, Positive DisplacementCompressor, RefrigerantCompressor UnitComputational Fluid Dynamics AnalysisComputer RoomComputer Room EnergyConcealable Nonmetallic ExtensionConcealedConcealed Fouling SurfaceConcealed LocationConcealed PipingConcealed SpacesConcealed SprinklerConcentrically Braced Frame (CBF)ConcreteConcrete, All-LightweightConcrete BrickConcrete, Carbonate AggregateConcrete, CellularConcrete-Filled Pipe PilesConcrete-Filled Steel Pipe and Tube PilesConcrete, LightweightConcrete, Lightweight AggregateConcrete Masonry UnitConcrete, NonprestressedConcrete, NormalweightConcrete, PerliteConcrete, PlainConcrete, PrecastConcrete, PrestressedConcrete, ReinforcedConcrete, Sand-LightweightConcrete, Siliceous AggregateConcrete, Specified Compressive Strength OfConcrete, Steel Fiber-ReinforcedConcrete Strength, Specified CompressiveConcrete, VermiculiteConcrete Washout WaterCondemnCondensateCondenserCondensing ApplianceCondensing UnitConditionCondition 1Condition 1 I-3Condition 1 Occupancy ClassificationCondition 2Condition 2 I-3Condition 2 Occupancy ClassificationCondition 3Condition 3 I-3Condition 3 Occupancy ClassificationCondition 4Condition 4 I-3Condition 4 Occupancy ClassificationCondition 5Condition 5 I-3Condition 5 Occupancy ClassificationCondition 6Condition 6 I-3Condition 7Condition 7 I-3Condition 8Condition 8 I-3Condition 9Condition AssessmentCondition, ExistingConditioned AirConditioned AreaConditioned Floor AreaConditioned Floor Area, GrossConditioned SpaceConditioned Space, DirectlyConditioned Space, IndirectlyConductanceConductive Optical Fiber CableConductorConductor, AbandonedConductor, BareConductor, CoveredConductor, Insulated