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(A) Cross-Sectional Areas of Wireway22.7.7 Cross-Sectional Limits405.3 Cross Slope7.1.2 Cross Ties26.21.2.2* Crossflow Towers2.20.2.1 Crosshead Data Plate1926.967(e)(3) Crossing Bodies of Water(J) Crossing Joists324.18 CrossingsP2904.9.2 Crosslinked Polyethelene/Aluminium/Polyethelyne (PEX-AL-PEX)[BS] A111.3.1 Crosswall Definition[BS] A111.3.2 Crosswall Shear Capacity[BS] A111.3 Crosswalls1910.265(b)(13) Crotch Lines403.2.5 Crowd Crush12.7.6 Crowd Managers403.12.3 Crowd Managers for Gatherings Exceeding 1,000 People4.1.4* Crowd MovementP3105.3 Crown VentP3105.3 Crown Vent Prohibited12.8.3 Crown Venting Prohibited1910.262(dd)(2) Crown Wheel and Roller Gear Nip Protection3.3.79 Crude Petroleum1926.1430(e) Crush/Pinch PointsR403.4.1 Crushed Stone Footings5503.1 Cryogenic Container5503.1.1 Cryogenic Container Standards5503.2.1 Cryogenic Containers3.3.80 Cryogenic Fluid5505.1.1 Cryogenic Fluid Systems1324.5.7.3 Cryogenic Fluid Testing63.4 Cryogenic Fluids3.3.72.4 Cryogenic Fluids Container[F] 502.9.3 Cryogenics460.10.1.4 Crypt Front460.7.2 Crypt Relief Vent460.7 Crypts460.7.1 Crypts ConstructionG2411.2 (310.2) CSST1210.2 CSST Piping SystemsG2411.2 CSST Without Arc-Resistant Jacket or Coating System2.2- CT Scanner Room2.3.9 CTA Publications231.4.1 Cubicles and Counters1235.1 Culling Plants3.3.81* Cultural Resource Properties*1.2-5.4.8 Cultural ResponsivenessP2711.2 Cultured Marble Lavatories2109.2.1.2 Cumulative Length of Shear Walls1004.10.2 Cumulative Occupant Load1004.2 Cumulative Occupant Loads1004.1.1.1 Cumulative Occupant Loads for Interconnected Spaces1004.1.1.2 Cumulative Occupant Loads in Group R-2 Occupancies14A-3-301.7 Cumulative Remedies1910.243(c)(2) Cup Wheels405.9.2.1 Curb507.5.7.2 Curb and Roadside Painting91-52 Curb Cut Regulations25-634 Curb Cut Regulations for Community Facilities3202. Curb Cut Removal132-43 Curb Cut Requirements13-24 Curb Cut Restrictions81-675 Curb Cut Restrictions and Loading Berth Requirements25-633 Curb Cut Restrictions for Certain Buildings in R1 Through R5 Districts93-842 Curb Cut Restrictions in the Farley Corridor Subdistrict B93-841 Curb Cut Restrictions in the Large-Scale Plan Subdistrict A126-33 Curb Cut Restrictions on 15th Avenue406.10.1 Curb Cuts406.10 Curb Cuts and Driveways128-56 Curb Cuts on Commercial StreetsFigure 11A-3K Curb DetailFigure 11A-3F Curb Detail - Sidewalk Less Than 60" WideFigure 11A-3A Curb Details405.9.2 Curb or Barrier1305.9.10 Curb or Pan1012.10.1 Curb, Rail, Wall or Barrier106.5.23 Curb Ramp406 Curb RampsSection 406 Curb Ramps and Blended Transitions11B-406 Curb Ramps, Blended Transitions and IslandsSection 1112A Curb Ramps on Accessible RoutesFigure 11A-3L Curb Sections10.12.1 Curb Valve406.9.5 Curbs and BumpersR308.6.8 Curbs for Skylights718.1 Cure-in-Place701.10 Cured-in-Place Pipe2512.8.2 Curing2512.6 Curing and Interval26.5.3 Curing Concrete6101.5.4 Curing Concrete, Drying Plaster and Similar Applications2513.7 Curing of Base Coats(2) Current760.145 Current-Carrying Continuous Line-Type Fire Detectors(D) Current-Carrying Parts(C) Current Collectors1910.120(p)(7)(ii) Current Employees8. Current Interruption Test(D) Current Limiting3103F.5.3 Current Loads(1) Current Rated Disconnect1910.269(w)(2) Current Transformer Secondaries110.23 Current Transformers3103F.5.3.2 Current Velocity Adjustment Factors1926.1127(l)(1)(i)(A) Currently Exposed—910.1.3 Curtain Boards520.48 Curtain Machines715.1.1 Curtain Wall Assembly715.7 Curtain Wall Spandrels502.4.2 Curtain Wall, Storefront Glazing and Commercial Entrance Doors5006.11 Curtains and DrapesTIME-TEMPERATURE Curve23.10 Curved-Bar Nodes2110.3.5 Curved Panels7. Curved Stairs1011.9 Curved Stairways1811.2.2 Cushion or Cap Block453.20.3 Custodial Closets and Storage453.20.5 Custodial Receiving453.20.2 Custodial Work Areas and Storage1926.760(e) Custody of Fall Protection408.3.12 Custody StationR609.2.1 Custom Doors2105.1.5.4 Customer Areas(3) Customer Receives System1321.7.2 Cut Ends1910.68(c)(5)(iii) Cut-Off Point5604.12.4 Cutoff of Escape1910.262(b)(11) Cutter (Rotary Staple)2308.5.9 Cutting and Notching105.5.12 Cutting and Welding5301.3.1 Cutting and Welding Gases34.7.3 Cutting and Welding OperationsR802.7 Cutting, Drilling and NotchingSection C101 Cutting, Notching and Boring[BS] 302.5.2 Cutting, Notching and Boring Holes in Cold-Formed Steel Framing[BS] 302.6 Cutting, Notching and Boring Holes in Coldformed Steel Framing[BS] 302.5.3 Cutting, Notching and Boring Holes in Non-Structural Cold-Formed Steel Wall Framing[BS] 302.5.3 Cutting, Notching and Boring Holes in Nonstructural Cold-Formed Steel Wall Framing[BS] 302.5.1 Cutting, Notching and Boring Holes in Structural Steel Framing[BS] 302.5 Cutting, Notching and Boring in Steel FramingC101.2 Cutting, Notching and Boring in Steel Members[BS] 302.3 Cutting, Notching and Boring in Wood FramingC101.1 Cutting, Notching and Boring in Wood MembersC101.3 Cutting, Notching and Coring Into Concrete307.2 Cutting, Notching or Bored Holes1910.252(c)(12) Cutting of Stainless Steels1910.211(b)(13) Cutting Off Wheels1321.7.1 Cutting Wheels1910.262(jj) Cuttle or Swing Folder (Overhead Type)11.1* Cybersecurity1910.217(h)(6) Cycle Control and Control Systems1109.9.3 Cycle StorageE 201.1 Cycles of Concentration for Cooling Towers27.6 Cyclic Load Test Procedure3.3.82 Cylinder3505.2 Cylinder and Container Storage, Handling and Use8.2.8.3 Cylinder and Plunger Heads6004.2.2.1 Cylinder and Tank Location418.3.3 Cylinder Change3.3.278.8 Cylinder Containment System3.3.83 Cylinder Containment Vessel8.6.5.11 Cylinder Corrosion Protection and Monitoring8.2.8.2 Cylinder Design1910.218(d)(3) Cylinder Draining1910.262(h)(1) Cylinder Dryers1910.262(h)(1)(vi) Cylinder EnclosureF 601.5.1 Cylinder Fill PanelF 601.6 Cylinder Filling Hose105.6.12 Cylinder Filling Plant3.3.84* Cylinder Pack3.18.3.5 Cylinder Packing Heads41.5.5.7 Cylinder Protection1926.1412(f)(2)(xiii)(C)2308. Cylinder Stability1910.110(c) Cylinder Systems1905.1.2 Cylinder Tests41.5.5.5 Cylinder Valves1910.253(b)(5)(ii)(G) Cylinder Valves Shall Be Closed When Work Is Finished1905.6.3.3 Cylinders3501.4 Cylinders and Containers63. Cylinders and Containers of 1.3 Gal (5 L) or Less3.18.3.8 Cylinders Buried in the Ground3505.2.1 Cylinders Connected for Use63.3.1.6 Cylinders, Containers, and Tanks63. Cylinders, Containers, and Tanks Containing Residual Gas63. Cylinders, Containers, and Tanks Designed for Horizontal Use63.3.1.14 Cylinders, Containers, and Tanks Exposed to Fire69.3.12.9 Cylinders on Roofs or Exterior Balconies3505.6 Cylinders Shutoff1926.300(b)(9) Cylindrical Grinders1907.5.2.1 D and Cover454. D.E. Systems26.6.4.2 DACT26. DACT Transmission Means1926.1436(p)(1) Daily:3303.4.4.1 Daily Cleaning1503.8.3 Daily Discharge3303.3 Daily Fire Safety Inspection3307.6.5.10 Daily Inspection3303.4.11 Daily Inspection of Housekeeping3307. Daily Inspection Report5607.19.4.2 Daily ReportingA 102.1 Daily Service Pressure1908.8 Damage[BG] 402.3.3 Damage and Deterioration102-11 Damage, Destruction or Demolition1926.153(o) "Damage From Vehicles"3.3.85 Damage-Limiting Construction52-50 Damage or Destruction54-40 Damage or Destruction in Non-Complying Buildings1810.5.5 Damage to Adjacent Structures or Deep Foundations1808.5.5 Damage to Adjacent Structures or Piles701.5 Damage to Drainage System or Public Sewer714.0 Damage to Public Sewer or Private Sewage Disposal SystemJ404.3 Damaged Buildings3506.5 Damaged Cable903.5.1 Damaged Heads2006.19.2 Damaged Hose5606.3.2 Damaged Packages(2) Damaged PartsG2414.8.1 (403.8.1) Damaged Threads312.2 Damp and Wet Locations(A) Damp Locations314.15 Damp or Wet Locations2111.8.1 Damper717.3.3 Damper Actuation6. Damper LeakageC403.7.8.3 Damper Leakage Rating717.3.2 Damper Rating607.3.2 Damper Ratings717.3.1 Damper Testing716.3 Damper Testing and Ratings717.3 Damper Testing, Ratings and Actuation701.2 Dampered Openings909.20.6.3 Dampered Relief Opening[F] 909.18.3 DampersA5.207.5.4 Dampers for Air Supply and Exhaust EquipmentE 503. Dampers Leakage701.12 Dampers Prohibited1805.2 DampproofingSection 1805 Dampproofing and WaterproofingR406.3 Dampproofing for Wood Foundations1805.2 Dampproofing Required1910.144(a)(1)(ii) Danger300.45 Danger Signs1910.145(f)(5) Danger Tags1.1.2 Danger to Life From Fire§28-404.4.1 Danger Warning14A-3-312 Dangerous and Unsafe or Uncompleted and Abandoned Buildings3307.4.2 Dangerous Areas1926.1435(b)(2) Dangerous Areas (Self-Erecting Tower Cranes)1102.2 Dangerous Buildings3401.5 Dangerous Conditions1910.28(b)(6) Dangerous Equipment302.2 Dangerous or Unsafe Conditions108.1.5 Dangerous Structure or Premises5.6.3.1 DataA510.5 Data Acquisition EquipmentC405.12.4 Data Acquisition System3305. Data and AnalysisC403.1.2 Data Centers2.1.2 Data Collection3.3.53 Data Conversion7.2.3.3 Data Plate5.1.13.2 Data Plates1603.3.1 Data Required5.6.3.2 Data Requirements510.3.2.2 Data Sheets3905.4 Data Sheets and Signage5503.1.1.1 Data Submitted for Approval2.20.2.2 Data Tag at Suspension Means Fastening**3319.12.2 Data to Be Made Available to Commissioner Upon Request**3319.12.1 Data to Be Recorded1926.1101(n)(5) Data to Rebut PACM*§28- Database514.4.9 Date of InspectionA-502.5 Date of ServiceH114.2.3.2 Date of Sign Erection1910.423(d)(1)(ii) Date, Time, and Location1910.178(l)(7) Dates3308.6.2.9 Dates Tested1910.66(f)(3)(iii) Davits305.2 Day CareSection 4702 Day Care and Educational Occupancies1103.2.12 Day Care Facilities4702.5 Day Care Facility Fire Clearance Preinspection907.2.3.9 Day-Care, Group E907.2.3.10 Day-Care, Group E or Group I-4 Located on a Public School Campus3.3.148.1* Day-Care Home16.6 Day-Care Homes1006.2.2.4 Day Care Means of Egress20.3 Day-Care Occupancies16.1.3.3 Day-Care Occupancies in Apartment Buildings3.3.196.4* Day-Care Occupancy410.2 Day Care Plans16.7.5* Day-Care Staff453.3.5 Day Labor Projects304.1.1 Day Support and Day Treatment Facilities11B-246.4 Day Use Areas and Vista PointsSection 466 Daycare Occupancies1224.29.2.13 Daylight808.3.2.3 Daylight AnalysisA5. Daylight AreaC3.5.3 Daylight Area and Photosensor LocationA5. Daylight Area, Primary SidelitA5. Daylight Area, Secondary SidelitA5. Daylight Area, SkylitA5.209.2.3 Daylight AreasA5. Daylight Areas Shall Be Defined as Follows:81-662 Daylight Compensation Modifications for Qualifying SitesA5. Daylight Design Power Adjustments Factors (PAFs)Appendix B Daylight Evaluation Charts81-663 Daylight Evaluation Modifications for Qualifying Sites28-14 Daylight in Corridors808.3.2 Daylight Performance Requirements808.3.1 Daylight Prescriptive RequirementsC405.2.4.1 Daylight-Responsive Control FunctionC405.2.4 Daylight-Responsive ControlsC405.2.4.1 Daylight Responsive Controls FunctionC405.2.7.1 Daylight ShutoffC405.2.2.3 Daylight Zone ControlC402.4.2.1 Daylight Zone Controls Under SkylightsC402.4.4 Daylight ZonesSection 808 Daylighting2.5-7 Daylighting and Artificial Lighting Systems9.7.3.3 Daylighting Documentation5.3-6.7.2 Daylighting Systems in Outpatient Areas5.1-6.7.2 Daylighting Systems in Participant Areas3.1-6.7.2 Daylighting Systems in Resident Living Areas*2.5-7.2 Daylighting Systems in Resident Living, Participant, and Outpatient Areas808.3 Daylit Area of Building Spaces1230.1.10 Dayrooms1904.7(b)(1)(ii) Days Away From Work(2) DC Bus Arrangement480.7 DC Disconnect Methods(H) DC Microgrid Systems690.53 DC PV Circuits(3) DC-Rated Enclosed Switches, Open-Type Switches, and Low-Voltage Power Circuit Breakers712.34 DC Source Disconnecting Means(B) DC Systems(6) DC-to-DC Converter Output Circuit Current(5) DC to DC Converter Output Current(B) DC-to-DC Converter Source and Output Circuits(5) DC-to-DC Converter Source Circuit Current6. DDC Applications6. DDC Controls6. DDC Display2.5.2.2 DE/CE Ratios(1) De-Energizing Aircraft Electrical Systems1506.9.3 Deactivation and Drainage1602.9 Deactivation and Drainage for Cross-Connection Test§28-401.22 Deactivation of License6. Dead BandK Dead End503.1.5 Dead-End Access1030.9.5 Dead-End Aisles408.3.9 Dead-End Balconies18.2.5.2 Dead-End Corridors405.6.1 Dead-End Cross Aisles503.2.9 Dead-End Roads503.3.1 Dead-End Turnarounds1020.5 Dead Ends317.4.2 Dead Foliage(C) Dead-Front Type309.6 Dead Legs3108.4.1 Dead Load3103F.8.1 Dead Load (D)Section 1606 Dead LoadsC403.4.1.2 DeadbandC403.4.1.2 Deadband (Mandatory) Deadman Control Monitoring42.* Deadman Controls604.4.2 Deadwood Removed1904.7(b)(1)(i) Death14A-3-314.1.3 Death or Injury Caused by Unauthorized Excavation14A-3-314.1.6 Death or Injury Caused by Vacant Building2304.12.8 DebrisP2912.3 Debris Excluders449.4.2.5 Debris Impact Protection Standards3314.8.2 Debris Netting1603.18 Debris RemovalK 106.2.2 Debris Screen14A-3-313.6 Debt Waiver1926.804(c) "Decanting"R507.2.2.3 Decay Resistance3.17.3.5 Deceleration3.1- Decentralized Clean Linen Storage3.1-4.5.4 Decentralized Kitchen*2.3- Decentralized Medication Cabinets112.8 Decision17.15 Decision by the Hearing Examiner112.9.2 Decision of TRB7-171 Decision on Appeal1.10.6 Decisions§13-21 Decisions, Determinations and Orders. [Repealed]3307.6.4.5 Deck(C) Deck Area Heating3115B.3 Deck Area Lighting6. Deck BarricadesR507.5.1 Deck Beam BearingR507.5.2 Deck Beam Connection to SupportsR507.7.1 Deck Beam to Deck PostR507.5 Deck Beams3114B.2 Deck Between Pools and/or Spas406.3 Deck Clearance3114B.4 Deck Covering306.8 Deck EdgesR507.3 Deck FootingsR507.7 Deck Joist and Deck Beam BearingR507.6.1 Deck Joist BearingR507.6.2 Deck Joist Lateral RestraintR507.6 Deck JoistsR507.2.3 Deck Lateral Load ConnectionR507.9.2 Deck Lateral Load ConnectionsR507.2 Deck Ledger Connection to Band Joist603.5.13 Deck-Mounted and Equipment-Mounted Vacuum BreakersP2902.4.2 Deck-Mounted and Integral Vacuum Breakers417.2 Deck Mounted Bath/Shower ValvesR507.7.1 Deck Post to Deck BeamR507.8.1 Deck Post to Deck FootingR507.4.1 Deck Post to Deck Footing ConnectionR507.4 Deck Posts1515.2.3 Deck Preparation1507.2.1 Deck Requirements609.3.1 Deck Shower1507.3.2 Deck Slope306.4 Deck Steps Handrail Required7.3.1 Deck ToppingSection 709A DeckingSection 12-7A-4A Decking Alternate Method A SFM Standard 12-7A-4A1926.754(e)(4) Decking Gaps Around ColumnsSection 12-7A-4 Decking SFM Standard 12-7A-4709A.3 Decking Surfaces1604.8.3 DecksSection K106 Decks and Balconies That Are Evacuation LocationsSection 406 Decks and Deck EquipmentR322.3.8 Decks and Porches454.1.3.1 Decks and Walkways454.1.11.5 Decks and Walkways for Artificial Lagoons406.4 Decks Between Pools and Spas2304.12.3.2 Decks, Fences, Patios, Planters, or Other Wooden Building ComponentsG308.6 Decks, Porches, and Patios1604.8.3 Decks, Porches, Exterior Balconies and Similar Structures1108.4 Declaration14A-4-406.1.1 Declaration of Policy87-63 Declaration of Restrictions93-06 Declaration of Restrictions in Subdistrict F(W) Section 123 Declaration Regarding Material Assistance/Non-Assistance to Terrorist Organization1207.2.3 DecommissioningF 110.0 Decommissioning and Abandonment53.3.3 Decommissioning of Ammonia Refrigeration Systems6603.4.1 Decomposition1926.803(f) Decompression1910.430(f) Decompression Chambers1910.423(e) Decompression Procedure Assessment1910.422(d) Decompression Tables1006.1 Deconstruction and Demolition Material and Waste Management PlanSection A4.105 Deconstruction and Reuse of Existing MaterialsSection 5.105 Deconstruction and Reuse of Existing Structures1910.120(k) Decontamination1226. Decontamination Area1926.1101(j)(1)(ii) Decontamination Area Entry Procedures1926.1101(j)(1)(iii) Decontamination Area Exit Procedures1926.1101(j)(1)(i) Decontamination Areas1926.65(k)(2) Decontamination Procedures1926.65(p)(4) Decontamination Program806.1 Decorations10.2.4.16 Decorations and FurnishingsSection 805 Decorations and ScenerySection 805 Decorations and TrimSection G2432 (602) Decorative Appliances for Installation in Fireplaces911.0 Decorative Appliances for Installation in Vented FireplacesSection 602 (IFGC) Decorative Appliances for Installation InfireplacesSection 602 (IFGC) Decorative Appliancesfor Installation in Fireplaces320.3 Decorative Curtains, and Textiles304.8 Decorative FeaturesSection 602 Decorative Gas Fired Appliances for Installation in FireplacesSection 602 Decorative Gas-Fired Appliances for Installlation in FireplacesPart XV Decorative Lighting and Similar AccessoriesC405.2.6.2 Decorative Lighting Shutoff32.4 Decorative MaterialsSection 807 Decorative Materials and Artificial Decorative Vegetation in New and Existing BuildingsSection 806 Decorative Materials and TrimSection 807 Decorative Materials Andartificial Decorative Vegetationin New and Existing BuildingsSection 807 Decorative Materials Other Than Decorative Vegetation in BuildingsSection 807 Decorative Materials Other Than Decorative Vegetation in New and Existing BuildingsSection 807 Decorative Materials Otherthan Decorative Vegetation Innew and Existing Buildings806.1.4 Decorative Natural Vegetation308.1.9 Decorative Open Flame Tables2113.9.3.1 Decorative ShroudsR703.9.4.2 Decorative TrimSection 804 Decorative VegetationSection 806 Decorative Vegetation in BuildingsSection 806 Decorative Vegetation in New and Existing BuildingsSection 806 Decorative Vegetation Innew and Existing BuildingsSection G2432 (602) Decorative Vented Appliances for Installation in Fireplaces*2.1- Decorative Water FeaturesC403.3.5.3 Decoupled DOAS Supply Air1112.3 Decrease Accessibility8. Decrease in Rated SpeedB103.1 Decreases18.4.3.1 Decreases in Fire Flow Requirements2.5- Dedicated Circuit(s)1926.1400(c)(11) Dedicated Electrical Space(E) Dedicated Equipment Space(3) Dedicated Feeder3.3.65 Dedicated Function Fire Alarm Control Unit3. Dedicated Function Fire Alarm System23.3.3.2* Dedicated Function Fire Alarm Systems2.1- Dedicated Linen Processing AreaC406.6 Dedicated Outdoor Air SystemC406.6 Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)C403.3.5 Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)(A) Dedicated Overcurrent and Disconnect24.* Dedicated PanelE3405.3 Dedicated Panelboard SpaceT103.2 Dedicated Person(s)1926.1439 Dedicated Pile Drivers3.3.278.9 Dedicated Smoke-Control System909.22.4 Dedicated Smoke Control Systems1926.1411(b)(4) Dedicated Spotter423.3.1 Dedicated Storm Shelters1207.7.1 Dedicated-Use Buildings**§28-320.3.6 Deductions From Reported Annual Building Emissions**§28-320.3.6.3 Deductions From Reported Annual Building Emissions for Clean Distributed Energy Resources**§28-320.3.6.2 Deductions From Reported Annual Building Emissions for Purchased Greenhouse Gas Offsets**§28-320.3.6.1 Deductions From Reported Annual Building Emissions for Renewable Energy Credits[A] Deed Restriction[A] Deed Restrictions1926.962(b)(1) Deenergized1910.333(a)(1) Deenergized Parts1910.333(b)(2)(ii) Deenergizing Equipment1926.961(c) Deenergizing Lines and Equipment1926.961 Deenergizing Lines and Equipment for Employee Protection411.1.3 Deep Area9.9 Deep Beams807.1.3 Deep End3303.12.3 Deep Excavations8.9.8.2 Deep Fat Fryers3.3.57 Deep-Fat Frying1705.7 Deep Foundation Elements1810.1.3 Deep Foundation Elements Classified as Columns1810.5.7 Deep Foundation Location Plan13.4.3 Deep Foundation MembersSection 1810 Deep Foundations1810.2 Deep Foundations—General Requirements1810.3.2 Deep Foundations Installed by Jacking or Other Static Forces1810.7.4.1 Deep Foundations Located Near a Lot Line1810.6.3 Deep Foundations That Are Bent During Installation1810.6.4 Deep Foundations That Are Mislocated During Installation[F] 907.2.19 Deep Underground Buildings302.9 Defacement of Property4908.9.1 Defacing SignsSection CB103 Default SchedulesSection CB102 Default Tables of Internal LoadsSection CA107 Default U -Factors for Doors1926.32(h)1910.132(e) Defective and Damaged Equipment1321.12.4 Defective Brazed Joints108.7.3 Defective Condition5003.2.6.2 Defective Containers and Tanks63. Defective Cylinders, Containers, and Tanks901.11 Defective Equipment112.5 Defective Materials503.3 Defective Materials Prohibited1809.5.3 Defective Piles15.7 Defective Plumbing1926.964(b)(7) Defective Pulling Lines105.3.1 Defective Systems1810.4.1.5 Defective Timber Piles§28-116.1.1 Defective Work and Discrepancies With Approved Construction Documents69.* Defects1202.6 Defects in Materials and Workmanship1926.12(b)(8) Defense Housing & Community Facilities & Services Act of 1951 (42 U.S.C. 1592I)Section 4907 Defensible Space4-229 Deferred Approvals§27-590 Deferred Detailing§28-104.2.6 Deferred Submittal[A] Deferred Submittals14.2.2.3 Deficiencies3.3.86 Deficiency106.5 Defined Terms2112.1 Definition11.3.4.1 Definition — Air Traffic Control Tower11.3.4.1 Definition — Airport Traffic Control Tower6.1.6.1* Definition — Ambulatory Health Care Occupancy66.4 Definition and Classification of Liquids30.3.3.4 Definition and Classification of Repair Areas Serving CNG and LNG Vehicle Repair1910.7 Definition and Requirements for a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory6. Definition — Apartment Building1910.106(f)(4)(i) Definition, Application1926.152(k)(4) Definition; As Used in This Section:* Definition — Assembly Occupancy6.1.11.1* Definition — Business Occupancy6.1.4.1* Definition — Day-Care Occupancy6.1.7.1* Definition — Detention and Correctional Occupancy6.* Definition — Dormitory6.1.3.1* Definition — Educational Occupancy6.1.5.1* Definition — Health Care Occupancy6.* Definition — Hotel6.1.12.1* Definition — Industrial Occupancy6. Definition — Lodging or Rooming House6.1.10.1* Definition — Mercantile Occupancy§276 Definition of an Artist§101-01 Definition of Existing Building. [Repealed]§281 Definition of "Interim Multiple Dwelling"[BG] 305.2 Definition of Magnitude of Event1910.1025(k)(2)(ii) Definition of Medical Removal Protection Benefits202.0 Definition of TermsAppendix E Definition of "Trade Secret" (Mandatory)* Definition — One- And Two-Family Dwelling Unit11.2.1.2 Definition — Open Structure6.1.9.1* Definition — Residential Board and Care Occupancy6.1.8.1 Definition — Residential Occupancy6.1.13.1* Definition — Storage Occupancy11.3.1.2 Definition — Tower11.4.1.2 Definition — Water-Surrounded Structure106 Definitions52-00 Definitions and General ProvisionsSection 2202 Definitions and NomenclatureSection 1602 Definitions and NotationsArticle 1 Definitions and RequirementsSection 100.1 Definitions and Rules of Construction1910.94(a)(1) Definitions Applicable to This Paragraph1910.181(a) Definitions Applicable to This Section23-913 Definitions Applying to Homeownership Affordable Housing23-912 Definitions Applying to Rental Affordable Housing3402A.2 Definitions for This Chapter454.2.1 Definitions—General§27-230 Definitions in Reference Standards§13-12 Definitions. [Repealed]770.2 Definitions. See Part I of Article 10066.4.1 Definitions Specific to Liquids66.16.2 Definitions Specific to Section 66.1666.19.2 Definitions Specific to Section 66.1966.21.2 Definitions Specific to Section 66.2166.22.2 Definitions Specific to Section 66.2266.27.2 Definitions Specific to Section 66.2766.9.2 Definitions Specific to Section 66.9101-702 Definitions Specific to the Atlantic Avenue SubdistrictG201.1.2 Definitions Specific to This Appendix1002.1.2 Definitions Specific to This Chapter410.2.2 Definitions Specific to This Section3.3.87 Deflagration2203.2.1.1 Deflagration Vent Discharge Area Markings911.4 Deflagration Venting(A) Deflected Insulated Conductors1709.3.2 Deflection1617.3 Deflection and Drift Limits1617.3.1 Deflection and Drift Limits (For Use in the Simplified Analysis Procedure of Section 1617.5)3.5 Deflection IncompatibilityAH106.4.2 Deflection Limit§27-595 Deflection Limitations5. Deflection of Car Enclosure Walls312.6 Deflection of Conductors2305. Deflection of Shear Walls With Openings§27-650 Deflection of Support1604.3.1 Deflections24.2 Deflections Due to Service-Level Gravity Loads10.3.5.2 Deflector Orientation12.1.8.7 Deflector Orientation (Residential Upright and Pendent Spray)9.5.4 Deflector Position13.2.7 Deflector Position (CMSA Sprinklers)14.2.10 Deflector Position (Early Suppression Fast-Response Sprinklers)11.2.4 Deflector Position (Extended Coverage Upright and Pendent Spray Sprinklers)12.1.8 Deflector Position From Ceilings and Walls11.3.5 Deflector Position From Ceilings and Walls (Extended Coverage Sidewall Spray Sprinklers)10.3.5 Deflector Position From Ceilings and Walls (Standard Sidewall Spray Sprinklers)10.2.6 Deflector Position (Standard Pendent and Upright Spray Sprinklers) Deformation2.4.4 Deformation and Drift3107F.2.3 Deformation Capacity of Flexural Members3103F.6.4 Deformation Coefficient (cd)[BS] A403.5 Deformation Compatibility and P Δ EffectsA.7.2 Deformation-Controlled Actions1617. Deformational Compatibility1910.184(e)(9) Deformed Attachments2103.11.1 Deformed Reinforcing Bars2103.11.3 Deformed Reinforcing Wire1105.8 Defrost42.10.5.14 Defueling317.4.3.3 Defueling Area2309. Defueling Equipment2311.8.11 Defueling Equipment Required at Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Facilities42. Defueling of Aircraft2309.6 Defueling of Hydrogen From Fuel Storage Containers2311.8 Defueling of Hydrogen From Motor Vehicle Fuel Storage Containers2006.18 Defueling Operations2309.8 Defueling ProcedureSIGNIFICANT Degradation1910.252(c)(11)(ii) DegreasingE103.1 Degree of Hazard6.5.2.3 Dehumidification6. Dehumidification Control InteractionG3.1.3.18 Dehumidification (Systems 3 Through 8)G3.1.3.18 Dehumidification (Systems 3 Through 8 and 11, 12, and 13)R403.13 Dehumidifiers (Mandatory)1904.4.2 Deicing Chemicals1926.12(b)(11) Delaware River Basin Compact (Sec. 15.1, 75 Stat. 714)1.5.2 Delay in Compliance3.3.56 Delayed Action Closer716.2.6.5 Delayed-Action Closers(A) Delayed Automatic Connection(A) Delayed Automatic Connections to Equipment Branch(B) Delayed Automatic or Manual Connection(B) Delayed Automatic or Manual Connection to the Equipment Branch453.16.7 Delayed Closing Valves1010.2.13 Delayed Egress1008.1.9.7 Delayed Egress Door Locks7. Delayed-Egress Electrical Locking Systems907.3.2.4 Delayed Egress for Group A Courthouse Occupancies907.3.2.2 Delayed Egress for Group I and R-2.1 Occupancies907.3.2.3 Delayed Egress for Group R-4907.3.2.3 Delayed Egress for Group R-4 Occupancies1010.2.13.1 Delayed Egress Locking System1010.1.9.7 Delayed Egress Locking Systems[F] 907.3.2 Delayed Egress Locks1008. Delayed Egress Locks in I-2 Occupancies401.3.3 Delayed Notification5608.8.1.3 Delays and Cancellations3310.8.3.3 Delegation1.7.5 Delegation of Authority106.2 Delegation of Duties and PowersR408.7 (Deleted)2.12.5 Deleted; Moved to Deleterious, Caustic, or Acid Materials103.1.1 Deletion305.4 Deliberate or Negligent Burning408.10.2.4 Delinquency3.3.68 Delinquency Signal105.3.9.7 Delinquent Fees Uncollectible3.3.88 Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ )6101.2.1 Deliveries7.5.3 Delivery3301.3 Delivery and Removal5608.5.1 Delivery and Unloading5007.9.4 Delivery and Unloading of Cargo1109. Delivery Method and Volume24.7.5* Delivery Methods1910.106(g)(3)(vi) Delivery Nozzles*1.2-5.1 Delivery of Care Model Concepts1905.8.2.2 Delivery Personnel1224.32.3.2 Delivery Room(s)5007.8.1 Delivery to Display Site42. Delivery Vehicle Location5007.6.4.2 Delivery Vehicles(C) Delta Breakers(3) Delta-Connected ServiceC6.7 Delta Load Factors for Mass Walls in the Exterior Building Envelope26.27.2.3 Deluge28.2.3.3 Deluge and Preaction Systems3.3.206.3 Deluge Sprinkler System19.5 Deluge Systems2.4.2 DemandB.3 Demand at Individual OutletsTable P Demand at Individual Water Outlets[BS] A111.4.2 Demand-Capacity RatiosC403.7.1 Demand Control VentilationC403.7.1 Demand Control Ventilation (Mandatory)C403.2.6.1 Demand Controlled VentilationE 805.6 Demand-Controlled Ventilation Systems Acceptance (Form MECH-6A)(B) Demand FactorsB.5.4 Demand (GPM) Corresponding to Fixture Load (WSFU)704.1.1 Demand-Initiated RegenerationE102.2 Demand Load2.4.5 Demand on Diaphragms2.4.6 Demand on Parts and Portions of the BuildingC404.6.1.1 Demand Recirculation Controls607.2.1.2 Demand Recirculation Controls for Distribution SystemsP2905.2 Demand Recirculation SystemsN1103. (R403. Demand Recirculation Water Systems1910.1001(e)(2) Demarcation4.1- Dementia, Mental Health, and Cognitive and Developmental Disability Design Criteria1.2-5.7 Dementia, Mental Health, Cognitive, and Developmental Disability PlanningA5.205.3.6 Demising Walls in Nonresidential BuildingsSection 3303 Demolition[BS] 501.3.6 Demolition and AlterationSection A-303 Demolition and Relocation of Structures11-23 Demolition and Replacement5607.22.1 Demolition Blasting14A-4-407.6 Demolition Delay14A-5-503 Demolition Inspections96-108 Demolition of Buildings117.3 Demolition of Buildings and Structures14A-3-311.2 Demolition of Dangerous or Unsafe Garages3306.7 Demolition of Weakened Structures3313.2 Demolition OperationsA-305.2.2 Demolition PermitsA-402.10.6.2 Demolition Progression Inspection5607.9.11 Demolition Projects NotificationA-305.2.2.3 Demolition Schedule3306.8 Demolition Sequence3308.3 Demolition Using Explosives5609.3.2 Demonstration1926.12(b)(44) Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966 (42 U.S.C. 3310; 12 U.S.C. 1715C; 42 U.S.C. 1416)101.5.2 Demonstration of Compliance[BG] 301.3.2 Demonstration of Performance1926.950(b)(7) Demonstration of Proficiency6103.2.1.5 Demonstration Uses§28-107.7 Denial of Certification§28-105.1.6 Denial of Permits for Certain Arrears*§28-105.1.3 Denial of Permits for Excessive Violations*§28-105.1.4 Denial of Permits for False Statements on Applications for Construction Document Approval*§28-105.1.5 Denial of Permits for Work Without Permit on Occupied Building[A] 105.6 Denial or Revocation(2) 5616.2 Denial or Revocation of License5601.4.6 Denial, Suspension or Revocation of a Certificate3.3.19.2* Densely Packed Baled Cotton[F] 2604.2.1 Density19.3.3.2 Density/Area Method43-623 Density in M1-6D Districts28-31 Density Per Corridor23-20 Density Regulations77-25 Density Requirements1226.6.1.3 Dental Examination and Treatment Areas1327.0 Dental Gas and Vacuum Systems608.16.9 Dental Pump Equipment608.17.9 Dental Pumping Equipment2.14-3 Dental Treatment AreasSection 890.745 Dental Units458.2.3 Department510.2.2.2 Department Acceptance Test9B-52.003 Department Activities3510.2 Department ApprovalA-1001.3 Department Duties507.5.2.1 Department Flow Tests§27-2056.10 Department Implementation and Enforcement§27-2056.9 Department Inspections2010.6.3 Department Monitoring3319.8.4 Department Notification§ 23-27.3-107.0 Department of Building InspectionSection 103 Department of Building SafetySection 103 Department of Buildings2010.1.1 Department of Buildings Approval105.3.9.1 Department of Buildings Required Approval14A-1-104.10.1 Department of Construction and PermitsSection 1.4 Department of Consumer AffairsDepartment of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation14A-1-104.10.2 Department of Environment—Flood ControlSection 103 Department of Fire PreventionSection 1.6 Department of Food and AgricultureSection 1.8 Department of Housing and Community DevelopmentSection 1.8 Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)Section 103 (IFGC) Department of InspectionSection 103 Department of Mechanical InspectionSection 103 Department of Plumbing InspectionSection 103 Department of Private Sewage Disposal InspectionSection 103 Department of Property Maintenance InspectionSection 1.7 Department of Public Health3201.9 Department of Transportation ApprovalSection 1.13 Department of Water Resources1.13.0 Department of Water Resources (DWR)Section 103 Department Ofprivate Sewage Disposal Inspection*§28-219.1 Department Penalty for Failure to Certify Correction*§28-213.1 Department Penalty for Work Without a Permit5706.5.15.2 Department Permit[A] 104.7 Department Records104.2.1.5 Department Reports§28-305.4.3.2 Department Rules1224.4.7.6 Departmental BoundariesSubchapter B Departmental Procedure§27-2016 Departmental Regulations Concerning Paint and Wall Covering and Quality and Frequency of Repainting or Re-covering3103F. Departure Condition(7) Dependence on Submersion[NY] 1206.17.7 Deployed Mobile Energy Storage System Requirements1207.10.7 Deployed Mobile ESS Requirements1207.10.2 Deployment1207.10.4.1 Deployment Documents23.6.3.3* Deployment Plan14A-4-412.2.1 DepositSection 3112 Deposit of Material in Tidewater Regulated1905.10 DepositingE105.3 Depositories, Vending Machines, Change Machines and Similar Equipment228 Depositories, Vending Machines, Change Machines, Mail Boxes, and Fuel Dispensers11B-228 Depositories, Vending Machines, Change Machines, Mail Boxes, Fuel Dispensers and Electric Vehicle Charging StationsC603.2.4 Depressurization Systems in Sands or Granular Soils With Continuous Ventilation Mat(s) DesignC603.2.3 Depressurization Systems in Sands or Granular Soils With Suction Pit Design703.2.1 Depth409.2.3 Depth Accuracy1907.5.2.1 Depth and Cover454. Depth and Markings705.6 Depth and Width of Detectable Warnings Surfaces1809.4 Depth and Width of Footings5806.4.3 Depth, Cover and Fill409.2 Depth Markers454. Depth Markers at Sun Shelves3110B.3 Depth Marking Line314.24 Depth of Boxes10.4 Depth of Cover1809.3 Depth of Footings§27-658 Depth of FoundationsL 411.12 Depth of Irrigation Pipe5706.4.5.7 Depth of Underground Storage Tanks(1) Depth of Working Space1910.423(d)(2)(i) Depth-Time and Breathing Gas Profiles902.7 Depth to High Ground Water902.6 Depth to Pervious Rock902.10 Depth to Rock Strata or 50 Percent by Volume Rock FragmentsSection 606 Depths[A] 103.3 Deputies(A) Derangement1910.106(b)(7)(v) Derated Operations3.3.65 Derived Channel250.182 Derived Neutral Systems1910.1044(c)(2) Dermal and Eye Exposure1910.1050(f)(1)(ii) Dermal Exposures1910.181(a)(1) Derrick1910.181(a)(15) Derrick Bullwheel1926.754(e)(6) Derrick Floors1910.268(j)(4) Derrick Trucks and Similar Equipment1910.181 Derricks1910.181(d)(4) "Derricks Not in Regular Use"450.1.1.1 Description§ 23-27.3-116.3 Description and Inspection of Buildings — Travel Route1910.423(d)(3)(ii) Description and Results of TreatmentM2301.2.10 Description and Warning Labels1910.110(c)(3) Description of a SystemA509.3.3 Description of Analysis Procedures105-11 Description of Natural Features102-615 Description of Scenic ViewA.2 Description of TablesSection P104 Description of the Evaluation§ 23-27.3-113.4 Description of WorkSection 720 Descriptive Fire Resistance406.2 Design18.14.2 Design ActionsG3.1.2.9 Design Air Flow RatesG3.1.2.8 Design Airflow Rates2411.3.1 Design and Approval(a) Design and Construction60. Design and Construction of Containers and Tanks5003.2.1 Design and Construction of Containers, Cylinders and Tanks66.19.7.2 Design and Construction of Cooking Oil Storage Tanks66.* Design and Construction of Fresh Cooking Oil Transfer Lines66.14.4 Design and Construction of Hazardous Materials Storage Lockers1910.106(d)(4) Design and Construction of Inside Storage Rooms2.2.2 Design and Construction of Pits8.4.8.6 Design and Construction of Rail Joints3307.6.4 Design and Construction of Sidewalk Sheds1910.94(c)(3) Design and Construction of Spray Booths1910.94(c)(4) Design and Construction of Spray Rooms5704.3.2.1 Design and Construction of Storage Cabinets66.21.4 Design and Construction of Storage Tanks1910.106(b)(1) Design and Construction of Tanks66.* Design and Construction of Waste Cooking Oil Transfer Lines§ 23-27.3-128.0 Design and Construction Procedures8.4.8.6 Design and Construction Rail Joints2.1-7 Design and Construction Requirements1910.36 Design and Construction Requirements for Exit Routes3.1-5 Design and Construction Requirements for Nursing Homes1810.3 Design and Detailing(A) Design and Documentation3308.3 Design and Documentation of Unenclosed Perimeter Protection5703.6.2 Design and Fabrication of Piping Systems and Components3403.6.2 Design and Fabrication of System Components3317.3 Design and Inspection[F] 910.3 Design and Installation1705.20.1 Design and Installation Documents313.1.1 Design and Installation for Non-Required Systems313.3 Design and Installation of Non-Required Fire Sprinkler Systems3501.5 Design and Installation of Oxygen-Fuel Gas Systems405.10 Design and Installation of Plumbing Fixtures5301.2.1 Design and Installation Permit Required102.1 Design and Installation Provisions[F] 904.11.1 Design and Installation RequirementsSection 2307 Design and Installation Requirements for Biodiesel Motor FuelSection 4004 Design and Installation Requirements for Distillery EquipmentSection 4003 Design and Installation Requirements for Distillery FacilitiesSection 2306 Design and Installation Requirements for Liquid Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities5704.2.7 Design and Installation Requirements for Tanks93-721 Design and Maintenance Requirements for Public Access Areas at 450 West 33RD Street93-731 Design and Maintenance Requirements for Public Access Areas on the Ninth Avenue Rail Yard1809.6.1.1 Design and Manufacture5703.6.2 Design and Manufacture of Piping System Components505.4.4 Design and Materials307.7.3 Design and Operation3303.5.5.5 Design and Permit3105F.4.5 Design and Selection of New Fender Systems8.4.8.7 Design and Strength of Brackets and SupportsH 901.4 Design and Structural Requirement1812.4 Design and Testing30.5 Design Approaches2207A.4.1 Design Approval27.2.4.7* Design Area Sprinklers22.2.2 Design Assumptions for Concrete22.2 Design Assumptions for Moment and Axial Strength22.2.3 Design Assumptions for Nonprestressed Reinforcement22.2.4 Design Assumptions for Prestressed Reinforcement22.2.4 Design Assumptions for Prestressing Reinforcement1112.12.4 Design Back PressureA403.3 Design Base Shear[BS] A403.3 Design Base Shear and Design ParametersSection 1802 Design Basis24.12.6.6* Design Brief7-132 Design/Build Method3301.6.3 Design Capacity37-625 Design Changes1810.3.1 Design Conditions2.7- Design Configuration of the MRI Suite1910.103(b)(3) Design Consideration at Specific Locations1816.4 Design Considerations1.4-2 Design Considerations and Requirements1910.103(c)(3) Design Considerations at Specific Locations*1.2-6.4 Design Considerations for Accommodation of Patients of Size*1.4-2.3 Design Considerations for Accommodation of Persons of Size5704.3.1 Design, Construction and Capacity of Containers5704.3.1 Design, Construction and Capacity of Containers and Portable Tanks1910.106(d)(3) Design, Construction, and Capacity of Storage Cabinets5704.2.7 Design, Construction and General Installation Requirements for Tanks3316.5 Design, Construction and Inspection1910.265(c)(20)(i) Design, Construction, and Maintenance1926.1433 Design, Construction and Testing1910.217(d) Design, Construction, Setting and Feeding of Dies3306.2.2.1 Design, Construction, Testing and Maintenance1810.3.9.1 Design Cracking Moment1807.3.2 Design Criteria*2.2-3 Design Criteria for Accommodations for Care of Persons of Size*2.5-8.3 Design Criteria for Acoustic Finishes*1.2-6.1.3 Design Criteria for Acoustic Surfaces*1.2-6.1.7 Design Criteria for Building Vibration*2.2-4 Design Criteria for Dementia, Mental Health, and Cognitive and Developmental Disability Facilities1230.2 Design Criteria for Furnishings and Equipment25.12 Design Criteria for In-Rack Sprinklers in Combination With Ceiling-Level Sprinklers1.2-6.1.5 Design Criteria for Performance of Interior Wall and Floor/Ceiling Constructions93-77 Design Criteria for Public Access Areas in Subdistrict F1230.1 Design Criteria for Required Spaces1.2-6.1.4 Design Criteria for Room Noise Levels3103F.5.3.1 Design Current Velocity*1.2-9.3 Design DataSection 8.2 Design Data and Formulas8.4.12 Design Data and Formulas for Elevators1606.2 Design Dead Load27.2.4.6 Design Densities[BS] A506.4 Design, Detailing Requirements and Structural Component Load Effects1810.9.1.2 Design Details1810.9.2.1 Design Details for Deep Foundations and Grade Beams1808. Design Details for Piers, Piles and Grade Beams1808.9.3.1 Design Details for Piles and Grade Beams1.4- Design Development Documents1902.1.1 Design Displacement103.2.2 Design Document Preparation24.3.9* Design Documentation1705.25.8 Design Documents3305.3.2.1 Design Drawings1619.3.1 Design Drawings for Temporary Construction Installations1619.4.1 Design Drawings for Temporary Structures1617.5.4 Design Drift3103F.4.2.8 Design Earthquake Magnitude3103F.4.2 Design Earthquake Motion Parameters3104F.2.1 Design Earthquake Motions*1.2- Design Elements1609.6.3 Design Equations(g) 5704.2.7 Design, Fabricated and Construction Requirements for Tanks5704.2.7 Design, Fabrication and Construction Requirements for Tanks2212A.1.2 Design, Fabrication and Erection5703.6.2 Design, Fabrication and Installation of Piping Systems and Components6.1.3.10 Design Factors of Safety5.1.10* Design Feature Maintenance1.2- Design Features[F] 909.9 Design Fire[F] 1701.3.15.1 Design Fire Events[F] 909.9.2 Design Fire Fuel3.3.107.1 Design Fire Scenario5.5.3.1* Design Fire Scenario* Design Fire Scenario* Design Fire Scenario* Design Fire Scenario* Design Fire Scenario* Design Fire Scenario* Design Fire Scenario* Design Fire Scenario 85.5* Design Fire Scenarios5.5.4 Design Fire Scenarios Data1107.7.5 Design Flood Elevation1612.3.1 Design Flood Elevations1808.2 Design for Capacity and Settlement1808.6 Design for Expansive Soils1808.6 Design for Expansive Soils or Fills18.10.5 Design for Flexure and Axial Force403.6 Design for Varying Operating Conditions18.10.3 Design Forces2409.4 Design Formula3. Design Formulas2002.4.1 Design Guide*1.2-6.1.6 Design Guidelines for Speech Privacy[F] 2201.3.19.2 Design Hazardous Materials Release or Reaction Events1811. Design in Seismic Design Category C1811. Design in Seismic Design Category D1809. Design in Seismic Design Category D, E or F3317.3 Design, Inspection and Operation3001.5 Design, Installation and Alteration of Elevators3316.5 Design, Installation, and Inspection[BG] 401.2.1 Design, Installation and MaintenanceE 505.1.1 Design, Installation, and Testing2308.2 Design, Installation and Testing Requirements1807.2.2 Design Lateral Soil Loads7.3 Design (Layout) Documentation17.3 Design Limits3404.3.1 Design Live Load2409.2 Design LoadSection 702 Design Loading Rate1808.3 Design Loads1817.5.4 Design Loads and Load Combinations2101.2 Design Methods1810.3.1.1 Design Methods for Concrete Elements1910.1096(f)(2) Design Objectives1004.1 Design Occupant LoadSection 890.1210 Design of a Building Water Distribution System2006.3 Design of Aircraft-Fueling Vehicles53.2.2.3 Design of Ammonia Diffusion SystemsSection 604 Design of Building Water Distribution SystemSection 604 Design of Building WaterDistribution SystemSection 604 Design of Buildingwater Distribution System1029.1.4 Design of Capacity Signs2.15.3 Design of Car Frames and Guiding Members3305.3.2 Design of Concrete Formwork1910.111(d)(1) Design of Containers2106.4.1 Design of Discontinuous Members That Are Part of the Lateral-Force-Resisting System1025.6.1 Design of Door and Directional Signs713.1 Design of Drainage System2308.8 Design of ElementsR606.12.2.2 Design of Elements Not Part of the Lateral Force-Resisting SystemR606.12.2.3 Design of Elements Part of the Lateral Force-Resisting System606.12.4.2 Design of Elements Part of the Lateral-Forceresisting System301.3 Design of Equipment4007.4 Design of Facility3307.7.5 Design of Fences722.6.3 Design of Fire-Resistant Exposed Wood Members53.2.2.2 Design of Flaring Systems26.11.1 Design of Formwork2.18.6 Design of Governor-Rope Retarding Means for Type B Safeties1017.2 Design of InterceptorsSection 708 (IFGC) Design of Liquefied Hydrogen Systems Associated With Hydrogen Vaporization OperationsSection 708 Design of Liquefied Hydrogen Systems Associated With Hydrogen Vaporization OperationsSection 708 (IFGC) Design of Liquefied Hydrogensystems Associated With Hydrogen Vaporization OperationsR404.1.2 Design of Masonry Foundation WallsN108.2 Design of Means of Egress3105F.6.2 Design of Mooring ComponentsP2910.1.1 Design of Nonpotable Water Systems6.3.2 Design of Oil Separators802.12 Design of Other Treatment Tanks405.8 Design of Overflows2308.4 Design of Portions1304.2 Design of Reclaimed Water Systems3314.3 Design of Scaffolds802.2 Design of Septic Tanks3307.6.3 Design of Sidewalk Sheds912.4.2 Design of Signs and Markings1926.652(b) Design of Sloping and Benching Systems2.18.7 Design of Speed Governor Sheaves and Traction Between Speed Governor Rope and Sheave5704.3.2.1 Design of Storage CabinetsR602.10.10 Design of Structural Elements2415.5.4.1 Design of Structural Seals1926.652(c) Design of Support Systems, Shield Systems, and Other Protective Systems5704.2.7.7 Design of SupportsF 104.0 Design of Systems3305.4.2 Design of Temporary Shores1910.269(j)(1) Design of ToolsP3201.1 Design of Traps920.1 Design of Vent System2305.2 Design of Wood Diaphragms2305.3 Design of Wood Shear Walls30.5.1 Design Options[F] 1701. Design Parameters458.4 Design Plan and Systems Approval453.27.2 Design, Plan Approval, Construction905.2.1.3 Design Pressure1910.111(g)(2) Design Pressure and Classification of Containers1910.110(e)(3) Design Pressure and Classification of Fuel Containers1926.153(m)(2) "Design Pressure and Classification of Storage Containers"1910.111(f)(2) Design Pressure and Construction of Containers1116.1.3 Design Pressure of 15 psig or Less1609.6.4 Design Procedure*1.4-1.2 Design Process3.3.69* Design ProfessionalD101.3 Design Professional Characteristics[A] 107.3.4 Design Professional in Responsible Charge103.3.2 Design Professional Qualifications204.3.5 Design Professional Seal Required103.3.3 Design Professionals' and Special Experts' Responsibilities20.2.2 Design Properties22.6.9 Design Provisions for Two-Way Members With Shearheads1611.1 Design Rain Loads1.2- Design Recommendations[A] Design Report3307.6.4.1 Design RequiredSection 2302 Design Requirements2205.4.1 Design Requirements, 2.1 Special and Intermediate Moment Frame Connection Types, Table 2-1 Prequalified Moment Connections ModificationsG301.2 Design Requirements and Load Combinations74-872 Design Requirements for Covered Pedestrian Spaces418.0 Design Requirements for Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilization Areas2.21.2 Design Requirements for Frames and Rods131-47 Design Requirements for Ground Level Setbacks467.4 Design Requirements for Inpatient Facilities and Units1910.23(e)(3) Design Requirements for Mobile Ladder Stand Platforms1910.23(e)(2) Design Requirements for Mobile Ladder Stands1910.137(b) Design Requirements for Other Types of Electrical Protective Equipment94-20 Design Requirements for Plazas133-32 Design Requirements for Public Access Areas62-632 Design Requirements for Public Access on Floating Structures62-631 Design Requirements for Public Access on Piers62-63 Design Requirements for Public Access on Piers and Floating Structures465.10 Design Requirements for Radiation Rooms17.5 Design Requirements for Shear Loading62-62 Design Requirements for Shore Public Walkways and Supplemental Public Access Areas1926.97(a) Design Requirements for Specific Types of Electrical Protective Equipment17.4 Design Requirements for Tensile Loading62-64 Design Requirements for Upland Connections116-51 Design Requirements for Upland Connections and Visual Corridors116-512 Design Requirements for Visual Corridors62-60 Design Requirements for Waterfront Public Access Areas*1.2-6.4.2 Design Response for Accommodations for Patients of Size516.2 Design Restrictions301.5.5 Design Review1910.301(a) Design Safety Standards for Electrical Systems5.4* Design Scenarios920.3 Design Shall Be Certified by a Licensed Professional Engineer2211.2.1 Design Shear Determination15.4.2 Design Shear Strength3301.6 Design, Sizes, and Capacity of Materials, Structures, Temporary Construction, and Equipment3.3.272.1* Design Specification5.4 Design Specifications and Other Conditions3103F.4.2.9 Design Spectral Acceleration for Various Damping Values1613.2.4 Design Spectral Response Acceleration Parameters1615.2.5 Design Spectral Response Coefficients1211.2 Design Standards*1.1-4.1 Design Standards for Accessibility66. Design Standards for Atmospheric Tanks66. Design Standards for Low-Pressure Tanks37-53 Design Standards for Pedestrian Circulation Spaces66. Design Standards for Pressure Vessels66.21.4.2 Design Standards for Storage Tanks17.5 Design StrengthSection A108 Design StrengthsSection 1706 Design Strengths of Materials[A] 102.3.5 Design Submittal403. Design System Population3.3.60 Design Team1711.1.2.1 Design Value Modifications for Joist Hangers1711.1.2.2 Design Value Modifications for Joist Hangers and Connectors103.6 Design Values for Existing Materials and Construction1609.6.3 Design Wind Load CasesR703.11.2.2 Design Wind Pressure Rating3103F.5.2.1 Design Wind Speed1910.179(a)(35) Designated802.4 Designated Aisle Seats3. Designated Area41. Designated Areas(C) Designated Category 2 (General Care) Pediatric Locations3308.1.6 Designated Crane and Derrick Lifting Areas(C) Designated General Care (Category 2) Pediatric Locations(C) Designated General Care Pediatric Locations21.3.13.1 Designated Level Recall1910.178(c) Designated LocationsP104.3.1.2 Designated Main Floor Switch107-22 Designated Open Space41.3.3.2 Designated or Permit-Required AreasA5.106.5.1 Designated Parking for Clean Air Vehicles91-68 Designated Pedestrian Ways1926.32(i)1910.410(c) Designated Person-in-Charge1910.179(b)(8) Designated PersonnelAppendix A Designated Recovery Areas1707.8 Designated Seismic System Verifications1705.14.3 Designated Seismic Systems66.14.5 Designated Sites for Hazardous Materials Storage Lockers3002.4.4a Designation3204.2 Designation Based on Engineering Analysis5607.9.1 Designation of Blast Area and Blast SiteSection 3204 Designation of High-Piled Storage Areas61-11 Designation of Major Airports*3301.13.3 Designation of Primary Construction Superintendent§35-01 Designation of Private Agencies to Perform Electrical Inspections in the City of New York§27-389 Designation of Required Means of Egress4-209 Designation of Responsibilities4-225 Designation of Responsibility3310.6 Designation of Site Safety Manager and Site Safety Coordinator310.9 Designation of Smoking Areas3205.7 Designation of Storage Heights103.3.1.1 Designation of the Fire Marshal216.2 Designations11B-411.4.7 Designations and Indicators of Car Control Buttons407.4.7 Designations and Indicators of Car Controls1313.2.5 Designed for (Equal to or More Than) Operating Pressures1313.2.4 Designed for (Less Than) Operating Pressures1213.2.5 Designed for Operating Pressures Equal to or Greater Than Test Pressure1213.2.4 Designed for Operating Pressures Less Than Test Pressure3301.6.3 Designer3906.4 Designer of Record1805.7 Designs Employing Lateral Bearing[A] Designs Exceeding Bounding Conditions454. Designs or Logos3.3.89 Desolventizing407. Destination Indicator407.2.1.7 Destination-Oriented Elevator Signals11B-411 Destination-Oriented Elevators*1.2- Destination Points for Resident Ambulation, Transfers, and Movement407.2.4 Destination Signs601.7 Destruction of Abandoned Corporation Stops and Wet Connections5604.10.3 Destruction of Explosives1.16.3 Destruction or Removal of NoticeG308.1 Detached Accessory Structures22-42 Detached and Semi-Detached Two-Family Residences60.4.3.7 Detached Building Required for High-Hazard Level 2 and High-Hazard Level 3 Materials[F] 415.7.1 Detached Buildings415.3.2 Detached Buildings for Group H-1 and H-2 or H-3[F] 415.6.5 Detached Buildings for Group H-1, H-2 or H-3 Occupancy1103.2.3 Detached Dwellings710A.3.3 Detached Miscellaneous Structure Requirements1. Detached One- And Two-Family Dwellings406.3.4.1 Detached Private Garages1107.8.5.2 Detached Single-Family Dwellings3.3.269.3 Detached Storage3704.6 Detached Storage StructureSection A113 Detailed Building System Design Requirements3115.8.4 Detailed Design Procedure1926.952(d)(2) Detailed Discussion107.7.3 Detailed DrawingsO103.1.2 Detailed Liquefaction Hazard Analysis401.1 Detailed Occupancy and Use Requirements1910.2.2 Detailed Plain Concrete Shear WallsAppendix B Detailed Procedure for Asbestos Sampling and Analysis - Non-Mandatory1022.2.1 Detailed RequirementsB.10 Detailed Sizing Method for Systems in Buildings of Any HeightSection A113 Detailed System Design Requirements401.1 Detailed Use and Occupancy Requirements27.4.3* Detailed Worksheets8-808.2 Detailing22.9.5 Detailing for Shear-Friction Reinforcement15.3 Detailing of Joints1704.3.2 Details450.3.5 Details and Finishes16.3.5 Details for Connections Between Cast-in-Place Members and Foundation16.3.6 Details for Connections Between Precast Members and Foundation467.5 Details for Inpatient Facilities and Units[BS] A304.2.3 Details for New Perimeter Foundations2304.11.1 Details of Heavy Timber Structural MembersSection 1907 Details of Reinforcement11B-705.2 Detectable Directional Texture106.5.24 Detectable WarningDetectable Warning ProductsDetectable Warning Products and Directional SurfacesSection 705 Detectable Warning Surfaces705 Detectable Warnings11B-705 Detectable Warnings and Detectable Directional Texture1109.10.3 Detectable Warnings at Curb Ramps1109.9.2 Detectable Warnings at Hazardous Vehicular Areas406.14 Detectable Warnings at Islands or Cut-Through Medians406.14 Detectable Warnings at Islands or Cutthrough Medians1109.9.5 Detectable Warnings at Other Locations1109.10.1 Detectable Warnings at Passenger Transit Platforms1109.10.2 Detectable Warnings at Pools406.12 Detectable Warnings at Raised Marked Crossings27.5 Detectable Warnings at Stairs1116A.5 Detectable Warnings at Vehicular Areas1213.4.1 Detecting Leaks31.3.4.4 Detection904. Detection, Activation, Alarm and Control12.3.4 Detection, Alarm, and Communications Systems22.4.4.9 Detection, Alarm, and Communications Systems (Nonsprinklered Buildings)466.7 Detection and Alarm Systems66.6.6 Detection and Alarm Systems and Procedures66.24.11 Detection and Alarm Systems for Storage Tank Buildings66.25.7 Detection and Alarm Systems for Storage Tank Vaults[F] 909.12 Detection and Control Systems29.8 Detection and Notification10.8 Detection and Signaling of Conditions[F] 909.18.1 Detection Devices[F] 915.3 Detection Equipment18. Detection in Spaces Open to Corridors[NY] 915.3 Detection LocationsG2417.5.1 (406.5.1) Detection Methods2.13.5.3 Detection of Approaching Objects1208.11.3 Detection of Failure5001.3.3.8 Detection of Gas or Vapor ReleaseG2417.5 (406.5) Detection of Leaks and Defects2.13.5.4 Detection of Objects in the Door Path17.14* Detection of Operation of Other Automatic Extinguishing Systems63. Detection Points7.3.5 Detection. (SIG-IDS) Detection Systems3.3.90 Detector17.5.3* Detector Coverage8. Detector Location at Ceiling8. Detector Location in Racks907.20.3 Detector SensitivityP104.9.2.2 Detectors1106.2.2.1 Detectors and Alarms20.9.2.7 Detectors for High-Expansion Foam Systems8. Detectors for Preaction Systems6.1.7 Detention and Correctional(k) Detention and Correctional Facilities20.7 Detention and Correctional Occupancies3.3.196.5* Detention and Correctional Occupancy3.3.22.1 Detention and Correctional Residential Housing Area3. Detention and Correctional Use Condition1101.5.2 Detention and Retention Tanks232 Detention Facilities and Correctional Facilities1101.5.1 Detention Systems5604.10.2 Deteriorated Explosives5604.10.2 Deteriorated Materials110.11 Deteriorating Agents9.1.2 Deterioration3.7.4 Deterioration of Concrete3.7.3 Deterioration of Steel3.7.1 Deterioration of Wood104.8.1.2 Determination66-31 Determination and Certification for Optional Transit Volumes66-21 Determination and Certification for Transit VolumesG103.3.2 Determination of 500-Year Flood Elevations1810.3.1 Determination of Allowable Individual Axial Compressive Loads1810.3.3 Determination of Allowable Loads202.5.1 Determination of Alterations That Would Threaten or Destroy Historic SignificanceA9 Determination of Alternate Assembly U-Factors, C-Factors, F-Factors, or Heat Capacities5704. Determination of Available Tank CapacityG103.3.1 Determination of Base Flood Elevations66.4.2 Determination of Boiling Point (BP)1926.57(i)(2)(ii) Determination of Class3412.4.3 Determination of Compliance2105.2.2 Determination of Compressive StrengthR322.1.4.1 Determination of Design Flood Elevations1910.216(f)(1) Determination of Distance of Travel[BG] 402.3.4 Determination of Durability and Service LifeArticle 2 Determination of Exit Requirements722.5.2.1 Determination of Fire Resistance66.4.3 Determination of Flash Point66.4.3 Determination of Flash Point (FP)G103.3 Determination of Flood ElevationsB.9.8 Determination of Flow Rates Corresponding to Uniform Pipe Friction Loss1612.3.2 Determination of Impacts[BS] 304.2 Determination of Impacts Based on Location1609A.6.4.2 Determination of K Z and K zt1609.6.4.2 Determination of Kz1609.6.4.2 Determination of Kz and KztK103.2 Determination of LoadsA3.1.3.2 Determination of Mass Wall U-Factors1504.3 Determination of Maximum Absorption Capacity2113.16.2 Determination of Minimum AreaR603.9.2 Determination of Minimum Length of Full- Height SheathingR603.9.2 Determination of Minimum Length of Fullheight Sheathing5605.4.1 Determination of Net Explosive Weight for Operating Buildings1609.6.4.3 Determination of Net Pressure Coefficients, Cnet1904.6 Determination of New Cases703.6 Determination of Noncombustible Protection Time Contribution306.7.10 Determination of Number of Units402.8.2 Determination of Occupant LoadAS105.4.1 Determination of Out-of-Plane Loading10-114 Determination of Outdoor Lighting Zones and Administrative Rules for Use**§28-320.6.1 Determination of PenaltySection E202 Determination of Pipe Volumes9.5.2.1 Determination of Protection Area of CoverageA5.405.4.4 Determination of Recycled Content Value of Assemblies — (RCVA)A4.405.3.1.3 Determination of Recycled Content Value of Materials (RCVM)1613.2.5 Determination of Seismic Design Category§1-08.5 Determination of Significance and Publication of DeterminationSection 890.1340 Determination of Sizes for Drainage System1608A.4 Determination of Snow Loads3008.8.1 Determination of Standby Power LoadR112.2.1 Determination of Substantial Improvement in Areas Prone to FloodingR112.2.1 Determination of Substantial Improvement in Flood Hazard Areas[A] 104.2.1 Determination of Substantially Improved or Substantially Damaged Existing Buildings and Structures in Flood Hazard AreasA509.3.3.1 Determination of the Capacity CurveA509.2.1 Determination of the Effective Stiffness[BS] A506.5.2 Determination of the Strength of MembersSection A510 Determination of the Stress-Strain Relationship of Existing Unreinforced MasonryA5.405.4.2 Determination of Total Recycled Content Value (RCV)95-032 Determination of Transit Easement at Other Stations[BG] 302.2 Determination of Use1609.1.1 Determination of Wind Loads1904.5 Determination of Work-Relatedness1910.1050(e)(8)(i) Determine the Source of Exposure2006.6.3 Determining Cause106.8.1 Determining Cost11.5 Determining Drain Pipe SizesSection P3004 Determining Drainage Fixture Units220.87 Determining Existing LoadsP2904.4.1 Determining Required Flow Rate for Each SprinklerP2904.4 Determining System Design Flow*§28-202.4.1 Determining the Amount of the Civil Penalty to Be ImposedE202.1 Determining Volume of Piping SystemsP2903.6 Determining Water Supply Fixture Units3316.7.8.5 Determining Wind Speed3103F.4.2.7 Deterministic Earthquake Motions1615.2.2 Deterministic Limit on Maximum Consideredearthquake Ground Motion1615.2.3 Deterministic Maximum Considered Earthquake Ground Motion5604.3.3 Detonating Cord3.3.91 Detonation1926.914(j) "Detonator"5604.3.1.2 Detonator Magazines5603.8.3 Detonator Packaging5607.10 Detonator Safety5604.5.2.2 Detonator Storage5604.1.1.6 Detonators5607.16.4.10 Detonators Encased5607.16.4.9 Detonators Used in Firing BlastsP2906.1.2 Detrimental Condition302.1 Detrimental or Dangerous Materials302.4 Detrimental or Dangerous Waste306.1 Detrimental WastesP3113.2 Developed LengthB.2.5 Developed Length of System117-45 Developer's Notice(C) Developing Mitigation StrategyPart II Development and Implementation of Functional Performance Tests (FPTs) for Critical Operations Power Systems Development of FPT2.2-2.1.2 Development Considerations74-841 Development in Certain Commercial Districts402.2.3 Development in Flood Hazard AreasG303.1 Development in Floodways3107F.2.7.2 Development Length18.8.5 Development Length of Bars in Tension3103F.4.2.10 Development of Acceleration Time Histories[BS] A206.3 Development of Anchor Forces Into the Diaphragm[BS] A206.3 Development of Anchor Loads Into the DiaphragmR608.5.4.4 Development of Bars in Tension25.4.9 Development of Deformed Bars and Deformed Wires in Compression25.4.2 Development of Deformed Bars and Deformed Wires in Tension5-301.5 Development of DSA Acceptance Criteria1-203 Development of Green Building Standards25.4.4 Development of Headed Deformed Bars in Tension25.4.5 Development of Mechanically Anchored Deformed Bars in Tension25.4.8 Development of Pretensioned Seven-Wire Strands in Tension25.4 Development of Reinforcement13.2.8 Development of Reinforcement in Shallow Foundations and Pile Caps25.4.3 Development of Standard Hooks in Tension2-102 Development of StandardsA509.3.3.4 Development of the Demand Spectrum1.2-8.2.1 Development of the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR)95-051 Development of Transit Access Facilities25.4.6 Development of Welded Deformed Wire Reinforcement in Tension25.4.7 Development of Welded Plain Wire Reinforcement in Tension17.1.10 Development of Wildland Fire Hazard Mitigation Plan142-07 Development Over a Street in Subarea A1118.4.1 Development Services Centers74-681 Development Within or Over a Railroad or Transit Right-of-Way or Yard74-68 Development Within or Over a Right-of-Way or Yards1926.12(b)(57) Developmental Disabilities Services and Facilities Construction Amendments of 1970 (Pub. L. 91-517, Section 135(a)(5))74-712 Developments in Historic Districts62-343 Developments on Floating Structures62-341 Developments on Land and Platforms62-342 Developments on Piers62-835 Developments on Piers or Platforms74-682 Developments Over Streets107-66 Developments Partly Within Designated Open Space74-84 Developments With Existing Buildings454.2.10.3 Deviations1817.5.3 Deviations From the Evaluation Report3.3.63 Device3.27.3 Device Actuation at Recall Level3.27.4 Device Actuation With Phase II Emergency In-Car Operation in Effect416.2.3 Device Capability3.3.71* Device (Class N)E3406.11.2 Device Connections104.7.1 Device, Equipment and System Reuse512.2.1 Device Installation in Ducts416.3 Device Maintenance(4) Device or Equipment Fill(B) Device Ratings(B) Device Removal(A) Device Terminals3314.15.6 Device to Raise, Lower, and Hold the Scaffold382.42 Devices608.3 Devices, Appurtenances, Appliances and Apparatus2703.2 Devices, Equipment and Systems5003.2 Devices, Equipment, Systems and Processes8.3.1.7 Devices for Test Purposes and Testing Apparatus513.1.1 Devices in Exhaust Ducts(2) Devices Marked "Line" and "Load." Devices Not Covered in Section Devices Not Covered in Section Devices Not Covered in Section 8.6(B) Devices of Insulating Material430.37 Devices Other Than Fuses — In Which Conductor§27-742 Devices Producing Incidental Heat(B) Devices Rated Over 800 Amperes465. Devices Shall Be Utilized Which Will:1305.10 Devices to Control Flow to Oil-Burning Appliances Including Generators1305.10 Devices to Control Flow to Oil-Burning Equipment1305.10 Devices to Control Flow to Oil-Burning Equipment Including Generators1211.2.5 Devices Used for Bonding§27-939 Devices Used in System(C) Devices With Integral Enclosures1809.5.7.6 Dewatering3303.14.5.1 Dewatering Plan2.1-3 Diagnostic and Treatment Areas2.2-3 Diagnostic and Treatment Facilities2.6-3 Diagnostic and Treatment Locations(A) Diagnostic Equipment2.7-3.4.3 Diagnostic Radiography Facilities1224.33.4.4 Diagnostic Service Areas2.7-3.1.2 Diagnostic Services2.2- Diagnostic, Treatment, and Service Areas2211.4.6 Diagonal Bracing406.6 Diagonal Curb Ramps3109.4.1.6 Diagonal MembersFigure 11A-2C Diagonal Parking Stalls2306.3.3 Diagonally Sheathed Lumber Diaphragms(B) Diagram605.1.5.1 Diagrams215.5 Diagrams of Feeders2.10-4.5.2 Dialysate Preparation Area2.2- Dialysate Preparation Room2.8- Dialysis Plumbing2.10-4.5 Dialysis Support Facilities614.0 Dialysis Water-Distribution Systems603.5.18.1 Dialysis Water Systems2.10-4.5.1 Dialyzer Reprocessing Room1812.5.2.4 Diameter1127A.4.3 Diameter or Width1910.215(d)(5)(ix) Diamond Wheels, Except Certain Vitrified Diamond Wheels*1109.2.4 Diaper Changing Accommodations468.3.4 Diaper Changing Stations603.5 Diaper Changing Tables12.7.3 Diaphragm and Collector Reinforcement2305.2.3 Diaphragm Aspect Ratios2322.1.16 Diaphragm Boundaries2508.6.6 Diaphragm Ceiling Connection to Partitions7.2.5 Diaphragm Continuity2305.2 Diaphragm Deflection12.4.2 Diaphragm Modeling and Analysis[BS] A111.4.5 Diaphragm Openings2508.6.1 Diaphragm Proportions[BS] A111.5 Diaphragm Shear Transfer1620.2.5 Diaphragms18.12 Diaphragms and Trusses3120B.11 DiarrheaSection 3130B Diatomaceous Earth Filters454.2.20.2 Diatomite-Type Filters1910.211(d)(19) Die Builder1910.211(d)(33) Die Enclosure Guard1910.217(d)(7) Die Fastening1910.217(d)(8) Die Handling1910.211(d)(20) Die Set1910.211(d)(21) Die Setter1910.211(d)(22) Die Setting1910.217(h)(12) Die Setting and Work Set-Up1910.211(d)(23) Die Shoe1322.6.1 Dielectric Fittings665.25 Dielectric Heating Applicator Shielding507.1 Dielectric Insulator(A) Dielectric Strength Test605.15 Dielectric Unions13.4.3 Diesel Engine Driver System Operation403.4.8.5 Diesel Generator1910.217(d)(9) Diesetting1224. Dietary and Food Preparation Areas1225. Dietary Area1224.20 Dietetic Service Space2. Difference in Floor Levels1.1.7.1 Differences(D) Different Characteristics2404.5.1 Different Coatings1905.2.2 Different MaterialsE 605.1.3.4 Different Occupant Density505.13 Different Piping Materials620.36 Different Systems in One Raceway or Traveling Cable3. Differential Dry Pipe Valve1214.5.1 Differential Pressure Bypass Valve1214.5 Differential Pressure Regulation407.2.2.4 Differentiation27.2.3.5 Differing Values(B) Diffraction and Irradiation Types26.6.4.2 Digital Alarm Communicator Receiver (DACR)3.3.73 Digital Alarm Communicator System (DACS)26.6.4 Digital Alarm Communicator Systems3.3.74 Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT)* Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) Used as a Signaling Interface3.3.75 Digital Alarm Radio Receiver (DARR)3.3.76 Digital Alarm Radio System (DARS)3.3.77 Digital Alarm Radio Transmitter (DART)26.6.4 Digital Communicator Systems406.4.4 Digital Gauges Used to Measure Pressure in the Magnitude of 3 psig (20.9 kPa Gauge) and Higher406.4.4 Digital Gauges Used to Measure Pressure in the Magnitude of 3 psig (20 kPa Gauge) and Higher5706.4.16 Dike Capacity5706.4.15 Dike Construction1910.106(b)(2)(vii)(c) Diked Areas5704.2.10.2 Diked Areas Containing Multiple Tanks63. Diked Areas Containing Other Hazardous Materials5704.2.10.2 Diked Areas Containing Two or More Tanks1910.104(b)(2)(v) Dikes5403.6 Dikes and Drains811.8 Diluted Chemicals5403.7 Dilution and Neutralization1107.9.2.2 Dilution Transfer Openings2412.2 Dimension1011.5.1 Dimension Reference SurfacesR603.2.3 Dimension, Thickness and Material Grade105.3 Dimension Tolerances7.2.2.2 Dimensional CriteriaSection 308 Dimensional Design10.3.1 Dimensional Limits406.7 Dimensional Requirements454. Dimensional Standards3109B.2 Dimensional Tolerances1011.5.4 Dimensional Uniformity104.1 Dimensions703.3.1 Dimensions and Capitalization2.1- Dimensions and ClearancesCOMPARTMENT Dimensions and Construction1809.5.7.1 Dimensions and HeightA4.404.2 Dimensions and Layouts3308.7.3 Dimensions and Materials(C) Dimensions and Space — Fixed Terminal Connections(B) Dimensions and Space — Wire-to-Wire Connections102 Dimensions for Adults and Children401.6 Dimensions for Class A Pools1104.10.1 Dimensions for Replacement Stairs1104.10.1 Dimensions for Replacement Stairways1810.7.7 Dimensions of Caisson Piles1810.3.5 Dimensions of Deep Foundation Elements2.14.5.4 Dimensions of Doors1809.7.3 Dimensions of H-Piles1809.7.4 Dimensions of Steel Pipe Piles6. Dimensions of Steps1811.7.3 Dimensions of Structural Steel H-Piles1811.7.4 Dimensions of Structural Steel Pipe Piles62-512 Dimensions of Visual Corridors(E) Dimmer and Electronic Control Switches700.23 Dimmer and Relay Systems406.15 Dimmer-Controlled Receptacles(E) Dimmer Switches520.25 DimmersC405. Dimming611.3.3.4 Dimming Systems With Preset Scenes1225. Dining1109.2.9 Dining and Drinking Areas1108.2.9.2 Dining and Drinking Counters1224.31.1.6 Dining and Recreation(E) Dining and Recreation Areas2.2- Dining and Recreation Spaces1228.20.1 Dining Area1108.2.9 Dining Areas17.3 Dining Counters Without Service1231.2.17 Dining Facilities2.6-2.3.1 Dining, Recreation, and Day Spaces3.1-2.3.3 Dining, Recreation, and Lounge Areas1225. Dining Space1109.2.9.1 Dining Surfaces902 Dining Surfaces and Work Surfaces902.4 Dining Surfaces and Work Surfaces for Children's Use11B-226.3 Dining Surfaces Exceeding 34 Inches in Height2405.3.4 Dip-Tank CoversSection 2405 Dip-Tank OperationsL 404.6 Dipper Well Faucets702.12 Dipper Wells1910.123 Dipping and Coating Operations: Coverage and Definitions43.9 Dipping, Coating, and Printing Processes2405.3.3 Dipping Liquid Temperature ControlSection 2405 Dipping Operations1313.4 Dips and Loops407.4.1 Direct Access to a Corridor3.23.1 Direct-Acting Hydraulic Elevators[BS] 2603.12.1 Direct Attachment803.15.1 Direct Attachment and Furred Construction10.4 Direct Burial(E) Direct-Burial Conductors(2) Direct Buried(2) Direct-Buried Cables(B) Direct-Buried Cables and Raceways(G) Direct-Buried Conductors(A) Direct Connection§27-963 Direct Connection of Sprinklers to the Public Water System206.4.4.2 Direct Connections§27-947 Direct Connections of Standpipes to the Public Water System3314. Direct Connections to Roofs, Floors, and Counterweights668.11 Direct-Current Cell Line Process Power Supply250.162 Direct-Current Circuits and Systems to Be Grounded(D) Direct-Current Circuits on or in Buildings(C) Direct-Current Combiner Disconnects410.134 Direct-Current Equipment250.167 Direct-Current Ground-Fault Detection1910.254(b)(3)(ii) Direct-Current MachinesArticle 712 Direct Current Microgrids(A) Direct-Current Motor-Rectifier Supplied691.8 Direct Current Operating Voltage690.53 Direct-Current Photovoltaic Power Source(G) Direct-Current Photovoltaic Source and Direct-Current Output Circuits on or Inside a Building(C) Direct-Current Rating530.64 Direct-Current Switchboards250.168 Direct-Current System Bonding Jumper685.12 Direct-Current System GroundingPart VIII Direct-Current Systems(C) Direct-Current Turbine Output Circuits Inside a Building(B) Direct-Current Utilization Circuits2101.2.7 Direct Design8.10 Direct Design Method6.4.3.10 Direct Digital Control (DDC) RequirementsC403.4.11 Direct Digital Control Systems1910.211(d)(7) Direct DriveF 401.0 Direct Exchange (DX) Systems1103.7.4.1 Direct Exits to Exterior1305.3.9 Direct Feed1910.263(l)(10) Direct-Fired Ovens5003. Direct-Fired Vaporizers1204.2.1 Direct Natural Light5.6.2 Direct-Plunger Hydraulic Rooftop Elevators5.5.2 Direct-Plunger Hydraulic Sidewalk Elevators1910.263(l)(11) Direct Recirculating Ovens402.1.5.1 Direct Siding AttachmentM2301.7.2 Direct SystemsP2902.5.5.3 Direct Systems for Other Than Potable Water Distribution SystemsP2902.5.5.2 Direct Systems for Potable Water Distribution Systems[BS] A107.5.1 Direct Tension Testing of Existing Anchors and New Anchors[BS] A107.5.1 Direct Tension Testing of Existing Anchors and New Bolts§28-309.5 Direct Upload*§28-309.5.1 Direct Upload by a Utility Company or Other Source§28-309.5.2 Direct Upload by the Department of Environmental Protection§28-309.5.2 Direct Upload by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection509.8.2 Direct-Vent ApplianceG2427.2.1 (503.2.3) Direct-Vent Appliances503.2.2 Direct-Vent EquipmentSection 804 Direct-Vent, Integral Vent and Mechanical Draft SystemsSection 804 Direct-Vent, Integral Vent Andmechanical Draft SystemsSection G2429 (505) Direct-Vent, Integral Vent, Mechanical Vent and Ventilation/Exhaust Hood VentingM1804.2.5 Direct Vent Terminations907.1.3 Direct Vent Wall Furnaces(2) Direct Wired(2) Direct Wires Connected7. Direction3120B.17 Direction of Flow2006.21.1 Direction of Radar Beams2.4.3.3 Direction of Seismic Forces1620.3.2 Direction of Seismic Load1010.1.2.1 Direction of Swing1101.3.3 Directional Accessibility Signage216.3 Directional and Informational Signs[BS] 3306.3 Directional Barricades(K) Directional Boring712.37 Directional Current DevicesP2707.1 Directional Fitting RequiredSection P2707 Directional Fittings§27-386 Directional Sign Design1009.10 Directional Signage§28-315.6.1 Directional Signage at Inaccessible Building Entrances1025.2.8 Directional Signage at Transfer Levels and Where Egress Direction Is Not Clear1024.2.7 Directional Signage Upon Entering an Exit Enclosure1025.2.7 Directional Signage Upon Entering an Interior Exit Stairway or Ramp216.4.3 Directional SignsDirectional Surfaces1009.8.2 Directions1023.9.5 Directions to Openable Doors3103F.4.2.6 Directivity Effects700.24 Directly Controlled Emergency Luminaires700.24 Directly Controlled LuminairesR403. Directly Ducted and Individual Room Inlets(iii) 5614.1.5.3 Directly to a Licensed Exhibitor at the Site of a Properly Permitted Indoor Exhibition for Such Exhibitor(ii) 5614.1.5.2 Directly to a Licensed Exhibitor at the Site of a Properly Permitted Outdoor Exhibition for Such Exhibitor(i) 5614.1.5.1 Directly to a Licensed Manufacturer or a Licensed Wholesaler1926.954(b)(3)(vi)(A)§28-406.3.1 Director712.10 Directory706.21 Directory (Identification of Power Sources)505.3 Directory RequiredDisability Access Account1926.964(b)(3) Disable Automatic-Reclosing Feature454. Disabled AccessR313.4.4.2 Disabling of Alarms14X-5-504.10 Disabling Required Systems(C) Disappearing Footlights(C) Disappearing Footlights1926.1405 Disassembly--Additional Requirements for Dismantling of Booms and Jibs (Applies to Both the Use of Manufacturer Procedures and Employer Procedures)449.4.2 Disaster Preparedness Construction Standards1.2- Disaster Preparedness Plan*1.2-3.8 Disaster Risk and Emergency Preparedness1910.94(b)(1)(v) Disc Wheels3319.9.2 Discarded Rope7.2.3.5 Discharge5706.3.2.2 Discharge and Combustible Materials on Ground608.13 Discharge and Termination of Pressure Relief and Purge Systems606.11 Discharge and Termination of Pressure Relief Devices1113.5 Discharge Capacity1910.107(d)(8) Discharge Clearance21.1.10 Discharge Considerations20.13 Discharge Considerations: General13.3.2 Discharge Criteria7.7 Discharge From Exits1112.11 Discharge From Pressure-Relief Devices5608.8.3 Discharge Height5706. Discharge Hoses1023.8 Discharge Identification1020.1.5 Discharge Identification Barrier(C) Discharge Lighting710.4 Discharge Line1105.6.1 Discharge Location606.12 Discharge Location for Refrigerating System Machinery Room Ventilation606.13 Discharge Location for Refrigeration Machinery Room Ventilation1112.11.4 Discharge Location, Special RequirementsP-1202.3 Discharge of Clear Water Wastes2308.8 Discharge of CNG From Motor Vehicle Fuel Storage Containers30.4.11 Discharge of Drain Lines16.10.6 Discharge of Drain Valves5608.6 Discharge of Fireworks1105.7.1 Discharge of Group A2, B2, A3 and B3 RefrigerantsP-1202.2 Discharge of Indirect WasteG2417.7.3 (406.7.3) Discharge of Purged Gases§27-2136 Discharge of Receiver107.11 Discharge of Sewage and Discharge and/or Management of Stormwater Runoff460.6 Discharge of Stored Energy1208.10.6 Discharge of Vents5706.3.2.1 Discharge on a Street or Water Channel1321.10.5 Discharge Opening811.2 Discharge Openings(i) 5608.10.3.1 Discharge Perimeter for an Outdoor Exhibition511.1.2 Discharge PipeP3007.3.3 Discharge Pipe and FittingsP3007.3.3 Discharge Piping418.2.3 Discharge Point7.7.6 Discharge to RoofsE 403.4.4 Discharge Water ReuseE 403.4.5 Discharge Water to Drain1113.3 Discharging Into Lowside of System1112.11.2 Discharging Location Exterior to Building1112.11.1 Discharging Location Interior to Building*3301.13.14 Disciplinary Actions§48-04 Disciplinary Actions. [Repealed]*§28-309.8 Disclosure*§28-103.27 Disclosure of Building Occupancy Status for Buildings Subject to PermitSection 121 Disclosure of Hazardous Substances§13-15 Disclosure. [Repealed]**§28-104.11.2 Disclosure Required1910.1096(o) Disclosure to Former Employee of Individual Employee's Record(D) Disconnect225.38 Disconnect Construction705.22 Disconnect Device1926.967(a)(1) Disconnect From Energized Source1926.304(a) Disconnect Switches23.8.5.12 Disconnect Switches and Disable Functions690.17 Disconnect Type3314.11.6.5 Disconnected Grounding Lead6. Disconnected Motor Safety Device3506.3 DisconnectingPart IV Disconnecting and Guarding3303.2.6 Disconnecting, Capping, and Certifications1926.964(d)(3) Disconnecting Load Lines645.10 Disconnecting Means1926.961(b)(5) Disconnecting Means Accessible to General Public545.24 Disconnecting Means and Branch-Circuit Overcurrent Protection550.11 Disconnecting Means and Branch-Circuit Protective Equipment1910.303(f) Disconnecting Means and CircuitsPart VI Disconnecting Means and Control445.18 Disconnecting Means and Emergency Shutdown626.31 Disconnecting Means and Receptacles445.18 Disconnecting Means and Shutdown of Prime Mover705.21 Disconnecting Means, Equipment610.32 Disconnecting Means for Cranes and Monorail Hoists240.40 Disconnecting Means for Fuses(C) Disconnecting Means for Individual Motors and Controllers690.15 Disconnecting Means for Isolating Photovoltaic Equipment1910.306(b)(1) Disconnecting Means for Runway Conductors555.36 Disconnecting Means for Shore Power Connection(s)(D) Disconnecting Means Located in Separate Building or Structure on the Same Premises(C) Disconnecting Means, Parking Space(E) Disconnecting Means Rated in Excess of 100 Horsepower445.18 Disconnecting Means Required for Generators705.20 Disconnecting Means, Source705.20 Disconnecting Means, Sources430.75 Disconnection(A) Disconnection and Overcurrent Protection422.33 Disconnection of Cord-and-Plug-Connected Appliances422.33 Disconnection of Cord-and-Plug-Connected or Attachment Fitting—Connected Appliances1926.404(e)(1)(iii) Disconnection of Fuses and Thermal Cutouts230.75 Disconnection of Grounded Conductor422.31 Disconnection of Permanently Connected Appliances690.15 Disconnection of Photovoltaic Equipment(B) Disconnection of Power(C) Disconnection of Series Battery Circuits1324.5.5.4 Disconnection of Testing Source712.35 Disconnection of Ungrounded Conductors§ 23-27.3-124.6.1 Disconnection of Utilities694.24 Disconnection of Wind Electric System Equipment600.6 Disconnects(H) Disconnects and Overcurrent Protection10.10.10* Discontinuance907.15.1 Discontinuance or Other Change of Service65-13 Discontinuance Provisions390.57 Discontinued Outlets3306.3 Discontinued Torch Operations*§28-317.3.1 Discontinued Use603.7 Discontinuing Operation of Unsafe Heating Appliances603.7 Discontinuing Operation of Unsafe Heating Appliances and Equipment1620.2.3 Discontinuities in Vertical System1029.16.1 Discontinuous Handrails1910.4.2 Discontinuous Members1030.16.1 Discontinuous Mid-Aisle Handrails1523.6.5 Discontinuous Roofing Systems18.10.11 Discontinuous Walls1502.3.3 Discovery of Cross-Connection3307.6.5.12 Discovery of Defects3305. Discrepancies From the Formwork Design3105F.4.3.2 Discrete Fender System602.2.1.5 Discrete Plumbing and Mechanical Products in Plenums602.2.4 Discrete Products in Plenums(ii) Discretionary Permits1305.14.2.2 Dished Heads3. Dished Seamless Heads, Convex to Pressure804.6.3 DishwasherL 403.1 Dishwashers507.5.5 Dishwashing AppliancesSection P2717 Dishwashing MachinesSection 3134B Disinfectant Feeders10.9.2 DisinfectingN 102.8 Disinfecting Hot WaterP3009.5 Disinfection1302.6 Disinfection and TreatmentK 104.4.2 Disinfection DevicesN 105.1 Disinfection DocumentationP-808.4 Disinfection of Potable Water Supply TanksSection 610 Disinfection of Potable Water System602.3.4 Disinfection of System612.5.4 Disinfection System3308.7.6 Dislodgement§1-12.3 Dismissal§ 23-27.3-115.5 Dismissal of Contractor or Subcontractor5705.5.1 Dispenser Design and Operation2306.7.4 Dispenser Emergency Shutoff Valve2305.2.2 Dispenser Emergency Shutoff Valves2306.7.4 Dispenser Emergency Valve2306.7.5 Dispenser Hose42.8.4 Dispenser Installations Beneath Canopies2306.7.3.2 Dispenser Pans604.7 Dispensers11B-604.7 Dispensers and Disposal Units1224. DispensingSection 6106 Dispensing and FillingSection 6106 Dispensing and Overfilling2304.1.4 Dispensing Area Signage63. Dispensing Areas42.12.1.2 Dispensing Class I and Class II Liquids for On-Demand Mobile Fueling2305.2.3 Dispensing Devices1224.19.2.1 Dispensing Facilities42.7.2.4 Dispensing From a Tank That Does Not Exceed 120 Gal (454 L) and From Containers Inside Buildings(k) 5706.4.11 Dispensing From Bulk Plants Prohibited5706.2.8 Dispensing From Cargo Tanks2304.1.8 Dispensing From Portable Containers5706.2.8 Dispensing From Tank Vehicles5706.5.4 Dispensing From Tank Vehicles and Tank Cars66.9.17 Dispensing, Handling, and Use of Ignitible (Flammable or Combustible) Liquids in Storage Areas66.9.18 Dispensing, Handling, and Use of Liquids in Storage Areas66.18.4 Dispensing, Handling, Transfer, and Use66.18 Dispensing, Handling, Transfer, and Use of Ignitible (Flammable or Combustible) Liquids66.18 Dispensing, Handling, Transfer, and Use of Liquids5707.6.1 Dispensing Hose2006.3.3 Dispensing Hoses and Nozzles42.7.2.3 Dispensing Into Containers2309.4 Dispensing Into Motor Vehicles at Hydrogen Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities2309.4 Dispensing Into Motor Vehicles at Self-Service Hydrogen Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities2304.4 Dispensing Into Portable Containers1926.152(e) "Dispensing Liquids"6106.3 Dispensing Locations5706.4.4.2 Dispensing of Class I Liquids2003.5 Dispensing of Flammable and Combustible Liquids308.5.3.1 Dispensing of LiquidSection 2304 Dispensing of Liquid Motor Fuel2304.1.6 Dispensing on Piers, Docks or WharvesSection 2304 Dispensing Operations2309.4.1 Dispensing Systems1910.106(g)(3)(iv) Dispensing Units[F] 415.5.2 Dispensing, Use and HandlingSection 5705 Dispensing, Use, Mixing and Handling60. Dispensing, Using, and Processing226.2 Dispersion802.10.3 Dispersion by Type802.10.2 Dispersion for Variety of Distances From the Event1108.2.4 Dispersion of Wheelchair Spaces1109.2.4 Dispersion of Wheelchair Spaces in Multilevel Assembly Seating Areas3107F.3.3.2 Displacement CapacityA509.4 Displacement Coefficient Analysis Procedure5704. Displacement Protection3.3.78 Display26.6.6 Display and Recording Requirements for All Transmission Technologies5606.5 Display and Storage in Group M OccupanciesSection N107 Display and Storage of Hazardous and Combustible Materials65.2 Display FireworksN107.1.1 Display Near Exit5106.2.3 Display of Aerosol Products3104.18.4 Display of CNG/LPG Vehicles5106.2.2 Display of Containers*§28-309.12.3 Display of Energy Efficiency Score and Energy Efficiency Grade(a) 314.3.1 Display of Fireworks for Retail Sale3104.18 Display of Liquid- And Gas-Fueled Motor Vehicles42.7.2.5* Display of Materials3107.15 Display of Motor Vehicles§28-502.5 Display of Name and Registration Number of Outdoor Advertising Company14A-4-401.5 Display of Permit5606. Display of Smokeless Powder26.4.4.4 Display Rate707.7 Display Screen1109. Display Screens6503.1 Displays502.10.2 Displays and Information3303.15.3 Disposal722.5 Disposal Facilities1504.5.3 Disposal FieldH 601.0 Disposal Fields§104-03 Disposal of Contraband Materials1926.57(e) Disposal of Exhaust Materials5604.10 Disposal of Explosive Materials5604.10 Disposal of Explosives308.3 Disposal of Garbage303.0 Disposal of Liquid Waste2311.2.3.1 Disposal of Liquids2311.2.3.2 Disposal of Oily Waste5604.7.5.3 Disposal of Packaging308.2 Disposal of Rubbish14X-3-307.2 Disposal of Rubbish and Garbage66. Disposal of Tanks(b) 5601.7.2 Disposal of Unneeded Fireworks5609.10.9 Disposal of Unused Special Effects Material1926.252 Disposal of Waste Materials5604.10.5 Disposal Sites454.2.10.2 Disposal Through Public Sewer11B-604.7.2 Disposal Units§28-419.7.5 Disposition§1-12 Disposition of Applications14A-3-313.3.2 Disposition of Forfeited Property117.5 Disposition of Revenues26.3.8.3 Disposition of Signals26. Dispositions of Signals(f) Disproportionality202.4.1 Disproportionate Cost3411.7.1 Disproportionate Costs and Alternative Compliance[BS] 405.2.2 Disproportionate Earthquake Damage[BS] 501.3.2 Disproportionate Failure1.6 Dispute Resolution/Appeals Process1618.8.4 Disputes§28-115.2 Disqualification104.2.1.1 Disqualification for False Certification[A] 109.2.4 Disqualification of a Member[A] 109.2.4 Disqualification of Member§ 23-27.3-124.5 Disregard of Unsafe Notice1208.6.12.5 Dissimilar Flange Connections714.4.3 Dissimilar Materials722.6.1.2 Dissimilar Membranes342.14 Dissimilar Metals1227.12.2 DistanceAR103.4.2 Distance Above Grade(7) 320.7 Distance and Separation Requirements10.2.6.1 Distance Below Ceilings10.3.5.1 Distance Below Ceilings and From Walls11.3.5.1 Distance Below Ceilings and From Walls to Which Sprinklers Are Mounted5706.4.5.2 Distance Between Aboveground Tanks1404.12.2 Distance Between Adjacent Buildings133-24 Distance Between Buildings(2) Distance Between Entry and Exit5.7.8.6 Distance Between Hoistway Doors or Gates and Landing Sills and Car Doors or Gates3405.3 Distance Between Piles of Other Stored Products1910.68(c)(3)(iii) Distance Between Steps1910.104(b)(3) Distance Between Systems and Exposures5706.4.5.4 Distance From Aboveground Tanks to Buildings5706.4.5.6 Distance From Aboveground Tanks to Exposures802.9.2.1 Distance From Adjacent Seating10.4.2 Distance From Buildings607.12 Distance From Combustible610.5.2 Distance From Coping or Deck405.5 Distance From Deck to Waterline6204.1.2 Distance From Detached Buildings to Exposures6304.1.2 Distance From Detached Storage Buildings to Exposures2306. Distance From Dispensing Devices912.2.2 Distance From HydrantC102.4 Distance From Hydrant to R-3 Occupancy and Single-Family Dwelling Built Under the IRC3405.4 Distance From Lot Lines and Buildings5904.2.1 Distance From Storage to Exposures6604.2.3 Distance From Storage to Exposures Class 2 and 1 Materials6604.2.2 Distance From Storage to Exposures Class 3 (Deflagratable) Materials6604.2.1 Distance From Storage to Exposures Class 4 and 3 (Detonable) Materials6304.2.1 Distance From Storage to Exposures for Liquid and Solid Oxidizers4004.2.2 Distance From Storage to Exposures for Oxidizer Gases6304.2.1 Distance From Storage to Exposures for Oxidizing Gases802.10.4.2 Distance From the ScreenL Distance From Trap to Vent5405.2.1 Distance From Use to Exposures6004. Distance Limitation to Exposures3.3.55 Distance MonitoringP3105.1 Distance of Trap From VentB Distance of Trap to Fixture407.4.2 Distance of TravelC102.7 Distance to a Fire Department Connection (FDC)C102.6 Distance to Dead-End Street11B- Distance to Elevators402.8.5 Distance to Exits402.4.4.1 Distance to Exits Within Tenant Spaces402.4.4.2 Distance to Exits Within the Mall63.3.5.2 Distance to Exposures6604.2.3 Distance to Exposures From Class 1 and 2 Material Outdoor Storage Areas6704.2.3 Distance to Exposures From Class 1 and Class 2 Material Outdoor Storage Areas6604.2.1 Distance to Exposures From Class 3 and 4 (Detonable) Material Outdoor Storage Areas6604.2.2 Distance to Exposures From Class 3 (Deflagratable) Material Outdoor Storage Areas6704.2.2 Distance to Exposures From Class 3 Material Outdoor Storage Areas315.7.2 Distance to Lot Line(1) Distance to Opposite Wall406.6 Distances Above Diving Boards12.1.7 Distances Between Sprinklers63.3.10.1 Distances to Exposures for Class Distances to Exposures for Class 33.3.93 Distillery4005.2 Distillery Storage Locations4006.9 Distillery Waste Products(b) 109.1.2 Distinct Hazards1225. Distinct Parts or Neighborhoods611.5 Distinct Sign Classes246.2 Distinct Viewing Locations6. Distinction Between Comb and Step6. Distinction Between Comb and Treadway18.4.3 Distinctive Carbon Monoxide Audible Alarm Signal18.4.2 Distinctive Evacuation Signal10.10 Distinctive Signals1910.305(f)(3) Distinguishable1926.251(e)(8)(v) Distortion of FittingsE 805.14 Distributed Energy Storage DX AC System (Form MECH-14A) Distributed Recipient Mass Notification System (DRMNS)24.7* Distributed Recipient Mass Notification Systems (DRMNS)24.4.5* Distributed Recipient Mass Notification Systems (DRMNSs)(I) Distributing Frames and Cross-Connect Arrays446.11.1 Distribution[BS] A304.4.2 Distribution and Amount of Bracing608.6.1 Distribution and Marking401.6.4 Distribution and PostingH 601.5 Distribution Boxes(C) Distribution Cutouts and Fuse Links — Expulsion Type712.62 Distribution Equipment and Conductors4704.4.2 Distribution in Dwelling Units in Apartment Houses and CondominiumsH 601.1 Distribution LinesR602.12.6 Distribution of Braced Wall PanelsR602.12.5 Distribution of Bracing Units1029.19.2 Distribution of Classes1005.5 Distribution of Egress CapacitySection CC105 Distribution of Fire Hydrants24.3 Distribution of Flexural Reinforcement in One-Way Slabs and Beams93-34 Distribution of Floor Area in the Large-Scale Plan Subdistrict A1607.13 Distribution of Floor Loads§27-579 Distribution of Horizontal LoadsArticle 7 Distribution of Loads1005.5 Distribution of Minimum Width and Required Capacity1607.14.1 Distribution of Roof Loads8.10.4 Distribution of Total Factored Static Moment1107.4 Distribution of Ventilation§27-578 Distribution of Vertical Loads1910.107(b)(4) Distribution or Baffle PlatesP2911.11 Distribution PipeP2901.2.2 Distribution Pipe Labeling and MarkingP3009.11 Distribution Piping551.72 Distribution System(B) Distribution System Voltages43.1.6.5 Distribution Systems — General43.1.6.4 Distribution Systems — Piping646.11 Distribution Transformers3.3.94 Distributor76-10 District Boundaries on the Zoning Maps102-611 District Boundary Description11-25 District Designations Appended With SuffixesC409.2.3 District Energy603.3.5 District Heating and Cooling93-31 District Improvement Fund Bonus111-03 District Map91-03 District Maps11-121 District Names81-03 District Plan126-02 District Plan and Map98-03 District Plan and Maps107-06 District Plan (Appendix A)107-20 District Plan Elements453.27.2.1 District-Wide Foundation Plans11-122 Districts Established77-33 Districts of Different General Use Class77-32 Districts of Same General Use Class1910.422(e) Dive Profiles1910.421(f)(1) Dive Team Members Shall Be Briefed On:1503.2.2 Diversion(B) Diversion Charge Controller(C) Diversion Load Controllers1403.2.2 Diversion Valves11.4.3 Diversity Factors1910.263(f) DividersSection 402 Diving454.1.2.7 Diving AreasSection 3113B Diving Boards and Platforms3109.5.4.7 Diving Boards and Towers411.1.5 Diving EnvelopeSection 808 Diving Equipment1910.421(d)(1) Diving Mode1910.423(d)(1)(iii) Diving Modes UsedSection 804 Diving Water Envelopes(2) Division5604.1.1.4 Division 1.4 ExplosivesDivision 1: Application and AdministrationDivision 10Division 10: Recreation FacilitiesDivision 11Division 12Division 2Division 2: Scoping RequirementsDivision 3Division 3: Building BlocksDivision 4Division 4: Accessible RoutesDivision 5Division 5: General Site and Building ElementsDivision 6Division 6: Plumbing Elements and FacilitiesDivision 7Division 7: Communication Elements and FeaturesDivision 8Division 8: Special Rooms, Spaces, and ElementsDivision 9Division 9: Built-in ElementsDivision A4.1 Planning and DesignDivision A4.2 Energy EfficiencyDivision A4.3 Water Efficiency and ConservationDivision A4.4 Material Conservation and Resource EfficiencyDivision A4.5 Environmental QualityDivision A4.6 Tier I and Tier 2Division A5.1 Planning and DesignDivision A5.1 Site Planning and DesignDivision A5.2 Energy EfficiencyDivision A5.3 Water Efficiency and ConservationDivision A5.4 Material Conservation and Resource EfficiencyDivision A5.5 Environmental QualityDivision A5.6 Voluntary Tiers1910.307(a)(4) Division and Zone Classification(1) Division EquipmentDivision I115.2 Division of Industrial Compliance Schedule of FeesSection 1.9 Division of the State Architect1.9.1 Division of the State Architect—Access Compliance5-301 Division of the State Architect, Access Compliance, Acceptance of ProductArticle 2 Division of the State Architect— Access Compliance Processing Product Approvals January 1, 20015-301.2 Division of the State Architect, Access Compliance, Products Exempt From Evaluation by a Recognized Agency1.9.2 Division of the State Architect—Structural Safety2101.1.1 Division of the State Architect-Structural Safety/Community Colleges (DSA-SS/CC)3102F.3.4.9 Division Representation3101F.8.3 Division Review1904.9(b)(2) Do All of OSHA's Standards Have Medical Removal Provisions?1904.7(b)(3)(i) Do I Count the Day on Which the Injury Occurred or the Illness Began?1904.42(b)(4) Do I Have to Answer the BLS Survey Form if I AM Located in a State-Plan State?1904.35(b)(2) Do I Have to Give My Employees and Their Representatives Access to the OSHA Injury and Illness Records?1904.40(b)(2) Do I Have to Produce the Records Within Four (4) Hours if My Records Are Kept at a Location in a Different Time Zone?1904.9(b)(3) Do I Have to Record a Case Where I Voluntarily Removed the Employee From Exposure Before the Medical Removal Criteria in an OSHA Standard Are Met?1904.11(b)(1) Do I Have to Record, on the Log, a Positive TB Skin Test Result Obtained at a Pre-Employment Physical?1904.7(b)(4)(iii) Do I Have to Record Restricted Work or Job Transfer if It Applies Only to the Day on Which the Injury Occurred or the Illness Began?1904.10(b)(4) Do I Have to Record the Hearing Loss if I AM Going to Retest the Employee's Hearing?1904.39(b)(5) Do I Have to Report a Work-Related Fatality or In-Patient Hospitalization Caused by a Heart Attack?1904.39(b)(10) Do I Have to Report an In-Patient Hospitalization That Involves Only Observation or Diagnostic Testing?1904.39(b)(3) Do I Have to Report the Fatality, Inpatient Hospitalization, Amputation, or Loss of an Eye if It Resulted From a Motor Vehicle Accident on a Public Street or Highway?1904.42(b)(3) Do I Have to Respond to a BLS Survey Form if I AM Normally Exempt From Keeping OSHA Injury and Illness Records?1904.41(b)(8) Do I Have to Submit Information if I AM Located in a State Plan State?1904.41(b)(7) Do I Have to Submit Information if My Establishment Is Partially Exempt From Keeping OSHA Injury and Illness Records?1904.33(b)(2) Do I Have to Update the Annual Summary?1904.33(b)(1) Do I Have to Update the OSHA 300 Log During the Five-Year Storage Period?1904.33(b)(3) Do I Have to Update the OSHA 301 Incident Reports?1904.30(b)(1) Do I Need to Keep OSHA Injury and Illness Records for Short-Term Establishments (I.E., Establishments That Will Exist for Less Than a Year)?1904.41(b)(3) Do Part-Time, Seasonal, or Temporary Workers Count as Employees in the Criteria for Number of Employees in Paragraph (A) of This Section?1910.26 Dockboards1910.178(j) Dockboards (Bridge Plates)5706.4.7.24 Docking62-813 Docking Facilities for Ferries or Water Taxis in Certain Waterfront Areas1910.265(c)(4)(iii) Docks1243.2.3 Docks and Receiving Rooms62-833 Docks for Ferries or Water Taxis in Residence Districts62-838 Docks for Gambling Vessels62-832 Docks for Passenger Ocean Vessels in C6 Districts13. Document Accessibility7.7.2 Document Accessibility. (SIG-FUN)104.1.1 Document Approval12. Document Distribution[A] Document Retention14A-6-601.1.4 Document Review Fee13. Document Security7.7.3 Document Security. (SIG-ECS)453.27.12 Document Storage113.7.1 Document Submission to Building Departments§27-606 Documentation112.3 Documentation and Approval*2.2- Documentation and Information Review AreasR328.11 Documentation and Labeling13.7.3.2 Documentation and Notification3102F.3.8 Documentation and Reporting5.410.2.5 Documentation and Training1228. Documentation Area24.13 Documentation for Emergency Communications Systems38.* Documentation for Equipment With No ListingR327.1.1.1 Documentation for Grab Bar Reinforcement(A) Documentation for Industrial Occupancies52.1.3 Documentation Location408.9.6 Documentation of All Fire Drills1926.1412(f)(7) Documentation of Annual/Comprehensive Inspection[A] Documentation of Bounding Conditions5.507.4.2.2 Documentation of Compliance26.4.4 Documentation of Concrete Mixture Characteristics10.5 Documentation of New or Remodeled HVAC Systems3314. Documentation of Parapet Clamp Inspection and Evaluation[F] 1801.3.10 Documentation of Reliance on Occupants and Staff§28-308.3.3 Documentation of Retro-Commissioning8.3.12.4 Documentation of Test Results65-51 Documentation Provisions5.8 Documentation Requirements40.16* Documentation Retention50.6.3.4* Documentation Tag2309.6.1 Documented Procedure1302.1.3 Documented Risk Assessment(F) Documented Switching Procedures106.2 DocumentsArticle 8 Documents and Records1704.5 Documents Made Available to the Building Official3301.7 Documents to Be Kept on Site3301.7 Documents to Be Maintained on Site1302.1.2.1 Documents to the Authority Having Jurisdiction1904.41(b)(1) Does Every Employer Have to Routinely Submit Information From the Injury and Illness Records to Osha?1904.42(b)(1) Does Every Employer Have to Send Data to the BLS?1904.7(b)(5)(iv) Does the Professional Status of the Person Providing the Treatment Have Any Effect on What Is Considered First Aid or Medical Treatment?1904.8(b)(2) Does This Mean That I Must Record All Cuts, Lacerations, Punctures, and Scratches?1224. Doffing Area1910.265(b)(14) Dog (Carriage Dog)1910.265(e)(1)(viii) Dogs5706. Dome Covers705.1.1 Dome Size705.1.2 Dome Spacing13.5.2 Dome Strainers1102.2 Dome Strainers Required1910.110(b)(20)(iv)(a) Domestic and Commercial AppliancesG2447.3 (623.3) Domestic Appliances504.9 Domestic Clothes Dryer DuctsG2439.7 (614.9) Domestic Clothes Dryer Exhaust Ducts504.4.2 Domestic Clothes Dryers422.7 Domestic Cooking420.9 Domestic Cooking Appliances507.1.2 Domestic Cooking Appliances Used for Commercial Purposes20.3.2.7 Domestic Cooking EquipmentM1503.2 Domestic Cooking ExhaustSection M1503 Domestic Cooking Exhaust Equipment[F] 904.14 Domestic Cooking Facilities[F] 904.13 Domestic Cooking Systems904.13 Domestic Cooking Systems in Group I-2[F] 904.13 Domestic Cooking Systems in Group I-2 Condition 1(13) 904.13 Domestic Cooking Systems in Group I-2 Condition I904.12 Domestic Cooking Systems in Group I-2 Nursing Homes807.3 Domestic Dishwashing Machine802.1.6 Domestic Dishwashing Machines416.2 Domestic Food Waste Disposer Waste Outlets413.2 Domestic Food Waste Grinder Waste OutletsP-106.2.2 Domestic Food Waste GrindersC404.9 Domestic Hot Water MetersSection 505 Domestic Kitchen Equipment ExhaustSection 505 Domestic Kitchen Exhaust Equipment502.21 Domestic Kitchen Exhaust Systems7.11.2 Domestic Kitchen Sinks and Bar Sinks504.3 Domestic Range917.4 Domestic Range Installation[F] 903.3.5.1 Domestic Services505.1 Domestic Systems7.14.2 Domestic Units917.7 Domestic Ventilation302.1 Domestic Waste10.15.10 Domestic Water Heaters§28-410.4.1.1 Domestic Water-Supplied System ExperienceSection 1203 Domestic Water Supplies513.2.5.1 Domestic Water Supply33. Domestic Water Supply Option3.3.95 Donor Antenna3.3.76 Donor Site3.3.64 Door404.2.7.1 Door and Gate Closers2.14.4.2 Door and Gate Electric Contacts and Door Interlocks404.2.7 Door and Gate Hardware404.2.9 Door and Gate Opening Force404.2.9 Door and Gate Surface404.2.10 Door and Gate Surfaces21.9 Door and Shutter Release407.3.4 Door and Signal TimingAJ401.2 Door and Window DimensionsSection 705 Door and Window Openings1010.1.7 Door Arrangement716.2.2.1 Door Assemblies in Corridors and Smoke Barriers716.2.2.2 Door Assemblies in Other Fire Partitions3.3.24.1 Door Assembly909.20.2.1 Door Closers404.2.8.1 Door Closers and Gate Closers716.2.6.1 Door Closing466.4 Door ClosureR609.10 Door Components407.3.1.1 Door Construction407.3.5 Door Delay1124A.7.2 Door Delay for Car Calls1005.2 Door Encroachment2. Door Force1025.2.6.3 Door Frame Markings404.2.6 Door Hardware1005.3 Door Hardware Encroachment7. Door Hardware Marking1025.2.6.2 Door Hardware Markings7. Door Hardware Release of Electrically Locked Egress Door Assemblies1010.2.11 Door Hardware Release of Electrically Locked Egress Doors907.3.3 Door Hold-Open Functions22.7.7 Door Inspection28.5 Door Jamb Markings17.* Door Latches7.2.13.5 Door Leaf Activation7.2.3.11 Door Leaf Closers7.* Door Leaf Encroachment7. Door Leaf Operating Forces7.* Door Leaf Swing Direction7.2.1.2 Door Leaf Width408.3.3 Door Location and Width[P] 2902.3.6 Door Locking39.* Door Locking to Prevent Unwanted Entry11B-809.8.3 Door Maneuvering Clearance2. Door Marking Plate8. Door Monitoring System1010.1.3 Door Opening Force604.9.3.1 Door Opening Location7.2.1 Door Openings7.2.1.12 Door Openings in Folding Partitions3103.10.1 Door Operation3104.4.2.1 Door Operation in Air-Supported Structures1010.2 Door Operations1126A.4.1 Door or Gate Closer5. Door or Gate Electric Contacts409.3.3 Door or Gate Location409.3.3 Door or Gate Location and Width2.14.5.6 Door PanelsA4.407.6 Door Protection1124A.9 Door Protective and Reopening Devices23.15.3 Door Release Service8.7.2.13 Door Reopening Device8. Door Reopening Device(s)453.26.3 Door Requirements1132A.10 Door Signal Devices1031.4 Door Signs3206.7.6 Door Size and Type490.38 Door Stops and Cover Plates404.2.9 Door Surface304.4 Door Swing6.5.10 Door SwitchesC403.4.1.6 Door Switches for HVAC System Thermostatic Control8.6.4.13 Door Systems11B-809.8.1 Door Thresholds2. Door Travel in the Code Zone DistanceR311.2 Door Type and Size7. Door Unlatching and Direction of Door Swing7. Door Unlatching and Leaf Operating Forces1227.6.3 Door View Windows1010.1.12 Door Viewers in Certain Residential Buildings408.3.1 Door WidthR327.1.4 Doorbell Buttons1124A.8 Doorjamb Marking604.8.1.2 DoorsC402.5.4 Doors an Access Openings to Shafts, Chutes, Stairways and Elevator LobbiesC402.5.6 Doors and Access Openings to Shafts, Chutes, Stairways and Elevator Lobbies*2.1- Doors and Door Hardware1224.4.8 Doors and Door Openings1107.6.1.3 Doors and Doorways410.6 Doors and Gates1113.7 Doors and Openings2411.3 Doors and Operative Windows in Exterior WallsE305.5 Doors and Service Openings453.13 Doors and Windows404 Doors, Doorways, and Gates1024.2.6 Doors From Exit EnclosuresSection 1010 Doors, Gates and TurnstilesSection 1126A Doors, Gates and Windows1104.7 Doors—General715.4.4 Doors in Exit Enclosures and Exit Passageways716.2.2.3 Doors in Interior Exit Stairways and Ramps and Exit Passageways716.2.6.7 Doors in Pedestrian Ways404.2.6 Doors in Series and Gates in Series715.3.4 Doors in Vertical Exit Enclosures and Exit Passageways465.6 Doors, Interlocks, and Warning Systems2603.4.1.7 Doors Not Required to Have a Fire Protection Rating5. Doors or Gates Required14X-4-403.3.1 Doors Other Than Sliding Glass Doors7. Doors Serving Exit Enclosure1010.4.2 Doors to Dwelling Units30.4 Doors to Single User Toilet RoomsR405.5.3.3 Doors With Glazing407.4.4.4 Doors Within Care Suites435.8.7.1 Doors Within Floor Separations1025.2.6 Doors Within the Exit PathCA107.1 Doors Without NFRC Certification405.7.5 Doorways404.2.3.4 Doorways Without Doors404.2.3.4 Doorways Without Doors or Gates404.2.4.2 Doorways Without Doors or Gates, Sliding Doors, and Folding Doors[BG] 1511.7.3 Dormers1231.2.8 Dormitories807.5.6 Dormitories in Group R-23.3.66* Dormitory14.1.3.4 Dormitory and Classrooms(B) Dormitory Units1224.34.2.5 Dose Administration Area903.7 Dose Volume and PumpSection 706 Dosing802.11 Dosing or Pumping ChambersH 601.8 Dosing Tanks1910.104(b)(6)(ii) DOT Containers1910.103(a)(1)(vi) DOT Regulations453.27.2.2 DOT Requirements1910.103(a)(1)(v) DOT Specifications5706.5.15.1 DOTn Certification6106.4 DOTn Cylinders Filled on Site1010.1.2.2 Double-Acting DoorsP2902.3.6 Double-Check Backflow Prevention Assemblies603.3.8 Double Check Detector Fire Protection Backflow Prevention AssemblyP2902.3.6 Double Check-Valve Assemblies608.14.7 Double Check-Valve Backflow Prevention Assemblies603.3.4 Double Check Valve Backflow Prevention Assembly (DC)1926.756(c)(1) Double Connections at Columns and/or at Beam Webs Over a Column13.4.4 Double Connections of Storm Drains to Combined Building Drains2306.2.3 Double Diagonally Sheathed Lumber Diaphragms3.3.81* Double Doorway6.5 Double Fire Walls5.5* Double HC Fire Walls(B) Double-Insulated Pool Pumps10. Double Joist ObstructionsA2.3.2.2 Double LayerA9.4.6.2 Double-Layer Roof404.2.2 Double-Leaf Doors and Gates1104. Double Leaf Doorways1231.2.7 Double-Occupancy Cells1230.1.8 Double Occupancy Sleeping Rooms305.3.2 Double or Multiple Doors and Gates305.3.2 Double or Multiple GatesFigure 11A-2A Double Parking Stalls2.3.2 Double Pattern Fittings410.93 Double-Pole Switched Lampholders719.4 Double Reinforcement3.3.56 Double-Row Racks402.2.1.2 Double Side OpeningRA103.3.3 Double Stud Wall718.2.1.5 Double Stud Walls(B) Double-Throw Knife Switches4.5* Double Wall Assemblies1402.8.4.1 Double-Wall Heat ExchangersG.5.2 Double Wall PipingR302.2.1 Double WallsArticle 13 Doubtful Occupancies1910.263(i)(22) Doughnut Machines453.16.10 Dousing Shower and Eye Wash1810.3.1.2 Down-Drag518.0 Downdraft Appliances512.3.2 Downgrading3.3.82 Downlink2306. Downslopes1314.12.1 Downstream Piping422.8 [DPH] Commissaries Serving Mobile Food Preparation Units(D) [DPH] Commissary Service Outlet422.9 [DPH] Employee Lavatories in Food EstablishmentsSection 1236 [DPH] Laboratory Animal QuartersSection 1235 [DPH] Sanitary Control of Shellfish (Plants and Operations)(E) [DPH W/ Exceptions] Installation HeightSection 1237 [DPH] Wild Animal Quarantine Facilities§27-839 Draft ControlG2427.12.3 (503.12.3) Draft Control Devices801.23 Draft Controls3.3.57* Draft Curtain3604.8.1 Draft Curtain Construction3604.8.2 Draft Curtain Location and Depth[F] 910.3.5 Draft Curtains506.1.2 Draft Hood and RegulatorsG2428.2.13 (504.2.13) Draft Hood Conversion AccessoriesG2407.3 (304.3) Draft Hood/Regulator LocationG2427.12.2.1 (503.12.2.1) Draft Hood Required§27-881 Draft HoodsG2427.12 (503.12) Draft Hoods and Draft ControlsM1802.3 Draft RegulatorsM1801.2 Draft Requirements404.3 Draft Sites3.3.67 Draft Stop717.4 Draft Stopping in Attics717.3 Draft Stopping in Floors717.3.1 Draft Stopping Materials9.3.5.2 Draft StopsR302.12 Draftstopping718.4 Draftstopping in Attics718.3 Draftstopping in Floors718.3.1 Draftstopping MaterialsR502.12 Draftstopping Required1910.179(a)(19) Drag Brake1910.265(b)(15) Drag Saw1910.265(d)(3)(vi) Drag SawsP2723.2 Drain1402.8.6.2 Drain and Fill Valve CapsM2301.2.11.2 Drain and Fill Valve Labels and Caps454.2.12.2 Drain and Waste Piping1305.9.4 Drain at Base of Shafts; Leak DetectionM2301.2.6.1 Drain-Back SystemsE 301.4 Drain ConnectorK 106.2.3 Drain Discharge368.236 Drain FacilitiesM1411.3.3 Drain Line Maintenance603.4.8 Drain Lines1305.9.4 Drain Pan at Base of Shafts With Leak DetectionM1411.3.2 Drain Pipe Materials and SizesP3005.4 Drain Pipe Sizing606.5.4.2 Drain Pipes for Emptying Tanks454.2.13 Drain Piping11.3 Drain Piping InstallationC101.13 Drain RequiredAF103.5 Drain Tile and Sump Used for Depressurization8.7.4.1 Drain Valves16.9.1.1 Drain Valves and Test ValvesP2503.5 Drain, Waste and Vent Systems TestingL 506.0 Drain Water Heat ExchangersA4. Drain Water Heat RecoveryP2903.11 Drain Water Heat Recovery Units1031.5.3 DrainageJ109.4 Drainage Across Property Lines2705.2.3.3 Drainage and Containment for HPM LiquidsR404.2.5 Drainage and DampproofingR404.4.11 Drainage and Dampproofing/Waterproofing1910.106(b)(2)(vii)(a) Drainage and Diked Areas5704.2.10 Drainage and Diking2311.2.3 Drainage and Disposal of Liquids and Oil-Soaked Waste(c) 2311.2.3 Drainage and Disposal of Liquids and Oilsoaked Waste1010.5.1 Drainage and Gutters603.8.4 Drainage and Insulation1305.9.3.1 Drainage and Leak Detection1603.10 Drainage and Overflow1010.2.1 Drainage and Plumbing SystemsSection J109 Drainage and Terracing312.3 Drainage and Vent Air Test312.4 Drainage and Vent Final TestP2910.17.1 Drainage and Vent Pipe Test310.2 Drainage and Vent PipingP2910.13 Drainage and Vent Piping and Fittings312.2.2 Drainage and Vent Rough-in Air Test312.2 Drainage and Vent Rough-in Test312.2.1 Drainage and Vent Rough-in Water Test8-903.4 Drainage and Vent Systems708.13.1 Drainage and Vent Test707.12.1 Drainage and Vent Tests312.2 Drainage and Vent Water Test506.1 Drainage and Venting710.7 Drainage and Venting Systems1910.106(f)(7) Drainage and Waste DisposalA4.407.1 Drainage Around FoundationsK Drainage Below Sewer LevelJ105.1.6 Drainage Compliance Report414.3 Drainage Connection1303.4.1 Drainage Connections63.* Drainage Control1805.4.1 Drainage Course1910.106(b)(2)(vii) Drainage, Dikes, and Walls for Aboveground Tanks1805.4.3 Drainage Discharge701.3 Drainage FittingsP3005.1 Drainage Fittings and Connections9.3.7 Drainage Fixture Unit (DFU) ValuesC 303.3 Drainage Fixture Unit Values715.2.2 Drainage Fixture UnitsTable E Drainage Fixture Units (D.F.U.) Per Fixture Group11.4 Drainage Fixture Units (DFU)Section 890.1330 Drainage Fixture Units (DFUs)14.12 Drainage From Central Vacuum Systems11.5.7 Drainage From ShowersE 504.6 Drainage Inlet3303.14.3 Drainage of Excavations710.0 Drainage of Fixtures Located Below the Next Upstream Manhole or Below the Main Sewer Level315.3.8.4 Drainage of Floor10.15.4 Drainage of Hot Water Storage Tanks2211.5.1 Drainage of Liquid Motor Fuel Tanks§27-2027 Drainage of Roofs and Court Yards1926.405(j)(6)(i) Drainage of Stored Charge507.5 Drainage PanP3005.2 Drainage Pipe Cleanouts703.2 Drainage Pipe in Filled GroundE.6.4 Drainage Pipe Sizing701.2 Drainage Piping701.8 Drainage Piping in Food Service AreasSection 704 Drainage Piping InstallationP3005.1.6 Drainage Piping Size Reduction in the Direction of FlowP-404.2 Drainage Repair705.17 Drainage Slip Joints907.1 Drainage StackSection P3005 Drainage System5004.2.2.6 Drainage System DesignSection 890.1320 Drainage System InstallationSection 710 Drainage System SizingArticle 3 Drainage SystemsL 412.2 Drainage Type Trap Seal Primer Devices2311.2.3 Draining and Disposal of Liquids and Oil-Soaked Waste1206.13 Draining and Venting2311.2.3.1 Draining of Liquid Motor Fuel Tanks317.5.3 Draining of Motor Vehicle Fluids317.5.3.1 Draining of Motor Vehicle Fuel Tanks317.5.3.2 Draining of Other Motor Vehicle Fluids1301.9.8 Draining of TanksP-810.4 Draining of Water Pipe704.3 Draining the System801.22 Drains1910.169(b)(2) Drains and TrapsK 106.4 Drains, Conductors, and Leaders1027.4.2 Draperies, Area Rugs and Decorative Greens10.3.1* Draperies, Curtains, and Other Hanging or Suspended Furnishings and Decorations1910.269(u)(2) Draw-Out-Type Circuit Breakers1910.262(j) Drawing Frames, Slubbers, Roving Parts, Cotton Combers, Ring Spinning Frames, Twisters3314.3.3 Drawings§1-09.3 Drawings and Other Exhibits1503.7 Drawings and Specifications14A-4-412.1.1 Drawings Not Required14A-4-412.1.2 Drawings Required410.4 Dressing and Appurtenant RoomsSection 410 Dressing and Sanitary Facilities§27-490 Dressing Facilities33.1 Dressing, Fitting and Changing Rooms803 Dressing, Fitting, and Locker Rooms530.31 Dressing RoomsPart VI Dressing Rooms, Dressing Areas, and Makeup AreasSection 3116B Dressing, Shower and Toilet Facilities703.7.5 Drift4.2.1 Drift CheckE 403.5.1 Drift Eliminator908.8.2 Drift Eliminators[BS] A403.9.2.1 Drift Limit1910.179(a)(36) Drift Point1926.1412(f)(2)(xiii)(A)304.1.5 Drifting Waste1608.7 Drifts on Lower Roofs4.7.2* Drill Frequency5607.9.2 Drill Hole Deepening5607.9.1 Drill Hole Loading5607.9 Drill Holes403.10.3.5 Drill Times1705.7.2 Drilled Deep Foundation Elements1812.3 Drilled, Drilled Displacement, or Augered Uncased Piles1810.3 Drilled or Augered Uncased Piles608.18.5 Drilled or Driven Well Casings1926.800(q) Drilling5607.16.4.6 Drilling and LoadingP2603.2 Drilling and NotchingR602.6 Drilling and Notching of StudsR602.6.1 Drilling and Notching of Top PlateR602.6 Drilling and Notching—Studs1812.8.5.1 Drilling With Air39.7.2 Drills401.7 Drills and Education for Fire and Non-Fire Emergencies28.7.3 Drills in Dormitories[P] 502.4.1 Drinking Facilities1225. Drinking Fountain415.2 Drinking Fountain Alternatives1303.1 Drinking Fountain Control Valves702.4 Drinking Fountain Controls[P] 2902.5 Drinking Fountain Location2902.5.1 Drinking Fountain Number1226. Drinking Fountain(s)602 Drinking Fountains11B-602 Drinking Fountains and Bottle-Filling Stations9.1.9 Drinking Fountains and Water Coolers1910.1003(c)(4)(vi) Drinking Fountains Are Prohibited in the Regulated Area602.2 Drinking Fountains for Persons Using Wheelchairs602.3 Drinking Fountains for Persons Who Are Standing602.7 Drinking Fountains for Standing Persons12.5 Drinking Fountains in Classrooms:P110.1 Drinking Water7.12 Drinking Water FacilitiesSection P2909 Drinking Water Treatment Units5707.6.2 Drip Control1507.2.8.3 Drip Edge(F) Drip Loops801.7 Drip or Drainage Outlets10.15.9 Drip PansG2419.2 (408.2) Drips1210.7 Drips and Sediment TrapsSection G2419 (408) Drips and Sloped Piping1910.110(d)(9) Drips for Condensed Gas10. Drive6. Drive-Chain Device74-42 Drive-in Theaters8. Drive Machine and Brake17.2.4.1 Drive Screws8.6.4.21 Drive Sheaves With Nonmetallic Groove Surfaces and Steel Wire Ropes609.2.2.2 Drive System42. Drive Train11B-812.6.4 Drive-Up1705.7.1 Driven and Vibrated Deep Foundation Elements1705.7 Driven Deep Foundations1705.7.1 Driven Deep Foundations ObservationSection 1809 Driven Pile Foundations1810.3.1.4 Driven Piles1812.4 Driven Uncased Piles1910.261(k)(2) Drives3.3.98 Driveway25-632 Driveway and Curb Cut Regulations in Lower Density Growth Management Areas14A-4-404.22.1 Driveway Permit406.10.2 Driveways[NY] 511.2.6 Driveways Serving More Than Four Buildings1810. Driving Criteria1910.215(c)(7) Driving Flange1811.2.1 Driving Hammer for Deep Foundations4.2.15 Driving Machine and Screw Column7.5.10 Driving Machine and Sheaves2.24.8.3 Driving-Machine Brake2.24.8.6 Driving-Machine Brake Design8. Driving-Machine Brake(s) Driving-Machine Brakes6.1.5 Driving Machine, Motor, and Brake(B) Driving MachinesSection 2.24 Driving Machines and Sheaves5. Driving Machines: General Requirements5.11.24 Driving Machines, Sheaves, and Brakes5.3.2.2 Driving Machines, Sheaves, and Supports for Direct-Plunger and Roped-Hydraulic Driving Machines5.3.1.17 Driving Machines, Sheaves, and Their Supports6.1.5.2 Driving Motor1810.4.1.4 Driving Near Cased Concrete1811.4.1 Driving Near Fresh Concrete1810.4.1.3 Driving Near Uncased Concrete7. Drop-Offs3.3.58 Drop-Out Ceiling9.2.16 Drop-Out Ceilings9.3.11 Drop-Out Ceilings and Ceiling Materials614.3.1 Drop Pipe1926.1003(d) Site Clearing805.173 Drop Wire and Cable3303.5.2 Dropping or Throwing Prohibited1323.1.2 Drops to Individual Stations1225. Drug Access1224. Drug Distribution Station1225. Drug Refrigeration1224. Drug Room1225. Drug Space and Storage1910.180(a)(22) Drum5404.3 Drum and Carboy Storage1910.265(c)(24)(viii)(h) Drum Flanges2006.11.3 Drum Fueling5.3.7 Drum Trap Solids Interceptors2. Drums1910.265(c)(24)(vi) Drums, Sheaves, and PulleysConduit BodyCone Fountain Sparkling DevicesConfined RegionConfined SpaceConfined SpacesConforming BuildingCongregate Living FacilitiesCongregate Living FacilityCongregate Living Health Facility (CLHF)Congregate Living UnitCongregate ResidenceConiferConnected ThermostatConnectionConnection, DuctileConnection, StrongConnectorConnector, Appliance (Fuel)Connector, Chimney or VentConnector, LoadConnector, PendantConnector, Power FeedConnector, Pressure (Solderless)Connector, Rail to RailConnector StripConservation AreaConstant Level ValveConstantly AttendedConstantly Attended LocationConstructibilityConstructionConstruction Change DocumentConstruction CodesConstruction-Compacted SubsoilConstruction Cost EstimatorConstruction DefinitionsConstruction DocumentConstruction DocumentsConstruction Group II-CombustibleConstruction JointConstruction Load (For Joist Erection)Construction SiteConstruction Specifications Institute, or CSIConstruction SuperintendentConsultantContainerContainer (Flammable or Combustible Liquid)Container GardenContainer (Shipping, Master, or Outer Container)Containment AreaContainment Backflow Prevention DeviceContainment SystemContainment VesselContaminationContentsContents and FurnishingsContiguous PropertyContinuity ConnectorContinuous Air BarrierContinuous Daylight DimmingContinuous DimmingContinuous EnclosureContinuous Gas Detection SystemContinuous Insulation (C.I.)Continuous Insulation (CI)Continuous LoadContinuous ModeContinuous ObstructionContinuous PilotContinuous Roofing SystemContinuous Special InspectionContinuous Special Inspection Special InspectionContinuous VentContinuous WasteContinuous WeldContinuously Burning Pilot LightContract ReviewContraction JointContractorControlControl, AC MotorControl, AC Motor, DC InjectionControl AreaControl CircuitControl, DC MotorControl DeviceControl DrawingControl, Dual Bridge Thyristor ConverterControl, ElectrohydraulicControl EquipmentControl, Generator FieldControl, LimitControl LinesControl, Mechanical-HydraulicControl Mode Density/Area (CMDA) SprinklerControl Mode Specific Application (CMSA) SprinklerControl, MotionControl, MultivoltageControl, OperationControl, Primary SafetyControl, RheostaticControl RoomControl Room, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, Material LiftControl Room, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, or Material LiftControl Room (For Elevator, Dumbwaiter)Control SafetyControl, Single Bridge Thyristor ConverterControl, Single-Speed ACControl Space, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, Material LiftControl Space, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, or Material LiftControl Space (For Elevator, Dumbwaiter)Control, StaticControl SystemControl, Two-Speed ACControl UnitControl ValveControl Valve Installation Part V: InstallationControl Valves Part II — Design CriteriaControl, Variable Voltage AC (VVAC)Control, Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency (VVVF)Controlled Decking ZoneControlled Load LoweringControlled Low-Strength MaterialControlled Plant Growth EnvironmentControlled SubstanceControllerController, MotionController, MotorController, OperationControlling ContractorControls and DispensersConvectorConventional Light-Frame ConstructionConventional Light-Frame Wood ConstructionConventional PalletConventional PalletsConventional Soil Absorption SystemConventionally Framed Gable EndConversionConversion BurnerConversion Burner, GasConversion ReferenceConversion Reference SR Group (Special Residence)ConverterConverting DeviceConveyanceConveyance DeviceConveyance DevicesConveyor, Vertical ReciprocatingConveyor, Vertical Reciprocating (VRC)CookingCooking ApplianceCooking Device Listed as Safe for Residential UseCooking DevicesCooking FireCooking OilCooking TentCooking Unit, Counter-MountedCool DownCool Pavement(s)CooldownCooled SpaceCoolingCooling Degree-DayCooling Degree-Day Base 50°F (CDD50)Cooling Degree-Day, Base (CDD)Cooling Design TemperatureCooling Design Wet-Bulb TemperatureCooling EquipmentCooling SystemCooling TowerCooling Unit*Cooperative CorporationCoordinationCoordination (Selective)Coordination, Selective (Selective Coordination)CopingCopper AlloyCopper-Clad Aluminum ConductorsCord-and-Plug-Connected Lighting AssemblyCord ConnectorCordwoodCoreCore Building SystemCore (Rolled Paper)Corner Scaffold (Angle Scaffold)CorniceCorporate UnitCorrectional HospitalsCorrectional Medical or Mental Health Housing SuiteCorrectional Mental Health FacilitiesCorrectional Nursing FacilitiesCorrectional Treatment CentersCorridorCorridor DamperCorridor, InteriorCorridor, PublicCorrosion ResistanceCorrosion ResistantCorrosion-Resistant PipingCorrosion-Resistant SprinklerCorrosion-Retardant MaterialCorrosion-Retarding MaterialCorrosiveCorrosive EnvironmentCorrosive GasCorrosive MaterialCost of Such Demolition or Emergency RepairsCottonCounter AppliancesCounter BattensCounter SlopeCounterflashingCountertop EquipmentCounterweightCounterweight Displacement Detection DeviceCoursed AshlarCoursed Ashlar MasonryCoursed RubbleCoursed Rubble Rubble MasonryCourtCourt Holding FacilityCourthouse Holding FacilityCourtroom DockCoverCover Plate START-DOWNCover, Specified ConcreteCoverageCovered Boat MoorageCovered Booth**Covered BuildingCovered MallCovered Mall BuildingCovered Multifamily DwellingsCovered Tenant SpaceCPSCCPVCCraneCrawl SpaceCrawl Space WallCrawler CraneCrawlspaceCreepCripple WallCripple Wall Clear HeightCrisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)Critical AreasCritical BranchCritical Care AreaCritical Care (Category 1) SpaceCritical Care RoomCritical CircuitCritical Community ProviderCritical DeficiencyCritical Fire WeatherCritical LevelCritical Level (C-L)Critical LiftCritical Operations Data SystemCritical Operations Power Systems (COPS)Critical PickCritical Radiant FluxCross AisleCross ConnectionCross-Laminated TimberCross-Laminated Timber (CLT)Cross MainsCross SlopeCrosstieCROSSW AllCrosswallCrosswall Shear CapacityCrowd CrushCrown Weir (Trap Weir)CRRC-1Crude PetroleumCryogenic ContainerCryogenic FluidCryogenic Fluids ContainerCryogenic VesselCryptCSReqCSRliqCSSTCubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)Cubic FootCubicleCultural ResourceCultural Resource PropertiesCurb CutCurb LevelCurb LineCurb RampCurb Ramp (For Chapter 11)Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP)CuringCuring CompoundCurrent Facility RequirementsCurrent-Limiting Overcurrent Protective DeviceCurrent TapCurtain WallCustodial CareCustodial Care FacilityCustody StationCutoff LuminairesCutoff PointCutout BoxCybersecurityCycleCylinderCylinder Containment SystemCylinder Containment VesselCylinder Filling PlantCylinder PackCylindrical Fountain Sparkling DevicesD-1D-2D-RegionDALLE GlassDamage Control Structural Performance CategoryDamage-Limiting ConstructionDamperDamper, VolumeDampers, Types OfDampproofingDanger ZoneDangerousData Acquisition SystemData CenterData Center SystemsData ConversionData RegistryData Registry Requirements ManualDay BoxDay-CareDay-Care HomeDay-Care Home, FamilyDay-Care Home, Large FamilyDay-Care Home, Small FamilyDay-Care OccupancyDay-Night Average Sound Level (LDN)Day RoomDaylight AreaDaylight Area Under Roof MonitorsDaylight Area Under SkylightsDaylight Area Under Skylights in Multistory SpacesDaylight ControlDaylight Responsive ControlDaylight SaturationDaylight ZoneDaylight ZonesDaylighted AreaDaylit AreaDaysDBCPDC-to-DC ConverterDC-to-DC Converter Output CircuitDC-to-DC Converter Source CircuitDead BandDead EndDead FrontDead Front (As Applied to Switches, Circuit Breakers, Switchboards, and Panelboards)Dead LegDead LoadDead LoadsDebrisDebris ExcluderDebris Net or NettingDecay ResistantDecay Resistant Naturally Durable WoodDecibel (dB)Decibels (dB)DeckDeck BoardsDeck, EscalatorDeck Surface AreaDecking HoleDeclaration of Shelter CrisisDecompression ChamberDecompression SicknessDecompression TableDeconstructionDecorationDecorative Appliance, VentedDecorative Appliances for Installation in Vented FireplacesDecorative Cementitious FinishDecorative Gas Appliance, VentedDecorative Gas Appliances for Installation in Vented FireplacesDecorative GlassDecorative GlazingDecorative LightingDecorative MaterialsDecorative ShroudDecorative Solid-Fuel-Burning ApplianceDedicated Function Fire Alarm Control UnitDedicated Function Fire Alarm SystemDedicated Pile DriverDedicated Radio Console (DRC)Dedicated Replacement AirDedicated Smoke-Control SystemDedicated Use BuildingDeep AreaDeep-Fat FryingDeep FoundationDeep FoundationsDeep SedationDeep Sedation/AnalgesiaDefaultDefend-in-PlaceDefensible SpaceDeferred SubmittalDeficiencyDefinitionDefinitionsDeflagrable Wood DustDeflagrationDeformabilityDeformationDeformed ReinforcementDegree-DayDelayed-Action CloserDeletedDelinquency SignalDelivered Audio Quality (DAQ )Deluge Sprinkler SystemDeluge SystemDemandDemand Control Ventilation (DCV)Demand FactorDemand Hot Water Recirculation SystemDemand LimitDemand (or Irrigation Demand)Demand Recirculation Water SystemDemand RespiratorDemand Response, Automated (Auto-DR)Demand Response Automation Internet SoftwareDemand Response (DR)DemolitionDemolition, FullDemolition, PartialDensely Packed Baled CottonDental OfficeDepartmentDepartment Having JurisdictionDepartment of BuildingsDepartment of Consumer AffairsDepartment of Environmental ProtectionDependent UnitDepressurizationDepth of Trap SealDepth of Water SealDepths and Clearances for Pools With Diving Boards 30 Inches (762 mm) or Less Above the Water LineDepths and Clearances for Pools With Diving Boards Greater Than 30 Inches (762 mm) Above the Water LineDepths and Clearances for Pools Without Diving BoardsDerived ChannelDerrickDerrick FloorDescriptionDesignDesign and Installation DocumentsDesign AreaDesign CapacityDesign ConditionsDesign Defined Part II — Design CriteriaDesign DisplacementDesign DocumentsDesign EarthquakeDesign Earthquake Ground MotionDesign Emission UniformityDesign Energy CostDesign Fire ScenarioDesign FloodDesign Flood ElevationDesign GradeDesign GuideDesign HeadDesign InformationDesign Load CombinationDesign PressureDesign ProfessionalDesign Professional in Responsible Charge, RegisteredDesign Rate of FlowDesign SpecificationDesign Story Drift RatioDesign StrengthDesign Strength StrengthDesign Strength Strength (For Chapter 21)Design TeamDesign WaterlineDesign Working PressureDesignated AreaDesignated AreasDesignated AttendantDesignated Critical Operations Areas (DCOA)Designated IndividualDesignated LevelDesignated Public TransportationDesignated RepresentativeDesignated Seismic SystemDesignated Smoking RoomDesolventizingDestination-Oriented ElevatorDestination-Oriented Elevator SystemDetachedDetached BuildingDetached One-, Two-, or Three-Family DwellingsDetached Single-Family DwellingDetached StorageDetailed Building System ElementsDetailed Plain Masonry Shear WallDetailed Plain Masonry Shear Wall Shear WallDetailed Soil MapDetearingDetectable Warning