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(B) Dry and Damp Locations3. Dry Barrel Hydrant. Dry Barrel Hydrant (Frostproof Hydrant)(G) Dry Board Installations1910.155(c)(12) Dry Chemical13. Dry Chemical Agent RE-use13. Dry Chemical Closed Recovery System904. Dry Chemical, Non-Listed Wet Chemical and Carbon Dioxide Systems[F] 904.6 Dry-Chemical Systems105.5.13 Dry CleaningArticle 6 Dry Cleaning Establishments105.6.14 Dry Cleaning Plant[F] 415.9.3 Dry Cleaning Plants2103.1 Dry Cleaning Solvent ClassificationsSection 2107 Dry Cleaning Systems2510.6.1 Dry Climates1910.265(d)(2)(v) Dry Deck Storage5706. Dry Disconnect CouplingG106.4 Dry Floodproofed Spaces1301.2 Dry Gas1910.265(f) Dry Kilns and Facilities(D) Dry Location(A) Dry Locations(C) Dry-Niche Luminaires513.3.2 Dry or Wet Chemical Systems28.2.2 Dry Pipe and Double Interlock Preaction System(s) Air Test19.* Dry Pipe and Double Interlock Preaction Systems17.* Dry Pipe and Preaction Sprinkler Systems16.10.3 Dry Pipe and Preaction Systems16.10.3.3 Dry Pipe and Preaction Systems in Refrigerated Areas3.3.206.4 Dry Pipe Sprinkler System903.6 Dry Pipe Sprinkler System Valves8.2.3.6 Dry Pipe System Water Delivery8.2* Dry Pipe Systems16.10.3.1 Dry Pipe Systems in Nonrefrigerated Areas6.1.1.4 Dry Pipe Underground8.4.3 Dry Pipe Valves in Combined Systems13. Dry Powder2103.2.3.1 Dry-Set Portland Cement Mortars1910.107(a)(5) Dry Spray Booth3.* Dry Sprinkler15.3 Dry SprinklersSection 2114 Dry-Stack Masonry[F] 905.8 Dry Standpipes28.1.3.2 Dry Storage1926.66(b)(5) "Dry Type Overspray Collectors" - "(Exhaust Air Filters)"(A) Dry-Type Transformer Enclosures(3) Dry-Type Transformers450.21 Dry-Type Transformers Installed Indoors450.22 Dry-Type Transformers Installed Outdoors307.1.1 Dry Vegetation, Combustible Waste and RefuseP3108.2 Dry Vent Connection1910.262(h)(2)(iii) Dryer EnclosureM1502.4.6.3 Dryer Exhaust Duct Power VentilatorG2439.7.4.3 (614.9.4.3) Dryer Exhaust Duct Power Ventilator LengthM1502.4.4 Dryer Exhaust Duct Power VentilatorsM1502.4 Dryer Exhaust Ducts1910.261(k)(12) Dryer Gears1910.261(k)(8) Dryer Lubrication2805.2 Dryer Protection2404.3.4.2 Drying and Baking Apparatus2404.6.1.2 Drying Apparatus43.1.5.11* Drying Areas1910.262(w) Drying Cans43.4 Drying, Cluing, or Fusion Processes2406.6.1 Drying, Curing and Fusion Equipment1910.107(j) Drying, Curing, or Fusion Apparatus1910.107(l)(3) Drying, Curing, or Fusion Equipment43.4 Drying, Curing, or Fusion Processes§27-411 Drying Equipment2404.6.1 Drying OperationsSection 417 Drying Rooms1926.66(d)(12) "Drying Spaces"1910.264(c)(2)(iii) Drying Tumbler806.1.3 Dryness112. Drywall112.5.1 Drywall, Performance Standard422.1.2 [DSA-AC]89.109.1 DSA-AC — Division of the State Architect — Access Compliance4-335.1 DSA Laboratory Evaluation and Acceptance Program1701A.1.3.1 [DSA-SS/CC] DSA-SS/CC Division of the State Architect-Structural Safety/Community Colleges1.9.2.1 DSA-SS Division of the State Architect-Structural SafetySection 323 [DSA-SS, DSA-SS/CC] Additional Requirements for Public Schools and Community Colleges2505.3 [DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC and OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 4 & 5]2505.3 [DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC and OSHPD 1 & 4]Section 1410 [DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC, OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 4 & 5] Additional Requirements for Anchored and Adhered VeneerSection 1513 [DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC, OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 4 & 5] Seismic Anchorage of Slate Shingle, Clay and Concrete Tile Roof CoveringsSection 2410 [DSA-SS, DSA-SS/CC, OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 4 & 5] Structural Sealant Glazing (SSG)Section 1411 [DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC, OSHPD 1 & 4] Additional Requirements for Anchored and Adhered VeneerSection 1513 [DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC, OSHPD 1 & 4] Seismic Anchorage of Slate Shingle, Clay and Concrete Tile Roof CoveringsSection 2410 [DSA-SS, DSA-SS/CC, OSHPD 1 & 4] Structural Sealant Glazing (SSG)Section 2212A [DSA-SS] Light Modular Steel Moment Frames for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools, and Community CollegesSection 306 [DSA-SS] Voluntary Measures1030.13.2.1 Dual AccessZ Dual BranchesP2902.3.7 Dual Check Backflow PreventerP2905.4.1 Dual Check-Valve-Type Backflow Preventer(B) Dual Classification26.6.2.4 Dual ControlG106.4 Dual Drain SeparationC403.6.3 Dual-Duct and Mixing VAV Systems, Terminal Devices(3) Dual-Fed Services425.1.3 Dual Flush Water ClosetsN107.3.4.3 Dual-Fuel Vehicles Equipped to Operate on Gasoline1910.423(c)(3)(i) Dual-LockA5.303.5 Dual Plumbing1002.5 Dual Purpose Water Heater1207.3 Dual-Purpose Water Heaters(3) Dual Supplies(B) Dual System of Units1617.6.2.1 Dual Systems(D) Dual-Voltage Fixtures, Including Luminaires or Appliances(3) Dual-Voltage Motors606.3.1 Duct Air Leakage Testing713.10 Duct and Air Transfer Openings6. Duct and Plenum InsulationC403.2.9 Duct and Plenum Insulation and SealingC403.11.1 Duct and Plenum Insulation and Sealing (Mandatory)C403.12.1 Duct and Plenum Insulation AndsealingC403.2.9 Duct and Plenum Insulation, Construction and Sealing (Mandatory)606.3 Duct and Plenum Insulation, Sealing and Testing506.11.4 Duct and Thermal ShieldSection 607 Duct and Transfer OpeningsSection 607 Duct and Transfer Openings [B]603.3 Duct Classification10.6 Duct Cleanliness510.7.1 Duct Cleanout506.10 Duct Clearances508.3.3.1 Duct Connection926.2.9 Duct Connections to Fan Equipment313.3.9 Duct Connections to FansSection M1601 Duct ConstructionSection 603 Duct Construction and InstallationC403.11.2 Duct Construction (Mandatory)604.1.2 Duct Coverings and LiningsM1601.1 Duct Design13. Duct Detector Installation506.3.11.4 Duct Enclosure Not RequiredSection 911 Duct FurnacesSection 911 Duct Furnaces and Heaters905.6 Duct Furnaces Used With Refrigeration SystemsPart VI Duct Heaters*2.5- Duct HumidifiersM1502.4.2 Duct InstallationM1601.4.6 Duct InsulationM1601.3 Duct Insulation Materials6.8.2 Duct Insulation Tables506.3.2.1 Duct Joint Types510.8.1 Duct JointsM1601.4.2 Duct LapN1103.3.6 (R403.3.6) Duct LeakageN1103.3.4 (R403.3.4) Duct Leakage (Prescriptive)510.5.6 Duct Leakage Test6. Duct Leakage Tests603.9.2.1 Duct Leakage Tests for Buildings That Meet Air Distribution System Duct Leakage Sealing Criteria in Title 24, Part 6603.10.1.1 Duct Leakage Tests for Residential BuildingsE 502.4.3.1 Duct Leakage Verification TestM1504.2 Duct LengthM1503.4 Duct Material453.4.7.3 Duct Materials803.1.1 Duct OpeningsR302.5.2 Duct PenetrationM1801.8 Duct Penetrations9.2.14 Duct Protection1910.269(t)(4) Duct Rods6. Duct SealingM1601.4.8 Duct SeparationM1502.3 Duct Size603.2 Duct Sizing[F] 907. Duct Smoke Detection[F] 907.3.1 Duct Smoke Detectors504.4.5 Duct SupportsR403.3.8 Duct System Sizing (Mandatory)712.1.10.3 Duct Systems712.1.16 Duct Systems in Parking Garages§27-821 Duct TemperatureM1502.3 Duct TerminationN1103.3.5 (R403.3.5) Duct TestingN1103.3.3 (R403.3.3) Duct Testing (Mandatory)506.3.2.3 Duct-to-Exhaust Fan Connections506.3.2.2 Duct-to-Hood Joints2404.7.9.6 Duct VelocityE 201.2 Duct Wall PenetrationsR403.13.1 Ducted Dehumidifiers927.1 Ducted Heat Recovery Ventilators18.10.9 Ductile Coupled Walls66.27.4.2 Ductile Iron1208.6.12.4 Ductile Iron Flanges1211.7 Ductile Iron Pipe605.4 Ductile Iron Pipe and Joints4.2.12 Ductile Iron Pressure Piping609.5.1.4 Ductless Hoods[M] 314.2.4.1 Ductless Mini-Split System Traps935.0 Ductless Mini-Split Systems Installation603.1.1 DuctsSection 717 Ducts and Air Transfer Openings716.1.1 Ducts and Air Transfer Openings Without DampersE 502.4.2 Ducts and Register Penetrations[BF] 607.1.1 Ducts Between ShaftsN1103.3.3 (R403.3.3) Ducts Buried Within Ceiling Insulation[F] 903.2.11.4 Ducts Conveying Hazardous ExhaustsC403.10.1.1 Ducts Conveying Outdoor Air604.1.2 Ducts Coverings and Linings(A) Ducts for Dust, Loose Stock, or Vapor Removal909.21.3 Ducts for SystemN1103.3.2 (R403.3.2) Ducts Located in Conditioned SpaceM1601.4.9 Ducts Located in GaragesN1103.3.1 (R403.3.1) Ducts Located Outside Conditioned Space1305.9.2 Ducts or Other Piping in Shafts§27-343 Ducts, Pipes and Conduits Through Rated Construction(B) Ducts, Plenums, and Other Air-Handling SpacesG2436.5 (608.5) Ducts Prohibited506.3 Ducts Serving Type I Hoods506.4 Ducts Serving Type II Hoods(B) Ducts Specifically Fabricated for Environmental Air717.1.2 Ducts That Penetrate Fire-Resistance-Rated Assemblies Without Dampers717.1.2.1 Ducts That Penetrate Nonfire-Resistance-Rated Assemblies717.1.2.1 Ducts That Penetrate Nonfire-Resistancerated Assemblies510.7.8 Ducts With Enclosure510.7.8 Ducts With Enclosure(s)716.1.1 Ducts Without DampersG2444.3 (620.3) Ductwork6.4.4.2 Ductwork and Plenum Leakage*§28-308.4.1 Due Dates106.6.1 Due Dates, New and Renewal[NY] 103.2 Due Process608.18.6 Dug or Bored Well CasingsP104.6.11 Dumbwaiter Doors, Access Doors and Fire Windows8.10.5.4 Dumbwaiters8.7.7.1 Dumbwaiters and Material Lifts Without Automatic Transfer Devices1910.263(d)(3) Dumpbin and Blender1018.10 Dune Crossings(C) Duplex Receptacle2.17.2 Duplex Safeties105.5.2 Duplicate Issued Upon Request(3) 5615.3 Duplicate LicenseR609.3.5 Duplication604.6.2.3 Duplication or Distribution of Keys§28-408.4.7 Duplication Prohibited1406.7 Durability1910.303(f)(3) Durability of MarkingsSection 1904 Durability Requirements1910.147(c)(5)(ii)(A) Durable(A) Durable and Visible408.3.2.2 DurationDuration and Conduct of Tests401. Duration and Frequency of Training5706.6.2.3 Duration Exceeding 1 Hour§28-117.3 Duration of Certificate(C) Duration of COPS Operation[F] 909.4.6 Duration of Operation108.1.2 Duration of Operational Permits909.4.6 Duration of Operations§28-105.8.1 Duration of Permit1619.4.4 Duration of Time for Temporary Structures(b) 604.8.2 Duration Test6111.2.2 Durations Exceeding 1 Hour1926.1425(e)1910.1052(j)(1)(iii) During an Emergency449.4.1.3 During and Immediately Following[F] 903.2.12 During Construction903.2.12 During Construction and Demolition3308.6.1.2 During Demolition1910.1024(g)(1)(iv) During Emergencies; And3308.6.1.3 During Façade Alteration, Maintenance, or Repair3308.6.1.3 During Façade Construction, Alteration, Maintenance, or Repair1704.7.2 During Fill Placement1321.10.4 During Installation408.9.3.2 During the Annual Fire Drill(A) During the Period of Construction3306.9.3 Dust1910.265(c)(20)(v) Dust Chambers3703.5 Dust Collection2203.3 Dust-Collection and Dust-Conveying Systems2203.3.1 Dust-Collection Systems2203.3 Dust Collection Systems for Rooms or Buildings1910.94(a)(1)(vii) Dust Collector2803.2 Dust ControlSection 2203 Dust Explosion PreventionSection 2204 Dust Explosion Screening Tests2205.1.1 Dust Hazard Analysis2203.2 Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA)40.5 Dust Hazards Analysis (DHA)1910.94(a)(2) Dust Hazards From Abrasive Blasting(A) Dust Ignitionproof2203.2 Dust-Producing and Dust-Handling Equipment43.* Dust ProtectionSection 511 Dust, Stock and Refuse Conveying SystemsSection 511 Dust, Stock and Refuseconveying Systems1910.307(f)(3) Dust-Tight2203.2.1 Dust-Tight Enclosures(C) Dusttight1105. Dutch Doors117-60 Dutch Kills Subdistrict(F) Duties1.8.3.1 Duties and PowersSection 104 Duties and Powers of Building OfficialSection 104 Duties and Powers of Code OfficialSection 104 Duties and Powers of CommissionerSection 104 Duties and Powers of Commissioner of Buildings103.0 Duties and Powers of the Authority Having JurisdictionSection R104 Duties and Powers of the Building Official§ 23-27.3-108.0 Duties and Powers of the Building Official and the State Building CommissionerSection 104 Duties and Powers of the Code OfficialSection 104 Duties and Powers of the Commissioner of Buildings1.11.2 Duties and Powers of the Enforcing AgencySection 104 Duties and Powers of the Fire Code OfficialSection 106 Duties and Powers of the Fire Official1.8 Duties and Powers of the Incident Commander901.7.2.1 Duties and ResponsibilitiesArticle 2 Duties and Responsibilities of the Building Standards Commission, the Executive Director and Commission Personnel1926.1209 Duties of Attendants1926.1208 Duties of Authorized Entrants1926.1101(k)(2) Duties of Building and Facility Owners2304.2.1 Duties of Certified Attendant§ 23-27.3-108.2.1 Duties of Committee*3301.13.7 Duties of Construction Superintendents1910.1001(j)(3) Duties of Employers and Building and Facility Owners1926.1210 Duties of Entry Supervisors2304.3.2 Duties of Fleet Personnel4-344 Duties of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers§27-2005 Duties of Owner§27-2046.1 Duties of Owner and Occupant With Respect to Installation and Maintenance of Carbon Monoxide Detecting Devices in Class A Multiple Dwellings and Private Dwellings§27-2045 Duties of Owner and Occupant With Respect to Installation and Maintenance of Smoke Detecting Devices in Class A Multiple Dwellings§27-2046 Duties of Owner With Respect to Installation and Maintenance of Smoke Detecting Devices in Class B Multiple Dwellings*3321.2 Duties of Permit Holder§27-2006 Duties of Tenant4-217 Duties of the Architect and Registered Engineers4-341 Duties of the Architect, Structural Engineer or Professional Engineer511.1 Duties of the Chief4-220 Duties of the Contractor4-218 Duties of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineers**§28-103.33.2 Duties of the Office of Alternative Energy4-219 Duties of the Project Inspector5706.4.7.23 Duties of the Terminal Superintendent§48-02 Duties. [Repealed]Article 6 Duties Under the Act324.2 Duties When a Fire Occurs121.2 Duty of Each On-Site Manager and the Owner of a Business(4) Duty Rating and Overload Protection on Platform Lift and Stairway Chairlift Motors(1) Duty Rating on Elevator, Dumbwaiter, and Motor-Generator Sets Driving Motors(2) Duty Rating on Escalator Motors(G) Duty Station403.11.1.1 Duty Times14A-4-413.5 Duty to Correct False or Inaccurate Information1926.501 Duty to Have Fall Protection1910.28 Duty to Have Fall Protection and Falling Object Protection113.1.3 Duty to Inspect113.1.2 Duty to Notify(g) Duty to Provide Accessible Features in the Event of Disproportionality§27-2037 Duty to Provide Electric Lighting Equipment in All Dwellings402.1.2 DwellingR310.6 Dwelling AdditionsC402.5.2 Dwelling and Sleeping Unit Enclosure TestingC405.1.1 Dwelling and Sleeping Unit Lighting EfficacySection 202 Dwelling and Sleeping Units(E) Dwelling Branch CircuitsC405.6 Dwelling Electrical MeterC405.5 Dwelling Electrical Meter (Mandatory)R302.6 Dwelling-Garage and/or Carport Fire SeparationR302.6 Dwelling-Garage Fire SeparationR302.5 Dwelling-Garage Opening and Penetration ProtectionR302.5 Dwelling/Garage Opening/Penetration Protection(B) Dwelling Occupancies308.8.7 Dwelling or Sleeping Units220.82 Dwelling Unit1105.2 Dwelling Unit and Sleeping Unit Entrances(A) Dwelling Unit Branch Circuits805.156 Dwelling Unit Communications OutletC405.7 Dwelling Unit Electrical Energy ConsumptionDivision IV — Dwelling Unit FeaturesSection P2904 Dwelling Unit Fire Sprinkler Systems3.3.62 Dwelling Unit (For Sprinkler System Installations)9.5 Dwelling Unit InteriorsC403.2.2.1 Dwelling Unit Mechanical Ventilation8.4.6 Dwelling Unit MeteringR302.4 Dwelling Unit Rated Penetrations210.52 Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlets96-105 Dwelling Unit Regulations406.3.2.1 Dwelling Unit Separation907.2.9.3 Dwelling Unit Smoke AlarmsE 605.1.3 Dwelling-Unit Ventilation[F] 915.2.1 Dwelling Units1104.5.1.3 Dwelling Units and Sleeping RoomsSection 1108 Dwelling Units and Sleeping Units[NY] 915.3.1.3 Dwelling Units and Sleeping Units That Contain a Fuel-Burning ApplianceSection 812 Dwelling Units in Multi-Story Housing1112.8.6 Dwelling Units or Sleeping Units3109.4.1.8 Dwelling Wall as a Barrier(B) Dwellings1109.16 Dwellings Containing Universal Design Features for Accessibility§11 Dwellings Damaged or MovedP3004.1 DWV System LoadP2503.5 DWV Systems TestingF 401.8 DX PipingF 401.4 DX System TestingF 401.3 DX Systems1910.262(mm) Dye Kettles and Vats1910.262(u) Dyeing Jigs1910.179(a)(31) Dynamic2.4.10 Dynamic AnalysisSection 1618 Dynamic Analysis Procedure for the Seismic Design of Buildings1618.1 Dynamic Analysis ProceduresC3.5.5.2 Dynamic Glazing1617.8.2 Dynamic Inelastic Analysis403.8 Dynamic Reset6. Dynamic Skirt Panel Loaded Gap6. Dynamic Skirt Panel Obstruction Device6. Dynamic Skirt Panels717. Dynamic Systems*§28-103.35 E-Mail Notice of Construction Project Updates1910.430(f)(3) Each Decompression Chamber Shall Be Equipped With:1910.410(a)(2) Each Dive Team Member Shall Have Experience or Training in the Following:1910.1096(d)(2)(iii) Each Employee Who Enters a High Radiation Area1926.1053(a)(1)(iii) Each Fixed LadderN1103.1.1 Each Heating and Cooling System Shall Include at Least One Temperature Control Device1926.1206(f)1910.1025(n)(3)(ii) Each Record Shall Include:1926.1053(a)(1)(i) Each Self-Supporting Portable Ladder1926.1412(d) Each Shift1926.957(b)(3)(i)5.504.4.5.1 Early Compliance§28-308.7.1.1 Early Compliance Audit Completed After January 1, 2006 and Prior to the Effective Date of This Article§28-308.7.1.2 Early Compliance Audit Completed After the Effective Date of This Article§28-308.7.1 Early Compliance Energy Audit Report§28-308.7.2 Early Compliance Retro-Commissioning14A-1-105.11.2 Early Election to Comply14A-1-105.2.3 Early Mandatory Compliance3.* Early Suppression Fast-Response (ESFR) Sprinkler8.4.6 Early Suppression Fast-Response (ESFR) Sprinklers23.3 Early Suppression Fast-Response (ESFR) Sprinklers for Palletized or Solid-Piled Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities23.9 Early Suppression Fast-Response (ESFR) Sprinklers for Protection of Roll Paper Storage23.5 Early Suppression Fast-Response (ESFR) Sprinklers for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities23.6 Early Suppression Fast-Response (ESFR) Sprinklers for Rack Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities17.3.3* Early Suppression Fast-Response (ESFR) Sprinklers for Rack Storage of Plastics Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height14.2 Early Suppression Fast-Response SprinklersE3908.5 Earth as a Ground-Fault Current Path2304.12.9 Earth Fills(J) Earth Movement3103F.8.5 Earth Pressure on the Structure (H)3106F.7 Earth Pressures§27-570 Earth Pressures and Foundation Loads3106F.7.2 Earth Pressures Under Seismic Loading3106F.7.1 Earth Pressures Under Static LoadingSection 1812A Earth Retaining ShoringSection 1812 Earth Retaining Shoring [OSHPD 1R, 2B & 5]1926.602(a) Earthmoving Equipment; General1211.8 Earthquake-Actuated Gas Shutoff Valves1910.106(b)(5)(vii) Earthquake Areas1603.1.5 Earthquake Design Data13.2.3 Earthquake Effects8. Earthquake Equipment (See Also Fig. Earthquake Equipment (See Also Fig. and Table Earthquake Equipment (See Also Figure and Table 317 Earthquake Evaluation and Design for Retrofit of Existing BuildingsA.4 Earthquake Ground MotionsChapter A5 Earthquake Hazard Reduction in Existing Concrete BuildingsChapter A2 Earthquake Hazard Reduction in Existing Reinforced Concrete and Reinforced Masonry Wall Buildings With Flexible Diaphragms3108.4.3 Earthquake LoadSection 1613 Earthquake LoadsSection 1616 Earthquake Loads — Criteria SelectionSection 1613 Earthquake Loads DefinationsSection 1620 Earthquake Loads — Design, Detailing Requirements and Structural Component Load Effects3103F.8.8 Earthquake Loads (E)Section 1614 Earthquake Loads — GeneralSection 1617 Earthquake Loads — Minimum Designlateral Force and Related EffectsSection 1615 Earthquake Loads — Site Ground MotionSection 1619 Earthquake Loads Soil-Structureinteraction Effects104.11.4 Earthquake Monitoring InstrumentsSection 3415A Earthquake Monitoring Instruments for Existing Buildings104.11.4 Earthquake Monitoring Instruments. [OSHPD 1 & 4]1617A.1.39 Earthquake Motion Measuring Instrumentation and Post-Earthquake Structural Monitoring/Verification3103F.4.2.3 Earthquake Motions From Site-Specific Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analyses3103F.4.2.2 Earthquake Motions From USGS Maps8. Earthquake Operation7.2.13.11 Earthquake Protection8.5.4 Earthquake Protective Devices3415A.1 Earthquake Recording Instrumentation of Existing Buildings17.10 Earthquake-Resistant Anchor Design Requirements23.11 Earthquake-Resistant Design Using the Strut-and-Tie MethodChapter A4 Earthquake Risk Reduction in Wood-Frame Residential Buildings With Soft, Weak or Open Front Walls107.8 Earthwork Plans[BE] 1901.3.9 Ease of Use1205.4 EasementsA5. East and West Walls125-21 East River Subdistrict104-423 East/West Open Area93-514 Eastern Rail Yard Subarea A11910.141(g)(2) Eating and Drinking Areas91-112 Eating and Drinking Establishments With Dancing in C5 Districts1926.62(i)(4) Eating Facilities73-24 Eating or Drinking PlacesN1102.2.3 (R402.2.3) Eave BaffleR804. Eave Overhang1609. Eaves and Cornices1817.8.3 Eccentric Pile Loads6.2 Eccentrically Braced Frames§27-671 Eccentricities3103F.6.2 Eccentricity Coefficient (CE)1926.12(b)(20) Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2947)C403.5.3.5 Economizer DampersC403.5.5 Economizer Fault Detection and Diagnostics6.4.3.12 Economizer Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD)C403.5.5 Economizer Fault Detection and Diagnostics (Mandatory)E 503.4.6.13 Economizer Fault Detection Diagnostics (FDD) Economizer Heating System ImpactG3.1.2.7 Economizer High-Limit Shutoff6.5.1.5 Economizer Humidification System Impact606.5.1 Economizer Systems6.5.1 EconomizersC403.5 Economizers (Prescriptive)10.11* ECS Priority Signals1224.28.6.2 ECT Procedure Room2.5-3.4.2 ECT Treatment Area2.5- ECT Treatment Room17.9 Edge Distances, Spacings, and Thicknesses to Preclude Splitting Failure1523. Edge Metal, Flashings, and Coping508.2.1 Edge of Roof Clearance405.9 Edge Protection1504.5 Edge Securement for Low-Slope Roofs1504.5 Edge Securement for Low-Sloped Roofs1504.6 Edge Systems for Low-Slope Roofs1910.265(e)(5) Edgers11B-307.3.1 Edges and Corners11B-703. Edges and Vertices on Geometric Symbols240.52 Edison-Base Fuseholders240.51 Edison-Base Fuses8001.2 Edition102.4.1 Editions of Referenced Standards1224.31.2 Education**§28-103.32 Education and Outreach Regarding Single-Occupant Toilet Room Requirements1224.19.6.3 Education and Training5.3-3.2.3 Education and Vocational Therapy Classroom103.3.12.6 Education Credit[NY] 403.2.5 Education Law Requirements for Group A, B and R-2 Occupancies at Colleges and Universities[NY] 403.5.4 Education Law Requirements for Group E Occupancies[NY] 403.10.2.4 Education Law Requirements for Group R-2 College and University Buildings6.1.3 Educational1027.5 Educational and Day Care Building Hallway Corridor and Elevator Lobby Decorations and Storage74-751 Educational Construction Fund in Certain Districts74-75 Educational Construction Fund Projects74-752 Educational Construction Fund Projects in Certain Areas453.5.6.4 "Educational Facility"Section 305 Educational Group E305.2 Educational Group E-1305.3 Educational Group E-220.2 Educational Occupancies3.3.196.6* Educational Occupancy453.5.6.5 "Educational Plant" Educational Programs14X-12-1204.6.4 Effect§28- Effect of Acceptance14X-12-1205.2.1 Effect of Bankruptcy1705.25.3.3 Effect of Blasting§28-107.9 Effect of Denial or Rescission§28-408.4.4 Effect of Failure to Obtain Plate and/or Seal14A-10-1005.6 Effect of Filing§367 Effect of Invalidity in Part§28-408.4.2 Effect of Issuance§ 23-27.3-100.1.7 Effect of Local Codes — Repeal of Local Authority11.6 Effect of Offsets in Sanitary Drain StacksG102.2.2 Effect of Preliminary Flood Insurance Study and Rate Maps1910.184(e)(8) Effect of Wear121.2.3 Effect on Other Laws101.2 Effect on Removal of Barriers in Existing Facilities§28- Effect on Work Permit§28- Effect on Zoning ResolutionN1103.3.6.1 (R403.3.6.1) EffectiveE 605.1.3.2 Effective Annual Average Infiltration RateE 605.1.3.2 Effective Annual Average Infiltration Rate (Qinf)§27-105 Effective Date§ 23-27.3-500.0 Effective Date of Code102.6 Effective Date of Code Editions102.4 Effective Date of Rules1.1.9 Effective Date of This Code1910.98 Effective Dates(d) 5619.10.4 Effective Dates of Registration22.6.2 Effective Depth(5) Effective Ground-Fault Current Path(B) Effective Grounding PathC6.8.1 Effective Internal Gain(Effective July 1, 2023)3.3.84 Effective Masked Threshold3103F.6.6 Effective Mass or Virtual Mass Coefficient (cm)*§28-320.7.1 Effective Period1810. Effective PrestressN1103.3.3.1 (R403.3.3.1) Effective R-Value of Deeply Buried DuctsA.8 Effective StiffnessA509.2.1.2 Effective Stiffness of Infills(Effective Until July 1, 2023)101.11 Effective Use of This Code1910.268(s)(13) Effectively Grounded1910.265(c)(9)(ii) Effectiveness1910.120(b)(4)(iv) Effectiveness of Site Safety and Health Plan2.5-3.2.1 Efficiency704.1.4 Efficiency and Listing1208.4 Efficiency Dwelling UnitsSection C406 Efficiency Packages404.6 Efficiency UnitC406.7.3 Efficient Fossil Fuel Water HeaterSection 4.404 Efficient Framing TechniquesC404.5 Efficient Heated Water Supply Piping702.8 Efficient Hot and Tempered Water DistributionC406.2 Efficient HVAC PerformanceC406.12 Efficient Kitchen EquipmentC406.3 Efficient Lighting System2.2-2.6.2 Effluents3104.7 EgressSection 1118A Egress and Areas of Refuge8.6.11.8 Egress and Reentry Procedure From Working Areas in or Egress and Reentry Procedure From Working Areas in or Egress ArrangementsSection 1021 Egress Balconies1006.3.3 Egress Based on Occupant Load1006.2.1 Egress Based on Occupant Load and Common Path of Egress Travel Distance1006.2.2 Egress Based on Use508.5.4 Egress Capacity7.3.1.6 Egress Capacity From Balconies and Mezzanines1010.3.1.1 Egress Component1005.6 Egress Convergence1028.4.2 Egress Court ProtectionSection 1029 Egress CourtsR311.2 Egress Door1010.1.2 Egress Door Types7.14.2 Egress Doors804.5 Egress Doorways1.1.3 Egress Facilities11. Egress for Occupant Load§103 Egress From Apartments§144 Egress From Dwellings§27-365 Egress From Rooms and Spaces1006.2 Egress From Spaces1006.3 Egress From Stories or Occupiable Rooftops1006.3 Egress From Stories or Occupied Roofs(4) Egress Luminaires1017.3.2.1 Egress Not Through the Atrium1104.25 Egress Path Markings3201.4 Egress Plan(iv) 5622.3.1.4 Egress Plans904. Egress Precautions1016.2 Egress Through Intervening SpacesSection 1005 Egress WidthP104.4.1 Egress Window453.25.5.1 EHPA Lighting2.3.10 EI Publications2.3.2 EIA Publications1405.18.3.3 EIFS ApprovalR703.9.4 EIFS/EIFS With Drainage Installation1407.4.1 EIFS With Drainage1910.1052(c)(1) Eight-Hour Time-Weighted Average (TWA) PEL1910.211(d)(24) EjectorP-905.1 Ejector and Receiving TanksP3007.3.5 Ejector Connection to the Drainage System712.3 Ejector DesignSection P-1106 Ejector Fresh Air Inlets and Vents712.3.2 Ejector Pit712.3.1 Ejector Pump906.5 Ejector VentsSection 712 Ejectors6.7 Elastic Second-Order Analysis2.22.5 Elastomeric Buffers4.2.11.6 Elastomeric Sleeves803.2.5 Elbow Reduction405.4 ElbowsG2428.3.7 (504.3.7) Elbows in ConnectorsG2428.3.6 (504.3.6) Elbows in Vents104.2.3.4 Elective InspectorsA4.601.3 Elective Measures103.3.11 Elective Temporary Suspension903.1 Electric Air ConditionersSection 7.2 Electric and Hand Dumbwaiters Without Automatic Transfer DevicesSection 3506 Electric Arc Hot Work12. Electric Arc Projection Equipment1217.7.1 Electric Beating Panel Systems1926.914(k) "Electric Blasting Cap"1926.914(l) "Electric Blasting Circuitry"1002.3 Electric Boilers904.14 Electric Central FurnacesE 502.7.2 Electric Central Warm Air Heating908.1 Electric Clothes Dryers220.54 Electric Clothes Dryers — Dwelling Unit(s) Electric Contacts for Hinged Car Platform Sills220.55 Electric Cooking Appliances in Dwelling Units and Household Cooking Appliances Used in Instructional Programs503.155 Electric Cranes, Hoists, and Similar Equipment — Class III, Divisions 1 and 21926.914(m) "Electric Delay Blasting Caps"5607.6 Electric Detonator Precautions(C) Electric-Discharge and LED Luminaires410.104 Electric-Discharge Lamp Auxiliary Equipment(5) Electric-Discharge Lamps422.52 Electric Drinking Fountains(B) Electric Dryers and Electric Cooking Appliances in Dwellings and Household Cooking Appliances Used in Instructional Programs905.8 Electric Duct HeatersSection 7.2 Electric Dumbwaiters Without Automatic Transfer Devices8.2.2 Electric Elevator Car Frame and Platform Stresses and Deflections620.82 Electric Elevators5.10.1 Electric Elevators Used for Construction1910.179(g) Electric Equipment—(E) Electric Fire Pump Control Wiring MethodsSection 324 Electric Generating Plants903.2.4.2 Electric Generation Plants1910.106(g)(6)(v) Electric Heat11.10.7.2 Electric Heaters(1) Electric Heating Appliances(F) Electric Heating Appliances Employing Resistance-Type Heating Elements Rated More Than 48 Amperes1217.6.1 Electric Heating Panel SystemsE 502.7 Electric Heating Systems§28-303.2.3 Electric High Pressure Boilers920.1 Electric Household Cooking Appliances(1) Electric Light or Power§27-2038 Electric Lighting Fixtures Required in Certain Public Parts of Dwellings5607.16.3.5 Electric Lights or Power Circuits5.2.1 Electric Limited-Use/Limited-Application Elevators5.8.1 Electric Marine ElevatorsSection 7.9 Electric Material Lifts With Automatic Transfer DevicesSection 7.5 Electric Material Lifts Without Automatic Transfer Devices§27-3021.1 Electric Meter Installation; Restriction6. Electric-Motor-Driven Chiller System Recording and ReportingC405.8 Electric Motor Efficiency10.4.1 Electric MotorsC405.7 Electric Motors (Mandatory)305.6 Electric Operated Gates5607.6 Electric or Electronic Detonator Precautions680.10 Electric Pool Water Heaters603.3.4 Electric Power1910.334(b) Electric Power and Lighting Circuits1910.269 Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution1926.302(a) Electric Power-Operated ToolsPart IX Electric Radiant Heating Panels and Heating Panel SetsSection 927 Electric Radiant Heating SystemsR403. Electric Resistance FurnacesA5.207.2.2 Electric Resistance HeatingR403.7.1 Electric Resistance Zone Heated Units5.6.1 Electric Rooftop Elevators916.1 Electric Room Heaters1910.254(d)(8) Electric Shock5.5.1 Electric Sidewalk ElevatorsH107.1.2 Electric Sign Faces(G) Electric SignsArticle 600 Electric Signs and Outline LightingPart V Electric Space-Heating CablesR403.7.2 Electric Space Heating (Prescriptive)(1) Electric Utility Service Connection1910.302 Electric Utilization Systems406.9 Electric Vehicle625.40 Electric Vehicle Branch Circuit11B-812.10 Electric Vehicle ChargersX Electric Vehicle ChargingC409.3.4 Electric Vehicle Charging Energy Use(B) Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment4.106.4.3 Electric Vehicle Charging for Additions and Alterations of Parking Facilities Serving Existing Multifamily BuildingsSection 429 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure429.5 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure for Accessible Parking Spaces5. Electric Vehicle Charging Readiness Requirements for Warehouses, Grocery Stores and Retail Stores With Planned Off-Street Loading Spaces1106.8.2 Electric Vehicle Charging Space4. Electric Vehicle Charging Space (EV Space) Dimensions4. Electric Vehicle Charging Space (EV Space) LocationsC502.2.7 Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces ("EV Ready Spaces")C405.10 Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces ("EV Ready Spaces") (Mandatory)406.2.7 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations406.2.7 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Systems5. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) DimensionsArticle 625 Electric Vehicle Charging SystemE3601.6.4 Electric Vehicle Charging System Service Disconnect625.10 Electric Vehicle Coupler5.106.5.3 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging4.106.4 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging for New ConstructionR309.8 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure5.106.5.4 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging: Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty5.106.5.3 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging [N]Article 625 Electric Vehicle Power Transfer System4. Electric Vehicle Ready Space Signage625.44 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment ConnectionR328.10 Electric Vehicle UseR403.5.5 Electric Water Heater InsulationM2005.3 Electric Water HeatersArticle 630 Electric Welders1910.306(d) Electric Welders -- Disconnecting Means[F] 415.11.1.8 Electrical3. Electrical Actuation Means§34-05 Electrical Advisory Board. [Renumbered]N1102.4.6 (R402.4.6) Electrical and Communication Outlet Boxes (Air-Sealed Boxes)3110F.2.2 Electrical and Hydraulic Power SystemsSection 708 Electrical and Lighting(A) Electrical and Mechanical Continuity43.8.5 Electrical and Other Hazards516.23 Electrical and Other Sources of Ignition453.25.5 Electrical and Standby Emergency Power SystemM1307.5 Electrical Appliances43.1.4.2 Electrical Area Classification430.74 Electrical Arrangement of Control Circuits80.15 Electrical BoardSection G2411 (310) Electrical Bonding16.16 Electrical Bonding and Grounding2006.3.7 Electrical Bonding Provisions17.* Electrical Cabinet Applications(2) Electrical Circuit Protective System1211.6 Electrical Circuits(D) Electrical Classification of Data Circuits(C) Electrical Classification of Data Circuits and Cables3.3.56.2 Electrical Code§34-07 Electrical Code Advisory CommitteeSection A-903 Electrical Code Fees§34-06 Electrical Code Revision and Interpretation Committee1309.7 Electrical Components3110F.2.2.2 Electrical Components (N) Electrical Conductivity3.3.90.5 Electrical Conductivity Heat DetectorSection E3406 Electrical Conductors and Connections426.24 Electrical Connection110.14 Electrical Connections704. Electrical Continuity(G) Electrical Continuity of Contact Conductors300.10 Electrical Continuity of Metal Raceways and Enclosures14A-4-404.6.1 Electrical ContractorA-903.5 Electrical Contractor License428.3.5 Electrical Controls555.3 Electrical Datum Plane Distances605.7 Electrical Devices and Equipment43.1.4.4 Electrical Devices in Areas Adjacent to or Connected to Spray Areas43.1.4.3 Electrical Devices in Spray Areas301.10.1 Electrical Disconnect1207.4.1 Electrical Disconnects2.1-8.3.2 Electrical Distribution and TransmissionB.4 Electrical Ducts(3) Electrical Ducts Entering Equipment Enclosures(3) Electrical Ducts in Figure 310.60(3) Electrical Ducts in Figure 310.60(C)(3)B.6 Electrical Ducts Used in Figure B.2(1)B.6 Electrical Ducts Used in Figure B.310.15(B)(2)(2)C409.2.1 Electrical Energy404.2 Electrical Energy ConsumptionC405.6 Electrical Energy Consumption (Mandatory)C405.12.1 Electrical Energy Metering8.4.3 Electrical Energy MonitoringSection 1206 Electrical Energy Storage SystemsSection 1207 Electrical Energy Storage Systems (ESS)(6) Electrical Equipment1910.110(b)(17) Electrical Equipment and Other Sources of IgnitionSection 2904 Electrical Equipment and Protection(1) Electrical Equipment and Sources of Ignition682.10 Electrical Equipment and Transformers2.8.2 Electrical Equipment and Wiring5. Electrical Equipment and Wiring Requirements[F] 601.2.2 Electrical Equipment, Appliances and Services555.31 Electrical Equipment Enclosures530.52 Electrical Equipment in Cellulose Nitrate Film Storage Vaults620.38 Electrical Equipment in Garages and Similar Occupancies602.2.1.4 Electrical Equipment in Plenums(B) Electrical Equipment Installed Above Class I Locations(A) Electrical Equipment Not Required to Be Grounded42.* Electrical Equipment Operated on Aircraft Fuel Servicing Ramps or Aprons1224.28.4.8 Electrical Equipment Room403.4.9 Electrical Equipment Rooms(B) Electrical Equipment Schedules [OSHPD 1, 2, 4, & 5]* Electrical Equipment Used on Aircraft Servicing RampsSection 603 Electrical Equipment, Wiring and HazardsSection 3.8 Electrical Equipment, Wiring, Pipes, and Ducts in Hoistway, Machinery Spaces, Machine Rooms, Control Spaces, and Control Rooms8.7.2.8 Electrical Equipment, Wiring, Pipes, and Ducts in Hoistways and Machine Rooms7.1.8 Electrical Equipment, Wiring, Pipes, Ducts, and HVAC in Hoistways and Machine RoomsSection 604 Electrical Facilities3002.10 Electrical, Fire Protection and Communications Wiring11.1 Electrical Fire Safety806.4 Electrical Fixtures and Wiring807.4.2 Electrical Fixtures and Wiring on Artificial Vegetation1305.14.1.8 Electrical Grounding63.4.7.3 Electrical Grounding and Bonding14X-7-705 Electrical Hazards2.8.4 Electrical Heaters3107.12.7 Electrical Heating and Cooking Equipment1910.263(l)(8) Electrical Heating Equipment3107.6 Electrical Illumination14A-4-411.3.27 Electrical InformationA-903.3 Electrical Inspection Agent License3102F.3.4.5 Electrical Inspection Team14A-5-502.5 Electrical InspectionsA-903.4 Electrical Inspector LicenseR328.6 Electrical Installation25.1.9 Electrical Installations1910.303(b)(1)(iv) Electrical Insulation406.9.3 Electrical Interface(B) Electrical Life Support Equipment2606.7.5 Electrical Lighting Fixtures2606.7.5 Electrical LuminairesArticle 358 Electrical Metallic Tubing: Type EMTC405.5 Electrical Meter (Mandatory)C405.5.2 Electrical MeteringC405.5.2 Electrical Meters for Tenant Spaces in Covered Buildings603.7 Electrical MotorsC405.8 Electrical Motors (Mandatory)(D) Electrical NameplatesArticle 362 Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing: Type ENT47.4 Electrical Outlets and ControlsA-903.2 Electrical Permit FeesA-301.1.3 Electrical Permits104. Electrical Plans ExaminerSection 302 Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Requirements3007.8 Electrical Power7.15.8 Electrical Power and Control Wiring7.14.8 Electrical Power and Control WringSection N1104 (R404) Electrical Power and Lighting SystemsSection N1104 (R404) Electrical Power and Lighting Systems (Mandatory)Section 130.5 Electrical Power Distribution Systems17.* Electrical Power Line EmergenciesC405.5 Electrical Power (Mandatory)3109.3.4 Electrical Precautions2.26.2 Electrical Protective Devices1910.137 Electrical Protective Equipment(B) Electrical RatingR327.1.2 Electrical Receptacle Outlet, Switch and Control Heights11B-308.1.2 Electrical Receptacle OutletsSection 1136A Electrical Receptacle, Switch and Control Heights*2.1-8.3.6 Electrical Receptacles11B-809.12 Electrical Receptacles, Controls and Switches32.10.1 Electrical Requirements5.1-6.4.4 Electrical Requirements for Areas Serving Ventilator-Dependent Participants4.2-6.4.4 Electrical Requirements for Ventilator-Dependent Resident Room and Areas2.5-4.4 Electrical Requirements for Ventilator-Dependent Resident Rooms and Areas429.3 Electrical Room(s)429.3 Electrical Room(s) and Equipment1006.2.2.4 Electrical Rooms453.17.2 Electrical Rooms and Closets1010.1.10.3 Electrical Rooms and Working ClearancesC104.2.5 Electrical Rough-in Inspection1926.800(s) Electrical Safety104.2.3.3 Electrical Safety Inspector3111F.5 Electrical Service210.64 Electrical Service Areas469.4.14 Electrical Standards5607.9.7.1 Electrical Storms*§28-315.3.2 Electrical Sub-Meters646.10 Electrical Supply and Distribution810.19 Electrical Supply Circuits Used in Lieu of Antenna — Receiving Stations490.71 Electrical Supply System547.9 Electrical Supply to Building(s) or Structure(s) From a Distribution Point1910.107(i)(4) Electrical Support Equipment11B-308.1.1 Electrical Switches(2) Electrical System240.12 Electrical System Coordination608.8 Electrical System Efficiency(1) Electrical System Grounding604.3 Electrical System Hazards14X-7-701.2 Electrical System Required467.2.7 Electrical System Requirements[F] 407.11 Electrical Systems454.1.11.7 Electrical Systems for Artificial Lagoons467.8 Electrical Systems for Inpatient Facilities and Units66.24.4 Electrical Systems for Storage Tank Buildings3111F.11 Electrical Systems Seismic Assessment (N/E) Electrical Test1910.67(c)(3) Electrical TestsP103.3.4 Electrical Thermal Links14A-1-105.5 Electrical (Title 14E)C405.7 Electrical TransformersC405.6 Electrical Transformers (Mandatory) Electrical Transmission Lines(A) Electrical Vaults315.3.3.2 Electrical Vaults and Equipment Rooms1106.8.5 Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Controls1107.2 Electrical Vehicle Charging StationsR404.3 Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment Capable (Mandatory)[F] 904.3.1 Electrical Wiring63.4.7 Electrical Wiring and Equipment112. Electrical Wiring, Equipment, Devices, and Components8.7.3.8 Electrical Wiring, Pipes, and Ducts in Hoistways and Machine Rooms3303.2.3 Electrical Work§27-3017 Electrical Work by Unauthorized Persons; False Representations§4000-01 Electrical Work Review2103.9.2 Electrically Conductive Dry-Set Mortars7. Electrically Controlled Egress Door AssembliesArticle 675 Electrically Driven or Controlled Irrigation MachinesE3902.14 Electrically Heated Floors21.10 Electrically Locked Doors309.1 Electrically Operated Equipment(1) Electrically Operated In-Sink Waste Disposers(B) Electrically Operated Pool Covers63. Electrically Powered Heating DevicesPart VIII Electrically Powered Pool Lifts6.1.6.11 Electrically Powered Safety Devices2603.2.1 ElectricityPart II Electrified Truck Parking Space Electrical Wiring SystemsPart III Electrified Truck Parking Space Supply Equipment626.24 Electrified Truck Parking Space Supply Equipment Connection Means(A) Electrified Truck Parking Space Supply Equipment TypeArticle 626 Electrified Truck Parking Spaces705.5.1.2 Electro-Fusion Joints4.4.2 Electro-Fusion Joints [2021 UPC 705.5.1.2]P2712.9 Electro-Hydraulic Water Closets3.3.99.2 Electrochemical Energy Storage System[NY] 1206.12 Electrochemical Energy Storage System Protection[NY] 1206.13 Electrochemical Energy Storage System Technology Specific ProtectionPart III Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems1207.5 Electrochemical ESS Protection1207.6 Electrochemical ESS Technology-Specific Protection1224.28.6 Electroconvulsive Therapy2.2- Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Facilities1228.28 Electroconvulsive Therapy Service Space(F) Electrode(C) Electrode Connection600.42 Electrode Connections(H) Electrode Enclosures1910.254(d)(7) Electrode Holders1910.252(b)(4)(v) Electrode Removal(B) Electrode SpacingPart V Electrode-Type Boilers(A) Electrodes Permitted for GroundingM2101.18.2 Electrofusion Joints3.3.70* ElectroluminescentSection 3011 Electrolysis Protection for Underground Hydraulic Elevator Cylinders706.41 Electrolyte Classification706.42 Electrolyte Containment(C) Electrolytic Cell LinesArticle 668 Electrolytic Cells453.26.2 Electromagnetic Locking Device1910.97(a) Electromagnetic Radiation1010.1.9.9 Electromagnetically Locked Egress Doors3.3.86 Electromechanical Releasing Device[BG] 1401.3.4 Electromechanical Stress404.22 Electronic Control Switches2603.2.2 Electronic Devices*1.4-3.2 Electronic Equipment13.* Electronic Equipment Fires401.5.4.2 Electronic Filing of Plans*2.1- Electronic Health Record System Servers and Centralized Storage13. Electronic Inspection Records404.22 Electronic Lighting Control Switches§28-103.34 Electronic Mail Address*§28-103.35 Electronic Mail Notice of Construction Project Updates420.16 Electronic Monitoring13. Electronic Monitoring and Alarm System13.6.4.6 Electronic Monitoring System Maintenance§28-103.34.1 Electronic Notification(A) Electronic Organ Equipment(F) Electronic Power Converters Mounted in Not Readily Accessible Locations13. Electronic Record of Completion2.1-8.6 Electronic Safety and Security Systems1904.41 Electronic Submission of Injury and Illness Records to OSHA1904.41(a)(3) Electronic Submission of Part 1904 Records Upon Notification§28-103.24 Electronic Submissions2.1-8.6.2 Electronic Surveillance Systems503.6.3 Electronically Controlled GatesArticle 669 Electroplating936.1 Electrostatic Air CleanersSection 2407 Electrostatic Apparatus(E) Electrostatic Equipment1910.107(a)(7) Electrostatic Fluidized Bed(4) Electrostatic Fluidized Beds(3) Electrostatic Hand-Spraying Equipment42. Electrostatic Hazards and BondingSection 2407 Electrostatic Spray-Finishing Equipment3.3.3 Element2.4.9 Element Capacities1926.12(b)(24) Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 241I, 848)1926.12(b)(46) Elementary and Secondary Education Amendments of 1967 (Title VII-Bilingual Education Act) (20 U.S.C. 880B-6)703.5.1 Elementary Materials1926.35(b) Elements2308.8.1 Elements Exceeding Limitations of Conventional Construction62-912 Elements of a Waterfront Access Plan1910.120(l)(2) Elements of an Emergency Response Plan1910.120(d)(3) Elements of the Site Control Program1607.10.3 Elements Supporting Building Maintenance Equipment1620.2.9 Elements Supporting Discontinuous Walls or Frames1607.11.3 Elements Supporting Hoists for Façade Access and Building Maintenance Equipment1607.9.3 Elements Supporting Hoists for Façade Access Equipment1.2-3.2.1 Elements to Be Assessed1910.120(e)(2) Elements to Be Covered3303.9 Elements to Be Maintained During Remodeling and Additions3303.9 Elements to Be Maintained in Existing Buildings244.2.3 Elements Within Camping Units With Mobility Features245.2.5 Elements Within Picnic Units With Mobility Features1008.2.4.2 Elevated12-3-10.2 Elevated Ambient1103.2.3.2 Elevated Employee Work Areas2111.2.2 Elevated Fireplaces28-11 Elevated Ground Floor Units424.60 Elevated Inlet Temperature2111.11.1 Elevated or Overhanging Fireplace3111.3.5 Elevated Photovoltaic (PV) Support Structures1910.265(c)(4)(v) Elevated Platforms106.5.27 Elevated Play Component240.2.2 Elevated Play Components63. Elevated Tanks1106.2 Elevated Temperature1910.66(e)(6) Elevated Track1910.265(c)(4)(iv) Elevated Walks1910.265(d)(4)(ii) Elevating RampG305.1 Elevation502.1.1 Elevation and Protection3109.1.3 Elevation Certification1003.5 Elevation ChangeR109.1.6.1 Elevation Documentation(b) 603.4.2 Elevation Not PermittedG307.5 Elevation of Certain Tanks and Containers Serving Critical FacilitiesG307.5 Elevation of Certain Tanks and Containers Serving Flood Design Class 4 BuildingsM1307.3 Elevation of Ignition Source406.2.9.1 Elevation of Ignition Sources1612.1.1 Elevation of Manufactured Homes(E) Elevation of Unguarded Live PartsR322.2.1 Elevation Requirements3109.3.3 Elevation StandardsB.2.7 Elevations101.4.3 ElevatorSection 3009 Elevator Accessibility Requirements for the Physically Handicapped* Article 421 Elevator Agency Director License*§28-421.1 Elevator Agency Director License RequiredArticle *426 Elevator Agency HelperArticle *422 Elevator Agency Inspector License*§28-422.1 Elevator Agency Inspector License RequiredArticle *425 Elevator Agency Technician License*§28-425.1 Elevator Agency Technician License RequiredSection 3010 Elevator, Amusement and Other Device Operators205.1.2 Elevator and Amusement Device Division707.14 Elevator and Dumbwaiter Shafts§11-02 Elevator and Escalator Violations Constituting a Condition Dangerous to Human Life and SafetySection 3009 Elevator Being ServicedSection 3011 Elevator Being Serviced, Repaired, Inspected or Tested11B- Elevator Buildings1226.4.8.1 Elevator Cab Requirements1910.305(g)(1)(ii)(E) Elevator CablesC405.9.1 Elevator Cabs28.7 Elevator Car11B-411.2.1.7 Elevator Car Assignment407.4.8 Elevator Car Call Sequential Step Scanning407.4.6 Elevator Car Controls11B-411.2.2 Elevator Car Identification at Elevator Landings407.4 Elevator Car Requirements3002.4 Elevator Car to Accommodate Ambulance Stretcher3002.4 Elevator Car to Accommodate Ambulance Stretcher in New Buildings408.4 Elevator Cars3412.6.14 Elevator Control907.3.2 Elevator Control FunctionsFigure 11A-7B Elevator Control Panel2.1- Elevator Controls2.27.9 Elevator Corridor Call Station Pictograph202.5.4.12 Elevator Dimensions407.3 Elevator Door Requirements409.3 Elevator Doors713.14 Elevator, Dumbwaiter and Other Hoistways24.11 Elevator Emergency Communications Systems[F] 907.3.3 Elevator Emergency OperationSection 3003 Elevator Emergency Operations3002.4.3a Elevator Entrance Openings and Car SizeC405.8.1 Elevator Equipment and Cabs315.3.3.3 Elevator Equipment Rooms3.3.284.1 Elevator Evacuation System7.2.13.2 Elevator Evacuation System Capacity(d) Elevator Exemption202.5.4.14 Elevator Features8. Elevator Guide-Rail Load Distribution909.21 Elevator Hoistway Pressurization Alternative9.2.13 Elevator Hoistways and Machine Rooms3003.3 Elevator in Readiness3003.3.1 Elevator in Readiness for Fire Department Emergency AccessArticle *421 Elevator Inspection Agency Director License*§28-422.1 Elevator Inspection Agency Inspector License Required7.15.6 Elevator Installation604.6.1 Elevator Key Location604.6 Elevator Keys7.4.1.6 Elevator Landing and Lobby Exit Access407.2 Elevator Landing Requirements408.2 Elevator Landings403.6.3 Elevator LobbiesSection 3006 Elevator Lobbies and Hoistway Opening ProtectionSection 3006 Elevator Lobbies and Hoistway Opening Protection713.14.1 Elevator Lobby21.3.5* Elevator Lobby Detector Location3.3.64.1 Elevator Lobby Door7.2.13.4 Elevator Lobby Door Assemblies7. Elevator Lobby Exit Access Door Assemblies Locking11.8.2.2 Elevator Lobby Exit Access Door Locking1023.10 Elevator Lobby Identification Signs7.15.9.2* Elevator Lobby SizeP104.3.1.1 Elevator Lobby Smoke Detectors7.15.7 Elevator Machine/Control Rooms and Machinery/Control Spaces9.4.5* Elevator Machine Rooms3005.7 Elevator Machinery Noise Control in Multiple Dwellings14A-4-404.4.2 Elevator Mechanic Contractor3001.6 Elevator Mirrors21.6.2 Elevator Occupant Evacuation Operation (OEO)* Elevator Operation8. Elevator Operation, Counterweight Displacement Detection Device Actuation (See Figure 604 Elevator Operation, Maintenance and Fire Service Keys8. Elevator Operation (See Fig. Elevator Operation, Seismic Detection Device Actuation (See Fig. Elevator Operation, Seismic Detection Device Actuation (See Figure Elevator Operators3011.1.2 Elevator Out of Service21.3* Elevator Phase 1 Emergency Recall Operation21.3* Elevator Phase I Emergency Recall Operation21.3.14.2* Elevator Phase I Emergency Recall Operation to Alternate Level21.3.14.1* Elevator Phase I Emergency Recall Operation to Designated Level802.1.8 Elevator Pit Drain or Sump Pump21.4 Elevator Power Shutdown412.3.7 Elevator Protection3008.7.1 Elevator RecallSection 607 Elevator Recall and Maintenance21.3* Elevator Recall for Fire Fighters' Service1114.25 Elevator Recall Smoke Detection3002.4 Elevator Required2.27.10 Elevator(s) for Use by Firefighters§28-315.4 Elevator Safety8.4.14 Elevator Seismic Design ForceSection 8.4 Elevator Seismic Requirements1107.7.3 Elevator Service to the Lowest Story With Type B Units1108.7.3 Elevator Service to the Lowest Story With Units3002.4.3 Elevator Serving Individual Dwelling Unit305.3 Elevator Shaft[BF] 303.8 Elevator Shafts903. Elevator Shafts and Equipment21.4 Elevator Shutdown7.10.8.4 Elevator Signs320.10.3.4 Elevator Smoke Detector716.2.5.2 Elevator, Stairway and Ramp Protectives21.6.1 Elevator StatusP104.3.3 Elevator Status Indicator4705.1 Elevator System3007.7 Elevator System Monitoring2.1-8.7 Elevator Systems9.4.6 Elevator Testing21.3.13.3* Elevator Warning Signal407 Elevators3014.1 Elevators and Conveying Systems(E) Elevators and Cranes453.8 Elevators and Elevator Lobbies Above the 10th Story415.13 Elevators and Elevator Lobbies on the 11th Story and AboveA5.212.1 Elevators and Escalators3303.12 Elevators and Hoists During Construction or Demolition102.8.2 Elevators and Lifts[F] 2702.2.2 Elevators and Platform LiftsSection R321 Elevators and Platform Lifts(deleted)Section 1124A Elevators and Platform (Wheelchair) Lifts32.3.5.3 Elevators, Dumbwaiters, and Vertical ConveyorsArticle 620 Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators, Moving Walks, Platform Lifts, and Stairway Chairlifts1910.306(c) Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators, Moving Walks, Wheelchair Lifts, and Stairway Chair Lifts9.4 Elevators, Escalators, and ConveyorsSection 606 Elevators, Escalators and Dumbwaiters1003.7 Elevators, Escalators and Moving WalksSection A5.212 Elevators, Escalators and Other EquipmentK104.3.1 Elevators, Escalators, Dumbwaiters and Moving Walks§28-304.2 Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walkways, Material Lifts, Man Lifts and Dumbwaiters§28-304.2 Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walkways, Material Lifts, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC) and Dumbwaiters§27-953 Elevators for Fire Department Use11.3.7 Elevators for Occupant-Controlled Evacuation Prior to Phase I Emergency Recall Operations and Fire Service Access Elevators412.2.5.1 Elevators for Occupant Evacuation712.1.15 Elevators in Parking GaragesSection 607 Elevators in Readiness7.2.13 Elevators in Towers1009.2.1 Elevators RequiredSection 5.10 Elevators Used for Construction3001.6 Elevators Utilized to Transport Hazardous Materials449.3.5 Elevators Where Required(3) 120.3 EligibilitySection IV Eligibility for Certification3418A.5.1 Eligibility for Change in Jurisdiction§28-112.10.1 Eligible Buildings[BS] C101.2 Eligible Buildings and Gable End Walls1701.2 Eligible Condition[BS] C201.2 Eligible Conditions106.2.1 Eligible to Require Permits2.5- Elimination of Dead-End Piping§27-2019 Elimination of Harborages139-312 Elimination of Parking Requirements for Non-Residential Uses37-622 Elimination or Reduction in Size of Bonused Open Area74-761 Elimination or Reduction in Size of Bonused Public Amenities37-621 Elimination or Reduction in Size of Non-Bonused Open Area(K) Embedded426.20 Embedded Deicing and Snow-Melting Equipment(1) Embedded in Building Surfaces1209.3 Embedded JointsM2105.29 Embedded Piping1221.2 Embedded Piping and Joints1221.2 Embedded Piping Materials and Joints1807.3 Embedded Posts and Poles1907.3.2 Embedded Reinforcement722. Embedments704.8 Embedments and Enclosures3.3.87* Ember1910.262(b)(4) Embossing Calender[A] 115.3 Emergencies(C) Emergencies and Tests3305. Emergency2010.5.1 Emergency Access[NY] 511.1 Emergency Access Driveways5604.13.8 Emergency Action4.8 Emergency Action Plan36.4.5.6 Emergency Action Plan and Employee Training60.6 Emergency Action Planning, Fire Risk Control, and Chemical Hazard Requirements for Industrial Processes15.7.1 Emergency Action Plans37.4.5.6 Emergency Action Plans and Employee Training11.3.4.9 Emergency Action Plans and Fire Drills1910.421(b) Emergency Aid5004.9 Emergency Alarm[F] 415.11.4 Emergency Alarm SystemSection 908 Emergency Alarm Systems5706.4.10.6 Emergency Alarm Transmission[F] 415.5 Emergency Alarms11.7.3 Emergency and Legally Required Standby Power Systems811.2 Emergency and Standby Generator Discharge Opening Termination Requirements[F] 916.5 Emergency and Standby PowerSection 2702 Emergency and Standby Power Systems1705.36 Emergency and Standby Power Systems (Generators)408.8.4 Emergency Assistance Center8. Emergency Brake2.19.3 Emergency Brake (See Nonmandatory Appendix F)2.19.4 Emergency Brake Supports2307.6.3 Emergency Breakaway Devices1-419 Emergency Building Standards*2.1- Emergency Call Stations2.5- Emergency Call System11.8.6* Emergency Command Center11.9.6 Emergency Command Center Acceptance Testing24.11.1* Emergency Command Center for Emergency Communications Systems407.4.9 Emergency Communication[F] 403.4.5 Emergency Communication Coverage5809.6.6 Emergency Communication Device*2.1-8.5.3 Emergency Communication System409.4.7 Emergency Communications3605.4 Emergency Communications and Preparedness3.3.89 Emergency Communications Control Unit (ECCU)3.3.90 Emergency Communications System3.3.92* Emergency Communications System — Emergency Command Center3.3.91 Emergency Communications Systems — Combination27.8 Emergency Communications Systems (ECS) Emergency Control3.* Emergency Control Function Interface3.3.93* Emergency Control Function Interface Device10.16 Emergency Control Function Status Indicators3.3.74 Emergency Control Functions1107.6 Emergency Control of the Ventilation Systems[F] 415.11.10 Emergency Control Station407.4.6.4 Emergency Controls14A-3-311.3 Emergency Demolition*2.2-3.1.3 Emergency Department404.6.4 Emergency Director2309. Emergency Discharge(B) Emergency DisconnectM2203.8 Emergency Disconnect Switch2303.2 Emergency Disconnect Switches230.85 Emergency Disconnects3002.5 Emergency Doors2.11.1.2 Emergency Doors in Blind Hoistways454.1.7.5 Emergency Drainage403.6.1.4 Emergency DrillsSection 614 Emergency Drinking Water Access28.7.2 Emergency Duties32.7.3 Emergency Egress and Relocation Drills14.7.2 Emergency Egress Drills1204.5 Emergency Egress Lighting449.3.14 Emergency Electric Service(A) Emergency Electrical Disconnects449.4.2.9 Emergency Electrical Generator and Essential Electrical System Standards451.3.13 Emergency Electrical Service467.8.3 Emergency Electrical System4705.1.7 Emergency Elevator3001.2 Emergency Elevator Communication Systems for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Speech Impaired607.4 Emergency Elevator Operation and Maintenance23.15.1 Emergency Elevator Operations3905.4.2 Emergency Equipment Signage1224.14.2.17 Emergency Equipment Storage1224.33.3.10 Emergency Equipment Storage Space1103.13.2 Emergency EscapeSection 1031 Emergency Escape and Rescue1031.4 Emergency Escape and Rescue DoorsR324.6.2.2 Emergency Escape and Rescue OpeningR310.1 Emergency Escape and Rescue Opening Required1031.3 Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings[BCD] 1031.8 Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings Above Lower Roof SurfacesR310.2.4 Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings Under Decks and PorchesR310.2.4 Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings Under Decks, Porches and Cantilevers[BCD] 1031.7 Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings Under Decks, Porches and Similar ProjectionsR310.1 Emergency Escape and Rescue Required1030.7 Emergency Escape OpeningsR310.5 Emergency Escape Windows Under Decks and Porches403.8.1.7 Emergency Evacuation Drill Deferral403.9.3.5 Emergency Evacuation Drill During Inclement Weather(b) 408.3.2 Emergency Evacuation Drill FrequencySection 405 Emergency Evacuation Drills408.8.7 Emergency Evacuation Plans, Signs and Procedures8.6.11.5 Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Elevators1910.1027(l)(7) Emergency Examinations1910.68(b)(12) Emergency Exit Ladder1025.2.6.1 Emergency Exit Symbol5. Emergency Exit Unloading Platforms5.7.10.4 Emergency Exits1910.265(c)(6) Emergency Exits Including Doors and Fire Escapes416.0 Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment42. Emergency Fire Equipment Accessibility2.1- Emergency First-Aid Equipment9.6.4 Emergency Forces Notification42. Emergency Fuel Shutoff42. Emergency Fuel Shutoff Signs42.10.4.4 Emergency Fuel Shutoff Stations42. Emergency Fuel Shutoff SystemsG.5.4 Emergency Gas Shutoff5810.5.1.1 Emergency Gas Shutoff Valve22.29.1.4 Emergency Generators9.1.3 Emergency Generators and Standby Power Systems1910.68(b)(11)(iii) Emergency Grab Rail403.9.2.2 Emergency Guide403. Emergency Guide Distribution403. Emergency Guide Maintenance4705.4 Emergency Helicopter Landing Facility3003.4 Emergency Hoistway VentingSection P103 Emergency HousingSection P110 Emergency Housing Facilities700.16 Emergency Illumination3.3.130.1* Emergency Impairment13.* Emergency Impairments320.5.3.1 Emergency Information105.7.9 Emergency Inspections31.7.1 Emergency Instructions for Residents of Apartment Buildings29.7.4 Emergency Instructions for Residents or Guests63. Emergency Isolation1910.68(b)(6)(v) Emergency Landings§27-542 Emergency Lighting20.2.9 Emergency Lighting and Essential Electrical Systems646.17 Emergency Lighting Circuits604.6 Emergency Lighting Equipment1032.10 Emergency Lighting Equipment Inspection and Testing406.3.4 Emergency Lockdown Training1926.804(d) "Emergency Locks"608.8 Emergency Management Plan12-3-2.4.3 Emergency Means of EscapeSection 116 Emergency Measures26.2.10 Emergency Monitoring LocationsSection 806 Emergency NotificationSection 2001 Emergency Notification, Access and Facilities604.2 Emergency Operation5.8.1.8 Emergency Operation and Signal DevicesSection 2.27 Emergency Operation and Signaling DevicesEmergency Operation TestSection 3003 Emergency Operations5.2.1.27 Emergency Operations and Signaling Devices708.64 Emergency Operations Plan3604.6 Emergency Operations Staging Areas[F] 414.5.2 Emergency or Standby Power2.27.2 Emergency or Standby Power System1101.5.2.1 Emergency Overflow3.3.102 Emergency Personnel1-317 Emergency Petition60. Emergency Plan408.2.3 Emergency Plan Availability408.8 Emergency Plan Minimum Requirements60.1.5 Emergency PlanningSection 408 Emergency Planning and Evacuation Requirements for High-Rise Buildings5605.2 Emergency Planning and Preparedness40.13 Emergency Planning and Response66.6.8 Emergency Planning and Training20.12.2.1 Emergency Plans4703.3.1 Emergency Plans, Procedures and Evacuation Signs[F] 402.7.3 Emergency Power1910.106(g)(3)(iii) Emergency Power Cutoff1104.5.1 Emergency Power Duration and Installation3903.3.7.1 Emergency Power for Extraction Process1008.3 Emergency Power for Illumination3111F.8.3 Emergency Power for Illumination (N)1105.5.2 Emergency Power for Operational Needs3903.3.7.2 Emergency Power for Other Than Extraction Process[F] 403.4.8.4 Emergency Power Loads403. Emergency Power Loads in Group R-2 Occupancies403. Emergency Power Loads in Group R-2 Occupancies 125 Feet or Less in 12 Height403. Emergency Power Loads in Occupancies Other Than Group R-2403.4.8.1 Emergency Power Loads in Occupancies Other Than R-21006.3.1 Emergency Power Source804.5.5 Emergency Power Source in Group I- Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS)[F] 415.11.11 Emergency Power System§12-01 Emergency Power System Requirements. [Repealed][F] 403.4.9 Emergency Power SystemsArticle 215 Emergency Powers of the Commissioner403.4.1.1 Emergency Pre-Fire Planning511.4 Emergency Preparedness1.2-6.5 Emergency Preparedness and Management406.2 Emergency Preparedness in Apartment Buildings407.2 Emergency Preparedness in Assembly Occupancies With Comprehensive Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plans407.3 Emergency Preparedness in Assembly Occupancies With Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plans408.2 Emergency Preparedness in Assisted Living Facilities and Similar Occupancies With Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plans (Level 2)415.1.1 Emergency Preparedness in Buildings and Occupancies With Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plans (Level 2)410.5 Emergency Preparedness in Dormitories Without Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plans410.4 Emergency Preparedness in Educational Occupancies and Dormitories With Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plans411.2 Emergency Preparedness in Factories With Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plans (Level 2)410.3 Emergency Preparedness in Group B Educational Occupancies With Comprehensive Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plans412.2 Emergency Preparedness in High-Hazard Buildings and Occupancies With Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plans (Level 2)405.4 Emergency Preparedness in Homeless Shelters and Emergency Shelters414.3 Emergency Preparedness in Mercantile Buildings and Occupancies With Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plans414.2 Emergency Preparedness in Mercantile Occupancies With Comprehensive Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plans404.2 Emergency Preparedness in Office Buildings and Occupancies With Comprehensive Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plans404.3 Emergency Preparedness in Office Buildings and Occupancies With Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plans413.2 Emergency Preparedness in Patient and Residential Care Facilities With Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plans (Level 2)405.2 Emergency Preparedness in Transient Residential Buildings and Occupancies With Comprehensive Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plans405.3 Emergency Preparedness in Transient Residential Buildings and Occupancies With Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plans401.3 Emergency Preparedness Plans401.8 Emergency Preparedness RecordkeepingSection 403 Emergency Preparedness Requirements53.2.1 Emergency Pressure Control System2304.3.5 Emergency Procedures320.12 Emergency Protective Equipment1926.800(g) Emergency Provisions5706.5.4.2 Emergency Refueling3.3.101 Emergency Relief Vent1305.8 Emergency Relief Vent Piping2306.6.2.5 Emergency Relief Venting66.22.7 Emergency Relief Venting for Fire Exposure for Aboveground Storage Tanks1926.152(i)(2)(v) "Emergency Relief Venting for Fire Exposure for Aboveground Tanks"[NY] 113.7 Emergency Repair[A] 105.2.1 Emergency Repairs118.7 Emergency Repairs and Demolition401.2 Emergency Reporting1926.651(g)(2) Emergency Rescue Equipment453.14.2.1 Emergency Rescue Windows[NY] 4003.3.1 Emergency Responder AccessSection 918 Emergency Responder Communication Coverage[BCD] 510.3.1 Emergency Responder Communication Coverage Checklist, Oregon Structural Specialty Code (OSSC) Form 9181103.2 Emergency Responder Communication Coverage in Existing Buildings510.1 Emergency Responder Communication Coverage in New Buildings[A] 105.6.4 Emergency Responder Communication Coverage System510.4.1 Emergency Responder Communication Coverage System Signal Strength[F] 2702.2.3 Emergency Responder Communication Coverage Systems510.4.1 Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System Signal Strength[F] 1701.2.6 Emergency Responder Needs401.3 Emergency Responder Notification5.2.2.7 Emergency Responder ProtectionSection 918 Emergency Responder Radio Coverage510.1 Emergency Responder Radio Coverage in Buildings1103.2 Emergency Responder Radio Coverage in Existing Buildings510.1 Emergency Responder Radio Coverage in New Buildings[A] 105.7.6 Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System510.1.1 Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System in New Buildings[F] 2702.2.3 Emergency Responder Radio Coverage SystemsSection 2101 Emergency Responder SafetySection 914 Emergency Responder Safety Features60. Emergency RespondersH3.2.9 Emergency Response3.3.95* Emergency Response Agency (ERA)1926.65(l) Emergency Response by Employees at Uncontrolled Hazardous Waste Sites102. Emergency Response Capabilities412.3.4 Emergency Response Drills408.7 Emergency Response Duties of Designated Personnel453.4.4 Emergency Response Equipment Area3.3.96* Emergency Response Facility (ERF) Emergency Response Liaison5.4.6 Emergency Response Personnel33.3 Emergency Response Plan7.3.8 Emergency Response Plan Documentation7.3.8 Emergency Response Plan Documentation. (SIG-ECS)24.3.13* Emergency Response Plan Elements121.3.1.2 Emergency Response Plans and Procedures1926.65(p)(8) Emergency Response Program1910.120(q) Emergency Response Program to Hazardous Substance Releases1.11.4 Emergency Response Records1224. Emergency Response Space403.6.1.3 Emergency Response Team60.* Emergency Response Team Leader1926.65(q) Emergency Response to Hazardous Substance Releases409.4.3 Emergency Response UnitsL 402.9 Emergency Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations14A-4-401.1.2 Emergency Scaffolding457.1.4.5 Emergency Screening Area for CSUs1224.33 Emergency Service406.6.2.4 Emergency Service Head Valve, Regulator Valve or Gas Meter Valve Operation2.2-3.1 Emergency Services10.18.6* Emergency Services Interfaces32.10.4.5 Emergency Services Notification406.3.4 Emergency Shelter-in-Place Training1112.5.2 Emergency SheltersSection 411 Emergency Showers and Eyewash StationsSection 411 Emergency Showers Andeyewash StationsSection 411 Emergency Showersand Eyewash Stations611.3.1 Emergency Shut-Down Device3120B.8 Emergency Shut Off(d) 320.6.4 Emergency Shut Off Controls3138B.5 Emergency Shut Off Switch43. Emergency Shutdown2308.7 Emergency Shutdown Control2309.5.3 Emergency Shutdown Controls3108F.3.2 Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Systems3108F.3.2.1 Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Valves(D) Emergency Shutdown in One- And Two-Family Dwelling Units320.14 Emergency Shutdown of Negative Air Equipment(B) Emergency Shutdown of Prime Mover406. Emergency Shutdown Switch2308.7 Emergency Shutdown Switches66.19.5.8 Emergency Shutdown Systems6403.1.1 Emergency Shutoff53.* Emergency Shutoff Interface(D) Emergency Shutoff or Disconnects313.7 Emergency Shutoff Switch453.17.4 Emergency Shutoff Switches3.3.102 Emergency Shutoff Valve69.3.10 Emergency Shutoff Valves1327.2 Emergency Shutoff Valves (Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide)3120B.6 Emergency Sign5.7.21 Emergency Signal and/or Communication5.1.21.1 Emergency Signal and/or Communications5. Emergency Signaling Device5.3.1.20 Emergency Signaling Devices3002.3 Emergency Signs[F] 1106.6 Emergency Signs and Labels1910.1027(h) Emergency SituationsSection P104 Emergency Sleeping Cabins34.4.3* Emergency Smoke and Heat Venting§28-315.8.1 Emergency Source of Water for Residential Occupancies(A) Emergency Sources3.3.75 Emergency Stair Travel Device7.16* Emergency Stair Travel Devices13.4.3.1 Emergency Starting and Stopping1111.4 Emergency Stop1910.263(h)(2) Emergency Stop Bar6. Emergency Stop Buttons2.26.2.5 Emergency Stop Switch2.27.1.2 Emergency Stop Switch Audible Signal5.4.14.2 Emergency Stop Switches in Cars1910.261(l)(2) Emergency Stops1103.2.15 Emergency Supplemental Hardware406.3.4.1 Emergency Supplemental Hardware Training680.16 Emergency Switch for Spa Pools680.41 Emergency Switch for Spas and Hot TubsArticle 700 Emergency SystemPart IV Emergency System Circuits for Lighting and Power[F] 403.4 Emergency Systems2306.9.5 Emergency Tank and Piping System Test1124A.3.4 Emergency Telephone[NY] 4003.3.7 Emergency Telephone Service412.2 Emergency Telephone Signs907.2.26.4 Emergency Telephones2.25.4.1 Emergency Terminal Speed-Limiting Device2.26.2.12 Emergency Terminal Speed-Limiting Devices8. Emergency Terminal Stopping and Speed-Limiting Devices2.25.4.2 Emergency Terminal Stopping Device2.26.2.16 Emergency Terminal Stopping Devices2.25.4 Emergency Terminal Stopping Means5007.9.5 Emergency Transfers Between VehiclesSection P105 Emergency Transportable Housing Units[NY] Section 511 Emergency Vehicle AccessSection 511 Emergency Vehicle Access for Detached One- And Two-Family DwellingsG.3.2 Emergency Ventilation443.2.5 Emergency Ventilation Control1106.2.5 Emergency Ventilation-Required Airflow[M] 608.18.2 Emergency Ventilation System[M] 608.18.3 Emergency Ventilation System Discharge605.17.2 Emergency Ventilation System Operation66. Emergency Venting607.5.2 Emergency Vents[F] 907. Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication Captions[F] 402.7.4 Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication System907.2.1.2 Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication System Captions[F] 907.5.2.2 Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication Systems[F] 411.4 Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications System907. Emergency Voice or Alarm Communication Captions1203.2.4 Emergency Voice or Alarm Communication Systems233.6.3 Emergency Warning Systems614.1.1 Emergency Water Fixture§28-105.4.1 Emergency Work(1) Emerging From Grade510.5.2 Emission Control609.5.1.3 Emission Control DevicesSection 2115 Emission Standards2115.2 Emission Standards for Certified Masonry and Concrete Fireplaces2115.1 Emission Standards for Factory-Built Fireplaces2.2-2.6.1 Emissions*2.2- Emissions and Volatile Organic Compounds*2.2-2.6 Emissions, Effluents, and Pollution Control806.1 Emissions From Composite Wood Products1504.5.4 Emitter Size2101.2.4 Empirical DesignSection 2109 Empirical Design of Adobe MasonrySection 2109 Empirical Design of MasonrySection 2109A Empirical Design of Masonry Not Permitted by OSHPD and DSA .§27-622 Empirical Provisions in Lieu of Design1708.1.1 Empirically Designed Masonry and Glass Unit Masonry in Occupancy Category I, II or III1708.1.2 Empirically Designed Masonry and Glass Unit Masonry in Occupancy Category IV1705.4.1 Empirically Designed Masonry, Glass Unit Masonry and Masonry Veneer in Buildings in Risk Category IV1704.5.1 Empirically Designed Masonry, Glass Unit Masonry and Masonry Veneer in Essential Facilities1704.5.1 Empirically Designed Masonry, Glass Unit Masonry and Masonry Veneer in Occupancy Category IV1705.4.1 Empirically Designed Masonry, Glass Unit Masonry and Masonry Veneer in Risk Category IV1926.32(j)63.2.8* Employee Alarm System1910.165 Employee Alarm Systems1910.1020(e)(2) "Employee and Designated Representative Access" -[P] 2902.3 Employee and Public Toilet Facilities1910.421(f) Employee Briefing1224. Employee Dining1224.25 Employee Dressing Rooms and Lockers1910.1043(i) Employee Education and Training1926.35 Employee Emergency Action Plans1910.1450(d) Employee Exposure Determination1910.1020(e)(2)(i) Employee Exposure Records14X-9-903.2.2 Employee Facilities1. Employee Housing Act1910.1020(g) Employee Information1910.1200(h) Employee Information and Training1904.35 Employee Involvement1910.1020(c)(6)(i)(F) Employee Medical Complaints1910.1020(d)(1)(i) "Employee Medical Records" Employee Monitor1910.95(e) Employee Notification1910.1024(d)(6) Employee Notification of Assessment Results1910.1026(d)(4) Employee Notification of Determination Results1910.1001(d)(7) Employee Notification of Monitoring Results1910.1001(n)(1) Employee Observation1910.132(b) Employee-Owned Equipment40.18* Employee Participation1910.269(w)(6) Employee Protection in Public Work Areas(10) 5619.10 Employee Registration1910.147(c)(7)(iii) Employee Retraining1926.60(h)(4) Employee Rotation403.8.3.2 Employee StaffingAppendix B Employee Standard Summary40.6.1 Employee TrainingSection 406 Employee Training and Response ProceduresSection 406 Employee Training Andresponse Procedures406.3 Employee Training Program1910.1450(f)(4)(i) Employee Training Shall Include:1910.1047(j)(3)(iii) Employee Training Shall Include at Least:106.5.28 Employee Work Area203.9 Employee Work Areas1103.2.3.1 Employee Work Areas and Work Stations1109.4.1.4 Employee Work Stations11B-203.9 Employee Workstations1910.147(e)(2) Employees1910.1048(l)(1) Employees Covered[P] 502.4 Employees' Facilities1910.1047(j)(3)(ii) Employees Shall Be Informed of the Following:§117 Employees' Water-Closets1910.1050(m)(9)(v)(F) Employees Who Do Not Recover Within the 6 Months of Removal1926.32(k)1910.401(c) Employer Obligation1910.1050(m)(9)(iv) Employer Options Pending a Final Medical Determination1926.21(b) Employer Responsibility1910.1018(h)(3)(i) Employers Must1926.1101(h)(3)(iv)(h) 5704.4.8 Empty Closed Containers and Portable Tank Storage4004.2 Empty Containers5704.4.8 Empty Containers and Tank Storage60.5.1.7 Empty Containers and Tanks5704.3.3.4 Empty Containers or Portable Tank Storage5704.4.8 Empty Containers Storage1910.253(b)(2)(iii) Empty Cylinders Shall Have Their Valves ClosedArticle 1001 Enactment and Update of the New York City Energy Conservation Code21.2.3 Encapsulated Storage Over 15 ft (4.6 m) in Height Up to and Including 20 ft (6.1 m) in Height3.3.64* Encapsulation(G) Encapsulation "m"3102F. Encased Components2611.4 Encasement(A) Enclosed5604.12.1 Enclosed and EncasedR322.2.2 Enclosed Area Below Design Flood ElevationR322.2.2 Enclosed Area Below Required Elevation806.4.1 Enclosed AreasR322.3.6 Enclosed Areas Below Design Flood ElevationR322.3.6 Enclosed Areas Below Required ElevationG106.2 Enclosed Areas Subject to Flooding in A-ZonesG106.3 Enclosed Areas Subject to Flooding in Coastal High-Hazard Areas and Coastal A-ZonesG106.3 Enclosed Areas Subject to Flooding in V-Zones and Coastal A-Zones36-711 Enclosed Bicycle Parking Spaces(7) Enclosed Coating and Dipping Operations3.3.51.1 Enclosed Court63.* Enclosed Courts453.5.5.2 "Enclosed Courtyard"453.18.1.6 Enclosed Courtyards708.14.2 Enclosed Elevator Lobby707.14.2 Enclosed Elevator Lobby Pressurization Alternative(D) Enclosed Equipment Accessible to Unqualified Persons1510.5.2 Enclosed Features1910.262(h)(2) Enclosed Hot Air DryerC403.7.5 Enclosed Loading Dock and Parking Garage Exhaust Ventilation System Controls3.3.175.2 Enclosed Mall Concourse(B) Enclosed Overcurrent Devices6. Enclosed Parking Garage VentilationC403.7.2 Enclosed Parking Garage Ventilation ControlsC403.7.2 Enclosed Parking Garage Ventilation Controls (Mandatory)406.6 Enclosed Parking Garages404.1 Enclosed Parking Garages and Automobile Repair Facilities3. Enclosed Parking Structure707A.6 Enclosed Roof Eaves and Roof Eave Soffits14-10 Enclosed Sidewalk Cafes[M] 1103.3.4 Enclosed Spaces2404.7.3.2 Enclosed Spray Booth or Spray Room With Openings for Product Conveyance(4) Enclosed Spray Booths and Spray Rooms1910.155(c)(15) Enclosed Structure(C) Enclosed Wiring(A) Enclosing460.3 Enclosing and Guarding520.7 Enclosing and Guarding Live Parts1910.265(d)(4)(iv) Enclosing Hydraulic Barkers3004.2.1 Enclosure1023.12.2 Enclosure AccessF 701.5 Enclosure and Air Filling Station Marking§27-529 Enclosure and Interior Finish7.2.5.6 Enclosure and Protection of Ramps7.2.2.5 Enclosure and Protection of Stairs13-221 Enclosure and Screening Requirements713.11 Enclosure at the Bottom708.12 Enclosure at the Top713.12 Enclosure at Top453.25.4.1 Enclosure ClassificationsF 501.7 Enclosure Components1019.1.8.1 Enclosure Exit1910.262(e)(2) Enclosure Fastenings110.31 Enclosure for Electrical InstallationsF 501.6 Enclosure Marking2.14.3.1 Enclosure Material404.6 Enclosure of Atriums1024.5.1 Enclosure of Balcony Openings42-41 Enclosure of Commercial or Manufacturing Activities1231.6.2 Enclosure of Exits and Vertical Openings1028.5.1 Enclosure of Openings3119B.4 Enclosure of Pools Constructed Prior to July 1, 1994101.6.3 Enclosure of Porches2.7.1 Enclosure of Rooms and Spaces126-134 Enclosure of Storage in M1-1 Districts Near Residence Districts83-05 Enclosure of Uses406.5.9 Enclosure of Vertical Openings1011.8 Enclosure of Vertical Shafts(4) Enclosure or Raceway Damage42-42 Enclosure or Screening of Storage7.2.3.9 Enclosure PressurizationPart IV Enclosure, Raceway, and Service Cable Connections108-14 Enclosure Regulations126-132 Enclosure Regulations in M1-1 Districts126-133 Enclosure Regulations in M2-1 Districts Near Residence Districts2.14.1.1 Enclosure Required3109.4.4.3 Enclosure; Required Characteristics142-13 Enclosure Requirements in Subdistrict E16-22 Enclosure, Surfacing and Screening Requirements110.28 Enclosure Types[B] 1009.9.4 Enclosure Under Exterior StairwaysI103.1 Enclosure Walls32-41 Enclosure Within Buildings1127A.5.3.3 EnclosuresP-708.3 Enclosures and Interior Finish1910.304(g)(6)(i)(B)(3) Enclosures Are Guarded Against Employee Contact(2) Enclosures as Pull BoxesG310.4 Enclosures Below Design Flood Elevation1910.305(e) Enclosures for Damp or Wet Locations707.3.3 Enclosures for Exit Access StairwaysE3610.3 Enclosures for Grounding Electrode Conductors4.3.4 Enclosures for Machines and Control Equipment(D) Enclosures for Motor ControllersE3705.9 Enclosures for Overcurrent Devices(G) Enclosures in Concrete or Masonry(B) Enclosures in Damp or Wet Locations§30-01 Enclosures of Premises Used for Automobile Wrecking, Storage of Scrap Metal, Junk, Scrap Paper or Rags, Storage of Lumber, and Building Material or Contractors' Yards503.1.4.1 Enclosures Over Occupied Roof Areas303.2.1 Enclosures Public Pools1022.1 Enclosures Required1011.7.4 Enclosures Under Exterior Stairways1011.7.3 Enclosures Under Interior Stairways1009.6.3 Enclosures Under Stairways(E) Enclosures With Single Opening1005.7 Encroachment81-265 Encroachment Limitations by Length and Height Rules1114A.4.4 Encroachment of Doors14A-4-401.3.3 Encroachment on Public PropertySection 3202 Encroachments3202.3 Encroachments 12 Feet or More Above Grade3202.3.3 Encroachments 15 Feet or More Above Grade3202.3 Encroachments 8 Feet or More Above Grade3202.2 Encroachments Above Grade3202.2 Encroachments Above Grade and Below 12 Feet in Height3202.2 Encroachments Above Grade and Below 8 Feet in Height81-264 Encroachments and Compensating Recesses3202.1 Encroachments Below Grade3202.2.2 Encroachments Not Subject to Area Limitations3201.1.1 Encroachments Removable3202.2.1 Encroachments Subject to the Area Limitations1910.184(f)(4) End Attachments10.7.5.3 End-Bearing Splices25.5.6 End-Bearing Splices of Deformed Bars in Compression2114.2.2 End Connections2114.2.1.2 End Connections of Horizontal Ties2303.1.1.2 End-Jointed Lumber2306.3.4.1 End Joints5.1.22 End-Loading Inclined Elevators1906.3 End Stops1809.1.3 End-Supported Piles2221.6 End Supports and Anchorage26.6.3.8 End-to-End Communication Time for Alarm7.5.6 End TreatmentC409.3 End-Use MeteringC405.12.2 End-Use Metering Categories3.3.14.4 End Wall 5.16.2 End Walls2.9-4.3 Endoscope Processing Room*2.9-3.2 Endoscopy Procedure Room2.2-3.11 Endoscopy Services3.3.98* Endpoint (Class N)R602.10.7 Ends of Braced Wall Lines With Continuous SheathingEndurance and Performance Test ProceduresEndurance and Performance Tests8. Endurance TestStandard FIRE Endurance Test Report Form(D) Energized Equipment110.56 Energized PartsE3404.9 Energized Parts Guarded Against Accidental ContactE3601.8 Energizing Service Equipment[A] 101.4.6 Energy101.5.2.2 Energy AnalysisArticle 308 Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning of Base Building Systems§28-308.2 Energy Audits RequiredArticle 1 Energy Building Regulations(B) Energy Code110.3.5 Energy Code Compliance Inspections*§28-321.2.1 Energy Compliant Buildings*§28-321.3.1 Energy Compliant Buildings ReportsSection AQ106 Energy Conservation§28-104.7.9 Energy Conservation Code603.6 Energy Conservation DevicesArticle *321 Energy Conservation Measure Requirements for Certain Buildings14A-1-105.9 Energy Conservation (Title 14N) Energy-Consuming EquipmentC404.8 Energy Consumption of Pools and Permanent SpasC404.9 Energy Consumption of Pools and Permanent Spas (Mandatory)The Energy Consumption of Pools and Permanent Spas Shall Be in Accordance With Sections N1103.10.1 Through N1103.10.3N1103.10 (R403.10) Energy Consumption of Pools and SpasC404.12 Energy Consumption of Portable SpasC404.10 Energy Consumption of Portable Spas (Mandatory)1910.147(c)(4) Energy Control Procedure1910.147(c)(1) Energy Control ProgramL 503.2.1 Energy Cost Budget Method11.1.1 Energy Cost Budget Method ScopeA4. Energy Design RatingA4. Energy Design Ratings: Total Energy Design Rating (Total EDR) and Energy Efficiency Design Rating (Efficiency EDR)603.6 Energy Display603.2 Energy Distribution Design Requirements and Load Type Isolation in Buildings107.13 Energy EfficiencyE104.2 Energy Efficiency Information on the Construction Documents[A] 110.3.9 Energy Efficiency Inspections107.13 Energy Efficiency Plans§28-308.4 Energy Efficiency Report Required*§28-309.12.2 Energy Efficiency Score and Energy Efficiency Grade Required*§28-309.12 Energy Efficiency Scores and Energy Efficiency GradesSection 150.2 Energy Efficiency Standards for Additions and Alterations to Existing Low-Rise Residential BuildingsSection 150.2 Energy Efficiency Standards for Additions and Alterations to Existing Single-Family Residential BuildingsSection A5.213 Energy Efficient Steel Framing430.113 Energy From More Than One Source1910.147(c)(8) Energy Isolation603.4 Energy Load Type Sub-Metering1206.2.10.3 Energy Management SystemArticle 750 Energy Management SystemsSection C409 Energy Metering and Energy Consumption ManagementSection 603 Energy Metering, Monitoring and Reporting1617.8.3 Energy MethodsC405.12 Energy MonitoringA5.203.2 Energy Performance[CE] 1501.3.1 Energy Performance IndicesR401.3 Energy Performance Level (EPL) Display Card (Mandatory)G2.4 Energy RatesN1106.4 (R406.4) Energy Rating IndexSection N1106 (R406) Energy Rating Index Compliance AlternativeC407.1.1 Energy Rating Index (ERI) for Multi-Family BuildingsN1101.13.3 (R401.2.3) Energy Rating Index OptionR328.5 Energy Ratings6.5.6 Energy RecoveryC403.7.4 Energy Recovery Systems6.8.3 Energy Recovery Systems With Leakage PotentialSection 514 Energy Recovery Ventilation SystemsC403.7.4 Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems (Mandatory)C403.3.5.1 Energy Recovery Ventilation With DOAS424.101 Energy SourceC409.2 Energy Source MeteringSection CA102 Energy Standard for Commercial BuildingsE 201.3 Energy StarA5.204.1 Energy Star Equipment and AppliancesR406.6.3 Energy Star Homes, Version 3.1 Documentation1207.3.4 Energy Storage Management System608.9.2 Energy Storage Management System Monitoring(E) Energy Storage or Backup Power System Requirements1207.3.1 Energy Storage System Listings706.10 Energy Storage System Locations716. Energy Storage System Separation[F] 907.2.23 Energy Storage Systems3.3.103* Energy Storage Systems (ESS)[NY] 1206.18 Energy Storage Systems in Group R-3, and R-4 Occupancies(3) Energy Storage Systems Using Utility-Interactive InvertersSection 611 Energy Systems Commissioning and Completion603.3 Energy-Type Metering603.2.5 Energy Used for Building Operations Loads and Other Miscellaneous Loads301.2 Energy Utilization1.11.2.1 EnforcementArticle 1 Enforcement Actions and Proceedings in GeneralChapter 1 Enforcement, Administration and Amendments103.1 Enforcement Agency1601.2 Enforcement Agency Approval71-00 Enforcement and Administration(a) 121.4.1 Enforcement and Resolution of Conflict1.7.4 Enforcement AssistanceSection 113 Enforcement by Citation10-105 Enforcement by the CommissionSection 104 Enforcement, Generally§1-12.10 Enforcement of Board Resolution§27-2116 Enforcement of Civil Penalty; Powers of Housing Part of the Civil Court, Collection of Judgment**§28-204.6 Enforcement of Environmental Control Board Judgments as a Tax Lien§1401-01 Enforcement of Fire Safety at Construction Sites104.1.1 Enforcement of Fireworks Provisions by Law-Enforcement Officers§28-204.6.6 Enforcement of Lien§28-103.1.2 Enforcement of New York City Construction Codes on Property Within the Jurisdiction of the Department of Small Business Services§28-503.5 Enforcement of Order§28-212.9 Enforcement of Order of Closure103.1.4 Enforcement of State Fire Marshal Rules and Regulations*3303.10.3 Enforcement of Tenant Protection Plan§28-207.4.2 Enforcement of Vacate Order14A-3-312.2 Enforcement Proceeding(f) 109.1.6 Enforcement to Remedy Dangerous Conditions1.9.1.4 Enforcing Agency1926.1425(b)(1)Section 616 (IFGC) Engine and Gas Turbine-Powered EquipmentSection 915 Engine and Gas Turbine-Powered Equipment and AppliancesSection 915 Engine and Gas Turbine-Poweredequipment and Appliances(D) Engine-Drive Control Wiring(B) Engine-Drive Controllers1905.2 Engine-Driven Equipment and Appliances10.6.11 Engine-Driven Generators1905.3 Engine-Driven Stationary Geneators915.3 Engine-Driven Stationary Generators1910.262(y)(2) Engine Drum Extractor—Over-Speed Governor1203.1.1.1 Engine Fuel Tank13.4.4.2* Engine Maintenance[F] 913.3.1 Engine Manufacturer's Recommendation2702. Engine-Mounted Tanks1910.219(k)(2) Engine Rooms3604.4 Engine Test Stand Fuel Supply1818.6.1 Engineer of Record691.6 Engineered Design904.1.1.2 Engineered Fire Suppression Systems405.1.5 Engineered Growing MediaG2407.8 (304.8) Engineered Installations1704.5.2 Engineered Masonry in Occupancy Category I, II or III1704.5.3 Engineered Masonry in Occupancy Category IVC 301.0 Engineered Plumbing Systems(B) Engineered Series Combination Systems20.7.7* Engineered Smoke Control Systems1106.0 Engineered Storm Drainage System(3) Engineered Systems912.0 Engineered Vent SystemSection 919 Engineered Vent Systems909. Engineered Ventilation System2308.7.9 Engineered Wood Products2303.1.13 Engineered Wood Rim Board[F] 1701.3.15.3 Engineering Analyses of Potential Fire ScenariosG103.6.1 Engineering Analysis13. Engineering Analysis and Calculations[F] 2201.3.19.4 Engineering Analysis of Potential Event Scenarios*2.1-5.6 Engineering and Maintenance Services1910.1024(f)(2) Engineering and Work Practice ControlsG2428.2.16 (504.2.16) Engineering Calculations1910.1029(f)(2) Engineering Controls1910.1001(f)(1) Engineering Controls and Work Practices1926.60(h)(1) Engineering Controls and Workpractices and Respirators1910.120(g) Engineering Controls, Work Practices, and Personal Protective Equipment for Employee Protection1926.65(g)(2) Engineering Controls, Work Practices, and PPE for Substances Not Regulated Either in § 1926.55, Elsewhere in Subpart D, or in Other Pertinent Sections of This Part1910.120(g)(2) Engineering Controls, Work Practices, and PPE for Substances Not Regulated in Subparts G and Z1926.65(g)(1) Engineering Controls, Work Practices and PPE for Substances Regulated Either in § 1926.55, Elsewhere in Subpart D, or in Other Pertinent Sections of This Part.1910.120(g)(1) Engineering Controls, Work Practices and PPE for Substances Regulated in Subparts G and Z3102.7 Engineering Design109.3 Engineering Details202.9.1 Engineering Division66. Engineering EvaluationJ404.3.2.1 Engineering Evaluation and Analysis1323.1.6 Engineering Methods202.6.3 Engineering Newsletter309.1 Engineering Practices14A-4-404.11.3 Engineering Report450.3.10 Engineering Service and Equipment Areas(B) Engineering Supervision8.3.9 Engineering Tests for Hydraulic Overspeed Valves8.3.14 Engineering Tests of Car Door Restrictors8.3.10 Engineering Tests: Safety Nut and Speed-Limiting Devices of Screw-Column ElevatorsSection 8.3 Engineering Tests, Type Tests, and Certification1.1-7 English/Metric MeasurementsSection 808 Enhanced Acoustics for ClassroomsSection 1207 Enhanced Classroom AcousticsC406.12 Enhanced Commercial Kitchen EquipmentA4.408.1 Enhanced Construction Waste ReductionA5.408.3.1 Enhanced Construction Waste Reduction — Tier 1A5.408.3.1.1 Enhanced Construction Waste Reduction — Tier 2A.12 Enhanced Detailing RequirementsC406.4 Enhanced Digital Lighting ControlsSection 4.406 Enhanced Durability and Reduced MaintenanceC406.8 Enhanced Envelope PerformanceN1108.2.1 (R408.2.1) Enhanced Envelope Performance Option453.25.1.1 Enhanced Hurricane Protection Areas (EHPA)453.25.1.1 Enhanced Hurricane Protection Areas (EHPAs)*§28-213.6 Enhanced Penalties for Other ViolationsC406.5.2 Enhanced Renewable Credit1810.4.7 Enlarged Base Cast-in-Place Elements1812.2 Enlarged Base Piles73-621 Enlargement, Change of Use, or Extension Within Buildings Containing Residential Uses73-63 Enlargement of Non-Residential Buildings73-65 Enlargement of Public Utility Facilities73-42 Enlargement of Uses Across District Boundaries15-41 Enlargements of Converted Buildings73-622 Enlargements of Single- And Two-Family Detached and Semi-Detached Residences1705.30.1.2 Enlargements or Additions to Existing System54-30 Enlargements or Conversions52-40 Enlargements or Extensions73-53 Enlargements or Extensions of Certain Manufacturing or Related Uses1107.5.4.1 Enriched Assisted Living Residences (EALR) and Special Needs Assisted Living Residences (SNALR)3308.6.2.3 Entanglement(A) Entering Buildings(1) Entering Enclosures(B) Entering Spaces Subject to Dampness, Wetness, or Corrosive Vapors81-725 Entertainment-Related UsesC407. Enthalpy Recovery Ventilation Systems (ERVS)1113.1.1 Entire BuildingINDEPENDENT Entity1224.29.2.1 Entrance1910.303(h)(4) Entrance and Access to Work Space1926.403(j)(4) Entrance and Access to Workspace8. Entrance and Egress6.1.3.6 Entrance and Egress Ends118-40 Entrance and Street Wall Transparency Requirements1227.13.1.1 Entrance and Waiting770.100 Entrance Cable Bonding and Grounding830.40 Entrance Cables3202.2.1.1 Entrance Details1010.4.1 Entrance Doors§35 Entrance Doors and Lights§42-01 Entrance Doors, Locks and Intercommunication Systems1910.265(d)(3)(viii) Entrance Doorway8.3.4 Entrance Fire Type Tests2.11.12.2 Entrance Frames§50 Entrance Halls(C) Entrance to and Egress From Working Space810.55 Entrance to Building110.33 Entrance to Enclosures and Access to Working Space206.4 Entrances2.11.1 Entrances and Emergency Doors Required11B-206.4.1 Entrances and Exterior Ground Floor Exits8.7.2.10 Entrances and Hoistway Openings§50-a Entrances: Doors, Locks and Intercommunication Systems1105.1.4 Entrances for Inmates and Detainees206.4.9 Entrances for Inmates or Detainees1117A.5 Entrances From Parking Structures, Tunnels or Elevated Walkways11B-206.4.3 Entrances From Tunnels or Elevated Walk-Ways206.4.3 Entrances From Tunnels or Elevated Walkways2.11.11 Entrances, Horizontal Slide Type2.11.15.3 Entrances Larger Than Tested Assemblies118-41 Entrances on 14th Street118-42 Entrances on Union Square East, Union Square West and 17th Street26-33 Entrances, Parking Location and Curb Cuts2.11.13 Entrances, Swinging Type1926.966(e)(5) Entrances to Rooms and Other1105.2 Entrances to Rooms or Spaces2.11.12 Entrances, Vertical Slide Type2.11.13.5 Entrances With Combination Horizontally Sliding and Swinging Panels3109.5 Entrapment Avoidance3109.3.1 Entrapment ProtectionSection G106 Entrapment Protection for Swimming Pool and Spa Suction Outlets[NY] 303.4 Entrapment Protection for Swimming Pools and Spas705.2.1.2 Entrapment Warning401.8.3 Entries5.407.2.2 Entries and Openings1237.3.2 Entry809.2 Entry and Exit18.7 Entry/Exit Gate1910.272(h) Entry Into Flat Storage Structures1910.272(g) Entry Into Grain Storage Structures1910.94(b)(1)(vi) Entry Loss1926.1206 Entry Permit1008.4.4 Entry Points and SeatsAF103.4 Entry Routes1926.965(d)(3) Entry Without AttendantA5.504.5.1 Entryway Systems3310.8.3.2 Enumerated Inspections5.1.3 Envelope AlterationsCD602.5 Envelope Components11.1.3 Envelope LimitationC6.2 Envelope Performance Factor[F] 902.1.3 Environment*2.5-1.5 Environment of Care*1.2-1.3 Environment of Care and Facility Function Considerations1.2-5 Environment of Care Requirements504.0 Environmental Air DuctsPart I — Environmental Air Ducts and Product-Conveying Systems§1-08.2 Environmental Assessment Statement (EAS)E 607.0 Environmental Comfort123-32 Environmental Conditions1926.950(d)(8)4003.10 Environmental ControlArticle 204 Environmental Control Board§13-01 Environmental Control Board Adjudication. [Repealed]1926.432 Environmental Deterioration of Equipment1224.4.2 Environmental Engineering and Support Service SpacesSection 12-3-10 Environmental Exposure Test1.2- Environmental Impact of Selected Building Materials*2.2-2.1.1 Environmental Impacts*1.3-4 Environmental Pollution Control505.4.1 Environmental Product Declaration640.44 Environmental Protection of EquipmentDivision 5.5 — Environmental Quality1.1-4.5 Environmental Regulations11-15 Environmental Requirements2.1-5.5 Environmental Services2.8-3.8.14 Environmental Services Closet2.1- Environmental Services Facilities2.1-5.3.1 Environmental Services Room*2.1- Environmental Services Room Features2.2- Environmental Services Room(s)*2.1- Environmental Services Room(s) for Facility-Based Environmental Services2.4-5.5.2 Environmental Services Rooms803.3 Environmental Tobacco Smoke Control5.504.7 Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) ControlA5.504.9 Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control. [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4]604.9 Epoxy Coating2103.11.7.2 Epoxy Coatings2103.2.3.3 Epoxy Mortar1910.179(a)(38) Equalizer315.5 Equalizers722.6.3.1 Equation 7-21B.1 Equation Application InformationC6 Equations for Envelope Trade-Off Calculations22.2.1 Equilibrium and Strain Compatibility[F] 909.10 Equipment3123B.4 Equipment Access2.26.2.35 Equipment Access Panel Electrical DeviceF 108.2 Equipment, Accessories, Components, and Materials2.8.1 Equipment Allowed311.2.3 Equipment Anchorage3110F.8 Equipment Anchors and Supports503.3 Equipment and Appliance Identification PlateSection 303 Equipment and Appliance LocationM1401.3 Equipment and Appliance Sizing406.2.9 Equipment and Appliances503.3 Equipment and Appliances Identification Plate303.8 Equipment and Appliances on Roofs306.5 Equipment and Appliances on Roofs or Elevated Structures840.170 Equipment and Cables1926.417(b) Equipment and Circuits516.36 Equipment and Containers in Ventilated Areas604.7 Equipment and Fixtures3103F.2.3 Equipment and Piping Area Loads[A] 102.2.6 Equipment and ProcessesPart II Equipment and Projectors of the Professional Type1926.65(k)(4) Equipment and Solvents1224. Equipment and Supplies1226. Equipment and Supply Storage4.4-4.2.4 Equipment and Supply Storage for Medium and Large Settings2.1- Equipment and Supply Storage Room or AlcoveC403.2.2 Equipment and System Sizing1203.1 Equipment and Systems603.1.1 Equipment and Wiring502.1.3 Equipment, Appliance and Service Rooms710.6 Equipment Approval1910.107(i)(3) Equipment Approval and Specifications1926.60(k)(1)(iii) Equipment Area454.1.5 Equipment Area or Rooms1910.103(b)(1)(iv) Equipment Assembly1910.104(b)(8) Equipment Assembly and Installation525.30 Equipment Bonding(5) Equipment Bonding Conductors(E) Equipment Bonding Jumper(G) Equipment Bonding Jumper Size690.50 Equipment Bonding Jumpers517.35 Equipment Branch Connection to Alternate Power SourceC402.1.2 Equipment BuildingsG3.1.2.2 Equipment Capacities113.3.1 Equipment ChangesArticle 6 Equipment Classification305.2.9 Equipment Clear ZoneArticle 8 Equipment Clearances1212.6 Equipment, Components, and Appliances250.114 Equipment Connected by Cord and Plug230.82 Equipment Connected to the Supply Side of Service Disconnect625.44 Equipment Connection1926.404(f)(8)(iii) Equipment Considered Effectively Grounded250.136 Equipment Considered GroundedPart II Equipment Construction5704.2.10.5 Equipment, Controls and Piping in Diked Areas607.2.1 Equipment Covered by Federal Standards1.1.1 Equipment Covered by This Code1926.1431(d) Equipment Criteria1910.137(b)(2) Equipment Current1910.119(j)(5) Equipment Deficiencies(B) Equipment Design and Location60. Equipment, Devices, and Systems Requiring Testing(C) Equipment Disconnecting Means705.3.7.2 Equipment Disconnection503.3.1 Equipment Draft RequirementsSection 313 Equipment Efficiencies6.4.1 Equipment Efficiencies, Verification, and Labeling Requirements7.4.2 Equipment EfficiencyR303.1.2 Equipment Efficiency Ratings(2) Equipment Enclosure9.2.10* Equipment Enclosures(C) Equipment Enclosures, Boxes, Conduit Bodies, and Fittings2.7.6.6 Equipment Exposed to the Weather2.7.6.6 Equipment Exposure to Weather250.110 Equipment Fastened in Place (Fixed) or Connected by Permanent Wiring MethodsE3908.10 Equipment Fastened in Place or Connected by Permanent Wiring Methods250.134 Equipment Fastened in Place or Connected by Permanent Wiring Methods (Fixed)250.134 Equipment Fastened in Place or Connected by Permanent Wiring Methods (Fixed) — Grounding38. Equipment Field Verification27.5.2.9 Equipment Fire Protection(A) Equipment for Delayed Automatic Connection(B) Equipment for Delayed Automatic or Manual Connection1910.305(j) Equipment for General Use1140A.6 Equipment for Hearing Impaired PeopleN107.5.3 Equipment for LP-Gas Containers38.4 Equipment for Persons With Vision ImpairmentsSection 92.0106 Equipment Found UnsafeArticle 7 Equipment Foundation Mountings454.2.22 Equipment Foundations and Enclosures(i) Equipment Grants(B) Equipment Grounding690.43 Equipment Grounding and Bonding(B) Equipment Grounding and Bonding ConductorsPart VI Equipment Grounding and Equipment Grounding Conductors320.108 Equipment Grounding Conductor410.46 Equipment Grounding Conductor Attachment250.130 Equipment Grounding Conductor Connections250.124 Equipment Grounding Conductor Continuity525.32 Equipment Grounding Conductor Continuity Assurance(5) Equipment Grounding Conductor Fill517.13 Equipment Grounding Conductor for Receptacles and Fixed Electrical Equipment in Patient Care Spaces400.23 Equipment Grounding Conductor Identification250.120 Equipment Grounding Conductor Installation(C) Equipment Grounding Conductor (Outer Sectioned Layers)(D) Equipment Grounding Conductor Provisions(B) Equipment Grounding Conductor Required(B) Equipment Grounding Conductor(s)E3908.13 Equipment Grounding Conductor Size(A) Equipment Grounding Conductor Types(1) Equipment Grounding Conductors(B) Equipment Grounding Conductors Required(C) Equipment Grounding Conductors Smaller Than 6 AWG455.5 Equipment Grounding Connection(E) Equipment Grounding Connections(B) Equipment Grounding Means(3) Equipment Grounding Provisions for Cords(A) Equipment Grounding Required1910.30(b) Equipment HazardsE3404.11 Equipment Identification602. Equipment in Combustible Enclosures1910.307(e) Equipment in Division 2 Locations5.1.7 Equipment in Hoistways and Machine RoomsSection 2.8 Equipment in Hoistways, Machinery Spaces, Machine Rooms, Control Spaces, and Control Rooms4.1.3 Equipment in Hoistways or Machine Rooms4.1.8 Equipment in Hoistways or Machinery Spaces, Control Spaces, and Control Rooms602. Equipment in Metallic Enclosures(C) Equipment in Other Space Used for Environmental Air5.11.8 Equipment in the Travel Path, Machinery Space, and Control Spaces1.2-9.2 Equipment Information[F] 909.10.3 Equipment, Inlets and Outlets2.14.1.9 Equipment Inside Cars1910.421(g) Equipment Inspection§28-112.7.4 Equipment Inspection Fees504.10 Equipment Installation2.2- Equipment Installation Requirements517.75 Equipment InstallationsSection 632 (IFGC) Equipment Installed in Existing Unlisted Boilers308.4.1 Equipment Installed in Rooms That Are Large in Comparison With the Size of the Equipment308.3.2 Equipment Installed in Rooms That Are Not Large in Comparison With the Size of the EquipmentSection 632 (IFGC) Equipment Installed Inexisting Unlisted Boilers3135B.7 Equipment Interlocks(G) Equipment Involving Optical Radiation1926.408(a)(2)(iii) Equipment Isolating MeansG2417.3.2 (406.3.2) Equipment Isolation1.4-1.2 Equipment List1207.3.2 Equipment ListingR324.3.1 Equipment Listings(B) Equipment Located in Class I Locations695.12 Equipment LocationSection E3405 Equipment Location and Clearances2.3-4.10.3 Equipment Locations60. Equipment, Machinery, and Alarms1910.268(b)(1)(v) Equipment, Machinery and Machine Guarding3007.4 Equipment Maintenance2105.1.5 Equipment Maintenance and Housekeeping2305.2 Equipment Maintenance and Inspection1.2-9.2 Equipment Manuals1926.1000(c) Equipment Manufactured on or After July 15, 20191926.1000(b) Equipment Manufactured Before July 15, 2019(A) Equipment Markings[A] 108.4.2 Equipment, Material and Labor for Tests312.1.2 Equipment, Material, Power and Labor for Tests107.2.2 Equipment, Materials and Labor for Tests1926.1434 Equipment Modifications606.2.2 Equipment Not Covered by Federal Standards1.1.2 Equipment Not Covered by This Code1926.1412(h) Equipment Not in Regular Use410.137 Equipment Not Integral With Luminaire6.4.1.4 Equipment Not Listed§27-880 Equipment Not Required to Be Vented(B) Equipment Not Supplied by Branch-Circuit Power2.4.9 Equipment on Top of Car Not Permitted to Strike Overhead Structure3104C.3 Equipment Operating Above 150 kVp3104C.2 Equipment Operating Above 50 kVp(3) Equipment Operating at More Than 10 VoltsArticle 5 Equipment Operation43.2.2.2* Equipment or Fixture63. Equipment Other Than Containers5503.2.2 Equipment Other Than Cryogenic ContainersArticle 490 Equipment Over 1000 Volts, Nominal29.10 Equipment PerformanceArticle 4 Equipment Permits66.22.12 Equipment, Piping, and Fire Protection Systems in Remote Impoundment Areas and Diked Areas505.3 Equipment Platforms13.4.2* Equipment Protection(2) Equipment Provided With Threaded Entries for Metric Threaded Conduit or Fittings(2) Equipment Provided With Threaded Entries for Metric-Threaded Fittings(1) Equipment Provided With Threaded Entries for NPT-Threaded Conduit or Fittings(1) Equipment Provisions2.10-4.5.3 Equipment Repair Room113.1.1 Equipment Required3102.8.1 Equipment Requirements503.12.1 Equipment Requiring Draft Hoods2702.2.20.1 Equipment Requiring Emergency Power System210.63 Equipment Requiring Servicing2702.2.20.2 Equipment Requiring Standby Power System[F] 403.4.8.1 Equipment Room608.7.1 Equipment Room and Building Signage[F] 914.2 Equipment Room Identification1604.3 Equipment Room Signs10.19.5 Equipment Rooms680.12 Equipment Rooms and Pits[BCD] 1006. Equipment Rooms Containing Boilers250.136 Equipment Secured to Grounded Metal Supports*2.2-2.2.2 Equipment Selection503.6.10.1 Equipment Separation1926.1431(c) Equipment Set-Up915.3.1 Equipment Shutdown409.5 Equipment Shutoff ValveN1103.6 Equipment SizingN1103.7 (R403.7) Equipment Sizing and Efficiency RatingN1103.7 (R403.7) Equipment Sizing and Efficiency Rating (Mandatory)N1103.6 (R403.6) Equipment Sizing (Mandatory)1224.28.2.3 Equipment Space1103.2.9 Equipment SpacesPart II Equipment — Specific Provisions8. Equipment Specifications3111F.7 Equipment Specifications (N)Article 5 Equipment Standards1910.66(e)(4) Equipment Stops1224. Equipment Storage1224.14.2.12 Equipment Storage Room1224.15.3.10 Equipment Storage Room(s)1226.8.2.10 Equipment Storage Room(S)for Equipment and Supplies Used in Outpatient Surgery*2.2- Equipment Storage Rooms for Operating Rooms That Require Additional Equipment(A) Equipment Supplied by Branch-Circuit PowerPart III Equipment — Switchgear and Industrial Control Assemblies(4) Equipment Temperature454. Equipment Testing(D) Equipment That Is Not Readily AccessibleE4205.1 Equipment to Be Bonded and Grounded(A) Equipment to Be Connected to Equipment Grounding Conductor(A) Equipment to Be Grounded1926.956(c)(1) Equipment to Be Supplied105.7.1.1 Equipment to Be Used in Connection With Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Waste or Hazardous Plastics1926.1431(k)(12)(ii)(C)(A) Equipment Type1926.1441 Equipment With a Rated Hoisting/Lifting Capacity of 2,000 Pounds or Less1926.1415(a)(4)503.2.3 Equipment With Integral Vents517.3.1.1 Equipment With Solid Fuel for FlavoringG304.4.1.2 Equipment Within Existing Emergency Vehicle Garages and Fire, Rescue, Ambulance, and Police Stations110.73 Equipment Work Space680.26 Equipotential Bonding682.33 Equipotential Planes and Bonding of Equipotential Planes1910.269(n)(3) Equipotential Zone(3) Equipped With Flanged Surface Inlet1110.10.1 Equity1.4.1 Equivalencies1.4 Equivalencies, Alternatives, and Modifications1.4* Equivalency1.1-6 Equivalency ConceptsAJ102.6 Equivalent AlternativesP-1006.1.1 Equivalent Area1.4.3* Equivalent Compliance722. Equivalent Concrete Masonry Thickness675.7 Equivalent Current Ratings103 Equivalent Facilitation8.11 Equivalent Frame Method8.11.2 Equivalent Frames(2) Equivalent Horsepower1617.4 Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure for Seismic Design of Buildings27. Equivalent Length Modifier27.2.3 Equivalent Pipe Lengths of Valves and Fittings1113.11 Equivalent Protection1110.1 Equivalent Roof Area13.1.10.4 Equivalent Systems§27-589 Equivalent Systems of Design1926.957(a)(3) Equivalent Tests722.4.1.1 Equivalent Thickness1910.120(e)(9) Equivalent Training1607.5.2 Equivalent Uniform LoadE 605.1.8 Equivalent Ventilation1926.1435(b) Erecting, Climbing and Dismantling1705.5.2.1 Erection§6-01 Erection and Dismantling of Climber/Tower Cranes. [Repealed]3314.12.2 Erection and Removal1926.757(d) Erection Bridging*3319.8.8 Erection, Jumping, and Dismantling Operations*3319.8.8 Erection, Jumping, Climbing, and Dismantling Operations3305.2.7 Erection of Frames1926.757(c) Erection of Steel Joists3305.2.6 Erection of TrussesSection 3305 Erection OperationsN1106.5 (R406.5) ERI-Based ComplianceN1106.2 (R406.2) ERI ComplianceC407.5.1 ERI DocumentationN1106.3.1 (R406.3.1) ERI Reference DesignSection J110 Erosion Control93-101 ERY Culture, Festival and Exhibit FacilitySection 8.5 Escalator and Moving Walk Safety Requirement for Seismic Risk Zone 2 or GreaterSection 8.5 Escalator and Moving Walk Seismic Requirements8.3.6 Escalator Brake and Braking System Type Tests8.3.6 Escalator Brake Type Test6.1.6.7 Escalator Braking-Distance Monitor6. Escalator Driving-Machine Brake6. Escalator Driving-Machine Motor-Controlled Dynamic Braking6. Escalator Egress Restriction Device6.1.6.14 Escalator Manual Reset712.1.3 Escalator Openings6. Escalator Skirt Obstruction Device8.6.8.5 Escalator Skirt Panels and Skirt Obstruction Devices6.1.6.8 Escalator Smoke Detectors6. Escalator Speed-Monitoring Device810.9 Escalators3004.2 Escalators and Moving Walks8.6.11.6 Escalators and Moving Walks Startup and Procedures609.2.2 Escalators and Moving Walkways1103.4.6 Escalators Connecting Four or Fewer Stories1103.4.7 Escalators Connecting More Than Four Stories1103.4.5 Escalators in Group B and M Occupancies620.84 Escalators, Moving Walks, Platform Lifts, and Stairway Chairlifts12-3-2.4.2 Escape1910.265(f)(3)(ii) Escape Doors4.5.6.2 Escape Facilities3303.6 Escape HatchesSection 8-503 Escape or Rescue Windows and Doors29.6.2* Escape Route1104.25 Escape Windows420.11.4 Escape Windows and Doors1104.25.1 Escape Windows Not Required5007.12 Escort Requirements for Vehicles Transporting Explosives and Fireworks16.2.5 Escutcheons and Cover Plates25.2.5 ESFR Ceiling-Level Sprinkler Design Criteria in Combination With In-Rack Sprinklers23.2 ESFR Design Criteria7.2.2.6 ESFR K-Factor23.8 ESFR Protection of Rack Storage of Rubber Tires27.2.4.4 ESFR Sprinkler Method25.5.2.4 ESFR Sprinklers Installed at Ceiling Level516.3.3 ESP Interlocks(A) ESS Disconnecting Means1207.11 ESS in Group R-3 and R-4 Occupancies(3) ESS Using Interactive Inverters[BS] A102.2 Essential and Hazardous Facilities408.5.4 Essential Building Personnel(A) Essential Electrical Distribution3.1- Essential Electrical Service1224.28.3.4 Essential Electrical System2.5- Essential Electrical System ConnectionsPart III Essential Electrical System (EES)*2.1- Essential Electrical System or Emergency Electrical Power2.1- Essential Electrical System Receptacles517.42 Essential Electrical Systems517.25 Essential Electrical Systems for Health Care Facilities517.30 Essential Electrical Systems for Hospitals517.29 Essential Electrical Systems for Hospitals and Other Health Care Facilities517.42 Essential Electrical Systems for Nursing Homes and Limited Care Facilities517.45 Essential Electrical Systems for Other Health Care Facilities321.0 Essential Mechanical Provisions321.0 Essential Mechanical Provisions. [OSHPD 1, 2, 3 (Surgical Clinics Only) & 4]321.0 Essential Plumbing Provisions[BG] 1401.3.8 Essential Services and EquipmentArticle 1 Essential Services Buildings1926.963(d)(1) Establish and Implement Practices1910.2(h) Established Federal Standard604.1 Establishing an Open and Interoperable Automated Demand-Response (Auto-DR) Infrastructure3418A.3 Establishing Eligibility for Removal From General Acute Care Service§27-904 Establishing Gas SupplyR322.1.4 Establishing the Design Flood Elevation1910.1001(e)(1) Establishment11-10 Establishment and Scope of Controls, Establishment of Districts, and Incorporation of Maps1910.1450(e)(3)(viii)(A) Establishment of a Designated Area119.1 Establishment of Appeals BoardG102.2 Establishment of Areas of Special Flood Hazard97-05 Establishment of Bonused Space Local Arts Advisory Council11-11 Establishment of Control Over Use and Bulk11-12 Establishment of Districts104.22.2 Establishment of Fees1.10.1 Establishment of Fire Code Board of AppealsD101.2 Establishment of Fire District61-12 Establishment of Flight Obstruction Area; Division Into Districts1612.3 Establishment of Flood Hazard Areas§27-2145 Establishment of Lien4905.3 Establishment of Limits36-594 Establishment of Location of Required Cross Access Connection5601.8 Establishment of Quantity of Explosives and Distances§282 Establishment of Special Loft Unit103-01 Establishment of Special Planned Community Preservation District97-04 Establishment of Subdistricts62-911 Establishment of Waterfront Access Plans1926.960(g)(2) Estimate of Available Heat Energy4-227 Estimate of Cost702.3 Estimated Waste-Water Flow702.3 Estimated Wastewater FlowB.5 Estimating DemandP3009.14.6 Estimating Gray Water DischargeB.9.5 Estimating Pressure Loss in Displacement Type Cold-Water MetersSection 2503 Ethylene Gas2506.2 Ethylene Generator RoomsSection 2506 Ethylene GeneratorsSection 5308 Ethylene Oxide3.3.104 Ethylene Oxide Drum1910.1012 Ethyleneimine429.2.2 EV-Capable Parking Spaces5. EV Capable Spaces5. EV Charging Space Calculation5. EV Charging Space Calculation [N]429.2.1 EV Charging Stations and EV-Ready Parking Spaces4. EV Space RequirementsG308.10.1 Evacuated Buildings3.3.80 Evacuation19.7.1 Evacuation and Relocation Plan and Fire Drills3.3.81* Evacuation Capability33. Evacuation Capability Determination7.10.8.5* Evacuation Diagram403.9.1.1 Evacuation Diagrams(iii) 403.10.2.3 Evacuation Diagrams Dormitories403.9.2.3 Evacuation Diagrams for Dormitories408.9.2 Evacuation Diagrams in Group R-2 Dormitories2603.3.4 Evacuation During Fumigation2603.3.5 Evacuation During Insecticidal Fogging OperationsSection K104 Evacuation Locations408.6.1 Evacuation Not Required[NY] 403.13 Evacuation Notices401.9 Evacuation of Buildings3201.4 Evacuation Plan4703.3.3 Evacuation Plan PostedR104.1 Evacuation Procedures408.8.2 Evacuation Roles and DutiesK106.3 Evacuation RouteK108.5 Evacuation Routes to Attic Evacuation LocationsK107.4 Evacuation Routes to Rooftop Evacuation Locations3.3.263.4 Evacuation Signal24.4.2.9 Evacuation Signal Zoning3.3.320.1* Evacuation Signaling Zone8102.1.3.4 Evacuation TimeR104.5 Evacuation Times406.3.2 Evacuation Training*1.2- Evaluate Hazards and Risks*1.2- Evaluate Risks and Opportunities to Enhance Quality of Life1910.269(e)(4) Evaluating Potential Hazards3405.2.1 Evaluation1905.6 Evaluation and Acceptance of Concrete26.12 Evaluation and Acceptance of Hardened Concrete[BS] 907.4.1 Evaluation and Analysis3102F.3.6 Evaluation and Assessment1007.2 Evaluation and Certification of Existing Buildings and Building Sites323.1 Evaluation and Design Criteria Report[B] 301.1.4 Evaluation and Design Procedures1703.6 Evaluation and Follow-Up Inspection ServicesSection 1403 Evaluation Data7.3.9 Evaluation Documentation7.3.9 Evaluation Documentation. (SIG-FUN)1817.3 Evaluation of Adjacent Buildings for Suitable Method of SupportSection AJ104 Evaluation of an Existing Building1910.95(g)(7) Evaluation of Audiogram3412.9 Evaluation of Building Safety11.2 Evaluation of Buildings2.2-2.1.3 Evaluation of Conservation Measures113.8.2 Evaluation of Construction DocumentsArticle 11 Evaluation of Critical Nonstructural Components and Systems§36-01 Evaluation of Educational Experience of Applicants for Electrical Contractor LicensesArticle 10 Evaluation of Elements That Are Not Part of the Lateral-Force-Resisting System[BS] A304.2.2 Evaluation of Existing Foundations3306.10.1 Evaluation of Fill on Adjoining FoundationsSection E103 Evaluation of Hazards1704.7.3 Evaluation of In-Place DensitySection O103 Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential3.7 Evaluation of Materials and Conditions5.6* Evaluation of Proposed Designs1910.1030(f)(3)(vi) Evaluation of Reported Illnesses1905.6.3.4 Evaluation of Results1911.5.3 Evaluation of Strength Tests11.2.1 Evaluation Procedures for NPC 211.2.2 Evaluation Procedures for NPC 311.2.2 Evaluation Procedures for NPC 3 and NPC 3R11.2.3 Evaluation Procedures for NPC 411.2.3 Evaluation Procedures for NPC 4 and NPC 4D11.2.4 Evaluation Procedures for NPC 53412.6 Evaluation ProcessE103.2 Evaluation Questions1817.3.5 Evaluation Report317.4 Evaluation RequiredSection 1404 Evaluation Scores[A] Evaluation ServiceA- Evaluation Services15.3 Evaluator Qualifications605.9 Evaporation313.3.8 Evaporative CondensersE 403.4 Evaporative Cooler Water UseSection 928 Evaporative Coolers703.9 Evaporative CoolingSection M1413 Evaporative Cooling Equipment406.0 Evaporative Cooling System for Health Care Facilities933.0 Evaporative Cooling Systems1112.4 Evaporators[M] 314.2 Evaporators and Cooling Coils14A-3-304.1.4 Evasion91-81 Events Within Public Access Areas430.108 Every Disconnecting Means1910.34(a) Every Employer Is Covered1.7.11.2 Evidence458.4.2 Evidence of Agency Approval14X-12-1204.6.3 Evidence of Insurance5.8.12 Evidence of Modeler Capability10.5.3.6 Evidence of Qualification1704.2.1.1 Evidence of Qualifications106.2 Evidence of ResponsibilityO103.1.1 Evidence of Training§13-20 Evidentiary Standard of Proof. [Repealed]14A-10-1004.2.1 Ex Officio Members1224.31.1.8 Exam or Treatment Room1227.4.4 Exam Room1031.2.3 Examination(C) Examination, Adjusting, and Servicing8.6.11.12 Examination After Safety Application8.6.11.14 Examination After Shutdown Due to Broken-Suspension-Member Detection Means8.6.11.11 Examination After Shutdown Due to Traction Loss§40-12 Examination and Approval of Applications. [Repealed] Examination and MaintenanceArticle 7 Examination and Report of Existing Buildings1226.4.1 Examination and Treatment Areas1228.14.2.5 Examination and Treatment Room1224.33.3.6 Examination and Treatment Room(s)2.3-3.2.2 Examination and Treatment Room Space Requirements1226.9.1 Examination and Treatment Rooms8.3.14.2 Examination Before Test1910.1048(l)(2) Examination by a Physician1910.120(f)(5) Examination by a Physician and Costs1910.1018(n)(1)(ii) Examination by Physician11B-805.4 Examination, Diagnostic and Treatment Rooms7-207 Examination for Certification1910.1027(l)(6) Examination for Respirator Use110.3 Examination, Identification, Installation, and Use of Equipment110.3 Examination, Identification, Installation, Use, and Listing (Product Certification) of Equipment1910.303(b) Examination, Installation, and Use of Equipment§19-01 Examination, License and Conduct of the Business of Master Plumbers and Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractors3.1-3.2 Examination, Observation, and/or Treatment Room2.3-3.2 Examination, Observation, and/or Treatment Rooms§28-401.7 Examination of Applicant3306.9.11.2 Examination of Connections[A] 107.3 Examination of Documents8. Examination of Electrical Spacings90.7 Examination of Equipment for Safety8. Examination of Operation3306.9.11.5 Examination of Party Walls1226.4.1.3 Examination or Treatment Room1224. Examination or Treatment Room(s)1224.30.2 Examination or Treatment Rooms(7) 5619.7 Examination Requirements103.3.6 Examination Requirements for Certification1224.36.2.9 Examination Room1224.30.2 Examination Room and Treatment Rooms2.1-3.2 Examination Room1226.6.1.1 Examination Room(s)*2.1-3.2.1 Examination Rooms1224.4.4.1 Examination, Treatment and Procedure Rooms2.2- Examination/Treatment Room and/or Multipurpose Diagnostic Testing Room1224. Examination/Treatment Room(s)Section VI Examinations1910.1048(l)(5) Examinations for Employees Exposed in an Emergency§27-3012 Examinations. [Repealed]1327.4.4 Examine for Leaks§1-10.2 Examiner's Review§1-08.4 Examiners' Review5.2.1.1 Example 1A.6.1 Example 1: Longest Length MethodG 101.3 Example 1: Single Draft Hood-Equipped Appliance5.2.1.2 Example 2A.6.2 Example 2: Hybrid or Dual Pressure SystemsG 101.4 Example 2: Single Fan-Assisted Appliance5.2.1.3 Example 3A.6.3 Example 3: Branch Length MethodG 101.5 Example 3: Interpolating Between Table Values5.2.1.4 Example 4G 101.6 Example 4: Common Venting Two Draft Hood-Equipped AppliancesA.6.4 Example 4: Modification to Existing Piping System5.2.2.1 Example 5G 101.7 Example 5(a): Common Venting a Draft Hood-Equipped Water Heater With a Fan-Assisted Furnace Into a Type B VentG 101.8 Example 5(b): Common Venting Into an Interior Masonry ChimneyG 101.9 Example 5(c): Common Venting Into an Exterior Masonry ChimneyA.6.5 Example 5: Calculating Pressure Drops Due to Temperature Changes5.2.2.2 Example 6A.6.6 Example 6: Pressure Drop Per 100 Feet of Pipe Method5.2.2.3 Example Example 8G 101.1 Example CalculationG 101.0 Example Calculation of Outdoor Air RateJ 101.2 Example of Combination Indoor and Outdoor Combustion Air OpeningF 103.0 Example of Combination Indoor and Outdoor Combustion Air Opening DesignB 101.6.1 Example of Sizing(A) Examples4-324 Examples and Explanations of Fee ComputationM 102.8 Examples Illustrating Use of Water Demand Calculator With Appendix A3203.8 Examples of Commodity ClassificationE102.1.7.1 Examples of Liquid and Solid Oxidizers According to HazardAppendix C Examples of Permit-Required Confined Space ProgramsSection A7 Examples of Piping SystemA.6 Examples of Piping System Design and SizingB.7 Examples Showing Use of Figure B.3 for Electrical Duct Bank Ampacity ModificationsB.7 Examples Showing Use of Figure B.310.15(B)(2)(1) for Electrical Duct Bank Ampacity ModificationsF 102.0 Examples Using Common Venting TablesG 101.2 Examples Using Single Appliance Venting Tables1926.967(g)(4) Excavated Areas5.408.3 Excavated Soil and Land Clearing DebrisA5.408.7 Excavated Soil and Land Clearing Debris. [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4]Section 3304 ExcavationP3009.10.4 Excavation and Construction106.8 Excavation and Earthwork Plans3304.1 Excavation and Fill1817.7.1.5 Excavation Below the Water Table5607.22.2 Excavation BlastingSection 1804 Excavation, Grading and Fill1817.7.1.1 Excavation Methods1803.5.7 Excavation Near Foundations3309.4 Excavation or Filling Operations Affecting Adjoining Property[BS] 3307.2.1 Excavation Retention System Design[BS] 3307.2.2 Excavation Retention System Monitoring[BS] 3307.2 Excavation Retention Systems14A-4-406 Excavation Work on Private PropertySection J106 ExcavationsF 108.10 Excavations and Open Trenches1803.1 Excavations Near Footings or Foundations1804.1 Excavations Near Foundations3304.3.4 Excavations Requiring Permit From the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation33-281 Excepted Districts23-531 Excepted Through Lots513.2.5.5 Exception(c) Exception for Structural Impracticability8. Exception for Suspension-Means Monitoring and Protection465.3.2 Exception to Color Requirements for Standard Radiation Symbol1910.26(b)(2) Exception to Paragraph (B)(1) of This Section1910.25(c)(5) Exception to Paragraphs (C)(2) and (3) of This Section11.4.5 Exceptional Calculation Methods10-104 Exceptional Designs1512.2.1.1 Exceptions608. Exceptions for Certain Battery Systems for Business Operations608. Exceptions for Certain Battery Systems for Fire and Life Safety32-52 Exceptions for Integrated Developments Divided by District Boundaries1910.1096(g) Exceptions From Posting Requirements34-20 Exceptions to Applicability of Residence District Controls25-331 Exceptions to Application of Waiver Provisions1.2.2 Exceptions to ASME A17.1/CSA B44107-73 Exceptions to Height Regulations25-14 Exceptions to Maximum Size of Accessory Group Parking FacilitiesSection D105 Exceptions to Restrictions in Fire DistrictSection D105 Exceptions to Restrictions in Fire Limits24-012 Exceptions to the Bulk Regulations of This Chapter453.8.3.4 Exceptions to Types of Construction:11-40 Exceptions, Variances, Authorizations or Permits11-41 Exceptions, Variances or Permits Previously Authorized Pursuant to the 1916 Zoning ResolutionF.3 Exceptions, Waivers, Approvals5.303.1.2 Excess Consumption[F] 415.11.7.3 Excess Flow Control63.* Excess Flow Control Location With Bulk Storage63. Excess Flow Control Location With Hazardous Material Storage3.3.106 Excess Flow ValveG2421.4 (410.4) Excess Flow Valves(C) Excess Leads3314.3.1.4 Excess Loads[BS] 903.3.1 Excess Moisture Removal and Protection5104.2.1 Excess Storage(1) Excessive Dust(A) Excessive Dust and Dust With Water317.6 Excessive Fires63. Excessive Loads10.14.6 Excessive Pressures1323.5.3 Excessive Stresses608.2 Excessive Water Pressure96-80 Excluded Areas1910.215(a)(5) Excluded Machinery1910.217(a)(5) Excluded Machines453.25.3.1 Excluded Spaces123-223 Excluded Uses1910.331(c) Excluded Work by Qualified Persons2.10 Exclusion of Materials Detrimental to the Sewage SystemSection 302 Exclusion of Materials Detrimental to the Sewer SystemSection 302 Exclusion of Materialsdetrimental to the Sewer System6.1.3 Exclusion of Other Liquid Wastes1926.1400(c) Exclusions1910.1001(c)(2) Excursion Limit3.26.11 Executable Software8.6.4.23 Executable Software Verification8.7.1.10 Executable Software Verification and Witness Test§28-216.8 Execution of Precept3.3.279.1 Executive Software[F] 414.5.2.1 Exempt ApplicationsN1101.1.2 Exempt Buildings513.3.3 Exempt Equipment3109.4.4.5 Exempt Facilities[F] 915.1.6 Exempt Garages[F] 903. Exempt Locations*903. Exempt Locations Protected by Other Means[A] 106.2 Exempt Work89.101.3.3 Exempted From This CodeAE301.4 Exempted Work508. Exemption202.5.4.3 Exemption for Controlled Groups and Door Attendants§27-2056.16 Exemption for Emergency Conditions§ 23-27.3-101.1 Exemption for Ordinary Repairs1103.7.2.1 Exemption for Single Classroom1103. Exemption for Voice Evacuation§33-01 Exemption From Civil Penalties Imposed Pursuant to Administrative Code § 26-212.1 (Work Performed Without a Permit). [Repealed]453.2.2 Exemption From Local Requirements§27-2056 Exemption of New York City Housing Authority§27-2108 Exemption of the City of New York, Its Agencies and the New York City Housing AuthorityJ103.2 Exemptions202.5.4.2 Exemptions for Controlled Groups With Assigned Tour Guides1103.7.1.1 Exemptions for Group A1910.1096(h) Exemptions for Radioactive Materials Packaged for Shipment108.2 Exemptions From Application for Permit(i) Exemptions to the Ohio Fire Code1231.2.10 Exercise Area*2.6- Exercise Area and Facilities1004 Exercise Machines and Equipment307.7 Exercise of Caution With Fire428.3.6.4 Exhaust409.3.2 Exhaust Air6.5.6.1 Exhaust Air Energy RecoveryA5. Exhaust Air Heat RecoveryDetection DevicesDetectorDetector, HeatDetentionDetention and Correctional OccupancyDetention and Correctional Residential Housing AreaDetention and Correctional Use ConditionDetention ElevatorDetention Elevator [SFM]Detention Program SuiteDetention SystemDetention Treatment RoomDetention Treatment Room. [SFM]DeteriorationDetonating CordDetonationDetonatorDetoxification FacilitiesDetoxification FacilityDeveloped LengthDevelopmentDevelopment FootprintDevelopment LengthDeviceDevice (Class N)DevicesDewateringDHCDDiameterDiaphragmDiaphragm, BlockedDiaphragm, Blocked DiaphragmDiaphragm, Blocked. Diaphragm Boundary. Diaphragm Chord. Diaphragm, UnblockedDiaphragm BoundaryDiaphragm Boundary DiaphragmDiaphragm ChordDiaphragm Chord DiaphragmDiaphragm EdgeDiaphragm FlexibleDiaphragm Flexible DiaphragmDiaphragm, RigidDiaphragm, Rigid DiaphragmDiaphragm Shear CapacityDiaphragm, UnblockedDiaphragm, Unblocked DiaphragmDiaphram, UnblockedDiaphram, Unblocked DiaphragmDiatomaceous EarthDiatomite (Diatoamceous Earth)Diatomite (Diatomaceous Earth)Diatomite-Type FilterDielectric HeatingDifferent Intrinsically Safe CircuitsDifferential Dry Pipe ValveDifferential Land SubsidenceDiffusionDigital Alarm Communicator Receiver (DACR)Digital Alarm Communicator System (DACS)Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT)Digital Alarm Radio Receiver (DARR)Digital Alarm Radio System (DARS)Digital Alarm Radio Transmitter (DART)Dilution AirDimensionsDimensions (For Chapter 21)DimmerDip TankDipsDirect AccessDirect Access From the HomeDirect and Continuing SupervisionDirect Burial WireDirect-Current (DC) CombinerDirect Current Microgrid (DC Microgrid)Direct Digital Control (DDC)Direct EmployDirect Evaporative CoolingDirect Gas-Fired Non-Recirculating Industrial Air HeaterDirect Gas-Fired Nonrecirculating Industrial Air HeaterDirect Gas-Fired Recirculating Industrial Air HeaterDirect Hydraulic Driving MachineDirect Refrigeration SystemDirect Solar SystemDirect SupervisionDirect SystemDirect System Refrigeration System, AbsorptionDirect-Vent ApplianceDirect-Vent AppliancesDirectional SignDirectly AccessibleDirectorDisabilityDisability (For Chapter 11)DischargeDischarge AreaDischarge PipeDischarge RateDischarge SiteDisconnectDisconnecting MeansDisconnecting Means, Parking SpaceDiscontinuityDiscontinuous Roofing SystemDiscrete ProductDiscrete Products in PlenumsDishwasherDishwasher, Door TypeDishwasher, Door Type DishwasherDishwasher, Multiple Tank ConveyorDishwasher, Multiple Tank Conveyor DishwasherDishwasher, Pot Pan and UtensilDishwasher, Pot Pan and Utensil DishwasherDishwasher, Rackless ConveyorDishwasher, Rackless Conveyor DishwasherDishwasher, Single Tank ConveyorDishwasher, Single-Tank Conveyor DishwasherDishwasher, Under CounterDishwasher, Under Counter DishwasherDisinfected Tertiary Recycled WaterDismantlingDispatching Device, Elevator AutomaticDispensingDispensing Device, Overhead TypeDisplacementDisplacement Restraint SystemDisplacement SwitchDisplayDisplay FireworksDisplay SignDisplay sign.electric SignDisplay SiteDisposalDisposal FieldDisposal Field [BSC-CG & HCD 1]Disproportionate Earthquake DamageDistance From an Active Earthquake FaultDistance MonitoringDistance SleeveDistilled SpiritsDistilled spirits.finished goods.process alcohol.raw AlcoholDistilled Spirits Processing AreaDistilleryDistillery EquipmentDistillery OperationsDistillery Serving AreaDistillery Waste ProductsDistillingDistinct HazardDistinct Part**Distributed Energy ResourceDistributed Recipient Mass Notification System (DRMNS)Distributed Whole-House VentilationDistribution PipeDistribution PointDistribution SystemDistributorDistrict Agricultural AssociationsDistrict Heating PlantDive-Guiding OperationsDive LocationDive-Location Reserve Breathing GasDive TeamDiverDiver-Carried Reserve Breathing GasDiverse Use CategoriesDiversionDiversion Charge ControllerDiversion LoadDiversion Load ControllerDiving AreaDiving BoardDiving ModeDiving PlatformDiving StandDivisionDivision 1.1Division 1.1." "ExplosiveDivision 1.2Division 1.2." "ExplosiveDivision 1.3Division 1.3." "ExplosiveDivision 1.4Division 1.4." "ExplosiveDivision 1.5Division 1.5." "ExplosiveDivision 1.6Division 1.6." "ExplosiveDivision of the State ArchitectDivision of the State Architect, or DivisionDivision of the State Architect or Division, or Initials DSADocking FacilityDocumentation AuthorDOEA Assisted Living ProgramDomestic Cooking HoodDomestic Cooking SystemDomestic SewageDonor AntennaDonor SiteDoorDoor (Access Hatch)Door AreaDoor AssemblyDoor, BalancedDoor, BipartingDoor, FoldingDoor, GarageDoor, Horizontally SlidingDoor Locked Detection MeansDoor Locked Out of ServiceDoor, NonswingingDoor or Gate CloserDoor or Gate Electric ContactDoor or Gate, Manually OperatedDoor or Gate, Power-OperatedDoor or Gate Power OperatorDoor or Gate, Self-ClosingDoor, SwingingDoor, Vertically SlidingDoor, Vertically Sliding Sequence OperationDoor, WraparoundDoorsDoors, Gates, and Electric Contacts Car EnclosuresDormitoryDormitory (Hospital/College)Dormitory UnitDosing Soil Absorption SystemDOTnDOTyDouble Check ValveDouble ConnectionDouble Connection SeatDouble DoorwayDouble-Indirect Open-Spray SystemDouble-Indirect Open-Spray System Indirect Refrigeration SystemDouble Island Canopy HoodDouble Island Canopy Hood Commercial Kitchen Exhaust HoodsDouble Island Canopy Hood Commercial Kitchen HoodsDouble OffsetDouble-Row RacksDouble SkinDouble Skin Air-Supported StructureDown DrainDownflow FurnaceDownflow Furnace Furnace, CentralDownflow-Type FurnaceDownlinkDownspoutDraftDraft BoosterDraft CurtainDraft HoodDraft RegulatorDraft Regulator, BarometricDraft StopDraftstopDrag StrutDrag strut.engineered Wood Rim BoardDrainDrain-Back SystemDrain Tile LoopDrain ValveDrainageDrainage BackflowDrainage (DFU)Drainage (DFU) Drainage Fixture UnitDrainage FittingDrainage FittingsDrainage Fixture UnitDrainage Fixture Unit (DFU)Drainage SystemDrawbandDrilledDrilled Displacement PilesDrilled Piers or CaissonsDrilled ShaftDrilled Shaft, SocketedDrilled WellDrinking FountainDripDrip IrrigationDrive AisleDrive-Up Electric Vehicle Charging StationDrivenDriven Uncased PilesDriven WellDriverDrivewayDriving MachineDriving Machine, Chain, Dumbwaiter or Material LiftDriving Machine, DirectDriving Machine, ElectricDriving Machine, HydraulicDriving Machine, IndirectDriving Machine, Rack-and-PinionDriving Machine, ScrewDriving Machine, Traction ClimbingDriving Machines and SheavesDropDrop BoxDrop-Out CeilingDrop PanelDrumDry Barrel HydrantDry Barrel Hydrant (Frostproof Hydrant)Dry-Chemical Extinguishing AgentDry-Chemical Extinguishing SystemDry CleaningDry Cleaning FacilityDry Cleaning PlantDry Cleaning RoomDry Cleaning SystemDry Cleaning SystemsDry FloodproofingDry Floodproofing Design FloodDry GasDry-InDry JointDry-Niche LuminaireDry Pipe Sprinkler SystemDry (Soil)Dry SprinklerDry-Stacked, Surface-Bonded WallDry-Stacked, Surface-Bonded Wall WallDry-Stacked, Surface-Bonded Wall Wall (For Chapter 21)Dry-Stacked, Surface-Bonded WallsDry-Type TransformerDry VentDrying OvenDrywell[DSA — SS]Dual ControlDual Flush Water ClosetDual Flushing DeviceDual SystemDuctDuct FurnaceDuct SystemDuctile Coupled Structural WallDuctile ElementDuctile Iron Pipe and Fittings Part IV: MaterialsDuctless HoodDuctless Mini-Split Heat Pump SystemDuctless Mini-Split SystemDuctworkDug WellDumbwaiterDumbwaiter, Direct-Plunger HydraulicDumbwaiter, ElectricDumbwaiter, ElectrohydraulicDumbwaiter, HandDumbwaiter, HydraulicDumbwaiter, Maintained-Pressure HydraulicDumbwaiter, PowerDumbwaiter, Roped-HydraulicDumbwaiter, UndercounterDumbwaiters and Material LiftsDurabilityDuration of LoadDurham FittingDurham SystemDust Collection SystemDust-IgnitionproofDusttightDutch DoorDuty, ContinuousDuty, IntermittentDuty, PeriodicDuty, Short-TimeDuty, VaryingDwellingDwelling, MultifamilyDwelling, MultipleDwelling, One-FamilyDwelling, One-, Two- or Three-FamilyDwelling, Two-FamilyDwelling UnitDwelling Unit (Accessibility)Dwelling Unit, EfficiencyDwelling Unit Enclosure AreaDwelling Unit FeaturesDwelling Unit (For Sprinkler System Installations)Dwelling Unit or Sleeping Unit, Multi-StoryDwelling Unit or Sleeping Unit, MultistoryDwelling Unit or Sleeping Unit, Type ADwelling Unit or Sleeping Unit, Type BDwelling Units in Mixed Occupancy BuildingsDX-Dedicated Outdoor Air System Units (DX-DOAS Units)Dynamic BrakingDynamic GlazingE-1E-2[E] U-factor (Thermal Transmittance)Early Suppression Fast-Response (ESFR) SprinklerEarth FissureEarthquake (MCER) Ground MotionEarthquake Protective DevicesEasementEasily AccessibleEasily CleanableEave HeightEave Height, HEaves[EB] Alteration[EB] Change of OccupancyEccentrically Braced Frame (EBF)Economizer, AirEconomizer, FluidEconomizer, WaterEction 3.9Edge DistanceEducational OccupancyEffective DampingEffective Depth of SectionEffective Depth of Section (D)Effective Embedment DepthEffective Ground-Fault Current PathEffective HeightEffective Masked ThresholdEffective OpeningEffective Panel SurfaceEffective Particle SizeEffective PrestressEffective StiffnessEffective Wind AreaEfficacy (Of a Lamp)EfficiencyEfficiency Dwelling UnitEfficiency UnitEffluentEffluent WaterEgress CourtEgress, Means OfEgress Roof Access WindowElastomericElastomeric BufferElastomeric SealantElbowElectric BarbecueElectric Contacts for Hinged Car Platform Sills Operating Devices and Control EquipmentElectric-Discharge LightingElectric Duct HeatersElectric Heating ApplianceElectric Power Production and Distribution NetworkElectric ResistanceElectric SignElectric Supply StationsElectric Switch TypeElectric Switch Type ThermostatElectric VehicleElectric Vehicle Charging Space ("EV Ready Space")Electric Vehicle Charging Space (EV Space)Electric Vehicle Charging StationElectric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS)Electric Vehicle ConnectorElectric Vehicle CouplerElectric Vehicle (EV)Electric Vehicle (EV) Capable SpaceElectric Vehicle (EV) ChargerElectric Vehicle (EV) ConnectorElectric Vehicle (EV) Ready SpaceElectric Vehicle InletElectric Vehicle Power Export Equipment (EVPE)Electric Vehicle Storage BatteryElectric Vehicle Supply EquipmentElectric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)ElectricalElectrical and Electronic EquipmentElectrical Circuit Protective SystemElectrical CodeElectrical Conductivity Heat DetectorElectrical Datum PlaneElectrical Design LoadElectrical DuctsElectrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic (E/E/PE)Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic System (E/E/PES)Electrical EngineerElectrical InspectorElectrical Life-Support EquipmentElectrical Load Coefficient (ELC)Electrical Production and Distribution NetworkElectrically ConnectedElectrically Operated SprinklerElectrically Powered Pool LiftElectrified Truck Parking SpaceElectrified Truck Parking Space Wiring SystemsElectrochemical Energy Storage SystemElectrohydraulically ReleasedElectroluminescentElectrolyteElectrolytic CellElectrolytic Cell Line Working ZoneElectromechanical Releasing DeviceElectromechanically ReleasedElectronic BallastElectronic OrganElectronic Power ConverterElectronically Actuated FuseElectronically Protected (As Applied to Motors)Electrostatic Fluidized BedElementElement (For Chapter 11)Element (Structural)Elevated Play ComponentElevated WalkwayElevatorElevator AgencyElevator Agency HelperElevator BuildingElevator Car Call Sequential Step ScanningElevator ClassificationElevator, Direct-Acting HydraulicElevator Discharge LevelElevator, Dumbwaiter, or Material LiftElevator, Electric