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511.2.2 Exhaust-Air VolumesM1701.2 Exhaust and Ventilation System917.2.2 Exhaust Capability2703.10.4.3 Exhaust Connections and Plenums of Combustible WorkstationsM1503.3 Exhaust Discharge6.3.2 Exhaust Discharges43.1.5.9 Exhaust Duct Access Openings504.2 Exhaust Duct Penetrations504.4.2.3 Exhaust Duct Power VentilatorsM1502.4.8 Exhaust Duct Required2703.10.4.4 Exhaust Duct Sprinkler System Requirements510.0 Exhaust Duct SystemsSection M1506 Exhaust DuctsSection M1504 Exhaust Ducts and Exhaust Openings[F] 415.8.11.1 Exhaust Ducts for HPM504.4.3.1 Exhaust Ducts for Type 2 Clothes DryersM1502.3 Exhaust Ducts Shall Terminate on the Outside of the BuildingM1505.3 Exhaust Equipment910.4.2 Exhaust Fan Construction506.5.3 Exhaust Fan Discharge506.5.4 Exhaust Fan Mounting506.5.6 Exhaust Fan Operation[F] 909.10.1 Exhaust Fans43.1.5.10 Exhaust Fans and Drives511.1 Exhaust Fans for Commercial Cooking OperationsE307.2 Exhaust Fans, Hoods, Equipment, and AppliancesE 503.5.11.2 Exhaust Flow Rate507.2.1.2 Exhaust Flow Rate Label§27-869 Exhaust Gases From Internal Combustion EnginesSection 811 Exhaust Gases From Internal Combustion Engines and TurbinesC403. Exhaust Heat Recovery319.3 Exhaust Hood508.3.5 Exhaust Hood Assemblies With Integrated Supply-Air PlenumsL 404.11 Exhaust Hood Liquid Scrubber Systems609.5.1.1 Exhaust Hoods410.2 Exhaust Hoods and Safety Cabinets403.7.2.3 Exhaust Inlet DistributionG2439.3 (614.4) Exhaust Installation502.1.1 Exhaust Location[F] 909.8 Exhaust Method915. Exhaust of Carbon Monoxide in Group R-3 Occupancy (One- And Two-Family Dwellings and Townhouses)501.3.2 Exhaust Opening ProtectionM1504.3 Exhaust Openings[BCD] 607.2.1 Exhaust Operation1910.265(c)(20)(iii) Exhaust or Conveyor Systems507.1.5 Exhaust Outlets506.3.13 Exhaust Outlets Serving Type I Hoods504.2 Exhaust Penetrations811.1 Exhaust Pipe Construction313.3 Exhaust Protection for Internal Combustion Engines909.8.1 Exhaust Rate913.2 Exhaust Required418.2 Exhaust Requirements42. Exhaust System609.5.3.3 Exhaust System Cleaning811.1 Exhaust System Construction609.4.1 Exhaust System Inspection and Cleaning313.3.2 Exhaust System MaintenanceC403.4.2.4 Exhaust System Off-Hour Controls403.7.2.4 Exhaust System Operation[F] 2702.2.5 Exhaust Systems26.32 Exhaust Systems for Air Conveying of Vapors, Gases, Mists, and Noncombustible Particulate Solids517.4 Exhaust Systems for Solid-Fuel CookingG2439.3.1 (614.4.1) Exhaust Termination Outlet and PassagewayM1502.3.1 Exhaust Termination Outlet and Passageway Size[F] 421.4 Exhaust Ventilation6003.1.5.3 Exhaust Ventilation for Closed Systems6003.1.5.2 Exhaust Ventilation for Open Systems2311.8.8 Exhaust Ventilation System[F] 415.11.11.2 Exhaust Ventilation Systems2703.14 Exhaust Ventilation Systems for HPM302.6 Exhaust Vents3.3.107* Exhausted Enclosure63.2.18 Exhausted Enclosures4106.2.2 Exhausted Enclosures or Gas Cabinets804.3.6 Exhauster Connections804.3.7 Exhauster Sizing908.2.2 Exhausting to the Outdoors3.3.82 Exhibit320.2 Exhibit Booths910.2.3 Exhibition Areas(c) Exhibition of Fireworks(c) 5608.10.3 Exhibition Site Activity3.3.83 Exhibitor(6) 5608.6 Exhibitor's License Requirement12.7.5.3 ExhibitsAppendix B Exhibits (Advisory)105.5.15 Exhibits and Trade Shows3.3.84* Existing13.7.2.10 Existing Ambulatory Health Care Occupancies234.4 Existing Amusement Rides1.4.4.5 Existing and Planned Buildings Matrix13.7.2.18 Existing Apartment Buildings13.3.2.7 Existing Assembly Occupancies904.13.5.1 Existing Automatic Fire-Extinguishing Systems§27-667 Existing Borings3.3.37.5* Existing Building703.4 Existing Building Drains102.1.1 Existing Building Features—Application602.1 Existing Building Materials8-706.2 Existing Building PerformanceP2502.1 Existing Building Sewers and Building DrainsP2502.1 Existing Building Sewers and DrainsA5.105.1.1 Existing Building Structure[A] 101.4.7 Existing Buildings2701.4 Existing Buildings and Existing Fabrication Areas202 Existing Buildings and FacilitiesArticle 6 Existing Buildings and InstallationsR315.2.1 Existing Buildings and New Construction13-07 Existing Buildings and Off-Street Parking FacilitiesSection 113 Existing Buildings and StructuresD103.1 Existing Buildings and Structures Within the Fire LimitsArticle 2 Existing Buildings-Fire Extinguishing EquipmentSection N1109 (R501) Existing Buildings—General§28-102.4.1 Existing Buildings Must Comply With the Applicable Retroactive Requirements of the 1968 Building Code102.2 Existing Buildings/Occupancies102.2 Existing Buildings/Occupancies for Which a Permit Was Issued Before January 1, 20063901.2 Existing Buildings or Facilities§28-118.3.5 Existing Buildings or Open Lots Without Certificates of Occupancy302.1 Existing Buildings or StructuresC409.5.1 Existing Buildings That Were Constructed Subject to the Requirements of This Section14A-1-105.14 Existing Buildings (Title 14X)[NY] 915.6.2 Existing Buildings With a Battery, Plug, or Cord-Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm[NY] 915.6.1 Existing Buildings With Hardwired AlarmsD103.1 Existing Buildings Within the Fire District74-633 Existing Bus Stations13.7.2.26 Existing Business Occupancies904.1.4.1 Existing Carbon Dioxide SystemsJ702.4 Existing Ceiling Heights402.2.2 Existing Ceiling/Roof Assemblies Without Attic Spaces (Includes Cathedral Ceilings)N1102.2.2 Existing Ceiling/Roof Assemblies Without Attic Spaces, Including Cathedral Ceilings1926.950(d) Existing Characteristics and Conditions509.5.6.3 Existing Chimney2113.1.5 Existing Chimneys and Vents§ 23-27.3- Existing Codes1910.1029(f)(1)(i) Existing Coke Oven Batteries1007.2.3 Existing Concealed Construction[BS] A405.3.4 Existing ConcreteSection 1911A Existing Concrete StructuresSection 1911 Existing Concrete Structures [OSHPD 1R, 2 & 5]3.3.109 Existing Condition319.2 Existing Conditions[BS] A406.2 Existing ConstructionE 503.1.3.2 Existing Cooling Systems[BS] A111.3.3 Existing Crosswalls1803.4.2 Existing Data13. Existing Day-Care Homes13.7.2.6 Existing Day-Care Occupancies13.3.2.13 Existing Detention and Correctional Facilities13.7.2.12 Existing Detention and Correctional OccupanciesP-901.5 Existing Drains8. Existing Driving Machine220.83 Existing Dwelling UnitR313.5.1 Existing Dwellings13.3.2.9 Existing Educational Occupancies206.6.1 Existing ElevatorsR310.7.1 Existing Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings401.3.7 Existing Emergency Preparedness StaffingG304.4.1.1 Existing Emergency Vehicle Garages and Fire, Rescue, Ambulance, and Police Stations to Remain4809.1 Existing EquipmentC501.7.1 Existing Equipment Efficiencies§27-304 Existing Excessive Area7.10.1.4 Existing Exemption*1.2- Existing Exterior Noise Sources2705.3.2.1 Existing Fabrication Area Transportation11B- Existing FacilitiesB102.2 Existing Facilities—Key Stations453.5.6.6 "Existing Facility"3301.9.3 Existing Fence Signs and Signs at Construction or Demolition Sites for One-, Two- or Three-Family Dwellings3406.1.2 Existing Fire EscapesC104.1 Existing Fire Hydrants1910.28(b)(9)(i)(A) Existing Fixed Ladders503.2 Existing Foam Plastic Interior Finish in Nightclubs603.2 Existing Foam Plastic Interior Finishes in NightclubsJ702.5 Existing Foundations[BS] C104.2.1 Existing Gable End Studs§27-918 Existing Gas Meter Rooms406. Existing Gas Piping1.11.5.1 Existing Group 1-1 or R Occupancies1104.17.1.2 Existing Group B Occupancies1104.17.1.3 Existing Group E Occupancies1.11.5.1 Existing Group I-1 or R Occupancies1104.17.2.3 Existing Group I-2 and I-3 Occupancies1231.6 Existing Group I OccupanciesSection 1115 Existing Group I Occupancies [SFM]453.9 Existing Group L and Group H-8 Occupancies, Additions, Alterations or RepairsSection 1116 Existing Group L and Group H-8 Occupancies [SFM]Section 1116 Existing Group L Occupancies [SFM]1103.7.8 Existing Group R-1 and Group R-2 High-Rise BuildingsSection 1113 Existing Group R-1 and Group R-2 Occupancies [SFM]903.2.15.1 Existing Group R-1 and R-2 High-Rise Buildings Fire-Extinguishing SystemsSection 1113 Existing Group R-1 Andgroup R-2 Occupancies [SFM]R314.8 Existing Group R-3 Occupancies907.2.11.9 Existing Group R Occupancies1113.13 Existing Group R Occupancy High-Rise Buildings904.1.4.2 Existing Halon Systems§27-996 Existing Hand Powered Freight Elevators13.3.2.11 Existing Health Care Occupancies1103.6.2 Existing Helistops and Heliports403.7 Existing High-Rise BuildingsSection 1114 Existing High-Rise Buildings [SFM] Existing Hotels and Dormitories33.2.2 Existing Individual PilesSection 3013 Existing InstallationsAppendix D Existing Installations (Mandatory) Existing Interior Finish20.7.3.5 Existing Interior Floor Finish20.3.3.3 Existing Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish13.7.2.22 Existing, Large (More Than 16 Residents) Residential Board and Care OccupanciesE4203.4.4 Existing Lighting Outlets and Luminaires302.2.1 Existing Live Load5506.2 Existing LNG Installations and Facilities3401.4.1 Existing Materials3401A.4.1 Existing Materials and Equipment1001.4 Existing Materials, Assemblies, Configurations and Systems[BE] 1104.16.1 Existing Means of Egress102.8 Existing Mechanical EquipmentSection M1202 Existing Mechanical Systems13.3.2.23 Existing Mercantile Occupancies602.4 Existing Metal Ducts3104F.2 Existing MOTs1103.6.1 Existing Multiple-Story Buildings[BS] A405.3.1.1 Existing Nails5704.2.9.1 Existing Noncompliant Installations[NY] 106.2 Existing Nonrequired Equipment and Systems[NY] 107.1.1 Existing Nonrequired SafeguardsA5.105.1.2 Existing Nonstructural ElementsAE102.4 Existing Occupancy3107F.2.8.1 Existing Ordinary Batter Piles[BS] A304.3.1 Existing Perimeter Foundations102.2.1 Existing Permits and Certificates Continued5703.6.3.1 Existing Piping601.3 Existing Piping Used for Grounding1104.17.1.1 Existing Places of Religious Worship81-231 Existing Plazas or Other Public AmenitiesSection P2502 Existing Plumbing SystemsN1108.1.2 (R502.1.2) Existing Plus Addition Compliance (Simulated Performance Alternative)[BS] A405.3.1.2 Existing PlywoodA-401.2 Existing Premises3201.6 Existing Projections23-17 Existing Public Amenities for Which Floor Area Bonuses Have Been Received82-60 Existing Publicly Accessible Open Areas903.2.15.1 Existing R-1 and R-2 High-Rise Buildings Fire-Extinguishing Systems[A] 102.4 Existing Remedies13.3.2.21 Existing Residential Board and Care Facilities111.2 Existing Residential BuildingsSection 1511 Existing Roofing1103.5.4 Existing Rubbish and Linen Chutes§28-103.20 Existing Rules Continued3401.4.3 Existing Seismic Force-Resisting Systems3303.2.1 Existing Services715.3 Existing Sewers3001.11.1 Existing Shafts903.1 Existing Shafts and Vertical Openings§27-995 Existing Sidewalk Elevators3301.9.4 Existing Sidewalk Shed Signs and Signs at Construction or Demolition Sites for One-, Two- or Three-Family Dwellings[BS] A405.3.5 Existing Sill Plate Anchorage1.4.4.1 Existing Site/Campus Description206.7.5 Existing Site Constraints13.7.2.21 Existing, Small (Not More Than 16 Residents) Residential Board and Care Occupancies§27-917 Existing Soil and Vent Stacks8-805.1 Existing Solid Masonry903.2.14.1 Existing Sound Stages and Approved Production Facilities3417A. Existing SPC-1 Hospital Buildings3417A. Existing SPC-2 Hospital Buildings3417A. Existing SPC-3 or Higher Hospital BuildingsSection 3806 Existing Sprinklered Laboratories§27-931 Existing Sprinklers3303.11.1 Existing Stairs§27-930 Existing Standpipes1613.1.3 Existing State Buildings317.3.1 Existing State-Owned Buildings317.1.1 Existing State-Owned Structures3403.3 Existing Structural Elements Carrying Gravity Load[BS] 805.2 Existing Structural Elements Carrying Gravity Loads3403.4 Existing Structural Elements Carrying Lateral Load[BS] 805.3 Existing Structural Elements Resisting Lateral Loads707.4 Existing Structural Members[BS] A405.3.3 Existing Structural Steel[A] 102.6 Existing Structures13.2.3.4 Existing Systems[BS] A108.5 Existing Tension Anchors247.2 Existing Trails[BS] A304.4.4 Existing Underfloor Ventilation[BS] A106.2 Existing Unreinforced Masonry[BS] A112.2 Existing Unreinforced Masonry Walls8-302.1 Existing Use802.2.1 Existing Vertical Openings2113.1.5.7 Existing Violations[BS] A107.3 Existing Wall Anchors5706. Existing Wells8-807.1 Existing Wood Diaphragms or Walls[BS] A405.3.2 Existing Wood Framing3135B.2 ExitSection 1016 Exit Access415.9.3 Exit Access Corridors[F] 415. Exit Access Corridors and Exit Enclosures1013.6 Exit Access in R-2 OccupanciesAM103.1.1 Exit Access Prohibited1009.3.1 Exit Access StairwaysSection 1019 Exit Access Stairways and Ramps407.4.4.1 Exit Access Through Care Suites1014.2.5 Exit Access Through Suites3104.9 Exit Access TravelSection 1017 Exit Access Travel Distance1017.3.2.3 Exit Access Travel Distance at Other Than the Level of Exit Discharge1017.3.2.2 Exit Access Travel Distance at the Level of Exit Discharge[F] 910.2.3 Exit Access Travel Distance Increase[BE] 1009.3.1 Exit Acess Stairways4701.4 Exit and Access Facilities715.4.7.2 Exit and Elevator Protectives(8) 604.8 Exit and Emergency Lighting EquipmentSection 1007 Exit and Exit Access Doorway ConfigurationSection 1015 Exit and Exit Access Doorways1024.2.1 Exit Classification1021.3 Exit Configuration1021.3 Exit Continuity2705.3.1 Exit Corridors Access and Exit EnclosuresSection 1028 Exit Discharge1027.2 Exit Discharge Capacity1028.4 Exit Discharge Components1025. Exit Discharge Doors1027.3 Exit Discharge Location[NY] 4003.5.1 Exit Discharge Locations7.7.2 Exit Discharge Through Interior Building Areas1028.3 Exit Discharge Width or Capacity1021.4 Exit Door ArrangementR311.4.1 Exit Door Required7.10.1.3 Exit Door Tactile Signage216.4.1 Exit Doors1022.6 Exit Enclosure Exterior WallsSection 1022 Exit Enclosures300.25 Exit Enclosures (Stair Towers)2308.12.7 Exit Facilities446.12 Exit Illumination1113.6.1 Exit Ladder DevicesArticle 6 Exit Lighting403.2.5 Exit Locations(3) Exit Luminaires411.6 Exit Marking3. Exit Marking Audible Notification Appliance18.4.8 Exit Marking Audible Notification Appliance Requirements21.11* Exit Marking Audible Notification Systems4804.7 Exit Obstructions§27-534 Exit Openings3102.10.2 Exit Openings From Air-Supported Structures and Air-Inflated Structures3102.10.1 Exit Openings From Tents1015.2 Exit or Exit Access Doorway Arrangement(1) 1015.1 Exit or Exit Access Doorways From Spaces1014.1 Exit or Exit Access Doorways Required1015.1 Exit or Exit Access Doorways Required From Spaces707.3.4 Exit Passageway402.8.6.1 Exit Passageway Enclosures1024.8 Exit Passageway Exterior WallsSection 1024 Exit Passageways453.7.9 Exit Passageways and Horizontal Exits403.16 Exit Path Markings§27-367 Exit Reduction§27-357 Exit Requirements1910.37(d) Exit Routes Must Be Maintained During Construction, Repairs, or Alterations412. Exit Separation1013.6.1.1 Exit Sign§27-385 Exit Sign Design1013.6.2 Exit Sign IlluminationSection 1013 Exit Signs905.2 Exit Signs and Egress Path Markings1105.5.1 Exit Signs and Emergency Illumination1114.26 Exit Signs and IlluminationArticle 7 Exit Signs and Other MarkingsArticle 8 Exit Signs for Existing Buildings1104.3 Exit Signs—GeneralC405.3 Exit Signs (Mandatory) Exit Stair Door Tactile Signage7. Exit Stair Handrails7. Exit Stair Illumination7. Exit Stair Landings43.10.5.9 Exit Stair Live Load7. Exit Stair Path Markings7.* Exit Stair Treads1007.3 Exit Stairways404.10 Exit Stairways in an Atrium509.3.3.5 Exit Terminals7.7.1* Exit Termination455.8 Exiting1004.4 Exiting From Multiple LevelsSection 1022 Exits907. Exits and CorridorsSection R105 Exits and Emergency EgressSection 1405 Exits [B]1910.261(g)(9) Exits (Digester Building)§27-366 Exits From Floors18.2.4.4* Exits From Smoke Compartments1021.2 Exits From Stories1910.265(c)(23)(iii) Exits, Lighting, and Safety Devices1021.1.1 Exits Maintained1015.1 Exits or Exit Access Doorways From SpacesAM103.1 Exits Required1910.34(b) Exits Routes Are Covered7.3.1.4 Exits Serving More Than One Story3.3.65 Expanded (Foamed or Cellular) Plastics803.8 Expanded Vinyl Ceiling Coverings10.2.4.2* Expanded Vinyl Wall and Expanded Vinyl Ceiling Materials803.7 Expanded Vinyl Wall Coverings803.6 Expanded Vinyl Wall or Ceiling Coverings1305.9.6 Expansion[BS] A403.9.3.1 Expansion Anchors in Tension427.16 Expansion and Contraction1208.15 Expansion and Flexibility6.4 Expansion Arms and Expansion Loops6.4.1 Expansion Arms (See Figure 1)1910.262(h)(1)(vii) Expansion Chambers1803.5.3.1 Expansion Classification LevelM2101.8 Expansion, Contraction and Settlement(B) Expansion, Expansion-Deflection, and Deflection Fittings352.44 Expansion Fittings2110.4.2.2 Expansion Joint308.8 Expansion Joint Fittings3104F.4.4 Expansion Joints1101.5 Expansion Joints Required6.4.2 Expansion Loops (See Figure 2)43-121 Expansion of Existing Manufacturing Buildings392.44 Expansion Splice Plates1212.7 Expansion TankSection M2003 Expansion Tanks608.3 Expansion Tanks, and Combination Temperature and Pressure-Relief Valves1803.5.3 Expansive Soil1803.5.3 Expansive Soil or Fill1802.3.2 Expansive SoilsR403.1.8.1 Expansive Soils Classifications[A] 102.2.12 Expected Emergency Response[BS] 501.3.4 Expected LoadsA.9 Expected Material Strength[BS] A403.3.1 Expected Story StrengthA.11 Expected Strength for Force-Controlled Actions118.1.3 Expedite116.1.7 Expedite or Off-Hour Fees118.2.3 Expedite or Off-Hour Fire/Life Safety Plan Review and Inspection Fee109.4.1 Expedited Construction Document Review§116-01 Expeditor RegistrationSection 116 Expeditor Registration Certificates§28-214.1.5 Expenses of Enforcing Seal, Secure and Close Orders(B) Experience§28-412.3.1 Experience for Class A License§28-412.3.2 Experience for Class B License§28-405.3 Experience Qualifications103.3.5 Experience Requirements of the ApplicantSection 5612 Experimental High Power Rockets and MotorsSection 5610 Experimental Rockets/Unlimited14A-1-104.12 Expert Advice[A] 105.5 Expiration5601.4.5 Expiration and Renewal of a BCC, or Blaster or Pyrotechnician Certification105.3.1.1 Expiration. [BSC]Section 92.0122 Expiration of Certificate§ 23-27.3-114.2 Expiration of PermitSection 92.0137 Expiration of Permit and Plan CheckAE304.3.1 Expiration of Plan Review§28-418.1.1 Expiration of Registration§28-420.6 Expiration of Safety Registration Number112.7 Expired Certificates(2) 5615.2 Expired License(C) Explanatory Material101.6.4 Explanatory Notes1802.4.1 Exploratory Boring3.3.113 Explosion5.2.2.2* Explosion Conditions[F] 414.5.1 Explosion ControlSection 310 Explosion Control [F]* Explosion Design Scenario 1§27-401 Explosion Hazard and Unlisted OccupanciesG.2.5.1 Explosion Prevention1616.5.1 Explosion Prevention and Deflagration Venting911.3 Explosion Prevention Systems8.7.2* Explosion Protection2204.1 Explosion Protection Standards510.8.3 Explosion Relief511.1.5 Explosion Relief Vents[F] 415.9.1.8 Explosion Venting1910.307(f)(1) Explosionproof Apparatus502.5 Explosionproof Equipment1910.109(a)(3) Explosive1910.241(a) Explosive-Actuated Fastening Tool Terms1910.243(d) Explosive Actuated Fastening Tools1910.109(a)(2) Explosive-Actuated Power Devices3.3.115* Explosive Material5601.1.1 Explosive Material Standard5601.1.2 Explosive Material Terminals[F] 415.6.4.4 Explosive Materials5607.16.4.5 Explosive Materials ContainersSection 5604 Explosive Materials Storage and Handling5605.8 Explosive Materials Testing Sites10.3.4* Explosive or Highly Flammable Furnishings or DecorationsSection 3311 Explosive Powered and Projectile Tools3311.3 Explosive Powered Tools65.9 ExplosivesSection 3312 Explosives and BlastingE102.1.1 Explosives and Blasting Agents5604.11 Explosives at Piers, Railway Stations and Cars or Vessels Not Otherwise Specified in These Rules and Regulations5007.6.3.1 Explosives Containing Liquids5605.5.1 Explosives Dust1926.903(c)Section 5603 Explosives Recordkeeping and ReportingSection 444 Explosives [SFM]Section 5604 Explosives Storage and Handling5604.12.6 Explosives Vaults(A) Exposed312.13 Exposed ABS PipingSection 2513 Exposed Aggregate Plaster(E) Exposed and Accessible(A) Exposed and Concealed(B) Exposed and in a Dry LocationR302.10.4 Exposed Attic InsulationE3802.3 Exposed CableE3906.11 Exposed Combustible Finish(B) Exposed Combustible Wall or Ceiling Finish(A) Exposed ComponentsE4003.3 Exposed Conductive Parts(B) Exposed Conductive Surfaces Not Required to Be Grounded(B) Exposed Conductors426.21 Exposed Deicing and Snow-Melting Equipment609.5.4 Exposed Ducts(C) Exposed Energized PartsCA105.2.4 Exposed Floors2.25.3 Exposed Food ProductsR317.1.5 Exposed Glued-Laminated Timbers3.3.66 Exposed Group A Plastic Commodities1910.1026(k)(1)(i)(C) Exposed in an Emergency720.3 Exposed Installation14A-6-603.3 Exposed Metal(A) Exposed Metal Parts(B) Exposed Non—Current-Carrying Metal Parts25. Exposed Nonexpanded Group A Plastic Commodities606.5 Exposed Pipes and Surfaces1323.2.1 Exposed Piping1109.2.6 Exposed Piping Surface Temperature10.2.4.2* Exposed Portions of Structural Members312.14 Exposed PVC Piping804.3.3 Exposed Surfaces(I) Exposed Terminals1910.211(f)(4) Exposed to Contact(A) Exposed to External Heat or Connected to Resistors(C) Exposed to Physical Damage904.9.1 Exposed to Refrigerated Air Circulation(1) Exposed to Sunlight(C) Exposed to Water334.15 Exposed Work3.3.89 Exposition3.3.93.1 Exposition Facility3003.2 Exposure1910.215(b)(9) Exposure Adjustment1910.1053(d) Exposure Assessment1926.1101(f) Exposure Assessments and Monitoring—1609.4.3 Exposure Categories1904.1 Exposure Categories and Classes1609.4 Exposure Category1910.1030(c) Exposure Control1910.1030(c)(1) Exposure Control Plan1910.1026(d) Exposure Determination1910.1048(o)(2) Exposure DeterminationsR803.2.1.1 Exposure Durability1608.3.1 Exposure Factor3.3.91* Exposure Fire31.* Exposure From the Yard1910.1051(g) Exposure Goal Program5504. Exposure Hazard Separation6109.2 Exposure Hazards1910.1001(m)(1) Exposure Measurements1910.1001(d) Exposure Monitoring1910.1029(e) Exposure Monitoring and Measurement1910.212(a)(5) Exposure of Blades1910.1096(b) Exposure of Individuals to Radiation in Restricted Areas1107.7 Exposure of Refrigerant Pipe Joints1110.2 Exposure of Refrigerant Piping System108.2.3 Exposure of Work19.4.2 Exposure Protection8.7.9* Exposure Protection Sprinkler Systems28.2.6 Exposure Systems1910.1096(c) Exposure to Airborne Radioactive Material63. Exposure to Chemicals1904.4.2 Exposure to Chlorides410.145 Exposure to Damage430.16 Exposure to Dust Accumulations63. Exposure to Electrical Circuits1926.651(e) Exposure to Falling Loads5303.11 Exposure to Fire5.3 Exposure to HeatK 105.7 Exposure to Sunlight31. Exposure to the Yard1926.651(d) Exposure to Vehicular TrafficR802.1.5.8 Exposure to Weather2303.2.6 Exposure to Weather, Damp or Wet Locations4.6.16.5 Exposure to Weather or Damp or Wet Locations7.* Exposures1910.1026(a)(3) Exposures to Portland Cement; or905.2.3 Express Risers1926.959(b)(1) Extend Outriggers464.5 Extended Congregate Care11.3* Extended Coverage Sidewall Spray Sprinklers24.5.3 Extended Coverage Spacing Sprinklers3. Extended Coverage Sprinkler11.2.1 Extended Coverage Sprinklers11.2 Extended Coverage Upright and Pendent Spray Sprinklers26.21.1.3 Extended Fan Decks405.9.1 Extended Floor or Ground Surface405.9.1 Extended Floor Surface1005.3.2 Extended Ground or Deck Surface(5) 118.5 Extended Stay Hotels(A) Extending Beyond the Room or Area1926.453(b)(2) Extensible and Articulating Boom Platforms1910.67(a)(4) Extensible Boom Platform1926.453(a)(1)(i) Extensible Boom Platforms1023.3.1 Extension12.4.1 Extension Above Roofs*§28-118.23 Extension, Alteration or Relocation of Chimneys and Vents6. Extension Beyond Combplates(3) Extension Cord Sets11.1.5* Extension Cords3.3.68 Extension Fitting**§28-320.3.9 Extension for Certain Income-Restricted Housing1211.1.1 Extension Garage Door Springs1910.179(g)(7) Extension Lamps*§28-320.8.1.1 Extension of Effective Period66.22.7.3* Extension of Emergency Vent Piping5.7.17.3 Extension of Guide Rails at the Top and Bottom of the Hoistway4.3.18.3 Extension of Guide Rails at Top and Bottom of Hoistway11-332 Extension of Period to Complete Construction1618.1.1.1 Extension of Time§27-2103 Extension of Time for Registration1619.4.5 Extension of Time for Temporary Structures14A-4-413.9.1 Extension of Time or Reinstatement*§28-318.3.7 Extension of Time to Complete Inspection*§28-320.3.7.1 Extension of Time to File Report8.3.6.4 Extension of Type TestP3101.4 Extension Outside a Structure703.4 Extension Over Pool§186 Extension RoofsP3103.6 Extension Through the Wall(D) Extensions376.70 Extensions From Metal Wireways378.70 Extensions From Nonmetallic Wireways701.2.1 Extensions of Public Sanitary or Combined Sewers701.2.1 Extensions of Public Sewers1101.2.4 Extensions of Public Storm or Combined Sewers601.6.1 Extensions of Public Water Mains903.7 Extensions Outside a Structure12.4.6 Extensions Outside BuildingAJ501.3 Extensive Alterations43.5.2 Extensive Modifications3206.2 Extent and Type of Protection202.3.2 Extent of Application1926.952(d) Extent of Briefing[A] Extent of Documentation[A] Extent of Documentation and References707A.3.1 Extent of Exterior Wall Covering705.12.3.2 Extent of Fire Protection Peer Review1818.4 Extent of Geotechnical Peer Review5.8.1.9 Extent of Insulation(4) Extent of Location3206.2.1 Extent of ProtectionJ404. Extent of Repair3405.2.2 Extent of Repair for Compliant Buildings3405.2.3 Extent of Repair for Noncompliant Buildings1618.6 Extent of the Structural Peer Review1304.4 Extent of Work1112.4 Extent Technically Feasible902.2.2 Exterior Access Door[F] 914.1.1 Exterior Access to ShaftwaysSection 1110A Exterior Accessible Routes1110A.4 Exterior Accessible Routes Over 200 Feet[BS] 1404.10.1 Exterior Adhered Masonry Veneer[BS] 1404.10.2 Exterior Adhered Masonry Veneers—Porcelain Tile[BS] 1405.10.2 Exterior Adhered Masonry Veneers—Porcelain Tile2111.14 Exterior Air2111.14.3 Exterior Air IntakeSection R1006 Exterior Air Supply8-603.6 Exterior and Interior Ramps and Lifts17.5.7 Exterior Applications1007.7 Exterior Area for Assisted Rescue1009.7 Exterior Areas for Assisted Rescue[A] 107.2.5 Exterior Balconies and Elevated Walking Surfaces1406.3 Exterior Balconies and Similar Projections107.2.5 Exterior Balcony and Elevated Walking Surfaces107.2.7 Exterior Balcony and Elevated Walking Surfaces. [BSC, DSA-SS, DSA-SS/CC, HCD 1, HCD 2]703.2.1.5 Exterior Bearing Walls5.5.1 Exterior Building EnvelopeC405.6.1 Exterior Building Grounds Lighting9.4.2 Exterior Building Lighting PowerSection R608 Exterior Concrete Wall Construction453.5.5.1 "Exterior Courtyard"Section 707A Exterior Covering715.4 Exterior Curtain Wall/Fire-Resistance-Rated Floor Intersections715.4 Exterior Curtain Wall/Floor Intersection715.5 Exterior Curtain Wall/Nonfire-Resistance-Rated Floor Assembly Intersections715.6 Exterior Curtain Wall/Vertical Fire Barrier Intersections8.3.5.4* Exterior Curtain Walls and Perimeter Joints403.5 Exterior Deck FootingsSection R507 Exterior DecksC302.2 Exterior Design Conditions708A.3.1 Exterior Door Glazing5.407.2.2.1 Exterior Door Protection708A.3 Exterior Doors2603.4.1.8 Exterior Doors in Buildings of Group R-2 or R-3K105.1.2 Exterior Doors to Decks, Balconies and PorchesR402.1.1.2 Exterior Draining Foundation Insulation Requirements506.6 Exterior Duct Installations1017.2.1 Exterior Egress Balcony IncreaseSection 3115 Exterior Elevated Flooring Systems1224.33.2.1 Exterior Entrance453.16.5 Exterior Entries453.25.4.3 Exterior Envelope1022.2 Exterior Exit DoorsSection 1026 Exterior Exit Ramps and Stairways1007.7.2 Exterior Exit Stairway1027.6 Exterior Exit Stairway and Ramp ProtectionSection 1027 Exterior Exit Stairways and Ramps17. Exterior Exposure HazardsDivision II — Exterior Facilities2109.2.4.8 Exterior Finish2602.1 Exterior Finish and TrimF 501.0 Exterior Fire Department Connection Panel and Enclosure715.4.8 Exterior Fire Window Assemblies708A.2 Exterior Glazing705.12 Exterior Graphics on Exterior Walls of High-Rise BuildingsR507.10 Exterior Guards42.* Exterior InspectionM1401.4 Exterior InstallationsR703.9.1 Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)R703.9 Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)/EIFS With DrainageR703.9.2 Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) With Drainage1403.11 Exterior Insulation and Finish SystemsSection 1407 Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)1404.11 Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS)R703.9 Exterior Insulation Finish Systems, GeneralSection 1408 Exterior Insulationand Finish Systems (EIFS)608.4.1 Exterior Light ReductionN1104.1.1 (R404.1.1) Exterior Lighting608.4.2 Exterior Lighting and Signage Shutoff9.4.1.4 Exterior Lighting ControlN1104.3 (R404.3) Exterior Lighting ControlsC405.5 Exterior Lighting (Mandatory)C502.3.6.2 Exterior Lighting PowerC405.5 Exterior Lighting Power RequirementsC405.4 Exterior Lighting Power Requirements (Mandatory)409.1.1 Exterior Lighting Zones700.22 Exterior Lights404.3.5.2 Exterior Location2404.6.2.2 Exterior Luminaires926.1.1 Exterior Mechanical Equipment2212.2 Exterior Members806.2 Exterior Metal Chimneys*1.2- Exterior Noise Classifications5.507.4.1 Exterior Noise Transmission, Prescriptive MethodR402.1.1.3 Exterior Nondraining Foundation Insulation Requirements(1) Exterior of the Building1204.2.2 Exterior Openings907. Exterior Phone JacksF 108.14 Exterior Piping ProtectionSection 2512 Exterior PlasterR703.7 Exterior Plaster (Stucco)R312.1.4 Exterior Plastic Composite GuardsR311.7.8.6 Exterior Plastic Composite HandrailsR311.7.5.4 Exterior Plastic Composite Stair Treads707A.7 Exterior Porch Ceilings9.2.3* Exterior ProjectionsSection 302 Exterior Property Areas602.4.3.1 Exterior ProtectionSection 1114A Exterior Ramps and Landings on Accessible Routes1026.6 Exterior Ramps and Stairway Protection13.3.2.6* Exterior Roofs, Canopies, Porte-Cocheres, Balconies, Decks, or Similar ProjectionsR609.5 Exterior ShearwallsAR103.5.5 Exterior Siding453.10.6 Exterior Signage1110.2.1 Exterior SignsAS105.3.1 Exterior Sill Plate Flashing217.4.4 Exterior Site Requirement9.2.1.19 Exterior Soffits, Eaves, Overhangs, and Decorative Frame Elements1213.1.2 Exterior Space806.2.2 Exterior Spaces410.2.3 Exterior Stage Doors1028.8.2.2 Exterior Stair§27-376 Exterior Stairs1026.6 Exterior Stairway and Ramp Protection1115A.6 Exterior Stairway HandrailsR303.8 Exterior Stairway Illumination1104.22 Exterior Stairway ProtectionSection 1115A Exterior Stairways2110.3.1 Exterior Standard-Unit Panels63. Exterior StorageSection 2809 Exterior Storage of Finished Lumber and Solid Biofuel ProductsSection 2809 Exterior Storage of Finished Lumber Products(I) Section 2809 Exterior Storage of Finished Lumber Products and Solid Biofuel ProductsSection 2809 Exterior Storage Offinished Lumber Products1102.2.2 Exterior Storm Drainage Leaders704.10 Exterior Structural MembersSection 304 Exterior Structure5306.3 Exterior Supply Locations722.7.2.2 Exterior Surfaces2110.3.2 Exterior Thin-Unit PanelsC405.2.7.4 Exterior Time-Switch Control FunctionC405.2.6.4 Exterior Time-Switch Control Functions§27-335 Exterior Trim450.4.2.5 Exterior Unit Standards2613.5 Exterior Use10.13.2 Exterior VegetationR703.8.2 Exterior Veneer Support403.5.4 Exterior Walking Surfaces607.10 Exterior Wall and Interior Stud Partitions[F] 1701.3.13 Exterior Wall and Roof Assemblies' Contribution to Fire Growth[F] 1701.3.12 Exterior Wall and Roof Assemblies' Restriction of Fire Spread707A.4 Exterior Wall Assemblies2322.4 Exterior Wall Cladding8-402.1 Exterior Wall Construction1408.2 Exterior Wall Covering2602.1 Exterior Wall Covering and Architectural Trim3202.2.5 Exterior Wall Covering Systems for Prior Code Buildings718.2.6 Exterior Wall Coverings718.2.6.1 Exterior Wall Coverings Containing Plastics, Metal Composite Materials (MCM) or High-Pressure Decorative Exterior-Grade Compact Laminates (HPL) Panels[A] 107.2.4 Exterior Wall Envelope1406.2 Exterior Wall FinishAS104.1.1 Exterior Wall Finishes1011.7 Exterior Wall Fire-Resistance Ratings707.1 Exterior Wall Fire-Resistance Ratings, Hazards1207.8.4 Exterior Wall InstallationsSection R302 Exterior Wall LocationH111.2 Exterior Wall Mounting DetailsG2427.6.8 (503.6.9) Exterior Wall Penetrations1404.4.1 Exterior Wall Pockets1011.7.1 Exterior Wall Rating for Change of Occupancy Classification to a Higher-Hazard Category1011.7.2 Exterior Wall Rating for Change of Occupancy Classification to an Equal or Lesser-Hazard Category1011.6.1 Exterior Wall Rating for Change to a Higher-Hazard Category1011.6.2 Exterior Wall Rating for Change to an Equal or Lesser-Hazard CategoryA5.106.7 Exterior Wall Shading2304.6 Exterior Wall SheathingSection 12-7A-1 Exterior Wall Siding and Sheathing SFM Standard 12-7A-1802.6.1.3 Exterior Wall TerminationF102.5 Exterior Wall Ventilation OpeningsSection 705 Exterior WallsSection I103 Exterior Walls and OpeningsF102.1 Exterior Walls and Underground Walls2304.12.1.3 Exterior Walls Below Grade602.3 Exterior Walls, Design and Construction3104.5.4 Exterior Walls Greater Than 2 Hours2603.5 Exterior Walls of Buildings of Any Height14A-6-603.2 Exterior Walls of High-Rise BuildingsD102.2.6.1 Exterior Walls of Type IIB, VA and VB Construction2603.4.1.4 Exterior Walls, One-Story Buildings1403.5.1 Exterior Walls With Water-Resistive Barriers3206.7.1 Exterior Walls Without Fire Department Access Doors7.5.3 Exterior Ways of Exit Access1709.5 Exterior Window and Door Assemblies1709.5.2 Exterior Windows and Door Assemblies Not Provided for in Section 1709.5.11709A.5.2 Exterior Windows and Door Assemblies Not Provided for in Section 1709A.5.11710.5.2 Exterior Windows and Door Assemblies Not Provided for in Section 1710.5.11714.5.2 Exterior Windows and Door Assemblies Not Provided for in Section 1714.5.11715.5.2 Exterior Windows and Door Assemblies Not Provided for in Section 1715.5.11404.13 Exterior Windows and DoorsSection R613 Exterior Windows and Glass DoorsSection 12-7A-2 Exterior Windows SFM Standard 12-7A-2Section 708A Exterior Windows, Skylights and Doors708A.2.1 Exterior Windows, Skylights and Exterior Glazed Door Assembly RequirementsR502.2.2.4 Exterior Wood/Plastic Composite Deck BoardsR311.7.8.4 Exterior Wood/Plastic Composite HandrailsR311.7.5.4 Exterior Wood/Plastic Composite Stair TreadsR312.1.4 Exterior Woodplastic Composite GuardsSection 308 ExterminationArticle 4 Extermination and Rodent Eradication*2.2-3.5.2 External Beam Radiation Therapy Suite24.6.3* External Connections416.3.2 External Control Piping66.23.3.5* External Corrosion Protection for Underground Storage Tank449.4.2.10 External Emergency Communications Standards24. External Filters8. External Inspection and Tests§28-303.2.2 External Inspection Required3305.3.2.4 External Lateral Loads8. External Leakage3305.3.2.4 External Loads1305.14.1.4 External Loads on Underground TanksSection 902 External Moisture(C) External Power Sources for Energizing Aircraft14A-1-102.4 External References3.3.152.1* Externally Illuminated1013.6 Externally Illuminated Exit Signs7.10.6 Externally Illuminated Signs(C) Externally Operable and Indicating1910.155(c)(16) Extinguisher Classification13.6.2.3 Extinguisher Classification System[F] 906.9 Extinguisher Installation13.6.4.3 Extinguisher Maintenance1910.155(c)(17) Extinguisher Rating13. Extinguisher Readiness13.6.4.8 Extinguisher Recharging and Extinguishing Agents13. Extinguisher Recharging Frequency for Certain Types of Extinguishers38.7.3 Extinguisher Training320.10.1 Extinguishers13.* Extinguishers for Pressurized Flammable Liquids and Pressurized Gas Fires21.3.5.2 Extinguishers Subject to Damage, Theft, or Tampering[F] 906.9.1 Extinguishers Weighing 40 Pounds or Less[F] 906.9.2 Extinguishers Weighing More Than 40 Pounds11.8.3 Extinguishing RequirementsG307.4.1.2 Extinguishing System606.3.4 Extinguishing System Service43.6.4 Extinguishing Systems307.3 Extinguishment Authority30.3.5 Extinguishment RequirementsR403.7.1.3 Extra Capacity Required for Special Occasions507.17 Extra Device or Attachment13.* Extra Hazard5.4.1* Extra Hazard (Group 1) Extra Hazard (Group 1) (EH1)5.4.2* Extra Hazard (Group 2) Extra Hazard (Group 2) (EH2)27.5.4* Extra Hazard Occupancies507.2.4 Extra-Heavy-Duty507.5.1 Extra-Heavy-Duty Cooking Appliances3314.3.3.4 Extra Heavy Duty Scaffold3208.5 Extra-High-Rack Storage Systems14A-5-501.5 Extra Inspections1926.959(d)(3) Extra Precautions(B) Extra Working Space(2) Extracted Material38.6.1.1 Extraction Room3.3.116 Extraction Room (Cannabis) Extraction Room Gas Detection System3.3.111 Extraction Room (Marijuana)1910.262(y) Extractors5706.3.11 Extraordinary Fire Hazard510.1.15 ExtrapolationG2428.2.15 (504.2.15) Extrapolation Prohibited5303.5.4 Extreme Temperature1208.7.1.2 Extreme Temperatures1910.133 Eye and Face Protection1910.252(b)(2) Eye Protection17.2.1.5 Eye Rods508.3.3 Eyebrow-Type Hoods1224. Eyewash Station[BG] A103.1.4.1 F-1, Moderate HazardArticle 3 F-1 Places of Assembly§27-546 F-1a Places of Assembly§27-547 F-1b Places of Assembly[BG] A103.1.4.2 F-2, Low HazardArticle 4 F-2 Places of AssemblyArticle 5 F-3 and F-4 Places of AssemblyAppendix F — BrooklynA6.3 F-Factors for Slab-on-Grade FloorsAppendix F - ManhattanAppendix F - Queens8. F RatingsAppendix F - Staten IslandAppendix F — the Bronx3310.12 Façade Projects3103.10.2 Fabric Envelope Design and Construction1607.16.1 Fabric PartitionsSection R107 Fabric Structures(B) Fabricated Ducts Used for Environmental Air3314.13 Fabricated Frame Scaffolds1926.452(c) "Fabricated Frame Scaffolds" (Tubular Welded Frame Scaffolds)1705.11 Fabricated Items2304.10.7 Fabrication2003.8 Fabrication and Construction Details2209.1.3 Fabrication and Erection1704.2.5.1 Fabrication and Implementation Procedures2705.3.2.1 Fabrication Area Alterations[F] 415.11.1 Fabrication Areas2205.3 Fabrication, Erection and Quality Control1704.6.1 Fabrication of High-Load Diaphragms1704.2.5.1 Fabricator Approval1704.2.2.2 Fabricator's Certificate of ComplianceC405.2.6.2 Facade and Landscape Lighting Shutoff1910.211(d)(25) Face of Slide1910.1050(i)(1)(iii) Face Shields, Chemical Goggles; or3.3.71* Face Sprinklers(D) Face-Up Position1910.134(g)(1) Facepiece Seal ProtectionE4001.11.1 Faceplate Grounding(A) Faceplates1910.305(c)(4) Faceplates for Flush-Mounted Snap Switches(C) Faceplates of Insulating Material3307.10 Facilitating City WorkANCILLARY Facilities1926.1001(c) Equipment Manufactured on or After July 15, 2019§27-2070 Facilities and Equipment[A] 102.2.5 Facilities and Premises(C) Facilities Contiguous or Located on the Same Site With Hospitals2.1-5.5.2 Facilities for Cleaning and Sanitizing Carts2.4- Facilities for Commissary or Contract Services From Other Areas4.1-4.6.2 Facilities for Contracted Linen Services5.2-4.10 Facilities for Engineering and Maintenance Services4.4-4.10 Facilities for Engineering and Maintenance Services in Medium and Large Settings2.1-4.3.2 Facilities for On-Site Sterile Processing2.7-4.3.2 Facilities for On-Site Sterile Processing Outside the Semi-Restricted Area*5.3-3.3.3 Facilities for Other Therapy Services§27-493.1 Facilities for People Having Disabilities3109.3.5 Facilities for People With Disabilities*2.2- Facilities for Processing Ultrasound Probes1240.7 Facilities for Program Employees3.1-4 Facilities for Support Services7.21.7 Facilities in Mercantile and Business Occupancies Serving Customers223.2.1 Facilities Not Specializing in Treating Conditions That Affect Mobility60.1.4.3 Facilities Out of Service60. Facilities Permanently Out of Service[NY] 101.2.1 Facilities Regulated by State Departments and Agencies3305.1 Facilities Required1109.15.1 Facilities Serving a Single Building1111.2.1 Facilities Serving Accessible Units248.1.1 Facilities Serving Beaches1110.2 Facilities Serving Group R-2 and R-3 Occupancies1111.2 Facilities Serving Group R-2, R-3 and R-4 Occupancies1109.15.2 Facilities Serving Multiple Buildings1111.2.2 Facilities Serving Type A and Type B Units in a Single Building1111.2.3 Facilities Serving Type A and Type B Units in Multiple Buildings1110.2.2 Facilities Serving Type A, Type B+NYC and Type B Units in a Single Building1110.2.3 Facilities Serving Type A, Type B+NYC and Type B Units in Multiple Buildings223.2.2 Facilities Specializing in Treating Conditions That Affect Mobility1.1-3.2 Facilities Subject to Compliance With the Guidelines60. Facilities Temporarily Out of Service5.3-4.2 Facilities That Support Outpatient Care*5.2-4.2 Facilities That Support Participant Care3.2-4.2 Facilities That Support Resident Care2.3-4.2 Facilities That Support Resident, Participant, or Outpatient Care233.4.2 Facilities With More Than 50 Beds(C) Facilities With Rapid Shutdown(j) Facilities With Residential Dwelling Units for Sale to Individual Owners224.6.2 Facilities With Residential Units and Transient Lodging Units(B) Facilities With Stand-Alone Systems(1) Facilities With Utility Services and Battery Systems(A) Facilities With Utility Services and ESS(B) Facilities With Utility Services and Photovoltaic Systems(B) Facilities With Utility Services and PV Systems(B) Facilities With Utility Services and Wind Electric Systems3.3.93 Facility608.2 Facility Capacity60.1.4 Facility Closure5001.6.3 Facility Closure Plan407.7 Facility Closure Plans2.1-2 Facility/Community Access5.7.3 Facility Design Specifications450.3.8.1 Facility Dietary3903.3.2.1 Facility Egress317.4.3.1 Facility Enclosure2306.8.4 Facility Identification450.3.8.2 Facility Laundry*2.1-1.4 Facility Layout2.9-1.4 Facility Layout and CirculationSection A-602 Facility License12. Facility Management12. Facility Management and Operational Plans2.1-5.6.6 Facility Manager's Office1.2- Facility Noise Source Emissions[A] 102.2.8 Facility Operating Policies and Procedures38.6.2.7 Facility Piping Systems1224.17.3.2 Facility Requirements457.2.1 Facility Standards457.1.3 Facility Standards for Facilities Licensed Prior to or on July 14, 1993459.2 Facility Structural and Operational Standards450.3.8 Facility Support AreasR613.3.2 Facing5.106.8.1 Facing — Backlight5.106.8.2 Facing — Glare720.2.1 Facings803.12 Facings or Wood Veneers Intended to Be Applied on Site Over a Wood Substrate3.3.104 FACP101.8.2 Facsimiles and Counterfeit Badges1817.5.6 Factor of Safety5.7.18.3 Factor of Safety for Driving Machines and Sheaves2.24.3 Factor of Safety for Driving Machines, Sheaves, and Drums2.22.4.3 Factor of Safety for Oil-Buffer Parts2.14.4.9 Factor of Safety for Suspension Members5.4.3.3 Factor of Safety of Beams and Supports5.7.7.3 Factor of Safety of Overhead Beams and Supports5.4.8.2 Factor of Safety of Suspension Means10.4.2 Factored Axial Force and Moment22.7.3 Factored Design Torsion6.6.3.1 Factored Load Analysis11.8.3 Factored Moment8.11.6 Factored Moments8.10.5.7 Factored Moments in Beams8.10.5 Factored Moments in Column Strips8.10.7 Factored Moments in Columns and Walls8.10.6 Factored Moments in Middle Strips8.4.3 Factored One-Way Shear11.4.3 Factored Shear8.10.8 Factored Shear in Slab Systems With Beams8.4.2.2 Factored Slab Moment Resisted by the Column9.4.4 Factored Torsion8.4.4 Factored Two-Way Shear8.4.4.2 Factored Two-Way Shear Stress Due to Shear and Factored Slab Moment Resisted by the ColumnSection 411 Factories[F] 909.9.1 Factors Considered[F] 2201.3.19.6 Factors in Determining Design Events Scenarios[F] 1701. Factors in Determining Design Fire Scenarios7.2.6.4 Factors of Safety2.24.3.2 Factors of Safety at Emergency Braking2.24.3.1 Factors of Safety Based on Alternating/Reversing Stresses8.2.7 Factors of Safety for Suspension Wire Ropes for Power Elevators2.18.8 Factors of Safety in Load-Bearing Parts of Speed Governor4003.4.1 Factory and High-Hazard Areas406.4.1.1 Factory Applied Coatings1208.6.7.1 Factory-Assembled Anodeless Risers507.4.4 Factory BuiltSection 906 Factory-Built Barbecue Appliances605.2.1.4 Factory-Built Chimney and Vent SystemsR1005.7 Factory-Built Chimney Offsets§27-869.01 Factory-Built Chimneys718.2.5.1 Factory-Built Chimneys and Fireplaces§27-855 Factory-Built Chimneys and Gas Vents925.2 Factory-Built Commercial Crematories1705.21.2 Factory Built Equipment1101.2 Factory-Built Equipment and Appliances2111.14.1 Factory-Built Fireplaces913.0 Factory-Built Fireplaces and Fireplace Stoves§27-848.09 Factory-Built Fireplaces, Fireplace Stoves and Room Heaters506.3.11.3 Factory-Built Grease Duct Assemblies506.3.11.3 Factory-Built Grease Duct Enclosure Assemblies510.5.2 Factory-Built Grease Ducts1. Factory-Built Housing Law458.2.2 "Factory-Built School"458.5 Factory-Built Schools, Plan Review (Also See Section 453, State Requirements for Education Facilities)458.6 Factory-Built Schools, Plan Review, Inspections and Work Progress Reports (Also See Section 453, State Requirements for Education Facilities)507.1.1 Factory-Built Systems With Exhaust or RecoveryR1004.1.1 Factory-Built Wood Burning FireplacesSection 306 Factory Group F[BG] A103.1.4 Factory-Industrial306.2 Factory Industrial F-1 Moderate-Hazard Occupancy306.3 Factory Industrial F-2 Low-Hazard Occupancy306.1 Factory Industrial Group F2.11.16 Factory Inspections1315.10 Factory-Installed Copper Inlet Tubes1315.11 Factory-Installed Copper Outlet TubesM1601.4.7 Factory-Made Air Ducts603.4 Factory-Made Air Ducts and ConnectorsM1601.2 Factory-Made DuctsSection R105 Factory Manufactured HomesR105.1 Factory Manufactured Homes (Modular Homes)Part V Factory Tests551.60 Factory Tests (Electrical)(1) Factory-Wired453. Faculty and Staff3.3.118 Fail-Safe63. Fail-Safe Automatic Closing Valve1910.107(h)(9) Fail-Safe Controls63. Fail-Safe DesignH108.1 Fail-Safe Device[F] 414.5.2.2 Fail-Safe Engineered Systems[A] 101.5 Failing System13. Fails Test or Examination[A] 101.5.1 Failure416.2.4 Failure Detection§28- Failure of Owner to Perform Work§28-204.3 Failure of Proof[F] 406.8.2.2 Failure of the Gas Detection System5706.3.16.3 Failure to Abandon WellsArticle 219 Failure to Certify Correction of Certain Immediately Hazardous Violations§28-204.4 Failure to Certify the Correction of a Violation103.3.9.5 Failure to Complete[A] 115.4 Failure to Comply§27-2124 Failure to Comply With Judicial Order11-62 Failure to Comply With Special Permits, Variances, Authorizations or CertificationsA-503.1 Failure to Correct111.3 Failure to Correct Violations§28-410.5.4 Failure to Obtain Plate and/or Seal§28-408.4.4 Failure to Obtain Seal120.6.3 Failure to Pay§28-204.6.5 Failure to Pay Charge109.2.2 Failure to Provide Fire Protection Systems§27-2107 Failure to Register; Penalties103.3.8.3 Failure to Renew103.3.11.2 Failure to Restore Certification14A-3-314.1.5 Failure to Secure Vacant Building1607.10.4 Fall Arrest and Lifeline Anchorages1607.11.4 Fall Arrest, Lifeline, and Rope Descent System AnchoragesP-903.2 Fall for Large PipingP-903.1 Fall for Small Piping1926.761(b) Fall Hazard Training1910.30(a) Fall Hazards(ii) 5608.10.3.2 Fall Out Area for an Indoor Exhibition*1.2-4.4 Fall Prevention Assessment*1.2-4.4.1 Fall Prevention Elements of the Safety Risk Assessment1.2-4.4.2 Fall Prevention Response1926.760 Fall Protection1926.502(k) "Fall Protection Plan"1910.29 Fall Protection Systems and Falling Object Protection-Criteria and Practices1926.502 Fall Protection Systems Criteria and Practices1.2- Fall-Risk Locations2.1- Fall-Safe Provisions1926.759 Falling Object Protection63. Falling Objects5609.9.1 Fallout Radius Separation3.3.105 False Alarm§28-219.3 False Certifications of Correction§27-272 False Designation§27-387 False Exits*§28-320.6.3 False Statement§28-104.9.5 False Statement or OmissionArticle 211 False Statements§28-211.1 False Statements in Certificates, Forms, Written Statements, Applications, Reports, or Certificates of Correction§28-204.5 False Statements in Certification of Correction§27-2096 False Statements Punishable§28-211.2 Falsely Impersonating a Department Officer, Inspector or Employee§28-211.2 Falsely Impersonating an Officer[BG] 302.4.5 Familiarity7.21.9 Family and Assisted-Use Toilet Rooms2.1-2.10.1 Family and Visitor LoungeA-904.5 Family Child Day Care Home16. Family Day-Care Home313.3 Family Day Homes305.2.4 Family Home Child Care460.10 Family Mausoleum1110.2.1.3 Family or Assisted-Use Bathing Rooms[P] 2902.1.2 Family or Assisted-Use Toilet and Bath Fixtures422.1.1 Family or Assisted-Use Toilet and Bathing Facilities1110.2.1 Family or Assisted-Use Toilet and Bathing Rooms422.2.2 Family or Assisted-Use Toilet Facilities[P] 2902.2.1 Family or Assisted-Use Toilet Facilities Serving as Separate Facilities1110.2.1.2 Family or Assisted-Use Toilet Rooms1112.8.3.1 Family or Assisted-Use Toilet Rooms and Bathing Rooms2.14-3.2 Family/Pediatric Dentistry Patient Care Spaces*3.2-2.3.6 Family Room*2.2-2.11.3 Family Support Requirements*2.2- Family Zone Support Features6. Supply Fan Airflow Control449.3.7 Fan and Damper Control During Fire AlarmC403.8 Fan and Fan Controls403. Fan Belts909.21.4.4 Fan Capacity1202. Fan Circuit and Wiring and Location424.63 Fan Circuit Interlock6.5.3.2 Fan ControlC403.8.5 Fan Controls6. Fan EfficiencyC403.8.3 Fan Efficiency (Mandatory)E402.5 Fan-Failure IndicatorM1407.5 Fan Interlock503.5 Fan Location506.5.1.1 Fan Motor6. Fan Motor Selection403. Fan Motors2404.7.7 Fan Motors and BeltsC403. Fan Motors Not Less Than 7.5 hpG3.1.3.14 Fan Power and Control (Systems 6 and 8)G3.1.3.14 Fan Power and Control (Systems 6 and 8)1910.107(d)(4) Fan-Rotating Element606.4.2 Fan Shutdown606.4.2 Fan Shutdown for Recirculating Air SystemsE403.6.1 Fan Sizing6.5.5.2 Fan Speed Control909.21.4 Fan SystemG3.1.2.4 Fan System Operation6.5.3.1 Fan System Power and Efficiency6.5.3.1 Fan System Power Limitation1910.262(f)(2) Fancy Rolls[F] 909.10.5 Fans468.3.6.2 Fans and BlowersC403.8 Fans and Fan ControlsE109.2.3 Fare Machines18.6 Fare TransactionPart V Farm Load Calculations220.102 Farm Loads — Buildings and Other Loads220.103 Farm Loads — Total1910.111(a)(2)(vii) Farm Vehicle (Implement of Husbandry)1910.111(g)(6) Farm Vehicles1224.33.4.2 Fast-Track Area(A) Fasten Appliances in Transit(2) Fastened in Place(B) Fastened-in-Place Equipment1706.4.1 Fastener AttachmentsG2427.6.12 (503.6.14) Fastener Penetrations722.6.3.3 Fastener Protection2304.10.2 Fastener Requirements1404.14.1.3 Fastener Spacing1507.16.5 Fasteners2.24.4 Fasteners and Connections Transmitting LoadR507.2.3 Fasteners and Connectors2304.10.6.1 Fasteners and Connectors for Preservative-Treated Wood2304.10.6 Fasteners and Connectors in Contact With Preservative-Treated and Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood1404.14.1.2 Fasteners and Fastener Penetration for Cold-Formed Steel Light-Fame Construction1404.14.1.1 Fasteners and Fastener Penetration for Wood Construction2.24.4.1 Fasteners and Rigid Connections2304.10.6.3 Fasteners for Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood Used in Exterior Applications or Wet or Damp Locations2304.10.6.4 Fasteners for Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood Used in Interior ApplicationsR317.3.1 Fasteners for Preservative-Treated Wood17.2.2* Fasteners in Concrete2304.9.5 Fasteners in Preservative-Treated and Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood17.2.3 Fasteners in Steel17.2.4 Fasteners in Wood4.1.24.3 Fasteners Transmitting Load[BS] 1404.17 Fastening1405.18.3.8 Fastening for Multistory Buildings2.15.17 Fastening of Compensation Means5.4.3.2 Fastening of Driving Machines and Sheaves to the Underside of Beams5.4.3.2 Fastening of Driving Machines and Sheaves to Underside of Beams2.23.10 Fastening of Guide Rails to Rail Brackets5.7.14.8 Fastening of Rope Suspension Means to Cars and Counterweights7.2.6.8 Fastening of Suspension Means5. Fastening of Wire Rope Suspension Means to Car or to the Counterweight5. Fastening of Wire Rope Suspension Means to the Car or to the CounterweightR804.2.5 Fastening Requirements5. Fastenings and Connections5.7.17.2 Fastenings, Deflections, and Joints2304.10.6.2 Fastenings for Wood Foundations8.4.2.2 Fastenings to Building Structure1625.4 Fatigue Load Testing606.4 FaucetsSection 412 Faucets and Fixture Fittings417.4 Faucets and Fixture Fittings With Hose Connected Outlets5.303.3.4 Faucets and FountainsSection 424 Faucets and Other Fixture Fittings412.1.1 Faucets and Supply Fittings(4) Fault Closing Rating1207.1.4.1 Fault Condition(C) Fault-Current ProtectionC403.2.3 Fault Detection and DiagnosticsE 805.12 Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) for Packaged Direct-Expansion (DX) Units (Form MECH-12A)C406.11 Fault Detection and Diagnostics System(5) Fault Protection(2) Faulted Circuits510.5.5 FCC Compliance(A) FCC Systems Alterations§109-01 FDNY Summons, Certification of Correction and Stipulation Procedures701.2.4 Feasibility of Connecting to an Available Public Sewer1101.2.3 Feasibility of Connecting to an Available Public Storm or Combined Sewer701.2.3 Feasibility of Connecting to an Available Sanitary or Combined Public Sewer11B-813.2 Features1225. Features and ArrangementDivision V — Features Common to Exterior and Interior of BuildingsAJ102.9 Features Exceeding Code Requirements806.2 Features for People Using Wheelchairs or Other Mobility Aids81-272 Features of the Daylight Evaluation Chart1926.12(b)(2) Federal-Aid Highway Acts1926.12(b)(5) Federal Airport Act (49 U.S.C. 1114(B))§27-3006 Federal and State Buildings2007.8 Federal Approval1926.12(b)(10) Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950 (50 U.S.C. App. 2281) Federal Communications Commission1926.14 Federal Contract for "Mixed" Types of Performance*1.1-4.5.1 Federal Environmental Regulations14X-1-102.2.4 Federal LawC101.4.2.1 Federal Standards1926.12(b)(25) Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as Amended by the Water Quality Act of 1965 (3 U.S.C. 466E(G))1-505 Fee AssessmentA-901.6 Fee Basis107.7.1 Fee Charged for Requested Inspections1-507 Fee Collection§ 23-27.3-119.0 Fee Computation119.8.4 Fee Exempt General Approvals105.7.7 Fee Exempt Permits117.2 Fee Exemptions5601. Fee for BCC5601.4.3 Fee for Certification5601.4.3.1 Fee for Replacement Certificate7-134 Fee Refund[A] 106.6.3 Fee Refunds[A] 106.6.2 Fee Schedule4-321 Fee Schedule 113.3.72 Feed Mains1910.262(d)(3) Feed Rolls(A) Feeder(C) Feeder Ampacities(2) Feeder and Alternate Source620.13 Feeder and Branch-Circuit Conductors410.68 Feeder and Branch-Circuit Conductors and Ballasts225.11 Feeder and Branch-Circuit Conductors Entering, Exiting, or Attached to Buildings or Structures(3) Feeder and Branch-Circuit Conductors With GFPE708.10 Feeder and Branch Circuit Wiring(B) Feeder and Branch Circuits on Piers(A) Feeder and Service LoadPart III Feeder and Service Load Calculations1910.261(k)(14) Feeder Belt1910.261(k)(25) Feeder Belts(B) Feeder Capacity(D) Feeder-Circuit Capacity(3) Feeder-Circuit Equipment(2) Feeder-Circuit Wiring(B) Feeder Conductors430.26 Feeder Demand Factor(B) Feeder Distribution Equipment215.6 Feeder Equipment Grounding Conductor(E) Feeder Equipment Grounding ConductorsE3704.2 Feeder LoadsE3704.3 Feeder Neutral Load(C) Feeder or Branch Circuits(A) Feeder or Service Load220.61 Feeder or Service Neutral LoadSection E3704 Feeder RequirementsE3603.1.3 Feeder Size Relative to Service Size(C) Feeder Source(1) Feeder Sources(B) Feeder-Supplied Building or Structure(B) Feeder TapsArticle 215 Feeders240.100 Feeders and Branch Circuits1910.304(f)(2) Feeders and Branch Circuits Over 600 Volts, Nominal708.12 Feeders and Branch Circuits Supplied by COPSC405.7.3.1 Feeders and Customer Owned Service Conductors454. Feeders for pH Adjustment(F) Feeders From Alternate Power Source(A) Feeders Not More Than 1000 Volts(A) Feeders Not More Than 600 Volts(B) Feeders Over 1000 Volts(B) Feeders Over 600 Volts610.41 Feeders, Runway Conductors(2) Feeders Supplied From Direct-Current Systems(1) Feeders Supplied From More Than One Nominal Voltage System(1) Feeders Supplying Transformers(2) Feeders Supplying Transformers and Utilization Equipment(A) Feeders With Common Neutral215.4 Feeders With Common Neutral Conductor1910.211(d)(26) FeedingSection 109 Fees120.6.1 Fees Adopted§ 23-27.3-128.7 Fees and CostsSection 92.0132.1 Fees for Additional InspectionsA04.1 Fees for Administrative Services(5) 5619.5 Fees for Application4-326 Fees for Approval of an Evaluation and Design Criteria Report for Rehabilitation of an Existing Nonconforming Building for Use as a School Building4-328 Fees for DSA Certification of Construction4-327 Fees for DSA Review Prior to Application Filing107.1.3 Fees for Generators Used With Amusement DevicesSection 116 Fees for Hydrant and Access Review and Inspection(a) 112.1.1 Fees for Multiple PermitsSection 92.0130 Fees for Plan Checking7-2106 Fees for Review of Specified Clinics106.7 Fees for Services Not Requiring a Permit§28-112.7.1 Fees for the Testing, Approval, Inspection and Use of Power-Operated Cranes, Derricks and Cableways§14-04 Fees Payable to the Department of Buildings. [Repealed] Fees Shall Apply To3304.4.3 Fence691.11 Fence Bonding and Grounding691.11 Fence Grounding3301.9.1 Fence Project Information Panel3301.9.3.3 Fence Sign Specifications457.1.4.17 Fenced Recreational Area[BG] 1511.7.4 Fences435.8.8 Fences and Gates2.5- Fences and Walls14X-3-302.3 Fences, Gates and Walls3201.7.1 Fences, Guards and RailingsG308.2 Fences in Floodways1510.8.1 Fences on Roofs Used for Recreational Purposes6112.1 Fences Required3303.13.1 Fencing3304.3 Fencing of Excavation Work1926.602(a)(5) FendersN1102.3 (R402.3) FenestrationA5. Fenestration Acceptance RequirementsN1102.4.3 (R402.4.3) Fenestration Air LeakageN1102.4.3 (R402.4.3) Fenestration Air Leakage (Mandatory)5.8.2 Fenestration and Doors5.5.4.2 Fenestration Area5.9.3.4 Fenestration Inspections808.1.1 Fenestration Obstructions5.5.4.5 Fenestration OrientationN1102.3 (R402.3) Fenestration (Prescriptive)N1101.10.3 (R303.1.3) Fenestration Product RatingA5.205.1 Fenestration Products and Exterior Doors5.5.4.4 Fenestration Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)R609.6.1 Fenestration Testing and Labeling5.5.4.3 Fenestration U-factor405.4.4.1 FEP Coordinator and Shelter Coordinators405.4.4.1 FEP Shelter Coordinator413.5 FEP Staff Training1910.263(i)(2) Fermentation Room(A) Ferrous Metal Equipment(3) Ferrous Raceways and Fittings3.3.248.1* Festival Seating(B) Festoon Lighting520.65 FestoonsR702.4.2 Fiber-Cement, Fiber-Mat Reinforced Cement, Glass Mat Gypsum Backers and Fiber-Reinforced Gypsum BackersR702.4.2 Fiber-Cement, Fiber-Mat Reinforced Cementitious Backer Units, Glass Mat Gypsum Backers and Fiber-Reinforced Gypsum Backers1523. Fiber Cement Shingle or Tile Panels1518.5 Fiber Cement Shingles1403.10 Fiber-Cement SidingR704.2.2 Fiber-Cement Soffit PanelsSection 2613 Fiber-Reinforced PolymerSection 2612 Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer1910.265(c)(24)(x) Fiber Rope3314.15.3 Fiber Suspension Rope2303.1.6 Fiberboard2306.6 Fiberboard Shear WallsR402.1.1.7 Fiberglass Batt Interior Insulation1926.957(a)(1) Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic5703.6.9.1 Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Piping504.4 Fiberglass Tanks1910.181(a)(18) Fiddle Block1905.1.5 Field Acceptance13.4.6 Field Acceptance Tests507.4.5 Field Applied506.3.11.2 Field-Applied Grease Duct Enclosure(B) Field-Applied Hazard Markings803.10.4.2 Field-Applied Insulation for Chimney Connectors406.4.1.2 Field Applied Paint(4) Field Assembled Extension Cord Sets(F) Field-Assembled Optical Fiber Cables1926.757(a)(8) Field-Bolted Joists1905.3.5 Field Changes to Concrete Proportions2205.3.2 Field Connections925.1 Field Constructed Commercial-Industrial Incinerators3305.3.4.1 Field-Constructed Lap Splices1905.6.4 Field-Cured Specimens1004.1.1 Field Erected Boilers RequirementsF 202.4 Field Flow Testing — Final408.4 Field Identification Required§28-304.6.4 Field Inspection Report and Notation on the Inspection CertificateC408.4.2 Field Inspections1406.4 Field Installations600.12 Field-Installed Secondary Wiring(A) Field-Installed Skeleton TubingPart II Field-Installed Skeleton Tubing, Outline Lighting, and Secondary Wiring1114.2 Field InvestigationO103.1.2.1 Field Investigation Requirements12.4.2.5 Field Labeling5706.3.8 Field-Loading Racks(A) Field Marking750.50 Field Markings12.4.2.6 Field Modifications3.3.106 Field of ViewF 202.3 Field Pressure Testing — Final13. Field Retest Results1910.252(d)(1)(ii) Field Shop OperationsE 803.2.1.1 Field TechnicianSection 1108 Field Test806.1.4.4 Field Test for Fire Resistance1207.4 Field Testing1116.2 Field TestsR317.1.1 Field Treatment646.8 Field-Wiring Compartments1926.951(b)(1) Field Work(A) Fifteen-Ampere Main Power-Supply Assembly(A) Fifteen-Ampere Main Power-Supply Assembly(C) Fifteen-Ampere Receptacle Considered Protected by 20 Amperes(C) Fifteen-Ampere Receptacles Considered Protected by 20 AmperesE3702.3 Fifteen- And 20-Ampere Branch CircuitsE4002.9 Fifteen- And 20-Ampere Receptacles in Wet Locations(D) Fifty-Ampere Power-Supply Assembly11B-224.2.1 Fifty or Less Guest Room Facilities104.3 FiguresG312.2.3 Filing7-202 Filing Change of Name, Address or Telephone Number1.3 Filing Date14X-1-104.4 Filing FeeA-901.7 Filing Fees111.3 Filing Fees; Judicial ReviewA-802.2.2.3 Filing of Appeal§28-112.9.1 Filing of Fees*§28-504.1.5 Filing of Plan§28-301.2 Filing of Reports in Writing or Electronically§26-01 Filing of Site Safety Programs and Designation of Site Safety Managers. [Repealed]408.8.8 Filing of the Emergency Plan§1-07.3 Filing Period§28-107.5 Filing ProcessArticle 416 Filing Representative Registration§28-416.1 Filing Representative Registration Required3306.5.3 Filing RequirementsR506.2.1 Fill5503.1.3.3 Fill Connection Supports903.5.1 Fill DepthJ107.4 Fill MaterialE 404.6.6 Fill Opening5706.2.4.1 Fill-Opening Security42. Fill Openings and Top FlashingsF 1001.2 Fill Panels or Stations Location5704. Fill Pipe Connection Operations5704. Fill Pipe Connections5003. Fill Pipes5704. Fill Pipes and Discharge LinesM2203.3 Fill Piping3304.1.4 Fill Supporting FoundationsF 1001.1 Fill TimeP2902.4.1 Fill Valves406.6 Filled AreaA2.3.2.5 Filled Cavity1321.3 Filler Metals722.3 Filling63. Filling and Dispensing2105.5 Filling and Emptying69.4.2.2 Filling and Evacuating of Containers3303.13.3 Filling and Grading8. Filling Buffer With Oil63. Filling Controls6106.4 Filling Cylinders or Tanks1910.110(b)(12) Filling Densities1910.111(a)(2)(viii) Filling Density5704. Filling, Emptying and Vapor Recovery Connections6306.3.6.1 Filling Location6306.3.6 Filling of Containers2307.9 Filling of Mobile Fuel Tanks6303.5 Filling of Portable Containers5005.1.13 Filling or Transferring Hazardous Materials in Portable ContainersH 1101.3 Filling Requirements1101.10 Filling Stations and Motor Vehicle Washing Establishments5003. Filling Terminals8. Filling the Buffer With Oil5706.5.7.1 Filling Through Open Domes6112.3 Filling Transportation Tanks6101.2.1 Filling Without PermitsSection J107 Fills702.20 Film Processors1224.18.7.4 Film Storage (Active)1504.5.3 Filter454. Filter Aid454. Filter Appurtenances454. Filter Areas6.4.3 Filter-Bank Blank-Off Panels454. Filter Capacities1910.272(l) Filter Collectors516.3.2 Filter Component2404.7.8.5 Filter Disposal3.1- Filter Efficiencies6.4.4 Filter Frames3.1- Filter Frames for Centralized Systems605.5 Filter MaintenanceH 601.2 Filter Material1504.7.2 Filter Material and Backfill3129B.2 Filter Media454. Filter Performance2404.7.8.4 Filter Rolls507.11.3 Filter Servicing454. Filter System Equipment454. Filter Tanks and Elements1910.1029(f)(4) Filtered AirM2301.6 Filtering2404.7.8 FiltersSection 3128B Filters (All Types) Filters and Ancillary Equipment2308.2.6 Filters and Dryers408.2 Filters for Hospitals408.4 Filters for Outpatient Facilities408.3 Filters for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities, and Correctional Treatment CentersA5.504.5.3.1 Filters, Tier 1A5.504. Filters, Tier 2P2911.5 FiltrationK 104.4.3 Filtration and Disinfection SystemsK 104.4.1 Filtration Devices612.5.2 Filtration Pump454.1.8.8 Filtration RecirculationP2910.2.2 Filtration Required454.1.8.7 Filtration System Inlets1-417 Final Actions by the Commission and Proposing Agency112. Final Approval by the Building Official7-155 Final Approval of the Work2.6.4 Final Backfill1321.10.8 Final Brazed Connection4-216 Final Certification of Compliance4-339 Final Certification of Construction4703.7.2 Final ClearanceC408.2.5.2 Final Commissioning Report1908.9.2 Final Curing1910.28(b)(9)(i)(D) Final Deadline322. Final Decision5.1.6* Final Determination1.4-1.3.3 Final Equipment Selections2.5.3 Final Evaluation4903.2.1.2 Final Fire Protection PlanJ105.1.2 Final Grading Report[A] 110.3.12 Final Inspection*§28- Final Inspection of Gas Piping Systems1243.2.2 Final Inspection Places§28- Final Inspection Prior to Certificate of Occupancy*§28- Final Inspection Prior to Letter of Completion1243.6 Final Inspection Space1203.3.2 Final Piping InspectionF 1201.7 Final Proof Test5607.6 Final Review and Approval of Permit Application7-125 Final Review of Construction Documents1-415 Final Rulemaking File by State Proposing Agencies1404.3 Final Scores(D) Final Spans2.25.3 Final Terminal Stopping Devices1321.10.9 Final Tie-in Test503.2 Final Water Heater Inspection5601.2.4 Financial Responsibility§28-418.3.1 Financial Solvency74-966 Findings1.1.8.1 Findings and Filings1.8.6.2 Findings, Filings and Rejections of Local Modifications74-873 Findings for Covered Pedestrian Spaces72-21 Findings Required for Variances14A-3-302 FineE3406.9 Fine Stranded ConductorsSection A-601 FinesA-601.2 Fines for Class II OffensesA-601.3 Fines for Class III Offenses3.3.120 Fines (Wood)1910.29(f)(2) Finger Clearance(Q) Section 5617 Fingerprint and Insurance Requirements for Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Fireworks113.6 Fingerprinting3108B.2 Finish1910.215(c)(3) Finish and Balance703.7.1 Finish and Contrast11B-502.6.1 Finish and SizeSection 2602 Finish and Trim2512.9 Finish Coats3108B.3 Finish Color§27-351 Finish Flooring and Floor Coverings1212.1 Finish Material Pollutant ControlA5.504.8 Finish Material Pollutant Control. [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4][P] 1210.2 Finish Materials722.3.2.2 Finish on Fire-Exposed Side722.3.2.1 Finish on Nonfire-Exposed SideM1406.5 Finish SurfacesR802.6.1 Finished Ceiling Material424.42 Finished Ceilings704.13.5 Finished Condition408.5 Finished Curb or ThresholdJ105.1.5 Finished Floor Elevation Certificate4005.2.5 Finished GoodsR408.6 Finished Grade3.3.96 Finished Ground Level (Grade)P2503.5.2 Finished Plumbing[F] 418.6 Finished Products1224. Finishes1032.6 Finishes, Furnishings and Decorations412.3.5 Finishing1910.261(l) Finishing Room1910.261(l)(9) Finishing Room Rewinders4.1.1* Fire21. Fire Alarm§27-521.6 Fire Alarm and Communication System443.2.4 Fire Alarm and Communication Systems21.2.8 Fire Alarm and Communications Systems803.4 Fire Alarm and Detection1011.2.2 Fire Alarm and Detection SystemSection 907 Fire Alarm and Detection Systems[A] 105.6.6 Fire Alarm and Detection Systems and Related Equipment105.7.7 Fire Alarm and Detection Systems, and Related Equipment and Dedicated Function Fire Alarm Systems (I.E., Monitoring) Fire Alarm and Supervisory Signal Initiation — Releasing Fire Alarm Systems(A) Fire Alarm Cable Substitutions(E) Fire Alarm Cables and Equipment760.30 Fire Alarm Circuit Identification(F) Fire Alarm Circuit Integrity (CI) Cable or Electrical Circuit Protective System760.35 Fire Alarm Circuit Requirements760.32 Fire Alarm Circuits Extending Beyond One Building2.8- Fire Alarm Connections3.3.146.2* Fire Alarm Control Interface24.5.22.1 Fire Alarm Control Interface (FACI)29.11.2 Fire Alarm Control Unit3.3.108* Fire Alarm Control Unit (FACU)907.2.24.3 Fire Alarm Control Units3115.6 Fire Alarm & Detection System455.5 Fire Alarm Devices(E) Fire Alarm Equipment3.3.109 Fire Alarm/Evacuation Signal Tone Generator21.3.7* Fire Alarm Initiating Device(s) Inside Elevator Hoistways2.8- Fire Alarm Notification10.12* Fire Alarm Notification Appliance Deactivation21.6.2.5* Fire Alarm Output Signals to Elevator System16.4.3* Fire Alarm Reporting453.7.5 Fire Alarm Sending Stations[F] 907.1.2 Fire Alarm Shop Drawings3.3.251.2* Fire Alarm Signal23.8.5.4 Fire Alarm Signal Initiation — Detection Devices23.8.5.3 Fire Alarm Signal Initiation — Initiating Devices With Separate Power and Signaling Wiring23.8.5.2 Fire Alarm Signal Initiation — Manual23.8.5.5* Fire Alarm Signal Initiation — Sprinkler Systems26.2.2* Fire Alarm Signal Verification[F] 407.8 Fire Alarm System[F] 916.10 Fire Alarm System Connections907.3.2 Fire Alarm System Control Panel23.8.5 Fire Alarm System Inputs[F] 908.3 Fire Alarm System Interface23.8.6 Fire Alarm System Notification Outputs[F] 907. Fire Alarm System Signal702 Fire Alarm Systems11B-215 Fire Alarm Systems and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Systems[F] 420.5 Fire Alarm Systems and Smoke Alarms907.11 Fire Alarm Systems in Existing Buildings435.7.2 Fire Alarm Systems in Group R-2.1 and R-4 Occupancies43.6.5 Fire Alarm Systems — Smoke Alarms23.10 Fire Alarm Systems Using Tone[F] 907.1.5 Fire Alarm Use(B) Fire Alarm With Power-Supply Circuits3108F.5 Fire Alarms403.4.2 Fire Alarms Systems405.5 Fire and Emergency Notice§401-06 Fire and Emergency Preparedness Guide and Notices401.6 Fire and Emergency Preparedness Guide and Notices (Level 3)401.5 Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plan (Level 2)406.2.4 Fire and Emergency Preparedness Plan (Level 2) and Fire and Emergency Preparedness Staff401.5.5 Fire and Emergency Preparedness Staff66.6 Fire and Explosion Prevention and Risk Control401.4.5.1 Fire and Life Safety Director§113-02 Fire and Life Safety Director Certificate of Fitness§113-05 Fire and Life Safety Director Training CoursesSection J604 Fire and Life-Safety ProtectionSection 1105 Fire and Life Safety Requirements for Existing Group I-2P103.4 Fire and Life Safety Requirements Not Addressed in This Appendix405.2.2 Fire and Life Safety Staff[NY] 4003.2 Fire and Safety Precautions102.4.2.1 Fire and Smoke DampersFire and Smoke Measurements and Photographic Record14X-5-502 Fire and Smoke Protection Features[A] 110.3.8 Fire- And Smoke-Resistant PenetrationsA-305.1.5 Fire and Zoning Permits18.1.3.1 Fire Apparatus Access3.3.125 Fire Apparatus Access RoadD103.5 Fire Apparatus Access Road Gates110.4 Fire Apparatus Access Road Requirements446.6 Fire Apparatus Access RoadsR330.7 Fire Apparatus Access Roads and Water Supply for Fire Protection503.2.9 Fire Apparatus — Point Load317.4.3.2 Fire Apparatus Roads3.3.14.3 Fire Area901.7 Fire Areas705.2.4.3 Fire Assembly Labels10.10.5 Fire Attendant453.4.3.1 Fire Barrier453.4.3 Fire Barrier and Fire-Smoke Barrier8.5.3 Fire Barrier Used as Smoke Barrier3.3.299.1 Fire Barrier WallSection 707 Fire Barriers43.6.3 Fire Barriers and Smoke Barriers3104.5 Fire Barriers Between Pedestrian Walkways and Buildings[F] 703.3.1 Fire Blocking and Draft Stopping3103.8.6 Fire Break3405.5 Fire Breaks1910.155(c)(18) Fire Brigade1910.156 Fire Brigades1011.5.1 Fire Building Surfaces17.8.2* Fire Characteristics and Detector SelectionSection 1505 Fire Classification1.11.4.4 Fire Clearance Pre-Inspection1.11.4.4 Fire Clearance Preinspection4703.7 Fire Clearance Safety Inspections3301.1.2 Fire Code101.7 Fire Code Advisory Committee1.10 Fire Code Board of Appeals102.5 Fire Code Compliance of Lawfully Existing Conditions(a) 109.1.1 Fire Code EnforcementSection A-904 Fire Code FeesAppendix B Fire Code Sections* for Appeals Involving Hazardous Materials(C) Section 103 Fire Code Within a Political Subdivision(1) 103.1 Fire Codewithin a Political Subdivision[F] 403.4.6 Fire CommandSection 911 Fire Command Center[F] 911.1.7 Fire Command Center Identification907.4.2 Fire Command Center Printer508.1.1.1 Fire Command Center Sign52.1.16 Fire Command Centers5607.9.10 Fire Company Access and Inspection3307.5.5 Fire Company Notification3.3.49.1* Fire CompartmentFire Compartment Environment7.2.4.2 Fire Compartments5.2.2.1* Fire Conditions3.3.73 Fire Control4705.1.6 Fire Control Elevator406.6.4.3 Fire Control Equipment Room1926.152(d) "Fire Control for Flammable Liquid Storage"33.4 Fire Control Measures320.9.1.1 Fire Control Room/Fire Command Center1910.255(d)(2) Fire Curtains1926.150(f) Fire Cutoffs511.4.2 Fire Damper716.3.1.1 Fire Damper Actuating Device717.3.3.1 Fire Damper Actuation717.3.3.1 Fire Damper Actuation Device717.3.2.1 Fire Damper Ratings4.4.2* Fire Damper Requirements505.6 Fire Dampers510.6.1 Fire Dampers and Smoke Dampers453.4.7.2 Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers and Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers[NY] 5610.4.1 Fire Danger Rating Areas404.6 Fire Department501.3 Fire Department Access406.6.4.4 Fire Department Access Doors116.1.3 Fire Department Access Field Inspection Fee2406.5 Fire Department Access Panels116.1.2 Fire Department Access Plan Review Fee3.3.121 Fire Department Access Road18.2.3 Fire Department Access Roads705.12.2 Fire Department Access to Buildings and Roofs[F] 402.7.5 Fire Department Access to EquipmentG.1.1 Fire Department Approval408.3 Fire Department Approval Required[F] 907.2.13.2 Fire Department Communication System403.7 Fire Department Communications System3.3.74 Fire Department Connection[F] 704.5.1 Fire Department Connection AccessR107.1.4 Fire Department Connection (FDC)1101.18 Fire Department Connection Sign16.12.3 Fire Department Connection TypesSection 912 Fire Department Connections30.2.7 Fire Department Connections and International Shore Connections3202.2.4 Fire Department Connections, Caps or Plugs§1-15 Fire Department Enforcement of Board Resolutions(T) Section 120 Fire Department Grants(7) 121.7 Fire Department Heroism Awards20.15.8.3 Fire Department Hose ConnectionsSection 916 Fire Department In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication System (ARCS)5003.9.1.1 Fire Department Liaison41.5.4.3 Fire Department NotificationP104.12.3.5 Fire Department Outlets(6) 121.6 Fire Department Registry15.4 Fire Department Service Delivery Concurrency Evaluation Documentation3605.3.5 Fire Department Staging Areas1114.21 Fire Department System907. Fire Department Two-Way Communication SystemP104.2.2 Fire Department Voice Communication System5.4.2.1* Fire Design Scenario* Fire Design Scenario* Fire Design Scenario* Fire Design Scenario* Fire Design Scenario* Fire Design Scenario* Fire Design Scenario* Fire Design Scenario 825.1.8* Fire DetailR328.7 Fire Detection7.15.4 Fire Detection, Alarm, and Communication9.6 Fire Detection, Alarm, and Communications Systems505.7 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems31.3.2.3* Fire Detection and Extinguishment320.10.3 Fire Detection and Signaling SystemsSection 4806 Fire Detection Equipment8.8.2.8 Fire Detection for Preaction Release21.3.6 Fire Detection in Unsprinklered Elevator Hoistways3504.1.9 Fire Detection Systems28.1.2.6 Fire DetectorsD106.1 Fire District MapsSection D106 Fire District Maps for the Boroughs of Richmond and QueensSection D106 Fire District Maps for the Boroughs of Staten Island (Richmond County) and QueensArticle 3 Fire Districts§27-340 Fire Divisions3.3.64.2 Fire Door716.5 Fire Door and Shutter Assemblies716.2 Fire Door Assemblies4.8.3 Fire Door Assemblies and Fire Window Assemblies3. Fire Door Assembly4.8.4* Fire Door Closers716.2.9.4 Fire Door Frame Labeling Requirements716.2.4 Fire Door Frames716.2.5.4 Fire Door Frames With Transom Lights and Sidelights716.2.6 Fire Door Hardware and Closers716.2.6 Fire Door Hardware and Closures716.2.9.1 Fire Door Labeling Requirements716.2.9.6 Fire Door Operator Labeling Requirements716.2.3 Fire Doors12.4 Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives8.3.3 Fire Doors and Windows4.7* Fire Drills401.5.5.1 Fire/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator406.2.1 Fire Emergency Preparedness Guide and Notices (Level 3)116.1.1 Fire Environmental Impact Report Research and Review Fee2006.17.2 Fire Equipment Access5706.4.10.7 Fire Equipment Arrangement804. Fire Escape Access and DetailsP104.5 Fire Escape Assemblies7.2.9 Fire Escape Ladders1013.6.1.3 Fire Escape Sign7.2.8 Fire Escape Stairs[BE] 1104.16 Fire Escape Stairways1032.11 Fire Escape Stairways Inspection and Maintenance§1025-01 Fire Escape Window Gates and Similar Security Devices for Secondary Means of Egress and Emergency Escape and Rescue OpeningsSection 3406 Fire EscapesSection 303 Fire Escapes [B]1113.6 Fire Escapes, Exit Ladder DevicesSection 504 Fire Escapes (Not Adopted by HCD)804.4.1.2 Fire Escapes Required403.3.1 Fire Evacuation Plan404.2.1 Fire Evacuation Plans401.3.1 Fire Events3.3.137.1 Fire Exit Hardware722. Fire-Exposed Side1204.10 Fire Extinguisher2005.7 Fire Extinguisher Access17.16 Fire Extinguisher Electronic Monitoring Device(l) 603.4.12 Fire Extinguisher Requirements13. Fire Extinguisher Size and Placement for Class A Hazards904.1.1 Fire Extinguisher System Design2006. Fire Extinguisher TrainingSection 3309 Fire Extinguishers1926.150(c)(1) Fire Extinguishers and Small Hose Lines1101.13 Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Alarms in State-Regulated Care Facilities (SRCFs)1701.13 Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors in SRCFs42.10.2.4 Fire Extinguishers for Aircraft Fuel Servicing Vehicles or Carts906.1.2 Fire Extinguishers for Institutional Occupancies3318.3 Fire Extinguishers for Roofing Operations1206.2.11 Fire-Extinguishing and Detection Systems11.11.5 Fire-Extinguishing Equipment50.4 Fire-Extinguishing Equipment for Cooking Operations in Buildings50.5 Fire-Extinguishing Equipment for Mobile and Temporary Cooking Operations517.7 Fire-Extinguishing Equipment for Solid-Fuel Cooking5906.5.7 Fire-Extinguishing Materials2405.4.1.1 Fire-Extinguishing System2306.8 Fire Extinguishing System for Dispensing Area2308.7.4.1 Fire Extinguishing System Periodic Testing2306.9.4 Fire Extinguishing System Test1231.5 Fire-Extinguishing Systems2308.7.4 Fire Extinguishing Systems and Appliances2108.3 Fire Extinguishing Systems in Lawfully Existing Dry Cleaning Facilities2108.2 Fire Extinguishing Systems in Newly-Established Dry Cleaning Facilities406.4.9 Fire-Fighter Aisles[F] 909.16 Fire Fighter's Smoke Control Panel[F] 3003.2 Fire Fighters' Emergency Operation9.4.3 Fire Fighters' Emergency Operations34.4.2 Fire-Fighting Access1910.156(d) Fire Fighting Equipment3.3.128 Fire Flow3.3.14.4 Fire Flow AreaSection B104 Fire-Flow Calculation Area507.3.1 Fire Flow for Group R-3 or Group U Occupancies507.3.1 Fire-Flow Requirements18.4 Fire Flow Requirements for BuildingsSection B105 Fire-Flow Requirements for Buildings in Protected Areas With Adequate and Reliable Water SystemsSection B107 Fire-Flow Requirements for Buildings in Protected Areas Without Adequate and Reliable Water Systems507.3.1 Fire Flow Requirements for Fully Sprinklered Residential Developments3.3.90.6 Fire-Gas Detector3706.8.1 Fire Guard405.4.5 Fire Guard Patrols in Emergency Shelters3104.20 Fire Guards3504.2.7 Fire Guards for Torch Operations901.7.2.2 Fire Guards Required3.3.129 Fire Hazard3108F.2.1 Fire Hazard Assessment and Risk Analysis (N/E)Section 502 Fire Hazard Severity502.2 Fire Hazard Severity ReductionSection 4904 Fire Hazard Severity Zones[F] 3309.2 Fire Hazards42. Fire Hazards on Aircraft Fuel Servicing Ramps1926.150(c)(2) Fire Hose and ConnectionsP103.5 Fire Hose Connections[F] 912.3 Fire Hose Threads3504.2.5 Fire Hoses3.3.130* Fire Hydrant116.1.5 Fire Hydrant Field Inspection and/or Test Fee507.5.7 Fire Hydrant Identification(5) 507.5 Fire Hydrant Issues SystemsC102.1 Fire Hydrant Locations18.5.1 Fire Hydrant Locations and Distribution105.7.1.5 Fire Hydrant on Private Property507.5.1.2 Fire Hydrant Requirements for Fully Sprinklered Residential DevelopmentsSection C103 Fire Hydrant Spacing18.1.3.2 Fire Hydrant Systems3108F.6.2 Fire Hydrants32.10.3.8 Fire Hydrants and Fire Appliances105.5.17 Fire Hydrants and Valves[F] 1701.2.2 Fire ImpactSection 1701 Fire Impact Management(b) 124.3.2 Fire Incidents at a Shale Oil Processing Premise104.11 Fire Investigations3.3.131* Fire Lane503.4.2 Fire Lane Maintenance503.4 Fire Lanes503.7 Fire Lanes for Existing Buildings118.2.1 Fire/Life Safety Plan Review Fee4703.3 Fire/Life Safety Program118.1.1 Fire/Life Safety ReviewAppendix D Fire Limits403.7.2.5 Fire Loss Prevention in Operating RoomsSTATE Fire MarshalSTATE Fire Marshal ScopeSTATE Fire Marshal Smoke or Heat VentilatorsSTATE Fire Marshaldescription of Test Apparatus, Method and Classification Requirements for Air Filters1207.1.6.1 Fire Mitigation Personnel3.3.104* Fire Model3108F.6.5 Fire Monitor Systems3.3.132 Fire Monitoring105.1 Fire Official74-67 Fire or Police Stations34.6.4 Fire Organization3.3.19.3 Fire-Packed Baled CottonSection 708 Fire Partitions903.2 Fire Partitions in Group R-3903.2 Fire Partitions in Townhouses805.3.2.2 Fire Performance TestsA-301.1.2 Fire PermitsA-301.2.2 Fire Permits and Licenses3109F.7 Fire Piping and Pipeline Systems(i) 307.4.2.1 Fire Pits3.3.133 Fire Point[F] 1701.2.1 Fire Potential[A] 101.4.5 Fire Prevention66.21.6 Fire Prevention and Control3303.7 Fire Prevention and Fire Protection1910.252(a) Fire Prevention and Protection1926.800(d)(9)Section 3108F Fire Prevention, Detection and Suppression(5) 103.5 Fire Prevention Officers2810.3 Fire Prevention Plan1910.39 Fire Prevention Plans41.3 Fire Prevention Precautions2310.5 Fire Prevention Regulations406.3.1 Fire Prevention Training[F] 508.5.7 Fire Protection69.5.5 Fire Protection and Electrical Area Classification1001.4 Fire Protection and Emergency Preparedness Plans(P) Section 916 Fire Protection and Fire Fighting Equipment Certification66.6.7 Fire Protection and Fire Suppression Systems608.9.3 Fire Protection and Hazard Mitigation1011.1.2 Fire Protection and Interior Finish901.4 Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems1926.24 Fire Protection and PreventionTitle §50 Fire Protection and Safety5704.3.6.3 Fire Protection and Storage ArrangementsSection 509 Fire Protection and Utility Equipment Identification and AccessSection 509 Fire Protection and Utilityequipment Identification and AccessP104.6 Fire Protection Assemblies3108F.2.2 Fire Protection Assessment (N/E)Section 914 Fire Protection Based on Special Detailed Requirements of Use and OccupancySection 914 Fire Protection Based on Special Detailedrequirements of Use and Occupancy61.3.4.2 Fire Protection — Basic Requirements3303.7 Fire Protection Devices16.5.3 Fire Protection During Construction§27-521.4 Fire Protection Equipment509.3 Fire Protection Equipment Access Sprinkler Valves, Standpipes and Other Fire Protection EquipmentSection 3605 Fire Protection, Equipment and AccessSection 509 Fire Protection Equipment Identification and Access66.22.8* Fire Protection for Aboveground Storage Tanks319.4.1 Fire Protection for Cooking Equipment66.19.7.4 Fire Protection for Cooking Oil Storage Tanks903.2.11.4 Fire Protection for Exhaust Systems(2) Fire Protection for Feeders5706.3.12 Fire Protection for Oil Wells66.24.3 Fire Protection for Storage Tank Buildings§27-2044 Fire Protection in Certain Old Law Tenements107.1.7 Fire Protection Inspection104. Fire Protection Inspector10.11 Fire Protection Markings20.11.4 Fire Protection of Floors16.1.4 Fire Protection of Steel Columns — Columns Within Storage Racks16.1.4 Fire Protection of Steel Columns — Columns Within Storage Racks of Class I Through Class IV and Plastic Commodities5704. Fire Protection of Supports26.31 Fire Protection of Telecommunication Facilities5706.4.10.8 Fire Protection on the Vessel705.12.3 Fire Protection Peer Review705.12.3.3 Fire Protection Peer Review Report705.12.3.1 Fire Protection Peer Reviewer*402.3 Fire Protection Plan*§28-109.1 Fire Protection Plan Required for Covered Buildings61.3.4.1 Fire Protection — Plastic Aerosol 1 Products61.3.4.2 Fire Protection — Plastic Aerosol X Products5601.11 Fire Protection Portable Fire Extinguishers716.3.4 Fire-Protection-Rated Glazing716. Fire-Protection-Rated Glazing Identification716. Fire-Protection-Rated Glazing in Door Assemblies in Fire Walls and Fire Barriers Rated Greater Than 1 Hour716.3.1 Fire Protection Rating3114.8 Fire Protection Report104.12 Fire Protection Reports508.2.1.1 Fire Protection Requirements§27-587 Fire Protection Requirements to Apply21.2.7* Fire Protection — Sprinkler Systems449.4.2.10 Fire Protection Standards3.3.278.11 Fire Protection System107.4.4 Fire Protection System Construction Documents66.16.5 Fire Protection System Design Criteria66.16.6.1 Fire Protection System Design Scheme "A." Fire Protection System Design Scheme "B." Fire Protection System Design Scheme "C." Fire Protection System Design Scheme "D." Fire Protection System Design Scheme "E." Fire Protection System Design Scheme "F."66.16.6 Fire Protection System Design Schemes510.3.7 Fire Protection System Devices106.1.1.1 Fire Protection System Drawings9.11 Fire Protection System Operating Features107.9 Fire Protection System Plans435.7 Fire Protection System Provisions[A] 106.2.2 Fire Protection System(s) Shop Drawings[A] 107.2.2 Fire Protection System Shop Drawings901.2 Fire Protection Systems319.10.2 Fire Protection Systems and Devices4811.11 Fire Protection Systems and Equipment901.4.1.1 Fire Protection Systems Deemed RequiredSection 704 Fire Protection Systems [F]§4809-01 Fire Protection Systems in Pre-Existing Facilities901.4.2 Fire Protection Systems Not Required by Code901.2.1 Fire Protection Systems Within a BuildingArticle 2 Fire Protection Test ProceduresSection 507 Fire Protection Water Supplies[NY] 4003.3.3 Fire Protection Water Supply716.4 Fire Protective Curtain Assembly1101.5.1 Fire Protective Signaling System and Fire Detection System3.3.75 Fire PumpSection 902 Fire Pump and Riser Room Size(1) Fire Pump Motors and Other Equipment(2) Fire Pump Motors Only[F] 403.3.4 Fire Pump Room26.27.1.8 Fire Pump Room/House913.6 Fire Pump SupervisionP104.12.4.2 Fire Pump Test1705.30.2 Fire Pump TestsSection 913 Fire Pumps[A] 105.6.7 Fire Pumps and Related Equipment913.6 Fire Pumps in High-Rise Buildings(1) Fire-Rated Assemblies1405.18.3.4 Fire-Rated Assembly(B) Fire-Rated Cables and Conductors3.3.110 Fire-Rated Glazing716. Fire-Rated Glazing Identification716. Fire-Rated Glazing in Door Assemblies in Fire Walls and Fire Barriers Rated Greater Than 1 Hour716. Fire-Rated Glazing That Exceeds the Code Requirements320.10.3.3 Fire-Rated Partitions, Doors104.6.3 Fire Records3.3.123 Fire, Recreational305.5.1.3 Fire Regulations Posted1207.1.6 Fire Remediation10.6.1 Fire Reporting(i) Fire Reports703.2 Fire Resistance703.7 Fire-Resistance Assembly Marking302.14 Fire Resistance Determination for Assemblies and Materials3401.3 Fire Resistance Determination for Existing Assemblies and Materials502.14 Fire Resistance of Floors714.4.1.1 Fire-Resistance-Rated AssembliesR302.4.1.1 Fire-Resistance-Rated Assembly715.3 Fire-Resistance-Rated Assembly Intersections808.1.1.2 Fire-Resistance-Rated Construction110.3.4 Fire-Resistance-Rated Construction Inspection435.5 Fire-Resistance-Rated Construction Provisions703.4 Fire-Resistance-Rated Glazing716. Fire-Resistance-Rated Glazing Identification716. Fire-Resistance-Rated Glazing in Door Assemblies in Fire Walls and Fire Barriers Rated Greater Than 1 Hour2409.2.1 Fire-Resistance-Rated Hoistways1503.3.1 Fire-Resistance-Rated Parapet WallsG.2.2 Fire-Resistance-Rated Rooms and Spaces402.4.2 Fire-Resistance-Rated Separation1207.7.4 Fire-Resistance-Rated Separations2603.5.1 Fire-Resistance-Rated Walls713.4 Fire-Resistance Rating722.7 Fire-Resistance Rating for Mass Timber722.7 Fire-Resistance Rating of Mass TimberSection 704 Fire-Resistance Rating of Structural Members722.6.2.1 Fire-Resistance Rating of Wood Frame Assemblies1912.5 Fire-Resistance-Rating Protection2206.4.4 Fire-Resistance-Rating Protection of Concrete Filled Columns[F] 414.2.4 Fire-Resistance Rating Requirements705.5 Fire-Resistance RatingsSection 703 Fire-Resistance Ratings and Fire TestsSection 703 Fire-Resistance Ratings [F]Article 3 Fire-Resistance RequirementsSection 719 Fire-Resistance Requirements for PlasterA-402.10.1.6 Fire-Resistant and Smoke-Resistant PenetrationsJ903.3 Fire-Resistant Assemblies(B) Fire-Resistant Construction[BF] 1705.18.2 Fire-Resistant Joint Systems715.6 Fire-Resistant Joint Systems in Smoke Barriers108.2.7 Fire-Resistant Penetrations[BF] 1705.18 Fire-Resistant Penetrations and Joints66.22.2.1 Fire-Resistant TankArticle 728 Fire-Resistive Cable Systems(2) Fire-Resistive Cables2.1.1.1 Fire-Resistive Construction12.3 Fire-Resistive Materials and Construction69. Fire-Resistive Protective Structure1103.4.1 Fire-Resistive-Rated Construction1910.104(b)(3)(iii) Fire Resistive Structures903. Fire-Resistive Substitution for New Campus3.3.134 Fire Retardant3.3.112 Fire-Retardant Coating10.2.6* Fire-Retardant Coatings3303.5.5.3 Fire-Retardant Construction320.6 Fire-Retardant/Noncombustible Materials704.14 Fire Retardant or Intumescent Coatings on Mass TimberR803.2.1.2 Fire-Retardant-Treated PlywoodR902.2 Fire-Retardant-Treated Shingles and Shakes2303.2 Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood453.27.7 Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood (FRTW)602.4.4.1 Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood in Exterior Walls[BF] 1505.6 Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood Shingles and Shakes4.6.16 Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood Treatment10.3.9.2 Fire-Retardant Treatments for Natural Cut Christmas Trees806.1.4 Fire-Retardant Treatments for Natural Cut Trees1011.5 Fire Rings, Grills, Fireplaces, and Wood Stoves17.3.7 Fire Roads, Firebreaks, and Emergency AccessSection 4908 Fire Safe Development Regulations3412.5.1 Fire Safety3008.1.2 Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plans2810.4 Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Plan403.9.1.3 Fire Safety and Evacuation Instructions3008.1.3 Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan[F] 1002.2 Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans325.5 Fire Safety at Production Locations320.17 Fire Safety Coordinator408.5.1 Fire Safety Director408. Fire Safety Director Responsibility for Emergency Plan408.5.1.3 Fire Safety Director Responsibility for Renewal of Their Certificate408.5.1.2 Fire Safety Director Responsibility for Security Personnel3302.3 Fire Safety During Construction3303.7 Fire Safety During Demolition§113-03 Fire Safety/EAP Director Certificates of Fitness. [Repealed]Section 404 Fire Safety, Evacuation and Lockdown PlansSection 404 Fire Safety, Evacuationand Lockdown Plans3308.9 Fire Safety for Buildings of Types IV-A, IV-B, and IV-C Construction[F] 907.3 Fire Safety Functions4704.4.3 Fire Safety Information Required(3) 112.3 Fire Safety Inspection Fees457. Fire Safety Inspections3308.1 Fire Safety Manager3308.1.1 Fire Safety Manager Duties3107.17.3 Fire Safety OfficerSection 4807 Fire Safety Officers18.7.2.2 Fire Safety Plan[NY] 4003.1 Fire Safety Plan and Public Safety Plan404.2.2 Fire Safety Plans3603.1 Fire Safety Precautions16.4.1 Fire Safety ProgramR907.5 Fire Safety Provisions for Photovoltaic Panel SystemR918.1.6 Fire Safety Provisions for Photovoltaic Panels/Modules4909.2 Fire Safety RecommendationsSection 3504 Fire Safety Requirements3303.5 Fire Safety Requirements for Buildings of Types IV-A, IV-B and IV-C Construction3308.9 Fire Safety Requirements for Buildings of Types IVA, IV-B, and IV-C ConstructionSection K102 Fire Safety Requirements for Existing Ambulatory Care FacilitiesSection 1103 Fire Safety Requirements for Existing Buildings(T) Section 5620 Fire Safety Requirements in BuildingsSection 1103 Fire Safety Requirementsfor Existing Buildings2903.7 Fire Safety Safeguards406.3.3 Fire Safety Training320.18 Fire Safety Watch3.3.107* Fire Scenario321.2.1 Fire Scenario Design Parameters§27-339 Fire Segregation of Occupancies412.4.1 Fire Separation1405. Fire Separation 15 Feet or Less1405. Fire Separation 5 Feet or Less1403.12.2 Fire Separation Distance1406.11.1.2 Fire Separation Distance Greater Than 15 Feet1408.11.1.2 Fire Separation Distance Greater Than 5 Feet1406.11.1.1 Fire Separation Distance of 15 Feet or Less1408.11.1.1 Fire Separation Distance of 5 Feet or Less3111.3.5.1 Fire Separation Distances1405. Fire Separation Greater Than 15 Feet1405. Fire Separation Greater Than 5 Feet[F] 3313.3.2 Fire Separation of 30 Feet Up to 60 Feet[F] 3313.3.3 Fire Separation of 60 Feet or Greater[F] 3313.3.1 Fire Separation Up to 30 Feet§27-341 Fire SeparationsSection 3007 Fire Service Access Elevator606.4 Fire Service Access Elevator Lobbies3007.6 Fire Service Access Elevator Lobby3007.6.5 Fire Service Access Elevator Symbol21.5* Fire Service Access Elevators604.5.1 Fire Service Access Elevators and Lobbies3003.3 Fire Service Elevator Keys3106.2.3.1 Fire Service Features14X-5-502.9 Fire Shields in Smokeproof TowersP104.6.12 Fire Shutters3003.2.1.1 Fire Signs415.12.1 Fire — Smoke Barrier324.1 Fire Spread4.* Fire Spread and Explosions602.2.1.2 Fire Sprinkler Piping1011.2.1 Fire Sprinkler System415.9.11 Fire Sprinkler System Protection in Exhaust Ducts for HPMR309.5 Fire Sprinklers901.11 Fire Sprinklers and Fire Detectors—Ceilings2.5- Fire Sprinklers and Other ProtrusionsR309.6 Fire Sprinklers, Attached Garages and Carports With Habitable Space AboveR309.5 Fire Sprinklers Location on Property28.1.2.3* Fire Standpipe Systems73-34 Fire Stations in Prefabricated Temporary Structures§152 Fire-Stopping[F] 412.3.6 Fire Suppression52.1.22 Fire Suppression and ControlA-902.2.6 Fire Suppression Equipment1101.7 Fire Suppression, Fire Alarm, and Fire Detection Systems in Nursing Homes and Facilities914.8.3 Fire Suppression for Aircraft HangarsA-305.2.6 Fire Suppression Permits2606.7.4 Fire Suppression System42. Fire Suppression Systems1101.12 Fire Suppression Systems in Dormitories1101.8 Fire Suppression Systems in Hospitals§27-977 Fire Systems Electrical Tests3108F.7 Fire Systems Seismic Assessment (N/E)410.3.5.2 Fire Test715.3.1 Fire Test Criteria[BF] 1510.2 Fire TestingFire Testing Furnaces and Control2303.2.3 Fire Testing of Wood Structural Panels2.11.14 Fire Tests§27-376.1 Fire Tower1027.7 Fire Towers3504.2.4 Fire Training1607.8.2 Fire Truck and Emergency Vehicles3.3.14.6* Fire Wall1011.6.1.1 Fire Wall AlternativeSection M103 Fire Wall Separation6.6 Fire Wall TerminationSection 706 Fire Walls[F] 907.1.4 Fire-Walls and Fire Barrier Walls703.1.3 Fire Walls, Fire Barriers and Fire Partitions6.7 Fire Walls With Elevation Differences3.3.114 Fire Warden3.3.115 Fire Warning EquipmentP106.5 Fire Warning SystemP104.7 Fire Warning Systems3.3.108 Fire Watch41.3.6 Fire Watch and Fire Monitoring901.7.2.3 Fire Watch Coverage320.18.4 Fire Watch Discontinued[F] 3314.1 Fire Watch During Combustible ConstructionSection 3314 Fire Watch During ConstructionSection 3314 Fire Watch During Constructon3305.5.3 Fire Watch Location and Records918.2.2 Fire Watch Maintained Until Safe3504. Fire Watch on Floors Below403.11.1 Fire Watch Personnel3305.5.4 Fire Watch Records3108F.6.3 Fire Water716.3 Fire Window Assemblies3.3.24.2 Fire Window Assembly716.3.3 Fire Window Frames8.3.3.5 Fire Windows718.2 Fireblocking707.1 Fireblocking and Draftstopping718.2.1.4 Fireblocking Integrity718.2.1 Fireblocking MaterialsR602.8 Fireblocking Required708.4.2 Fireblocks and Draftstops in Combustible Construction2111.7 Firebox Dimensions2111.6 Firebox Walls511.4 Firebreaks2304.4.1 Firecutting1910.106(i)(3) Fired and Unfired Pressure Vessels11.10.7.1 Fired Heaters30. Fired Heating Equipment1910.106(i)(3)(i) Fired Vessels909.16 Firefighter's Smoke Control Panel2.27.10.2 Firefighters' Elevator8. Firefighters' Emergency8.6.11.1 Firefighters' Emergency Operation8. Firefighters' Emergency Operation (3.27)2.27.3 Firefighters' Emergency Operation: Automatic Elevators2.27.5 Firefighters' Emergency Operation: Automatic Elevators With Designated-Attendant Operation2.27.4 Firefighters' Emergency Operation: Nonautomatic Elevators2.27.6 Firefighters' Emergency Operation, Occupant Evacuation Operation: Inspection Operation2.27.7 Firefighters' Emergency Operation: Operating Procedures2.27.6 Firefighters' Emergency Operation or Occupant Evacuation Operation: Inspection Operation8. Firefighters' Emergency Operation (Section 3.27) Firefighters' Service8. Firefighters' Service. See Items 6.3 and Firefighters' Stop Switch2903.3 Firefighting Access1926.1437(h)(4)(i)(E)§27-996.2 Firemen Service Operation in Existing ElevatorsR1001.13 Fireplace Accessories2111.12 Fireplace Clearance2111.2 Fireplace Drawings2111.13 Fireplace Fireblocking§27-848.10 Fireplace Heat Exchangers and Fireplace Inserts§27-816 Fireplace Heaters911.3 Fireplace ScreensSection M1414 Fireplace StovesSection 905 Fireplace Stoves and Room HeatersSection M1414 Fireplace (Wood) StovesN1102.4.2 (R402.4.2) Fireplaces804.1 Fireplaces and Appliances303.3.1 Fireplaces and Decorative Appliances in Group I-2, Condition 2 Occupancies303.3.1 Fireplaces and Decorative Appliances in Group I-2 Occupancies303.9 Fireplaces in Group I-2, Condition 2 OccupanciesN1102.4.2 (R402.4.2) Fireplaces (Mandatory)P-505.3.1 Fireresistance Rating416.6.1 Fires3.3.122 Fires, Classification Of305.5.1 Fires Due to Carelessness or Negligence305.5.1.2 Fires in Institutional or Residential Occupancies3.3.7 Firestop1404.3 Firestop Systems8.3.4.2* Firestop Systems and Devices Required§27-345 Firestopping312.10.3 Firewalls3.3.136* Fireworks3104.8 Fireworks and Special Effects105.6A Fireworks, Animal Control(N) Section 5614 Fireworks Categories and Labeling5601.5.2.1 Fireworks Contractor3301.5.2.1 Fireworks Contractor Certificate5608.6.6 Fireworks DischargeSection 5608 Fireworks Display5608.1.2.2 Fireworks Display—Additional Requirements5608.2.2 Fireworks Display Permit Conditions5601.5.2.3 Fireworks Display Personnel5608.2.1 Fireworks Display Sponsor5608.8 Fireworks Display SupervisionSection 5608 Fireworks Displays(H) Section 5608 Fireworks Exhibition(2) 5614.2 Fireworks Labeling(3) 5616.3 Fireworks Listing65.5 Fireworks Manufacturing105.6B Fireworks, Public Display Of[NY] 4003.2.8 Fireworks, Pyrotechnic Displays, and Sparkling Devices105.6C Fireworks, Retail Sales(V) Section 5622 Fireworks Showrooms(U) Section 5621 Fireworks Storage(i) 5601.1.3.1 Fireworks Variances by State Fire Marshal105.6D Fireworks, Wholesale(W) Section 5623 Fireworks Wholesale and Retail Business Hours5607.13 Firing Control1010.3 Firing Position Counters5609.11.7 Firing Safeguards1926.909 Firing the Blast1910.142(k) First AidAppendix B First-Aid and CPR Training (Mandatory)1926.605(d) First-Aid and Lifesaving Equipment1926.23 First Aid and Medical Attention16.4.6* First-Aid Fire-Fighting Equipment1910.269(b)(3) First-Aid KitsAppendix A First-Aid Kits (Mandatory)1910.1020(c)(6)(i)(D) First Aid Records1910.421(c) First Aid Supplies1910.266(i)(7) First-Aid Training1910.261(k)(10) First Dryer403.4.1 First Emergency Evacuation Drill6.4.1 First Filtration BankG2437.5 (609.5) First-Floor Installation1303.4 First-Flush Diverter1303.15.2 First-Flush Diverter Test2113. First Notice6.6 First-Order Analysis1910.120(q)(6)(i) First Responder Awareness LevelSection 3319 First Responder Box1910.120(q)(6)(ii) First Responder Operations Level704.8.2 First Story3.3.128.1 First Story Above Grade PlaneR614.2.2 First-Story Construction§240 First Tier of Beams5.508.2.6.1 First Vacuum1005 Fishing Piers and Platforms1910.134(f) Fit TestingAppendix A Fit Testing Procedures (Mandatory)1011.1.1 Fitness for Service§28-407.3 Fitness to Perform Work(F) Fitting702.1 Fitting and Fixture Consumption16.8 Fitting Installation16.8.3* Fitting Pressure Limits609.6 Fittings1101.6 Fittings and Connections2.4 Fittings and Connections in Drainage Systems410.180 Fittings and Connectors1302.5 Fittings and Valves3.3 Fittings, Fixtures, Appliances & Appurtenances§27-640 Fittings for Wire Cable SuspendersG2415.5 (404.5) Fittings in Concealed Locations305.2.2 Five or Fewer Children305.2.3 Five or Fewer Children in a Dwelling Unit308.5.4 Five or Fewer Individuals Receiving Care in a Dwelling Unit308.2.4 Five or Fewer Individuals Receiving Custodial Care308.3.2 Five or Fewer Individuals Receiving Medical Care308.5.3 Five or Fewer Persons Receiving Care308.5.4 Five or Fewer Persons Receiving Care in a Dwelling Unit308.2.4 Five or Fewer Persons Receiving Custodial Care308.3.2 Five or Fewer Persons Receiving Medical Care11.5.2.2 Five or More Branch Intervals With No Limit on Total Stack HeightC406.2.2 Five-Percent Cooling Efficiency Improvement1113A.3 Five Percent GradientC406.2.1 Five-Percent Heating Efficiency Improvement11B-812.8.2 Five to Twenty-Five904.5.3 Five-Year RetestP103.1.2 Five Years1.4-4.1 Fixed and Building Service Equipment1910.306(h)(5) Fixed and Portable Electric Equipment668.30 Fixed and Portable Electrical Equipment660.20 Fixed and Stationary Equipment50.4.4.8 Fixed Baffle Hoods With Water Wash1910.211(d)(34) Fixed Barrier Guard(B) Fixed BendsArticle 427 Fixed Electric Heating Equipment for Pipelines and Vessels220.51 Fixed Electric Space HeatingArticle 424 Fixed Electric Space-Heating Equipment(1) Fixed Electrical Equipment1910.110(b)(18) Fixed Electrical Equipment in Classified Areas(A) Fixed Electrostatic Equipment1910.107(h) Fixed Electrostatic Apparatus(A) Fixed Electrostatic Equipment(2) Fixed Electrostatic Spraying Equipment904. Fixed Emergency Forced Ventilation1910.252(c)(3)(ii) Fixed Enclosure(B) Fixed Equipment*1.4-4.1 Fixed Equipment and Building Service Equipment1910.155(c)(19) Fixed Extinguishing System1910.161 Fixed Extinguishing Systems, Dry Chemical1910.163 Fixed Extinguishing Systems, Water Spray and Foam66.24.3.2 Fixed Fire Control Equipment for Tank Buildings2405.4.1 Fixed Fire-Extinguishing Equipment28.1.2.2* Fixed Fire-Extinguishing Systems30.1.5 Fixed Fire Protection1926.150(d) Fixed Firefighting Equipment21. Fixed Foam Fire-Extinguishing Systems309.5.3 Fixed Fuel-Dispensing Equipment2411.2 Fixed Glass in Exterior Walls903.2.17 Fixed Guideway and Passenger Rail Transit Systems907.2.26 Fixed-Guideway and Passenger Rail Transit Systems Fire Alarm and Communication Systems907.2.26 Fixed Guideway and Passenger Rail Transits Systems Fire Alarm and Communication SystemsSection 4001 Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail System26.18 Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail SystemsSection 443 Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems [SFM]303.7 Fixed Guideway Transit Systems1810.4.3.2 Fixed Headed Deep Foundations1808.4.3.2 Fixed Headed Piles23.12.2 Fixed High Bay Records StoragePart V Fixed Industrial Process Duct HeatersPart VII Fixed Industrial Process Electrode-Type BoilersPart VI Fixed Industrial Process Resistance-Type Boilers1607.17 Fixed Ladders1910.28(b)(9) Fixed Ladders (That Extend More Than 24 Feet (7.3 m) Above a Lower Level)(A) Fixed Lighting(C) Fixed Lighting Branch Circuits(B) Fixed Loads1910.109(g)(2) Fixed Location Mixing(7) Fixed Metal Parts(H) Fixed Multioutlet Assemblies1127A.12 Fixed or Built-in Seating, Tables and Counters(1) Fixed or Stationary(1) Fixed or Stationary EquipmentArticle 426 Fixed Outdoor Electric Deicing and Snow-Melting Equipment(B) Fixed PiersR330.8.3.1 Fixed Position Grab Bars2306.7.2 Fixed Pumps RequiredArticle 425 Fixed Resistance and Electrode Industrial Process Heating Equipment1004.6 Fixed Seating1107. Fixed Side Wall Grab BarsPart III Fixed Stage Equipment Other Than SwitchboardsPart II Fixed Stage Switchboards21. Fixed Systems35.1 Fixed Tables and Built-in Seating3.3.90.7* Fixed-Temperature Detector13. Fixed-Temperature, Nonrestorable Line Type13. Fixed-Temperature, Rate-of-Rise, Rate-of-Compensation, Restorable Line, Spot Type (Excluding Pneumatic Tube Type)Section B102 Fixed Transportation Facilities and Stations1910.68(b)(7)(i) Fixed Type605.7 Fixed-Type Office Furnishings517.7.5 Fixed-Water Pipe System(A) Fixed Wiring(1) Fixed Wiring Above Class I Locations1926.951(b)(2) Fixed Work LocationsSection P2702 Fixture AccessoriesP3005.4.1 Fixture Branch and Stack SizingP3111.2.4 Fixture Branch or DrainM 102.4 Fixture Branches and Fixture Supplies[P] 2902.1.1 Fixture Calculations3.3.12 Fixture Carriers and Supports[P] 504.2 Fixture Clearances917.4.2 Fixture Connections704.0 Fixture Connections (Drainage)CC Fixture Connections-Offset Vents422.1 Fixture CountA-905.2 Fixture Defined713.2.1 Fixture Discharge Profiles403.7 Fixture Distribution911.3.2 Fixture Drain1002.4.1.5 Fixture Drain Connection for Trap Priming914.4.2 Fixture Drain or BranchP3105.2 Fixture DrainsSection P2722 Fixture FittingP-409.5 Fixture JointsSection 402 Fixture Materials422.3 Fixture Requirements for Special Occupancies7.1 Fixture StandardsSection 890.1470 Fixture Trap VentsSection P3201 Fixture TrapsSection 890.410 Fixture Traps/Continuous Waste702.0 Fixture Unit EquivalentsP-904.1 Fixture-Unit ValuesC 303.0 Fixture Unit Values for Private or Private Use Bathroom GroupsSection 709 Fixture UnitsP2903.9.3 Fixture Valves and Access6.2.4 Fixture VentingSection P3105 Fixture Vents(2) Fixture WireArticle 402 Fixture WiresSection E4003 Fixtures314.2 Fixtures and Displays403.2 Fixtures and Fixture Fittings for Persons With DisabilitiesK Fixtures Back-to-Back and Side-by-Side (Repealed)12.13.4 Fixtures Back-to-Back in BatterySection 890.1460 Fixtures Back-to-Back (Repealed)12.9.2 Fixtures Drains Connected at Different LevelsSection P2701 Fixtures, Faucets and Fixture FittingsSection 702 Fixtures, Fittings, Equipment and Appliances7.2 Fixtures for Accessible Use7.20 Fixtures for Detention and Correctional Institutions709.2 Fixtures Not Listed in Table 709.1Table F Fixtures Not Listed in Table E12.4.3 Flag Poling Prohibited1926.201(a) Flaggers3307.5.2 Flagperson[BG] 1511.7.5 Flagpoles22-332 Flags, Banners or Pennants on Lots Containing Certain Community Facilities3.3.118 Flame5704. Flame Arresters2406.3.3.2 Flame Detection System3.3.90.8* Flame Detector3.3.120 Flame Detector Sensitivity65.4 Flame Effects Before an Audience(iii) 3319.4.1.3 Flame Effects Exhibitor(iii) 5619.4.1.3 Flame Effects Exhibitor (Type III)(K) Section 5611 Flame Effects Permit(5) 5611.5 Flame Effects Use Plan5604.13.6.1 Flame-Producing Device1107.1.1 Flame-Producing Devices66.* Flame Propagation11.11.2 Flame Propagation Performance3104.2 Flame Propagation Performance Testing and Certification3104.2 Flame Propagation Performance Treatment§27-515 Flame Resistance1926.960(g)(4) Flame-Resistant Clothing§805-01 Flame-Resistant Decorations1910.1029(h)(1)(ii) Flame Resistant Gloves1910.1029(h)(1)(i) Flame Resistant Jacket and Pants3102.6.1.1 Flame-Resistant Membrane3104.2 Flame-Resistant Treatment3308.3.4 Flame Retardant13.4.6.11 Flame-Retardant Requirements801.3 Flame-Retardant TreatmentsG2432.2 (602.2) Flame Safeguard Device[F] 2604.2.4 Flame SpreadSection R315 Flame Spread and Smoke Density2603.5.4 Flame Spread and Smoke-Developed Indexes2603.5.4 Flame Spread and Smoke-Developed Indices803.1.4 Flame-Spread and Smoke-Developed Tests for Textile Wall or Ceiling Coverings803.1.1 Flame-Spread and Smoke-Development Tests803.1.4 Flame-Spread and Smoke-Development Tests for Textile Wall or Ceiling Coverings1403.12.1 Flame Spread IndexR302.10 Flame Spread Index and Smoke-Developed Index for InsulationR302.9 Flame Spread Index and Smoke-Developed Index for Wall and Ceiling FinishesA5.205.3.3 Flame Spread Rating308.7 Flame Throwers(A) Flameproof "d"(A) Flameproof Enclosure "d"1910.268(o)(5) Flames3104.2 Flames Propagation Treatment3.3.117 Flaming Droplets308.1.8 Flaming Food and Beverage Preparation5609.9.3 Flaming Particle Separation10.5.2 Flammability505.3 Flammability Limit10.3.9.1 Flammability of Combustible Artificial Decorative Vegetation12.6.9.5 Flammability of Combustible Artificial Vegetation(P) Section 116 Flammability of Consumer Goods63. Flammability of Gas Mixtures2.2.c.1 Flammability Requirements for Carpet Used as Floor Covering1926.155(g)2007.3 Flammable and Class II Combustible Liquid SpillageSection 2306 Flammable and Combustible5606.2.3 Flammable and Combustible Liquid38.6.3 Flammable and Combustible Liquid ExtractionSection 2306 Flammable and Combustible Liquid Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities3107.14.2 Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage(b) Flammable and Combustible Liquid Tanks[F] 415.9.1 Flammable and Combustible Liquids16.2.4 Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Flammable Gases4704.7 Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Dwellings105.6.15 Flammable and Combustible Liquids Location105.6.16 Flammable and Combustible Liquids VehicleSection 3313 Flammable and Combustible Mixtures, Compressed Gases, and Other Hazardous Materials[BG] 1401.3.7 Flammable and Explosive Atmosphere63. Flammable and Oxidizing Gases[F] 601.3.5 Flammable, Combustible and Explosive Atmospheres3.3.80.1 Flammable Cryogenic FluidSection 5806 Flammable Cryogenic Fluids2603.7 Flammable Fumigants Restricted908.10 Flammable Gas908.9.1 Flammable Gas Distribution Piping1910.104(b)(3)(ix) Flammable Gas Storage5804.1.3 Flammable gas storage of 3,500 SCF ( 99.11 m3) or less3504.1.3 Flammable Gas Storage of 3,500 scf (99.12 M3) or Less3504.1.4 Flammable Gas Storage of More Than 3,500 scf (99.12 M3)5804.1.4 Flammable gas storageof more than 3,500 SCF (99.11 m3)63.3.6 Flammable Gases1403.5 Flammable Gases and LiquidsSection 3306 Flammable Gases and Oxygen3.3.146.4 Flammable Liquefied Gas3.3.178.2 Flammable Liquid303.10 Flammable Liquid Fuel1910.104(b)(3)(v) Flammable Liquid Storage Above-Ground1910.104(b)(3)(vi) Flammable Liquid Storage Below-Ground1910.106(d)(5)(vi) Flammable Liquid Warehouses or Storage Buildings6704.1.5.3 Flammable Liquids8.7.3 Flammable Liquids and Gases1910.107(e) Flammable Liquids and Liquids With a Flashpoint Greater Than 199.4 °F (93 °C)453.15.1.1 Flammable Liquids/Gases13. Flammable Liquids of Appreciable Depth66.9.5* Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinets607.4 Flammable Materials1910.253(a)(1) Flammable Mixture3903.5 Flammable or Combustible Liquid3603.3 Flammable or Combustible Liquid Spills32.10.4.2 Flammable or Combustible Liquids453.6.3 Flammable or Explosive Substances53. Flammable Refrigerants60.2.5 Flammable Solid427.7.2 Flammable Solids§3601-01 Flammable Solids. [Repealed]1910.252(d)(1)(vi) Flammable Substance Lines2403.2.1.1 Flammable Vapor Areas3.3.139 Flammable Vapors403.14 Flange Bolts403.11.6 Flange Facings1208.6.13.1 Flange Gasket MaterialsG2414.12 (403.13) Flange Gaskets1208.6.12 Flange Specification1308.5.9 Flange Specifications(B) Flanged Connections402.6 Flanged Fixture Connections(D) Flanged Surface Inlet(D) Flanged Surface Inlets403.11 Flanges5609.11.3 Flare Placement4.2.5 FlaredP2906.16 Flared Joints406.2.3 Flared Sides5.508.2.1.3 Flared Tubing Connections608.13.6 Flaring Systems66.3.3.17 Flash Point3.3.140 Flash Point (FP)1910.255(d) Flash Welding EquipmentG2421.5 (410.5) Flashback Arrestor Check Valve1404.4 Flashing[BS] 1404. Flashing at FoundationA4.407.3 Flashing DetailsR703.9.3 Flashing, GeneralR703.4.1 Flashing Installation at Exterior Window and Door Openings12.4.7 Flashing Roof Vent TerminalsR612.10 Flashing, Sealants and Weatherstripping1507.2.8 FlashingsP3103.3 Flashings and Sealing3.3.116 FlashoverFlashover and SmokeArticle 322 Flat Cable Assemblies: Type FC3.3.26.1 Flat CeilingArticle 324 Flat Conductor Cable: Type FCC382.104 Flat Conductors1105.2 Flat Decks13.5.3 Flat Grates1305.14.2.3 Flat HeadsR608.4.4 Flat ICF Wall SystemsR611.3 Flat Insulating Concrete Form Wall Systems1607.11.2.1 Flat, Pitched and Curved Roofs722. Flat Plate Concrete Slabs With Uniformly Spaced Hollow Voids1608.3 Flat Roof Snow Loads512.2 Flat-Roofed Buildings and Structures 100 Feet or Less in Height1607.11.1.4 Flat Slab and Flat Plate Construction4.3.15 Flat Slab Frames6. Flat Steps1903.4 Flat Wall Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) SystemsR608.3.1 Flat Wall Systems1910.262(x) Flat-Work Ironer422.46 Flatirons2308.1.12 Fleet CNG Motor Fuel-Dispensing FacilitiesSection 5707 Fleet Fueling Operations5707.6 Fleet Fueling Procedures2304.3 Fleet Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities2306.2.4.2 Fleet Vehicle Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities3. Fleet Vehicle Motor Fuel Dispensing Facility(A) Flexibility(E) Flexibility to Moving Parts603.6.2 Flexible Air Connectors603.6.4 Flexible Air Duct and Air Connector Clearance603.6.1 Flexible Air Ducts603.5 Flexible Air Ducts and Connectors603.6 Flexible Air Ducts and Flexible Air Connectors(A) Flexible Cables505.17 Flexible Cables, Cords and Connections(1) Flexible Conduit(2) Flexible Connections(A) Flexible Connections to Equipment(C) Flexible Connections to Motors and Similar Equipment66.27.2.2 Flexible Connector66.27.5.2 Flexible Connectors1302.8 Flexible Connectors and Hoses1202.7 Flexible Connectors, Expansion and Vibration Com-Pensators1107.7 Flexible Connectors, Expansion and Vibration Compensators(1) Flexible Cord(E) Flexible Cord and Fixture Wire(C) Flexible Cord Pendants(7) Flexible Cord Storage(6) Flexible Cord Type422.16 Flexible Cords(B) Flexible Cords and Cables(4) Flexible Cords and Cables Connected to Tracking PV Arrays1910.305(g)(1)(ii) Flexible Cords and Cables May Be Used Only For:505.17 Flexible Cords and ConnectionsArticle 400 Flexible Cords and Flexible Cables501.140 Flexible Cords, Class I, Divisions 1 and 2(A) Flexible Cords, Class I, Zones 1 and 2502.140 Flexible Cords — Class II, Divisions 1 and 2503.140 Flexible Cords — Class III, Divisions 1 and 2(A) Flexible Cords, Zones 1 and 2604.12 Flexible Corrugated Connectors3.3.78 Flexible Coupling18.2* Flexible Couplings18.2.4* Flexible Couplings for Drops603.4.1.1 Flexible Ducts717.7 Flexible Ducts and Air ConnectorsSection H114 Flexible Fabric Signs(5) Flexible, Fine-Stranded Cables1302.9 Flexible Fuel-Oil Piping Systems With Continuous Vacuum Leak DetectionE 404.1 Flexible Gas Connector8. Flexible Hose and Fitting Assemblies3.17.3.9 Flexible Hoses8.6.5.6 Flexible Hoses and Fittings3.19.3.3 Flexible Hydraulic Connections40.4.3.4* Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs)5703.6.9 Flexible Joints2306. Flexible Joints and Shear Joints3.5.8 Flexible Listed Pipe CouplingE3908.9.1 Flexible Metal Conduit(4) Flexible Metal Conduit LengthArticle 348 Flexible Metal Conduit: Type FMC2310.3.1.1 Flexible Metallic PipingArticle 360 Flexible Metallic Tubing: Type FMTP-809.10 Flexible Pipe14.4.3 Flexible Plan and Open Plan Buildings3.3.37.6* Flexible Plan and Open Plan Educational or Day-Care Building43.1.4.7 Flexible Power Cords646.9 Flexible Power Cords and Cables for Connecting Equipment Enclosures of an MDC System(A) Flexible Power-Supply Cord409.6.1 Flexible PVC Hoses and Tubing17.* Flexible Sprinkler Hose FittingsP2906.7 Flexible Water Connectors(1) Flexible Wiring Methods427.17 Flexural Capability9.7.3 Flexural Reinforcement in Nonprestressed Beams8.7.4 Flexural Reinforcement in Nonprestressed Slabs9.7.4 Flexural Reinforcement in Prestressed Beams7.7.4 Flexural Reinforcement in Prestressed Slabs8.7.2 Flexural Reinforcement Spacing[BS] A112.2.1 Flexural Rigidity1810.9.2.3 Flexural Strength14.5.2 Flexure14.5.4 Flexure and Axial Compression61-10 Flight Obstruction Areas for Major Airports3. Float Charge27.5.2.8 Float-Charged Batteries1926.452(s) "Float (Ship) Scaffolds"P-706.4 Float Valves18.15 Floating and Fixed DocksElevator, ElectrohydraulicElevator Evacuation SystemElevator, FreightElevator GroupElevator, HandElevator, HydraulicElevator, InclinedElevator LandingElevator, Limited-Use/Limited-ApplicationElevator LobbyElevator Lobby DoorElevator, Maintained-Pressure HydraulicElevator, MarineElevator, MineElevator, MulticompartmentElevator, ObservationElevator, Outside EmergencyElevator, PassengerElevator PersonnelElevator, PowerElevator, Private ResidenceElevator, Rack-and-PinionElevator, RooftopElevator, Roped-HydraulicElevator, Screw ColumnElevator, Service CarElevator, SidewalkElevator, Special Purpose PersonnelElevator, Used FO R ConstructionElevator, Used for ConstructionElevator, Wind Turbine TowerElevator WorkElevators, AutomaticElevators With Other Types of Driving MachinesEmanationEmbedment LengthEmbedmentsEmbedments, PipeEmberEmbodied EnergyEmergencyEmergency Alarm SystemEmergency Assistance CenterEmergency Command CenterEmergency Communication EquipmentEmergency Communications Control Unit (ECCU)Emergency Communications SystemEmergency Communications System — Emergency Command CenterEmergency Communications Systems — CombinationEmergency Control Function InterfaceEmergency Control Function Interface DeviceEmergency Control FunctionsEmergency Control StationEmergency Egress routes/Escape RoutesEmergency Escape and Rescue OpeningEmergency Evacuation DrillEmergency Floor DrainEmergency Helicopter Landing FacilityEmergency HousingEmergency Housing FacilitiesEmergency Housing SiteEmergency ImpairmentEmergency Luminaire, Directly ControlledEmergency Operation and Signaling DevicesEmergency PersonnelEmergency Power Supply (EPS)Emergency Power SystemEmergency Power SystemsEmergency Public Safety PersonnelEmergency Relief VentEmergency RepairEmergency ResponderEmergency Response Agency (ERA)Emergency Response Facility (ERF)Emergency Response PlanEmergency ShelterEmergency Shutoff ValveEmergency Shutoff Valve, AutomaticEmergency Shutoff Valve, ManualEmergency Signal DeviceEmergency SituationEmergency Sleeping CabinEmergency Stair Travel DeviceEmergency Stop SwitchEmergency Stop Switch Operating Devices and Control EquipmentEmergency Supplemental HardwareEmergency SystemsEmergency Systems Emergency Power SystemsEmergency Terminal Speed Limiting Device Operating Devices and Control EquipmentEmergency Transportable Housing UnitEmergency Voice/AlarmEmergency Voice/Alarm CommunicationsEmergency Warning SystemEmergency Warning System (For Chapter 11)EmittanceEmittersEmployee ExposureEmployee Work AreaEncapsulationEncapsulation "MEnclosedEnclosed CourtEnclosed Crawl SpaceEnclosed FurnaceEnclosed Mall ConcourseEnclosed Parking StructureEnclosed PorchEnclosed SpaceEnclosureEnd-of-Service-Life Indicator (ESLI)End-Suction Close-Coupled (ESCC) PumpEnd-Suction Frame-Mounted/Own-Bearings (ESFM) PumpEnd Use CategoryEnd WallEndpoint (Class N)Endurance Limit of a ComponentEnergizedEnergyEnergy AnalysisEnergy Audit or AuditEnergy AuditorEnergy BudgetEnergy CommissionEnergy Conservation Construction Code of New York StateEnergy CostEnergy Cost BudgetEnergy Design RatingEnergy Design Rating (EDR)Energy Design Rating, Energy EfficiencyEnergy Design Rating, Solar Electric Generation and Demand FlexibilityEnergy Design Rating, TotalEnergy Efficiency GradeEnergy Efficiency Ratio (EER)Energy Efficiency ReportEnergy Efficiency ScoreEnergy Equivalent (Noise) Level (Leq)Energy Factor (EF)Energy Management and Control System, Building (EMCS)Energy Management SystemEnergy Management SystemsEnergy Recovery Ratio, Series (SERR)Energy Recovery, SeriesEnergy Recovery Ventilation SystemEnergy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)Energy Simulation ToolEnergy Source MeterEnergy StarEnergy Star QualifiedEnergy Star RatingEnergy Storage Management SystemEnergy Storage Management SystemsEnergy Storage SystemEnergy Storage System CabinetEnergy Storage System CommissioningEnergy Storage System DecommissioningEnergy Storage System, ElectrochemicalEnergy Storage System (ESS)Energy Storage System, MobileEnergy Storage System, OtherEnergy Storage System, Pre-Engineered of Matched ComponentsEnergy Storage System, Self-ContainedEnergy Storage System, StationaryEnergy Storage System, Walk-in UnitEnergy Storage Systems (ESS)EnforcementEnforcement AgencyEnforcement AgentEnforcing AgencyEnforcing Agency [BSC, BSC-CG, HCD 1, HCD 2, Andhcd 1-AC]Enforcing Agency. (DSA-AC, HCD 1 & HCD 2)Enforcing Agency (or Enforcement Agency)Enforcing AgentEnforcing Agent or Enforcing AgencyEnforcing AuthorityEnforcing OfficerEngine-Mounted TankEngineerEngineered Plumbing SystemEngineered Smoke Control SystemEngineered Wood Rim BoardEngineering GeologistEngineering TestEnlarged Base PilesEnlargementEntertainment DeviceEnthalpy Recovery RatioEntranceEntrance and Egress EndsEntrance Assembly, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, or Material LiftEntrance Assembly, Horizontally Sliding TypeEntrance Assembly, Swinging TypeEntrance Assembly, Vertically Sliding TypeEntrance DoorEntrance (For Chapter 11)Entrance Frame, AppliedEntrance Hardware AssemblyEntry LevelEnvelope Performance FactorEnvironment of CareEnvironmental AirEnvironmental Air DuctEnvironmental BarrierEnvironmental Barrier (For Chapter 11)Environmental Control Board or ECBEpoxy(Equation 16-22)(Equation 16-33)(Equation 2-1)(Equation 2-2)(Equation 2-3)(Equation 5-1)EquilibriumEquilibrium DensityEquipmentEquipment AreaEquipment BranchEquipment, ExistingEquipment or FixtureEquipment PlatformEquipment RackEquipment RoomEquipment ShutoffEquipment SupportEquipotential PlaneEquipotential Plane (As Applied to Agricultural Buildings)EquivalencyEquivalent FacilitationEquivalent LengthErectionErection Bridging MeansERI Reference DesignErosionEscalatorEscalator, ConventionalEscalator DeckEscalator, ModularEscalator MoldingEscalator NewelEscalator Newel BaseEscalator Panel, ExteriorEscalator Panel, InteriorEscalator SkirtEscalator Skirt Cover, DynamicEscalator Skirt, DynamicEscalator WellwayEscalatorsEscalators and Movings WalksEscalators, Tandem OperationEscape-Only RespiratorEscapeproofEscarpmentEssential Building PersonnelEssential Electrical SystemEssential Electrical SystemsEssential EquipmentEssential FacilitiesEssential FacilityEssential Services BuildingEssentially Nontoxic Transfer FluidEssentially Nontoxic Transfer FluidsEssentially Toxic Transfer FluidEssentially Toxic Transfer FluidsEstablishmentEstimated Construction CostET SeqEthanolEthylene Oxide DrumEtiologic AgentEutrophicationEvacuationEvacuation CapabilityEvacuation LocationEvacuation of BuildingsEvacuation SignalEvacuation Signaling ZoneEvaporation Design Wet-Bulb TemperatureEvaporative CoolerEvaporative Cooling SystemEvaporatorEvapotranspiration Adjustment Factor (ETAF)Evapotranspiration (ET)Exam RoomExam Room SinkExcavationexcavation.fissured (Soil, Chapter 33).granular Soil (Chapter 33)Excess AirExcess Flow ControlExcess Flow ValveExcess Flow Valve (EFV)Executable SoftwareExecutive DirectorExecutive SoftwareExercise Spa (Also Known as a Swim Spa)ExfiltrationExhaustExhaust Hood, Full OpeningExhaust SystemExhausted EnclosureExhibitExhibition AreaExhibitorExistingExisting Aquatic VesselExisting BuildingExisting Building Code of New York StateExisting Building or FacilityExisting Building or StructureExisting ConditionExisting ConstructionExisting Construction Design FloodExisting EquipmentExisting FacilityExisting Hand Powered Freight ElevatorsExisting High-Rise StructureExisting InstallationExisting InstallationsExisting Membrane Structures and Other (Large) Existing TentsExisting Pool or SpaExisting Small TentsExisting State-Owned StructuresExisting StructureExisting Structure (For Chapter 34)Existing StructuresExisting StudExisting SystemExisting WorkExitExit AccessExit Access DoorwayExit Access RampExit Access StairwayExit AlarmExit AlarmsExit DischargeExit Discharge, Level OfExit EnclosureExit, HorizontalExit Ladder DeviceExit Marking Audible Notification ApplianceExit PassagewayExit RouteExits, Aisles, Ramps, Corridors and PassagewaysExpanded (Foamed or Cellular) PlasticsExpanded PlasticExpanded Vinyl Wall CoveringExpansionExpansion AnchorExpansion BoltExpansion JointExpansion SleeveExpansion TankExpansive SoilsExplosionExplosion ControlExplosion Control RequirementsExplosionproof EquipmentExplosiveExplosive ManufacturingExplosive MaterialExposedExposed (As Applied to Live Parts)Exposed (As Applied to Wiring Methods)Exposed Conductive SurfacesExposed (To Accidental Contact)ExpositionExposition FacilityExposure FireExpresswayExtended Congregate CareExtended Coverage SprinklerExtended Stay HotelExtension FittingExterior BalconyExterior Building EnvelopeExterior CoveringExterior Elevated ElementExterior Elevated Flooring SystemExterior Exit RampExterior Exit StairwayExterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) With DrainageExterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS)Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)Exterior Lighting Power AllowanceExterior Masonry ChimneysExterior ProjectionExterior PropertyExterior SurfacesExterior WallExterior Wall AssemblyExterior Wall CoveringExterior Wall EnvelopeExterior Wall envelope.fenestrationExterior Wall, ObstructedExterior WorkExterminationExternal LoadExternally IlluminatedExternally OperableExtra Hazard (Group 1) (EH1)Extra Hazard (Group 2) (EH2)Extra-Heavy-Duty Cooking ApplianceExtra-High-Rack Combustible StorageExtraction Room (Cannabis)Extraction Room (Marijuana)Extreme Tension ReinforcementExtremely Hazardous Substance (EHS)Eye AdaptationEyebrow HoodEyebrow Hood Commercial Kitchen Exhaust HoodsEyebrow Hood Commercial Kitchen HoodsF-1F-2F-3F-4F'AAC =[F] Alarm Signal[F] Alarm Verification Feature[F] Annunciator[F] Audible Alarm Notification Appliance[F] Automatic[F] Automatic Fire-Extinguishing System[F] Automatic Smoke Detection System[F] Automatic Sprinkler System[F] Automatic Water Mist System[F] Average Ambient Sound LevelF'C[F] Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems[F] Ceiling Limit[F] Clean Agent[F] Commercial Motor Vehicle[F] Constantly Attended Location[F] Continuous Gas-Detection System[F] Deluge System[F] Detector, Heat[F] Dry-Chemical Extinguishing Agent[F] Electrical Circuit Protective System[F] Elevator Group[F] Emergency Alarm System[F] Emergency Control Station[F] Exhausted Enclosure[F] Fabrication AreaF-Factor[F] Fire Alarm Box, Manual[F] Fire Alarm Control Unit[F] Fire Alarm Signal[F] Fire Alarm System[F] Fire Command Center[F] Fire Detector, Automatic[F] Fire Protection System[F] Fire Safety Functions[F] Flammable Vapors or Fumes[F] Foam-Extinguishing System[F] Gas Cabinet[F] Gas Room[F] Gaseous Hydrogen System[F] Halogenated Extinguishing System[F] Hazardous Production Material (HPM)[F] HPM Flammable Liquid[F] HPM Room[F] Hydrogen Cutoff Room[F] Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH)[F] Initiating Device[F] Liquid[F] Liquid Storage Room[F] Liquid Use, Dispensing and Mixing Rooms[F] Lower Flammable Limit (LFL)F'M =[F] Manual Fire Alarm BoxF'MI =[F] Multiple-Station Alarm Device[F] Multiple-Station Smoke Alarm[F] Notification Zone[F] Nuisance Alarm[F] Physiological Warning Threshold LevelF Rating[F] Record Drawings[F] Service Corridor[F] Single-Station Smoke Alarm[F] Smoke Alarm[F] Smoke Detector[F] Smokeproof Enclosure[F] Solid[F] Standpipe System, Classes Of[F] Standpipe, Types Of[F] Storage, Hazardous Materials[F] Supervising Station[F] Supervisory Service[F] Supervisory Signal[F] Supervisory Signal-Initiating Device[F] Tires, Bulk Storage Of[F] Trouble Signal[F] Visible Alarm Notification Appliance[F] Wet Chemical Extinguishing System[F] Wireless Protection System[F] Workstation[F] ZoneFaçade AreaFabric PartitionFabric PartitionsFabric StructureFabricated ItemFabrication AreaFabrication Area (Fab Area)Fabrication ProcessFacade AreaFace PipingFace SprinklersFacilities of the Central Valley Flood Protection PlanFacilities With Residential Units and Transient Lodging UnitsFacilityfacility.hall Call ConsoleFacility Operations