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1910.261(c) Handling and Storage of Pulpwood and Pulp Chips1910.261(d) Handling and Storage of Raw Materials Other Than Pulpwood or Pulp Chips3305.1.1 Handling and Storing Materials453.7.3 Handling and TransportationSection 5705 Handling and UseSection 5305 Handling and Use of Compressed Gases6205.2 Handling and Use of Organic Peroxides3306.5 Handling at Point of Final Use1910.262(oo) Handling Caustic Soda and Caustic Potash1910.120(j) Handling Drums and Containers1910.106(e)(2)(iv) Handling Liquids at Point of Final Use1910.176 Handling Materials - General2403.3.7 Handling of Class I, II and IIIA Liquids63.* Handling of Containers, Cylinders, and Tanks Removed From Service63.* Handling of Cylinders, Containers, and Tanks Removed From Service2409.4.1 Handling of Excess Catalyzed Resin16.2.4.2 Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids at Point of Final Use3301.5.1.3 Handling of High Explosives1910.103(c)(2)(iii) Handling of Liquefied Hydrogen Inside Buildings Other Than Separate Buildings and Special Rooms43.7.5 Handling of Organic Peroxides1910.268(n)(11) Handling Poles Near Energized Power Conductors1910.261(c)(6) Handling Pulp Chips From Railway Cars1910.261(c)(7) Handling Pulp Chips From Trucks and Trailers1910.261(c)(4) Handling Pulpwood From Flatcars and All Other Railway Cars1910.261(c)(3) Handling Pulpwood From Ships1910.261(c)(5) Handling Pulpwood From Trucks1910.261(c)(2) Handling Pulpwood With Cranes or Stackers1910.261(c)(1) Handling Pulpwood With Forklift Trucks1910.268(n)(1) Handling Suspension Strand1910.179(n) Handling the Load—3.3.136 Handrail1607.7.1 Handrail Assemblies and Guards6. Handrail Clearance1115A.6.2 Handrail Configuration1115A.6.2.2 Handrail Continuity409.8 Handrail Design7.* Handrail Details6. Handrail Entry Device505.10 Handrail Extensions1014.3 Handrail GraspabilityR311.5.6.3 Handrail Grip Size1008. Handrail Gripping Surfaces8.6.8.11 Handrail Guards1008. Handrail Height1123A.6.2.1 Handrail Heights702.6.2 Handrail or HandholdR311.7.8.2 Handrail Projection1114A.6.2.4 Handrail Projections8. Handrail Safety Systems6.1.6.4 Handrail Speed-Monitoring Device1030.16.2 Handrail Termination505 Handrails322.4.3 Handrails and Grab Rails454. Handrails and GrabrailsSection 307 Handrails and Guardrails1607.9.1 Handrails and Guards322.3.2 Handrails and Handholds2.4-2.2.10 Handrails and Lean Rails1910.29(f) Handrails and Stair Rail Systems3111B.5 Handrails for Ladders and Recessed StepsR330.9.1 Handrails for Ramps3111B.6 Handrails for SpasR330.10.1 Handrails for Treads and Risers1011.14.1 Handrails of Alternating Tread Devices1011.15.1 Handrails of Ship's Ladders1011.15.1 Handrails of Ships Ladders702.2.3 Handrails or HandholdsR311.8.3 Handrails Required708.3 Handsets1226. Handwashing1235.9 Handwashing Facilities1224.19.1.1 Handwashing Fixture1224.29.2.2 Handwashing Fixture(s)1224.31.1.16 Handwashing Fixtures1224.18.5.2 Handwashing Station1224.17.2.2 Handwashing Station(s)1224. Handwashing Stations63. Handwheels Secured21.1 Hangars(7) 906.7 Hangars and Brackets3.3.89 Hanger17.2 Hanger Components313.6 Hanger Rod Sizes17.2.1 Hanger Rods9.1 HangersSection 890.910 Hangers, Anchors and SupportsSection P-603 Hangers and Anchors803.15.2.1 Hangers and Assembly Members[F] 906.7 Hangers and Brackets18.7 Hangers and Fasteners Subject to Earthquakes5. Hangers and Stops for Hoistway Sliding Doors5. Hangers and Stops for Sliding Hoistway Doors313.0 Hangers and Supports3314.15.2 Hangers or Stirrups1210.3.5 Hangers, Supports, and Anchors2.11.11.2 Hangers, Tracks, and Track Supports3.11 Hanging and Bracing Definitions701.2.1 Hanging Displays1607.13.6 Hanging Loads93-90 Harassment96-110 Harassment and Cure5003.13 Harbor Facilities604.4 Hard-Drawn Copper or Copper Alloy TubingL 505.0 Hard Water2303.1.7 Hardboard[BS] 1403.3.2 Hardboard SidingR704.2.3 Hardboard Soffit Panels2405.9 Hardening and Tempering TanksA5.106.11.1 Hardscape Alternatives5.106.12.3 Hardscape Areas1010.2.2 Hardware1010.2.3 Hardware Height2303.3 Hardwood and Plywood2303.3 Hardwood Plywood87-70 Harlem River Waterfront Access Plan(8) 102.8 Harmonizing Provisions1926.1153(c)(2)(iii)(F)5706.4.7.16 Hatches and Ullage Holes1926.800(r) Haulage315.6 Hazard601.2 Hazard Abatement1926.960(g)(1) Hazard Assessment1910.132(d) Hazard Assessment and Equipment Selection3108F.2 Hazard Assessment and Risk Analysis1926.1408(a) Hazard Assessments and Precautions Inside the Work Zone5001.2.2 Hazard Categories43.7.3* Hazard Category Classifications5807.2 Hazard ClassificationSection 407 Hazard Communication1910.1001(j)(1) Hazard Communication—General1910.120(p)(2) Hazard Communication Program60. Hazard Communications[F] 805.3.4 Hazard Identification5001.7.3 Hazard Identification Signage63.2.12 Hazard Identification Signs665.23 Hazard Labels or Signs1910.265(c)(11) Hazard Marking3.3.138 Hazard Material60. Hazard Materials Identification52.3.2.4 Hazard Mitigation Analysis6.2 Hazard of Contents3510.3 Hazard Prevention3.3.155* Hazard Rating1910.1200(f)(1)(iii) Hazard Statement(s)[BG] A103.1.5 Hazardous1910.421(e) Hazardous Activities2404.4.9 Hazardous and Combustible Material Storage3.3.22.4* Hazardous Area3111F.2 Hazardous Area Designations and Plans (N/E) Hazardous Area Protection (Nonsprinklered Smoke Compartment Rehabilitation) Hazardous Areas22.4.4.7 Hazardous Areas (Nonsprinklered Buildings)308.6 Hazardous Atmosphere1926.651(g) Hazardous Atmospheres§ 23-27.3-125.5 Hazardous Buildings1926.800(h) Hazardous Classifications(A) Hazardous (Classified) Areas(A) Hazardous (Classified) Location336.130 Hazardous (Classified) Location Cable(A) Hazardous (Classified) LocationsArticle 500 Hazardous (Classified) Locations, Classes I, II, and III, Divisions 1 and 2Part III Hazardous (Classified) Locations (CMP-14)Article 510 Hazardous (Classified) Locations — Specific1704.1.2.1 Hazardous Conditions1910.265(c)(31)(i) Hazardous Crossings1005.4 Hazardous Discharge*2.1- Hazardous Drug IV Preparation Room(B) Hazardous Electrical Conditions1910.269(d) Hazardous Energy Control (Lockout/Tagout) Procedures310.8 Hazardous Environmental Conditions[F] 502.1.4 Hazardous Exhaust717.2.2 Hazardous Exhaust DuctsSection 510 Hazardous Exhaust Systems3305. Hazardous Formwork Conditions427.7.10 Hazardous Gases105.3.8 Hazardous Industries2406.4 Hazardous Locations3.3.177.3 Hazardous Material3008.10 Hazardous Material Areas60.3.1* Hazardous Material Classification414.5.4 Hazardous Material HandlingA-904.7 Hazardous Material Handling License[F] 414.2.5 Hazardous Material in Group M Display and Storage Areas and in Group S Storage Areas66.3.3.19* Hazardous Material or Hazardous Chemical2003.7 Hazardous Material Storage3.3.157 Hazardous Material Storage Facility[F] 414.4 Hazardous Material SystemsSection 414 Hazardous Materials414.2.6 Hazardous Materials Above the Third Floor in Laboratories in Group B, E, and I-2 Occupancies5003.8.3.6 Hazardous Materials Above the Third Floor in Laboratories in Group B, E or I-2 Occupancies121.3.5 Hazardous Materials Business Plan Late Submission Penalty6204.1.13 Hazardous Materials Cabinet—Construction and Use63.1.4 Hazardous Materials Classification26.36 Hazardous Materials Code1910.107(g)(6) Hazardous Materials Combinations[BS] 901.2.2 Hazardous Materials Contamination5.4.4.1 Hazardous Materials Design Scenario Hazardous Materials Design Scenario Hazardous Materials Design Scenario Hazardous Materials Design Scenario 41.1.5* Hazardous Materials Emergencies4.2.3* Hazardous Materials Emergencies Protection[F] 1801.3.6 Hazardous Materials Emergency Training5.2.2.3* Hazardous Materials Exposure104.12.5 Hazardous Materials, FOG Effects, and Asphyxiants[F] 502.8 Hazardous Materials—General RequirementsH3.2.4 Hazardous Materials Handling306.1.1 Hazardous Materials in Existing Higher Education Laboratories[F] 415.8.2.1 Hazardous Materials in Fabrication Areas5003.8.3.5 Hazardous Materials in Group M Display and Storage Areas and in Group S Storage Areas(c) 124.3.3 Hazardous Materials Incidents at a Shale Oil Processing Premise407.5 Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement60.1.6* Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement (HMIS)Section H2 Hazardous Materials Inventory Statements (HMIS)5001.5.1 Hazardous Materials Management Plan60.1.5 Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP)5605.2.1 Hazardous Materials Management Plans and Inventory Statements Required120.1.4 Hazardous Materials Release Response Plan and Inventory Program5001.5.2 Hazardous Materials Reporting[F] 502.9 Hazardous Materials—Requirements for Specific Materials1910.120(q)(6)(iv) Hazardous Materials Specialist453.20.4.2 Hazardous Materials Storage3803.2 Hazardous Materials Storage and Use60.5.1.18 Hazardous Materials Storage Cabinets3.3.158 Hazardous Materials Storage Locker66.14 Hazardous Materials Storage Lockers5003.2.2.3 Hazardous Materials Storage Tanks Inside Buildings1910.120(q)(6)(iii) Hazardous Materials Technician[F] 412.3.6.1 Hazardous OperationsA5.504.5 Hazardous Particulates and Chemical Pollutants1406.2 Hazardous Process Piping (HPP) Hazardous Production Material (HPM)2703.7.3 Hazardous Production Material (HPM) Rooms, Gas Rooms and Liquid Storage Rooms[F] 415. Hazardous Production Materials[F] 502.10 Hazardous Production Materials (HPM)3.3.159* Hazardous Reaction or Hazardous Chemical Reaction324.4 Hazardous Release1224.19.3.3 Hazardous Sterile Preparation Room1926.32(l)Section G311 Hazardous SubstancesSection 4906 Hazardous Vegetation and Fuel Management11B- Hazardous Vehicular Areas120.6.4.1 Hazardous Waste Generators and Hazardous Waste On-Site Treatment Activities120.1.1 Hazardous Waste Generators and Hazardous Waste On-Site Treatment Programs1910.120 Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response3803.1.6 Hazardous Wastes3412.3.1 Hazards66.6.4 Hazards Analysis14X-7-702.4.2 Hazards Associated With Fire Exposure14X-7-702.4.1 Hazards Associated With Water ExposureSection 802 Hazards From Building MaterialsSection 1116A Hazards on Accessible Routes3306.9.8 Hazards to Be RemovedSection 316 Hazards to Emergency RespondersSection 316 Hazards to Fire Fighters1910.217(b)(1) Hazards to Personnel Associated With Broken or Falling Machine ComponentsC402.4.2.2 Haze Factor6-A1 HAZUS AEBM Technology5.6 HC Fire Walls at Elevation Differences625.1.1 [HCD 1][BSC-CG] Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging for New Construction1907.1.1 [HCD 1] Capillary Break1503.1.1 [HCD 1] Clothes Washer System1804.4.1 [HCD 1] Construction Plans420.12 [HCD 1] Construction Waste Management420.14 [HCD 1] Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging for New ConstructionSection 1211 [HCD 1 & HCD 2] Garage Door Springs110.3.4.1 [HCD 1] Moisture Content Verification110.3.12.2 [HCD 1] Operation and Maintenance ManualSection 1212 [HCD 1] Pollutant Control2304.3.1.1 [HCD 1] Rodent Proofing3304.1.5 [HCD 1] Storm Water Drainage and Retention During Construction3304.1.5 [HCD] Storm Water Drainage and Retention During Construction4.2 HDPE MaterialsR603.8 Head and Sill Track1910.265(b)(16) Head Block607.4.2.3 Head End Wall1910.156(e)(5) Head, Eye and Face Protection1926.100 Head Protection1910.265(b)(17) Head Rig1910.265(e)(2) Head Saws412.10 Head Shampoo Sink Faucets1907.7.5 Headed Shear Stud Reinforcement(A) Header2211.2 Header Design[BS] A106.2.2.1 Header in Multiple-Wythe Solid Brick1910.94(b)(1)(ix) Header Pipe (Main Pipe)2308.9.5.2 Header Support2308.9.5.1 HeadersR603.6.1 Headers in Gable Endwalls1003.3.1 Headroom808.13 Headroom Above the Board1116A.2 Headroom ClearanceFigure 11A-1B Headroom Clearance and Overhanging Obstruction2.14.2.4 Headroom in Elevator Cars2.7.4 Headroom in Machinery Spaces, Machine Rooms, Control Spaces, and Control RoomsALL Healing Arts X-Ray Installations123-33 Health and Fitness Establishments102.5 Health and SafetyR336.2 Health and Safety Code Section 1597.46457.1.3.3 Health and Sanitation6.1.5 Health CareArticle 517 Health Care Facilities26.17 Health Care Facilities Code, Class A Hyperbaric Chambers22.17 Health Care Facilities Code, Hyperbaric Chambers117.2.1.4 Health Care Facility InstructorSection 422 Health Care Fixtures and Equipment20.4 Health Care Occupancies3.3.196.7* Health Care Occupancy603.5.15 Health Care or Laboratory Areas1323.10.3 Health Care Organization PersonnelSection 609 Health Care Plumbing3.3.285.2 Health Care Suite (Health Care Occupancies) Health Care Suites2901.2 Health Codes3.1.5 Health Effects of Drinking Water Components301.5 Health FacilitiesAppendix A Health Hazard Criteria (Mandatory) Health Hazard Material2703.2.3.2 Health-Hazard Ranking 3 or 4 HPM5001.2.2.2 Health Hazards1926.12(b)(13) Health Professions Educational Assistance Act of 1963 (42 U.S.C. 292D (C)(4), 293A(C)(5))1910.252(c) Health Protection and Ventilation603.1.2 Healthcare Facilities1910.1030(f)(5) Healthcare Professional's Written Opinion[A] 116.6 Hearing704.2.5 Hearing-Aid Compatibility37.5 Hearing Aid Compatible and Volume Control Telephones106.2.2 Hearing Aids — Magnetic Field Strength in Audio-Frequency Induction Loops for Hearing Aids Operating With an Induction Pickup Coil112.10 Hearing and Decision110.1 Hearing and Right of Appeal, Local Board of Building Appeals§1-10.4 Hearing Calendar202.8.3 Hearing Committee1910.95(c) Hearing Conservation Program435.7.4 Hearing Impaired3.3.128* Hearing Loss§1-05.6 Hearing Notice§1-11.7 Hearing Procedure322. Hearing Procedures1926.101 Hearing Protection1910.95(j) Hearing Protector Attenuation1910.95(i) Hearing Protectors§1-13.3 Hearing Records322. Hearing Report PreparationSection IX Hearings119.7 Hearings and DecisionSection 511 Hearings to Be Held in Connection With Construction of Fire Roads§3-03 Hearings to Determine Whether Sealing Orders Were Properly Issued1926.12(b)(34) Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke Amendments of 1965 (42 U.S.C. 299(B)(4))2111.10 Hearth and Hearth Extension2111.11 Hearth Extension Dimensions2111.10.2 Hearth Extension ThicknessR1004.2 Hearth Extensions2111.10.1 Hearth Thickness13.4.2.3 Heat3.3.129 Heat Alarm907.2.10.8 Heat Alarms and Heat DetectorsArticle 8 Heat and Hot WaterG2440.6 (615.6) Heat and Time ControlsR314.4.1 Heat Detection Interconnection2308.7.3 Heat Detection System3.3.90.10 Heat Detector907.2.24.4 Heat Detectors29.10.4* Heat Detectors and Heat Alarms1201.5 Heat Emitters504.5 Heat (Energy) Recovery Ventilators1212.3 Heat ExchangerM2101.22.1 Heat Exchangers40.4.1 Heat From Mechanical Sparks and Friction1208.6.11.2 Heat-Fusion JointP2906.3.1 Heat-Fusion Joints4.2.14.5 Heat Fusion Joints in PE Water PipingC3.5.11 Heat Gain From OccupantsA5.106.11 Heat Island EffectSection 408 Heat Island Mitigation5403.5.1 Heat or AgitateN1103.6.1 (R403.6.1) Heat or Energy Recovery Ventilation8-902.4 Heat-Producing and Cooling Equipment22.7.3 Heat-Producing Appliances30.3.3.13 Heat-Producing Appliances and Other Sources of Ignition9.3.1 Heat-Producing Devices With Composite Wood Joist Construction1910.111(e)(3) Heat ProtectionF 108.15 Heat Pump and Distribution System Installation307.3 Heat Pump and Electric Cooling AppliancesE 505.1.2 Heat Pump Approval6.4.3.5 Heat-Pump Auxiliary Heat ControlA5.207.5.3 Heat Pump ControlsF 105.1 Heat Pump Distribution SystemSection M1403 Heat Pump EquipmentR403.10.5 Heat Pump Pool HeatersA4. Heat Pump Space and Water HeatingN1103.1.2 (R403.1.2) Heat Pump Supplementary HeatN1103.1.2 (R403.1.2) Heat Pump Supplementary Heat (Mandatory)C406.7.4 Heat Pump Water HeaterA4. Heat Pump Water Heater Demand ManagementM1403.1 Heat PumpsG3.1.3.1 Heat Pumps (Systems 2 and 4)C403.9.2 Heat Recovery6.5.6.2 Heat Recovery for Service Water Heating6.5.6.3 Heat Recovery for Space ConditioningC403.10.6 Heat Recovery for Space Conditioning in Healthcare FacilitiesC403.9.2.4 Heat Recovery for Space HeatingL 507.0 Heat Recovery From Steam Boiler BlowdownSection 927 Heat Recovery VentilatorsC403. Heat RejectionC403.9 Heat Rejection and Heat Recovery Equipment6.5.5 Heat-Rejection EquipmentC403.4.4 Heat Rejection Equipment Fan Speed ControlA5.207.2.3 Heat Rejection SystemsG3.1.3.11 Heat Rejection (Systems 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13)G3.1.3.11 Heat Rejection (Systems 7, 8, 9, 12, and 13)G3.1.3.11 Heat Rejection (Systems 7, 8, and 11)[F] 909.9.3 Heat-Release Assumptions805.1.1.2 Heat Release Rate3.3.143* Heat Release Rate (HRR)17.6 Heat-Sensing Fire Detectors3.3.90 Heat-Sensitive Material30.4.10 Heat-Sensitive Piping Materials1910.1029(f)(2)(ii)(e) Heat Shields on Door Machines4004.5.3 Heat Source5605.6.10 Heat Sources602.3 Heat Supply14X-8-802.2.2 Heat to Be ProvidedN1103.5.1.2 Heat Trace Systems10.15.2.4 Heat Tracing722. Heat Transfer1215.5 Heat Transfer Fluid3.3.160 Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF)Section 1403 Heat Transfer FluidsM2301.4 Heat Transfer Gases or Liquids and Heat ExchangersM2301.4 Heat Transfer Gasses or Liquids and Heat Exchangers1215.5 Heat Transfer Medium7.4.6 Heat TrapsC404.3 Heat Traps for Hot Water Storage TanksR403.5.5 Heat Traps (Mandatory)5906.5.2 Heat-Treating Ovens(F) Heated Floors6.4.3.9 Heated or Cooled VestibulesC403.4.1.4 Heated or Cooled Vestibules (Mandatory)RA105.2.3 Heated Plenum Crawlspaces*2.1- Heated Potable Water Distribution SystemsR402.2.9.1 Heated Slab-on-Grade FloorsC404.6 Heated-Water Circulating and Temperature Maintenance SystemsR403.5.1 Heated Water Circulation and Temperature Maintenance SystemN1103.5.1 Heated Water Circulation and Temperature Maintenance SystemsN1103.5.1 (R403.5.1) Heated Water Circulation and Temperature Maintenance Systems (Mandatory)P2905.1 Heated Water Circulation Systems and Heat Trace SystemsSection P2905 Heated Water Distribution SystemsC404.5 Heated Water Supply Piping1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(h) HeaterSection 506 Heater and Temperature Requirements316.5 Heater Circulation System(2) Heater Containing a Motor(s) Rated over 1/8 Horsepower(1) Heater Containing No Motor Rated over 1/8 Horsepower(A) Heater Cords450.7.5 Heater Room Openings(1) HeatersP103.6 Heating(A) Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Equipment210.63 Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Equipment Outlet(C) Heating and Air-Conditioning Circuits620.54 Heating and Air-Conditioning Disconnecting Means(C) Heating and Air-Conditioning LoadE 607.2 Heating and Air-Conditioning System DesignR503.1.2 Heating and Colling Systems3107.12 Heating and Cooking Equipment464.4.2 Heating and CoolingSection M1411 Heating and Cooling EquipmentC403.3 Heating and Cooling Equipment EfficienciesC403.3 Heating and Cooling Equipment Efficiencies (Mandatory)R403.7 Heating and Cooling Equipment (Mandatory)Section 602 Heating and Cooling FacilitiesSection 312 Heating and Cooling Load Calculations6.1.2 Heating and Cooling SourcesC403.4 Heating and Cooling System ControlsC403.4 Heating and Cooling System Controls (Mandatory)N1110.3.2 (R502.3.2) Heating and Cooling Systems603.10 Heating and Lighting Equipment455.3.6 Heating and Ventilation603.5.2 Heating Appliance and Equipment Installation603.5.3 Heating Appliance Clearance to Combustible Materials605.6.2 Heating Appliance Installation and Maintenance603.5.2 Heating Appliance Maintenance11.5 Heating Appliances603.5 Heating Appliances and Equipment424.34 Heating Cable Construction1926.1127(f)(2)(ii) Heating Cadmium and Cadmium-Containing MaterialsC403.3.5.2 Heating/Cooling System Fan Controls25.1.10 Heating Devices1910.303(b)(1)(v) Heating Effects Under All Conditions of Use(A) Heating Element Connections6.5.8.2 Heating Enclosed Spaces412.3.4 Heating Equipment1203.1 Heating Equipment and SystemsR403.7.1.2 Heating Equipment Capacity(A) Heating Equipment With Supplementary Overcurrent Protection(B) Heating Equipment Without Supplementary Overcurrent ProtectionSection 602 Heating FacilitiesC6.8.3 Heating Factor6.4.3.9 Heated or Cooled Vestibules5705.3.3 Heating, Lighting and Cooking Appliances5705.3.3 Heating, Lighting and Cooking Devices, Equipment and SystemsC401.3 Heating of Commercial Parking Facilities Prohibited607.6 Heating of Cooking Oil1321.11.1 Heating of Joint3404. Heating Oil Storage Tanks Abandoned in Place311.0 Heating or Cooling Air System603.10.2 Heating or Lighting ApparatusC403.13.1 Heating Outside a Building(C) Heating Panel Sets(B) Heating Panels§27-740 Heating Requirements450.7.6 Heating RoomsE 201.5 Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF)2404.6.3 Heating Spray Booths and Spray Rooms1705.31 Heating Systems2.5-3.7 Heating Systems, Cooling Systems, and Equipment6.5.8.1 Heating Unenclosed Spaces9.2 Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning14.5.2 Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Equipment17.7.4 Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)606.4 Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Piping Insulation21.7 Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems449.3.6 Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning SystemsE 502.2 Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems and Equipment2.2.d.3 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)11.2 Heating, Ventilation, and Air-ConditioningSection 1101 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment (HVAC)469.4.12 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)449.4.2.6 Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Standards2.1-8.2 Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) SystemsE 502.0 Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning Low-Rise Residential BuildingsE 503.0 Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning — Other Than Low-Rise Residential Buildings4. Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning System AlterationsE 501.0 Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning Systems and Equipment — Energy EfficiencyE 801.0 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems Commissioning(A) Heating Wires or Cables1811.4.2 Heaved Deep Foundations1810.4.6 Heaved Elements1809.4.2 Heaved Piles1910.262(l) Heavy Draw Boxes, Finishers, and Speeders Used in Worsted Drawing507.5.2 Heavy-Duty Cooking Appliances(E) Heavy-Duty Lampholders410.153 Heavy-Duty Lighting Track3314.3.3.3 Heavy Duty Scaffold1607.12.1.2 Heavy Live Loads2304.11 Heavy Timber Construction§27-623 Heavy Timber Construction (Construction Class II-A)803.3 Heavy Timber Exemption1607.8.3 Heavy Vehicle Garages1607.8 Heavy Vehicle Loads20.4.10.1 Heavyweight Class3.3.91 Heel3.3.92 Heel AngleI Heel or Side Inlet706.4 Heel- or Side-Inlet Quarter BendsP3005.1.2 Heel- or Side-Inlet Quarter Bends, DrainageP3005.1.3 Heel- or Side-Inlet Quarter Bends, VentingJ Heel or Side-Inlet (Repealed)606.3 Height703.4.1 Height Above Finish Floor or GroundR404.1.6 Height Above Finished GradeR404.4.9 Height Above Finished GroundP3104.5 Height Above Fixtures11B-703.8.9 Height Above Floor1509.2.1 Height Above Roof[BG] 1511.2.1 Height Above Roof Deck323.1.1 Height Above WaterP-811.3.2 Height Adjustment24-12 Height and Application of Lot Coverage406.4.5 Height and Area1011.6.1 Height and Area for Change to a Higher-Hazard Category1011.6.2 Height and Area for Change to an Equal or Lesser-Hazard Category1012.5.2 Height and Area for Change to Equal or Lesser Hazard Category1012.5.1 Height and Area for Change to Higher Hazard Category§27-461 Height and Area Limitations412.4.5 Height and Area Limits§211 Height and Bulk605.2 Height and Depth1910.68(b)(9)(ii) Height and Location11B-813.2.1.3 Height and Operation101-721 Height and Setback91-30 Height and Setback and Lot Coverage Regulations117-53 Height and Setback and Street Wall Location Regulations73-68 Height and Setback and Yard Modifications74-721 Height and Setback and Yard Regulations142-49 Height and Setback for Certain Zoning Lots in Subdistricts C and D23-951 Height and Setback for Compensated Developments in Inclusionary Housing Designated Areas142-42 Height and Setback for Non-Shoreline Adjacent Lots in Subareas A2, A3 and B1142-43 Height and Setback for Shoreline Adjacent Lots in Subarea A2142-44 Height and Setback for Shoreline Adjacent Lots in Subarea A3142-45 Height and Setback for Shoreline Adjacent Lots in Subarea B143-624 Height and Setback in M1-6D Districts23-952 Height and Setback in Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Areas142-46 Height and Setback in Subarea B3142-47 Height and Setback in Subarea B493-541 Height and Setback in Subareas D1 and D293-542 Height and Setback in Subareas D4 and D593-42 Height and Setback in Subdistricts A, B, C, D, E, F and G81-661 Height and Setback Modifications for Buildings in the Grand Central Core Area23-60 Height and Setback Regulations81-26 Height and Setback Regulations--Daylight Compensation74-851 Height and Setback Regulations for Certain Buildings Containing Residences64-333 Height and Setback Regulations for Cottage Envelope Buildings74-852 Height and Setback Regulations for Zoning Lots Divided by District Boundaries138-23 Height and Setback Regulations in Commercial Districts138-24 Height and Setback Regulations in M1 Districts Paired With an R9 or R10 District97-434 Height and Setback Regulations in Subdistrict A97-432 Height and Setback Regulations in the Core Subdistrict and in Areas Outside of a Subdistrict97-433 Height and Setback Regulations in the Park Avenue Hub Subdistrict98-51 Height and Setback Regulations on the East Side of the High Line62-34 Height and Setback Regulations on Waterfront Blocks98-52 Height and Setback Regulations on West Side of High Line23-66 Height and Setback Requirements for Quality Housing Buildings23-63 Height and Setback Requirements in R1 Through R5 Districts402.6.4.2 Height and Width§26 Height, Bulk, Open Spaces1910.29(f)(1) Height CriteriaP108.1.3 Height Effect on Loft AreaR304.3 Height Effect on Room AreaR327.2.3 Height Effect on Sleeping Loft AreaG2428.2.17 (504.2.17) Height Entries[F] 415. Height Exception3412.6.1.1 Height Formula703.5.6 Height From Finish Floor or Ground504.3 Height in Feet504.3 Height in Feet and Number of Stories2607.3 Height Limitation507.8.4 Height Limitations23-692 Height Limitations for Narrow Buildings or Enlargements§27-305 Height Limitations of BuildingsSection 504 Height Modifications5706.4.5.3 Height of Aboveground Storage TanksR404.2.3 Height of BackfillH110.5 Height of Closed Signs509.10.3.1 Height of Connector10.7 Height of Controls1205.2.7 Height of Glazed Areas1104.6.1 Height of GuardsH110.4 Height of Open Signs1203.4.5 Height of OpeningsSection AE603 Height of Piers3308.7.2 Height of Railings and Toeboard22-342 Height of Signs32-656 Height of Signs Above Roof32-655 Height of Signs in All Other Commercial Districts91-133 Height of Signs in C6-9 Districts32-654 Height of Signs in C8 DistrictsH110.3 Height of Solid Signs121-32 Height of Street Walls and Maximum Building Height Area Within Subdistrict A-1121-42 Height of Street Walls and Maximum Building Height Within Subdistrict A-235.6 Height of Tables or Counters2209. Height of Vent and Separation1127A.12.4 Height of Work Surfaces(3) Height of Working Space133-232 Height Regulations73-66 Height Regulations Around Airports102-10 Height Regulations for Buildings, Signs or Structures2109. Height Restrictions3314.9.1 Height-to-Base Ratio8-806.3 Height to Thickness Ratio14X-12-1202.6.5 Heightened Security43.8.2 Heights406.6.1 Heights and Areas706.2 Heights and Areas, Hazards1705.9 Helical Pile Foundations1705A.9.1 Helical Pile Tests1810.3.1.5 Helical Piles1810. Helical Piles Seismic Requirements1926.1400(c)(16)2010.3 Helicopter FuelingSection 2009 Helicopter Landing OperationsSection 2010 Helicopter Lift Operations1926.551(a) Helicopter Regulations1910.183 Helicopters1607.6 Helipads3.3.161* HeliportArticle 7 Heliports[F] 412.7 Heliports and Helistops1021.1.3 Helistops[F] 905.3.6 Helistops and Heliports1618.3 Helistops/Heliports1910.155(c)(25) HelmetSection 92.0121 Helpers or Apprentices2.8- Hemodialysis Facilities2.1- Hemodialysis/Hemoperfusion Water Distribution2.10-3.2.2 Hemodialysis Patient Care Stations2.10-3.2 Hemodialysis Treatment Area2.10- Hemodialysis Water Distribution2.2- Hemodialysis Water Treatment Equipment Area1910.1030(f)(2) Hepatitis B Vaccination1910.1030(f) Hepatitis B Vaccination and Post-Exposure Evaluation and Follow-Up-Appendix A Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination (Mandatory)1703.6 Heretofore Approved Materials(A) Hermetic Refrigerant Motor-Compressor(A) Hermetic Refrigerant Motor-Compressor Nameplate(J) Hermetically SealedA4. HERS-Verified Compact Hot Water Distribution System (CHWDS-H)A4. HERS-Verified Drain Water Heat Recovery (DWHR-H)(C) Hexagonal Configuration303.7 Hi-Boys1926.804(e) "High Air" High Air Movement AreasB 101.2 High Altitude510.1.4 High-Altitude InstallationG2428.2.5 (504.2.5) High-Altitude Installations53.2.1.1 High- And Intermediate-Pressure Zones410.3 High and Low Drinking Fountains17.6.3.5 High Ceilings3.3.94 High-Challenge Fire Hazard3.3.14.7 High Challenge Fire Wall Article 353 High Density Polyethylene Conduit: Type HDPE Conduit803.12 High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)(9) [BF] 803.9 High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene803.9 High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP)1226.5.12.8 High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Room1905.11.2 High-Early-Strength936.2 High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter UnitsC403.12 High Efficiency Single-Zone Variable Air Volume (VAV) SystemsC403.6.10 High Efficiency Variable Air Volume (VAV) SystemsR407.3 High Efficiency Water Heating or Solar Thermal Hot Water Heater1910.211(e)(7) High-Energy-Rate Forging Machines16.1.5 High-Expansion Foam16.1.5.1 High-Expansion Foam Ceiling Sprinkler Density20.9.2 High-Expansion Foam: Reduction in Ceiling Density14.6 High-Expansion Foam — Reduction to Ceiling Density34. High-Expansion Foam Submergence20.9* High-Expansion Foam Systems5604.3.1 High Explosives5603.8.2 High Explosives Cartridges406.6.3 High Ground Water3.3.154.1 High Hazard3203.6 High-Hazard Commodities3008.7 High-Hazard Content Areas6.2.2.4* High Hazard Contents38.3.2.2* High Hazard Contents AreasSection 307 High-Hazard Group H[F] 307.3 High-Hazard Group H-1[F] 307.4 High-Hazard Group H-2[F] 307.5 High-Hazard Group H-3[F] 307.6 High-Hazard Group H-4[F] 307.7 High-Hazard Group H-5[F] 307.7 High-Hazard Group H-5 Structures3.* High Hazard Industrial Occupancy3. High Hazard Level 1 Contents66.3.3.23 High-Hazard Level 2 Contents66.3.3.24 High-Hazard Level 3 Contents3. High Hazard Level 4 Contents3. High Hazard Level 5 Contents3.3.10 High Hazard MaterialsArticle 2 High Hazard Occupancies507.6 High-Hazard Occupancy Groups[BG] 304.2.3 High Impact(4) High Impedance(3) High-Impedance Grounded Neutral AC System250.36 High-Impedance Grounded Neutral SystemsC404.2.2 High Input-Rated Service Water Heating System for Group R-1 and R-2 OccupanciesC404.2.1 High Input-Rated Service Water-Heating SystemsC404.2.1 High Input-Rated Service Water Heating Systems for Other Than Group R-1 and R-2 OccupanciesC404.2.1 High Input Service Water-Heating Systems(F) High-Intensity Discharge Luminaires(1) High-Leg Identification110.15 High-Leg Marking11.7.10 High Level Alarm114.1.1.1 High Life Hazard Facilities2104A. High-Lift Grouted Construction609. High-Limit Controls609.4.4 High-Limit Controls for Deep Fat Fryers6. High-Limit Shutoff98-62 High Line Access Easement Regulations98-61 High Line Access or Support Easement Volumes Requirement98-25 High Line Improvement Bonus98-142 High Line Level Wall Requirements Within Subarea J98-30 High Line Transfer CorridorAppendix B High Line Transfer Corridor Location5005.1.4.1 High-Liquid-Level Control1705.5.1 High-Load Diaphragms407.4.1 High-Occupancy Vehicle Parking1224.4.13.6 High Patient CapacityC406.7 High-Performance Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)C402. High-Performance FenestrationC406.9 High-Performance Service Water Heating in Multifamily BuildingsA4. High Performance Vertical FenestrationA4. High Performance WallsA4. High Performance Walls (HPW)[F] 910.2.2 High-Piled Combustible Storage[F] 907.2.15 High-Piled Combustible Storage Areas905.3.9 High-Piled Stock or Rack Storage[F] 903.2.7.1 High-Piled Storage3206.3 High-Piled Storage Areas3201.3 High-Piled Storage Operational Plan24.6.6 High Power Loudspeaker Array Enclosures3.3.131 High Power Loudspeaker Array (HPLA)24.6.7 High Power Loudspeaker Array Mounting24.6.8 High Power Loudspeaker Array Noise Consideration24.6.9* High Power Loudspeaker Array Structural Loads, Wind, and Seismic Design65.8 High Power Rocketry24.6.6 High Power Speaker Array Enclosures3.3.123 High Power Speaker Array (HPSA)24.6.7 High Power Speaker Array Mounting24.6.8 High Power Speaker Array Noise Consideration24.6.9* High Power Speaker Array Structural Loads, Wind, and Seismic Design1007.1.1 High-Pressure Boiler§27-795 High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer License§28-413.1 High-Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer License Required§28-303.3.1 High-Pressure Boilers904.6.2.1 High-Pressure Containers904.8.2 High-Pressure CylindersSection 1408 High-Pressure Decorative Exterior-Grade Compact Laminates (HPL)Section 1408 High-Pressure Decorativeexterior-Grade Compact Laminates (HPL)C403.12.2.3 High-Pressure Duct SystemsC403.11.2.3 High-Pressure Duct Systems (Mandatory)1705.24 High-Pressure-Gas Piping43.1.8.3 High-Pressure Hose Lines1001.4 High-Pressure Piping for Boilers422.49 High-Pressure Spray WashersSection 1211 High-Pressure Steam and High Temperature Hot Water Piping Systems1704.17 High Pressure Steam Piping1705.23 High-Pressure-Steam Piping and High Temperature Hot Water PipingSection 1210 High-Pressure Steam Piping Systems1103.2.1 High-Probability System1103.3.2 High-Probability Systems17.7.6.2* High-Rack Storage1910.1096(e)(3) High Radiation AreaSection 3131B High-Rate Sand Filters1.11.4.3 High-Rise909.21 High-Rise and Covered Mall Smoke-Exhaust Systems907.2.2.1 High-Rise and Large Area Buildings3.3.37.7* High-Rise Building31.3.5.12 High-Rise Building SprinklersSection 403 High-Rise BuildingsSection 403 High-Rise Buildings and Group I-2 Occupancies Having Occupied Floors Located More Than 75 Feet Above the Lowest Level of Fire Department Vehicle Access1203.2.10 High-Rise Buildings and Group I-2 Occupancies Having Occupied Floors More Than 75 Feet Above the Lowest Level of Fire Department Vehicle Access907.6.4.3 High-Rise Buildings Zoning Annunciator Panel2.1.a.1.F High Rise Central Control Station117.2.1.5 High-Rise Life/Safety ServiceSection 511 High-Rise Megastructure Fire Operations105.9.4 High-Rise Permit Fee105.9 High-Rise Permit, General3.3.199.12* High-Risk Occupancy453. High Schools803.3.4.3 High Silicon Cast Iron1507.3.3.2 High-Slope Roofs1926.12(b)(33) High-Speed Ground Transportation Study (40 U.S.C. 1636(B))1810.4.1.4 High Strain, Dynamic Compressive Test Methods1704.3.3 High-Strength BoltsA5.405. High Strength Concrete1811.7.1.2 High Strength Pipe2215.2 High-Strength Steel Bolts2405.4.5 High Temperature Alarm(5) High-Temperature Applications810.1 High-Temperature Discharge506.7.6 High Temperature Duct Systems§27-803 High Temperature Equipment19. High-Temperature Sprinklers9.4.2 High Temperature Wastes1010.5.3 High TurnstileSection 2318 High-Velocity Hurricane Zone— Vertical FramingSection 2328 High-Velocity Hurricane Zone— Wood FencesSection 2314 High-Velocity Hurricane ZonesSection 2120 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Allowable Unit Stresses in Unit MasonrySection 2003 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—AluminumSection 2321 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—AnchorageSection 2520 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—AsbestosSection 1818 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Bearing Capacity of SoilSection 1826 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Cast-in-PlaceSection 2224 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Chain Link FencesSection 2222 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Cold-Formed Steel ConstructionSection R4405 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones — ConcreteSection 1923 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Concrete QualitySection 1820 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Concrete Slabs on FillSection 2218 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—ConnectionsSection 2324 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—ConnectorsSection 2121 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Construction DetailsSection 2414 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Curtain WallsSection 1513 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—DefinitionsSection 2118 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—DesignSection 2216 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Design LoadsSection 1926 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Details of ReinforcementSection 1817 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— ExcavationsSection R4401 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones — Exterior Wall CoveringSection 1516 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Fire ClassificationSection 2329 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Fire-Retardant-Treated Shakes and Shingles ReservedSection 2329 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Fire-Retardant-Treated Shakes AndshinglesSection 2327 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Fire-Retardant WoodSection 2320 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—FirestopsSection 1925 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Formwork, Embedded Pipes and Construction JointsSection 1925 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Formwork, Embedded Pipes and Construction Joints ReservedSection 1925 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Formwork, Embedded Pipes Andconstruction JointsSection 1624 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Foundation DesignSection 1830 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Foundation Walls and Grade BeamsSection R4404 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones — Foundations and Retaining WallsSection 2323 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—FurringSection 1512 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—GeneralSection 1616 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— General, Deflection, Volume Changes AndSection 1616 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— General, Deflection, Volume Changes and Minimum LoadsSection 1616 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— General, Deflection, Volume Changes and MinimumloadsSection 2221 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—General—Open Web Steel JoistsSection 2214 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—General—Steel ConstructionSection R4410 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones — Glass and GlazingSection 2412 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Glass VeneerSection 1831 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Grades Under BuildingsSection R4411 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones — Gypsum Board and PlasterSection 2518 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Gypsum Board Products and Accessory ItemsSection 2319 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Horizontal FramingSection 1626 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Impact Tests for Wind-Borne DebrisSection 2515 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—LathingSection 4406 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones — Light Metal AlloysSection 1619 High Velocity Hurricane Zones— Live Load ReductionsSection 1623 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Live Loads Posted and Occupancy PermitsSection 1625 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Load TestsSection 1829 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Load Tests on PilesSection 4407 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones — MasonrySection 2215 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—MaterialSection 1517 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—MaterialsSection 2217 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Minimum Thickness of MaterialSection 1924 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Mixing and Placing ConcreteSection 1821 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Monolithic FootingsSection 1621 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Overturning Moment and UpliftSection 1515 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Performance RequirementsSection 1822 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Pile FoundationsSection 2516 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—PlasterSection 2615 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—PlasticsSection 1929 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Pneumatically Placed Concrete(shotcrete)Section 1824 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Precast Concrete PilesSection 1927 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Precast Concrete UnitsSection 2223 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Preengineered, Prefabricated Metal Building Systems and Components (Preengineered Structures)Section 1928 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Prestressed ConcreteSection 1825 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Prestressed Precast Concrete PilesSection 2220 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Protection of MetalSection 2326 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Protection of WoodSection 2315 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—QualitySection 2119 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Quality, Tests and ApprovalsSection 2122 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Reinforced Unit MasonrySection 1524 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Required Owner's Notification for Roofing ConsiderationsSection 1524 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Required Owners Notification for Roofing ConsiderationsSection 1521 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—ReroofingSection 1832 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Retaining WallsSection 1827 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Rolled Structural ShapesSection R4402 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones — Roof Assemblies and Rooftop StructuresSection 1518 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Roof Coverings With Slopes 2:12 or GreaterSection 1519 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Roof Coverings With Slopes Less Than 2:12Section 1617 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Roof DrainageSection 1520 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Roof InsulationSection 1522 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Rooftop Structures and ComponentsSection 1622 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Screen EnclosuresSection 1833 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Seawalls and BulkheadsSection 2322 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—SheathingSection 2316 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—SizesSection 1819 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Soil Bearing FoundationsSection 1834 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Soil ImprovementSection 1618 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Special Load ConsiderationsSection 1828 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Special Piles or Special ConditionsSection 1920 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—StandardsSection 4408 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones — SteelSection 2413 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Storm Shutters/External Protective DevicesSection 2415 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Structural Glazing SystemsSection 2517 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—StuccoSection 2519 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Suspended and Furred CeilingsSection 1523 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—TestingSection 2521 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—TileSection 2219 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Tubular ColumnsSection 1525 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Uniform Permit ApplicationSection 2317 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Unit StressesSection 2318 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Vertical FramingSection 1514 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Weather ProtectionSection 1620 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Wind LoadsSection 2411 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Windows, Doors, Glass and GlazingSection 4409 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones — WoodSection 2330 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Wood BlockingSection 2328 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Wood FencesSection 1823 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones— Wood PilesSection 2325 High-Velocity Hurricane Zones—Wood Supporting Masonry1910.241(a)(2) High-Velocity Tool[B] 301.16.1 High-Velocity Wave Action(A) High-Voltage Equipment(7) High-Voltage Fuses(C) High-Voltage Instruments or Control Transformers and Space Heaters(3) High-Voltage Leads(A) High-Voltage Parts490.56 High-Voltage Portable Cable for Main Power SupplySection 929 High-Volume Large-Diameter Fans3.3.93 High Volume Low Speed Fan3.3.132 High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fan19.2.7* High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans8. High Water Level Device8.2.5.4 High Water Level Protection1507.17.4.1 High-Wind AttachmentSection AA101 High Wind Prescriptive Design505.3.1 Higher Concentrations1926.12(b)(16) Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963 (20 U.S.C. 753)Section 428 Higher Education Laboratories1103.3 Higher Flammability Refrigerants1910.1043(n)(4) Higher Grade Washed CottonA.2.5 Higher Pressure Natural Gas Tables1504.9.1 Higher Requirements440.7 Highest Rated (Largest) Motor430.17 Highest Rated or Smallest Rated Motor314.3 Highly Combustible Goods[NY] 4003.2.5 Highly Combustible MaterialsSection 6004 Highly Toxic and Toxic Compressed Gases[F] 502.9.7 Highly Toxic and Toxic Compressed Gases—Any Quantity[F] 502.9.8 Highly Toxic and Toxic Compressed Gases—Quantities Exceeding the Maximum Allowable Quantity Per Control Area424.7.10 Highly Toxic and Toxic Gases[F] 502.9.6 Highly Toxic and Toxic Liquids6001.4 Highly Toxic and Toxic Material Mixtures[F] 908.3 Highly Toxic and Toxic MaterialsSection 6003 Highly Toxic and Toxic Solids and Liquids3.3.146.5 Highly Toxic Gas427.7.7 Highly Toxic MaterialE102.2.1 Highly Toxic Materials5006.6.10.1 Highly Toxic Toxic, and Corrosive Gases3.3.178.3 Highly Volatile Liquid1910.109(a)(4) Highway1103.2.10 Highway Toll Booths1103.2.10 Highway Tollbooths1126A.3.2.2 Hinge Side Approach2.11.10.3 Hinged Hoistway Landing Sills2.15.16 Hinged Platform Sills5. Hinged-Type Rooftop Doors5. Hinged-Type Swing Sidewalk Doors2.11.13.4 HingesR905.3.7.1 Hip and Ridge Tiles11. Hip and Valley LayoutsR804.3.3 Hip FramingR804.3.3.4 Hip Framing ConnectionsR804.3.3.2 Hip Members11. Hip Roof Layouts512.3.1 Hip RoofsR804.3.3.3 Hip Support ColumnsR802.4.3 Hips and Valleys3.3.37.8* Historic BuildingSection 1105 Historic Building SitesSection 3409 Historic Buildings20.17 Historic Buildings and Cultural ResourcesSection 306 Historic Buildings [B][B] 408.2 [Historic Buildings] Flood Hazard AreasSection 507 Historic Buildings (Not Adopted by HCD)Section 507 Historic Buildings See Chapter 12Section 1207 Historic Cuban Tile1203.1 Historic Preservation Goal1203.2 Historic Preservation ObjectivesG105.3 Historic Structures4.5.2 Historic Structures and Cultural Resource Buildings1103.13 Historic Wall and Floor-Ceiling Assemblies in Mixed-Use Occupancies1910.1026(m)(2) Historical Monitoring Data8-703.3 Historical Records1910.1030(e) HIV and HBV Research Laboratories and Production Facilities1910.1030(e)(3) HIV and HBV Research Laboratories Shall Meet the Following Criteria:Section H102 HMISSection H101 HMMPH3.3 HMMP Short Form—(minimal Storage Site)3.3.162 Hogged Material1910.265(c)(21)(ii) Hogs1910.179(a)(42) Hoist1926.501(b)(3) "Hoist Areas"1910.179(a)(43) Hoist Chain1926.1435(e)(5)(iv) Hoist Drum Lower Limiting Device1910.66(g)(6) Hoist Inspection1910.179(n)(4) Hoist Limit Switch1926.1435(e)(5)(vi) Hoist Line Pull Limiting Device3303.12.5 Hoist Travel1926.753 Hoisting and Rigging3308.6.1.5 Hoisting Area1926.800(g)(1) Hoisting CapabilitySection 3316 Hoisting EquipmentSection 3316 Hoisting Equipment and Material Handling Equipment1926.754(e)(1) Hoisting, Landing and Placing of Metal Decking BundlesArticle 405 Hoisting Machine Operator License§28-405.1 Hoisting Machine Operator License Required*3319.2.1 Hoisting Machine Operators1910.66(f)(4) Hoisting Machines1926.1431 Hoisting Personnel1926.1431(r) Hoisting Personnel for Marine Transfer1926.1431(p) Hoisting Personnel for Pile Driving Operations1926.1431(o) Hoisting Personnel in Drill Shafts1926.1431(n) Hoisting Personnel Near Power Lines8.2.2.7 Hoisting Rope Hitch Plates and Shapes1926.800(t) Hoisting Unique to Underground Construction1926.1436(e)(2) Hoists(D) Hoists and Monorail Hoists7.1.11.5 Hoistway Access Doors2.26.2.32 Hoistway Access Opening Locking Device2.12.7.3 Hoistway Access Operation2.12.7 Hoistway Access Switches5.9.8.1 Hoistway and Car WiringFigure 11A-7C Hoistway and Elevator Entrances316.1 Hoistway and Shaftway Protection4.3.8 Hoistway Door and Hoistway Gate Locking Devices7. Hoistway Door Close Contacts2.12.3 Hoistway Door Combination Mechanical Locks and Closed Detection Means2.12.3 Hoistway Door Combination Mechanical Locks and Electric Contacts(A) Hoistway Door Interlock Wiring2.26.2.14 Hoistway Door Interlocks and Hoistway Door Closed Detection Means5. Hoistway Door Interlocks and Hoistway Door Electric Contacts8.7.3.11 Hoistway Door Locking Devices8.7.2.11 Hoistway Door Locking Devices, Access Switches, and Parking Devices7.1.12 Hoistway Door Locking Devices, Access Switches, and Unlocking DevicesSection 2.12 Hoistway Door Locking Devices and Closed Detection Means, and Hoistway Access Switches5.2.1.12 Hoistway Door Locking Devices and Electric Contacts, and Hoistway Access SwitchesSection 2.12 Hoistway Door Locking Devices and Electric Contacts, and Hoistway Accesss Switches2.11.9 Hoistway Door Locking Devices and Power OperationSection 3.12 Hoistway Door Locking Devices, Closed Detection Means, and Hoistway Access SwitchesSection 3.12 Hoistway Door Locking Devices, Electric Contacts, and Hoistway Access Switches7.1.12.2 Hoistway Door Locking Devices for Hand Dumbwaiters7.1.12.1 Hoistway Door Locking Devices for Power Dumbwaiters2.11.11.8 Hoistway Door Safety Retainers2.11.11.10 Hoistway Door to Sill Clearance2.12.6 Hoistway Door Unlocking Devices5.1.8.1 Hoistway Door Vision Panels3002.4.2a Hoistway Doors5.7.8 Hoistway Doors and Gates3002.1 Hoistway Enclosure Protection5. Hoistway Enclosure Provided8. Hoistway Enclosure WallsSection 3002 Hoistway Enclosures8. Hoistway Enclosures and Machinery Space3007.2 Hoistway Enclosures Protection4.3.6 Hoistway Entrances8.7.3.10 Hoistway Entrances and Openings4.3.7 Hoistway Gates for Landing Openings2.11.1.1 Hoistway Landing Entrances3007.5.2 Hoistway Lighting3006.3 Hoistway Opening Protection3006.2 Hoistway Opening Protection Required[BE] 1020.1.1 Hoistway Openings407.2.3 Hoistway SignsSection 3004 Hoistway Venting(B) Hoistways5.7.1.1 Hoistways and Hoistway Enclosures(1) Hoistways and Pits7.9.1 Hoistways, Hoistway Enclosures, and Related ConstructionR603.9.4.2 Hold-Down Anchor[BS] A403.9.3 Hold-Down ConnectorsR603.7.2 Hold-Down Requirements907.20.7 Hold-Open Devices703.2.2 Hold-Open Devices and Automatic Door Closers705.2.3 Hold-Open Devices and Closers1910.265(d)(4)(v) Holddown Rolls1226. Holding2.8-3.2.1 Holding Area(b) 5611.13.2 Holding Areas(13) 5611.13 Holding Areas, Quantity, Use, Operation, Design, and Control of Flame Effects1910.179(a)(20) Holding Brake1910.179(f)(2) Holding Brakes1227.22.1.1 Holding Cell231.3 Holding Cells15.7 Holding Cells and General Housing Cells or Rooms807 Holding Cells and Housing CellsSection 805 Holding Tanks1910.180(h)(4) Holding the Load1910.211(d)(14) Holdout or Restraint DeviceR603.2.6.3 Hole Patching1910.28(b)(3) Holes505. Holiday Scheduling21-4 Hollow and Solid Load-Bearing Concrete Masonry UnitsSection 8-810 Hollow Clay Tile722. Hollow Clay Units722. Hollow-Core Precast Wall Panels722. Hollow-Core Prestressed SlabsR606.3.2.2 Hollow MasonryC402.5 Hollow Masonry Walls(B) Hollow Space Installations1810.4.8 Hollow-Stem Augered, Cast-in-Place Elements1810.4.8 Hollow-Stem Augered, and Drilled Displacement Cast-in-Place Elements1810.4.8 Hollow-Stem Augered, Cast-in-Place Elements[BF] 1705.15.4.9 Hollow Structural Section and Pipe Columns2104.1.2.2 Hollow Units3.3.148 Home143-12 Home Occupation15-25 Home Occupations1224.36.2.8 Home Training2.10-3.3 Home Training Room(i) Homes(4) 121.4 Homes, Including Nursing Homes, Residential Care Facilities, Homes for the Aging, and Veterans' Homes2.2-3.10.3 Hometraining Room101.8.3 Honorary Badges517.4.1 Hood1910.94(b)(3) Hood and Branch Pipe Requirements931.5.5 Hood and Duct Clearances1926.57(g)(5) Hood and Enclosure Design507.7 Hood Joints, Seams and Penetrations516.6.3 Hood Plenum and Blower Section Cleaning Schedule508.5 Hood Size507.4 Hood Size and Location*904.2.1 Hood System Suppression2405.9.2 Hoods505.11 Hoods and Enclosures517.3 Hoods for Solid-Fuel Cooking507.10 Hoods Penetrating a Ceiling510.5.3 Hoods Required50.4.4.8 Hoods With Water Wash1910.183(i) Hooking and Unhooking Loads1907.1 Hooks1926.1431(g)(1) Hooks and Other Detachable Devices25.7.4 Hoops1910.261(g)(7) Hoops for Acid Storage Tanks1910.263(g)(1) Hoppers2114.2.1 Horizontal[BS] 1103.3.2 Horizontal Addition714.5 Horizontal Assemblies3.3.96 Horizontal Barrier25.8.3.2 Horizontal Barriers16.1.9* Horizontal Barriers and In-Rack Sprinklers25.8.1.4 Horizontal Barriers for Alternative In-Rack Sprinkler Protection Option 125.7 Horizontal Barriers in Combination With In-Rack Sprinklers1910.219(e)(1) Horizontal Belts and Ropes[BS] C104.2 Horizontal Braces7.5 Horizontal BracingP Horizontal Branch711.1 Horizontal Branch Connections Above or Below Vertical Stack Offsets711.2 Horizontal Branch Connections to Horizontal Stack OffsetsP-904.4.2 Horizontal Branch Size918.3.1 Horizontal Branches510.2 Horizontal Building Separation Allowance408.1.2.4 Horizontal Building Separation for Combined Group I-3/Group B OccupancySection 2.5 Horizontal Car and Counterweight Clearances4.2.3 Horizontal Car Clearance5.3.1.4 Horizontal Car Clearances3.3.26.2 Horizontal Ceiling3.3.98 Horizontal ChannelTable L Horizontal Circuit and Loop Vent Sizing Table920.4.3 Horizontal Clearance5.4.2.5 Horizontal Clearance Between Car and Landing Sills5.4.2.5 Horizontal Clearance Between the Car and Landing Sills(C) Horizontal Clearances706.5 Horizontal Continuity1604A.3.8 Horizontal Diaphragms221.2.3.1 Horizontal Dispersion1617.5.3 Horizontal Distribution2.4.3.8 Horizontal Distribution of Shear1910.94(b)(1)(xi) Horizontal Double-Spindle Disc Grinder1910.263(e)(1) Horizontal Dough Mixers905.2 Horizontal Drainage PipeP3005.3 Horizontal Drainage Piping SlopeP-507.3 Horizontal DrainsP3005.2.1 Horizontal Drains and Building Drains708.3.1 Horizontal Drains Within Buildings708.3.1 Horizontal Drains Within Buildings and Building Sewers510.3.3 Horizontal Ducts707.3.5 Horizontal Exit22.4.4.3* Horizontal Exit Duct Penetrations (Nonsprinklered Buildings)Section 1026 Horizontal Exits706.5 Horizontal Fire Barriers712.1.13.1 Horizontal Fire Door Assemblies3. Horizontal Fire Door Assembly604.5.1.1 Horizontal Fixed Side Wall Grab BarsTable H Horizontal Fixture Branches and Stacks3308.7.4 Horizontal GapF 108.17 Horizontal Geothermal Piping — Materials and Methods604.5.1.1 Horizontal Grab Bar608.3.1.1 Horizontal Grab Bars2508.5 Horizontal Gypsum Board Diaphragm Ceilings2508.6 Horizontal Gypsum Board or Gypsum Panel Product Diaphragm Ceilings2109.5 Horizontal Joints1405.15.2 Horizontal Lap SidingR606.6.4.1 Horizontal Lateral Support25.5 Horizontal Location and Spacing of In-Rack Sprinklers25.6.4 Horizontal Location and Spacing of In-Rack Sprinklers in Racks With Solid Shelves25.5.1 Horizontal Location of In-Rack Sprinklers409.2.6 Horizontal Markers3308.1.5 Horizontal Netting and Tarpaulins3308.1.4 Horizontal Netting During Demolition3308.1.2 Horizontal Netting During Exterior Wall Construction3308.1.3 Horizontal Netting During New Construction and Structural Additions1305.9.3 Horizontal OffsetsP3006.2 Horizontal Offsets Above the Lowest BranchP3006.3 Horizontal Offsets Below the Lowest Branch1305.9.3.4 Horizontal Offsets on Roofs5. Horizontal Openings in Rooftops5. Horizontal Openings in Sidewalks and Other Areas Exterior to the Building[F] 2001.3.7 Horizontal or Vertical Conveyance8.3 Horizontal PipingC Horizontal Piping Support (Repealed)706.5.2 Horizontal Projecting ElementsSection 12-7A-3 Horizontal Projection Underside SFM Standard 12-7A-31003.3.3 Horizontal Projections1003.3.3.1 Horizontal Projections for Group I-2 and I-2.1 Occupancies2113.3.2 Horizontal Reinforcement2111.4.2 Horizontal Reinforcing5.1.20.6 Horizontal Retardations at Emergency Electrical Stopping3.3.99 Horizontal Roll Paper Storage603.3.2 Horizontal Round Ducts1305.3.5 Horizontal Runouts(A) Horizontal Runs Through Holes and Notches3308.2 Horizontal Safety Netting Requirements3308.6 Horizontal Safety Netting Systems3308.6.2 Horizontal Safety Netting Systems Requirements18.5.9* Horizontal Seismic Loads420.3 Horizontal Separation320.2.2 Horizontal Separation Between BoothsR309.2.2 Horizontal SeparationsR608. Horizontal Shear Reinforcement16.4 Horizontal Shear Transfer in Composite Concrete Flexural MembersR703.3.2 Horizontal Siding1926.57(g)(1)(xii) Horizontal Single-Spindle Disc Grinder7.1.11.11 Horizontal Slide-Type Entrances[F] 2702.2.10 Horizontal Sliding Doors25.5.2 Horizontal Spacing of In-Rack SprinklersC 304.4 Horizontal Stack Offset and Horizontal Branch Connections710.1.1 Horizontal Stack Offsets(A) Horizontal SupportAS105.6.4 Horizontal Surfaces1607.19.1 Horizontal Sway Loads6.9.1 Horizontal Termination of Fire Walls804.3.4 Horizontal Terminations3314.10.11 Horizontal Tieback Location1912.2.3 Horizontal Ties706.3 Horizontal to HorizontalC Horizontal to Horizontal Change of Direction706.2 Horizontal to VerticalB Horizontal to Vertical Change of DirectionP3005.1.1 Horizontal to Vertical (Multiple Connection Fittings) Horizontal Torsional Moments7.2 Horizontal Tubing6.1 Horizontal Tubing Runs12.6.2.1 Horizontal Vent Below Fixture Flood Level RimP3108.2.1 Horizontal Wet VentP3108.1 Horizontal Wet Vent Permitted908.2 Horizontal Wet Venting for a Bathroom GroupA406.3.1 Horizontal Wood DiaphragmsR703.5.3 Horizontal Wood Siding11B-707.7.1.3 Horizontally Mounted Display Screen12. Horizontally Sliding, Vertically Sliding, and Rolling Doors1926.1415(a)(7) HornSection 440 Horse Racing Stables [SFM]1926.452(f) "Horse Scaffolds"(2) Horsepower Rated Disconnect(1) Horsepower Rating(1) Horsepower RatingsP104.12.3.6 Hose27.3 Hose Allowance[F] 905.3.4.1 Hose and Cabinet3306.2.1.6 Hose and Connectors1910.253(e)(5) Hose and Hose ConnectionsP2903.10 Hose BibbP2903.8.5 Hose Bibb BleedSection 3118B Hose Bibbs1501.15 Hose Bibbs for Single-Family Dwellings [HCD 1]P2722.3 Hose-Connected Outlets20.11.1.1 Hose Connection603.3.3 Hose Connection Backflow Preventer4.4 Hose Connections16.15.2 Hose Connections for Fire Department Use1910.159(c)(5) Hose Connections for Fire Fighting Use69.3.13.2 Hose for Portable Appliances3.3.100 Hose House69.4.2.4 Hose Inspection[F] 2001.3.4 Hose Length Limitations1910.158(c)(2) Hose Outlets and Connections5706.6.1.11 Hose Protection5809.5.3 Hose Reel1910.111(b)(8) Hose Specifications13.6.4.5 Hose Station Maintenance§27-942 Hose Stations30.5.3* Hose Stream Allowance20.12 Hose Stream Allowance and Water Supply Duration903. Hose Stream Requirements26. Hose Streams[F] 903.3.6 Hose Threads2307.6.2 Hoses1910.106(f)(4)(vii) Hoses and Couplings2310.3.3 Hoses and Nozzles40.5.4 Hoses, Nozzles, Standpipes, and Hydrants313.5 Hospice FacilitiesSection 467 Hospice Inpatient Facilities and Units and Hospice ResidencesSection 467 Hospice Inpatient Facilities and Units and Hospice Residential Facilities3.2- Hospice Unit Size3.3.150 HospitalArticle 4 Hospital and Institutional Plumbing7-2105 "Hospital Building" Designation of a Freestanding Hospital-Owned ClinicSection 3419A Hospital Buildings Removed From General Acute Care Services9.2.5* Hospital Clothes Closets208.2.1 Hospital Outpatient Facilities7-2103 Hospital Outpatient Services Clinic Project Submittal to Local Building Jurisdiction1926.12(b)(4) Hospital Survey and Construction Act, as Amended by the Hospital and Medical Facilities Amendments of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 291E)217.4.6 HospitalsSection 413 Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Other Patient and Residential Care Facilities223.2 Hospitals, Rehabilitation Facilities, Psychiatric Facilities and Detoxification Facilities1926.950(c)(1) Host Employer Responsibilities305.5.1.1 Hostile FireSection 2011 Hot Air Balloon Operations6101.5.7 Hot Air Balloon Tethering Operation601.4.1 Hot- And Cold-Running WaterE.11.5 Hot and Cold Water Distribution601.2.1 Hot and Cold Water Required702.7 Hot and Tempered Water Distribution305.2 Hot Ashes and Spontaneous Ignition Sources2103.11.7.1 Hot-Dipped Galvanized6.5.9 Hot-Gas Bypass Limitation1224.34.5.1 Hot Lab2.1- Hot Lab for Nuclear Imaging Services1224.34.2.14 Hot Lab for Scintigraphy (Gamma Camera), PET and SPECT Facilities1910.179(a)(7) Hot Metal HandlingP2709.2.3 Hot-Mopping14X-9-905.2 Hot or Tempered Water607.2 Hot or Tempered Water Supply to Fixtures1910.263(c)(8) Hot Pipes920.0 Hot Plates and Laundry Stoves40.4.7* Hot Surfaces2203.4.4 Hot Surfaces and Hot Equipment41.3.7* Hot Tapping1910.218(g)(1) Hot Trimming Presses1009.1.3 Hot Tubs and SpasP2722.2 Hot Water603.4.5 Hot Water Backflow PreventersSection 1009 Hot Water Boiler Expansion TankM2002.2 Hot Water Boiler GaugesN1103.2 (R403.2) Hot Water Boiler Outdoor Temperature ResetN1103.2 (R403.2) Hot Water Boiler Outdoor Temperature SetbackC403.4.1.5 Hot Water Boiler Outdoor Temperature Setback ControlC403.4.1.5 Hot Water Boiler Outdoor Temperature Setback Control (Mandatory)R403.2 Hot Water Boiler Temperature Reset6. Hot-Water Distribution System DesignN1103.5.2 (R403.5.2) Hot Water Pipe InsulationN1103.5.3 (R403.5.3) Hot Water Pipe Insulation (Prescriptive)G3.1.3.5 Hot-Water PumpsA4.303.5 Hot Water Recirculation Systems10.15.2.2 Hot Water Sources1402.8.5.1 Hot Water Storage Tank InsulationSection 890.1220 Hot Water Supply and DistributionSection 607 Hot Water Supply System607.2 Hot Water Supply Temperature MaintenanceG3.1.3.4 Hot-Water Supply Temperature Reset (Systems 1, 5, 7, 11, and 12)G3.1.3.4 Hot-Water Supply Temperature Reset (Systems 1, 5, and 7)G3.1.3.3 Hot-Water Supply Temperature (Systems 1, 5, 7, 11, and 12)G3.1.3.3 Hot-Water Supply Temperature (Systems 1, 5, 7, and 12)G3.1.3.3 Hot-Water Supply Temperature (Systems 1, 5, and 7)P2905.3 Hot Water Supply to Fixtures[E] 607.2.1 Hot Water System ControlsL 503.3.4 Hot Water System DesignL 502.7.3 Hot Water System SubmetersP-814.1 Hot Water Systems14X-9-905.5.1 Hot Water to Be Provided[P] 1203.3.10 Hot Water Vessels[BS] 1404.10.1.7 Hot Weather ConstructionE303.2.5 Hot Weather Placing and Finishing1905.13 Hot Weather Requirements40.8 Hot Work§2604-01 Hot Work in Repair Garages10.1 Hot-Work JointsSection 3510 Hot Work on Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage Tanks3303.8 Hot Work Operations41.2.3 Hot Work Operator41.3.5* Hot Work Permit3503.2 Hot Work Program3503.3 Hot Work Program Authorization3503.3 Hot Work Program Permit3503.2.1 Hot Work Program Responsible Person3404.2 Hot Work Prohibited2403.2.7 Hot Work Warning Signs2203.4.3 Hot Works3.3.151* Hotel(M) Hotel and Motel Occupancies(3) 118.3 Hotel and SRO Facilities(R) Section 118 Hotel and SRO Facility License*§28-103.25 Hotel Development Plans28.7.1 Hotel Emergency Organization408.2.4 Hotel Guest Exemption806.4 Hotel, Motel and Condominium Special Accessibility Features[P] 502.3 Hotels§67 Hotels and Certain Other Class A and Class B Dwellings20.8 Hotels and Dormitories404.6.2 Hotels, Motels and Lodging HousesSection 405 Hotels, Motels and Other Transient Residential Occupancies7.4.6 Hotels, Motels, Dormitories, and Boarding HousesA4.203.1.1 Hourly Source Energy Design Rating (EDR1)37-727 Hours of Access5607.9.9 Hours of Operation1910.109(f)(5) Hours of Transfer5604.13.7.2 Hours of TransportationP-904.4.3 House Drain SizeP-902.3 House Drains(B) House LoadsP-1005.4 House Storm DrainsP-1401.2 House TrapP-501.7 House TrapsSection P-502 House Traps and Fresh Air Inlets29.14.3 Household Alarm Control Unit29.14.1.3 Household Alarm Control Units3.3.35.2 Household Carbon Monoxide Detection System14.4.8 Household Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems14.4.8 Household Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems. (SIG-HOU)920.0 Household Cooking Appliances450.3.2.2 Household Design Model for Person-Centered Care450. Household Design Model for Personcentered Care3.3.111.2 Household Fire Alarm System14.4.6 Household Fire Alarm Systems14.4.6 Household Fire Alarm Systems. (SIG-HOU)29.9.3 Household Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Systems1225.5.2 Household Model(3) Household Ranges and Cooking Appliances(B) Household-Type Appliances With Surface Heating Elements1224. HousekeepingSection 3205 Housekeeping and Maintenance1910.333(c)(9) Housekeeping Duties2404.5 Housekeeping, Maintenance and Storage of Hazardous Materials2408.4 Housekeeping, Maintenance, Storage and Use of Hazardous Materials1910.1018(k)(4) Housekeeping Plan1224.4.15 Housekeeping Room1224.26 Housekeeping Rooms450.3.9 Housekeeping Rooms/Janitor's Closets1. Housing Accessibility1926.12(b)(6) Housing Act of 1949 (42 U.S.C. 1459)1926.12(b)(28) Housing Act of 1959 (12 U.S.C. 1701(Q)(C)(3))1926.12(b)(21) Housing Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 1486(F); 42 U.S.C. 1452B(e))§ 23-27.3- Housing and Maintenance Code§ 23-27.3- Housing and Maintenance Code — Powers and Duties of the Building Code Standards Committee1926.12(b)(30) Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. 1500C-3, 3107)1926.12(b)(50) Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 (Including New Communities Act of 1968) (42 U.S.C. 3909)1926.12(b)(56) Housing and Urban Development Act of 1970 (Pub. L. 91-609, Section 707(B))(f) Housing at a Place of Education1. Housing Construction109-30 Houston Street Corridor (Area B)1904.32(b)(3) How Do I Certify the Annual Summary?1904.9(b)(1) How Do I Classify Medical Removal Cases on the OSHA 300 Log?1904.10(b)(7) How Do I Complete the 300 Log for a Hearing Loss Case?1904.32(b)(2) How Do I Complete the Annual Summary?1904.7(b)(4)(xi) How Do I Count Days of Job Transfer or Restriction?1904.7(b)(3)(iv) How Do I Count Weekends, Holidays, or Other Days the Employee Would Not Have Worked Anyway?1904.5(b)(7) How Do I Decide if a Case Is Work-Related When the Employee Is Working at Home?1904.7(b)(1) How Do I Decide if a Case Meets One or More of the General Recording Criteria?1904.7(b)(4)(ix) How Do I Decide if an Injury or Illness Involved a Transfer to Another Job?1904.7(b)(4)(i) How Do I Decide if the Injury or Illness Resulted in Restricted Work?1904.4(b)(2) How Do I Decide Whether a Particular Injury or Illness Is Recordable?1904.5(b)(6) How Do I Decide Whether an Injury or Illness Is Work-Related if the Employee Is on Travel Status at the Time the Injury or Illness Occurs?1904.29(b)(7) How Do I Determine if an Injury or Illness Is a Privacy Concern Case?1904.10(b)(2) How Do I Evaluate the Current Audiogram to Determine Whether an Employee Has an STS and a 25-dB Hearing Level?1904.5(b)(3) How Do I Handle a Case if It Is Not Obvious Whether the Precipitating Event or Exposure Occurred in the Work Environment or Occurred Away From Work?1904.7(b)(3)(iii) How Do I Handle a Case When a Physician or Other Licensed Health Care Professional Recommends That the Worker Return to Work but the Employee Stays at Home Anyway?1904.7(b)(4)(vii) How Do I Handle Vague Restrictions From a Physician or Other Licensed Health Care Professional, Such as That the Employee Engage Only in "Light Duty" or "Take It Easy for a Week"?1904.5(b)(4) How Do I Know if an Event or Exposure in the Work Environment "Significantly Aggravated" a Preexisting Injury or Illness?1904.32(b)(5) How Do I Post the Annual Summary?1904.7(b)(3)(v) How Do I Record a Case in Which a Worker Is Injured or Becomes Ill on a Friday and Reports to Work on a Monday, and Was Not Scheduled to Work on the Weekend?1904.7(b)(3)(vi) How Do I Record a Case in Which a Worker Is Injured or Becomes Ill on the Day Before Scheduled Time Off Such as a Holiday, a Planned Vacation, or a Temporary Plant Closing?1904.7(b)(4)(v) How Do I Record a Case Where the Worker Works Only for a Partial Work Shift Because of a Work-Related Injury or Illness?1904.7(b)(3) How Do I Record a Work-Related Injury or Illness That Results in Days Away From Work?1904.7(b)(4) How Do I Record a Work-Related Injury or Illness That Results in Restricted Work or Job Transfer?1904.7(b)(2) How Do I Record a Work-Related Injury or Illness That Results in the Employee's Death?1904.7(b)(5) How Do I Record an Injury or Illness That Involves Medical Treatment Beyond First Aid?1904.7(b)(3)(ii) How Do I Record an Injury or Illness When a Physician or Other Licensed Health Care Professional Recommends That the Worker Stay at Home but the Employee Comes to Work Anyway?1904.30(b)(4) How Do I Record an Injury or Illness When an Employee of One of My Establishments Is Injured or Becomes Ill While Visiting or Working at Another of My Establishments, or While Working Away From Any of My Establishments?1904.41(b)(6) How Do I Submit the Information?1904.39(b)(11) How Does OSHA Define "Amputation"?1904.39(b)(9) How Does OSHA Define "In-Patient Hospitalization"?1904.32(b)(1) How Extensively Do I Have to Review the OSHA 300 Log Entries at the End of the Year?P-811.1.1 How Measured1904.41(b)(5) How Often Do I Have to Submit the Information From the Injury and Illness Records?1904.29(b)(3) How Quickly Must Each Injury or Illness Be Recorded?1904.41(b)(4) How Will OSHA Notify ME That I Must Submit Information From the Injury and Illness Records as Part of an Individual Data Collection Under Paragraph (A)(3) of This Section?1904.38(b)(2) How Will the Assistant Secretary Handle My Variance Petition?105.5.23 HPM Facilities[F] 415.11.7.1 HPM Having a Health-Hazard Ranking of 3 or 4[F] 415. HPM Rooms[F] 415.11.6.1 HPM Rooms and Gas Rooms[F] 415.11.6 HPM Rooms, Gas Rooms, Liquid Storage Room Construction2704.3.1 HPM Storage2705.3.2.2 HPM Transport in Corridors and Enclosures for Stairways and RampsP2706.1.1 Hub Drains707.13 Hubless Blind PlugsK 105.6 Human Access[BE] 1901.3.5 Human Biomechanics and Expectation of Consistency1105.1 Human Comfort2.3-3.4.8 Human Decontamination SpaceSection 103 Human Factor Provisions2406.1 Human Impact Loads2.2- Human Waste Disposal Facilities6.5.2.4 Humidification6.4.3.6 Humidification and Dehumidification6.4.3.6 Humidification and Dehumidification Control703.2 Humidification Systems703.6 Humidifier DischargeE 503.5.5.4 Humidifier Preheat608.17.10 HumidifiersC403. Humidistatic ControlE 502.10.3 Humidity Control12-3-10.4 Humidity Test3.3.135 Hunt Group117-10 Hunters Point SubdistrictR101.4.8.2 Hunting or Recreational Buildings Less Than 1,000 Square FeetR101.4.2.2 Hunting or Recreational Buildings < 1,000 Square Feet406.2.3 Hurricane Evacuation Notices§ 23-27.3- Hurricane, Storm, and Flood Standards1910.265(b)(19) HuskC6.3 HVAC2.5-3.5 HVAC Air Distribution807.5.4 HVAC Background Sound5.410.4.3.1 HVAC Balancing*2.5-3.5.2 HVAC Ductwork1613.6.8 HVAC ductwork with Ip = 1.5CD601.11 HVAC EquipmentC403.3.2 HVAC Equipment Performance RequirementsC403.3.2 HVAC Equipment Performance Requirements (Mandatory)E 502.9 HVAC Equipment, Rated Combinations3.1-6.3.6 HVAC Filters17. HVAC Mechanical RoomsE3901.12 HVAC Outlet453.26.7 HVAC Required4.3-6.3.3 HVAC Requirements for Specific Locations2.14-8.2 HVAC System[NY] C106.2.6.1 HVAC System Certification503.2.9 HVAC System Completion6.4.4 HVAC System Construction and InsulationC403.2.4 HVAC System ControlsC409.3.1 HVAC System Energy UseC406.2.1 HVAC System SelectionE 805.0 HVAC System Tests603.2.1 HVAC System Total Energy Use[F] 909.4.4 HVAC SystemsSection 703 HVAC Systems and EquipmentC403.1.1 HVAC Total System Performance Ratio (HVAC TSPR)E 403.0 HVAC Water UseC407.4.2.1 HVAC Zones DesignedC407.4.2.2 HVAC Zones Not Designed1226.4.2.3 Hyberbaric Facilities1404.3.2 Hybrid Insulation for Moisture Control With Class III Vapor Retarders*2.2-3.3.4 Hybrid Operating Room1224.28.5 Hybrid Operating Room(s)(F) Hybrid Power and Communications CablesG2413.4.3 (402.4.3) Hybrid PressureA.3.3 Hybrid Pressure Method705.82 Hybrid Systems3.3.101 Hydrant901.5.2 Hydrant and Fire Service Main Acceptance Testing3.3.102 Hydrant ButtC102.10 Hydrant Clearances From Structures3.8.2 Hydrant Definitions From NFPA 24507.5.1.1 Hydrant for Standpipe Systems2005.5 Hydrant-Fueling VehiclesC107.2 Hydrant Marking MaintenanceSection C107 Hydrant MarkingsC102.12 Hydrant Pad507.5.7.1 Hydrant Painting116.1.4 Hydrant Plan Review FeeC102.11 Hydrant Set-Back From CurbsC103.1 Hydrant Spacing42.* Hydrant Valves34.6.3.2 Hydrants28.1.2.5 Hydrants and Water SuppliesC105.2 Hydrants on Adjacent Properties18.5.9 Hydrants Out of ServiceC102.9 Hydrants Provided With New Water Mains21-13 Hydrated Lime for Masonry Purposes1926.1412(f)(2)(xiii)1926.1412(f)(2)(xi)1926.956(d) Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tools1926.1412(f)(2)(xii)1910.261(e)(14) Hydraulic Barkers27.4 Hydraulic Calculation Forms27.2 Hydraulic Calculation ProceduresA-305.2.6.2 Hydraulic Calculations7.7.1.2* Hydraulic Characteristics22.29.2.1 Hydraulic Control Systems8. Hydraulic Cylinders and Pressure Piping603.5.14.3 Hydraulic Design25.5* Hydraulic Design Information Sign28.5* Hydraulic Design Information Sign (Hydraulic Data Nameplate)7.3.5 Hydraulic Driving MachinesSection 7.3 Hydraulic Dumbwaiters Without Automatic Transfer Devices8.2.9 Hydraulic Elevator Car Frame and Platform Stresses and Deflections8.4.11 Hydraulic Elevators5.10.2 Hydraulic Elevators Used for Construction8.7.3.23 Hydraulic Equipment1926.956(d)(1) Hydraulic Fluid in Insulating Tools1910.269(w)(9) Hydraulic Fluids1910.218(f)(2) Hydraulic Forging Presses3. Hydraulic Holding Means8. Hydraulic Jack3.18.1 Hydraulic Jack and Connections8.2.8 Hydraulic Jack and PipingSection 3.18 Hydraulic Jacks5.2.2.6 Hydraulic Jacks and Sheaves27.2.2.4 Hydraulic Junction Points5.2.2 Hydraulic Limited-Use/Limited-Application Elevators1926.1433(d)(13) Hydraulic Load HoistsSection 3.24 Hydraulic Machines and Tanks3.24.1 Hydraulic Machines (Power Units)Section 7.10 Hydraulic Material Lifts With Automatic Transfer DevicesSection 7.6 Hydraulic Material Lifts Without Automatic Transfer Devices425.1.1 Hydraulic Performance3.19.2.6 Hydraulic Pipeline Identification1926.302(d) Hydraulic Power Tools27.4.5 Hydraulic Reports5.8.2 Hydraulic Shipboard Elevators1.6.2 Hydraulic Symbols3.18.4.2 Hydraulic System1926.753(c)(1)(i)(H)1926.1435(d)(2)(vi)1910.265(c)(13) Hydraulic Systems22.29.1.6 Hydraulic Systems for Gate and Valve Operators3.3.103 Hydraulically Calculated Water Demand Flow Rate12.8.6 Hydraulically Designed Occupancy Hazard Fire Control Sprinkler System3.3.104 Hydraulically Designed System1910.159(c)(11) Hydraulically Designed SystemsSection P-907 Hydraulically Operated Equipment454. HydraulicsA5.508.1.3 Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)3109.5.3 Hydrodynamic Loads22.29 Hydroelectric Generating Plants. [NFPA 851]22.29 Hydroelectric Generating Plants. [NFPA851]A5.508.1.4 Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)30.3.1 HydrogenSection 421 Hydrogen Cutoff Rooms2309.1.5.2 Hydrogen Dispensing Warning SignSection 421 Hydrogen Fuel Gas Rooms309.2.3.4 Hydrogen FuelingM1307.4 Hydrogen-Generating and Refueling Operations703.1 Hydrogen Generation502.4.1 Hydrogen Limit[F] 502.5.1 Hydrogen Limit in Cabinets[F] 502.4.1 Hydrogen Limit in RoomsSection 2309 Hydrogen Motor Fuel-Dispensing and Generating FacilitiesSection 2309 Hydrogen Motor Fuel-Dispensing and Generation Facilities63. Hydrogen PurityPart VII Hydromassage BathtubsSection 890.750 Hydromassage/Whirlpool Bathtubs1014.2 Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors1003.3.4 Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors and Automatic Grease Removal Devices1003.3.5 Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors, Fats, Oils and Greases Disposal Systems and Automatic Grease Removal Devices6.2.1.1 Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors (HGI)C403.6.7 Hydronic and Multiple-Zone HVAC System Controls and EquipmentC403.4 Hydronic and Multiple-Zone HVAC Systems Controls and Equipment. (Prescriptive)703.1 Hydronic Closed SystemsA5. Hydronic Heat Pump (WLHP) Controls1220.3 Hydronic Makeup Air UnitsSection M2101 Hydronic Piping Systems Installation1215.0 Hydronic Space Heating6. Hydronic System Balancing6.5.2.2 Hydronic System Controls6.5.4 Hydronic System Design and ControlA5.207.2.4 Hydronic System MeasuresE 805.10 Hydronic System Variable Flow Controls (Form MECH-10A)C408.2.2.2 Hydronic Systems BalancingC403.4.3 Hydronic Systems Controls6.5.4.2 Hydronic Variable Flow SystemsE 503.5.7.4 Hydronic (Water Loop) Heat Pump and Water-Cooled Unitary Air Conditioners6. Hydronic (Water Loop) Heat Pump Systems6.5.4.5 Hydronic (Water Loop) Heat Pumps and Water-Cooled Unitary Air Conditioners1910.269(v)(12) Hydroplants and Equipment1112.5 Hydrostatic Expansion1112.5.2 Hydrostatic Expansion During Maintenance1112.5.1 Hydrostatic Expansion During Normal Operation705.3.1 Hydrostatic Leak Tests3109.5.2 Hydrostatic Load311.9 Hydrostatic Pressure Test1705.29.1 Hydrostatic Pressure Testing5706. Hydrostatic Relief454.2.21.4 Hydrostatic Relief Device3.3.105 Hydrostatic Test42. Hydrostatic Testing6.* Hydrostatic Testing Allowance28.2.1* Hydrostatic Tests1910.159(c)(3)(ii) Hydrostatic Tests of Piping in System2.1- Hydrotherapy Facilities1910.1027(p)(2)(vi) Hygiene and Lunchroom Facilities1910.1027(j) Hygiene Areas and Practices1910.1052(i) Hygiene Facilities1910.1001(i) Hygiene Facilities and Practices1926.1101(j) Hygiene Facilities and Practices for Employees1910.1048(i) Hygiene Protection1224.39.5.2 Hyperbaric ChambersSection 425 Hyperbaric Facilities2.2-3.13 Hyperbaric SuiteHyperbaric Therapy1224.39.5 Hyperbaric Therapy Service Space2.2-3.13.1 Hyperbaric Treatment Area26.33 Hypobaric Facilities454. Hypohalogenation and Electrolytic Chlorine Generators[BG] A103. I-3.1[BG] A103. I-3.2[BG] A103. I-3.3[BG] A103. I-3.4[BG] A103. I-3.5[BG] A103. I-4.1, Adult-Care Facilities[BG] A103. I-4.2, Child-Care FacilitiesPart I — Environmental Air Ducts and Product Conveying SystemsA5.504.2 IAQ PostconstructionA5.504.2.1 IAQ Testing1616.3.2.1 ICC 300, Section 303.5.11605A.3.1 ICC 300, Section 303.5.21605A.3.2 ICC 300, Section 303.5.31101.4.11 ICC A117.1 Section 1003.11.21101.4.13 ICC A117.1 Section 1005.41101.4.1 ICC A117.1 Section 302.11101.2.1 (ICC A117.1 Section 403.5) Clear Width of Accessible Route1101.4.2 ICC A117.1 Section 404.2.81101.2.2 (ICC A117.1 Section 404.2.8) Door-Opening Force1101.2.3 (ICC A117.1 Section 407. Arrangement of Elevator Car Buttons1101.4.3 ICC A117.1 Section 5021101.2.7 (ICC A117.1 Section 502.2) Vehicle Space Size1101.2.8 (ICC A117.1 Section 502.4.2) Access Aisle Width1101.2.9 (ICC A117.1 Section 502.7) Identification1101.4.4 ICC A117.1 Section 604.31101.2.5 (ICC A117.1 Section 604.6) Flush Controls1101.2.4 (ICC A117.1 Section 606.7) Operable Parts1101.4.5 ICC A117.1 Section 607.21101.4.6 ICC A117.1 Section 607.61101.4.7 ICC A117.1 Section 608.21101.2.6 (ICC A117.1 Section 703.6.3.1) International Symbol of Accessibility1101.4.8 ICC A117.1 Section 8021101.4.9 ICC A117.1 Section 8031101.4.10 ICC A117.1 Section 804.5.21101.4.12 ICC A117.1 Sections 1002.14 and 1003.142.3.7 ICC-ES Publications105.2.4 ICC/IBC2.3.8 ICC Publications14X-12-1202.3.6 Ice and SnowA4.407.5 Ice and Water Barriers1507.5.4 Ice Barrier1507.1.2 Ice Barriers1507.2.8.1 Ice Dam Membrane450.3.3.6 Ice for Residents' Consumption1224.14.2.11 Ice MachineL 404.2 Ice Makers1224.16.5.4 Ice-Making1226.11.2.7 Ice-Making Equipment2.3- Ice-Making Equipment and Drinking Water Source1225. Ice-Making Facilities422.8 Ice Prohibited in Soiled Utility Room455.4.2 Ice Storage BinsR611.8 ICF Wall-to-Floor ConnectionsR611.9 ICF Wall to Top Sill Plate (Roof) ConnectionsR611.9.1 ICF Wall to Top Sill Plate (Roof) Connections for Seismic Design Categories C, D0, D1 and D21.2-4.2.2 ICRA Considerations1.2- ICRA Recommendations1.2- ICRA Requirement1.2- ICRMR Content1.2- ICRMR Planning1910.147(c)(5)(ii)(D) Identifiable502.6 Identification2.17.5 Identification and Classification of Types of Safeties[F] 909.18.9 Identification and DocumentationR604.1 Identification and Grade(B) Identification and Grouping66.27.9* Identification and Marking of Piping SystemsSection 2203 Identification and Protection of Steel for Structural Purposes66.21.7.2 Identification and Security(D) Identification and Signs3111F.3 Identification and Tagging210.5 Identification for Branch Circuits66. Identification for Emergency Responders215.12 Identification for Feeders[BE] 1901.3.2 Identification, Illumination and Safety of Means of Egress2.12.4.3 Identification Marking106.7.1 Identification Number601.3 Identification of a Potable and Nonpotable Water System1106.8 Identification of Accessible Parking Spaces1.10.1.3 Identification of Amendments2201A.1.2 Identification of Amendments. DSA-SS Adopts This Chapter and All Amendments2201.1.2 Identification of Amendments. [DSA-SS/CC]1801.1.3 Identification of Amendments. [OSHPD 1R, 2 & 5]505.3 Identification of Apartment and Guest Rooms2.2.1 Identification of Building Type505.1.1 Identification of Buildings in Developments36-523 Identification of Car Sharing Vehicles§28-104.7.15 Identification of Certain Hospitals as Exempt From Temporary External Boiler or Chiller Connection Requirements§28-104.7.14 Identification of Certain I-1 and I-2 Occupancies and of Certain Adult Homes, Enriched Housing, Community Residences and Intermediate Care Facilities as Exempt From Temporary External Generator Connection Requirements712.25 Identification of Circuit Conductors1305.2.2 Identification of Concealed Fuel-Oil Piping1926.404(a)(1) Identification of Conductors(3) Identification of Conductors in Multiconductor Extra-Hard-Usage Cords and Cables63.4.4.4 Identification of Container Connections5503.4.3 Identification of Containers60. Identification of Containers, Cartons, and Packages13.6.1.4* Identification of Contents410.69 Identification of Control Conductor Insulation5503.4.4 Identification of Cryogenic Container Connections5503.4.3 Identification of Cryogenic Containers1704.1.1.2 Identification of Design Professionals Providing Design Documents for Certain Construction Operations1101.9 Identification of Disabled Parking Spaces by Above-Grade Signage110.22 Identification of Disconnecting Means1926.403(h) Identification of Disconnecting Means and Circuits506.7 Identification of Ducts63.4.4.6 Identification of Emergency Shutoff Valves2.29.1 Identification of Equipment(C) Identification of Equipment Grounding Conductor250.119 Identification of Equipment Grounding Conductors[F] 805.3.2 Identification of Exits and Safe Places1910.134(j) Identification of Filters, Cartridges, and Canisters912.4.1 Identification of Fire Department Connections2.29.2 Identification of Floors11B-411.2.1.6 Identification of Floors Served(4) Identification of Fuse Mountings and Fuse Units(B) Identification of Grounded Conductor(B) Identification of Hazards704.1.2.2 Identification of Hydrogen Piping Systems§27-2105 Identification of Managing Agent or Owner and Agent Designated by the Owner for the Collection of Rental Payments if Different From the Managing Agent to Tenant3509.5 Identification of Manifolds1910.303(e)(1) Identification of Manufacturer and Ratings§28-104.7.8 Identification of Materials§27-604 Identification of Metal-Reinforcement105.3.5 Identification of Minimum Premium PolicyR308.1.1 Identification of Multipane AssembliesR308.1.1 Identification of Multiple Assemblies1910.304(b)(1) Identification of Multiwire Branch Circuits3308.6.4 Identification of Nets608.8 Identification of Nonpotable WaterP2901.2 Identification of Nonpotable Water Systems2006.4.4 Identification of Operator1910.262(c)(8) Identification of Physical Hazards63.4.4.5 Identification of Piping Systems608.8 Identification of Potable and Nonpotable Water615.0 Identification of Potable and Nonpotable Water Lines705.10 Identification of Power Sources2406.3 Identification of Safety Glazing409.3.3 Identification of Shutoff Valves§28-104.7.7 Identification of Special and Progress Inspections§28-104.7.7 Identification of Special Inspections3604.2.1 Identification of Standpipe OutletsSection 2202 Identification of Steel for Structural Purposes1324.5.2.6 Identification of System2.27 Identification of System Piping200.10 Identification of Terminals(C) Identification of Ungrounded Conductors16.9.12* Identification of Valves250.126 Identification of Wiring Device TerminalsAJ105.1 Identification of Work Area§28-104.7.13 Identification of Work Involving Raising or Moving a BuildingSection 890.220 Identification (Repealed)1301.3 Identification Required11B-904.3.4 Identification Sign216.9.1 Identification Signs1910.305(g)(2) Identification, Splices, and Terminations1127A.7.2 Identification SymbolsP2901.2.2.3 Identification Tape(B) Identified and Insulated3.3.136* Identified (As Applied to Equipment)(B) Identified as Suitable694.60 Identified Interactive Equipment1.2- Identify Hazards and Potential Risks1.2- Identify Risks1926.1408(a)(1) Identify the Work Zone by Either:1101.3.4 Identifying Accessibility Signage1910.265(c)(26)(iv) Identifying Controls*§28-211.3 Identifying Unlawful Statements§28-216.6.1 Identity of Surveyors5704.3.3.9 Idle Combustible Pallets20.14.3 Idle Pallets Stored on Racks, on Shelves, and Above Doors1910.181(g)(3) Idle Ropes2.3.10 IEC Publication2.3.13 IEC PublicationsEM301.1 IECC Section C403EM301.2 IECC Section C405EM301.3 IECC Section C406EM301.5 IECC Section C408EM302.1 IECC Section C505EM301.4 IECC Table C407.5.1(1)5-203 IEEA Acceptance Procedure5-202 IEEA Application Procedure2.3.8 IEEE Publications1904.7(b)(3)(ix) If a Case Occurs in One Year but Results in Days Away During the Next Calendar Year, Do I Record the Case in Both Years?1926.1203(e)(2)(vii)1904.10(b)(6) If a Physician or Other Licensed Health Care Professional Determines the Hearing Loss Is Not Work-Related, Do I Still Need to Record the Case?1904.31(b)(1) If a Self-Employed Person Is Injured or Becomes Ill While Doing Work at My Business, Do I Need to Record the Injury or Illness?1910.304(g)(1)(iv)(D) If a Service Conductor Is Uninsulated78-113 If Additional Public Facilities Needed1904.31(b)(3) If an Employee in My Establishment Is a Contractor's Employee, Must I Record an Injury or Illness Occurring to That Employee?1904.35(b)(2)(iii) If an Employee or Representative Asks for Access to the OSHA 300 Log, When Do I Have to Provide It?1904.35(b)(2)(v) If an Employee or Representative Asks for Access to the OSHA 301 Incident Report, When Do I Have to Provide It?1904.46(3) If an Employee Telecommutes From Home, Is His or Her Home Considered a Separate Establishment?1926.1417(j)1904.38(b)(3) If I Apply for a Variance, May I Use My Proposed Recordkeeping Procedures While the Assistant Secretary Is Processing the Variance Petition?1904.42(b)(2) If I Get a Survey Form From the BLS, What Do I Have to Do?1904.38(b)(4) If I Have Already Been Cited by OSHA for Not Following the Part 1904 Regulations, Will My Variance Petition Have Any Effect on the Citation and Penalty?1904.29(b)(9) If I Have Removed the Employee's Name, but Still Believe That the Employee May Be Identified From the Information on the Forms, Is There Anything Else That I Can Do to Further Protect the Employee's Privacy?1904.41(b)(2) If I Have to Submit Information Under Paragraph (A)(1) of This Section, Do I Have to Submit All of the Information From the Recordkeeping Form?1904.31(b)(2) If I Obtain Employees From a Temporary Help Service, Employee Leasing Service, or Personnel Supply Service, Do I Have to Record an Injury or Illness Occurring to One of Those Employees?1904.38(b)(5) If I Receive a Variance, May the Assistant Secretary Revoke the Variance at a Later Date?1904.8(b)(3) If I Record an Injury and the Employee Is Later Diagnosed With an Infectious Bloodborne Disease, Do I Need to Update the OSHA 300 Log?1910.304(g)(6)(iv)(D) If in a Hazardous (Classified) Location1910.304(g)(6)(iv)(C) If in Electrical Contact With Metal78-112 If No Additional Public Facilities Needed(B) If Smallest Rated Motor Protected1904.39(b)(1) If the Area Office Is Closed, May I Report the Fatality, In-Patient Hospitalization, Amputation, or Loss of an Eye by Leaving a Message on OSHA's Answering Machine, Faxing the Area Office, or Sending an Email?1910.1024(l)(3) If the Employee Chooses Removal:1910.304(g)(6)(vi)(C) If the Equipment Is of the Following Types:1904.7(b)(4)(vi) If the Injured or Ill Worker Produces Fewer Goods or Services Than HE or She Would Have Produced Prior to the Injury or Illness but Otherwise Performs All of the Routine Functions of His or Her Work, Is the Case Considered a Restricted Work Case?1926.1209(f)(1)1926.1431(o)(3)1926.1431(r)(3)1904.7(b)(4)(iv) If You or a Physician or Other Licensed Health Care Professional Recommends a Work Restriction, Is the Injury or Illness Automatically Recordable as a "Restricted Work" Case?G2427.16 (503.16) (IFGS) Outside Wall PenetrationsG2427.4.1.1 (503.4.1.1) (IFGS) Plastic Vent Joints5604.12.6.7 Igniters5604.12.7.5 Igniters, Detonators, Fuses, Boosters3.3.178.4* Ignitible Liquid2603.5.7 Ignition[F] 1601.3.3 Ignition and Fuel Source Interactions308.5.3.3 Ignition and Serving of Flaming Beverages308.5.3.2 Ignition and Serving of Flaming Food805.1.1.1 Ignition by Cigarettes5001.3.3.5 Ignition Hazards[F] 904.14.1.2 Ignition Prevention1405.1.1.1 Ignition Resistance503.2 Ignition-Resistant Building MaterialSection 704A Ignition-Resistant ConstructionSection 503 Ignition-Resistant Construction and Material704A.2 Ignition-Resistant MaterialIgnition-Resistant Material SFM Standard 12-7A-5704A.2 Ignition-Resistant Materials3003.3 Ignition SourceIgnition Source and Location3108F.3.1 Ignition Source Control60.5.1.5 Ignition Source Controls33.1.6 Ignition Sources2.3.14 IIAR PublicationsArticle 210 Illegal Conversions§28-210.3 Illegal Conversions of Dwelling Units From Permanent Residences§28-210.2 Illegal Industrial or Manufacturing Conversions§28-210.1 Illegal Residential Conversions1101.2.1 Illinois Accessibility Code3.3.152 Illuminated144-141 Illuminated Non-Flashing Signage32-643 Illuminated Non-Flashing Signs42-533 Illuminated or Flashing Signs32-644 Illuminated or Flashing Signs in C4, C5-4, C6 or C7 Districts32-645 Illuminated or Flashing Signs in C8 Districts§27-505 Illuminated Signs91-131 Illuminated Signs in C5 Districts3301.9.8 Illuminated Signs ProhibitedSection G2450 (628) Illuminating Appliances407.4.5 Illumination43.1.3.6 Illumination and Observation Panels2.14.7.1 Illumination and Outlets Required1105.4 Illumination and Service Receptacles2.11.10.2 Illumination at Landing Sills1910.423(c)(4)(v) Illumination Capability to Light the Interior43.6.2.2* Illumination, Emergency Lighting, and Marking of Means of Egress1006.3 Illumination Emergency Power468.3.7.4 Illumination Failure of General and Means of Egress Luminaires468.3.7.4 Illumination Failure of General and Means of Egress Luminaries1104.5 Illumination—General5.7.10.3 Illumination in Car5. Illumination in the Car321.2.2 Illumination Intensity1006.2 Illumination Level468.3.7.1 Illumination Level in Classrooms/Instructional Spaces1008.3.5 Illumination Level Under Emergency Power1008.2.1 Illumination Level Under Normal Power409.4.5 Illumination Levels3111F.8.1 Illumination Locations3111F.8 Illumination (N/E) Illumination of Cars2.14.7 Illumination of Cars and Lighting Fixtures1910.268(b)(8) Illumination of Field Work(A) Illumination of Means of Egress2.2.5 Illumination of Pits7.10.5 Illumination of Signs1008.2 Illumination Required468.3.7.2 Illumination Uniformity in Classrooms/Instruction SpacesB.11 Illustration of Detailed Sizing Method ApplicationB.8 Illustration of Simplified Sizing Method ApplicationP105.4 Illustrations*2.2- Image Interpretation/Reading Rooms2.2- Image Management System2.1- Image Viewer2.2- Image Viewers2.2- Image-Viewing Capability1226. Imaging1224.28.4.8 Imaging Equipment Room2.2-3.5 Imaging Facilities8.4.3 Imaging Procedure Rooms2.2- Imaging Room Classification2.2-3.4.2 Imaging Rooms*2.2-3.4 Imaging Services1226. Imaging Storage (Active)§27-848.11 Imitation Fireplaces1910.1096(f) Immediate Evacuation Warning SignalA-503.1.1 Immediate Hazard§28-305.4.6 Immediate Notice of Unsafe Condition5607.19.4.1 Immediate Notification§28-105.10.2 Immediate Suspension in Cases of Imminent Peril1926.1431(h)(4)3.3.137* Immediately (As Used in Chapter 26)3.3.165* Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH)1926.1431(h)(5)5705. Immersion Soaking of Parts3.3.166* Imminent Danger1.7.16 Imminent Dangers and Evacuation(a) 109.1.1 Imminent Hazards8-104.2.2 Imminent Threat§27-673 Impact1607.8.4.1 Impact and Fatigue4.6* Impact Damage1607.11 Impact Loads1224.19.1 General§36-02 Impact of Periods of Unemployment Upon Applications for Electrician's Licenses8.2.3 Impact on Buffer Supports704.9 Impact ProtectionR328.8.3 Impact Protection Options1709.5.3.1 Impact Protective Systems Testing and Labeling1504.8 Impact Resistance315.1.2 Impact Resistance Test1709.9 Impact-Resistant Coverings110.3.13 Impact-Resistant Coverings or Systems403.9.2 Impact Resistant Elevator Shafts§32-05 Impact Resistant Stair and Elevator Enclosures. [Repealed]§403-01 Impact Resistant Stair and Elevator Shaft Enclosures. [Repealed]403.15 Impact Resistant Stair Enclosures2406.2 Impact TestA5.409.2.2 Impacts to Be Considered13.7.1.5* Impaired and Nuisance Alarm Prone Systems13. Impaired Equipment3.3.138* Impairment13. Impairment CoordinatorP101.2 Impairment Coordinator Procedures3303.9 Impairment of Fire Protection SystemsP101.4 Impairment Procedure TablesSection P101 Impairment ProceduresSection P102 Impairment Tables — Use Groups A, E, H, I and RSection P103 Impairment Tables — Use Groups B, F, M, S13.3.3.6 Impairments14.2.2.2 Impairments/Deficiencies40.5.9 Impairments of Fire Protection and Explosion Prevention Systems(2) Impedance(D) Impedance Grounded Neutral Systems250.187 Impedance Grounded SystemsPart IV Impedance Heating(2) Impedance or Ungrounded System(4) Impedance-Protected7.1.9 Impediments to Egress1.7.10 ImpersonationP-1001.1 Impervious Area Drainage1926.1408(b)(4)1619.5.1 ImplementationP-106.2.4 Implementation Date120.7 Implementation of Title 23(A) Implementation of Zone Classification System1609.5 Importance Factor1604.5.2 Importance Factors3.3.29.7* Important Building405.1.3 Imported SoilsA-601.6 Imposition and Accrual of Fines§27-2115 Imposition of Civil Penalty66.22.11.3 Impounding Around Tanks by Closed-Top Diking66.22.11.2 Impounding Around Tanks by Open Diking33. Impractical3.3.81.1 Impractical Evacuation CapabilityC403.3.5.4 Impracticality1210.1.3.6 Impressed Current Cathodic Protection63. Impressed Current Systems308.0 Improper Location1926.1413(a)(2)(i)(D)N1108.2.5 (R408.2.5) Improved Air Sealing and Efficient Ventilation System Option§28-108.3 Improvement of Streets§ 23-27.3-106.3 Improvements and Damages Between Twenty-Five and Fifty Percent of Value§ 23-27.3-106.4 Improvements or Damages Under Twenty-Five Percent of Value§ 23-27.3-106.4 Improvements or Damages Under Twentyfive Percent of Value1224. iMRI2.3.3 IMSA Publication2.3.4 IMSA Publications(1) In a Cable, Enclosure, or Raceway(3) In a Manhole320.23 In Accessible Attics(1) In Accordance With Table 430.52403.1.1 In All Occupancies25-412 In All Other Residence Districts107-672 In Area sh107-671 In Areas F and K1910.252(a)(2)(vi)(A) In Areas Not Authorized by Management(C) In Boxes or Other EnclosuresSection 510 In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication SystemsSection 918 In-Building Emergency Communications Coverage14.4.10 In-Building Emergency Radio Communication Systems14.4.10 In-Building Emergency Radio Communication Systems. (SIG-ECS)11.10* In-Building Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems3.3.167 In-Building Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement System23.9 In-Building Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications23.9 In-Building Fire Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications3. In-Building Fire Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications System24.4* In-Building Fire Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications Systems (EVACS) In-Building Mass Notification System24.5* In-Building Mass Notification Systems(A) In Buildings and Other Structures(1) In Buildings or Structures With an Intersystem Bonding Termination(2) In Buildings or Structures With Grounding Means(3) In Buildings or Structures Without an Intersystem Bonding Termination or Grounding Means(3) In Buildings or Structures Without Intersystem Bonding Termination or Grounding Means(3) In Buildings or Structures Without Intersystem Bonding Termination or Grounding Means73-243 In C1-1, C1-2 and C1-3 Districts73-241 In C1-1, C1-2, C1-3, C1-4, C2-1, C2-2, C2-3, C2-4, C3, C5 or M1-5B Districts32-411 In C1, C5, C6-5 or C6-7 Districts74-511 In C1 Districts36-321 In C1 or C2 Districts Governed by Surrounding Residence District Bulk Regulations33-431 In C1 or C2 Districts With Bulk Governed by Surrounding Residence District73-244 In C2, C3, C4*, C6-4**, M1-5B, M1-5m and M1-6m Districts, the Special Hudson Square District and the Special Tribeca Mixed Use District73-242 In C3 Districts36-322 In C3 or C4 Districts74-513 In C7 Districts(B) In Cabinets, Outlet Boxes, and Similar Enclosures(4) In Cable Trays(A) In Cable Trays and Raceways2. In-Car Inspection Operation2.26.2.21 In-Car Stop Switch23-544 In Certain Districts33-152 In Certain Other Commercial Districts33-451 In Certain Specified Commercial Districts(C) In Closet Ceilings as Low-Temperature Heat Sources to Control Relative Humidity73-482 In Commercial or Manufacturing Districts(3) In Concrete or in Direct Contact With the Earth905.6.1 In Conjunction With Cooling Appliances(4) In Contact With the Earth1926.432(a)(1)(i) In Damp or Wet Locations;33-121 In Districts With Bulk Governed by Residence District Bulk Regulations36-231 In Districts With High, Medium or Low Parking Requirements36-232 In Districts With Very Low Parking Requirements(C) In Ducts or Hoods(2) In Factory- or Field-Assembled Control CentersG103.1 In-Ground Pools430.85 In Grounded Conductors807.5.3.2 In Group I-1 and Group I-2 Condition 1 for Areas Other Than Within Units(ii) 807.5.3.2 In Group I-1 and I-2 Condition 1 for Areas Other Than Within the Units807.5.3.2 In Group I-1 and I-2, Condition 1 for Areas Other Than Within Units807.5.3.3 In Group I-2 and I-2.1807.5.3.3 In Group I-2, Condition 2807.5.3.2 In Group R-2.1 for Areas Other Than Within Units807.5.3.3 In Groups I-2 Condition 2807.5.3.3 In Groups I-2, I-2.1 and R- In High-Rise Buildings(H) In Hoistways*2.2-2.13 In-Hospital Skilled Nursing Patient Care UnitC408.1.2.1 In-House Commissioning Disclosure and Conflict Management Plan(B) In Industrial Establishments105. In Lieu of a Surety Bond320.11.1.2 In Lieu of a Telephone511.1.2 In-Line Exhaust Fans506.5.1.2 In-Line Fan LocationR505.1.2 In-Line Framing1314.11 In-Line Shutoff Valves42-411 In M1 Districts42-241 In M1 or M2 Districts42-412 In M2 or M3 Districts42-242 In M3 Districts911.2.2 In Manufactured Homes(B) In Metal Raceway or Enclosure36-362 In Other C1 or C2 Districts or in C4, C5 or C6 Districts33-432 In Other Commercial Districts74-512 In Other Districts1910.427(b)(5) In Other Than Daylight Hours(A) In Other Than Mobile Home Parks13. In Other Than One- And Two-Family Dwellings, System Detectors28.1.2.4 In-Out Dry Storage and Rack Storage21-6 In-Place Masonry Shear Tests[BS] A106.2.3.2 In-Place Mortar Joint Shear Tests[BS] A106.2.3.1 In-Place Mortar Tests(2) In Places Accessible to Qualified Persons Only(1) In Places Accessible to Unqualified Persons[BS] A110.3 In-Plane Loading of URM Shear Walls and Frames11.5.4 In-Plane Shear[BS] A112.2 In-Plane Shear of Unreinforced Masonry Walls113.5 In-Plant and Factory Inspections1704.2.2.3 In-Plant Special Inspections25-411 In R1 or R2 Districts23-891 In R1 Through R5 Districts74-801 In R10H Districts25-161 In R3, R4 or R5 Districts25-162 In R6 or R7 Districts23-892 In R6 Through R10 Districts25-163 In R8, R9 or R10 Districts(1) In Raceways, Cable Trays, and Cables(1) In Raceways, Cable Trays, Boxes, Cables, Enclosures, and Cable Routing Assemblies(1) In Raceways, Cable Trays, Boxes, Enclosures, and Cable Routing Assemblies(1) In Raceways, Cable Trays, Boxes, Encloures, and Cable Routing Assemblies(1) In Raceways, Exposed on Ceilings or Sidewalls, or Fished in Concealed Spaces25.9.5 In-Rack Sprinkler Arrangements Due to Excessive Clearance25.9 In-Rack Sprinkler Arrangements in Combination With CMDA Sprinklers at Ceiling Level25.10 In-Rack Sprinkler Arrangements in Combination With CMSA Sprinklers at Ceiling Level25.11 In-Rack Sprinkler Arrangements in Combination With ESFR Sprinklers at Ceiling Level25.3 In-Rack Sprinkler Characteristics17. In-Rack Sprinkler Clearance16. In-Rack Sprinkler Discharge for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height Protected With Control Mode Density/Area Sprinklers at the Ceiling16. In-Rack Sprinkler Discharge Pressure16. In-Rack Sprinkler Discharge Pressure for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height Protected by Control Mode Density/Area Sprinklers at the Ceiling25.12.3 In-Rack Sprinkler Flow/Pressure66.16.6.7 In-Rack Sprinkler Layouts for Table In-Rack Sprinkler Location for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height Protected With Control Mode Density/Area Sprinklers at Ceiling16.* In-Rack Sprinkler Location — Multiple-Row Racks for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height Protected With Control Mode Density/Area Sprinklers at Ceiling13.3.4 In-Rack Sprinkler Locations25.8.2 In-Rack Sprinkler Protection for Class I Through Class IV and Group A Plastic Commodities That Are Independent of the Ceiling Sprinkler Design, Option In-Rack Sprinkler Requirements for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height Where ESFR Sprinklers Are Being Used at the Ceiling17.2.2.6 In-Rack Sprinkler Requirements Where CMSA Sprinklers Are Used at Ceiling17.2.1.5 In-Rack Sprinkler Requirements Where Control Mode Density/Area Sprinklers Are Being Used at Ceiling17.2.3.4 In-Rack Sprinkler Requirements Where ESFR Sprinklers Are Used at Ceiling16. In-Rack Sprinkler Spacing16. In-Rack Sprinkler Spacing for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height Protected With Control Mode Density/Area Sprinklers at Ceiling16. In-Rack Sprinkler Spacing for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class TV Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height Protected by Control Mode Density/Area Sprinklers at the Ceiling25.1.3 In-Rack Sprinkler System25.1.3.2* In-Rack Sprinkler System Control Valves25.8.1.9 In-Rack Sprinkler System Design18.5 In-Rack Sprinkler System Requirements for Protection of Rubber Tires25.1.3.1 In-Rack Sprinkler System Size17.3.1.15 In-Rack Sprinkler Water Demand16. In-Rack Sprinkler Water Demand for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height Protected With Control Mode Density/Area Sprinklers at the Ceiling25.3.5 In-Rack Sprinkler Water Shields25.3.5.2 In-Rack Sprinkler Water Shields for Group A Plastic Storage8.13.3.2 In-Rack Sprinkler Water Shields for Plastic Storage25.3.5.1 In-Rack Sprinkler Water Shields for Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities27.2.5 In-Rack Sprinklers16.2.2.7 In-Rack Sprinklers for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height Protected With Control Mode Specific Application Sprinklers at the Ceiling14A-3-301.4.1 In Rem Jurisdiction§28- In Rem Jurisdiction Over the BuildingP-902.3.1 In Separate Trench3316.7.8.2 In-Service1926.97(c) In-Service Care and Use of Electrical Protective EquipmentP-902.3.2 In Shared Trench400.15 In Show Windows and Showcases1926.405(j)(4)(i) In Sight FromSection 1708 In-Situ Load Tests1810. In-Situ Soil Testing1805.5 In Situ Walls98-121 In Subarea H98-122 In Subarea K98-241 In Subareas D, E and GE3802.4 In Unfinished Basements(C) In Unfinished Basements and Crawl Spaces314.20 In Wall or Ceiling(A) In Walls3.3.139* In Writing27.2* Inactive Sprinkler Systems Abandoned in Place107.4.1 Inadequate Construction Documents1001.3.2 Inadequate Exits for Existing Structures8.2.7 Inadequate Stiffness of Wall Anchors(2) Inadequate Ventilation604.7 Inadequate Water Pressure(D) Inadvertent Interconnection1910.110(i)(2) Inapplicability81-064 Inapplicability of Provisions for Height and Setback Modifications in Large-Scale Residential Developments3314.14.2 Inboard Supports24. Inbound3.3.154 Incapacitation14A-3-314 Incarceration5606.6.1 Incendiary or Signaling Ammunition§28-112.6.3 Incentive Rebates1910.211(d)(39) Inch3.3.168* Incident Commander (IC)40.14* Incident Investigation*§28-103.21 Incident Lists(X) Section 124 Incident Reporting at a Shale Oil Processing Premise707.3.6 Incidental Accessory Occupancies3412.6.19 Incidental Accessory Occupancy304A.3.1.1 Incidental and Minor Structural Alteration, Additions or Repairs3411A.1.1 Incidental and Minor Structural Alterations, Additions or Repairs1027.4.1 Incidental Furnishings6.1.3.3 Incidental Instruction3.3.169 Incidental Liquid Use or Storage66.18.5 Incidental Operations206.7.3 Incidental Spaces5608.5 Incidental Storage of Fireworks at Display Site1910.106(e)(2) Incidental Storage or Use of Flammable Liquids1301.6.19 Incidental Use508.2 Incidental Use AreasSection 508 Incidental Use Areas and Mixed Occupancies302.1.1 Incidental Use Areas and Mixed Occupancies Including Accessory OccupanciesSection 509 Incidental UsesSection K103 Incidental Uses in Existing Ambulatory Care Facilities1105.4 Incidental Uses in Existing Group I-23301.8 Incidents and Damage to Adjoining Property4.2.3* Incidents Impinging on Hazardous Materials*2.1- Incineration509.7.3.3 Incinerator926.2.2 Incinerator Charging Chutes§27-878 Incinerator Chimney ConnectorsArticle 4 Incinerator Chimneys and Refuse Charging Chutes(g) 603.9.7 Incinerator Inspection in Group I-2605.8.7 Incinerator Inspections in Group I-2603.6.6 Incinerator Requirements713.13.5 Incinerator Room§27-837 Incinerator Rooms503.5.5.1 Incinerator Venting605.8 IncineratorsSection 907 Incinerators and Crematories607.1 Incinerators and Crematories, Commercial-Industrial10.10.8 Incinerators and Fireplaces607.1 Incinerators, Commercial-Industrial1910.155(c)(26) Incipient Stage FireP108.2.2.2 InclineSection 5.1 Inclined Elevators(A) Included in Power Conversion Equipment23-154 Inclusionary Housing23-933 Inclusionary Housing Designated Areas and Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Areas§58 Incombustible Materials25-251 Income-Restricted Housing Units60.2.9 Incompatible Material63. Incompatible Materials510.4 Incompatible Materials and Common Shafts6306.3.6.2 Incompatible SurfacesN1101.12.3 Incomplete Information3306.5.7 Incorporate All Other Relevant ReportsSection 890.130 Incorporated and Referenced Materials101.2 Incorporation by Reference84-022 Incorporation of Appendix 1, Appendix 2 and Appendix 3118-02 Incorporation of Appendix A11-14 Incorporation of Maps1.7 Incorporation of Other Documents1817.5.2 Incorporation of the Evaluation Report1806.3.3 Increase for Depth1806.3.4 Increase for Poles1908.5 Increase for Special Inspection1908.4 Increase in Allowable Load8.7.3.21 Increase in Deadweight of Car309.1 Increase in Number of Dwelling Units or Sleeping Units2808.3.1 Increase in Pile or Stack Size52.1.12 Increase in Power Rating or Maximum Stored Energy8.7.3.20 Increase in Rated Load8. Increase in Rated Speed8. Increase in Rise8.7.3.21 Increase in the Deadweight of the Car8. Increase in the Rated Load8. Increase in Working Pressure8. Increase or Decrease in Deadweight of Car8. Increase or Decrease in Deadweight of the Car8. Increase or Decrease in Rated Speed8. Increase or Decrease in Rise8. Increase or Decrease in the Deadweight of the Car[BCD] 2703.1.4 Increase Travel Distance1812.7.3.1 Increased Allowable Bond Stress1810.3.2.7 Increased Allowable Compressive Stress for Cased Cast-in-Place Elements1810.3.2.7 Increased Allowable Compressive Stress for Cased Mandrell-Driven Cast-in-Place Elements*§28-202.3 Increased Civil Penalties for Construction Sites With Excessive Violations1104. Increased Clearance Depth at Forward Approach1009.1 Increased Demand(B) Increased in Size113.6.1 Increased InspectionJ605.2 Increased Loads1004.5.1 Increased Occupant Load*§28-213.5.1 Increased OversightP-806.1.2 Increased Protection403.1.1 Increased Runoff(F) Increased Safety "e"505.22 Increased Safety "e" Motors and GeneratorsC402.3.3.4 Increased SkylightC402.4.1.2 Increased Skylight Area With Daylight Responsive ControlsC402.3.1.2 Increased Skylight Area With Daylighting ControlsC402.4.3.1 Increased Skylight SHGCC402.4.3.2 Increased Skylight U-factorC402.4.1.1 Increased Vertical Fenestration Area With Daylight Responsive ControlsC402.3.1.1 Increased Vertical Fenestration Area With Daylighting ControlsC402.3.3.2 Increased Vertical Fenestration SHGC316.0 Increasers and ReducersB103.2 Increases503.1.1.1 Increases Allowed1804.3.1 Increases in Allowable Lateral Sliding Resistance1101.2.1 Increases in Existing Impervious Surfaces18.4.3.2 Increases in Fire Flow Requirements3303.12.2.2 Increasing the Height of the Elevator or Hoist During the Construction or Enlargement of a Building7-131 Incremental Design, Bidding and ConstructionSection 2203 Indentification and Protection of Steel for Structural Purposes1703.1.1 Independence301.8.2.1 Independent2.21.1.4 Independent Car Counterweights660.24 Independent Control2404.7.5 Independent Ducts5906.5.3.2 Independent Dust Separators407.5.4 Independent EgressIndependent Entity1910.107(d)(3) Independent ExhaustM1502.2 Independent Exhaust Systems3115.1.2 Independent Exterior Elevated Flooring SystemsM1601.6 Independent Garage HVAC Systems903.2.1 Independent Gas Piping107.4 Independent Inspections Authorized by the Code Enforcement Official3105.6.1 Independent Inspector*4.2-1.5.2 Independent Living Setting/Community Access(A) Independent of the Outlet Box(3) 2312.3 Independent OperationsG2449.2 (627.2) Independent Piping26. Independent Receivers5.1.4* Independent ReviewA.13 Independent Structural Design Review510.4 Independent System501.2 Independent System Required412.4.4 Independent Systems8-805.2.2 Independent Wythe Stone Masonry3.3.155 Index§27-753 Index for Ventilation§327 Indexing Names; Fees for Searches240.81 Indicating16.11.6 Indicating Control Valves3.3.106* Indicating Valve8.9.9 Indicating Valves13.7.3.4* Indication of Central Station Service(3) Indication of Faults26.5.2 Indication of Remote Station ServiceA5.209.1.2 Indicator Lights1314.10.3 Indicators13.4.5.1 Indicators on Controller505.2.5 Indigenous Materials8-903.5 Indirect and Special Wastes2.24.9 Indirect Driving Machines1219.0 Indirect-Fired Domestic Hot-Water Storage Tanks5003. Indirect-Fired Vaporizers505.4 Indirect-Fired Water Heaters1910.263(l)(15) Indirect Recirculating Ovens*1.2-2.2.6 Indirect Support FunctionsM2301.7.1 Indirect Systems713.3 Indirect WasteE Indirect Waste Connection14.10.2 Indirect Waste ConnectionsSection P-1202 Indirect Waste Pipes803.0 Indirect Waste PipingA Indirect Waste Piping #1B Indirect Waste Piping #2C Indirect Waste Piping #3D Indirect Waste Piping #4804.0 Indirect Waste ReceptorsSection 802 Indirect Wastes2.25.2.3 Indirectly Operated Normal Terminal Stopping Devices11B- Individual Alterations(4) 916.4 Individual and Provisional Individual Certification(A) Individual Branch Circuits919.2 Individual Branch Fixture and Individual Fixture Header VentsG2420.3 (409.3.2) Individual Buildings3505.2.1.1 Individual Cart Separation117.2.2 Individual Certificate Fee Exemption(A) Individual Circuits14A-1-101.4 Individual CodesE3406.5 Individual Conductor Insulation(B) Individual Conductors230.52 Individual Conductors Entering Buildings or Other Structures5603.8.4 Individual DetonatorsCC Individual Dry Vent712.1.2 Individual Dwelling Unit6.2.11 Individual Dwelling Units11.7.11 Individual Fixture Pumps and Ejectors10.12.6 Individual Fixture Valves(2) Individual Grounding Electrode Conductors1109.10.1.2 Individual House-Mounted and Curbside Mail ReceptaclesSection A-603 Individual LicenseF 202.2 Individual Loop Pressure Testing701.2.1 Individual Metering Required1705.28 Individual On-Site Private Sewage Disposal Systems(C) Individual Open ConductorsG2415.12.1 (404.12.1) Individual Outdoor AppliancesG2415.12.1 (404.12.1) Individual Outside Appliances1224. Individual Patient Treatment Areas33.2 Individual PilesP2722.4 Individual Pressure-Balancing In-Line Valves for Individual Fixture Fittings714.2.1 Individual Protection(B) Individual Protection Not Required§27-910 Individual Sewage SystemsP2602.1.2 Individual Sewage Treatment System408.3 Individual Shower and Tub-Shower Combination Control Valves424.3 Individual Shower and Tub Valves412.3 Individual Shower Valves(2) Individual Source and On-Site Standby Generator(A) Individual Sources2222.3 Individual Structural Members402.2 Individual Structures2.12- Individual Therapy Area2.6- Individual Therapy Areas2.12- Individual Therapy Room3.1- Individual Treatment Areas5303.7.11.1 Individual Tube Trailers Containing Incompatible MaterialsSection P3106 Individual VentP3107.1 Individual Vent as Common VentP3106.1 Individual Vent Permitted12.10.2 Individual Water ClosetsP2602.1.1 Individual Water Supplies602.3 Individual Water SupplySection P2602 Individual Water Supply and Sewage Disposal(A) Individual Welders[A] 103.3.3 Individually Substantiated Design Methods§28-413.4 Individuals Holding Portable High-Pressure Boiler Operating Engineer License on the Effective Date of This Section(1) Indoor3306.4.3 Indoor Acetylene Storage1228.13.1.1 Indoor Activity RoomsSection 702 Indoor AirSection 1002 Indoor Air QualityE 603.1.2 Indoor Air Quality After ConstructionSection 4.506 Indoor Air Quality and ExhaustE 603.1 Indoor Air Quality During ConstructionE 605.0 Indoor Air Quality for Low-Rise ResidentialE 606.0 Indoor Air Quality for Other Than Low-Rise Residential Buildings405.0 Indoor Air Quality for Residential OccupanciesA5.504.1 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) During Construction801.2 Indoor Air Quality Management Plan Required1.2-5.4 Indoor Air Quality Planning1225.6.6.4 Indoor and Outdoor Space(1) Indoor and Outdoor Use324.7.2 Indoor Aquatic Facility Access3.3.14.5 Indoor Area1029.6.1 Indoor Assembly Seating10.19 Indoor Children's Playground Structures(2) Indoor ClearancesG2407.5 (304.5) Indoor Combustion AirE3902.10 Indoor Damp and Wet LocationsE3405.3 Indoor Dedicated Panelboard Space5004.2.2.3 Indoor Design5005.2 Indoor Dispensing and Use[F] 502.8.4 Indoor Dispensing and Use—Point Sources63. Indoor Dispensing Areas2303.1.2 Indoor Dispensing Devices804.1.1 Indoor Display of Cut Natural TreesSection 314 Indoor DisplaysE 601.0 Indoor Environment*1.2- Indoor Environmental Quality454.1.5.2 Indoor Equipment(2) Indoor Equipment Requiring Dedicated Equipment Spaces1105.6.1.1 Indoor Exhaust Opening Location13.* Indoor Fire Pump Units502.19 Indoor Firing Ranges[F] 706.2 Indoor Gaseous Hydrogen SystemsE4203.1.6 Indoor GFCI Protection6003.1.5 Indoor Handling and Use3.3.171 Indoor Horticultural Grow Structure38.6.1.3 Indoor Horticultural Grow Structures[F] 413.4.3 Indoor Installation(B) Indoor Installations74-46 Indoor Interactive Entertainment FacilitiesA5.209.2 Indoor Lighting Controls42. Indoor Liquid Motor Fuel Dispensing AreasE4203.1.5 Indoor Locations5605.4.1.1 Indoor MagazinesSection 2409 Indoor Manufacturing of Reinforced PlasticsSection 2409 Indoor Manufacturingof Reinforced PlasticsE 604.0 Indoor Moisture Control2301.4 Indoor Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities63.3.6.3 Indoor Non-Bulk Hydrogen Compressed Gas System LocationG2407.5.3 (304.5.3) Indoor Opening Size and LocationG2407.7.1 (304.7.1) Indoor OpeningsF 104.5 Indoor Piping10.20 Indoor Play Structures6.5.6.4 Indoor Pool Dehumidifier Energy Recovery454. Indoor Pool LightingSection 3121B Indoor Pool Ventilation91-834 Indoor Public Spaces28. Indoor Rack Storage(1) Indoor Service EquipmentE4203.4.5 Indoor Spas and Hot Tubs34.11.2 Indoor Storage804.1.3 Indoor Storage and Display of Natural Trees6004.2 Indoor Storage and Use322.4.2 Indoor Storage AreasSection 3409 Indoor Storage Arrangement6003.1 Indoor Storage, Handling and Use6103.2 Indoor Storage, Handling and Use of LPG ContainersSection 5104 Indoor Storage of Aerosol Products804.1.2 Indoor Storage of Cut Natural Trees1926.152(b) "Indoor Storage of Flammable Liquids" Indoor Storage of Oxidizer Solids and Liquids(3) 1804.3 Indoor Storage Outside Fabrication Areas2704.3 Indoor Storage Outside of Fabrication Areas605. Indoor Storage Prohibited3306.2.1.2 Indoor Storage Restrictions303.4 Indoor Swimming Pool3109.4.2 Indoor Swimming Pools608.9.1.1 Indoor SystemsSection 320 Indoor Trade Shows and Exhibitions5706.5.14 Indoor Transfers63.3.5.3 Indoor Use4106.4 Indoor Use and DispensingSection 4.303 Indoor Water Use(D) Indoor Wet Locations(1) Indoors427.37 Induced Current427.28 Induced Currents300.20 Induced Currents in Ferrous Metal Enclosures or Ferrous Metal Raceways1926.964(b)(4) Induced VoltageArticle 665 Induction and Dielectric Heating EquipmentPart V Induction HeatingSection N102 Induction Loop SystemN102.1 Induction Loop System Specifications706.3 Induction Loop Systems(B) Inductive and LED Lighting Loads(2) Inductive Loads6.1.12 Industrial3.3.4.1 Industrial Additive Manufacturing660.23 Industrial and Commercial Laboratory Equipment42.11.2.4 Industrial (And Forklift) Trucks Powered by LP-Gas1910.110(b)(20)(iv)(b) Industrial Appliances682.4 Industrial Application1910.252(d) Industrial Applications74-96 Industrial Business Incentive AreasArticle 409 Industrial Control Panels40.2.5.3 Industrial Equipment Access505.5 Industrial Equipment Platforms(J) Industrial EstablishmentsAppendix B Industrial Hygiene and Medical Surveillance Guidelinee(3) Industrial Installation Secondary Conductors Not Over 7.5 m (25 ft) LongArticle 670 Industrial Machinery20.14 Industrial Occupancies1104.2.2 Industrial Occupancies and Refrigerated Rooms3.3.196.8* Industrial Occupancy914.3.1 Industrial or Commercial Occupancies302.2 Industrial or Commercial Wastes105.5.26 Industrial Ovens9.3.8* Industrial Ovens and Furnaces1910.106(e) Industrial Plants14A-4-404.10 Industrial Private Event Venues1003.1.1 Industrial Processes, Meat Packing and Food Processing Facilities3316.9.3 Industrial Rope Access1910.302(a)(1)(vi) Industrial Substations1910.265(b)(20) Industrial Truck34.7.1 Industrial Trucks1910.110(e)(13) Industrial Trucks Inside Buildings510.8 Industrial Uses in Buildings Containing Group R6103.2.2 Industrial Vehicles6103.2.2 Industrial Vehicles and Floor Maintenance Machines306.0 Industrial Wasters302.2 Industrial WastesA-102.12.2 Industrialized Housing and Industrialized Commercial Buildings108.2.13 Industrialized Unit InspectionsSection 113 Industrialized Units108.6.4 Industrialized Units, Observations of Noncompliance(3) Industry Practice6.8 Inelastic Analysis6.8 Inelastic Second-Order Analysis3.3.80.2 Inert Cryogenic Fluid5501.3.3 Inert Cryogenic Fluids3.3.146.6* Inert Gas1926.353(d) Inert-Gas Metal-Arc Welding3106F.10.1 Inertial Loading Under Seismic Conditions5704. Inerting of Tanks Storing Boilover Liquids5704. Inerting of Tanks With Boilover Liquids609.9 Infant Care2.2- Infant Examination Areas2.2- Infant Feeding Facilities*2.2- Infant Feeding Preparation Facilities1224.30.3.2 Infant Formula1224.29.2.10 Infant Formula Facilities1224.32.3.5 Infant Resuscitation*1.2-3.2 Infection Control Risk Assessment*1.2-4.2 Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)1.2-4.2.3 Infection Control Risk Mitigation*1.2- Infection Control Risk Mitigation Recommendations (ICRMRs)309.1 Infestation5.5.3 Infill WallsC3.5.5.3 Infiltration914.7.1 Infiltration RateC3. Infiltration ScheduleSection 3108 Inflatable Amusement Devices3103.2.5.3 Inflation System3102.8 Inflation SystemsP2912.11.1 Influent Diversion17.14 Informal Disposition203.2.1.1 Informal Interpretations608.8.1 Information63.12.2 Information and Instructions6306.2 Information and Instructions to Be Provided1910.1030(g)(2) Information and Training24.11* Information, Command, and Control320.18.1.1 Information Contained in the Log7.15.3 Information FeaturesR106.1.4 Information for Construction in Flood Hazard Areas§28-104.8.3 Information of Applicant, Filing Representative, and OwnerR106.1.3 Information on Braced Wall Design4. Information on Building Permit Application[A] 107.2.1 Information on Construction Documents105.4.2 Information on Design and Installation Documents8.4.11.15 Information on Elevator Layouts[A] 107.2 Information on Plans and SpecificationsR106.1.5 Information on Storm Shelters[A] 105.3.7 Information on the Permit1926.952(a)(1) Information Provided by the Employer1910.1025(j)(3)(iv) Information Provided to Examining and Consulting Physicians1910.1050(m)(7) Information Provided to the Examining and Consulting Physicians1926.60(n)(7) Information Provided to the Examining Physician1910.1030(f)(4) Information Provided to the Healthcare Professional1910.1001(l)(6) Information Provided to the Physician1910.1024(k)(4) Information Provided to the PLHCP*§28- Information Regarding Installation of Green Roof Systems[F] 414.1.3 Information Required1803.6.1 Information Required in Geotechnical Reports3.28.1 Information Required on Layout Drawing2.28.1 Information Required on Layout Drawings2.16.3.2 Information Required on Plates5. Information Required on Plates or SignsSection A406 Information Required to Be on the Plans13.* Information Sign5704. Information SignsArticle 645 Information Technology Equipment1910.1027(l)(15) Information the Employer Must Provide the Employee112.9.1 Information to Be Submitted1926.950(c) Information Transfer5.1.9* Information Transfer to the Fire Service1910.120(i) Informational ProgramsE109.2.2.3 Informational Signs311.5.5 Informational Use(D) Informative Annexes4.1.8 Informative Appendices3109.6 Informative DocumentsSection N103 Infra-Red SystemN103.1 Infra-Red System Specifications703.8.3 Infrared Audible Sign Receivers926.0 Infrared Heaters(C) Infrared Lamp Commercial and Industrial Heating Appliances422.48 Infrared Lamp Industrial Heating Appliances425.14 Infrared Lamp Industrial Heating EquipmentSection G2451 (630) Infrared Radiant HeatersSection L103 Infrared SystemL103.1 Infrared System Specifications(A) Infrequent Flexing Use(B) Infrequently Operated Devices*2.6-3.1 Infusion Area1910.263(i)(11) Ingredient Premixers, Emulsifiers, Etc4004.5.4 Ingredients1910.1044(c)(1) InhalationPart IV Inhalation Anesthetizing Locations40.4.1.3* Inherently Ignitible Process Streams(2) Inherently Protected(L) Inherently Safe Optical Radiation "op is"1910.1044(f)(2) Initial14.4.1 Initial Acceptance Testing40.6.3 Initial and Refresher Training3102F.3.3.1 Initial Audit2.6.3 Initial Backfill101.4.1.1 Initial Buildout§28-323.3.1 Initial Condition Assessment2308.2.4 Initial Container TestingE 502.10.1 Initial Control Setting1505.5 Initial Cross-Connection Test1318.8.7 Initial Cross-Connection Test—Category 3 Copper Piping Systems1908.9.1 Initial Curing1910.1025(d)(2) Initial Determination1910.120(h)(2) Initial Entry1910.1028(i)(2) Initial Examination1910.1043(h)(2) Initial Examinations1926.1101(f)(2) Initial Exposure Assessment2007.6.1 Initial Foam Fire Extinguishing System Test1910.179(j)(1)(i) Initial Inspection1202.1 Initial Inspection ProceduresAE301.1 Initial Installation3303.12.2.1 Initial Installation of an Elevator or Hoist During the Construction or Enlargement of a Building Whose Height Will Exceed 75 Feet1318.7 Initial Leak Test — Category 3 Plastic Vacuum Piping Systems1910.1001(d)(2) Initial Monitoring408.10.2.1 Initial Payment1319.4 Initial Piping Blow Down1324.4 Initial Piping Blowdown1324.5.3 Initial Piping Purge Tests1318.4 Initial Piping Slowdown2306.9.2 Initial Piping Test1327.4 Initial Pressure Test1318.6 Initial Pressure Test — Category 3 Copper Piping Systems1319.5 Initial Pressure Tests - Medical Gas and Medical Vacuum Systems1324.5 Initial Pressure Tests — Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems1910.1043(n)(2) Initial Requirements1-407 Initial Rulemaking File Submittals by a State Proposing AgencyA-402.10.6.1 Initial Site Safety Inspection1910.1052(j)(4)(i) Initial Surveillance2306.9.1 Initial Tank Test303.1.1 Initial Tenant Improvements66.27.7.1 Initial Testing66.27.7.2 Initial Testing of Secondary Containment Piping401. Initial Training3.3.141 Initiating Device3.3.172 Initiating Device CircuitP104.7.5 Initiating Device Function Test[F] 907.6.3 Initiating Device Identification[F] 907.4 Initiating Devices31.3.4.2 Initiation(C) Initiation Device24.5.8 Initiation Indication5607.11 Initiation Means1910.109(e)(4) Initiation of Explosive Charges1926.906 Initiation of Explosive Charges-Electric Blasting1212.4 Injection (Bunsen) Burners411.4 Injection Bunsen-Type BurnersF 303.6 Injection Wells14A-3-303 Injunction§27-2120 Injunctions; Mandatory and Prohibitory§27-508.6 Injunctive Relief§27-2121 Injunctive Relief in Other Actions; Powers of the Court1.1.6 Injuries From Falls(a) 5603.4.1 Injury or Damage Report2113.17 Inlet903.3.12 Inlet Connection SignsP2910.9.5.1 Inlet Control Valve AlarmH 701.9 Inlet Fitting3137B.2 Inlet FittingsM1602.3 Inlet Opening Protection1014.3.2.2 Inlet PipeE 301.2.1 Inlet, System, and Lateral SizingP2911.7.2 Inlets[F] 909.18.4 Inlets and Outlets63.2.16.8 Inlets to the Exhaust System15.6 Inmate Areas15.8 Inmate Toilets24-642 Inner Court Recesses23-85 Inner Court Regulations1205.3.3 Inner Courts8. Inner Landing Zone508.3.5.2 Inner Shell800.12 Innerduct(3) Innerduct for Coaxial Cables(3) Innerduct for Communications Wires and Cables(3) Innerduct for Communications Wires and Cables, Coaxial Cables, or Network-Powered Broadband Communications Cables(3) Innerduct for Low-Power Network-Powered Broadband Communications Cables(3) Innerduct for Optical Fiber Cables*§28-103.1.3 Innovation Review Board105.4 Innovative Approaches and Alternative Materials, Design, and Methods of Construction and EquipmentSection A4.306 Innovative Concepts and Local Environmental Conditions514.4.4 Inoperable1910.66(h)(7) Inoperative Safety Devices1910.1018 Inorganic ArsenicAppendix A Inorganic Arsenic Substance Information Sheet1910.211(b)(16) Inorganic Wheels(B) Inpatient Hospital Care Facilities449.3.16 Inpatient Room Dialysis707.6 Input707.6.1 Input Controls5.6.3 Input Data3.3.272.2 Input Data Specification901.2.1.1 Input From the Fire OfficialG2445.3 (621.3) Input Rating(E) Input Side of Electronic Power SourceN1105.5.3 (R405.5.3) Input ValuesC6.1 Inputs1910.261(k)(26) Inrunning Nip452.2.12 Insect and Rodent ControlP2910.7 Insect and Vermin Control304.14 Insect Screens1202.5.5 Insect Screens in Group R Occupancies1202.5.4 Insect Screens in Occupancies Other Than Group R2603.4 Insecticidal Fogging Liquids14X-12-1202.5.6 Insects and Rodents2. Insertion of Bent-in Rope Strands in Socket(D) Inserts(1) Inside a Raceway or an EnclosureSection 702 Inside Air1910.272(q) Inside Bucket Elevators5706.5.1.14 Inside Buildings[NY] 5610.5.1 Inside Buildings or Structures8. Inside Car407.4.1 Inside DimensionsFoundation PierFoundation Pier (For Chapter 21)Foundation Seismic Ties—Foundation WallFountainFour-Way BracingFPM) FollowsFpw.FractionationFrameFrame (Jambs)Frame StructureFree Air (As Applied to Conductors)Free-Flowing Plastic MaterialsFree Headed PileFreeboardFreestandingFreestanding Acute Psychiatric Building (APB)Freestanding Skilled Nursing Building (SNB)FreewayFreezerFrench DrainFrequencyFresh Air InletFresh WaterFreshwater WetlandsFront Property LineFrontage SpaceFrost-Proof ClosetFryer, Deep FatFryer, Large VatFuelFuel BreakFuel BurnerFuel Burner SystemFuel-Burning ApplianceFuel-Burning Equipment/ApplianceFuel CellFuel Cell Output CircuitFuel Cell Power System, StationaryFuel Cell SystemFuel-Fired Heating UnitFuel GasFuel Gas Code of New York StateFuel Gas Quick-DisconnectFuel Gas VentFuel Gas Venting SystemFuel, HeavyFuel, LightFuel Limit SwitchFuel LoadFuel-LoadingFuel, MediumFuel ModificationFuel MosaicFuel OilFuel-Oil Piping SystemFuel-Piping SystemFuel TankFugitive EmissionsFull and Fair Cash Value of the BuildingFull DemolitionFull-Open ValveFull-Service Motor Fuel-Dispensing FacilityFull-Time CareFullway ValveFully ChargedFume Class 1Fume IncineratorsFumigantFumigationFumigation and Insecticidal Fogging Operation Company CertificateFunctional AreaFunctional Contiguous GroupingFunctional Grounded PV SystemFunctional Performance Testing (FPT)Functionally Dependent FacilityFurnaceFurnace, CentralFurnace, Central FurnaceFurnace Class AFurnace Class BFurnace Class CFurnace Class DFurnace Electricity RatioFurnace, EnclosedFurnace PlenumFurnace RoomFurnishingFusible LinkFusible PlugGableGable End FrameGable End TrussGable End WallGallon, U.S. StandardGalvanized SteelGamingGaming AreaGaming Machine TypeGaming Table TypeGang or Group ShowerGang ShowersGang Showers (Non-Residential)GangwayGarageGarage Door ManufacturerGarbageGarden MausoleumGarrison Act (1939)Gas CabinetGas Convenience OutletGas Dectection SystemGas Detection SystemGas DetectorGas Manufacturer/ProducerGas-Permeable LayerGas PipingGas Piping SystemGas Piping System—High PressureGas Piping System—Low PressureGas Piping System—Medium PressureGas RoomGas Spring-Return Oil BufferGas Utilization EquipmentGaseous HydrogenGaseous Hydrogen (GH2) SystemGaseous Hydrogen SystemGasketGasketingGasroomGateGate, SemiautomaticGatewayGauge (Wire)Geared Driving MachineGeared Traction MachineGearless Traction MachineGelled Electrolyte Cell (Gel Cell)GeneralGeneral Acute Care Building (GAC Building)General Acute-Care HospitalGeneral Acute Care ServiceGeneral AnesthesiaGeneral Anesthesia and Levels of Sedation/AnalgesiaGeneral ApprovalGeneral Care AreasGeneral Care (Category 2) SpaceGeneral Care RoomGeneral ContractorGeneral Definitions From NFPA 24General Industrial OccupancyGeneral LightingGeneral Purpose Electric Motor (Subtype I)General Purpose Electric Motor (Subtype II)General-Purpose WarehouseGeneral RequirementsGeneral Service LampGeneral Sprinkler CharacteristicsGeneral SupervisionGenerally Accepted Engineering StandardGenerating CapacityGenerating Capacity, InverterGenerating StationGeneratorGeophoneGeotechnical Capacity of Deep FoundationsGeotechnical EngineerGeotechnical InvestigationGeotechnical Report (Soils Report)GeothermalGeothermal Energy SystemGeothermal Energy System, Closed-LoopGeothermal Energy System, Open-LoopGirderGirt (In Systems-Engineered Metal Buildings)GlassGlass FiberboardGlass Masonry UnitGlass Mat Gypsum PanelGlass Unit MasonryGlass Unit Masonry MasonryGlazingGlazing AreaGlobal Shear Wall StrainGlobal Strain MethodGlobal Tensile Wall StrainGlobal Warming Potential (GWP)Global Warming Potential Value (GWP Value)Glove BoxGlued Built-Up MemberGoalGolf Car PassageGoverning BodyGovernment AgencyGovernmental UnitGovernorGovernor Pull-Through Tension (Force)Governor Rope Retarding MeansGrab BarGradeGrade (Adjacent Ground Elevation)Grade BeamGrade BreakGrade, ExistingGrade, FinishedGrade Floor Emergency Escape and Rescue OpeningGrade Floor Emergency Escape and Rescue OpeningsGrade Floor OpeningGrade (Lumber)Grade, PipingGrade PlaneGradingGraduating Thermostat Integral Gas Valve TypeGrandstandGrandstandsGranular SoilGravityGravity Furnace With Booster FanGravity Furnace With Booster Fan Furnace, CentralGravity Grease InterceptorGravity Heating SystemGravity Load (W)Gravity-Operated Drop Out VentsGravity TypeGravity Type Floor FurnaceGray WaterGray Water Diverter ValveGray Water SystemGray Water System [BSC-CG]GraywaterGraywater [BSC-CG & HCD 1]GreaseGrease DuctsGrease FilterGrease Filter, Mesh-TypeGrease InterceptorGrease-Laden WasteGrease or Oil InterceptorGrease Removal Device, Automatic (GRD)Grease Removal Device (GRD)Grease Removal DevicesGrease TrapGreasetightGreen BeltGreen BuildingGreen RoofGreen Roof SystemGreenfieldGreenfieldsGreenhouse*Greenhouse Gas*Greenhouse Gas OffsetGreenhousesGreyfield SiteGrid Bus RailGridded Sprinkler SystemGridded Water Distribution SystemGriddle, Double-SidedGriddle, SINGLE-SIDEDGridironGross Area of Exterior WallsGross Building Envelope Floor AreaGross Conditioned Floor AreaGross Cross-SectionalGross Cross-Sectional AreaGross Cross-Sectional Area (For Masonry)Gross Floor AreaGross Floor Area (Health Care and Ambulatory Health Care Occupancies)Gross Leasable AreaGross Lighted Area (GLA)Gross Lighted Floor AreaGross Roof AreaGross Semiheated Floor AreaGross Square FootageGross Wall AreaGroundGround-Based or Hand-Held Devices Sparkling DevicesGround FaultGround-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)Ground-Fault Current PathGround-Fault Protection of EquipmentGround FloorGround-Heat ExchangerGround KettleGround Level Play ComponentGround Loss) Ground Motion Response AccelerationsGround SignGround sign.monopole SignGround-Source Heat PumpGround-Source Heat Pump Loop SystemGround Source or GeoexchangeGround VibrationGrounded ConductorGrounded, FunctionallyGrounded (Grounding)Grounded, SolidlyGrounded Three-Wire DC SystemGrounded Two-Wire DC SystemGrounding Conductor, Equipment (EGC)Grounding ElectrodeGrounding Electrode ConductorGroundwater or Ground WaterGroundwater SourceGroup 1Group 2AGroup 2BGroup AGroup A Occupancy ClassificationGroup BGroup B Occupancy ClassificationGroup CGroup Day Care HomeGroup EGroup E Occupancy ClassificationGroup FGroup F Occupancy ClassificationGroup HGroup H Occupancy ClassificationGroup HomeGroup IGroup I Occupancy ClassificationGroup LGroup MGroup M Occupancy ClassificationGroup RGroup R Occupancy ClassificationGroup SGroup S Occupancy ClassificationGroup UGroup U Occupancy ClassificationGroup Wash FixtureGroupedGroutGrouted Hollow-Unit MasonryGrouted MasonryGrouted Multi-Wythe MasonryGrouted Multiwythe MasonryGrowth MediaGuardGuard [DSA-AC, HCD 1, HCD 2 & HCD 1-AC] or GuardrailGuard or GuardrailGuard's Tour Reporting StationGuard's Tour Supervisory SignalGuardedGuardrail System (Scaffold)GuestGuest RoomGuest SuiteGuestroomGuideGuide Rope FixesGuiding Means, LadderGusset Angle BracketGutterGypsum BoardGypsum board.gypsum Panel ProductsGypsum Panel ProductGypsum Panel ProductsGypsum PlasterGypsum SheathingGypsum Veneer PlasterGypsum WallboardH-1H-1 Occupancy ClassificationH-2H-2 Occupancy ClassificationH-3H-3 Occupancy ClassificationH-4H-4 Occupancy ClassificationH-5H-5 Occupancy ClassificationH-PilesHabitableHabitable RoomHabitable SpaceHabitable StructureHair and Lint StrainerHalf BathroomHall Call ConsoleHall LanternHalogenated Extinguishing SystemHalonHand ElevatorsHand SinkHand Washing FixtureHandheld Device (Demolition)HandholdHandhole EnclosureHandleHandlerHandlingHandling (Hazardous Material)HandrailHandrail StandHandwashing FixtureHandwashing StationHangerHangersHard CopyHardboardhardboard.hold-downHardscapeHardwareHazard CurrentHazard MaterialHazard of ContentsHazard RatingHazardous AreaHazardous ContentsHazardous LocationHazardous MaterialHazardous Material Incident at a Shale Oil Processing PremiseHazardous Material Storage FacilityHazardous MaterialsHazardous Materials CabinetHazardous Materials Release Response Plan (HMRRP) and Inventory ProgramHazardous Materials Storage LockerHazardous Process Piping (HPP)Hazardous Production Material (HPM)Hazardous Reaction or Hazardous Chemical ReactionHazardous RefuseHazardous SubstanceHazardous WasteHazardous Waste Generators and Hazardous Waste On-Site Treatment ProgramsHBV (HIV)(HCD 1)(HCD 1-AC, DSA-AC)(HCD 1 & HCD 2)[HCD 1 & HCD 2] See "Cellular ConcreteHCD 2HeadHead JointHeadache BallHeaded BoltHeaded Deformed BarsHeaded Shear Stud ReinforcementHeaded StudHeaderHeader (Bonder)Health and SafetyHealth Care FacilitiesHealth Care FacilityHealth Care Facility InstructorHealth Care Facility's Governing BodyHealth Care OccupancyHealth Care ProviderHealth Care Suite (Health Care Occupancies)Health FacilitiesHealth FacilityHealth HazardHealth Hazard MaterialHealth (IDLH)HearingHearing LossHeatHeat AlarmHeat Capacity (HC)Heat DetectorHeat (Energy) Recovery VentilatorHeat ExchangerHeat-Fusion Weld JointsHeat Island EffectHeat PumpHeat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)Heat Release RateHeat Release Rate (HRR)Heat-Sensitive MaterialHeat TraceHeat Transfer Fluid (HTF)Heat Transfer LiquidHeat TrapHeat Trap, Pipe ConfiguredHeated SlabHeated Slab-on-Grade FloorHeated SpaceHeated Water Circulation SystemHeatingHeating Degree DayHeating Degree-Day, BaseHeating Degree-Day Base 65°F (HDD65)Heating Degree Days (HDD)Heating Design TemperatureHeating EquipmentHeating Oil Storage TankHeating PanelHeating Panel SetHeating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF)Heating SystemHeavy-Duty Cooking ApplianceHeavy Duty ScaffoldHeavy Duty Sidewalk ShedHeavy GearHeavy TimberHeavy Timber ConstructionHeelHeel AngleHeight, BuildingHeight, StoryHeight, Threshold BuildingHeight, WallsHelical PileHelical PilesHelicopter Lift OperationHelipadHeliportHelistopHelmetHEPA FilterHereafterHeretofore